Hanging Alone

The great social blogger Heartiste did a post a week or so ago on the four types of loneliness. It was a take-off on a Twitter exchange on the subject. The original Twitter exchange listed loneliness for a woman, loneliness for brotherhood and loneliness for a lord, as in God, as the three forms of male loneliness. Heartiste adds a fourth, which he calls the loneliness a man feels for the man he has yet to become. This form of loneliness seems to be correlated to the distance one is from their true self.

One interesting thing about this list is it tracks closely with John Derbyshire’s description of the normal modes of thought. There’s no form of loneliness that corresponds with the desire for revenge, but perhaps personal thought could be broadened to include more than revenge fantasies. If so, then it works out well. The list from the Heartiste post then corresponds to personal, social, religious and magical thinking. The implication of that correspondence is that loneliness, or fear of it, is an integral part of man.

Some would argue that the keystone to male loneliness is the personal. A man who gets married and has a family, will never be alone. He will never be forgotten, because some of him will carry on in his children. This raises his social standing and makes for more meaningful relationships with his fellow men. The miracle of family life inevitably leads to a fuller, richer spiritual life. That seems plausible, except that divorces rates and the number of unmarried males suggests a different causal relationship.

Of course, the more spiritually minded would start with the need to have a relationship with the universe. Maybe this is in the form of some esoteric spirituality or the more concrete relationship man finds in Christianity. This connection to the universe, the relationship to God, provides the foundation for personal relationships, brotherhood and fulfillment of potential. As with personal loneliness, the facts on the ground suggest this is not the correct causal relationship. The pews are empty for a reason.

Heartiste, it appears, makes his first mover the loneliness a man feels for the man he has yet to become. He describes this as “Thwarted passion, a decision to avoid a risky venture, procrastination…these things will deprive a man of the ideal he always strives toward, and in the depths of that deprivation he will feel lonely for the company, and the mentorship, of his idealized self.” If you are all the man you imagine yourself to be, you will have all the women you want, all the brotherhood you want and the love of the universe.

The benefit of thinking of it this way is that it makes the fulfillment of your true self as the glue that binds the other forms of thought to one another as co-equals. There is a romantic quality, where this fulfillment of the true self completes a man in a perfection of the personal, spiritual and social. The flaw though, is that a homicidal sociopath reaching his full potential is a very different thing than what Heartiste has in mind. The ring cycle can just as easily end in horror as a romantic sense of fulfillment.

The final combination starts with brotherhood. The man who has established fulfilling relationships with other men, will inevitably share the spiritual life of his peers. He will believe what they believe and feel that the universe cares for him, as it cares for his brothers. An assumption here is that the only way for a man to find brotherhood is if he has completed himself in the personal domain by finding a woman. This golden triangle, so to speak, is what unchains a man to reach his full potential as a man.

Up until recent, western society was held together, to a great degree, by the voluntary associations we call brotherhood. It may have been organizations for former soldiers, fraternal organization or social clubs organized around a particularly male activity, like hunting or sporting. What we now think of as male loneliness and the degradation of male roles, corresponds with the collapse of brotherhood. The war on sexism was always a war on brotherhood, which in turn was a war on the bones of society.

The argument against this is that brotherhood does not necessary free a man to reach his potential as a man. Anyone who has been in the service or played team sports knows that talent is often sacrificed for the goals of the group. Organizations always take on a life of their own, putting the group ahead of its constituents. At the same time, organizations tend to devolve into politics, resulting in factionalism, which inevitably reduces the effectiveness of the group and the individuals within the group.

That’s not brotherhood though. That’s simply organization, which is different from brotherhood. In fact, in order to forge the bonds of brotherhood a man has to voluntarily sacrifice something of his self. It is this sacrifice, often a sacrifice of blood and sweat, life and labor, that makes brotherhood possible. The man who willingly gives his life for his brothers, so his brothers may live, is a man making the ultimate sacrifice. There is a reason such men are held in the highest honor by his brothers.

Of course, this assertion suggests a universal. In order to have personal, spiritual and social fulfillment, man must first find brotherhood. It is the pivot point upon which the balance of a man’s life rests. The collapse of the male domain in western societies, has then brought down with it the personal, the spiritual and the social. In order to avoid hanging alone, in the loneliness of modern despair, men will need to rebuild the structures that allow for brotherhood and most important, make the sacrifice it demands.

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  1. I’ve been following Fagtiste for longer than any of you, and I stopped believing for the same reason.

    Did you ever notice how he and his followers always rely on some demonic sort of “you are jealous XYZ” shaming/scare tactic to not immediately accede to everything he says? I could print it up better if i even gave a crap. But therein lies the rub. Conservatives don’t usually complain because they’re usually kinda go with the flow, f*** their fat wives, and go to sleep types. And in the eyes of God Fartiste is better than them HOW??!!

  2. The problem with brotherhood is that it means different things to different men. Sadly, in many situations, brotherhood becomes a pecking order. Street gangs are the pure distillation of this problem, but it exists everywhere. If you add up all the men in this country who had either weak fathers, or no father at all, they would be in the majority. These men can’t identify what brotherhood really is, because their males role models didn’t encode it for them.

    Real brotherhood involves wanting independence for your brother, so that he’s not preyed upon by others. It’s not giving up part of yourself, just your time and effort. It’s not in wanting to dominate others’s lives but a hope that they will dominate over life’s problems. It’s in taking counsel from people who want what’s best for you, and realizing months and years later that you lived badly before taking their good advice.

  3. Heartiste – the guy who prides himself on teaching men how to bang as many young women as possible, and then criticizes women who get banged by men who are trying to bang as many women as possible.

    He’s an ally on the political front, but he’s no better than Roosh when it comes to society building.

    “men will need to rebuild the structures that allow for brotherhood and most important, make the sacrifice it demands.”

    This requires investing in the future of society. That requires having children and teaching them how to be productive, contributing adults, and not degenerate, manipulative fuck bots. Is CH married and raising children? If so is he teaching his sons the essential game so they can be CHADS and bang THOTS? Are his daughters not going to be THOTS? If not, how are they going to land a CHAD (the only useful males in CH’s world, apparently) if they aren’t willing to have copious amounts of meaningless sex? If so, aren’t THOTS not worthy of being married in the first place?

    Am I the only one who thinks this is an absurd and immature feedback loop?

    • Just learn to accept as many capable thought leaders on our side that your bitchy narrow-minded self can handle. We’re against the wall. We need all the leaders we can get right now. If some of them like to fuck a lot, I don’t care. Are they smart, manly, and race aware? Those are the criteria.

      • “…your bitchy narrow-minded self can handle.”

        LOL yeah, uh-huh, sure! And you’re equally bitchy and narrow minded if you don’t celebrate the continued arrival of 3rd world degenerates to your neighborhood!

        If you’re going to employ lazy leftist framing, at least bit a little more creative about it.

