The End Of The World

Back in the 1990’s, most people knew Bill Clinton was a crook and a degenerate, but people also knew he would never be held to account. An unspoken truth of the age was that a big part of the frustration with the Clinton crime family was really over the unwillingness of the so-called conservatives to get tough. The National Review types carried on like they were too good to get into the outrage over the endless stream of scandals surrounding Team Clinton. They were above that stuff.

As a result, talking about the Clinton shenanigans became a staple of talk radio, mostly because it was amusing, but also as a form of outrage porn. Every time one of them got away with some obvious lie, the phone lines would light up with people ready to talk about how angry they were about it. In other words, a big part of the Clinton hating was over the fact they kept getting away with it, because the political class, particularly the so-called principled conservatives, lacked the stones to do anything about it.

That’s an important thing to keep in mind while watching the Left wrestle with the fact Trump will not be sent to prison for treason. To normal people, the Russian collusion stuff was always a nutty conspiracy theory. It seemed obvious that the point of the Russian collusion narrative was to distract people from the fact the Obama White House was engaged in activity that would have made Nixon blush. If there was a conspiracy, it was the media running cover for the crooks in the Obama administration.

This understanding blinded people to what could be the most important part of the Russian collusion story. The Left really believed it. They really thought there was a secret conspiracy between Trump people and Putin people to work some secret magic to alter the 2016 election. They did not know the nature of this magic. In fact, it was probably supernatural, but the Left was sure it was real. This is something people outside the Progressive hive are just starting to realize. The Left really is that crazy.

The juxtaposition of the Clinton haters and the NeverTrump people is a good way of understanding the vast chasm between the Progressive worldview and that of normal people. The hatred of the Clintons was rooted in a grudging acceptance of the reality of modern politics. It was a lament, more than a set of beliefs. People knew they were crooks, but also knew the so-called conservatives were wimps and liars. Bill Clinton in the White House was the symptom of the disease that had infected the nation’s elite.

The NeverTrump stuff is something different. It’s rooted in a fantasy about how the world is organized and the role the Left plays in it. They really do believe in mysterious forces that operate on the fringes. They not only think there is a man behind the curtain, but that the curtain itself is part of an elaborate conspiracy. Most important, they deeply believe that the arc of history bends toward the Promised Land and that they are on the right side of history, leading the rest of us into the light of salvation. They really do think that.

It’s why their response to the Mueller report has been like the response to the sudden death of a child. They were not convinced some Trump people had some shady dealings with the Russians. They were sure there was an elaborate conspiracy that altered the election. That was the key part of their coping system for the last two plus years. The conspiracy altered the election. The arc of history was not altered. The bad guys were not able to legitimately defeat those on the right side of history. The devil real!

Cults have ways to deal with disconfirmation, but there must be a way to salvage some of the original core belief from the wreckage. If the aliens were supposed to arrive on Tuesday, but failed to show, the cult can explain this by claiming they got the dates wrong or that they failed to perform the proper ritual. In this case, the Left can’t seem to find a way to salvage the core belief from the wreckage, because the core belief had to be completely true in order to confirm their role in the Great Russian collusion narrative.

What we’re seeing with the Left is a child learning that they have not only been adopted, but they have been in a coma their whole life and everything they believe about themselves is a dream. Rachel Maddow right now is someone sure she was a Jewish TV lesbian, but has learned she is really white guy with two kids and an ex-wife, working at the Home Depot. Everything about who she was in the moral sense is not just false, it never existed. As a result, she never really existed. She was part of the fraud.

That’s why the audience has evaporated for these lefty chat shows. Conservatives will try to explain this in the same dimwitted way they explain everything, by focusing on the fact these shows promoted a fake story. In reality, we’re witnessing the collapse of an identity cult, built around the belief in a sinister conspiracy to snatch away the 2016 election from forces of light. The collapse of the central narrative is also the collapse of the core of this identity cult. These are now people without a reason to exist.

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  6. They will simply move on to the next fake outrage. They will try outrage after outrage until something sticks for the middle. A lot of people still want to believe, no matter how much they may say that the press is biased, that there are some journalistic standards. They don’t want to be one of those people who say that the bosses are treating the masses like puppets and everything is fake. There is no status or comfort in that

  7. Many of the marching morons that provide the political power base of the commie demonrats are probably stupid enough to believe the bullshit and likes about collusion etc. etc. and the daily propaganda they read and hear about Trump. The leaders on the left and most of the the media whores AREN’T that stupid. They are fully aware of who is guilty of what. They are simply making non-stop use of one of the favorite tools of propaganda…..Projection. The practice of accusing the opposition of the things you are guilty of or plan to do.

    • Calling out the difference in the two groups is just right and bonus points for “The Marching Morons” (want to bet, when he wrote it, he never thought it would come true? Only … Earth?)

      P.S. Re: Left regrouping. Try the Federalist, piece on Adam Schiff. Read the rants by one adamant that DT and Putin involved in daily, perverted sex games and that Barr is corrupt— so-evil-it’s-impossible-to-describe, evil, “partisian hack.” Seems to be where they are this early in the game. Add his ensuring world that the unredacted report will result in Trump/gallows.

  8. Love your work zman but I think you’ve been getting sloppy lately. References to “normal people” is the same as referencing “common sense” — it’s too vague and amorphous to mean anything. At least 35% of the country deeply believed in this Russia stuff; another 15-20% were open to believing it. What does a “normal person” even mean then?

    Also, smart liberals aren’t that upset about Mueller not coming up with anything on collusion. Consider what Mueller accomplished: he hampered Trump’s agenda for 2.5 years, he cost hundreds of millions to Trump allies in legal fees, he punished various Trump allies with prison for unrelated issues, he helped Democrats win the house, and he was used to hide the rampant illegal spying that Obama admin did in 2015-2016….oh, and also Trump had to sell out completely to the establishment in order to avoid impeachment.

