Battling The Lotus Eaters

Those who have tried to engage with hardcore civic nationalists or evangelical patriots will have experienced a strange phenomenon where they appear to be strangely blind to certain topics. For example, the story about the black seeking out and throwing a white child over a third floor railing at the Mall of America. These super-normies respond to it by blaming communism or democrats. It’s as if the facts cause their code to reboot and they start repeating whatever they saw on Sean Hannity the prior evening.

If you press them on the obvious racial angle, they get flustered and either change the subject or break into a different chant about how America is an idea. It’s an odd thing that suggests these people have some sort of shunt in their consciousness that prevents them from seeing certain aspects of life. It’s not just a matter of self-censorship in order to avoid taboo subjects. Something seems to have been altered in their brains that prevents them from seeing anything that contradicts the colorblind fantasy.

It is an important fact for dissidents to accept. A lifetime of conditioning, perhaps generations of conditioning, have made it impossible for some people to ever look up and see the great divide, much less cross over to this side. Part of it is the normal desire of most humans to belong to the pack. To stand outside the main, with regards to biology, is a dangerous place. It is a form of self-exile. Naturally, most people would not choose it, even if it meant degrading themselves by repeating what they know to be untrue.

For others, the blank slate, egalitarian creed is a religion now. It is what defines them, which is why Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson can have cult-like followings. There’s plenty of evidence that both know what they are telling their followers is false, but it provides them with a lifestyle they believe they deserve. That and the normal confirmation that comes from getting famous and building an audience begins to work its magic on them as well. They are now getting high off their own supply.

Outside of the grifters and hard cases, the inability to break free from the conditioning is something you see all over the legacy Right. Browse through the fashionably intellectual site Quillette and you see the same phenomenon. If you want to get a sense of what it was like for alchemists trying to turn base metals into gold, read some of the people from the intellectual dark web. They are working their fingers raw trying to create an alternative to Progressivism that accepts all of the left-wing assumptions about the human condition.

This post is representative. The writer starts off by analyzing a report from a left-wing outfit calling itself Data and Society. The writer, someone calling xerself Terry Newman, is baffled by the errors, but unable to come to the obvious conclusion that those errors are intentional. In other words, the fact that the Left does not argue in good faith and is willing to lie in order to further an agenda is beyond her event horizon. Read through her post and you keep waiting for her to notice the obvious, but that never happens.

Instead, just as one would expect her to exclaim, “Wait a second. I think these people are lying and doing so deliberately”, she veers off into some weird masturbatory guilt trip about how all sides are guilty of self-delusion. Her own thesis adviser calls her immoral for liking Joe Rogan and she cannot bring herself to return the favor. Instead, she apologizes for him and then spends the rest of the post trying to explain why these otherwise good people keep trying to destroy people like her. Battered women have more self-regard.

This inability to cope with reality shows up throughout the post as she, on the one hand, attempts to defend free expression, but then enthusiastically agrees that people like Richard Spencer are dangerous and should be silenced. Again, this is the bizarre habit of these people of fully embracing the principles of the Left, while trying to achieve non-liberal or conservative ends. She is like an old alchemist driven mad trying to turn lead into gold, not understanding that the rules in which she is working prevent such a thing.

The question, of course, is whether a site like Quillette is just a bunch of people blind to the reality of this life or is it a golden cage designed to keep people from waking up to reality. Mx. Newman gets published and gets the narcotic rush that comes from it, rather than peering out from the bars into the surrounding reality. These sites function as islands, tempting the intellectually curious to come along and partake of the lotus fruit. Rather than confront the harsh seas of reality, they can remain in the stupor of universal equality.

It’s why all successful revolutions offer an alternative to these islands, rather than simply an assault on them. Given the choice between the soothing answers of the lotus eaters and some hair on fire fanatic, most people will choose the former. In a way, the revolutionary is like a drug dealer, showing up with a better product. The choice on offer is not between reality and fantasy, but between an old fantasy that no longer works and new fantasy than has the kick the addict recalls from the beginning.

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  1. I thought the laugh out loud line from that Quillette post was this:

    “Canada, my own country, recently was cited in a Social Progress Imperative report as being among the most progressive countries in the world, according to an analysis of factors that include personal rights, personal freedoms and choice, and inclusiveness.”

    That the author would cite study as evidence of how good things are in Canada, rather than identifying the entire purpose of the study as well as the organization behind it as propaganda, shows just how deeply this person has been steeped in the left wing framework.

    How’s free speech working in Canada? Mark Steyn has something to say on that subject…

    Freedom of association and “inclusiveness” are antithetical concepts, and I’m certain that in Canada the synthesis is, “you can associate with anyone you want, as long as you don’t exclude anybody based on race, sex, etc.”

  2. Hi Z, thanks for responding so quickly to my previous question. I’m a fan of the blog and I legitimatly appreciate the knowledge, wisdom and insight that you provide. I have to admit I’m intrigued by your description of the Irish being particularly dysfunctional. It’s a fair description but I’d love to hear your interpretation as to reasons for the inclination towards and possible means to address the dysfunction. I’ve lived in Ireland for most of my life, with time spent in Aus, New Zealand and America. On the local level Irelands always been a very nice place to live, and as a diaspora population we seem to be essentially harmless yet too fond of booze. We’re certainly not somalis but sadly we’re not the Dutch. Any suggestions as to to why we tend to shaft ourselves

  3. Ulysses journey is no longer something children read in abridged version as an exciting sea and monster story or life lesson. I always thought Circe’s island was the scariest as the men were turned into swine and the days and months and years idly passed. Maybe the dissident right is an alternative ” drug” to the lotus/soma/matrix but I think there is a reality that requires struggling with real foes and currently that is an entrenched and powerful hydra headed group. The Charlie Kirks of the world may be cynical opportunists or drugged dupes ( NPC) but their role is to thwart the journey to the real prize: truth or perhaps knowledge of good and evil.

  4. Those who have tried to engage with hardcore Alt Righters or white nationalists will have experienced a strange phenomenon where they appear to be strangely blind to certain topics. Something seems to have been altered in their brains that prevents them from seeing anything that contradicts their white superiority fantasy. It is an important fact for normies to accept. A lifetime of conditioning, perhaps generations of conditioning, have made it impossible for some people to ever look up and see the great divide, much less cross over to this side.

    See how your rhetoric is used against you, Z-man?

  5. That’s why all talk of building a mass movement to counter the progs is so Quixotic — whom will you be building it from? There is no mass of receptive people to build it from. One of the existing parties will have to die before anything new can take purchase and grow. Or a full on civil-war or revolution…

  6. “Her own thesis adviser calls her immoral for liking Joe Rogan and she cannot bring herself to return the favor.”

