The Five Olds

My guess is John Derbyshire and Ethnark from FTN are the only two people to catch the meaning of the show title this week. It came to me while reading some of the comments to my post earlier in the week on the wealth tax. It reminded me that dissident politics is a much more radical venture than previous opposition movements in that it requires an entirely new moral framework. It’s not just about getting some things in the law changed or better behavior from the people in power. It is a cultural revolution.

At least it aspires to be one. Failure is always an option, particularly when it comes to social movements. The people in charge could start sweeping up bad thinkers and sending us off to camps. For now though, it is about discrediting a lot of old ideas about how we relate to one another, society and our government. That’s not an easy thing as all of us have grown up marinated in the morality of the Left, along with the moral scolding of the so-called Right. Civic nationalism and Progressive morality are all we know.

What I decided to do is focus this week on various old ideas, customs, habits and so forth that no longer fit the present age, It’s not a one hour show detailing a new moral philosophy, but a show picking apart the old habits of mind. I’m most certainly going to be writing about some of these topics in the future, as I think topics like tax policy offer a great way to question (and disrupt!) the old modes of thought. Sadly, I was not able to work in the phrase “invisibilize the unmentionables” this week. Maybe next week.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Our Awakening
  • 07:00: Old Conditioning
  • 17:00: Old Ideas
  • 27:00: Old Morality
  • 37:00: Old Politics
  • 47:00: Old Philosophy
  • 57:00: Closing

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120 thoughts on “The Five Olds

  1. Late to the party as always. Really like the Reagan commercial. Serious blast from the past !

    And you really do have a great audience . It’s why I keep coming back. Not that all include myself especially when you go all “big brain”

    More like the drunk at the end of the bar 🙂

    As far as the humanitarian aspect of it think that’s exactly “Who We Are” ( interesting how “speech to text ” automatically capitalized that phrase )

    Yet charity doesn’t go to white people. It always ends up distributed to parasites of the inner city. Have always questioned people , why aren’t we helping out the poor whites in Appalachia ?

    Always just get a blank stare. Sorry to sound like a broken record ,but we did have that perfect neighborhood. We took care of our own, even the white trash.It was a strong ethnic based neighborhood that was safe despite its proximity to downtown.

    For some reason this drove the creepy white liberals across the river insane. They used the power of the federal government to destroy my neighborhood.

    Eventually the last of us fled to the suburbs. Interesting enough it’s now populated by white yuppies who regale in their new diverse neighborhood because it’s edgy. That is until they have children. Then they become the insufferable bastard that moves in next door to you.

    The answer ? Let’s hope more whites wake up before it’s too late 🙁

  2. Best podcast you’ve ever made. I sent it to a bunch of my normie friends. I’ve been getting great feedback from them. Every single one of them liked the idea that we need to abandon our old “morality”. And rethink our positions in light of the facts on the ground. I would like to support your work. Is there a way I can?

  3. Thought I’d comment on Zman’s lack of perceived empathy regarding people with huge college debt. Let me throw out another possibility. I feel bad for those with huge college debt because they were sold a bill of goods. When I lose my sympathy is when they start whining that college should be free and they should have their debts wiped out by the taxpayer. This is level one economic thinking at it’s worst. Their lives might become marginally better but they refuse to think about the long term consequences of their policy proposals. I would want to see the problem with high tuition fixed before I ever started throwing out past tuition bills.

    I am also less than thrilled with the choices of major in many of these young people. I could understand struggling with the cost of an engineering degree even with the high pay and job prospects, but how many times have we seen the equivalent of that fellow with the Masters in Puppetry. Did he really not know that he was going to have trouble paying off $250,000 in debt with that degree? We are supposed to bend over backwards for that choice? Yes, he was told that he should go to college. Did no one ever mention researching job prospects as a part of that process?

  4. I’m not convinced about abandoning the patriotism, individualism, hard work schtick, only because I can’t wrap my head around what the shift would look like in practice. I’ve been testing it on conservative tweets. Here’s an example from someone named Arthur Schwartz (don’t know of him), tweet: “Ocasio-Cortez, Warren spout anti-rich rhetoric – It’s proof they don’t support the American dream, via @lizpeek #FoxNews” This appears to be the old way. What would the new way be? AOC and LW….what?????

  5. I hate to kiss Z’s ass, but sometimes it’s unavoidable:

    “These [Muslim] people don’t belong here, much less in Congress. Instead it’s endless obsessing over their alleged socialism.

    [Somali Congress Lady] Her people are conquering White America.”

  6. And apparently you reject that “Old Time Religion”.

    The thing is that the lefty antifa socialist-diversity idol (I can’t think of a sufficiently monstrous icon as it would be Molech squared), is a religion, enflames the passion, and even if ultimately a death cult manages to be evangelical in its own way.

    Technically they offer materialism – a pleasant temporal life.

    Some (Jordan Peterson) add a veneer or Jim Jones spirituality, but when the going gets tough, the tough drink the cyanide laced koolaid.

    The problem is you might make a case genetic predisposition is necessary, but to make it sufficent is far more difficult.

    Is there an eternal soul? Is there a God that will judge it? Why not build dindu criminal housing if this is all there is?

    Do the potential builders of the house of evil go to church? Do those who say they oppose it go to a church where the fire of the holy spirit and the truth burns, or is it more like the Green Witch strumming while the hypnotic fire burns, and there is no Puddleglum to stamp it out?

    Chrisitianity describes a battle until the end of time (but not eternity!) between good and evil, where the soldiers on the side of God will shine like the sun and live in one of the many mansions.

    Philosophy? Humanism, secular or otherwise?

    Puddleglum gave the answer (Silver Chair by Lewis for those who don’t recognize the reference). Four babes playing a game can come up with a far richer world than the dark underworld of the witch, and they prefer to seek Aslan and be Narnians even if Aslan and Narnia doesn’t exist because it would be far better to die for something great even mistaken than for something so petty and irelevant even if real.

    Not only was the America in earlier decades 80% or 90% white. It was really, if only nominally, Christian.

    Now I don’t say you should attend mass (we are well removed from the days of Fulton Sheen on network TV), but the “Pillar and Foundation of the Truth” is also a necessary, and possibly sufficient condition of Western Civilization.

    And no sane person would desire any alternative. Even the most evil.

