A Trip Through Crazy Land

I’ve been doing a lot of serious stuff lately, so this week I wanted to take a break and do some lighter material. The daily outrages you get from the news can often conceal the absurdity of the world imposed on us. The people in charge are every bit as clownish and ridiculous as we think, maybe more so. It’s not they are wrong or are mistaken. They are ridiculous people with a diminishing grasp on reality. Their ridiculousness is often amusing, so we should take some time on occasion to enjoy the freak show for what it is.

Normally, I start with the Huffington Post when looking for goofy stories. They never disappoint, but there is a whole other world out there of left-wing craziness too, so I get into some of that this week. Whenever you think the Left cannot get more ridiculous, always remember they can find another gear. Crazy has no limits. It’s also good to remember that current absurdities used to be confined to obscure websites. In other  words, today’s freak show will most likely be tomorrow’s normal.

Looking for content this week, the one thing that kept jumping out is most of it is driven by women and homosexual males. This is not a new observation, but it probably does not get enough attention, outside of some precincts in the man-o-sphere. These freaks we see are just desperate for attention and they will do anything for it. As our political class gets more feminine and gay, our politics gets more freakish and absurd. It explains why dissident politics is very male and very trad female.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: A HuffPo Appetizer (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Transmisogyny 101 (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: My Favorite Weirdos (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Some Legacy Crazy (Link)
  • 47:00: Shallow And Stupid (Link)
  • 52:00: Magic Bust (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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112 thoughts on “A Trip Through Crazy Land

  1. Z is really carrying the torch for the few right wing J3ws. He reminds me of the conservatives who insist that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don’t really represent the black community, eternally waiting for blacks to embrace conservatism. Regardless of the encouraging interactions that one may have with the few based blacks or J3ws on the micro level, tribalism rules at the macro level, which is all that matters.

  2. Z—add this to your Trip Through Crazy Land.

    An Oxford University professor has claimed aliens are already breeding with humans to create a new hybrid species that will save the planet from climate change. They’re scaly and they look like Julian Castro! I am placing an order for alien half-breeds that are hardwired for common sense and can actually deal with reality!


  3. Check out the comments on this InstaPundit thread.


    The article quotes Menachem Begin: “Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country.”

    And people are coming out of the woodwork to insist that because the Allies and the Russians didn’t liberate the camps fast enough or fight the war with the correct priorities (Priority #1: Save the Jews) that means Begin is right that nobody helped the Jews in WW 2. Obviously that’s not why we were fighting the war, but would the Jews preferred we’d just not fought at all, or sued for peace and let the Germans keep their acquisitions? Some serious ingratitude in that thread. Same for the massive help that the US and UK gave to the founding of Israel and which the US continues to give to this day.

    • Jewish entitlement mentality is something to behold. It’s no wonder they view us goy as subhuman.

      In regards to the thread in question, it’s positively drips with hatred towards America. The majority posters act like no one ever did anything for the Jews.

      I saw the same nasty attitude in my Holocaust teacher in college – a NYC communist Jew who looked like Karl Marx. Nasty man full of hate towards Americans. Had a real hate on for Slavs. He was also a runt at 5′.

  4. I salute Z-man for listening to, reading, and generally exposing himself to this above-ground radiation known as “the current truth”. I can’t do this – it is simply too damaging to my mind, or more exactly, to my desire to live. I don’t want to hear these people, read these people, or even contemplate these people.

  5. The point of a mafia protection racket is to get other people’s money, obviously. Jesse Jackson cloaks his shakedowns with talk of civil rights or whatever, but it’s purely cynical. He wants to be paid off.

    The Huffington Post reporter types are different. They truly believe their own lunacy. There is no financial benefit to them if Chinese YouTube bans heretics who deviate from progressive orthodoxy.

    • The purest example of that racket was Ald. Dorothy Tillman of Chicago. Her entire political program was white to black wealth transfer. She finally got voted out in the early 2000’s when despite her success at such transfers, her Ward still went to hell.

