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Back around Thanksgiving last year I did a whole show just answering questions from the e-mail and people liked it. I read all my e-mail, but not in a timely fashion. I try to sit down once per week and go through the inbox, but life does not always cooperate. My work life is conducted by e-mail. That means I spend a lot of my time reading and replying to e-mail during the day, so I lose track of my personal stuff. Doing a show once in a while just on e-mail and other correspondence is a good way for me to catch up on it.

What I did is group these by topic and then make a general e-mail out of them in order to cloak any revealing details of the correspondents. That seems like a fair thing to do as I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. I get a lot of e-mail and comments, so a lot of stuff did not make it. I should probably do a post once per month just on correspondence as a regular feature. I think I tried that once before, but I may be mistaken. I’ve written so many posts that I’m starting to forget some of the things I’ve done over the years.

This is Good Friday, so Happy Easter to my Christian readers and listeners. It is also the start of Passover, so Happy Passover to my Jewish readers and listeners. Perhaps it is just me, but it seems like Easter is not what it used to be these days. When I was a kid, the grocery store would be full of Easter themed items. I noticed my market just had one little area with Easter and Passover items. Perhaps people just don’t do the baskets and candy stuff anymore. Maybe it is just something about Lagos I’m just noticing.

One other housekeeping item. I will be on the RamZPaul show tomorrow. He invited me and Frodi Midjord on to talk about some of the things we discussed in Finland at the Awakening conference. I don’t think there is a fixed agenda, but the general these is about how we go about organizing and networking in the age of mass suppression. Frodi has his ideas on these things as a European organizer and I have my thoughts as an American, who is always dodging the censors. It should be a good conversation.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


  • Where do I fit in?
  • What about pop culture?
  • How do we handle crazy people?
  • Are you a revolutionary?
  • Where do Christians fit in?
  • Is Orange Man bad?
  • What about the Jews?
  • Why do you hate Ben Shapiro?

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90 thoughts on “Letters To Z-Man

  1. Looks like Kate Smith has been properly credentialed to participate in your intro/outro music library.

  2. my confirmation bias was pleased when you mentioned Steyn and VDH as reasonable people…to follow. I’d like to throw in the “Just Right” podcast, the team has been nailing it lately (imho).

  3. You went to the wrong mall in Helsinki, Z. Stockmann is a high end shopping centre where wealthy old ladies do their shopping. Even the other shopping malls in the centre have more vibrant people, but similar kind of places that you visited in Denmark are further away from the centre where most of the immigrants live. If you visit Helsinki again, take the metro to Itäkeskus. It’s a big mall full of Arabs and Somalis. The name literally means ”East Centre” and people who are not too happy about its customer base often call it ”Middle East Centre”. There are probably more of such places in Denmark, but unfortunately they already exist in Finland too.

  4. The question for Z I have is to come up with a better justification for taxation than, “who will pick the cotton if we free the slaves.” A logical structure that gives some way of limiting government power. If you’re ever going to have working white ethnostate you have to find out how to limit government power else it will become another fight between minority interest groups for the gibs. The only thing I don’t find ridiculous about libertarians is that they understand taxation is theft.

  5. On policing own ranks, I believe this is necessary. But also pretty complicated. A case I saw a documentary on recently and got interested in, on that theme:

    The Irish civil war 1922-23: after the Irish won very substantial concessions from the Brits in the Anglo-Irish war the year before the result was the Anglo-Irish treaty. This was not any Irish republican’s idea of an ideal state of affairs. Two primary thorns: the ‘6 counties’ (ie Northern Ireland, which had protestant/loyalist majority) would stay w/i the UK. And the rest of Ireland became a dominion, not a republic. Basically the Irish got a mini-Canada, as far as relations w the UK were concerned, where they ‘ideally’ wanted a mini-America.

    So the two sides of the Irish just went to work on each other, turning all the guns they had previously wielded together against the Brits, on each other. It was brief, probably not too high a tally. But it was really savage.

    It is important b/c, as far as I can tell, a classic case of a (more or less) successful revolution or rebellion, where the ‘radicals’, the ones who, for psychological reasons cant brook ANY compromise, and the ‘moderates’, went to all-out war. And the ‘Free Staters’, ie ‘pro-treaty’, who were ‘the moderates’, led by Michael Collins, first tried to say ‘look, we just got 90% of the deal from London, we can now work gradually on the rest, ie from dominion to republic and the 6 counties’. They had basically gone from the status of Scotland to the status of Australia, as far as relations w London. And this from an empire that only 20 years before, on the other side of the world, not 50 miles across the Irish Sea, in South Africa, had utterly crushed all semblence of ‘civil society’ among the Boers, with concentration camps, in one of the most ruthlessly effective and successful counter-insurgency campaigns of the 20th century, and won.

