Travelogue: Journey’s End

My journey home started at the Helsinki airport. I drove from Turku to catch a noon flight, so I left several hours for the usual nonsense at the airport. I had plenty of time as the process of going through security and passport control was fast and efficient. It’s not like the Finns take a bunch of shortcuts. It’s just that the Finns are smart and sensible, so the people staffing the various posts at the airport are smarter than you’re going to find at an American airport. There is a lightness to it that you don’t see in America.

I had read Ed Dutton’s latest book on the flight over and it occurred to me that a good example of his thesis is the airport comparison. The very basic argument he is making is that the West is getting dumber due to selection pressure working against the traits we associate with general intelligence. As a result, the West is getting less capable. If this process is not arrested, collapse is inevitable. We will not have enough smart people to run the systems of the West, so we will retreat into less complex societies.

The Helsinki airport runs like other airports, but it is run by a people with an average IQ over 100. The Baltimore airport, in contrast, uses the same systems, but it is run by people with an 85-IQ. Now, in fairness, the typical Finn is not working security at their airport, so the average IQ of the staff is certainly below the national average. On the other hand, the management layer at the Helsinki airport is probably a full SD smarter than what you’ll find at a typical American airport, with lots of diversity hires at every level.

In other words, the Helsinki airport is like 1950’s America when all of the important positions were manned by people from the majority population and that majority population was smarter than today. Meanwhile, the BWI airport is future America, maybe not too distant future America, where the important positions are staffed by a hodgepodge of whoever washed up here, managed by a significantly dumber white population, with the help of loads of diversity. The future of the West is the TSA on a bad day…

Leaving Russia by train, you pass through a town called Vyborg. It is an old city, probably founded in the 11th century, but no one knows. It has changed hands many times over the centuries. The Finns, Swedes and Russians have taken turns controlling it. Today it belongs to the Russians and is a craphole. The population has rocket high drug and alcohol abuse, along with the social dysfunction to go with it. The point is the same problems ailing the West are showing up in even the remote parts of the world…

On the train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, a Finnish passenger pointed out the window at an old dilapidated building just outside the city. He said, “That’s where they held Finns who were being sent to Siberia.” By “they” he meant the Bolsheviks. You get the sense that there remains a strong underlying suspicion and hatred of the Russians….

Watching Russian TV, I saw ads for Kazakhstan. They were hilarious. It was like Borat was hired by their chamber of commerce to create the ads…

Riding the train between Finland and Russia, you get to see the border control of both counties in close comparison. The Finns are professional and clearly trained to evaluate each passenger based on their experience. The Russians are just following a procedure, without putting a ton of thought into it. More important, the Russians operate under much tighter rules. Their superiors don’t trust them to do too much thinking on their own, so they have a rule for every condition. Low trust societies need lots of rules…

The collapse of the Russian collusion myth was hilarious, but the aftermath concealed the real damage that has been done. The Europeans follow the lead of the American media, which means they now have the Russian collusion virus. I saw this show on the BBC, which is supposedly about how the Russians secretly influence European elections through control of dissident politics. It’s every bit as nuts as the Russian collusion nonsense and every bit as damaging to the political culture of the continent…

The scars of socialism can still be seen outside Saint Petersburg. The run down housing blocks and abandoned concrete buildings are a reminder of the failure of greatest and most monstrous social engineering experiments in history. Mixed in with those ugly reminders of the past, there are new housing blocks that look like they are built by people, rather than prison guards. There are even housing tracts that are rather stylish, like an eastern version of an American suburb. Russia is still poor, but it is getting better…

I had the pleasure of spending time with Ed Dutton. He is even more eccentric in real life than you see in his video. He is also razor sharp and very witty. He translated a Finnish speech for me in real time, which was like having Rowan Atkinson explain a speech by elves to the denizens of Middle Earth. Of course, we both had been drinking, so that certainly had something to do with it. You learn a lot about an Englishmen after he has had a few drinks. We are very lucky to have Ed Dutton on our team…

The one thing Europeans struggle understanding is what it is like to live in a city like Baltimore. I was chatting with some people, trying to explain to them how Baltimore can have a crime rate 200 times higher than Finland. They were baffled as to why blacks shoot one another over sneakers. I felt like Rutger Hauer at the end of Blade Runner. “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Patrol cars on fire off the shoulder of North Avenue. I watched hoppers glitter in the dark near the Hampsterdam Gate…..”

I’ve always been skeptical of the global white nationalist movement, for the simple reason that what ultimately has defined the West is competition between people. The Chinese are smart, smarter than Europeans, but they could not make the great leap out of the Malthusian trap that happened in Europe. The reason is the Han came to dominate their region long ago, so they put their smarts to work concentrating their domain. The Europeans used their smarts competing against one another to dominate Europe.

You see the residue of the competition everywhere you go in Europe, even in the Nordic countries, which are very close ethnically and culturally. There can be cooperation on a range of interests, but ultimately, that cooperation has to be based on ethnic nationalism, not racial solidarity. The Finns have to want to keep their own lands, before they can cooperate with Italians, who want not keep their own lands. Europeans need to love themselves again, before they can come together to defend Europe…

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  1. Ed Dutton recently popped-into my awareness, via YouTube, I believe. The Commies haven’t yet completely shut down our ability to communicate.

