The New Narrative

Spend time in a small business that has stood the test of time and you will learn the origin myths of the company and the founders. These myths will have plenty of truth content, but a lot will be fanciful or exaggerated. One reason is the story is inevitably told by the founder or his heirs, so it is self-serving. Another reason is the story is intended to give meaning and purpose to the people in the company. For an origin myth to work, it has to be inspirational and reflect well on the people in the organization.

People always have origin myths, of course. The most famous of which is the story of the Jews. The whole chosen people business is obvious nonsense. The flight from Egypt is at least plausible in some areas, but unless you’re willing to accept that God is an indiscriminate child killer, it’s a story that only Jews can believe. Still, the origin myth of the Jews has served them well for a very long time. These stories are central to Jewish identity and it is that strong identity that has allowed Jews to prosper.

If a strong set of origin myths correlates to a strong sense of identity and a strong people, then the reverse is probably true. The lack of origin myths, or a declining interest in the origin myths, probably suggests a weak identity. Perhaps the people have yet to come to identify themselves as a people or they are going through some sort of transition in terms of how they see themselves. The old myths no longer work, because they don’t fit the emerging narrative to explain how it is this people came to be.

This longish post in Foreign Affairs by popular historian Jill Lepore is an interesting read for a number of reason, not related to this post. The endless name dropping that torments writing in the humanities is a topic of its own. That’s mingled with self-promotion, in the form of references to the author’s books. Of course, anything to do with American history has to have a few paragraphs of the usual blather about slavery and Jim Crow. That said, it is worth the time to read it and the related posts on the site.

Lepore is one of those useful bellwethers in that she tends to write what the intellectual side of the ruling class is thinking. A big part of being a popular academic is to be in good standing with the ruling elite. They like being told about their wonderfulness from academics, so flattery is a big part of the game. That offers a window into the minds of the people who rule over us. What posts like this suggest is the people in charge are concerned with the fracturing they see from their position in the clouds.

That fracturing is predictable. Peter Brimelow predicted it two decades ago. Import tens of millions of strangers with strange customs into America and you’re going to get conflicts between the locals and the newcomers. The fact that these strangers were imported to replace the natives, who were not consuming and reproducing at levels satisfactory to the rulers, certainly did not help. Add in the rise of identity politics as a way to control the population and the result was predictable. Pat Buchanan predicted this.

Lepore is correct that people need a narrative that binds them together and explains why it is they are a people. America had an obvious one until the Civil War. When New England conquered the rest of the nation, the national story ended and was replaced by that new story that put New England at the top, as the ruler of the rest. That held together into the middle of last century, when Jews updated the tale to insinuate themselves into the story and explain their new dominance in the ruling class.

That American narrative worked until the people in charge decided they needed a new people and flung open the gates to unlimited immigration. A fascinating bit in that Lepore article is that she starts her essay in 1986 with the historian Carl Degler and his warning about the abandonment of nationalism. That talk would have happened around the time the ruling class was opening the borders. The implication that Mx. Lepore does not seem to grasp is that the hostility to nationalism preceded wholesale immigration.

On the other hand, she is a clever woman, so she could very well have done this on purpose, as a way of injecting the idea into the bloodstream of her peers. The academy is so narrow now, it is looking like a singularity from our perspective, but inside there is some room to maneuver. It requires a heavy dose of esoteric language and triple bank shot references to avoid detection. Perhaps that’s what she is up to by starting with that Degler speech and then ending with a piquant quote from that same talk.

That said, if the intellectual class in the West, but particularly in America, had not drawn all of the wrong lessons from the two great industrial wars of the 20th century, the ruling class would not have set about destroying the fabric of their countries. Perhaps the Frankfurt School notions were a bad idea after all. There’s no mention of this in the Lepore essay, but that an obvious implication once you read to the end. The finishing paragraph is a quote from Degler’s talk at that 19856 conference.

“The history of the United States at the present time does not seek to answer any significant questions,” Degler told his audience some three decades ago. If American historians don’t start asking and answering those sorts of questions, other people will, he warned. They’ll echo Calhoun and Douglas and Father Coughlin. They’ll lament “American carnage.” They’ll call immigrants “animals” and other states “shithole countries.” They’ll adopt the slogan “America first.” They’ll say they can “make America great again.” They’ll call themselves “nationalists.” Their history will be a fiction. They will say that they alone love this country. They will be wrong.

Again, there is no mention of open borders and the unprecedented levels of immigration in this essay, as those things cannot be discussed openly or rationally in the intellectual class. Still, the essay suggests that there is some interest by cloud people in what is happening among the dirt people. They can’t bring themselves to address the fact that you cannot have a common story when everyone is a stranger. Instead, they keep talking about Hitler and the other wrong lessons they drew from the events of last century.

There’s also the strange sense that these origin myths can simply be conjured and then imposed upon a people. The implication of this essay is that America needs a new one, so the people in charge better get busy creating one. The trouble is that white people are not allowed to have an identity and the non-white ascendancy does not have much to point to, as far as their contributions to the national story. Lepore offers something from Frederick Douglas as a starting point for this new national narrative.

A Government founded upon justice, and recognizing the equal rights of all men; claiming no higher authority for existence, or sanction for its laws, than nature, reason, and the regularly ascertained will of the people; steadily refusing to put its sword and purse in the service of any religious creed or family, is a standing offense to most of the Governments of the world, and to some narrow and bigoted people among ourselves.

That is no doubt inspiring to the cloud people, but it says more about how they see themselves than with the facts on the ground. It’s also a negative identity, based on victories over demons that exist only in the imaginations of the rulers. It also suggests she or her masters would like to see whites written out of this new national story. In case it is not clear, “bigoted people among ourselves” is you paleface. Perhaps that can be a useful cri de guerre in the war with the dirt people, but it is not binding narrative.

The fact is, the rise of nationalism, populism and white identity politics is a result of decisions made long ago. The radicals killed the national narrative, because they said nationalism is a dangerous construct. Their solution was to destroy the nations of the West, which has meant destroying the national identities of the West. That has now devolved into a war on the native stock of the West. There can be no unifying narrative that includes the both the destroyers and their victims.

That brings us back to the start. That small business that gets gobbled up by a multinational cannot maintain its origin myths. The people in that firm can no longer identify with that story, because that story has come an end. If they stick around, it is because of new reasons, less inspiring ones than those that bound them to that small business. That’s what we are seeing today in modern America. The old narrative has come to an end. It is time for a new one. The question is, who will do the writing.

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  1. This idea of a new narrative is an important one. These hoax “hate crimes” and stuff like the canonization of Trayvon Martin are not happening by accident. They are faith affirming stories for the progressive religion. Most religions have them and the Left is no different. They need these contemporary stories to reinforce the narrative of America as a racist place dangerous for non-whites. A black guy that works for a conservative outlet wrote yesterday about how he has to be on guard as a black man among whites in New York City and only feels safe when back in all black “spaces”. I pointed out that he is in far more danger in all black “spaces” then he ever would be surrounded by whites, especially whites in NYC. Reality doesn’t matter to these people, they make the most frothing at the mouth, snake-handling, King James Only, Primitive Baptist fundamentalist preacher in the hills of Kentucky seem reasonable in comparison.

  2. “People always have origin myths, of course. The most famous of which is the story of the Jews. The whole chosen people business is obvious nonsense. The flight from Egypt is at least plausible in some areas, but unless you’re willing to accept that God is an indiscriminate child killer,”

    That’s as far as I got before I fully understood that I was reading the words of a man who is a fool. And does not know God therefore he’s a dead man talking; for now…lets see if he changes his mind in the future.

    First of all God does as He pleases and isn’t accountable for it. Second of all the death of those children was to prove His authority and His power. Thirdly the death of those children; they being first born sons in their families were a type of His own Son that He would kill for the sins of the world. Fourthly the souls of those children (those under the age of accountability) were taken to Him because they were innocent of any sin and God is NOT unjust as the fool of this article seems to think.

    If you’re going to talk about God perhaps you should get to know my Father before you open your mouth.

  3. I know you’re a Marylander and all, and I rather like it when a Marylander expresses skepticism of the Union victory in 1861-65. It’s rather in keeping with Maryland tradition. But I’ve studied the Civil War my whole life, and I’d love to know how New England somehow conquered the rest of the nation. Unless you can prove otherwise, I believe that that’s silly. I’ve read the Midwestern politicians – guys who were in little way “New Englander” in the sense that we mean it (and of course not all New Englanders were radical whiny liberals – Webster sure wasn’t). Stephen Douglas and Lincoln were at each other’s throats before the war, but Douglas and the vast majority of Northern, non-New England Democrats all supported the war effort because they believed that “preserving the Union” was an extension of the “myth” or “narrative” which they had previously believed. I’m talking about the same Democrats who implicitly accused Lincoln of supporting miscegenation. These guys died by the score fighting for the Union.

    Normally I let this go when you say it, but frankly I think it needs to be challenged. Challenges are good for the intellect.

