Travelogue: Helsinki

Helsinki is roughly the size of Baltimore, in terms of population and it is also a major seaport, but it may as well be another planet. I arrived from London in the afternoon and breezed through passport control. The young woman who checked my passport asked me the normal questions then asked me where I was staying. I could not remember the name of the place, so I said it was the former prison. She laughed and said, “That’s Katajanokka!” I was sent on through and headed down to baggage claim.

The Finns must have the best run airport on earth. I’ve been in a lot of airports and the wait for luggage is a minimum of thirty minutes in most of them. By the time I got to the carousel, my bag was there waiting for me. I collected it and went outside to see a taxi stand right by the door. The trip from the plane to the taxi was maybe ten minutes. Of course, the taxi was a Mercedes Benz, which always makes me laugh. In America, the Mercedes is the symbol of suburban affluence. In Europe, it is the most common taxi.

Of course, you soon understand why Helsinki is a clean, efficient city, as the taxi driver is a white guy, who speaks good English in addition to Finnish. Most everywhere now, the taxi business is run by Muslims from the Middle East or North Africa. In Finland, you just don’t see many non-Finns, other than some Chinese tourists and white Europeans here on business. I asked my taxi driver where I could find a ghetto to visit. He laughed and said there are no ghettos in Helsinki. Everywhere was safe.

After I told him where I was from, he then understood my question better. He had been to the Imperial Capital in the 1980’s and still remembered the squalor. He asked how it was now and I gave him the truth about our multicultural experience. He figured out my politics, because he then told me how important it was for Finns to keep the Muslims and blacks out of the country. He also said their rulers were trying to change Finland by importing diversity, but he was confident the Finns would not lose their country…

The sun was close to setting, so after I checked into the hotel I took a quick stroll around the area where I was staying. Katajanokka prison, which is now a hotel, is actually on an island named Katajanokka. It’s just over a short footbridge from the mainland, but it is still technically an island. There’s a utilitarian vibe here. The Finns must think form follows function, as the building style is not intended to impress anyone. There’s a humbleness about it that can be mistaken for plain, but it quite beautiful.

Katajanokka is a very nice neighborhood, where local big shots live, so its lack of gaudiness is not due to a lack of wealth. It’s just that Finns are never garish. There is a park named after Tove Jansson, the famous creator of the Moomin books. These are a collection of somewhat disturbing children’s books, popular in Finland since the middle of the last century. There is the Uspenski Cathedral, which is an old largest Orthodox cathedral. The waterfront is full of shops, food stands and tourist stuff…

The next day, after my early morning walk, I found a nice little place, in the side of an old building, selling coffee and baked goods. The proprietor was Italian, an older man, who somehow ended up in Finland. In his youth he had a spirit for adventure and enjoyed drug taking, so one thing led to another and he wound up in Finland. He now has a pleasant life playing music, when not selling coffee and biscuits to people in his shop. I get the sense that many of the foreigners living here have a similar story. They just ended up here…

I sought out where the Finnish rulers hold court and asked for an audience with their ruler, but I was told that it was not possible. I presented a letter of introduction, passed on to me by John Derbyshire, from the honorable Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, exulted leader of Turkmenistan. Unknown to me, Sauli Niinistö, the ruler of Finland, is in a quarrel with Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. After some very tense moments, in which flogging was discussed as an option, I was released and told to report back before my departure…

The women of Finland come in two main types. There are the somewhat cherubic type, with a hint of north Asia to them. They do not have an eye fold, but they have the facial structure of Asians. These are robust women, who get more robust as they hit their middle years. It’s not hard to imagine them hauling firewood or a reindeer carcass into the cabin during the dead of winter. All of the old women in my family have this build. Facially, they really do all look the same, which suggests a narrowness to their family tree.

The other type is at the other end of the morphological scale for females. Unlike the more robust variety, these women usually have blonde hair and they are athletic. Their faces are round, but lack the cherubic quality of the former type. As they age, they maintain the athletic build, but their faces show wrinkles along the jaw line, which is actually quite attractive. It make them look wizened, at least to me. Finnish women of all types seem to view men with good humor, as if we are clowns sent here for their amusement…

You know you are in a different land the first time you use the toilet. I realized this for the first time while in Mexico. The public toilet was a hole in the floor and it was very public, in that there was now stall. In nicer facilities, a man would be in the toilet handing out squares of paper and offering to wash your hands. In a rich country like America, solving the bathroom problem is not something we have faced for a very long time, so we take this stuff for granted. We don’t think about toilets and showers very much. At least I don’t.

