Travelogue: Finland

My train from Saint Petersburg to Helsinki was scheduled to leave at 6:40 AM, which meant a very early start. Given the insanity of Russian traffic, I assigned the same amount of time to get to the train station as it took to get from the train station. Figuring everything would be in Russian, I also had 30 minutes of getting lost time, so I was leaving the hotel at 5:15. That meant I’d get a chance to see the city at the most quiet hours. It’s another good way to get a sense of a place you’re visiting for the first time.

Stepping out of the hotel, I saw the streets were totally empty, so I was thinking maybe I had overestimated the problems of Russian driving. The hotel called a cab and it was there in few minutes. The cabbie was right out of central casting. Skinny, twitchy, leather jacket that was popular in the 70’s. Of course, he was smoking. Russians don’t smoke as much as the Chinese, but it is close.  It’s not just the older people. Young Russians seem to love smoking. I guess vaping has not caught on with them yet.

Anyway, we head off and a few blocks into what I think will be a quick trip, we almost hit another taxi. Both slam on the brakes. My cabbie mutters something that I just assumed was an epithet appropriate to the moment. Then he leaps from the taxi and starts screaming at the other cabbie, who had leaped from his taxi. I was suddenly feeling like I was in one of those YouTube videos of Russian drivers. I thought they were going to go at it in the empty street, the way the two of them were screaming and pointing.

In a few minutes, one made the universal hand gesture signifying he was done with the other guy. That got the universal gesture for “you mad?” from the other cabbie. My taxi driver got back in and said something I just guessed meant “That guy is a fucking asshole” so I nodded and he seemed satisfied with the response. He then took off like the cops were coming and we had something close to a carnival ride to the station. He made two Russian U-turns, which they love, but got me to the station on time…

The Russian train station was another fine example of Hollywood tropes about the Soviet Union proving to be hilariously true. For starters, it is a dump. Second, the guards are old and fat and about as energetic as basset hounds. You have to go through security, which meant putting my bags on a conveyor belt about three feet long. It looked like a small x-ray machine you see at the airport, but the person manning it was asleep, so who knows if it even works. Then I walked through a metal detector, which did not work.

I know it did not work as I had a pocket full of Russian coins, some Euros, my phone, wallet and passport. The fat lazy Russian guard stopped me and pointed at what looked like the little basket you would normally put all your metal stuff before walking through the metal detector. I put my phone in it. I then picked it up and he waved me over to a waiting area. There were no lights on the metal detector and I did not hear it beep a single time in the 30 minutes waiting in the station. Old weird Russia is real…

Perhaps it is the residue of the Cold War and half a life of propaganda about Russians, but I had a strange sense of relief leaving Russia. Once the final customs check was done around Vyborg, I realized I had been pretty tense all morning. Part of it was the lack of sleep, for sure, but the strangeness of Russia had something to do with it too. There’s an unpredictable inefficiency to Russia that keeps you on edge. Throw in the fact that they use a different alphabet and it is like being on another planet at times.

It’s probably the closest any of us can come to understanding how it is like for Somalis in the West. In Russia, I did not understand anything. I can noodle my way through writing in Latin and Germanic rooted languages. It’s not precise, but close enough to feel some comfort and familiarity. Cyrillic is hopeless, so being in Russia is like being an illiterate, who does speak the local tongue. That’s not a bad description of life for most migrants, but especially the East Africans our rulers enjoy dumping into your neighborhood…

Back in Helsinki, my choice was to grab a train to the airport or take a taxi. My next leg was to rent a car and drive to the city of Turku. Since I had no idea where the car rental area was, I grabbed a taxi and sure enough, the driver was Somali. He was a younger guy, probably in his mid-20’s. His English was not great, but it was good enough. As with the Nigerian taxi driver the other day, I quickly found myself slamming in the reality of an 80-something IQ. He was struggling with the basics of his duties.

On the trip to the airport, he kept asking me questions about America. Some of his “cousins” live in Minnesota. He was hoping to immigrate to America, but his cousins tell him Minnesota is colder than Finland, so he was thinking Miami. He wanted to know what type of free housing they have in Miami. His free apartment in Espoo is too small. I’m guessing he was in some sort of public housing that was not exactly free, but then again, I would not be surprised if the Finns provide free housing to their conquerors.