  7. The “Old Politics” segment at 37:00 is the root of the whole thing. We argue about tax law and the electoral college because they are the safe places in which to dwell. What it is all really about is White Identity. The Proggies are not wrong when they say we voted for Trump because “white”. We just won’t admit it. You need to say it clearly to yourself, and then pick and choose your spots where you speak of it with others. White Identity is the hidden subtext. The elephant in the room. Own it. Get over the idea that it is a bad thing. Every other sort of identity (black, Latino, gay, female, and on and on) is not only considered a good thing, it is institutionally promoted and sanctified. Why should we be the exception? If it is a tribal culture in which we live (and if you don’t think that is so, you had better look around you and think seriously about it), you had better choose your tribe and own up to it, especially to yourself. Drop the blinkers.

  8. I don’t know where this leads. We have to think of our own, yet our empathy is selective. I don’t think empathy works that way? Contorting ourselves in knots?

    South Africa comes to mind. A white minority that held the levers of power because they controlled the wealth of the country. The mindset it created was one of entitlement, no? Of permanent outcasting of the blacks. Now it is a disaster for whites, and probably most in the world think it is just comeuppance. IMO, its because the boers never had the moral authority, the righteous standing, to survive.

    And here we come to the issue of communal white guilt. That what we face is the consequences for global pillaging and rape. Having a discussion on the historicity of such claims is really beside the point. The response is either acceptance, and gradual elimination, or fight the culture war, which may explode into something real on the streets (antifa is a foretaste).

    How did we get here? And so quickly? I don’t know. I don’t think it was entirely predictable. Ultimately, I don’t think that’s so important either.

    I enjoy CS Lewis, a lot. One thing he wrote was, if you’re going in the wrong direction, it doesn’t help to keep going and hope you get there. The fastest way is to turn back. Something has happened in our basic morality, an item not discussed on your podcast, ie the old morality. We got something wrong. Going forward and becoming indistinguishable from the left in tactics if not ideology I don’t think is the solution.

    Make America great again has always, for me, hinted at something no politician could ever deliver, because of the moral failings of everyone of them. What enrages the left more than anything is hypocrisy, which they ironically are unaware is their own projection.

    The great awakening has to be a spiritual renaissance. Unless that happens, we are doomed to face the blood orgies of Russia, China, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, etc etc. I see no other way.

    • If you read Dalrock, he makes a great case that the thing that destroyed us was Chivalry, particularly the Christian acceptance of it, when it really is anti-biblical. Chivalry replaces the love of God with the love of woman. It leads directly to Feminism and the various insanities heaped upon us by that. Churchladyism is killing us.

  9. Wonderful podcast as usual Z.

    I get what you’re saying about empathy Z. But addicts and intellectual derelicts of the education racket are not innocent unsophisticated rubes. Say what you want about Reagan – Nancy made damn sure that you and your kids were bombarded with the “Drugs are bad, mmkay?” message. Degenerates do drugs and embrace their addictions knowing the consequences full well. They do it out of selfishness because everywhere there are free social programs and support services to help them quit.

    Matt Walsh and the education racket: I was paying my daughters costs for a solid university education in the sciences. But it was too haaaard and the discipline and rigour needed to succeed gave her the sads so she quit and took up a fine arts program at Mickey Mouse University. Do you think I let that pass without comment? I told that idiot that she could buy a small home for what she was going to pay for that little lark. I told her that when she got out, it would be another 5 or 10 years of penury as she paid off her loans – because I sure as hell wasnt paying for it. Those years would also be lost because her degree wouldn’t qualify her for any kind of paying career, making loan repayments even harder. She and others like her did what they did with student loans because they thought they could party and play their way to the good life and didn’t want to work. They’re lazy and for once Walsh is actually right about something. They know full well what they’re doing too. The education scam is nothing new.

    I’m actually astonished at this blind spot of yours. It’s you that is the unsophisticated rube here, being taken advantage of by selfish players. There is nothing wrong with being compassionate and charitable – but if you are supporting and enabling the shyster to take advantage of you – who is the sinner, really?

    • I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. My youngest brother & parents are going through something similar. It turns out being told by Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, and then all your teachers for 12 years that “you can be anything” isn’t good for kids that can’t “be anything.”

  10. Excellent podcast. I was always taught that the U.S. Civil War ended in 1865. It is apparent that the War of Northern Aggression never stopped. If anything, it is picking up steam.

  11. Accept what you cannot change. Change what you can if needed. Know the difference between the two. It may seem like indifference but in reality it is progressing from the parental ego state into the adult state of thinking or consciousness. Often times I see denial manifest itself into self destructive altruism. Especially with whites. Cultural or societal pressures do more to quell bad self destructive behavior than any legislation.I’m sorry to see whites self destruct but all the empathy I can muster does nothing to stop them/us from making bad decisions. Most have been so conditioned to believe the egalitarian lie they will do anything to avoid being labeled racist or whatever the current sjw slander may be. What can be done to stop the bleeding? We are not the same we are not equal they are not like us. Sticking up for your own people is a good thing. Especially if you are white. Realism is not just for breakfast anymore.

  12. Speaking of Olds, here’s another one:

    When did “anchor baby” become “BOTH parents are non-citizens”?

    When and why did we start accepting this redefinition of ‘natural born’?

    300 women a day get on the daytrip short bus in Juarez to drop a kid in an El Paso hospital. Why are these kids considered “anchor babies”?
    Neither parent was a citizen.

  13. I’d like to see a Cultural Revolution that lets me say, on national TV,
    “Jesse Smolletts, you are a stupid bigot and a fucking liar, just like most black faggots”

  14. Matt Walsh is a dick.

    Here’s a possible approach to the student loan travesty:

    1. End the federal student loan program; “grandfather” in students currently pursuing a degree until they graduate or drop out.

    2. End the exclusion of student loans from bankruptcy. It is unfair to saddle young people with an debt that cannot be discharged while other people run up credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, etc. that can be resolved via bankruptcy if it comes to that. It’s an extra kick in the face for the kids who bought the education hype and are just trying to improve their lives.

    3. Make up the shortfall to lenders and/or the government by levying a corporate asset tax on companies valued in excess of, say, 100 million dollars, because they are the direct beneficiaries of all these educated wage slaves, who are subsidizing the companies by paying tens of thousands in education debt. By all rights, if these companies need engineers, programmers, etc., THEY should be sending these kids to school, perhaps requiring a contractual period of employment after graduation, much like the military does with ROTC.