        • I mean that our backs are against the wall. I didn’t mean Mexican boarder wall. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

  4. One’s life begins when one realizes what one’s mission is. Your mission is sacrosanct. If you fall valiantly, while the Valkyries bear you to Valhalla you can reflect that you’ve done the highest and best thing you ever could have. Whether or not the bards sing your praises a thousand years from now, you gave everything you had; you died with your honor clean. Do this and the woman who’s meant to be yours will find you.

  5. Agree with this post. Family isn’t enough. A self-fulfilled asshole is still an asshole. God helps, but half of us can’t buy into it, so it’s not universal. There’s nothing like hanging with the bros. Totally agree.

  6. What’s causing so many problems is less lack of purpose but lack of roots. A medieval peasant or a freeman wasn’t all that worried about the big question or even in decent times the basics

    Life was hard but it often had a surety we can’t touch.

    The reason was simple he was a man of his people, his village, his culture and his faith and that wasn’t going to change. Born an Ulster Man, married an Ulster women raised Ulster Children to Ulster Ways , Died Ulster Man

    This is why the Amish maybe more important than high fertility have high retention even though people are encouraged to check out the alternatives

    Born Amish, marry Amish, raise Amish kids to Amish ways and die Amish

    These days even Heritage Americans are often transplants to one place or another and one can easily live in a place, be a good citizen and respectful of you locale and not be home or even close. I have a Mexican neighbor from Arizona who was sharing how I’ll at home he feels, how much he feels like a foreigner even though this is a heavily Mexican area, a smaller town and people don’t pay attention to anything much outside their six

    Moving around chasing the all mighty dollar, made worse but it being urban is civic and cultural suicide

    In some respect cultural choice is just as bad. In a free society there is some allowance for outsiders and rebels but everyone needs to be on a common page

    This suggests to me that even with repatriation the US as concept won’t work, modern society make its uncertain

    If we can’t find a way to allow people to become rooted than until the population self reduces than the best we can do is deal with immigration and make it more ethnically homogeneous to reduce strife and maybe get rid of the overtly destructive Reds.

  7. The chief purpose of all men is to glorify God. God is the only thing/person in this universe that can give real meaning to anything because He is omnipotent and eternal. All other pursuits are relative and thus have no intrinsic meaning.

    Will it matter 500 years from now if I sacrificed my life valiantly for my country if the U.S doesn’t even exist anymore? Does my name in a history book give me purpose? I won’t be around to recognize the credit given to me.

    • God has a need to be glorified by us? He must be extremely egotistical. You would think that 50,000 years of this would have satisfied Him by now.

      • If you see a masterpiece painting do you not give praise/glory/honor to the one who made the painting?

        How much more is God deserving of praise/glory/honor for having made the entire universe?

      • God does not “need” to be glorified by us. A lot of Christians misread Isaiah 43 (and there’s a lot of verse-slingers out there). The translation says “whom I created for my glory”.

        God is simply *due* reverence because of His Nature. He’s not a pagan god who is ‘powered by worshipppers’, or some nebulous ‘universal force’. The term ‘glory’ is difficult for us to understand as well. What does it mean to ‘glorify’ God?

        So translating ‘doing something for the glory of God’ into real action is daunting. A lot of Christians jump straight to into Pharisaical deeds – “mission trips”, “sponsoring a Kenyan child”, etc. But if you have to say to people “I’m doing this for the glory of God” you’re really just glorifying yourself and how “good” you are. There are a lot of things like this in Christian subcultures – “You’re a Daughter of the King, honey” or “Be a Promise Keeper Man”.

        I like the wisdom of solomon:

        “Go, eat your bread with enjoyment, and drink your wine with a merry heart; for God has long ago approved what you do. Let your garments always be white; do not let oil be lacking on your head. Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life that are given you under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun. Whatever your hand finds to do, do with your might; for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going.”

  8. “That seems plausible, except that divorces rates and the number of unmarried males suggests a different causal relationship.”

    Maybe that doesn’t change the causal relationship but rather reflects societal emphasis on selfishness and short term gain. Men and women still want to marry but aren’t willing to work through the struggles that a long term relationship involves.

  9. To your last point, Z, a week ago I attended an event at an old, all-male social club. Didn’t even think that such a thing was possible anymore. Maybe its very survival in this day and age means that men can figure out a way to create more associations like it in the future.

  10. I agree with a lot of this post. One of the things that has happened where I live (the frozen socialist canada) is that they have gone after male only sports leagues. Most of the leagues around me are co-ed now, which is terrible. Even in hockey, the rec leagues have started to just put girls on teams. It’s…I don’t know, an invasion. The destruction of male space.

    • What we did down here in the 48 Below (at least in my part of town) to get around that stuff was, we formed loosely structured, ad-hoc, informal pickup ice hockey leagues among friends and friends-of-friends. A bunch of guys who already knew how to play would get together and set up a financial kitty for the “league”, everyone would kick in some “dues”, and then they’d use the money to bribe the owner of a local ice-skating rink to open it up after-hours for us, and we’d have two or three games in the middle of the night. The “league” had no forward drive (viz. there were no ladder matches, no championships, just playin’ some good hockey), in fact nobody generally even cared who won. I wasn’t even very good, but my brother was a hot-shot and he invited me to play just cuz ” we need another stick on the ice”. Nobody cared that I sucked, they all just wanted to play. It was great.

      I think something similar can be pretty easily done wrt forming men’s groups and male space. Do it underground — besides, underground is always cooler. If the campus won’t let you set up a White Christian men’s study group, pool your money and rent out a cheap storefront, and tell everyone it’s an “art gallery” with hours “by appointment only.” Or tell a church you want to use their basement for an AA meeting: it’s a men’s meeting, and a closed meeting ( they exist).

      Don’t sit around moaning — get creative. And be sneaky about it.

      Sneaky is fun.

      • The other benefit to doing things the way you are proposing – is that you avoid all the bureaucratic overhead – which in and of itself invites in bad elements.

        Sooner or later the bureaucracy takes over and the entire edifice crumbles.

    • Well eventually it’s just going to be guys and trannys and the women aren’t going to be able to compete anymore. I guess we’ll just be making sandwiches

  11. I had the honor to know many of my GI Generation relatives, they were not wise men espousing some primitive esoteric lost knowledge. They were true men, they had seen a lot but never felt sorry for themselves. They would never stoop to cashing in their pain and scars for someone’s pity.
    They were true Lions, sitting amongst themselves talking about how farming was easier with tractors than horses, or how the Government was screwing them ,never lowering themselves or looking for a hand out.
    Those were different times, that culture almost gone now.

    • I have a lot of respect for the GI generation (I presume you mean ‘the greatest generation’). But I read something about them recently, forget where, that I found very hard to refute; they were the parents of the baby boomers who were the ones where everything started to come apart. I dont know exactly what but something evidently went terribly wrong in how the greatest brought up the boomers.

