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Like a lot of people, I’m guessing, I am struggling to remain positive this week, after Trump once again blundered into making things worse on the immigration front. I think it is fair to wonder if he was not a Manchurian candidate all along. Hired by the usual suspects to pose as a populist, he was supposed to discredit anti-immigration arguments in the primary by presenting them poorly. Instead, voters were willing to look past his ham-fisted presentation, in order to make one last effort to avoid tipping into the abyss.

Now in office, the usual suspects have flipped some other switches in his programming so that he engineers these colossal legislative defeats. That’s a joke, I think, but you have to wonder what Trump would do different if he was actually trying to sabotage his own presidency. He is now everything we expected from Jeb Bush, except for two judges that may be OK. I guess you can call the new NAFTA a win, but that’s not the great departure from the prior regime that Trump has claimed. It’s more tinkering than repeal.

Still, it is easy to gobble down black pills, but that’s not very useful. Trump was never the solution to the problems facing us. At best he was just going to be a wrecker, who discredited the prevailing political orthodoxy, so we should always set our expectations accordingly. It’s also important to remember that the orthodoxy is not just the civic nationalist face we tend to see. The creature behind that Republican mask is the Progressive side of the orthodoxy, which is the Grendel in our saga.

That’s the focus on this week’s show. In order to keep it light, I’m taking a long look at the Democrat primary that is shaping up. We forget that the party actually wielding power, regardless of who is in office, is the Democrat party. They set the agenda and they control the Republican Party. The health of the Democrats is a good indication of just how effective the current vaccines are to the poz they are trying to spread. This podcast is a rundown of the Democrat tribes and the characters vying to be the new chief.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


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  • 27:00: The Angry
  • 37:00: The Mysterious
  • 47:00: The Legacies
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113 thoughts on “The Tribal Circus

  1. Why argue Trump/NoTrump amongst ourselves, we sound like Christians arguing religion.

    Let’s just understand that Trump was our slight reprieve, far better, for 4 or 8 years, than a progressive Clinton et al which is exactly what we would have gotten.

    Enjoy the slight reprieve, prepare for the inevitable hell to follow. Z is right, the numbers do not lie.

  2. Honest question, coming from someone who came of age under duck and cover and threat of nuclear holocaust – is it really smart to have a woman in control of a vast nuclear arsenal?

    • Well, since nothing can be deemed “really smart” with such things, let’s put it in market terms. Since women are less physically aggressive and hate the thought of killing babies and children, there’s less risk to the downside with a woman in charge of the nukes.

      • Seriously, Frip?? Yes,women are physically less aggressive, that’s biology. But there are very large numbers of women who are perfectly fine with killing babies right up to, and AFTER birth. Abortion is a sacrament to these lunatics, and I damn sure do not want ANY female,left or right, anywhere near the chicken switch.
        The whole notion of rule by matriarchy leads to a kinder,gentler world is utter crap. Our current worldwide hot mess has been perpetrated by waaay too many women and pussy men (yes,YOU Macron) elected to public office.

  3. Couple things…

    Who controls the DNC nowadays? I don’t know. When Obama was president, oddly enough, he did not. The Clinton Foundation essentially existed for the Clinton’s to throw enough money around to control the party. That money has dried up. Will anyone be able to herd these superdelegates like the Clintons could?

    Other thing is — we’ve already seen quite a few of these clowns endorse the AOC green cultural revolution insanity. The race to the left is going to be hilarious to watch.

  4. Sorry! Got to throw the red flag. The Left has special dispensation on this issue, but Zman has committed a major PC violation by using the term ‘jungle primary’ without proper trigger warnings.

  5. Me thinks the Uniparty has a devious plan for the 2020 election cycle. First, push forward all the wackos in the Dem bullpen and let them set the bar very low, eat themselves, and scare the electorate half to death. Then, slip in a very reasonable appearing normie type candidate to swoop in as the wheels come off and present as a last-second savior. He/she rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and ascends to the nomination. It could be Hillary 2.0, but more likely it will be a dark horse like Hickenlooper out of Colorado. Beware!

    • This is what I worry about also. The New Green Deal may theoretically be ‘aspirational’ B.S. , but some of it will resonate with the ‘give-me-more crowd’ and that shotgun approach allows the Klobaschar types to slip between the cracks and appear ‘reasonable.’ I’m not sure the goofy Repubs have any articulate group that can destroy the Left with this and properly boomerang it back on those corrupt politicians and their vacuous voters.

  6. “I think it is fair to wonder if he was not a Manchurian candidate all along. Hired by the usual suspects to pose as a populist, he was supposed to discredit anti-immigration arguments in the primary by presenting them poorly.”

    I think you can set your mind at ease on that one. That sounds exactly like the 4-D chess that Trump so conspicuously fails to play.

