February Grab Bag

Maybe it is just me, but there seems to be an edge to everything of late, like everyone is a little more mad about things than normal. I feel it in myself, which is why I have decided to decouple from the news entirely next week. I suspect it has something to do with the Jusse Smollett story. Not in a direct way, as no one is surprised by the result. Well, the media is pretending to be surprised, but no one else. This is one of those events where there is the above the waterline story and a below the waterline story.

The above the waterline part is the fact that everyone knew it was a hoax and the people in charge bothered to acknowledge it. Usually these hoaxes get broomed and the only people following them are the weirdos who cater to the woke Dirt People. Without Steve Sailer, no one would know about Haven Monahan. Heck, most people still don’t get the reference or they have forgotten it, along with the whole story. That’s how good the media is at controlling the minds of most Americans. Propaganda works.

The below the waterline story is that Smollett is going to get away with it. Some BoomerCons will wave around this petty charge as vindication, like they are doing with Trump’s fake wall declaration, but people on our side know better. If it had been two white guys attacking a black, they would be facing life in prison. This clown, who cost the city millions and perpetuated this blood libel against whites, will end up with probation and a boost in his career. Notice he has not been fired from his job yet.

A growing anger is the price for people becoming aware of what’s happening to them, but it makes for a tense environment. A lot of CivNats are slowly realizing they have been conned, duped by people they trusted. This is not America, at least not the America with laws, rules and equal justicet. We’re a lot closer to where the Russians were 40 years ago than where America was 40 years ago. That’s both scary and infuriating, but that’s inevitable as our people wake up from the American Dream.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

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69 thoughts on “February Grab Bag

  1. To underscore Z’s point about liberal hypocrisy: Years ago, I was impressed when conservatives argued that the leftists were the real racists/sexists. Like I did, cons must ask themselves why these arguments have proven so ineffective.

    As Z pointed out, it is because the left’s primary goal is overthrowing traditional white America. If a conservative shows their argument to be hypocritical, they don’t care. Their only question is, “Did this argument further damage my enemy?”

    Once you accept this, you see that they are not people who make sincere arguments but people who want to see our heads on spikes.

  2. I like the new, angrier Zman. The thing that I wondered about in the xirl science section is whether anyone actually reads this crap, at least more than skimming through it to make sure it hits the buzzwords. It isn’t like people are responding to and interacting with these published papers, at least as far as I can tell. The whole thing is just a scam and they probably whipped these papers out in afternoon. Does anyone have a better gig in America than university profs? You barely work a few hours a week, you publish a paper or two on occasion that no one reads, you get tons of paid time off and you get a fresh crop of young co-eds to seduce every fall.

  3. My father was a navitgator in a B24 in the war, flying from Italy. As they moved north, they would train to the next base. He told me about a hard assed crewman who left the train at a station and robbed a liquor store with his service revolver. After that they could only take their side arms with them when they were flying… Great Amrerican. That spirit is dying. God, please give it back to us, before it is too late.

  4. Regarding “equal opportunity,” yes that was a liberal idea back in the day. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was created in the 1960’s to… well, whatever, its purpose has…evolved since then. I’m sure the NRO folks are all on board with the new mission. Which is…

  5. Z, you got me to try to watch the highlights of the Rogan/Weiss interview to see the once in a lifetime event of Rogan outsmarting somebody, but I couldn’t make it through more than a minute. Watching two caved-in-heads verbally joust is like watching a bumfight. It might be funny but it leaves you feeling a little dirty, too.

  6. On a lighter note, here’s the web comment of the day:

    “…making Nancy pee her Depends, while AOC’s bugeyes swivel like a chameleon”

  7. This is only the latest in a long series of nigger hoaxes aided and abetted by the jew media. This one will die off by next week until the next hoax starts the process all over again.

  8. Well, we’ve reached the point where one side has not only declared themselves exempt, but they’ve aligned the media and legal system to carry out that exemption.

