Travelogue: Out Of Lagos

The first leg of my journey was a stop in London. When booking the trip, the cheapest flight took me through Heathrow, with a half day layover. I hate having to run to make connections, as that often ends in me missing my connection, so I don’t mind a few hour gap between flights. Having almost a full day between flights was not ideal, but it beat the alternatives when I was booking the flight. My plan was to leave the airport and do a quick tour of London, but that plan got scuttled by British security.

When leaving the airport’s secure area, I was pulled aside for the rubber glove treatment by whatever they call their security forces. I was taken to a room and asked the usual questions. Then they asked to examine my phone, which got them upset, as there is nothing on it other than some classical music I loaded for the trip. I keep nothing on my phone as a rule. This one is brand new, so the browser does not even have some history on it. That lack of a information seemed to upset them.

That led them to ask to look at my laptop. I use a travel laptop, so if something happens, I’m not missing important parts of my life. This one I just setup with Linux and a new solid state drive. This only increased their anxiety, so we spent an hour or so playing Petrovich and Raskolnikov. My Russian visa did not help matters. I’ve gone through this a couple of times in American airports, but this seemed different. Maybe I’m imagining things, but I got the strong sense of being on a list. Maybe it was just the culture gap.

You see, that’s the other thing. The British Starsky and Hutch were Apu and Mustafa, two brown guys from over the rainbow. Their English was fine, but it had the hint of the exotic, suggesting they grew up speaking something other than English at home. They also had the narrowness that is typical of the South Asian. There’s always a barrier that exists between the Occidental and the Oriental, despite the degree of shared experience. There is an inscrutableness there that always leaves a degree of uncertainty between us…

After getting sprung from gaol, I was free to explore the giant shopping mall that is the Heathrow airport. The best I could tell, all of the employees were either brown people from over the horizon or Eastern Europeans. I got something to eat and all of the wait staff was not British. Given the international flavor of the passengers, you would be hard pressed to know you were in the heart of Britain. They don’t even have televisions playing the BBC or local sporting events. Heathrow is a foreign country disguised as an airport…

I’ve been in a great many airports in my life and I have a weird fascination for them. Most airports serving big cities are really just complex systems that have evolved over many years to solve evolving problems of air travel. An airport is a solution for a problem of modern life. As a result, you can learn a lot about the evolution of human organization by observing what happens at the big airports. Their design is similar everywhere, but everywhere is not the same, so the airport says something about the local culture.

If you are going to make a list of the worst airports on earth, it’s hard to imagine how Heathrow would not make the cut. It is a big hub for international travel, so it is a lot like the bar in Star Wars. They have turned the thing into a giant shopping with an airport attached to it. To do that, it meant connections require train rides and shuttle buses to get to your connection. There’s no way to make a connection there without allowing a few hours in between. Otherwise, you watch your flight take off from the shuttle bus…

On the fight from Lagos to London, a couple of Africans were across the aisle, one row up, from where I was sitting. Both were dressed up in what Hollywood tells us is traditional African dress for African royalty. Their accents suggested Ghana to me. At some point, the male got very agitated at the person in front of him, who had reclined her chair. He started violently shaking her chair-back and hollering something. Two stewards came over and gave him a lecture about his behavior and airplane etiquette.

Watching the two of them struggle to understand how to be passengers on an airplane, I realized what it would be like to bring Stone Age people into this age. The two of them were just too dumb to navigate plane transport. They were frustrated by the food service process. They struggled to understand simple directions. When the plane landed, they got up and started walking down the aisle, while the plane was still taxiing to the gate. They are primitives incapable of existing in a modern society, without constant supervision…

Walking around Heathrow, it is easy to see why our rulers love multiculturalism. They look at the diversity you see at a big intentional airport and they think of it as the Casablanca of this age. It makes them feel worldly and sophisticated. That brown guy in their department with the perfect continental English is not just a colleague. He is a symbol of what makes them special. They are not provincials. They are worldly cosmopolitans. They never see the other side of it. They just see the good part of the transaction.

Frankly, I don’t blame them. I could not help but be a bit impressed with myself, as I mingled with my fellow globetrotters. If I spent my days looking out at a polyglot, multiracial sea of people getting on well with one another, I might start thinking we have transcended something more than the Malthusian limit. Mankind is about to cross over into being a single race, a global race. It’s an illusion, but one that is reinforced every day, so for them it is reality. The trouble is, their reality is not our reality or even reality…

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  1. What Z sees is the welfare/surveillance state at it’s zenith that runs Western nations. It is able to use its wealth and power to literally bribe and threaten the natives at gunpoint while doing a mass importation of stone age foreigners to replace them as well as bribing the imports to keep them passive.

    It truly is the iron fist in a velvet glove made manifest.

    But it cannot last, sooner or later our ponzi economy will implode and take with it the impossibly complex and costly police state and then the settling of accounts will begin.

  2. Heathrow is the most British word of all. You can’t even say it without sounding like a fairy with an overbite.

  3. It’s easy to have a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society when scarce resources have been virtually eliminated and replaced with a welfare state. The end of the welfare state (as it always ends in bankruptcy) will put the breaks on all of this. Tribalism can only be kept at bay by mass satiation and subsidized housing.

  4. I love Heathrow! I like that little fish and chips place and the coffee shop by it, which is like the last homely home where you can get an earnest cup of coffee before plunging into Europe where you only get a thimble full.

