Server Upgrade/Open Thread

Yesterday and last night, the server was upgraded to hopefully put an end to the problems I have been having of late. Performance should be better. There is still work to be done to finish the setup, so if the site goes dark today, it is just maintenance. If you experience anything weird that is related to the site, I’m not interested in your fight with the mime at the dog park, post it up here so I can investigate. Otherwise, things should settle down today.

45 thoughts on “Server Upgrade/Open Thread

  1. I have no idea what it cost to have a proper server for something like this .

    Then again you blog every day and then there’s the radio show every week so wouldn’t mind doing a once-a-year donation.

    Kind of like a magazine subscription

  2. I think it’s time for said mechanism. At least consider a mailing service, too, for money orders and such.

    In the meantime, here’s hoping to some commentary on your mayoral situation and bbq massacre.

  3. I’ve been thinking about changing up my will. I die in a car crash later today and it all goes to certain people who’ve treated me like crap my whole life. Why not have the money go to entities on the Dissident Right who’ve been such a great thing in my life? Those of us who have the ability to change our wills without incurring the wrath of wife or family should start thinking about who we’d REALLY like our money to go to.

    • Been on my mind for a while, particularly so for the past week.
      I’m torn between good and evil:
      Where will it do the most good, to the right people of course.
      Where will it do the most harm, to the right people of course.

  4. Crowd funding for the Dissident Right is a real problem begging for a solution. When I learned about Canada’s release of a “gay loonie” to commemmorate 50 years of decriminalizing sodomy, the fact that the mintage would be limited to C$3 million made me think that a few thousand radicals could buy them up and keep them out of public hands, maybe even sacrifice the funds to have the offending coins melted down. Two immediate problems surfaced: how not to be deplatformed from crowdfunding apps that would be SJW apoplectic and how to bureaucratically prevent or delay the Canadian mint from just cranking out a few million more. I certaintly couldn’t counsel defacement and recirculation of these abominations because that might be illegal.

    • Start with the basic no charge version of the Plugin. That may be all you need. Then upgrade only if needed.

    • Now that there are some real costs to being me, I may have to bite the bullet and come up with a funding mechanism. I’m working on a book and that will cost money to get edited and published.

      I’m a little unsure about how to move forward. Some people use services like Patreon or SubscribeStar, which could work for me. I think RamZPaul uses Patreon. I could probably crowd-source for a book project.

      The trouble with these options is the people running them are unpredictable, emotional loons who can shut you down on a whim.

      • I hope you figure out someway to get some donations. Been wanting to do it for a while. Your site has helped me bring along some normie cons so in that sense it is invaluable

      • Whatever ya do, you have to keep control of your brand. You don’t want anyone in a position giving you orders either. Not for something like this.

      • Can you pull up a list of emails from the membership of this site? If so I would go with patreon, try to keep it low-key. A PO Box is pretty impervious to sjw shenanigans. But of course then you have to worry about the ricin

      • I, for one, would strongly advise you to monetize. Yes by all means build up War chest. Going into the future you don’t know how many lawyers you’ll be required to pay. I hate those bastards but they can come in handy.

        • I’ll say one thing about top notch litigators, personally most are the sort of people I’d shoot if I found them on my front lawn uninvited. But when shit hits the fan, a good one is invaluable.

      • Ramzpaul does use patreon but like you said it is subject to their whims. I there is a way to do a crowdsourcing that wouldn’t immediately get shut down, that might be better.

      • I don’t know about the legal framework of these things, but you could always crowd source incognito, tell them on the crowdsource site that you’re writing a book called “Schnauzer vs. Terrier: A History of Military Service Dogs in World War One.” Then spread it around on this and other dissident sites that WW1 service dogs are, um, the /perfect/ subject for a book. Like how sort of the best way to start an IRL dissident discussion club is to pool resources and open a storefront indie “art gallery” that has a LOT of ” invitation only” events.

        • “…tell them on the crowdsource site that you’re writing a book called…”

          But…that’s actually an interesting subject and if you don’t deliver you’re a douche. May as well have called Zman controlled opposition, a sni-i-itch on top of it.

      • Get a PO Box. I mail Sailer a few Benjamins every year in an envelope with no return address. Hope he gets them.

      • Many moons ago I decided to switch the money I was spending on the press: local paper, Economist, Foreign Affairs etc then = to about $600 a year to Web sources like James Corbett. I did it 10 @ $5 a month. A mere pittance each but a couple of thousand like me and you’ll get by.
        In the past few years I’ve seen a bunch of $1 and up sites, my plan is, when I drop someone for a real or imagined sin (at my sole discretion of course) I’ll start the new guy @$10.
        Have to find a way to gradually increase the old and true,
        That’s a model that works for a little guy like me and works for the site as they’re not dependent on a couple of fickle sources, If they stray too far from the truth, they are, rightly, fucked.

      • You might want to check out how Sam Harris is dealing with this issue.

        I for one would pay to subscribe…

      • I agree that you can / should both monetize the website (there is a core number of us who will pay monthly without thinking one iota about it), AND go for the crowd-funding on the book.
        I LOVE Lester Fewer’s idea of giving the book a “Ghost Name” and crowd source it that way.
        Then, oops, if the title needs to change at the last minute (you know how editors are), so be it.
        Also love the idea of a PO box where some of us can send you some Benjamins without our friends at the intentional r*pe service knowing about it.
        Just me supporting you. No middle man.

  5. Trump hated John McCain so much that he waited until McCain was dead to adopt all of his foreign policy positions.

    • Anybody with a triple digit IQ hated that prick. I don’t ordinarily speak ill of the dead, but that whoreson is more use to us where he is now.

      • To paraphrase Chiang Kai-shek, Hillary Clinton is only a disease of the skin; McCain was a disease of the heart; a corrupt man despite his honorable parentage, elite schooling and all. It was a relief to me that he died; in our day that’s the only known remedy for eliminating miscreants from the governing power.

        To think that decent Americans had no choice but to vote for this Quisling in 2008.

        And here we are.

        • “honorable parentage”? You might read up on his old man’s treason with regards to the USS Liberty.
          A line of treasonous parasites.

          • I’ve always had fun with : “Give me the name of any Vietnamese who has been confirmed to have killed as many American service men as John McCain.”

    • McCain was intimately involved in the coup attempt against Trump. One of his lieutenants at the McCain Institute,David J Kramer,helped pimp the phony dossier. McCain was a DC Progressive to his core who lied repeatedly to his constituents to get re-elected.
      RIP,and good riddance.

    • When Trump said he liked the ones who weren’t shot down, I knew he was my guy for two reasons (and I’m very much a pro-military vet): it proved he wasn’t susceptible to PC/cultural Marxism and, McCain was a rat bastard.

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