    You also need to explain away the fact that large sections of the “South” – East Tennessee, for one – remained devoutly Unionist during the war.

    And you REALLY need to explain how the idea that New England conquered America squares with how Reconstruction ended. Remember, Reconstruction ended because the moderate faction of the Republican – primarily based in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest – finally bested the “Radical” faction – spiritually based in New England – and came to a compromise, the compromise of 1877, with Southern Democrats. New England “conquers” America, and creates a new narrative, only for …… the Southerners to banish Reconstruction and institute a totally not-egalitarian post-war state……how does that make sense, Z Man?

    Now, I’m sure you might say that the “narrative” became more egalitarian, and maybe that’s true, but the historian William Freehling very convincingly argued that one reason for dissent within the slaveholding states was the tension between more egalitarian Southerners or Northerners and more or less “elitist” Southerners. People – especially liberals – try to argue that Lincoln created a new American creed at Gettysburg. It’s certainly true that Lincoln focused more on the Declaration of Independence than on the Constitution, but, heck, he wasn’t the first. Even Pat Buchanan sometimes hints that there was a “union” predating the Constitution. And it’s not like Lincoln’s new creed, if it was new, was really meant to extend radically to women and blacks. Good grief no. This is the same guy who, as late as 1862, was meeting with a committee of blacks to urge them to keep trying their plans for leaving America in favor of west Africa.

    * By “egalitarian,” in the 19th century American context, I refer not to racial egalitarianism, but to a belief that democracy was overall a good thing, and that democratic rights needed to be extended to more and more WHITE MEN. See: Henry Clay (“racist” egalitarian and Lincoln’s “ideal statesman”) vs. John Calhoun/John Randolph of Roanoke (“racist” elitists). This struggle began about the meaning of democracy for WHITE MEN began long before Lincoln. I have zero doubt that Clay would have acted just as Lincoln did. And both Lincoln and Clay were hated by New England liberals! Absolutely hated!

    P.S. Two of my family’s relations fought in the Confederate States Army. One – a Pennsylvanian, in fact – died in combat in a Virginia cavalry skirmish. Another – a Marylander – was imprisoned at Point Lookout. His commander, Harry Gilmor, is buried in a now-ghetto part of Lagos/Baltimore. So don’t accuse me of any Yankee bias. And mind you, I hate modern day New England and I hate the liberals of its past. I hate Charles Sumner. I hate all those Transcendalist scum. There was a Pennsylvanian farmer, before the war, who was quoted in a local newspaper as saying, “I’m for all parts of the country – North, South, East and West. All except God-damned New England!”

    I had me a stage where I blamed Lincoln, but the burden of evidence is really against Wilson and FDR and his gaggle of minions and Soviet spies.

    Of course I hate Freemasonry, so this whole country’s founding, Lincoln or otherwise, is at best sketchy to me in any event.

  4. “Still, the origin myth of the Jews has served them well for a very long time. These stories are central to Jewish identity and it is that strong identity that has allowed Jews to prosper.”

    Point of order here, Z. God spent the first three chapters of the bible telling Jews what arseholes they were. I see similarities between anti-Semitism and the liberals and libertarians that crap all over the Catholicism because of the kiddie-diddling priests: the faith gets smeared from the doings of those that don’t abide by the tenets of the faith at all. Catholicism isn’t to blame for the attacks on choir boys – feral homosexuals are.

    A lot of these idiot liberal jews are pushing their shite in defiance of their faith and then run to play the race card when they get called on it. We shouldn’t let them get away with that, and we shouldn’t engage in sloppy thinking like that ourselves.

    • The parallel is not terrible. The difference is lots of Catholics have closed their wallets, left the Church and/or criticize the Church for tolerating this behavior. Jews never let these disputes cloud their vision. In fact, they see it as a part of being Jewish. Among one another, they will fight like cats and dogs, but they will lock shields against an outsider in a heartbeat.

      Jewish clannishness is probably their most important adaptation. Unlike Arabs, Jews will throw over another Jew if he is seen as bad for the Jews. Arabs never do this. I suspect the reason is the universalism of Islam.

  5. “Charlatans, stooges, and tyrants. The endurance of nationalism proves that there’s never any shortage of blackguards willing to prop up people’s sense of themselves and their destiny with a tissue of myths and prophecies, prejudices and hatreds, or to empty out old rubbish bags full of festering resentments and calls to violence.”

    In case you missed it, this was a call for white genocide.

  6. God, Jesus Christ, is hardly an “indiscriminate child killer”. No one he has ever created has been destroyed.
    Who will do the writing?
    God, Jesus Christ, will.

  7. I haven’t watched the Oscars for years and I don’t expect that I’ll ever watch them again but I am reliably informed that there is a big fight going in sock-puppet world about the Oscars still being insufficiently “woke”.

    The enemy class has germinated, cultivated and nurtured these mental pathogens only to find that they can no longer control them. Rather like releasing a deadly virus into a population and expecting it only to cut down your intended targets only to find your own side coming down with the sickness too.

    I think there is a reasonably good chance that all the ruling class institutions will be hollowed out by the madness they themselves created. Maybe all we need to do to win is to survive.

  8. George Washington as Cincinnatus, Madison as Father of the Constitution, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, et al. as the creators of a new and better government, with an eye to the past and the future.
    We will worship our founders or lose our country.
    And George Washington may be the greatest man, excluding the Divine, in all of history.
    Germany has Arminius (Herman), France has Charlemagne, Hungary has Arpad and Stephen, the Swiss have William Tell. Austria? Nothing, huh. The exception that proves the rule.
    To ignore or reject this is to reject your country and you have nothing.

  9. It’s strange how quickly people forget the Cold War. It was there where you find the roots of Western self-loathing.

    The intelligentsia had its origin myth all read to go: class struggle, dictatorship of the proletariate, stages of history. The West had only to be destroyed for it to unfold according to their new religion.

    Problem is, they lost, at least on the battlefield and economic front. They won in the academic front – they and their heirs are still our intelligentsia, after all – and even though they no longer have their Marxist religion, they still have their hatred of the West, and continue striving to destroy it even though they have no unifying identity of their own anymore.

    Academia pays well, as do gov’t jobs. Artists and intellectuals continue to get worshipped by the masses. The 401(k)s are doing well, as are the mutual funds. Losing the Cold War has its advantages.

  10. One of the annoying things about liberal rewriting of history is all they need is a qoute from a socialist/liberal writer. They have to be known enough for the average person to find them familiar but not so well known that you know they were far-left twats. It replaces any actual fact or statistic.

    Oh W.E.B duBois said whitey ate dog shit while the Blacks built the pyramids? It must be true! Since you quoted a guy I pretended to read, you must be super smart.

  11. I think the new narrative has been in place for a while. According to the narrative America has been a land of immigrants since it was founded. Also, diversity is out greatest strength.

    According to this view there is no cultural component to American citizenship. Rather, it is entirely transactional, like buying a car or furniture. Get the documents, pass the test, take the oath, and voila, you are a citizen.

    Under this view someone like Ilhan Omar, who arrived here in 1986 and married her brother to obtain citizenship, is every bit as American as someone like me, whose family has been here since arriving on the Mayflower. News flash: people don’t risk life and limb in war for cars or funiture. My family has served in every major American war since the founding. No more.

    • Good post, but Ilhan Omar is more American than you.

      Being American is not just a matter of having citizenship papers, it’s also a nation of ideas, which means being on board with the ideas of globohomo.

      You, a 7th generation American, are unAmerican, because you have the wrong ideas.

      Ilhan Omar, a Somalian refugeee who married her brother for citizenship is the most American, because she is caught up with the current fads in globohomo.

      (Actually, Ilhan Omar is a bad example, as she got in trouble for crimethink of her own, but you get the idea)

  12. In the interest of being pedantic “unless you’re willing to accept that God is an indiscriminate child killer, it’s a story that only Jews can believe”

    The whole point is that the final plague was DISCRIMINATE. Those who believed Moses and took the precautions he spoke of, were safe, those who didn’t were not, whether great or small.

    It is also manifestly false that “only Jews can believe” this, as evidenced by the millions of Christians throughout space and time. The blood on the doorpost has been a standard illustration of an early symbol of the gospel as well, this wasn’t some esoteric passage that nobody knows anything about.

    • Well said.

      And I’d add that not only is the modifier, “indiscriminate” false, but moreover the adjective itself is false. Yahweh, as Creator and owner of heaven and earth, cannot be a “killer” in the sense that Zman implies… Which would be that God is a ‘murderer’. Since he is the Creator of all life, he is thus the OWNER of all life, and all living things DEPEND on HIS spirit which He gave them. “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord”.

      One of the fallacies of Christianized conservatives (or alt-rightists) is that we have a “Right to Life”. We do not. Life is a GIFT and it can be withdrawn whenever the Sustainer of that gift wishes to withdraw it. A Right implies a sort of debt. That someone *owes* you something. That you are *due* it. God never owed anyone anything and every minute of your life is literally a gift.

      None of us knows how much time we are allotted.

