The Western Disease

By now, even militant anti-Hollywood people are aware of the zombie apocalypse, where humanity is put at risk by a plague of zombies. It’s not always zombies. It could be a vampire problem. The general idea is always the same though. For some reason, people turn into murderous crazies, attacking normal people. Another variation is the newly dead rise and begin attacking the living, thus increasing the number of zombies while decreasing the stock of the living. This is the most popular version of the concept.

The cause of this problem is either a virus that just turned up for no reason, a virus made by man or some alien bug that arrived here for unknown reasons. The germ of this idea, so to speak, is the novel I Am Legend. In it the hero is the last normal person on earth, plagued by what appears to be vampires. He eventually figures out that they have been infected with a disease that causes the vampire like symptoms. The book ends with him having been captured by a hybrid group of vampires that are the future of man.

The odd thing about Hollywood adaptations of this idea is they never focus on the logic behind a disease that would cause a species to murder itself. A virus that kills the host can only work if the host, in the process of dying, infects new hosts. A pathogen that killed instantly would die off quickly, so it would most likely never evolve in the first place. The first iteration would kill the host, before it could spread or kill the population so quickly that no one could get to another population group in time to infect them.

Species do go extinct, so it is not inconceivable that some new environment element could evolve to take out humanity or a large part of it. The Black Death did a number on Europe, so we know such a plague is possible. Thousand cankers disease is a blight that attacks certain walnut trees. The disease results from the combined activity of the walnut twig beetle and a fungus. It could very well wipe out the walnut tree. Similarly, the common banana, known as the cavendish, is at risk from Panama disease.

This idea of a disease that causes people to turn on one another, combined with the habit of nature to clean the slate from time to time, is a useful way to think about the western disease of multiculturalism. Rather than think of it as a set of nutty ideas or a conspiracy by one population to prey on another, it is best thought of as a pathogen that is causing Europeans to attack themselves. Instead of rage zombies, we have people obsessed with the emotional well-being of aliens, at the expense of their kin.

This live stream with Ed Dutton, John Derbyshire and Richard Spencer from last week gets into it a little bit. Around the 50-minute mark, they talk about how the Finns, in particular, but Europe as a whole, have suddenly and inexplicably become pathological in their altruism. The whole video is worth watching, as Ed Dutton is a very interesting guy with a head full of dangerous ideas. As is often the case, when smart people from this side of the divide get together, they end up puzzling over the disease of multiculturalism.

That’s the thing though, no one ever thinks of it like a disease. Instead, the rock solid belief is that it is simply the result of misreading history or drawing the wrong lessons from the industrial wars of the 20th century. The quest for half a century has been to find the right combination of noises that will drop the scales from the eyes of the ruling elites so they will reject multiculturalism. Despite thousands of smart people working tirelessly to find the right combination of sounds, the disease has spread to all corners of the West.

An important thing Dutton points out is that the Finns used to be a very inward looking population group. In fact, northern people in general were very hostile to outsiders, for practical reasons related to ecology. When you live in challenging environments, cooperation is essential. This inevitably rewards traits that bind people close to their social group and traits that make people hostile to outsiders, who could come in and take some of the precious resources of the group. It’s ecological tribalism.

In the last half century, even the notoriously inward looking Finns have been plagued by the need to invite the world, particularly the most hostile parts, into their community. As Dutton mentions, it even seems to be causing the Finns to lose their shyness, something for which they have been known since forever. What possible reasons could a happy people like the Finns suddenly decided to destroy themselves by inviting in hostile foreigners from the other side of the globe? What’s causing this madness?

That is an important part of stress, with regards to multiculturalism. It is new and just sort of arrived in the middle of the last century. We think of bad ideas as a disease of the mind, but what if it is actually a disease? What if like Toxoplasma gondii, a new germ is infecting Europeans, causing them to lose their natural fear of that which is a threat to their existence? Instead of turning local populations directly against themselves, as is the case with the rage zombie idea, they are losing their ability to defend themselves.

It sounds incredible, but there is growing evidence that the bacteria responsible for gum disease may be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. It has long been known that there is a correlation between periodontal disease and pancreatic cancer. It was assumed it was a common genetic cause, but it could be a common virus or bacteria. Greg Cochran has speculated that something similar could be the cause of homosexuality. His “gay germ” theory is speculation, but not unreasonable, given the data.

Now, such a result would mean the “cure” for multiculturalism is we either treat these people like the rage zombies in TV shows or begin to think of them as lost and unable to assimilate into a newly rationalized West. That is, they will be eaten by the rage zombies they invite into our communities. The rest of us, like the survivors in those TV shows, will have to find our own place to hold up and rebuild. Those in the West immune to the disease of multiculturalism will become the founding stock of the new Western people.

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  1. “… just sort of arrived” is absolutely not how multiculturalism came to be.

    Sorry, Z-man, but it was Pierre Trudeau in Canada who created the concept in the mid 1970s as a very specific tactic to diffuse and deflect the separatist aspirations of French Quebec.

    The promotion of “bi-culturalism” wasn’t doing the trick and it looked like the French did not want to be equal partners with English Canada after 100 years or or so of legislated and constitutional “equalization”.

    So he and he alone (aided and abetted by a handful of like-minded acolytes) decided that if Canada became a “multicultural” country rather than a bicultural country, then the French would have their main complaint dulled and blunted: no longer would they be imposed upon by the English, rather they would simply be one “culture” among many…

    They did it surreptitiously, quietly, and under the table.

    And the rest of Canadanever knew what hit them.

    The immigration departments in most European countries were shrunk or closed entirely by the end of the 1970s (believe me, I know, I emigrated from the UK in 1978, with much difficulty) and new embassies with hugely larger staffing levels were opened in the Far East, Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

    The entire face of Canada was changed in a generation, simply so that Pierre Trudeau could remain Prime Miinister of the country. Why the concept was replicated in other countries is utterly beyond me, but Canada is where the disease of multiculturalism began.

    PS The 2019 calendar, distributed free by Canada’s largest consumer bank RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) has a series of throwback black-and-white photos, the March 2019 one being an old pic from a Montreal branch in 1959 showing that “We’ve been helping newcomers get settled in Canad since the very beginning.”
    This wonderful archival photograph, celebrating the company’s 150th anniversary, shows bank tellers from 1959 pointing to signs that say “We speak your language here”… The languages shown are Finnish, Swedish, Russian, German, Dutch, Greek, Estonian, Latvian, Hungarian…

    It is to weep…

  2. All have fallen short. Jerry, ZMan, me, you. That is why Jesus came. John 3:16.
    Choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house. We will serve the Lord. I think Joshua said that. No in fact I’m sure of it. Or similar.
    Best know from whence your Salvation springs. If ye get to killing. First. Jesus is the way. Way, way down the line.

  3. Try this on for size: Anonymous Conservative: “The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved WIthin Humans”. In evolutionary biology there is a well-founded theory of how species and elements within species adopt different survival strategies depending on whether resources are scarce or abundant: the “r/K Selection Theory”. {r and K refer to parameters in an equation that is used in the math part, where r refers to reproductive rate, and K refers to the carrying capacity of the environment. So called “r-strategists” operate as if resources are so abundant there is no need for competition or cooperation, while so called “K-strategists” operate in resource scarce environments, where competition for resources and cooperation is mandatory. Humans have the curse of having both r-strategists and K-strategists, and the inevitable scenario is that the r-strategists, unfit to compete with the K-strategists, find ways to undermine the K-strategists. The author managed to place multiculturalism in this light.

  4. Such viruses don’t necessarily have to be biological in nature. Maybe there’s a physchological ‘layer’ that we can’t see where such ideas travel and infect hosts, in a similar way that memes travel around.

    Multi-culturalism is the absence of culture. When the absence of kinship becomes the underlying philosophy of your society then it stands to reason you would think the whole world is your family. Your then previiously exclusive attitude ‘flips’ and is used against you.

  5. One small observation: I am a member of an older age-group sports group, who join together to play football (soccer, if you must) with certain age restrictions. One of the club members however has successfully persuaded the ‘leaders’ of the club to accept someone much younger into the group on the basis of ‘social care’ as the lad once took drugs and was heading for some dark place.

    This older club member belongs to a church, and it is apparent he sees getting someone in to a closed age group who has enormous advantages of a greater fitness that comes with youth, as some sort of holy calling. He says the lad’s parents are pleased with his progress socially, yet many older members are doubtful as to why we are being shown up by someone younger and faster in the name of ‘social care.’ It is not the stated purpose of this club to bring younger people into a better place socially. Any socialising is done because we play the same game with the same, age related, limitations.