    Not such a bad result for the shitlibs, right?

    Lastly, it wasn’t so crazy to think that Wikileaks was possibly coordinating with Trump on document releases — the timing of the releases, and the information itself, provided very damaging to Hillary and played a big role in getting Trump elected. The Democrat machine, which is used to a one-way release of information to benefit liberals at the expense of Republicans, couldn’t help but look at it and see them related (which is why they pursued the Roger Stone angle so hard).

    Instead of focusing on the “mysterious forces” angle, I think it’s more informative for your audience to think of the real world benefits and strategies that smarter shitlibs have been pursuing, not the easily persuaded delusional lib hordes.

  9. the modern female will believe absolutely anything . don’t believe me? google “chrystal healing ” . or ” chrystal properties” . literally magic rocks.

    Essential oils are at least loosely connected to nutrition , but magic rocks and aroma therapy leave me frightened that I am surrounded by the insane. what the hell is in the water these days?

    • Women have always been this way – reality is fungible to them. This is one of the reasons that the PUA guys typically fall into Dissident thinking.

  10. I had some fun with: “I don’t understand why you are not delighted to learn the President is not betraying the Country. Would you prefer that he was?

    Unfortunately my acquaintanceship of loony cat ladies is limited to one- the price of structuring ones life correctly, I guess.

  11. I think it may be unwise to assume that these people are now rudderless and lost. Temporarily stunned maybe, but they will re-group behind some other cause. They’ve got the “white-supremacy” woo-woo sitting waiting in the pending tray.

  12. Slightly off topic but I try to avoid speaking of the Clintons as a pair. They are the least legitimate couple in American history. At least the Obama’s spend time together, even though I am quite certain Barack has never touched Michelle sexually (who would, plus his interests are in other areas). But the Clintons? They probably haven’t shared a bed since he left office. We all knew Bill was a perv, but he seemed pretty harmless like an uncle who got handsy after a few beers with his nieces at holidays. He never generated the same visceral disgust that his “wife” does, which in part explains why he got away with perjuring himself before a Federal grand jury.

    But Hillary is a malevolent force all her own, the brains and evil life-force behind the Clinton syndicate. While Bill was off banging teenagers on Epstein’s Lolita Island, Hillary was home selling uranium to the Russians and amassing a fortune via the “Foundation”. As long as Bill did some speeches and never got photographed doing blow off the stomach of a 12 year old midget hooker, she left him alone which is what he wanted all along.

    • I disagree with the characterization of Michelle Obama. She’s not hideous. I think a lot of you guys, deep down, realize she’d wreck you in bed, and you hate her for that.

  13. Unless we have an immigration moratorium soon then our world as we know it really is ending. The Mueller probe was a giant distraction. I imagine they will ratchet up the smear of Trump being a Nazi and white supremacist next as they are the last bullets in their gun. keep your eye on the ball. Immigration changes everything permanently. We are on track to have 1.5 million illegals this year. We should have been fighting over the white genocide agenda of the globalists for the last 2 years, not Russia.

    • Problem is Trump has morphed into Jeb/Merkel. By all right he should be beating the drums on it 7×24. All he does is whine about the bad old democrats. in his tweets.

      Do you realize that in his NE Declaration he could have ended “catch and release” but didn’t?

      Or ask yourself why he refuses to close the border.

      People here should be preparing for a DNC victory in 2020. and the hammer to drop on us shortly thereafter.

      • If nothing else, felons getting the vote in Florida should do him in for 2020. 1.5 million potential democratic votes is more than enough to swing the state and then the nation. Forever.

  14. The fallout will be fascinating. The last time a Leftist prophecy failed, we got “Postmodernism” and all its ilk, which gave us “intersectionality” and all the rest. There’s a direct line between Khrushchev’s “Secret Speech” (1956) and the Left’s insistence that a 6’3″ linebacker should be able to weewee in the little girls’ room. Wonder what they’ll come up with now? That’s the great thing about the Left — just when you think the lunacy can’t possibly get any loonier, they always surprise you. What a fascinating, stupid time to be alive.

  15. Politics culture government, whatever it is will not change in my lifetime. However we interperate the data regardless of the lens none of it is going to improve to a proper point of tolerability. The battle runs on infinitum. I enjoy a little schadenfreude just like the next guy but it is not enough. The desire to do something about it always comes full circle to the point of knowing there is nothing I can do to change any of it. Know it live it love it. Seeing it real time, processing the reality reminds me of pool maintenance. It never ends. It never changes. Turn on tune in drop out. It sounds a lot better than it used to. There may be something to it. I used to care but, things have changed.

  16. Sort of off topic, but is anyone else waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Mosque shooting? After Charlottesville, it took a week for the deplatforming chaos to start. With the exception of Oz and NZ, nothing has happened.

    Is the cult out of things to bash us with?

    • Facebook has announced it will ban any white separatist groups, as they are indistinguishable from white supremacist groups according to the unbiased experts at the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith, which in no fashion is a Jewish Separatist or Jewish supremacist group.

      Remember that each one of the three (SPLC, ADLbb, PFAW) has lists of every active dissident that they want Big Tech to deplatform. Their trick is to do it batch-by-batch rather than all at once and risk exodus of the Right to Gab.

      Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuck should get the Mikhail khodorkovsky treatment.

    • Plenty has happened. The shooter has vanished from public space and his writings and video as well. No one wants to touch them, ever the DR bigshots have hid under a rock. Denninger was the one of the few who examined the manifesto and he had to pull it real fast.

      This will be the MO from now on. The ruling class unperson’s the shooter Soviet style and they cease to exist This goes way beyond Facebook vanishing people and topics. They are making it internet wide.