    That’s the best outcome from Smolette, VA, NJ, etc. It’s one thing to be a hypocrite now and then. It’s quite another when one side is fully exempt from norms and laws. Clinton wasn’t let go. She was declared exempt. Andy McCabe talking coup d’etat, lying to investigators, and walking around free while Manafort is dying in prison? Exempt.

    That system is unsustainable.

    If the right can get its shit together and self-deplatform onto its own services and apps, then we can start exempting ourselves too.

    And if you thought the Left mainly consisted of screaming children being told “no”, just wait until half the country just flips them off and pretends they don’t exist. Their gonna go through the roof.

    I read today that Smollette lost his job. Good. I never heard of him before, and he’s most likely heading for a cardboard box under highway overpass somewhere, so I’m out nothing. The gushing media did him in. He layered it on so thick that when people went in record defending him, they fell all over themselves to do so. That has left an indelible mark that they cannot erase and which can and will be used against them later. He’s probably going to get unpersoned.

    • I note they’re doing a full rollout of two “sex scandals!!”: Big Important News About The State of Heterosexual Morality In This Country!! in order to get the lying faggot off the page.

      He’s headlined events with Kamala, Nancy, Chuckie Schumer, even with the Black Jeebus, Barak Obama Himself. Got to memory-hole that sh*t like, yesterday!

  9. I’m happy to go on record as a fan of the “Xirl Science” bits. Until the revolution actually starts, all we can really do is mock their bullsh*t. Keep it up.

  10. “Jud Suss” is based on the true story of Süß Oppenheimer, a court Jew who helped finance the Duke’s ambitions but was put to death for sleeping with a Christian woman (the movie, incidentally, was made by Veit Harlan, the uncle of the woman who married the Jewish director Stanley Kubrick). Jewish historians like Fritz Stern have always been candid (if not always honest) about the Jewish role in financing Europe’s wars. No, it may not have been a conspiracy, but the reason all these various “Houses” like the Rothschild’s still exist and flourish is because of massive profits made from War. A few days back you had a post called “When the Truth is the Truth.” I think for Jews like Bari Weiss, if the truth could do the Jews harm, then it has to be a lie.

  11. I think the whole issue with Bari Weiss and the Neo cons and all the other flavors of Jewish people is they have an ancient visceral hate of Christendom. So that includes white Americans, Russian Nationalist, fascist, the Nazis and 100 other groups that has popped up over the last couple thousand years. And it’s why they’re cool with the Muslims even though they pray 5 times a day to kill them. It’s completely irrational but like you said after the revolution it’s not going to matter.

    In the meantime though, Martina Navratilova going after trannys is pretty funny huh. She is definitely hunkered down for the fight and we know she’s highly competitive so this should be interesting

  12. Loved the bit on Owning the Libs. It’s an amazing smack to a Lib’s face when you simply reject their morality. They’re left defenseless and shaken. Normies are stunned as well. It’s never dawned on them (just as it didn’t dawn on me for far too long) that they don’t have to play the left’s game.

    The Left needs the us to play along. They’re not happy alone. They’re only happy when they can prove their moral superiority over Bad Whites. If Bad Whites don’t show up to play, the left has nothing.

    This is a seed that will help some (enough, I hope) whites to begin forming their own community, much as Jews and Muslims do. The Left is not my people. I don’t give a shit what they think. (Unfortunately, for the moment, I do have to give a shit about what they can do to me. But it’s a long road to freedom, and it starts with realizing that there is another worldview that exists outside of this one.)

    • It’s an amazing smack to a Lib’s face when you simply reject their morality.

      These days, one of my favourite phrases is “what’s wrong with being a racist?” Regressives are convinced there are racists lurking under every couch, but when you say “Yeah, I’m a racist, deal with it” they are stunned to silence. Like a puppy that finally catches his own tail and then have no idea what to do next.

      • Yeah, I do that as well, especially if it’s just me and a Lib. It’s a bit tougher when there’s normies around. I have to soften things up for their sensitive ears.

        Sometimes, I go with attacking the Prog but stating the truth and telling them that “racist” is a coward’s word but used by wimps to bully people. That’s pretty popular with normies who know it to be true and are getting tired of getting pushed around by soy boy Leftists.