      • The Republic lasted from 1789 to 1861, 72 years. It was another 72 years to Roosevelt. Tom Brokaw’s alleged greatest generation bought into Roosevelt and the New Deal; everything flows downhill from that. Now it’s a flood.

      • I agree. My husband and I were both born in 1945 — War Babies, and had younger bros and sisters who were the Boomers. The parents who produced us had seen the Depression and parents losing their businesses, friends’ fathers jumping out of buildings after learning of their stock market losses (in large Midwestern cities). Everyone, rich or poor, served during WWII, in the Army or in the Red Cross as a nurse’s aide, while the RNs were overseas. What happened in the 60s with Vietnam was that these “grown-ups” strongly disliked their offspring being drafted in a war (Vietnam) that did not have the urgency of our country’s being threatened the way that both the First WW and the 2nd WW did. Don’t forget Korea, either. The “Greatest Generation” parents did not approve of this one. Hate to say it, but we sort of slid into it bass-ackwards.

        So, many of the prominent/upper class WWII generation parents of my age group kids just said “no mas” and allowed their kids to snub their noses at serving in what was considered a grubby lower class affair, with draftees, not the elite kids at the Ivy League schools who were marching against the draft in Washington. I’m sure there were plenty of fathers who disagreed with encouraging this practice, but I think the mothers had turned feminist by then and didn’t want their boys participating, leading to the start of today’s masculine/feminine identity problem.

        However, the joke’s on them. Fifty years later I wouldn’t trade my experience of being a “Navy wife” for 3 yrs with anything. I watched my husband’s ship sail down the loch at Pearl Harbor and head to WESTPAC for 6 mos. We had a great R & R in Hong Kong. Lots of other weirdly wonderful times. I kind of feel sorry for my classmates who ended up in “grad school” in Massachusetts while I was accompanying my husband doing his 3 yr service in various southern rathole Navy bases. Some of my friends’ husbands were in the National Guard to avoid the draft and I used to get a chuckle out of their bitching about the guy’s having to spend one weekend a month in some army camp! Most of them are divorced, have been for years, the guys have finished their careers as lawyers, drs. and so on, but had no purpose other than to become rich enough to afford a condo in Naples FL so they can be with all the other losers just like themselves and a bunch of whiny women, either re-decorating or spending big bucks at the local plastic surgeon..

        Is this a great country or what?

  12. You are describing yet another essential behavioral trait of our species, and it is akin to the traditional conception of tribalism. It is the reality that we are evolved from small bands of hunter-gatherers that learned to bond together in shared loyalty that facilitated common effort and defense. Clearly, this was an effective strategy for continued survival. Alliance is a force multiplier, especially when grounded in the emotional center of the brain.

    • You could rewrite this section about the USA and the Confederacy:

      For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the commemorative events taking place at Sinimäe, saying they are an open attempt to glorify the Nazis and their accomplices, and voicing its regret that such events can continue to take place in state which is part of the European Union.

      Speaking to Delfi, Vayvaraskaya township representative Veikko Luhalayd explained that authorities are “trying to be tolerant, from the historical viewpoint, toward all the memorials” in the area, which include everything from SS memorials to those to Soviet soldiers and concentration camp victims. “Everything that happened in our history happened, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We live in a long-troubled land where we suffered and they suffered…Every time I speak on this issue I note that a war on memorials makes no sense, but there is a need to respect human feelings.

      There, as here, the people closer to the conflict are better at forgiving and understanding than the carpetbaggers and rabblerousers who stir things up later.

    • Many years ago I worked with a man that fled Latvia (I know, not Estonia) with his mother in the closing days of World War II. He was about 12 at the time, and was actually involved in some of the fighting as a courier. His father fought with the Germans against the Russians, and died somewhere on the Eastern Front. In hindsight, I wished I had asked more about the escape from the advancing Soviets, but topics like that are always delicate.

      One comment that always stuck with me was (and I’m paraphrasing over the distance of time), “[s]ay what you will about the Germans, they were brutal at times, but they were far, far better than the Russians. The Russians raped, pillaged, murdered, and destroyed on an unimaginable scale.”

      The Russians had a better PR team than the Germans. However, it is kind of strange in our current environment that the Russians are now the stand-in bad guy for all that is wrong with the world.

      • Especially strange that Germans were called the Huns when it’s the Russians with Steppe/Mongol DNA. Shows you how powerful the propaganda was and how susceptible to it otherwise intelligent people are.

      • Conservative Feed: The Latvians had their own bone to pick with Russia, as did Estonia and Lithuania. There’s no scale of moral equivalence between Nazis and Commies. Both were bad.

          • The ideas of Communism predate Marx by centuries with the Diggers for example coming from the mid 17th century

            Since settled human societies are somewhat static and highly communitarian when social disruption comes people look for some kind of justice and often because those disruptions benefit an elite only, redistribution looks mighty good.

            We’ve had a lot of disruption for the last 50 years mostly benefiting the elite and with automation more on the way , its a logical outcome

            The alternative to Communism is of course either Distributism (tweaking the incentives) or Social Democracy and wealth redistribution

            Given neither of these will work for the US for cultural reasons, we will implode and just go 3rd world.

            This sucks, but what can you do?

        • With our help. That said future historians if there are any may well see WW2 as the war of the socialist powers.

          There weren’t any capitalist ones there, the allies all being Social Democratic or Communist , the Axis National Socialist variations

          The outlier was Japan being Imperial at least officially

          This was a Grey Hat (Europe/US) teemed up with one Black Hat (USSR) against another (Axis)

  13. “That’s not brotherhood though. That’s simply organization”

    Yep – They have been determined to destroy all types of men’s organizations, including the military. That’s why there’s the big push to put women in combat units despite the mountain of evidence that it’s a terrible idea.

    Women in a combat unit instantly transforms it from a brotherhood into an organization with strict rules (many of which run counter to human nature). It humiliates and humbles the men while destroying their combat effectiveness.

    • First female Viper demo team pilot relieved of command after two weeks

      This nice-looking woman is young and has some capability. Instead of taking care of a husband and raising fine children, she is mucking about in the military. Don’t know who the genius was who appointed her to head up the precision movement F-16 demo pilots, but this chick lasted only two weeks before the sh*t hit the fan and she was immediately demoted to non-supervisory role. I wonder what her “mistakes” were. The biggest mistake is men allowing women in the military, police and fire department. The best thing we could do for our country right now is to strongly encourage white women to marry, take care of their white husband, have children if they’re young enough and leave the professional work world to our men, who need the purpose and do a much better job.

  14. Creative approach by heartiste. Basically, he’s taking the four Aristotelian loves, agape, Eros, and all that (cf. CS lewis’s Four Loves)and wrenching agape, the love of god in everything, into love of one’s idealized self, a platonic conception. It’s a good advancement because most people are atheistic at heart in this modern world. Love of self is narcissistic, but I suppose one must love(respect) himself before others will.