      And also with Zman’s wrong-headed statement is the thought that only those people in the Bible who die by explicit decree of Yahweh were his “victims” so to speak. Actually, everyone’s life is eventually taken—that is, their spirit goes back—to the same God who dispatched the first born in Egypt (Ecc 12:7). How could it be any other way?

      Of course, if you are not inclined to believe in that God, why even make a moral judgment about His “indiscriminate killing” in the first place. Either He is the Creator God and all my points above are valid, or He is not, and your false accusations of Him are therefore irrelevant.

  13. I would classify myself as more anti-Jew than I am pro-white, largely because the jew is the chief constructor of our current calamity. Minorities would have little to gripe about without the machinations of the jew. National distrust would not be at such high levels if jewish led academia and MSM weren’t creating illusions of perceived inequality. The Russians can attest to the jewish treachery that destroyed their country and we are tumbling through the very same vortex.

    The financiers and high priests of this frightening managerial state need to be diminished or shipped off somewhere. Forget about the white vs. nonwhite question for a second and focus on the ever present catalyst. Where is the national progressive movement without jewish money and influence? Withered I suspect.

      • Yes, Chris Christie confessed as much. We have progressive jews running the Trump administration.

    • HR interview: “And how do you self-identify Mr. One?”

      “I would classify myself as more anti-Jew than I am pro-white.”

      “okaayy. security will escort you out now, thank you.”

  14. What is the endgame? Robotics? You can’t mass import Somalia and Central America, without low IQ savagery rising to the surface at some point.

    • The economic restructuring after 2008 accelerated the trend towards FIRE, which also resulted in a boom in restaurants. The effect of this was to create a sizeable number of underemployed bartenders, one of whom is now in Congress. If McDonald’s is forced to pay $15/hr they will automate as much as possible. Mr. Fu can run his takeout joint with FOB relatives sleeping above the kitchen.

  15. The army interests me in this context. What (or who) do all those white guys think they’re fighting for? What story do they tell themselves? When whites are in a minority, are they really still going to be gung-ho?

    At any rate, here’s an interesting article about when whites lose faith in their country. “In the broadest sense, the dissident right is largely composed of white straight men who no longer have a loyalty to the state.”

    • What should interest us is what the police will do. They are the primary hammer of the ruling class. And so far this mostly white force has no problem curb stomping whites and letting Anti-fa beat our brains in. They are no friends of white people. If there is a fight, they will be trying to kill us.

      As for the military, look at the combat specialties they are mostly white and the more elite the unit the more whiter they are. As to what happens as the country ‘browns’? Well whites won’t be signing up, even now they aren’t. The last 18 years of war has soured a lot of whites on the military and the quality ones aren’t signing up. As a result our military is falling apart. The inclusion of females into the Naval officer corps has been a disaster and allowing females into the infantry and Marine infantry is another disaster. It destroys unit cohesion and morale.

      • I don’t know any cops but I do know military officers, a couple of whom served in various shit holes. These guys are Gen Xers, so I can’t say what younger whites are thinking, but as to their views, I’ve never heard even a hint of dissident right from their mouths. Their world for 20 years or more has been the military or military-like defense contractor world. They love the military because it’s all their buddies and memories.

        Also, their whole world is tied to the military/government. Their job, their pension, their healthcare, their whole identity. They are CivNats through and through. And if their commanding officer told them to take yours truly to some prison, you can bet your house that they’d do it in a second.

        Again, don’t know what younger guys are thinking, but these guys would put a bullet in our brains without hesitation.

    • Thank you for the link to a good article. It is bitter medicine to realize that my primary loyalties have betrayed me. My family is pozzed, the post-Vatican II Roman Catholic Church is pozzed. I loathe the globohomo elites; but I feel almost no kinship with vast swathes of the so-called “dirt” people. I couldn’t care less about the brown hordes; but sharing white skin is not enough to bind me to someone, particularly if they are as stupid, vicious and culturally depraved. There are clearly good men reading and posting here. I have found Zman to be a refreshing oasis in the desert; but I am done. I have been adrift on the whirlwind for years; but I finally accept that I am not going to find my tribe on the internet. Adieu. Keep up the good fight wherever you find yourselves.

  16. I have observed the phenomenon mentioned below by conservative fred. if you go to any area that is nearly all white and they have taken the Diversity is our strength mantra to heart. I was at a meeting with a bunch of suburban pales. the topic turned to the unfriendly culture of one of our plants. one of the guys says quite un-ironically ” Its creepy there , all you see is old whit guys.” . I tried to remind them that the plant was outside the vibrant zone and they just hired who lived there, and that corporate often sent people there to ” set them Straight” about things that corporate didn’t fully understand. they would have none of it and looked at me like I was from mars.
    I think this will be our biggest problem . look at the whitest states in the us , Maine, NH, Vermont, west Virginia and Iowa are the top 5. They are full on dem socialist like Vermont, or out and proud cuck. Nobody has been hurt more by the prog green agenda than WV. yet they continue to re-elect D sen. Mancin. and Maine sending sen. King and Collins to DC both as cucked as it can get and proud of as can be of it.
    I run into this almost every time I travel.

    • Living in an overwhelmingly white area is much like being extremely rich in a vibrant area. You can afford to ignore the greater reality because your small world is fine. For these people, the main threat to their comfort, security and standing among their friends isn’t blacks and browns but saying (or even being suspected of thinking) the wrong thing.

      Sure, these people live in a bubble, but that bubble is real enough for them. Why rock the boat.

      Just plant seeds in their heads. Z-Man’s right when he says that telling normie whites that they will be a minority in their lifetimes stirs something in them. I like to add something along the lines of “I hope that our new masters treat us better than they treat minorities in the countries that they come from.” That really spooks people.

    • Those whites are suicidal maniacs. I live in high desert just outside of Los Angeles and it’s very vibrant here.And it’s creepy and dangerous as well. At night all the supermarket parking lots are empty of customers, same with Wal-Mart. No one wants to shop at night because they are afraid as soon the sun goes down. You really don’t want to do anything at night. It’s like the 1964 movie “I am legend”.

      White have abandoned the public schools because they infested with kids from illegal aliens. The only time the supermarkets show any real activity is on 1st and the 15rh of each month. You can’t use the parks because the blacks use them to sell drugs..

      I’ll tell you this Forest, when things go bad those virtue signalling whites are going to be butchered. They have no f**king clue how bad they are hated by the ethnics, whose violence is only kept in check by welfare payouts.

      • This. Good Whites truly believe that POC love them and want to emulate them. They have absolutely no idea how much blacks hate them and the level of violence in black areas.

        As I’ve said, I have no clue how all of this is going to turn out, but I do know that the children and grandchildren of Good Whites will feel the cold steel of reality in a way that they DB parents and grandparents never did.

  17. I have a feeling that one day, people will laugh that Seattle was in the same country as Miami, That LA was in the same country as Boston and that Dallas was in the same country as Honolulu. We may all have the same Target with the same rancid popcorn smell when you enter, but you can’t make a country out of that.

  18. That fracturing is predictable. Peter Brimelow predicted it two decades ago. Import tens of millions of strangers with strange customs into America and you’re going to get conflicts between the locals and the newcomers.

    Peter Brimelow? Pat Buchanan?

    Lothrop Stodard nailed it in 1920:

    To understand America, you must disposses your mind of the idea that there is an American people at all, as we understand people in Europe. To be a ‘people’ is the dominant ideal of the American, an ideal which they claim with all appropriate fierceness to have realized, knowing all the while they have done nothing of the sort, and that their only hope of realizing anything of this kind is to stop immigration, do away with their present social system and then wait five centuries for events to develop.

    If you took the whole population of Europe, mixed it roughly in a mortar, added a certain flavouring of Africans, Asiatics and the like, crushed it with your pestle and scattered the result thinly over the Continent, you would have something closely approximating to America.

    It would, however, more closely approximate to a ‘people’ than do the Americans at present, for instead of being properly mixed, they are divided into ethnographic strata, which only touch at the edges.

    America tries to forget this, and succeeds by vigorous newspaper propaganda in making Europe forget it, because in these stirring times it is well to belong to a ‘united people’.

    • Nice pull. For a very long time, Americans were a collection of peoples (mostly white) who technically lived in the same country but really didn’t. Until around the 1950s and 1960s, the federal government had a very light touch. Whites living in Alabama didn’t have to much care what whites living in New York or California did or thought of them.

      Whether the various peoples of the United States would have slowly transformed into a true “people” is questionable even if you stopped immigration in 1924 and never ramped it up again. The United States is fucking huge with varied climates, topography and economies. What’s more, different parts of the United States were settled by different white tribes. Maybe zero immigration combined with TV and movies could have turned us into a single people, but it would have been extremely slow.

      Regardless, that doesn’t matter anymore because we were flooded by immigrants. Whatever chance we had to become a single people is now dead. The only question now is what comes next, and, frankly, I have no idea.

