Travelogue: Awakening

The morning of the conference, the weather in Turku was perfect for a nice long walk around the city. It’s still winter, but the signs of spring are appearing, so in the morning it is cold, but too cold. I was waiting for the secret message telling me where the secret meeting would be held in the afternoon. I had decoded the message from the previous day, which gave me the location of the dead drop, so I had a few hours to kill. My first stop was the big old Lutheran church, that was a few blocks from where I staying.

Turku Cathedral was originally a catholic cathedral of Finland, but today it is the Mother Church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is the central church of the Lutheran Archdiocese of Turku. It was originally built out of wood in the late 13th century, but was expanded in the 14th and 15th centuries, using stone and brick as the construction material. In person, it is impressive mostly due to its age. It was not hard to imagine people walking to mass 500 years ago on the same spot I standing.

The cathedral is located next to the river that runs through the city. There is a little park there where you sit and watch joggers and bikers on the path along the river. In the early morning, it is very peaceful. As I walked along the path, I suddenly remembered how much I miss being on the water. It has been a few years since I’ve done any fishing, so I made to myself to pick up that hobby again. That is one of the great benefits of travel. It gives you time to think about what is important and remember to get back to doing that.

After a walk along the river, I took a hike up the big hill that overlooks the whole city, on top of which is an old anti-aircraft gun from the Second World War. There’s also a bunker that looks like it is functional. a short walk down the hill is the Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum. It appears to be a replica of what I think is a original village. During normal hours, they have actors playing the various roles of villagers from the period. It’s like an open air, interactive museum, along with a craft museum and the requisite gift shops.

From there I walked to the art museum, which was closed, but alongside of it was an open air food market. On the street leading up to the museum, which is on a hill, is a bust of Lenin. The Finnish Bolsheviks were a nasty lot, ready to see out their brothers to a foreign power, all in the name of a madhouse dogma. The Finns experience with the communists is a good reminder that there is no dealing with lunatics. There are simply some people who are born to be traitors to their own side…

Having retrieved the location for the secret meeting from the dead drop, I headed off from the hotel a little before the start, as it was a short walk from home base. Of course, I took a circuitous route, doubling back a few times to make sure I was not being followed. Upon reaching the location, I immediately saw someone I knew. We exchanged the appropriate greetings, which of course is the secret handshake. The cloak and dagger aspect these things is serious business, but there’s nothing that says you can’t have some fun with it.

All of these security protocols are due entirely to the fact that even in Finland, lunatics from Antifa are allowed to roam the streets causing mayhem. In fact, it is fair to say they are the unofficial secret police of the global managerial state. They are allowed to commit crimes, intimidate people and harass businesses. The government could shut them down tomorrow, but they don’t, which is an endorsement of Antifa by the state. That’s where things are in the West. We’re ruled by gangsters that employ thugs…

Inside the event, I was struck by the professionalism of the organizers. They really have their act together in Finland. The event kicked off with a recorded video from Jared Taylor, who was supposed to be at the event. He is usually quite sunny, but he was still a bit angry over what has happened to him. I really can’t blame him. When our enemies do these things, it is intended to be an insult, a humiliation. There’s nothing wrong with getting mad in response, even if it will change nothing. We are human.

Most of the attendees were young, 20’s and 30’s, with some graybeards sprinkled into the mix. There was a good number of people in their 40’s and 50’s too, so it made for a lively crowd, but not too lively. Most were people who worked in companies and were comfortable in a professional setting. The event had the feel of a corporate retreat. Once again, it was a reminder of why our rulers fear us so much. If not for the thugs, this event could fill a large venue with the sorts of people that keep society functioning.

Millennial Woes filled in for Taylor and gave a nice talk about the usual things. I think if I were to list one complaint about these events it’s that the speakers tend to spend too much time rattling off the list of crimes committed by out rulers. If you are at one of these events, you know why you’re at the event. Being the rude obnoxious American, I eventually spoke up during the question and answer period, making the point that these events need practical stuff about organizing, rather than the listing of complaints.

Olena Semenyaka, the international secretary for a Ukrainian group that calls itself the National Corps, gave a talk that lasted longer than it should. That and she sounded a lot like the IRA thirty years ago. Kevin McDonald was on hand and gave the sort of speech you would see at the Mencken Club, except for some commendatory on the Jews. He really hated the fact that I recalled the headline of John Derbyshire’s review of Culture of Critique. He’s still sore about that, I guess. I don’t think he likes me very much.

The best talk was given by Mark Collett. In all honestly, I liked his speech because he repeated many of the things I write here on a regular basis. I don’t know if he reads me or not, but he made a point I have been making for years. That is, no authentic alternative movement is going to succeeded by being negative. Positive identity has staying power and it naturally attracts people to it. A movement that is nothing but a laundry list of grievances only attracts misfits and trouble makers. That cannot be said enough…

I did have readers and listeners there at the event. Some of them recognized my voice and came over to say hello. It’s not false modesty. I just struggle with the fact that lots of people read these posts and now lots of people listen to me. It’s an odd thing to hear someone say they recognized my voice or tell me they are a fan. It’s even stranger when it happens seven time zones from home. That said, it’s always good reminder that there is serious stuff going on here and I always need to keep that in mind…

The event was over around seven, so we adjourned to a nearby pub to drink beer and socialize. The Finnish police were on high alert, as the local lunatics were threatening to cause mayhem. I’m not sure what happened, but we were told to leave one bar and then another. I noticed someone, who looked like Ted Kaczynski just after they pulled him the cabin, following us around, screaming like a lunatic. My guess is he was the one getting the bars to throw us out. We managed to have a good time nonetheless.

The lesson I’ve drawn from attending events in the US and Europe is that dissident politics is woefully short on organizers. We really need to get better at organizing locally, building real life communities and working out how to get together without alerting the crazies. That means were have to stop thinking of ourselves as concerned citizens. Like it or not, we live in a lawless age where the rulers will lie, cheat and steal to undermine dissent. That means we have to stop trying to play by the rules when organizing and conspiring.

Dissident politics will have to be radical politics. That’s the real awakening this week. We are the new Jacobins. If this thing is to succeed where prior movements have failed, it is going to have start with that understanding. That means operating like radicals, rather than the local rotary club. It means throwing sand in the gears, making sure that the wheels of society don’t turn smoothly. That’s going to be hard for many to accept and it will be harder to sell, butt hat is the only way forward, if white identity politics is going the thrive…

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  1. serious question:
    How do you square this:

    >That is, no authentic alternative movement is going to succeeded by being negative. Positive identity has staying power and it naturally attracts people to it. A movement that is nothing but a laundry list of grievances only attracts misfits and trouble makers. That cannot be said enough…

    With this:


    Is there more staying power to a movement founded on hate than we realize?