        But when I admit the truth, I love to attack the stupidity of not being a racist. “Everybody group in the world is racist, you dolt. It’s natural to prefer you’re own family over others. You think blacks aren’t racist. You think the Japanese aren’t racist. Only whites are stupid enough to buy into this color-blind nonsense. Maybe you can play other whites for suckers. Not me.”

        Btw, another great line in this vein came from Jarrod Taylor when asked why he would prefer his children to marry other whites. “Because I want my grandchildren to look like me.” You’d be surprised how powerful that line is. It hits an instinctual spot in people.

        • Well, to be fair, I suspect it’s easier to get away with this in Denmark; the regressives are not violent, they still pay lip service to free speech and resolving differences peacefully, and racism doesn’t carry quite the same stigma.

          Another good line from Taylor is this: “I prefer my own children to those of my neighbour. It doesn’t mean I hate all other children.”

          And Muhammed Ali – eloquently – said much the same in this epic interview: the BBC audience laugh like retarded children at Ali’s ebonics and his based logic, and the host laughs along with them.

          Right up until the host says something to the effect that he wouldn’t mind golliwog grandchildren, and Ali replies with all signs of contempt and anger at such cuckery: “Who wants to spot up yourself and kill your race?”

          That got the faggot little limey to pause his clown shtick.


          • Damn fine. The Dissident Right definitely humor on its side, if not much else. Well, we have the truth and, eventually, the truth wins. The question is whether they’ll be enough of us around to pick up the pieces.

            The Trump/Frozen clip is bittersweet given Trump’s slow decline.

          • The Dissident Right definitely humor on its side, if not much else.

            Deadliest weapon in the arsenal, humour, that’s why they come down so hard on it.

            But we also have truth on our side, and that’s why our jokes sting so badly.

            In the next twenty years, we’ll open up an entirely new era of genetics: a few months back, they caught a infamous serial killer by matching a DNA sample against one of those 23&me-outfit databases. And even if the murderer – wisely – had not volunteered his genome to a bunch of Jewish ne’er-do-wells, enough of his family had, to identify him.

            Israel already uses DNA tests on prospective citizens with a dubious record of Jewry. Soon, the term ‘race’ will be obsolete, and instead we’ll discuss specific and concrete genes. Dating sites will feature DNA data, disclosing the IQ and looks of the candidate, and that of your potential offspring.

            Blonde hair and blue eyes will become the gold standard of sperm; already, Britain imports more than half of its donor sperm from Denmark. They can shut down James Watson, but they can’t shut down the market. Again, science and capitalism ride to the rescue.

            And that, incidentally, is why the globalists hates Sweden so much; they hate America because it’s the epicenter of freedom, and they hate Sweden because it’s the epicenter of blondes.

            You can rule the world, have presidents kiss your ring, you can steal with impunity on a scale that’d make Genghis Khan blush, but not all your money and not all your power can give you what you most desire: white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

            It’s the Revenge of the Aryans: eventually, even the tribe will be infiltrated by Nazi genes. We’re going to rape their women and cuck their men with turkey basters. And they’ll pay for the privilege. And they’ll have a Jewish doctor do the honors.

            Damn, it must suck not to be white!

    • I’m glad that you and Felix admitted, somewhat, that it’s actually hard to say the lines you suggested, in public. Especially in the USA. Because it IS hard. You say this stuff where people gather, and you’re in for an onslaught, and the owners or employees will tell you not to come back again. Trust me on this.

      The phrase “what’s wrong with being a racist” does not fly. 1982 was probably the last time you could get away with that. Or still, only amongst family and friends. Otherwise, where strangers gather, no more. The Left has jumped ahead very quickly.

      But, yes, as you both implied, one has to go about it very low-key. From angles . It can be done.

