What Comes Next

One of the great challenges of dissident politics is creating and articulating a vision for what comes next. A large number of people have become aware of the central issues around identity politics, so what do they do to start changing society? Is the next step public activism? Is it creating a political party? Is it taking over an existing party or backing certain candidates? People have been conditioned to think politics is about changing public opinion in order to change the laws and culture in some way.

This is the liberal model everyone reading this has been raised to accept. Our history has been rewritten to support this idea. Our modern politics is full of symbols and rituals designed to reinforce this belief. Even the economic sphere is drenched in the principles of free market idealism. Don’t like that massive tech oligopolies are stripping you of you legal right? Just go create a competitor! The liberal democratic system teaches the people that they live in a massive market place of ideas, so change is about market share.

That’s probably the hardest thing for newly minted rebels to accept about right-wing identity politics. They have been conditioned to believe they must act on their beliefs in order to get others to do the same. In reality, there is no way forward within liberal democracy to attain the goals of national populists or identitarians. The reason is the system is fully evolved to perpetuate itself. Any effort by outside elements to engage the system result in the outside influences being fully incorporated into the system.

This is something that is easily observed in Europe, where it is still possible to create new political parties and participate in electoral politics from outside the very narrow mainstream. This wonderful translation, by Christoph Nahr, of a German identitarian essay on the subject is worth a read. This is a problem that exists in America in the form of Trumpism. How do dissidents engage in politics in order to further our goals, without being absorbed into the political habitus or destroyed by it?

This is something Sam Francis observed about the conservative movement when it was reaching its peak. In order for Buckley conservatives to become an effective political force, they had to embrace the rules and customs of liberal democratic politics, as defined by the Left. The Left controlled the moral framework, so in order to participate in politics meant embracing the Progressive moral framework. In the view of Francis, it was only a matter of time before they were absorbed by it.

That is what happened with Buckley conservatism. It could remain a challenge to the Progressive order only as long as exogenous factors created tension between themselves and the Left. The threat of nuclear annihilation artificially created a debate between the two sides of the increasing narrow political space. Once that exogenous force was removed, the moral gravity drew both sides into the center like a collapsing star. The result is the political mono-space of neoliberalism.

One way of approaching this problem is to accept the framework of liberal democracy, but focus on the people in charge. Like a church in need of reform, the Progressive clerisy can be replaced and thus reinvigorate the institution. If only the people in charge of the institutions accepted dissident ideas, then the system could be turned in the direction of dissident politics. This is essentially what Christian conservatives embraced in the 1980’s resulting in the Bush victory in 2000. It was a total failure for them.

It is this truth of liberal democracy and right-wing political philosophy that is the hardest for even the most sober minded to accept. The two are utterly incompatible. For generations, the Right has blinded itself to this reality, by fashioning itself as the defender of tradition and the restorer of community. They have seen themselves as the cleanup crew that comes in after the Progressive riot to put things back in order. For generations, the Right has been the janitorial staff of the Progressive state.

Since the core of liberal democracy is the abnegation of community, in favor of the public will, free association is impossible. The person is identified and defined by his role in the democracy. On the other hand, all forms of conservatism begin with the organic social habitus of shared history and identity. Therefore there can be no conservatism without free association. It’s not the artificial freedom of individualism, as preached by liberal democracy, but the freedom of organic communities to reach their own destiny.

That is the reality of dissident politics. It is not about “politics” in the conventional sense of the word. It is about a set of understandings with the goal of constructing organic communities that operate outside of the liberal democratic system. That means breaking the conditioning of white people, who have been raised to reject this approach, so they can focus their energy on building a counter-culture that challenges the prevailing orthodoxy on moral grounds, not factual grounds.

This is an enormous challenge, as the aesthetic for the Right, especially the bourgeois class, is as a restorer and defender. It is a backward looking mindset that not only sees solutions in the past, but sees the past as the solution. Building a counter-culture at odds with the remaining orthodoxy is the sort of stuff they associate with degenerates and communists. Yet, that is what must come next as liberal democracy winds its way to its inevitable denouement. Dissident politics is about what comes after this.

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192 thoughts on “What Comes Next

  1. There are organic communities of survivalists, preppers, doomers among Identity Christians. After Waco in 1993 I wanted to join a militia but while there were plenty of them in the Ozarks formed by Klan / Christian Identity you needed to be family or long-term friends. So I formed TWO public militias. And got along with the ones formed in Kansas City and St. Louis which were “politically correct” until they decided that they didn’t want to work with Klansmen and Christian Identity no more and by the Summer of 1999 were snitching us out as racist terrorists to the FBI, etc. because of fear of Y2Kaos. So we went back underground or in my case into Movement politics.

    There are four or five times as many of these survivalist groups as there were in the early 1990s. They are far less amenable to letting in outsiders.

    The [bowel] Movement now is nothing but jews, mongrels, perverts, and/or ZOGbots. Looking to them for any leadership is for fools.

    Now I’m engaged in litigation from one Bryan Reo who is a member of the former “Foundation for the Market Place of Ideas” / ZOGbot poverty FLaw Center in Lake County Ohio. Reo v Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 16CV000825. The 2017 Charlottesville disaster was akin to Greensboro Massacre in 1979 in that bloodshed occurred by the police encouraging their agents provacateur to run wild. The only lesson to be learned is to stay away from such people.

    I think that the Road Ahead is in what I call the Ten Thousand Warlords. Literally the Empire falling and everything becoming decentralized to under the county level or less, like happened in Europe when their Mighty Evil Empire collapsed.

    This year in the Midwest and Plains States, the winter wheat hasn’t been combined like it was supposed to be in April and May and much of the crop has rotted or fungussed. The GMO corn and soybeans hasn’t been planted. Big AG isn’t able to get their hirelings and fertilizer into the fields. Roundup has lost litigation saying that it causes cancer. There probably will lose at least one-third of the crop this year, maybe more.

    In my 26 years in the bowel Movement all I can advise is that everyone look after theysselfs first. Anything big enough to be infiltrated by ZOG will be. There is nothing left to vote for. Dmitri Orlov is far more on point than American Renaissance or Greg Johnson.

    In order to move down the Road Ahead you have to be alive and in order to be effective more than just a desperate refugee running down the road with the mob.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • ” History clearly demonstrates that governing is a task that exceeds
      man’s ability. ” Nicolas Gomez Devila

  2. “This is an enormous challenge, as the aesthetic for the Right, especially the bourgeois class, is as a restorer and defender.”

    The bourgeois Right, i.e., Conservative, Inc., presents another huge problem:

    It is dominated by the libertarian Right, and individualism/personal autonomy is their lodestar. They defeated the paleo-conservatives the 1960’s on, among other things, the question of freedom of association. But they had no defense when, in the same decade, the Left went from one hedonism to the next shouting “personal autonomy.”

    They simply assumed, or at least some of them did, that traditional Western morality was axiomatic. When challenged on this assumption, their only principled response could be: “Tax cuts! Smaller government! Deregulation!” because objection to “individualism” would expose them hypocrites.

    And since the most extreme of them are open borders fanatics, the race to turn the former USA into a “polyglot boarding house” full of exotics and degenerates is unstoppable.

  3. What will happen next, is apocalypse . Trump mess and everything happening now in Europe, is the proof that there is no good options left. There is zero chance that majority get,s back common sense and votes the country out from madness.

  4. Next? “Next” is obvious: we need an agreed upon code of morals and ethics, and the means (and will) to enforce them. Else, we’ll end up where the liberals are now – with a collection of loons and carpet baggers in charge.

    It used to be our leaders all had to at least pay lip service to Christianity, and be seen doing it or else. They were also expected to at least make an effort to toe the line too. Our fate was sealed when America threw away its faith – because its morals and ethics went with it. Without morals and ethics, you get black baboons like Barrak Obama, rapists like Bill Clinton, and crony capitalists and cucks like Dubya Bush who will roll over for them as long as his palms get greased. Without a moral baseline founded and graved in stone, we will never be able agree on anything and without a coherent, directed effort…we may as well not bother. People have to see us as right, moral and just or they will not follow or fall in with us.