    In a way this is a metaphor for our times: the confusion between roles and duties and the pressure of ‘do good’ intentions overriding all considerations. The long term effect may be a splitting up of the club between those who reluctantly support being seen as caring and social-minded and those who just want to play a game while they still can.

  6. Having just come back from Helsinki can say with some sadness the country is changing. Wouldn’t say Finns are shy. More stoic and pragmatic. Or as I like to say it’s like visiting Planet Vulcan.

    Everything is based on logic and that’s not a bad thing because everything in Finland works. The government, the trains, the buses, etc.

    But that’s because until recently it has been a high-trust, homogeneous society. It is baffling to see the heavy influx of african and middle-eastern parasites. The funny thing is most Finns seem to ignore them. A few of the more desperate locals end up mating with these savages and that’s where the problems start.

    As you mentioned Z white people don’t understand the severity of the situation.

    • >As you mentioned Z white people don’t understand the severity of the situation

      That’s the final destination of unrestrained egalitarianism absent critical thinking.

  7. Z: “What possible reasons could a happy people like the Finns suddenly decided to destroy themselves by inviting in hostile foreigners from the other side of the globe? What’s causing this madness?”

    One major factor is J3wish domination of worldwide media/entertainment. Many powerful J3ws feel implacable anger towards whites for the Holocaust and other historical grievances. Further, most diaspora J3ws feel more comfortable in a multiracial society. Therefore, J3ws use their media dominance to condition whites to regard white ethnocentrism as the ultimate evil and pathological openness as one of the greatest virtues.

    • Holo-cause is the ethnic version of Believe Her.

      If my practices had led to the death of 200 million people, I’d want a damn good cover story too. Yeah, right, “atheism” did it. Just like Whitey McPrivilege.

  8. The Finnish did change fast. Never dealt with them outside of Helsinki-dweller much, but even then their general disposition was closed and a little alien. Almost autistic, but not in that bugman sense, ya know?

  9. The old way of dealing with communicable diseases makes sense. Separate the infected from the healthy where they will do no harm.
    Like Vito Corleone in Godfather II.
    If there is no cure, we can have an open range area in Westchester County with a high fence where they can drink tea and bitch about Trump. Just quarantine them until the threat is over.

  10. There was a time when the average American man weighed 145 pounds and drank 6-7 drinks a day. Many outbreaks of alcoholism really do seem like epidemics, and were often casually called as such, but taking it literally wasn’t considered.

    There was also the collapse in attention span in the late 19th century. For some reason, attention spans peaked when everyone wanted to watch 3+ hour long epic operas, and within a single generation simple ragtime piano bits became the most popular music.

    Some of these cycles have to have biological explanations. They’re just too extreme.

    • GKC used that as evidence that the immediate ancestors of the British were far more intelligent. Scots Presbyterians we’re capable of following a sermon all the way to “seventeenth and lastly…”

  11. What if this is just the nature of populations? That we we might not be different from other species despite higher intellect? While certain of the population is infected with “multicultural disease”, the other portion seems to have “I’m not getting involved despite the fact I can see and recognize what’s going on” disease.


  12. The “gay germ” theory was plausible, and until recently I even considered it the top contender, but new genetic research has all but disproved it. Male homosexuality is extremely likely to be due to a cluster of genes that improves reproductive fitness in moderation (horniness for women, handsomeness for men) but at the extreme end results in female promiscuity and male homosexuality. It’s the “dick lovin’ gene” for both sexes.

    “Pathological altruism”, AKA low negative ethnocentrism, is almost certainly genetic in origin as well. We even know the genes that are responsible for ethnocentrism. As for why it could develop so quickly, it’s the same as other fitness-destroying trends like anti-Flynn, single motherhood and soyboy grimace: severe, state-sponsored dysgenics.

    • The possibility of a genetic predisposition to pathological altruism makes me think of the Russian fox experiments.

      It didn’t take all that many generations for the scientists to change the nature of the population they were dealing with. This would probably be no surprise to people who breed animals for a living. Or people who breed plants, for that matter.

      Given the changes in mating habits briefly mentioned in the Discovery article, it looks like the Russian scientists were on their way to producing a new species (given that the usual definition of species includes ‘… that breed readily in the wild.’)

      The article does not mention it, but it seems to me I had previously read that the same scientists also produced a strain of foxes that were the opposites of the nice-doggy ones — more fierce and aggressive than the original stock.

  13. The virus is hiding in plain sight. Women’s suffrage. Also in plain sight: none of the invading cultures share the virus. Women were once the most important influence upon men. Now they are just more important. As a long dead white man once predicted “It is easy to see that, in this ambition to make the one sex equal to the other, both are demeaned and that, from this crude mixing of nature’s works, will emerge weak men and immodest women.” Switzerland was the last to crack in 1971, but the cracks are showing there now.

    • The media greatly influences the thoughts and feelings of most women. Who greatly influences the media? You’re mistaking a symptom for a cause.

      Not that I’m a big fan of female suffrage.

      • You negated your own argument. If as you say women are easily infulenced, that makes the media only a symptom. Universal male suffrage is a great mistake. Female suffrage is grease on those rails.

  14. I haven’t listened to Derb’s podcast in about a year and a half. For no reason. In my memory he started to sound a bit slow, raspy and tired. In the video Z linked to, he seems strong and eager. That’s really good to see. He’s 73. He’s overcome some serious health issues in the past. Looks good, sounds good.

    • Neurotic yentas ruined honest feminism. Men aren’t always angels, or Muslims would’ve been first on the Moon.

  15. A Lentivirus like HIV which destroys the immune system.

    Vox Day notes there are three pillars of Western Civilization – the European Nations, Graeco-Roman (I’d add Anglo-Saxon) philosophy and jurisprudence, but it was the third that disappered: Christianity.

    (True) Christianity is aggressively anti-multicultural. It tolerates a lot of superficial things, but is completely (I so want to say “anal”) intolerant about Sex. Vrginity until Marriage, Fidelity within. Widows can remarry but no Divorce. No polygamy. No Contraception (Includes Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Zwingle). No cousin marriage No lying or cheating. No alternative gods. Excommunication is ostracism on steroids.

    This is why there as always been conflict with Jews (IIRC they allowed polygamy until the early 20th century; then there’s Usury).

    The Philosophy drifts when you remove the fall and redemption at the cost of deicide. As does the idea of justice. Due Process and Freedom of Thought came from some of the errors that Christendom corrected. The US Constiution can only be seen accurately through Biblical Natural Law.

    The drift was fully visible. Especially within the church. Many things will be cited, but removing Contraception and Divorce from the ban list destroyed the foundations.

    If Marriage does not have a telos, and is not a permanent covenant? Why deny it to gays? How can you deny help to Bastard kids and their mothers? And what if Contraception fails, we need Abortion to remove the “product of conception”. Gay? Disorderd, but in some abstract sense, so why discriminate.

    The more serious problem is what Christianity did to Europe – redeem it (not fix it as in tikkun olam) – up to the 1950’s we tried to do to the rest of the world. The Franciscans argued Native Americans were humans – not chattel animals, but still needed to be redeemed. Why in California and what was north of Mexico the cities are mostly named after Saints or similar? Back then Christendom said slaughtering 1/4 of your young people atop pyrmids was a grave evil. (Compare the Cardinal’s comments on Cuomo’s Clinics today).

    Christians were even worse than Muslims with their Kingdom of God, even if not in or of this world (think the very large Iraqi Green Zone US Embassy – they were in Iraq but not of it). And CORRECTLY said the Devil – Satan – Lucifer owned everyplace else. Exorcism first. And Christians have plenary power in Jesus name over the devil. But not over his human servants, hence the large number of martyrs.

    So in this view, Multiculturalism is preemptively forgiving someone who raped and murdered all your children because “he was just different”. Yes, Dark is different than light, Evil different than Good, Satan different than Christ.

    Different tastes in food, clothing, cultural things are one thing, and often there is greater beauty seen remotely. But there can be no compromise on the True or the Good. And that is where we have lost our immunity. And it starts like HIV, with mere weakening (this poor black inner city repeat fornicator was repressed so isn’t responsible and we aren’t going to hold her to Biblical standards, so the Bible is burned).