    I’ll stick with the prosaic explanation: Trump ran because of his ego, he won the nomination because he was the first politician in a generation willing to mention immigration, he won the election by not being Hillary Clinton, he entered office with little awareness of how power is wielded within FedGov and no supporters capable of running agencies and bending them towards Trumpist policies. Not surprisingly, he’s mostly gotten rolled by The Swamp.

    • If he got rolled you can thank your fellow retarded citizens, who keep electing the same crooks to Congress. Trump has done the maximum he can within the constraints placed on executive power. Paul Rino failed to fund the wall the first two years. Ryan’s district kept electing him even though they knew he was a snake.

      It did not help that his challenger, Paul Nehlen was more interested in debating ‘muh White male civilization’ on twitter rather than make a case for himself against Ryan.

      • Expecting The People not to elect crooks to congress certainly represents the triumph of hope over experience.

  7. Wake up. California is the harbinger of America’s dystopian future. We are meant to rejoice because our philandering, pretty-boy governor pulled the plug on Moonbeam Brown’s idiotic legacy project, the bullet train to nowhere. And Willie Brown’s brown whore is the favorite to lead the coalition of the fringes in the 2020 progressive reconquista. Everywhere south of the Bay Area and Sacramento has been transformed into Mexifornia, with a few enclaves of oligarchs such as La Jolla and Newport Beach. California is brown and down. So goes the nation. Today’s humorous sugar from Zman just makes the bitter black pill go down easier.

  8. All Trump needed to do in order to get a positive mention in history is to fight on the moral level and call out the injustices committed against him, clarifying for people that their democracy has been broken and corrupted.

    He failed to do that to a sufficient degree. He talked about it at times, but ended up putting a happy face on it and ultimately collaborated with those working against him.

    As a result a significant portion of the people who should be on our side, are still in a state of denial about the situation and will be for some time.

    These usually aren’t our best people, but they will make things more difficult and act as a force that holds back our side for a long time to come.

    • One positive thing about the way the Trump presidency turned out is that it has forced most reasonable, highly informed people on “our side” towards a greater recognition of the Shoe-ish Question.

      However, this will not reflect favorably on Trump in the history books.

  9. I lived in Los Angeles 92-94. Republican Governor and Mayor. But… I could feel the dam about to break. When the court struck down the immigration referendum, it was game over.

  10. You got Gillibrand right. She was an upstate member of the House in NY – so she had to pretend to be moderate on guns and social stuff. As soon as she got the nod to replace Hillary in the Senate, she dropped all that moderate stuff. She is utterly stupid and completely free of morals. She reads whatever talking points are put in front of her and is then quickly whisked away from the cameras.

  11. Trump probably couldn’t do a better job of sabotaging his presidency if he tried.

    But then again, maybe the president isn’t even powerful enough to sabotage his own presidency

  12. Frankly, the Zman is slightly off base here.

    Pray tell, what can a president accomplish, ANY president, if much of his own party hates him, if the entire opposition party hates him, if the entrenched, corrupt Federal bureaucracy hates him, if most of the sitting Federal judges hate him, and of course, if the entire “mainstream” (read Bolshevik) media hates him, and , of course, many of the most influential (by population) State Governors hate him.

    Well, not a hell of a lot ; certainly not in a (theoretical) representative govt. (or whatever version still exists here in the USA).

    And to top it off, those members of Trump’s own party who do support him have a near perfect record of timidity, incompetence and yes, soiling themselves when the breeze gets to warm.

    The problem really is that leftist neo-communists ( i.e., the democratic party) politicians keep getting voted in by the voters; AOC (i.e., Another Ordinary Communist) being the most visible at the moment (by virtue of the media giving her more airtime than any other novice, inexperienced House Member in the history of the USA).
    And when voters choose to vote Republican, well, you get a bunch of chicken shit progressive-lights in there (e.g., George Bush I and II; Paul Ryan, big mouth/do nothing Trey Gowdy, and most of those in Congress).

    The role of the media is really understated.
    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”
    Joseph Goebbels
    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
    Adolph Hitler

    The constant 24/7 propaganda vomited out by the media does have a huge impact; it’s so damn big that half of all Americans believe Trump and Putin are homosexual lovers.
    Thus we get leftists repeatedly voted into Congress.

    The real lesson one must take – and it is really frightening – is that voters can vote for a national suicide, just as they did in Venezuela; best exemplified by the election of AOC, Shumer, Pelosi, Sanders, et. al.
    And unless a new president takes on dictatorial powers – like a Hugo Chavez – there is not too much he can do to change things if the entire political, bureaucratic, judicial, big money interests (i.e. Wall Street, Hollywood) and propaganda outlets are looking to destroy him.

