Maybe it is me, but our side of the great divide seems a bit down the last few weeks, with all the bad news coming from various quarters. President Fink backtracking on his promises, the rising brown tide pouring over the border, the book banning and so forth is taking a toll on morale. This is just part of the game probably. In the midst of all great societal upheavals, the participants have had their dark moments. I find myself watching videos of otters on YouTube more often than normal, just to keep the spirits up.

What I decided to do this week is talk about some of the great underdog victories from our history, as a bit of a pick me up. Now, I’m not a historian and this is not a history podcast, so it is not going to be like that. I’m not Dan Carlin, so there are no dramatic readings from ancient texts, although that would be pretty cool to do. Instead, I just picked a few that I know about and talked about those this week. It’s a bit outside my normal pattern, so a bit of a risk, but life is full risk. Picasso had his blue period, I have my podcast.

One of the interesting things about researching this topic is that there are a lot of great examples of underdogs either avoiding defeat or beating the Goliath. Sure, the bigger foe wins most of the time, but the little guy has won more than expected. The other thing is I could probably do a few hours on each of these subjects. I really struggled to keep them within the normal time length. Maybe when I run out of clever ideas, I’ll come back and do one hour shows, just on these sorts of narrow bits of history.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

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89 thoughts on “Underdogs

  1. Great show! Loved ending with the St. Crispin’s Day speech. Very inspirational, and it’s better to win.
    One anecdote about Alfred the Great: I can’t remember the source offhand, but I remember reading that, during the final siege that defeated the Vikings, Alfred’s army sat outside the Viking fortifications, and ate apples as the Danes starved.

  2. One lesson of the Winter War is also that it helps a lot if your enemy is delusional and doesn’t understand what it’s dealing with.

    The reason why there were quite a few Finnish commies in Soviet Union in the first place is that right after Finland got its independence, a brutal civil war broke out between reds and whites in January 1918. Once the whites had won, plenty of reds escaped to Russia, where they founded the Communist party of Finland. The civil war and the harsh reprisals carried out by the whites after it caused a lot of bitterness on the losing side.

    The overwhelming numerical and material superiority of the Red Army was not the only reason Stalin expected the invasion to be a walk in the park. He was also sure that once the Soviets crossed the border, Finnish working class would start a revolution. After the war had begun Stalin immediately founded a puppet government headed by O.W. Kuusinen, a Finnish commie who hadn’t been shot during the purges in the 30s, and declared that the Soviets were invading Finland because this new government, which represented the Finnish workers, had asked their help to liberate the country. This was the so called “Terijoki Government”, named after the first Finnish town the Red Army occupied.

    What Stalin didn’t understand was that the relations between former whites and former reds had improved a lot during the preceding two decades, and instead of lynching the government and welcoming the Soviet troops with open arms, most Finnish workers fought furiously against the invading army. This was an extremely unpleasant surprise to Stalin, and the now embarrassing puppet government was dismantled.

    This is probably the case with the current ruling class in the West too. They really don’t seem to have a very good grasp on what we ”on this side of the great divide” are thinking. We should figure out how to exploit this.

    • As far as I can see, there may be a lot of “thinking” just no doing. I’d love to be wrong.

  3. I haven’t listened to the end yet, but if memory serves, the Hundred Years War was linked to the Norman conquest of England, after which the ‘English’ crown was held by Franco-Normans (who also installed their own people as the local nobles in England) – the new royals and many of the other new ‘English’ nobles also still held titles and lands in France. This generated an increasing amount of conflict – as the various families were vassals of both the ‘English’ and French royals – culminating in the Hundred Years War.

  4. Yes, we are in a “dark moment.” In such times, I gain some benefit from not being young. I have lived through hard times, when all was hopeless. I persevered, in no small part because I couldn’t inflict upon my mother the grief that my exit would cause. So I preserved and things got better in unpredictable ways.

    Young friends may not have had this experience, so I say that during such times, continue to strive and look for new opportunities. No guarantees, but life sometimes offers pleasant surprises. Cry out in pain in private but then keep trying.

  5. If some king invited me to depart a battle in a foreign country in which I had no business being, I would say, “thank you, check please.”

    • What if they offered you plunder, women, and glory instead of a life of scratching out a subsistence in the frozen mud of Norway?

      • In that case, it would have to be a case by case basis. Just how hot are we talking? Does she have all her teeth? A big question at that time.

        • She’s good until about 16. Then it’s over the hill! Or you can sail to Japan in search of the Black ship, and join Anjin-San and Lady Toda in the hot tub. You notice Anjin wasn’t very keen on the thought of rejoining his stinky English wife again.