    Say what you will about Leftie; but when he needs a riot – it happens. When he needs someone to run interference with the public – his media is right there to do the job. If he needs a troop of dancing monkeys to perform for the cameras – he can drum up a million menstrual or menopausal hags and harpies in pink pussy toques at the drop of a hat. He can do all that because even with all the vibrants, sexual degenerates, and wahmyns – they all share the same idea of right and wrong. (And surprise surpise, you icky white male – it’s all YOUR fault).

    We either come up with a conscience or we’re all hooped. It’s up to us, because you can bet your bottom dollar nobody else can do it.

  5. Speaking for just me, I think the counterculture to the progressive left has already taken root and is growing in a bit of determined sunshine. I’m standing my ground and actually extending the territory for me and my family and community. The whole thing is a jump ball and the timid have left the arena. Go for it guys….

  6. Lots of things out there in clown world , especially here in California, are falling apart, I mean we have friggin typhus in L.A.

    Thing is as Adam Smith famously said “There is a lot of ruin in a nation.”

    We’ve got plenty of ruin yet to go.

    That said without a plan to do it better, no one will back your play

    I’m pretty familiar with most of the Dissident scene and basically no one much in it is really thinking in terms of running a complex mostly urban society and doing it better than they clowns are now.

    You aren’t going to be rid of the coastal cities and even in a collapse, they will be rebuilt. They are simply too useful and strategic to not exist. Well unless you have an infinity gauntlet . Got such a gauntlet ? Didn’t think so.

    Worse the non coastal cities are vulnerable to elimination. People will be living in Boston long after Phoenix or Denver are mostly gone.

    I’m going to repeat myself here.

    Dissidents have to grow up and realize why they want power, which is to build a society where it is good to raise children.This one clearly isn’t, even liberals know that.

    That anyone will be interested in and if all policy flows from that, that is a coherent, rational and emotional satisfactory policy. And sure it smacks of “Do it for the children” so what? A society without kids is doomed.

    The other option is to stop being preservers and embrace nihilism and death, be like the barbarians who sacked Rome. There is an appeal there and with applied technology and well placed death squads, this can be done.

    You can do this actively or like Varg Virkirness does and mostly drop out , consume little and have many White kids (his family has like 5)

    Enough of either will end clown world for good but there are a great many things that clown world or well the complex society we built offers that are nice . Whether a shot at a gas station for or more likely the skull pile is worth it to you isn’t something i can say

  7. The only cause for rejoicing in all this is that our credentialed elite class is – hands down – one of the most pusillanimous in the entire history of the West. With few and scattered exception, they pride themselves on their decadence, effeminacy, petulance, and narcissism. Joined to a deliberate ignorance of just about any subject that does not axiomatically affirm their innate specialness, they make the Bourbons look reserved, prescient and astute.

    The world has a nasty habit of presenting ruling elites with unforeseen (at least by them) existential challenges that are met and mastered by the strong and resilient, while quickly overwhelming the confused and the weak. Inevitably, such a challenge is coming, perhaps sooner than later. When the comeuppance arrives, the flailing and ineptitude then to be on display will be both monumental and delicious. My only hope is to live long enough to enjoy the spectacle.

  8. This comment thread seems to be heavy on action and low on sense. There’s not going to be any action until the food runs out. And it might not, in which case whites are probably going to be herded into camps and exterminated. It’s quite obvious that whites have become the global scapegoat. And you know what a scapegoat is, it’s what you destroy when things start going bad to appease the Gods. So a gradual collapse would be much more harmful than a total collapse. The ‘White Community ‘ should go ahead and just pray for the total collapse because this is our only chance of survival long term but any symbolic action before that will bring the hammer down on us harder.

    In the meantime, things are actually just fine. We’re all well fed and housed and probably quite comfortable. And I’m going to recommend HBO’s Chernobyl. It’s very good and 100% white which is refreshing

  9. >This is an enormous challenge, as the aesthetic for the Right, especially the bourgeois class, is as a restorer and defender. It is a backward looking mindset that not only sees solutions in the past, but sees the past as the solution.

    Ultimately, this is why the middle class is an impotent force when it comes to revolution. Real political changes come from one elite faction embracing a new change then propagating a cult which retroactively frames the new ways as natural, traditional, and legitimate. This is who we are, etc.

    There are no coup complete problems, only failures of political imagination. Any reaction which purports to support legitimacy in theory must discard legitimacy in practice and open by taking power from elites who lawfully inherited it. There will be no magical coup that hands over power to the righteous. There never is. The only way to affect meaningful change is to ensure the people have no choice in the matter. When both sides of the aisle agree that dissident principles are “who we are”, you can begin to move forward. Focusing on capturing only the right is useless. The GOP is the Outer Party. The Washington Generals. Paid losers. Even if you flipped every GOP position dissident, it wouldn’t be enough. You need to capture the Deep State and the social mores of the aristocracy.

    March through the institutions. The question is whether this can be done before collapse.

  10. It’s hard to see the word “next” without thinking of Next by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. A song about losing one’s virginity in an unhappy way.

    “Naked as sin.
    An army towel, covering my belly.
    Some of us weep, some of us howl.
    Knees turn to jelly.

    You gotta love certain super-scuzz bands from the 70’s. Alex Harvey was like that. Bon Scott from AC/DC was too. And Nazareth. Nazareth’s ‘Hair of the Dog’ (“now you’re messin’ with a sonofabitch”) is the pinnacle of the sleazebag sound. Strange that all 3 singers of those bands were Scottish, looked similar, and sounded similar. I think a dirtbag Scot is even scarier than a dirtbag Englishman. Like an English is chesty tough but a Scot is lunatic tough.


  11. The reason why movements focused on “the people in charge” keep failing is that they don’t understand who is really in charge.

  12. After several years,I recently watched North Dallas Forty again. A great line from the movie that applies to the dissident right:
    Team owner Conrad Hunter to cynical wide receiver Phil Elliott: “Seeing through the game and winning the game is not the same thing.”
    Another line that describes Heritage America’s relationship with DC Swamp:
    Elliott to his head coach talking about the team owner and his corporate minions: “THEY’RE the team, we’re the equipment.”

  13. But what if Leftists crash the whole shebang before the counter-culture communities can grow large enough to effect real change? What if the economy collapses because indigenous parasites (and parasitic invader reinforcements) outnumber producers to the point that the Ponze scheme runs out of OPM? What if a majority of the population has become so dependent on handouts that they no longer even remember how to fend for themselves? What if panic ensues and is accompanied by it’s handmaiden, extremely desperate and violent mobs? What is the contingency plan for this eventuality?

    • This eventuality will be painful, but not as bad as we might imagine. If there’s mass panic and economic collapse and mobs, then we don’t have federal overlords forcing the prog religion on us. That’s most of the problem, solved right there. WWI showed that mobs aren’t effective if you have a small number of people with modern weapons. Econ collapse means the parasites will starve to death and only people with decent intelligence and low time preferences will survive. Win win, except for the pain in the erstwhile.

    • Tom, good points. But in that scenario might also lie a path success.

      What if such a collapse led to a barter/black economy? Who has the most to barter, the economic producer, or the parasite? How does a government tax a black market to feed the parasites it created?

      What drives individuals to band together for their mutual good better than the imminent threat of violent assault or death. What environment would better separate the wheat from the chaff, the alpha from the beta, the feminist hag from the good women who knows her survival depends on a strong man. For that matter, what environment would most likely reinvigorate the weak, effeminate males we have become?

      Good times are often blamed for our current plight, can bad times restore us? For Whites, I think the answer is yes. The losses will be heavy, but is that really a loss—or just a genetic pruning long over due.

      • Agreed. In my experience, words rarely change minds, but hard reality can hit you upside the head with a 2×4 and that can get your attention, if not change your point of view.

  14. I started mulling this over a decade or two or three ago when it occurred to me that the meaning of everything was perverted to self reinforce the status quo.The particular word that did it was Patriotism: The word means love of the Patria, The Land, The People and their customs and ways.
    The Patrimony bequeathed us by our fathers.

    Even Merriam-Websters- corporate tools in all things- gets it almost right ” Natural Habitat”.

    It’s been perverted, of course to militarism and violence, often in support of the Status Quo but more often just sheer looting and Hubris- Who can forget the cackles of Clinton? The “Great Patriot” Insane McCain- can anybody name a single Vietnamese with a higher American body count?