    I started kicking Democrats out of my family get togethers. They want to come and get all nicey nicey and then go back to trying to get people like me kicked off the net and have their bank accounts shut down. They want all the consequences in life going one way. We do the work. We pay the taxes. We take care of family when people make stupid mistakes in life. They want control of our thoughts, money and property, and if we complain, they want us silenced. Not gonna have it any more.

  7. Seriously, is there any actual evidence that the Mall of America incident was racial? I haven’t heard any so far, but maybe something new has come out.

    It could have been racial of course. But given how often blacks commit random and senseless violence against their own kind, isn’t it equally plausible that the kid was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Unless we know for sure we shouldn’t pretend we know, because it makes us look bad.

    Of course if the races had been reversed it’s highly likely that a racial angle would have been invented out of whole cloth. But however much we might resent that fact, I don’t think imitating the dishonesty of our opponents is a path to anywhere good.

    • Our principles have failed to halt the decline for the last 50 years plus. The reality is that we are in a dirty, nasty, street fight for the survival of Western Civilization. The squeamish amongst us are going to need to toughen up.

  8. Hi Z. Great post which is pretty much standard. I don’t know if you’re aware but your site went dark for a few hours. I was worried globohomo had done a Stormer on you but thank God your back up and running. I hope that it wasn’t a harbringer of things to come but Prophets are seldom welcomed initially. One other question, Heartiste has put up links to your posts which are often a day or two previous to them appearing online in the UK. I’m certain I’m looking pretty dim by asking this but genuinely curious as to how.

    • Yeah, I was a little worried there. It said “This Account Has Been Suspended.” I’d never seen that before.

    • There was also a post called “Happy Homelands” which appeared briefly, then disappeared. Curiouser and curiouser.

      • There were technical issues with the YouTube stuff so I took the post down until those were sorted. It’s back now.

        I’m still waiting for an answer on why the site was off-line last night.

    • Maybe Heartiste has a time machine!

      Seriously, I have no idea how that would work, but it could simply be that he is in a different time zone.

  9. Great comment on RamZ’s Happy Homelands.

    Back in the old days, the tax resisters would go on the radio and try to goad listeners into becoming tax martyrs. Some soft-brained types took the bait and ended up ruined.

    Don’t die for your cause. Make the other guy die for his cause. Don’t be John McCain, be The Donald. Somebody said that.

    Secure your base. Stay quiet. Get out of debt. Don’t discuss politics on social media. Then look for opportunities.

  10. I submit that the reason these people exist in our modern society is because of the extinction of existential threat in our daily lives. Recognition of reality is no longer an imperative for basic survival. If failure to recognize reality resulted in death (as was the case for our evolutionary predecessors), then these people would not be an affliction on the rest of us. The solution to this problem is not a reprimand, it’s creation of an environment that necessitates reality recognition as a condition of continued existence.

    • If some of the recent writings (scientific findings referenced here and in other blog’s) wrt continuing and rapid genetic evolution in mankind are correct, you are right on the mark. Another few generations of this self inflicted dysgenics and we will not recover.

  11. Quillette is a higher form of controlled opposition. But don’t delude yourself, many on the dis-right delude themselves as well. Raise the subject of religion as being a foundational element of the West and they can it “explain away” with as much zeal as anyone from the Left.

  12. Hello Z!

    First time leaving a comment. I found you on Happy Homelands and i like your style and logic. I can see the difficulties you are having with ethnicity and how to relate it to the concept of America. I’m a Finn and i don’t have that problem. Even if i can’t pinpoint to what is the genetic essence of our ethnicity i can hit it pretty close and the concept of a Finn as an ethnic being is accepted in society. (the lefties are trying hard to stamp that out, but it’s not going well for them)

    In USA on the other hand it’s not easy. The country is not old enough to have formed a distinct ethnicity. Making it worse is the fact that you (as a nation) seem to have a cult like mentality to principles. (meaning founding principles) That is a problem to the right. Right loves principles (because we love logic). Left doesn’t care about principles, they care about power. So it’s hard to make a principled argument for ethnic nationalism to Americans and for Americans. It would ultimately not be one of principle, but a one of power. That is a much harder sell to right wingers.

    I have 2 suggestions to try to get around this problem. The first one is a form of conservatism. Right at least claims to love being conservative at least in religious sense. Some people use the argument that the form of conservatism you should look at would be the “forming of your country” era principles. I use an analogue from Finland. Finland first became a country 1917. But it didn’t just come to being from nothing. The principles of the nation were formed 30-40 years before by cultural idols, writes, composers and politicians who had a vision of a nation to be.

    You could ask yourself what where those principles that came in or formed with those people in the colonies decades before the war for independence started. I think you might find that those were a very early enlightenment principles. Like all men are not equal, but should all have the same rights under the law. Or people should be free to associate with any people and organizations they like. Many conservatives already do this, but you could add a twist to it. You could ask: Well USA is not the only country that was founded on those early enlightenment values. Why is that the US adopted this form of those values and other countries toke the same values, yet made different choices?

    This takes you to the ethnic argument. It is, because of the people who were in the colonies. We know that political views have a high genetic component to them. So it is highly likely that because of those people who lived in the colonies decades before the war, had partially genetically taken and passed on in their genes those ideas that would lead them to war against Britain and to the founding principles of your nation. Had they been any other people, you might not have had a revolution nor independence at all. Or perhaps you would have had, but it would likely had taken another form.

    So as a conservative argument, you should look at the values and ethnic composition of those people in those 13 colonies during the war and 30-40 years prior to it. This will lead to a possible problem, that i think you are already familiar with. If you take this genetic makeup to be the essence of America, it’s very British. And it’s a good thing and a bad thing. The thing is, that the conservative argument takes you somewhere you might not want to go. It would conclude that you are a daughter of Britain, who has hated her mother so much that you are actively destroying her legacy.

    If you take the conservative argument, your solution to the ethnicity question would be: were are British. Not British as they are now, but as they (and we) were then. That is our essence. That is the goal we should go for. We should still embody those values we held then. What has changed? Our genetics have changed and that was our mistake. By changing the people, we ended up drifting away from those ideas we (as conservatives) should have kept in the highest possible value.

    That is how you could try to make a conservative argument for ethnic nationalism for Americans. The another way is the complete opposite of that and the one i personally advocate for both Americans and the Finns. It’s an evolutionary argument. Instead of asking: what were our countries founding principles? You could ask: what SHOULD be our PEOPLES most important principles.