    Christianity is Eugenic in the good and proper sense of the term. Its commandments result in happiness, prosperity, and – progeny. But Europe has been Christian for over 10 centuries. Africa has not though is becoming more and more. Also Asia. Asia is worse because it has a culture. As does the Arab/Muslim world. But those are successful outliers, something like sharks or ferns. Successful, but primitive in their conservation of their design.

  16. A big part of the antidote to this disease will be Democratic Primary Season, featuring a big dose of diversity-loving, anti-white sentiment. For a sneak preview of coming attractions, watch the Dems’ response to Trump’s State of the Union speech from that fat black lesbian from Georgia, Stacey Abrams. At some point there’s going to be pushback from White America to the black, black, blackety-black. That’s coming soon.

    • We tend to fight back quietly at the ballot box. DMV voter registration and vote harvesting have it covered for them out here in CA.

      The new polls show the Dems don’t care about public policy, they simply want a candidate that can beat Trump. Yet, anyone who voted for Trump is a racist hate-monger (I raise my hand). Trump voters are never, ever allowed to be people who simply would vote for anyone who would keep the Massachusetts/Little Rock harridan out of office.

    • “At some point there’s going to be pushback from White America to the black, black, blackety-black. That’s coming soon.”

      How much “black, black, blackety-black” will it take? Popular culture is almost 100 percent black; I’ve remarked before about shouting-negro music in grocery stores, FFS. The movie industry turns out one film after another about mean whites oppressing blacks. Members of Congress openly declare their anti-white venom. It won’t take much to slide into the South African States of America.

      There are complaints but very little you could call pushback.

      The only realistic possibility I can see is an inspirational leader for the white nationalist cause. I briefly imagined the Trumper might be it, but that was clearly mistaken.

      Time is getting short.

  17. Had a chance to watch TV this week.

    All this marketing to the black demographic. What, are they the biggest spenders?

    (PS- the Superbowl halftime show was excreble. Clumsy, disjointed, appealing to no one instead of everyone. Yup, it’s dead, not resting.)

    • Non Cuck Whites are aging out of network TV and football too. Got to find people where you can

      Football wise the President said he wouldn’t want his son to play football these days at a Superbowl interview. That’s big and goes beyond Generation Single Mom’s concerns

      That said the football is civic nationalism thing is an artifact of the 1960’s like the Beatles and Flower Power and could go out with them.

      NFL will be around a while but its going to return to its natural state, one sport among many

  18. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, etcetera are returned from the dead. Think of this as another hook whereon to hang popularization of cremation. The next step is to look at use of crematoria as dictators’ playthings, from Phalaris and his brazen bull from BCE times, through revolutionary repression of the Vendee in the XVIII century, through the proceedings of the CheKa up to the executions of Pyotr Popov (December 1958) and Oleg Penkovski (17 MaY 1963).

  19. A virus is interesting for speculation, but I think it’s a cultural byproduct of America’s cultural imperialism: with the decline of the church and organized religion, Hollywood movies have become the defining narrative of European civilization. The predominate moral concerns of these movies are 1) the holocaust and 2) white on black racism in its myriad iterations, slavery, Jim Crow, blm, etc. 3) and lgbtqw issues, to a lesser degree.

    Europeans exposed to this want to one up Americans spiritually. They say,”why are they so cruel to their blacks? If we had a minority like that, we would be kind to them! We will show them!” So they import a nonwhite population in effect trying to retrofit their civilizations into the American southeast, in a spiritual effort to “get it right this time,” to replay the pageant of the American southeast, just as early Christian martyrs sought to imitate the suffering of Jesus and the apostles. Of course, all this is based on a completely mistaken understanding of race conflict in America which is really biological in origin.

    • Can’t agree more. The moralizers keep dreaming that they are more moral than that retrograde christiano-white culture.

      For instance, instead of adopting a normal, whitish American orphan, they’ll adopt one or two Africans with congenital diseases from a war zone.

      Top that, do-gooder! As if virtue were a competition.

      • That isn’t virtue. Competition for virtue in the traditional (Stoic) sense would be competition towards knowledge/wisdom, courage, temperance/moderation, and justice/morality.

  20. Whatever the disease of multiculturism is, it is being spread rapidly and deliberately. Guilted into attending Superbowl party after shunning an entire season of NFL. Game itself was insipid. Half time show was a paean to soy and negrolatry, utterly unwatchable. But the ads were the real disappointment. Unfunny, emotionally exploitative, anti-white propaganda. The worst was Bezos’ WaPo ad showing Oklahoma Fed building instead of WTC 9/11 for “terrorist attacks” on America. Fuck me. I have become an alien in the country of my birth.

    • The WaPo ad near the end of the game was stunning in its lack of self-awareness. Do the people putting this stuff out there really believe it? I don’t know which is worse, that they are dumb enough to believe it themselves, or that they are stupid enough to think that WE are dumb enough to believe it. Perhaps it is simply a message co-ordination effort on the part of their side.

  21. The various European groups in the Americas were becoming a new people, the Americaaner in the North, and more Spanish-Mediterranean in the South. That has been disrupted.

    This new, strange, feminized branch seems to come from two technologies: long-chain molecular chemistry as a pollutant, and message programming as an accelerant.

    As Al d’North says, widespread antibiotics and hormones- I agree, and they can be measured. I would put psychiatic medication and unpure illegal synthetic drugs above those. We have no diagnosis for brain chemistry, yet legal and a few illegal substances are as present as medical and industrial pollutants.
    Our numbers are fouling the nest.

    Combining numerous slow poisons with targeted programming experiments leads me to look at the self-interested ethnic overrepresentation in certain industries, whether the board of Merck, or the APA, of intelligence agencies, of media, education, law.

    Unfortunately, even the white spectrum has plenty of sociopaths- not the abundance of other demographics, but far more than we can control. Allies in malevolence, look at our (anyone’s) history.

    Heartless, ruthless, and disconnected, empowered by new technologies; emotive, fickle, and feminized, what will this strange new mixed people become?

    Quick evolution of environment and temperment seems to be reinforcing worse characterics, not better.

    Either Die-off or the Hive, are those our only destinies? It seems our rulers have decided we have gone far enough. Whites have solved famine and plague, time to halt here and put them out to pasture.

    • Chemicals may have some impact and many of them need to go, however Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome had the same social problems and they weren’t caused by lead.

      An excessively urban society will die with automation speeding it up in modernity

      The solution is largely economic, stable jobs in smaller towns so people can organically build culture.

      This will require stewardship though and levels of control over economic development that our culture with some justification fears.

      if we don’t though, we’ll die back till only the most religious continue and the jobs meet the population.

      Just remember though, there is no theoretical downward limit on this. Urbanization has caused a several century fertility decline and we are approaching three generations of decline from automation.

      The only other option is immigration but the only immigrants that are fertile won’t maintain this civilization.

  22. True, they aren’t going away.
    But! The real question is not what we will do with them, but what they will do with us.

    • There is very little question about what they will do with us (if we allow it). No, the real question is still what we will do with them.

  23. Viewed in the context of a biological infection agent eventually killing its host, multiculturalism will, for various values of “killing.” Viewed in a related context, American importation of African slaves could prove to be the most expensive free labor the world has ever seen.

    • Arabs imported at least as many sub-Saharan Africans yet somehow there are almost zero blacks in their countries…

      • 10 million african slaves to the new world, only 400K to North America. Most went to the Caribbean and Brazil.

        The records are spotty, but the slave trade into the middle east is in the 10s of millions. It began in the 7th Century and continues today.

        • What a mix, the best of both worlds. Gods help us.
          Bantu and Bedouin both overran their territory, wiping out real genetic diversity.

  24. We know the disease by various names. Atheism is one. More abstractly – materialism, positivism, scientism…

    Some with this diease are resistant carriers – they infect others while themselves being immune; but mostly it makes people crazy, self-hating and suicidal.

    The proof is that the Only groups in the world today that are Not willing their own extinction (voluntarily subfertile and/or actively replacing themselves) are religious and rejecting of materialism/ positivism/ scientism.

    • We know the disease by various names. Atheism is one.

      Then why are Americans more susceptible to the disease than Europeans?

      • The Serb told me it’s because we can pick our religion. There, you’re born to it. No picking or choosing, it’s what you are, for life.

        • That is an interesting observation. I’ve always thought Americans were more religious because the churches competed on an open market. In most of Europe, the clergy are civil servants, with all the dynamism and efficiency characterizing bureaucrats all over the world.

          But my point was that Europeans are far more atheistic than Americans, yet are not nearly as pozed, at least not on the mainland.

