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I like to try out new things once in a while, mostly because I’m still not sure what works best for this type of podcast. Writing is a different experience than speaking. What works for a blog post will not work for a podcast. The old saying in legacy media is that radio is a hot medium and television is a cool medium. That is, you need to be fierier on radio to keep an audience, while on television you need to be calmer. No one wants to see a madman ranting and raving in their living room, so you have to appear calm.

I suspect the same rules apply to new media. Within the podcast domain, some things will work better than others, because the media is more intimate. Most people consume this product by their lonesome. That’s why I try new things all the time. I’m figuring out what works in this format and what I like doing. This week, for example, I’m breaking from the normal format to run through all of the Democrat candidates. No breaks. It’s also a much more casual show than normal. These freaks are too weird to take them seriously.

That really is the thing that jumps out when you start looking at these people and their campaigns. None of them should be dog catcher in a small town. It’s ridiculous that any of them running for President. I suspect when the revolution comes, the reason will be that decent people simply got fed up pretending that this stuff is anything but an insult to the dignity of the people. The other thing is this is highly orchestrated. The system actively selects for these people. This freak show is what our rulers want to see.

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This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • Michael Bennet (Link)
  • Joe Biden (Link)
  • Cory Booker (Link) Gun grabbing, fighting racist tech
  • Pete Buttigieg (Link)
  • Julián Castro (Link)
  • John Delaney (Link)
  • Tulsi Gabbard (Link)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (Link)
  • Kamala Harris (Link)
  • John Hickenlooper (Link)
  • Jay Inslee (Link)
  • Amy Klobuchar (Link)
  • Seth Moulton (Link)
  • Beto O’Rourke (Link)
  • Tim Ryan (Link)
  • Bernie Sanders (Link)
  • Eric Swalwell (Link)
  • Elizabeth Warren (Link)
  • Marianne Williamson (Link)
  • Andrew Yang (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing 

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92 thoughts on “The Democratic Field

  1. Of course we had the founders like Washington and Jefferson but shortly after that and even before Lincoln the line of US presidents reminds me of the Roman empire’s after Augustus, Marcus Aurelius and Hadrian, everyone more corrupt than the previous one.

  2. Since my state (the Old North State aka God’s Country) is certain to nominate Trump, I plan to reregister as a Democrat to vote for Marianne Williamson.

    I would certainly watch a presidential debate between Trump (the Art of the Deal) and an acolyte of “A Course in Miracles”. This would be the first time I have ever in my many, many years of suffering through presidential politics that I will have watched one of these clown shows.

    America needs a real choice.

    • And do good looking women get diversity points or lose them? Because that Williamson creature is hot. In kind of milfy way. At least compared to Stacy Abrams. Or anybody else in the Democrat party.

  3. This was a fun analysis, but you should’ve given bonus “Matthew” points: i.e. which nominee might send the strongest thrill up the leg of Chris Matthews. I say +20 for Buttigieg.

    As the electoral season progresses I suggest a podcast that considers the stakes from the Deep State perspective. The Deep State plays the long game and they prefer a stooge in office – one whose every decision is easily anticipated or manipulated. Which of course means Trump is a great candidate (he’s easily anticipated), as are the whole field of Dems (all owned & manipulable). The most easily manipulated, however, has to be Biden. I’m expecting a Trump-Biden matchup, with Trump winning … but it will be a highly disputed win in order to keep the left afire, and the Dems may very well take the House & Senate. Trump is the preferred long-game candidate, because the plutocrats can then crash the economy on his watch, the oligarchs get their war w/ Iran, with a Dem Congress completing the trifecta with impeachment proceedings. This, together with the immigration invasion, will obliterate whatever is left of the GOP and ensure socialists have power for the next several generations. We’ll see … that’s how Machiavelli would do it!

  4. WordPress just deplatformed Chateau Heartiste. Website no longer available. I was aware Big Tech was purging badthinkers this week. Big Brother Tech will be here soon too i suspect. Its happening. Are you ready?