      My favorite example of her efforts was when she forced through an ordinance requiring all banks operating in Chicago to investigate and disclose all their past transactions involving slavery. Chase, Bank, which is the end result of dozens or maybe hundreds of bank mergers, got caught as one of it’s very old legacy banks was operating in Louisiana before 1860.

      Chase duly disclosed and made its penance with generous donations to Civil Rights groups – in Louisiana.

      Tillman was so mad, she could spit.

  6. I’d love to know where you got the idea that Reason Magazine and the creep calling himself Nick Gillespie speak for libertarians. I know plenty of libertarians and none of them read Reason. It’s a joke.

    Murray Rothbard was being way too polite when he referred to those types as “left libertarians” back in the 1980s. He should have just called them Bolshevik scum and left it at that.

    I agree with you regarding the death penalty. It ought to be applied to all felons, and quickly.

    • You wanna execute ALL felons?? Even Hitler and Stalin were bleeding heart softies next to you lol

      • Don’t execute them, do like Spain:
        Empty out the prisons and send them by ship up the Potomac and Hudson to DC and NYC.

        There, do what Cortes did.
        Burn the ships, and tell the men,
        “We make our kingdom here, or die.”

          • It worked for Castro.
            It was astonishing to me that the political filth was willing to inflict untold damage on the US by accepting Cuba’s scum in order to preen about “freedom”
            Everyone of the fuckers both in DC and Miami should have been shot there and then.

          • Well at least we got AIDS out of it!

            (From Angolan hookers > Cuban prisons > gay kingdom of Key West)

          • That was Carter, 1980. The depredations of Clinton and Soetero obscure the destructiveness of Carter’s tenure.

  7. Okay, two things. ‘bareback chem-sex’ (correct me if I got the terminology wrong there, this is a new field for me) blew me away. Call me domestic, call me boring or pedestrian but I found that report both hilarious and disturbing.

    Second thing, the last bit, on the proposed Texas death penalty for abortions. That is apparently factually true, I know Snopes is leftie but the argument goes ‘murdering a child of 10 years or younger is punishable by death in Texas [so far so good by me]; treat abortions as murder of a young child.’

    That’s nuts. This is one of those rare instances where Im gonna punch right. B/c, whatever you think of abortions, and Im not closed to the idea that it may be wrong. But I sure as hell dont think women should go to the electric chair for it. Im not sure abortion should be legal, Im not sure it should be illegal, I frankly dont spend a lot of time thinking about it. But it is not ‘murder’ to me in that sense. The lawmaker who wanted that, and then in Texas where the death penalty is more real than anywhere else not called jihadistan or China, he is an example of the kind of lunatic that can screw up dissident movements (not that I know he would call himself dissident right; but if he stapped a woman into the chair and fried her for having an abortion, Id like to go to work on him w a f*cking kitchen knife).

    I really like women. I dont consider them ‘men w vaginas’ and I guess I dont really consider them entirely ‘mentally adult’ the way actually thinking men (the significant minority of men) are. But I like them, and that evoked some protective instinct.


    • Another one on the payroll, eh?
      Meanwhile, at SPLC HQ: “What can we do to make Christians and the right wing look bad?
      These dopes are so. f*kkin. easy!”

      • You think Mr ‘send her to the chair’ is an institutional marcher?? Hmm, didnt think of that. Could be, anything is possible these days.

        • He was promised something, and is getting the money and a loudspeaker to provide column inches and decidedly emotional outrage.

          I don’t see any of our ‘whites have a right to exist’ crowd getting such blatant attention.

          Further evidence: Wayne LaPierre has damn near bankrupted the NRA, they are on their way to becoming the Boy Scouts. $60 million in pensions for conservative political activists is gone.
          Keep yer powder dry, fellas.

          Nobody remembers that Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority campaign against abortion disappeared after Reagan, along with $100 million in donations by pro-life supporters.

          • In a sane world this would not be possible. But, as I just learned today, this is not a sane world, this is a ‘bareback chem-sex’ world. So yes, possible, perfectly possible.

        • It’s easy enough. The mother is obviously mentally disturbed and is spared the death penalty – punishment for debate. The abortionist murders for money and is killed.