    • Our rulers will open their cult meetings with “death to white people” chants soon enough. There is a big difference between trying to maintain discipline of a ruling class and trying to recruit to a resistance movement. There’s a place for righteous indignation, just not in the marketing brochure.

  2. As long as bond rates are low, nothing matters. That’s the measure most directly related to the herd’s somnolent grazing in the pasture despite the smell of a firestorm just over the hill. As long as people remain so stoned they can barely pass the “Everything’s Awesome” bong, toking on “Resources are Unlimited, Man” weed, nothing is going to change.

    It’s all related. It’s the product of a social mood mania of unprecedented amplitude and duration. It looks like an unending trend because after 40-60 years, that’s just what happens. It will end, if for no other reason than the arithmetic finally fails and the most-stoned neighbors will literally begin to die off from their complacency in numbers that finally matter. If we have to wait that long for the trend to end, however, daylight may well not be visible above us due to the depth of the hole we’ll occupy.

    As long as long term debt yields next to nothing, as long as no crisis arrives, this clown parade will not change course.

  3. “He really hated the fact that I recalled the headline of John Derbyshire’s review of Culture of Critique. He’s still sore about that, I guess. I don’t think he likes me very much.”

    Don’t worry, Kevin McDonald will probably cite Derbyshire:

    “The more fool they.”

  4. Maybe it’s a personal predilection, but I’m not sure I understand the need to ‘organize’. Organizing presents the enemy with convenient targets: lists of people to persecute, doctrines to misquote and ridicule, and leaders to bribe, threaten and subvert.

    The Tea Party failed because they organized. The Trumpentroopers won because they didn’t.

    • Felix: Trenchant observation. These days, “organizing” just means bringing together more idiots in one place.

    • I think of “organization” around three models. First is hierarchical and fairly rigid, layers and sub-branches. Second is a “cell” structure similar to what has been used in resistance movements. Third is more akin to flocking and migratory behavior in birds. The goal would be some version that straddles the second and third.

      • But what do you hope to achieve by organizing? In concrete terms?

        We’re getting the message out just fine without physical conferences and newspapers and workshops. Meatspace meetups are very 20th c – keep the internet open and we will prevail. As some dude on the internet said, “any unmoderated internet forum will turn right wing”.

        The internet is on our side, the internet always wins and the internet abhors organization. It’s like some 16th c. dissident arguing that clandestinely mass-produced leaflets and books are all good and well, but that we need to focus on shouting in town squares.

        The internet is a quantum leap in dissident technology, comparable only to the typeset press. The MSM is already burning; as some Swedish guy on the internet said: “There’s no law of nature saying you need to have journalists.” (Subtitled)

        • The internet is not on our side, It is not our friend and can throttled with a phone call from the president.

          For all intents it’s just a good way to get noticed by bad people who want to scam and track you.

      • With the surveillance tools available to the Deep state a cell structure is almost unavoidable. They have recorded and stored every communication every credit card transaction and more for the last 20 years. Moreover, they have now developed powerful algorithms to help them sort through this huge mass of data. they easily broke up all the secret societies down here in the south and that was before these tools became available to them. Bears thinking upon.

        • The only way any underground group can survive is to have no electronic footprint whatsoever. This is what various MC gangs do. The Feds try like hell to bust them and it goes nowhere.

          In one case out of sheer desperation they resorted to murdering a bunch of them in Waco Texas when they got together for a meeting.

    • Can you give any historical precedents for a group that has no organization achieving anything. Personally I like the Sinn Fein -Ira model. The American revolutionaries were a crafty bunch as well. No need to reinvent the wheel.

      • Can you give any historical precedents for a group that has no organization achieving anything.


        • Maybe we need to distinguish between unconventional and conventional organizations. But Islam is highly organized; they even have a instruction book.

    • I agree. Creating formal structured organisations just presents the enemy with a “target rich environment”. Better that we are everywhere and nowhere. Then they don’t know whom to hit or whom to trust either.

  5. You can listen to Z’s audience comments here, at about 1:20:00 to 1:35:00

    There’s aggressive. Then there’s hyper aggressive. Z you’re the guy who makes a scene from the audience, at the main speakers’ expence and surely loss of face. While you, whipping up a storm of condescension and answers, should be the man at the podium. Why is Mussolini shouting from the bleachers rather than the stage? Bravado from the shaddows. Step into the light tough guy.

    • Z certainly took a dump in that guy’s pool party. Dead on and boy does the lack of a cogent answer illustrate the problem perfectly.

      • Yes, who has the answers to Z’s questions? How do we attract better people and fighters?

        “We’re revolutionaries.” “We’ve got to stop playing by their rules.”

  6. We call ourselves ‘dissident right’. Why not just ‘dissident’? In our time there can only be one ‘correct’ point of view; I can’t say exactly what it is, as it changes from week to week, except that if you don’t agree on a daily basis with Stephen Colbert’s daily witticisms on NPR, then you are probably failing to absorb the correct line.

    Thought experiment: You are a hard-core communist, as W. Chambers was at one time. But you regard abortion as a crime against Nature and God (or even just Nature). In all other respects you are full-in on re-education camps, nighttime shootings in the Lubyanka, extermination of the antisocial elements, etc.

    This makes you ‘dissident’ right’, or indeed simply dissident. Dissident Left used to be a thing: Orwell of course, Chambers, Koestler, Irving Kristol… come to think of it, Bukharin, Rykov, etc.

    The point being, we embrace as brothers EVERYONE who agrees that the ‘Official Line’ is the enemy of thought. At a guess I could have a more interesting conversation in Hell with Pol Pot than with, say, Gloria Steinhem or JK Rowling.

    • I suppose it is hard to be ‘left-deviationist’ nowadays; my examples weren’t good – they were all right-deviationists, calling for some scrap of human decency (bourgeois morality). But one could still be a left-deviationist: that Islamic broad from Minnesota is a good example. As I understand the term, ‘left-deviationism’ is an unfortunate candor about the direction of things: It’s what unpersoned Syme in 1984 for example. He lacked that ‘saving stupidity’, as Smith noted, that would keep him alive. He did things that drew attention from his keepers, and it cost him. He believed TOO MUCH. Bad for future changes of line – can’t have Symes around who are too into the line of yesterday.