  5. It’s goddamn laughable that the links within this comment section are censored as we write. Who the hell do these people think they are? It is becoming very difficult to breathe the same air as these people.

  6. Julian Castro……..”…..promises to increase everyone’s cricket ration and install more sunning rocks around the Capital……….” (that’s @ 15:00 mark, folks.)

    I just lost it. LOL =)

    Z’s clever that way (in his writing too, of course)…..He’ll speak in a calm, measured, conversational manner which we are all accustomed, and when you are least expecting it……..he drops in a zinger!

    • Really? My mistake then. I must have read it wrong. I guess, Swalwell for President then!

  7. The fudgepacking mayor’s last name is pronounced “Bootyjudge”.

    Willie Brown’s former paramour’s first name is pronounced “KAH-mala.” Her mother is from Tamil Nadu, South India. Father is from Jamaica.

    Our previous president’s father was from Kenya, not Nigeria.

    Getting these pronunciations and facts correctly will make you sound more intelligent

  8. I’m wondering if Hillary has gunned up all these clowns. Aka dense pack nuke missile theory. All these clowns destroy each other end route to a Clinton restoration and Chelsea 2028? Hillary is canvassing NH.

    • Interesting theory and Hillary might try even though I think her health has deteriorated from 2016 and it wasn’t good then. (She looks really bloated in the photos that I’ve seen;) My theory is that either Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey might emerge as a compromise unifying candidate if the primaries really can’t pick a winner. But my guess is still that Kamala Harris will be the nominee as the candidate with the most diversity Pokemon points. As Zman says, many of these candidates will be gone by September, even before the Iowa caucuses.

  9. The thought police have shut down Chateau Heartiste. Z-Man: you need to get off WordPress immediately.

    • Goddamn, yes. Must’ve happened in the last 30 minutes or so.

      That’s what you get for depending on enemy infrastructure.

    • Z-man isn’t on the WordPress site. He uses the WordPress software on an independent site. They can’t shut him down.

    • I know have my own server. I use the open source version of WordPress, but it runs on my server.

      At this point, there’s no reason to use a service like WordPress. They offer nothing but hassles.

    • TBH, I am amazed it took this long. I have been wondering for months how CH managed to stay on WP. I hope he has/has a private server back-up like our host.

      • If anyone finds CH again assuming that he can reemerge elsewhere, please let everyone know.

        • I will be searching for him. He has a gab account so I assume that he can and will post updates there.

  10. I’m thinking there’s just a lot of lefty billionaire money floating around during the primary season, which could explain this unruly swarm of goofballs chasing after it. One does one’s fishing when the tide is in, as it were.

  11. Very interesting. Grifter Shapiro ventures out of his bubble and gets his ass handed to him. I didn’t even consider those questions to be tough. He was thrown off his script and had a meltdown. Did he not know the culture of the BBC? Wow he looks bad, and nakedly inferior to an intellectual liberal. A punk with a glass jaw.

    • Here’s the BBC link that starts earlier in the massacre than the one JR Wirth posted. Andrew Neil seemed to know where Shapiro’s self destruct button was, pressed it and stood by quietly while Shapiro blew himself up.

      It reminded me a little of Mencken’s description of Clarence Darrow eviscerating William Jennings Bryan at the Scopes trial.

      “By the end of the week he was simply a walking fever. Hour by hour he grew more bitter. What the Christian Scientists call malicious animal magnetism seemed to radiate from him like heat from a stove.”

      It took a few minutes instead of a week, but the end effect was similar.

      • Remember that Bryan won that case, that Mencken was by no means an unbiased observer and that the case itself, and Inherit the Wind were cynical, progressive pro-evolution propaganda.