          • Great point. There has to be a vast moral distinction between wanting vs performing an abortion; moreover, there are gradients in the time-window. “Godless France”, empty churches and all, would – or perhaps is – horrified by the Cult of infanticide now practiced on a lucrative basis here in the good ol’ USA. Those debased Eurotrash still cap the time-limit at 14 weeks.

            I expect that in another 5-10 years, “a woman’s right to choose” will extend to a “fetus” of 2, annoying the all-precious woman because of all the paper towels, diversion from her boyfriend, etc.

    • Moran…Thanks for your critique and alert. Am with you and your analysis. Bad for our team. Wonder if the money paying Texas to sponsor this legislation comes from Soros and the globalist high command. Anyone have the interest and time to follow the money? This is the worst Hitler-behind-every-bush nightmare for the Left and they’ll come out in full hysterical mode. Range….hold on….note to self…..when are they not in full hysterical mode! This just is not the hill to die on.
      Wish we could teach young women to quit denying biological reality, to be prepared or keep their legs shut while dating and courtship. Short of that, which is fluffy bunnies and unicorns thinking, we are not going to see the world dump abortion. At least get the cut-off down to approx.12 weeks/before heartbeat….push big time for adoption…..then leave it alone.

    • It seems odd. As far as I know no woman has ever received so much as a fine for abortion in 50 years. I don’t believe Texas has the authority to make it a capital offense.

  8. Celebration of morbid obesity is the latest fad. I don’t know how that one passes the “ew” factor. It’s not like gay or POC where you can find a really sexy looking person to front for it. Trigglypuff is not anyone’s role model.

    • I think it must be hatred of beauty. Beauty suggests fitness and careful selection. Leftists have a postmodern hatred for beauty. This also explains why architecture and art have gone down the drain.

      • Well, Gehry’s buildings do look a bit like a bomb went off inside of them. I guess some people are into that sort of thing.

        • I wasn’t sure about Frank Gehry’s background so I looked it up:

          “Gehry was born Frank Owen Goldberg[1] on February 28, 1929, in Toronto, Ontario, to parents Sadie Thelma (née Kaplanski/Caplan) and Irving Goldberg.[4] His father was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian Jewish parents, and his mother was a Polish Jewish immigrant born in Lodz.”

          Every. Fucking. Time.

          • Yep, Jews have no aesthetic sense whatsoever and never did even going back to pre-Greek and Roman times. They had no architecture of their own, no art, not even unique pottery. Every ruin found in Israel is from another peoples.

            This lack of aesthetic sense has carried forward over the last 2000 years. They never produced a great artist, musical composer or architect, sculptor.

            Hell even the primitive Indian tribes in the U.S. can outdo them.

      • The hideous art and Soviet Brutal archtecture are meant to prevent us from having a cultural style we can identify with, for instance Christmas village scenes.

        Plus Beauty, like truth- they do not have it because it is not in them.

      • Moran….you nailed why the left hates beauty! Some of the young lefties may be okay looking in an edgy exotic kinda way. By middle age, they look ridden hard and put away wet.

    • I dunno,Dutch. Gillette’s latest ad campaign features a blonde Amy Schumer lookalike,guessing close to 275 lbs, cavorting in the surf clad in a bikini.
      Some dopey chicklette in their ad dept thinks this will sell razors.

  9. I have known so many women into the crystals, candles, auras and what not and occasionally one or two of them and even gotten me to play along. I never believed but there is a hive-mind mentality among women.

    I’ve been reading Rene Girard the scapegoat and it has made me think about the 16th and 17th century Witch Hunts in a completely different way. Historically, looking back, we always think of the foolishness of the persecutors to believe such nonsense but the truth is the women believed it too and there is a decent chance they were acting on those beliefs and forming little covens in the woods and trying to cast spells. We have a bunch of crazy women running around today calling themselves witches and forming covens and trying to curse Trump and the only reason we don’t come after them is because we don’t believe they have power. If we did, it would turn their insignificant lives into something significant which would be a benefit for them also. You know, before we burned them

    • The softness of present day life gives room for people to establish these elaborate fantasy lives. On the other hand, the hardness of life in the old days encouraged some people to establish elaborate escapist fantasy lives. The constant is that this sort of thing will always go on. The broader society’s acceptance of it (and occasional celebration of it) is the dangerous element of the whole thing. This applies to so many types of human weirdnesses.