    The diversity doesn’t bother so much because I live in New Orleans I suppose. I feel a pang of disappointment when I can’t connect through Heathrow

    • Frankly, the diversity makes me comfortable. I don’t have to worry about some aryan beast jumping on me from the shadows.

  5. Have your tried the Spicy Somalian Ass-Bread? It only costs $1.25 per loaf (but you lose your neighborhood).

  6. I spent way too much of my life in Heathrow, and other airports. I hated the travel, but similar to the Zman, you feel part of something bigger. Hanging out in the business class or first class lounge, sipping a cocktail, and thumbing through the returns of various foreign stock exchanges while all manner of race milled about, made you feel connected to the world in a true different way; like you were breathing with the earth.

    Curiously, the only other time I felt as connected was wandering through my grandfather’s pine tree farm in the Upper Midwest.

    I suppose that is why Globohomo appeals to rootless suburbanites. It makes you feel part of something.

    • Agree. It takes every bit of will to keep telling yourself “this is not the real world”. Though on Sydney flights had to get off the plane for two hours at LAX at 1am. The United Lounge at that hour makes the Star Wars bar look normal.

  7. No English person ever goes to London except perhaps for business or a sporting event, we stay in England, its a nice place.

  8. Speaking of dealing with stone age peoples. You ought to come to Los Angeles sometimes. We got plenty of Guatemalan squat monsters tottering about with 70 IQ’s. They don’t even look human.

    You think Mexicans are bad. You ain’t seen anything until you run into those creatures that wandered out a Honduran jungle.

    it’s even more fun dealing with them in a medical situation. Imagine dealing with people so ignorant and dumb that it’s impossible to communicate with them about their medical condition and prescriptions. You watch as the doctor and nurses just write off these patients. When the doctor makes his/her rounds they are reduced to asking how the primitive is feeling and if they get a grunt or nod they consider it a success.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like for teachers to deal with the primitive offspring of these imported peoples.

    This mandatory integration at the point of a gun and a judges fatwa won’t end well.

    • Oh I’ve seen them. I know exactly what you’re talking about. You forgot the peasant looking woven horse hair pashminas. Yes, their offspring will be scientific researchers at the Jet Propulsion Lab. Not.

      I love how they suddenly dart into traffic downtown, painted parallel lines and blinking red hand lights only confuse them.

      • Yeah I’ve just started seeing them show up in my town. They will never be anything but strange stone age creatures due to their low IQ and backwards culture.

        Also these new imports have no concept of personal hygiene or washing their hands. In the medical local clinic they tell patients to wash their hands and none of the Hispanics do. These people are going to be natural disease carriers when the welfare state kneels over.

        Not that they aren’t already bringing in all sorts of diseases, they are but the states are keeping quiet about the extent.

        • No they don’t wash their hands. As they crumple used toilet paper onto the floor or waste bin instead of the toilet. The excuse is that they come from places with clay septic systems that don’t handle toilet paper. No, it’s because they don’t have toilets! Just an open trench like in the days of the incas. Forever frozen in time. I can’t wait until DNA advancements expose all of this. No. We’re not equal. Far from it.

  9. Like you Z I only travel abroad with scrubbed electronic devices loaded with the bare essentials inbound. However outbound it’s impossible not to have generated a lot of log files and other meta inter alia. If you’re visiting multiple foreign destinations it looks suspicious not to have much data on a device due to bleaching your drives and selectively restoring from a thumb drive and thus if singled out for special attention you might be sent home directly and at the very least you can expect your drives to be hoovered (your various login data too). Consider offloading via Proton vpn, email and cloud, then purging and thereafter resetting your clocks and selectively restoring enough benign information to pass inspection and then re-re-resetting the clocks. This’ll still leave tells but the agencies won’t notice until after you’ve departed.

    Black and brown females with children are the worst-behaving pax. The grubs are invariably dirty, restless, loud and grabby. The mothers are worse because they feel free to impose on the white man just because. It’s common for black african mothers to shove their kid at me and attempt to compel assistance. Recently a black african mother changed her kid’s diapers in the wash room and left the dirty diaper in the sink open and exposed with its contents during meal service and the rank smell permeated the cabin. The flight attendant ordered the female to dispose of the used diaper but of course the attendant was ignored. These blacks and browns cannot seem to mind their own business and exhibit common courtesy you witness among majority whites and japanese. Try to switch seats with the unsuspecting or virtue signalers if a black or brown mother with child has a seat next to you — even in business class or domestic first. Find a reason, any excuse; you’ll have a better flight.

  10. I went through Heathrow last week from the US and I had similar observations, though thankfully not a similar experience. As I walked down a corridor two of the airport employees briefly spoke to each other about matters pertaining to work. They spoke in what I assumed was Hindu. The entire time I was there I don’t think that I spotted a native Britisher who was an employee.

    Coming back into Amsterdam I was greeted at passport control by a tall blonde who efficiently scanned my passport and welcomed me back. Heaven.

    Britain might indeed be leaving the EU but all that’s going to happen is that it will spin out of control as it implodes under the weight of all that multicultural goodness.

    • ” I don’t think that I spotted a native Britisher”
      You won’t. They don’t exist. The Natives are English, Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish.

      The “British” are Paki’s who’ve glommed a passport.

    • I think it is too late for the UK in any event. I’m wondering at what point western dirt people will become the refugees from our own countries.