    The ‘radical’ anti-treaties would have none of it, and killed Michael Collins along w some more free staters. The Free State went pretty berserk. Extra-judicial, retaliatory executions, a mess of a slaughter Stalin would have recognized as ‘part and parcel’ of sound statecraft. The lid just flew off the ‘moderates’ and the anti-treaties were crushed. The reason of course being to avoid Ireland rejecting the treaty and getting ‘the full Kitchener’ treatment from Britain’s recently decommissioned multimillion man WW1 army. (They probably wouldnt have, b/c post-WW1 Britain was financially in the pocket of the US and I think that, the Irish vote in the US and all that, had a lot to do w London even agreeing to a deal. But you couldnt know; the British empire was a worn and tired tiger after WW1 but still a tiger and not the poodle it is today).

    The Irish civil war is a very interesting example of a successful revolution where the ‘moderates’, correctly I think, said ‘okay, we got the essentials of what we needed. Now we need to prevent our own radicals from throwing away the good b/c they didnt get the perfect’. And they managed to do that.

    Interestingly enouch, both the Boers in South Africa and the anti-treaty side in Ireland lost the armed struggle. And subsequently won the political struggle. South Africa almost became what the Boers had wanted in the first place, after their war. Apartheid was basically the Boers winning politically what they couldnt do militarily. That it eventually fell had nothing to do w losing the Boer war but with ‘the greater currents of history’, far from Southern Africa.

    And in Ireland, de Valera, the quinessental specimen of the weak, frail, whiny kind of man who cant compromise exactly b/c he is weak and insecure, and who was the political leader of the anti-treaty side, was PM in Ireland for the next many decades. If he had prevailed in the Irish civil war it is quite possible that, his side having rejected any compromise w London, the British army would simply have moved in force from Flanders to Ireland after a 3 year stopover in Blighty.

    ANY dissident or ‘revolutionary’ (I do not like the latter term but that’s another discussion) movement is going to attract perpetual malcontents who, for personal psychological reasons, cannot accept ANY compromise. And if not reigned in or checked, will throw away genuine but ‘imperfect’ gains for their entire side. This exact phenomenon is so common in history that it must be a trait the of mass psychology of humans. The ones most apt at lighting the powder keg are usually the worst ones at consolidating gains. Eric Hoffer has important stuff to say on this (‘The True Believer’ is a must read but OT). Another example, where this checking didnt happen, was the Russian revolution. The first, provisional, government of Russia after the revolution, didnt check the Bolshevics and the latter ate up the former and prevented Russia from becoming a functioning society for 70 or so years. You could argue that someone should have shot Hitler in 1938-39 too, after he had brought back Germany’s spunk but before he threw it all away b/c he is another classic example of a perpetual malcontent who cant say ‘enough, let’s get away from the poker tabel.’

    Purging dissident right wont be fun. But I think it will be necessary.

    • (Z, when you are getting informative, well thought out, and well presented comments like this one, which one can spend hours going over and thinking about, why would you allow Tiny Duck access to your platform to sound off about his stupid little fetishes? His irrelevant and tacky sidebars trivialize the import conversations going on here.)

  6. On the topic of oddballs and defectives in our movement, I think it’s important to name names. Both the good and the bad should be named.

    On the positive side, Weev, Anglin, and Jesse “7th Son” Dunstan have consistently shown good judgement and an ability to learn from mistakes.

    On the negative side, Chris Cantwell (obviously), Patrick Little, and Hunter Wallace are all defectives and should be avoided. Mike Enoch has repeatedly demonstrated very poor judgement regarding whom he associates with.

    Feel free to add names below.

    • I’m not against criticizing certain people by name but “feel free to add names” is just an invitation for more infighting.

  7. In Prague (just visiting) there are Easter trees decorated with giant eggs in many public squares, where are also Easter markets.

    • Easter is a great time to be in Prague, but watch for pickpockets, especially among the crowd by the Astronomical Clock or aboard public transit.

  8. Real-life activism is just the tip of the iceberg, the “underwater” part being the broad social legitimacy–the “metapolitics”–of what you’re doing.

    Basically, we’ve just got to keep going with both tracks. I don’t think there’s much point in the above-water and below-water guys criticizing each other, as sometimes happens.

    It’s easy to say that the activist groups are stupid to put themselves in persecutions’ way, but hey, at least they have the courage to put themselves out there. And how on earth can we ultimately win without any institutional representation?