      Why? Because if you examine all terrorist attacks since 9/11(with the exception of the Las Vegas shooting) all have been a result of diversity forced down our throats. IOW race-replacement in action. This is a topic that the TPTB cannot be allowed to be brought up.

  17. If you really want to see the result of narrative collapse, go to the Drudge Report and click on the link to Karl Rove’s WSJ article. (If you’re a WSJ subscriber, go directly to the editorial section.) Forget his stupid article and go right to the comments. You can scroll down as far as you like and see nothing but bitter vitriol directed at Rove and the WSJ. I used to read the editorials in that neo-cohen rag for years. But I’ve NEVER seen a reaction to a WSJ article like this one. There has been a sea change of opinion in a place where normie usually went to freshen up his moderate views from time to time. That’s all over now. Trump would be wise to go for the lefty jugular IMMEDIATELY. His base is hungrily waiting for red meat. The Michigan Trump rally tonight should be fireworks.

  18. Look up “illusory truth effect”. The constant accusations coming from the mainstream media feed this beast.

    I stumbled into a “true believer’s” Twitter thread yesterday. (I was a Twitter/Facebook virgin until yesterday). It was a 24/7 manic progression of links and delinks, all perpetuating this crazed feeding frenzy, very disjointed, like everyone shouting crazy things at once. These people are much more far gone than I thought. It does explain why my bro-in-law goes into disjointed crazy mutterings when current events come up. He is regurgitating Twitter threads.

    Wictor, Rex, and Cates have an interesting theory. Mueller, Rosenstein, Barr, Giuliani, and an unnamed secret prominent NYC developer type busted the NY Mafia a couple of decades ago. What if Mueller and Rosenstein were Trump plants to ferret out all the bad guys and wrongdoing? I am not necessarily buying it, but it would be a delicious outcome.

    • Dutch: “These [Twitter/Facebook] people are much more far gone than I thought.” SO agree. I log on to Twitter once in a while and it’s startling. Sometimes when only reading the top names on our side, it’s easy to think they’re overheated. This is why it’s a good idea to browse Twitter sometimes, however painful. It spooks you back into the reality of how insane, OCD, and energetic Progs are. One of the strange effects from surfing Twitter is how you get the impression that EVERYONE is a crazy Prog.

  19. I’m hoping narrative collapse on the Left red-pills more Bernie Bros. The true-believer vs. red-pill ratio among California Lefties I’ve spoken with seems generational. Xers and Boomers are convinced Trump cheated justice somehow, solidly convinced he somehow stole Crooked’s election. They are leaning toward Biden or Warren. Younger Lefties here know the Dem field is full of hacks and frauds and could be mobilized by a leader who had legitimate buck the system cred & disruptive ideas. Yang, Gabbard or a similar outsider could do a Left-flank Trump style candidacy here. A candidate who runs against the status quo and credibly offers these kids some student loan relief and some gibs could realign a big chunk of the Democrat electorate.

    • Medwedof was the family name of her paternal grandfather. Eastern European Jews. Poles and Russians.

        • Catholic School? That’s where she got the Marxism from, then.

          I’m guessing it was a Jesuit institution.

  20. A neutral Martian observer who was watching the 2016 election would have noted the following:

    1. Hillary Clinton is a hateful, charmless, shrewish, frankly evil woman who was openly detested by normal Americans. She is also quite literally an open criminal. Most Americans may not know the precise details of her crimes, and their blatant, shameless, obvious cover ups; they just know da bitch is a crook. An inherently untrustworthy person, and a misbegotten failure as a woman.

    2. Hillary’s strategy for winning the hearts and minds of the electorate was to a) openly abandon and spit upon the concerns (and thus the votes) of the White working class, and to b) openly declare that literally half the American nation were contemptible, deplorable, irredeemable racists. This was literally her charm-offensive election strategy.

    3. A little-known but important fact about Hillary is that she been a spectacular flaming failure at every single thing she has ever set her hand to. (Pages of illustrations)

    4. Meanwhile on the other side of town, Donald Trump was barnstorming across the entire country holding massive rallies with record-breaking crowds, and generating excitement, hope, and headlines wherever he went.

    5. Americans are low information voters. They neither know nor care about the activities of John Podesta, Seth Rich, Julian Assange or even Bernie Sanders, really. Their response to the election was a gut one: charming, funny, charismatic rich-guy Bugs Bunny versus charmless, humorless, skull-faced Elmer Fudd. Even so, Bugs only barely squeaked by — in precisely the states and places which Hillary had openly abandoned, denounced, and spat upon.

    6. Martian observer wonders why ANYBODY could have thought the outcome puzzling.

    This is getting too long; answer to puzzle in next Martian dispatch.

    • I would beg to differ with (3). She is a millionaire and was a Senator. She is quite good at graft and corruption.

      • I think sHillary might be more of a Jamie-lee Curtis character from True Lies…the gun falls down the stairs and kills the bad guys all by itself. some people are just lucky that way.

  21. There is a local group of political cat ladies that sprung up to Resist! after Trump’s election. The header on all their communications is “Activism is the antidote to despair”. What has sustained them these long two years has been the conviction that somehow, eventually, all their wishes would come true. Now I fear we’re back at the mortally wounded Cape Buffalo scenario. As Robert Ruark pointed out years ago, when that happens the animal has only a single nihilistic intent left…stomping you into a bloody puddle before it dies.

    • It used to be that things like going into the monastery or nunnery was an antidote to dispair, or immersing oneself in small scale compassionate community projects and volunteerism. Those things were too constructive, for the elites that want to atomize everyone’s existence. So now, activism is the answer. Tear things up. Yeah, that’s it. Make the world a better place by bashing your neighbor. What fools they are.

  22. We’re living in Bizarro World, where the Official Reality™ is the opposite of the, you know, real reality.

    The left commits tons of real crimes, but the right doesn’t prosecute. Then the left persecutes the right for made-up or imaginary crimes.