    The great Wilfred Owen, wrote his best known poem
    ” Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori:”

    English trans:
    ” How sweet and honourable it is to die for one’s country: ”

    He called it The Old Lie.

    And there are still morons who believe it.

  15. I know ZMan isn’t a fan of Rod Dreher. But for some time, Dreher has been pushing his “Benedict Option” idea, which is more or less what ZMan is proposing, for conservative Christians. Band together in tight-knit communities of people who share your faith and values. Fly under the radar, but keep a watchful eye on the state and do what you can to keep them from crushing you.


    • From what I understand, the Benedict Option is more of a retreat and retrenchment, while what Z man is proposing is setting up parallel societies/communities that offer both a defensive sanctuary *and* offensive power by virtue of creating a moral entity that competes against the establishment culture.

      The Benedict Option is an ark for the old guard to wait out the flood; Z-man’s “organic communities” are phalanxes for the new guard to fight in a more cohesive manner.

  16. Perfect description of my former mindset here – waiting for the time when the liberal kids grew up & let us grown ups resume control. The defender mindset nails my natural personality traits as well.

    Attacking the Empire when I spent years pining for its Reformation still feels evil sometimes. Thanks for helping me feel good about being bad. Now let’s go break stuff.

  17. “Dissident politics is about what comes after this.”

    Great. Super. But what does that mean; Exactly?

    I have no pre-existing cognitive conditions that hinder me in acknowledging my preference to associate with my people; that is, people of my race who embrace the Western culture and traditions I embrace.

    But what will we do when we achieve the goal of free association? What will government look like? What will public accommodations look like? How will we allow for the integration of those outside our preferred circles into society? For surely they will have to be accommodated in some way.

    I need answers, damnit!

    • “How will we allow for the integration of those outside our preferred circles into society?”

      You don’t. If they’re not fully on board with the new ethnostate, then they don’t belong and should not be allowed to dwell there.

      • This is a perfect example of what Zman is talking about. You don’t plan for the future accommodation, in any way, of those who are the enemy of you and your people. Planning on reconstructing a putative White ethnostate means NOT reconstructing a liberal democracy with minority rights.

  18. “Constructing organic communities”. Separatism, folks. Think about it. If you live in Venezuela, where is the safest and best place to be? In a small community, isolated from others, with people that think and live like you do, and not on any maps. Where the community is tight, all the stuff we talk about here is understood, and it all doesn’t need to be talked about much.

    It is about getting out of your comfort zone, and realizing that a lot of the norms you live in are doomed anyway. There are no tweaks that work. If you lived in Caracas or Maracaibo, what tweaks and changes would have saved you? None of them. Moving to New Zealand is not an answer. If the SHTF, NZ will be full of all those people who created the problem. Good luck with that.

    It’s about going grey, getting where you need to be, with the people you need to be with, and making it to the other side. A lot of comments today are fairly entertaining, but capturing the popular music helm is about as effective as pissing into the wind. There is no good answer that allows you to mostly live in the existing environment. Because what you live in today is Weimar Germany, which was always doomed from day one.

  19. Maybe we could try an Amish approach. Not with anti-technology, but with quasi-monasteries. Waco got burned by the feds, but Lancaster is a thriving, white patriarchy.

    • Seclusion of men into the monasteries was one of the things that destroyed the ERE, so that’s a viable accelerationist strategy. But we need to preserve the artifacts of civilization better than the monks in A Canticle for Lebovitz did…

  20. Our enemies haven’t completed their job yet.

    Our institutions still seem to more or less function … so normies, civnats and too many in our camp are still believers in restoration.

    It’s nice to believe that we have the agency to bring about the needed change. Maybe in numbers we do. But since we lack the lines of communication to organize effectively, since every institution is controlled by our enemies, since the majority of white men still think in terms of Americanism and a handful of other reasons…our enemies need to complete their job of wrecking or wreeking our institutions.

    Then enough of our tribe (the men) will find the will and the way to ‘unleash hell’ on everything that needs to go.

    Accelerationism is our ONLY friend at this point, and luckily our enemies are only too eager to help.

    The anti-white circus of the next election will be a bellwether: can they control their more insane wing or does their Turd World wing run the asylum?

    We should do whatever we can to drive them into hysterics.

  21. So here’s what happened to The Woodpile, from the man himself:

    “If yer in an airport on the way home—almost never on the way out—and the ticket agent looks over yer stuff and smiles and says, “you’re all set,” please know it’s code for “it’s all going to go Terribly Wrong, pilgrim”. Same with moving a web site to a new, super fast, wonderfully efficient and less costly server. Everything was all set. Then it all went Terribly Wrong.

    Well, of course it did.

    I’m here to tell you incandescent electric demons emerged from the very walls, muah ha ha haaa, and joyfully altered the laws of server physics, not in my favor. So, for two days the Woodpile Report web site and email was unsubstantiated conjecture. But thanks to my IT guy, it’s fixed. He says I’m all set.”


    Of course.

  22. I’ve been waiting for the right post to submit this comment, and I think this is it.

    IMO, the next step for the dissident right is to begin a campaign to encourage whites, and especially lower middle-class and working class whites, to check the box for Black or Hispanic on applications for colleges, jobs, etc.

    Virtually all modern social movements begin with acts of civil disobedience against the perceived injustice of government policies deemed arbitrary or unfair to an identifiable group. However well-intentioned non-discrimination and/or affirmative action policies may have been forty or fifty years ago, they have morphed into explicitly race-based standards that discriminate blatantly against whites and Asians and in favor of blacks and Hispanics. Moreover, their impacts are felt most by working class whites, who are sorely lacking in any sort of privilege these policies are intended to address.

    Normie whites aren’t much for civil disobedience and will never take to the streets en masse but they are acutely aware that their kids are being denied college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships, and that they are being denied jobs and promotions because they are white, and even a lot of self-professed liberals are angry about it. This is an act of civil disobedience that does not require taking to the streets; it can be performed in the privacy of their own homes and within the confines of their own families, and it doesn’t require them to club anybody in the noggin. Further, it’s an act that kids can do on their own when they apply for college. Nothing is going to be more powerful in forcing Boomer and GenX parents to face the facts of what they have allowed to happen in America than having their kid(s) tell them that they are claiming to be black or Hispanic on their college applications. That’s an irreversible red pill moment.

    The post-Soviet modern political left in America has no unifying theme other than being anti-white and the racial spoils system that grew out of affirmative action is their Holy Grail, but its Achilles heel is that everyone knows that it is an unfair system. Throwing sand in the gears of this system by checking the black or Hispanic box will force institutions to be complicit in the scheme, like Harvard did with Elizabeth Warren, or to institute policies that push back on whites by forcing them to document their racial composition. Either way, the rot in these institutions will be exposed for all to see, which is a complete victory.

    One of my beefs with the dissident right is that it lacks anything that resembles a positive program. Amren has devolved into little more than an ongoing racial bitchfest by people Z refers to as the Beautiful Losers. I can’t recall the last time I saw a proposal for some form of positive action on Amren, or frankly on any other site on the right. It’s depressing. Checking the box is a positive, action-oriented program that allows white people to do something to advance their interests without hurting or discriminating against anyone else. As a bonus, Asians are going to jump on this bandwagon in droves.

    • Reminds me of the lament that the smart, white people in Brazil are keeping it afloat instead of letting it collapse. Anarchy is bad and all, but it’ll allow us to remake our own society without the watchful eye of Sauron.

    • Checking the box is futile and dangerous. HR by Fed regs is required to verify Race and gender and orientation. I was told this by HR.

      Better to monkey wrench everything. Even big shots need power and water and working roads.

      • This is absolutely incorrect. Noting in Federal law authorizes, much less requires, an HR organization to verify your ethnicity and/or orientation.

        • Also – in a world of blonde haired Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Native American , and white Rachel Donezal claiming to be black (and being made head of an NAACP chapter) – all the kiddies have to do is learn to say “prove it” – if they’re challenged by anybody on checking off the box of the race they currently identify as.

          • Reminds me of the normie white guy that applied
            to an Ivy league college as a black jewish lesbian ..
            Got a full ride scholarship which was revoked the day he showed up ..