    This would make 2 things. 1 it would separate people from a nation (that you kinda have to do in a so multi ethnic place like US). And it sets the premise that perhaps we have not invented/found or tried those principles that will make our people flourish. While you do that, you also need to say the same as in the conservative argument. People are not separate from ideas. Ideas come from the people, that is why Finland as a nation looks and acts the way it does. Evolution as a people is a constant dance of the people and ideas. Ideas mold the people and people mold ideas.

    So by this way you could ask questions like: Freedom is our core value. How could we become more free? Ethnically its easy. Just become whiter. Look at the libertarian groups. They are like 95% white. And mostly men. And that brings us to the next point. We need to find ways to increase male influence in politics and society as a whole. Now you could do this by taking away woman’s right to vote, or you should create circumstances that benefit women to vote for the right. And that best thing that i know to cause that, is for women to get married. So in your quest to become more free, you advocate for society that is whiter, less feminist and more married. Doesn’t sound bad.

    You can make the same reasoning on many other questions depending on your goals. You should be careful with this way though. If you ask the wrong question, you might end up with a situation you don’t want. Like if you ask: Safety is our core value, it’s a masculine trait to create safety. How could our society become more masculine in order to become safer? Well one way to do that is to become more African. so…. yeah. So be careful with this evolutionary argument. It works well if you have a vision in mind, but it can also take you places you don’t want to go.

    The best thing about the evolutionary argument, is that you don’t need to define the ethnic of the people. You focus on properties and behavior. That way you might be able to avoid the “are Italians white? What about Greeks? etc”. Instead you can say: I have a vision of what i think our people (and/or nation) should thrive for and core principles that might take us there. You just need to socially engineer the people to fit those ideals (that is no different than the left has done since 1965).

    Perhaps this gives you something to consider. Or perhaps you have heard all these arguments before and just want to slap me for wasting your time. Either way, this is what i wanted to say.

    Sincerely: Deplorable, white, cis-gendered, strait pro-Finnish man.

    • Jani, Interesting ideas, but are they possible to implement, or move towards? Taking away rights—even poorly granted in the first place—seems impossible in a peaceful manner as you’ve noted.

      As I’ve said before, much mischief seems to stem directly or indirectly from our misguided continuous efforts at universal suffrage. Many folk decry the Founders’ lack of foresight wrt the Constitution, but when that document was drafted, we were a White, Christian nation, with only a minority of the population with the right to vote. You seem to be directing us back there. But where to start?

      • I was not directing you anywhere. I was merely trying to give Z an idea on a topic he has said he struggles with. The conservative argument would be to go back the times of your founding and pick up things like that and advocate for them.

        I prefer the evolutionary argument and i would start on moving against feminism and promote marriage (and preferably make it less risky for men to actually engage in it). This combined with limiting immigration to only western countries.

        In the long run you should also move as much power as you can to the states. That would make it easier for you to keep at least some states practically permanently white. Then perhaps in the long run there could be a separatist movement in those states. I really don’t think that whites are able to survive in a union that actively hates them.

  13. Uh-oh, Z. It appears that over at Vox Day, sounds like The Most Smartest Man In The Universe is mad at you, for reasons which cannot ever be comprehended by us low-IQ, non-Mensa-pin intellectual skraelings.

    If you don’t submit to him, he might zap you with his High IQ Mensa Gamma-Rays…. whoops, better not call them gamma rays, or it will unleash a 10,000-word torrent of “Noooo, I HATE Gammas! Can’t You See, I Am Sooooo NOT a Gamma!”

    Or about rhetoric. Or comic books. Or something.

    • Ted Beale is useful to the cause most of the time but I couldn’t stand drinking with him. Anyone who says “I am considerably more intelligent than the Z-man, which is why he calls me a retard. He isn’t capable of understanding much of what I write about. I could not care less about his opinion of me.” is proving he is dumber & really, really cares. Given the pixels he has spilled over gamna behavior, I expect better bitch-like retorts. Stock libertarian gamma sperg material on Ted’s part.

    • I was over there, and VD was agreeing, and amplifying Z-Man’s thesis in this post. Then in the comments, someone named rotke posted some old comment of Zman’s, from Gab (retardation was mentioned in it). Don’t know what happened after that as I had gotten bored by then…

  14. Think about everything you have to go through to cross the divide. First, you have to get the actual facts, like a real analysis of IQ from the likes of Derbyshire or Murray. Then you have to go against all the controllers of culture who overwhelm with their volume of nurture vs. nature gas lighting. You have to overcome some contrary evidence you see with your own eyes, such as blacks who speak well, or comedians who must have a level of intelligence to be funny. Blacks do not lack for verbal intelligence, if they do not come from the ebonics ghetto. This can really cover up the lack of abstract reasoning ability.

    Finally, you have to see some point to bucking the culture, such as a way that being a contrarian actually changes anything. And you have to overcome your own empathy, for not wanting to feel like you are belittling the underdog. To us left-brainers it’s obvious. You only have to look at the 50 plus countries in Subsaharan Africa and the Caribbean, or any city run by blacks. Success rate: 0.0. Or any tests or crime statistics for any grouping of blacks anywhere in the world. But for right-brainers, why would they want to put themselves through the discomfort of reality.

  15. OB seems quite brave. I only hope he’s got stamina and endurance.

    The discomfort factor–the despair and exhaustion and bewilderment of having tried so hard to do everything right and still getting swept away in the maelstrom of forces and policies and corruption–this is what leads to the psychological preparation for fascism. And fascism itself is at heart is just the manifestation of a people who are not prepared to die.

  16. America is an idea. And you don’t have to believe the idea to be an American.

    And nobody agrees what the idea is.

    Also, whatever idea it was when founded was racist and sexist, so certainly not that.

  17. I read the Quillette article as making two simple points: 1) Most of the alt-right or whatever you call ’em aren’t Nazis, i.e., you’re not Hitler; and 2) There’s a mechanism at work when good people call the other side Nazis that she finds analogous to Don Quixote’s experience. I take it you object to the characterization of the other side as good people. They’re not all evil and neither are we.

    • And I strongly assert (as I believe Zman has repeatedly) that you are WRONG. That perennial belief that the other side is just misguided or mistaken or ill-informed is the plaintive cry of the cuck. They are evil. They want you and your children raped and starving and dead and they think it’s funny (or claim you are grossly exaggerating). They want your history rewritten and your monuments and very sense of self erased. And those who aren’t actively evil, those worn-out civnats who insist we’re all fundamentally alike and want the same things for our children (we aren’t and we don’t) are merely deliberately blind – to the ongoing Negro on White carnage and the continuous assaults on all values and standards and morals.