  11. “The trouble is, their reality is not our reality or even reality…”

    Thanks for sharing your Heathrow experiences and your concluding statement. Was just discussing this very topic with my teen children this morning. Their challenge of the day: Define truth. Ultimately we came up with this – Truth is speaking, acting, and thinking in accordance with reality.

    Which then begs the question, “What is reality?” Reality, to my mind, is what we’d all have to reckon with if (when?) the forced synthesis of multiculturalism comes apart. In other words, having to confront the likes of Heathrow is being forced to live within the lie, and to deny the reality of cultural differences. Which means denying that some cultures are manifestly superior to others.

    Appreciate your work in shoring up necessities like truth and reality. And that Star Wars bar scene … I’ve thought that thought many times!

  12. All of London is now the bar scene from Star Wars. The locals seem to be OK with it. Actually, I think they have been made to not care. Tommy Robinson being airbrushed out of things, and all that.

    Back in the Margaret Thatcher days, an unspoken subtext was that she actually cared about and represented some sort of traditional British culture. As did Reagan for the US here at home. Thatcher’s detractors would have none of that, they were done with being British. Now the Union Jack is only good for parades for the queen and printing onto tea towels to sell to the tourists.

    In fact, the only places I know of where the red, white, and blue and the Union Jack are openly flown and celebrated are in rural enclaves in Ulster (Northern Ireland), and the average British citizen considers them to be mouth breathing idiots. (They are told to think that, and obediently follow directions)

    Brexit and Trump are modern manifestations of that longing for heritage and culture, last gasps, perhaps. The enemies of Trump and Brexit understand this very well, and will work 24/7 to stamp it all out. London’s status as the bar scene from Star Wars is simply a necessary side effect of the process. No reason to visit it, though.

    BTW, you are on some lists. I have been on lists for decades. You end up planning for extra time at gates and borders. The thing is, the people you deal with there are not told why you are on a list, so they fish around trying to figure it out. Just act normal and matter-of-fact and it all goes OK in the end.

  13. “The trouble is, their reality is not our reality…”

    Those of us prescient enough to see what was coming have spent literally decades planning for the worst. I feel confident and safe where I have ended up, but I don’t know if it will last another 20 years, which is all that I can reasonably expect to live. I think my chances are 75/25 that things will remain stable here where I reside during that time.

  14. Europeans and perhaps to a slightly lesser extent the Brits look down on Yanks as a bunch of wild cowboys, lacking the sophistication, worldliness and intelligence of the socially cultivated and superior Europeans (this is why they liked Obama; he was just like them; arrogant, self-righteous, elitist; your typical liberal progressive/socialist/communist) .

    They hang on to this charade, this farce, this phony-baloney scam until their world totally explodes into chaos, violence and all – out war; that’s the European way.
    A scam can last a long time, but it always come to an end; think the 500 years of Europeans killing each other with devastating effectiveness.

    The scam that the Stalinists of the EU and UK elites have installed in Europe and the UK is the open borders, let anybody in scam and allow the original (i.e., French, Germans, Brits, etc) ethnic Europeans basically to go F themselves.
    Eventually, the ordinary ethnic Europeans, presently silently seething in frustration and white hot anger will explode and the you know what will hit the fan.

    There are some minor initial undercurrents of this already; the emergence of “right wing,” (as defined by the European socialist/communist/Stalinist politicians and media) political parties in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy ,France and of course, the Brexit fiasco in the UK.
    So far, nothing has really come of this, but Europeans sit quietly, timidly and placidly until they just boil over (totally “unexpected”) and then immediately change into 6th gear bypassing gears 2, 3, 4 and 5.

    Homegrown tribes eventually come together to extirpate the invading tribes as well as their own tribal Quislings..

    True, Europe today sure seems to be a lost cause as they continue down the path to Hara-Kiri.
    But history has shown that an unexpected little spark ( a murder, a provocative “official” letter, an external “unconnected” event, etc. ) is all that’s needed to set off a major conflagration.
    People can only take so much before they have had enough; especially if the only other alternative is ethnic suicide.

    • (this is why they liked Obama; he was just like them; arrogant, self-righteous, elitist; your typical liberal progressive/socialist/communist

      We weren’t the ones who elected a white-hating, terrorist-hugging, gender-queer, closet-Mohammadan from Kenya our president. You did.


      There are some minor initial undercurrents of this already; the emergence of “right wing,”

      We’ve been voting for nationalist parties for twenty years plus, and today, in most Western European countries (except Britain and the Iberian peninsula) white nationalist parties have a 10-15% representation in the legislatures, in some cases 20-25% – even in France, a white nationalist made it to the presidential run-off.

      So far, nothing has really come of this, but Europeans sit quietly, timidly and placidly until they just boil over (totally “unexpected”) and then immediately change into 6th gear bypassing gears 2, 3, 4 and 5.

      America doesn’t even have a white nationalist party yet, and bar perhaps a handful of people, you do not have a single real nationalist in Congress, because with only two parties to choose from, you have no choice but to quietly, timidly and placidly vote for whatever swamp creature they foist upon you.

      And since Americans don’t understand how their own political system works, they are boiling over with frustration that Trump can’t just rule without Congress, now that they finally summoned up the balls to defy globohomo this once.

      I wonder if America will take the gears by numbers and build up a white nationalist party, or if next year will see a drastic escalation of the political process.

      all – out war; that’s the European way.

      How many wars have you Americans started since WWII?