    • Loneliness is painful, not simply for the objective benefits of companionship, but because humans are social animals. There is a biological need for companionship. Certain birds, such as some varieties of parrot, also social organisms, will pull all their feathers out if they are caged alone. The quakers believed in long periods of solitary confinement for criminals, and some would commit suicide by slamming their heads against the stone walls after periods of years.

        • Solitary is perhaps torture, certainly it is used as punishment. But from what I’ve seen, for some prisoners of a mentally unstable and violent proclivity, it’s all that can be done.

      • Something I notice in that heartiste thread; they’re very chary of likes and upvotes over there! Only a few commenters get likes. I guess that’s part of “game.”

  15. I’ve been coming to the realization that in a different time I would have been eliminated as cannon fodder by now or I’d be a monk. In modern Murika I’m just another surplus male. My brother already took the lead pill, so I stick around for the sake of family, not because I want to. I have a low opinion of wamen, so pursuing them lost its luster about ten years ago (wish the manosphere was around twenty years ago). There are no new frontiers to conquer, no invading armies (well, there are, sort of) to fight off. We slide into a matriarchal dystopia and the resistance so far is minimal. We saw Trump as our avatar, but he’s as consumed by the system as anyone (most wamen ever!). He may even be worse than having a Democrat in office.

    The caved-in head MAGA masses don’t even get what’s at the root of our malaise. Only the alt/dissident right has any answers but the distance between us and them is only growing. The lost men of our generation(s) are satisfied chanting “Finish the Wall” while they’re more disfranchised by “new Americans” every day.

    • Spengler wrote about the necessity of both the warrior and the priest. The former lives on in his children and the memory of deeds. The latter lives on through his ideas. A society composed of just one or the other is unsustainable.

      The movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is probably the last time American culture grasped this concept.

      • The husband sat me down to watch Liberty Valance very recently as he’s watched it 15+ times. Thanks, Z…will share this with him.
        He also sat me down to watch the 1962 movie Ride The High Country with an old Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea and a young Sam Peckinpah directing. Thought-full movie on purpose and friendship, and gorgeous backdrop filmed in Mammoth Lakes (lived there) and the Alabama Hills-Mt. Whitney country. Husband’s favorite: 1970 The Ballad of Cable Hogue again directed by Sam Peckinpah. My husband is a mining engineer with a geology minor and continues to prospect all over Nevada and the Mojave Desert often with his geologist friends. Ha! If he has Stella Stevens stashed away somewhere in the high desert…too old for catfight…age and treachery over youth. My husband has 2 close friendships forged in the mining industry. My husband designed and supervised construction of both gold pit and underground mines, half his life along the Carlin trend, and his two friends were geologists on the projects. As one or the other would be hired around the world on projects, that person would hire the other two. They still head for the hills together.

      • My philosophy professor used to say, “the world need three kinds of men: the warrior, the priest and the poet. The warrior for fighting, the poet to inspire, and the priest to forgive.” I always found that apt.

  16. https://www.firstthings.com/article/2019/03/a-new-conservative-agenda

    First Things has become one of the better legacy conservative publications, though it was and remains a close-run thing. In any case, it’s remarkable to see this sort of thing being published in a journal whose editor joined NR’s Never Trump issue – though sotto voce.

    For example, who does this sound like:

    “But the America of the twentieth century was a country in several ways profoundly different from the one we inhabit today. It had strong community ties supplied by religious and ethnic groups. It had a powerful private-sector labor movement. Its economy was localized, not globalized; where an industry was located mattered.”

    And then this:

    “The welfare state of the twentieth century was, at least in America, meant to be only an adjunct to a productive private economy in which almost all could participate. Palliative liberalism, on the other hand, aims not to repair labor-capital relations but to euthanize, as humanely as possible, millions of economically unneeded and politically retrograde Americans.”

    Holy shit.

    “The welfare state of the twentieth century was, at least in America, meant to be only an adjunct to a productive private economy in which almost all could participate. Palliative liberalism, on the other hand, aims not to repair labor-capital relations but to euthanize, as humanely as possible, millions of economically unneeded and politically retrograde Americans.”

    Maybe there is some hope.

  17. We all die alone, don’t we? Existential loneliness is nothing new. Sometimes we may be too busy surviving to notice it, but it’s always somewhere lurking in the background. We can ditch it for a while, sometimes, but it comes back around like a bad penny. Man has a hole in his heart that even the best interpersonal relationships and self-actualization can’t fill. God can fill it, but it’s easy to lose faith in times when God seems far away. It’s just the human condition. We have to learn to deal. Purpose, to be effective in banishing the dread, has to be transcendent and based on what we perceive to be the meaning of first and ultimate things. Yeah, my answer is always it’s the godhead, stupid. To everything! Because simple. No doubt family, brotherhood, etc. are helpful up to a point.

  18. Loneliness is a chemical imbalance in the brain that directs the individual to action. I’m not buying the depression is an illness bullshite that goes along with the idea of loneliness. Men like the company of men for a reason. When I retire to my fortress of solitude I do that for a reason. It all links up with the meditative tasks. Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd. Smiling. There is something to be said for anxiety. I suffer a from separation anxiety when I am away from my cat for too long. Same goes for my wife and my dogs. I was not lucky enough to have children. The normal modes of thought will manifest themselves into many abnormal modes of thinking if we let them. There is nothing like a manly pursuit to put things in the proper order. The most important action item is not dying. Everything after that is easy.

  19. This is totally off subject but the house cast 424 votes against anti-semitism and 424 votes against white nationalism and Steve King.
    Thanks for the clarity

    • What is surprising is that one man from Iowa said no. This sordid display tells me little that I didn’t know about 424 politicians in unanimity and a lot about the democratic system that ensured it. The democratic train only steers left and when it grows long enough it will derail on it’s own caboose.

    • And then they all got together and concocted a “border security” bill that is a complete Trojan horse for open borders. Let the Republican gaslighting of its voters begin. We can all scream about socialism while the demographic rug is pulled from underneath our feet. Our esteemed host is right…we ain’t voting our way out of this. I’m calling country voter reg tomorrow and having my gop registration nixed. I’m tired of being lied to, and it appears the only solution is to start defeating establishment gop types. Let willie browns squeeze take it all down.

  20. Our current collapse, at least a good chunk of it, probably has more than a little to do with a loss of close genetic distance even within our tribe.

    In our present state a community of brothers willing to sacrifice for one another seems unlikely. Things will need to get a lot worse.

    Civilizational racial solidarity is an unusual situation to find ourselves in. Most if our past conflicts revolved around much smaller in-group disagreements. A sense of brotherhood, loyalty and duty were much easier to come by.

    Civilizational solidarity even in our current fragmented and degenerate state will happen, but getting there means our march into an abyss will continue for awhile.

    If our enemies were smart, and luckily they aren’t, they’d hold back and push things just enough.