    I also don’t think there’s much point in criticizing the words-only or memes-only guys. They’re doing good work in changing minds. They’re digital-age missionaries. Hearts and minds!

  9. Here’s something that came in over the wire from my alma mater this morning–first is probably a hoax, second give a sense of how much the simplest thing will drive the leftists crazy…

    “Dear Members of the Northwestern Community,

    In recent weeks, the Northwestern University community learned of two separate incidents suggesting attempts at racial intimidation. I would like to offer an update regarding what we have been able to find about those incidents.

    When a noose was found in the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion last month, Northwestern’s senior leadership immediately launched an investigation and issued a statement denouncing any attempt to threaten members of our University community. A student came forward to report that she had been using the rope for a class project. After she accidentally left the rope behind, an unknown person fashioned it into the form of a noose, which was subsequently discovered on a table in the complex’s common area.

    In the second incident, a few weeks ago, a student posted on social media a photo of a sticker found in Allison Dining Hall that read, “It’s Okay to Be White.”

    Both incidents involve repugnant symbols of hate and intolerance. The noose has ominously represented racial intimidation and violence for generations, and the slogan on the sticker has recently been adopted as code on the part of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups.

    Northwestern’s senior leadership has in both of these cases reiterated the principles of community that bind us: principles centered on civility, mutual respect and inclusivity. We have heard concerns that more must be done to make all members of this community feel safe and informed, and we take those concerns seriously.

    Northwestern police continue to investigate both incidents. In both cases, investigators reviewed video surveillance but could not find evidence of the perpetrators. In the case of the sticker found in Allison Dining Hall, police have appealed for witnesses with information to come forward but as of yet have been unable to corroborate the reports made through social media. The campus was searched and no other stickers have been found. More information is needed, and we urge anyone with such information to contact our police at 847-491-3456.

    Acts of hate, whether premeditated or not, will not go unchallenged at Northwestern University. Those who choose to be a part of the Northwestern community are expected to abide by a code of conduct that does not tolerate such acts.

    While these investigations continue, we can take pride in the response we have seen from our students, staff and faculty. They have collectively asserted the manner of community that we are and always shall be: One that stands together to prize and protect its extraordinary diversity.


    Patricia Telles-Irvin
    Vice President for Student Affairs

      • Now…she’s got a hyphenated name! And she who must be obeyed is a crop haired boxed cat drinking whine lady!

    • It’s only when you read things like this that you realise just how scared and beleaguered these people are. Or, at least, that’s how they perceive themselves to be. In reality, it amounts to the same thing.

  10. We have a very good example of how to deal with the JQ and any other Q…

    Around the time Napoleon liberated the Jews from their ghettos in Western and Central Europe, Koreans began trickling into Japan. As Japan became more and more industrialized more and more Koreans migrated into Japan.

    Some of their descendants having lived there for a number of generations still carry a Korean passport. They have no serious political power and there is a glass (grass)ceiling in industry.

    Any who find this intolerable can return to Korea (some come here). Most stay. Life if pretty good. They live by the rules and protections of the Japanese. Most of the grumbling you hear in these communities is largely due to (((Western))) infiltration into their media.

    Allow an outside core group political power and you will become subject to their rules. Restrict their access to our ruling core in a couple of ways and they have to assimilate or they have to get lost.

    Lots of Koreans have completely assimilated into Japanese society and are now considered Japanese…as we once assimilated Jews through voluntary or forced conversions.

    This would only apply to members of Derbyshire ‘s Arctic Alliance who have been in the West for some time.

    • This is a good starting point. I would extend the restrictions to barring employment in culturally sensitive positions (e.g. media, teaching) that provide a megaphone for activists today.

  11. Another great podcast. We all would prefer that talking/voting will get us out of the mess we’re in, but that is unrealistic. Rather, the crazy will likely escalate until the few remaining adults in the country have finally had enough and there is no choice but take concrete action. When that tipping point arrives, government and it’s LEO auxiliary will overreact and largely focus on ad hoc militia movements. As in the past, those meetings will include at least a few undercover FBI or CIs (and sometimes representing the majority of attendees). We will need to be smarter than that. There is a better paradigm for beating the coming tyranny.

    • Hearing the responses and reactions to the release of the Mueller report made me realize that our entire culture is living in some sort of middle school dystopia. I was glad to get away from the attitudes and thinking patterns of the junior high kids back in the day, and now it is all around us.

