The Right-Wing Grifter

They say all cons start with flattery. The conman finds a way to flatter the mark, who then foolishly places his trust in the conman. Usually that means playing on the vanity of the target, as everyone likes to be told that their opinion of themselves is correct. Even the most cynical have some weakness in this regard. Deep down, even the most jaded, has a vision of their idealized self. When that vision of the self is confirmed, even by a stranger, the person confirming it goes up in the estimation of the person being flattered.

Of course, flattery has always been the most important tool in democratic politics, as the voters are the quintessential marks. If you think about it, anyone wanting to hold political office should be disqualified on that basis alone, as no normal decent person should want to hold political office in a democracy. Therefore, the first job of the politician is to convince you he is not morally unfit. To do that he tells you the thing you most want to hear about politics. You are right and your opponents are morally wrong.

This feature of democracy is why such systems are quickly overwhelmed by sociopaths and dangerously unbalanced lunatics. Nature is pretty clear on this. You get more of what you select for and less of what you select against. Any system that benefits the pathological liar over the honest will inevitably be dominated by the former at the expense of the latter. Strangely, this is why the Right in America is so easily fooled into supporting that which is against their interests. They are the honest in a game of liars.

For example, Oliver North was recently pushed out of the National Rifle Association, after he tried to extort the long serving leader Wayne LaPierre. Oliver North is, of course, a notorious right-wing grifter, who has been hustling gullible white people for going on four decades. His public career started when he put on his old uniform to perform in front of Congress during the Iran-Contra hearings. That was in the 1980’s. Since then, he has been waving around his service and the American flag as part of his act.

Peddling shabby patriotism to middle-class white people seems harmless, but it inevitably it leads the patriotic into supporting people, who have no intention of actually representing their interests. North was more than happy to subvert the venerable gun group so he could haul away some of its cash. The terrible decisions by the group of late in terms of cucking to the gun grabbers all seem to lead to North. His interest was to stuff his pockets with money, not advance the interests of gun owner and gun rights.

It is a good example of how the con works in politics. North has spent a lifetime flattering the sorts of people willing to give money to the NRA. He is very good at flattering these sorts of people, which is how he made a TV career telling other people’s war stories. He is very good at flattering middle-class white people. The National Rifle Association naturally assumed he would be a good face for them, as he appeals to the sorts of people they represent. They made the mistake of trusting someone who flattered them.

Another example of this is Ben Shapiro. At first blush, there’s no reason for him to be wildly popular among civic nationalists. Here you have this hyper-tribal Jewish dwarf, repeating catch phrases from decades before he was born. If he walked into a room full of his target audience, and they did not know him, they would assume the little guy was lost or maybe part of the entertainment. Everything about him is outside of the norm for the people who follow him, but he flatters them so well, they overlook it.

Like Oliver North, his grift is primarily a money grift, but Shapiro also works to subvert the interests of his target audience. A good example of this is his reaction to the on-going censorship by the big social media platforms. On the one hand, he will repeat all the usual civic nationalist platitudes about free speech in a democracy. On the other hand, he opposes any effort to actually accomplish these goals. If someone mentions the government regulating these firms, he starts maniacally blowing the libertarian shofar.

Like everyone else in Conservative Inc., Ben Shapiro is happy to talk about the issues that concern middle-class white Americans, but he is strongly opposed to actually doing anything to defend those interests. That’s because the interests of his audience may conflict with his own interests. Just as Oliver North was willing to compromise on your gun rights so he could collect on his fat contract, Ben Shapiro is willing to sacrifice your speech rights so that he can remain in good standing with Big Media.

It’s why for dissidents, the right-wing grifter is the most immediate problem in the effort to win over converts. The primary function of guys like Shapiro is to prevent middle-class white people from defending their own interests. He even goes so far as to declare that middle-class white people don’t have interests. That’s what he means when he says it is ideology that matters, not ethnic identity. His rhetoric is intended to flip your morality on its head, where your highest duty is to sacrifice your interests for his interests.

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  2. The biggest and most dangerous right-wing grifter is Trump. He has been used to energize and further radicalize the Democrats while delivering little of substance to the right in exchange for the censorship they experience

  3. The problem, the core problem with the Dissident Right, is the lack of patronage and protection. When Lefty, either the $LPC, or Big Tech, or anti-Fa goes after someone, they are alone, naked, and undefended by anyone in the Dissident Right. There are no lawsuits filed, flash mob counter demos, legal action in government, nothing to protect and defend Dissident Right people. Nothing.

    And that is because of the legitimacy problem. The Lefty control of institutions, means that the enormous legitimacy legacy of winning WWII, the Cold War, going to the Moon, Hollywood movies from Star Wars to Raiders to the recent Marvel run, means ordinary decent normal people adhere to institutions no matter how pozzed and will do so for decades no matter how bad they get because of legacy legitimacy. It will take another fifty years to fritter away that legitimacy, by which time America will be a battleground between Africans, Muslims, Hispanics for who can hold the most White serfs to get the most stuff. [The whole point of mass Third World immigration is to make White people their serfs and provide free stuff for them.]

    The Dissident Right cannot and will not get enough talented people to organize and critically provide protection and shelter from Lefty. It cannot be done.

    This is why culture should be the battlefield, not politics which is downstream from culture. Currently the culture is 100% pozzed. Marvel has seen off their White male normal heroes — heck Thor: Ragnarok was despite poz elements all about the responsibility of a ruler to his people who matter more than territory. But no more of THAT! Instead we get angry lesbian Captain Marvel, and the adventures of Gayman etc. coming up. There is literally NOTHING to inspire or motivate White men who are not gay (that’s 97% of them) in popular culture. NOTHING.

    Look at how Lord of the Rings influences the Dissident Right. Orcs and Sauron and Mordor and Saruman all have emotional resonance as do hobbits, the Shire, and Elves. No surprise there, Tolkein was a linguistic scholar of European languages and deeply immersed in the myths and folkways of Europe. We need more of that, not stuff that turns off normies but inspires them to find the Dissident Right …

    And provide leadership, protection, patronage, and succor to those in it. Uncle Tom’s Cabin did more to spark the Civil War, arguably, than the Harper’s Ferry raid. And lets not forget, women are by nature emotional and respond really only to those emotional cues. Not many female fans of “rational fiction.” Quite a lot of things that push their buttons.

    The weakness and strength of Lefty is how female it is on the White side of things. Harry Potter and Game of Thrones and Twilight and Fifty Shades of Pr0n might inspire them but leave White men cold or actively repelled. The stories of “the bravery of love” that inspire Female White lefty are a mile wide and inch deep. The emotional intensity competes with everything else in their shallow, materialistic lives and while widespread are not life changing.