    • The witch hunts likely came from John Calvin, as he declared all red-haired women with green eyes to be witches.

      Where did this 26 year old lunatic get his money and authority from, anyways? He was kicked out of Geneva, yet came back.

    • This makes a lot of sense.

      I set up an Social media sock puppet account just to post stupid quotes and you wouldn’t believe the way these childless yoga types eat it up.

    • Hmm 16th and 17th centuries eh? Well that was the time of the Reformation and bloodthirsty religious wars that made the Ottoman Turks look like moderates. A good way of getting rid of people you didn’t like was accusing them of being a heretic of some sort.
      Women would be easy targets since they were chattel. The ones who lived by themselves because their man was killed by the lunatic followers of Calvin, Luther or the RCC would be prime fodder for witch finders. Especially if she collected various herb for healing or food. Well that’s it for her.

      If anything the real crazies were the male followers of Calvin and other protestants.

  10. I knew many gays and gay couples when I lived in LA. Gay domestic violence is an unspoken scourge in the gay community.

    • The Oprah-watching moral majority only wants to hear about violence against gays if a straight white man does it. Otherwise imagine the social awkwardness at book club if they mentioned any other kind of perpetrator.

  11. I lived near LA and knew a number of gay individuals and couples. Gay domestic violence is a scourge on the Gay community, but no one wants to address it.

  12. I knew and was friends with a number of gay people and couples when I lived in Southern California/LA area. Gay domestic violence is an unmentionable scourge in the Gay Community. One gay couple I was friends with are prominent florists in LA. They had been kicked out and banned from most of the high end hotels in Las Vegas for beating the crap out of each other after long stints of alcohol and drug fueled sex. They freely admitted this to me and my wife. Another gay friend had the police come to a house warming party we were attending when one of his (illegal alien ) paramours became violently jealous at the party. They have all told me that there is a lot of domestic violence in the gay community, but they don’t want to be publicly vocal about it for obvious reasons.
    A good friend has a brother that is a homicide detective in a medium sized mid western city. He told us that whenever there is a particularly violent murder, they immediately start looking for connections to the Gay community. They can’t state this publicly, and his mentors inculcated a strict code of silence regarding this investigative rule of thumb.

    • Your friend’s brother speaks the truth. The craziest, in terms of extremely violent overkill, murders I’ve ever seen have been homosexual murders.

      I think it’s because you’ve got two dudes, which means more testosterone and upper body strength relative to women, combined with the mental illness, drug, and alcohol abuse endemic in that community. Usually means lots and lots of stabbing, even after the job is done.

      • In Toronto we recently convicted a closet fag of suducing and murdering eight other fags cutting up the bodies and burying them in planter boxes

  13. You’re willing to let the Libertardians go with only sterilization and assignment to work camps while we’re rebuilding society after the Burning Times have run their course? Weak. In my sector they’ll be handled with tall trees and short rope.

  14. “Ridiculous people with diminishing grasp on reality”…. adding this to my repertoire of snappy comebacks… Where do come up these gems?

  15. The papers in the Xirl Science links make my head hurt – and I used to write the legalese for debt covenants.

    To summarize the modern social sciences: if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh!t.

  16. A trip through crazy land in only an hour? Just like Disneyland, that first hour is only getting you in the gate and getting your bearings.

    Babylon Bee has a lot of fun with the crazy, every day.

  17. For newer readers, the Zman’s immortal maxim:

    “A study of 1820’s religious revivals shows that whenever women take charge, they let the crazies in.”

      • NZ, Canada, Ireland – all toe to toe as the finish line comes into view. But don’t look back; it’s a hard-grunting pack just behind. We Americans – first in war, first in peace – can’t be ignored in this final race, the race to oblivion. We produce – as we once produced aircraft carriers – idiotic candidates for high office in a volume none of our rivals can dream of. By golly, let’s do this, and show the fading West who is the leading lemming.