As I was listening to him, the thought of maybe grabbing the wheel and smashing the both of us into oncoming traffic came to mind. I would be making a sacrifice for the good of my people, but that would mean my life was only worth one Somali. Perhaps if we were in a bus full of his cousins, it would make sense. Instead, I told him that Miami was very expensive and the Cubans were extremely racist. The racism stuff seemed to alarm him, suggesting they learn that stuff as soon as they set foot in the West.

That is something we Americans don’t fully appreciate. The rest of the world studies us, as America is the empire. Those of us in the dissident right understand that we are no more important to the imperial ruling class than a Somali herdsman, but those Somalis don’t understand this. To them, we really do look alike. As far as he was concerned, I was an ambassador from the Imperial Capital. My bet is my taxi driver asked every American he met about the places he sees on snap chat.

That is the other thing I learned from him. They love snap chat. All Somalis use snap chat to stay in touch with each other all over the world. This is something Steve Sailer observed back during the Merkel’s Millions crisis. The internet and social media apps that allow morons to get on-line has brought the fringe closer to the core, in terms of them knowing about us. These people see what we have and they want it, so they do what they must to get here. Social media is turning out to be a doomsday machine…

I picked up a nice Volvo at the airport and headed out to Turku. Once you get outside of Helsinki, you’re suddenly in what looks like New Hampshire or Vermont. The E18 is like an American state highway or the rural part of an interstate. The countryside is very nice, if you are the sort that likes driving the countryside. I was reminded of my many trips through New England in winter. I miss those drives as I love winter and I love the New England countryside in late winter. It’s peaceful, beautiful and clean….

My very first impression of Torku is it looked like Chapel Hill North Carolina, a quaint college town. After a few blocks, that gave way to thoughts of Newark New Jersey, as it got dirty and grimy, with lots of people standing around for no reason. There were more blacks than I saw anywhere in Finland, plus some North Africans. My hotel turned out to be a lot like where I stayed in Newark last year. Torku is not Newark and it is no overrun with Africans or even close to it. It’s still white, just downscale from Helsinki.

After checking in, I was in need of sleep, but I did a walk around anyway, figuring that would put in me in the right frame of mind for a long nap. If I had to guess, it is smaller cities like Torku where resistance to multiculturalism is growing. Not only are there more strangers here, they are more obvious. In big Cloud People cities like Helsinki, they use the cost of living as a barrier between themselves and multiculturalism. That does not work as well in small towns and rural areas. The natives see the truth every day.

After my nap, having a beer at a pub I found, I fell into conversation with a couple of Finns who were late-30’s, maybe early-40’s. They were nice and apparently educated. They knew the dissident terrain surprising well, as they became somewhat enthusiastic about the topic of immigration. Of course, alcohol loosens the tongue by removing inhibition, which is dangerous with the Finns. They drink like Japanese businessmen. That made for an interesting few hours of talk from people holding a lot in every day.

There is an awakening here, like everywhere in the West. That’s the term you hear in Europe among dissidents and nationalist. In America, we use red-pill to describe the feeling when your eyes open to this reality. For Europeans, it is more like they are waking up from a long dream, between when the lights went out in Europe a century ago and the Million Muslim invasion welcomed by Angela Merkel. For a tiny country like Finland to take in over 100,000 violent morons from over the horizon was a giant clanging alarm.

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  1. So, I’m guessing Uber is NOT in many of these places, or is there something about taking the local Taxi that nets you a little more color on the trip?

    • From the April 3rd “Travelogue: Tallinn” post, one of the commenters explained the taxi situation in Finland, which was very interesting. In case you missed it:


      “Well Z, you arrived to Finland just in time to see the beginning of the collapse in the standards of Finnish taxi service. The taxi business used to be heavily regulated until recently, which meant reliable and good customer service, but also very high prices. Most of the drivers were Finns, and even the immigrants working as taxi drivers knew their job. The government liberalized the taxi market just last year, and now low IQ immigrants are being hired as taxi drivers, and people are complaining that they often can’t even find the place they are supposed to drive to.