Something I’ve noticed in Europe is the lack of water pressure in the shower. I’m in a nice place in Helsinki and the water pressure is not much above a trickle, relative to what I’m used to in America. My shower at home can remove paint if you get aggressive with the settings. I’ve never experienced anything like that in Europe. It’s always the opposite, which is probably due to a need to conserve. America has plenty of water and it is cheap, relative to most things, so we use as much as we like. That’s not true in Europe.

That’s something we Americans don’t appreciate. In North America, we have plenty of every natural resource. We could be energy independent if we simply stopped selling oil and gas to foreigners. We have plenty of water, plenty of places to throw away trash and so on. Buy gas for the car in Europe and you quickly appreciate why we love our trucks and SUV’s. Gasoline here is a little under $6 per gallon. The rental car I will be driving to Turku this week is the size of one of the tires on my truck….

Waste and water are two things that have popped into my head several times during my short time in Helsinki. Everywhere here offers water, even the coffee shop. I bought a couple of beers at the front desk and they offered me a glass of water. On the other hand, the Finns seem obsessed with wasting anything, especially water. In a few places, I’ve seen signs that describe how much was wasted the previous day. I’m a thrifty guy, so this appeals to me for obvious reasons, but it is a strange thing nonetheless…

The Finns also obsess about energy usage. In the hotel, you have to insert your key card into a slot near the door to turn on the electric. Even the sockets power off when you remove the card. The point is to prevent guests from leaving the lights on when they leave. A local told me the Finns are very energy conscious. As someone who hates it when people leave lights on in an empty room, I’m thinking this will be a good policy to institute at my office. Maybe I’ll install thermal sensors in every room…

Helsinki is one of the least diverse places you can visit, so those who enjoy vibrancy, as much as I do, will be disappointed to find zero vibrancy here. I mean zero. I walked about for most of the day and saw zero familiar faces. The closest thing to vibrant, other than the Chinese tourists, were some Indonesian businessmen. That said, you do manage to get used to the sameness. I know, it seems impossible, as diversity is our strength, but being in a place where everyone looks sort of like you is relaxing after a while…

There is a Chabad outpost in Helsinki. I wandered past it on my walk. For those unfamiliar, Chabad is a Jewish cult that started in Russia, moved to Poland and then moved to America before the war. They have “centers” in every country. President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is in the cult. One thing they believe is that this is a messianic era and that Jews must prepare for the end times. That means their movement must bring Jews back into the faith, similar to some Evangelical Christian movements.

One big difference is they think Jews should revolt against secular governments. They are a little vague about this, but the main point is that Jews should have no loyalty to any secular government. Funny how no one thinks this is a problem. If some white guys get together to talk about white identity politics, the full force of the custodial state swings into action. A worldwide cult preaching the end times, with recruiting centers in every capital of the West, including a man inside the White House, is no big deal…

Finland is a country of roughly five million people. According the most recent crime reports I can find on-line, they had 63 homicides in 2017. Half of those involved men of marginalized groups where heavy drinking was involved. That’s a nice way of saying losers who got drunk and took their disagreement to the next level. Baltimore, a city with ten percent of the population of Finland, had 342 murders in 2017. Roughly 95% of those murders were committed by marginalized men, by which we mean blacks…

Before going to bed, I turned on the television. I speak no Finnish, so the local shows are a mystery of white people speaking what sounds like Klingon. The local shows have zero non-whites on them. Even in Copenhagen, I saw they decorated their shows with some diversity. The Finns have not done this, as far as I can tell. I watched something that looked like a game show. The only thing diverse about it is one guy had neck tattoos and ear gauges. Otherwise, Finnish TV is what our ruling classes hate the most.