          My theory is that the poz spreads via the English language, which is why Britain is number two in the poz superbowl, with Sweden (where English is almost a second national language) third, sharply pursued by Australia.

          • Interesting. I speculate that the thousands of african languages are a cultural barrier against disease; unfortunate for africans, because they prevent the spread of ideas.

            English as a recently developed vector would reinforce the Z-possibility of an external, infectuous pathogen.

          • English as a recently developed vector would reinforce the Z-possibility of an external, infectuous pathogen.

            How’s that? If it’s a physical pathogen, language wouldn’t be a barrier, but the Hungarians and the Poles seem almost immune.

            It’s an Occam’s Razor-situation. There are multitudes of reasons why the West is sinking into cultural decrepitude, no need for mysterious viruses to explain things, at least not if you can’t demonstrate an epidemiologically sound distribution pattern.

          • Interesting observation about the English language. In what sense do you consider Americans to be more pozed than Europeans. It seems to me that many of our cultural cues come from Europe, not the other way around. Now one area where we could be rock bottom over here is the number of women who have illegitimate kids by multiple fathers. I’m not sure how prevalent that is in Europe.

          • In what sense do you consider Americans to be more pozed than Europeans.

            Where do I even start?

            You have SJWs running your universities, underage drag queens performing in gay nightclubs and on national television, you have illegal immigrants organizing and rallying in the streets, waving the Mexican flag and being supported by Congress-critters, you have Antifa breaking up right wing meetings with the connivance of the authorities, you have 72 genders, preferred pronouns, fat positivism, affirmative action, rules for Halloween costumes, mandatory gender indoctrination for college students, war on Christmas and, what baffles me most, you seem to have no problem with your presidents hiring family members for government office. Also, your last president was a gender-queer, white-hating, terrorist-hugging, closet Mohammadan from Kenya, so there’s that too.

            None of this happens on the European mainland, although Germany still has occasional outbreaks of Antifa-ism.

            Where America stands out – shining – is in its dedication to free speech. Not the First Amendment, mind you – virtually every country on earth has one of those – but the public, popular zeal in protecting free speech. Europeans really don’t have that same dedication.

            But still, while American don’t go to jail for their opinions, you get hounded out of your jobs for saying ‘chink in the armor’ or ‘niggardly’, and you can be cleaned out by a civil lawsuit for patting someone on the bum.

            When all this MeToo-stuff took off, Zentropa producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen – the Danish Harvey Weinstein – was accused of sexual harassment by one of his female staff. He cold-bloodedly told the journalist that sexual harassment was a cornerstone of Zentropa’s corporate culture, and that girls should stop whining so much. That ended the MeToo movement in Denmark.

            Now, Peter Aalbæk is a vile piece of poz himself, but the didn’t get MeToo’ed. And just to give you a taste of the kind of person he is, the picture to the right was printed as a full-page ad, as a Merry Christmas from Zentropa, and yes, that’s the man himself.

            It seems to me that many of our cultural cues come from Europe, not the other way around.

            Well, the conventional wisdom in Europe is that actually it’s the other way around. I mean, how many European – mainland, non-English – movies or television series have you seen in the last year? How many Euro books have you read? European music?

            Europe is flooded with American culture, most often we don’t even bother to translate new English terms. A Swedish activist went all the way and called black immigrants to Sweden for ‘African-Americans’ in a hilarious attempt a political correctness.

          • And just one more anecdote for the road.

            A Texas woman came here to teach English to high school students and wrote a blog about it. She related that she had asked the headmaster, if To Kill a Mockingbird would be appropriate for her students. The headmaster replied that he paid her to make such calls.

            The woman was over the top with excitement that Danish schools had enough confidence in their employees, that they’d let them decide which books were wholesome enough for their students to read.

            The thing is, I’m pretty sure she misunderstood him: He almost certainly thought she was asking about her students’ English-level, rather that the subject of the book. He probably didn’t even know what To Kill a Mockingbird was about.

            For some reason, books without pictures are considered harmless in Denmark. I read American Psycho and Naked Lunch in high school, nobody batted an eyelid. A guy in my class read Mein Kampf.

            tl;dr: there are no such thing as a literature blacklist in Denmark.

          • I read Naked Lunch in High School in the US in the Late 70s, early 80s. Nobody thought anything of it. I remember reading a book about Hitler in 5th grade — serious historical stuff that included a lot of rare personal photos, not reflexive “Hitler bad” propaganda. I still remember that Hitler x’ed out one of the photos because he didn’t like how he looked in it. I think it showed him wearing glasses.

          • I appreciate the response. I’ve visited Europe more than a handful of times for relatively short periods, but I haven’t *lived* there. If PC culture really is less entrenched in Europe, hell, I may want to retire there.

            It seems to me a large part of what you are indicating is that our universities are more out of control, and that it has spilled over into corporate world.

            Regarding cultural cues: I was talking about broader trends, such as declining birth rates, cohabitation rather than marriage, teenage cellphone usage, etc. Seems to me that Sweden is at the vanguard for all of that stuff, not America.

          • It seems to me a large part of what you are indicating is that our universities are more out of control, and that it has spilled over into corporate world.

            Just so. And into the media and entertainment as well.

            Seems to me that Sweden is at the vanguard for all of that stuff, not America.

            Could be. The welfare state paved the way for much of this, and Sweden had a full, three-ring welfare circus with all the dogs and ponies, long before the US.

            And a travel tip: if you ever visit Europe again, do yourself a favour, rent a car and get the hell out of the metropolises as fast as you can. Outside the capitals, Europe is a tourist paradise from Bavaria to Sicily, and is virtually burka-free.

            If you’re on a budget, consider camping. Europe has an excellent network of camping sites with all amenities, and most Euro’s speak English these days, so you don’t need to pay an art student to babysit you.

          • “And a travel tip: if you ever visit Europe again, do yourself a favour, rent a car and get the hell out of the metropolises as fast as you can. Outside the capitals, Europe is a tourist paradise from Bavaria to Sicily, and is virtually burka-free.”

            Actually, next time I come over, I do plan to visit some places other than capitals. The thing about the capitals though is the architecture is so breathtaking. I love to sip on some beer at the outdoor cafes and marvel at architectural wonders.

          • We were also less close to the edge. We could afford stupidity in a way continentals can’t.

            All Anglo Saxon nations are nations protected by the sea and/or fewer natural enemies. UK. US, AUS, NZ, CA are all protected by the ocean or only have one or less strong enemies on the border. It gives us time to think and leeway. The Spaniards couldn’t afford uncertainty, or the French, Germans, etc. Get caught slipping and the moors, the Russians, the ottomans etc. are going to be living in your houses.

            That’s why Scandinavia is similar. Geography impacts culture. Switzerland is a mix. They have natural advantages but are surrounded by much stronger countries. That’s why they’re a mix of poz and patriotism.

          • We were also less close to the edge.

            I beg to differ. America is 61% white, Western Europe is still +90%. America is the canary in the mine shaft, not Sweden or Germany.

          • America is number one in the poz superbowl.
            America gave us affirmative action,the word “racism”, white guilt,micro-aggressions. Read the words of Alexander Hamilton and some of their other founding fathers where they talk about standing up to cruel Europe for the Asians and Africans. America from the very beginning was anti-European.

          • I would argue that Britain is further along than the USA, though not by much. All of those things were tried in Britain first, and then brought to the USA.

            Hamilton also was against immigration…

            “To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they put foot in our country, as recommended in the Message, would be nothing less, than to admit the Grecian Horse into the Citadel of our Liberty and Sovereignty.”

          • Britain is arguably in the worst position, not demographically, but in terms of lacking any sort of cultural resistance to poz

            But the poz has not primarily been spread from Britain, it has been spread from occupied America.

            We like to pretend Hollywood, Langley Virginia and Washington D.C. are not part of America. And at some level, that’s true. But at another level, they technically are part of America.

            Of course, this isn’t really a call to blame ourselves, to some significant extent a rival ethno-religious group is responsible, but we have to really consider the seriousness of our position.

            Our slight advantage in cultural resistance has not translated into ANY effective political resistance as yet.

    • Always glad to have you chime in Doctor Charlton!

      I’m afraid to say though the malaise is far more economic and crowding driven than spiritual

      Take the US White TFR , at 1.6 is lower than that of Atheist Sweden or the less religious UK which is about 1.8 or so. It nearly matches that of Germany

      Other than its most Orthodox forms, religion nationally has zero impact on fertility once a certain level of development is achieved. US Hispanics are at 1.8 now

      And as for say the LDS , while Utah is still above replacement, this rate has been in steady decline for a decade. In a few more years it will go below replacement I’d guess.