          • Quite true. The Feds are not going to “prove it” especially now with people claiming they are the opposite sex and when authorities are claiming men can get pregnant it’s not happening.

        • If you decline to self-identify HR just assumes you’re white, since most everyone else takes pride in their ethnic makeup. Arabs have been pushing for their own box instead of white for awhile now.

      • Yep even the ruling class needs water and power. And so do their urban power bases.

        One thing that living in Los Angeles county has taught me, that liberal whites cannot be reformed. Mayor Garcetti has caused a massive homeless and disease crisis in the city where we now have Hepatitis, Typhus and Typhoid outbreaks. Homeless encampments all over the city spreading disease and crime. You’d think with this mess the white liberals would be screaming at Garcetti, well it’s not happening. They are content to watch their city implode into a 4th world cesspit.

    • Yeah the DR has no positive program or agenda to offer people. We have no equivalent of Paine’s “Common Sense” or a series of pamphlets to get Normie whites and teenagers into thinking for themselves and breaking out of the mental shackles the political class put on us let alone how to drop out and organize, etc.

      The problem is our side isn’t people savvy at all and that guarantees our side will come up as losers when SHTF.

      • ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE posters are a good start, it really gets their panties in a bunch, and it’s a neutral/positive message. The challenge is that they bring the full might of the surveillance state down on folks that put this stuff up. I’m surprised that Sabo isn’t in jail yet.

        • That is a good start. But we have enough creative peeps they ought to be able to come up with better posters to get normie whites thinking.

          Maybe something like:





          A poster with FBI Crime Statistics showing how many crimes and murders blacks commit.

          Then make up some pamphlets that convey some specific theme. Say like GOP complicity in open borders, globalization and losing the culture wars.

        • I was thinking of putting “it’s okay to be white” on address label stickers and pasting them on light posts, power boxes, etc

      • I think it’s a great place to start. Also, I think we need to face the fact that if we can’t get broad participation in subversive activity as benign as this then it’s game over for any hope of getting whites to organize as an interest group. It’s just not going to happen.

    • “I can’t recall the last time I saw a proposal for some form of positive action on Amren, or frankly on any other site on the right.”

      The late Harold Covington’s Northwest Initiative (northwestfront.org) and his remarkable novels are an important exception to this statement.

      • Harold Covington was an insane WigNat who never failed to play the role of cartoon bad guy so Shlomo could tar and feather the rest of us. He was everything that repulses people about White Nationalism.

    • In for a penny, in for a pound. If you’re going to go full retard and behave like a Lefty, then quit your job, get on the dole, start scrounging for every handout that government will offer, then whine and bitch for even more government gravy, tell everyone you meet that you’re gay or some other sexual variant and demand that they honor the pronoun of your choice, don’t forget the tattoos and body piercings, and last but not least, vote at least 7 times for the ghost of Hillary in 2020.

    • I always check Hispanic when applying for jobs and did so when I went back to school. I fully support.

  23. Sadly the rot has become too extensive. While scoping alternative routes out of the city came to the sad realization one part of town i remember as a decent, blue collar neighborhood was now just another victim of the spreading vibrancy.

    There was one post awhile back tossing the idea around about a dictator in charge. Just think if the president could actually throw those washington criminals in jail for treason ? Fire, disband or jail rouge elements of the intelligence community ?

    Can only think of the dictator example where a country’s politics could be changed so dramatically . Would it work on such a large scale in the US ?

    President Putin doesn’t seem to have much trouble disposing of his enemies. Is America ready for that ? Probably not.

    • “Rouge” elements of the intelligence community–that’s a fine Freudian slip.

      As for a dictator, you’re on the right track. The very idea is anathema, of course, to most Americans, but we really are at the point where we must abandon all counterproductive principles–including democracy, perhaps–and contemplate solutions that fall outside the pale of American orthodoxy.

      • Here’s my problem with the dictatorship thing.

        I don’t think it’s really needed. What’s needed is to get the current day government off our backs so things can set straight.

        As a gun owner I think of it like this:

        In many blue states – the right to defend yourself is severely restricted. For instance, here in MA the law actually used to say that if somebody broke into my house – I was supposed to leave thru the back door and give them free run of the place. Those laws have been changed – but as it currently stands if I’m forced to defend myself with a firearm – I’m likely to get charged and prosecuted and at minimum lose my right to own a firearm (legally)

        The typical liberal or normiecon would say “let the police handle it” and still tell you to stand down. The thing is: the police are NOT responsible for protecting your life – and numerous Supreme Court cases have affirmed this. So all those lefties and dumbass normies have their heads up their collective asses on the realities of this topic.

        I’m not asking for a dictator to come along and set things straight for me – I’m asking for everybody to get off my back so I can shoot that vibrant fucker who just kicked my front door in and is attacking my wife – and get away with it.

        That doesn’t require a dictatorial government (ALL of which are likely to restrict my right to shoot the vibrancy) – it requires quite a bit less government – and an understanding and supportive community.

        • Carlsdad, it depends upon the dictator. I don’t have Obama in mind. Trump, OTOH, might just send you a few extra magazines to use on any Hutu who breaches your door…

          • Find me one dictator ever who would have allowed – never mind encouraged – what I am talking about.

            My suspicion is that if one has ever existed , his reign was short lived, and was followed by somebody who was an absolute tyrant.

            Which is another point that the gun community makes constantly in regards to the lefties constant push for more gun control. The laws that the Nazis used to prosecute firearm ownership – were largely put in place by the Weimar Republic.

            The dumbass lefties in our current day who are screaming so loudly about Trump being a Nazi – have only themselves to blame IMHO, because it has been a leftie/progressive project for a century or more to bury the Republic and roll all power up to the Federal government – and into the office of the President if at all possible.

            Sorry – but my read of history is that once you adopt the dictator – you’re stuck with that. There is no going back. Many European countries just seem to seesaw between one form of dictator to another.

          • Understood. Having said that, the widespread availability of personal firearms is a fairly recent phenomenon, so we simply cannot say what the vast majority of dictators’ position on an armed citizenry would have been.

      • A strong man rule arising out of chaos is not out of the picture, even for the US. Look at how the hijacking of 4 airliners and the death of what, 3,000 people (out of 300M), caused us to allow the Patriot Act and subsequent ME wars that are of yet, not over.

        I think you have too much respect for the average American voter. They may indeed object to the pollsters, but they’ll clamber for such an individual when there’s insurrection in the streets and it looks like it’s coming to their neighborhood next.

  24. The left has no such problems in influencing public opinion or taking over all sorts of public and private institutions.
    Prior to the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, the progressives really had no power in the USA and the concept of federalism was the norm since the founding of the Republic.
    Wilson changed all that and later on FDR really imposed the leftist agenda – with it’s massive federal bureaucracy – upon the citizenry. LBJ topped off the work of FDR.
    I will admit that the Constitutional Amendment instituting the federal income tax in 1913 has helped the progressive agenda because it provided unlimited $$$ for Congress to spend for the first time in US history.

    Leftists do not bother adhering to principles to advance their agenda; they just move forward, legally or otherwise, come hell or high water. They have now taken over the education system, many foundations (e.g., Ford, Rockefeller, etc), the media, academia, etc.

    Meanwhile, conservatives waste their time talking about what or whom is a “real” conservative and oft times oppose a candidate because he/she is not a true conservative.
    This was plain to see when Trump was running for president.
    OK, he is not a “real” conservative, but he sure is more so than the criminal lefty Hillary.
    But out of the woodwork, supposed conservative talking heads announced their vote for Hillary.
    Talk about committing suicide; how stupid can one be?
    How on earth would a Hillary presidency help in the slightest any conservative agenda?

    A progressive will support ANYBODY that will further their agenda, even if they believe the candidate is lacking in some progressive bona fides or is a rapist or a murderer or whatever.
    Progressives mean business and they will take whatever they find.
    They will also oppose any and all policies if it may place their opponents in a good light, regardless if doing so is harmful to the nation.
    Progressives simply do not give a f^^k about anything other than attaining power.

    Conservatives will squabble and fall apart unless their candidate is perfect.