      “This is a good example of how the people on the right have to change their thinking because of the demographic question. I used to vote for the National Coalition Party, which is our center right cuckservative party, and supported economic deregulation, including liberalizing the rigid rules that regulated the taxi market, and made the whole taxi business resemble a medieval guild.

      “I still support it in principle, but not anymore in practice, since in the “demographic age” economic deregulation often leads to flooding the labour market with Third World immigrants. So I won’t be voting for the cucks anymore, and I hope the populist Finns party will get an earth-shattering victory in the elections next week and, among other things, cancel the whole taxi reform. I’ll just bite my lip next time I have to pay 20 euros for a short taxi ride because I’m too shit faced drunk to walk back home from a bar.”

      It’s the “Cheapest is Best” disease wherein all social capital is tossed in order to save a few bucks, courtesy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Following the travels on Google Maps. Hwy to Turku looks exactly like Connecticut turnpike. Helsinki looks nice and clean but very modest architecture.

  3. Do I detect some empathy for our african invaders ? Believe on at least two occasions there’s been comments about somalis having difficulties in their new occupied land.

    Make no mistake have no love for Russians. Visit any Finnish Cemetery and walk the rows of headstones from the Winter War . That being said would still tolerate the company of a Russian over some “rape-ape”

    As a white man visiting other white countries I respect the people and local customs, contribute to the local economy and obey the law. Doing so ( although after some initial apprehension common with any stranger ) locals have warmly invited me into their homes.

    The one thing all my European friends have stated is their disappointment when first visiting the USA. Of course their first exposure to America is Hollywood propaganda machine.

    They find it somewhat surprising and disappointing life in the states is nothing like what they see in TV and movies. Almost to a person they’re happy to visit but even happier to go back home.

  4. Z should lead tour groups through the Baltics. Like a red-pilling National Review cruise. The Z Cruise.

  5. Well this travelogue helped me finalize my plans for first European trip. Ireland it is!

  6. In many way, Europe today is like an old Russian fishing trawler. Every day, the Captain goes down to check on things below. It’s hot, it smells bad and there’s oily water sloshing around. The crew smiles, tips their hats in respect and points to the leaks and complains about parts they need to keep things running properly. The Captain says nothing. He smiles, returns the nod and goes back up to the wheel house.

    Then one day, as he descends to inspect the engine room, he notices the water is halfway up the ladder. Yet he is somehow in complete surprise and oblivious to the fact the crew has been telling him about the problems over and over every day.

    So he closes the hatch and returns to the wheel house. But now he notices the ship isn’t as fast or the rudder as responsive as he remembered it being the day before.

    And then he sees the iceberg.

  7. “They drink like Japanese businessmen”. One thing about this is that about the only time a Japanese businessman is free to speak his mind is when he is drunk. Everyone excuses what people say when someone is drunk, so a lot of guys will get whomever they want to say something frank to into a bar, have a couple of drinks, and pretend to be drunk whether they are or not, just to get the thing off their chest or to make the request they want to make or demand a raise. They use drinking the way other cultures use golf.

    • Yeah, if you’re an alcoholic, Japan or East Europe are bad, bad…..BAD places to visit. I was in the infantry in the ‘70s and ‘80s, I’m no stranger to hard drinking. But these cats, they can’t hold their liquor and they drink hard. It’s getting a tad better in Japan; the kids are slowly wiping up. The old style salaryman was expected to work himself to death during the day and drink himself into a stupor at night. But it’s sad, really is. There’s quite a few young men who’ve lost their fathers to that void. Were you a teacher in Tokyo? JET and English teachers get a nasty rap for the “soft” job, but I’ve met a few that had the 1000 yard stare after their contract was up.

  8. There’s an unpredictable inefficiency to Russia that keeps you on edge.

    That’s what made it one hell of a fun place to live for a while.

    • Yeah, Russia has its own charm. But after a few months you are happy to get back to a country where things just work.