      • Europeans this, Americans that, I’m rather sick of it. Even if both sides may have their points here and there (Americans more than us Euros in my view), overall it has become stupid infighting that might have been fun forty years ago, but whose time has passed. Ultimately we’re in this together, even if America for a variety of reasons can make it on its own much longer than we Euros can.

        • Well said. The sinking ship is “western civilization”, and we’re all passengers.

          One disagreement: I believe that America, lacking the fundamental ‘blood and soil’ imprint of the ancient nations of Europe, large and small, will disintegrate before the mother nations.

          Our “conservatives” tell us, even now, that ours is a country of ideas and principles: the ‘Proposition Nation’. I hate that, (in no small part because I used to think that way myself) and envy European peoples whose claims on land, language and culture reach back to obscure antiquity.

          In the present crisis, many of us in America and Canada find ourselves cultural orphans, and look to the mother nations to re-assert their ancient dignity, independent of those “ideas”, mind-baubles of the Enlightenment, used to hector us into submission.

          God help us all. We talk here about solutions or strategies, but I think we all know that time – a pitiless master – alone will sort it out, and we’re on the cusp of universal fiasco.

  15. There are certain low-cost airlines serving Africa and India and China to be avoided — Air India is an example. My higher caste Indian friends won’t even fly them for just the reasons you noted.

    On pretty much every intra-China flight I’ve been on passengers breaking all of the rules is just par for the course.

    • When the kids were little and we’d have to drive to JFK they were always fascinated with the airline signs. Always told them there were two categories. The airlines you fly on and the ones run by people who should not be allowed to have complex machines like aircraft, stay away from those…

    • My worst flight ever was on Air India from Mumbai to Cape Town. At the end of the flight the plane was a shambles. The cleaning crew probably filled a dumpster with discarded newspapers, soft drink cans, and every other sort of litter.

  16. UK legalized abortion in 1967. Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech was given in 1968, followed by him being sacked from the Shadow Cabinet by “Conservative” leader Edward Heath. UK elites murdered their own posterity and replaced them with foreigners.

    • Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Minister during WW1, is the cause. He dragged Britain into a war it had no reason to be in, bankrupting the empire and destroying two generations of young men, whom otherwise would have filled the imperial settlements and finished the Cape-to-Cairo railroad.

      • A war to retain entitlement and privilege of the rich. All paid for with the blood of the working class.

          • There is an opening scene in Chariots of Fire of one of the dining halls at Oxford. As the camera pans over the room you see the memorial plaques to the graduates killed in the Great War. And you realize near entire classes of graduates were exterminated on the Western front.

      • This is a point that I have made previously. England died in WW1. The best of its human capital was left rotting in Flanders Fields. A f***ing catastrophe!

  17. In my view the purpose for turning the West into, in the words of Teddy Roosevelt, a “polyglot boarding house” is to make it easier to rule by pitting one faction against another. And to be clear, “the rulers” are not the elected politicians, who are for the most part sock puppets, but the people behind the curtain doling out large bags of money and other favors. The goal of our side must be to reveal to as many people as possible what is going on behind that curtain.

    • I agree with your diagnosis but your prescription is inadequate because the number of people who care about the intentional creation of the “polyglot boarding house” is shrinking as a proportion of the population.. Pointing out the truth is not enough. Most of the tribes in the polyglot welcome the dispossession of the traditional Americans.

      • Yeah, I tried not to drone on, so I cut short my train of thought. I guess I ended up with:

        “Step 1, expose the plot….Step 3, Profits!”

        I’m happy to have anyone who has ideas regarding what comes next to enlighten me!

        • Peaceful Separation. I am sure that the Left is amenable to a factual and reasonable argument.

  18. Imagine that you are one of the wealthy or powerful elites and you possess this nagging anxiety and insecurity founded on the knowledge that it is all based upon a grand con job. You might rightly feel that the greatest threat to your future well-being is the possibility that the remaining cohort of hard working Midwestern seminal Americans (gun owners all) may one day have had it with all the BS and rise up. What is your strategy to deal with this? Muddy the soup and keep them distracted, hence the illegals invasion and multiculturalism hoax.

    • I don’t think the “elites” are that smart. I think they are just trying to keep the whole thing afloat for as long as possible. It’s Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus trying to keep Mephistophilis at bay for just a little longer.

    • Most whites in positions of influence maintain a poker face, or they’re clueless.

      The fun part is watching non-whites who aren’t clueless realize that whites are beginning to think and act as a group. Many of these people are in a “Yang-Panic”. Some like Yang want to feel us out and buy us off. Others get uppity and self-righteous.

  19. The old man, from the early sixties to the early zeros was an aeronautical engineer. Between military contracts he worked on commercial. He is of the mind that to solve airplane high jacking you should hand everyone onboard a snub nosed 38 to be returned at the end of the flight. And no the plane won’t “blow up”, “it’s not a fucking balloon”. He will not get on a damn plane. He will not go through security. He’s not putting up with their “bullshit”. The last flight he was supposed to take he walked out of the airport and drove. His anger at airline security, airlines, and airports is something to behold. You would think that refusing to fly would be restrictive to his traveling. You would be wrong. His last trip to Europe he took a nice relaxing trip on a cruise ship, poked around Europe on one of those bus tour agencies, and then took a nice relaxing trip on a cruise ship back. I asked him how he would get to Asia. His response was, why the fuck would I go to Asia?