      So, at this point I would say that Left-deviation is merely that combination of brutality and plain language that we’ve seen coming from the rulers of South Africa. There is something both chilling – yet liberating – to hear your enemies say “Our goal is to kill you and steal your property.” You know where you stand, at least until the US media rubs all the edges down and explains that it isn’t what they mean, that you misunderstand them, that your racism is to blame, that you have an irrational fear of black people, that you can be cured of this by 25 new families in your town from darkest Africa…

  7. One simple, risk-less way to reduce the government’s income is to keep cash on hand to pay for home repairs etc. I tell the people i won’t want a receipt and intend to pay cash, which often gets me a discount, and assures prompt attention the next time i need them..

  8. This is a wonderful travel log and I hope it inspires many of your readers to consider a trip to Europe in the near future. Ignore the media’s rants about 3rd world garbage ruining it, that’s really only in the big cities and you don’t want to visit them especially with bus loads of tourists.

    The real beauty of Europe is not in the cities anyway. Especially German ones which were obliterated and rebuilt with horrible post-war architecture. It’s in the lesser traveled towns, villages and Dorfs where the average tourist never visits.

    Here’s where you will find the true heart and soul of Europe. Not in Paris or Munich (certainly not in Berlin – Mein lieber Gott!) but in the countryside and back roads.

    Come over, rent a car and follow your nose! It’s not so big that you’ll get lost and most of us speak English well enough you don’t need to worry. Just be polite, smile, learn to say “please” and “thank you” in whatever country you visit as it will open many doors for you.

    Just for fun, try to find where your family came from. If you happen to have a last name that’s the same as a town or region, you’ll be surprised how people will immediately warm to you knowing someone from their village left for American many generations ago, and you have returned to see how everyone is doing.

    • Would love to Karl. Germany is a close second in our plans to visit Europe this year. Ireland would be the easiest. I have two years of a personal quest in learning German of which I definitely would love to abuse. Wolfsburger blood line also makes it a go to visit.

  9. Soviet & Warsaw Pact dissidents lived under worse conditions for decades & lived to see the USSR fall. Current Year’s Big Other suffers the same fatal flaw between its rhetoric and reality as Leninism. We can use similar tactics. 25% support is a tipping point for dissident ideas. Once 1/4 of the population is red-pilled in a democracy, we have the leverage for our agenda.

    Z’s correct in emphasizing practical skills. We lack the practical skills of political dissent and resistance that Europeans still practiced while we enjoyed Morning in America. Past Euro and Soviet dissidents are getting long in the tooth. Teaching their knowledge and experience to our nascent dissidents could be of great help. While these folks are still with us, let our publishers know we need to put their stories on record. We need them talking about how they fought totalitarian social control. Let our groups know we’d like speakers with experience in practical organizing, including “covert” operation to avoid doxxing, de-platforming etc… We already know why we’re fighting. We need to know how. Give me a speaker who can give practical advice on how to operate online anonymously, how to do secure communications, financial planning including offshore accounts, Antifa and surveillance state tactics, etc…

    • 100% this re: Soviet Era and Warsaw Pact dissidents.

      And I would like to use it to dovetail into something else mentioned above. The “Common Sense” of the dissident right, already exists, at least in small form.

      ‘The Power of the Powerless’ was the defacto dissident’s manual during the Soviet occupation era. It was a way to acquire the radical mindset and action without getting pulled up by the Stasi, Politburo, etc. and get on radars.

      See it is like this… we feel lost in this maze of dictatorial bureaucracy but there is truly nothing new under the sun. Instead of Red Communism being the State Religion it is now Brown Diversity. It is a radical death cult the same as the Commies of the prior century just wearing a different skinsuit.

      The useful idiot devotees are the same as their forebearers. Creating the same unsustainable intolerance environment and it will likely end the same way as well. This is because the stupids know nothing of history so they really think they are doing something novel and new. When looked at from the arc of history it is the same tired old shit repackaged for the millennial stupids.

      If you have never seen or read this text, I —highly— recommend it as an entry point to the mindset. We are rapidly approaching a totalitarian police state of the sort where the text was birthed from so its words are becoming more and more relevant today. It isn’t ‘Common Sense’ but it is a damn good starting block. Full text can be found most anywhere online, or here (31 pages you can read it in less than an hour with full comprehension):

      • @Apex
        Thanks for the link Brother…I think thats one thing the right has lacked and that is appreciation for others contributions…So again Thank You…

    • Dissident or skeptical people in the Soviet sphere are not a good example for suggesting the survial of skeptics in the West. Those peoples knew that there were alternate, better possiblilies because the West could not be entirely hidden from view. The Prog vision will leave no such inconvenient possibilities for it’s rule.

  10. I’m not sure that your message will be hard to sell. Most of us know that it’s past time to start smashing the china. What we need to need to know is where and how to do it.

    • I feel like the Dissident Right is really good at pointing out that it’s time to “pour sand in the gears,” and really bad at actually doing it, or demonstrating to others how it’s to be done.

  11. In one of Trump’s (now many) disgraceful cucks, he had the chance to designate Antifa a terrorist organization early in his presidency. Of course ideological trannies, like National Review, urged him not to, and he didn’t.

    It would have been a big help, both practically and psychologically. Add that to the list of Trump’s disastrous inactions.

  12. That means we have to stop trying to play by the rules when organizing and conspiring.

    Giving yourselves plausible cover would be a start. Form a group where businessmen can discuss the protein content in soya beans and meet under that umbrella. Book venues, etc. under that guise (you could even build a website, print some brochures) and insist to anyone and everyone you’re going to talk about soya beans. Hell, you could even *have* a talk on soya beans if you really want good cover. But never, ever admit who you really are unless lying will result in criminal prosecution.

  13. It was a major coup that NR reviewed Kevin Macdonald at all. They had to step back a little and give some condemnation to pacify their Jewish readers or donors, or wherever the influence actually lays.

    I just got the latest issue of NR and there are literally three full length articles in praise of Jews or Israel. I thinks it’s in response to the illyan Omar thing, but even for the non antisemite the fixation feels—unseemly. How would you react to constant articles in praise of Italians, or Irish, or any other particular identity? It would seem strange at best. I can’t understand why others do not react negatively.

    • How would you react to constant articles in praise of Italians, or Irish, or any other particular identity? It would seem strange at best. I can’t understand why others do not react negatively.
      Because the brainwashing has worked…When you promote other races over your own then their experiment has worked…

      • I suspect a big part of the game for outlets like NR is to stay on the magazine racks. An executive decision not to carry from Barnes and noble(I’ve heard it was Jewish owned) or books a million would devastate them. Already some places, such as the Barnes and noble in Shreveport, don’t get NR.