  9. > Perhaps it is the residue of the Cold War and half a life of propaganda about Russians, but I had a strange sense of relief leaving Russia

    Nah, it’s perfectly normal. I felt relief each time I was crossing the border of this country. And I’ve been vor and grew up there. Tension is just part of everyday life. I didn’t realize the scale of it until I immigrated.

    • Yup. The Scanwegians have a hard time being cheerful, Gay is far beyond them. but dear God, they are great at morose.

  10. I know the travelogue stuff is supposed to be “light” but it’s providing some pretty big insights. I think the benefit of going somewhere like Russia and not just exploring the “postcard” core is that it helps counter the hysterical/interventionist neocon-neoliberal baloney about how we’re always five minutes away from being conquered by some country (usually Russia or China). Realizing a place has its own severe internal problems, and seeing those problems firsthand, is a good countering tonic to the fear-mongering we get daily here. And then there’s the fact that, contra the stereotype, most foreigners like Americans but hate American foreign policy, which is something most of us have in common with them. America has the same problem with immigration as most Western nations, but also the crazy foreign policy baggage and Israeli ball-and-chain that needs to be severed. Being a soldier stationed in Germany during Dubya’s reign I got looks from the locals like I was a registered sex offender most of the time.

    • Being a soldier stationed in Germany during Dubya’s reign I got looks from the locals like I was a registered sex offender most of the time.

      Well, you were a member of the occupation force, so by definition a threat to the local womenfolk. Women love victorious warriors, and the conquered menfolk resent that.

      • Americans were an occupying/conquering force in Germany in the Marshall Plan/Postwar years, and there was some justification for our presence through the Cold War (and the guys who were stationed there during that time had a hell of a lot of fun). By the early aughts, though,we were squatters, which doesn’t really get Western European women hot and bothered, unless you’re a Muslim loafer who might force them into wearing a hijab (being forced to wear more clothes is the postmodern Western female’s equivalent of bodice-ripper fantasies for previous generations of women).

        • being forced to wear more clothes is the postmodern Western female’s equivalent of bodice-ripper fantasies.

          It’s the forcing itself that’s their thing. If you forced them to wear Mickey Mouse ears, they’d squeak with delight and shop for cheddar cologne. They’re totally ready for a new, Lebensborn program.

          • Man I think you’re on to something there.

            I was really disturbed by some of the reaction to the New Zealand mosque shooting. It seems from browsing Twitter that Kiwis came up with a ScarvesInSolidarity where New Zealand women fell all over themselves to don headscarves. The lady PM of NZ was photographed multiple times wearing a headscarf.

            If a white Christian man had opined that women should wear headscarves these same women would get the vapors and shout about sexism and oppression and body and slut shaming until they were hoarse. Yet they fall all over themselves to meet Muslim standards of modesty.

            Not to sound like a Roissy knock off but I can’t help but think women are waiting for men to reestablish the patriarchy they’re always crying about smashing.

          • You’ve hit on it, Corn.

            Political correctness is itself a racist ideology. Hating on white people gives the modern social justice warrior that sense of power that little people crave.

            No one is littler than Western white women.

          • If a white Christian man had opined that women should wear headscarves…

            It’s the opining that’s the problem. You need to order them.

          • “It’s the forcing itself that’s their thing. If you forced them to wear Mickey Mouse ears, they’d squeak with delight and shop for cheddar cologne.”
            Damn it! YOU caused me to blow coffee through my nose! Damn it! Felix….you’re cracking me up, man! Afraid you’re too close to the truth about women. I’d better wander off quick before I get into trouble. PS….do enjoy your worldly opining. Good on. Definitely not something I would hear and discuss in Southern Utah.

  11. Speaking of Newark, I’m reminded of the first time I had to change NJT trains there outbound from Manhattan. I didn’t realize my connection would simply be across the platform — wouldn’t those trains be running in the other direction? — so I descended into the main station, which was completely empty and quiet and looked like it had suffered a zombie apocalypse fifteen years earlier except for the fact that one of the electronic displays was still working. Not a soul around to ask where I should go. Maybe I was supposed to head over to that other set of tracks down at the street level? It was only about fifty feet away, surely nothing bad would happen if I just walked over there to check out what the signs said. Two steps out of the station doors, I had one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life and felt lucky that I managed to escape back up to the platform. I stared for a while at the old church in the distance, trying to resolve the dissonance of its classic beauty against the sights, smells, and touches I had just experienced, then read some Nick Land on my phone until my train finally arrived. You’re a brave man for venturing into the actual city, Z.