    Nikita Khruschev was correct;
    “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”
    Nikita Khrushchev

    And finally a quote from they great humanitarian and proponent of individual freedom;
    “The trouble with free elections is, you never know who is going to win.”
    Leonid Brezhnev

    • slightly off base?, you sir are way too polite. Trump is all-alone heck even his daughter and S-I-L are against his agenda. Melania (maybe) is in his corner. Bannon acted like a jilted high school prom date and was canned.

      Unless Trump goes full Pinochet, this is the best he or anyone else can do. So let me ask the posters here. What do you think he can do better? Maybe you can reach out to the WH website or and make a suggestion.

      • At this point, not much, but Trump had opportunities early on. He wasted a lot of time and political capital on tax cuts and Obamacare instead of the Wall and immigration.

        • In 2017 Trump, did the possible (I e that which the GOP would support). The impossible was postponed. Had the Mule-er business been avoided, then a great US-Russia alliance against one-world-ism might have come off. Our enemies won that battle and postponed the wall and other anti-globalist policies. If Trump has any major fault it was his failure to spot the seriousness of the coup d’état by the FBI and CIA.

      • “Unless Trump goes full Pinochet, this is the best he or anyone else can do.”

        No, it’s not. The fact that a good President would have a difficult time does not excuse Trump for not being one.

    • White males have been effectively gaslighted out of voting and otherwise supporting their own best interests. Equating the seeking of the best interests of the white male with low social status has done its work quite well.

      • Granting social status to those who commit all the usual perversions gives you more perverts, and more open versions of the perversions. Trump’s election has intensified such social status for perverts, from the usual sources. On that front he has accomplished nothing, unless enough normies wake up to it all.

    • The President can accomplish a lot, if only to the next President’s term via his executive authority over agencies. I happen to know a significant figure in the Trump election team. All these folk were hurriedly called to Washington after the election to fill agencies administrative vacancies. The position of this person was to examine and recommend removal/discontinuation of regulations and agency funding in one of the major administrative departments we all would know if mentioned. They are like termites chipping away. The stories of regulations found and removed are infinitely amusing as dinner discussions.

  13. Just because Ilhan Omar should be shipped back to Somalia doesn’t mean that she’s not right about AIPAC essentially controlling both political parties. It’s looking as if Omar will play a valuable role in fomenting discord within the Left.

  14. To me, the only salient point about Trump is this: what realistic alternatives are there? I don’t see Richard Spencer winning any elections any time soon.

    Also, you have to consider that while what you get is important, what you didn’t get is not nothing, either. A president that does nothing to advance my agenda is still an improvement over one that’s actively working to undermine it.

    Warts and all, I expect I’ll be voting for Trump in the next election.

    • Bruno, so exposing the Deep State and the MSM fake news was not advancing your agenda? Not mine either, but only because I was too naive to recognize my interest in such.

    • The most important thing modern presidents do is appoint justices to SCOTUS. Trump has had two decent picks, certainly better than C.J. Roberts. He’ll likely replace RBG, too. With a solid conservative majority, the court can do some real damage to the progressive social agenda. With a Republican majority in the Senate, confirmations will ultimately prevail over the vitriolic wailing of the Left. But people tend to forget history. When FDR had his legislative agenda struck down piecemeal, he threatened to stack the court with sympathetic justices. All the Left needs to undo Trump’s finest accomplishment is to retake the presidency and a Senate majority. Even if Trump fails on every legislative front, he is far better for us than HRC would have been or any of the current Democrat freaks vying for 2020.

  15. Trump has been a big disappointment in a lot of ways, so far. So who does anyone have in mind instead of him, in a position of power, or capable of grasping power, as an alternative?

    That’s the problem from where I sit, that this is as good as it gets for us, and it will pass away soon, and we will have nothing good to look forward to, until we get to the other side of the gathering shitshow.

    Trump was never a solution to the problems, he was always the guy who wanted to peel back the curtain, and stir the political pot. That, he has done.

  16. A second white pill to go along with this one:

    “But always remember, the anti-American side has serious problems too. Just as diversity causes dysfunction in schools, neighborhoods, and whole societies, diversity brings about all kinds of conflict within the very political party that so proudly promotes it.

    And for that casualty of diversity, we should be most thankful.”

  17. Trump was never our (or at least my) guy. However, I supported him from the day he announced for president and I will vote for him again if he decides to run. He has been, and will continue to be, a finger in the eye of the Establishment. The Washington-New York-California crowd will be able mostly to contain him, but the mask is now off to the point that even the most clueless see it.

    The Clown Patrol is now moving toward a pure repression/control model, which will be an inefficient, ramshackle mess, because that’s all the CP is capable of. The progs are right about one thing, people like us don’t represent Modern Amerika. We are at best 30% to 40% of the population. I look at the young guys and I don’t see where a Revolutionary Army is going to come from, so the next best option for us is system failure.