  13. Allow me to connect some dots. The survival instinct is ancient and very strong. In our modern period of extreme affluence, US society carries a lot of dead-weight. Hence, Xirl science is an anointed means of earning a living for those in the dead-weight category (even the stupid have a survival imperative). This is a double negative in that the dead-weight is not being purged (as fitness selection would otherwise dictate), and conversely it incentivizes the persistence of stupidity. What happens when society can no longer afford to incentivize stupidity or the accumulation of dead-weight?

  14. Our present state of being has Soviet comps but to my mind the progs are aping the Chicoms pretty closely.

  15. ‘Bout time we got some real, honest-to-God news:

    Probably going to delay both his upcoming talk show and his future Senate run. This is without doubt the most racist, oppressive administration ever!!

  16. I’m a simple person, lazy by nature, so I just think about things in obvious ways. I have always looked at the Jewish situation simpilton fashion. I thought, if I were forced tomorrow to relocate where would I rather live, New Dehli, Shanghai, Mogadishu, Mexico City, Damascus, Riyadh (on and on ad naseum) or Tel Aviv.

    Then its easier for me decide what I need to obsess over.

    • I wouldn’t want to live in any of the non-white cities you list but that doesn’t disprove that many Jews want to dispossess whites in our own countries, force us to accept degeneracy, and use our militaries to fight endless wars for their benefit.

      The people loyal to Tel Aviv have done orders of magnitude more damage to white countries than the inhabitants of the other cities you mentioned.

      • “Orders of magnitude”. That sounds like a Triumph album. Which always sounded like those names the Pentagon gave their wars. Or some mission Rumsfeld dreamt up.

        Allied Forces
        Progressions of Power
        Thunder Seven
        Never Surrender
        Edge of Success

        Fight the Good Fight is a good song. Probably my favorite power ballad.


        • Your insight is devastating. I did see Triumph’s “Progressions of Power” tour and all my future political beliefs can be deduced from this event.

          It was all that feathered long hair.

  17. Thanks for the elucidation on the whole Amazon deal. I have a civnat friend start going off about the young socialists and the only response I was had was it’s just the bad guys against the bad guys and I don’t care.

  18. Zman comes off more angry than usual in this podcast. Kudos! The anger is justified. It’s the only rational response one can have to the increasing insanity of our culture.

  19. Pretty salty this week! Gotta say that I enjoyed that.

    More importantly, I wanted to say that I really appreciate your take on the Amazon story. I tend to default to business being an end in itself, and several things you have written or said lately have got me rethinking that. Even Carlson has been saying that capitalism should be seen as a tool and not an end in itself. I’m still wrapping my head around that— it’s not easy or quick to change one’s conditioning and worldview. You have got me thinking of fundamental things in a new way. That’s something I really enjoy about you.

  20. It always brings a smile to my face to hear Cyndi Lauper during the Power Hour. I am currently pursuing a post-grad degree in a performing arts field and you’d be amused and befuddled by some of the stuff I have to read – several times it has taken all my willpower to stifle hysterical laughter during class discussions of academic readings. You can take a lot of positions regarding these writings, but open derision is not one of them.

    You say some of your listeners object to Xirl Science segments, but please add a +1 to the “more xirl science” column for me.

    • Totally agree. Xirl Science is some of the best proof of the rampant stupidy and viciousness that plagues society. It really ramps up the hate in this Anglo-Saxonist. Please, more wood for the pyre.

  21. My employer moved from the middle of NJ to a crappy city right across the river from NYC in return for big tax breaks. Shortened the CEO’s commute, made everyone else’s terrible.

    So now the office is almost empty as most people work at home – except for the IT department which seems to be made up exclusively of Indian indentured servants.

  22. I despise everyone involved in the Amazon story.

    NY has horrible taxes and regulations – partly to raise money, but mainly to keep upstart peasants under control. So they gladly will forgo those taxes for a big corporation that lines up perfectly with their own feudal values. They will just crush the workers with personnel taxes.

    It’s all a show. Anyone searching for a place to grow their own business would end up in a place like New Hampshire, Florida, or Texas. But the urban Ivy League types who run GE and Amazon don’t want to live in those kinds of places. So they get their pals in Boston, DC, or New York to give them enough tax-breaks to justify setting up shop in those places to the shareholders.