  2. Ahh…thank you for the Blade Runner reference: I am going to sit in a night time rainy open market and eat a bowl of pho.

  3. White Americans need to start building a sense of group solidarity by helping one another in a daily basis and in time of need. After a crisis white men always voluntarily come to the rescue helping anyone who needs it. That needs to stop. Somehow Whites need to first help Whites as every other group first helps its own.

    Unfortunately, most whites love to hate other Whites and this includes the dissident right.

  4. Fact or Conspiracy: QANON has not posted anything during the period that ZMan has been indisposed with his travel. It just struck me today. However, QANON does have some long lapses between posts. Just an odd thought.

  5. “Europeans need to love themselves again, before they can come together to defend Europe…” I disagree. It’s not love we need, it’s forgiveness.

    Like Germany, every Western nation has a list of historical crimes against humanity. But we must defend the fact that our generation and our children’s generation, are not responsible for the actions of our Nation’s past. I know no German of my generation who ordered a Jew into a concentration camp, just as your American readers have never owned a slave.

    We, and all Western Nations, must stand together and say, “We do not accept the guilt you wish to put upon us and we will not be mired in self loathing and shame.” In fact we should pride ourselves in how we brought the rest of the world, to the greatest standard of living in human history.

    So great in fact, that peoples from every nation want to share in what we have brought to the table. So the next time someone screams about the horrors of the West, ask them if the West is so bad, why does everyone in the world want to be here and not remain where they are?

    Forgiveness and love are the basic tenants of Christianity. While God does love us, we must first come to him and admit our faults, only then can we be forgiven and loved as God intended to love us.

    Psalm 103:12 “As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.”

    The only way these accusers win (…and we all know who the great accuser is…) is by keeping us in a position of constantly defending ourselves for crimes we are not guilty of committing in the first place. So don’t accept their accusations.

    James 4:7 “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

    Seems like good advice.

  6. Man that blade runner analogy is so on the money . In my experience, the most pozzed people in the world are whites who live completely removed from real world enrichment .
    they soak in the propaganda and have no real world experience to counter it . travel to Oregon or northern Michigan and they have no concept of the realities of urban life. They honestly believe that we just all need to be nice (unspoken: like them ) and everything will be just fine. It is especially bad in upper middle class suburbs .

    • People are very generous about “migrants” and “socialism” when other people have to pick up the economic and cultural tab, and not them.

  7. I’ve said this before about dutton’s thesis, but I do not think Americans are getting drastically dummer than earlier generations. I’ll admit that there probably is an iq decrement, but it’s small and most likely due to ingression of bad genes than to thermodynamic decay in the absence of selection pressure. American functionality is going down due to expansion of immigration and mixing of bloodlines, but I think most importantly a decay of standards.

    I think education is being sabotaged to make low iq groups appear “equal” and to encourage race mixing. There are still good educations to be had in the US, at certain private schools and magnate schools—our elites want the best for their own children naturally, but are happy to experiment on the proles. For example, the change in the SAT in the 90s to make it less g loaded. Mensa accepts scores before 95, but not after. I feel that our problems, at least among white Americans, are more cultural than genetic. For the time being…

  8. Common ground. Yes, it would be preferable if we could persuade others to see with clear eyes the consequences of our current slide into cultural suicide. In theory, this awakening could lead to political change and redirection toward sane public policies. A lot less pain if this scenario plays out; but then, what if it doesn’t? Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Odds are we are headed for a colony collapse at an accelerating pace. History says cruel tyranny will follow. Either way, the sane among us should focus on being smart, strong, robust, and capable. Survival is the first imperative.

    • Building communities is never a bad idea. Let’s assume that we continue on this multi-culti path to a Brazil-like finish, i.e. no colony collapse, no civil war, no partition, just crappiness.

      Those communities will still be useful for your white group in general and will have given you in particular connections and relationships that make life worth living. And that’s the scenario where those communities are least useful.

      • Or it could become South Africa where the whites are facing the very real prospect of extermination. Also, during the 1930s, the Jews and Gypsies remained tight knit communities right up to the gates of the concentration camps. There is no safety in numbers when a tyranny gets up to full steam.

        • Well, no one can protect a group that doesn’t fight back. At the moment, that’s us. We’ll see if we ever grow a pair. We can’t say that history didn’t warn us.

          • Before you are willing to fight , you have to a reason.

            I live in So Cal and am a pure pessimist but no way do my Latino neighbors want me dead. I’m in danger of being taxed to death, not genocided

            Also the Dissident Right is a Coffee Klatch or group of grognards far more than plucky revolutionaries . Its aware of the problems and risks of modernity but as free of actual solutions to problems as the Establishment

            Its also much too divided among itself now anyway on issues of economics especially

            A personal example, I favor very heavy economic populism and regulation, little trade , negative immigration, regulation to break the stranglehold finance has on our society and as needed distributism or outright wealth redistribution to make sure than 1% don’t own everything

            Now doubt half the fellows on the Dissident Right would gladly die for economic liberalism and global mega-corporations screaming Ayn Rand Ackbar all the time

            Until those issues can be dealt with, the establishment who favor a single ideology Neo-Con or Neo-Liberal have an insurmountable advantage

        • You know what they say; the jews who were pessimists got the hell out of Dodge; those who were optimists wound up walking into a death camp.
          As for the white’s in South Africa they are in the same situation as were the jews in Hitler’s Germany or White Russians in Bolshevik Russia.