    Since I”m a mean old guy, I admit I am enjoying watching the Cuckservative world fall apart. I want the Chamber of Commerce types to suffer the Death of a Thousand Cuts.

    • AOC and her ilk will crush the CoC types, I am still young enough to watch it happen. I will happily bring the guillotine to the execution. The cucks can go after their CoC massas have been deprived of both their heads.

      • AOC is downright gleeful when threatening conservatives with gang-rape, but was scarce when the hounds came for fellow-POC Ilhan Omar. She used the BDS activists to win that primary, but they will be cast over the side faster than you can say “Leon Trotsky”.

        She is not a threat to the Chamber, her father was an upper-middle class architect that sued his partners for “racial discrimination”.

        • AOC got elected trading on her radicalism, rather than Obama who hid his radical background from the voters. Masks coming off. Another Trump accomplishment, for whatever it is worth.

  18. For some strange, even spooky, reason i have a talent for identifying the dem nomination early. Watch this Pete Buttigieg. The guy is smooth and he projects earnestness expertly.

  19. I’m sticking with my prediction that Kamala Harris will take the Oath of Office in January 2021 and that the election will be decided by felon ballots in Broward County, FL.

    If the budget deal result in the type of amnesty that it appears to include, Trump won’t break 200 electoral votes and voter fraud in Broward County won’t be necessary.

    • I want to predict Harris wins the nomination, but she has foot-in-mouth disease and she has hired Team Hillary. Those are two red flags.

      Right now, it is not looking good for Trump, but there’s a long time between now and November 2020.

      • Althouse has been showing how the New York Times is promoting Harris in all their coverage. She makes a good case that that’s their choice. I guess the New York Times is kind of the nice white lady vote right?

        • I think so, but the NYTimes can be wildly out of touch with party insiders. They were backing Hillary in 2008. They were way late in seeing this new faction rising up on the Left. Harris has a slew of Clinton people running her campaign, so that would explain the NYTimes fawning over Harris.

          The WaPost seems to be less than enthusiastic for Harris. That suggests party insiders are not fans.

          • Interesting. What the Democrats need is a Latinx woman.
            They would get the enthusiastic brown vote, the anti-white vote, the woman vote. I’m surprised they haven’t found one yet. Maybe the reptile Castro will decide he’s transgender and solve their problems.

  20. Trump wasn’t supposed to win. The next president was going to be Hillary or Jeb! Or maybe Marco. That’s why he must be removed, and why it’s hard to see him as a Manchurian candidate.

  21. If nothing else the attempted coup d’état of the duly elected President of the United States by the Deep State FBI/NSA/CIA/’Rat Party has justified Donald Trump’s election.

    It is now plainly obvious that only Deep State sanctioned candidates can serve as a figurehead President serving at the direction of an unelected, unaccountable globalist cabal.

    Your “vote” is meaningless. Your “Constitution” and “Rule of Law” is a fraud. Your “Republic” is as dead as a hammer.

    What happens next is going to be real interesting. B.L.O.A.T.

    • Agree. Trump’s election did smoke out the Deep State for all to see as well as exposing Fake News aka: the MSM.

      They did not expect him to win. Hell Ryan and McConnell had TPP and Amnesty ready to sign for Hillary. That just goes to show you there is no difference between the parties.

      The Compromise bill also shows that by the Senate vote that both parties have it in for Trump.

      And yes, our vote means nothing. No matter what we do, things just get worse for us. B.L.O.A.T is now our only option.

      Revolt is our only option left.

    • Yes, except that the ability to notice is so blunted these days that the coup attempt is only visible to those who already knew that the USA pre-1965 or even 1986 was something very different, let alone something worth preserving.

      To the rest its only natural and good Progress that literally hitler gets tossed out, borders go away (nation of immigrants) and federal judges rule (muh constitution) and the FBI helps us all punch Nazis (access to whites is a human right).

      The media-Dems agitprop machine, the laziness of the polity, and the entrenched POC/amygdala swollen goodwhites means that only a small portion of the voter base is even aware of what has already been lost.

      Sure, Trump was a spanner in the machine, but who really noticed that didnt already know?

      Post-progressive history means that the USA needs to be cleansed of hate.

      The only history that is allowed to exist is that white men stole land from the noble savages; enslaved africa; killed the jews; opressed women; and are 90% of CEO’s.

      So in most people’s eyes our nation deserves to be punched like one big fat Nazi. To this end, Trump emblldens them to take a swing to signal their compliance.

      Until every white man is on his knees or becomes a POC tranny, there is work to be done. And as long as xe keeps paying xis taxes, the “nation” survives.