        • No, Mencken was an extremely BIASED, unreliable observer. He hated Bryan all his life, was an outspoken atheist and Darwinist, and crouched all his reporting in extreme language. Pretty much everything written by liberals and whatever the hell Mencken was, about the Scopes Trial has been a lie from day one. Its amazing how its been misrepresented.

    • Wow, that was a rare on camera capture of a theme I think the just deplatformed Cheteau Heartiste would agree w me on; the jumpy, fragile and girlishly aggressive beta male ego. I graduated med school some years back. Later I discoved something quite remarkable. The ones who later, as they moved up the doctor ranks a little, got the famous ‘doctor’s ego’, are all the ‘soft-spoken nice guys.’ I do plenty of weird stuff, I dabble in applied math, martial arts, conservation and trips to the jungle. It’s the soft beta men who let a little title and promotion balloon their ego. Traditional ‘real men’ can be arrogant and just old school pricks. They re not jumpy though. Only wimp men are. This was almost a textbook example of the beta man ego in full bloom lol

  12. Come on, Julian Castro doesn’t even come close to reptilian compared to James “snakehead” Carville!

  13. OT but a very important item to read about “our thing” is in the (paywalled) WSJ today. If you subscribe, it is an opinion article by Joseph Sternberg, “Europe’s ‘Nationalism’ Turns Out to Be Local”. It is about how each major Euro country (UK, Germany, France, Italy) is actually fighting an internal political battle between the elitists of the cities and the rest of the more outlying parts of the country. Relevant for our situation in the US as well. That laundry list of Dem candidates represents the ones who want to jam us up with the arrogance of the city-folk. That is the real political and cultural split. They have no qualms seeing the rest of us shrivel up and die. It is not “nationalism”, really, and the WSJ author calls it “regionalism”. I call it the false posturing of “concern” by those “caring” city elites who actually are the most selfish rat bastards of all.

  14. I’m sticking with Kamala Harris for the win in 2020. I don’t believe Trump can pull off the trifecta of (WI, MI, PA) again so I don’t believe Democrats will have to resort to blatant election fraud. But if Trump does pull the trifecta the election will be decided by election fraud in Florida involving harvesting ballots for the newly-eligible felon voters.

    Trump will be the last Republican President in the history of the Republic.

    • But the loony left could split with a strong third party candidate. If the Greens ran some big name like Al Gore we could get another four years of the big steaming pile of puppy poo with the funky hairdo.

      The green types absolutely adore Al Gore. But he’s not likely to get many votes from the vibrant if Harris gets the Demo nomination.

  15. Informative, funny. Increased cricket rations and more sunning rocks, LOL.

    In fact it would also be interesting to do a mirror-image podcast of 20 “leading” [insert sardonic chuckle here] Republicans.

  16. Great show. Laughed throughout the whole thing. Would have loved to hear your thoughts on Yang but the podcast cut off in the middle of the Williamson segment. That happen to anyone else or is my phone acting up?

  17. This was great, it was as if Newhart did political commentary. I really enjoy your podcasts. They are unique.

  18. Z-man, you’ve left out a possibility/motive when discussing the rather poor—but extensive—list of Dem presidential nomination seekers. Some of these folk are indeed delusional, but not all. I suspect most are sincerely running for…Vice President on the Dem ticket! If you add a judgement of the field with that criteria in mind, you get a different picture of the probabilities of each candidate’s success—albeit, I admit the discussion becomes more complex as it becomes multi variant.

    The game many are playing is not to win the nomination overall, but to demonstrate regional and demographic strengths that will complement the candidate that wins the main prize, the Dem Presidential nomination.

    • That’s a popular theory that I have been hearing my whole life. The thing is though, inside a campaign is like being on another planet. These people really think they can win and their core supporters share that belief. Now, I do think the cynical ones run because it boosts their profile for other things, like a cushy lobbying job or a consulting gig. Lizard Man is just networking. He’ll raise some money and spend on insiders who will introduce him to other insiders.