  18. “As our political class gets more feminine and gay, our politics gets more freakish and absurd. It explains why dissident politics is very male and very trad female.”

    A perfect example was low-IQ Abby Huntsman, daughter of a wealthy Deep State, Mormon RINO, on the “View” the other day having a virtual orgasm over Shotgun Joe’s video Presidential campaign “announcement.”

    America The Pathetic.

    • Yep..welcome to my world of Mormon squishes–dismaying.

      To counter the soul-draining world, find humor where you can to bolster yourself. Or go out and make some of your own!

      Joltin’ Joe will provide a wide spectrum of simple humor as he careens around the clown car (stand up-oops, sit down).

      Also the 20-person crazy clown car will be highly amusing to watch, and additionally if you are in to Aztec cannibalism, they will eat their own.

      Already PussymanBeto got devoured….way visual.
      Plus entertainment particularly for you guys, the women candidates will fall into a full on cat fight, scratch eyeballs out, mud wrestling spectacle, as long as Stacey Abrams keeps her clothes on so your eyeballs don’t melt, you’ll have fun.

      Z pointed out the Castro brothers are very reptilian and creepy, so watch for forked darting tongue.

      Part of the fun is watching for creeps and walking dead lurching around in the clown car, i.e. Joltin’ Joe is way creepy and gets a twofer for creepiness and diarrhea of the brain to mouth!

      When driving in your car, play the Intersectionallity Points game with the kiddies:
      “Look at this person and that person. Now add up their Intersectional-Woke points and whoever gets the most points–Wins!, i.e. a Japanese tranny with a harelip gets 3 points. Can you top 3 Intersectional points? Yes! Yes! A Japanese tranny with a harelip, with PTSD! Ha! Beat you!–Naw! No you didn’t! You can’t use 2 Disabilities for Intersectionallity-only 1 at a time from each category counts!)

      When all else fails, find humor (and share it with others) viewing the clown car show!

      • On their side, it will likely be Michelle O vs. Howard “Starbucks” Schulz at the end, and then we’ll see how much the crazy matters.

        The twenty-some mental munchkins are like the cartoon before the movie starts.

        • Dutch….Should Michelle O rise to the surface, she is her own worst enemy. Most people won’t take kindly to an angry-eyed angry-brained ANGRY BITCH who hectors non-stop, who hates America, who hates Whitey! Obviously and in the open! She won’t learn to soften herself ever—good! Watch her scream about reparations all angry eyes! Like Hillary, she will blow up!

          • Don’t underestimate the number of angry-eyed, angry-brained people out there. There is also the matter of protecting against all the Illegal things the Dems did, and the other side can’t trust Schulz not to go squishy on hiding all that stuff. Actually, I think Trump will have an easier time running against her than he will against the latte man. But then, Hillary supported Trump early on, because she thought he was easy pickings, too.

            Keep in mind, too, that the DC swamp is a big place, and MO is a safe puppet figurehead, which Schulz may not be. When the swampy wheels start turning, MO looks like a good fit. They still also believe that they can force the win with any candidate, and Trump’s win was an anomaly born of inattention and slacking on their part. They do not intend to slack off again. There is also an argument that having twenty-some declared candidates helps clear the deck of Bernie and Gropin’ Joe in the end, and that “run all the candidates” is part of the plan. The Dem superdelegates kick back in after the first convention vote, if no single candidate claims it in the first go-round.

          • Good thought-ful points. We shall see. Personally, MO “triggers” me off into wolf growling-snapping anger. She is SO SO annoying! Such an entitled bitch shrieking oppression. If she hits the deck, I’ll be cutting back my media exposure for sure. Grrrrrrr!

          • Do you think Schulz will be thrown off the clown car early due to his lack of Intersectionallity? See my first posting above.