    • Two steps out of the station doors, I had one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life and felt lucky that I managed to escape back up to the platform.

      So are you going to share?

    • Ohh for fux sake it’s not THAT bad. I worked at Prudential right there @ Broad and Market for almost 3 years in the early 90s. Been in and out of that station hundreds of times. I think there’s 4 platforms, plus PATH. Newark PD keeps a strong presence.

      My advice is to look and act with purpose. Add some swagger to your step, so them dumb-ass f’n Moolies can tell they are not dealing with an easy target like Mort Goldman. (Hell….. I grew up in California….but I picked up on the local vibe pretty quick. LOL)

  12. Of course, alcohol loosens the tongue by removing inhibition, which is dangerous with the Finns.

    So Jukki meets his old friend Pekka from school, and suggests they grab a drink. They get a hand of some bottles, sit down and start drinking. They work their way through the first bottle of vodka and start out on the next.

    Halfway though the second bottle, Jukki says “So, how are you doing?

    Pekka eyes him suspiciously. “Do you want to drink, or do you want to talk?”

  13. This is sort of off topic, but what if we declared war on the central banks? Drop bombs on them. Kill their owners and employees? I would vote for someone who made that their platform. Carry on.

  14. Z: “100,000 violent morons”. LOL. Someone MUST title their next anti-immigration book that. I wonder if Ann Coulter has the crazy balls to do it.

  15. There definitely is an awakening happening in Finland, and I’m not talking about the secret handshake society meeting where you are probably going.

    The parliamentary elections are next week, and there is a general atmosphere of great dissatisfaction with the ruling establishment. Plenty of normies are starting to feel that the old parties are completely out of touch with the common people.

    It’s not just the immigration, though that is a big part of it. All the old parties and the mainstream media are raving about the climate change and how Finland has to save the world. Regardless of what you think about the climate change itself, the solutions that the main stream politicians are proposing are downright insane, like banning selling new combustion engine cars during the next ten years, as if viable alternatives to them existed. Normal people are simply gasping when they listen to this stuff. This is how the yellow vest thing got started in France. It’s as if the main stream parties are trying to shoot themselves in the foot.

    The ”populist” Finns party is rising fast in the polls and might even have a chance of becoming the largest party in the Parliament, something that would have sounded completely absurd just six months ago. They have run a very effective campaign, and there are definitely lessons to be learned here for nationalist in other countries too. If Z-man has time in Turku, I would recommend visiting the ”elecion street” in the centre and talk with people there to get the feeling of what’s going on. I’m not in Turku myself now, but from the pictures I’ve seen it seems like people are mostly interested in talking with the candidates of the Finns party, while the candidates of other parties are mostly standing alone there.

    • That’s encouraging, but the Finns are going to learn what we did in the US: We aren’t voting our way out of this.

      • “That’s encouraging, but the Finns are going to learn what we did in the US: We aren’t voting our way out of this.”

        Well, when it comes to the population replacement, Finland might very well be one of the countries that can stop it by voting. It was only 30 years ago when the population was still basically 99 % Finns. Third World immigration only began in the early 90s, and was slow at first, so Finland is several decades behind other Western European countries in this regard. We are definitely starting to see the negative effects of this idiotic policy, but Third World immigrants still make up only a relatively small share of the population compared to other Western European countries. We are lucky that we can see what a horror show mass immigration has been in other countries, especially in neighboring Sweden, and wake up before it’s too late.

        Many other Western countries, including USA and Sweden, are probably too far gone to be saved by democratic means, but I think this should be seen as an opportunity. Never let a good crisis go waste as they say. Let’s face it, 10–20 % of white people are probably genetically predisposed to adopt self destructive far left ideologies (((and no, it doesn’t matter whether those ideologies were originally invented by the joos or not))). Yesterday it was Communism, today it’s Multiculturalism, and God only knows what they will come up with tomorrow.