  9. Interesting observations. But while we’re on the topic of “selection pressures” who wants to open the monogamy can of worms? The Booby does, that’s who.

    Pack and herd animals do not typically practice monogamy. Males have the greatest diversity and divergences in intelligence, ability, and adaptability. Stats show males dominating both the high and low ends of the bell curve, while females bunch up in the mediocre middle. A lot of males are born to be cannon fodder, or to be thrown into the meat-grinder, not to reproduce.

    Encouraging each of the low functioning males to find a wife and reproduce isn’t a bright idea. Maybe our ancestors thought doing so was good for keeping the peace – call it sexual socialism, but it hasn’t improved the stock, especially when the dumbest tend to reproduce fastest.

    • The truth of the matter is that we subsidize the low functioning. So not only are we making it easier for the low functioning to reproduce – we’re dumping the burden of supporting them onto the high functioning and therefore making it that much harder for them to reproduce.

      Take away the goddam subsidies (welfare in ALL of it’s forms) – that’s what I’ve been saying for decades now.

      Then you’ll have a true picture of the lay of the land.

      If you’re going to advocate continuing all the damn socialist subsidizing of the stoopid – and layer on top of that an argument that all the high functioning “alpha” males should get access to the female breeding stock – I think what you’re going to end up with is something akin to what you see in the Mideast.

      I suppose that goes in line with some of the retards I hear saying we should adopt Islam so we can get the women back in line.

      Excuse me – I have a village to go out and burn so I can save it.

      • Remove welfare and a whole host of problems “go away”. Welfare was a concept of White Europeans, and could only work among themselves, i.e., a high trust society with similar social/cultural values. It was extended to the main minority population, Blacks, as a form of Danegeld, but the line could not hold against the influx of other non-white minorities not sharing the majority population’s values and abilities. But I’m preaching to the choir here.

      • Every complex society has some welfare. Such systems were ubiquitous in the Middle Ages and that was a time in which there was work for almost everyone at some point

        This happens simply because of economies of scale, efficiency and over population. Machines make wages lower faster than they can make prices lower

        Now if you don’t mind epidemic disease, famine constant lawlessness and banditry along with a teeming mass of people willing to throw in with whichever elite is willing to feed them, be my guest and get rid of welfare

        Your best case scenario of no welfare is a population collapse either from famine, war or simply everyone working not having kids

        The lower bound on fertility thus far appears to be .7 per couple which is 1/3 replacement . No money, no jobs, no babies

        I’ll also note that every society right now without a welfare system is a mess, many are a hellholes and all dependent entirely on being able to invest any capital oversees.

        Every one of them has lower fertility than the West and in fact the highest, near replacement White fertility is found in Scandinavia, the UK and France all of whom have robust welfare systems

        The US has White fertility on par with Germany which we deliberately broke as a culture which should tell you something

        In essence if you want to survive you are going to have to change the economic models drastically

        I’d suggest this Unz article by Micheal Hudson for consideration

    • A work buddy shared a story about his friend who did a sailing trip with 3 women as crew. A man’s dream? No….a nightmare. Said he’d never do that again as the women created high Russian grand drama cat fight all the way home. You’ll need a strong hierarchy and a first wife to keep order.

      • … and you need a caste of eunuchs to stand guard over the harem. If we don’t have eunuchs we can just round up fellas from liberal arts colleges, close enough.

      • I always appreciate women, like Ms. Range, who will give us males a glimpse into the hidden world of female interactions.

  10. “The one thing Europeans struggle understanding is what it is like to live in a city like Baltimore.”

    Well, they are beginning to catch on now. I’ve met quite a few Englishmen who have turned their backs on their home country because they are convinced it will never come back. And these folks are welcome here because they understand what it takes to build a cohesive society. They also have enough sense to stay out of dangerous cities and neighborhoods. I would imagine that by now you would need to be a fairly stupid/evil Frenchman not to understand what kind of effect third world immigrants are having on Paris. I’ve also spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean. The civilization there is more organic than in the north, harder to penetrate because of the religious barriers to outsiders. Sure, there are lefties there, but their abject failures are writ large and normie sees it now. Historical evidence of what can happen to a civilization that succumbs to Islam lies all around the Mediterranean right under the eyes of the indigenous people living there. Memories of being enslaved are still strong. I always predicted that Italians would be the first to elect a reactionary government. I’m surprised the Spanish haven’t already done it. People with cultural skin in the game will be among the first to see the multicult process for what it really means, and they will also be among the first to push back.

    • Those ” Englishmen” are cowards for deserting their country, I wouldn’t trust ’em one bit.
      Most Western countries are over if you look at the right stats and are in a certain mood but again there are causes to be positive in most of these countries. It would be foolish to write off any Western country-including England. I’m sure some of our countries will fall but it’s imbecilic to claim to know the future especially when it comes to any of the Anglophone countries.

      • The ones I know are older and just tired of the struggle. Many are from London neighborhoods that have been completely destroyed by minorities. In essence, the world they grew up in was purposely destroyed right in front of their eyes. They have no loyalty to a government that stood around and either cheered on the process, or looked the other way.