    Reminds me of the “moral high ground” notion; a euphemism for stupidity or suicide. Those herded into the gas chambers had the moral high ground as did those bleeding to death atop barbed wire separating east/west Berlin.
    Yep, the moral high ground sure is nice to have.

    Many on the right mock folks like Rush, Owens, et. al., for whatever reason.
    But if Rush and others’ were liberals, you can bet your ass that the progressives would have their backs regardless of any progressive deficiencies they demonstrated.

    Progressives work with what they have; conservatives apparently need the perfect candidate to get their act together.
    And that ain’t gonna happen.

    • The left actually prefers immoral leaders. This insures they will do what is necessary to win. The right keeps looking for some combination of Reagan and Pope John Paul, which insures we will lose.

    • “Those herded into the gas chambers had the moral high ground”

      And their descendants got a country out of it and are largely running our countries, too. Kind of undermines your argument.

      • How so? Those herded and gased were eliminated. Those remaining—for what ever the reason—escaped Europe and most went to Palestine. They did so illegally, often becoming part of a “terrorist” organization promoting an independent State by killing British peace keepers. They were arguably operating immorally. Indeed, I believe the slogan of the day and still current was, “never again”.

        Sounds to me that John’s point is made. The Jews from Europe did what it took to get what they wanted. No support for Israel is intended here. That’s not my point, nor was it John’s (I believe). If anything, it’s more along repeated writings from Z-man—“…don’t let your principles get in the way of victory…”

        • Those “herded and gassed” in the room with the wooden door? Was that before or after they went to the Symphony Orchestra and enjoyed the Olympic-Sized pool?

  25. Nothing creates an ad-hoc new communal culture faster than a hot new music scene. And fortunately, the present-day pop music scene is totally defunct, and thus ripe for takeover. Instead of grunting negroes with microphones and auto-tuned thots, White kids should go back to the drawing board and create new music that other White kids actually like. (The ones I talk to all listen to old rock records from the 70s and 90s, they can’t stand what’s on offer today.). A hip sound creates a hip scene: I literally had a front-row seat for the development of punk, rap, and grunge, I watched all those movements take hold in real time. It’s exciting. It gives people a feeling of community and an electrical surge.

    The politics will follow the music if it is deliberately not “inclusive,” if it is smart and funny the way that early punk and rap were smart and funny, and if it is a style of music that really only White people would like. I would suggest some bizarre hybrid of country and classical, something that doesn’t sound like anything else around, (viz not a retread of rock n roll), and something that requires actual technical musical skill, so vibrants can’t play it.

    Imagine bopping along in a crowded club to “Yep, I’m a Racist, So What?”, scored for electric violin, lap steel, xylophone and string quintet in a crowded warehouse full of hot excited White girls digging on the White alphas on stage. Center the music around a new lead instrument — in the past, we’ve had the Young Man With A Horn, the Young Man With A Guitar, the Young Man With a Turntable, so come up with some new spin.

    Above all, have fun — the commissars are coming for us all, one way or another, may as well make them feel ashamed at taking down kids who are smarter, funnier and cooler than they ever were.

    • Music being ripe for a takeover, that’s for sure. Now that the formerly rebellious left is the establishment, the stage is wide open for new rebels with new ideas….until it all gets shut down.

    • Like how Xurious got completely un-pertained and banned from everywhere? Or how Walt Bismarck went dark? Or no one has seen Sam Hyde in two years?

    • Not a joke. Check this out. It’s a Mongolian metal band. They sing of crushing their enemies and fighting to the death.


      Meanwhile, pussified Scandinavian metal bands are probably right now singing about how their toxic masculinity makes their mommies uncomfortable, and that foreigners molesting their women is just punishment for their collective systemic racism.

      The Mongolian heavy metal isn’t even that heavy. It doesn’t need to be. Unlike the Scandinavians, they’re not trying to convince themselves, and anyone watching, that they’re actually men, and not nanny-stated pussies suckling at the tit of their matriarchy.

      • Scandinavian metal bands burn down churches and kill each other. Google Varg Vikernes.

        • I liked Varg. He seemed to be posting against his prior life style when I viewed his videos. Whatever the situation within the heavy metal Scandinavian community, it can’t hold a candle to the ridiculousness of ghetto gangs in the USA.

          • He seemed to be posting against his prior life style when I viewed his videos.

            Yes. He’s totally your hippie grandpa until he casually drops a “after I’d killed Euronymous…”

            Granted, I’ve never heard him say anything interesting but Styx seems to like him, so there’s that.

        • I have been meaning to add that to my workout music – just the thing as I glare at all the diverse mystery meat and push myself harder. I’ll have to ask my older son if he’d be embarrassed to have his mother join him to hear Sabaton when they’re here in October.

          • @3g4me

            Good on you for making an effort to stay physically fit. Too many white women and men let themselves go either after having a child or hitting 30.

            May your sons be strong, your daughters fair, and your squat heavier.

      • Totally OT but since you mention Mongolians and Scandinavians (I am one of the latter), yesterday I saw two exhibits, one on Genghis Khan, the other on Vikings. Me and my friend started discussing similarities. Why did two peripheral, sparsely populated cultures gain insane and sudden military superiority over nominally far more powerful neighbors and start whacking the hell out of them? They couldnt be more different and apart, one started 400 yrs before the other, one was seaborne, the other landlocked. Any similaries about these two ancient examples of ‘military revolution’?

        It seems one, SUPERIOR MOBILITY. The Vikings had the fastest and most maneuverable (or something, Im not a sailor) ships. They could hit and run at will. That exhausts and demoralizes the enemy. The Mongolians 400 yrs later gained a similar edge on land. The stirrup, making mounted archery far easier, a short powerful composite bow and even soft silk-armor, meant they could ride circles around enemy armies. Not so much because they had stronger bows (maybe, but a longbow could still kill and the Huns also had recurve bows) and certainly not b/c they had stronger numbers. They were just far more mobile. And the Mongolians traveled light, which is critical if you are going to conquer most of Asia, including all of China and Russia.

        Not a military expert but the one similarities between these two examples of ‘peripheral rednecks suddenly kicking everybody’s ass’ military revolutions, was distinct (temporary; every tech advantage is) edge in mobility. How or if that fits into this discussion I dont know but for those thinking that it wont end well anyway, it might, peripherally. Anyway, since you happened to mention those two exactly ethnicities, I thought it was not too OT.

        • I ll just add one final thing to that; back then, between 800 and 1300 AD, mobility and communications were pretty much one and the same, so if you had superior mobility, you could probably communicate faster than the enemy as well. Today (physical) mobility and communications may not be two sides of the same coin and that may matter.

        • I have two questions about the course of history that I honestly don’t know the answers to:

          (a) Industry draws people into cities, creating a vast buffet of mating opportunities for young females, making them loathe to settle down with one man and start knocking out babies. Is it possible to create an industrial society that doesn’t contracept itself out of existence?

          (b) Venezuela is presently starving to death because they voted to pamper themselves with other people’s money. Will they revert to feudalism, the simplest social system that enables people to grow food and eat it? Or does the existence of firearms make feudalism unworkable?

          • I’d love to see more research on the effects of cities on women and fertility. I would say it’s a combination of industry bringing males to cities for wage work, but *also* industry demanding females leave the hearth and perform wage work as well (textiles was a big one for a long time). We’re going to be seeing a big change though if the robotic industrial revolution makes it past the gate before IQ drops too much. We might just stop reproducing all together, *or* we’ll see women return to their natural state without having to do a bunch of wage work. Not holding my breath on #2 though, demonic feminism has a very strong attraction.

          • BadThinker, one bad thought deserves another. Perhaps soon, the Chinese will give us “designer” embryo technology. At that point, our modern women who want to have their “one” child, will produce a superior product.

            The modern race is not always to fecund, but to the superior product.

          • Well, in merry old England, the rural areas fed population to the cities for centuries.

          • Rural folks don’t have big families anymore; they have machines to do the heavy labor. Maybe the Amish will provide enough warm bodies to keep the cities going — there seem to be a lot of them working in RV factories.

          • lol couldnt hurt but, two points; that doesnt give you an edge, that at most means you catch up to what others can do. And, both helicopters and jeeps require a long logistics train to keep them running, fuel and spare parts above all. So the part about the Mongolians traveling light might be hard to reproduce.