        I don’t see any other means of preventing this kind of madness from happening again but to split Western countries into smaller autonomous political units and isolating the baizuos to their own areas where they cannot have any influence on political decision making in the areas where normal white people live. To put it bluntly, I’m not interested in saving the white race, I’m interested in purging the white race. Even if this kind of balkanization wasn’t necessary in Finland to stop mass immigration, I’m still very much in favour of it even here.

        • Multiculturalism, open borders, global warming, gender neutral “people,” etc., are just different terms or manifestations of communism.

          No different than Bernie Sanders, your typical NYC / Brooklyn communist POS , now calling himself a democratic socialist.

          All of these religious ideologies promote the dissolution of the family and of nation states, of traditional social mores, and imposition of restrictions and prohibitions on what can be said, shown, heard, and seen.

          The promoters and adherents of these ideologies are STALINISTS, no matter what terminology they use to obscure this fact.

        • The use of the Chinese word baizuo for crazed self hating progs is a good idea. No love for the Chinese but we need a short pithy word for those types. We gave our manufacturing away, at least we can steal a word back.

      • Europe might well be able to vote its way out, other than maybe Germany or France. Even the UK might manage it . Europe is mostly White unlike the US and has a string ethnic and cultural identity

        The US however isn’t going to able to do this, its a gumbo of different groups and even similar ethnic groups disagree on far too many things

        That said, the Dissident Right suffers from a distinct live and let live ethos which is stupid.

        If you have power you can stop degeneracy in its tracks and I promise you the next time someone is a degenerate and they are hanged with 3 days , that crap will mostly stop at least in public

        If you are a rich urban nation, you have to drop the hammer on immortality if you don’t want it to turn into Wiemar Germany

        The US used to do this with divorce and sodomy laws and obscenity laws

        An example of this happening now is Iran. I don’t agree with the way the Iranians do things but by an large the guys that took over the knew this, Persia defaults to cosmopolitan and decently well off , the traits lead to decadence so therefore you punish decadence harshly

        Iran is still a mass from some brain dead decisions but reform as we’d see it is still far on the horizon

        The Dissident Right will obviously take a rather different path but instead of fearing power they should relish they day they can slap someone in jail for promoting cultural Marxism to someone under 21

        Loving power isn’t a traditional American value but traditional; America requires a homogeneous moral population . Until we have that learn to love the boot so long as you are wearing it and doing the stomping.

        • Live and let live has gotten us the grotesque levels of degeneracy we have in society today. Stuff that was rated ‘X’ 40 years ago is now common on TV and movies – take the SAW series for example. That’s how far the Overton window has moved.

          No one today outside some hard line Christian groups and Muslims will even condemn Homosexual marriage and trannies. It’s just as acceptable among DR as it is among the Hollywood set.

          You don’t even see HBD doyens like Sailer condemning nasty old men sharing a bathroom with little girls just shows you how pervasive it is.

          40-50 years ago in this country perverts who came out the closet were either killed or beaten unless they lived in a shit hole like NYC or Jersey. Child rapists tended to vanish if caught. Today we hold candlelight vigils and nod solemnly.

          Lastly the DR will never have power. Not that it could achieve power – it could if was truly serious and ruthless as the ruling class. It’s just more of a intellectual club of sorts.

      • Uh, that’s a long story. I’ll try to give the short version.

        The party was founded back in the 90s by a chap called Timo Soini, who was the leader of the party until 2017. Soini is your run of the mill opportunistic populist who will say anything to get elected and betrays his supporters immediately after he gets any real power.

        Under Soini the Finns party was a sort of general purpose protest party that anyone could vote who was fed up with the bland main stream parties that you could hardly tell apart. Immigration critics also joined the party and tried to use it as a means to change immigration policy, but the party was not solely focused on immigration, and Soini never really cared about the whole issue. He just used it to increase the support of the party. Instead, Soini branded himself as a Nigel Farage style EU critic.