    • Beautiful! And a kindred soul. The last 2 flights I took were Dallas to DC for my father’s funeral in 2001 a few weeks after 9/11 (unrelated and death due to illness) and then in 07 to visit my mother. The next and last I’ll take will be for her funeral. Otherwise I drive. If every Murrican had said to hell with the faux security crap (foreign-born browns patting up and harassing native-born Whites) and boycotted flying even for a few days, the damned airlines and bureaucrats might’ve called “uncle.” Now it’s too late and I refuse to subject myself to it.

      It’s highly likely I am also on a “list” (anyone who regularly reads/comments at ‘hate’ sites will be) and I would not have Zman’s forbearance and patience – verbally harassing pajeets who cold call the landline my husband refuses to get rid of is my hobby.

  20. I’ve learned to trust intuition–if something is flashing in your head about a situation, your instincts (based I suppose on years of experience) is always right. So yes, Z you are certainly on a list.

    • What you call instincts are merely thoughts that you haven’t codified into words. Your brain operates at speeds orders of magnitudes faster than your conscious mind can form words.

  21. Yep. I found that with my parents. Pop accidentally slipped a few times and would notice something obvious about the races, and might say something rude about Pakies or chinks and Mom would scold him and give him the very hell of it while we all smirked. They lived on the right side of the multi culti divide where vibrants were all clean, trained and well behaved.

    My first job in a vibrant and diverse workplace started the rift in my family. The vibrants were always at each other’s throats and they all hated whites the most. I got fired for inappropriate conduct when I laughed at the Sihk that went after the Hindu with a power drill. (I might have made a few insensitive jokes while the gladiators circled each other too). I didn’t mind, the place was a sweatshop and they actually did me a favour. The entertainment alone was worth the bullchit.

  22. That’s the thing about our cosmopolitan elite, they dont live anywhere. They “base” themselves out of a city somewhere and bounce around the world to hit all of the major conferences, then when it’s time, they “base” themselves somewhere more convenient. If anything, they live in hotels near the airports.

    This new class is remaking all the worlds cities too. It’s all glass and concrete. The “cultural” and government building are then bent into esoteric shapes that almost deny reality. But there’s always a Starbucks or McDonald’s nearby. All metropolis’ start to look the same in the center. You have to travel to the outskirts to see any variation.

    Except white countries, who get vibrant transplants injected into the hinterland so there is no where to escape it.

    • I once saved a quote from one of the cloud people because it was such a perfect example of their mindset. The guy’s name is Roman Abramovich. I don’t know what he does, but he’s “important”:

      Asked once where he considered home, he said: ‘I live on a plane. I like to visit London. If I had to think where I could live if not Moscow, London would be my first choice and second would be New York. In Moscow, I feel most comfortable.’

      • Russian oil oligarch. Owner of Chelsea Football Club for the past 12 years or so. Apparently close to Putin and seems to have upset the British state because his visa extension has been denied and he is now looking to move elsewhere.

      • I live in New Jersey and try my best to avoid New York City as much as possible. It is pretty close to what I imagine Hell to be like.

  23. I was in transit in Brussels airport between Rome and Copenhagen for 3.hours in 2017. The airport was like occupation zone full of armed military patrols and police. Because i didn’t have any luggage with me (was in transit) I was addressed by police or a military patrol to show my tickets and passport 3.times. I later recalled that there had been a terror attack at the airport in 2016 with 35.people killed. “Cosmopolitan” places can quickly become zones of a totalitarian state due to the lack of trust in all people.

  24. Virtually all the workers in major American airports are also brown or people from over the horizon. Most airports are under the jurisdiction of a major American city, which implies control by the Democrat party. Almost all airport commissions implemented aggressive affirmative action programs for vendors beginning in the early 2000s. They have now progressed to evicting Chik-fil-a from the list of approved vendors. Utopia is right around the corner!

    Was it a coincidence that the Captcha code for this post included LbGQ???

    • Thing is, that Chik-fil-a actually cucked a few years ago, a minor player in GayPride was brought in to sanitize their image. The current struggle session is punishment for not going Full Woke, and getting the owners to publicly grovel. Whenever they get attacked, the Right actually acts collectively (muh individualism) and buys more, which the company does nothing to promote. A white Christian is not allowed to say anything bad about gays, and remain in polite society. Even for the dissident Right, its hard to see the Cathys as victims.

      • FWIW, there isn’t much of a grassroots anger from SJWs against CFA. The activity originates from the Podesta-Center for American Progress. This group is known to take cash from corporations and questionable foreign governments. A informal agreement probably exists with a donor that is likely a competing restaurant chain.

      • I don’t see the Cathy’s as victims, I see Freedom as the victim. I see a company doing a lawful business, providing an exceptional product at a fair price and providing thousands of jobs for Americans. Then I see petty tyrants lying about the very nature of that company by publicly stating Chick-fil-A is anti gay. They are no such thing. They have not discriminated against any gays to my best knowledge.. So the lying liars on the left LGBTQXZFAG supporters are trying to harm the company, owners and people who work there because the owners don’t “celebrate” gay marriage.

        We’re not defending the Cathy’s, we’re defending our country and culture.

        • The left takes an expansionary view of discrimination. In their eyes, the exposure of anything anti-gay to a minor leads to “stochastic suicide promotion”.

          It’s not merely a shakedown or a religious attack, its a racial attack, and most of the Right intentionally refuses to see the latter part. And the mainstream conservative still sees “freedom” as the goal, rather than “Identity” which is the underlying reason for both sides.