      But then, I’m mean – and surely an extreme outlier. So carry on believing the ‘other side’ is composed of ‘good people.’ And I won’t say ” I told you so” when you meet your death and destruction of all you hold dear at their hands.

      • I don’t think that a bunch of people on the other side, who want us dead and gone, and the earth salted where we fall, even realize that is what they want. They have been so blinded by the leftist set of memes that they can’t even connect the dots. They simply obey and follow what they are told, and believe they are thinking correctly. That is why, as Range Front Fault mentioned up the thread, the breaking away from it all is so hard. It is an intervention involving deprogramming. They live in a cultural Disneyland where we are the bad guys, and they don’t really know why, and they don’t know where it all leads. Personally, I treat them like rabid dogs. If they are on a leash or behind a fence, I simply steer clear and look the other way. I know they will bite me given half a chance, and I treat them accordingly. Certainly their level of thinking is at a dog‘s level. We must always remember that many of the people we deal with every day are not rational thinkers. They simply float along, following the tide.

  18. Battered women have more self-regard.

    One thing that infuriates me is conservatives who are brutally slandered by the left, but respond by just cucking harder, instead of declaring war. I fear Justice Kavanaugh is one such case.

    P.S. If I see one more of those “these are the 10 worst cities in America, what do they all have in common? That’s right, they’re all run by democrats!” Twitter posts, I’m going to go full berserker.

  19. I think on some level conservatarians know that libertarian economic ideas would only solve Detroit’s problems in that a meritocratic system would have most of the black population getting emptied out. They can’t allow themselves to admit it though. They get offended when the left calls them racist because they don’t support affirmative action. At least the left actually acknowledges the reality of an affirmative action free world, in that way they’re more race realist then normies.

    When a civnat points out all the diversity in the founding of the U.S. I like to point out it was 90% white until recently. And according to the founders that was by design. It creates some sort of break in their brain- “must condemn racism” but “cannot criticize founders.”

    • When one line of NPC code contradicts another. I think of the scene in ST:TNG where the villain taunts Data that he is incapable of killing him.

  20. I make fun of normies for their “I don’t see color” hypocrisy, but the truth is that most educated whites believe it – at least on some level. They are genuinely confused (and fearful) when I point the racial angle to some issue. They’ve conditioned their minds to not see race on any matter than doesn’t directly impact their life.

    What’s interesting is that they don’t disagree with me when I connect the racial dots, so they’re not insane. Part of them knows that what I’m saying is correct, not because I’m some genius but because it’s laughably obvious. But they absolutely don’t want to stay on that topic. They either get mad, or, more commonly, shrug and quickly move on.

    We are fighting a lifetime of mental conditioning. It’s going to take some time to overcome.

    • Those who have tried to engage with hardcore Alt Righters or white nationalists will have experienced a strange phenomenon where they appear to be strangely blind to certain topics. Something seems to have been altered in their brains that prevents them from seeing anything that contradicts their white superiority fantasy. It is an important fact for normies to accept when dealing with this subset of the population. A lifetime of conditioning, perhaps generations of conditioning, have made it impossible for people like yourself to ever look up and see the great divide, much less cross over to the other side. The discomfort you experience (cognitive dissonance and stress) has to be a tremendous strain on your life. But if you would just set yourself free…

  21. I also really don”t understand the linked Quilette article. Be a Sancho Pansy instead of a Don Quixote?

    So you should follow a stupid stoner instead of being one?

    Calling Jordan Peterson! (See Jordanetics by Vox Day)

  22. The only thing worse than the hair on fire fanatic is the far too calm Dr. Hannibal Lecter explaining in clear and specific detail why a position is untenable or self-contradictory, and is going to fail and take you with it.

    I think I also have figured out why the libertarians have gone full LGBTQ clown. I knew what the pictures and videos would show but I finally bothered to look at them from Tom Woods’ (and Bob Murphy’s) “contra cruise”.

    The only suprise was that it was LESS diverse than an AmRen or NPI conference. I have to wonder how many women were SOs of the man who wanted to attend. But it is the “look at it, count, and completely fail to notice the pattern”. They aren’t selling in Somali refugee areas or Selma, Baltimore or Detroit, much less the various little Mexicos, Guatemalas, and Hondurases to send liberty back home instead of cash remittances.

    But how to make libertarianism of whatever strain – Rothbardian, Randian, Kochato – “diverse”. I know, lets invite every form of sexual pervert except (for now) pedophiles so we can use the lilly white drag queens to read Man, Economy, and The State at story hour, and claim diversity!

    But the error of the SeiveGnats is more horrible, subtle, and obvious. In the early 1960s, Blacks were moving into the middle class with stable familes, and going from regular blue collar to skilled trades, and generally thriving and becoming western civilized. But they were forced to – no welfare, no “here’s cash, just don’t call me racist”.

    The Mall Mauler would have met the fate of any sociopath back then.

    Ethno-nationalists have options and considerations when there miscreants arise because they are still part of “the nation” even if inconvenient, a nuisance,
    obnoxious, or worse. Guests are guests and are evicted if they become a nuisance or even inconvenent.

    SeiveNats have two options when someone specfically rejects the creed – the idea – the proposition. First, some kind of “reeducation” that would give the Chinese nightmares, or second, insuring they no longer live on your soil (which has the option of correction either by chainging the soil or that they “live”).

    So, for Ilian Omar, Rashida Talib, AOC, and those with dual citizenship, which solution would the propositionists suggest? Robotic Lobotomy, deportation, or Hemlock kool-aid?

  23. I can relate. Over on my FB feed all of my lolbertarian friends are blaming the Notre Dame inferno on the inefficiencies of the French state sector. As if a few market reforms, including even more open borders presumably, would stop this kind of thing from ever happening again.

      • That’s exactly the same question I asked them. No response. You see, when the reality does not match the theory, then the reality must be neither observed nor acknowledged.

        • My response to people who yell “we don’t want a socialist country” (including Pres. Trump) is that we live in a socialist country and have since at least the New Deal of the 1930s. I point out to people who complain about “socialized medicine” that we have socialized medicine – Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP and the VA. Socialism is here – it’s just a matter of degree, not kind.

          Strictly speaking, the only Constitutional medical program at the Federal level is the VA because it was originally intended to only treat veterans suffering from service-connected medical problems. At the end of WWII, it expanded to provide veterans with medical care for any and all issues. Mission creep is typical of government programs if for no other reason that every program creates a constituency not only for its maintenance but its expansion.

