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Because I am not insane, I assumed the Jusse Smollett caper was a hoax as soon as it made the news. It ticked all the boxes of a hoax. The alleged victim was a black Jewish homosexual, who makes a living as a drama queen. The alleged incident happened in Chicago, where the last racist redneck was last seen in the 19th century. The incident happened in a part of town that caters to deviants like Smollett, not MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters. Again, only a nut would accept the story at face value.

Similarly, once the hoax was made plain, I knew the believers on the Left, by which I mean everyone on the Left, would go through the usual phases that they always pass through when confronting disconfirmation. Initially they would lash out at doubters, calling them blasphemers. As the truth was slowly revealed, they would search for explanations to excuse Smollett. Finally, once it was confirmed to be a hoax, they would enter the phase where they admit it was a hoax, but claim these crimes are common.

This brilliant post on the topic goes into more detail, but the general explanation is that these people need to be reinforced in their beliefs and they need to reinforce one another in their beliefs. Progressivism is a social system, as well as a set of beliefs. The believer is not just defined by his beliefs, but by his association with others. Much of the signaling we see from them is not intended for us. Like fireflies blinking in the dusk, they are signaling to one another. These hoaxes provide the opportunity for it.

The people in this photo, for example, don’t care about the details of the case or whether it is even true. They play make believe for a living, so facts grounded in observable reality are not important to them. This Smollett thing was like a stage that suddenly popped up in the public square, allowing them to climb aboard and perform. What they will remember and what their coreligionists will remember, is that they were on board early and stood strong for a victim of those terrible white people on the other side of the wall.

It’s why these people not only fall for these hoaxes, but amplify them. You can be sure that many of the people in that photo have fallen for many of these hoaxes. The little Jewish guy, front row, third from the right, is a barking at the moon anti-white. He really believes Hitler is about to pop out from the bushes and carry him off to a camp. The next time whites are libeled in some way, he will be right there showing his support for the anti-white, regardless of how silly the claim. He is consumed with a hatred of white people.

That’s the thing though. Not only do these people keep falling for these hoaxes, these hoaxes are becoming more common and more outlandish. This one is so absurd, it would not pass muster with Hollywood script writers. The University of Virginia rape hoax was also laughably absurd. In other words, instead of these hoaxes leading to greater skepticism, these hoaxes result in greater credulity on the Left. It’s as if each one is an appetizer, wetting the appetite of the believers, who are desperate for the real thing.

The other side of this dynamic is the civic nationalists are close to a frenzy, trying to prove the next hoax false, confident that this time will do the trick. The Left, confronted with the reality of these hoaxes, will throw down their weapons and finally admit, that yeah, these things are fake. The fear of the secret invisible Hitler people is all nonsense. During every one of these, the CivNats start blinking to one another, working the details of the puzzle, confident that their “eureka!” moment is at hand.

It is a good example of the central challenge of this age. Guys like Steve Sailer truly believe they can turn the tide with facts and reason. He probably has 25 posts on this Smollett thing. He has been working the hate-hoax angle for close to two decades now, yet here we are anyway. He is no closer to unriddling the hate hoax puzzle than he was twenty years ago. If anything, the hoaxes have become more outlandish. Even so, he will keep trying to use facts and reason to address a matter of belief.

No doubt, some civic nationalist types would argue that their project is not about convincing the Left. It is about demonstrating to normal people that these people are dishonest, crazy or even dangerous. In other words, using facts and reason is not about countering belief, but about convincing the rational. The trouble is the Left is undefeated against this strategy and it permits them to own the moral high ground. In this case, they were the ones defending the victim against those evil whites.

Culture wars are moral wars. It is about imposing your morality on the other side, no matter what it takes. It’s why radicals have had no qualms about using violence against their perceived enemies. It’s why Antifa exists. They’re not trying to prove their case or win arguments. They are about clubbing the doubters into submission. From the perspective of the Left, this Smollett affair was a big win. They reinforced an important point They control the morality and they will impose it on society.

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  1. While your article is very good observation of the Left’s derangement from a more rational and sane perspective, your rationality ends when you state “The trouble is the Left is undefeated against this strategy…”

    That statement followed by your conclusion is only true from WITHIN the Left’s derangement bubble. That the Left is able to maintain this illusion by controlling most of the broadcast and major print media only illustrates how their “reality” only survives in a carefully controlled and scripted environment.

    There are at least a hundred million of us who live outside of that environment and who have increasingly seen the “man behind the curtain” and that what the Left proclaims does not reconcile with our reality.

  2. Question to Radio Erevan:
    What is difference between Elie Wiesel and Jussie Smollet?
    Answer of Radio Erevan: The former got Nobel Price.

  3. “No doubt, [Steve Sailer] would argue that [his] project is not about convincing the Left. It is about demonstrating to normal people that these people are dishonest, crazy or even dangerous. In other words, using facts and reason is not about countering belief, but about convincing the rational. The trouble is the Left is undefeated against this strategy and it permits them to own the moral high ground. In this case, they were the ones defending the victim against those evil whites.”

    Actually, I’m not seeing the Leftist victories on this front, or that Smollett etc. are coming off as actual victims. The proposition in the second sentence remains, accordingly, unrefuted.

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  5. It is frightening how readily people can be immune to facts and data, irrespective of the “intellect” or educational attainment of the individual.
    For instance, academics, supposedly the smartest folks in the room, are all in the Marxist -Leninist religion, despite the 1000% perfect record of failure and mass murder of this ideology.

    A vivid example of belief systems occurred a couple of years ago when an off-Broadway, NYC play re-enacted the Trump – Hillary presidential debate The audience was almost all NYC liberal progressives (I mention this just in case you reside in another solar system); that is HIllary/Obama religious zealots.