  12. ZMan – I start by saying I do not watch videos on the web and the only pod cast I have really listed to is the one “My favorite Murder” when my fiance and I are driving for long distances. I listed to a couple of minutes of your very first one and only today decided to listen to your latest. Wow, you have come a long way. Your delivery, your sound production (timber, cadence, bass, etc.) is great. I just wanted to congratulate you on your progress. I read you every day and love your writing, but now I think I will begin listening on Fridays as well.

    • ” Wow, you have come a long way. Your delivery, your sound production (timber, cadence, bass, etc.) is great. ”

      If you dodn’t listen to podcasts, how do you know how far he’s come?

      Just askin.

  13. Loved it when Zman referred to the National Review crowd as “finks and cowards.” Paycheck conservatism should draw maximum skepticism/cynicism. Ben Shapiro is mostly in it for the shekels. He claims to value “principles” while voicing indifference toward “the browning of America.” How can any critical thinker subscribe to such blank-slate equalism? Guy is either a dope or a charlatan. But he’s largely safe, which explains his appeal to normies. Zman deserves fifty times the audience of Shapiro (although Shapiro deserves zero audience and fifty times zero equals zero — so never mind).

    • I used to hang around NR types when I worked in DC – I suspect a few folks now following Zman have the same origin story – and they reminded me of government bureaucrats, dutifully churning out the same statements and services over and over while bragging about their supposedly outsize influence. The problem is, like the stereotype of a government stooge, none of them actually believed what they were writing – or if they did, they had fully absorbed what their superiors had told them hook, line and sinker. It was all fake and theoretical. I don’t doubt the intelligence of the NR crowd; I doubt their imagination and their sincerity.

  14. FYI, spent a day in ER this week where your site was blocked. You were in good company. Day, Steyn, Derb, Amren, etc.

  15. You speculate on how the Orange Man ended up bringing a nut like John Bolton into the White House. As I recall Bolton’s job just before that was running Sheldon Adelson’s PAC. That might explain it.

    • Only a billionaire could prevent foreign debacle enthusiasts such as Bolton from losing credibility. The system is rigged regardless of who wins elections.

    • And from what I’ve read he scuttled Trump’s effort with North Korea. When Kim saw Trump installed a rabid psychopath like Bolton he had to be worried he’d end up like Gaddafi,raped and murdered by U.S. assets in Libya.

      The world community IMO is well aware of American treachery. They saw what we did to three countries that were no threat to us. Iraq, Syria and Libya. We destroyed them.

      There is no way Maduro in Venezuela is going to trust us with our track record of betraying allies in any deal we offer him. Hence his importation of Chinese and Russian troops.

  16. Dear Z-Man,

    I have observed that, with a few exceptions, more and more badwhite social media personalities are beginning to engage with each other again, and not in pitched battle. Not sure why this is, but it is good to see.

    This is the point at which one of the usual suspects usually does the usual bit of provoking an outbreak of purity-spiraling, infighting, or other outrageous spectacle.

    You and everyone else who has been around this since before 2016 know what I am talking about.

    But it is hard to remember that every show (or comment thread) is someone’s first, that until now they have always been at war with East Asia, and that it is the first 6 – 18 months after someone has woken up that are the most fraught.

    Happy Easter,


    • When RamZPaul went on TDS they briefly joked that we could get along again. The total collapse of Trump has helped cool the infighting—the AmNats, (Fuentes, Wang Lin, Ricky Vaughn, trust the plan crowd) who led a lot of the bitchiness, have been discredited.

  17. It’s a great point that Andrew Yang is the byproduct of a “buffer zone” between White and East Asian core groups – if you really dig into his background, he is a former CEO for a test prep company, which fits the “striver” stereotype assigned (fairly or unfairly) to highly educated Asians and Whites, and he is the founder of Venture for America, which fits really well into the social views held mostly by white leftists (a la Teach for America). But, to his credit, he’s also made a genuine effort to engage the Core Whites living outside the East and West Coast bubbles, even if he’s unlikely to make the inroads he needs to win the presidency.

    I predict that American national politics is going to increasingly look like Andrew Yang’s campaign – an unusual identity, sitting on the liminal edges of two or more Core groups, will use their grab-bag status to mix and match all the various tribal goals and resentments to propel themselves to the top while keeping the peace. Kind of reminds me of Old Europe, only with fewer Europeans.

    • I’ll be satisfied with Yang if he forces other candidates to address UBI in the same way that reparations is now an issue Dem pols are forced to address. If a second candidate, ideally Sanders, puts UBI in play, it could go “viral” in American politics. Some of his other ideas have some merit, but UBI’s the gateway drug for Whitey to learn how to do this “gibs” thing just in time to become another minority banging the table for their share of the pie. If you want our votes pay for them. UBI’s a death-spiral policy for the Empire that puts some capital back in our pockets, “win-win.”