    An active culture, by which I mean novels, plays, books, music, that is intrinsically beautiful and excellent, just look at the Sistine Chapel — its beautiful! that moves say 35% of young White men is a world changing force. It does not even have to be that level to beat Harry Potter and George RR Martin.

  4. “Blowing the libertarian shofar.”

    Jesus man, that is the sweetest turn of phrase I’ve read in a long, long time.

  5. The simplest answer to throw at the Shapiros of the world when they say something like “muh private companies” is to say, treat libertarians by libertarian rules, and socialists have to live by socialists rules.

    This puts fear in them.

  6. “Ben Shapiro is happy to talk about the issues that concern middle-class white Americans, but he is strongly opposed to actually doing anything to defend those interests.”

    Well said. This describes everyone at National Review and 2/3 of Senate Republicans.

  7. “It’s why for dissidents, the right-wing grifter is the most immediate problem in the effort to win over converts.”
    I always thought is was the leftist promises to give everybody free college, medical care, housing, food – you name it.

    If you have the very unfortunate opportunity to speak to a Sanders or AOC or Biden fan, you will see right away that they are all in with free everything.
    These leftist supporters simply believe everything that Sanders, et. al., promises and they see no downside to leftist/communist policies. The policies just sound fair and just; everybody benefits, there are no losers.

    Let me tell you what they do not and NEVER listen to or consider for one pico-second; Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Dinesh D’Souza, Trump or Z-man, et. al.
    And I will admit that some of these folks just love to hear themselves talk, esp. Shapiro.

    The AVERAGE voter does NOT listen, ever, to folks like Shapiro. Only those folks who are non-demokrats and/or consider themselves conservative pay any attention whatsoever to Shapiro types. That’s it folks.
    Shapiro and his ilk, including Z-man, will never convert anybody because the fans of Sanders, et. al., never read nor listen to them.

    Zman writes articles that target the readers intellect.
    The leftists write/speak in a way that taps into the emotions of people.
    And emotions are far more powerful and effective (in terms of moving one to action) than any intellectual argument (regardless of how well founded).

    The left has mastered to perfection reaching the emotions of the average person. This skill totally eludes ALL conservatives and ALL real conservative dissidents.
    Think about it; how many folks does Z, Shapiro, Owens, et. al. reach?
    Well, folks like me and you who, and at the risk of me sounding like an arrogant, know it all, a-hole, think things through.
    Here is the BIG news everybody – MOST voters decide based upon their emotions, their gut feel. Not on intellectual arguments.

    And this is why, despite a 10,000% perfect record of failure over a 100 year period, communists like Sanders and Obama and Hillary and AOC, et. al. still !! attract a very large base of support.

    The “right”, however you define it and whomever you believe is sending the right message, MUST find a way to reach the average Joe/Jane on an emotional level. The socialist/communist message is literally as powerful as crack cocaine

    Frankly, I have no idea how the “right” can frame it’s arguments to convince the masses that implementing their ideology is really the only way to proceed, for true right wing policies, by necessity will produce winners and losers (or , if you prefer, winners and lesser winners.)
    This is far less attractive then the socialist message (and big lie) of “everybody is a winner – and it’s all free too !! ”

    The right wing “grifters,” presently, are the only voices out there that at least contradict – mostly, anyway – the leftist lies.
    And that is better than nothing.

    Don’t be surprised if our next president is a demokrat.

    • The average voter does not matter. Most people are content to be herd animals. What matters is the Megaphone. One of the most consequential things that any individual can do to further the Right is to cancel their cable subscription.

      Logic and facts only matter in a closed system where the core tenents are not at issue. In our world, what matters is power. If our identities were exposed here, they would get every one of us fired, divorced and bankrupted. When Coke took a dump on us with that Super Bowl ad, did any of us punch back?

      • Yea, your’re correct; the average voter does not matter.
        The typical attitude of a right wing ideologue; the average person is too stupid, too far gone to be reached.
        Instead of true conservatives trying to frame their message to actually reach the average voter – the people you believe do not matter – your view is that one should just ignore them.
        Meanwhile, AOC, Bernie, et. al., – along with their mainstream propaganda arm media – constantly bombards them with their message.
        This is how total losers like Obama – and many before him – get elected.
        Meanwhile, the “true” conservatives are attending small meetings of like minded folks commiserating about right wing grifters and reading articles written by true conservatives.
        Wow, what a way to present your views to real live voters and try to win them over !!

        Yea, power is everything, but that has always been the case and always will be. But power is the ability to move the masses (or enough people) to action.
        And a megaphone is useless if no one is listening or it the message does not connect with the listener .

  8. Deviancy exists in every species on the planet. For 99.999999% of the living things on the planet, the natural process of evolutionary selection acts to purge the harmful deviants and propagate the beneficial deviants. Grifting is a form of parasitism, and it is especially harmful because it is self-selected. For the most part, no one wants to become a parasite. They are typically seduced into this form of debasement by shamans and charlatans. When some one chooses to become a parasite and then attempts to lure others into this addiction, that is about as harmful as it gets.

  9. I have nothing substantive to add now but I must note that, all substance aside, anyone who writes lines such as “he starts maniacally blowing the libertarian shofar” is simply a national treasure.

    • Sometimes I crack me up. Way back when I was a young man, I worked with an older Jewish guy. Like a lot of Jewish men, he was becoming more Jewish in his middle years. He was regularly going to temple and taking a class in Hebrew. Anyway, he was from Boston and had the thick Boston accent. At lunch one day, he is telling us about something he experienced in temple and he says, “I was so proud to see my son blowing the shofa.”

      The whole table bust out laughing as we heard “shofa” as “chauffeur” like chauffeur around. Of course, he then realized what was happening and nearly died laughing. Eventually he explained what a shofar was and what it meant. I think of that anytime someone mentions the Jewish holidays.

      • I love the Jewish holidays. They all seem to be just:. “Our enemies tried to kill us, but they died instead! Let’s eat!”

        • “Our enemies tried to kill us, but they died instead! Let’s eat!” That is so great! Let’s adopt this as our motto!

      • Same story, pretty much; I had a Jewish manager at the motorcycle parts business I worked at. I was playing a fork tube like a bugle and he said “pretty good, you should come to the temple and blow the shofar.” I said no thanks, but I’d be happy to drive while he was busy.