    • Austin TX is a tech hub, though with high real estate costs. But lower cost San Antonio is not far away, and “diverse”. But as we would know, that’s the wrong kind. The right kind is Asian H1B serfs. Bezos actually has his space project in Texas, and he grew up in that state.

      They chose to expand facilities in Nashville (conservatives are not allowed self-determination) rather than concentrate everything in DC for the headquarters. Not sure what incentives TN gave them, but they should get nothing. The corporations have forgotten their end of the bargain, pro-business legislation is to be repaid with donations to GOP campaigns and prodding employees to vote GOP. Mark Hanna’s system works well as long as everyone knows their place.

  23. Please note Roger Simon has a gay son, is a Hollywood screenwriter, and is Jewish. Trifecta for winning prog credentials while claiming to be conservative.

  24. That “Becoming” stuff in the last paper sounds like Heidegger. Or someone trying to sound like Heidegger.

    • Yappitty military spouse. She has about as much to say regarding anything military as a hamster does it’s cage. About as much of a view, too. Now, Colonel Griggs himself would be interesting to listen to.

  25. In defense of Herf, he writes: “President Trump is not a latter-day Hitler. Nor does he have elaborate ideas about authoritarianism and the ills of liberal democracy, in the manner of German conservative chancellors such as Brüning or von Papen.” But he does write: “[T]he Emergency Act (Notstandgesetze) was incorporated into the constitution by vote of the German parliament in May 1968 in response to student demonstrations of the time and in the face of significant protest them. These laws were never invoked, even in the face of terrorist attacks in the 1970s and 1980s … Nor were they used to deal with a massive refugee influx from Syria and other countries in the Middle East in 2015.” Herf thinks this is admirable and that’s indefensible because that refugee influx has likely destroyed Germany for all time.

    • I’m weary of the word games with these guys. The intent is to seed the idea of Trump being Hitler. When called on it, he can then say, “well actually if you look in paragraph 85 I said Trump is not Hitler.” Yeah OK pal. Thanks for insulting me a second time with that bullshit.

      I don’t want to hear anymore about Hitler and the Nazis.

      • I don’t know Herf’s mens re, but I sure hate it when someone mentions Lincoln, but he is the appropriate historical precursor in the US context for a declaration of national emergency.

  26. I don’t feel so bad now. Even the rock steady, unflappable Z Man sometimes loses his patience with these people, and gets angry! HAR HAR HAR!

    You are absolutely right about Leftist running the game, and how idiots will play and lose every time. That was me, for years. Then one day the game wasn’t fun anymore. The lefties won, and I left the playground to go do something else. I don’t have cable TV, I have no subscriptions to the mass media, and when they waggle that stick and make to throw it – I just say ‘No thanks – go f*** yourself’. And every day, they get more and more desperate as they waggle that stick and beg me to come and play. “Lookit, Filthie! Your racist Covington Kids are beating up on native Americans!!!” … “Lookit Filthie! A pore n starving defenseless negro got beat up by your white buddies in MAGA hats!!!” … “Lookit, Filthie!!! That supreme court judge you want is a rapist!!!” Sure fellas – I’ll chase that stick – right after you pull my finger! Go ahead – it has bells on it….!

    We are not going to ‘own’ the leftists or progressives. Trust me – coming from a family of those loons… you don’t WANT to own them. You want distance. We are not going to vote or reason our way out of what is coming. Be prepared. These days, that’s about all you want to say out in the clear like this.

    • Carl, correct. We’ve run out of distance. I used to be of the same mind as Glen. Living in AZ and looking at CA, I used to think “sucks being you”, but then they moved here. Now it sucks being me. 2020 elections are likely to turn the State blue (it’s now purple at best). You can buy time—perhaps even until you die—but they’ll follow you wherever you go, if for no other reason than to escape the shitholes they’ve created.

  27. So very true about the rising anger. Almost to the point where I wonder if it’s bad for my health.
    Smollet, the VA Gang, all going to get away with it.