        • Frankly I’m surprised to hear that National Review has any “magazine rack” sales outside of DC or NYC.

          There is hope, however, re National Review. To borrow from both Fred Reed and Max Planck, scientific theories don’t change because old scientists change their minds, they change because old scientists die.

          Good-bye, NR. It was fun until I wised up.

  14. “That’s where things are in the West. We’re ruled by gangsters that employ thugs…”


    “When you have nothing you have nothing left to lose.”

    When the majority are feeling those words in their stomachs and their hearts, things will change – and change in an instant. The chaos that follows will naturally provide the leaders, the revolutionaries, and the warlords. Just as it always has.

    Until then, watch and wait….

    • “We’re ruled by gangsters that employ thugs”

      You could always do what Michael Collins did. That worked quick smart.

  15. Maybe it’s a good time to go through Whittaker Chambers Witness and take notes about how they communicated clandestinely. It’s possible even without the internet and we know that because it’s been done through millennia, the Communists were just particularly good at it. It’s always scary to follow the Communists into anything because of the myriad of crimes both large and small they committed for decades but remember they believed in the perfectibility of human nature. That’s wrong and thinking it will lead you down the wrong path every time

    I’ve really enjoyed the travel log.

    • You’ve taken the wrong lesson from Whittaker. Chambers understood that the primary problem was spiritual not tactical.

      • I understand that. Believing that humans can be perfected is denying original sin and following evil .

  16. “We are the new Jacobins” –amazing. This is a phrase I have been using for about four years in conversation. Also one of the reasons I have been reading about the French Revolution. I don’t know why right wingers don’t just join and take over the dying Masons organization. Many Jacobin clubs were formed out of Masonic lodges, and many if not most of the revolutionaires were masons before they were anything else. In fact, I think that using a model like that and sticking to it a bit more strongly would be a good idea. I don’t see where the worst of the guys running the Terror, Robespierre and St. Just, were masons. They were loners with great skill at finding points of dissension between others and exploiting them in ways that allowed them to acquire leadership positions. Ruthless people tend to seek power, and a trick of having a successful organization is getting leadership that can be ruthless when need be, but isn’t as a rule.

    And a further caution would be that an understanding of how things should be run needs to be worked out ahead of time, in order to avoid the dissensions and purges that happen when people come into power. Simply having some utopian vision without a workable structure is a basis for disaster. House on rock vs sand, IOW.

    One bit of wisdom I came across yesterday from Madame de Stael was in her discussion of how the terrorists came into power because of the lack of ability of the others to compromise with each other. In turn the royalists, Feuillants, constitutional monarchists, Girondins, and moderate republicans refused to work with each other, or maintained suspicions past the point where their cooperation would have made a difference. The key is being able to assess the political battlefield, determine where the party lines actually are, and support whatever party has a chance of success whose platform is most like yours *even if their program differs greatly from your own*. If the experience of the French Revolution teaches anything, it is that accelerationism leads to stuff like the Terror, not whatever utopia the accelerationist has in mind. If you like watching your kids heads get lopped off before you get your own shaved down, it’s great, though.

    In other words, accelerationism is nihilism.

    • One thing I should make clear: the Jacobin Club at the time of the terror, the one that had to be shut down by the Thermidorians, was not the same club begun in the early stages of the Revolution. It began as something one would think of as being somewhat like the Tea Party movement, an organization called The Society of the Friends of the Constitution. It took its name Jacobin from the monastery where it met. Everyone who was not an absolute monarchist who played a role in the Revolution started out in the Jacobin Club and even up to the time the terror began even Robespierre did not have absolute control over the policies of the club. The people who overthrew him were, almost to a man, Jacobins, themselves. The chief conspirator behind the scenes was Fouche’, a murdering dechristianizer; and the man who denounced Robespierre in the Convention was Tallien, who had recently returned from being a representative on mission.

      All of them had in way shape or form either helped create the machinery of, or participated in the Terror, but the point had been reached where even these men were afraid that they would be caught up in an intrigue that would spell their own doom. They knew it had to be stopped.

      • Another report from deep in enemy territory. I’ve come to realize quite clearly that the Proggies today have no understanding that their wealth and comfort are far above basically any humans ever, and that a lot of it is an accident of time and place, and that they are inheritors of a culture and social environment that was centuries in the making. Instead they prattle on about white privilege and are fascinated with democratic socialism. They fail to understand that socialism means giving up control over your freedoms and your stuff to others, and those others are going to steal them blind. It will all be taken from them, because they are the minority of the people who have all the stuff. In the meantime, they live under a conceit that, because they are “proper thinkers”, they will be spared. Yeah, right. The evil side of me (insert slow motion Grinch smile here) thinks that we need to put ourselves in the position of taking all the culture and all the stuff that they think they are willing to give up. Or, more properly, that they think others will give up, not them. I am not sure how to do it, but it all appears free for the taking.

        In the meantime, and here is where this comment aligns with teapartydoc’s comments, I have been thinking about the Tea Party. It is important to remember that the Tea Party, basically a bunch of middle aged and older white people finally getting marginally politically involved and beginning to get organized, were put on a list by the government. Lois Lerner was protected and rewarded for putting people on a list, in the name of the government. Now the government creates such a list for only one thing, and that is to facilitate intimidation and arrest. That is the only reason such a list exists, and it should terrify any thinking person. Such a list takes us well down the path of the French Revolution.

        • Answering my own comment, but jeez, the Grinch thing has me thinking. The Whos in Whoville believed in Santa Claus, and the Grinch simply inserted himself into the mix. His failing was in going all sentimental, and the result was the Whos celebrating him. Well, the Proggies are still going to wish us dead, no matter how generous and giving we might be (one could even argue that our obsequiousness would encourage them to double down against us), so we need to figure out how to be the Grinch, but not give in, in the end.

      • Can you recommend a book or several that deal with Jacobin history withing the FR? I have little useful background on them. They get limped in with all the other despicable failures in my mind. I need to learn more. Thanks!

    • I love the idea of taking over old historic preservation clubs and using those as a basis for a secret handshake society.

      Groups like E Clampus Vitus and Sons of the Golden West are just sitting there waiting to be taken.