  10. The problems in Conservative Inc are the same as the problems in the NRA. There is a lot of loose, easy money to be made and that attracts grifters like programs for kids attracts pedophiles.

    You see the same thing in the evangelical-industrial publishing complex, lots of “evangelical” leaders are terrified of rocking the boat and losing their book contracts and speaking gigs so they make sure to color within the lines. Meanwhile you get absolute race hustlers like Jemar Tisby and Ron Burns (aka Thabiti Anyabwile) publishing racialist nonsense dressed up in pious religious language and no one prominent calls them out. They are terrified of being called racists.

  11. Something I’ve always advocated for (for those who listened to KK way back in the day) that is seemingly orthogonal to ideology is that people cease to abrogate their critical thinking faculty. This means while one may still listen to the hucksters, it is solely to gain potential new information that you filter and judge based off of whether it is truthful; if there is a skew in the statement, then why is the information being presented this way, by whom, and what is their incentive in me believing this.

    This is something that will greatly help the broader right: cease tolerating and encouraging bullshit artists (think the whole Q phenomenon, Milo, that tranny). Listening to these clowns causes individuals on our side to engage in self defeating (and group defeating) behavior that they otherwise wouldn’t. I would argue that if the broader political right, and white people in general immediately stop tolerating lies and manipulation as soon as it is recognized, we will achieve far greater unity under the lens of Truth, independent of ideological differences.

    Philosophically, that amounts to: we all see the same thing, we all agree it’s a problem, and we all agree that solutions X, Y, and Z shilled to us by the toucans are terrible. We also agree that we want the best possible future for our people. It is possible for whites to learn critical thinking en masse, it will take ironically enough, a charismatic leader to teach them it.

  12. Every word of this is exactly how I feel. Sadly, it’s amazing the following these people have. It’s all the same demographic for the most part. It’s the same kind of used up, exhausted people who actually believe the line “make America great again.” When they hear it the do a little fist pump, as the sit on the sofa. The little fist pump actually causing a heart flutter and a slight drop in blood sugar, they then press the button on their insulin pump…and continue consuming an open bag of Cheetos next to them, letting a small mixed breed dog lick the Cheeto dust off their fingers, the dog having just come in from the backyard after eating cat feces.

  13. Agreed that these guys are grifters, but let’s not forget the old saying: You can’t con an honest man.

    Gentile whites desperately want to believe what Shapiro and others are selling. Otherwise, how else could they look past Shapiro literally wearing a billboard on his head showing that he doesn’t believe his own shtick. Whites need to accept some responsibility for getting conned.

    • Conservatives hear Shapiro’s promotion of civic nationalism and imagine a world where ethnocentrism is minimized and people believe in individualism, liberty and meritocracy.

      My central disagreement is that I don’t believe that non-whites will become civic nationalists. Most of them will remain tribal most of the time.

      It’s a hard argument to win because, just like most cons believed that Iraqis would embrace democracy after the invasion, they believe that most non-whites will eventually embrace civic nationalism. Only bitter disappointment will change their minds.

      • Con artists often take advantage of the hubris of their mark, and there’s no greater hubris than gentile whites believing everyone in the would be just like us if only given the opportunity.

  14. I am an endowment member of the NRA but haven’t even kept my address with it up to date since 2011–no “falling out” with the organization, just changing interests on my part. It’s interesting to read (albeit on a Rolling Stone magazine website) about the problems of the organization. In the mid-1970s, an NRA organizational leader (Maxwell Rich, I believe) proposed to move the organization to New Mexico, where it’s “shooting center” is. He was ousted by Harlon Carter, who kept the organization in the DC area; it moved from Washington DC to Fairfax, although I note that it’s charter remains in New York, probably where it was founded around 1871. Now I wonder if Rich’s idea wasn’t correct–it may be that the NRA leadership has been adverely influenced by its presence in “the Swamp.” The problems the NRA is having also illustrates the problem of “official” charitable organizations–the tax-exempt status is just too vulnerable to politically-motivated attacks. Aside from Oliver North, I wonder how many of the other NRA officers, PR agency, and law firms, are also, in effect, right-wing grifters.

    • Going native is an issue, but you have to be in the Imperial Capital to have any impact. Frankly, I don’t care if the top guys are getting their beaks wet and living the good life. They just need to stay focused on the gun issue. That’s the real issue with the North faction. They wanted to turn the organization into a tool of GOP Inc.

      Lapierre used get this. I suspect age may be catching up with him. There really needs to be a new generations of leaders and they have to be clear eyed about who exactly they are representing. That means no Candace Owens fans. But, I fear the organization will be over run by the usual suspects and turned into a fully pozed arm of globohomo.

      I’m also an endowment member, but I stopped sending money a while back.

      • I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude on NRA. They can wait for my money and I’ll see what happens.

      • I bailed a couple decades ago when I noticed that many of the politicians who got their support were big open borders people. Don’t know whether leaving was for the best, or even if it mattered in the scheme of things. But I guess if you’re going to be a single-issue voter, you’ve got to pick your issue.

    • The NRA was not always considered a political organization, it originated because Union veterans of the Civil War wanted to promote marksmanship in an society no longer as dependent on hunting. There was a power struggle in the 1960s, when it was felt they didn’t oppose the GCA of 1968 strongly enough. The proposed move to New Mexico was intended to defeat the Neal Knox wing that won out and promoted more political organizing.

      • A counterfactual is that without Neal Knox, the NRA would have converged and become a group arguing in favor of gun control. Recall that the gun ban movement was started by CIA officers.

        Another point is that the NRA’s HQ is in the suburbs of DC, which have massively expanded over the decades. At the time the building went up, Fairfax County was much more conservative, dominated by Pentagon employees and defense contractors.

        • And now it’s a nest of left wing liberal filth. dominated by Pentagon employees and defense contractors.

          • The CIA imported a lot of questionable refugees into Northern Virginia. Other illegals came in to work in the massive construction boom. The tech industry is also large in DC, to serve the surveillance state. Amazon has the contract for the CIA’s computers, and they are aiming for the Pentagon’s computers next. VA is much lower tax than NY or NJ.

  15. We have to destroy the gatekeepers. One reason is, like the Zman said in the post, just the practical matter of getting white people to take their own side and start defending their own interests.

    But second, I read a very interesting argument from Jonathan Bowden (in the article “Marxism and the Frankfurt School”), about the psychological-intellectual implications of having “gates” in your movement.

    Namely, that the center-left, because of its “no enemies to the left” philosophy, is still connected to the vital energy of the far-left, whereas the center-right, because of its mania for repudiating and throwing-under-the-bus of the far right, is cut off from its vital energies.