      • Read Chris Christie’s book. He honestly thought he’d be POTUS in 2016, and was completely surprised when he got crushed in NH. He actually thought being a NJ Governor who could work with Obama was a PLUS. Henry Wallace thought he’d win in 1948 or get at least 25% of the vote. Most of these guys have egos the size of Texas, and think that if only they can get enough exposure and campaign money, everyone will see how wonderful they are and elect them.

  19. The 2020 election is not about Trump. It is about the splitting of the left coalition into two hostile camps.

    The otherwise excellent McFeels expressed the desirability of a Ron Paul challenge to Trump. This lapse into idiocy is the result of Trump’s betrayal. It is understandable, but nonetheless utterly wrong.

    I do not subscribe to accelerationist fantasies or the Leninist notion that the worse something looks, the better it actually is. Just as the Zionist tail must no longer wag the American dog in foreign policy, righteous hatred of the Enemy cannot be allowed to wag the identarian right in domestic politics.

    A divided left is a necessary condition for white identity politics to break out of its present state sooner rather than later. And this division is within sight. Just look at their field of candidates.

    Trump’s mere presence is accomplishing this all on its own. His re-election may well prove one straw too many for rainbow camel.

    For better or worse, we must deal with the GOP, such as it is, while we change it, from within and without.

    The Republican party is the vehicle of whites. We must make it the party for whites.

    If you cannot stomach this line, then attempt to break up any libertarian factions that still remain at the state level, especially in the fly-over states. Their numbers are small, but can actually effect the outcome at the national level. Whether on social media or at actual events, wedge them into confused pieces, using the internal contradictions of their philosophy as pry-points.

    We must always use politics, and this means messy, occasionally incoherent and often frustrating effort.

    If it helps, think of it as good practice for the actual business of governing.

    But we must always use politics.

    • It took McFeels a long time to divorce Trump; FTN was still selling “4D Chess” throughout 2018.

      I’ve come to the point of dismissing electoral politics altogether. From here on out I’m planning to elect the looniest Lefties imaginable and pour sand in the gears at every opportunity.

      To care about voting implies the system is worth saving.

  20. John Hickenlooper left the office of governor of Colorado in January, to be succeeded by Jared Polis, an open homosexual. John is the son of former Iowa governor and four term U.S. senator Bourke Hickenlooper. I remember Bourke Hickenlooper from my youth and I don’t think that he’d be pleased with how his son turned out.

    • I have this recollection of Hickenlooper being a “new Democrat” back in the 1990’s, but I may be mistaken. All of those reasonable sounding New Democrats from the DLC eventually turned into loons of one type or another.

      • He spoke as a moderate, but was hard left on everything except oil and gas. He was widely popular in Colorado and would have won another term, but he was term-limited.

    • The Hickenlooper of Colorado seems unrelated to the Iowa Senator, perhaps distantly. J. Hick was born in Philadelphia, PA, and then moved to Colorado.

      John Gilligan, the Governor of Ohio that saddled us with the income tax, was the father of Kathleen Sebelius who was Governor of Kansas and then HHS secretary. John would have been pleased with the devastation that she wrought.

      • It looks as if you’re right that there’s no direct relationship between John and Bourke Hickenlooper. I stand corrected.

  21. You got Kirsten Gillibrand right. She is the perfect empty vessel which is filled up with the latest DNC talking points and whatever their money-men want her to say. She is an absolute moron who cannot utter a complete sentence once she’s off-script.

  22. Gabbard is at least interesting because she seems like an old fashion lefty who actually thinks for herself occasionally. Kind of like Daniel Patrick Moynihan. That’s why the DNC machine will crush her.

  23. I notice that most of the candidates websites are
    Not dot.ORG or dot.INFO
    dot.COM means “commercial” .. i.e. a business.
    So, they’re not organizations fielding candidates, they’re business enterprises, selling something.

    • The “.com” is an arbitrary first choice. There really is no authority that prevents or rather regulates your choice of domains.