    However, in the play the Trump character recited the “real” Hillary’s actual debate lines, and the Hillary character recited the “real” Trump’s debate lines; all verbatim.
    The audience was NOT told, nor did they realize, that the characters’ scripts were real-world-role-reversed.

    Take a guess who the audience believed “won” the debate?
    Of course, they thought Hillary won the debate despite the fact her character was reciting verbatim the “real” Trump’s actual debate words.

    When notified at show’s end of the ruse, the audience was, well, dumbfounded.
    (Not to say they changed their mind about the real Trump/Hillary; that is demanding too much of true believers.).

    People will believe what they wish to believe; facts, data, historical arguments, reality, whatever, mean nothing.

    As for those of superior intellect, who supposedly have the analytical smarts to look beyond first base, why are they overwhelmingly in the Marxist camp?
    My guess is that they see themselves at the top of the power,wealth, influence, importance rung when their heaven on earth utopia is imposed upon the unwashed masses (whom they really, really despise).
    After all, they were always the smartest kids in school, yet somehow, the owner of the local used car dealer – supposedly a moron – is living in the mansion, while the brainy guy/gal is toiling away at some college , lecturing to snot nosed ignorant students (LGBT studies anyone?) earning 1/8 of the moron who sells used cars.

    And what about guys like Soros and Steyer;? who should just get it over with and enroll in the CPUSA?
    They may be billionaires, but they are publicly invisible compared to the moronic Hollywood crowd, the half white privileged Obama, the Clintons, Beyonce, or the ultimate insult and put-down, to Trump.

    Fame, power and influence Trump(s?) wealth all the time, especially when it allows you to control – and maybe even exterminate – the hated, ignorant, stupid, dumb masses.

    • John, interesting take on intellectuals. As one in the field, let me add another observation. I’m not certain it’s as much envy as lack of accountability. Folks in academia often play in a world of ideas, abstracts, and theories. They rarely are required to show such theories and ideas work, i.e., carry over into the real world. They only need to impress their fellow academics and get published. (Obviously, hard sciences differ to a greater extent than soft “sciences” in this regard.)

      Using your example of the used car dealer, he puts his money on the line, and if his business model is faulty, he goes bankrupt. An academic however, suffers no penalty for his foolishness. And as I stated above often receives a benefit from it in academia.

  6. The Smollett hoax shows the Left both in ascendence and cracking up. Along with the Covington kids hoax, this is a distinct defeat for the Left. They’ve been massively humiliated. A hundred anti-SJW memes have been born. The Daily Show and Charles Barkley are mocking him, and the MSM is forced to talk about hate crime hoaxes. Democrats are heading into a presidential election year looking like foolish zealots, which is not going to win them votes in the center.

  7. Each time these hoaxes happen they advance. Say they advance “10 yards”, and then get a “5 yard” “penalty”. The net effect is still advancement.

    • A comment I posted on Twitter to Steve Sailer regarding “gullible” progressives.

      Replying to @Steve_Sailer
      Well I think they all know they are hoaxes but they exploit them anyway in the float time before they are debunked.

  8. Strong argument Z. Would counter though that we are tugging over a middle 5 to 10% of the population per whose Narrative is valid. The Left mostly ignores us, and when exposed will repond with,. “Well these things happen anyway at other times & places, so this at least raises awareness, blah blah” . But it is to strengthen the conviction of some of the more tentative supporters in the Nationalist coalition that we keep shining a light of truth on these scams. Also, there is likely to be some loss of morale & conviction among some of the less cult-like members of the Left after more of these things are exposed.
    The alternative approach would be like going back to the pre-Internet age when everything in Time, Newsweek, NYT & WaPo was inviolable.
    Phooey. We’ll fight on, punching back at this propaganda BS.

  9. Currently watching a six part series on the Spanish Civil War. By Granada, available on Youtube.
    One comment hit home from a participant, that the divide was so great, you could not stand to see a socialist. There was no interaction.
    It’s where we are heading unless something changes soon. A little more threatening than global warming.

  10. Will the admission that it was a hoax make any difference to the cultural trajectory? I am willing to wager that, within the next 12 months, President Kushner will sign a new bill making it a crime to say anything “hateful” either in writing or verbally and “hateful” will be defined subjectively (as it is in Britain) i.e. anything which is perceived by any person as being motivated by hate. Punishment: up to 10 years in prison.

    They will call it “Jussie’s Law”.

  11. This is why Mad Men was so popular as a television show. Hollywood literally got to turn back the hands of time to re-fight all of the perceived social injustices of the early 60’s while knocking middle aged white guys in suits (my dead ancestors) off imaginary pedestals. Figuratively, they were pulling old white corpses out of the grave to box with them. It’s sort of like someone wanting to be a knight two generations after the medieval chivalry period closed shop. It’s liberals tilting at windmills like Don Quixote. The big problem is all of the old white guys who would have driven these people bananas died of cirrhosis of the liver by 1982.

    What we really need is a generation of white males who would look all of the Smollett like characters in the eye and say “hey nigger, don’t lie to me.” And also tell anyone defending Smollett, “don’t get on your high horse, you know how those niggers lie.” My grandpa would have said that. God rest his soul. Our big problem is indulging these people with our time and pretending to be open to obvious hoaxes until the proof comes in. The proof mostly doesn’t come in. In this case it did come in because Smollett was just so stupid. So much energy is expended just listening to these people. If there’s no proof in your opening sentence which has the word “noose” in it, I don’t want to hear from you.

    • So much energy is expended just listening to these people.

      Chasing the stick. As long as you’re thus occupied, you don’t make mischief.

  12. I’m glad to see more and more people realizing that pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards of the left is pointless and the leftists actually get off on it. I started to realize this around 2009 when the Tea Party became this “begging and pleading” group trying to tell the left that what they were doing was bad for America.
    Duh. As if the left simply just had beliefs and didn’t know what they were doing.
    They know exactly what they are doing, and doing it on purpose.