  24. Elmer Gantry = Ben Shapiro = Rush Limbaugh = Ann Coulter = Mark Levin = Sean Hannity…

    As long as there remains some decaying but financially non-trivial subset of the American people who want to hear the old time religion, they’ll be among us, with their books and coffee mugs and such.

    • Queen Ann does not belong in your list. Limbaugh and Hannity are self-interested controlled opposition fulfilling their jobs to distract the normies while the demographic clock runs out. Levin and Shapiro are advancing their genetic lineage by distracting the goyim with schemes about tax cuts and constitutional conventions.

  25. Just finished the Quillette article.
    “The biggest danger of Quixotism, to my mind, is that people will be turned off the entire progressive project”

    Its not surprising that a progressive wouldn’t admit that errors are intentional or allow themselves to notice they are. The question we are left with is whether the author of the piece is a naive true believer or a cynical agent. I’m inclined to the latter, but I’m rather cynical myself.

    Its absolutely hilarious that she used Don Quixote as a metaphor!

  26. Quilette’s “contribution” to the “debate” is NOT made in good faith. Of that I am convinced. At first I was excited about Quillette, but after a strong start they started running articles where effeminate academics used academic mumbo-jumbo to shill for open borders. I immediately gave up on Quilette, and I haven’t read a single article there ever since. Your blog entry, however, confirms what I expected 100%. It will get worse, as these cucks always mouth leftist dogma with a 3-to-6-year delay. The traitor at your back is way more dangerous than the enemy at your front.

    • Perfect analogy. Liberalism on a 6 year tape delay. Sean Hannity would be the worst offender on that. And by the way, it’s so obvious that he’s cheating on his wife with his little radio side kick Lynda. I can tell from the banter, before I change the radio station.

    • Ultraconfirmed. Gillette is a Gatekeeping operation. See this junk they published on Nietzsche. It beggars belief:

      “Finally, Nietzsche would have found the invocations by the far Right—past and present—infuriating. He often looked at his sister Elizabeth’s gradual descent into German nationalism and later Nazism with an uncharacteristic mixture of pity and scorn. Had Nietzsche lived to see the rise of Hitler, he would likely have immediately recognized the Austrian dropout as the mean and resentful creature he was. He would likely have been horrified to see his work on the will to power and the great man transformed into a kind of racist eugenics, insisting that his work was about the individual self and not collective genetic overcoming. And, of course, Nietzsche would regard the deindividuation of totalitarianism, its attempt to completely assimilate the single person into the nation, as nihilistic. Today, no doubt Nietzsche would have lambasted the alt-right efforts to associate his work with concerns about immigration and the racial makeup of society.”

  27. ” The choice on offer is not between reality and fantasy, but between an old fantasy that no longer works and new fantasy than has the kick the addict recalls from the beginning.”

    Endless revolution or a pendulum swinging back and forth.

    • Or an authoritarian state that doesn’t tolerate Leftist bull , sets logical laws, leave no wiggle room or room for camel noses and gets it done.

      If the Dissident Right ever gets power they had better know how to use and be willing to use it.

      Americans love cheap half measures and that shit can’t fly anymore. Modernity is complex, fragile, demanding of good inputs to work and if we want to keep it, we’ll have to pay for it .

      This many not be possible for a lot of social reasons and if it isn’t than we had best figure out what we can afford and what we must have to function and roll it back. As J.M Greer puts it, collapse now and avoid the rush

      An 80% or more White USA with basically no immigration and no Hard Leftists even if it had say the per capita of Poland so long as the distribution curve was functional would be good place to live

      To remind folks, European GDP in the top ten countries is near equal too or better than that of the US with a more equal distribution of wealth and the top 20 don’t compare that badly as the cost of living is lower

      Our system is broken an getting normies and hell more than a few dissident to stop being corporate cucks and to think about the long term health of the US and its people is something we have to do.

      Given US citizens are among the most propagandized people in the free world , it won’t be easy but doing that is part of the “our way is better.” plan

      • The only way out of this I foresee is a 1917 from the Right. We await a period of prolonged, sharp, mass suffering (which will probably never arrive) sufficiently delegitimizing, to the mass, the elite and their System, to allow a new elite of cohesive Rightist ideological fanatics to seize power via revolution/coup, and ruthlessly impose sanity via the State. Capitalism, democracy, “our values” have created this head-long rush into mass insanity, mass ignobility, and Western oblivion, and only a total overthrow will correct it. The mass of men are incapable of truly breaking free from the conditioning they’ve been given, as Zman describes in this article. It will take force, via the State, intelligently and ruthlessly applied, to change course.

        • The Left promises way too much with its socialist/communist ideas. Once people have a real taste of it, and how the facts on the ground are completely at odds with the promises made, they will turn their backs quickly. Of course, by then, the gates may be slammed shut and there will be no getting out of it. Which is better, to push things now and try to win people over, or let it fall and pick up the pieces? Looks like six of one and half a dozen of the other, and a tough path forward either way.

  28. These things can take time; I’m a living example. In my earlier novels four years ago, I talk about Blacks and Whites working together while living apart.

    In my most recent this past November, I have the antagonist correctly pointing out that “we’re in this situation, Miss Clarke, because your shitskin mayor and his shitskin special police shelled our women and children!”

    Via you, Severian, C. Hartieste, and Gab, and others, I crossed the river. Let’s give the normies a better paradigm.

  29. Most of my family are comprised of CivNats and Evantriots. Theirs is the voice of invincible ignorance. The ones with military service are impossible to reach. And, of course, the biggest challenge is to get them to stop swallowing their usual sources. You can tell when they tire of the discussion…they turn to some sportsball subject. As you might imagine, I’m not popular in my family.

    • Something that needs to be addressed is the term “Military Service”
      My preference is “on Military Welfare”

    • I was raised near a large military base by civilian parents, I know exactly how they are. I especially like the libertarian bent on economic issues, yet they work for literally the most socialist organization in the country, right down to base housing, and always seem to want something for nothing. If all these Bernie/AOC types want to live live socialists, they should join the military. And they are impossible to reach. I hate their deification in the last 30 years. I find it hollow and un-American.

      • Its even more frustrating when they’re retired, living on a generous pension and still going on about free markets and such. Its my opinion that the military doesn’t select for introspection or self awareness.

        • The last thing you want in military people is self awareness or introspection. Its less useful for them than police and its not encouraged there

          As to the topic at hand, I’ve been saying “we need something to offer” here and elsewhere for the longest time.