    At this point, our fate is more in the hands of our enemies than in our own. As long as they keep jumping the shark our solidarity will continue to accelerate. Until the balloon goes up…

  21. I am just lost. Used to be my priorities were my family, my job, and myself in that order. I was just another tax and wage slave, dreaming of paying off the debts, retiring for a couple years of camping, harassing the kids and doting on grand children.

    Somewhere along the line, I got old. I found that the bills were paid, I have a small savings, a few toys, and I work now as a servant to kids half my age. I am not rich, but I’m free. How I got here, I will never know. But My family disintegrated somewhere along the line. I was banished and unpersoned when my dissident defects became known to the hive.

    One of the boys said the key to successful manhood was purpose. I agree with that, but would add another: meaning. What does it mean to be a man?

    Years of letting hairy chested feminists and butt blasting homosexuals answer that question has done some serious damage. The blow back on that are guys like Heartiste; he seems to think being a man means screwing anything that isn’t nailed down without some shrieking hag getting the better of him. Women are fascists and socialists by nature and in this day and age Heartiste has validity. But – acting like a cagey three balled tomcat is not what being a man is about. If we can re-establish what it means to be a man – all the rest will fall into place. The bible and a good church are an excellent place to start.

    • I would recommend you actually READ that site more than once every few years. The vast majority of content there has shifted gears from early PUA stuff and is now a survival guide for our ‘woke’ clown world.

      The topics are about the four horsemen: Feminism, Multiculturalism, (((Special People))), and the globo-homo mafia. These are the apocalyptic vectors tearing the society to ribbons and they are the primary talking points there.

      Is there some stuff about how to get laid? Yup! And in a minefield full of hostile battle shrikes, HRCunts, #metooers, and aggrieved college girls who believe in ‘rape culture’ he is doing a service to young men about not only how to navigate this minefield, but how to potentially avoid going to jail for it.

      You are disconnected from this entirely because by your own admission and as I’ve stated before, the majority of readers here are Boomer age. These new challenges are alien concepts to you, but it doesn’t mean they do not exist. Further, it requires someone to help lost young men. CHeartiste has done more net good than harm by an order of magnitude compared to a simple PUA site like Roosh (old days).

      Even Roosh has finally realized chasing skirts is a soul crushing dead end. Be happy about these things, it shows growth and progress among young men who realize the game is entirely rigged against them.

      • I agree, the Chateau Heartiste site has changed quite a bit for the better the last couple of years. One of the best voices for our side. I’ve seen Roosh a few times lately on youtube appearances, and have been impressed with his views. He’s very open on the emptiness of his previous lifestyle and is now driven to a higher purpose.

      • I am smack dab between the boomers and Gen X. I didn’t catch the free ride you think the boomers generation got, but I will admit I didn’t fall for the defeatism and self absorption that has consumed yours. I read Heartiste every day and he is right about the fall of our women – but he seems to think that entitles men to act like pigs.
        Heartiste and Roosh are dangerously out to lunch. When women tore up the sexual contract it made them worthless. That is why you are seeing all this fake rape and PoundMeToo – women are trying to regain the net positives of womanhood without the losses. The sexual landscape has changed but the end game is still the same: if you f—- it, you own it. And if you go round pumping and dumping anything that moves, eventually you will jump something you shouldn’t. Good men have been destroyed by low women all through history – deal with it and take precautions and get over it.
        Heartiste does do good work outside the PUA rubbish though.

    • John Smith a lot of guys like you are just dead to rights jealous of other guys getting so much tail while you fall asleep in church.

      • I have fallen asleep in church, but I feel no jealousy for young men today, Fap – just pity and sometimes contempt. A lot of us have been hurt badly by feral women and you see a lot of them over at CH’s. They’ve gone through the wringer in divorce court, their futures are bleak… they’re shattered and broken and it shows. and far too often their kids end up like you: raised by women with sharp tongues and dull minds. Often the kids emulate the promiscuity of their mothers as well, and set up for another generation of the same.

        I have not escaped myself; coming from a family of progs, I am all to familiar with The Powerful And Independent Liberal Woman. I was also too smart to be victimized by them, ironically largely because of the work of men like CH. He understands the modern femcnut, and he does have a place in the dissident thought process.

        As for me, my Maker took care of me. My wife and I are old world people, we celebrate our 34th anniversary in March. When I am in church I thank my Maker for my good fortune, I pray for the kids, and ask God to guide men like CH and Z that reach so many people and influence them. I am part of a real community of good men and women – and it’s a great place to be.

  22. A military brotherhood, or post-service bonding, was no doubt easier when the burden of war was spread a little wider. I don’t know the exact % of American males who were in Iraq or Afghanistan, but as a fellow vet said somewhere, it’s like you’re part of this very weird little group that went off to a very fucked up summer camp in the desert. I can usually spot other guys who’ve been in the sandbox (more in the eyes than the haircut), especially when I was on campus (they were usually about a decade older and took classes more seriously, since they had to work like dogs to get the GI Bill), but there’s no doubt that, as per Paul Fussell, making some classes go to war and letting others slide, has poisoned the hell out of relations between men. Yes, it’s a brain drain for Oxford dons to die in trenches, but something worse happens when these people are exempt. Imagine how much smaller neo-conservatism would be as a movement if there’d been no deferments in Vietnam. Bill Kristol would have either died in a rice paddy or returned halfway human.

    • I’ve long maintained that 75% of this country’s problems could be solved by universal conscription. And I do mean **universal** — none but the most egregious hardship exemptions. Basic would have be extended a few months because everyone would be in “fat camp” platoon for a while, but having to scrub latrines next to some Vibrancy would teach the sons and daughters of our elite everything they need to know. And oh yeah, draft the girls, too. Drill instructors will introduce them to two phrases that will solve all their problems: “Nobody cares” and “shut up.” Added bonus: The neocons won’t be quite so hasty to send troops off if their kids are in the poor bloody infantry, too. What’s not to like?

      • I like it except I think the girls should go to finishing school — no military for girls! — and be taught “Nobody cares” and “shut up” there, where they’ll also learn important female skills key to taking good care of their families. Women do not need military skills. They need good child-rearing skills in addition to knowing how to please her husband.

        • You got two more likes than Severian so your idea wins. I agree with you. I grew up near a St. Ursula girl’s high school. I anoint you Saint Ursula for your comment.

      • Good post. We have universal conscription in Denmark, although less than ten percent actually serve. You get to meet people from all walks of life, live and work with them. I know a guy who did basic training with the crown prince, because ALL royals serve. The queen herself was a WRNS.

        Almost all of those who’ve served, agree it was the best time of their lives, and that they forged bonds that last a lifetime.

        (The CP even went on to become a frogman, a SEAL-type. I suspect he got preferential treatment, but he used to do an iron man regularly, so he’s no wimp.)