    • Pat, no complaint here, but a clarification. Last I read, the bulk of the student debt was not taken out by main stream college/university students, but by poorer folk in private for profit colleges/trade schools—think “ABC Academy of Beauty” rather than University of Wyoming.

      • You have to admire how business has shifted a large portion of the cost of training their employees to educational institutions, government, and the employees themselves. A university was once a place for scholarship and research. Now they are largely government subsidized vocational schools (they have become a lot of other things too, but that’s another problem), at least when the degree is in a subject of practical value. Nice deal for business.

    • Pat;
      Can we all say, “The Christian patriarchy did nothing wrong.”,_? Cause that’s what we’re talking about here. Keeping weak-minded young fools from making damaging mistakes is *exactly* what the bad old paternalistic laws agains usury (aka payday loans), drugs, porn, et al was all about.

      Might as well own it_!

  15. Dammit, this podcast is blackpilling the hell outta me. It’s making me think ‘dammit, okay, this cant be settled peacefully. Lock’n’load, get that damn CW 2.0 going, let’s roll!’ It’s making me very angry, b/c its like our problems are like this giant organic fungus that just keeps growing in your living room, or mouth or something, and there’s no ‘evil masterplan’, there’s just freaks and traitors in charge and biology at work. And we re all donna see hell up and close….

  16. Great podcast. The thing that was the undoing of the 1960’s radicals good intentions was the demographics shift caused but leaving the border open during the Clinton bush years.
    W called the republican base “racist” for opposing Amnesty. The precedent was set and the democrat/GOP donors realized that just by continuing open borders they will eliminate any opposition to cheap labor for big meatpacking , H1-b’s for cheap programmers and unlimited “defense ” spending. they have been all in for it. The more the demographics change , the harder it is to stop the process. By now undoing it is impossible. there is no going back to the way we were.

    • “there is no going back to the way we were.”

      Stop believing in something called human rights. Nobody else does. What about privilege, obligation, honor, custom and divine order?

  17. I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between the segment on an opposition to Section 8 housing and the National Firearms Act. As the gun culture bumps up against NFA regulation the innovative solutions of subverting said regulations in the form of things like “bump stocks” and “arm braces” are precisely the type of underhanded tactics we need to employ elsewhere.

  18. The years 2020 to 2050 will determine our fate for the next thousand years.

    We are beginning a 30-year solar minimum, the world is going to get colder for a generation.

    God and Nature are trying to tell us something:
    C’mon, Ice People, let’s go!

  19. As I’ve commented before I’m against the wealth tax. What’s interesting is how it’s presented as a new idea. There’s nothing new about it, as a matter of fact ancient kings would do the same thing aristocrats they didn’t like. And you can rest assured that this confiscatory tax will be applied to some “rich people” and not not to others. For instance, they could come up with a list of professions deemed “exempt” from this tax, like the Harvey Weinsteins’ in West LA. That’s what’s most appalling about Trump’s new corporate tax rate. Not everyone can create that LLC structure for the lower rate, some professions are exempt. I find the recent tax changes to be the last hoorah for the Republican Party, and good riddance.

    This is not a Pandora’s box that we want to open. Yes, libertarians are against it, but even broken clocks are right twice a day. For instance, the far left, as wrong as it is, is dead right on adventurous foreign policy. It would also be the tax attorney employment act. I don’t want Jeff Beezo’s billions parked in the Cayman Islands, I want it parked here, as bankers use that money as a deep capital base for lending. Those are just highlights of why I oppose it.

    Ronald Reagan was a phony baloney in a brown suit. It amazes me how many conservatives loathed John McCain when McCain’s politics were practically a mirror image of Reagan’s. (side note)

    What’s interesting about this podcast is that the rich are presented not only as their own class, but their own race. That’s accurate. But it’s always been that way and will always be that way. What’s more interesting and never touched on is how the white middle class has changed. I live in an area where east Asians are dominating. It’s because they tend to have the in-tact family structures, reverence for education and work ethic that the white middle class used to have.

    The white middle class has split into two segments, the People of Walmart and the Nordstrom shoppers. Go to the average “middle class” tract home with hideous T1-11 siding and you’ll see a disaster. Garages being used as storage units, the teenage daughter with a tattoo, a nose ring and a couple abortions under her belt. The son who’s in and out of drugs….there may or may not be a father in the house. They all look unhealthy. This isn’t the “middle class.” This is an underclass that was formerly middle class. Especially all of the junk that they shoe horn into their hovels, it’s disgusting. Little roach motels in the corner, with a floor full of Dorito crumbs.

    We tend to look at external forces for why the white middle class is dying. But perhaps it deserves to die. Perhaps white people themselves have become….wiggers. I don’t feel sorry for them, and if they do die of opiate overdoses that’s their fault. A lesson to others. Max Weber was right, eject middle class morality and you no longer have a middle class.

    • Reagan wasn’t a phony; he was just a product of his time who fought the battles of his time, and won. He was born in 1911 and was elected President in 1980. America was about 85% white then. It was long before the effects of the 1965 Immigration Act were in any way apparent. You can’t fault Reagan for failing to fight the battles of 2019 in 1980.

      • Strangely, I don’t think Reagan was completely a product of his time. The WW2 Generation was big on the social safety net and unions. They practically created most of it. Reagan didn’t like welfare, but there was nothing he could do about it. He never considered military spending to be a form of welfare. He never considered the deficit. He started this ball rolling. Had we not come off Vietnam in the 80’s he would have loved the middle east adventures. The mood in the 80’s was against that. It took multiple Rambo movies to brainwash the country into more wars.

        Interestingly enough, the WW2 generation created all of these welfare programs to be a stepping stone into the middle class, wow what a miscalculation. Worse than their Vietnam miscalculations. They were able to check out before the end results though.

          • Easily led, and very naive people. Very trusting. I can see why their conformity made boomers go nuts. At the same time, the boomers didn’t have to go overboard and coke up in a disco over it. My earliest childhood memory is playing with my dad’s mood ring.

          • I was born at the beginning of the baby boom. And I can tell you that I am far more in line with the politics of my grandfathers’ generation. They made mistakes, but they were always white people FIRST.