          • “And the mainstream conservative still sees “freedom” as the goal, rather than “Identity” which is the underlying reason for both sides.”

            THIS. Not merely a problem of TruCons or Conservatism, Inc., but also the alt-lite and plenty others who still try to frame everything in economic terms (socialism is bad). Having spent a few years in communist/socialist countries I can confirm I don’t particular want a planned/command economy – but if that becomes the price of having a White country I’ll gladly pay it.

  25. I flew through Heathrow for a semester abroad in 1986. Coming back in December, I arranged my flights for a 6-day layover so I could visit my roommate who was studying in Bath.

    I remember the passengers at Heathrow being an international bunch but the security and staff were more English than the Queen. They even said my very English last name correctly as they waved me through security (and stopped another kid in my group who decided to dress full stoner – for closer examination).

    Outside of Heathrow – I have no memory of seeing anyone who wasn’t White. Not on the way out of London and certainly not in Bath in December. I can kind of understand why elites like the Blair’s thought it neat to flood the country with foreigners. I don’t understand why the English accepted it.

    • ” I don’t understand why the English accepted it.” We were not consulted. Besides which, do you have any idea of how impossible it is in the UK to even mention any of this, except if you’re gushing about the joys and benefits of diversity? Even anti-immigrant movements in the UK are scrupulous about waving around their anti-racist credentials.

      It is almost ontologically impossible to discuss race in this country.

          • Hard to tell, Drake. Some have, for sure. But how many is difficult to gauge because they keep their forbidden thoughts to themselves. Everyone knows that speaking out of turn will result in your entire life being quickly and thoroughly shitcanned.

          • Was over for several days right before the election. In any group setting my colleagues roundly denounced Trump or said nothing. One on one, a surprising number were supporters on the basis that he was finally saying things that needed to be said.

        • Last year, flew into Munich, thought I was in Arabia, more Muslims then Germans in the Airport, and tons of police. Interesting, to say the least.

    • I go about my business for weeks on end without seeing any vibrancy here, lots of the rest of England is still the same.

      • That was sort of the impression I got when I went through England. It’s mostly concentrated in London, and perhaps in Birmingham and Manchester where we didn’t really explore. The countryside and wales seem pretty English still. It could be contained if there were the political will

  26. Nothing is more joyous than, as a Brit, being yelled at in a British airport or British embassy by an overzealous official who is very un-British.

    And words cannot describe what it’s like to take a flight out of the real Lagos: not only the airport, but the behaviour of the passengers once on board. The scariest thing is you get used to it.

    • About 25 years ago I got rerouted through London en route from the continent back to America. I had to spend 36 hours there. I made it very plain to the young English lady in customs that I was not only unhappy, but really did not want to spend one more minute than was necessary on her shitty soil. I still remember with fondness the look on her face when she realized that not every American “enjoyed a special relationship” with England.

  27. When our capitals look more like foreign countries than they do a part of our own they are no longer our capitals. They have become something else. And our desire to hold them in respect and defend them ebbs to nil.

    In an old movie, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, at one point a German friend remarks that it was too bad the colonel’s wife had to die in a foreign country, Blimp replies, “It wasn’t a foreign country, it was Jamaica.”

    The takeaway from this in the view of the movie maker was that this was bad because imperialism. At the time I watched it I identified with the colonel, having lived in a colonial situation in Africa myself, and imbibed a ton of older colonial literature. We were still using coinage made during the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, for goodness sake.

    Now looking at that movie, and the scene you describe, I wonder: why was it wrong for the British to occupy places like Jamaica, and deny the Jamaicans their own country, but it is perfectly okay for these and other foreigners to occupy formerly great Britain?

    • When our capitals look more like foreign countries than they do a part of our own they are no longer our capitals. They have become something else. And our desire to hold them in respect and defend them ebbs to nil.

      This is the purpose of modern architecture: making everywhere look the same, making everywhere look like anywhere.

    • “They have become something else. And our desire to hold them in respect and defend them ebbs to nil.”

      At times I wonder if the paralysis in our tribe is due more to a sense of futility than to propaganda.

      • Same graph you put up there speaks volumes actually. NY, NJ, DC, CT, MA.

        Wipe the New England Corridor off the map and you’ve eliminated almost 50% of ‘the problem’. Think about the insane amount of concentrated power that represents in a country of this land mass / size. Sick stuff…

        • It just shows that Jews congregate in the finance, political, academic and media power centers. They’re pretty much in Boston, NYC, DC and LA with some retirees in Florida and a few hanging out in Philly and Chicago.

          Traditional Americans are an alien, and frightening, people to them. They have no connection to this land, nor its people, which is why they don’t give two shits what happens to us. We’re just some peasant class that serves them. Why should they care if the guy mowing their lawn or their waiter is white, black or Hispanic?

      • Thanks for the list, and confirming that the state we hope/plan to move to someday is among the select group with only 0.1%.

      • Interesting that the Jewish population of a state appears to correspond inversely with the freedom of that state.