  13. In this single sentence you have elucidated, in technicolor, why the right always loses time and again and NEVER learns.

    “Even so, he will keep trying to use facts and reason to address a matter of belief.”

    Bbbbuutt, bbbbbbuuuttt, the world is NOT flat! We’ve been to outer space, we can clearly see it is a sphere. And the horizon dips over a distance and…. *guillotine blade comes down on heretic’s head*

  14. This is kind of like the folks who love to point out the obvious advantages women and minorities now have in higher education, business, government, etc. Yes, we get it, they shot past equality and into the driver’s seat a long time ago, stop waiting for them to send out a representative to proclaim the struggle is over. It’s never going to happen.

  15. I enjoyed the last part. About the Left IMPOSING their “morality” on us. No matter what. This is the part the center-right never understands. In fact, many of them don’t want to understand. The center-right keeps wanting to believe their opponents are honorable opponents, reasonable men, who just want to turn society in slightly different direction. Its amazing you have literally beat them over the head, CONSTANTLY before they STOP thinking this.

    And large numbers REFUSE to accept it. No, the liberal/left must be well-meaning *Americans* who gosh darn it, are just like us. and want the best for the USA and play by the Queensbury rules. Its funny how this naive idiocy is epidemic on the Right, starting with the Czar in 1917.

    • About the Left IMPOSING their “morality” on us.

      Yes. One of the rhetorical battleships in the culture war is ‘racism’, and if we could sink that, half the war is won.

      Don’t defend yourself if someone calls you a racist, don’t accept that it’s a moral sledgehammer. Racism is completely normal and ubiquitous, and at worst, it can make you an asshole.

      If you deny being a racist, you validate their terminology, you validate the notion that it’s the be-all-end-all of character flaws. Don’t try to explain or declare yourself a ‘race realist’ or ‘nationalist’ some such nonsense, don’t go on the defensive, don’t give an inch.

      Instead, ask them what’s so bad about being a racist.

      • That’s a good point. Whites are the only group that can’t have pride in their heritage and support their own businesses. These actions are great for all POCs.

      • Re: ” Instead, ask them what’s so bad about being a racist. ”

        Don’t even do that.

        Just respond with ” yeah ……and so what’s your point exactly ? ”

        That dumps the whole racism accusation directly back into their lap.

  16. Right now Sailer currently has about 4 of my comments in moderation purgatory, a couple of them for going on 2 and a half days.
    Sailer seems to really believe that THIS TIME justice will be served against the hoaxer, and I have made several comments explaining why I believe Juicy Smollett won’t do a single day in prison. People don’t really understand the complexity and depth of the Chicago machine, combined with Juicy’s preexisting wokeman points. Even if the case goes to trial, imagine the jury pool of Lakeview/Boystown. It’ll make OJ’s jury look like Hitler’s inner circle.

    • I still hit Sailer’s site every day, but I find myself skimming a lot of it. I don’t comment often, as his moderation is less than ideal. By the time he gets around to approving it, I forget why I commented.

      • The day Rosie, Twinkie, Jack D, or any other of Sailer’s regulars start spamming your comments is the day I stop reading here. They utterly destroyed Audacious Epigone for me, and I had read his site for years prior to his joining Unz. Right now I am content reading here and rarely feel moved to comment (others make my points for me). You’re one of the few sites left I can bear to visit daily. Please remain smallish and sane and straightforward.

          • Moly’s promiscuous use of a logical fallacies amuses me. I’m not sure I’d say I was mocking him. Needling him is more accurate. Like Sailer, he is a great example of someone who is not necessarily on our side, but they are not opposed to our side. They’re like neutral countries in that you should defend them from the other side, but never expect them to join the fight.

          • If Molyneaux is not “on our side” – I’m not sure what side you think he’s on.

            I’m sure I’ll get my peepee whacked for this one , but Molyneaux and Peterson are doing a lot more to unfuck the heads of a lot of white men than you are Zman.

            If you can sit thru Molyneaux and Peterson and absorb what they’re saying – which is almost universally opposed to anything being proffered up by the left – then you should come out the other end with a very harsh outlook on the racial and gender realities of where we are in the current age.

            If you can get your head to that place – well then you’re going to be solidly standing on the right side of things politically speaking IMHO.

            In simple terms : I don’t see Molyneaux or Peterson supporting ANYTHING coming out of the current day left. That alone makes them allies and not enemies.

  17. The hoax is a symptom, not a cause.
    The cult of VICTIMS wants democracy, i.e. mob rule. Give it to them good and hard. Mockery if you have noblesse de plume. By other means if you have noblesse de epee. Veritas patria nostra.

  18. I don’t know if it was a big win. Another reading could be that the Left is pushing ever closer to a John Brown Moment. As you say, these attacks keep increasing in number and frequency, because the Left loses nothing (Smollett will serve no time, and have his own version of “The View” on basic cable within a year) and gains everything (i.e. further virtue points with their co-religionists). Eventually one of them is going to do something so gross — and be cheered on by so many in the Left — that… “separation,” let’s call it, will be the only viable alternative.

  19. Facts and reason will never sway Lefty, but Sailer does valuable work making sure that those beginning to Notice know they’re not alone.

    Lefty can’t be swayed. Like everything else, political preferences are largely genetic. Everybody should keep a mental list of those in their life that hate Whitey. When the revolution comes, and the Bad Whites move to Cascadia or whatever, they’ll want in. Forcing those on the list to stay in Post-American Wakanda will be good for the gene pool.

  20. The alleged incident happened in Chicago, where the last racist redneck was last seen in the 19th century.

    Well, MLK was hit in the head with a rock and dropped to the ground in 1966 or 1967 during an open housing march on the South Side of Chicago. But the neighborhood was then mostly Lithuanian, and the unknown perp was likely either Lithuanian or Irish-not a “redneck.” It was the same neighborhood where the “Illinois Nazis” later made famous by the aborted Skokie March and the Blues Brothers movie had their home base.