      Maybe I’m wrong and people see the evil more clearly post-trump, but I rarely encounter people – even white men, who signal such awareness.

  22. Every single organ of power is arrayed against this man, such that if he sneezes in the wrong direction they will make their move on him.

    I really admire your take on so many things, but your appraisal of the risks Trump is taking is quite shameful.

      • I don’t think Trump understood his role in history. He believes himself to a president in the vein of Reagan, someone to work within the system to change the direction of the country. (I don’t think Reagan did that, btw, but many do.)

        He doesn’t seem to realize that we’re long past that. His role was to be the disrupter, someone to wake up the country (well, really, whites) to what was happening to them and their nation. He was sent to the White House to die on the hills of immigration, draining the swamp and getting America out of foreign wars.

        His odds of success were always very close to zero, which is why he should never have worried about negotiation. His was on a suicide mission designed to unmask the beast for all to see.

        Instead, Trump turned out to be Boomer CivNat that we always suspected. A white Boomer CivNat – who is also a political novice – was never going to be a match for the forces allied against him.

        Our elites and their edifice will be brought down by someone far more radical. When someone like Trump fails, it becomes the job of someone more like a Chavez or Pinochet to bring down the system, someone willing to threaten and kill elites and their families.

        Our elites think that they will always be facing pliable fems like Obama or system-loving CivNats like Trump. They won’t. This new crop of politicians like AOC, Ellison and towel-head from Minnesota are the future. Sure, they’re idiots, but they would love nothing more than to kill the Jewish and white elite, figuratively and, if need be, literally. Sooner or later, a reasonably bright one will emerge and understand what needs to be done to get out from under their thumb – and he’ll do it.

        • Very few men his age comprehend where we are in history. I suspect precious few in his class even think of it. The ruling class is divorced from our daily reality and presidents are walled in away in a separate chamber of their own. I suspect if someone explained the numbers to Trump, with regards to whites in America, he would just sit their unable to comprehend what was being said. Try this on some old CivNat you know. You’ll see what I mean.

          • Agreed. And I have had that discussion – with my own father and father-in-law both a bit older than boomers and very CivNat. There is a deep psychological reluctance, really resistance, to hear the numbers. They simply don’t want to think about it.

            But, you’re right, what gets under the skin of CivNats is being told they (or their children or grandchildren) will be minorities in their own land. And then ask them if they truly believe that blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians and Muslims will continue our traditions. Many will lie to you, to themselves, but the truth will eat at them.

            I know because I was there ten years ago or so. It’s difficult to face the reality because it changes everything.

      • “I’ll concede Trump is facing long odds, if you will concede he has made many blunders.”
        Yes on both. Am not quite as hard on him as you because my expectations are lower. I had a vague idea what he was/is up against, didn’t get the deep state and now I do, and all I ask for is for him to throw the spanner in the out of control ore cart wheels to slow down the Socialist takeover. I knew this is a short respite of 4-8 years before the full on Progressive evil nihilistic destructive tyranny descends on us.
        Even with my husband I don’t talk in depth about Trump. I love my guy and I can see he is anxious and deeply fearful of the future. He’s a bit of a Trump-Bot and doesn’t like hearing my realist criticism, so I don’t beat him over the head with it. By his nature, he can’t take much of this. I can’t blame him so I’m happy to shield him, and suggest next week he head for the hills for a couple day walk to decompress. People can’t deal with much reality constantly beating on us.
        I am grateful for much that Trump has done. Yet Trump has not surrounded himself with wise counsel and made many blunders. That’s the best he can do. There are no fluffy bunnies and unicorns and Camelot. Your appraisal of the border wall debacle is spot on, and his press conference a few minutes ago re border wall executive order was cringe worthy. That’s all we have and then this game we knew is over. Find gratitude if not in the macro, then in the micro, appreciate what you do have, otherwise you risk your soul being torn assunder. Then, through blogs like this and other venues, as we face minority status and tyranny we shall realign.

        • Range Front Fault,

          You are not only eloquent but touching in your concern for your husband’s sensibilities. It sounds like you two are lucky to have one another.

      • Done. He’s just another Obama, in the sense that for each their principal accomplishment was just getting elected. Obama however was the darling of our rulers, so that accomplishment won him an instant Nobel Prize.

        Trump is the opposite. He’ll be lucky if he stays out of prison.

      • I’m just not convinced that even with all the exposure that has occurred under Trump, that us mere mortals have a comprehensive appreciation of how evil and duplicitous politicians really are that have reached the apogee of political ‘achievement’, i.e. safe district multi-term elected officials and their deep state compadres…

    • ?
      He knew the risks, and made ridiculous promises to desperate people. He has failed miserably at the one issue that matters most to his base. Elect a Clown get a Circus I guess.
      No idea why I actually believed a NYC Con Man could actually negotiate and stand his ground.
      Some people would rather stand by him and not admit they were duped, and I get that. Hard to admit when you’ve been conned.