          • The Greatest Generation suffered PTSD from World War 2 and the Great Depression. The Boomers simply ran wild while their parents tried to overcome the frission they had experienced while they were young.

            It is also why the GG sought a nice suburban home with a front lawn and a BBQ out back, to get as far away as possible from the things they saw and lived early in life. The Boomers couldn’t relate to any of that, as they suffered hardly at all, ever.

        • Reagan started out as a Democrat and still believed in FDR’S 4 pillars approach to government even as president.

    • I have family members similar to the ones you describe. I’d like to put them into re-education camps. Arbeit macht frei!

  20. It seems like we need to hope for a complete civilizational collapse. Because if we just turn the levers of power over to the people that hate us, we’re in camps. The only way we have a fighting shot is if we can fight

  21. I’m not a black-pill guy, but it gets old hearing people like Paul Kersey say things like “Nothing is inevitable.” Yes, actually, the present is inevitable, and it’s where we’re living. My son and nephews are already minorities (and “despised remnants” as Jared Taylor warned) in this country. No one in the mainstream has proposed a way to change this that would work. Building a wall around America does not address the fertility gap or current demographics inside that hypothetical wall. Maybe that’s another “old” that needs to be addressed: Is abortion/eugenics a sin? Depends who’s being aborted. My personal feeling: If it’s Christian to stop someone like Amy Schumer from exercising her right as an empowered woman to kill her potential offspring, then I’m going to be like those white guys I knew in the Army with the Valknut tattoos who worship Wotan. Or someone has to find a way to dislodge the Quakers (as Michael Jones calls them) and the Jews, and put some real Catholics or Orthodox Christians in charge.

    • Building a wall around America does not address the fertility gap or current demographics inside that hypothetical wall.

      Neither does it address legal immigration, which amounts to a million per year at present.

    • You want the Catholics in charge so they can diddle more kids? I’ll convert and go to mass, but only if they clean their house out first in a big way. Not to mention that the CC is a big fan of filling pews with Alien Mexicans.

    • Building a wall around America does not address the fertility gap
      You might be surprised. It’s a complex problem and the causality is not all one directional. There are almost certainly multiple, and complex/interacting feedback loops we’re not even aware of. Basically what I’m suggesting is that the mass importation of low-IQ foreigners and the economic impact (both on wages and on welfare payouts) contribute to low white fertility rate. It’s a consequence of lower time preference and being able to plan ahead. “Why bring children into a world that looks shittier by the day?” thinks the ice person. Whereas a sun person might not go down that chain of reasoning.

      Depends who’s being aborted.
      Can’t disagree with that.

  22. “The Five Olds?” China – the Cultural revolution – 1960s – 70s.

    Not all of us are as poor students of history as are BuzzFeed writers, Zman.

  23. Where does a white guy even go to find like-minded, reasonably thinking and “normal” family orientated white people to even create a united front with?

    Even the churches we attend, which historically were strongholds, are focused on “diversity” and “inclusivity” hence the pews are at least half filled with single overweight mothers whose next out of wedlock pregnancy paid for by the government is celebrated as a wondrous miracle by the church. Outside of Sunday to appease the wife I want nothing to do with it.

    The worst thing that has happened, either planned or as an unintended result, is as a race and class of people, we are totally disjointed, separated and at odds.

    Not only can we count on being crucified by strangers, but by people we know, and in my case leftist family members, some of which I truly believe would simply allow them to march me away.

    There used to be seven deadly sins now there is only one. The sin of being a straight white male.

    Awesome podcast, but to me, this makes the battle almost unwinnable.

    • Agree that the hardest part will be forming some sort of home base. If we could just get one safe place, we could build quickly, which, of course, is why TPTB will fight so hard to stop that from happening.

      I realize that it seems almost impossible now, but the system will not remain as strong and organized as it is at the moment. The Left is filled with idiots. The Right is filled with cowards. The system will start to show cracks.

      Join business and community groups. Look for others like you. You’ll see it in their faces. The time has come to move our network from the internet to the real world. But start small, just push the color-blind fairness crap to block anti-white stuff.

      First, we start by pushing back again anti-white rhetoric using “the world should be color-blind” BS as our shield. “I’m not pro-white, I’m just against prejudice of any kind.” This is where you find allies. You’ll know who they are. Then, move to acknowledging Euro-Americans as their own group. Finally, organizations for our group.

      It’s a long haul, but how many Jews in the 19th century figured that they’d have their own homeland by 1948?

      It can be done.

      • >Look for others like you. You’ll see it in their faces. The time has come to move our network from the internet to the real world. But start small,

        This is EXCELLENT advice.
        We often see in various more-or-less dissident right comment sections the urge to shun, cast out or unperson various persons who are not 100% aligned with whatever the self-righteous and censorious commenter himself believes. This is foolish and tactically stupid, and eventually all you have is yourself sitting alone in your fortress of self-righteousness (possibly on the shores of Lake Superior — small joke aimed at readers of another blog, not very important if you don’t get it) calling those who should be your allies “cucks” and “mutts”.

        Talk to “normies” one-on-one and as Citizen oaSC says, take small steps. Rather than preach or declaim, ask leading questions. What kind of questions? Well, things that may seem so obvious as to be not worth mentioning in this commentariat, but that normie either has not noticed, or more likely, is afraid to notice because he’s afraid of being branded as evil for having noticed. Stuff such as why mixed couples in commercials are >90% black man/white woman. Why the genius/scientist/wise authority figure in TV shows is overwhelmingly black. Which do you think would be more damaging to someone’s career: punching a white guy, or saying the “N-word” to (not even AT, but TO) a negro? That sort of thing. If you act like a normal person rather than a frothing-at-the-mouth fanatic, and say calmly that you have noticed these things, and you don’t like the lies and hypocrisy, then you’d be surprised how many persons will respond with, “Yeah, me too. I was afraid I was the only one!” or something like that. Not infrequently, the person will then say to me, “So where do I find out more about this stuff?” Or “So what can we do to fight this?” Those are wins, or at least potential wins.