    You could probably mark 1980 or so as the point when “white racist ” incidents became exceedingly rare in Chicago. This due both to the cumulative effects of equalist propaganda and the destruction/ethnic cleansing of the local white working class. All of course similar to many other cities in the Midwest, South and Northeast.

  21. its kind of like why i would think the sokal hoax would do serious damage to academia (which it didn’t) or why the revelation of the strzok page thing would cause an uproar (which it didn’t really). The problem is that everyone who is upset about it is already on our side and the other side either doesn’t care or is comfortably numb.

  22. Are we in a real fight? You bet we are. It doesn’t seem like we have reached a battle worth fighting though. Whatever that means. Fighting for meaningful change. To what end? How so? Other than understanding the reality of the left can we hope to rid ourselves of them in total? I doubt it. There is never any real justice. None doled out by the state that’s for sure. I’m sure Jussie will get a stern talking too at some point before he is absolved of all sin. There are many reasons but few excuses. If Black Panther wins best picture tonight we will again be told everything we need to know. Like that means anything or I will be watching. I’d like to go Galt but it seems to be impossible for me to do so. The State has dibs on to much of my pretaxed hard earned money. Bastards.

  23. I disagree. Smollett was an unconditional loss for the left. All sides recognize this. His Jewish father exacerbates the loss because the left are equally offended by Jewish privilege.

    • Actually, out here in the real world, hardly anyone knows or cares that Smollett’s father is Jewish.

  24. Zman, wonderful piece. Yep, the charges of hypocrisy/fakery on the Left are pretty meaningless as a debate tactic. And as you’ve pointed out, debate per se is pretty meaningless.

    It still amazes me how the conservative talking heads continue to make it a staple of their programs. As if pointing such out was some sort of talisman that would banish Lefty. When I hear such—usually in the first few minutes of a show—I realize these folk haven’t a clue and further listening to their blather is a waste of time.

  25. Just wait, the Progs WILL reward Smollett for this once the hoopla dies down a bit.

    Don’t there have to be at least a few people who watch CNN out of habit who realized that the CNN narrative on this seemed at odds with common sense? I don’t even get angry at the hoaxes anymore, but my contempt for CNN somehow keeps growing.

    What’s interesting is how differently the Chicago media treated this compared to the national media.

  26. YES.

    These people are in their own bubble. They will kill you AND themselves if you dare to try and snap them out of it. Utopia exists here on earth. They have made it so; and nothing must get in the way of that – right on up to and including reality.

    I saw it in my own family of progs. Time and time again they got mugged by reality and when they regained their feet, bandaged the lumps and put salve on the cuts – they’d go back for more… and insist that I go with them – or else!!!!

    For decades, just like Sailer, I thought they’d get tired of the pain and hurt… but it doesn’t happen. I’ve known this for a couple years now.

    I dunno yet whether we will have to deal with it, or these idiots will put an end to themselves first…

    • Remember, by definition, fully 1/2 of people have a below-average IQ. This explains so much of the craziness we see daily.

    • Glenn, unfortunately these idiots are likely to take us with them when they put an end to themselves. Otherwise, I’d be more patient.

      • They will do everything to take you down as they go down. They will not leave you standing if they have their way.

    • They’ve managed to seal themselves off of reality, like a lot of cults do.

      I remember some shitlib journalist got SHOT by a random vicious vibrant; not fatal, and came back shitlibbier than ever.

      Once they get too invested, I guess there’s no way back. I was lucky. I got into libertarianism in high school. I know we like to whack them, but the important thing about libertarianism is that it does give you some distance from the doctrinaire left; enough distance to escape to something better later.

      • It also gives you first hand experience with arguing with lefties – and experiencing the very same thing that Austrian corporal experienced in Vienna right after WW2.

        Thru debating lefties from the viewpoint of libertarian beliefs – I got to the same place that Austrian corporal did:

        “Gradually I began to hate them”

        And for the same reasons.

    • Good Grief! Your family sounds uncannily like my old long gone prog family. I got hurled into the void and disinherited for sprinkling around too much reality. Now through my husband’s side I have inherited a new prog family. Lucky me 🙁 As Derb recently wrote, “From the Cold Civil War perspective, they are skirmishes between two huge groups of white people who hate each other. The two groups here are:
      the media, academic, political, and corporate establishment, who cannot forget nor forgive the outrage and humiliation they suffered in November 2016; and
      two, the sixty-three million Americans who inflicted that humiliation on them.”

  27. “They play make believe for a living, so facts grounded in observable reality are not important to them.”

    This is the same reason spending 4 hours a day, every day, watching “drama,” i.e. fiction, untruth, acting, leads a society to gradually conflate fiction with facts, TV with real history, and actors for real people.

    A progressive really is just a person who believes what’s on TV.

  28. Much of today’s race hustling has the “cargo cult” feel. The hoax perps are now three generations removed from any regular contact with anyone that ever saw a live Klansman or got hickory shampooed at a lunch counter. So we get these bizarre hoax rituals designed to resurrect the racial equivalent of the planes filled with Spam and C-rations. On the bright side it’s a good view into the average Prog’s incapacity for planning and critical thinking. But trying to play ‘gotcha” with true believers is a fools errand. They still believe the next time rituals will successfully conjure the spirits of Hitler and Nate Forrest.

    • three generations removed from any regular contact with anyone that ever saw a live Klansman or got hickory shampooed at a lunch counter.

      There’s something particularly galling watching some Black, Asian or whatever who’s attending an Ivy League university lecturing anyone else about privilege.

    • trying to play ‘gotcha” with true believers is a fools errand.

      It’s like playing whack-a-mole.