      • The scary thing is, Trump came off a lot better than the rest of the GOP candidates who were rabid globalists and warmongers.

        I would say the real clowns are the GOP pols. And what they did to him only proves it.

      • And I guess when CONgress failed to pass a bill with funds for the border wall, what was he supposed to do? Arrest them? Ignore them and get impeached? So Mr. Normie please enlighten us with your superior wisdom. He is doing a good job with the cards that he has been given by Boobus Americanus

        • Simple UpYours. Please respond…
          Day one, use the same budgetary maneuver the GOP used to pass the tax cuts for Corporate donors, and instead use that maneuver to fund the wall. He only needed 50 votes and wasted it.
          He’s an amateur and refuses to think thru his moves… Hell, he won’t even read briefings or focus for more than 30 minutes.
          He’s a showman. A Reality TV star who cares more about the Press conferences than the reason he was elected.
          He still thinks it’s all about him… It was never about him. It was about the Wall.
          He got duped time and again, and again, I understand… Sticking up for him is tough and it’s hard to admit you were fooled.
          But please, let’s not sit here and pretend he’s done anything of value that Jeb couldn’t have done.

          • Normie, I disagree. Jeb and all of his GOP ilk would not have attempted, much less seen to fruition any of what you speak of. That really is the issue—not that Trump is a narcissistic, rank amateur, in over his head.

            The question is, do you believe any of the political talent vying for the 2016 Presidential nomination—and able to achieve election victory, would have attempted many of the policy changes Trump has? The argument I’m hearing from many is that Trump is lousy at achieving his promised goals, or even sillier, he has not achieved unstated goals, such as raising consciousness of white racial solidarity.

        • Up Yours, I’m amazed at your ratings. I don’t agree completely with your positivity on Trump, but hey it’s appropriate to hear from that perspective.

          I might disagree specifically with you in that Trump is doing a good job. He’s doing better that any of the other choices we had (who I believe were simply lying Pol’s, of the like we’ve grown used to over the decades) Seems most folk can’t accept that and have projected certain expectations onto the man. I did too, but when these are not met, I look to myself and evaluate where those expectations came from. I am at heart a hopeless optimist when some glimmer of hope crops up from time to time. Trump was that and I still hope that he can improve.

      • If you were conned you weren’t paying attention.

        Trump read from Coulter’s book, but he proposed Pence’s Touchback Amnesty scheme. Then he walked away from the leaving-the-country part a few weeks later. Etc.

        The fact that Trump was portrayed by his enemies as so much worse (better) than he actually was was an opportunity for proof-of-concept for the Sailer Strategy, and it’s better that he won than that he didn’t, but if you thought he was going to be any sort of prize you were deeply out of touch.

    • Most of Trump’s problems are self-inflicted. He fired all his nationalists and replaced them with globalists and banksters. He appointed Rosenstein as DAG even though a 10 minute google search on the man showed he was pure poison.

      You can literally see him change in terms of direction and policy as his WH staff became a collection of Bushites and Globalists.

      He makes a globalist oil man his SoS, appoints Neo-cons to his NSC. Turns Kris Kobach into a non-entity instead putting in charge of DHS. He appoints a Bushite to run DHS who is a open borders supporter.

      He blows off immigration reform for two years and decides after Pelosi wins to make it a issue and totally blows it to the point he is going to lose his base over this.

      Worse, Trump shows no loyalty to his base or supporters. None. Why do you think no one wants to be his Chief of Staff? We all saw that in the San Jose rally where he fled the state after his supporters got beaten up. He didn’t say a word about it. A smart pol would have leveraged that to the hilt. He just cowed.

      • yep. yep. yep.
        I honestly believe he didn’t even want to win.
        Now he’s just trying his best to put on a good show, sadly to some people that’s all that matters.

        • Trump the tire-chasing dog who actually caught the car? Trump the master manipulator, halfway done in taking over Western Civilization? Maybe a tiny bit of each. His fatal flaw? Underneath it all, he wants to be liked and loved. It gets them, every time. The fact that everything he says and does makes a bunch of people I don’t like spontaneously crap in their pants, and that he kept Hillary out of the White House, are two things I love about the guy.

      • I really think he’s your typical average corporate executive. He assumes that if he hires people with ‘experience’, he will get good results. This works OK in the world of established business, but if you want to grow/disrupt, it’s a terrible idea. He doesn’t want to get into the details, and he just assumes that the people working for him will carry out his orders.

      • Kris fucking Kobach got his ass kicked and lost reelection in lily white Kansas. He is a non-entity, with the baggage of a 747 and the political smarts of a slug and of course, the perfect dissident-righter.