        It’s fine to join groups, but also work at the individual level to identify and bring along those who are not yet “redpilled”. I deplore the tendency to denounce persons who are potential allies only because they have not gotten to the stage where you are (generic “you” — not directed at anyone here). We gotta remember that most persons in the US have been subjected to propaganda (and the omnipresent threat of being labeled “racist” or “homophobic” or “anti-Semitic”) for decades if not their entire lives. We’ve been taught to pull the wool over our own eyes. So rather than condemn a person, help them to see. Just last week I was talking to someone who didn’t understand the term “disproportionate impact” and how it’s been abused essentially as a get out of jail free card for, er, certain groups. Now this person was not stupid, but just “I’m not very political”. Inside of five minutes she was furious. “This is bullshit! Do people really believe that crap?” Now I dunno what she will do with that information, but it’s all small steps.

    • Lib;
      Find a different church. Read their statement of faith. They’re all online now. look for the key words like ‘preach the gospel’, ‘holy scripture is the inspired Word of God’, etc. Avoid those churches featuring rainbow flags or featuring such word/phrases you mention. Try it out. Look for solid expository preaching (solid = hews close to the scripture with real work application). If you like it, join. Then reach out carefully to people likely to be receptive.

      • Al, the Evangelicals are often just as bad, just from a different direction. Most “Preach the Gospel” churches are busy preaching that God wants husbands to submit to their wives. They’ve got female elders. One “preach the gospel”/”bible is the inspired word of god” church we attended had a ministry run by a woman elder who taught insanity that ‘God has placed a generational curse on you’ and ‘You’ve got demons living in you and we will pray these special prayers to get them out’. Her husband had no control over the house and was ruled by her and her Charismatic visions. Note that the church itself was *not* advertised as Charismatic nor were the main services.

        There’s a lot of blaming Satan for bad things that people do “oooh the devil got my boy” instead of “my boy made bad choices”. African voodoo is conquering the church, and it’s being let in by women.

  24. Z-Man – As much as I truly enjoy your segments on Xirl science and various and sundry Weirdos, your show today was very sobering and packed with hard truths for awakened Euro-Americans. There’s no going back to the past; that way is blocked. All the variants of Liberalism – representative democracy, libertarianism, paleo-conservatism, etc., can only work (if at all) in a racially homogenous nation of “ice people” with average to above-average intelligence and low time preference. If America can’t get to that, we are, to quote John Derbyshire, doomed. And, as you convincingly argue, there’s no getting there by dutifully running a old playbook – the playbook that gave us the current unpleasantness. Thanks for your work.

    • Yep, it takes a serious change in mindset. What we once knew as the United States is dying quickly and will not come back – ever. You have to give that up. It’s hard because you loved that place, and if you squint a little, you can still see it.

      Heck, it literally still exists in some neighborhoods and areas. But they are illusions, like a person with terminal cancer having a good day where they look and sound fine.

      We will be a despised minority in a generation or so. We must first accept that and then figure out how to survive – and even thrive – in that environment.

      • We can survive and thrive with unity as we are the only ones able to maintain the technological society we’ve built. But we must avoid (as Zman) recently pointed out, “becoming hated Helots in our own country”.

        • I’ve heard the argument that the triumphant vibrant will have to keep some smart honkies around to keep all the technology going (can’t lose Twitter, Instagram and WorldStar, let alone the power grid), but the example of South Africa’s crumbling cities demonstrates that the sun people aren’t really smart enough to keep that going.

          • Pat, agreed. The SA situation illustrates what can happen when 70+ IQ’s are 80+ % of the population. We are not there yet.

    • “can only work (if at all) in a racially homogenous nation of “ice people” with average to above-average intelligence”

      So, whada ya gonna do? Exterminate the below average white people?

  25. My daughter heard Jeff Flake talk at BYU the other day. She said he defined Conservativism purely as support for economic issues such as free trade, never mentioning the creation or maintenance of good or even livable communities, He was given a standing ovation at the end, which she declined to participate in. She is currently reading Tucker Carlson’s book.

      • A majority of us voted for Trump and more are turning to our thing, as ZMan puts it, all the time. Keep working to redpill everyone.

        • When Flake, Romney, and Hatch receive a standing boo at BYU, i’ll change my opinion. Until then…..

      • They are doomed anyway. BYU is not far from becoming completely social justice warrior converged like most religious insitiutions from Georgetown to Marquette to Baylor. At that point you can drop the whole God thing, as the religion provides nothing they can’t be found in the secular version of militant leftism. Probably doesn’t help that the sands of time haven’t been able to erase or obscure the patently ridiculous charlatanism of Joseph Smith and his illiterate understandings of history, language and demography. At least we can say we don’t know for most of early Christianity’s claims.

    • Mormon Inc should be hit where it hurts the most, right in the shekels.

      Start by cancelling big federal contracts in Utah and kick the welfare ranchers off public land until Romney is on his knees.

    • Back in 1977?, LDS President Spencer oversaw the revision of the Pearl of Great Price doctrine, allowing black membership and encouraging missionary focus on MesoAmericans and Pacific Islanders. Multiculti had been let in.

      At the same time, he ordered the families of the faith to lay in a one year emergency food supply.
      Just in case.

      • A….the emergency food supply nice to have and may come in very handy! Plus I wrote about chowing down on the abundant prairie dogs when the bottom drops out. You might be envious of my brined slow cooked Herbs de Provence prairie dog. Only 12% of all the LDS church’s 16 million members live in Utah. North America… >5.5 million. More outside North America than in. Mexico 1.5 million and Asia 1 million members, South America 4 million members, and Central America and Europe >500,000 each. >600,000 in Africa. Good luck with that. The LDS church is global. The 1-3-12-70 know on which side their bread is buttered and that is mainly to “the other” outside the US. The LDS church gives money to the refugee resettlement racquet. President Uchtdorf gave a conference talk entitled “We Are All Refugees Now.” It is an open boarders church. Although I’m not a member, I have witnessed an acquaintance Elder sister missionary teaching English as a Second Language to illegal alien church members from Mexico using church time and materials. To me this is a flagrant middle finger to our sovereignty and our rule of law. The church does not care. These actions tell me they value open boarders and screw our sovereignty while telling the flocks to love everyone as oneself and not to judge another. So put the Big Blinkers On! Pay that 10% tithing! And they’ll keep voting in Romney. I voted for the other guy. There are rumblings about loosening up on gay marriage in some way to keep millennials in the church. When the Feds eventually tell us to turn over the guns, I believe the LDS church will grovel and side with the Feds to keep their tax exemption. This will split the church here in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. The other 11 million members outside the US won’t give a flying rats ass. The cognitive dissonance in Utah is growing.