The exceptions are the American and British channels. The BBC is a carnival of cloud people diversity. Imagine CNN with British accents and British condescension. That’s the Beeb. The American station is a Fox affiliate, playing the Simpsons and Family Guy. They also have National Geographic for some reason. The commercials on these channels are full of vibrancy and diversity. I saw an ad for razors featuring a black guy. There was an ad for something featuring race mixers. We are ruled by monsters…

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  1. Chabad is not a cult. It’s a missionary outpost of the Lubavitch Chasidim, and about as benign a religious organization as can be. It exists to provide religious services for non-affiliated Jews all over the world. They are very kind people who have no other interests than Judaism and charity. In my town, their primary outreach, besides Judaism, is to provide social services for mentally handicapped adults. Jared Kushner is a modern orthodox Jew who has nothing to do with the Lubavitch or Chabad. If you find all this of little or no interest, I agree with you; the fascination of non-Jews with Jews continues to amaze me.

  2. muslims have been arrested grooming and raping children in Oulu. The somalis invade the malls during the day and yell at each other which guessing passes for conversation.

    The Finns for whatever reason continue trying to integrate these savages. Despite their best efforts these so-called migrants / refugees always fail miserably. They speak very little Finnish or English, but the one word they all know is “racism”.

  3. Finns apparently have the highest national average IQ in Europe: 103. Sounds like a white Wakanda.

  4. We have decided, based upon the commercials we see, that we will never have a luxury car, a home in a seriously upmarket neighborhood. The good news is that we are both white and our kids are, too… unlike the people that gather around breakfast and dinner tables in the commercials. Asian mother, black father (sometimes of the same gender), and a weird assortment of kids..

    We are content in our ordinariness…

  5. There are still lots of places in the U.S. that are not vibrantly diverse. It is rare enough to see a black around here that I often double-take to make sure I saw correctly. I am all in favor of packing them into a handful of cities and then walling them off.

    Out of curiosity I was looking at Finland’s demographics and saw that there are almost 20,000 Somalis in Finland. They are everywhere. The whole country of Somalia is like an incubator for people who have no purpose other than being refugees soaking up benefits from other nations.

    • The Somalis are favoured cultural enrichers by globalists because they are the most violent, superstitious, illiterate, fanatic and plain dysfunctional people they could find. They are the nobility of the immigration-industrial complex, the elite shock troops.

      • Yeah over the Powerline blog they are discussing that Somali cop that shot the Australian woman. I was talking my shit about Visgoth and Vandal blood singing in their Minnesota veins. No upvotes, and I likely give myself too much credit, but I swear I’ve almost got them whipped up into a Lynch Mob

          • I suspect Johnson is a good guy. He keeps calling out all those sociopathic New York Jew journalists with a apparent hate and a poison pen. He never alludes to the fact that they are his co-religionist. I would estimate that a good 30% of the commenters over there are jewish.

  6. “He figured out my politics, because he then told me how important it was for Finns to keep the Muslims and blacks out of the country. He also said their rulers were trying to change Finland by importing diversity, but he was confident the Finns would not lose their country…”

    Oy Gevalt! Oy Vey! All white country you say?! This is meshugena! I’m verklempt!

    We must redouble our (((efforts))) to eradicate this nation’s homogeneity, tout fuckin’ suite! Is there any ‘loaner’ negroes or muzz we can quickly import from UK? Quick call Chabad center and see if they can help…

    Finland has ‘Nice Things’. We cannot be allowed to have nice things anymore. Once they are done terraforming the larger nations be sure this little haven of sanity and peace will be utterly steamrolled. We are indeed, as you denote, ruled by monsters. DOTR can’t get here soon enough, rivers of blood and all that innit? (h/t Enoch Powell)

  7. As a young engineer I took a business trip to Copenhagen; I will never forget the hotel shower I suffered through for 4 days: The water was a trickle that alternated between scalding hot and freezing cold, with a period of about one minute. So there was a time period of maybe 10 seconds/minute when you could actually stand under the water as it transitioned from one extreme to the other. I would have sworn it was done deliberately to prevent guests from actually using the shower.

  8. The cable TV point is interesting. CNN is recently clucking about how the advertisement on Tucker Carlson is a wasteland despite his record viewership. This speaks to the necessity of Boomercons to cut the cord, which they have failed to do. My Boomer parents are still subscribing to the local leftist dead tree media.