  17. Agree on the two points about positive message and the need to operate as radicals. But each of us needs to do a self assessment and figure out where you can best contribute. I’m deep in enemy territory. There are more of us here than one might think, but organization and meaningful action is difficult. But we’re trying to figure it out. But there are opportunities close at hand. My spouse and I reproduced at 2x replacement. So far we’re about 3.5 for 4 in inculcating the basic operating principles of whatever you want to call “our thing”. Not overtly, but taking advantage of opportunities. For example when one of my daughters took AP US, the atrocious level of teaching gave me an opportunity to spend the year with her basically re-teaching the course. (It’s my academic background). Lot of good. long discussions on history and political thought. Then out of the blue this weekend she asks me, “who is this Jordan Peterson guy? I found a a few of his podcasts and he really does a good job of explaining Marxism and Socialism”. Turns out she’s started listening to podcasts while working on AP Art projects and stumbled on the Intellectual Dark Web series. Now I know there is a lot of hate for Peterson around here–but he serves a very useful purpose. Upshot–every good revolutionary is an opportunist. We need to have a long term goal, but waste no opportunity that presents itself. Particularly if it is a force multiplier.

    • This is something I thought about regarding myself. I’m feeling pressure to do more, but that means figuring out my own tolerance for pain. It also means a frank assessment of what I can do that is worthwhile.

      • You have the makings of a network here. Think about how to use it. With nothing but paper and post riders, the Committees of Correspondence built a network that spanned the entire eastern seaboard. Though I still think the one I built in MA was superior to the rest… Just remember, “John has a long mustache…”

        • I tend to agree. Every movement needs its thought leaders. There is a hierarchy in any movement. If you were not a ground pounder in the past, forget about becoming one now. Your highest value to the movement may well be doing what you are now doing.

  18. Look, I broadly agree with everything you say here but until we solve to problem of being co-opted by other “Rightists”, organising is going to do jack shit. You can do all the organising you want but if the stormfags and the neocons are part of team Dissident Right its all going to implode. Some “purity tests” need to be established if for no other reason to establish the goals that we want to achieve without being subverted from within.

  19. Maybe you should bundle all your travelogues into a short kindle book, mix in some photos with the text and have it be your version of “Shakespeare Never Did This,” Bukowski’s book about travelling to Germany. I remember when he got back to America and was trying to take a picture of some storefront and the owner came out shrieking at him, and he voiced his central insight about what was wrong with America: “The problem with these people is that no one has ever bombed their cities or told their mothers to shut up.”

    • I’d model it on O’Rourke’s “Holidays in Hell”. His commentary on “commie concrete” was priceless.

      • I just bought that. That looks like a fun read. Sometimes my reading is way too serious and I need to lighten it up

      • The one and only reason I’d buy a Mosin Nagant would be to see how hard it would be to replicate his iron sight shooting. He refused optics to avoid raising his profile.

        • At one time Century Arms offered the Moisin Nagant 1891 for about $100. It was the best rifle for the money they offered. You could do a lot worse than to buy one.

          • They were briefly fashionable a few years ago and you could pick up a used one, freshly imported, for less than $200.
            I’ve not looked recently.

            It is, btw a hard G in Nagant (of course, how could it not be?)

        • Does anyone have any writings on just what distances these shots were made? A man size target at 100 yards is pretty trivial—not to demean his record. It takes balls to crawl hundreds of yards in the snow to get into such a position to be sure.

          • Given the Russian tactics and terrain think his shots were a combo platter of distances–some very short–Hayha had stalking and tracking skills. But I recall he mostly had multiple kill days, so likely had to keep enough distance to get off multiple shots and make his escape and avoid counter snipers. He was also using short radius barrel mounted sights–which I’ve always found increase the degree of difficulty. I regularly shoot better groups with a tang mounted sight on a Savage 1899 (despite the lousy trigger) on the 100 yard range then guys next to me with “equipment man” ARs.

          • Would’ve been pretty close range in the forests. Also, he killed some of them with a submachine gun. That’s as close as you get without affixing bayonet.

            Also, you don’t get a tally like that (if it’s legit) from 300 yards.

          • An interesting tidbit about Hayha is that his sniping career was quite short – a few months – all or almost all in the winter.

            Given the low number of daylight hours available during the Finnish winter, Hayha averaged about ONE KILL PER DAYLIGHT HOUR.

            Hayha was put out of action by a Russian shot to his face.

        • It’s a crap shoot whether you can find one without a shot-out bore, worn crown and pitted barrel. Probably not 1 in a 1,000 today is capable of the shots Simo Hayha made.

  20. “Dissident politics will have to be radical politics.”

    I kind-of agree, but at the same time do not believe that accelerationism can significantly speed up the decline.

    I believe that permanent change can only come through economic pressure. But economic pressure in the sense of “where do I get food tomorrow”. As long as production capacity exceeds this demand by a large factor, there is no need for change. And hence any sand you might throw into the gears of the economy will not reduce production capacity enough to force a change.

    Once production capacity only barely covers minimum demand, then any sand thrown into the gears will have immediate consequences.

    • The sand does not necessarily have to be economic, but rather social and political. Here behind enemy lines it is ridiculously easy to bait the lefties. And the goal should be to bring out the crazy in them every day. Two benefits–first it’s hard to sustain that tempo forever, you wear them out–and you create space for a positive message on the other side. You even see a little bit of these among the leftists…Mayor Buttplug gets traction in the Demo candidate mob simply because he doesn’t sound batshit crazy.

      • I disagree, the sand has to be economic. Only darwinism works. A battle of the will’s does not work if it is not backed by hard selection.

  21. The American Revolution would never have succeeded, had it not been for the existence of a brief, lucid, concise, reasonable, easy-to-read, best-selling pamphlet called “Common Sense,” written by a foreign observer named Thomas Paine.

    The secret ingredient of “Common Sense” was that it contained a great deal of common sense.

    To have any sort of positive further development of the pieces on the board (hint: you chaps don’t control the center, and you’re not even pressuring the center, you’re making moves like P-QR2), one of you boyos is going to have to write “Common Sense”. Or “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” at the very least.

    The Turner Diaries is NOT the document you need.

    • Indeed. “Common Sense” was the match that lit the fire, but the kindling was laid decades, even centuries before. The ideas driving the American Revolution were derived from English Common Law and English History, and matured in a land remote from the power of the Crown. Estimates are that at least 1 copy of “Common Sense” was printed and purchased for every 10 colonists, which means that almost everyone had read it or at least heard of it, but the acceptance of the ideas in “Common Sense” were based on the ideas at play at the time.

      To quote another Founder- ““It does not take a majority to prevail. but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” Sam Adams. Also- “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.” and most presciently-

      “…encroachments on the peoples’ liberties are not generally made all at once, but so gradually as hardly to be perceived by the less watchful; and all plaistered over, it may be, with such plausible pretenses, that before they are aware of the snare, they are taken and cannot disentangle themselves.”