        • Range Front, thanks for the info. I live in a Mormon-dominated suburban city here in Southern California (you’d never know it from the outside, but they own and run everything from politics to commerce), and I have been sensing that all of what you say is true, as I watch how things are talked about and done around here. While, historically, the Mormons and the good ol’ U.S. of A. haven’t always been good friends, it seems like the LDS is turning on the culture that sheltered it and permitted it to flourish when they had no chance anywhere else. It is one thing to tolerate and accept others in your midst, which the LDS has done during my lifetime, at least. But to promote all of this stuff that will do nothing in the long run but serve to tear down everything they stand for and follow, just seems like lunacy to me. They were a tribe that seemed to have had their act together about who they were, what they stood for, and why. The LDS was not for everyone, but they talked their talk and walked their walk. People liked to live in the places where the LDS thrived, because the neighborhoods were polite and civil, and people were supportive and generous, and, importantly, certain standards of conduct and honesty were expected from everyone. I fear that is all going away now, and the LDS will be just another tribe, subscribing to all the going things.

  26. I’m Guilty – I will resist the idea of the Federal Government taxing assets (instead of income) hard for 2 reasons.
    1. Communism is not the alternative we are looking for. You want to keep bringing people to our side, this sure isn’t how to do it.

    2. I have zero confidence that the truly rich will ever pay significant taxes on their assets. They have the power to avoid those taxes in a variety of ways – the Kennedy’s keep their money in Fiji totally out of the reach of the IRS. They’ll also manipulate the writing of the tax code to protect themselves.

    Instead the “wealth tax” will get ratcheted down to the middle class and / or we get inflated into the wealth tax zone. Then bingo – they are at your door auditing the value of your stuff (as well as your IRA / 401k) and handing you a bill.

    They hate the middle-class and a wealth-tax will be used to crush it completely.

    • That’s where I have trouble with the eat the rich ethos. I have no reason to defend most of our current batch of billionaires, but my issue with them is political, not economic. Attack them for being treacherous scum, not for being rich. All that accomplishes is setting a president that will be back to haunt us. After you bring down the billionaires, guess who’s next on the menu?

        • Agreed. Taxing to oblivion Michael Bloomberg and his left wing gun grabbing tax sheltered foundations would be a start. Same with the likes of Gates, Buffet and Zuckerberg, Also, clean out the MacArthur, Rockefeller, Ford and any other foundation that so much as hints at politics. While we’re at it, make Harvard use it’s endowment fund to aid students instead of enriching hedge fund managers.

          There is much to be done.

          • I’m in favor of everything you said except the bit about Harvard. Harvard should be shut down.

        • I’m tempted to wish Trump would unleash the federal regulatory agencies on the tech companies… except that could easily be turned on us too.

        • Ha! Good on with the different perspective of “defending *our* billionaires!” My Saturday is now consumed with deep think change. I’m already in freefall and have little to lose. Your reference metaphor “sand in the gastank” has busted my brain loose and will pick up a copy of The Monkeywrench Gang. Read it years ago as a dopey 20 something. Yes the protagonists were early environmental activists. So update to today. For me It’s not about destroying D9s, loaders and graders. It’s about shifting the mind to reframe from the old politics..that’s gone…to our group interests in the forefront, and how to throw a spanner in the wheels of the ore cart of their juggernaut. And how to define new process. What do we want and how do we get it! Like a new take on wealth taxes, and taxes in general. As you pointed out, our tax policies are 100 years old and time to rethink and upgrade.
          Comment on the Wymyn mess: I can read in these threads and sense the big rebound to AngryBitchfacedFeminism coming. One of the early suffragettes worried that when women got the vote, we would vote with our feelings tribally, not with our brain and analysis. Am steeled for the backlash, sadly. Saw this coming a long way off. The rebound will be brutal. Sigh…

    • The fact that the taxes will ultimately fall on the middle class is a feature, not a bug. The invade the world, invite the world mentality of globalists is not going to change, and voters aren’t going to throw it out until the costs associated with it fall directly onto their backs. I say bring it.

      Nothing would make me happier than to see President Kamala Harris sign a tax package that implements AOC’s 70% tax rate on incomes over $150k, Warren’s wealth tax on assets in excess of $2MM, and Harris’ own monthly Earned Income Tax Credit payment of $500 per month to taxpayers with incomes less than $60k. Maybe that would wake up the wide swath of ruminating voters.

      • There isn’t going to be a big tax bill on anyone—for now. This is just virtue signaling and political positioning, and people like Bloomberg know it.

        Seriously, you need to learn about Modern Monetary Theory, as the Dems openly subscribe to it, and Trump quietly follows it, too. MMT says that the central government can issue funds, through deficit spending, at an unlimited amount, until inflation sets in. Then higher taxes, once enacted, will ratchet back the economy to stem the inflation. The Mario Draghi and Fed songs and dances are diversions. (And is why Europe needs the Euro, so it can play the same MMT game, which it can’t do through national currencies). This theory is part of what animates Trump’s deficit spending and tax cut moves. It’s all about juicing up the national credit card, and since we only owe the deficit to ourselves, there is a “free lunch”. Yeah, right.

        Here is the kicker. That tax increase? It will not affect the public sector or the pension/Social Security/Medicare benefit payees. It will come squarely out of the private sector, you will get hard-ass, capital-s Socialism, because there will be no other choice when the time comes. If you think we have been spending our kids’ inheritance so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Eventually, this will all come out of you and me, through confiscatory tax schemes, and collapse the private sector. You need to know what animates AOC and Bernie, and MMT is it. They aren’t whistling out of their butts. They have an intellectual framework for their proposals in place, and you need to be familiar with it to fight it. They focus on the front end of “what it can do”. The back end is the kicker, just like Venezuela.

        • The endgame of the debt when you’re the reserve currency and the world hegemon is simple default. What will the lenders do? Repo our nukes? Sure, wall street would be mostly destroyed, and I, for one, would hand each and every Bain Capital criminal a tiny violin.

          At least, that’s what it would be if we got a leader in there with any balls and no connections to the ruling elite. Instead the ruling class keep ‘buying treasuries’, giving themselves guaranteed returns and screwing the middle class in one more way.