    • Hey, you can deliver a beat-down on a “conservative” in Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley, have it broadcast on TV, and still get away scot-free. “Conservatives” don’t fight back evidently. The GOP is the “Pussy Party.”

      You would think by now “tense” would = “Mag-dump.” Instead the Left violently steamrolls their “opposition” with the overt sanction of the State apparatus. And most of the attackers are WHITE for Crissakes.

      Good luck, folks. You’re gonna need it.

      • The media gaslit society into thinking there is a “Neo-Nazi” threat, which for members of older cohorts stirs recollections of the 90s “militia threat” and OKC.

        Many of us have this strange idea that Trump should have boldly endorsed the Proud Boys. As if they are ignorant of the polling data post-Charlottesville and the openly voiced coup threat from the Joint Chiefs.

        The morality boxes must be checked or we will be left adrift.

      • The “Right” of the West post-1945, outside of the extreme margins, is entirely bourgeois (and classical liberal, and thus not of the Right in my personal opinion). They seek peace, material well-being, career advancement, and respectability (from society, whose norms are mainly provided by our elite overlords) above all. The Left has their energizing myth of the egalitarian heaven on earth they’re going to build, the “Right” wants to go shopping. In my opinion, the only true, and at least temporarily successful in modern times (I’m thinking of Europe in the interwar years) Right have been non-bourgeois (at least the front-fighters who made progress happen), the fascists and the old Catholics and Orthodox. The institutional Catholic Church is a joke now, to put it bluntly, and I don’t see the Orthodox Church calling for total overthrow either.

        An Italian gentleman, back in 1934, had this to say:

        “A danger threatens the Regime, a danger that is usually called the “bourgeois spirit,” the spirit of satisfaction and accommodation, the tendency toward skepticism and compromise, the love of ease and a career. The fascist creed is heroism, the bourgeois creed, egoism. Against this danger there is but one remedy, the principle of continuous revolution.”

        Either a true, and non-bourgeois, Right arises and revolts (including against the plutocrats, Money, who own/control virtually everything, and are the true orchestrators of our world), repudiating the fundamental values and principles that have led us to today, imposing a new order that radically changes course, or we’re going to continue to drift into oblivion.

    • Yeah, notice how that whole thing went nowhere. Yet, if a “right-winger” gets accused of being mean to girls or not sufficiently worshipful of blacks, he will resign and grovel.

      • Well, he can’t be helped if he resigns and grovels. The only meaningful comparison is to the right winger who stands his ground

        • But, they never stand their ground. That was the most appealing thing about Trump. He never groveled. Too bad no one noticed.

          • It would be nice if conservatives groveled over something important, like the Iraq War or deregulating the banks.

            How much do you think David Frum and Max Boot have donated to rehabilitating the veterans wounded by their wars?

        • The GOP actively seeks out the kind of candidates who are likely to grovel. It’s a badge of honor for them.

          • I’ve heard form two different people that were seriously considering a high level political run that the r party wanted a detailed list of all the dirt that anyone could possibly dig up on them through oppo research – under the guise that it was needed in order to defend them. Both balked at doing that and were blown off by the party ptb. My take is that the party wants to have material to blackmail officeholders to control them. So unless youre rich enough to self finance you have to put the noose around your own neck. I’ve also noticed that the people that try to win without the party support wind up being attacked by them rather than just being ignored.

      • Those are rigged events. All of those cucks are poseurs exploiting the fact that a liberal can pretend being a conservative, a conservative cannot pretend to be liberal. It’s how they keep playing failure theater and getting invited to all the gayest clubs in DC.

        Any right-winger who isn’t fake eventually figures out that this asymmetry, the inherently skewed signaling game, is how republics actually work. They stop working because they can’t keep everyone fooled indefinitely. The solution to this is to become an empire.

    • I don’t believe women who go to the media, but don’t go to the police. (I presume they are outright lying or misrepresenting the facts)

      That woman # 1 waited for years to cry assault, and female #2 waited until it was already fashionable to accuse the guy, are further red flags.

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