      • I take the opposite approach. The US needs to grow up, demilitarize and stop being a damned empire. We are now in 2017, not the frontier and we are not at war . Govern accordingly

        Also if you think the Elite won’t get preferential treatment, think again. Unless somehow we go Starship Troopers

        Worse adding more pinkos in the military will speed up the rot it already had, Its not that easy to maintain esprit decorp and mass conscription without a damned good reason worked poorly for the US in Vietnam

        We want to break people into citizens is not a good idea . This is not Sparta

        • Its not that easy to maintain esprit decorp and mass conscription without a damned good reason

          I invite you to watch Restrepo and Armadillo (the Danish Restrepo) back to front. I’m not really qualified to comment on the soldiering, but what is very obvious to even a layman, is that the conscripted Danes have a much better morale than the Marines, even if Afghanistan is not their war. They’re focused and attentive, while the Marines are like, whatever, man, goofing off, just doing their time. They even talk like they’ve sampled the local herbs.

      • Egads … bad idea on the girlies. They can chew apart an organization’s effectiveness faster than any foe ….

    • I agree with you – to a point.

      That’s why I constantly bring up the old militia structure. It was a way of bonding men – locally (this is important) , while at the same time providing for a military force that could DEFEND the nation. “Defense” being an important point: because what followed it’s demise in the late 1800’s – was a nonstop parade of US involvement in manner of foreign wars – most of which benefited the people of this nation little – but much enhanced the elites.

      The point here is: the “burden of war” you refer to is in some sense – an artificial burden. The Neocons and the left keep tossing the burden onto our shoulders – when the end result is something that benefits us very little.

      This keeps happening over and over and over again.

      Everybody standing together in unison and marching off to war – doesn’t usually work out so well either. Britain, France and Germany dumped an entire generation of young men into graves during WW1 – and then birthed themselves up to sufficient strength enough to do it again during WW2.

      During WW1 there was the well known No-Mans Land truce between British and German soldiers during Christmas 1914. Once the people charge found out about this – they took steps to prevent it from ever happening again.

      So tell me – should the “burden of war” been spread a little wider during WW1 ? – or would we all possibly be a lot better off in the here and now if those British and German soldiers had recognized each other as Christian brothers – and revolted and took their respective goverments and ruling “elite” out and shot them – as an example of what happens when the “elite” fail to look after the best interests of their people and nation?

      People seem to forget when they make dumbass statements about how the British were such pussies under Chamberlain for not wanting to get involved in another war – or how the US should have invaded Europe in 1935 and put a stop to Hitler………… they forget that the people alive in the 30’s leading up to the outbreak of WW2 had CLEAR memories of WW1. My grandmother still talked about the brother she lost in WW1 – when she still alive in the 1980s.

      • Militia service is not a bad idea but the Feds hate it for well know reasons Its also hard to organize in a culture that is increasingly low trust

        Back in the day, you knew your fellow militiamen before you served with them in many cases and if not you could easily ask around “is X trustworthy” and often get a good answer.

        Nowadays we background check our plumbers and we still can’t trust them

        Until people get rooted in one area, which is happening slowly, militias are a no go. No roots, no stable culture, no kids, no future

        That said restoring fraternal orders of all kinds will require a purge of the Left from all facets of public life. Leftism is a subversive ideology and they love nothing more than taking over your hard made organization and using it to their ends

  23. Certain things build bonds that never fade. Rowed at an elite level until 30, retired, got bored, took up firefighting a few years later. Did that until age caught up. When I run into anybody from either of those lives, even if haven’t seen or talked to them in years, it’s as though no time has passed. Get a call that one of them is in trouble or needs something? You drop whatever is at hand and do what needs to be done. Getting Instagram followers or Facebook “likes” doesn’t build those bonds.

  24. I read that Heartiste post, and the conception struck me as odd. “Loneliness” is a feeling of dissatisfaction because of the absence of something we want. So you’re lonely *without* a woman or friends or a leader. The preposition “for” applies to the longing to do something about the absence of the item by trying to *get* it.

    And as for the fourth form of loneliness, I don’t see that you can be “lonely for your future self.” What’s that even supposed to mean? Well, I think what it actually means (gauging by the things one feels bad about like “a decision to avoid a risky venture”) is the absence of a significant purpose in life. I think many people feel a strong need to devote themselves to work on behalf of something that transcends their regular concerns and “gives meaning” to their existence. Our snarky popular culture has gutted any meaning from concepts like loyalty and honor, and all we’re left with is self-indulgence and degeneracy. The shrieking of the leftists for their crazy beliefs is just an attempt to replace the old values that they’ve done their best to kill with some new “purpose,” but I’d say that their endless dissatisfaction and baying for blood just shows that their novel god gives no real personal happiness (who knew that passing children on to Moloch wasn’t a path to contentment?).

    I think I’ve said before that the popularity of the LotR movies is because the mythological setting allows the characters to exhibit traits of honor and self-sacrifice that would be derided in a contemporary setting. Normal people find such behavior deeply appealing, though the bugmen of today probably couldn’t articulate why their lives are actually empty of significance for them.

    Will it be possible to recover real meaning for people’s lives? I don’t know. Since the forces of darkness and degeneracy have seized control of all forms of public discourse, and seem hell-bent in their determination to stifle not only all dissenting voices but any venues where people can express badthink, I’m pessimistic about the future.

    But, as someone famous once said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” And then when we get to the end, we can say with someone else, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” The rest is just happenstance.

    • Not going to downvote you because there is some good stuff in here mixed in with some meandering and rambling. It is also overly analytical and long.

      I’ll give you the tl;dr version. Lonely for your future self is comically easy to understand for anyone born into this clown world like matrix. You are born into bondage in the form of being subjugated to the mutants and misfits that despise you because you are inherently better. You inherently know this about yourself and want to break these chains but every force of evil is conspiring to keep you down because they are afraid of you with total freedom to ‘be’. Speak freely, associate freely, etc. are anathema today, by design.

      So your spirit, your divine animus, is like a GPS constantly in search mode ‘relocating, relocating’, for infinity unless you make a concerted effort to free yourself from this system of control. I weep for white males who are being born or growing up today, they will be third class citizens in the country their ancestors forged with blood, fire, and sweat.

      • Your diagnosis of “subjugation to mutants and misfits” and awareness of their despite is spot on. In my late twenties and early thirties, I spent six years in a Catholic monastery, on fire with purpose and achieving profoundly satisfying academic insights in theological studies. At the time, the leadership was in the hands of the more pastorally oriented men: soft, effeminate, rabidly anti-intellectual. One month before the vows that would seal my lifetime commitment, I left. It took me far too long to realize that I could never honor a promise of obedience to men who despised me and my interests and talents. I stopped tolerating their dissolute and undermining leadership and left the Order. I regret the loss of purpose, but not the decision. I am still a Chrisftian, but not a particularly good one. The meek may inherit the earth, but I absolutely refuse to turn my other cheek to any man, let alone one in whom I find nothing worthy of respect and admiration.