    And a lot of the normie-public swallows whole the left’s monstrously fictitious and untrue story about what’s going on.

    We won the cold war, right? So why does it feel, psycho-spiritually, like we’re living in the Soviet Union?

    • I’ve remarked to people that we’ve become the country that we used to go to war against.

      My father was one of the first wave to hit Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. He nearly drowned getting off the landing craft. Was it worth it?

  23. No doubt we will be told what the report “really means” and that there are coded messages and secret emanations that only the “truly informed” can discern and understand. On top of that we will be told it is all a cover up by people who just days ago were the shining agents of truth and justice but today are obvious dupes and conspirators working to obscure and obstruct the truth. Not only that but your whiteness is preventing you from seeing past your privilege and even though the truth of Trump’s nefarious and treasonous acts are obvious to our betters we will never be able to see it because of our race (and bear in mind that there are NO racists on the left and if you weren’t white you would see the truth of that).

    Z is right. The left must have its demons to battle and kill. Call them evil Jews or Landlords and Exploiters or Counter -Revolutionaries and Reactionaries or just plain old Enemies of the People it is imperative that these exist and thus obvious that they do exist and must be liquidated. This is for the good of the true race and the real people and while a regrettable fact it is also a necessary and vital action that must be taken to ensure the future is bright and progressing always toward the new El Dorado.

  24. I think you are giving the Left too much credit. There will be a short (72 hrs tops) period of mourning and then back to bidniz as usual.

  25. It is enjoyable watching their reaction to the “Mueller report”. I fear that rumors of their collapse are premature. They will come back st us with a vengeance.

  26. “These are now people without a reason to exist.”

    Oh, don’t you believe it, Johnny. Trump/Russia was a sideshow and a way to derail the President’s legitimacy and checkmate his agenda. But the Prime Directive is still loud and clear, and very much on track: eradicate White people, and erase their history, religion, and culture. The very memory of Whitey must be expunged.

    Sound a little like (((a very Special Story))) about made-up Amalek?

    Have no fear: they’ll get over the Trump Train-wreck in no time, then it will be back to 24/7 LOL goyim, we stole your country and your grandchildren will be brown and Muslim!!!

    Remember the lessons of Shark Week: sharks never sleep.

  27. The Hoax is on us as it were.
    In the excellent TV show “Narcos,” in referring to the Colombian Minister of Justice, drug lord Pablo Escobar remarks that “there is no justice in Colombia, therefore the Minister of Justice is the Minister of Nothing.”

    “Equality under the Law” is a lie. Americans are ruled by oligarchs just like everywhere else. America, you have become the “Republic of Nothing.”

    Welcome to the Third World.

    • Equality under the law is the sort of idea one expects from a naive child or a psychopath wanting to undermine society through contravention of basic pragmatism. The fact it is enshrined in our collective conscious while having absolutely no real world applicability is indicative of not evolution but devolution of societal organization. A society of fantasy over reality.

      Such a thing never could exist or would responsible adults want it to exist. Old are not equal to young, strong are not equal to weak, citizens are not equal to non-citizens, men are not equal to women, smart are not equal to stupid, rich are not equal to poor. There are all sorts of inequalities in our legal system as should there be. Convicted violent criminals are not equal to the law abiding. The insane are not equal to the sane. Those who want to destroy are not equal to those who want to build.

      The absence of hierarchy is equilibrium. Equilibrium is death by lack of order in any animal society. All potential energy derives from the absence of equilibrium. If an individual is thermodynamically equal to it’s environment it is dead.

        • Judges can only exist in an inequal society. If we had true equality there could be no judges. Entire point of having a human serve as judge is to apply the law on a case by case basis.

          Equality under the law means children are executed for the crime of premeditated murder. I’m guessing you’re not for that.

          Nothing wrong with priveledges, but they have to be commensurate with responsibilities.

          • They are commensurate with that and good order.

            A society like ours that doesn’t function well enough for the people in it to have children and no one wants to propagate its memes is a goner.

            That is job one and it often means using the State to prohibit excess disruption and to grant privileges based on civic benefit alone.

            This is why “gun rights” exist, its beneficial to society and the individual and its why say banning felons from guns is wrong

            Its disruptive to keep punishing people and creating policies that indirectly encourage a bad outcome leads nowhere we want to go

            Banning felons from arms encourages banning others from arms which is bad and discourages rehabilitation and civic participation as well as increasing criminal penalties too much

            Too harsh a penalty leads to a higher cost for crime, hanging shoplifters for example deters shoplifting but also suggests that its logical to rob and kill random people since the penalty is the same

            Old Chinese proverb, if the penalty for being late the the battle is the same as rebellion and you are late by no fault of your own what should you do?

            As WRSA says you can always take some with you

            And note the West tried this under the years of the Bloody Code in the UK among other places. This didn’t make the state stronger but cost it legitimacy which you don’t want

    • In the weeks ahead, Trump will begin declassifying a lot of official DOJ documentation that will fully expose the criminality of the Obama Administration and complicit Executive Branch officials in the coup. That is your future. But keep dreaming. It’s really all you’ve got left.

      • I would love to see Trump go after the conspirators. But he won’t. He’ll tweet until he’s exhausted, complete another item on Israel’s to-do list, then play some golf.

    • Z Man: “This is something people outside the Progressive hive are just starting to realize. The Left really is that crazy.”

      Exhibit 1: Tom Collins.

      • Nah. I think he’s hasbara .

        He’s not going to disrupt anything, his real job is to read blogs like this , TIny Duck and variants shows up on several and report to somebody Soros or some Fusion Center

        Not much to report here as the sight could be summed up as

        The US is collapsing socially , demographically and economically over time into Brazil 2.0 , not much anyone can do short of a revolution or filling a vacuum after a collapse but our revolutionaries kind of suck and none of us is ready for a lot of reasons. We’d still prefer a nice peaceful solution even though we think its not gonna happen

        Did I miss anything?