            But, if you could make something more mobile than anything leftie and mohammad’s got, then you re creating a mobility edge. So, a hypersonic chopper, jeep and boat and our biggest problem could be what to do w all the loot lol

          • Now you’re talking. I believe, and I know some really smart ppl in the US, Russian and Chinese militaries believe, that those things could be the next Mongol horse or Viking longship.

          • I keep telling them my knee is supposed to bend backwards like that. They just wont leave it alone.

        • You can add the Wehrmacht and Blitzkrieg onto that list.

          It’s a well worn historical path that the Germans overran France by just going around the Maginot Line. But one thing I don’t see mentioned much is how the quickly the Wehrmacht thrust into Russia – and how much of that was thru the infantry actually marching – sometimes up to 20 miles a day.

          The Germans started to lose when Hitler told them to stay put and engage in siege warfare.

          What they should have done is use their superior mobility to just leave areas where the resistance was too heavy – and attack somewhere else.

          Another factor of that mobility component – is that the Americans supplied the Soviet Union with trucks in the hundreds of thousands:

          “The United States delivered to the Soviet Union from October 1, 1941 to May 31, 1945 the following: 427,284 trucks, 13,303 combat vehicles, 35,170 motorcycles, 2,328 ordnance service vehicles”

          Would the commies have won if the Germans hadn’t disposed of hundreds of thousands of their own soldiers in stupid sieges – and if the Americans hadn’t supplied them with hundreds of thousands of trucks (mobility) ?

          I have my doubts.

          • I actually did think of the bliezkrieg parallel as well, and also commando troops, sort of 1st generation modern spec ops, told to ‘butcher and bolt’. You could also include the strategists who say maneuver warfare beats firepower warfare (Bill Lind is big on that I think). The OODA loop as well, arguably, agrees.

            Edge in mobility seems to be something critical, from martial arts over aerial dogfights to continental warfare campaigns.

          • Not sure I agree, but your thinking is shared by many. Yes, bypass Leningrad, Moscow, but go on to where? The Russians were situated industrially behind the Urals. Hitler bet on surrender—perhaps after a regime collapse and revolution. That was never to happen. Stalin had a train always at the ready in Moscow to take him farther East while the Germans were in the suburbs. Surrender and terms were never on the table. The German supply lines were over extended and could only get worse. Russia was just to friggin big.

          • If Hitler were not a stoned drug addicted mentally ill leader in later years it is quite clear we would all be speaking German. There was not a military on the planet that could beat a correctly managed German army.

      • That’s an interesting group of central asians ..
        let’s see..
        they’re culturally appropriating
        Harleys and leather, plaid shirts,
        Jimmy Page’s method of violin bow on a guitar, black power fist salutes, and the whole Mad Max vibe.
        I don’t buy it.
        It’s overly produced tripe, probably made by westerners for a western audience. Not authentic music.

    • Indie music, independently produced apart from the grip of the usual suspects and their seeded degeneracy. Been out there about 20 years, dominated by young white women with their astoundingly lovely voices, real musicians, creativity and variety, etc.

  26. Semi-secret organizations are one way, perhaps.

    How about a union of men, or a union of white males.

    Next time, say, some feminists come to your town to debate whether “men are obsolete”, like here:


    … then members are called upon in said city, or beyond, to go “on strike”. All members call in sick. If several hundred, hopefully several thousand, men in every participating city don’t show up for work for one or more days that would create some measure of social chaos. Think about it. Cops, firemen, construction workers, trash collectors, pilots, etc.

    No one would actually publicly claim to be part of a men’s union, or a union of white males, so they can’t be punished for belonging to it. They just phone in sick. No further details necessary.

    Just one idea. If anyone has a better one, let’s hear it.

    • That might actually work. Passive Aggression is one of the only tools still available to us.

    • Fine idea, but not sure how you do this when the surveillance state has access to all the union of white men communications.

      • True, but the beauty is the surveillance state is irrelevant because everyone already knows the strikers are in league, just not officially so, and not admittedly so.

        Best of all, use one of the excuses we’re all tired of hearing our “equal” co-workers use: “I can’t come in, I have a migraine”, “I can’t come in, I can’t find child-care”, “I can’t come in, I’m having a panic attack”.

      • Organization into cells so that nobody knows everybody with every cell having their own unique internal signals.

    • There are, I’m told, a bunch of men’s organizations desparate for members: Mason’s Elks, Knights of Columbus.
      It might be time to revitalize and re-purpose.

      • I’ve looked into Elks and came away with the impression you can’t join without knowing a member.

        • Find a bar closest to your local meeting place, spend half an hour there before meeting time.

  27. While we’re busy focusing on how we can change establishment institutions, way over on the other side are new congress members like AOC, Tlaib, Omar Ilhan, working on a different kind of change to benefit their tribes. They also have the benefit of riding the demographic wave to increase their power and influence. In one way, this helps us. It ensures that it will be all about identity politics and will wake up more whites to the fact that this is the game from now on, either play it or lose.

    • ANYTHING that makes things more about identity politics, helps us, agree. The worse the better probably.

      • I’ve found that it’s fairly easy to convince normie-cons that identity politics is the future. They can see it increasing, although their mindset is that it’s wrong. When you explain rapidly changing demographics and whites being the only group not playing identity politics, you can see the light bulb going on. Although it’s true we’re in trouble, one white pill is that there are still 200 million whites in the US, and once our ideas take hold they don’t go away.

  28. So I guess we have to reset the game board to get back to a fair playing field.
    Free association, check. Reacquaint ourselves with Christianity, maybe. Capture the culture, ….Nope.
    The things that made western society conducive to normalcy were it’s tent poles. Structured family, mother at home, shared beliefs, tight communities.
    How to we get that back?

    Hell most of the so called conservative or decent people out there won’t even cancel their cable packages or Netflix accounts
    which just rubs the Poz in our faces. But yeah, we are not voting ourselves out of this battle without getting back a sane culture
    and making the left with it’s corporate oligarchs fear us.

    That said the weaponized immigrants have done real damage and the institutions which control or dominate us have to be destroyed.

    • the institutions which control or dominate us have to be destroyed

      While I dont have a clue how to destroy the new high-tech global surveillance state before it would do no good anyway, I think that’s exactly right.

      • You start by making people hate it. This is a change we have it in our power to effect.

        • Good thinking. Attack their moral. Good thinking… (not sure we have the time but should be done).

          • It gets done on a personal basis.

            That means you typically have to know the person whose mind you’re trying to change.

            Once you know the person – and if you are fully cognizant of the shennanigans of the left – it should be easy to insert the seeds of doubt into that person’s head.

            Even if you are not trying to change their mind – it’s still worth sowing the seeds of doubt into leftie’s heads.

            Around 2008 or so – when Obama was first running for President – one of the lefties I worked with sat down with us at lunch and asked ” who is everybody voting for?”.

            He got the usual answers from a bunch of normie-cons. When it came my turn to answer I said ” I hope Obama gets elected”. He got all excited and happy looking and asked “Why!?” (he probably figured he had a convert).

            I answered: ” because the way I see it is that if Obama gets elected it will destroy liberalism in this country and make the Democrats implode in on themselves”.

            Then I went back to eating my sandwich.

            When I looked up he was walking away – and my friends were laughing their asses off , because apparently leftie turned 5 shades of red and was so pissed that the veins were bulging out of his neck.

            So this response accomplished a number of things. First : it made him never talk to me again (success!!). Second it sowed the seeds of doubt into his mind (success!). Third – it pissed him off and raised his blood pressure (if I can make a leftie stroke out I’ll consider that a major accomplishment).

            And last but not least I was pretty confident in my prediction – which is why I said it. Seeing as how that prediction has largely come true (at least compared to the way things used to be) – I’ll consider that a long term success since with any luck that little shiv I stuck into the leftie’s head continues to torture him to this day.

            The thing is : this was delivered face to face. AT WORK. What is he going to do ? Complain to HR that I want his guy to get elected?

            He just didn’t like my reasons. All I would have had to do if he pulled me into HR was to say “yeah but – I WANT Obama to get elected – why are you prosecuting me – are you a bunch of Republicans?”

            The irony would be so deep they’d never climb out .