      • Yeah, UBI is one of those ideas, backed by surprisingly naive policy wonks, that just may be the thread that unravels everything. The future of an America with UBI is squabbling over whether one race should receive more than another as “reparations”, or a series of politicians promising more $$$ each and every year to buy votes, or perhaps both of these things together. Even with as-yet-unspecified controls, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes another political weapon.

        • UBI won’t work for blacks. Reparations is as much about punishing whites as it is gibs. If whites get it, how are they punished?

          • One idea I’ve heard is making UBI a different amount for people who are being paid reparations – i.e. blacks get $1000/month but whites only get $500/month. So the punishment is the difference – call it the “gibs gap”, if you will.

            The whole concept, of course, is the kind of stupid game that only gets you stupid prizes.

          • Whites (some) won’t get UBI, if I heard Yang correctly. His plan, and I believe others would subtract UBI if folk were on other types of welfare. For example, no UBI if you are collecting SSI in excess of $1k per month. So, if you are an upper class a white person, you might be screwed if you are already doing fairly above average—which is often the case, or on another type of program.

      • UBI is just stupid.

        You’re never going to get as much out – as they steal from you in the first place.

        White people who support ANY concepts such as welfare, UBI, socialistic health care policies – are fucking dumbasses who think they can game the casino.

        • UBI is not about being a coherent economic policy. It’s about getting the bag, period.

          Why should Whites be denied the ability to take our piece of carrion off the rotting corpse “diversity” created?

          • Pretty much agree. (Don’t disagree with you. I’m still chewing up the Black Pill. Kack!) I maybe old and slow but this is tribalism now, including you and me. E pluribus unum is gone. Staring at demographic numbers current and into the future won me over. See the Audacious Epigone Africa graph.

            Everyone else aligns with their tribe. Except us. Time to think tribal. For protection and, sorry to say, the spoils. And tribal is about who gets and how you split up the pie. End of story. At least I can face reality, but it does give me the heebee geebees and quivers to face this as my brave new world. Find myself wishing for Brigadoon to return just once in the 100 year cycle. The CivNats are waiting for Brigadoon forever. Then like a death in the family, note to self…… it is gone. At least reality is better than being bit by walking-dead fluffy bunnies and unicorns with fangs.

          • You think the ruling class is going to let us get the “bag”? It ain’t gonna happen.

            People are better dropping off the grid and cease being a tax contributor. Stop working for your car dealer and going in debt for Chinese sweatshop goods, etc. Get healthy and focused on things that matter.

            Bottom line: They hate us and want us dead and gone. They will rig the system so we get squat. Look at how the let the opioid epidemic kill whites across the country which could easily be shut down by Trump via EO.

            These people are dead serious.

        • Spot on. There is no free lunch. Any UBI would be offset by much high consumer prices across the board. We made college affordable for all through easy to get student loans and the grads became debt serfs. There is always a cost.

          Before that a kid could work part time and attend a four year college and graduate debt free. Not anymore.

          At one time back in the 60’s and 70’s even sweat shop workers could see private doctors because there wasn’t a host of Medicaid programs to “help”. All they did was make medical care more expensive.

          And back then we didn’t import millions of stupid disease carrying foreigners who have no idea how to care for themselves. Nor did we have millions of 300lb diabetic she-boons and blue haired sickos being produced by following FDA food guidelines.

          • My instincts tend to agree that there is no free lunch. But if that is true, then why didn’t quantitative easing, printing unlimited money for banks and the stock market, lead to inflation?

            The lack of inflation today suggests that the people who control the economy can control inflation when they want to. If inflation can be controlled then it can be controlled for the benefit of our people.

          • Rod, you are basically correct. I would add another observation from my reading of the UBI proposals, primarily Murray and Yang and Finland experiment (I have little interest in UBI personally). Listen to how all these plans are “funded”. The bulk of the payment is always to come from “cost savings” in other welfare programs or reduction in overhead from other multiple programs being combined (like reduction in administrative costs). Does anyone with a memory and real world experience believe that the government can ever 1) Eliminate programs, 2) Reduce bureaucracy?

        • Is it more likely that we can end the welfare state and watch the parasites die or that we can create a collectivist movement of white identity? Both are long shots, but they seem to be our only options. To me, the latter is more likely.

        • Don’t forget White Libby people are tribal virtue signaling to others of tribe and sprinkling virtue signaling dust on their own shoulders to preen and signal. Identity uber alis or I’ll scratch your eyeballs out!