          • I don’t think he would announce as a Dem until most of the clowns are gone. He is an “independent” and says he will not declare even as an “I” until the fall. He is a savvy guy keeping his options open. If MO blows up, or Barr/Mueller takes a very bad turn for BO personally (one can hope), Schulz steps in, later. Just spitballing here.

          • I felt like I was hallucinating for most of 2009. After Obama won the election, all the magazine covers in the grocery store lines proclaimed that Michelle Obama was the most attractive woman of all time.

            I don’t think I’ve ever felt more removed from the zeitgeist. Simply put, she and I are not of the same species. I might as well contemplate mating with a turtle as with her.

          • Ha! Peels and waves of laughter! And way visual! PS-turtles are rather plodding and sweet!

      • Intersectionality Points! Luv it!

        Wait, wait- you mean Joe Biden is actually still alive?!

        • Alzaebo–When I worked at the big East Bay water company, toward the end of my career, noticed that a woman I had previously worked with slipped into a supervisory position in systems water quality because she won the most number of Intersectionality Points, beating out other highly diverse candidates because…..1)she and sexually ambiguous 2)black 3)claimed ADD as a disability. The IS points trumped other women and because of the “disability” and taking Adderall, she claimed she was unable to make it to work on time at 6:30 so by “special pet privilege” she got to slip in to work between 8 and 9ish, while the male supervisor had to be on deck at 6:30. She was the inspiration to develop the Intersectionality Points Game.

    • There is always Honkler.
      If you live near a college, print out some flyers with the slogan “white is okay” and at the bottom of the sheet put the phone # of the local ACLU office.

      Or print out a green frog and a horn. The Left will get the message and be enraged.

      If you want to target feminazis do this: Make a flyer with two pictures. One of a very obese cow like Trugglypuff with the caption “good.” And the second of a young healthy Latine with the caption “bad”. At the bottom put the phone number of some pro-fat group like NAAFA

      You see the Left is so high strung anything will freak them out.

  19. “Whenever you think the Left cannot get more ridiculous, always remember they can find another gear.”


    “these freaks we see are just desperate for attention…”

    There’s a bigger picture here.

    One of the great chess masters, I think maybe Alekhine but I’m not sure, when asked to summarize his philosophy of chess strategy, replied thus: “Attack, attack, attack!”

    It is a philosophy embraced by many in the chess world, and for good reason. Constant attack keeps the opponent permanently off balance, permanently seeking to defend rather than developing his own position. It’s an idea that yields real results.

    Jews understand this very well, and at the end of the day, whether you like it or not, whether you’re ready to admit it or not, at this phase of the middle game, all American political discourse and practical policy boils down to What Do Jews Want. Seriously, we should erase the mottos “Liberty” and “In God We Trust” off our currency, and replace them with “Yeah, but is it good for the Jews?”

    The craziness you decry is, at least superficially, actual craziness, but go look behind the curtain and you will find that it is actually weaponized craziness, designed to keep the goyim forever on the defensive and forever off balance, always trying to logically refute the last patch of absurdist weaponized (((nonsense))) while the (((program))) continues apace. Goyim argue in court about Brown vs. Board while in real time, the bussed-in rape-apes are attacking and molesting your children at school, ruining their education opportunities, forcing white flight to the suburbs courtesy of (((developers))), viz. “Turnover! Turnover! equals $$$”, and hollowing out White-built urban communities, Exactly As Planned. Remember the roll-up to the Iraq War? Bush was Hitler and Dick Cheney was going to steal All Teh Oil, and something-something about democracy and WMD’s. But what actually happened? An enemy of Israel was destabilized and neutered, courtesy of goyische blood and treasure, exactly as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Kristol et al had planned all along.

    There’s a lot of interesting Jewish strategic commentary dating back to the Bolshevik Red Terror, which amounts to, “Just keep making up the next line of faux-ideological bullish!t and force the goy to argue in good faith about things which make no actual sense, while we proceed on to the next goal.”

    Take a look some time.