      The only groups well above replacement are either those that eschew all modernity (the Amish which are between 5 and 7 with low infant mortality) and the very religious who prioritize religion above all else, mainly Orthodox Christians and Jews and a a few others

      This kind of religiosity cannot be maintained across an entire society.

      What the West has is an economic and crowding crisis, take Germany., cramming 80 million people into a land mass just smaller than the US state of Montana is nuts . Montana which has less arable land obviously, supports one million people and is getting crowded in places. 80x that is lunacy!

      By comparison the Holy Roman Empire which was none of these things in 1500 only had a population of 16 million and more land mass

      Our lands have exceeded their carrying capacity and our cultures, theirs

      no amount of religious hacking is going to make people pop out babies for the elite.

      Even Christian or heck any nationalism which will save our cultures only has a limited positive effect on fertility , c.f Poland and Italy

      This is economic issue , cities are expensive. Yes opportunity costs are there and yes its cultural to a degree. Its mostly money, no steady jobs, no babies. In the US student debt is basically sterilizing younger millennials

      If we protect our societies from migrants , the unhinged left and globalists along with developing economic policies that ensure people have the resources they need to start a family stuff will self correct in a few decades with a lower population

      These changes will require an authoritarian Right wing and populist state though and might require telling democratic and republican system to go piss up a rope for a while

      If we don’t, the US will collapse and the laws of nature take over. In theory, a couple of hundred years from now 2219 will look like 1719 with a smidgen of 1919 and the population will be mostly Amish

      • US white TFR is lower than you care to state: Americans count Afghanistanis and Arabs as white,Europeans don’t.

    • North Korea = strongly anti-immigration and 2.0 fertility rate, despite crippling sanctions

      (1.89 in urban areas and 2.19 in rural areas )

      Contrast with 1.15 TFR in South Korea in the same time period, or 0.96 today

      96% of women in North Korea married by age 30 to 34

      Not participating in Western culture and capitalism / neo-liberalism is arguably more important than religion

      • They still have below replacement fertility even at Western infant morality levels and only a tiny shade above Sweden

        Given the nations food issues and probably higher infant mortality rate two kids per family is probably practically lower than the Western rate

        No money, no babies even applies in North Korea which should tell people something.

    • The decline is now visible because possibly the angle of repose has been hit and the landslide has commenced. Decline is not an either/or. Maybe 7 cards on the table, 15 cards, 52 card pickup and the slide commenced. I can see a number of problems (and a number I’m not even aware of but are there) that added together caused the house of cards to fall. Please, all chime in to the list. List is not in order of importance, just what pops in first:
      –a growing genetic mutational load, i.e. crappy immune systems not being culled
      –declining IQ
      –only 150 years since the gas and electric light thus altering circadian rhythms
      –lack of God in society(see Mr. Charlton above), purpose and no local church community (a twofer)
      –lack of community because we move often and community has stratified
      –lack of local family to help raise children and lack of elders to pass on wisdom on how to raise kids and just plain how to live. We then must reinvent the wheel
      –multiculturalism brings in “the other” creating distrust and distancing. See Robert Putnams “Bowling Alone”
      –Women “having” to work to maintain standard of living. In my Utah neighborhood almost all Mormon women work. High rate of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety use in Utah. This is the first Christmas only received one plate of gift cookies or baked goods. Everyone else bought and gave away candles, candy, bar soap and foam soap, even boxes of brownie or cake mix unbaked given. Big shift as the women are so stressed and don’t have time to bake and give away.
      –our cultural capital has dissipated, i.e. Europe had much more cultural capital than American because of deep age of European civilisation whereas America only approx. 400 years. Ours declined quicker than Britain and Europe.
      –our gut biome is screwed up due to multiple use of antibiotics, disrupting gut bacteria and creating leaky gut affecting our health and our emotions. Irony antibiotics save our life and whack our gut biome
      –weird new viruses and bacteria and fungus affecting us
      –The John B. Calhoun rat population density experiment,i.e. we turn into the beautiful ones and die off. God knows why!
      Okay…the cats are telling me time to go to sleep….you run with this.

  25. Over the past several thousand years of human history, it has always been the underclass, the poorest of societies, that resisted immigration the most stridently. The did this for good reason as newcomers were direct competitors for jobs, and they literally had a hard time keeping food on the table as it was.

    The welfare state changed all of this just after the war. A now satiated underclass on welfare is too lazy to put up a fight. Laziness has always been a trait of poor people, so they naturally fall into it, as they fell into the hammock of the safety net.

    Only when the welfare state is removed, due to budget catastrophes, will you see the underclass opposing immigration in full force. In this country, the most anti-immigration block will be the blacks, because they’re the least competitive group.

    The wealthy have never really been anti-immigration. The Victorian ones were shipping in new immigrants as fast as they could before the white underclass shut it off. Even the railroad barons were importing Chinese to build track in CA, leading to a huge backlash.

    The welfare state, like AIDS, attacks the natural defenses against immigration.

    • I’m always impressed with the awakening the abolitionist railroad magnates got when, after stirring up a war to free the saintly negro, getting 600,000 white men killed in the process, found out that they had to import Chinese men to work because negroes wouldn’t and couldn’t do the job they expected them to do, grateful for that new freedom.

      Once that realization hit, “Reconstruction” ended and importing Eastern and Southern Europeans to work the mills became a priority.

  26. There’s a simple explanation that fits the facts.

    It’s more like a brain altering parasite than a disease, see the stuff about how different parasites will take over and manipulate the brain of their host,

    Google “How Brain Worms Turn Ants into the Walking Dead”

    Note that the ants TRY TO KILL THEMSELVES in order to complete the parasites life cycle

    The vector is television and mass media

    The culprits are a hostile tribe which has successfully used that new technology to promote their values, which are good for them, but destroy us

  27. I like it! I still think, though, that evo-psych is the culprit. No organism is built to handle threat-less environments, and it’s obvious we’ve built one. Look at the record-breaking bout of Global Warming that just hit the Midwestern US. Very few people died, and when you dig down into it, those people had to work very, very hard to get killed. Our systems are built to optimize environmental stress, to learn and grow from it. If we don’t have sufficient stress in our natural environment, we’ll simply manufacture some… and say what you will about the Vibrants, they certainly make life exciting!!

  28. We don’t have to merely speculate. Social evolution is now being modeled using the principles of evolutionary biology and Game Theory; augmented by the vast streams of empirical data flowing in from genetics research and social media. Short version of current insight . . . affluence has made hardship extinct, has undermined natural selection, has promoted and favored parasitic traits. As a species, we are becoming narrowly and solely adapted for a post-scarcity environment (anti-robustness). We are now hyper-vulnerable to a collapse scenario. Special note to Leftists . . . multiculturalism dies with the species. And these types of collapses are typically very rapid.

    • Tom, interesting concept—except how fast can can a genetic trait “fix”. Would you say we were in trouble 100 to 200 years ago (4-8 generations)? If the cause is in our genes, then it’s been there for a long time. Epigenetic expression due to current environment? Then is the “cure” a reversal or reduction of the current environment, i.e., current abundance and leisure.

  29. Though I can appreciate the zombie apoc aspect of multiculturalism in its contagious and destructive nature, the model that not only fits perfectly but is in large part true is that of religion.

    When you throw out God, the human psyche goes into search mode. This was all done with (((intent))) of course. So once you’ve stripped people of God and community the human spirit cries out for purpose. In this stripped down state it is very easy, especially on a decades long time line, to plant the seed of the new faith.

    Anyone remember the 1990s. Ever think it odd when those “Diversity is Our Strength” signs just sort of popped up out of nowhere? See, we lost our way in the 80s from the racial utopianism of the 60s/70s so we had to spin up the religion hard again. They started appearing on college campuses and in corporate offices. I never really thought much of it at first. Woe unto thee (and me) who couldn’t see the ominous nature of those early scriptures.

    So the subliminal programming has been going apace since the 90s and it is now bearing huge crops & yields. The evil fruit is in full bloom. You can EASILY square this pathology as a radical cult or religion. It has all the hallmarks of such a thing and given the historical record of similar ideologies it seems to fit the best as well. Certain (((people))) had a goal, to deracinate a nation and shake their founding religion and values down to the ground. Once that is done, the void must be filled. Multikulti is your new god, and the alter of die-versity is where you must sacrifice not only yourself but also your children. Repent Sinner! Atone! Self-flagellation, self-debasement. These are ancient ideas simply wrapped in some new 21st century paper.