      Some years back, I commented a lot on energy issues on the Grauniad’s website. Being pro nuclear, I had a lot of discussions about Chernobyl. And you could quote every conceivable authority on the casualty figures, which range anywhere between 100-1,500, but they still believe a million people died.

      So you could spend hours, sometimes days, systematically debunking someone’s gish-gallop line-by-line, demonstrate how their ‘sources’ were either crackpot websites with no external links, or lost in a maze of circular references, and if you were very stubborn, you could get them to eject from the conversation.

      But the next day they’d be back with the same hoax numbers and the same hoax sources, and you could do the same all over again. And these were people who’d call you a science denier if you were not on board with catastrophic MMGW.

      • The more things change…

        The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The [true believer] had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

        Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck.

        I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying.

        Gradually I began to hate them.

        • “Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck.” Murray…Good for you. Many of us are figuring this out. Z wrote about this quality of the Left this weekend. From my post today: “When speaking with Lefty, they ALWAYS blow out massive quantities of squid ink, deflect the question and aim the flame thrower at the face. It’s no use anymore. Just train up not to fetch sticks. These hoaxes are even more for group signaling and group cohesion in addition to a visual cautionary threat to those over the great divide.” Murray..why bother anymore. You’re dealing with deranged people and psychotics. Their morality is not our morality. Keep going,brother!

          • To be clear, I was quoting a certain Austrian gentleman’s memoirs of his post-WWI experiences in Vienna. Not that I approve of said gentleman, but some of his observations are uncannily apt.

          • “The more things change…”–“Not that I approve of said gentleman, but some of his observations are uncannily apt.”

            The Person in Question was talking about the Socialist/Communists of his own day, which only shows the venerability of their methods.
            Which, of course, he used himself, which makes his statement so ironic:
            “I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying.”
            Lying liars always hate other liars.
            And they all hate the rest of us.

    • As someone brilliantly pointed out recently, the demand for acts of racial hatred against the blacks is so great, and the supply so small, the blacks have gotten into the business of creating supply to fill their own demand.

  29. I’ve noted with frustration that in recent weeks InstaPundit has been on a full-tilt roll to call out how much conservatives love the Jews, the gays and victims of every stripe. The DR^3 is strong there, lately.

  30. My harmless question
    “Can we look forward to this headline: ‘Jussie, the Jig Jew Jessie jailed’ ?”

    was censored by Sailer for some reason.

  31. My favorite is still the Kavanaugh hearing and Fords recovered memories story, that’s something straight out of Mexican telenovelas, something only a woman would dream up, but it was entertained in full seriousness. What’s next, fortune tellers and witch doctors as expert witnesses certifying recovered memories?

    • She watched those Jewy 1980’s sex comedies and got them mixed up with reality. I kept thinking of Revenge of the Nerds when she was testifying. “And then he put on a mask and pretended he was my boyfriend…”

    • Recovered memories. The same thing that got all those innocent Sunday school teachers arrested and incarcerated thirty years ago.

      • “In 1984, a family of nursery school owners in Massachusetts, the Amiraults, mother, son and daughter, were accused of raping children with knives, of forcing children to watch the killing of bluebirds and of tying a naked child to a tree as one of the teachers cut the leg off a squirrel. The Amiraults were all convicted. The mother and daughter were sentenced to 8 to 20 years; the son, to 30 to 40 years.”
        See the book written by Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal.

      • Absolutely. I believe the Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Rabinowitz (?), had article after article detailing the complete absurdity of these children’s “recovered memories”. Indeed, if I recall, one of the recovered memories introduced in Court was of animal sacrifices held in the day room of the care center in front of the children. The day room being compose of two large windowed walls open to the viewing public from the street. Pure hysteria reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials.

  32. I have only half paid attention to this story since it was so obvious it was a hoax from day one. We have seen enough of these to have predicted the damage control narrative: “This was fake, but it’s an important topic to discuss, because it brings attention to hate, blah blah blah”

    I have heard some of /ourguys/ painting these as anti-White hate crimes. What is the purpose of these hoaxes but to demonize straight White men who will never wear a man-bun?

  33. Hoaxes are better than real hate crimes, because with real hate crimes, you risk seeing the perpetrator go to jail and then there’d be no systemic racism to rail against. If it’s a hoax, you run little such risk, and the the more outlandish the hoax, the smaller the risk.

    The Smollett-strategy was that they’d never catch anybody, so he would have been able to rave for years about how the police doesn’t care because he’s black.

    • Worse, actually. In the few instances of a “genuine” crime the perp tends to be such a loser that it fulfills none of the Left’s fantasies about secret plots and Nuremburg rallies.

  34. I’m not as skeptical as Zman on winning over some on the left by pointing out crazy behavior and double standards. The way I see it, the Democratic Party today consists of three types: 1. The minorities, Blacks and Hispanics and Asians. 2. The SJW/urban, mostly white lefties, including cat ladies, soyboys, etc, and 3. The normal, traditional white working class Democrats, who haven’t yet realized their party has changed, and no longer cares about the working man.

    You can never change the minds of the first two groups, being true believers, but I know a lot of the latter group, and it’s astonishing to find out how much they’re living in the past. The white Dems that have it figured out were a major reason Trump won the election, giving Trump unexpected victories in some of the Rust Belt states.

    Steve Sailer has promoted painting the Dems as the party of POC, or the Coalition of the Fringes, leaving Republicans as the White Party. The thinking is that normal, traditional White Dems will become horrified at what their crazy, Whitey-hating party has become, and switch teams.

    The 2020 Democrat Primary season will be fertile recruiting ground for the normal white Dem voter, as the candidates openly display their anti-whiteness and crazy policies, like reparations, for instance.

    Of course, the race is on, as the Dems are furiously promoting the invasion of the Third World, to counter the number of White Dems who might run to the Republicans.