    I tracked down a good representative quote, so here it is:

    “Conservatism, philosophically and intellectually, is unlike the moderate Left that has always looked to the far Left for its energy, for its theory, for its radicalism. They repudiate bits they don’t like (particularly the harsher bits), but they’re, ‘Come in brother, come in comrade.’ They take it into themselves.

    “For conservatives, even of the Professor Roger Scruton and Maurice Cowling type, there is a permafrost between them and the far Right and radical Right ideas. This means, theoretically and mentally, they’ve cut part of their own body off. Whatever their much more moderate political views are, they will not take the energy which exists to one side of them.”

    • Considering what’s happened to Roger Scruton recently, it will be interesting to see if any of that permafrost melts. Probably not.

    • The difference is that the center-left differs only by degree from the far left. The so-called “center-right” shares the same starting premises as the left. The key one being tabula rasa aka the blank slate. The left pushes a collectivist version of this concept, the mainstream “right” hawks an individualist implementation of this concept

      In contrast, the Dissident Right recognizes the reality of race and sex. The center-right argues that Dems are the real racists and sexists putting them within the enemy’s frame. They also cut themselves off from the far-right too. They also call us Nazis and as we all know, Nazis were really leftists.

      It is easy to see how well that approach works. Take note of how sexual degenerates and mentally ill people are now able to get married and fine you if you do not recognize their fictitious gender identity or endorse their lifestyle publicly. Little boys are being brainwashed and physically mutilated into some perverse mockery of a female and are dancing in bars for the entertainment of gay men. But Democrats are the ones really against gay people cuz they want more Muslims in this country.

      • Until the Nazi myth stands, calling Nazi works. This is called a Nazi Trap. When everybody believes that Nazis were ultimate evil, then everybody agree that to avoid gas chambers, certain unusual methods are justified. To make things worse, killing Nazis is the only thing western today white person can be proud so average normie keeps with teeth and nails his last item of goodness and respect.

        • If you want to waste time revising the historical view of the Nazis, you are a fool, an undercover fed, or a leftist infiltrator.

          • I am horrific Easter European Nazi from 100 % white country and I watch with horror how one simple street magician trick will destroy the entire Western World.
            School violence 101. Humiliate the jerk and then give him one single chance to prove that he is the real man. He will fight the school bully invented Nazis to his own death.
            Russian Mafia get its killers from the orphan shelters by this way. You are filth and lowlife, you genocided Indians, enslaved blacks and raped women but we give you chance to kill Nazi to prove that you are good human.

          • Yes Juri, that is why murderers in prison kill Chester the child molester, to redeem themselves to society. Very, very good comment. Dobre!

      • “The so-called “center-right” shares the same starting premises as the left. The key one being tabula rasa aka the blank slate. ”

        If pressed I don’t think most reasonably intelligent people actually believe in the ‘blank slate’.

        What they believe is that it can be negated through process. Progressivism for the left and Americanism for the right.

        For both groups, because their entire world view revolves around progressivism or Americanism, driving home the importance in biological differences becomes that much more difficult.

        • That seems to be a distinction without a difference. Either way, you still get the conclusion that differences in race and sex will be negated if we have the correct social constructs. The implication whether openly expressed or left unspoken is that race and sex are also social constructs.

          Even so, you are still agreeing with my overall point. The center “right” and the left have the same starting premise and only differ in how they want to implement it.

          • I just don’t think we should focus on it. We should simply point out that we remain incompatibile for whatever reasons after spending half a century and trillions of dollars trying to fix things.

            Time to insist we try something else. Then the argument becomes more focused on where we go from here instead of explaining why plan A,B or C didn’t work.

            The progressives have already moved on. They are no longer interested in reform. Our replacement is their agenda.

            This is what we need to drive home to those still bending the knee before Americanism and any other form of the Western liberal tradition. The bio argument is a dead end at this point unless someone is already moving our way.

            In a way, the left has accepted our argument: we, whites, are incompatible, so we have to go.

          • We agree on that point. Leading with the biological argument is difficult at best. At least in personal experience however, the biological reality of race is much easier to accept after acknowledging the biological reality of difference between the sexes which is a much easier argument to win statistically, logically, and emotionally.

            The proper way forward is to focus on insurgency/trolling tactics and organizing in the real world. See the comments on the recent Charlottesville piece by Zman for some ideas there.

      • Ultimately, the Overton window picks up all…..and moves all to the left….over and over and over. Those within the Overton window cloud cannot see the leftward movement, as all are moved leftward together.

    • We have to destroy the gatekeepers.

      It’s happening already, the MSM are in free-fall. Some dude on the internet noted, that it’s not a law of nature that there has to be journalists.

  16. “anyone wanting to hold political office should be disqualified on that basis alone”

    My wife and I say this and also that they should have to wear racing suits with sponsor logos!

    • Dave Barry got a lot of mileage out of this idea in his old columns. I think he even wrote about it in his politics book, Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway.

  17. The system when society is overtaken by psychos and lunatics, is called pathocracy. This is also the main reason, why we all must be equal. Without equality, people will admit, recognize and uproot mentally ill people from important positions.

  18. I’m throwing Katie McHugh in for grifter consideration after her odious goy-grovel to the Daily Beast which came up in comments yesterday.

    The conservo-bimbo is in some ways worse than the male of the species. Wahmen’s natural proclivities for passive aggression and consensus-building make them both preferred agents for entryism and preferred targets for name-and-shame attacks that “turn” them into doxxing megaphones for the Other Side (ala Katie – more below). On the agent side, they can use our sex and white-knighting hardwiring against us. Shapiro’s beta-knight shitshow with Michelle Fields was a brutal example. Coulter’s the anti-example, having shown she can and will weather social and financial damage without cucking. As what Heartiste calls a “lawyer-(starts with a c)” she’s an outlier. Katie’s the norm. I’ve heard McHugh interviewed by “our guys” and she seemed sincere as of a year ago. I suspect she cucked b/c social (and likely financial) pressure.

    To steal a couple of Taleb-isms, we should scrutinize wanna-be thought leaders for fragility and skin in the game. Someone like Katie who has spent her life in meta-jobs like media and politics requires an ideological paymaster. If she had a husband and children, she’d have other sources of income and occupation (anti-fragility). Marriage is for children, and children are a bet on the future (skin in the game). For the guys, look for real day jobs in the private productive sector (not law, politics, media, finance) and a track record of taking damage for their cause (ala Mark Steyn). Marriage and kids are a plus for them as well, though less critical.