        • When the dissident Right doesn’t show up in Wisconsin, Mich. and Penn. don’t be surprised.
          Trump was able to win because of those three states. He won by literally thousands of votes.
          You think he’ll draw those people back in by Twitter meme’s and incoherent rambling at events?
          He’s finished unless Hillary runs again.

          • Hillary was a gift, but the Dems have no one normal to run. Didn’t you listen to the podcast?

            Yes, Trump will lose some of the formerly MAGA-hopeful, but he’ll pick up even more normies because the sky hasn’t fallen. I like his chances of a second term.

  23. Haven’t listened to the audio yet, but isn’t it obvious what’s going on? They were going to keep “investigating” trump, using happenstance procedural charges to convict his friends and family of crimes, coercing bogus confessions and testimony from some, until trump behaved as desired on two issues; immigration and Middle East. Now the senate is finding no connection between trump and Russia just as he is cucking on immigration and shortly after Syria. Am I wrong?

    • In the March of history, the judges and evangelical issues are non issues, only that MAGA boys think they will go to heaven.

    • Sure, but Trump is not just some cork bobbing along the waves. He has options. He just keeps choosing poorly. I’d feel a lot better about Trump if did not keep losing. This deal he signed was worse than what was offered a month ago. That deal was much worse than what was offered in the fall. The more Trump negotiates, the worse the deal.

      • Also, keep in mind that he might be positioning himself for reelection. Maybe the real fireworks around the corner!

        • Zman, thank you, that was most entertaining. This is what I’ve been feeling too. The democratic coalition is looking very divided. There is a lack of unifying spirit and philosophy. I’m actually quite hopeful for trump in 2020, for what he is worth now. I think any republican is at a huge advantage going forward. Any republican could beat this democratic coalition. The disunity within the party creates such instability and incoherence. The males really don’t like the females, vibrants really don’t like the whites, donor really don’t like the anti-Semites and so on. Maybe the disunity is a bigger factor than numbers going forward and republicans will win past 2050, who knows.

      • Lots of (women) people got the vapors over “kids in cages” and C-Ville.

        The results shouldn’t be surprising.

      • Zman, correct. When listening to the initial Congressional meeting (Schumer and Pelosie) with media in attendance, I got the feeling of a person (Trump) being less cagey and more bullying/boisterous/narcissistic. In short, I was hearing “give me what I want, I’m the President”. The optics were terrible. This was a perfect time to corner the Dem’s and hold their feet to the fire by stating the case for the wall and posing the alternative of drugs, criminals, and especially—Europeon sized caravans of 50k persons rushing the border every week.

        Juxtapose that initial meeting with the statement made yesterday by Trump concerning his signing of the funding bill and simultaneous emergency decree. There is no reason for this repeated stumbling by Trump. He is not a stupid person, but seems trapped by his ego and passions. I am amazed that this has not undone him—yet.

    • You’re wrong. All the blanks fired at Trump haven’t coerced into anything. He was an immigration squish and ME interventionist from day one.

  24. More than 60% of the Democratuc Party donor money comes from wealthy Jews, even Jared Kushner was a donor for the Dems until Obama disappointed him by not supporting Israel enough.

    Obviously the GOP wants that money, they want the Jews on their side. So the Dems is the Jewish Party and the GOP desperately trying to be the Jewish Party.

    • If Jews started acting like team players (which they haven’t in 2000 years) then New York would become competitive for the GOP again, and Florida would be locked up. So lots of low-information people would be correct to think that pandering to Jews would work. But it won’t, because to paraphrase Israeli PM Golda Meir, her people hate us more than they love Israel.

    • I don’t think most of us realize how much Jared and that ditz wife of his have damaged this administration. Trump’s fault of course for even listening to them. Then there is the tier two goofballs like Bannon and nuts like Bolton.

      It really is incredible the amount of people in the White House who are not credible, serious about ruling, and have a modicum of decency and humility. Grifters of the lowest order and narcissists.

    • “…even Jared Kushner was a donor for the Dems…”

      Trump was a donor for the Dems.

      What was your point, again?

      • Do you deny that the motivations for the average Jew to donate to the Democrats is quite different from the motivations for the average goy to donate similarly?

        Stop being disingenuous.

  25. Trump, a manchurian candidate? Really? This is the guy who banned America haters from the ME hours after being sworn in, and after he was thwarted in this by a bunch of Federal judge-presidents, he got Gorsuch appointed to SCOTUS who upheld the travel ban. Interior enforcement with ICE has greatly increased as has the border enforcement with BP. Trump has been consistently pro-enforcement and pro-Border wall and is the best President for Border and Interior Enforcement since Eisenhower. Much better than Ronald Reagan who BTW IMO, is the most overrated POTUS in the 20th Century alongside FDR.