          • A government that fails to protect the rights of it’s people, no longer has the right to govern them. When people realize their government is not there to protect their interests, it’s time to move on. As is the case with the UK, many have realized the UK government is not about “the people” but protecting banks and corporations to whatever ends. It’s why so many have left the UK for other destinations.

        • Yet I went shopping to a Tesco superstore (like Walmart) in northern England today and saw one non white amongst the hundreds of shoppers, fine flee London but England is ours you can’t fight from abroad.

          • “…in northern England…”

            How nice for “northern England”. But it’s only a matter of time before the “vibrancy” reaches that area.

          • You should visit downtown Leicester some time. You’ll get the full multi-culti show there, complete with traditional garb and lingo.

  11. “The scars of socialism can still be seen outside Saint Petersburg. The run down housing blocks and abandoned concrete buildings are a reminder of the failure of greatest and most monstrous social engineering experiments in history.”

    Despite this fact “educated” individuals still promote and encourage the adoption of socialism. It’s as if the facts don’t matter. And the proof that socialism ALWAYS leads to disaster was also demonstrated in all of communist Eastern Europe – 8 other nations.
    East Germany vs West Germany; N.Korea vs S.Korea; Mao’s China vs today’s authoritarian-quasi-capitalist China; pre-Castro-Cuba vs Castro Cuba; all provide real world “experiments” of socialist vs capitalist (or near capitalist ).
    And the results are there for all to see.
    Yet, there is STILL ! a communist party in Germany, in the USA, etc ., and we have Bernie – the Brooklyn commie SOB- Sanders and other demokrats essentially running on the communist agenda.
    It literally is incomprehensible to me.

    One can only conclude that the advocates of socialism are either demented and/or totally evil beings.

    Speaking of the “scars” of socialism; well, I was a civilian passenger in a civilian car as we drove from East Berlin to West Germany (somewhere near Luneburg, W Germany) in the summer of 1977. That was about a 150 mile drive through East Germany ; about 12 years before the Berlin Wall fell.
    EVERYTHING I saw was old, dilapidated and ugly; everything.
    I felt like I was in a 1940s black and white newsreel narrated by WWII correspondent Ed Morrow, and just hoped to hell we would not be stopped by the East Germans (though we were held up at the West Berlin/E. German border by the E.German border nazis for about 2 hours; just us).
    You just have to experience the relief in person to understand what it felt like when we finally crossed into West Germany.
    And I was only a tourist; imagine living in a socialist “paradise.”

    Well, it’s coming to you soon if Bernie gets in and/or the demokrats have their way.

    • I cant remember who made the observation, but the Soviets had the worlds greatest 1940s economy… in 1980.

    • JohnTyler, we rode the train to Berlin in ‘85, it closely resembled a third world refugee train, the DDR visa inspectors were like Hollywood Nazis, and the whole experience was batshit crazy.

      And you hit the nail on the head, the pursuit of socialism is not about facts. It is all about emotions and feeelunnz.

      • Funny you should speak of your train ride.
        On my way to W.Berlin that summer 1977 I took the train.
        The ticket collector was accompanied by two machine gun wielding stasi/nazi goons.
        The ticket guy was not nice nor polite; a real nazi asshole.
        In W.Berlin I visited checkpoint Charlie ; it was just like you see in the movies. Nope, John Le Carre did not show up, unless he was in disguise.
        Saw all the sentry posts – all on the E.Berlin side of course- occupied by machine gun toting Stasi/Nazis.
        Stayed with a couple of (professional – as in too damn old to be students) college students while there; they were TOTALLY brainwashed, explaining to me that the wall was necessary to prevent WEST German and American spies from sneaking into E.Berlin.
        I am not making this up; these delusional college students actually believed this crap. The fact that the W.German govt. was paying for their flat + tuition + who knows what else, mattered not. (IN those days, the W.German govt. paid folks to live in W.Berlin; otherwise everybody would have moved to W.Germany proper.).
        That was the first time in my life (I was 26 at the time) that I met real world, bat-shit crazed, delusional radicals.
        Suffice to say, they are very very dangerous folks because they can justify to themselves absolutely anything at all.
        What is really scary, when not speaking of things political, they were very nice folks . But most likely in a social setting so was Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro.

        Again, I was only a tourist, but unless one is brain dead (or just plain evil) any moron can see the horror that is a communist nation.

        • Back then, those “college students” could be paid by one side of the other. Resourceful ones double dipped from both sides.

  12. Can you explain to a desultory reader why you live in Baltimore or, if there’s an absolute need for you to be in that area, why you don’t move to Roland Park, or further out, e.g., Ruxton or Catonsville?

      • I was just there a week ago for the opening of an exhibit at the Hammond Harwood House on Maryland Ave. Yeah, it’s a great place. That’s what I can’t figure out. Why does Zman choose to live in a place that makes him miserable?

    • Tom, you mean a White player in a 90% Black league is virtue signaling? Who’d have thunk it. 🙂 Feel free to post again when you have more interesting *news* for the group.

  13. The coming BWI dysfunction is key. The more dysfunctional the society, the less authority the elites and their minions have. Life is still pretty good for most middle class and up whites in the United States, but it will get worse. As it does, whites will see less and less reason to tow the line. In addition, the government and corporations will have a harder and harder time enforcing rules because they won’t have capable foot soldiers.