        • Jews love concentrated power. Easier to influence. Given their skill set, makes perfect sense. Doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

      • “Here’s some more data published by

        Year Population

        1880 7,800,000

        1900 10,600,000

        1922 14,400,000

        1925 14,800,000

        1939 16,728,000

        1945 11,000,000

        1950 11,297,000

        1955 11,800,000

        1960 12,079,000

        1970 12,585,000

        1980 12,819,000

        1990 12,868,000

        2000 12,900,000

        2010 13,428,300

        2017 14,511,100

        In other words, in the 60 years between 1880-1939 the population went from
        7.8 – 16.7 million, an increase of 114%

        In the 60 years between 1950 and 2010 the population went from
        11.3-13.4 million an increase of 18.5%

        The extraordinary fecundity of the first 60 years is a hoax necessitated by the 6 million Holohoax.

        Do what I did : copy the data into excel and plot a graph. It’s a laugh.

        • To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think we’ve ever heard ZMan comment on the veracity of the six gorillion number.

          Am I mistaken?

          • Well, I have not, but I do joke about it on Gab from time to time. I think the six million number is an obvious fabrication. Jews deep into the Holocaust stuff even admit they cooked the books to get to the magical number. I’m not sure it matters all that much. We know the Nazis were systematically killing people. They probably killed more Poles than any other group.

            That said, all that happened a long time ago in another land. It has no relevance to our age or our struggles.

  28. I used to feel that sense of hope looking at our Olympic teams. And when I was a young adult in the eighties I couldn’t wait to move out of my ‘white bread’ neighborhood into a more diverse neighborhood. As these things go, that diverse neighborhood is now very expensive and mostly white but still enriched on the edges. Honestly, it makes me sick I fell for the propaganda. I was taught to hate my own culture and I think what divides people my age now are the ones that still do and the ones that don’t.

    And that’s a brilliant move on the new phone new laptop to travel by the way

    • I’ve noticed that a lot of “virtue signalling” by Whites is really thinly veiled status signalling. Whenever someone boasts that they live in a “walkable neighborhood”, are living “carfree”, and yet fully support diversity, I know that they live in one of the super high rent White enclaves carved from Diversitopia. They can walk everywhere because invisible walls (and tons of cops) keep the vibrancy at bay. Yet it’s just outside their island so when they feel like being culturally enriched they can go (usually as a group and not too late at night) and feel that they are Goodwhites and pretend there’s nothing to fear. It was truly a propaganda and advertising coup to turn social climbing Whites from buying giant houses in the suburbs and luxury cars to this hipster bullshit about urban living. I think the real genius of it was the realization that so many people could be made to be so smugly hypocritical and not notice. The old status mongering was at least honest – “Sure I’m a rich guy who likes big houses and cars”

    • There’s a big difference between appreciating diversity when it’s a small amount of diversity, compared to the extreme levels we’re getting shoved in our faces now and in the future.

      • I increasingly don’t appreciate “a small amount of diversity”.

        I’m increasingly of the opinion that a touch of shit ruins a whole tub of ice-cream,

    • My older brother is a lot more “successful” in life (i.e can kiss ass and smile better than me) and lives in a bigger city in a much more expensive house. He has been a red-pill denier for a long time but I think I unintentionally broke him this Christmas when he returned home and his family stayed with mine. He remarked on how little things had changed but he said it in a non-sarcastic manner. He saw my kids’ class photos and his expression changed when he saw the class demographics. His own kids’ private school is at least half-Chinese and a quarter miscellaneous. He remarked at the local mall, “It’s like I remember everyone here in this place…” He didn’t – but they looked and spoke like him, they were enjoying Christmas. Like Ebenezer walking with the ghost of Christmas Past. The Poz didn’t completely leave him, but he saw things last December that cannot be unseen.

  29. Be prepared for the latest Shopping craze that so many European airports have added. It used to be you passed through security and walked to your gate. Now you have to make your way through Ikea’s maze before getting to your gate.

    If you think Heathrow was fun, you should spend some time in Leicester, just east of Birmingham. Just watching the locals pass by you will swear you somehow got off in Dubai or Swaziland.

    Where are you heading??

    • I’m in Finland today. Tomorrow Estonia, then off to Mother Russia for a short trip. I’ll come back to Helsinki and drive to Torku for a short stay.

      • The ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn is a right hoot, a couple of thousand Finns heading across to get slaughtered on cheap booze. I bet you’ll be the only one with luggage of any sort.

        • I’m pushing off at 7:30 AM, so I’ll miss that. I come back in the evening, so maybe I’ll get to see the notorious drunken Finn in his natural element.

          • We had kids off the Iron Range in college who showed no discernible effect after a half bottle of Bushmills. If you tried to match them, you’d be well down the path to a Triple Crown, they’d still be playing poker and ordering more pizza.

      • Look forward to hearing about it. My wife keeps talking about visiting Europe – and I always suggest the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

        • I really do suggest a visit to Istanbul. 2000 years of history in one place is quite incredible (even if it’s currently ruled by half-barbarians). Our tour guide in Istanbul was a big opponent of the current Sultan, i mean ‘president’.

          The Croatian coast is absolutely beautiful. Serbia is fascinating (Belgrade is worth seeing), and I *loved* Slovakia.

          • Agree re Istanbul (the architecture and history really is incredible) but don’t know how comfortable I’d feel there today with Erdogan in power; 30 years ago it felt quite safe with plenty of soldiers in the streets. Croatia is lovely – try the drive along the southern Italian coast into Croatia; Belgrade is/was nice but nothing spectacular – time is better spent in Prague or Budapest. Hungary is really beautiful country and driving around outside the big cities in most of eastern Europe is fun – pretty countryside and friendly White people. I never made it to Finland and regret it – but St. Petersburg is gorgeous, incredible museums, tons of history, and the White Nights really are terrific.