        Anyhow Duck, you can take the rest of the day off since I’ve done you job for ya.

        Grab a soy latte and drink to Z’s good health since we’re paying the bills for ya.

    • The single retrospective benefit of having a bunch of Clinton hacks and a serial practitioner of prosecutorial misconduct comprising the team is that if anything could be construed negatively, it would have been. I’ll wait for the report, but nothing in Barr’s history suggests he would hang his ass out in the wind if the conclusions were anything but exculpatory. BTW the judgement on Weissman comes not from my own opinion, but from a good journalist friend who was the lead cover for Enron and Andersen for a national publication. He told me when Weissman joined Mueller’s team that they guy was the slimiest prosecutor he’d ever seen. (and mind you this is from a solid leftist).

      • Still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor after reading “The media got it mostly right.” Alternative universe? BrennonWorld?

  28. you know, more and more I feel like we’ve entered Hoax World together. Just look at the litany of leftist hoaxes. That Theranos woman, the smollet thing, the biggest of them all, the Russian collusion thing. Egalitarianism, global warming, the IT from world war 2. which of the left’s pillars is not a fantasy? What is real anymore?

    • The biggest problem with reality is that it doesn’t conform to *any* narrative for long. The right has its story too, of civic nationalism and a nation blessed by God for some special purpose. These are all ‘hoaxes’ too, and much longer running ones.

      Reality doesn’t care about humans. That’s the starting point the dissident right needs to recognize. If we keep telling ourselves stories that there was this earlier pastoral time in history, where the world wasn’t full of hoax stories, we’re not much better than the left (their stories are about the future, ours about the past). Human Nature being what it is, I don’t see many accepting this truth about the world – we will always seek the man behind the curtain, the secret sauce that gives *meaning* to life. I think this goes to Z’s point about how you come up with your “principles” *after* you win. Only few can face the truth and be able to do this. Most will fall back to some schema of meaning laid out for them by someone else. So we have to provide that schema.

      As an aside: God might care in a sense that I can’t even begin to understand, but I’ve seen very little to indicate that He’s about to intervene. If He allowed the Black Death and the Borgia popes, I’m pretty sure whatever we’re going to end up in will also be allowed.

      • Not really though. It’s like Z said a few weeks back. The old regime lied and distorted, but it was to smooth the warts of reality and create a braver view of the world for the stupid and young. The right never creates outright lies and hoaxes the way the left does. We have narratives or credos but not built on colossal falsehoods. I’m sure there were some, but not to this degree, not so sytemitized.

        • Unless you want to consider the bush2 years and neocon right part of the “right.” Then yes you have your yellow cake and wmd hoaxes.

        • The entire Feudal system was predicated on the colossal lie of the “Divine Right of Kings”. Yes, monarchy worked pretty well given how human nature operates, but there definitely are some whoppers like these spread throughout history. “All Men are Created Equal” is another, more recent, one. “The Rights of Man” is another.

          I’m not saying that any of these things was *bad*. When Charles I united much of Europe via military conquest, Divine Right allowed folks to tell themselves that rather than a barbarian conqueror, God had given them a great ruler. It helped that Charles Martel had given Europe a savior only a couple generations prior.

        • Would you consider Qanon a right wing hoax? My dad and a close friend of mine who are both very rational right wing guys are obsessed with Qanon. They think ALL the “bad” guys on the left will be put behind bars VERY soon. They have been telling me this for two years now…

          • Respectfully, they don’t sound rational.

            Q folk always sound plain naive or hopelessly hopeful. I bet there’s a lot of cross-over between Tea Partiers and fans of Q.

          • Oh definitely a hoax. Conspiracy theorists usually come from two places: the slightly below average (~IQ 80-100) and the highly intelligent (~IQ > 140). The below average aren’t smart enough to see through the wackiness, and the highly intelligent see signals everywhere in what is really just noise. When there is something real though, it’s usually the smart guy that finds the signal. An example is the folks that predicted the crash in 2008. They’re now ‘gurus’ but their predictions now aren’t working…

          • That’s pretty good. The difference with the qawhatever is that there is a deep state conspiracy against trump, it’s just a matter of exaggerating the extent or what’s their motive. The Qa doesn’t have the support of the media and the rightist politicians. I would put that with frazzledrip and such nonsense.

            In high iq people there is creative iq and critical or destructive iq. Those who see signal everywhere lack critical wit to filter it.

      • Good point. Losing my civic religion is the hardest part of red-pilling. I’m looking for a decent small community to relocate, so I can get some emotional fuel out of caring about my neighbors again. LA isn’t a place to put down roots. We’re going to need inspiration from life’s smaller-scale graces to replace the old American mythology.

    • Just as you’ve got the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) or DCEU (DC Extended Universe), I think of the fictional world cooked up by the left as the GU–the Gaslight Universe.

      All those things you mentioned, as well as almost every “news” story they put out, is just “world-building” in the fictional novel/movie sense.

    • Theranos was a case of a young attractive sociopath convincing a bunch of technologically illiterate old goats like Mattis and a whose who of D.C. that she had some kind of miracle diagnostic machine that broke the laws of biology.

      Had anyone of the VC’s or board members consulted a nurse who draws blood samples she could have explained to them what Theranos was doing was flat out impossible.

      But the boss class thinks they know it all nowadays so they ignore anyone whose not at their level.

      The take away is that if you look good and know the lingo you can pretty much sell total shit to the elites and they’ll think you’re a golden child,.

      • Elon Musk comes to mind. But even with all of his silliness, he hired a bunch of white engineers who keep doing crazy things previously thought impossible/impractical with rockets at SpaceX (and as much as I like to denigrate Tesla, there are some interesting engineering advancements in battery technology coming out of there as well). The shot of the mostly white (and a few asian) male engineers at the falcon heavy launch can be a solid red pill.