    We may be led by monsters, but their followers are people that want to “sit back and grill”. The salvation of our civilizations is for the Right to deplatform the left by cancelling its subscriptions and its Big Social memberships.

    • Subtly, occasionally, but consistently, mention the cluelessness of the media to your friends and acquaintances. Don’t do it to the extent that you are known as ‘that weirdo.’ Don’t foam at the mouth. Quietly, unpolitically, mention how great it is to be unplugged. Think happy thoughts out loud about the money you save. Encourage your like-minded friends to do the same. Ditto social media.

      Some people will take the hint; others won’t.

      BTW, this boomer cancelled print subscriptions five years ago and has been cable-free for two. (Kind of nice to have an extra 250 – 300 bucks a month to use for other things 8>)

    • Focus on the money saved. My directv was costing $140 a month with no premium channels. I’m paying a few bucks now for streaming but at least I’m not supporting the cnn and espn scum.

  9. The English county (Cheshire) I live in has a population of just over 1 million, 98% white with the vibrancy congregated in only one or two places. Its easy to go through life with little contact other than perhaps the odd doctor or dentist with anyone who looks different than the English population of the last couple of thousand years. All tradesmen, carers, shop assistants etc are British white and yes… does make me feel comfortable.

    • Ireland is exactly the same way, especially along the coastal regions. Very white, very safe, and the Irish are hysterically funny by nature. They’re also keen to have any Americans back who can prove they have an Irish mother, grandmother or great grandmother. Wonderful country.

  10. Speaking of Baltimore (pardon that this is OT)

    Do you know of any history books about Baltimore that are actually worth reading (i.e. not overly “woke”)?

    • Check out james lafond’s blog sites. He is a nut, but in good way. He has written alot of contemporary history about baltimore. I am reading his cracker boy currently. It is really blowing my hair back. woke? nahh

  11. “He figured out my politics, because he then told me how important it was for Finns to keep the Muslims and blacks out of the country. He also said their rulers were trying to change Finland by importing diversity, but he was confident the Finns would not lose their country…”

    Was this part wishful thinking or satire? I simply can’t imagine a cabby saying something like that!

    The conservationist streak you describe seems like something that could only exist in homogenous societies where there is great altruism between individuals. You can’t have that in a situation like we are in where everyone is blaming other groups for their problems and trying to scam one another.

  12. They love their saunas, too, give one a try.

    They also love their guns, and the outdoors. There was a time before the great pussification of the 1960s you could say the same about North Americans.

  13. Passed through Helsinki airport, nothing more. The efficiency and competency of Northern European airports is refreshing. (With the exception of Brussels, which seemed like North Africa rather than the heart of the EU.) To me, it’s embarrassing that many foreigner’s first step on U.S. soil is Newark airport. It seems almost third world.

    I think visiting Europe several times may have changed my beliefs a bit — there is simply higher levels of what we all call social trust now which shows up everywhere. Don’t know how long it will last, though — lots of virtual signaling Progs over there, too.

    • Big cities are the same everywhere in the world. But at least in Europe, the smaller towns and villages are very safe. Every city has it’s blight, the trick is to avoid those places and find the beauty in the countryside around it.

      Paris is horrible, I haven’t been there in 30-years because it’s so dreadful. But Normandy and Brittany are a very different story. I spend a few weeks every summer in either Tuscany, Italy or the south of France. Some of my favorite cities are Orange, Valence, Avignon and of course the Dordogne. If you can get away off season, Cannes, Nice and Saint Tropez are the best kept secret in winter. Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone or they’ll all want to visit!

  14. There are the somewhat cherubic type, with a hint of north Asia to them.

    I think there’s some interesting and very ancient history that explains this observation. As I understand it, Korean is a very unusual language that doesn’t share very much in common with any other Asian language. It does share a lot in common however with Finnish. Did some band of North Asian horseman find their way to populate similar climes in Finland/Norway/Sweden thousands of years ago?

    For what it’s worth I’ve always thought that before she got her work done Renee Zellweger had a slightly Asian cast. One of her parents had Sami ancestry and the Samis seem to be some ancient tribe of horsemen:

  15. The guy in the video at the link is saying exactly the opposite of “Jews should revolt against secular governments.” Empirically, one hasn’t observed an outbreak of violent eschatological accelerationsim in the Jewish diaspora. Kushner a garden variety secular city dweller with an unenviable patrimony.

