Bush Versus Clinton II, The Final Reckoning

Just as the Clinton Crime Family plots its course for 2016, the Bush clan is plotting to install another member on the thrown. Jeb Bush is the next in line. He was groomed to be the 2000 candidate, but he was too much of a pussy to do it so his retarded brother ran and the rest was history. Jeb has been making sure he stays in the news while his people plant stories like this one in the media.

Jeb Bush’s increasingly serious and public examination of a run for president has shaken the ranks of establishment Republican donors and fund-raisers who had planned to back Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey in 2016, forcing many of them to rethink their allegiance to the embattled governor.

In private conversations that are now seeping into public view, some of them are signaling to Mr. Christie’s camp that, should Mr. Bush enter the race, their first loyalty would be to him, not to Mr. Christie, according to interviews with more than two dozen of them.

Many of those who, because of geography and personal ties, were expected to line up behind Mr. Christie say they now feel torn. And it is clear that Mr. Christie’s recent troubles, especially the George Washington Bridge scandal, are adding to the allure of Mr. Bush, a former Florida governor.

Lawrence E. Bathgate II, a former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and a major donor in New Jersey, said he dreaded the prospect of having to choose between the two men, calling it “a fraught decision.”

David V. Hedley, a former Wall Street executive and Republican fund-raiser in New Jersey, said he also felt tugged in two directions, conceding that “it’s tough right now for me.”

And Christine Todd Whitman, a former Republican governor of New Jersey, put it this way: “It would be awkward. It would be very awkward.”

Nowhere is the consternation greater than among the hundreds of top donors and so-called bundlers who cut their teeth on Bush family political campaigns. If Mr. Bush runs, they must choose between bucking their ties to the first family of Republican politics or turning their back on Mr. Christie, who does not take well to disloyalty.

“Those of us that have been dedicated to the Bush family for years would obviously have to take a Jeb candidacy into extremely serious consideration,” said Fred S. Zeidman, a Texas businessman and top fund-raiser for George W. Bush’s two presidential campaigns who has helped introduce Mr. Christie to potential supporters in his state.

Mr. Christie and Mr. Bush have not officially declared their intentions for 2016. Mr. Christie’s advisers say his political focus this year remains on leading the Republican Governors Association, which has broken fund-raising records during Mr. Christie’s tenure as chairman, which began in November.

The presidential chatter is “irrelevant to us,” said William J. Palatucci, Mr. Christie’s top adviser and a former law partner. “You know it’s out there, but it’s just not part of our conversation.”

Mr. Bush’s public flirtation with a White House bid, however, has interrupted Mr. Christie’s carefully honed plan to rebuild the faith of donors shaken by a series of high-profile controversies and resignations within his administration.

The language used there is interesting The Left always describes Republicans as if they are a Bond villain. They all but described him as being in a secret lair. In reality, the typical Republican is a house trained toady. Then you have their bizarre obsession with traffic, which no one outside of the Left thinks is important. The NYTimes has spent more time on a traffic jam than Obama’s abuse of the IRS or Obama’s decision to let Americans die in a terror attack. That’s the nature of cults.

For decades now, the GOP has been trying to turn itself into the Democratic party circa 1985. They are convinced that will win back the areas around coastal cities. So far, it has only angered the Left, which sees that as a threat. It turns off normal Americans who increasing see both parties as a collection of snobs. But, the rich people run both parties and they like being seen as elitist snobs so here we are with potentially two old re-runs from a bygone era running for President.

Clinton will be the nominee, but no one will be thrilled. She angered the hard core fanatics back in the 1990’s and never went through the proper self-criticism sessions as part of their rehabilitation ritual. It’s what gave Obama the opening. The Democrats have nominated some hilarious losers, but a maladroit clodhopper like Obama normally would have been just a sideshow. Hatred of Hillary gave Obama a stage. It is hard to see the Left warming to crooked Hillary.

That said, the GOP is a party without a purpose. The institutions that are supposed to provide the ideas for the party are husks of their former selves. They have not produced a single new policy in decades. Instead it is a broken record of tax schemes and bellicose pronouncements about the fringes of the empire. The only reason they remain in business is the Democrats look like the day room at the local asylum. Buch versus Clinton would show both sides are worthless.

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  1. Jeb is a non-starter. The next shrub is George P., spawn of Jeb and carpetbagging new resident in texas where he will be handed a low key state office in November. With no discernible achievements he’s on his way. It was amazing to watch the so-called conservative Rs in texas bow to this scion of dynasty.

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