      Now that America is ensnared, the path forward has to be rightful action driven by ideas that promote individual liberty. It will take willpower to empower that ‘tireless minority’, which comes only from knowing how badly we have betrayed ourselves, which in turn comes only from the ideas of Liberty. Over 50% of the people in this country are dependent upon government for their sustenance; apart from any other fact, that will require a powerful countervailing attitude.

      • Historian writes, “…the path forward has to be rightful action driven by ideas that promote individual liberty.”

        You could not be more wrong. The primacy of “individual liberty” is one of the main reasons that white people are now helpless before non-white tribalism. Whites must become tribal themselves to repel the existential threats arrayed against us and such tribalism is not possible when we “promote individual liberty.”

        What I’ve said above does not mean that I don’t cherish individual liberty. It just means that I understand that individual liberty is only possible in a white country.

        • In other words, individual liberty may be a worthy goal, but preaching about the virtues of individual liberty is not a means to achieve that goal in our current multicultural society. First we have to achieve freedom as a group, then we can discuss what is the proper relationship between the individual and the collective.

          • @Make…
            Well said Brother I concur…All Commies out or ended and then we can get down to brass tacks…

      • Organizations like Sons Of Liberty and Masonic lodges were important as well. Alexander Hamilton had a group of young men learning military exercise and practiced performing movements without firearms before any revolution ever happened. I’m not saying there’s going to be a violent confrontation. These guys were organized and had their leadership worked out long before any showdown came to pass.

        They bypassed convention and used whatever means at hand there was to organize. Even used churches. But I don’t think the American Revolution is the best model. Our founders had the advantage of independent rule and state governments for a hundred years before our revolution. Sure, the British held what looked like the commanding heights of officialdom, but our system of independent government had been written in stone under their benign neglect.

        Part of the reason I think the French Revolution is a better model is that we have no foreign power in control in any official capacity (depending on how far Israel keeps increasing influence), and most of the tyranny we have around us is home grown, and is absolutist and centralizing in character, much like that of the government in France. We have recreated the estates as well, our elites stand in for the nobility (second estate), and the university system is our first estate. We don’t have a king per se, but the Wilsonian version of the executive branch, with administrative law and permanent ministries that pass through multiple presidencies, stands in well for an hereditary monarch, in fact, I would say that this system is even more monarchical than any real king. Look at Trump. He’s a stand-in. Virtually powerless before the bureaucracy that is the real power.

        And finally, we are the new Third Estate. We are the people without which the entire thing falls apart, but we have little or no say in how things get run. We want more local autonomy and more of a say in the structure and function of government, but our elites are in league with the central power because it has become their own source of power rather than any local ties they may have once had. They have moved to Versailles.

        • Will keep harping on the need for organization and taking advantage of the skills our side has. On both direct sides my 5x grandfathers were experienced militia officers in what what then “Last of the Mohicans” territory. Both fought extensively in the F&I and various Indian skirmishes during ’50s and 60s. The paternal one commanded a company at the age of 57 at Saratoga (you are never too old to contribute) The maternal narrowly escaped capture at Fort Montgomery. While they could not stand up to British regular forces unaided, they were able to practice “area denial” throughout the Hudson valley. The sons enlisted and served in the NY Line. But I’ll go back to the “area denial” concept. What we have to do is have sufficient organization to at least make life miserable or untenable for leftists–at the places and times of our choosing.

      • Yes, I did say that. But let me tell you the real secret. We had a network, in every colony. All were in communication with each other, so when the time was ripe it was as though an entire movement appeared out of nowhere. And we accomplished with nothing but letters, local meetings and horsemen.

    • Just reread the Turner Diaries, scary stuff as the State seems to be following the path of the system.

    • Step aside you ass hats and pussy hats – the day of the butt hat is at hand, and he’s coming to your town.

  22. I watched the speeches on Youtube, and I thought the best one was given by that young girl, Jasmina. She spoke in Finnish, though, so it’s not much use for foreign audience to listen to it, but I can summarize her main points. Basically her message was: Stop whining and look in the mirror. Yes, we are being ruled by treasonous scum, but there are still plenty of things you can do in your own life to protect our people and our culture, so stop making excuses and start acting.

    First of all, decisions about the future existence of our nation are not made only in the Parliament house, but also in bedrooms. Stop following the main stream culture that says you have to spend ten years studying in a university and travel around the world instead of starting a family early.

    Second, the decisions you make in your everyday life will have an effect on whether our culture keeps on declining or not. Do you visit restaurants of multinational fast food chains and buy their junk food or not? Do you buy a cheap pizza made by some Arabs who bring their alien religion to our country or not? Do you use the words of your own language or do you use loaned words from English when you speak? And so on.

    Quite a few people listening to her probably feel a little sting in their hearts and think, damn, I should get my act together. I sure did 🙂

  23. We really need to get better at organizing locally, building real life communities and working out how to get together without alerting the crazies.
    Preach it Brother…Been advocating that for years now…It seems though pain is the only motivator for most and it just hasn’t got bad enough for people to start building…Sad That…

  24. I think it would be pretty fun to be at an event and to suddenly hear and recognize your voice. Kind of an auditory “Where’s Waldo” moment.

    I just took an early retirement, so it’s possible I might do something like attend an AmRen or Mencken event sometime now that my life isn’t so hectic. I’ll be listening for you. 🙂

    The biggest shock will be that you’re a 4’8″ hunchback midget!

    • Retirement, huh? Can’t fathom the thought, personally. But man, keep yourself busy and involved. My first jobs as teen we’re working in nursing homes. They were considered shitty back in the day. Seen first hand people just take up doing exactly nothing and degenerate faster than the speed of light.

  25. Been following Millennial woes and Jared for ages. Good to see they have a voice over there, tough times for them both i’m Sure. This is all too important to back down now, and i’m With them

    • Millennial Woes is good background noise while making dinner. As a serious leader or voice? Not even.

    • A large portion of the population in the US has no net income tax liability. They might pay payroll taxes, sales taxes. The trend of increasing income inequality means that the rich will pay a growing share of taxes, even if rates are unchanged.

      Anarcho-tyranny almost certainly would crack the whip hard on “tax-dodging Nazis”. In the leftist worldview, some billionaire WASP is paying the Zman. The only legal way to dodge tax is to not work, or work as little as possible. Consuming less is very helpful. Cancel your cable.

      • A journey of a thousand miles….

        CANCEL the damn cable!
        (I did it during Reagan’s first term for God’s sake)

        Thank you.