      • Perhaps 30 years ago, when your only choices were
        .gov .edu .mil and .com,
        you’d have to pick one, .com was the only one that made sense.
        There are more top-level domains available now.
        Shouldn’t a candidate have an ORGanization behind him, rather than being nothing more than a business venture?
        Or, his website offers up .INFOrmation about the candidate?

        If nothing else, it indicates that their webmasters aren’t paying attention to small details.

        • They could be honest and use .IL

          50% of the funding of the dems, Don’t ever forget it.

          • The Dems enjoy a structural advantage in politics that comes from being 90% of the journolists and academics in this country.

            The value of that is incalculable.

    • If you only type DOMAIN, most browsers default to DOMAIN.COM

      So anyone who wants to be found uses DOMAIN.COM, not any of the dozens of other TLDs.

      Using anything else (if you don’t have to) is frankly stupid from a marketing perspective, even if it’s more technically-correct.

      Further, it prevents domain squatting, since squatters know very well that only .COM have real value in terms of findability. So if you really want to be a DOMAIN.ORG, *first* buy DOMAIN.COM, and have it redirect to DOMAIN.ORG (Craigslist does this). Cuz otherwise, the moment some Big Name buys DOMAIN.NOTCOM, one of the automated squatters will register DOMAIN.COM, and all that traffic Big Name had hoped for will wind up on the squatter’s site (usually an ad or link farm, but sometimes malware).

  24. Ron Paul supports Gabbard, really. Why does anyone listen to a so called “leader” that has done nothing but lose, at least on the national scene? I don’t get it. Time for the nursing home.

    • A lot of the paleo-libertarians seem to have moved into the hard-core anti-war camp. Same with paleocons. I guess they see it as a safe space. It lets them avoid identity politcs, but it also makes sure they remain on the sidelines. They can back Gabbard and feel edgy, without much risk.

    • Trump is unlikely to draw an uncucked primary challenger. In most cases your Senator or Rep is not going to draw a challenger either. So the most useful vote to cast for many of us is to register as a Dem and vote in their primary.

    • Ron Paul has always been a nut. Like almost all Libertarians. They seem incapable of dealing with reality. IRC, Paul was against a border fence because it could be used to “keep Americans from leaving the USA”.

  25. Yang took the “everything and the kitchen sink” approach and intellectualized it a bit. The way I think about it is he is a marriage of Silicon Valley ideals with Washington think-tank proposals (the kind of stuff that gets Nate Silver and Matt Yglesias all tingly inside).

    And yes, give him credit for talking about some issues that matter, like automation, and also for mostly avoiding toxic identity politics. The problem is, his personal decency is not a winning characteristic among the Democratic primary crowd these days.

  26. I do think it’s orchestrated, but I think these people are being chosen to intentionally have little chance against trump. Actually I took this idea from a guy whose name I don’t remember from the old VOR radio, but I believe incumbents are allowed a second term based on whether they please the zionists.

    Carter displeased the zionists, so there was a primary challenge and a strong republican candidate and carter got one term. Bush 1 displeased the Zionists by challenging the settlers, and possibly also for not going all the way on Iraq. He gets a powerful third party challenge from Perot and a dashing dark horse contender in the form of Clinton.

    Trump has made his peace with the zionists after some early confusion, and now he will get a second term. The Democratic Party will pay its dues to all those loyal who have worked for a chance(but really have little chance) to run and everyone will be happy.

    You might say why did Obama get a second term, but I think the exception is obvious, the public being so rapturous about a black president.

  27. Might be a silly question, but what is the origin of the dog catcher in a small town euphemism? My Finnish granddad used to say the same thing

    • I think the origin is that the job of dog catcher was the worst imagine elected office. Collecting up stray dogs was a job in many towns, so it was familiar to people. I doubt there are any elected dog catchers.