          • The basic problem with UBI is if you can be given something of economic value for no good reason at all, other than it can be done, then something or everything can be taken from you for no good reason at all, other than it can be done. We live and die by the structure we choose to live under, or allow ourselves to live under. “Gibs” is “takes” in disguise.

  18. What a wonderful show, Z. Yes, that is a good idea, taking the odd break to address the denizens of the peanut gallery. It is a fact that some of them are as interesting and engaging as you are. It may seem a piffling thing to you but to me it’s huge: I have actually changed my mind reading stuff here. I can count on one hand the number of guys on the internet that could do that. The vast majority of bloggers just don’t have the integrity or intelligence or the credibility.

    I am glad you are getting serious about organizing too. As every day passes I become more and more convinced that we are going to have to fight before this is over. Hope I’m wrong about that.

    • Z, as you find your attendance at events “refreshing”, for all the reasons, I find your blog, and most of the commenters refreshing for me—and “refreshing” is a good and descriptive word for it.

      I am not sure why you have let Tiny Duck back in the house. He has a nasty habit of simply verbally peeing everywhere, and IMHO he cheapens the conversations. He really has no insights to offer. Instead he just pulls all the usual stuff off the shelf and throws it around. If any of us need exposure to that sort of thing, it is as close as MSNBC or the NYT.

      I don’t listen to the podcast every week, but when I do, it is a comfort and a joy.

  19. Zman. Last year when you was at the Scandza forum in Copenhagen Junes Lokka did some livestreams and interviews after. One of them was with the lawyer, Rasmus Paludan who was later interviewed in his office by Junes. Rasmus told about the 3.rd world immigration to Denmark and some activists actions he has taken. Well. These have later developed to take headlines in Denmark. Rasmus used his freedom of speech to make actions in the ghetto areas all over Denmark with police protection and to burn the Quran . He privat address has been attacked several times. He lives under protection from the danish security. An african from Uganda has called him a racist because he has called africans “low-IQ” and has been convicted at a low court for that. It has been appealed. Last week his did has activities in the area of Copenhagen with the hightest concentration of muslims. It started a total anarchy where cars was put on fire by angry muslims. He later wanted to make another demonstration in a suburb to Copenhagen but the police rejected a permit. Despite he didn’t come the local muslims started 35 fires as a protest. He actions has had the effect that many Danes are suddenly aware of the kind of people there is in the country. Here is some pictures and video of the damages done by angry muslims.

  20. Z, Don Drysdale was not Jewish. You are thinking of his teammate, Sandy Koufax, one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

    • That’s right. I recall hearing that after he left baseball, he moved to a farm, which is not all that unusual for baseball players until recent times.

        • 80’s baseball quiz.
          In the 80’s, who was the strike-out king?
          That’s right-Sandy Koufax.
          In the 80’s, who was the home-run king?
          That would be Mr. October-Reggie Jackson.
          In the 80’s, who took more balls on the chin than anyone?
          Of course- Elton John.
          Ha! I kill me!

  21. You hit a couple problems with the ice vs sun people. Jewish peoples are sun people, coming from a similar but distinct category of agrarian Middle Eastern peoples. They’re far more intensely tribal than Europeans.

    Practically speaking nearly every other group takes ethnic loyalty more seriously than we do, making any significant number of other groups in a European/Western country a large problem.

    • Yes and no. White ethnic loyalty would be big here if the ruling class didn’t so actively crush any expression of it as soon as it arose. Same in Germany and most Western countries. The Warsaw pact states never had to deal with this anti-ethnic agenda.

      Before say the Feds(ruling class) instituted social engineering at gun point in the 60’s, it was still possible for whites to organize. After that, it pretty much ended. During the 80’s with the militia movement whites tried again, but were heavily infiltrated by the Feds and wiped out. Yep even 40 years ago whites started figuring out old Uncle Sam wasn’t looking out for heritage Americans. The whites back then had a belly full of forced busing and being forced to flee the cities because of Democratic pols who turned the criminals loose on whites.

      People tend to forget that the Dems were always natural allies of the criminal class. Especially black Democrats. Look at the Dem DA of Dallas just did. He will not prosecute thefts under $750.00


      • Gee, I wonder who was behind that concept of suppressing white ethnicity. Very curious.

    • I know replying to you is stepping into a hornet’s nest of stupid, but please explain how white nationalism not making sense(which in the context of Europe is true, but North America might turn into a different matter) jives with the need for demographic change. Honestly, statements like that are becoming fighting words. And quoting some damned muslim invader who is repeating something that has been said by others on the right doesn’t cut it.