      • I’ve been reading an alternate history trilogy lately (by yet another leftist/melting pot/civnat equalitarian) which is alternately interesting and then infuriatingly predictable. (For those interested, I found it via a comment at Greg Cochran’s West Hunter blog – it’s by S.M. Sterling called Island – novels of The Change. I had already read and then abandoned the overtly marxist 166? series a few years before). On the one hand, the author endlessly pushes noble Negroes and various miscegenated mystery meats and crows about the “new America” doing history “right” this time around, yet on the other he accurately notes the strong hold a culture has on its people and the difficulty of adapting (but put their children in ‘Murrican skools’ and they come out just like the Founders!). He accurately has a foreigner (from 1250 BC) note that two men are both ‘Americans,’ but one of those himself realizes he has almost nothing in common with the other save for the same former citizenship (one character is a Russian/Romanian descended Jew, the other – the bad guy of course – is a Scotts-Irish-German from the mountain states).

        Too many on the putative right – even here – glibly accept the melting pot narrative for anyone with white/whitish/(((white))) skin. Others more realistically note that once mass immigration got underway after the War between the States, we were never really one country but various highly segregated centers of different ethnicities and races and religions. Yeah, the Depression, WWII, post war prosperity, and the 40+ year immigration pause went a long way in forcibly mixing people together, but it was far too fragile and new a thing to build a national narrative from, particularly in the face of the post 1965 third-world tsunami.

      • The interstate highway system eroded the buffers between states even more badly than the railroad did.

        Because of this knowing that so long as we can keep the thing running we will If there is a future government that works , there will need to be anti carpetbagging rules

        No voting till you are 21 and own land and you must live continuously in an area for ten years before you vote. You also cannot hold public office unless you can vote

        Obviously some people with heavy job travel or overseas posting will have a declared home some place that technically meets the criteria but this is fine.

        We might also disallowing non married persons and possibly persons without children from voting. A voting widow is one thing, a voting single mom is quite another

        I suspect if this was the case it would push hard to a populist economy.

        Corporations won’t like this as they prefer socialism and corporate handouts to an actual market or worse a market in which labor has leverage.

        Eventually and I know this will stick in some people’s craw but the way we do business will have to change. A society in which there is ample land even in pleasant areas in which family formation has been in steady decline and the fertility rate below replacement for nearly half a century doesn’t have an economy that works no matter what anyone says

        Republicans love to blame “the culture” and not do anything about that even when they have the ability but its not the culture. Its money.

        Europe has the excuse of crazy high population density 10x or more of that of the US in some places, we don’t.

        When its wages down, home prices up equals passive genocide of everybody (Hispanic TFR is even well below replacement)

        Now if we as a society do not want to have urban modernity, fine. Get rid of it. Stop making and selling advanced tech, remove the interstate highway system and gradually turn into Nepal or something

        We’ll probably be better for it and healthier anyway.

        Otherwise if the Dissidents get charge its on them to fix the economy otherwise your Green New Deal types will shoot you and take over instead

        Solve the problems the Reds purport to solve to get replaced

  19. “When New England conquered the rest of the nation, the national story ended and was replaced by that new story that put New England at the top, as the ruler of the rest. That held together into the middle of last century, when Jews updated the tale to insinuate themselves into the story and explain their new dominance in the ruling class.”

    No sarcasm, wondering what the final sentence refers to Z Man?

  20. Conservative virtue-signaling is the secret treason. Here’s Instapundit crowing about DR^3.

    Because, sure, it will work out great for Whites when Asians join Jews at the top of our societal power structure.

    But, by all means, yes, point out Democratic racism. That’s sure to work this time.

  21. “A Government…steadily refusing to put its sword and purse in the service of any religious creed…”

    Uh, is she referring to the USA when she says that? If so, she needs to follow the news more closely. There is one “religious creed” that the USA puts its sword in service of on a regular basis.

  22. “There can be no unifying narrative that includes the both the destroyers and their victims.”

    The way that TPTB have squared that circle – is by dividing whites into Good Whites and Bad Whites. The narrative is the Good Whites and POC overcoming the racism of Bad Whites. That struggle started in earnest with the Civil War – the Good Whites battling in that one – and generally won with the Civil Right Movement – POC and Jews given credit for that offensive.

    Bad Whites continue to continue to fight a low-level guerrilla war – one that nearly turned very hot with Trump – against Good Whites and POC, but the Good Whites and POC will eventually destroy the Bad Whites by converting their children and overwhelming their neighborhoods with POC immigrants.

    That narrative has always been in the background to a degree. Now, Lepore wants to make it official. In her mind, this will bind Good Whites with POC. That Bad Whites will be attacked and eventually destroy is just fine with her.

    Unfortunately for Lepore and her Good White buddies (including the Jews), there are a few problems:

    1. POC don’t – and won’t ever – distinguish Good Whites and Jews from Bad Whites. We’re all just whites, another tribe that wants power and thus is a threat.

    2. POC neither want nor need a grand national narrative. They have their own narrative. We journeyed to a new land and carved out a community for our people. Only Jews and Good Whites give a shit about the Civil War or the Civil Rights Movement. That’s white and American blacks history, not the history of Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and South Asians.

    What Lepore Whites and Jews can’t seem to grasp is that non-whites are tribal. They don’t want to lose their identity in your narrative, especially since Good Whites and Jews want to continue running the show. Will they join you in your offensive against other whites? Hell, yeah. Would doesn’t like to see their enemies kill themselves in a civil war? But they don’t want to be ruled by you or allow you to take from their tribe to give to other tribes.

    Other tribes will go along with Lepore’s narrative as long as it advances their interests. Once the Bad Whites have been destroyed, they’ll turn on the Good Whites and Jews. Heck, I doubt they’ll even wait that long. Good Whites and Jews are so damn insufferable that Asians, South Asians, White Hispanics and even low-IQ blacks will turn on them relatively quickly.

    • Here’s the thing, the Bad Whites were not us, and were never us. They were always the others, who used their race fetish (the one where the black men were going to steal away the white wimmen) to hold the blacks down, and now use it to promote the POC poz.

      All along, our sort of white was living their lives, doing their thing, and inadvertently building the white privilege, which is a vague synonym for western civilization. We went from the “good whites” to the “bad whites”, by definition, while we were doing other things. The race fetishists did that to us. It was not enough to support emancipation, and the elimination of “separate but equal”. Somehow, our ongoing exercise of our freedom of association has become a “bad white” thing, no matter all of the good things we did, or at least our not having stood in the way of, in the past.

      In any case, the culture is now owned by the race fetishists, so we get defined by them, and the “good white” and “bad white” thing gets all twisted up by those to whom it matters. And because those people own the culture, we are forced to deal with it, too. So sites like this one come about, and get popular. Thanks, POC pozzed people, everything going on today couldn’t have happened without you. And we are the bad whites?

  23. Once upon a time, our ancestors united into tribal (or larger) assemblies because that was a necessary construct in order to survive, often against external threats. In the time of civilization, wars served that purpose during past few millennia, but technology has changed the nature of warfare and a new boogeyman is needed. I think the next big dividing line is not going to be racial, ethnic, or religious. I think it’s going to be between the fit and productive versus the fat and parasitic. The only place on the planet where people are starving en masse right now is Venezuela. What does that tell you?

    • It tell us that most conservatives are going to foolishly advocate another war. You can’t say we don’t deserve our fate when our own people make the same mistake over and over. Any war in VZ means a TPS grant, which the courts have interpreted as an amnesty.

    • technology didn’t change, people still ride cars, trains, plains

      There is no light speed of any transportation, World Wide Web didn’t solve Regressive Western Economy

      And Racial/Gender Politics Work very well and it will work until European will go extinct in America

  24. One of the perks of our coming national bankruptcy (It won’t be a Chapter 7, but a govt. version of Chapter 11) is that the billions and billions of dollars that are pumped into academia will cease, and these institutions will have to fend for themselves. All kinds of ensconced professors and administrators will be shown the door. They’ll all be clamoring for the five technical writing jobs available at some company.

    Our new narrative won’t be written by these people. They would love that. It will be written by people who benefitted from the coming bond market turbulence. It’s been asleep since about the mid 80’s. There’s a lot of myth in the founding of our country. I don’t think it’s an accident that all of the good government contracts in the colonies were given to friends of the king in London. Anyone who’s toured the homes of the founders, and then toured the palaces of Europe, which existed long before them, knows just was a hayseed backwater this country was in the 1700s. The founders were aspirational. They wanted to get to the next tier of success, and royalty was in their way. Royalty wouldn’t let them acquire land west of the Appalachians, etc.

    It’s aspirational, disciplined people who persevere in the end regardless of circumstances. Therefore, the big question is, who will still be around with two nickels to rub together when the biggest story of our lifetimes (a bond catastrophe) happens. It’ll be people who do real things, provide real value, and own real things, and used the emergency to their benefit. All of this navel gazing nonsense will be washed away when this happens. I personally believe that foreigners who don’t even reside here, will be writing much of our future history, the way Western Europeans wrote Greek history from old Greek texts. The Greeks always existed as a people, but they were too much of a backwater to even write their own narrative.