  16. I like being in countries where I don’t understand the language. I don’t have to get involved in their politics or petty, local squabbles. It gives you a sense of freedom to stroll along and concentrate on the strangeness of everything. Food shopping is one of my favorite things to do in European countries. I’ll try anything once and it’s fun to buy things and take them back to your little kitchen for preparation. Good restaurants and bars are always a blast. When the locals spot you as a foreigner, the deluge of questions begins. And remember, Zman: passing up the chance to go to a great museum is like turning down an offer from a beautiful woman. If you do, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

  17. I stayed in a recently-built Marriott hotel near Dallas not long ago–needed to put my room card into a slot in the wall for anything electric to operate. So that innovation has already arrived.

  18. And I believe the Finns are the most heavily armed people in Europe after the Swiss and if you don’t count all the AKs buried in gardens (just in case) in the Balkans. Next door neighbor in college one year was a Finnish Iron Ranger named Eskola–still the only easy to pronounce Finnish name have ever run across. All the Finns on campus somehow found each other and would congregate for marathon poker and drinking bouts during winter quarter–first time heard Finnish spoken, but yes a cross between Klingon and something a Bushman would speak is about right. They all looked the same, only varying in height. My wife who is the Northern varietal of Polack could probably blend in in a heartbeat. Lord I hope the Finns don’t fuck it up.

    • And I believe the Finns are the most heavily armed people in Europe after the Swiss

      Close enough: it’s the Swedes. And it’s not peashooters either, but ordnance designed to drop 1,600 lbs of elk, with all the bells and whistles, of course.

        • Bought a Tikka a couple months back. Took it to the range to figure out how to hit things at 300 yards and the range safety guy says, “That thing ought to be able to put rounds in the black all by itself.”

          • Have an Anschutz like that. Put a new Leupold on it a couple months back. Got it zeroed, then drew a smiley face on one of the freshly painted gongs with 10 rounds.

          • All those nice Finnish, high power, scoped beauties are great fun and useful hunting/sniper equipment. But first obtain a reasonable AR-15 with a reasonable red dot scope (and BUIS). Keep the rifle light. Learn to shoot and scoot. You should (it’s not hard) be able to repeatedly hit man-sized silhouette targets at 300-400 yards, regardless of your tired old eyes and generally declining upper body strength.

            Bullseye shooting from a bench is good sport and a rifle with 1 MOA accuracy a dream to behold—but all that’s needed in the future conflict is a rifle capable of 1 minute of “bad guy” and the ability to move before you are spotted. You want to join in the fun, bring this ability to the party when invited. 😉

          • @compsci – nah, ARF-15’s are barbies for boys. Toys. Wanna really reach out and touch something, get yourself a Barret M-82. I’m jesting, but I got to fire my nephew’s last time I was in the States. Never got to use one in the service or after, just rifles. Lots of fun. The 82 is like driving a monster truck versus a Ferrari.

  19. The card thing in the hotel is absolutely standard in any place built or refurbished in the last 20 years. I’ve seen it in four continents.

    • i travel quite a bit and i don’t recall seeing it, but maybe i stay at nice places. Maybe i just noticed. I usually get two cards, so maybe that’s it.

      • Last time I was in Seattle, that was the situation in the hotel. It was a nice place too.

      • Here’s a tip if you want to stick it to the man: the card reader in the wall doesn’t read the card. You can stick anything in there and it’ll switch the lights on.

    • It seems to be standard on all new construction in CA, so much so that I suspect it is part of energy efficient building codes there.

  20. Hate to break it to you, hombre, but I know for a fact that there is a relatively large community of Nigerians and Somalis in Finland. But if your fantasy makes you feel better, keep chugging (:

    • I’m certain a problem a modern day Simo Hayha could clear up quickly if they should decide to go rogue.

      • Will he tell the Finns to make more babies too?

        More people die than give birth there. You lot can posture all you want about IQ, but until you are able to answer and fix the fundamental question of how people in literal warzones manage to get their peckers up and women popping sons, then decline is inevitable.

        Bye bye, Elf. Middle-Earth is dying.

        Out of curiosity, how many kids does zman have, how many does Sailer?