      • It’s not just about consuming less, but not voluntarily giving money to the enemy, and spending more on friends, even if it costs more than it should according to capitalist rules.

        • Pay as little tax as possible. Shop at flea markets or kijiji. Buy second-hand. Stop watching the networks. Stop going to movies. Stop going to restaurants. Don’t support the economy. Hold tangible assets to minimize money in banks.

          Drive your old beater into the ground. Don’t buy a new vehicle.

          If your wife, husband, or significant other isn’t on board, divorce her or him.

          We’re on economic strike! F**k this consumer economy.

          • If you work for an employer, you pay taxes—ala payroll deduction. Taxes acquired via sales and such are really minor, but I agree, every little bit helps. What really will make a difference is an underground economy. Small communities where one works or produces for others in a sort of quid-pro-quo arrangement or cash below the table. Something akin to a black market. You can even still retain a tax paying job, just keep your official earnings below taxable levels. Problem will be formally high earning jobs. Youre standard of living will be greatly reduced.

          • Community could solve a lot of those problems Brother…The possibilities are endless if you had a group of people in one area working towards the same goal…That is the thing that would do the most for us Problem is people are still to comfortable…Only when their hair is on fire will the start looking for water to put it out…Sad That…

          • Zman, here’s a good subject for an article…how dissidents, at the individual level, can best subvert the system with their time and money. Where to spend your time and money to throw the greatest amount of sand in the gears. A practical how-to of resistance at the individual level.

            For what its worth I wholeheartedly endorse all of the ideas discussed above in this sub-thread.

          • @BFYTW
            Zman, here’s a good subject for an article…how dissidents, at the individual level, can best subvert the system with their time and money.
            Be working with others that share your beliefs and values and be spending your money with and on those who want to benefit you also…JMHO

          • I’ve already got a long list of stuff I’m doing; I’ve more or less organized my life around subverting Moldbug’s “cathedral.” I’m just saying the Zman has built this great platform and always has interesting insights – would love to see his take on a complete (if not exhaustive) list on how to practice our values day to day with the shit we do, beyond what we say.

        • Someone here mentioned barter. One of the problems with that has always been finding someone with exactly the right skills or products who also happens to want exactly the type of stuff you do or make. This weakness can be addressed by developing barter-like approaches to “big-ticket” needs. It might help to steal a page from the Amish here. We’ve all hopefully heard of an Amish barn-raising party. That’s where you get a whole crew of Amish together to throw up a whole huge barn in about a day. I would propose that one way we could help free one another is to learn construction skills and have “house-raising” parties. The dissident Right seems to have disproportionate numbers of people with high tech knowledge too so these need not be crude log cabins either. Think of 3d printed-in-place homes with an in-built sensor grid for the inevitable “day of the zombie”. They would make a good advertisement for our side’s ingenuity and abilities to the normies as well.

          A few solutions to big ticket needs are probably easier than a lot of solutions to small ticket ones. Having our own ways of getting housing, transportation, food, etc… means we can devote whatever taxable income we still need to earn in the coal mines of The Poz to whatever 4K computer monitors and Apple Hitler Phones we need to buy. This keeps our tax profile low and lets the high earning (and high tax paying) urban bugmen pay for the expanding welfare and police state.

          • @Poz
            Well said Brother and I agree thing is you have to all be in the same area also for that to work…My offer still stands…

      • @Debeers
        The only legal way to dodge tax is to not work, or work as little as possible.
        No it’s not the only way Brother…The other way is having enough write-offs that your tax liability is the same as someone making way less…Also LLCs so you keep more of your own money …It’s all in how you structure things and be able to live a really good life like I am doing…Hope you’re well Brother…

      • Working “under the table” is a viable option for many, especially those in the trades. Trick is to still declare just enough to avoid suspicion. Waiters do this every day.

        Use your under-the-table earnings to purchase assets of value, like precious metals (these can be paid for in cash from many dealers) or rare collectibles (you need to know what you’re doing, however).

        But the first priority is GET OUT OF DEBT and STAY OUT.

    • That hasn’t worked out well for anyone who has tried it.

      The government is still the government with all the guns and force that implies, and nobody’s going to be willing to stick their neck out for you.

      • Submitted for your consideration:
        Not all tax forms that arrive at IRS offices have accurate information on them. Or even accurate names!

        • You keep me advised on how well that’s working out for you.

          When Zman talks about throwing sand in the gears, he’s not talking about setting yourself up to take the fall for tax evasion.

          What you’re doing there is “privatizing the risks, socializing the rewards.” That’s not how it’s done.

          • If you’re afraid to not declare some cash taken under the table, then what level of risk are you personally willing to accept? Think your local bartender, not Wesley Snipes.

          • Just for the record, I’m 70; ALL of my US tax filings are complete and accurate, and I have at no point advocated illegally evading tax, or done so. Always used a CPA; never been audited.
            So, rest easy re private enrichment and socialized loss.

            And may God richly bless the men and women who selflessly serve us all in the IRS, NSA, FBI, ATFE etc. etc,

        • You know, it would be interesting for someone to create some ‘official tax forms’ that make some antifa people liable for a few bucks, or more.
          Start screwing with the system, and it could be interesting.

    • Yes, but not by refusing to pay what you “owe” them, but by making sure that you don’t owe them anything.
      Live a minimum lifestyle and reduce your income to the minimum necessary. Stop following the mantra of the (((media))), you really don’t need much to live the happy life.
      Can’t do? Bullshit. Don’t want to is more likely. Change will only come when you really want it and are prepared to “suffer” personally. Only in this case, it is very likely that your life will actually improve…

      • I agree with you as a way to live a happier life, but I’m having trouble seeing how this moves the country in our direction.

        • The first point is: Change the narrative away from a consumption lifestyle towards a more ‘sustainable’ lifestyle. I mention sustainable because you can score brownie points with that on the left end of the political spectrum. Leading by example. If you can get a leftist away from the consumption style, you just won a minor victory over the left, even if they do not change their voting behaviour! This point is also called ‘leading by example’.

          Second point: If everybody in the US would give you 1 dime, you would be rich. Yet nobody else would be really the poorer for it… now in the reverse, if enough people would decide to forgo consumerism, the cumulative effect would be huge.

          Third point: It is about “doing the right thing”. It does not really matter what ‘everybody else does’. What matters is what YOU do. Do YOU live in accordance with your stated goals or don’t you? I find that most people on the alt-right are keyboard warriors. They talk a nice talk on some forum, but in real life? their neighbours usually don’t even know that they are alt-right! How can the world change if we are not even prepared to change our own lives?