    I also advise you deal with cultists and zealots as they have been historically dealt with… harshly.

    • Just so … without God, what foundation is there for confident moral behavior? Thus, they become “pathological in their altruism” in order to mask/hide/deny their godless destiny (Stalin, Mao) and the millions upon millions of dead that go along with it … Yet they have their millions of corpses and counting, piling up in the dumpsters behind Planned Parenthood and other such facilities.

  30. Enough of this defeatist balderdash!

    That wall is going up. Not one single black baboon took a knee during the super bowl. A handful of whites ran Africa and ruled over millions of the meanest, stupidest killer apes ever created by nature. All we have to do to defeat them is build a wall, keep them out, and blacks will take care of themselves. The rest will come to heel when the power goes out and the toilets and fawcets stop working.

    We may be down but we are far from out.

    • A certain class of IA comes across the southern border—but the majority of bodies come from elsewhere, particularly overstayed VISAs. This hole needs to be patched as well. An insistence on E-verify and other checks for citizenship before employment is essential and must be step 2 by Trump.

      • Legal immigration into the US is basically a whole forest of different scams each with it’s own supposed justification, one foreign critter rides the student VISA train, another flies in on H1B Airlines, then there are “tourists”. There are lots of different ways in but the main trick is to forget to leave. You can then take advantage of the fact that the US seems to have believed in the honor system and that people would just obey the law when their VISA was up. I suspect that a lot of demand for various legal VISAs comes from the fact that word has gotten out that no one ever checks to see if you leave rather than the stated purpose of studying in the US or filling a temp job. If serious enforcement were ever implemented a great many would-be invaders wouldn’t bother to invade.

        The media creates a sort of hard-luck narrative of the desperate refugee seeker or the hard worker “seeking only a better life”. It’s been my experience in observing a lot of the South Asian H1B tech invaders in my area (the Pacific NW) that they are actually rather privileged members of their native society seeking a better life in the same sense that someone with a 50′ yacht might still crave a 100 footer. These are not the starving slum dwellers of Calcutta. They have air conditioned cars and houses and good jobs back in India, they just want ours because they’re perceived as better. What I’m getting at here is that it might prove easier to solve the problem than we think because a surprising number of the invaders are rather soft and looking for easy money and comfort. Put a little bit of the ICE vise to them and many will never show up in the first place. This may in fact be the reason the lunatic Left here spends so much time on street corners screaming “abolish ICE”. They, or more likely the Soros funded agents who puppet them, know that enforcement would not only remove a lot of their foreign pets but would stem the flow of more in a double edged strike.

  31. Z Man;
    What an opportunity for bad-think speculation this post is_! But somewhat grounded speculation it is. For example, WRT a pathogen producing pathological altruism, or gum disease promoting Alzheimer’s, there is the recent precedent of the bacterium H pylori only recently being discovered as the actual cause of peptic and gastric ulcers:

    I was a middle-aged adult when it was still commonly supposed that ulcers were stress-related (if not stress caused) and that their origin was otherwise mysterious. There was great resistance to the idea that it was bacteriological. Part of this was, no doubt, the glaring fact that it was pretty obvious after the fact and that all the smartest people in the (operating) room had missed it. However, the theory passed all of Koch’s Postulates and could no longer be denied.

    In defense of the old order was the fact that there are a hell of a lot of people who have H pylori and *don’t* get ulcers (up to 80% of the population have it, per the linked article). It turned out that both H pylori *and* stress produce excess stomach acid and that excess acid induces ulcers in susceptible people. So the folk wisdom was not entirely wrong, just highly incomplete, and hence not very predictive. Also in defense of the old theory was the lack of a credible causal mechanism until very recently (see link).

    To further speculate, it is also possible that antibiotics (which have only been in wide use for ~ 70 years) have inadvertently knocked out some organism that used to keep in check whatever organism (if there is one) that promotes pathological altruism. Or it could be hormonal birth control since females seem far more susceptible.

    Yet another possibility is that whatever it is works by wussifying elite males such that they will no longer stand up to elite females. Fun times_!

  32. Richard Matheson is a literary source and prophesy for so much of what is going on these days. His writing is not “good” in the literary sense, but his various writings are the seed of so much modern relevant storytelling. To the extent that the old “Twilight Zone” series was a lodestar for thoughtful video storytelling, Rod Serling built the series on the shoulders of Matheson’s written work.

    Matheson is so much more relevant today (IMHO), about the actual human condition we perceive ourselves as living in, than are other, more capable writers such as Bradbury or Heinlein, which were his contemporaries.

  33. If being a proponent of multiculturalism is a disease, then it started out only infecting those who spread propaganda and indoctrination, through movies, television, books, colleges, newspapers, political leaders, etc. The disease works on normal, everyday Americans and Europeans by (((those infected))) constantly hammering away at selling the virtues of diversity and the evils of whiteness. Eventually peoples’ defense mechanisms, such as logic and clear-mindedness, break down from the avalanche of propaganda.

  34. I did enjoy John Ringo’s “Black Tide Rising” zombie series as it was written from a serious military perspective.

  35. Simo Hayha was a Finn who did not welcome outsiders. Killed more than 500 Russians and known as The White Death. We could use more men like Simo

    • It’s hard to celebrate a white Christian man killing white Christian men. We should be teaching our people to #NeverAgain kill our own kind. #NeverForget should work just as well for whites as for the jews.

      • Absolutely, Never Again, and Never Forget what they took from us.

        All of the Theys. We gave freely, and got what in return.

        As brilliantly stated a day or two ago, will it give advantage to our People?

        Maybe that’s the ‘pathogen’-
        That we ask for nothing.

  36. Part of it was the full implementation of government schools throughout Europe and North America. History was literally untaught. The Reconquista went from being a long, glorious victory of Western Civilization over the evils of Islam – to a war crime. 1500 years of Islamic aggression systematically downplayed. Slavery in every time and place except the colonial New World completely ignored…

    Now we have idiots dressed up like Mussolini’s Black Shirts on the streets rioting against Fascism, without a whiff of irony.

    • Yes, Drake, the schools harness our children’s minds and shape them to think favorably, indeed *prefer*, foreigners (out-group). When Trump brought in Betsy DeVos to have an attempt at improving our public schools, there’s good reason the protectors of our diseased curricula acted out so vehemently against her that she needed police protection. They showed how important it is to have control of what is being fed into our children’s minds and not just shaping, but changing our people and our culture. And there’s no mistake that women are chosen to carry out much of this. Men build our society and women make the culture. Women, in particular, white, college-educated women, are responsible for fearlessly imposing sick ideas they’ve been taught onto and into a previously healthy culture.

      Social media, TV, movies all reinforce these anti-Western values. The disease continues to be pumped out to the public mind 24/7. So, we need to identify all those responsible for generating the diseased ideas that schools and media send out that have us destroying ourselves. The idea generators need to be routed out and destroyed and this needs to happen very publicly. The methods of these destroyers needs to be widely taught to our people so we can reinforce a mindset that protects our people and culture.

      • My relatively uninformed impression is that the “anti-vaccine” movement is led by college educated wealthy white women. I don’t expect any of them to hold degrees in microbiology.

      • Thanks, Ursula.
        I had an experience once (about 2015-’16 or so), at an elementary school where I was working as a part-time teacher. (A choice “by design” b/c I refuse to do full-time paperwork or parent politics, but enjoy teaching youngsters a few “life skills” and accountability, from time to time.)
        One of the [white female] full-time teachers and I were chit-chatting. However the convo evolved, I pointed out to her, in plain language, looking straight in the eye, that “abortion is murder.”
        She just stared at me.
        Deer in the headlights.
        Had no idea what to say.
        And then she slightly-sheepishly backed away from my doorway and took her leave.
        It was interesting.
        We didn’t have a real conversation again until, oh, last week.
        Maybe she mis-takes my increased pleasantness for a change of heart.

  37. I think public opinion polls in Europe suggest that women support third world immigration and men do not. I do think there is at least a little truth to the idea that women prefer the more non-domesticated man to the modern Western guy, despite all the cries to the contrary. Does that it explain it all? No. Women virtue-signal more than guys do about everything.