    • I can’t help but notice the number of problems from that Northern Virginia scene that existed in the late Obama years. Some decent people, for sure, but a lot of reckless losers too.

      • If someone could take a blowtorch to the entirety of NoVa this country would get an additional 2-3 decades of life.

    • I think I agree with you, Exile. But after reading this post:

      I started to re-think a little bit. Namely, if single women are inherently less loyal to their team, indeed seeing their “team” less an unchanging group than as whoever their provider/validator is at the time (this basically being the enlarged “hypergamy” thesis), then it becomes our job to keep them on our team.

      Sure, it would be nice if women were rooted solidly into our community by marriage and kids, but that’s not where we’re at right now.

      • Great argument, good reason, T. Babe. “single women are inherently less loyal to their team… seeing their “team” less an unchanging group than as whoever their provider/validator is at the time,….. then it becomes our job to keep them on our team.”

        You are probably aiming this at younger women of child bearing age. Am black pilled about the tons of older blue-haired box wine drinking hens. My latest story from my previous employment demonstrates:

        Got word a woman I worked with 25 years ago just retired. Saw her picture and, God almighty, she’s an old 65 year old Chinese wrinkled gal now with tribal-signaling blue hair and never married. I remember her from 20 years ago when we played the rounds in the water company. I purposely identified what I wanted in a guy to marry and what I brought to the playing field; she didn’t and kept hitting the wall guy after guy until too many wounds accumulated and she stopped trying because she couldn’t think it through and she became covered in scar tissue. She became uber culturally lefty and kraaled up with hens of her ilk.

        A year ago, on her way to work through downtown Oakland at 0630, this nitwit left her car doors unlocked, and while sitting at a stoplight, two shitfolks opened the car doors, stuck a gun to her head, pushed her out and took off with the car. Story I got is she fell apart and thousands of $ were spent on “counseling” for this dimwit old hen to coop..I mean cope! This women as been so brainwashed, subconsciously she could not lock the doors without facing the reality of “the other”– that her peoples’ pets are violent and often psychotic and hate her kind. That sent her spiraling into massive cognitive dissonance and rounds of lefty-enforcing therapy so she can drop from her brain what she actually saw happen to her. It’s a form of de-programming. Now she is reprogrammed to see the diverse pet people as harmless fluffy bunnies and unicorns again. De-programming complete! She’s never going to come along, regardless how we propose to “provide” for her kind, as the programming against biological realism is Soros massive and identity is all.

        How do we overcome that? I suppose that when the fecal matter hits the fan, those on all sides stuck in brain frozen cognitive dissonance will be the first to be ground up in the gears of the devouring tyranny.

      • I’m OK with them being in the crowd. I don’t want them as insiders. Some like Coulter could prove themselves over time – prove they can weather the financial and social pressure and will take damage rather than cuck.

      • Women should not, Coulter excepted, be at the forefront of the Dissident Right. That said McHugh’s case does seem to showcase how the Dissident Right has almost no empathy or sense of solidarity. When a member is down they are more than glad to kick him or her.

        The DR makes up for their lack of ability to emphasize with an abundance of outrage and preening about how pure and tough they are 24/7. They see themselves as soldiers but a code of soldiers is to rescue a fallen comrade even at a great threat to their own well-being. The DR just looks at a fallen or falling comrade as a loser but will show outrage to the left over the kill.

        This is a big reason I don’t see how the DR will ever win over the bulk of white males.

    • Shapiro didn’t defend Fields as a white knight, he defended her because her husband, Jaime Weinstein, is Jewish. His angle was a power play aimed at getting Bannon fired from Breitbart. Feminism has never been part of his toolbook of subversion, but I expect he will use it more in the future.

      • He didn’t “defend her”. Shapiro LIED about Lewandowski. Ben Sharpiro should NEVER be trusted for that reason alone. He is a LIAR.

    • I had never heard of Katie McHugh, but she is not the first rightist media figure to run for cover by recanting. Another was Ian Jobling, who worked with Jared Taylor for awhile and hosted an interesting website called Inverted World. He replaced that with White America, which sounded promising but turned out to be a platform for dull academic cud chewing.

      Because of not getting the recognition he felt was his due (I surmise), he dramatically switched sides by “confessing” to the Southern Poverty Law Center and throwing himself on the mercy of the white-hating court. I wonder what happened to him afterward. The SPLC probably had no use for him once his propaganda value was squeezed dry.

      The late Lawrence Auster described the grotesque business:

  19. You can add Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens to the list of Conservative, Inc. grifters. Candace, a smart gal, figured out conservatives love a good-looking woman of the right, (See Tomi Lahren and other Fox News blondes) but what they absolutely go crazy over is a black conservative. Put the two together and you get Candace, a rising star, who now has her own show on PragerU, keeping patriotic Americans safely inside the corral of America-is-an-idea/DemsRRealRacists/As-long-as-they-come-legally.

    Charlie, as the leader of Turning Point USA is getting young people indoctrinated into the same mindset. Almost every day he tweets about Dems or socialism being the real problem. He likes to list the most violent cities in the US, and make the point that they all have Dem mayors. No mention of the obvious problem being the demographics of those cities. He even goes so far as saying there’s no such thing as race. But Charlie presents well and is articulate and gets young people convinced that all we have to do is beat the Dems and America can recapture greatness.

    • The Kirk-Kandace-Kosher Sandwich is BoomerCon catnip but Audacious Epigone and others have shown that Zoomers in particuar aren’t buying that sandwich. The “word-to-world-fit” of K3’s propaganda gets worse every day we move past the Age of Reagan. I spend most of my verbal ammunition on the Paycheck Cons nowadays. We can’t defend the walls with Fifth Columnists throwing the gates open for shekels and feels. Anyone they “red pill” comes into Our Thing with so much blank-slate baggage that they’re a strong net-negative for us overall. I’ve had better success red-pilling Bernie Bros. than ZoomerCons – if only because ZCons are very thin on the ground (praise Kek).

    • Here we go again, listing and separating the anointed (ideologically pure) from the benighted. In the short time I’ve been reading this forum, we’ve done this same sorting process at least three times. The end is always the same, everyone with some popularity, effectiveness, and audience reach is put to one side and what’s left—folks with limited audience, struggling to survive, hiding in the shadows, banned from most popular media put to the other side—but hey, they’re “our sort of people”.

      What a way to promote a revolution…

      • If “effective” and “popular” = not de-platformed, you’re controlled opposition. By definition, platformed grifters (and the sincere but harmless) aren’t “effective” for Our Thing, or they’d be un-personed. I followed “effective, popular” guys for years, hammered on double-standards and Red Team/Blue Team. but never won a battle, much less made progress in the war.