    • I have dealt with a lot of White boomerlibs and they are just as out of touch as boomercons. They still think the Democrat party is about affordable health care, unions, etc. Some even still fly American flags–relics whose time is passing. Younger White Dems there is some hope for, but where are they going to go? The Republican party who hates its Whiteness and is more interested in tax cuts for Jeff Bezos and foreign adventurism than addressing working class issues?

    • I agree that the Sailer Strategy is the only viable path forward for Republicans. The difficulty is that it’ll have to be carried out in the teeth of a) The GOP establishment’s horror at the prospect, and b) the monotonically increasing level of anti-white hysteria from the opinion-forming organs of the media and the education system.

      In a sane world, b) would be sufficient to cause whites to flee screaming from the Democrats, but this is not a sane world, and there’s a significant number of whites (especially white women) with a pathological eagerness to ingratiate themselves with anti-whites for the upcummies. If we win, these people will have to be denied any role in the democratic process, but their current influence will make it a close-run thing.

      • Murray, I agree, the GOP is an impediment to the Sailer Strategy. We have to rely on the wackos, Kamala Harris, AOC, Omar, et al, to do the heavy lifting for our recruiting efforts.

    • There are a significant number of whites who are and will remain anti white. We are already in a minority position and it’s going to get even worse. As the browning continues more women and more soy boys will be brow beat into the anti white camp.

      Our side will become more and more animated while we become more and more of a minority. We will see many fence sitting whites jump back and forth: a tug of war between ethnic interests and socially imposed morality (women will make up a lot of this demographic).

      At some point we will need to take action. To do that we will need some control over at least some institution.

      The republicuckians are our worst enemies at this point. The quicker we destroy them the better our chances.

      If we can get 1/3rd of white males on the same page who our willing to act in our own ethnic interests, something I believe is attainable, it’s game over.

    • If Trump weren’t such an appalling jackass he would have been able to pull most of your group 3 into the Republican Party in time for the midterms. In fact I think he might have been able to pull in a bit of 1 and 2 as well! The tragedy of Trump is that when somebody finally took advantage of the huge and longstanding opening for a nationalist/populist political movement in America, it turned out to be a total moron who is discrediting everything that got him elected.

      When I voted for Trump I didn’t actually expect him to win. I expected Clinton to win, and I thought the best we could hope for was that the shocking fact of Trump’s nomination might result in the Republicans seeing the light and nominating a credible nationalist in 2020. Feeble as that hope was, I’m wondering now if a Clinton victory might not have been the better outcome. Because Trump is wrecking things, and generating a backlash that could end up handing the government over to the Democrats for a decade or more. And we just don’t have that kind of time!

      • JEB, Trump is a package. You get good with bad. What you overlook is that there was no alternative in the running, just more of the same GOP RINO’s. It’s not that there are no alternatives to Trump, i.e., a “smart” Trump. They just were not in the running or afraid to step forward and as an unknown, doubtful winners.

        Everything you fear about Trump may be true, but it also may be true that Trump has shown there is an alternative to politics as usual. Clinton would have sealed the progressive deal for the foreseeable future. In any event, regardless of Trump, the demographics are unavoidable—and not Trump’s doing.

        • Yes, I know. But my fear at this point is that, despite everything you say, Trump may actually turn out to be worse than a Clinton victory would have been. If Clinton had won, maybe a “better Trump” would have stepped up in 2020, and maybe he could have made people recognize the damage Clinton was doing, and maybe there would still have been time to turn things around. A lot of maybes — and yet it seems at least possible now that this might have been better than what we’ve got.

          The really sad thing is that almost anybody could have done a better job than Trump is doing. Even I could have done better! I have no political experience at all, but I would have found advisors who did (Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, Tom Cotton…) and done my best to compensate for my inexperience by paying close attention to their advice. And despite my inexperience I’m capable of speaking in public without making a fool of myself, and of restraining myself from sending out ill-considered tweets at three in the morning. These aren’t rare attributes — almost any intelligent and reasonably self-possessed person who found himself in Trump’s position would be doing a better job. The tragedy of Trump is that he is almost uniquely bad at doing what he was elected to do!

    • As the Democrat party moves Left and further alienates the white middle and working class, it will begin to lose some political influence, but the outcome of that progression will not be a revival of political sanity or a resurgence of constitutional governance. Rather, they will become far more extreme in their desperation and make a serious run at implementing a tyranny by deception, vote rigging, and brute force. They are prepping the 2020 election battlefield right now with the concocted reverse claim that Trump will not step down if “defeated.”

    • The normal, traditional white working class Democrats

      They realize a lot more than you think. Ignore the boobs at the top of the unions: both Reagan and Trump did, and won. I work with a dozen (D)-inclined union guys (all retired now) and every one of them will go sideways as soon as I mention AOC or Obozo. They have NO use for either of them, nor their “policies.”

      It’s hard to see is clearly, but I think Big Progressive has reached its maximum and is in decline, which is precisely why Antifa exists and AOC declared that “I am in charge”. This is their last stand and they know it. Unfortunately, that may mean there will be blood.

      Be prepared.

      • We can only hope. But remember, the blue collar retirees you mention are probably like me, a product of a system long gone. Even without college degrees, they probably were better educated through HS than most of the millennials with college “degrees”. Add to this mix of abject ignorance a healthy dose of envy and heightened expectations and racial hostility and you have quite a block of Democrat voters.

  35. See that conservative student organizer get punched? Keep your hands up man! This same organization came by my office wanting money. I told them Alex Jones now, them tomorrow. They just looked at me blankly. It will never happen. LOL

    • I got in trouble on TGP by calling that kid a idiot and needed to learn how to fight. Just just standing there and being a punching bag is not a strategy/. A lot of the posters whined ‘why didn’t anyone step in and protect the student?’ Well duh he’s in enemy territory.