    I don’t want to believe that the entire “new world” from Alaska to Argentina will exist as a backwater full of broke countries that provide resources to clean, well off foreign cities not in this hemisphere, but that appears to be the emerging dynamic. The aspiration is now in foreign lands.

    • JR, that’s one reason why academia is so besotted with “free college for all”. Once college becomes a free public good, the purveyors are more isolated from the market forces that will crush them in any kind of a just universe.

      • One of Nietzsche’s more memorable sayings: “When everyone is educated, no one will be educated.”

  25. “There can be no unifying narrative that includes the both the destroyers and their victims.” There can be if the victims perceive themselves as a sacrifice to something greater, and their destroyers market themselves successfully as something else to the people they’re destroying. I ignore most “alt-right” / “dissident right” examinations of pop culture (it can get weird and I don’t want to watch a twenty minute YouTube video about “Caddy Shack II” explaining what an offhand comment by Jackie Mason or Rodney Dangerfield means) but someone on the right wrote a good piece awhile back about the meaning of “Gran Torino” that Clint Eastwood movie about an old white man who lays down his life literally for the multicult future. The Crucifixion of Christ is a pretty powerful narrative, and though it’s never been made explicit, Christian narratives (or at least warped interpretations of them) seem to be doing the trick on a lot of good people.

  26. The Frederick Douglass quote: “A Government founded upon justice, and recognizing the equal rights of all men; claiming no higher authority for existence, or sanction for its laws, than nature, reason, and the regularly ascertained will of the people; steadily refusing to put its sword and purse in the service of any religious creed or family, is a standing offense to most of the Governments of the world, and to some narrow and bigoted people among ourselves.”

    Justice, equality, rights, reason, natural law, separation of church and state, etc., good or bad, are all concepts that come from white people. They won’t be able to come up with a narrative that originates from the various POC hordes. They can only steal white ideas. They are simply incapable of coming up with this stuff on their own. (This assumes that Jews are white, without opening that can of worms. My point is that the brown wave isn’t going to be coming up with this stuff on their own).

    • No, he didn’t. There’s a difference between a pep talk one gives oneself or one’s team, and the rap they save to demoralize their enemy.

  27. “The Torah devotes more than four books to the proposition that the Israelites came to Canaan after having been subjugated in Egypt for generations, and yet there is no archaeological evidence to support that they were ever in Egypt. A prolonged Egyptian stay should have left Egyptian elements in the material culture, such as the pottery found in theearly Israelite settlements in Canaan, but there are none.

    In short, the traditions of servitude in Egypt, the tales of the Israelites wandering in the desert, and the stories of the conquest of the promised land all appear to be fictitious.”

    Written by some bunch of Yids, here:

    What is it going to take for people to realize that everything you;’ve been told about the chosenites is bullshit?

    • By the late seventies I had made up my mind that everything that came out of their mouths or pens was bullshit. And very little that has occurred since then has changed my opinion.

  28. Every day I read blogs like this, read a lot of great tweets at twitter, and listen to podcasts from many of the people we talk about here. Virtually all of them are from a Nationalist point of view, more specifically a pro-white position, with general agreement that whites are in a dire situation. And the number of them are increasing also. We’re a long ways from the days when VDare was just about the only place to get pro-white people information.

    However, in the mainstream, it seems to be going in the opposite direction. President Trump seemed to at least implicitly be on the side of whites, yet can’t mention whites by name, even though he always points out how well blacks and hispanics are doing.

    Tucker Carlson looks like he’s on the side of whites, yet also can’t mention us by name, although when he says, “middle class Americans,” he means whites. But that’s about the closest we can get to being mentioned, as far as being a group having interests. (Of course we get mentioned all the time as oppressors and anything negative.)

    The question that I keep asking myself is when will pro-white/white well-being issues make it’s way into the mainstream? Steve King came pretty close and they came down hard on him.

    Will it be when whites are a clear minority? I don’t know. The problem is, whites will still outperform and out-achieve the other groups, bringing on the usual charges of privilege and systemic racism and bias. That’s going to be a problem.

      • The SA example suggests that the complexion of the culture will come to resemble the societal complexion of the dominant element in that culture, whether or not the culture is polyglot. We are doomed.

    • “The question that I keep asking myself is when will pro-white/white well-being issues make it’s way into the mainstream? Steve King came pretty close and they came down hard on him.”

      You’ve answered your own question. See my other post on this topic in the comments here. The word white is now a pejorative not to be uttered. It is much like n1gger, it has nothing but negative connotation and cannot be used in any positive or good way whatsoever. The sooner YOU stop using it along with everyone else the better off we will be.

      It is mystifying to me why people get caught up on semantics to such a degree that is veers into spergy territory. It reminds me of the Nero fiddling meme to a large degree. Heritage America, Middle Class, whatever, everyone knows what you mean so use euphemisms and be successful. So long as the cause is being advanced you can call it whatever the hell you want to, this is a thing that really irks me to no end because it falls squarely under: pick your battles.

    • It would help if our people used the word “envy” in their vocabulary.

      The other part of it is that we are actually guilty. Within our lifetimes we’ve launched several wars that exacerbated the immigration problem. And it is mostly conservative-voting farmers that lobbied for cheap illegal labor and for protectionist tariffs that would otherwise see more food imported from low-cost Third World countries. Rural whites chose opioids over discipline. We have no moral authority.

    • Will it be when whites are a clear minority?

      Short answer is no

      White are minority already in every major city, no one didn’t hear any positive pro white news from cities

      positive white men’s figure statue remove from cities and Anti-European propaganda rampage on city commercials

      Whites are the best provider and scapegoat to blame for ruling class

      they won’t give up their strategy works very well over century
      And they won’t make company/banks as new scapegoat

  29. It’s hard for a government to maintain that people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” when the same government won’t recognize the existence of a Creator.

  30. The new narrative is very simple: America is not a country, it is just a giant global cookie jar — and every Third World rape-ape on the planet is entitled to come here and grab a cookie. The only true Americans are Muslim refugees who came here a month ago. And if you don’t want rape-apes to have your cookie, then you are an evil racist who must be destroyed or replaced.

    And yes, the new narrative, just like the last one, will be written by the Jews. You really had to ask?

  31. The seeming reference to a quotation from Degler’s finishing paragraph appears to be a misleading citation. When I accessed Degler’s December 1986 AHA presentation, it contained no such concluding mention of Douglas or Calhoun or “American Carnage” etc. as seems to be implied.

  32. The old American narrative may or may not have been mostly true, but it was largely agreed upon and used to perpetuate the civilization. One of the elements of the old narrative was that we all were beneficiaries and custodians of the narrative, but it was ours by inheritance, not a creation of our own.

    The establishment of the “me, me, me” attitude of the late ‘60s, aided and abetted by the popularization of the Internet, means that big parts of the culture are no longer content with simply being beneficiaries and custodians of the narrative handed to them. It is now important to become a significant part of the narrative, and that usually comes about by tearing thing up.

    You can see that in the Christian community, where tearing things down and reconstructing them has become the thing to do. The Eastern Orthodox Church not so much, to its credit and ongoing vitality. Significant elements of the Jewish faith have also taken care to nurture and pass along their birthright, rather than tear it down and reconstitute it. Perhaps, for those who view the Jewish faith as a threat, the encouragement of the Western liberal Jewish thread would be a very good way to break their faith tradition. A similar thing has worked magnificently well on the rest of us.

    • A good reference here is, Joseph Campbell’s book, “The Power of Myth”. You can also view the series on YouTube. Origin myths are discussed and important to any healthy civilization. No assumptions of truth seem implied (IIRC) or even necessary. But the importance…that is not to be underestimated.

  33. I wish I could remember who said it, but the irony that will destroy civilization is that our “Progressives” are still trying to progress from 1914 to 1915. The Western Left has never gotten over the “war credits” thing in WW1. In case you’re not up on Commie esoterica, the bigshots of the 2nd International (Lenin et al) proclaimed ex cathedra that the Workers of the World would never go to war against each other. When the Workers did, the Commies proclaimed that they, at least, would keep the faith — no true Communist would support capitalist warmongering. But they all did. Germany was supposed to be the heartland of the Revolution, and almost to a man the German Left went home and gave the Kaiser everything he wanted. From this, they concluded that Nationalism must always and everywhere be bad. It’s why Maoism never caught on with the Western Left, despite its fantastic track record (something like 4-0-1 militarily against the West, and China herself is about to be the world’s dominant power). Maoism is “Communism with Chinese characteristics,” as the Man himself said, and that can’t be right. Our eggheads will be going on about how true Communism has never been tried, even as the People’s Liberation Army is lining them up against the wall…. but I digress.

    • Somehow the communist hatred of nationalism was a part of their creed that certainly triumphed in the West. Even civnat conservatives seem to operate under the belief that the “nationalist” part of “national socialism” was inherently bad.

      But who on the winning side wasn’t a nationalist in WW 2? Look at Churchill’s famous speeches. Those are some intensely nationalist speeches. Likewise, the US was motivated to national fervor in the war effort.