    Also, why do the Swiss seem to at least have partial immunity to the craziness of inviting third world Muslims into their country? Does it have something to do with the fact that Swiss governance is decentralized, meaning politicians have to be a little bit more responsive to the wishes of the voters?

    • Maybe western man just failed the shit-tests of feminism? Actually letting third-worlders in is yet another shit-test fail.

    • Certainly they would seem to prefer non-domesticated, in the sense that while they like to drink soy, they don’t want to mate with it. But that would write off soy-boys, not normal white men. I think the latter observation has more to do with it – uber virtue signalling, and the natural maternal instinct. In particular for those with no children of their own, these “oppressed” minorities become surrogate children upon whom they may lavish their unrealized maternal instincts while gaining chattering class points.

    • The Swiss didn’t let women vote until the 1970s. Those gun toting, bike riding, cheese eating mountain bankers can be very sensible when they want to be.

      • The Swiss also have had that militia requirement. This gives status to the more masculine men, which may have helped counter the cultural poz.

        • South Korea has mandatory male conscription, but also one of the lowest TFRs, about 1.0 compared to 1.4 in Japan. It appears to be linked to outrageous female demands for lavish weddings and houses. It’s also said that the Korean military is rather brutal and humiliating, and recruits fight over the KATUSA spots in the US army.

          • That’s why I don’t honestly blame people who “dodge the draft” in some countries. Personal thoughts? If you can’t train recruits without routinely beating some to death, you can’t train recruits.

          • ROK is very brutal, very corporal.
            Gang rape is why the Russian military was a hollow shell.

            A redneck Texan had the best idea:
            Mandatory boot camp to initiate the new adults-
            But for militia, not military.

            A 2 month term, paid, that gives them a small nest egg, joint discipline, and a common patriotic bond.

            They would know they are adults now, not lost in continued adolescent punkery, and not dragooned into killing patriots of other nations.

          • I think almost every virtue has it’s overboard vice, and toughness is no exception. The dedovschina system in Russia is absolutely insane. It used to kill, I believe, 1000 recruits a year that we know about, not including other sources of death. Some of the stuff done to recruits was so dumbfoundingly awful it leads a sane man to want to reintroduce public executions for the perpetrators.

            It’s the type of thing that only common sense overcomes, great soldiers have been produced without a psycho level of brutality.

          • Agree. Can’t train.
            Let me walk back the comment on ROK- they are corporal, but not brutal.

            The officers cane and punch the dickens out of the troops, but for disciplinary not sadistic reasons.
            Tough bastids, they are.

          • The draft – equitably implemented – is a powerful vehicle for tribal cohesion, because you get to meet, live with and work with, people from all walks of life, every stratum of society. One of my friends did boot camp with the Danish crown prince.

          • Al, yes indeed. Not only would we get some trained militia, I’m betting the best would come out and join the standing army. Why not? The worse is behind them. Those initially afraid of leaving the “nest” have taken that step (albeit involuntarily) and many will have found it refreshing and lasting (as many did years ago with the draft and service during war time).

          • The South Korean military humiliates its men and subsequently they have fewer children while bowing to female demands.
            The Swiss militia made its men look higher status (I actually am not sure if that’s 100% true) and they were able to resist the poz for longer.
            I’d say that’s something worth looking into.

    • I’m not sure that Switzerland is so great: the percentage figures I’ve seen for foreign-born residents are pretty grim, and they’re not all financiers or millionaires. Some might remember this story from a few years ago about the costs imposed on a small village by just one Eritrean family:

  38. I watched the Super Bowl. The disease of Multiculturalism and its “zombie” victims are real. We are so f’ked.

    • I watched the last few minutes of the Super Bowl. There was no “there” there. The NFL is toast. I’d rather watch roller derby, to be honest.

  39. The best way to quarantine this virus is to abandon (at least for now) the coastal cities. If we can concentrate our power and influence in places we can dominate then maybe we can stave off the spread of this virus.

    Our eventual minority status is a given. If we keep ourselves spread thin we continue to give ground.

    Understanding what’s going on is only step one. If we don’t separate physically from the worst areas, and there are more and more of them, we will wither away into smaller and smaller enclaves. We need our own turf.

    This is going to mean giving up careers, homes and many other comforts. Hell, we move all the time to pursue better jobs, adventure and whatever else. How about moving to survive.

    The demographics are going to continue to decay. White interests can’t even manage to control the so-called HuWhyte Party. How exactly do we move forward without some sort of geographic base?

    At this point, unless Trump can pull a rabbit out of his hat, fence or no fence, we are going to continue to lose ground and become weaker while becoming more woke.

    No turf No future.

    • Sometime soon, your skin will truly become your uniform. In a nation with 500,000,000 guns.
      Over sixty percent of households don’t have $1000 in the bank. We aren’t printing our way out of the current debt trap. It seems to me we have two choices, debt jubilee or economic collapse. Maybe both. Maybe they manage to disarm us before the economic reality tidal wave washes us all away. Perhaps we turn into Brazil. Or we wind up in an all against all fight for survival in a post collapse hellscape.
      I’m just going to start calling Monday “blackpill day.”

      Also: disappointed today’s post wasn’t titled “The New Hotness”

  40. This links with the “cat parasite” that causes some form of mental problems, IIRC. So the “cat lady” phenomenon is self-reinforcing.

    A reasonable idea should be to put a punitive tax on pet ownership by the unmarried. Ideally we’d go after women only, but making it applicable to both genders and possibly even the married could be snuck in through an environmentalist message.

    In LeftySpeak, cats and dogs have white privilege that should be dedicated to feeding starving (err…obese) Central Americans.

    • I have one cat and in the past as many as six at one time (rescues) and I was dissident right before there was a dissident right, largely due to the late, great Sam Francis, Joe Sobran and Chronicles magazine.

    • @DeBeers:
      That sounds like a good idea in theory, but I too am diss ide nt right and a big fan of animals: big dogs that can be trained, like Dobermans. And I happen to be unmarried.
      So it’d be a very unpleasant experience for Ris and me to be taxed because we happen to be animal lovers, and also happen to be female members of the diss ide nt right.

      • It’s an extreme measure, to be sure. It could be targeted at urban areas where our people shouldn’t be living, while exempting rurals.

        A similar effect might be possible if our people were as diligent as the other side in boycotting Starbucks and friends.

      • What’s with the “diss ide nt” thing?

        Once you’re found posting here you don’t get additional social credit points deducted for using the d-word.

    • DeBeers,

      I think the cultural Marxist oppression has driven you a little mad. Fight back through taxing pet ownership by the unmarried? What next, reinstate laws against witchcraft?

  41. Possibly, but we need to look at what else happened ~1950 that could have caused this change in the West. The growth of suburbs and TV were major environmental changes. The middle class was able to separate themselves like never before from a lot of reality that you’d see in a more dense environment. In addition, children (and adults) were hit daily by hours of propaganda that they believed to be reality because their isolation didn’t provide a counter-view.

    That’s a huge change, one that continues to this day.

    That said, I do believe that some people are more susceptible than others to this propaganda.

    • Propaganda as a cause of disease of the mind. That would explain a lot.
      Conversely, I have relatives who believe almost everything they see on the news or any sob story they see on Facebook. They are all prone to mental illness.
      Perhaps our industrial, then digital, society sickens the mind, making it susceptible to propaganda.

    • The middle class was able to separate themselves like never before from a lot of reality that you’d see in a more dense environment.

      For most of history — even a lot of U.S. history, living in dense, urban environments was the exception. Only in the mid19th to early 20th century did mass urbanization become a thing, and only by necessity. Nobody ever really liked it, which is why people with the means escape to less-dense suburbs as quickly as possible.

      A smaller percentage go rural, these days. Most people don’t want to live without the amenities of city and suburban life.

  42. the Finns used to be a very inward looking population group.

    A British hack who had lived for some years in different Scandinavian countries, wrote a book about his experience, containing this anecdote about a Finnish acquaintance: his Finnish friend was showing him around when their car broke down.

    Soon, a car stopped and a man got out: ‘Engine trouble?’ The friend nodded, and for the next forty minutes, not another word was said while they were rummaging in the engine compartment.

    So the two Finns manage to repair the car, exchange a nod, and they continue their journey.

    “I wonder who that was”, the slightly unnerved Brit remarks.

    “That was Miko. We sat next to each other in school.”