    As society becomes even more (yes, it’s possible) openly anti-white, dysfunctional and unable to clamp down on dissidents, our opportunities will grow. What we need to do now is lay down the groundwork for taking advantage of those opportunities.

    Build communities. Don’t openly fight the system, just get things in place.

  14. There is a lightness to it that you don’t see in America.

    I see what you did there.

    As a result, the West is getting less capable.

    Indeed. Oil companies can’t do what they did 20 years ago. Boeing’s planes are now dropping out of the sky due to organisational failures.

  15. Vox Day makes the same point about ethnic nationalism in Europe, that it precludes White Nationalism. However, in the US ethnic identity is weak among Whites, and Whites as a whole are under attack by leftist radicals. The radicals do not distinguish Italians from Finns. That combination makes White Nationalism possible in the US.

    • Sometimes an identity can be imposed on disparate groups by an outsider who sees them all as the same.

      While I acknowledge that broad white ethnocentrism is weak, I find hope in the broad ethnocentrism among hispanics and blacks. They have similar internal ethnic divisions to whites. However, they are bound together by the feeling that they are oppressed by whites and this gives them a group identity.

      Similarly, when whites discover they are hated because they are white, not because they are Dutch or Italian, I hope that this will nurture a broad white ethnocentrism.

    • “That combination makes White Nationalism possible in the US.”

      Wrong. And it has only partly to due with blood lines, vestigial cultural tradition, etc.

      It is dead on arrival because of the stink of the name itself. It is already claimed by a failed movement from the 80s/90s full of basically, losers.

      It can be WN in ‘spirit’ but only those with no concept of the current year objective reality we live in would choose that name because it is auto-aborting by nature. It mystifies me why people continue to use this cyanide laced ideology. Again, internally it is ‘white nationalism’ I get it. But –externally– you better damn well come up with something a bit more clever.

      Call it -anything- else and you will get some traction. Call it WN and TPTB will crush the life out of it. Did we learn nothing from ‘Unite the Right’? I just posted about this yesterday re: ‘The Power of the Powerless’ which is how do you foment rebellion under a tyrannical regime? You do it by becoming the gray man and pushing your cause in invisible (or at least covert) ways.

      Pinning WN to your chest is like carrying a newly minted Nazi flag around or wearing your “I love David Duke’ button. Please, I beg you (all of you), STOP using this loser phrase. It makes me want to take a shower. European Identity, Ethnic Nationalism, or split it into sub-categories if you must.

  16. It’s not just that people are getting dumber, it is that the majority of people now identify themselves as ‘smart’ or ‘very smart’ and if they don’t say it out loud probably secretly think they are geniuses. The first step to real knowledge is for saying you don’t know. I’ve been noticing for years that no matter what the question is and who the recipient of the question is the phrase “I don’t know” has disappeared from people’s vocabulary. They will literally just start making things up and then once those things are made up that becomes part of their ‘knowledge’ and that’s what they build on. Its shaky foundations all the way down. Top that off with a bunch of people that can’t do math that have decided that science is racist.

    • I’ve seen it myself too. Thing is, at least from my experience, people don’t like being told “I don’t know.” As if it’s something that reflects poorly upon you if you say that. “What do you mean you don’t know!?” It’s as if they are demanding that I lie and spout bullshit…

      I fucking hate most people.

  17. The idea of White Nationalism doesn’t travel well. The men in the old American White Movement came up with the concept in order to address the situation in the United States, where traditional ethnic influences and family lines are vestigial or non existent.

    Those who, by luck or design, have maintained their biological ethnicity for a few generations in North America will find out in a hurry that they aren’t considered to be Polish or whatever if they ever return to the Home Country. That’s true with Anglo Americans returning to England, where there is no real language barrier.

    • Fundamentally I think we’ll end up going back to localism. White Americans are too internally genetically diverse – for example, I’m about 25% British, 25% Northern European, 25% Eastern European, 23% “broadly european” and 1% West African (if you’ve got a poor white southern ancestor, this is a pretty high likelihood for you as well).

      We’re too mixed up. So the only thing that can happen is that new identities will be forged over the course of the next 5-10 generations depending on what happens with the geopolitical situation in the USA. I’m hoping for a soft landing and amicable breakup, but I think that’s a tall order…

      • BadThinker. Not sure I follow your thinking. I grew up in NYC. We knew any number of folk of different ethnic backgrounds: Dutch, German, Italian, English, Irish, Polish, etc. But they were all Europeans, White, and proud Americans. Americans first, but I suspect the unity was at least related fundamentally to being White. So why would it be different if these individual folk were a mixture of the above mentioned ethnic/national groups as per your comment. Surely today, their children have intermarried. Few Europeans remain like myself remain that can trace their ancestors to a recent migration from a European country.

  18. The good thing about the mainstream system selecting only for loyalty and just trying to meet identity quotas is that the rebellion gets all of the really smart people. Really stop to think about the human capital difference between someone our rulers deem good (Ta-Nehisi Coates) and someone they kick out of the mainstream (John Derbyshire). No amount of resources can compensate for their fundamental deficiencies. An old man in a Yugo will win a race against a sixteen-year old in a Lamborghini, if it’s that kid’s first car and he’s drunk.