        You blokes are doomed!

        • I’d be willing to bet that at the present time, there are roughly twice as many Finns in Finland as there were in say 1840. It was Finland back then, and it’s Finland now. Populations go up and down; so long as the society is properly monkey-proofed, it doesn’t matter if the birth rate dips for a generation or two. All you have to do is keep out the rape-apes and GloboShlomo. We’ll see if the Finns are up to the task.

          The big problem in the current crisis is that the invaders arrive unarmed, carrying biological weapons known as children. It’s much easier to shoot an armed invader. I wonder, if the Nazis had invaded Russia each with a little papoose on their back, whining that all they wanted was a better life, would the Russians have shot back?

          And yes, we know there are Somali rape-apes in Finland. We see them on YouTube, ooking about and robbing Finnish convenience stores. Another job I guess the Finns won’t do.

          • Yep. Low birth rates fix themselves. People genetically predisposed to not wanting children die out of the gene pool. People genetically predisposed to wanting children take over the gene pool

            Problem solved – IF you keep out invaders.

        • I always get a kick out of this argument: the solution to declining white fertility is to encourage net loss non-white immigration. It always calls to mind the old joke about the idiot businessman who, when confronted by his CPAs with a net loss on each widget he manufactured, told them to increase production so as to make up for his losses with volume.

        • Why are we punished for our responsibility in not having children we cannot afford, or we are told that the climate needs saving?

          You sit here in the Diaspora, not building up your homeland. You troll a people betrayed by their leaders, instead of being courageous and shaming your own people out of their anti-white racism.

          Ireland didn’t sit on oil, and we were colonized several times longer by the British than you were.

        • We don’t need more people, we need smarter people. AI and robotic automation will handle the deficit of population just fine. A1-B VISAs will even out any imbalances.

          If we could pass a law giving robots the right to vote, I’m certain the border would be closed off overnight. 😉

        • Well I have 8 white kids so I picked up some of the slack. But the truth is that the blacks are the ones who are doomed. Once whites become too small of a majority to prop up the blacks and browns, they will start dying off by the tens or hundreds of millions in short order. Better start hoarding food now because the coming famine is going to be lit!

    • I realize that you’ll catch a fair amount of shit for your comment here and below, but you make a reasonable point. By almost every measure Europeans and their disapora are laughably superior to Sub-Saharan Africans. I mean, we’re barely the same species. (Come to think about it, this is true of almost all non Sub-Saharan races/ethnicities.)

      We’ve managed to conquer space, unravel our DNA and created some of the most beautiful art and architecture the world has ever seen, while Africans before the arrival of Europeans were one step above chimps and, despite being given all of our knowledge, remain ever on the edge of returning to their neolithic squalor.

      Yet, amazingly, in this technological age created by Europeans, Africans’ primitive minds, their stunningly low IQ and inability to think past 10 minutes from now has become a huge evolutionary advantage.

      Africans are highly adapted to be European pets. Of course, that advantage relies on Europeans continuing to provide food and shelter, but as long as the gravy train continues, Africans will take advantage of it like no other race. Good for you.

      And, naturally, you have to wonder why Europeans would breed and fill their house with particularly low IQ, vicious pit bulls. We’re obviously not well adapted to this environment; ironically, an environment that we created.

      But this environment that Sub-Saharan Africans are so well suited is artificial and ephemeral (that means lasting a short time). Africans have found a wonderful niche as a parasite on Europeans, but those Europeans willing and able to host the African parasite are – as you correctly point out – dying out. In a few generations, either Europeans and their diaspora will be gone, in which case, Africans are screwed, or they will developed an immunity to the African parasite, in which case, Africans are screwed.

      So enjoy the golden age of the African parasite. It’s coming to an end.

        • There was a small city known as Cahokia, in the St. Louis, MO region. It was the largest part of what was known as the Mississippian Mound Builder Culture. They collapsed during the 15th century IIRC, before colonization. Large amounts of human sacrifice occurred at Cahokia, which the school textbooks don’t mention. Lots of human sacrifice still occurs among Africans in St. Louis and East St Louis IL.