      • Demographic change dilutes the institutional and numerical power of whites which ensures the appropriate laws and norms can be enacted and enforced respectively. Simple enough?

        • Appropriate for who, pal? Certainly not any people who like civilization and the rule of law – which is why the West is currently being over-run by people fleeing countries where the laws are made by “people of color”. I’m not interested in living under laws passed by people like you, and apparently neither is anyone else, regardless of color – simple enough?

        • What you just wrote are a bunch of words that don’t mean anything.

          Stupid is spelled s – t – u – p – i – d …… not s – i – m – p – l – e

          You write shit like somebody who has graduated from a Western progressive college. Here’s a clue: try actually understanding things before repeating the dumb shit your college professors told you.

        • Oh, it’s simple enough. No problem with that part of your argument.

          Out of curiosity, “Jeff Hill”, do you have any hobbies, or enjoy life in any way, or wonder about anything? I mean, after your hated white people are wiped out (leaving perhaps only “white” people, as you put it), there must be a goal, right?

          Sure, I get the fact that there is no time to think about mortality and beauty and all that white-boy shit while whites still exist. Power first, then we’ll see, to paraphrase Lenin.

          Still, tell us about the post-white earth and how wonderful it will be. Convince me of that wonderfulness and – who knows? – I might do you a favor and cut my own throat to speed things along.

      • Reading the link Jeff Hill provided, I know it’s supposed to be a hot take, but it’s really just a restatement of the obvious. Of course European ethnic nationalism is of a different character than American racial nationalism. Pan-American white nationalism makes *more* sense in the U.S. than it does in Europe because while many Europeans might be able to trace their lineages to specific families and tribes, white Americans can probably trace their lineage back to Ellis Island and… that’s about it. It means a hell of a lot less to be an Italian or an Irishman or a German (or even someone who is of Catalonian or Flemish descent, etc.) in the U.S., and matters more if you can just say your ancestry is from Old Europe – an ironic bi-product of “melting pot” assimilation.

        I have my own beef with racially-infused nationalism but the fact that it’s built on pan-racial “myths” isn’t really one of them.

    • LOL.

      White nationalism makes perfect sense. And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re talking about the Americas or in Europe – in either case there’s no place for Islam.

      It’s actually hysterical that a Mohammeden would suggest that the world is safer when they’re around. Although I suppose you’re pretty safe from being blown up again – after you’ve been blown up the first time.

      I also find it hysterical that “POC” constantly refer to themselves as “POC”. It’s like they’re admitting that there’s this huge mass of people out there – and then there’s white people.

      Which I interpret as ” the people who can get shit done (white people) – and all the rest of them (POC) “

  22. Most stores here in Indiana have very prominent displays of Easter stuff but it has the feel of being just another occasion to sell overpriced candy. We went to the store last night and they were out of the large flats of eggs so people were clearly planning on coloring Easter eggs with the kids. You need to get out of Lagos before it is too late.

    • If I may ask, whereabouts in Indiana are you? My son went to IUPUI and Norte Dame. He graduated and married a woman from Fort Wayne, where they both still live. Outside of visiting the kids, I never spent much time there, but it always seemed like everything south of Terre Haute was a different state.

      • Indiana is a great example of American Nations. The southern part of the state was settles by people from Appalachia. The northern part of the state was settled by Midlanders. The former is more like Kentucky, while the latter is like Pennsylvania. The nickname “Hoosiers” was a slur used by Virginians for people from Appalachia back in the 18th century. There’s some dispute about that, but it does seem to be a term linked to the hill people of the region.

      • Very different places. I joke that half my family are “flatland hillbillies”. Settled in Kentucky (after the war) on a land grant that the Continental Congress gave out in lieu of payment for service in the army. Eventually migrated further north, but even 200 years later were very “Kentucky” including a distinctly different accent.

      • We live Northeast of Fort Wayne out in the Amish community. You are right though, southern Indiana (like SE Ohio) is culturally very different from the northern parts of the state. Fort Wayne is incredibly affordable and family friendly.

  23. Despite their rabid hatred for white people, there is something to be salvaged from racial grievance studies. Whiteness is an interesting idea. When you actually “unpack the invisible napsack”, you realize they are just talking about ethnic majorities living in their own lands. Chinese have white privilege in China. The women and blacks running those departments will never realize this.

    But it does imply the existence of Blackness. The fact that Europe’s infestation of diversity immediately embraced hip-hop suggests more than mere Americanization. It seems to be something that minorities just start doing in modernity. The actively stupid materialism and the need to reject high culture by dragging it to the lowest common denominator are hallmarks of it.