    • I had an interesting experience (at least to me) this week. The bug out home well went out; it hadn’t been maintained in decades and isn’t even officially on the books that are kept on such things. I hired a local firm that had been doing this sort of work in the area forever, a multi-generational extended family business. The two (white) younger guys came out with this fancy crane equipped truck and did all the work in a few hours, basically replacing and refurbishing everything, and patiently explaining why they did things the way they did. We delved into the problem of electrolysis when water, metal, and electricity mix. We talked about why you always buy your work rig used, and how it should be configured. They explained the local geology and how it effects the groundwater, and how recycling the old parts is a hidden goldmine. These guys have more demand for their work than they can do. Yet they dropped everything to help a stranger, same day, because the dispatcher asked if anything was urgent, and I mentioned the fruit trees. I asked at the outset how deep this unrecorded well might be, and he looked around a bit, and said it was likely 220 feet, and was willing to bet money he was right (I don’t bet people who know more than I do about the likely outcomes). He hit it exactly right, and he said it was a whole bunch of clues put together.

      This is a long roundabout way of saying I was dealing with high IQ people in a high trust environment, and it was an amazing experience. My experience in town with things like appliance repair is that a guy comes out and blindly replaces a couple of parts according to some manual somewhere, and hopes for the best.

      The present system has chased competency out to the edges of “civilized” society, but it is still out there, out in the nooks and crannies of the edge of civilization.

      • Yep…watch for that galvanic corrosion. Don’t forget the sacrificial anodes. Good story and glad the well is up and running again.
        Our HOA just lost the intake/outflow pipe to tank due to galvanic corrosion blowout. The dopies had not placed sacrificial anodes on pipe. I have water distribution, water quality and treatment background (might come in handy in our new settlements) yet when I asked the HOA water master for info and suggested anodes, he blew me off. This problem will happen again. Unfortunately, can tell that some, not all, guys get their fur fluffed when dealing with a women that has constructive nuts-and-bolts knowledge. His attitude is if I wish to make suggestions, then he’ll dump the whole show on me. Not worth the bother. Oh….well….sigh. Not the first time nor last time. Wonder how may years the pipe will last.

        • I recently had to replace the drain in my bathroom sink, where the brass-elbow attached to the cast-iron-stack [there was a hole in the cast-iron part]; should I put a zinc anode in there?? do I attach it to the iron part or the brass part?? inside the pipe, or good enough to put it on the outside?

        • I am used to going on line and fixing things myself. But working around the edges of the well, I realized that the system is complex and the elements are very interdependent, and that the best layout and repair are site-specific. So, time to call in the experts. Big picture, it is a bit troubling to think that something as important and challenging as a public water supply might be dependent on hiring under racial/gender/age profiling, rather than IQ and skill sets.

          Our HOA disconnected their water irrigation system to the easement on our lot, and everything died. We rigged up a bypass to their system and everything turned green again. They caught it and we heard from their lawyers. So we removed the bypass and everything died again. But if we get a weed or a dead spot on our side of the easement, the HOA writes us a nasty letter. We were reduced to sneaking out at all hours of the night to surreptitiously water the easement with our own metered water. They responded by removing most of the vegetation and leaving just dirt, and also taking out our plants that were anywhere close to the easement. Gotta love the HOAs.

          • Ugly story about HOA nazis! And yes my smarty pants high IQ distribution boss hated with a passion all the management meetings, engineering money wasting projects and dealing with lower IQ people running things and throwing their weight around.

      • Love to fine those guys, any conscientious smart workmen. There seem to be few around my area—and it has little to do with race. Whites have been as bad as non-whites with an exception now and then.

        Recently I’m in another home, previously owned, about 25 years old. Just about everything I take a look to has been done haphazardly and incorrectly, and of course is failing or failed. Repair folk called in have not been useful in fixing such. At this point I do most repairs/replacement myself without even considering outside service. Of course, I’m not getting younger and eventually will require outside service. Sigh.

        Not sure what is the cause for such low quality of work/skill. Perhaps the Peter Principle or just plain multi-generational decline in average IQ in the area. Hell, you can’t even fine a tree trimming service that has knowledge of pruning.

        • Compsci, IMO there is way too much shopping on price and availability, and not on the quality of the work. When the culture is atomized, the old referral networks fall away. People also don’t like to wait for the work to be done, when the true craftsmen are often booked up for a while.

  19. You see the residue of the competition everywhere you go in Europe, even in the Nordic countries, which are very close ethnically and culturally.

    I once spoke to an Australian guy who had worked in Stockholm back in the eighties, when there was a Russian submarine scare. At one point after work hours, three of his colleagues had discussed the possibility of building a Swedish nuke.

    “But who would you nuke?” he asked, a bit daftly.

    The Swedes gave him a stone sober stare. “Copenhagen”, they replied as one.

  20. …the Russian collusion virus…BBC show about how the Russians secretly influence European elections…

    Orwell is one of the greatest political psychologists of all time, but his term “doublethink” doesn’t quite capture what’s going on. It’s something more monstrous than that, where a totally and crudely fabricated, self-serving fiction is taken up completely and immediately as reality by the hive mind; if useful, then inserted into history books as a “fact,” but if not useful forgotten as if it never happened.