        The party achieved great success in parliamentary elections in 2011 and 2015, which thoroughly shocked the establishment. Soini, however, didn’t really use this success to achieve anything, except getting himself appointed as the foreign minister in 2015. After the elections of 2011 the party had stayed in opposition, but after the 2015 elections it formed a government with two center right cuckservative parties (yeah, we have two of them). Shortly after this the migration crisis hit Europe and thousands of asylum seekers started pouring to Finland from Sweden. Soini could have demanded the other two parties to close the border, but he didn’t want to risk breaking the government and losing comfy job as a minister, and did nothing. After this support of the party collapsed.

        In 2017 party convention members of the party who were fed up with Soini elected Jussi Halla-aho as the new party chairman. Halla-aho was the leader of the anti-immigration faction inside the party and he had always had an uneasy relationship with Soini. After the party convention Soini, who was again trying to save his job as a minister, defected from the party with his supporters and formed a new party called Blue Reform, which replaced the Finns party in the government. Soini and his friends kept their jobs as ministers, but they lost almost all their supporters among voters. The situation was a complete farce. There was a party in the government that had five ministers, but had around 1 % support in the opinion polls.

        During the last two years Halla-aho has been repairing the damage caused by the split and during this time he has turned the party from a protest party with a vague message to a nationalist party with a crystal clear message of always putting the interests of the Finnish people first. He is now reaping the rewards of this work as the support of the party is soaring again. And unlike Soini, Halla-aho will use that support to get shit done.

        • Thanks, that was interesting. I’ve been following Swan of Tuonela, but she stopped making videos shortly after the party split and her (Algerian) boyfriend entered politics.

          I asked, because I’m extremely paranoid about sellouts and managed opposition.

          Shortly after this the migration crisis hit Europe and thousands of asylum seekers started pouring to Finland from Sweden. Soini could have demanded the other two parties to close the border, but he didn’t want to risk breaking the government and losing comfy job as a minister, and did nothing.

          This mirrors almost exactly what happened with the Danish People’s Party: shortly before hordes of welfare jihadis started pouring in from Germany, they had a landslide election and ended up the largest party in the winning coalition, which traditionally would allow them to appoint the PM.

          The other three parties in the blue block had run on hardline immigration rhetoric in an attempt to capture the anti-immigration vote, so this was the moment of truth for the DPP: they had the power to close the border.

          Instead they allowed thousands of Mohammadans to illegally cross the border and freely wander around on our motorways which were being closed off for taxpaying commuters, to allow the police to play pattycake with the cute, jihadi children.

          If the DPP were a real party, they’d have gone to the PM and told him to seal the borders or face a vote of no confidence, followed by a migration-themed election. They would have captured close to 50% of the vote.

          Now, Danes are deserting the DPP, but luckily, a new hardliner party has been established to challenge the DPP from the right, to corral all those dissatisfied voters. The spokesgal is a Jaguar-driving, PR-trained, bottle-blonde, AR-lite camgirl, and her party financed by a millionaire banker living in Switzerland for tax reasons. I’m sure they’ll not stab us in the back, 15-20 years down the road, when we’ve voted them within striking range of power.

          The DPP is fake news, the Norwegian Progress Party is fake news, Farage was fake news and so is Trump.

          You’re an idiot if you vote, you’re just drawing out the inevitable legitimacy breakdown.

          • The Swan of T. does a weekly YouTube show on Ramzpaul’s channel. The Zman has been on their show. Her name is Tiina Vik (sp?).

      • The Elite would rather die than give up social status which leaves collapse or electoral miracle as the only option other than war to the knife, knife to the hilt

        • Loss of social status IS death for them. Hence, they will kill to maintain it. I have said before and elsewhere that if our masters had to resort to dropping nukes on their own countries in order to survive politically, they will not hesitate.

          • Fair point though I don’t fear nukes, no one has done this since they won’t survive doing it and the people who control them aren’t the people who want to use them.