  28. The nature of politics pretty much rules out anyone but the mentally unhinged and certified narcissists from running for office. There aren’t but a handful of people holding national office that I would trust to park my car or that I would want to spend any time with. Can you imagine having lunch with Mitt Romney or “Beto”?

    • I would love to have a few beers with Joe Biden just to hear his drunken Ted Kennedy stories

    • Listening to the description of this years Democratic field reminded me of my youth on the farm wandering through a field of cow patties.

  29. And Eric Cline’s book 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed in the major cities all around the Mediterranean all the elite areas were just emptied out. There were fires and earthquakes but they didn’t find bones and there is speculation that the populace raised up and murdered them all.

    • I’ve not read the book, but the collapse is widely discussed, and the commonly accepted explanation is sea born raiders, rather than an uprising of the population. Is this discussed and debunked in Cline’s book?

      • It is discussed . I wouldn’t say debunked but it’s discussed. The book is a great overview because the truth is we don’t know. Everybody has their pet idea but nobody really knows

    • Funny how the Bronze Age Collapse follows on one of those Little Ice Age periods.

      Also, today the MP3 was not linked in the RSS feed.

    • Dan Carlin did a very early episode of “Hardcore History” about the Bronze Age collapse. Re-listened today after reading this comment; good stuff.

      I suspect there was some greater factor that weakened the Mediterranean World, allowing the Sea People to do what they did. Societies rot from the inside, then get kicked over.

    • Ruminations on 1177 BC: The “why” of the decline of that particular time period are MULTIPLE REASONS THAT OVERLAPPED. Life is messy.

      The Late Bronze Age in the Mediterranean—the five centuries between 1700 and 1200 B.C.– 8 advanced societies were highly connected—Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Canaanites, Hittites, Cypriots, Minoans, and Mycenaeans. They grew to power over two millennia yet collapsed simultaneously over a few short decades. A series of cascading calamities in a highly interdependent world that linked these civilisations as trading partners led to a rapid collapse. There were invasions—the invading “sea people,” pushback military invasions in response, destabilisation and civil war. Rapid decline and violence was set in motion by extensive drought and famine reported in tablet letters from the time. Voices in the letters: “There is famine in our house. We will all die of hunger.” “Our city is sacked. May you know it!” In some regions there were also devastating earthquakes destroying major centers of population and trade. The interlinked collapses played out over a few decades as central administrations failed, economies collapsed, and whole populations died back or moved elsewhere.

      The climate change experienced at that time of 1177 BC was a warming phase post the grand solar minimum great cooling of1390 BC, with the Mediterranean region experiencing severe drought.

      Eric Cline, author of 1177 BC, is a Lefty driven by their defining lefty globalist ideology. He scoffs at climate change deniers, quotes Michael Mann and virtue signals on NPR. His ways of the Left to avoid societal collapse…would CAUSE societal collapse. The defining quality of the nihilist Left is destruction.

      We’ve had our Grand Solar Maximum, our period of sustained warmth and predictable climate — and we’ve flourished. But Total Solar Irradiance is now forecast to fall off a cliff. Sunspots, a great barometer for solar activity, have been largely absent in 2018. Predictions have us entering a new Grand Solar Minimum imminently to last a few decades. The resulting cold will throw modern society into chaos, just as it did with preceding ones. Growing seasons will shorten, crops will fail, food shortages ensue, disease become rampant, people die and empires fall.

      When I see the globalist left finance Rooseveltian-sized national projects to raise the sea walls, the jetties, dikes, move urban areas directly next to the ocean to higher land, move the elites from their prime ocean-view property, then and only then would I begin to take the Left seriously.

      We should not destroy our carbon based economy, just as the great cold begins the descent for decades, when we will need to affordably stay warm and grow food.

      PS: The more the average global temperature declines, the more sea ice and Greenland’s glaciers expand, the lower the sea level. HA! Tell that to Hank Johnson. Maybe the whole world will tip over!

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