    • Alekhine Is a name I hadn’t heard in a long, long time. I used to be a huge chess nerd and read his books. I don’t recall the “attack, attack, attack” quote being attributed to him, but more his general philosophy of playing. I remember Alekhine was especially noted for his aggressive style. Thanks, BTW, I spent a ice hour watching his games replayed on YouTube,

      • I’m more of a Morphy man myself. While Morphy could certainly be aggressive, it wasn’t his philosophy, it was more like he had the rare quality of being able to see the whole game before it had even happened. Morphy’s games are sort of like Mozart’s late piano concertos, they just exist in some ethereal ideal world we can only peek into now and again.

        • Mikhail Tal, myself, just for his ruthlessness alone. But Moprhy is…yeah, he’s everything you said; a very interesting character. I gotta tell ya, you got me wanting to play again.

      • Holy smokes, chess – my favorite subject aside from baseball – here at the Z blog!

        Just watched Die Schachnovelle (1960) on YT.

        Personally, I admire Capablanca’s play. Unlike Alekhine or Fischer, he didn’t burn the midnight oil working out attacking or unforeseen variations. He had other interests, women among them.

    • From American Thinker, on Bukovsky’s book revealing Russia’s Central Committee files of American collusion, that is, (((collusion))):

      “The Democratic Party, and mainstream media, has been colluding with Russia, over the course of decades, at every possible level.”

      Over twenty years old, this book was not published in the U.S. until now.
      This one’s for you, Gandydancer!

      • PS- Gandy, to be fair to you, my redpill moment was when I asked, “why does everyone complain about Jews and the Holocaust?”

  20. Edelweiss is song in the opening to Man in the High Castle. Probably why she went nuts.

    That she knows nothing outside of that about it is not surprising.

    • That would be my guess as well.

      Amazon seriously nuked the show in season three. They decided to have not one, but two homosexual story lines. Spent a ton of time with some sideline Jewish characters. Then decided that minor characters and characters barely seen before were to be the main focus. To add the cherry on top, everything led up to a big nothing. It was a brutally bad season.

      They got themselves into a jam with season two. They made the Nazis look good. That’s one reason season three turned into a disaster.

  21. I read the linked Reason article and clicked to the comments expecting mass stupidity because libertarians . I was pleasantly surprised at the scepticism of universal suffrage and lack of muh evil gov.

  22. Is it bad that I’m getting most of my news from this blog and Gab? I think its going to get even narrower as election season ramps up. I just can’t deal with this unstable mountain of lies being constructed

    • Sure, why not? It’s better to get your news from a small number of sources that tell you the truth, rather than a bunch of news organizations that all lie.

      If I wanted to make a bigger point, I might say that part of the problem is that for so long, whites have been getting their news from Jewish sources, and have been trained to see things from the Jewish point of view. Especially, to not care when bad things happen to white people, and to care very much when something bad happens to non-whites, especially Jews.

      White people need to not only “take their own side,” as our guys often say, but see things from their own point of view. It’s good to use “by whitey for whitey” sources, even if there aren’t so many or they’re smaller operations.

      But it is useful to take a tour of J-ville or Crazytown from time to time, as Zman as done here. Just to understand the situation. The lies of your enemy are a relevant political reality (if that makes sense.)

      • “whites have been getting their news from Jewish sources, and have been trained to see things from the Jewish point of view. Especially, to not care when bad things happen to white people”

        Excellent point. Ask anyone under 50 what the death toll was in WWII and they’ll answer 6M. That it was probably the worst disaster for European peoples in our entire history (plague excluded) never even enters their mind.

  23. Agreed that the people on the public stage are increasingly clownish and absurd, but let’s always remember that ((somebody )) is footing the bill for this circus, and they are deadly serious about what they want: Our subjugation.

    • @Citizen
      Do you think people really understand that though because it seems like people keep living even on the right like everything is going to be just fine…

    • “Epaminondas! You Magnificent Bastard! I Read your Song Book!”
      I was expecting Tomorrow Belongs to Me… Got the Horst Wessel Song, which I’ve ‘heard of’ but it doesn’t mean much. The Comments are hilarious!! First one showing “This was hella fire back in the day” by a certain Bavarian Paper Hanger… and his photo… It got Better!! Thanks for the giggles

  24. I have a saying that it takes two generations for a stupid idea to go from parody to policy. Gay marriage, transgenderism, Universal Basic Income, open borders all were proper subjects of parody when I was a kid. Now they are official policy or policy proposals. That’s life in clown world.