          • Waking up all the morons, one idiot at a time, is going to take a very long time. But you re probably right. And ppl who get too much truth too fast, tend to react very adversely.

          • Cal, wise words—“seeds of doubt”, exactly. Been doing it for years. Know your audience. Don’t get ahead of their “understanding”. Listen, don’t talk—except to acknowledge and perhaps clarify. Agree, then finally perhaps add another insight. Then shut up.

            You put the “soufflé” in the oven, it takes time to bake. Open the oven door a few too many times and the soufflé collapses.

            Can’t tell you how often people just talk of their daily experiences with government and other institutions, or service in stores, or workmen in the home, or antics of the Left shown on TV. Listen, and 9 out of 10 times they have the “answer”, but just can’t articulate—or refuse to.

            Hell, it’s just now I’m getting my wife to understand some basic concepts, and she acknowledges such, but if an acquaintance/friend is at issue, she still staunchly defends the person in question. It’s a White thing I guess. 😉

      • That’s extremely simple.

        They (Google, Amazon, etc) run on money.

        So stop using them. Sooner or later they go bankrupt and their ability to surveil goes away.

        Now try convincing people to stop voluntarily buying into their own surveillance.

        Good luck with that.

        As far as the government level surveillance: It appears that the NSA has combined all their information into one place.

        All it takes to solve that problem is a bunch of ordnance. Again – it’s a very simple problem to solve.

        Now try getting it done, without an outright war that is.

        • To Carlsdad’s Point, these tech giants are obsessed with year over year revenue. Even a slight decline will make them freak out.

          Would it lead to change? Maybe not. But their reaction would be hilarious.

  29. I honestly don’t know what the best way to form organic communities will be, or if it’s even possible.

    The issue we run into is that any group we form (or infiltrate and eventually control) will simply be RICO’d and it’s leaders imprisoned the moment it gets large enough to be a threat.

    I’m a big believer in the “sand in the gears” approach. Present uncomfortable truths anonymously. For example, the fourth image from the top here would make a phenomenal leaflet: (requires Brave Browser to view: https://dstormer6em3i4km.onion.link/memetic-tuesday-clown-world-order/

    Call me a blackpiller all you like, but I’m not sure there’s a way forward outside of a Roman-style collapse.

    • I think we should take it a step further and shrug, like Atlas. If the whites stop filling the need for competent engineers, managers, doctors, etc, the collapse would happen sooner. I think anarchy would be pretty bad, but as I wrote in another comment, at least we could recreate our own society without the Feds stomping on us.

        • Ostei, yeah my fear as well. There will always be a need for a small subgroup of Helots to keep the show going. We sort of have that today. If one looks at the wealth distribution in this country—and I’ve seen several reports on this showing similar breakdowns—the top 10 percent of the population has 80% of the wealth.

          Now the gazillionaires are of course your top 1% (really, top 1/10%), but the remaining 9% are your successful engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, CEO’s, etc.—the folk that keep this shit show running.

          OK, play with those figures, but I doubt if you can include more than 20% of the population, or the top quintile, as the folks needed (to keep the show going) and therefore rewarded with a successful/secure lifestyle in our current society (and not all of those will be White).

          Point? The above numbers would seem to show that not too many White race traitors are needed to keep the show going.

          • Compsci, clearly the system is working well for those “helots,” is it not? They, thus, have no reason to cease their treason. However, there are other classes of whites who could mess up society pretty badly if they opted out. I’m thinking of cops, plumbers, mechanics, and even sanitation workers, among others. If they suddenly “downed tools,” things would get very messy and unpleasant for a lot of people very quickly. But again, I just don’t see the will to adopt syndicalism. White consciousness is just not acute enough yet, nor is the awareness of the threat to our existence.

          • Ostei, you have my full agreement. My point was that there is a built in “divide and conquer” wrt Whites and we all recognize the lure of a good life style. People can believe in a lot of fantasies for a 6 figure income.

            Hell, we talk about South Africa a lot, but never is mentioned the still great numbers of Whites keeping the corpse of that once great nation on life support. And if there ever was an in your face threat of genocide, it would have to be for any White currently living in SA. 🙁

        • Working on being the sand. I take heart from the OSS’s guide to Simple Sabotage from WW2. I work and am rated against various persons, incompetents and within a multinational fortune 100 company that is all about wokeness now, so what do I do?

          I gave up. I’m working hard on not being conscientious, on continuing to receive a paycheck but not putting in any effort to be the quality cog in the machine I was before. Every now and then I think on how things will have to be done in the future. And I’m working on escaping the city and this fake world before the collapse occurs.

    • We should steel ourselves for the possibility that society will simply get dumber and dumber, but never actually collapse in our lifetimes. Waiting out the “occupation” may be a lifelong pursuit with little short-term reward. Under these conditions, we need both “sand in the gears” and outside communities – one keeps the resistance flaming from the inside, the other offers a support base for strategic retreats if the target culture is more stable/anti-fragile than anticipated.

  30. In reality there is no way forward for the right wing because the viewpoints are massively unpopular. Aziz Ansari is the most popular comic. That should tell you something about the zeitgeist

    Plus most white women find it repulsive.

    • Which is why the tech giants have whole departments specifically set up to censor us off the internet, right? Because no one likes our content?

    • White women will follow the crowd, it’s what they are best at. The more we increase T in white men, the more white women will swing back. So go to the gym, and get your sons, nephews, and neighbor boys there too.

      Also – White Women laugh at Aziz but they would never date those like him (he might be an exception due to $$). Witness the hate at him after a white woman debased herself before him and was *found out*.

    • Women follow masculine winners especially if that ensures security and provision.

      • He obviously hasn’t found somebody to dress up in a Gestapo uniform and beat his ass in person. That’s why he keeps coming back for the virtual abuse here.

        He’s like one of those women who taunts the man in their life – knowing damn well he’s going to beat the crap out her. It’s what she secretly wants.

    • LOL.

      I don’t know how many white women you know – but I know more than a few that are sickened by pretty much the entire platform championed by the left.

      Those with children – small children especially – are sickened by the left’s ceaseless championing of abortion. All I have had to do recently was explain the content of the laws recently enacted in Virginia and New York allowing full term abortions to some women – and you could just see the revulsion coming over them.

      Put an infant into the arms of a woman – especially one who has children or wants them – and then start talking about NY and VA abortion laws and you’ve just made an enemy of the left.

      You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about.

      And most women I know have no clue who Aziz Ansari is.

      Nice try Tiny Dick.

      • This touches on the real issue.

        The TL:DR version of our platform is “Under the Dissident Right, American is a great place to have a family.”

        Simple, accurate , to the point and ecompasses our entire platform in an elevator pitch.

        Everything we do flows from this and anyone in our movement whose goals are no wholly aligned to the idea needs to go as well.

        Once we get off our asses and start communicating that goal and working to it we can make some headway

  31. Even if we could reverse every change back through the 16th Amendment or all the way back to 1861, this would be futile. The circumstances of the past led to the present situation.

    I suspect this is why the Left is still panicking about fascism despite its limited success. It was a genuinely new solution to the challenge posed by communism.

    • “Even if we could reverse every change back through the 16th Amendment or all the way back to 1861, this would be futile. The circumstances of the past led to the present situation.”

      This is what I tell the original intent crowd. The path from there to here has been blazed, it would be even easier to follow a second time.

      They never seem to get it.

        • We had an explicitly white ethnostate until the 1960’s. Not just here, but Canada too. Most whites, including in big cities like NY and LA, believed white people should be in charge and make up the overwhelming majority. All of this was explicitly stated and endorsed by the majority.
          And then, some folks behind the scenes, and I don’t mean just jewish people, although they were prominently involved, decided to implement a globalist vision that had been percolating in various elite circles since the 19th century.
          One must really marvel at the total success academia and media have had in convincing tens of millions of whites that taking our own side in a civilizational struggle is the epitome of evil. There are millions of whites who are working day and night to make white people a powerless minority as quickly as possible, and many millions more seeing this and simply shrugging their shoulders in quiet defeat.
          Look up American Malvern, use DuckDuckGo, and read how a committee of America’s finest W.A.S.P. elites concluded that a deracinated globalism was the future, and should be progressively implemented as quickly as possible. This was laid out in explicit terms in the pages of Time magazine during WWII.
          Eisenhower’s powerful Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, was directly involved, and his brother served as the Director of Central Intelligence.
          I mention American Malvern to highlight the fact that much of what is happening now, open borders and mass immigration, was planned and directed by very specific people going back to WWII and even earlier.
          We are pawns on a chessboard, and most of us will never know it.