    He stood by Kavanaugh while every other cuck-Right politician was ready to throw him to the wolves. Do you alt-right morons even read and think before you post? No wonder, the alt-right is the impotent-right while Official Right is the cuck-right

    As far as Trump’s love affair with the H1-B’s, he is doing the prudent thing. Why should he stick his neck out and waste political capital on a bunch of pencil-necked cucked beta ingrates? Every white code-monkey is a Rat-voting, gun grabbing bass-turd. Next time, a white code dweeb whines about H1B, Trump should direct them to whine to Nazi Pelousey, Dianne Fineswine and Occasional-Cortex. Trump is rewarding his base and throwing the rat voting code monkeys under the Bus.

    • New posters should read the tabs above before commenting. MAGApedes are unproductive contributors. While it is nice to see that more people are rejecting Conservatism Inc, the old thoughts are still lingering.

      A note to you and other lurkers: the term “alt-right” is no longer in use. We are just ordinary moderate Republicans here.

        • Protip: Don’t expend energy defending those with more wealth than you. They can afford to pay shills, don’t give it to them for free.

          POC complain about “emotional labor”, but when it comes to defending billionaires from taxes, and reckless Israeli warmongering, its a “labor of love” for ordinary conservatives.

          • Actually Trump could be making minimum wage before POTUS and I would still defend him, his economic status really does not matter in this case

        • Look, when you and your impotent fellow travelers manage to get elected to high office or as a SCOTUS judge, ping me. Until then, Trump is the best we can do.

          And no, I am not blind to his faults, his early appointments were disasters like that Keebler elf, Sessions and his bump stock ban did not endear him to anyone. if he reneges on his promises to his base, he is done in 2020. So far he has done a good job keeping them, but we shall see.

          • He’s done a good job keeping his promises? What promises? To whom did he promise a White House ceremony welcoming the next wave of foreign occupation?

        • Did you even read the description of the podcast?

          I am without a doubt a moderate Republican, I’m a social reactionary and a supporter of more government intervention to protect us from rapacious techbro oligarchs.

    • Expecting a political solution to our current pickle is delusional.

      Trump did his job: he let HuWhyte men know the thoughts in their heads were shared by most HuWhyte men of every political, economic and social class.

      That needs to gestate for a bit.

      Whatever else he does, in the long run doesn’t really matter. It was his election in spite of every institution’s opposition that was the pivot point.

      The freak show will provide the next pivot point this coming election. Bank on it. This next event will make our internal differences on the right seem insignificant by comparison.

      At that point our agency and organizational talents will focus on what needs to be done and how it gets done.

      If the Freaks go into total meltdown and they slit each other’s throats…Gavin Newsom will come out of the closet.

    • I agree, actually. Trump is saying things that would have gotten lesser men tarred and feathered and hurled into the void. Just forcing the immigration issue into the mainstream is a colossal achievement. He’s single handedly broken the Democrat/media complex and opened the door for dissidents like our esteemed blog host. The immigration ball is still in play; I don’t think that one is over just yet – we will see.

      After fact checking our blog host, I can also say that to date, nobody has put together a better synopsis of tribes and players on the other side of the Great Divide. Coming from a fragmented progressive leftist family as I do – I keep a sharp eye on them and can’t find one thing wrong with what Z said except his conclusion. He missed the forest for all the trees.

      Never has the left been in greater disarray than it is right now. The left has beaten us by dividing and conquering in the past; now they are uniting us on the right with America’s most powerful and capable demographic: white males. They’ve alienated the chit out of the middle class. The next election is going to be a rout for Trump, and that wall will go up sooner rather than later. There is not one single Donk that can rule over the fractured tribes, never mind a nation. More winning is on the way – be of good cheer and be strong.

      • Nailed it, Glen. Leftism is one gigantic incestuous worldwide ouroboros, so caught up in its own awesomeness it is utterly incapable of cognition of the genuine,real world around it. The daily clownfest of their star feministas proves this.
        That most powerful and capable demographic is not going away. They’ve been ceaselessly polite and magnanimous,but the whole patience thing is getting tiresome.
        Faith is a powerful thing,have it, keep it, use it. Let the snake eaters continue gnawing their own tail, it’s fascinating.

      • My feelings mirror your post and while I agree that conservatives are uniting, a vocal and visible champion/leader(?) remains to be found. Perhaps now is still not the right time… at least until the knives are taken away from the childlike msm. Given the obviously desperate fake news face plants of 2019, perhaps the wait won’t be so long.

        Do we have a template for this person? Are we really even looking for him? Is he hiding in the wings, waiting for the right time? Can this guy even exist? Do we go to the lab and splice Zman and P45 together?

        Meanwhile, the GOP excites as much as overcooked pasta…

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