    Anybody want to suggest a term? Maybe “Current Reality,” by analogy with “Current Year”?

    “Nowtruth” ?

    “Hivetruth” ?

    “NPC update” ?

    For example, after the election, one putsch that the left tried was to attack Trump’s mental fitness. They (insert parentheses as needed) seemed to persuade themselves that Trump was totally crazy, but when it didn’t work for them politically, dropped this “reality” like it never happened. Now Russian collusion.

    At any rate, I’m starting to think that the essential division between left and right is simply between sociopaths and non-sociopaths.

  21. To most of the Western professional class, that forms our opinion-makers, they don’t have an identity deeper than liberalism. Most populist movements promote a “national liberalism” that only made sense in a 19th century context of liberal Britain versus reactionary Habsburg.

    Challenging the liberal system has to go farther than voting politicians out, it means voting out priests, professors, businessmen and consumerism. The left tells us that “representation matters”. The Right must take its representation. Our land. Our People.

  22. When Europeans decide to defend their countries’ individual interests and not the concept of Europe, then we’ll have Europe again.

  23. We all like to think that we can direct things. We like to think we are the great men of history wrestling it in this or that direction. That isn’t true. White identity in Europe is inevitable because Europe is America a couple generations ago. Western European nations are on track to have no dominant ethnicity by mid century. While, yes, a large chunk of that will be African and Muslims invaders, the schengen area has worked.

    Brits will be a minority but whites will still be a large percentage of the UK. At the same time, every European is experiencing the same thing. Rotting diverse capitals, the ethnics violence, no go zones, the prostitution of our cultures, the POCs pox if you will. A European identity will emerge just as a White American identity is emerging because we are all experiencing the same thing every where we live.

  24. Good report. The fascinating thing is how some countries are a bit better insulated from the Globalist subversion transmitting from New York, London, Brussels & Hollywood. Finland & much of Russia will have a better chance at saving themselves since they’ll need to do less De-programming of their citizens out of the Anti-Nationalist xenophilia religion. Still feel a large % of folks in the Anglosphere have gone all-in on a suicidal “better dead than racist” open borders devotion. As you & Frodi discussed, the task facing us is to awaken in our neighbors a new sense of pride, self-preservation, and courage to face the world as it truly is. And we don’t have much time.

    • The fascinating thing is how some countries are a bit better insulated from the Globalist subversion transmitting from New York, London, Brussels & Hollywood.

      An important aspect is language. Language barriers retard the transmission of poz, especially if it’s a small and obscure language. The Finnish government could ask Zuck to police Finnish Facebook pages, but he’d have to find enough Finnish-speakers willing to do the job, he can’t just hire a bunch of dot-Indians or have some Israeli think tank do it for him.

      Also, some of the SJW argle-bargle is simply untranslatable. For example, Danish has only one word for gender, denominating both sex and gender, so in Danish, it sounds utterly insane to suggest there are more than two genders. In Sweden they have both words, so they knock themselves out on gender bollocks.

      Not that it automatically makes Danish MSM better, mind you. We’ve had Trump Derangement Syndrome and Russia Collusion ad nauseam here, but we haven’t had the stories investigating the Steele dossier and the Obama collusion, we only had the globalist narrative. Danish normies believe that the Mueller-investigation is legit.

      • If I say that English will be a dead language in a few hundred years most people would be shocked and disagree vehemently. And yet Latin is effectively a dead language and those people would have been just as surprised to hear that prediction.

        I’m pretty sure whatever principles that erode language by popularizing it are the same reasons Protestants are wrong about the good of mass literacy.

  25. The competition in the West won’t be between white people. Now we have to be on the same team in the battle of the West against Team Brown.

    • What makes trans-European/White solidarity more plausible now is that the planet is simply getting crowded. Nearly 3.5 Billion in wider Asia, & Africa projected to hit 2 Billion. Countries with well defended borders & resistance to emotional manipulation by out-groups will have a viable future.
      Places with too much altruism towards foreigners will simply be swept into the dust bin of history. Virtue Signalling to multiculturalism is not just an annoying mind virus. It is a Civilisational Death Wish.

      • Space colonization is treated with skepticism here, but White Flight to Mars has already creeped out the Guardian.

        The academic historians hate the Turner thesis about the end of the frontier. They hate it because he was right.

        • Space colonization is treated with skepticism here,

          The idea is morally wrong because we should not flee our homelands for a bunch of barbarians. You might as well suggest that all white people relocate to Antarctica and let the POC have the habitable zones, or go live in mine shafts.

          Planet Earth is a paradise which we’ll be unable to reproduce anywhere in the universe. We should be discussing White Fight, not White Flight.

          Also, colonizing space on any meaningful scale, is not viable in this century. The first colonies we’ll build won’t be on Mars either, but in space stations – O’Neill-cylinders.

          • About Mars: if you sterilized planet Earth with nukes, obliterated every single organic molecule and made the crust radioactive for the next 500 years, Earth would still be a hundred times easier to (re-)colonize than Mars.

          • Exactly .

            The morality of White flight to Mars is irrelevant. Its fundamentally impossible on economic and technological grounds

            Its not an option.

          • The whole “run away to Mars” thing is just stupid.

            Do people ever read any goddam history?