          Z however has reach and is frankly a better at articulating these ideas than I am.

          Thanks you Z.

          Also while its not my habit, let me White Pill a little, we are reaching normal people and lots of them. However this is happening in real world time not internet time. This means something that is occurring at an incredible speed out there seems glacial to us.

          This doesn’t excuse lack for effort in our parts , if anything it means we have to work harder. It does mean we shouldn’t grow discouraged and if anything we should double down.

        • All US military bases around the nation (and world) are little socialist, multicultural islands sealed off from normalcy.

          • Marx’s “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” is pretty much how the military works

            That said very careful discussion of “commies in the schools” can work to wake up Cold War obsessed older normies on the social front.

            It has to be done with some tact but it will often penetrate the cognitive blinders and you discretely work them from there.

    • Military types literally get a curated sample of all the races. That’s just the first night of basic, then the brainwashing begins. All the races get mixed up and put toward a common goal and identity through a tightly controlled environment of absolute government control.

      Trying to pry open their skulls and convince them of the above is impossible.

      • There are US military who read Z man daily, blog topics lead to intriguing conversations while waiting on various pieces of the defective bureaucracy to function.

      • One of those made-up words people coin to show their superiority over “the masses.”

        Some people think Christian and Evangelical are synonymous and that patriots are fools so they combine the two to show this is another of the myriad groups the smarter people are supposed to poke fun at.

        When the left does it against non-leftists, people call it “virtue-signaling.” When the others do it, it has no common label, but it is still a way of separating themselves and showing they are part of the Special Few Who Get It.

    • Humm. Folk I know patrolling the border are for the most part ex-military. I suspect you may be more right than wrong, but if push comes to shove, there are a lot of woke ex military out there we can/will be calling upon.

  30. Regarding what happened in Minnesota, my opinion of best strategy to take with the civic nationals is to tie this together with Ilhan Omar, who they hate. Remind them that the only reason this loon is in Congress is that we imported a bunch of unstable Somalis like this perp. Getting the civic nationals to admit the importation of Somalis is a bad idea seems like low hanging fruit. If we can’t even do that…

    • Instead you have Blormph using her as a foil. “The Democrats are anti-Semites” and the MAGA crowd laps it up. I was reading a prog column and the author called it “the new Southern strategy.” It was an accurate assessment. Why deport Somalis when you can use them to rile up your base? After all, it’s only about religion, right?

    • I’m afraid they can’t even do that because they will never admit race as a disqualifying factor.

      Conservatives allow the possibility of a single outlier who fulfills their dreams to disallow any racial restrictions on immigration.

      I would say to the white conservatives that even the high IQ, low crime non-white immigrants still likely have an ethnocentrism that the conservatives can hardly imagine.

      • Correct, but here is my dilemma. Is it easier to promote an immigration policy of no POC or Whites only, as compared to an immigration policy of highly skilled/educated/meritorious people of any color? The later reducing the immediate damage of the current immigration policy, while eliminating/reducing the charge of racialism to the first. Seems that taking away the charge of racism—the main obstacle to reform—might move us forward. Or at least expose the open border folks real intentions.

        • Compsci, I feel you and respect you as a brother. I don’t have insights about short term political tactics, but long term I feel we have to insist on no immigration period.

          • Immigration freeze is a valid alternative that I can support as well. Reject the political tactics of my previous post and you come up with a freeze as a good solution. The reality is of course, you battle two great political obstacles: the Left that wishes to dilute White numbers and gain power through immigration of POC, and the Rightest business types that want cheap labor—regardless of the destruction of the remaining social capital of the nation.

  31. You can’t fight a religion with logical, dialectic argument. It takes a competing mythology expressed in rhetoric.

    As the neocons continue to demonstrate, the American origin story is a powerful mythology. A diaspora of oppressed fanatics sojourns in the wilderness, achieves untold prosperity and defeats the Evil Empire b/c Chosen. Sound (((familiar)))? Europeans have advantages of scale and history to help them develop and express tribal identity. America’s more diverse and (((pasteurized))) White tribes need to reclaim their heritage. (Buchannan’s “Republic Not an Empire” is a good red-pill.)

    Beyond that, I’m not sure which way to go in presenting our fantasy, to use Z’s term – American Identity or European Identity?

    Is there an “American” identity distinct from Europe? (Z’s touched on that before discussing the “frontier” mindset.) If we opt for Euro Identity, can or will American Whites end up working with European Whites in a similar fashion to diaspora Jews with Israel? If we opt for American identity, is it simply “Whites” or do we balkanize along regional lines, like the League of the South guys?

    • I think Balkanization is the likely outcome. All white people are not the same just because they’re white. As a west coast person I feel pretty alien in other parts of the country, especially in places where you order a chicken salad and the little pieces of chicken are fried, or you order an iced tea and spit it out because some vile person added humming bird food. Or country pop music. Is there anything that awful? As foreign as Bollywood music. Or opening your hotel room door and having a paper with an entire section just on Nascar. I could go on. It’s foreign to me.

      Europe is a great example. A continent of white people, but what does a Serbian really have in common with a Belgian? Skin color matters, but underlying culture is important.

      • Indeed. I keep reading about Austria and then comparing in my mind they to their big neighbor, Germany. One struggles to survive as a people and culture, while the other is hell bent on suicide—and perhaps already there.

    • “. A diaspora of oppressed fanatics sojourns in the wilderness, achieves untold prosperity and defeats the Evil Empire b/c Chosen. Sound (((familiar)))? ”
      Brilliant summation of our founding myth!

      In Fischer’s Albion’s Seed we see that the Puritans and Quakers both spoke of building the “shining city on a hill” and a feeling of being special , even “chosen “, comes through in their writings. Interestingly, the groups settling the south lacked this revolutionary mindset preferring to continue their British cultures. The Northern worldview ultimately won out and the Southern was subsumed.

      In Webb’s The Great Frontier we see a similar hubris: a pseudo religion of individuality and hard work that views material gain as a sign of righteousness and raises “self made men” up as saints. From this it isn’t too difficult to extrapolate “magic dirt theory ” and “anti-racism”.

      Too balkanise or not? Id say balkanisation is better considering the sheer size of the US and the large cultural differences of the various regions as JRWirth mentions below.

      • However, the founding myth may be the ‘grease’ that propels positive progress. As most of the self-help literature endorses the need for believing something great can be accomplished. A bunch of smart people sitting around the faculty lounge demonstrating their intelligence to the each other doesn’t accomplish much. Whereas a vision “reach exceeding grasp” with proper leadership can exceed expectations – assuming some normal range of IQ.