      It was only later, when it was useful for the globalists, that nationalism became a bad word. Oh, sure, you can be “patriotic” — dissent is the highest form of patriotism! But don’t be a dirty, Nazi nationalist! Fascist!

      • Hey, whaddaya know – the Left lies about stuff, even to themselves! Jonah Goldberg is a ‘tard about so many, many things, but he was right about the pre-WW2 Left — they loooooved them some Fascism, and the only reason they weren’t so hot on the German kind was because the Germans were anti, ummm, Communist. But then the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact happened (as my students would’ve written) and all of a sudden even the Germans were a-ok. And then they weren’t, but nationalism was, because Stalin called it “The Great Patriotic War for the Motherland” and Comrade Stalin is the avatar of Marxism-Leninsm, so… &c. As I keep saying, you’ll be amazed at how fast your average blue-haired nose-ringed Wymyn’s Studies major discovers the joys of White nationalism, once she discovers that her Vibrant friends are indeed crocodiles, and have no intention of eating her last. Today’s SJW is tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer; we need to start setting up some entry-level requirements to make sure they stay out.

  34. What, in your opinion were the lessons that our elit should have learned from the 20th century’s industrial wars?

    • One lesson is that nations are most stable when they are homogeneous. Polyglot societies are just forms of empire, with one group ruling the rest, which is inherently unstable. Another lesson is borders must be defended at all costs. Once the boundaries between two people come into question, conflict is inevitable. After the Great War, Europe should have been organized into its many tribes with clear boundaries established in law. That would have meant the permanent partition of Germany into its many states.

      • In my past experience, the German peoples of the various nation states did self-identify with their city much more than they did with the country as a whole. The old license plates on their cars clearly gave a city/state code (the first one or two letters on the plate), and people noticed and took pride in “their” Stadt. I don’t know what things are like today.

        • @Dutch
          It is still like that with German license plate so today. The first letter (or first 2-3 letters, depending on the he size of the city) of the plates is firm the city, followed by a spacer. The next set of 1-2 letters connotes if it’s either registered in the city proper or the county. Then another space. The final three Ron four numbers are randomly assigned, I think, based on whenever you get your plates.

      • The partition of Germany into “many states” would have left the German speaking peoples to the mercies of more powerful neighbors. The horrors of the Thirty Years War are still reminders to them of what can happen when you lose control over borders to more powerful neighboring states. And history never sleeps.

        • Germany imo didn’t need fragmented or partitioned. What it needed is what was done…. new borders and one state for all the Germans.

          Prior to World War 2 Germans were a scattered bunch…. several Eastern European nations and the USSR had German settler communities. They dated back decades or centuries and these folks still spoke German, had their own neighborhoods and villages etc. After WW2 these nations expelled these German communities to Gernany. Naturally they were sore about it but the Germans haven’t gone on a romp since, either in the name of Lebensraum or bringing more Germans under German rule etc

      • The most common thing to learn out of the Industrial Wars are:

        * Have large oceans, Or
        * Large land masses, Or
        * Large populations,

        So that invasion can never be viewed as a sure thing by any potential aggressor. Those countries that have not been picked over since then are — US, Russia, China, India for any one or multiple of the observations above.

      • Good point about Germany. The instinct toward centralization amongst government types prevented this.

    • The end of Empire in the first world war kicked things out of whack. What emerged was nationalism but the borders were all fucked up. Czechoslovakia was Czech, Slovak, German, Magyar, Polish, Ukrainian and a few others. Romania had a nugget of magyars right in the middle of it. In the great realignment between 1918 and 1939 the borders writhed in small wars and later diplomatic treaties.

      After WW2, the Soviets steamrolled everything. They genocide Germans, hit Poland so hard it shifted a few hundred miles West, and killed a few Magyars for good measure. 70 years of peace followed with only a few skirmishes in the land of southern slavs that resulted in yet more genocide but peace so far.

      The correct lesson of the 20th century is that nationalism works and genocide is a band-aid that must be yanked off to create peace. Poland even has a statue in Stettin celebrating the genocide of the Germans.

  35. I spent the weekend in “enemy territory” (a conclave of SJW local leadership) and the internal messaging has changed quite a bit lately. No longer open outrage at named targets. Instead it is simply “social justice” this and “social justice” that without further explanation or elaboration. Contextual clues are the only way to interpret it. Methinks the “Social Justice Warriors” have gotten some big open pushback from the normies, and the leaders here have gone to an underground “wink, wink” kind of approach. That’s a start, and a warning. There is pushback from people other than ourselves, but the SJWs have no plans to end the battle, they are simply going to be more low-key and less in-your-face about it. Keep pressing the issues, and note that the reduction of such things as Antifa attacks and open protests are tactical changes, not a backing down. The people running this social justice thing are no dummies.

  36. Having left “Globohomo” and moved to a small town in the Midwest with an outsized university presence, I am constantly bombarded with the “negative identity” Zman identifies among “white” folk.

    It is a negative identity that needs a white male dominated society, and yet, I can find no evidence that such a white male dominated society exists; even in a town that is 70% – 80% white. We are operating in a complete fiction.

    The town seems to be run by crazed older women and cucked males. I’ve met a few males in my Gen X cohort that actually understand the world in which we live, but that is a small number, and most are similarly transplants. In the “vibrant” cities you can see the old narrative slowly shredded by reality, but in flyover country the old narrative runs strong.

    If a new narrative develops, I am not sure there is fertile ground for it to take root?

    • Hey, I’ve been there!! It’s a hoot, isn’t it? Wait until the university types that run things decide that what you really need to do is subsidize the mass influx of ghetto bangers from the nearest major metro. Hearing them insist that it’s White racism that turned the downtown of a pop. 20,000 town into an urban hellscape straight out of Baltimore is so funny, you’ll pop an aneurysm laughing.

      • I have actually been part of a discussion lamenting the lack of vibrancy of the local farmers’ market. I gently tried to explain that vibrants don’t like farmers’ markets, only to receive dumbfounded stares or tut-tutting at my naivety.

        Watching the reaction of people that must have vibrancy above all else, you know they would destroy the pleasant farmers’ market if given the chance.

        “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    • It’s easy to feel threatened and doomed in these times. But other things are coming to an end too. The Hitler bogeyman doesn’t scare anyone anymore. When the mass media shows up to spin an event, dirts start chanting “F*** CNN! F*** CNN!” The NYT can’t sell subscriptions, and goes begging for money. Their arrogant journalists are now trying to learn code. Some high school kids they tried to smear are going to be set for life when the smoke clears. Everyone is watching the democrat party go insane. The next election is going to be a rout.

      The narrative is collapsing boys. Lefty is trying to shore up the supports – but the collapse is a done deal. The USA is over. That means the States are no longer united, and the clouds are going to have to choose sides. Without whites… vibrants are what they are. I see a potential white renaissance… eventually. We will need to do a full first and that’s a good thing too. There are way to many fools that have outlived their usefulness to anyone.

      • I agree with you that the narrative is coming to an end. However, even if there is a new narrative that is favorable to a white ethnic minority I wonder if there is a place where it will be received?

      • You remember the midterms don’t you?
        Trump won my 100k votes in 3 states and each of those states voted heavily Blue in 18.
        Love the false sense of hope but I feel like it’s completely out of whack with what’s happening in the country.
        Yes the Trump people hate the news. However, the news has managed to get 57% of the country to despise Trump and vote in lunatics from the opposite pole.
        The NYT and WaPo’s stock is way higher than it was before Trump as well. Alt Media like Vice and HuffPost are losing, not the MSM.
        Trump has been better for his enemies than for his own constituents: farmers, mid Americans.

  37. As a History Major I’ll say this. The OT is probably the single most valuable and perhaps the most accurate historical document in existence.

    You can believe or disbelieve the God stuff as you like. But the historical stuff has proven amazingly accurate. Many 19th Century British archaeologists made their names by reading the OT, figuring out where it placed an ancient city or battle, and digging.

    • Sure, lots of stuff in the OT did happen. The timeline is out of whack, but the events did happen. The flight from Egypt is one that has no supporting data. It’s a great just-so story, but highly implausible. The Chosen People stuff is obvious nonsense.

        • Ashkenazi Jews are Jews who migrated with the Roman legions eventually settling into fixed areas in Europe, mostly in what is now Germany. Genetics show they are a mix of Semitic people and Europeans. Jewish men took European wives. Once Christianity swept Europe, Jews were marginalized and married within their group.

          As far as links to Kurds, this is not surprising, but my guess would be the connection is with Sephardic Jews and not Ashkenazi.

      • Are you aware that by dismissing that the Jews are God’s chosen people you are also dismissing the underpinnings of Christianity? It was through the Jews as his chosen people that God’s promise in Genesis of redemption and salvation for all of mankind was kept through Jesus Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. The history of Europeans and their success is completely tied to their Christian faith. It’s when the people in Europe and the US have turned their backs on God that you start to see the problems we are having now. This is a parallel to what happened to the Jews in the Old Testament when they turned their backs on God. If a remnant based on Christianity is not going to be the foundation for what comes next, what is?