        • The “effective, popular” people are great at making you feel better about losing ground every day. Sure the border is being overrun but we owned the libs in that last tweet!

      • I follow Charlie Kirk on twitter and I agree with most of what he says. He tweets about corruption, violence, hypocrisy on the left, the need to build a wall, gun rights, etc.

        What he’s wrong about, and it’s a huge thing to be wrong about, is his belief that all people are the same, there’s no such thing as race, and the importance of being non-racist etc.

        Rapid demographic change is the biggest threat to Western Civilization and they’re getting normal patriotic MAGA people, who should be on our side, and normally would be, to not consider mass immigration and demographic change to be a threat. Instead they get people to believe that all we need to do is get minorities to vote Repub and get immigrants to come here legally and all will be good.

        I consider it a priority to point out to my conservative patriotic friends what Charlie Kirk, along with Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro and Dinesh D’Souza are doing and why they’re leading them down the wrong path.

      • The only thing Charlie Kirk is effective at it being a gatekeeper. Every tweet is some fawning MAGA crap, while Candace (who is not attractive btw) is just a token pushing for releasing criminals that are going to magically become grateful and vote Republican. Some of us have realized that the grifters in Conservatism Inc. are a greater impediment to achieving our goals than the loons on the left. I would always prefer a face to face fight than someone who is patting me on the back with one hand and stabbing me in the back with another.

        • The grifters are a greater impediment than the lefty loons because we’ll never change the loons’ minds. With the grifters’ followers, these people love America and would be on our side if we had a way to get our points across to them. Think about how they grabbed onto “America First.” If they understood 1965 Immigration Act, realities of race differences, projected demographic change, etc, we would be force to be reckoned with. The grifters don’t want their followers to know and understand these things.

        • Yeah, but Candice Owens was responsible for the Christchurch attack! How can you guys support someone who radicalizes people into committing hate crimes? Lolzlzlolz

      • The end is always the same, everyone with some popularity, effectiveness, and audience reach is put to one side …

        Those of us who are harder to please don’t reject anyone because they’re popular and certainly not because they’re effective. The test is what they do to be popular, etc. A player who presents a superficial notion of being on the Right — especially its dissident wing — subverts fundamental change.

        There’s a world of difference between, for instance, opposing the migrant tidal wave because it drives down wages (although it does) and opposing population replacement because it negates the historic ethnicity and character of the country. The former could in theory be overcome by unionization or pro-labor laws, but no laws short of reversing the invasion or partition of the country can stop racial and ethnic aggrandizement by “persons of color.”

        A soi-disant spokesperson for the Right occasionally scoring a point doesn’t compensate for promoting a wrong view of what the basic problems are and what the solutions are.

    • A long time ago I joked about paying for a vendor table at CPAC, where I would charge people a dollar to get a picture with a black conservative. I’d split the money with the actor I hired to be the black conservative. Candace Owens is doing the same thing.

      • Candace is doing the same thing, but taken it to another level being an attractive girl.

        As an experiment, ask your Fox News-watching conservative friend what they think of Candace or Sheriff Clarke and watch how much they gush over them. It’s always the same: “I JUST LOVE HER (or him)!!!!”

          • It takes quite a lot of time to build tribal identity when every facet of a society is spewing anti tribal propaganda, its even harder.

            Boomers and some us Gen X grew up in a sea of this so its going take time to shrug it off. WW2 and Fat Albert propaganda ahoy

            That said Candace and Clark are good Americans whom I’m happy to share a polity with. They just are my fellow Nationals, not my People

            Being able to communicate the difference without being hijacked by the Richard Spencer types or acting like racist assholes or 14/88 types is a challenge we face

            This tribal identity as White does cross cultural lines. Hell the Left is arguably more racist than the Right. However its not relevant to us and idiots who virtue signal the Left are the real racists are playing other peoples narrative

            Never do this, Its good, right and just to be biased for your own people.

            What we need to do is be able to communicate there many categories of people

            #1 Our tribe ,the White Right

            #2 Our people ,Whites who are pro White including Liberals and a few Leftists

            #3, Our nationals broadly Conservative to somewhat Liberal Americans of most races, this including Clarke and Owen types

            #4 Foreigners including most new immigrants and all economic migrants

            #5 Foes , the Cultural Marxists, Globalists and Anti White Left)

            Each category needs different treatment depending on where they fall where you fall into it

            Category #3 is where the challenge is but happily they are far from numerous and can just be ignored

            The last two categories are simply not compatible with the kind of society we need as they are anti family and anti human. How we deal with that issue will determine if the US lives or dies

            Where the stress

  20. Being a political grifter has never been easier. All you have to do is, using their own money, bribe the ****-for-brains masses with “free stuff.”

    I do not understand the appeal of the odious Ben Shapiro.

    • Though he’d be loath to admit it, it’s obvious that Nick Fuentes apes the style and rhetorical presentation of Shapiro.

      Compare Shapiro to popular conservatives of earlier generations like Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly. All three men display an overwhelming level of greed, but Shapiro has never bothered to portray himself as an alpha poseur or an everyman. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

      • If you’re going to mention aping a style it’s best not to begin your comment aping a sophisticate cliche. As for Fuentes imitating Shapiro, I don’t think so. One has an excitable charm, the other is a seething autist. The only similarity is that hyperactives come off as…hyperactive.

      • I’m still a little torn on Fuentes. He’s very young. By that I mean he is both young chronologically, but also young in terms of experience. I met and talked with him last year at AmRen and my impression was that he was very sheltered. I was more worldly at 12 than he is now.

        I think we need to see how he takes a punch before really knowing about him.

        • Fuentes’ dust-up with James Allsup does not suggest someone of tremendous maturity.

          He’s young enough to be lead astray by a nice set of boobs.

          • But then mature enough to bury the hatchet with Allsup. Fuentes is learning. He’ll be alright.

    • The appeal of Shapiro is simple. He’s smart (perhaps too smart by half) quick on his feet, and dares to take the battle—albeit as he sees it—directly to the audience of greatest need, the youth in our higher ed indoctrination centers. When doing so he violates many, many shibboleths of the entrenched Left. As far as his radio and TV shtick, I find him obnoxious.

      In short, just by speaking to a college audience, on their turf, under their rules, he breaks ground and perhaps makes it easier for the next guy to offer alternative views in such venue. When someone can point to an ideologically pure dissident rightest with such success, I’ll consider revising my views on Ben. Until such a replacement is found, I’ll continue to chalk up Z-man’s persistent dwelling upon Ben Shapiro as an unworthy fixation.