            Now I’m becoming stereotypical but God I miss my traveling days (when we had no kids and sufficient $).

  30. Other than the shopping and restaurant areas, Heathrow always feels like being in one of those Habi-trail things for hamsters and gerbils. But you hit the nail on the head with the “It’s a Small World” feel–though you have to experience Heathrow when things screw up–very quickly turns into “last helicopter out of Saigon” with baggage everywhere and people yelling in forty different languages. But to our overlords these are the shining example of how cosmopolitanism “works”. Now contrast to a conversation with an old colleague over lunch last week. Was just back from a trip to Scotland and did a similar short stay in London, though overnight. He hadn’t been there in a while and stayed over at the Tower Thistle, which was the business hotel we always used. Like me, enjoys places where you can take long walks and see things sidewalk level. First thing he noticed about “It’s a small world” in London proper is you don’t do that shit anymore. Few blocks off the beaten path and suddenly you’re in Pakistan West or Jamaica East and the locals do not look kindly on 55 year old white guys wandering around. That was the one thing I noticed last year there, outside of work hours and certain “hot” neighborhoods or attractions, the white people have all left London proper. “It’s a Small World” is now “It’s a Third World” and the ruling class is having a harder and harder time pretending the former rather than the latter….

    • In a former life, I spent a fair amount of time in London. 20 years ago, I would roam about the city, somewhat freely (no-go zones were starting to develop). On my last trip a few years ago, I left the financial district twice, and did not use the Tube. My “London” was becoming smaller and smaller. After that trip I decided I never to return.

      • No kidding, I grew up in London in the 90s, went back on a visit for a relative graduating from Cambridge like 8 years ago. I was wondering where all the English people went. Streets I grew up on had completely flipped inside of 10 years. I could cry for what was lost, I loved that city so much, no kid had a better time growing up than I did.

  31. I don’t mean to compromise your anonymity, but what do you mean by Lagos? Literally Lagos, as in Lagos, Nigeria?

    • As it happens, ZMan is a wealthy potentate of deepest Africa. He has made his fortune by building profitable wells and leveraging that into a profitable WordPress business.

        • In the deep and unexplored jungles of The West(Africa), to the right of the smelly Marxlands of the Ogres, lies the lair of the greatest Zupervillain that humanity has ever known (with the exception, maybe, of Il Signore, The Supreme Dark Lord). From his lair deep inside the White snow-capped mountain, he plans to take over the world, one weekly podcast at a time, with the power of the Truth(Troof for the Wakandans) and a WordPress blog that slays all who come before him(Murdered by Words).

      • His Michael Jackson surgeries have been so successful that at first glance, to the uneducated eye, in the right light, he appears white.
        Local albino boys are happy that that’s the only thing he shares with the gloved one.

      • It is actually ‘Sodom on Potomac’ (that other den of inequity) but I like your version too. (I say this as Z’s neighbor down here in District One)

    • I appreciate Z-Man mentioning that he travels with clean devices. I do the same thing, and the Badged Pervs don’t like it when they see they won’t get to sniff your dirty undies …

      • Same. Depends on the country, but I’ve even ran a laptop without internal drives; just boot off a thumb drive.

  32. The mental and behavioral inadequacies of the primitives become obvious aboard aircraft, but that does not mean they are any less inadequate everywhere else, just not quite as obvious and more easily avoided.

    Two modernity failures in a self-selected group of 150 or so stand out easily; to replicate the experience in gen pop may require thousands but is no less achievable. Airlines, as the controlling authority in this instance, are willing to accept lower standards because money; the CA over gen pop may advertise it the same way, although I’d wager the non-monetary coercement that seems to be in current favor as being the primary driver. Unfortunately, complete disconnection from economics prevents any reasonable feedback loops from existing short of revolution.

    • It’s not just air travel, or even highly-accessible international commerce. You see this even in the exclusive elite areas, if you actually look for it. I spend a great deal of time around the Talented Tenth and the smartest Brahmins and mainlanders that Asia has to offer, and it is indeed impressive to see it all come together… most of the time. The illusion instantly evaporates when I’m behind the wheel navigating past diverse drivers who don’t even understand the concept of lanes and signs, or changing in a locker room where the diverse exercisers couldn’t be bothered to walk 5 steps to the towel bin instead of throwing theirs on the floor.

      I guess my point is, those whom we consider to be the “cognitive elite” of their nations, the non-western cream of the crop, still turn out to be awfully primitive in substantial numbers when taken out of their comfort zones. The true test of an individual – or a group or an entire society – is not how it behaves under optimal conditions and close supervision, but rather what it does when confronted with extreme stress or the unknown. That’s where you start to see those implicit biological differences that even years of conditioning can’t fully iron out.

      • Yeah and I have seen Bubba the white male elite show his naked tattooed butt and shriveled pecker in the gym instead of covering it up. And yes, many a time after I shake the hand of a Hahvaaaad edumacated white guy, my hand smells like piss. Plenty of the master race (TM) males hygiene leaves a lot to be desired, it ain’t just Chang and Apu.

        The implicit biological differences between a WASP and a Polack/Russki is about the same as that between a WASP and a Turk. Yet, the descendants of these Polacks and Russkis are the ones chumping and chimping out over ‘implicit biological differences’ . None of them should be here.

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