          • Also, the Mormon Church does teach the existence of some Ancient Phoenician/Hebrew civilization among Native Americans. Joseph Smith was the original “We Wuz Kangz”

        • True. However, having lived around a fair number of American Indians, I can tell you that they don’t compare to Africans. Dumb, yes. Drunk, oh yeah. Prone to violence, yep. But American Indians can kind of, sort of, barely, function at the lowest level of society with a bit of watching over.

          The only way to keep Africans from chimping out and destroying everything is a massive police state watching every minute of every day.

          • Oh silly citizen it doesn’t take a massive police state. Co read your history of Rhodesia and the American South. It just takes a couple hard-asses with the whip hand.

      • Citizen, you seem to be drawing a picture of a gradual extinction. Gradual is where we are *now*, but I fear that rate will exponentially increase as the percentage of non-whites increases above a critical mass point, or conversely, Whites dip below a critical mass. At some point, the engine of the country, Whites, will fail to provide the “Danegeld”, i.e., welfare, to our vibrancy. At that point I suspect we’ll be in for the fight of our lives. The end of a distinctive category of population described as White might be very sudden and precipitous.

        • Possibly, or that critical mass of non-whites will awaken a latent tribalism in a fair number of whites, leading to serious push-back.

          Hard to say which way it will go. However, I’m a pretty average guy, and I went from libtard cuckservative to wanting a white homeland over the past decade or so. And that was when the warning signs were fairly faint. They’re flashing now.

          My point is that if Mr. Average here made the journey, you get bet there are a lot more like me coming around.

          • Yeah take courage. We have the blood of the visigoths, the vandals, chalamange and ceasar singing in our viens. We just need a few lean years and the blood will tell it’s story.

  21. The Finns also obsess about energy usage. In the hotel, you have to insert your key card into a slot near the door to turn on the electric. Even the sockets power off when you remove the card.

    This is a “feature” in many hotels in countries I have traveled in. It can be annoying when you want to leave some piece of gear charging while you are out. I’ve bypassed by simply leaving an extra key card in the slot.

    I take it as more virtue-signaling than actual sound policy.

        • There has been a move, thanks to the EU, to standardize Euro plugs to a Type-C. It’s a flat, 2-pin plug which is becoming more and more common and works just about everywhere in Europe including Switzerland.

          Brits still have the most annoying plug, (and the largest) but you can easily defeat it by just taking the cap off a Bic pen and push the “leg” of the cap into the center interlock. There’s no power, it’s just a safety block. Then you can plug in a regular Type-C plug.

          What you may have trouble finding is an electrical outlet in bathrooms, especially newer ones. And for whatever reason, the Brits are terrified of electrical outlets, especially in bathrooms. If you can’t find the hair dryer, look in the desk drawer.

  22. Maybe I’ll install thermal sensors in every room…

    Thermal might work, motion sensors don’t; years back at Company X the facilities gurus went to motion sensing switches to “save energy” – everyone developed “arm swing twitches” because every 10 minutes your office went black unless the switch saw motion.

    FYI, especially with the advent of LEDs, energy consumed by lighting is pretty minor compared to what motors consume – cooling, heating, pumping, pressurizing, etc. are the big users. Flat screen TV energies are interesting, especially the older non-OLED ones – watt consumption is dependent upon what the screen is displaying – brighter is more, darker is less; I’ve seen mine go from 35-45 watts to >200 on a scene change.

  23. Water pressure is an issue across most of Europe. Primarily because the pipes are old, and often heavily lined with minerals (chalk) that reduces the interior dimension of the pipes. While annoying, it actually saved the Romans who settled in these parts from lead poisoning. It’s a typical issue for older hotels, but you shouldn’t run into it in the newer ones.

    The key card for the room electricity master switch has nothing to do with the security chip in your room key. You’ll find them in more and more hotels across Europe. Actually, any card will work. I use an old luggage name tag that’s the same size as the room key which I always carry in my wallet when I travel. If you don’t have one, just take the key card with you when you leave and you can use it in any hotel you visit.

    I always to this when the room has air conditioning so I can keep the room cool during the day while away. European house keepers are very respecting of the ‘”Do not disturb” sign so you can leave the air conditioning running and the TV on so they think someone is there. An old, but effective trick.