        There’s a meme in there somewhere. Maybe next to the crying snowflakes after hillary lost?

      • Why didn’t anyone ask her for a demonstration? Or at least to look at a product? Why did they give her money when she hadn’t invented the darn thing yet?

        • Your face, my Thane, is as a book where men
          May read strange matters. To beguile the time,
          Look like the time; bear welcome in your eye,
          Your hand, your tongue; look like th’ innocent
          But be the serpent under’t.

      • Theranos was most likely an NSA scam to collect DNA samples of the population. It collapsed about the same time genetic testing companies like 23 & Me came online. Coincidence?

  29. Has the National Review turned the corner or am I losing what’s left of my mind? Has the purge of the truly asinine children to The Bullwark given the NR a chance of surviving? They certainly seem to be singing from a different hymn sheet for the past few months. And yes, the “left” seems to be acting like a crazy cult whose comet didn’t pick them up when it passed by.

      • Derbyshire was the straw that broke the NR for me, but, hell, he’s in his seventies now. They have kept Hanson, which is more than something. It’s looks like Lowry is still the editor and there’s something about that dude that makes me want to check to see if my wallet is still where I put it and my kids are where I’ve got my eye on them. They will adapt or perish. I just found their sudden shift curious.

    • National Review is like a gross political tranny now. Their “conservative case for…” series is the equivalent of dilating their open-wound vagina every day.

      • There is a whole lot of SNL Emily Litella “never mind”-ing going on now. Starting with the traitor Brennan. I’m not feeling particularly generous in that direction.

    • No. They’re still worse than useless. They just ran an article “The Conservative Case for Puerto Rican statehood” the other day.

      • I don’t give a F*** what they do now . they are a corrupt organization just waiting for their next opportunity to stab us in the back. I Was appalled at the number of people who were talking good things about lifetime McCain co-conspirator after he mad a few conservative noises .
        Now he’s Right back in form and pushing gun laws with Rubio.

    • The NR and WSJ are irredeemable. WSJ is actively involved in finding and reporting “badthinkers” to falsebook and twatter for deplatforming .

  30. The same idiots tuning out the of CNN and MSNBC will be back shortly when the next hoax is ready for prime time.

  31. What began as political opposition research in 2015 evolved into an illegal campaign to prevent Trump’s election in 2016 and then morphed into a deadly serious coup against an elected president in 2017. Dozens of high level Obama Administration officials and senior DOJ/FBI/CIA bureaucrats (aided by members of Congress in both parties) committed numerous Class I felonies in furtherance of this coup. DOJ/FBI/CIA became, in effect, criminal enterprises (which continues to this day). The insanity of the Left is small potatoes compared to the full-fledged criminality of these seminal law enforcement institutions.

    • We have federal courts making rulings that any policy supported by Trump is unconstitutional because das racis. The GOP Majority in the previous Congress did nothing, and in the minority the House GOP is willing to let AOC and friends take up all the media attention.

      And while our power is limited at the federal level, we do have state Attorneys General that could prosecute some of these offenses. How else is the NY Attorney General threatening to prosecute the Trump family?

    • The insanity of the Left is small potatoes compared to the full-fledged criminality of these seminal law enforcement institutions.

      Well, I reckon they’re of a piece. The criminality arises out of the insanity.

      While the civ-nats and cuckrights think they can be talked out of their insanity, really the only way to protect ourselves from their criminality is to remove them from positions of power.

      • Umm – actually the only way to REALLY protect yourself from that level of criminality is to remove the positions of power themselves.

        Piles of shit attract flies. Remove one batch of flies and you’ll just get more. Remove the pile of shit and you remove what attracts the flies.

        The people who founded this country at least had some understanding of this. Lefties and the cuck right have been arguing against that realization for at least 100 years. In my lifetime the argument has always revolved around excuses like saving the children or protecting ourselves from the ISIS blue water navy.

        In any case – to somebody who understand the root of the problem it’s entirely predictable and EXPECTED that the “positions of power” would be corrupted. Like knowing that everybody is going to die sooner or later – the only realy question is : When?

        • There is no possibility of limited government until we have a white county.

          Our biggest problems are less about ideology than about tribalism.

          • I’d argue that limited government is even MORE vital in an atmosphere of tribalism. You want to remove the levers of power completely so that one tribe does not even have the ability to use that power to screw over another tribe.

            Again – it’s the pile of shit analogy. You guys keep arguing we should be kings of the pile of shit – when the reality is that you keep losing the damn game because you keep believing the pile of shit can somehow be managed to keep the flies out.

            History says no. Human nature says no. And (again) the founders of the country said no – and they said no in a tribal environment. The original colonies were a “tribal” environment – just not one quite as directly tribal as the one we have now. It was an environment with different tribes of white people – who had proven themselves pretty damn capable of not getting along thru a few thousand years of European history. Now we’ve added Zulus and Aztecs into the mix and somehow thought that the big government could be kept under control with that even more tribal mix.

            I suspect that the “right” as usual – is completely fucking this up – as is their tendency.

          • Limited government requires limited technology and a any tech at roughly the 1930’s or higher will invariably grow the State

            Third World shit doesn’t do that of course but this what you are proposing, can’t let “them” get it so we just let multinationals. street gangs and the Chinese State fill in . Not a good idea.

            Making sure that families are intact, food/water/air are safe and that people have access to stable enough work to allow for family formation isn’t something that can be done by the private sector alone.

            Small government works where most people are self employed, own a small business of their own and their own . Kind of like the yeomanry the Founding Fathers were trying to build.