    • None of those guys who followed King Harry were drafted. Every single swinging dick in his army was a volunteer, including his archers.

  6. If, upon hearing the Saint Crispin’s Day speech from today’s podcast epilogue, you felt a lump in your throat, a stirring in your loins, an urge to pick up the nearest fighting stick and roar; then that is your DNA speaking to you across thousands of years of evolution. It is the essence of what we are. The sum of our heritage. The baton that has been passed to us. The English faced a worthy foe in the French at Agincourt. Sadly, we are opposed by SJWs led by Zuckerbergs. Nonetheless, you must play the hand you are dealt.

    • I come from a thousand generations of non-military service who consider the system to be like a fire. You want to be near the fire, stay warm from the fire, but not in the fire. My DNA has little “no trespassing” signs on it. Maybe it’s because I have continental DNA. I have a lot in common with Jews that way. It’s an alternate way of passing along DNA. The guy who sat on the fence post watching the battle of Antietam, and then married the wife of a fallen soldier. “Listen, I can’t replace your husband. I know you think about him when we make love. That’s okay.”

  7. From 2 weeks ago. Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler vs. Ben “Dad Bod” Askren. It was Askren’s first fight in the UFC. Facing veteran power puncher Lawler. Besides being dropped on his head, Askren was getting pounded so bad that the ref almost stopped the fight after just 30 seconds into the first round. I guess the ref realized he’d better not be too quick to end a fight when the mentality of an Olympic silver medalist wrestler is involved.

    We shouldn’t be too hard on sports here. They’re still inspirational. Underdog stuff, sure. But simpler to that, they insist on toughness and a never give up spirit. Even the fairy figure skaters who crash four times in the first minute are morally required to skate on.

    Skate on bros. Skate on.



  8. I’ve read the Cornwell “Last Kingdom” series. Pretty fun times with Alfred and Ubba.

    Tried watching the series… pretty good right up until the last episode of season 1 (I even had a catch in my throat when the Saxons rallied to Alfred and England would be a thing). Then a 100 lb nun in a smock decided to pick up a spear and start killing armored Spear-Danes like a Ninja. I couldn’t bring myself to watch season 2 of a woke medieval England.

    • Yeah, Cornwell is a guilty pleasure of mine. Like you, I tried to watch the series but had to stop. I jumped ahead to a later episode and a subplot was low-grade Saxons (you know, deplorable types) badgering the priest’s Danish wife, saying she should get out of Saxon lands because, you know, she’s Danish and the Danes are trying to destroy Wessex and enslave the Saxons. (Just kidding, the show left out the fact that these “working-class” Saxons were completely justified in wanting to get rid of Danes in their midst and just made them look mean.)

      The best part was when the priest tells the meany deplorables that Wessex is welcome to all tribes that come in peace. I almost sent beer through my nose from my laugh. Really? If I wanted to bring over tens of thousand Dane and Norsemen farmers and their families every year to settle in Wessex, I could?

      The Progs just can’t help themselves.

      • The same series could be written or filmed in the historical period in Spain – with Christian Goths (proto-Spaniards) trying to stave off Muslim invaders and eventually recover their lost homeland.
        Think we could pitch it to the BBC?

    • Cornwell said the series of books pretty much writes itself and he can extend it as long as he wants, as all he does with the main character is “send Uhtred out there to kill and hump” some more. Probably a life lesson in there somewhere.

  9. FWIW – the winter war was the subject of a Sabaton song – and the band is worth checking out as their thing is wars and battles and heroes, vice the usual gonzo fantasy/whatever of most metal bands. Their most recent album, the Last Stand, was full of desperate stands, including Thermopylae (of course), the Lost Battallion, Bannock Burn, Vienna, the stand of the Swiss Guard, etc.

    They’ve even started a history channel detailing out the history behind their songs.


    • Jacinda Adern. The idiot female PM of NZ who is unmarried, preggers and Lefty as they come. She never held a real job in her life.

    • I believe refugees and asylum seekers are going to have to start seeking refuge and asylum in other African and Islamic countries. I hear Angola is nice, and so is Qatar. And they’re free of those pesky Islamophobes and racists. It’s just far too dangerous for them in White countries, what with all the intersectional micro aggressions and institutional racism and structural white supremacy. Migrants had better just keep on migratin’.

      Slogan for a T-shirt: MIGRANTS GIVE ME MIGRAINES

  10. saw a documentary on the Mormons in mexico. Romney’s family was part of the group .
    there was a lot of fluff and noise in the piece, but the of the takeaways was that in the middle of the Mexican cartel land the Mormon community had established and maintained a livable arrangement for their community despite being a very small percentage of the population. Its a tough living , but a living .
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpIyaIHsJbc . this may end up being a model for lots of other areas.