        • “If a remnant based on Christianity is not going to be the foundation for what comes next, what is?”

          Hopefully something that resembles older Christianity and not the modern version practiced by most denominations which contribute heavily to their own demise. I can’t get behind any faith that attempts to replace its own population which such vigor and zeal. Sorry, modern christianity is starting to resemble a death cult. There are still some denominations that haven’t been fully compromised but there are more that have.

          Perhaps Odinism will become a thing again? *shrug*

          p.s. Your post reeks of ‘Judeo-Christian’ as well which along with the ‘Federal Reserve’ has to be one of the worst inventions of the modern era. So, just, no…

        • The OT is a grabbag of things, some of its wisdom writing is worthwhile. Are you aware that God doesn’t write books? The Jews declared themselves the Chosen People. Other tribes have tried this tactic but were never as successful at it as the Jews have been. Christianity came to reject the idea of the Jews as God’s Chosen, and instead appended it to themselves as the new covenant of God with his Christian people.

        • Christianity, especially as practiced today in the West, is self-destructive to Western Civ. What ever strident message it had was coopted by the liberation theology of Latin America (see the current Pope), and the Shrieking LGBTQXYZ Harpies of the Mainline Protestant churches. The Next Thing won’t have Christianity as its moral or ethical core.

        • That’s the kind of Right Wing Cuckoldry that is destroying us. Jews aren’t the Chosen People anymore. And they aren’t the heroes of Christianity – Obviously! Who are the Chosen People now? We are.

    • There is more evidence the Jews came from deep within the Arabian peninsula than from Egypt.

      The Jews writing about the Egyptian New Kingdom in the 8th to 6th centuries B.C. would be akin to the Iroquois writing the history of medieval Europe.

    • There is not the slightest evidence that Solomon existed. There is a single stele mentioning the House of David. Israel (and Judah) were never the little empire mentioned under the fictional Solomon.

      The single most hidden fact about the Hebrews is that they were Canaanites themselves. The proof for that is extensive. After the fall of Canaanite cities, subsequent habitations of the Hebrews display Canaanite pottery except theirs is without decoration. A rejection of Canaanite higher culture or decadence.

      Some say the survivors of the Canaanite fall were former slaves or a peon class or both. In any event, they spoke Canaan and became the Hebrews.

    • The Torah is not even remotely attested to by corroborating historical or anthropological evidence and any honest scholar here will tell you as much directly.

  38. The untold story of our new rulers, the cloud people, is that they are not a natural aristocracy. Not all, but many are little more than jumped up white trash driven by avarice and a fear of falling back into the great muddle. This fear is a big part of their hatred for the unenlightened part of their tribe which they left behind a generation or three ago.

    The foreign parasites are what they are. In many ways the rising asian masters of the universe are even worse than the jews. The jews are at least limited in number. The asians will play ball with the jews as the jews once did with the WASPs, until they are no longer needed.

    We have a problem with a significant number of our own tribe, we have a Jewish problem, we have a rapidly growing Asian problem and the barely neolithic brown mob may simply negate the above conflicts by browning out anything worthy of being called a civilization.

    The longer we have to wait the less we have to fight for. Accelerationism may be our best option, it may even be our only option.

    • I have always said the same thing, our so called ruling elites hate the rest of us, especially working and middle class, because they are a stones throw from that caste. Think Kevin Williamson for an out front example.

    • Acceleration until extinction of European race and wipe out core of European civilization?

      It will happen because European people are spirituality dead since World war two and dedicate to destroy their ancestor’s work

      Oxfam literally expose that handful of billionaire have more wealth than half of human population

      Race/Gender politics is nothing but old imperialist divide and conquer tactic, distract European people meanwhile extract resources from them

      Mess immigration mean devaluation of voting right, supporting 60s black panther party type of race politics won’t produce European standard of society

      Only options is White people becoming magnificent warriors again just like their ancestor were poet, scholar, magnificent warrior

      And That’s not possible either, we are……

  39. For a business to survive long term it must first survive the death of its founder. Grandad was an engineer for Douglass Aircraft. Old man Douglass died, and the company was gone. The founding philosophy died in the War Between the States and was replaced with, what only can be described as, a series of ideological puritanical holy wars. Odds are the country won’t survive the next shift. Debt, degeneracy, and demographic suicide will kill off the existing structure.

    Rehash of the rehash of things we already know. A healthy chunk of the right is hoping that the collapse will happen after they’re long gone. What about those of us on the younger side? How about some intelligent speculation on what comes next? French, Russian, Spanish, American, or Cambodian Revolution? Kinda hoping for American, but French would have its upside. Depending of course on whose hand is on the lever and whose head is in the basket.

    Also, did the Jews escape Egypt, or were they run out?

    • I read it as they were dragged out. The got soft and fat and were assimilating into Egyptian society despite being second-class citizens, peasants, slaves, whatever.

      Once Mosses got them out of there, he and his buddies dragged them around in the high desert for a couple of generations until all the weaklings died off.

      • Pharaoh did not want them to leave, as they were valuable slaves. Only after the plagues, and finally the Passover, did he finally relent. The Israelites got to the Promised Land very quickly, but after a recon mission, were afraid to attack and take the land (even though God had promised them victory). Only Joshua & Caleb wanted to attack (of the group that went on the recon mission). God punished the Israelites (for their lack of faith) when they turned back by forcing them to wander 40 years in the desert (He also brought plagues upon them). Of the adult male Israelites that crossed the Red Sea, only Joshua and Caleb lived to enter the Promised Land.

        • still reading Bible, buddy?

          That’s Jewish Point of View, ancient Egyptian are prosper without Newcomers long before Abraham came Egypt

          They certainly don’t need strange adviser told guideline what’s best for them

          So Kick the stranger out

          Babylonian and Assyrian did the same thing, but of course, according to Jewish they don’t want to expel harmful parasite

          I heard middle age Jewish women’s story, join the Harley-Davidson club, and later she demand rule that club member shouldn’t pick up high-speed

          That’s what Jewish people look like, self-proclaimed special people make rule only beneficial for them and harm the host society

        • They weren’t actually slaves in the sense that they were owned by individual Egyptians. There’s nothing in the Bible describing markets where they were sold. Some of them traded in the labor of their countrymen, but it was more like a mogul at MGM loaning out a star to RKO, and being reimbursed either in money or a future favor. I think we could just say that the companies were so big and powerful that the workers couldn’t bargain for higher wages, and there were strict non-competes that precluded them from working elsewhere without permission of a bigggie.

          I’d say that if the Israelites were slaves, they were slaves in the same sense that we are in the overcapitalized society and multinational world we live in today. In other words, they have taken over and we are the true Israelites today. They are the Egyptians.

  40. White Nationalism is the only answer for White People. A White only Ethno State out of a portion of the former United States. Where we can teach Western Civilization and work for our own interests. Where we can protect our People and punish those who break the law, not “Give them room to destroy” . Where it will be safe for our children to go to school and a man can walk into a convenient store without being killed. Where white women are not being preyed upon and raped by people of color. Where we can propagate ourselves and protect 5000 years of our genetic inheritance and not be be propagandized into miscegenation and the destruction of our race. Where we can enjoy our own unique diversity of blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes, brown eyes, blonde hair , red hair. brown hair, black hair and auburn hair. Where the race of Aw Dawm(ADAM) those who show red as in the face can once again survive and thrive.
    The sooner White people wake up to this cold hard truth, the better chance we will have in achieving the above. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”.

      • Vizzini, we will treat them, or they will treat us, exactly with the same consideration as a minority of the Founding Stock treated their British cousins and brothers in the War of Independence. In that war, approximately half of the white population was run out of the country or killed.

        • Yet here we are, 230 years later, with a nation ruled by a traitorous globalist White class that is importing a vast brown underclass and replacement population. It didn’t take long at all for the legislature and courts to begin to be subverted by progressive Whites. It was happening not only within the lifetime of the founders, but within the span of some of their political careers.

          “Cutting out the cancer” always seems to fail.

          • The commercial/banking class used the same immigration methods on Southerners in the 1840s/50s which they are using today against the whole nation. Not much has changed.

          • Epaminondas, I like your contributions here but….BUT

            The idea that the Bank exclusively targeted Southerners is a simple-minded crock. I mean, there’s no way around that. It’s just not true.

            The Bank targeted not “Southerners,” but anyone who was an independent business owner or, above all else, an independent farmer.

            Guess what? Most Northerners in the 1800s were, in fact, independent farmers. That’s why the North – the whole North, not just the abolitionist freaks – got so angry in the 1850s. Right or wrong, they believed that the free prairies were about to be filled with “black belts” along the rivers.

            This is a huge fact that no one seems to consider: Running against Quincy Adams in 1828 on a populist platform, the most real and sincere populist platform ever in this country, General Andrew Jackson carried the popular vote in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. All staunchly anti-slave Northern states that sent tens of thousands of soldiers into the Union ranks three decades later. I am from a Northern region that supported General Jackson’s war against the Bank.