        • Religion, myth or fantasy, whatever we choose to call it, is ingrained in human nature. I couldn’t agree more about faith being superior to skepticism. My point was that our actual history is an even more powerful animating mythology when divorced from it’s post-Civil War (((“re-interpretation.”))). It’s true (better word to world fit) + more in-group relevant.

    • Peterson’s wrong when he says that no-one wants the genetic reality to be the case,I would far rather that violence, indolence, stupidity and incompetence be largely concentrated in easily identified groups rather than distributed at random. It is obviously better for the sane and normal majority of the population, no matter what grief it causes the shitlibs.

        • I haven’t read any of Peterson’s books, and I don’t look at his stuff on youtube a lot. I’m not a fanboy.

          Z, I get that you don’t like Peterson’s manner, voice, or books. Still, the man is anything but a blank-slater, and he’s willing to tell it to anyone who will listen — including his students. Such a rare public stand by an educator should count for quite a bit these days. Especially, I would think, among those “on this side of the divide.”

          You pretty much said you think Peterson is chicken because he doesn’t go into the ramifications of no-blank-slate.

          But at the beginning of your comments in the first part of Happy Homeland, you spoke convincingly about the hazards that dissidents face. Perhaps your point of view has changed a little in the year since you wrote Eternal Guru.

          I hope you’ll consider giving Peterson a little more credit for the public stands he does take: (1) He’s willing to follow the science to a significant, useful, and unpopular place. (2) He refuses to let the government tell him what he has to say. Those are rare and praiseworthy things, I think.

          • Cerulean, precisely. Zman and any number of others simply can’t get over their dislike for anyone more popular and influential than they working in their garden So they can’t resist trying to take them down a peg or two whenever the opportunity presents.

            For my part, I find this to be a crude reaction and counter productive to the cause. Where I agree with Zman is that Peterson won’t take us to our desired end—hence the reason I am here, with Zman. But being here does not blind me to the good that Peterson has done and continues to do, particularly wrt Leftist control in academia. That’s where my real world interest/experience lies.

  32. The problem is as old as the hills, and the cave that Plato found there.

    If you cannot break the prisoner’s chains and drag him into the light, then you must seize control of the shadow parade and show him Noble Truths, but darkly.

    It’s a neat trick to manage this without losing your own life or soul in the process.

    • If the prisoner’s chains are unbreakable you can’t show him noble truths, he’s blind to them. All you can do is drag him by his chains to a new cave of your design and he’ll sit just as happily watching whatever shadows you project.

      At least that’s how I see every revolution.

      • “Noble truths” is a Buddhist conception. IIRC, in Republic, Plato advocated the telling of Noble Lies, in order to lay a necessary foundation for his imaginary society.

  33. Breitbart is a great site to see this in action. You don’t even have to go to Fox News.

    I go to Breitbart to see what the rubes are being spoon fed every so often. The approach is very intentional, keeping their minds within the bright lines of appropriate thought and conversation, with all signs pointing to “leftism” “Democrats’ “Progressives” “Socialists” etc.

    As has been discussed before on this blog, conservatives are hijacking a liberal outrage machine, but also embracing with it, the same underlying assumptions and worst of all, that we should even be outraged by certain topics, because the left deified it a a topic worthy of conversation years ago, like African American employment and wages. Pretending that somehow Trump liberated blacks to move their assess after Democrats chained them to welfare projects. No, they’re no less lazy under Trump, and those figures are highly doctored. There’s a mass hallucination that orange man is turning black people into winners, at long last.

    • I am proud to announce that I have been banned from the comments section on Breitbart. And if they ever allow me on there again, they will get a double dose of dissident right reality.

      • That’s saying something. I’ve posted some hard hitting commentary on the articles there and not been banned yet. Although I’m attacked by a hundred obese people who wear white tube socks (I just know, don’t need to see them) and think people like John Bolton are heroes that are securin’ the homeland.

      • Breitbart banned me shortly after the 2016 election, when they went all Israel all the time. Gateway Pundit banned me years ago – cannot even recall which comment hit the sweet spot (he also worships the special people plus he’s a gay civic nationalist). I’ve even had comments removed from Amren. This is about the only place I still comment on with any regularity – and increasingly one of the shrinking number that I read.

    • Not everyone in our tribe will make it to the other side nor should they. It’s hard to gauge our numbers but if it gets to 1/3rd of the men and we can measure that and have some sort of reliable line of communication, we should mobilize.

      Want us deplorables out of your hair?
      Sure, we’ll take ….

      Make the costs of keeping up around a lot more than letting us go.

  34. Tim Pool was the most baffling inclusion and I’m surprised that did not push her over the edge. He certainly got a good chuckle at being labeled as the portal to the alternative universe of white supremacy.

  35. Whatever one thinks of Moldbug he fashioned his attacks on Modernism by first getting people to see the crass manipulations of the American Revolution. Something very few people have an emotional attachment to.

    Once someone was able to acknowledge that a lifetime, a multi-generational time span, of accepted truths was not so clear cut…he could begin doing the same to the sacred truths of our current day.

  36. Z—you are invoking the 3 muses today…great article…. And amazing clarity. And of course reality is depressing. My experience leads me to believe people are hardwired to reality or not hardwired.
    “It’s an odd thing that suggests these people have some sort of shunt in their consciousness that prevents them from seeing certain aspects of life. It’s not just a matter of self-censorship in order to avoid taboo subjects. Something seems to have been altered in their brains that prevents them from seeing anything that contradicts the colorblind fantasy.” Absolutely right!
    Two clear reasons why: 1) Evolutionary Hardwiring. Leads to…..2) Tribal Cohesion. One must conform to remain safely in the tribe. In the way wayback time, surviving was dependent on remaining in the tribe.
    Few of us change tribes. I am your translator from across the divide. Very rarely, all the cards line up allowing one to change. By the time I was 48, both parents were dead. All relatives except my 1 offspring dead. The few lefty friends I had were dingbats, wingnuts or batshit crazy, and obvious to me. I HAD LITTLE TO LOSE and that is operative in making the big change. No worries about the Thanksgiving dinner. I was hardwired to see reality and I could not stop my changing.
    This is imporant: The discomfort I experienced (cognitive dissonance and stress) was GREATER if I repressed seeing and acting on reality THAN the discomfort of ignoring reality and staying with the lefty wingnut herd. Afraid this is a matter of how much discomfort we experience and where it pushes us. If I had experienced more discomfort leaving the herd, I probably would have remained. When my Husband was dating me, he thought I was remarkable for thoughtfully crossing the divide. I said I had no choice! It was more painful to stay then to leave. Must remain true to myself. It’s how I’m hardwired. Could not block seeing reality. If my tribe was bigger and not so F***ed up, I might have stayed. This does not bode well for our side. Conversely, it took a small percentage to make the American Revolution.