          China dumped treasuries a few years back and moved into buying hard assets. I think they’re ahead of the game here – debt that cannot be paid back will not. Either via massive printing or simple default.

    • Again, I’m willing to discuss a wealth tax, but you have to convince me. As said by Drake, these taxes always drift down to the lower classes. A property tax such as on a house is already problematic—and that’s when we have complete and historical records as to ownership and appraised value of real estate. And of course, every dollar taxed goes into the hands of a corrupt and inefficient government. Aside from a bureaucracy that will eat up a large percentage in collection and distribution, what is the guarantee that the remainder will be put to any use other than to buy votes and increase our national vibrancy?

      • I would argue this is one of the hardest problems with taxes on assets – who decides the asset’s value? How often is the asset revalued? There are massive court battles in some major cities because new buyers get screwed with reassessments while existing owners sit on $1M+ market value homes and pay tiny property taxes.

        But these problems can be overcome. I would like to see an asset + income combined tax. One possibility would be that as your income rises, your asset taxes go up too.

        Arguing that “well that money goes to a bad government” is not useful. We need some government, and it has to be paid for. So the discussion on how to pay for it shouldn’t be derailed by a non sequitur.

    • I find it amusing that a bunch of tax serfs are defending people whose interests and agendas will destroy them. Talk about the Stockholm Syndrome in full flower.

      You should be more worried about your sorry behind if things go per shaped than some rich sociopath who will flee to some island like NZ/

      • You might want to remember that when the income tax was implemented, it was sold to the American people by promising it would only apply to the 2% or 3% of the top earners in the country. How’d that work out?

        People are wary of soak the rich ideas for very valid historical reasons. Whether or not wealth trickles down may be a matter of dispute, but whether taxes do has been well established for decades.

  27. Great podcast. Mirrors my journey, only with a lot more thought.

    Anyway, for me, the big switch was when I heard the phrase “Is it good for the Jews?”. I kid you not, I was so naive that I needed someone to explain what it meant. He said, many Jews will ask that question about anything happening whether a new law, a business opening in town, a new development nearby, new neighbors, you name it.

    The question isn’t whether this event is a good or bad thing in and of itself, but is it good for the Jewish people. That’s how you judge everything and that’s how you think about everything. First and foremost is your people, not the rules, not the welfare of other people, not your “country” – your people.

    I’ve adopted that way of thinking, and it changes – and simplifies – everything.

    Is it good for European Americans?

    Higher taxes are neither good nor bad. It only matters whether a particular tax increase (decrease) helps my people.

    A new development in town is neither good nor bad. The only question is will it help my people. Will it bring in non-whites? Yes, well, it’s no good. Fight it with everything you have. Will it make my town more white and more difficult for non-whites to move here? Yes, well, it’s good and I’ll fight with everything that I have to bring that development here.

    The development is somewhat irrelevant. It’s all about its impact on my people.

    Is it good for White Americans? That’s my philosophy.

    • “Higher taxes are neither good nor bad. It only matters whether a particular tax increase (decrease) helps my people.”

      Which is why I get a little nervous about “taxing the rich”. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from, it goes toward the support of an enormous, growing government which is pursuing an agenda that is anathema to whites. I left the civ-nat game behind in the seventies and refused to see myself as a dingbat white cog in a machine veering out of control. I was right, though everyone at the time thought of me as a right wing kook. You can tax the cloud people completely out of existence, then go for everyone in six figures, but if you’re left with leftist, minority radicals in control of the ruins, so what? This is a war for survival. To the extent that you can show me how tax policies can be a part of our strategy to win that war, I’ll listen. Otherwise, I’m going to shrug my shoulders and move on. I’m not in favor of merely taxing the rich with punitive taxes just to gloat that I brought them down to my level. I want to find out which of the rich are on my side from a cultural, racial point of view…then destroy the political power of the rest. No half measures.

      • Going forward you’ll have little choice but to hike taxes on the upper middle class due to demographic pressure alone. Whether that means making better use of loopholes or changing career path is up to you, but as Z has said, your people are going to be a minority and the politics of your country will become those of Latin America, so dealing in those terms isn’t optional.

        • “Your people”? You don’t sound terribly sympathetic to “my people”. Sorry, but I’m also not sympathetic to “team blue vs. team red”.

    • #Good4Mine

      Make accusations of “Europhobia!” a reflex, whenever they try to dump on you.

      *This* is what they call gratitude?
      We. Owe. Them. Nothing.

        • One advantage of older cousins was having musical tastes about half a decade ahead. One used to play Easy Livin on repeat all the timeon the 8 track in his car all the time…was the Heep song that always stuck in my head. Was /am a bigger Deep Purple fan. Similar sound

  28. There used to be “benevolent societies” for different ethnic groups: Polish, Irish, Jewish, Scottish, Chinese, you name it. They took responsibility for helping their own when they first immigrated, or if there were financial difficulties due to tragedy. Something like that will have to happen again for white people, but I think there’s more chance it can happen in small communities, with people looking out for each other over a small territory. The problem is, as soon as non-whites see there’s something being given out, they pop up in the line, saying “Me too!” What has to be done is to say, “No. Not you. Just us,” and that’s going to take a lot of retraining. It’s also why government help is out of the question, because government regards itself as Mommy, and of course Mommy loves all her children equally, so you can’t give something to one and not to the other.

    Just as an aside, I was thinking of what would happen if a person advertised a garage sale as “Whites only”. No Muslims, blacks, Indians or Chinese – I can’t stand their aggressive bargaining, that’s not the way my people behave, so I don’t want to have to deal with them. It’s perfectly alright to put the notice “No dealers,” but I think the outrage meter would go stratospheric. The crowds that would turn up would probably require police presence.

    • I suspect if you started a Polish benevolent society, the Feds would sue you for civil rights violations. It’s the right idea though. The big issue is not that we can’t use the government to aid our cause. It’s that government now actively tries o prevent whites form organizing on heir own behalf. That said, Koreans have all sorts of secret aid societies, fraternal groups and so forth. That’s a model that could work for us.

          • There’s tons of these across the country. Simply take a page from Lefty’s book and infiltrate, co-opt, and turn them into incubators for Euro-American ethnic advocates, agitators, and political power blocs. The Democrats used to come to them, hat in hand, for votes in the old ethnic cities of the Rust Belt, Tammany Hall style.