          • Marbury vs Madison .was a good example.

            Freedom as envisioned by the Founding fathers was a Leftist ideal and as such was easily subverted by other Leftists and their ideals

            You cannot under any circumstances have a free and open society when you take over otherwise you get dissent and subversion.

            At the very least you have an interregnum lasting decades where political crimes are harshly punished

            They will do it to you, every society has blasphemy laws and political speech censorship of some kind (HT Vox Day for that insight) might as well be yours

            On top of that while we speak highly of the people that colonized the US eulogizing them as string back pioneers , the reality was there were just above the dregs, Emma Lazarus’s Poor and Tired Masses, the people who couldn’t get by, drifters, grifters and opportunists

            This kind of people makes for less than ideal stock in a developed modern society. They were far from ideal in 1800 but we could get by.

            Also the Constitution as written only interests a narrow subset of Whites , Anglo Saxons basically , the rest? Not so much.

            Scandinavians are hard working, honest and trustworthy but do not want a minimal state. Hell Iceland back in the migration era had strict speech codes, Its in the DNA

            Same with the Catholics and everyone else. White? Yep. Compatible with Founder’s Vision ? Nope. Worse there was no way other than “not Catholic” to screen these people out

            We got developed, got rich, built a mass culture, railroads and later highways and there went what was left of the buffer

            I won’t even address the globalists but again another problem

            As for a new society, homogenize your nation and rule by force as needed. Try to keep foreign entanglements low, keep the stores full and allow culture and be done with it

            Getting there means uncuking yourself though, Most normies are followers , they don’t matter but if the DissidenT Right is willing to rule and can find a way , they can.

            Otherwise its the Left (R and D) till it implodes or warlords

        • I remember reading about how Quakers/dissenters were treated when they entered towns/villages/colonies run by mainline protestants in New England. If the outsiders kept their beliefs to themselves, they could stay. If they started preaching, they were kicked out. If they returned, they were hanged and their bodies were left hanging as a warning to others with the same idea. It seemed to do the trick, for awhile at least.

          • Maybe it’s modern communications, but it seems like civilizational cancer spreads quicker, now. You’ve got men running as women in women’s track meets and the vast majority of the population just kind of standing around either thinking it’s OK or not wanting to make a fuss or get branded as a transphobe. And TPTB are firmly in Camp Trans. Degenerates seek power. They seek to impose their will on the rest of the population as some sort of sick self-validation, so they never go away and the fight never ends. And innate White tolerance and altruism supports the urge to say, “Hey, we don’t want to come off as hateful.”

            Sorry, feeling pretty blackpilled today.

          • We move vastly faster now than in the past.

            A typical days travel might have been 25 miles or so , maybe a bit more or less If you pushed it lets say 30-35 miles and you could only keep than up a couple of days

            Now we can travel 1800 miles in the same amount of time and I can fly across the country in even less time.

            Global mobility is also far far higher obviously.

            Mobility erodes boundaries and not in a good way.

        • The day of the rope will never happen. The Armed Forces are loyal to the Constitution and this cumbersome, unlubricated document implies that certain things must be done in certain sequences and ways — and innocence must be proven, and money must be preserved. So it won’t happen, unless Trump changes things. Click here to see.

          • As EM Jones says, our Armed Forces are loyal to the gay disco. I would add that they are also loyal to their pensions. When you fight for the USA, you fight for the triumph of the gay disco. I wish it weren’t so.

    • White Nationalism can’t exist, there aren’t enough commonalities between different white peoples. The English don’t get along with even their Welsh, Irish, and Scottish neighbours. Why would they form a nation with pale Russians, for instance?

      • The Coalition of the Fringes (blacks, hispanics, asians, homos, trans) are all united in their hate of whitey.

        • For the moment, yes. Take whitey out of the picture and they’d be at each other’s throats in a heartbeat, if they aren’t already making plans to liquidate each other after the revolution is victorious.

          • Envy is just a part of the sinful nature of mankind. The UK has similar racial problems even though people came voluntarily.

            It also doesn’t help that we’ve been bombing large portions of the Third World. It’s just grist for the academic mill that claims there is no end to colonialism, until YT is a minority in his homelands.

      • @Rob — you nailed it.

        It is also part of a bigger conversation about marketing / psyops.

        The term ‘white’ is now a perjorative of the highest order. So when you use it as an adjective you have killed yourself in the womb for any cause you wish to try to advance. That is why I –really– wish people would stop using it. Like, really. It almost feels like the people that continue to cling to it are purposeful saboteurs or terminally out of touch with the situation on the ground.

        Nationalism is a sufficient word without the qualifier because the only people who are interested in it by an exceptionally large margin are white people. So why shoot yourself in the foot putting ‘the word’ next to it? This is why we lose… and it exhausts me. Otherwise high intellectual horsepower people who don’t understand the absolute basics of rhetoric which is needed to win a culture war among our current population of midwits and half-wits.

        • I have long attempted to sell the idea that white American should insist on being called ‘European-Americans’, or simply ‘Europeans’.

          It might not surprise you to learn I have had little success, but ‘white’ is a terribly anodyne category, pale even, it can mean anything and nothing.

          ‘European’ is much more specific and rich in cultural and historical connotations, and by advocating for European identity and culture, you deftly sidestep the whole skin-color rhetoric and replace it with a historical-cultural definition.

          Americans should reach back across the Revolution, re-connect with their European roots, heal the breach. America has a glorious and heroic history, but re-defining yourself as European takes nothing away from that, it only adds to your cultural and historical ballast. You can legitimately claim Athens as your spiritual birthplace and still be 100% American – I’m fairly certain the Founding Fathers would agree.

          • Yeah, I’ve tried that as well, with similar results. Part of the issue is that for 200+ years, “American” meant European American so it’s hard for us to let go of that.

            There’s a lot of deprogramming that’s needed. European Americans still have that feeling of having broken away from England and the “old” countries. “We’re not European, we’re American.”

            These things take time.

          • Part of the issue is that for 200+ years, “American” meant European American so it’s hard for us to let go of that.

            Yes. I can understand why becoming reduced to a hyphenated American must be galling, but it reflects the facts on the ground for now – might as well make the best of it.

      • It makes some sense in the US if you deal with Left and the money cuck/bankers etc, the Republican Left out . We are mostly mixed White. I mean I’m like 8 different sorts of Whitey myself

        Its a tacit sort of W/N that assumes Americans are White , Conservative and Christian or they are a freak though. This is because White might be a bit sketchy in the US. Lots of White people are far from pure, many who are not Elizabeth Warren have Amerind, Asian, Mestizo and so on.

        My neighbors as part Mexican Indian but right out MAGA types, watch OAN and all that.

        There are enough people to pull this kind of society off off if they can drop the Libertarian B.S. and grow up.

        No doubt the few Left will crow about the mixed people and all that but as many people will go back and new immigration is tightly controlled, an 80/20 America (or more) will not be the Funders Republic but it will work

        There are caveats though. It needs to be softly authoritarian with clear limits on tolerance. Its fine and dandy to tolerate say Druidry or Wicca but you may wish to disallow other religions by not allowing tax exemption, building permits or the like.

        It also has to have an economy that is bankstered and makes sure that working people can afford families, If it doesn’t , there is little reason anyone will support your society and they are better off trying to reform the existing one which won’t fix the rot

      • How about when it gets to the point that our diverse friends attempt to kill every white they see on sight. Will that be enough to unite white people?

        • That is unlikely to happen except when the Hispanics decide to finish off the Blacks in some areas something that has already started . Blacks may also try to kill of Whites in a few areas but they’ll die. The US is not South Africa

          OTOH Mestizos and Whites get along well enough for the most part and while there is some animosity, we can coexist fine.

          I live in such an area and we have a mess of White, Off White and Mestizos that broadly just ignore one another. This is not a super healthy community, even my neighbor who is Mexican origin Amerind extracted complains about not feeling like part of a community but we are not at each others throats . Buy, sell, sometimes friendship and mating too.

          Its just lower performance and lower trust than an otherwise White community would be.

          Now the wild card is Asians, they won’t be trying to genocide anyone here as they lack numbers but if things go hot, they will be in a lot of trouble

          The Hispanics loathe them, Chino is used broadly is an epitaph for all of them and the Whites feel much the same way. God help you if you say a Chinese landlord getting city services .

          I think the idea is something like this

          Whites rarely cheat you, Hispanics occasionally cheat you, Asians always cheat you. How much if this is actually true is of course irrelevant , it how people act.

          Me personally. I’d like to live in a mostly (80% minimum) White USA free of Leftists. Liberals are fine but we cannot coexist politically with the Loony Left and they feel the same about us.

          There are no pleasant ways to achieve this goal however and the Dissident Right is just starting to embrace the notion they have to have power and set new rules.

          It is starting, its even filtering down to the Militia Right but it has a way to go. before anything can happen.

          I hope President Trump will buy us extra time and enable a softer landing than we might otherwise have.

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