      • Hard to see it as a fixation…more of an irritation that someone who is not honest gets to be a gatekeeper over what is politically acceptable
        and what isn’t. Once you’ve seen the “gatekeepers” punching right, it’s hard to not see it. My own irritation is with Instapundit, which I had at the top of my bookmarks list since 2001. As much as I like like Glenn Reynolds, he’s careful not to link to anyone he sees as outside the pale, and the new commenters he’s imported to his blog are far worse than he is.

      • Ben Shoahpiro is only allowed to speak because he’s not a threat. “But he triggers college snowflakes with facts and reason!” Who even cares about that anymore? This isn’t a battle over who can get the next TrigglyPuff to flap her arm fat around because he said there are two genders. We’re done with that. Benny needs to be cut off at the knees before he sends more young White men down the dead end of Conservatism, Inc. I say let the dog piling continue.

        Blaming AR/DR guys for having less success is foolish. We’re deplatformed and even attacked by ANTIFA goons and the gubmint doesn’t do jack. If they do they only jam up our guys for defending themselves. Maybe that limits our success?

      • Z is hardly the only one to notice what the Littlest Chickenhawk is doing. Not his fault that you don’t pay attention.

    • Most normal people hate politics and want to keep it at arms length. They’ll do the minimum out of a sense of duty.

      If someone can package a simple feel good message they are off to the races regardless of actual consequences.

      • This is the fault of the Right, all parts of it. Almost no one on this side, either mainstream stooges or actual dissident right is able to communicate “vote for us and here is how your life will be better.”

        In all the years of my political life only three candidates at any level have managed this, Ron Paul who alas is wrong on nearly every issue, Ronald Reagan who was a mixed bag for the nation and President Trump.

        Worse our side is full of Libertarians and nothing turns off nornies faster than they autistic “muh freedom” screeching of that lot . While the Libertarians have some traction on the pot issue and guns, people mostly hate anarchists and that’s what the party is, Anarchists who love big corporations

        There is a very good reason that authoritarian FDR was elected President For Life and that people were pretty happy with the EPA, FDA, Interstate Highway , TVA (in time) and a lot of the alphabet soup of agencies, They made peoples lives better

        Hell so did food stamps, medicare , social security and a lot of other programs.

        The modern US cannot be run as a nightwatchman society with a minimal government and the sooner our side dumps the Libertarians and militia nutters the better

        While obviously are a thing of the Left philosophically though not practically since the optics were terrible, the tiki torch Nazis are a better fit which should tell people something.

        The Dissident Right is not a Liberty Movement , it should allow itself to be hijacked by them any more than by the corporations. Don’t be the Tea Party

        I can promise you this, even most of the NPC’s want a family that is stable and good and if we can communicate that we have something worse the effort other than complaining like a bunch of old hens at a coffee klatch

        IMO and its only my opinion the Dissident Right is an authoritarian Right Wing movement whose main goal is to produce a society where people can have families and want to have them.

        In a globalist filled environment full of depravity and profit uber alles mind set this means boots on necks , public and private not “muh liberty”

        • Excellent analysis of the DR. Indeed one of it’s chief flaws is inability to produce a platform of ideas to sell to the American people. As of now they have nothing.

          The DR would be well advised to take Trump’s escalator speech as a basis for a platform to male it’s case to the people. Because when you break it down. It was explicitly pro white.

          No more “torch Nazis” or talk of “apex whites” or selling the public on Eugenics.

      • To the degree that normal people seek power in society, it is through building and creation. Leftist (including RINOs) are obsessed with all things political. They live and breath it 24/7. It enables them to control the powers of the state. That is their advantage over us. Normies choosing to remain willfully ignorant about the true nature of our “leaders” is killing us.

          • From AB Prosper above:

            “I can promise you this, even most of the NPC’s want a family that is stable and good and if we can communicate that we have something…”

            This should be our lead…then we get into the how…

          • Here’s an idea: “We stand for a society where people CAN have a family, and a culture where people WANT to have a family.”

      • “Most normal people hate politics and want to keep it at arms length. They’ll do the minimum out of a sense of duty.”

        I have tried to get people on the right to see this but they are so obsessed with politics that they are blind to it. Traditionally only grifters and the left are obsessed with politics. Most Americans want to be left alone to enjoy their lives. That, combined with high trust and a sense of fairness, has made the Average white person easy prey for the tribe.

        It is also a key reason that guns are seen as the solution for all political problems. You can either study the problem and tirelessly work to solve it or you can have the fun of shopping for and owning a gun. The choice is an easy one. This also explains the love of homeschooling which spares people from the burden of safeguarding their educational system.

    • I can’t stand Shapiro’s Porky Pig delivery. Same with Jordan Peterson’s Kermit the Frog.

  21. Chapo-tier leftists love dogpiling on the fact that much of the celebrity Right is funded by snake oil sales. Convincing middle-aged people to buy more books is another con. The professional conservatives don’t want a DSA-like organization to develop, witness the innumerate scams that called themselves “Tea Party” in the early half of this decade.

    Mass movements, local chapters, public interest law. That’s things we actually need, not dick pills.

      • A million times, this. The right really needs its own oligarch. The real right. Not the koch brothers corparatists, which is all the same globalist game.

      • I distrust anyone who pushes harder for Muh Brand than The Cause. Alt-Lights like Milo & Cerno and Leaders Without a Cause like Spencer come to mind.

        • IIRC, Spencer is bad with money. His parents are quite wealthy, but he’s never run anything larger than a magazine editorship. He’s actually the opposite of a grifter, a trustafarian.

    • Any above-ground movement would be immediately infiltrated and its leaders RICO’d.

      • I suggest infiltrating old-time fraternal organizations. The key is to not have an openly political club, and definitely no foolish attempts at paramilitary training.

        The SPLC is not going to suspect the Knights of Columbus as some evil organization. It’s an accepted part of mainstream society in older cohorts, no one even bothers to tell them they can’t use the name Columbus.

        • Absolutely agree with this.

          I’ve been trying to figure out how to join a particular group for a while now without success. I might move on to the Elks or Kiwanis Club soon.

        • Ruritan clubs — all over here where I’m now rummaging aound in the more remote areas of the old east. Also, Legion posts and VFW halls for the military types.

          • Even saw Ruritan in the most remote area of the intermountain west. Not sure what their thing is, but they seem to be located in those rural places that more closely hew to traditional culture.