          PS: This last point is a sore issue, because if we don’t change our lives, but just talk, then we could just as well be leftist. There is no discernible difference.

  26. “Dissident politics will have to be radical politics. ”

    I believe the next election will in one way or another force us to do exactly that. If we remain in the catacombs our enemies will bury us.

    • Counter-signal.

      I think our road to power is long and slow, based in decidedly un-radical bourgeois institution building. I think we should study the successes and failures of the Turkish Gulen cult, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the ’79 revolutionaries of Iran. Electoral politics and street politics could be discounted in favor of a coup d’état.

      • There is a large number of whites who will never see it our way. Never. We are already a minority.

        ‘A long an slow road’ does not end well for us.

        A public show of will and cohesion and strength does not necessarily mean or require the ‘use’ of those things.

      • A coup won’t work in a nation of 400m people with radically divergent cultures. It would take Old America’s patriotism to command that kind of obedience. Agree that street demonstrations will just turn into Charlestown and electoral politics in a two-party system aren’t promising.

        Trump’s betrayals and the continuing shitshow of kabuki Red-Blue politics will red-pill many more Americans by 2021. Provide them a positive identify, teach them how to protect themselves from SJW attack, let them know they’re not alone. Absent Act of God events, this will play out over decades. Big Other will die when enough worker-bees reject its morality.

        • @exile
          Which is why need for setting up a parallel system before this one collapses is so great…Along with setting up something outside of this country if it all burns down and you don’t have enough personal to hold what you have…JMHO

        • Think broader than a coup d’etat against the federal government. The concept of a “coup” can be applied to lower governments, businesses and non-profits.

  27. I don’t think that politics (in any form) is going to right the ship of state and redirect us toward a viable remedy or future improvement. Rather, things will get worse until we hit bottom, and then the real work of rebuilding from the ashes must begin. When the elites have grown sufficiently fearful to justify extreme persecution of the non-conformists, then the response must be effective more so than historical. Such is the new age in which we live. They are very effective means of beating the next variant of tyranny. It’s just not what you may think it is.

    • Politics may not right the Ship of State, but it will influence how the Ship sinks, and will govern the reconstruction. We build the foundations of the future by political action now. The Left understands this, and has been acting on it for over a century. That is why we are in the mess we are in; the Right has not acted in response, in part because the Right ceded the philosophical battleground to the enemy.

      This is, first and foremost, a war of Ideas.

      • “This is, first and foremost, a war of Ideas.”

        I disagree. If you are dying of Stage 4 cancer, no ideology is going to cure your illness. Our current dysfunction as a society is not a failure of persuasion. It’s a decline of our essential human spirit, wrought by the corruption (or absence) of fitness selection in our modern culture in which hardship and the gauntlet of existential threat have now become extinct.

        • Big Other isn’t “our” society. We want to build our own society, excluding the corrupt and unfit. As for hardship and existential threat, the culture war is already selecting the Based from the Woke.

          • “As for hardship and existential threat, the culture war is already selecting the Based from the Woke.”

            Correct. The current culture is selecting for dependence, hive conformity, obesity, lethargy, and overall weakness of mind and body. It leads to an evolutionary dead-end. That is not a path I wish to follow.

          • Worth a look at, I think.
            I’m about videoed out for the next couple of days but will poke around that site.
            Any suggestions for starters.

        • If I understand Z correctly, the War of Ideas is to be unleashed after the revolution, black swan, or other collapse. What we see now among the dissident right is a gathering of ideas, in fadt the only gathering worth spit.

        • The real problem is that unlike every other time in the past, this time the invaders have arrived unarmed, with their hands up, accompanied by their women and children, not threatening us but instead whingeing and moaning about how they are “poor” and “of color” and they “just want a better life” (meaning of course OUR life, OUR land, OUR stuff, OUR women) and nobody has the nerve yet to shoot innocent begging monkeys, or their monkey-children. Hell, even after they rip the mask off and reveal themselves as full-grown feral male rape-apes, we /still/ don’t have the nerve to shoot them — which is exactly what we WOULD have done, if they had ridden over the horizon on horseback, rifles and Sabres flashing.

          The Jews have played this round extraordinarily cleverly, one must admit. Only means the price at the final checkout counter will be FAR higher, though.

          • @Olson
            So what’s stopping us from being more clever?I know exactly what’s stopping us do you?

  28. Z: “The best talk was given by Mark Collett.” Good to hear that. I think of him as a good prospect to be among our future underground leaders when things get seriously real. Kind of a total package guy on the smart, articulate, experienced, charisma, spectrum.

    • Collett’s an optimistic dude; it’s impossible to deny him that. Don’t know if he’s perpetually “on something” or one of the very few people naturally deposed that way. He got a little shitty with me in the conments for “This Week on the Alt-Right” a few times. He’s a little sensitive to being childless, if I recall. I told him to use that landing strip of a nose to fornicate with a jewess would more likely produce children than telling the alt-right to procreate. His return fire sucked, but it was a bant nonetheless.

      • I have question why do we do that…By that I mean go against our own why can’t we wait until we have won to start doing that…Just makes no sense to me but maybe someone can explain it…Don’t we have enough shit coming at us from the Commies???

  29. Appreciate the travelogues and this update about ‘the event’. At first I thought all the dead drop, circuitous route spy craft was was tongue in cheek. Then I realized given the current climate our ‘betters’ perpetuate, it must be quite necessary. Yeesh… Let me know if I’m wrong…
    I think sober minded adults in ‘our thing’, used to behaving well like rational adults, have yet to accept the reality of the situation you so clearly state. We are under attack because we threaten those in charge. We have to develop that ‘hard edge’ attitude required to be Radical. Willingness to see this as serious business. A wry sense of humor is to be encouraged but ‘we’ can’t expect to be treated as rational adults by those who hate us. The nuts and bolts of what that means need to be passed on/passed around. Or at least useful example/sources pointed out? My few kopeks of cogitation comrade. Up the “Our Thing” Guys….

    • Z was ham-ming it up somewhat but i bet opsec was tight. I do wonder however what would happen if Z were to be throw in the same cell as taylor. Would he make taylor his bitch? Visa versa?

      • @Sidvic
        If the two of them were in the same cell together 10min later they would be running the Jail or lobbing Molotov Cocktails at it after they escaped…

        • Well it does raise the interesting question of whether white prison gangs are aware of the dissident right. Do members of the Aryan Brotherhood have fanboy pictures of John Derbyshire in their cells? Who knows zman might get treated like a king in prison.

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