  11. Having Shakespeare writing your pep talks has got to make it easier to beat the French.
    Kenneth Branagh pissed all over Olivier’s Harry.

    • LOL no, google for this article

      Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) seeks to incentivize states to adopt Red Flag Laws allowing gun confiscation.

      On Saturday, Breitbart News reported that Graham had given Democrats a green light for a March 26 hearing on the confiscatory gun laws. He told CNN that the gun confiscation laws represent a place where Republicans and Democrats “can come together.”

    • Charlene Downes – white girl chopped up and put into kebab by muslims in UK
      Ebba Akerlund – ripped in half by a terrorist truck attack. Her grave was vandalized
      22 murder victims of the Manchester bombing
      Over 120 people killed in the Bataclan massacre
      85 killed in the Nice truck attack
      Tens of thousands of girls raped. Muslims laugh and keep doing it.
      September 11th, 2001


      Long arrears to make good.

      LOL at your pathos.

      • Lashing out at Muslims isn’t going to stop immigration. Said strategy has been tried and failed for 20 years. Western voters have refused to vote for nationalist parties, so I presume they agree with Sadiq Khan about “part and parcel”.

        It’s more productive to lash out at the warmongers and the billionaires demanding immigration.

        • The people have no real say in it. Trump is still importing them and resettling them across the country. He never cut the funds for this program nor has Pompeo(it’s run out of State).

          Even if Trump said “no more refugees” via EO, the courts would force him to take them.

          Things won’t change until people hold the shot callers directly responsible. The courts and various NGO’s like the Catholic and Lutheran charities making serious money off importing them.

          • Rod;
            Google the Muslim ban. The immigration of Muslim’s is down 91% according to the Cato Institute. Others say 30% and others higher. I don’t know who to believe but it looks like it is down.

          • Macron received 20 million votes. Twice the votes of Le Pen, and no one can realistically claim there was massive election fraud or intimidation. The French people fear “Vichy” far more than immigration or terrorism.

            The people of Minnesota gave Keith Ellison a promotion to Attorney General, despite DV allegations with physical evidence.

            The people must be held accountable, alongside the oligarchs.

          • The west fears collective punishment however just for good reason.

            Once it starts the 1000 year effort to create a high trust culture is flushed and if on a large scale best case we are all like the Ulstermen or the like, suspicious, low trust and clannish

            There is no recovery from that

            That said its either the elite or us and every day it gets worse. They have to lose power or all decent society dies

            I’d like this to be done through peaceful, lawful means if possible but its a slim hope. On worth working for of course as Thomas Norton said centuries ago paraphrased “Hope for the best prepare for the worst and you’ll never be surprised.”

        • DeBeers, that’s because the populace has been trained to believe that anything nationalistic, even slightly, is no different than turning on the gas chambers. Words spoken by whites are Magic Words, that can kill people if spoken by YT. It is another one of our magic powers. In fact, physical violence by others is a lesser evil than bad words spoken by YT. The 1A weaponizes us and makes us all killers, just as 2A does, so they say. Normie may be figuring it out a bit, but he sure isn’t acting on it yet.

          • I’m not going to make excuses, the average left-wing and center-left voter gets gleeful at “rubbing our noses in diversity”. They know exactly what they are doing, and they want more of this violence so they can deplatform and imprison us.

        • I done told ya.
          They, the half brothers, have been working together since the beginning.

          Who’s most interested in disarming us– poor people? We got a turnkey surveillance state out of their last big show.

        • I think you have that wrong.

          People tend not to immigrate to places where they think they’ll end up getting killed.

          The billionaire class ENTICES people to come here thru propaganda and generous resettlement funding. If enough mosques get attacked and enough Muslims end up dead – then the billionaire class can peddle their bullshit all they want and nobody is going to buy it.

          Lashing out at the warmongers hasn’t accomplished shit either. Probably especially because there haven’t been too many people “lashing out”. What happened was that the vast majority of people on the right – AGREED with the warmongers. As soon as the Neocons started talking about invading the Mideast – everybody except for maybe some paleocons like Pat Buchanan and some of the more principled anti-war lefties – hopped on that bandwagon.

          Now we’ve got Neocons and other globohomo types talking about invading Iran and Venezuela. They haven’t pressed it hard – yet. But the Saudis and the Israelis are already spinning up the pro attack Iran propaganda machine – and the pro articles are already appearing.

          So it appears we’re coming up on a time when we’ll get to see if the American people have learned their lessons about overseas wars. Or – if threats of the Iranian Navy patrolling off the East coast will be enough to spin the whole thing up again.