            Serve them a heaping helping of their own identity politics.

            Niech Żyje Polska!

          • Thus, our camoflauge is ethnicity.
            Polish-, German-, Irish-, Italian-, Slovak-American Historical Society… fun! food! charity!

            Honorary memberships accepted, nonprofit inter-community alliances approved.

            60 million of us paying $100 per year is the PAC that politicians will listen to, because they ignore everything else but that.

            We’re not going to vote, shoot, or collapse our way back into a demographic majority in 20 years, so let’s adopt our enemies’ successful strategy and build one helluva PAC. While stockpiling ammo for Gen Z, of course.

          • Simply take a page from Lefty’s book and infiltrate, co-opt, and turn them into incubators for Euro-American ethnic advocates, agitators, and political power blocs.

            Just so.

            People whinge all the time that the political system doesn’t work, but I bet not one in a hundred of those whingers have ever been active politically.

            Subverting a political party district by district is not that hard, most branches could probably be taken over by a couple of dozen clandestine crusaders.

            As you said, that’s how the lefties did it.

          • The SPLC hate list, the charge of “racism” or “privilege”–in some sense these only have moral power because people let them. But what happens when enough people no longer assent to the moral force of those charges? The day is coming, I think, when someone is going to answer, when he’s called a racist: “Yes, I am. So what?”–and some critical number of people are going to refuse to immediately disown him. Essentially they will be saying, “We don’t consider racism to be a sin.” And that will be the first day of a competitive, new moral framework, and a deadly blow to the tyranny of the framework we live under now.

            We witnessed this happen with homosexuality: something that at one time, if exposed, could ruin a man’s life and livelihood, “suddenly” became no big deal, and most people learned to shrug it off. Of course, it didn’t really happen “suddenly”: it took years for the Left to prepare the ferment of public opinion.

            But I see an analogous project of preparation currently taking place among certain precincts of the Right. For example, I see the readership of blogs like this one growing; those readers and commenters are being educated and armed in their interactions with others; and thus the elements of the new moral framework filter and trickle up through the society. An indication of progress is the immigration issue: not five years ago it was a verboten topic in politics; but now, the former censors of both political parties have been forced to discuss it openly (and, I’m happy to note, obsessively). It’s a gradual process; possibly futile at this point; but we’ve seen the old moral framework change, both for and against us, in real time.

      • Now there’s a thought! Something like the Tongs of Chinatown, but for White people. Keep it local to your city, so the Feds can’t RICO you. And as for the local police force… well, there’s this thing called “baksheesh.” I hear they use it a lot in the Third World, and since our overlords all come from Calcutta and Guatemala City…

      • Create a fake Muslim society/club. The SPLC and the DOJ won’t go near it. Seriously the SJW’s and everyone else will steer clear of it because they know Muzzies are a protected class.

        Call it the Islamic Studies Group, or say, Sufi studies(which gives it a new age tint)

      • I suspect if you started a Polish benevolent society, the Feds would sue you for civil rights violations

        Unless it’s a (((Polish))) benevolent society.

    • Had an old friend who was half Korean. And a lawyer with a white shoe firm. His most profitable investment? Putting money in the Korean version of the “self-help” societies that loaned start up money to Korean business owners, mostly newer arrivals. Not usurious but a several points over prime. Zero credit risk. These people were vetted within the community and the community helped make sure they succeeded.

  29. There’s the worm in the apple right there in the “Back to the Future” analogy.

    Hill Valley 1955, to leftists, is a terrible place where poor Goldie can’t be mayor. Hill Valley is safe and clean.

    Hill Valley 1985 is a filthy shithole with porno theaters and bums. But we’ve exised the awful sin of being mean to Goldie Wilson’s mayoral aspirations.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

    • I have a novel idea for you– Get the Fuck Out. It is so awful here with all the rayciss wypipo. Why all ya’ll always trying to get in and follow us everywhere we go.

      We don’t hate you, we just want to be as far away from you as possible but you are like ticks or any other parasite. Your very existence depends on us so we will have to remove you forcefully, there is truly no other solution at this point.

    • Yeah, white people are the scourge of humanity, which is why Colored People follow us everywhere, fight to get into our neighborhoods, sue to sit next to us in schools, risk death to get into our countries, live in terror that, somehow, white people might manage to get away, to escape. That’s how terrible we are.

      And if your answer is that, “white people’s stuff is just better”, you have to ask yourself why. Oooh, oooh, I’ll bet I know…

    • What is the name of that phenomenon in which satire of an idea is confused with genuine advocacy for that idea?

    • Poe’s Law: an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the parodied views.

    • This is not Tiny Duck. It’s the Troll under the bridge. And here come the 3 Billy Goats Gruff across the bridge…tip..tap..tip..tap..tip..tap!

  30. A little bit of “Hello, Cleveland!” in the beginning, but hey, commenters like the soft soap as much as everyone.

    • More like the shot of novacaine before the dentist starts to drill. You commenters are great…but dammit we must tax wealth to destroy the anti-white elite. Concern that government might use that revenue to turn the brown to 11 with a side of tranny sauce, well issue deferred. And you must have empathy for preyed-upon youths who got hooked on heroin and school loan debt and using sex to climb the greasy pole. Ask rather if I am to be a hated minority that no longer has the numerical advantage, why should I care if stupid, low-quality whites get consigned to the trash heap with Mexicans, Somalis and other undesirables. I see little value in seeking solidarity with idiots. I understand that the old ways are unlikely to return, but that fact doesn’t negate the anger I feel at a government which funds too many programs that deliver false hope to unworthy recipients. Guaranteed student loans let far too many people incapable of truly earning a degree strive to do so anyway, driving up the cost for the 20% (being generous) who genuinely merit tertiary education.

  31. The problem is that helping our people cannot happen through government solutions.

    Cheap section 8 housing is a great thing for white people. We need that so young white families can make babies. But that’s not what is going to happen. When you import an underclass, you get a lot of pathetic people and they get an equal (much larger) share of the social safety net.

    The problem we face is that we must maximize the invaders exposure to the moral hazards of modernity -debt, over education, porn, drugs and shitty food – while minimizing our own peoples exposure. The problem isnt that young people are drowning in student loan debt. Black women are the most educated group in the country. The problem is that WHITE people are going into debt.

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