    • It’s the phenomenon of the edgitarian that I have written about in the other posts. Among ruling class types, to be edgy means staking out some position that is even crazier that story time drag queens in the schools. In an effort to seem just as hip and edgy, the rest start to move in that direction, especially the younger one. Yesterday’s crazy is today’s normal among the elite, who then spring it on the rest of us.

      It’s the star bellied sneetches over and over.

      • I’ve watched some women in my family go from staunch Reagan supporters to acquiescing to open borders and transgenderism. They support whatever the mainstream media instructs them to. I love them nonetheless.

        • Women tend to do that unless there is reinforcement at home against such messaging, like from a man. This is why college is such terrible idea for young and why they end up brainwashed and made into total disasters.

      • Yes. And we’ll do well to remember this (in about a decade?) when a hip pedophile files suit against a neanderthal bakery for refusing to make a cake for his coming out party. Once the American Psychiatric Association removes the “mental illness” stigma we’re on the way to normalization, fast-tracked through government schools. There is no ground floor when it comes to perversion.

        • If a Satanist demands (sorry, “asks for”) a cake shaped like a goat head, then by golly he better get it. It’s all there in the Constitution. which I heard being praised as a ‘miracle’ the other day by Limbaugh or Hannity, I forget which.

        • My money’s on polygamy rolling in before the peds. Hollywood has been trying to normalize polygamy for over 10 years with Big Love, Goof Ball and his 3 wives in Las Vegas, etc. Invite the world of Islam in, and Paki polygamy wanders right in also. With the breakup of Warren Jeff’s compound in Colorado City, thousands upon thousands of polygamous families have moved into southern Utah towns and cities, and nobody got arrested. Now they are everywhere, mixed into our everyday lives. A market recently opened nearby that sells dairy products and baked goods produced by local FLDS polygamous families, or Plygs in my shorthand. When communities become used to the anomaly of polygamy and it flies smack into the radar with no legal pushback…..what does that tell you.

    • Nowadays it takes less than two generations. I dimly remember from ye olden times – 2010, say – when men like Bernie Sanders were regarded as comical freaks, even by Democrats. Donald Trump was also regarded as comical, politically speaking, a 21st century Pat Paulsen. I certainly never took Trump seriously until 2016.

      The rulers of our society screwed up in 2016. Controlling everything else – propaganda, the financial system, “education”, the sewage known as popular entertainment, the legal racket, the internet, et al – they hadn’t sufficiently rigged electoral system; they assumed there was no point in rigging it, in view of the “certain” victory of their figurehead.

      No more errors now. They’ve seen Brexit and they’ve seen the outlandish election of Trump. Well, enough of that. 2020 will yield the necessary results.

      In the last years of the Western Empire, the real ruler was a German chieftain, who made and unmade emperors according to whim or circumstance. One of these late emperors – Majorian – seems to have forgotten his place and brought energy and patriotism to his sinecure (all this according to Gibbon); at times I think of Trump as our Majorian, the last gasp of a people. Trump is failing, as Majorian did, and when he leaves office there will be nothing more than a collection of ’emperors’ like Olybrius, Glycerius, Julius Nepos, and the boy-king Romulus Augustulus. After that, we’ll just have naked rule by potentates. In a way I look forward to it. Let’s get this charade over with…

    • UBI was seriously discussed during the Nixon administration as a reverse income tax and as far back as the 30’s

      Also discussed was a 20 hour work week since they figured long run automation would eat the job market which it has resulting in 50 years of low fertility.

      The Jetsons TV show lampooned this a bit, not the work week (George worked like 4 hours a day, 3 or 4 days a week) but the complaints of the working man.

      As for the rest we’d lost defacto control of the border before I was an adult, c.f 1986 amnesty

      The Gay Marriage and TG thing are pure clown world though, no doubt

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