            This can’t work when most people are wage slaves who ability to live is determined by an algorithm used by some short sighted corporation

            This problem is a product of economies of scale and technology and both along with the the social customs must be controlled

            Limiting the role of the state requires a homogeneous society with laws that support Christian moral living and ensure a strong yeomanry

            This means State, in your hands, not theirs

            Running away to money-cuck just makes you a good Republican

            Do be that guy.

            Authoritarian Right is the only way to go. Social Conservative, Economically Nationalist

    • This narrative misses the cooperation of the GOP and therefor cannot explain ongoing affairs or the absence of any meaningful prosecution. Indeed, Trump himself has to be at-least partially complicit given that he has both the authority and now the public information to order arrests.

      • The Joint Chiefs publicly threatened a coup over the “fine people on both sides” remark at Charlottesville. That’s when Bannon was tossed and Trump really started phoning it in.

        But most Boomercons still want the military lavished with a higher budget. Instead, we should cut the number of generals by 75% and cut the total budget in half.

        • You don’t make the rank of general let alone be considered for JCS unless you are totally onboard and vetted by the Swamp. Our ruling class learned a long time ago to value political loyalty over competency in our military high command.

          And they are very well rewarded when they retire. All sorts of plumb teaching slots, members of advisory panels and think thanks. Before they know it. they are pulling down a easy seven figure income.

          Trump didn’t understand that when he hired Mattis and Kelly who were both unfit for their positions. Both were political generals loyal to the Deep State not to America.

        • The antifederalists were right, the standing army was a bad idea.
          Disband the Army. Home defense can be handled by the national guard militia, with full time guards for the complicated stuff. Ditto the air force, just roll it into the air national guard.

          • Yep. And keep the Navy which note was meant to be a standing Navy and a full time smaller Marines under Navy command for the occasional Grenada and to have a strong defense.

            The Navy gets the nukes which means that they’ll also handle ground based nukes because that is the strongest possible defense from any reprisal from globalist powers

            I guess if there is a revolution, this can be on the goals list.

        • The Boomers will be gone is a few decades. They have poorer than expected health and the youngest are 53.

          Most importantly the size of each year cohort declines , so younger Boomers sometimes called Generation Jones is smaller in numbers than the 46-50 crowd who are 70+

          There are still a few Boomer Dads but they are declining and this means less power for them

          Now Gen Y will prove to be a thorn for a while but they aren’t kids. the oldest are nearly 40!

          What happens after this assuming no collapse or war, no one knows.

          Things get weird, my guess is Brazil 2.0

    • I regard the lefties involved as being rabid. And we all know what happens to rabid animals.

    • the GOP is in on the gag. they hate trump because he blew their cover . that they are just part of the Dem machine. the moneyed GOP donor class is moving on the deplorables. mark Levin’s new ” independent ” tv network, CRTV, is bought out by never trumper and Samantha Bee friend glen beck. Donna beazille and paul (“I can outcuck anybody here!”) Ryan are in at FOX news . tucker and Laura Ingram’s days are numbered.

    • Yelling and screaming about “doing the right thing” as most cuckservatives will do – is pointless in this situation.

      The proper response is to make sure that a vital percentage of the population is aware of what has gone down – and makes it abundantly clear that someday , somehow, some way – that second amendment they keep complaining about will be used against them in retribution for what the have done.

      UNLESS – somebody stands up and actually does the “right” thing (unlikely)

      And that we fully understand WHY that second amendment exists in the first place: For situations exactly like this.

  32. It’s like all these hate hoaxes that fail, they only need to be right once and then they arm up and ram it down America’s throats. These are fanatical nuts we are dealing with. Take note of the wet eyes and morose looks they have with the aftermath of the Mueller probe.

    Is it any wonder your average conservative politician is too timid to fight with them. It’s like the husband of a menopausal crazy wife. He doesn’t have the will or the constitution to fight with this loon so he just cedes ground. Not right, but there it is.

    • “It’s like the husband of a menopausal crazy wife.”

      Eh, I get the sentiment, but I bet if you really look at the marriage, the “husband” was always more a willing zombie than partner in the enterprise.

      • Sure, and engaged and loving husband who is strong can alleviate most of that. I’ll leave it at that.

      • I’m going to disagree.

        It takes an awful lot of energy to keep crazy in check. The people who can expend that energy – and OUTSMART it on a constant basis – are few and far between.

        Then there’s the issue of : is it really worth it?

        In my experience – when dealing with crazy , it’s far more “productive” – to just avoid the situation and go about your own business as much as possible without getting crazy involved.

        I think of it similarly to how I deal with people at work who try to foist THEIR tasks off onto other people. They’ll employ all manner of subterfuge and psychological tactics and play games to avoid doing their own damn work.

        Now – when you realize this is happening, you can argue with them – which just leads to more wasted time. It’s not like they’re EVER going to admit what they’re doing. So the argument is pointless.

        It’s much more effective – when somebody comes and tries to dump their work off on you and asks ” can you do this for me?” – to just respond ” Sure – if I have the time – I’ll take care of it”.

        When they show up a week later asking if you completed that vitally important piece of work they needed done for the big presentation they’re doing that afternoon – you can just answer : ” Sorry – I have been bombed all week – I just didn’t have the time”.

        Now they’re pissed – they might yell and scream – but now you’ve got them by the balls because you can tell them to their face that they should have done their own damn work in the first place.

        After doing that once – it’s highly likely they’ll NEVER bother you again. They’ll find another sucker – and you will have invested minimal time AND screwed them over in the bargain.

        God put crazy people on the Earth so that you can fuck with them and get some enjoyment out of it. The problem with “conservatives” is that they adamantly REFUSE to acknowledge this fact of life.

  33. I hope that is why the viewership for these shows has evaporated but I am concerned that the viewers are just as upset as all the talking head loons and are just regrouping quietly at home and getting ready to dig in again. With even greater ferocity.