    • When it comes to Africans, you see the same things everywhere. Anytime you start plotting genetic and social science items, the pattern than emerges is always the same. Sub-Saharan Africans are off on their own island relative to the rest of human populations. They simply have a different evolutionary story. As a result, “blackness” is much more definable than “whiteness” simply because Africans are so unique.

      • I just returned from eight days in Rome. Besides its history, culture, and food, there is another pleasure the guidebooks don’t mention: a respite from Negro fatigue. There are blacks in Rome, of course, but mostly they inhabit out-of-the-way areas visitors are unlikely to go to. Whites can feel what they rarely do anymore in the US, like they belong.

        In Rome the hipster vibe can be found if you look for it, and sometimes if you don’t, but tradition is holding its own. Restaurants are often too noisy for me, but it’s the noise of people interacting with each other rather than the artificial stimulation of frantic music from loudspeakers. Lots of restaurants and even bars don’t have TVs!

        The city has its problems, its streets dirty, noble old buildings disfigured by graffiti like New York in the ’70s, and doubtless corruption as usual. But the people express a vitality and an apparent comfort in their way of life that is often missing here in the States. It’s not surprising that Italy is taking a brave stand against the EU and uncontrolled immigration.

    • I used to be friendly with an African-American gal who was quite nice: college-educated, well-spoken, good-humored. One night we were at dinner, in the middle of a long complicated conversation, and I made a remark in passing that included a joking reference to something in classical music: nothing abstruse, just a broad sort of “Good Lord, that guy is like something out of Wagner, right?” She gave me this puzzled look. “What’s Wagner?” “You know, he wrote the Ring Cycle.” Another puzzled look. “I mean something that’s loud, heavy, ponderous, bombastic.” She gave a shrug, and said, quite matter-of-factory (I mean, not dismissively, just as if it were an obvious truth) “Oh, black people don’t care about white culture at all.”

      • I got one for you. Once, I was talking to a black transportation enforcement officer in Baltimore (I was trying to get out of a ticket, frankly) and she was very nice to me, so the conversation turned to the Navy because I was on my way to see one of my buddies who served for a few years. She mentioned that one of her family members had also been in the Navy and had served on a “harrier tube man.” At first I thought she was saying she had a family member who flew the AV-8B Harrier, which I thought was really neat and I told her so. She gave me this puzzled look and said no, her grandfather had been on a Liberty Ship. Turns out she was talking about the ***Harriet Tubman*** commissioned during WWII. I thought maybe my hearing was just bad, but I eventually realized she either didn’t know who Harriet Tubman was or at least didn’t know how to pronounce her name. Now, the more I think about it, the more I realize that almost all the people who exalted Ms. Tubman – including my schoolteachers and classmates way back in the day – were almost always progressive white people. Turns out that not only do many black folks not care about white culture, but at least a few of them don’t care about the parts of black culture that white people care about.

        • Here’s the irony. Was discussing history with my daughters and for all the hoo hah about Black History month etc, turns out we learned more about Black History in the bad old 60s and 70s than they actually do today. Most of what is taught is oppression, not who people were or what they did. Remember thinking as did that Tubman was a real badass since she routinely carried two pistols and a short sword and wasn’t afraid to use either.

          • I wan’t around in the 60s and 70s, but I think the way history is taught has almost always been lacking. Us Americans have a tendency to try and transform history into a series of comic books with clear good vs. evil narratives and a preordained positive ending. Black history is a casualty of this – MLK is given the full stage with a supporting cast of well-known Civil Rights activists, but I doubt many kids know about Bessie Coleman or Matthew Henson. Which is criminal because pioneering people like Ms. Coleman or Mr. Henson are, in my mind, better role models for our current age of acedia than political activists.

          • thanks.. learned a new word today…
            “Acedia” is a state of listlessness or torpor, of not caring or not being concerned with one’s position or condition in the world

          • Everything you need to know about how American History is taught can be learned by reading Lincolns first Inaugural Address, which is not taught, and then his Second, which is.

          • Yeah, it’s all about “Hate Whitey” today – not even a pretence of imparting any knowledge, true or false.

        • Quite true. Your experience is almost identical to mine. I briefly dated a black some time back and when we got to talking about schooling she mentioned a couple of things that stood out;

          Blacks don’t care about their own history at all. They had MLK month at school and the black kids didn’t care.
          Blacks have no interest what they call “white man’s medicine” and “white man’s science”. This is why it’s a rarity to see a black person in a book store.

          Black school kids will target other black kids who take a interest in learning and beat them for it.

          Blacks live totally in the now They cannot future pace or understand the possible outcomes of their actions.

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