  25. Yep. Brotherhood, as in fraternal associations, is one of the casualties of the welfare state.

    And a key is that our lefty friends have absolutely no clue about this.

    • I’d disagree. I think they very much knew what they were doing. Now I’m basing this largely around the concept of freedom of association ŕ.e the U.S. Certain groups are entitled to associate freely, HBCU’S and similar fraternal organisations, feminist organisations, the various ethnic panhandling groups such as La Raza or the traditional Black caucus, even certain Religious groups such as CAIR or AIPAC. They’re in or associted with the League of victimhood that is the left. But as for those binary cis gendered heteronormative White patriarchal shitlords? Can’t let those Monsters get up to their monkeyshine’s. The author Jack Donovan has a point in that throughout history it has been male groups, mannerbund’s, honour groups, gangs have been the force of change in human history.

    • C C;
      Yes but also by good times making the mutual insurance part of their value-added unnecessary. The Animal Named Groups (Elks, Moose, Eagles) used to look after members’ orphans in the days when mens work featured all-too-frequent accidents. Plus there were the usual endemic fatal diseases.

      Modern medicine, public health, prosperity, OSHA, ERISA, have all put adequate protections within reach of legal workers

    • The welfare state intentionally destroyed those fraternal organizations. The FDR administration in particular – used the principle of ” bad money drives out good ” , to come along and drive a lot of the *private* organizations that used to exist in this country to address people’s welfare needs ….. out of business.

      Toqueville noted during his tour of the US during the 1800’s – that the country was full of all sorts of fraternal and other similar PRIVATE organizations that took care of the needs of their members.

      One of the excuses used to take apart the old militia structure in this country was that the militias (who didn’t have any wars to fight in the late 1800s…… had “devolved” into nothing more than fraternal organizations. By organization and design – those militias were also completely non-useful for overseas adventures – such as the ones the US was to soon start undertaking in the late 19th century.

      So you’ve got a fraternal organization – whose underlying reason for existence is to fight wars – or fight the government if said government gets out of control……….. and you want to institute a “progressive” state, what do you do?

      You get rid of them – that’s what you do.

      The idiot lefties probably have no clue about this. But saying that lefties in general have no clue is just not correct.

      If they had no clue – they wouldn’t have worked so hard to destroy those organizations in the first place.

      • The funny thing is though people welcomed the welfare state and gave Roosevelt an unprecedented four terms at huge majorities. Had he not died in office he would have been elected more or less President For life legitimately one term at a time

        You can have a fairly stable social safety net so long as immigration is limited and cheap labor is not the norm.

        Private welfare is unstable in times of great need, can’t cover everyone and is often more expensive to administer as well

        My opinion here is because modernity is so expensive, going forward we’ll either recover and end up with a welfare state that would have shocked and appalled Roosevelt or collapse to a level we can afford, Mexico or Algeria, Yemen if we aren’t lucky.

        Multicultural societies turn into a crab pot anyway where each tribe claws for limited resources, This impoverishes them but so long as they got theirs , the elite don’t care.

        Well till they get sent to the Cesar Chavez Reeducation Through Labor Center with a bomb collar in their neck, put their by the Reds they created through bad policy and thought they could manage

  26. My father was not a well-educated man, but he was a wise one. He was a skilled tradesman and a former Navy man, who had grown up tough in some very hard circumstances. He wasn’t given to handing out too much advice, except by example. But one day when I was about 15 and sort of stumbling clumsily towards manhood, he took me aside and said, “Listen. Do you know what makes a man? It’s not being a tough guy on the street or a stud with the girls, or having money or a good line of bullshit. Being a man means being the guy who sets things in motion, who makes things happen. You do that and everything else comes to you.”

    By age 19 I’d left home and was living in a different city, broke and socially isolated and timid with girls. One day I noticed that there was something in my community which needed to be done, which wasn’t being done — so I decided to do it. But I needed a team to do it.

    My life turned into a screening of “The Dirty Dozen.” I literally assembled a team of misfits and outcasts, sweet-talking each of them that I needed their particular talent for the task. In the process, I discovered I was good at the thing in question, and also good at being a leader.

    The project was accomplished, it was a huge success, and suddenly I had a Reputation. Girls threw themselves at me, I got offers to join other similar projects, and everybody knew who I was. Many of the misfits remained friends and colleagues. Dad was right.

    To these young men who feel lonely and directionless, and not without cause, I’d advise that same course. Find a target no one else has noticed, assemble a gang, and hit the target. Women despite their feminist protests, really do want to be the helpmate of the Man With the Plan.

  27. Good post. Camaraderie built through shared suffering is irreplaceable. Transitioning from one of the last bastions (not much longer) of traditional masculine brotherhood into atomized broader society is likely one of the causes of the high rate of ex-military suicides.

    Z, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on Heartiste and the broader manosphere. You referred to Roosh as a degenerate a while back (not wrong). It’s been interesting over the past several years to watch the dissident right converge with masculinity and pickup blogs.

    “Enjoy the decline” has become an understandably popular mindset and it’s hard to blame men that want to avoid the divorce rape industry and trying to raise a family in this environment.

    On the other hand, nothing says “we are a broken and defeated race” like going out in a blaze of self-indulgence while the wretched refuse conquer our homelands without a fight.

    • Some of the PUA guys are bright and interested in more than getting laid and complaining about women. Heartiste post about lots of things outside the PUA/Manosphere. A guy like Roosh is just doing the Ross Jeffries act. “I’m a spaghetti-armed loser who gets laid a lot. Let me tell you my secret, but first, enter your credit card….”

      I think what a guy like Heartiste does is useful. It is a point of entry for younger men into the broader dissident right. What guys like Roosh are up to is pick the bones of the dead on the battlefield of the culture war.

      • Roosh has evolved out of being a shallow PUA. He now does a broader social/political commentary ala Heartiste. Roosh focuses a lot on how our society is trying to turn women into men while simultaneously emasculating men. He has become a much improved version of what he once was. I recommend not dismissing his most recent material.

        • His talk is improved to be sure, but facta non verba. The logical outcome of his thinking is that he should return to his ancestral home of Iran. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does this in the next 10 years.

          • If he’s right about what he says, and I think he generally is, why should he return. Iran, or that mindset, will eventually come here. B/c we are too wimpy and emasculated to stop them.

      • Outside of a couple of blogs posts, I didn’t read Roosh back in the day, so I can’t comment on what he was. However, I saw him on Happy Homelands with Ramzpaul. He’s still out to make a buck, but his views on the world seem very dissident right.

        He seems more concerned with the relationship aspect, but there’s no doubt that he’s thinking far beyond how to get laid. Indeed, he seems almost bored by the chase.

        But you’re correct that Heartiste is a very better asset to our cause. What’s more, Heartiste seems to have a larger plan.

        • “He’s still out to make a buck …” Aren’t we all? Roosh comes off as quite sincere. And it would likely be far better for his bank account if he refrained from speaking out against Globohomo. After all, didn’t Amazon ban a bunch of his books? Our side is not popular enough to reject people like him. We need all the friends we can get.