      CivNats don’t get that war has been declared against whites and that the Left will use any and all means against us. And worse there is no one coming to help.

      It’s clear the whole notion of self-defense is beyond the CivNat./Cuck contingent. Talk about being sheep. They will be the first to be slaughtered in vast numbers when things go pear shaped.

      • No kidding. Never stand square. If right handed pivot your right foot around to a partial boxers stance and keep your hands up but palms open. On tape you’ll look like the “peacemaker”, but could easily have stepped in on the sucker punch and clamped the guy’s punching arm.

      • The problem is that the left controls most of the district attorneys offices in population centers. This puncher will never serve any time. Even that professor who was caught on video clubbing someone with a bicycle lock didn’t spend a night in jail. If he had been a white nationalist, he would be serving 10 years. After all the resources spent on the Smollett hoax, he will probably get a year of probation.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the death penalty in Texas starts being used less frequently considering that the big population centers where most of the crime is all have dem DAs. I know Soros has been in the business of recruiting people to run for DA.

        • Exactly, there is no justice for conservative whites in liberal run cities. This is why learning some form of self-defense is imperative if you doing what the TurningPoint people do.

          Here’s the thing, that punch to the head if done with speed and power can result in the victim hitting his head on the concrete and either dying or getting brain damage. Go read about what happened to the ‘Knockout game” victims. This is something I don’t want to see happen.

          To expect the Left to behave in a civilized manner is gone. Witness that sheer hate and death threats aimed at the Covington kids or when the MAGA types hold rallies and the anti-fa show up to crack heads.

        • After all the resources spent on the Smollett hoax, he will probably get a year of probation.

          He’ll get his own talk show.

      • You may already be aware, but in the event you’re not, Jim Hoff of TGP is a homosexual and passionate Christian Zionist. Bear that in mind when reading anything posted there. I was banned years ago – hardly even glance at his headlines anymore. You’ll find a similar environment at Conservative Treehouse. Pro-Trump, pro-Israel, no meanies or thought criminals allowed. Because they’re the VIRTUOUS right, not zomg ebil nazis.

  36. Oh Smollett is half Jewish. Didn’t realize that. Explains why he is being treated with such kit gloves…

    From his Wikipedia entry, accessed a few minutes ago: “father was Jewish (his family emigrated from Russia and Poland).[18] He has said that his father would have “killed you if you called him white.”

    How strange! Why would his father renounce his white privilege like that? Please someone unriddle this conundrum for me!

  37. The essential value of the Smollett hoax is that it reveals that the cancerous social pathology of Leftist parasitemia has reached late Stage 3 or early Stage 4. In Stage 3, there is some hope for a minor period of remission if aggressive treatment (chemo or radiation) is administered quickly. In Stage 4, palliative treatment of symptoms (pain relief) is about all you can do. Now ask . . . as you look around the landscape of social news, is the problem getting better or worse?

    • Clearly, the problem is getting worse. Pathological progressivism is no longer a fringe phenomenon. It’s now the racial-educational-journalistic mainstream.

      Some days it saddens me. Some days it frightens me.

    • Probably many people that have looked into narcissistic and borderline personalities is familiar with the concept of DARVO which stands for deny, attack , reverse victim and offender . No matter what they do the borderline will Deny it then they will Attack the person who brings up their bad behavior and then they will claim to be the victim while the person they’ve hurt is actually the offender for attacking them. I’m beginning to think the left has just turned into some narcissistic borderline personality superorganism

  38. I recently read some old right-libertarian critiques of (moribund) Fusionism. Their argument was that government-coerced virtue wasn’t, in fact, virtue at all. The sad irony is that after they won the argument and Conservative, Inc., surrendered to the “celebrate deviance and mental illness” Left, the Left is now imposing their own perverted morally on all of us, and anyone who dares question it risks losing the ability to earn a living and even incarceration. But, hey, the GDP has gone WAY up…

  39. All religions rely on some common features, like martyrs and faith affirming sacred stories. Progressivism is no different. To the True Believers on the Left, it doesn’t matter if it was really true or not because in “Trump’s America” it could have been true and that is all that matters. It should be another warning bell for white Americans that so many of our fellow citizens were so willing and eager to believe the worst of them. Even though a black degenerate like Jussie is statistically in 100% more danger from other blacks, these people still think the Klan is roving around the country looking for blacks and sodomites to lynch.

  40. A little behind, but a funny quote about the pointless “hypocrisy shaming” of the right, re. the “owning the libs” segment of Friday’s podcast.

    “When you point out the 1,776th leftist double standard a giant bald eagle named Freedom will pick you up in its talons and fly you to a mystical jeffersonian republic of constitutional conservatism and classical liberalism.”

    • Yeah as you say, it’s easy to lag behind the podcast. It’s odd to me that Z spends time and effort putting together the best podcast on the Right, then soon follows with new posts, thus forcing his own podcasts down the memory hole. Or at least hampering discussion of them. If I put that much effort into a podcast I’d wait till Sunday morning to post something new. Giving people 2 full days to listen and discuss the podcast.