          I’m betting on stupidity – and war.

          Burn the mosques. MAKE the billionaire class reveal their abject dedication to population replacement. Then you’ll have enough political capital to “lash out” at the billionaire class – and make it stick.

          I think a few people here need to read up on 4GW and guerilla warfare in general.

          • The political climate is such that a few more of these attacks in quick succession will mean martial law, and drone strikes on domestic soil.

            Immigrants will keep coming even if they face a higher rate of death, simply due to the vastly higher incomes possible in the West. When the FN is defeated 2-1, there is no indication that our socities are going to rip themselves apart and commit ethnic cleansing en masse. But the system will eagerly await the new powers it can gain by crushing a Neon-Nazi insurrection.

          • Far easier said than done and a single screwed up drone strike will create a thousand revolutionaries

            And note its just not possible to prevent the flow of information no matter what censorship or surveillance is used . You can slow it but efforts to slow it can’t be hidden and will create more problems

            This is already happening

            “Free speech, audible/visible to the general public, is the central element in any sort of acceptable polity. That is why all of the Bad People are working so hard to mute it forever. That is also why free speech, perhaps even more than private property, is the tripwire beyond which unrestricted war must be fought. Slavery cannot be imposed without prohibitions on either form of human endeavor.”

            This was the splash at Western Rifle Shooters today
            and I’ve seen similar things on the radical Left and elsewhere

            The thing to understand about the elite of any culture at any time is they all suffer from severe complacency bias and only a tiny handful are able to change course even at the end.

            As bad as the French Revolution was the aristocrats brought it on themselves by simply being too detached and ours are no more immune

            The tech while it lasts can slow the effects and allow them to control more area but the US is getting dumber and the tech harder to keep running.

            One thing the NZ shooting shows is that some people do understand about the man behind the curtain.

            This killing was designed to elicit the very reaction its getting and its working. When the violent radicals decide to come out in numbers, no one will know who they are and no one will be safe

            I don’t want this to happen as it may end up destroying the good parts of modernity but we probably can’t find a decent way to prevent it

          • “People tend not to immigrate to places where they think they’ll end up getting killed.”

            Not very plausible. Thousands of immigrants drown in the Mediterranean every year, and they are fully aware of the risk. Yet they keep coming, because the rewards of getting to Europe are very much worth the risk. So some random dude whacking few dozen Muslims every once in a while will have close to zero effect on the willingness of third worlders to come to the West.

    • “Maybe because people like the proprietor of the blog played a role in radicalizing the monsters that did this cimre”

      How about the ‘monsters’ that have put knife crime in the UK up into the stratosphere? Or the grooming gangs who sexually enslave white british girls? Or… (insert Muzz violence / depravity here)

      If we were ‘keeping score’ between Muzz violence and ‘white supremacist’ violence the game would be a total blowout. It would look like a basketball score with the NBA on one side and the junior girls league on the other. Maybe 140 to 5 or something like that?

      Said another way; fuck off back to the Huffpo echo chamber, your mewling and whining does nothing here except provoke the response (like this one) you so desperately crave.

    • Blame the politicians who force people of different religions and races together. This blood and the blood that will surely be spilled in the future is on their hands.

      Diversity + Proximity = Violence

      sic semper erat, et sic semper erit

    • This is the tiny dick guy again. I keep deleting his posts, but missed this one. Please don’t respond to this moron.

      • I thought maybe TD had decided he was pissing into the wind and had given up. No such luck, thanks for keeping the flamethrowers out of the house.

        BTW, thanks for nothing on your post title, I have had that damnable “Underdog” cartoon theme song earworm going through my head all morning 🙂

        • Dutch, now remember:

          When criminals in this world appear and break the laws that they should fear
          And frightened all who see and hear the cry goes out both far and near
          For Underdog! Underdog!
          Speed of lightning, roar of thunder
          Fighting all who rob and plunder
          Underdog! UNDERDOG!!!

      • Normally, I wouldn’t, but in this case, I figured that it wouldn’t be a bad a idea for people to see my answer. We need to change the way people think about such violence. The Left controls the debate by talking about guns. We need people to understand the root problem, to change whom they blame.

        There will always be nut jobs and fanatics on all sides. The best way to keep them from killing each other is to keep them away from each other.

    • When something like this shooting occurs, inevitably some people claim that it smells like a false flag.

      I wish I could be first, but too late for that. Nevertheless I’ll put my bid in. It smells like a false flag.