    • Z…..Please consider writing an article on our evolutionary hardwiring disposition for group identity using emotional pain as indicators and motivators to conform (or not) and therefore push us in different tribal directions. I think you get the drift.

    • Similar circumstances here. Dissidents tend to be outcasts, overloading us with gamma types & grifters. Our numbers are going to be limited and every recruit is suspect. Another question we need to answer in selling our fantasy is do we recruit among outcasts for quantity or quality?

      • Or do we recruit at all. Caution: The act of recruiting means someone is in charge, and that first layer usually runs bad—ego takes charge, goes to their head and a power grab ensues, then they kill the next layer. This is tough to figure. Go back and re-study the 1917 Commie Revolution and then Castro/Che and that Revolution, and Bill Ayers. Ugly stuff about revolutionists.

        Does a civil war necessarily end up in a revolution?

        Should a movement be “organic” whatever that means. Should it snuffle along and follow the promptings. Set up structure as each piece unfolds.
        I’m not wired to say… you stay or you leave. That’s either up to someone else to decide to recruit, or we don’t do that.

        Maybe you attract recruits by having a rudimentary platform that is a positive statement to attach to.
        You will always have infiltrators and grifters in every movement. The rot is always attracted.

        I don’t have to worry about this crap anyway. This is the ego crap that destroyed my parents…who will run the revolution. A lot of fever swamps and pit falls to be aware of. You folks will be figuring this out. This is a young folks world and fight.

        • Try to avoid “purity” camps…the tendency to spin away into purity camps of who is more woke/correct ideology/the chosen ones. Then you fall on your own and devour the movement. The left will infiltrate to achieve this and your egos won’t see this hit you.

      • Ha! When a women looks at a man and mutters “Whatever!” this doesn’t bode well. That’s why men go hunting.

      • Ackshually, “Depending on the region where they were celebrated, both the names and the number of Muses varied. There are various accounts of five, seven and even eight Muses. However, they are most often either three (probably in earlier reports) or nine (following Hesiod and maybe Homer).

        The Three Muses
        At both Delphi and Sicyon, there were no more than three Muses. According to Plutarch, one of the Sicyonian Muses was called Polymatheia, or “The One of Much Learning.” Pausanias, a Greek geographer from the second century, claims that there were originally three Heliconian Muses as well.”

    • Also, I think that in the past, when life was more necessary and immediate, there was a real motivation to be able to recognize reality. Just because you wanted the cave bear as your totem, didn’t mean you were able to survive if you made him your best friend and cave-mate. I think the wolf at the door was a powerful force for keeping bottled up human creative lunacy, or our inborn tendency to delusion,

      • …… or to be able to tease out reality from the tangled mess of fantasy that was and is the human mind ….

  37. Quillette occasionally has some good stuff, but your point is well taken.

    Indeed, the Booby will link to the latest Quillette article below in which the author, in typical academic pussy fashion, can’t quite bring himself to outright condemn the deplatforming of controversial (i.e. conservative or libertarian) speakers.

    It’s truly pathetic. The author is so clearly obsessed with not upsetting the hive that his attempt to criticize the far-left totalitarians in academia ends up sounding like subtle praise.

    This is why academia is a lost cause today. Even the dissenters are pliant, housebroken twits who are too afraid for their reputations to stand up like men and say “enough!”

  38. In paragraph six, shouldn’t “father” be “faith”?
    I only point this out as this is such a phenomenonal column that I want to share it.

      • Red wine is o.k. and goes well with Cheerios.

        Avoid Chardonnais because it may turn you into a Californian.

        • Hey now! I live in California and it would Whit pill you silly to know how many Dissident Right live here.

          • Yes there is a lot in CA problem is it’s not enough and never again will be…The beast your feeding is eating you slowly but surely and you don’t have anyway of stopping it other than to quit feeding it because I’m pretty sure there is not enough of committed folk there to kill it…Odds are against folks in CA and I don’t see it getting better anytime soon…

          • It would do the same to the average Z reader if he knew how many Dissident Right are in the population in general.

  39. In L. Ron Hubbard’s “Battlefield Earth” the Psychlos had a fuse built into their brains as babies that caused them to violently short circuit when certain topics were brought up. A lot of “conservatives” are the same way and don’t realize it. These are the people that will list out the worst cities in America and say “see, they are all run by Democrats” while never seeming to realize that places like Vermont and Portland are also run by Democrats and are nowhere near as violent. Democrat leadership is the result, not the cause, of vibrant diversity.

    • That’s some funny shit right there.

      The Democrats were running things in many of those areas you refer to – and they were majority white – LONG before they ever turned into globohomo “diverse” pozotopias.

      The violence is the results of the African portion of the population reaching critical mass. And they’re encouraged to get there – by welfare policies pushed by Democrats.

      Democrat rule = more “diverse” population += more “government assistance” which increasingly = higher black population as % of total population.

      Higher black population % DIRECTLY = More Violence

      You must be a forklift driver. The steering wheels normally go in front – and the cart goes BEHIND the horse.

      Vermont is 1.2% African American BTW.

      Portland Oregon is 6.3% African American, and Portland Maine is 7.1%

      Baltimore, African American: 63.7%
      Baltimore’s last Republican Mayor left office in 1967

      Detroit: 82.7% (whites were 90.4% of the population in 1940)
      Detroit’s last Republican Mayor left office in 1962

      Boston has not become a diversotopia because it’s been run by Republicans – it’s become one because it’s been run by Democrats.

      • That is pretty much what I was saying. Your reading comprehension needs some work. My point was that the reason those places are shitholes is that they are full of diversity, not because they are run by Democrats contra Charlie Kirk and company.

        • They’re run by Democrats because they’re full of diversity. Donk whites use vibrant voters as leverage to get into power. No vibrant voters and the sort of Democrats who run their party today wouldn’t stand a chance.

        • Well, I think Calsdad’s point was that they are full of diversity because Democrats cause diversity, which is a slightly different point than what you made. Democrats = diversity once the conservative Democrats left for the GOP or independent parties (or just dropped out altogether). Their critical mass exodus probably occurred ca. 1980-90, with the Reagan Democrats and neocons. After that, the Dems became permanent Diversicrats.

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