            The ultra rich may also find large sections of the military and police who come from groups they despise unresponsive to orders as well. Fig of war old chap

            Anyway these days we can’t even find sober and honest people to sit in the nuclear silos anymore

            Besides the US may well not be a nuclear power in a few years. We use tritium for our nuclear triggers, are running out of the stuff which has a short half life and have failed every single time we’ve tried to make more.

  16. Despite conditions that are borderline functional in Russia, some of the best engineers I’ve worked with during the past few decades have been Russians.

    The problem isn’t know-how.

    • anyone pushing that Nazbol shit has no idea what the “bol” part does to otherwise functional societies.

    • In southern California, among the few white workers you meet day-to-day are Russian or Ukranian. I’m happy to see fellow whites, even if they’re foreigners, because their competency dwarfs the typical beaner.

  17. “Given the insanity of Russian traffic,”

    Someone noted on Sailer’s blog a few years back that the Fast & Furious movies would be treated as documentaries in Russia.

    • I freely admit I have an addiction to watching dashcam car chases. Russia is like a meth hit,

  18. Z, it gets more pronounced the further north you go. Turku is big city in comparison with say Rovaniemi.

    The Finns have decent instincts. They gave the Saami people (think Australian aborigines) a largely symbolic parliament, but never granted them land rights

  19. Struggled so much with his duties, he got you to your destination safe and sound?

    If only your leaders ‘struggled’ exactly that way with their duties, you would not be so morose.

  20. The contradiction I keep running into is the exposure problem. When we are nice and separate, whites start getting weird ideas about the hordes over the horizon. It’s only when we see The Other that we realize how similar we really are and that we are on a team. Racism isn’t a prejudice, its a postjudice. Even if we were to prevail, what’s stopping our descendants from regressing?

    The yo-yo of history is disturbing.

    • When people get rich all they have left to give them that dopamine rush is social signalling and in group posturing.

      Our rulers being uniformly rich have nothing better to do that than to virtue signal to each other and as loving refugees and migrants is virtuous, we get a lot of that

      This would suggest that if the Left could be convinced getting rid of refugees was high status, they’d be all in but class prejudice , this being something lower classes want, makes this hard

      There is also a faction of the establishment who cannot have more expensive labor no matter what the actual social cost of this, Silicon Valley to some degree and Big Ag in its entirety

      Kettling them will run into the great wall of money problem

      This suggests that either the economy will have to go Venezuela and the rich won’t be rich and/or enough people will be pissed off enough to simply decide all out war is better and they and all their institutions, friends and supporters will be eliminated from power . We are closer day by day to the later but it won’t happen to a certain time after President Trump,

      I’m praying for another way of course but it doesn’t look good.

      Now as to your question about stopping a regression nothing. Ancient Rome had the same problem and it helped kill them. Anytime a group is wealthy , detached from the mainline of society and usually urban, its a risk

      If the Dissident Right takes power and uses it well they’ll have to create a path for social power and virtue that fits its values. Since they will have gained much power , they’ll have a grand opening to set the rules and brother do people love a winner

      That said at current rates in less time than from now to the Founding of the Nation the US will probably undergo a catabolic collapse to a much lower tech base

      Its quite possible biggest group will be Amish and similar types

      They are huge virtue signalers all but its expensive and earned virtue and requires work. This is a good thing. Unearned virtue is an issue, no earned , socially conservative virtue

      After the fall I suspect this will be the default, I am virtuous because I have many kids and much land and my community has electricity and running water

      Future US will probably resemble 1900 more than THE FUTURE

  21. I hope Z is telling all these people that he meets he is writing a travelogue and gives them the blog address. They and many of their family members would most certainly come to the blog the read a American’s impression of their town. It would be funny as hell if he left little islands of woke Scandinavians like bread crumbs along his trail.

  22. Z, greetings from the party that we commenters are having in your uninhabited house. It’s really raging. I wonder if we can get this place cleaned up before you return. Frip is as wild as you might have guessed. Calsdad is lecturing us about the free rider problem regarding our prodigious supply of alcohol. Derb is singing loudly in Chinese on the patio out back. I hope your neighbors can someday forgive you for this.

    Are you paid up on your homeowner’s insurance?

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