      • I basically agree w the Heartiste vs Roosh assessment there. I ve tried dipping my toe in PUA a little and I ll say three things about it:

        * it actually works. Not immediately, not overnight but it does. It also seems entirely congruent w what you could call ‘Darwinistic game theory’ when you analyze the (extremely different, obviously) reproductive roles of the two sexes

        * at first it kinda made me more cynical about women. Sort of ‘if the saying that all men are potential rapists, is true, all women are potential sluts. B/c there are darwinian situations that would make either the best reproductive strategy for men/women respectively.’ For me that mellowed and gave way to thinking of women more like ‘mentally closer to children, ie in need – and search – of some level of supervision (call it ‘leadership’ to be nice to the ladies).’ I think PUAs would call this, which many who try this experience, getting ‘red-pilled on women.’

        * PUA like psychology seems very useful also for men-to-men and other non-romantic/non-sexual contexts. In a way it is like stripping ppl naked psychologically, to see what is really going on. It explains why some men misunderstand friendliness as weakness and act like condescending, domineering assholes, especially if there are women around, and many such things. I believe it is genuine and valid psychology.

        Other than that, interesting post, provoked many thoughts.

      • Roosh agreed with your assessment, on his RamZPaul appearance. Tiina reserved judgement until late in the show when she let him inside the tent.

      • Heartiste probably spends more time posting about political stuff now than he does the PUA thing. Because Heartiste has gained his insight by staring into the dark heart of women – he’s able to address all sorts of other issues (diversity, immigration, the left in general) – without having to feel like he has to appease anybody.

        If you can crack open a man’s skull and get him to fully come to grips with the dark truth about that which he likely desires most out of like (a female) – then you’ve just opened his mind to seeing the truth on a whole host of other issues.

        That’s why I think a guy like Heartiste is so effective.

      • Part of what Heartiste does really well is link his observations/theories about sex relations to a broader red-pilled, our-side philosophical perspective. Others do this too (Rollo Tomassi of Rational Male), but Heartiste’s writing is wittier, more accessible, and more entertaining. (If not quite as thorough as Rollo’s).

        Heartiste is an unbeliever, but he sees the value of Christian culture (over it’s potential replacements). Heartiste is not beta, but he sees the value in a society that doesn’t scorn and punish betas the way post-America does.

        Look, our side is going to have to resist the notion of purity tests and purges. After all, we are not Buckleyites. Heartiste is 100% on our side, is insightful, verbally adept, and has a wide audience. He posts non-stop and had been doing so for at least 15 years I think.

        I don’t agree with everything he says, but if I did he’d be dull and boring. He’s always worth reading.

        There are a ton of young men out there who are given, from childhood through college, sugar-coated pretty lies re EVERYTHING. Heartiste’s writing can be thought of as a kind of counter-programming, like you might do with someone recently out of a cult. It’s edgy, it’s acerbic, perhaps even shocking at times. But it’s bracing, and for some our our younger lads, necessary and fortifying.

  28. It’s all about having a purpose. Purpose encompasses all of these things. Purpose drives the family man. Purpose motivates the brotherhood. Purpose animates the spiritual. Together that purpose delivers personal fulfillment. Purpose means there is a need, and you strive to fulfill that need.

    When a family member of mine came close to killing himself, after the initial treatments, it became all about purpose. Could he, for example, help me get my new business off the ground? Could he help me run it? Could he live with us for a time and contribute to a functional family unit? Could he rejoin society, meet some fellow road bikers or hikers or campers and learn to have friends again? Having successfully done those things, step by step, could he branch out on his own, get a new job in a nearby town, rebuild his life and career?

    Well, yes. My mom would ask me what my plan was. I just told her, “Purpose.” Stop trying to figure out what’s wrong. Stop medicating. Stop diagnosing. Give the man a purpose.

    Saved his life.

    When you make men a laughing stock in every situation. When you celebrate cutting off their wiener and pumping them full of estrogen. When you ship their jobs to China, feed them cheap drugs and porn, when you take their children, ban their clubs, force them to admit women, etc. you’re taking away their purpose.

    I work with a lot of young people. When they’re really struggling I look for ways to give them a purpose. The effect is immediate and measurable. They’re entering a world trying to strip them of purpose…making them interchangeable economic units with no intrinsic value beyond empty consumerism. They’re just there to prop up GDP.

    What is your purpose? I know mine, and it is the engine for my whole life.

    • I would think a suicidal family member having something to “offer” your business would make that apparent apart from being suicidal. And no offense, but you’re kind of a dick if you can only think of assisting downward-spiraling *family* members in terms of reciprocity. Are you married? I do things for my wife…just because she’s my wife; I don’t rate any particular favor according to how many blowjobs it’s potentially worth.

      • I think you miss his point. Men need to contribute, work, and be valued. He needs to earn his respect and his honour; these are genetically hard wired needs just like needing food and water and air.

        Finding an environment where a man can do that is incredibly difficult thing these days. The first thing you do for trauma victims is deal with the trauma (which is often traumatic itself) – and then you give them a place where the victim can recover. I suspect that is what our friend did – and in addition to all that he could keep a watchful eye one the recovery as well.

        You do not want to throw a man whose lost his value and self worth into a vibrant and diverse workplace that are all about social justice for marginal women, degenerates and ethnics.

      • I always find it quite annoying and tiresome when people criticize other’s actions without offering a superior alternative. Just how should hokkoda have helped this family member find purpose?

        From my perspective, hokkoda allowed this man to contribute to something vitally imported to hokkoda and his family, the starting and running of a new business. This isn’t just some “make work” activity of no importance. Hokkoda was entrusting this man with hokkoda’s (and, therefore, hokkoda’s) future.

        You do not achieve self-esteem and self-respect from accomplishing pointless tasks. There is no sense of purpose in counting paper clips in the storage room.

        Hokkoda entrusted this man with business and his family. I would highly suspect that hokkoda had better men to choose from than this man to help him with his business, yet hokkoda allowed this broken man to find his way back using hokkoda’s business and family as a crutch.

        But, again, you, apparently, have a far better way that hokkoda could have helped this man, so please share it with the class. If it’s better, I’ll admit it. However, hokkoda might still have you beat because I’ll always take solid results on the ground over wonderful results on paper, so you plan had better be damn good.

    • Boy howdy. That’s what keeps me going, despite numerous personal failings, weaknesses, blunders, obstacles, and failures.

      I don’t get people who are bored.
      I’ll never have enough time.
      Keep going, keep going, do what you can!

    • You’re right, Hokkoda, and well said. However, here’s the rub: we are not given any purpose. Life has no intrinsic meaning. We have to invent one – not any easy task. Existence precedes essence.

    • Wow that was beautiful? Please share your purpose. Alzebo, agree, I can never understand boredom.

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