            You don’t “run away” to a frontier. A frontier is where you EXPORT THE BARBARIANS TO. It’s what the British did with Australia – and it’s what happened in the US as well.

            The men who first “settled the West” were not nice men. If you read any in-depth American history you find nefarious characters over and over again.

          • Excellent point.

            In reality there is no sizable frontier anywhere, no seasteading, no Rapture, no Mars colony and no part of this good green Earth where you can live unmolested in any comfort

            The few areas that are mostly uninhabited are that way for damned good reason, lack of water, lack of arable land , awful climate

            Few live there because few can and fewer want too.

            In the end the only option is removing foreigners from your soil by force, making sure your economy supports your people , conserving your resources , preserving your culture and living in a world that is teeming with hungry people who want everything you have

            Fail to do this and any complex society dies,

          • When people say “run away to Mars” – I know instantly I’m dealing with a person who pays no attention to reality.

            Spend any time at all in nature – or spend your time building a shelter of any form – and you’ll quickly find that the parasites move in very quickly to take residence.

            When animals dig burrows – other animals kill them to take the already constructed shelter. Build yourself a house – and mice, rats, raccoons, bats, squirrels, mice, and bugs – all figure out pretty quickly that your house is a better place to live – than outside. In the natural scheme of things you’ve created an attractive nuisance and the only recourse is to seal the place up so tight they can’t get in ( a wall) – or to kill them. If you let them take up residence inside the house – they’ll breed and quickly take the place over.

            Go read up on some of the exterminator blogs and see what happens inside people’s houses when they let all manner of pests take up residence. They breed and take over.

            It’s the exact same thing with allowing “migrants” over the border. Even just having a nice country that isn’t subjected to being run by drug gangs is an attractive nuisance enough to invite parasites. But without welfare they’d be consigned to running around in the shadows to survive.

            Instead what we have is what amounts to a parasite paradise. The pussy hat wearing women want to feed all the migrants and let them come here and breed. It’s like finding your wife up in the attic feeding the damn squirrels – and then your house burns down a few months later when they start eating thru all the wiring.

        • Mars !?!?! this is pound your head on the floor and bark like a dog Mad. colonize mars? DE beers, that stuff you see on TV is science fiction. the energy cost of moving anything to mars is astronomical . we haven’t sent a single man there yet . you think we’ll invent dilithium crystals and federation starships like star trek? Water shipping is the cheapest form of transportation on the planet, and places like Hamilton Bermuda have an outrageous cost of living because everything has to be shipped in . a gallon of milk is $15 there , and a dozen eggs is $4.30. the cost to fly it to mars would be 10,000 times as much. dreaming of space travel is is juvenile . We can’t even keep a space shuttle flying.

          Folks , there is nowhere left to run. Period .

      • I’ve said for a long time now that whites are about to undergo one of the great evolutionary squeezes in history. If whites are around in 200 years (and I think we will be), it’ll be a very different group. The tribalism that was bred out of so many of us over 1,000 years will be back. Non-tribal whites will disappear either through miscegenation or not producing children.

        Either way, our altruistic, virtue-signalling white neighbors and family members will not have white descendants.

        • Astute comment! The very traits that enabled European and European-origin countries to achieve greatness now contribute to their downfall when applied to clannish, tribalistic outsiders. Surviving white descendants, if they exist at all, will have racial attitudes that will shock present day whites.

          • Losing our clannish ways and trusting non-relatives allowed NW Europeans to form much larger entities whether they be disciplined armies or business organizations. It also made us smarter.

            That combination allowed us to conquer the world. Tribal groups and less trusting societies didn’t stand a chance, especially once the industrial revolution got rolling.

            But times change. What were once strengths have become weakness. Nature is one cruel bitch. She doesn’t tolerate weakness. It will be bred out one way or the other.

            Altruistic, virtue-singling whites are a genetic dead-end.

            The whites that remain will need to be more than just preferential to their own people. That won’t be enough. That only works if you’ve already secured your territory, i.e. Japan. We let other groups into our lands, so we’ll need to carve out our own space. it won’t be enough to just love your own people; you need to aggressively push out other tribes.

            If that sounds unimaginable, it’s not. Just look at the Israelis. They managed to secure a homeland and have expanded it ever since.

            Another thing that I’ve said for years: We’re all Jews now. Time to start acting like it.

    • How that battle will proceed will depend entirely upon National Strength.

      The CLASHES between Civilizations may run longer than previous wars. Already national resources are being tapped throughout the world with extra debt packages loaded down on the mule of the economy. It grunts and brays but there’s no throwing off that debt and no rewriting the rules of National Strength. The first rule of National Strength […] Click HERE to Continue

  26. There was that great old Chesterton line “when you break the big law, you don’t get freeedom and you don’t get anarchy. You get the small laws”. Our institutions run on trust. Take enough away and Mr Entropy comes to visit…and stay.

    • Today, the 9th, our fellow whites are giving us a big beautiful gift: white group interests will be criminalized. At least an attempt will be made to make it so in congress. Mr. Entropy at the doorstep.

      We should do everything we can to drive Nadler and his bum buddies over the line. The more extreme and hysterical they get the better.

      • It shouldn’t be too hard to antagonize them. These lefties have VERY thin skins. Just start pushing their hot buttons.

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