    Water on the table is a regional thing. The French do it, the Italians do it, but not the Germans. Not because they can’t, but because they’d rather sell you a bottle of mineral water. It just depends on where you go, sort of like sweet tea in America; easy to find in the south, but not up north.

    You’ll find crime is generally quite low everywhere in Europe, at least in the West. Violent crime is limited to marginalized people as you say, But you’d only find yourself in those neighborhoods if you intentionally went looking for them. Train stations, especially main stations, are the most risky for petty theft and pickpockets everywhere. Tourist locations are also obvious spots for petty crime since the locals can spot a tourist a mile away. If you travel by train, keep a close eye on your bag and never leave it unattended. Also, never sit near the door either. Snatch and grab is a common trick just as the train is departing the station.

    Keep in mind, the minute you open your mouth everyone knows you’re not from there and these days, not everyone appreciates Americans. If asked or challenged about where you’re from, and you sense it might be an issue, tell them your Canadian. The Canadian’s haven’t upset anyone lately and Europeans can’t tell the difference between an American accent or a Canadian one.

    Safe travels!

  24. I’m Australian. I soldiered with a Finn. He was a dour man, and as you Anericans say, harder than woodpecker lips. That was 30+ years ago, but I still remember the air of unstoppable stoic determination that he had about him.

    I would never want to fight the Finns. Apart from the weather, I think that’s another reason the vibrants have stayed away. The Finns don’t seem like they’d put up with Trucks of Peace etc for very long at all. And lots of them still carry the Puuko.

    • What do you mean “soldiered with a Finn”? Were you in the Foreign Legion? But yeah, I wouldn’t want to mess with a guy whose homeland makes the coldest parts of hell comparable to a spring vacation. Aussies aren’t anything to sneeze at either, have to be to survive on that continent!

    • Give me 250 Simo Häyhä s and i believe i could bring this country to its knees. In minecraft, of course.

  25. Aside from a half-sensible government, Finland has two things keeping foreigners out: appalling weather and a fiendishly difficult language. While Sweden just throws its doors open, a lot of people come to the US and UK simply because that’s where they can best use their dozen words of English. Also, Finns are an odd bunch: Scandinavians agree on very little, but they all agree the Finns are weird. I rather like them though.

    Interesting you met an Italian. The one thing the Finns can’t do is food: they even manage to screw up German food. But I stumbled upon a small restaurant with about 5 tables run by an Italian, which at the time felt like Michelin star.

    The other thing I noticed about Helsinki was how few foreign logos and shop signs I saw (this was in 2012, perhaps things have changed), which ties in with your observations about homogeneity. I remember I couldn’t even find ATMs with the Visa and Mastercard symbols on. You’ll find the same in Tallinn I expect, with most foreign businesses being – you guessed it – Finnish.

    Finally, all hotels in Europe do that thing with the card to turn on the power. It’s fine for the lights but if you want to charge a laptop you need to use a second key or put in a library card or something.

    I’m looking forward to your experience of Tallinn.

  26. The top three immigrant groups in Finland are Russians, Estonians and Swedes.

    I wish America had that immigrant influx.

    • Spent a day in Helsinki several yrs ago and drove to Porvoo for lunch with another couple from the cruise ship we were on. Our Finnish driver/tour guide, Johann, spoke perfect English. He had a good sense of humor, too. He would refer to “Russian time” or “Swedish time,” i. e. historic periods when Finland was ruled over by these two Baltic superpowers. The Finns held their own throughout;-) Advice to Zman: get a bunch of chocolate for gifts back home from Karl Fazer’s in downtown Helsinki. Not far from the Marimekko store. Wonderful spot!

  27. China and Greece also do the card lock for the hotel room electricity. The Greek bathtubs are narrow also. I’m a small-ish fellow and can’t put both feet next to each other in a Greek bathtub. Travel is great. It’s the best America appreciation experience there is.

  28. Minus what you saw on the tube, you could have been describing 90% of North America and 99% of Western Europe just 2 generations ago. Did it really happen that quickly…

    • It only takes one stupid generation. The people who let them in here are checking out without really feeling what they’ve done. Life is unfair.

  29. In the age of sail, Finns were considered to be magicians and unlucky to have on board ship by (particularly) British sailors. I have no idea why I know this. The world used to be a little more spooky.

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