    • You’re exactly right. CNN, BBC, CBC, Rachel Maddow, et al … they all exist because there’s a demand for them.

      More importantly it’s a fashionable demand. They would rather be seen glowing and virtue signalling among with Hollywood and be-lettered speakers at academic conferences than siding with those icky beer-bellied working class people whose toil and taxes make their lives possible.

      Give it another week. A new narrative will emerge and it will all start over again.

      • Not so, DB. They exist as propaganda arms of the donor and ruling class. The CBC is a clear example: its so utterly diseased and pozzed that even the lefties aren’t watching it. Their ratings regularly dip into the single digits. In fact 2/3 of Canadians want the CBC defunded, and have even managed to inflict some devastating budget cuts on them. Z is absolutely right. Their world is only starting to crumble … as it must eventually…

        • The Booby hopes you are right, sir.

          Though the CBC will never get privatized, nor the BBC. Academia will never give up having its own taxpayer-funded propaganda arms.

          • The CBC is boring like all Canadian programming is dull, because if you’re any good you join the big leagues– and that’s south of the border.

            Their political orientation problems is an exacerbator, not a first cause.

      • The press determines who gets status. By believing and spouting the right narratives people get status. That demand is still there so Maddow and his ilk will rise again

  34. This can’t persist for long, though. They’ll HAVE to invent a new cult to replace the one that failed, and quickly. All the talk about the media “re-examining” itself is just talk. The exact same thing was said the night Trump was elected, *by the media itself*, and 2 days later it was all forgotten. Nothing was to be examined, no mistakes learned from, as far as the media were concerned, nothing had happened. They swung right into conspiracy mode, and never looked back. So I expect something worse than the Russiagate fantasy to spring up, probably by next week. By this point, accusations that the Right is literally demon-possessed would not surprise me. The Left always projects, after all.

    • Dr mabuse said: “By this point, accusations that the Right is literally demon-possessed would not surprise me.”
      We are way past that. They believe we are the embodiment of the supernatural, phantasmagorical conspiracy theory of “white/male privilege.” They already think we are demons, they just don’t use that word.

  35. I’m sure there are already new stories that they’re busy telling themselves. When the Yogi fails to be taken up to the clouds, sure, some of his followers are disillusioned. Most others will search for (and find) a new Yogi. This new guy’s got *Crystals*. The old Yogi is forgotten and memory-holed. Often the followers blame themselves for failing to have enough faith. It’s not just SJWs that double down, it’s true believers of all stripes.

    Folks like Maddow and Colbert may be finished, but new ones will rise to take their place.

    Kos is already on about how this is all a cover up by Barr.

    • They have a ready-made demon that needs to be dealt with even more harshly, us.

      If the European right does well in the next EU parliamentary elections…it means the Nazis are back.

      And you thought Russia Russia was over the top….

    • I almost think we should “help” them find the Next Big Trump Conspiracy. It needs to be well crafted like something by Swift (Modest Proposal). It should be something subtle enough to lure in the dumber lefties totally and get a few “opinion leaders” hooked too. Then at some point there’s the spectacular reveal – the Chinese-Reptoids who were working with Trump are a couple kids from 4chan, the saucer video was a pie tin with LEDs on it, that sort of thing. Of course the Jussie Smollet story was close to this but perpetrated by progs against other progs in that case.

      I think prog gullibility is an overlooked weakness of them. I live near Portland (the bad one) and I used to live in the heart of the beast. Most of the people I met were really desperate for something, almost anything, to believe. They were the embodiment of Fox Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster. I’ve given up social(ist) media but when I was there and had prog friends they would pass around some crazy stuff and it was always swallowed whole by the Hive. I remember when the Fukushima disaster happened and they were passing around a “radiation map” of the Pacific Ocean that purported to show massive radiation in basically the whole Pacific Basin. I knew immediately that it was bogus. There was no key to explain what the colors meant or any units on the “radiation”. It turned out to be a doctored wave height map for the tsunami and nothing to do with the nuke plant.

      The progs claim to love them some Science so I’m thinking something along the lines of the Sokal Hoax but with gender bending nonsense might be in order for example. I can’t imagine that the wacky low quality journals a lot of prog science is published in check their stats very well or even know how.

  36. hmmm, wonder if they will realize they are mentally ill.

    seems like a large percentage of progressives (maybe all of them) have one or more forms of mental illness.

    • Both of my sister’s are ‘progressive’. One lives in Canada and she doesn’t think Trudeau is far enough left. The other lives in the US an is a pathological liar with rage issues. Needless to say they’re both on antidepressants. I seem to have been blessed with a calm and happy temperament that completely baffles them.

      • It’s actually a pretty good bet that the rage issues are caused or exacerbated by the antidepressants. It doesn’t help that our society has removed women from their natural place.

        • Only thing I can tell you is, of the suicides that occurred when I was still on volunteer Fire/EMS circuit, a majority were in young adults that had just started taking SSRIs. Not a statistically valid sample, but no one I knew on the job would go near those things.

          • When you hear about the huge numbers of people likely on these pills, it could explain a lot. If you are looking for a conspiracy to explain things, a “happy pill” conspiracy would dwarf anything like chemtrails or 9/11 truthers, IMHO.

          • Getting a good set of numbers is difficult, because it all gets couched in various subsets (just like they do to obscure the profiling of crime stats), but, in parsing it out, a case could be made that over 40% of adult white American women are on antidepressants…

        • Maybe everyone has a crazy Progressive sister now? When I was little that seemed like everyone had an Uncle Bob. Maybe this is just the new version

      • Your body produces a medication called Testosterone that helps combat many of these symptoms.

      • Hope they don’t own firearms; common thread in all these mass shootings seems to be psychotropic drugs.

    • We have a local group of them, and yes, a few of the most rabid have actual DSM-V listed “issues”. It’s Hoffer’s “True Believer” come to life….

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