          • Primi….I looked up locations of Ruritan chapters and according to their directory, did not find any in Intermountain West. Where did you see chapters in Int.Mt,West? Thanks.

  22. you people are jealous of Ben because he is cute and because he is Jewish, similar to Kushner. People don’t like Jews because they succeed.

    • Is envy a reason why Jews are disliked? Sure, but if our anger was just material we could be bought off.

      Shapiro is not particularly ugly, but I’d rate him as below average in looks, a 4 out of 10. And recall that as a celebrity he has makeup artists.

      I do think there are reasons why people like him, he’s a professional class beta husband and father that is religiously observant while not being an evil fundie Protestant. He cultivates an intellectual image, against the stereotypical boorish conservative.

      • He is a “young man in a hurry” as has be said. He and any number of other of the “outed” grifters in this forum seem to be primarily guilty of 1) success wrt audience and money, 2) less than ideologically pure (as we see such).

        To the charge of making money, I say so what. To the ideological purity test, what is the ideology of the “dissident” rightest posting here? I’m serious. Hell, I remember a short while back a give and take discussion on the topic of how we should call our movement: “alt-right”, “dissident right”, etc.

        Z-man sees these folk as “distractions” or “gate keepers” working against the cause. Some of that is indeed true. But I see any number of these folk as first steps in prying open the gates and reaching an audience we can not at this time hope to.

        • Have to admit that he does provide some entertainment squashing snowflakes on the college campus. I hadn’t realized how f*d up college kids had become until I bumped into a few of his YouTubes quite a while back. Same with D’Souza. Thanks to the good folks here I was blind but now I see.

        • A guy selling donuts is in it for the money. The guy robbing donut shops is also in it for the money. To say they are just two men in the donunt business to make money misses an important point. It’s not the money that is the issue. it is the motivation.

        • No they are not like some gateway drug to the DR. They are gatekeepers pure and simple. Shapiro is being groomed to replaced the aging gatekeepers like Limbaugh, Hannity and others. All these people have one job – to distract whites and feed them a set of half-lies to keep them on the reservation.

          All of these people sell capitalism as religion, as something we need to serve instead of it serving us. They self atomization of the individual, greed over country and people, etc. Granted it’s nicely packaged because they know how to weaponize language.

    • First off, the word you mean is “envious” not “jealous.” Please do better next time.

      Second, people don’t like Jews primarily because they’re devious. You don’t see the same dislike of Japanese Americans or other successful groups as you do for Jews. That says something. Jews as a group are annoying, and, sooner or later, they get on your nerves. Simple as that.

      • First, although I’m reluctant to describe either Shapiro or Kushner as “cute,” I question whether envy is preferable to jealousy. Second, if Jews are devious, why aren’t guys like Ben Shapiro not trying harder to avoid being so conspicuously Jewish? I suppose there’s some n-level chess explanation for that beenie he insists on wearing. “The enemy is fiendishly clever” and all that. In the alternative, the “dissident right” is confirmed to be, as its opponents would say, a nest of American Nazis, whose common bond or foundational principle is hatred of Jews.

        • Envy is when you want something that someone else has. Jealousy is when you’re worried that someone is going to take away something that you have. Please tell me how jealous works in BoneGay’s sentence.

          Regarding Shapiro and the general Jewish trait of being devious, I’ll grant you, he’s not a great example, but then, I didn’t claim that he was. I said Jews, not Ben Shapiro. Regardless, Sharpiro is, in fact, devious because he’s trying to trick gentile whites into giving up their land and power to benefit his people. That’s practically the definition of devious. The fact that he’s not particularly subtle about it doesn’t change that that he’s a devious little shit. It really says more about the gullibility of gentile whites.

          Also, I’ve never noticed Jews to be unusually bright, at least not compared to reasonably bright whites. There may be more smart Jews as a percentage of their population, but our numbers make up for that. Where I’ve notice that Jews truly excel over gentile whites is their relentlessness, willingness to screw people over and having the balls to just lie to people to get what they want. Jews are the used car salesmen of the human race. On that measure, they truly are different than gentile whites.

          For what it’s worth, I don’t hate Jews. They are what they are. I don’t hate blacks. They also are what they are. I hate what Jews and blacks are doing to my people, but I don’t hate them, nor do I find Jews to be some mythical power. They’re just Jews, doing what Jews do. Gentile whites could stop all this tomorrow if we weren’t such a bunch of hayseeds.

          The Dissident Right isn’t about hatred of Jews. It’s about acknowledging reality and carving out a place for our people. Jews are a major impediment to that, so we focus a lot of time on them. That’s all.

        • “That beanie”. I’m not one to go about naming the Jew, but here we are. Jew.

    • No one envy the tool for fooling around evangelical , Bungay

      He just too white Looking Jew therefore can’t have place in Liberal side

      unluckily he too weird looking Jew therefore can’t have place in Republican Party

      Only Jesus freak who irrationally obsess Middle east listen to him

      mostly White Evangelicals Christians that Liberal cheer about population decline

      There’s no future for him coming where nobody want to hear about middle east or tax cut

    • I know plenty of Jews who went bankrupt. I didn’t care for their behavior or politics before or after they went bankrupt.

    • Tiny Wells! I’d know that insouciant, inimitable style anywhere. And now with literary references ironically (I think) juxtaposed with the moronic punctuation and odd grammar! You’re really upping your game. Jolly good show, old chap.

  23. I used to buy that line also but have come to believe that, to a considerable degree, ideology flows from or is a function of ethnicity.

    • Correct, at some level ideology and ethnicity converge. Perhaps easier to understand if we replace “ethnicity” with genetic composition/proclivity.

      • Compsci: The roots of a religion, ideology, or other high level social structure flow from culture and shared experience, which in turn flow from biology. Outsider individual adherents may graft on as cult members do.

        To the degree that what Ben Shapiro does is intentional (and I suspect it’s a lot), that component of the ideology is synthetic. The “authentic” component is derived from the fact that he is a toucan, that grew up in a toucan family, and only knows how to be a toucan.

    • Not really. Guys like North and a host of Conservative Talk radio types are just what Z describes – Grifters or con-artists. Gingrich and Limbaugh are other examples. Limbaugh is probably one of the best at keeping white middle-class types on the reservation.

      Not a Jewish thing at all. Any white can do it, all you need is a lack of conscience and learn how to say what other people want to hear.

      • Limbaugh will be telling you about something that is absolutely vital to “our democracy” one second and then segue directly into a radio commercial without your ever knowing it. We’re supposed to take him seriously?

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