    • One word: Rotherham. In 6 years I have not seen any coverage on my television – ANY – on Rotherham. 1400 girls groomed and raped, no one in mainstream gave any shits whatsoever. And as our vigilante here acknowledges, Rotherham is the FAMOUS case, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of other towns with this epidemic that even the boomercons couldn’t be bothered covering and exposing.

      No one was lighting candles and singing songs about those girls; tell me why I should care about these Muslims in light of that? Anytime I catch myself feeling sympathy or second guessing I think of Rotherham and the deafening silence and even imprisonment of those who shed a light.

      It is disgusting.

      So no, Tim, the days of your guilt trip working are over. Future is now.

    • Hey Duck.

      I share the Aussie senator Fraser Anning said here


      However the acts are no more evil than an army repelling invasion because immigration without explicit consent of the governed is invasion and preventing invasion is perfectly moral if illegal.

      Very few in the West consented to being replaced or the the multicultural society and those few that supported it like yourself are a tiny minority

      Making changes like this in a moral require a super majority to give fully informed consent and that was never done. And note silence or lack of violent reprisal does not indicate consent here

      As an aside talking with the Duck is always interesting if a bit perplexing, I can’t tell whether its trolling, scripted Hasbara /N.P.C work or a complete lack of understanding how we think and how our moral systems work

  12. I would recommend Roger Crowley’s book Empire of the Seas to anyone interested in reading more about the siege of Malta. It also covers the battle of Lepanto.

  13. A nice little ditty about Agincourt.

    Owre kynge went forth to Normandy,
    With grace and myyt of chivalry;
    The God for hym wrouyt marvelously,
    Wherefore Englonde may calle, and cry

    Chorus (repeated after each verse):
    Deo gratias
    Deo gratias
    Anglia redde pro victoria.

    Noe gratious God he save owre kynge,
    His peple, and all his wel wyllynge,
    Gef him gode lyfe, and gode endynge,
    That we with merth mowe savely syng


  14. 30.years ago i lived in Denmark at collage and a Finnish girl lived there. Her mother was the cousins of the danish Queen, but she had the nickname “The Gererals daughter” by some. She studied medicin and was a little girl who also had the black belt in karate and was an instructor in it. It was much later I understood who her father was, Adolf Ehrnrooth who was one of generals in the winter war against the Sovjet union.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Ehrnrooth

  15. Anything that features Simho Hayha is a success. Remember, his kills ALL came with a standard issue Finnish Moisin-Nagant variant and over iron sights. In his mind optics would have raised his profile too much.

  16. If you ever do a sequel, the Texas Revolution deserves some serious consideration.

    I read a book on the topic recently and I had no idea just how tough Sam Houston and company had it.

  17. Once I read through your introduction I was hoping that the Siege of Malta would be at the top of the list! Bingo 🙂

  18. BOLO on a retaliatory strike on a packed Christian church in the next few weeks. NZ mosque attack(already Occasional Cortex is blaming the NRA) will bring Islamic reprisals and you never know, it could let loose the dogs…..

    • Charlottesville was only three dead, two in a helicopter crash. Look at the legal backlash and deplatforming.

      Now we’ve got possibly 50+ dead and multiple plotters. At least some Western countries are going to outright block the chans, if not seize the domains and demand extradition of the owners, and put administrative detention for extremists (no habeus corpus, Israeli style).

      NZ is looking at a total gun ban, which will probably result in further violence.

      • Just for fun, pull up the post Port Arthur stats on Australia. “Mass killing” averages are virtually unchanged. Gun homicides in general usually ranked third in any given year–knives and fists are far more popular. Spend any time out drinking with Australians and you realize why.

      • That’s what this guy wanted. From his manifesto:

        “Why did you choose to use firearms?
        I could have chosen any weapons or means.A TATP filled rental van. Household flour, a method of dispersion and an ignition source.A ballpeen hammer and a wooden shield.Gas,fire,vehicular attacks,plane attacks, any means were available. I had the will and I had the resources.
        I chose firearms for the affect it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide and the affect it could have on the politics of United states and thereby the political situation of the world. The US is torn into many factions by its second amendment, along state, social, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.
        With enough pressure the left wing within the United states will seek to abolish the second amendment, and the right wing within the US will see this as an attack on their very freedom and liberty.
        This attempted abolishment of rights by the left will result in a dramatic polarization of the people in the United States and eventually a fracturing of the US along cultural and racial lines.”

    • A retaliatory strike? They have been hitting packed churches with regularity, like weekly, for years in Africa and Asia. But this might send someone in a Western nation over the edge and lead to an attack in Europe or the U.S.. Of course this will provide the Islam apologists a built in excuse for the next dozen atrocities.

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