    • Great story, but it doesn’t illustrate “shyness” or “inward looking”. It’s the natural intimacy and familiarity of small local populations without any foreign intrusion — a “village culture” like the ones 90 per cent of humans experienced over the last 3,000 years or more. Diversity is the chief culprit in the breakdown of social intimacy and assumed norms and social trust. And this is of course by (((deliberate design))). When people say “Diversity is our strength”, what they really mean is, “Diversity is /our/ strength — in the fight against /you/.”

      My father had five brothers, and they all got along very well, but conversations between them usually consisted of five or six words. That’s probably because they had all grown up in a two-room apartment.

  43. “The rest of us … will have to find our own place to hold up [spelling; should be “hole up”] and rebuild.

    Hiding in a hole isn’t enough,
    you also have to plant seeds,
    i.e. have lots of children.

  44. There was that study where they bombarded conservative voter’s brains with magnets and that made them more open to invasion. We all got a good chuckle about how Liberals are brain damaged.

    It could be cell phones.

  45. The old classic George Romero zombie movies had a different symbolic valence than the ones today b/c they were made in 85 per cent White America — Romero himself thought he was making political satire where the zombies symbolized the middle class. (He wasn’t, but that’s what he thought.)

    But in the latter-day wave of zombie movies, chiefly The Walking Dead and the re-make of Dawn of the Dead and World War Z, the chief symbolic valence is not that the zombies want to kill you, it’s that they want to breach the walls of your stronghold and Get Inside. It’s clearly a manifestation of anxiety over unprecedented and unceasing and unstoppable waves of mass Third World immigration. (I find it hilarious that The Walking Dead is set in Georgia and Virginia, but nearly all the zombies are always White. It’s like the filmmakers have a guilty-conscience urge to suppress what’s really going on.)

    By far the worst of the bunch is World War Z, but it has the best encapsulation of the theme in a single scene: the zombies are held at bay by a giant wall, but they form up into a huge massive heap and just literally swarm over the side of the wall, like a giant tidal wave. And once they’re inside, it’s Game Over. Just like life.

    • World War Z – excellent book, terrible movie that had nothing to do with the book other than the title.

    • Well, TWD also for a long time had a T-dog problem of killing off its black male supporting cast.

      The Romero films were satire about commercialism…the living finding refuge in a shopping mall.

      The problem with the disease cause or the genetic cause is “What’s the solution?” You would see an overnight flip on abortion rights were a gay gene ever found. I would bet a vaccine against gay behaviors would likely be banned in some way.

      Most modern horror reflects our collective fear that everything is spinning off the rails. The old 70’s horror films were about malevolence, like Satan. Today they’re about almost impenetrably confusing contradictions, chaos, societal breakdown, etc.

      Our societies are being broken down, and so our entertainment reflects this.

      Our best hope is that the people engaged in cultural suicide decide things aren’t progressing fast enough, so they start choosing actual suicide. I think convincing a lot of people that their highest duty to “the planet” to fight “climate change” and “white privilege” is their own self-inflicted death.

      I bet you could cull 5-10% of their true believers before they caught on, lol. Higher, if they can be convinced to compost instead of traditional burial.

  46. Have you ever thought that people are not scared little pansies (like the right wing white “men”) and are motivated by love and the need for justice.

    One other thing: white “men” are not very attractive. We are clumsy, weak, and play video games.

    Men of Colour are handsome, muscular, strong, creative, and are committed to their children.

    Is it any wonder white girls increasingly PREFER Men of Colour? It is their only shot at having strong offspring.

      • How’s that?

        Black Men dominate sports, are muscular, are romantically successful, father many children, and are on the ascendency.

        • And a huge percentage of them can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag. Regardless, I give this troll a solid 8 out of 10.

        • How many of their “many children” are on welfare or international food aid?

          A 35-year-old co-worker had five kids by three different women. Take away the welfare and their womenfolk would discover the virtues of being prepared. Otherwise, they would struggle and their children might die.

          I don’t expect the even greater virtue of self-control from the majority of blacks.

          • How many kids do you have?

            Have you ever touched a woman before?

            Your coworker is more successful than you by definition of biology.

          • Yuck, I am a woman.

            My former co-worker is biologically “successful” because he is a parasite on the productive like a cancer. What happens when the host dies?

          • Well I have 8 white children, all from the same mother who conveniently is also my wife that I married before we started having kids. So I guess that makes me “more successful” than his co-worker. When you add in the fact that I am a useful member of society and am able to read and write, I think I win that comparison.

          • Even George Will said if a woman had the same choices she had in 1960- no abortion, no Pill, miniscule no-fault divorce, beans and milk powder for welfare- we would still have intact families.

        • Black birth rates are below replacement, so they’re not having kids either.
          Also, every ethnicity is good at sports.
          Whites dominate strength, general fitness (Crossfit, ick), middle distance running, skiing, snowboarding, etc. Blacks dominate basketball and football. Asians dominate ping pong and other things, but I don’t care enough to look.
          Black men are creative? That’s a new one.

        • Black men dominate sports because they can’t dominate anything that actually requires brain power. The amount of muscles a man has are usually (but not always – Dolph Lundgren) inversely proportional to their mental abilities.

          Fathering many children is not exactly something that makes for a long lasting civilization. IF (and that’s a big if) black men are “fathering many chillens” – it’s only because they don’t have to support them. In the US all those dindu chillens are supported by a hodge podge of welfare agencies sending all the baby mamas support checks so then can feed the future residents of the penal industrial complex. That means all those black men and their chillens exist at the whim of the white man.

          If the black men in Africa are fathering many chillens, it’s because Western countries are stupid enough to keep sending them food aid and medicines to take care of the illnesses that would normally keep the population down. So once again – we’ve got an entire continent that only ascended because the white man fed them.

          Black “ascendancy” is an abject lie. Left to their own devices black men make ascendent Detroit of the 50’s into destroyed Detroit of the current day. Without affirmative action (a hand out by the whites) – black men wouldn’t be ascending shit.

          Like the guy on Youtube said: “when the white man says load up in the truck – you’re gonna load up in the truck”.

          That’s how that is.

    • Jerry Corn, your word choice blows your cover. You are a wanton white woman who loves the black man. Have at it, sister.

      • Giving waaaaay too much credit. He is a leftist male poofter who loves BBC in the back door which should be ‘exit only’. The writing style is typical of the emasculated lefty white male. Notice this inclusive ‘we’ in describing limp wristed soy manlet ‘white’ traits. Speak for yourself pansy…

    • “Men of color are handsome, muscular strong, creative and committed to their children”.
      What plane of existence is that individual from?
      Here’s a hint , Joe. If you want to be taken seriously , you have to have some semblance of truth in your comment.
      I can’t even give it a “nice try”.

      • …although Jerry DID use an Oxford comma in his original comment about muscular, strong, creative, and committed…”
        So there’s that…

        • Haha, I LOL’d I would also posit this is more proof he is a soy infused hipster. They REALLY love the Oxford comma for some reason, and punctuation is likely not terribly high on the list for our melanin enhanced folks, generally speaking. 😉

    • committed to making MORE children, not committed TO their children. Other than that- pretty accurate.

    • “Men of Colour are handsome, muscular, strong, creative, and are committed to their children.”

      Lol. But they are IViggers

  47. Overreaching government along with the Marxists cultural or otherwise seem to be the Lyme disease of modern times. A pox on them.

  48. Douglas Murray’s ‘The Strange Death of Europe” is an excellent intro to the weird phenomena of Western Europeans seeming to decide to destroy themselves and committing culture wide suicide but like most books of that type he doesn’t really have a solution, probably because there isn’t one. I have come to the place you describe as holding up and rebuilding. We are past the tipping point and at this point nothing is going to turn things around without some major calamity.

    • Dutton has a fine book titled, The Genius Famine. It’s how the West has been particularly good (in the past) at creating and mostly nurturing genius in the past, but is doing everything to kill the genius type of person today. The story the young geneticist who killed himself after getting media mobbed for the crime of misspeak is a good example of Dutton’s “endogenous” personality: a person with innate talent, immense inner drive for knowledge and truth, and high intelligence. We see this with the watsoning of people.

  49. I couldn’t watch it past a half hour due to the poz, but Bird Box on Netflix has a different take. People inexplicably start killing themselves after seeing some entity. Suicide of the West with a different take on it.

    Yes, your take on the virus part of it is intriguing. Good as an explanation as any.
    Just remember people, shots to the head ends it for those infected. Ammo up!

    • Gosh no. Two bumper stickers on the same car revealed the truth:

      “Mean People Suck”
      and underneath,
      “Mean People Rule”

      We’re in Ghetto Queen World.

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