    • Z—big complements on this post and the weekend podcast. Appreciate how your themes overlap and augment the other.
      Okay, from this weekend, I’m still surrounded and arms out staying afloat in a quick sand of black pills. As I’ve said before and will again, I’m the kid of Commies. I am your translator. Within the last year, the light bulb went on that the only reason I’m learning “the arguments” is for my own clarity. I turned around to find I had grown a tail, ran with a stick and barked a lot! Most unseemly. Realized NOBODY will hear-learn-or care about the arguments. Am working hard to recognize a “fetch the stick” moment and not grow a tail and arf.
      Here in Mormon land, “Nice” people-women DO NOT discuss politics or anything edgy. At my own birthday party, I casually mentioned the possible ramifications of the solar minimum (yes, I know, I can be a quite a bore and what did I expect), and was promptly shut down by the dominant lead female who put the cards on the tail and said Deal! These people are ferociously determined to keep their eyes shut and will of course reap the whirlwind. Plus when speaking with Lefty, they ALWAYS blow out massive amounts of squid ink, deflect the question and aim a flame thrower at the face. It’s no use anymore. Just train up not to fetch sticks and save your energy for reading Z and talking with the few family members you can. Remember, these hoaxes like dopey low IQ Jussie (He paid his goons with a personal check!) are even more for group signaling and cohesion in addition as a cautionary threat to those over the great divide. Civil war’s a’coming and it won’t be civil.
      PS: Just read that Martina Navratilova is expelled from some tennis something for stating it’s not fair for women to compete against tranny women because they are men! The Left ate her up! Eating their own! Absolutely delicious in a perverse way! (Wow! Am I so old and the world so demented that the last picture I saw of her was in a guy’s workshop with Martina (maybe pic of Sharapova) looking like a young long-legged gazelle with cleavage. Now even she’s a truculent old-faced lesbian box wine drinkin’ sexually ambiguous badger! Damn..can’t keep the hard faced dikes straight anymore. Wah!

      • White heterosexual women will be the next targeted group. It’s going to be interesting to see how that all goes down.

        • Yep! Been seeing hate against WHW rolling out and gathering steam. Glad I’m not having to ride BART to work anymore. Have a lovely, well-designed CC purse on order.

          • Riding BART was a big factor in forcing me to give up my beliefs that multiculturalism is desirable and that all races behave the same.

          • Damn it all, man! Me too! Could write a book of at least 50 truly disturbing and enlightening BART moments, plus one truly scary lost-one-of-my-cat-lives as a pack of vibrants threatened me with death in the BART car. You’ll have to imagine how I got out of that one! Ah.. the memories of the 11th Street Station.

        • Disagree Dutch. White hetero women rule the Left right now. And the gay women are in accord with them for the most part. So it’s really just white women against POC women. White Lefty women are crazy, as women are, but have higher IQ and sense than their POC chick cohorts. They’ll tolerate just so much from their black/Muslim/Latino sisters, but will lower the boom on them when truly threatened. After all we’re talking about bitches, and bitches fight.

          • It’s music to my ears to hear POC women lecture white women on their privilege and how the white women need to shut up.

  41. “It’s why Antifa exists. They’re not trying to prove their case or win arguments. They are about clubbing the doubters into submission.”

    Which is why the left has been determined to own the streets in this country. They used civil rights as a wedge issue to do just that and have controlled public discourse ever since. CivNats can cluck about law and order all they want. They’re in an echo chamber.

    • Epaminondas, is it me or do others also see that the antifa crowds in these confrontations with alt-rightists seem weak and squirrelly. I’m never really impressed. Angered perhaps at their cowardly blindsiding of opposition in fiscal confrontation, but scared of a one on one with any of them, no.

      • The problem is that the authorities are often on their side. Especially in left-wing areas, which have totally discarded the idea of equality under the law. That means that Antifa, no matter how physically weak, can safely attack first, because if right-wingers fight back the authorities will quickly reel in the right-wingers.

        • This is true only for the areas in which liberals have control over state and/or local government. In Charlottesville, for example, they had both. If you’re going to head into a confrontation with Antifa, do it in a conservative state and a conservative town.

          • I have an even better idea. Stop street thuggery period, because streets and cities are inherently leftist and rigged for their advantage. Just look at a political map. It’s a red ocean with deep blue islands.

            This has been true since the 1950’s suburban revolution, arguably bigger than the sexual revolution. Don’t forget that ancient Rome did survive silphium. The West might not survive an urban elite out of touch with the productive subdivision conservatives.

            Cars should be banned, at minimum in places like DC or New York. Force the reds and blues to live next to each other. Suddenly the public marches and rallies start to look very different.

            This is my fundamental theory for why environmentalism is a psy-op. It’s deliberately stupid and offensive because it’s essentially pro-conservative.

          • Or hunt them down one by one.

            When I was a kid – my mother worked in a print shop. She was not union – but the plant floor was. The plant workers went out on strike. The owner hired people to take their places.

            So the union workers would sit outside all day and picket – and they’d do things like vandalize the new worker’s cars. My mother worked 2nd shift – along with a number of other women. While she was inside working – they’d vandalize her car too – even though she was not union. Eventually the company started letting them park the vehicles inside. Some union douche reported this and the police made them stop because it was some sort of fire code violation.

            In any case – the union douches then started attacking people as they were coming into work – or leaving. That only lasted a short time – because the new workers started going to the union workers homes , waiting for them to come out – and then beating the shit out of them on their front lawns.

            I didn’t think about it as a kid – but I suppose they probably got the home addresses of the union workers from the owners of the company. This was the 70s – so it’s not like they looked it up online.

            In any case that whole process went on for a couple of months – and finally the union just folded. Apparently once they started getting their asses kicked AT HOME – they decided potential benefits weren’t worth the price they were paying. Plus company management was not going to back down – which in the hindsight of a few decades of life experience is perfectly understandable to me – they had proven themselves to be totally unreliable, why the hell would you bring them back in and make them employees again?

            Point here is: Attacking Antifah on the streets is sort of dumb. Random attacks in the middle of the night by a group of men with ski mask covered heads and baseball bats breaking bones – with NO words spoken other than “you know what you did!” – would probably do a world of good for Antifah attitude adjustment.

            At the very least it would put the fear of God into them as they’d be looking over their backs constantly.

            The problem is: nobody is paying a high enough price yet from Antifah’s shennanigans to want to actually start beating them with baseball bats during covert operations.

            That will time will come eventually if they (Antifah) – keep doing what they’ve been doing.

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