          • Once bitten, twice shy. America is headed for an undeniable cataclysm, and white Americans will be the targets. Once this happens, the remaining whites must learn the lessons therefrom, and bake them into the essence of the ethnostate. Obviously, the US Constitution was made of insufficiently stern stuff, and it presented no defense against anti-white racism and identity politics. The constitution of the ethnostate will not be compromised by such lacunae.

          • Not to belabor the essential good point that the Constitution of 1788 failed in 19xx or even 18xx. But I always have a soft spot for the Founders and rush to their defense. In short, it seems in retrospect we ask the Founders to have created a document that would address issues that simply did not exist in 1788 and could not have been reasonably anticipated. Perhaps term limits and a direct process to overrule POTUS decisions could have been anticipated, but the rest? Can good men anticipate all the evil man can devise?

          • No, Compsci, the Founders could not have anticipated the horrors unleashed by the AWRs. They did about as good a job as could be done. But 21st-century Founders would have the benefit of having experienced what the original founders could not have foreseen, and that would give them a huge advantage in creating an even better constitution than the original.

      • Yes but…..

        The circumstances of the past MUST be understood or you can never fix the problem.

        What are the circumstances of the past?

        Well for one – this country (the US) has had massive immigration in the past, as the people running things decided they needed to fill up the vast continent they suddenly had access to.

        The native born stock wasn’t reproducing fast enough for them – so they brought in the imports. Now up until 1965 or so – the immigrants they let in were largely white Europeans. And the whole “melting pot” thing worked – to a certain extent.

        The way I see it is that some of the underlying dynamics of why we’re currently getting inundated with immigrants (legal and illegal) – are very similar to those past immigration waves. The excuses for why have changed – but there’s still that excuse that the natives aren’t performing as the ruling class would like them to – so they’ve opened up the gates.

        IMHO this country would have been a hell of a lot better off it hadn’t gone thru those past immigration waves – going all the way back into the 1800’s. Yeah – maybe we’d be a smaller country made up of Anglo-Saxons with a larger population of “native” Americans (indians) . But at least there wouldn’t have been the precedence of those massive immigration waves of yesteryear – driving the current day demographic takeover of the country.

  32. In reality, there is no way forward within liberal democracy to attain the goals of national populists or identitarians. The reason is the system is fully evolved to perpetuate itself.

    I believe that is fundamentally true. But I am not sure what conclusions to draw from it. Im positive towards prepping but Im not sure I see what it could really do in the long term. ‘Resistance groups’? Again, if that’s how you want to spend your weekends, sure, do it. But I dont immediately see how it will bring anyone towards hoisting the banner of dissidents (whatever that banner looks like) on Capitol Hill or the Reichstag.

    That means breaking the conditioning of white people, who have been raised to reject this approach, so they can focus their energy on building a counter-culture that challenges the prevailing orthodoxy on moral grounds, not factual grounds.

    By the time that happens, white communities could be small specks in an ‘enriched’ sea. If we had time, yes. But the demographic clock is running fast now. I agree about the diagnosis. I dont know what the cure could be. So Im not against the idea. But maybe an element of accelerationalism should be added?

    • Btw, as someone who does not have a mail-order-ready answer, I think it is great to kick off the question ‘what do we do now, for the long term, for the intermediate and short terms?’

      • I happen to have a mail-order-ready answer. It works best with representative democracy, but it could be done in America as well.

        Here goes:
        1) You establish a political party, get elected to the legislature.

        2) You establish a website where every item on the legislative agenda is put to a vote among the party members. The result of this vote will be transferred proportionally to your members of the legislative: if a vote returns a 70/30% yea-nay on your website, that is replicated by your seats in the legislature.

        So far, so good. Now you have direct democracy, but that’s unwieldy because nobody can be bothered to read everything that goes to the floor. So therefore:

        3) On your website, you allow the party members to transfer their voting franchise to a candidate of their own choice: he votes for you on the party website so you don’t have to.

        That brought us full circle back to the old, representative democracy, but here’s the kicker:

        4) At any time can you rescind your permission to let your representative vote for you on the party website: so when your candidate decides to vote for more immigration, you click the “vote manually” button, and vote yourself on that particular issue.

        So now you have traditional, representative democracy with a veto option on individual bills, it didn’t require a constitutional amendment, and there’s nothing within the current legislation that could stop you.

        You could go further: You appoint a vote steward for each of your signal issues, one for energy policy, one for immigration policy and so forth. You only get a text message when their votes are in conflict – in effect, you design your own, personal party out of the building blocks you like.

        Every party member can be appointed vote steward of course, so you’d effectively have thousands, tens of thousands of parties in the legislature. Let the globalist try to bribe each member individually…

        Personally, I’d be confident to let Zman handle my education policy vote but just in case, I’d also subscribe to “Zman Watch”, to make sure he wasn’t subverted by the globalists.

        Instead of commenting on silly edrama and clown spectacles – chasing the stick – you could have Youtubers comment on actual bills and have actual influence on the legislative vote.

        How many people would like to have this offer: if you vote for us, you vote for whomever you always do, but with us, you get to have a veto when they decide to sell your country down the river?

        Your party could do to legacy party politics what Youtube has done to legacy media.

        • Okay, that would only speed up the societal suicide. First, you re assuming that ‘real’ democracy, on party, state or national level, would be a solution. It would not. Too many suicidal idiots. Second, what would happen to this new party? The minute it could do anything it would be swarmed w the enemy who would vote to bury you six feet under.

          • Okay, that would only speed up the societal suicide.

            That’s how revolutions work.

            You’d have to take a few sovereign bankruptcies before the voters learned that money doesn’t grow on trees, but you’d stop mass immigration cold, at least in Europe.

          • So it is an accelerationist strategy. Hmm, I didnt think of it as such. That could maybe produce something. The essence of ‘accelerationism’, as I see it, is ‘provoke system collapse BEFORE demographic collapse’. And there’s some sound logic there.

          • It’s more than accelerationism: it’s the only option if we don’t want to go back to obsolete political systems. It is more democratic than even Switzerland, we owe it to our ideals to give it a try.

          • This is not about our ‘ideals’, it’s about survival. But, even if all it does is disrupt the hell outta everything, Im cool w it. Right now we re losing. I dont care if we lose w 50 or 80 mph.

        • Also, since all your congress members have to do is press the buttons they’re told by the party website, you could draw lots among the party members for congress seats. That should attract the punters.

        • Felix you’re an idealist. it is the age-old problem of democracy. Our population is too stupid. And getting stupider by the second. We need a strong man to turn the ship around. Maybe a limited Republic after that. Ala heinlein. Military service required for voting citizenship. Oh, and no women in the military. Yes, that would about do it.

        • Sounds good in theory, but how would it be in practice? First, the most responsible members of society will likely be too busy to get really involved, leaving the welfare recipients the most involved. Also, I doubt anyone disagrees that intelligence is a rare commodity these days. The less intelligent voter’s vote counts just as much as the DaVinci level voter. And they out number the DaVincis 1000:1. Good luck with that.

          Solution: Pinochet.

          • Also, I doubt anyone disagrees that intelligence is a rare commodity these days.

            Again: those stupid voters would’ve stopped mass immigration cold thirty years ago, both in America and Europe.

            For the rest of it, we’re having our societies asset stripped as it is. How bad could idiocracy be?

    • I’m not sure we can do anything besides be there with arms and answers when the SHTF.

      • I dont see that as a winning strategy. But I dont have any good answers myself so Im not criticizing that position.

        • Sorry I took a black pill this morning. I think maybe there is a way forward if we look to examples like the Orthodox Church, which has mostly stood fast against modernity while even Rome buckles.

          • Buddy, Im recovering from a mother black pill last week. Sometimes you look at it and just think ‘sh*t, how’s this gonna go’.

        • You continue to define “winning” as being in charge of the current system. That’s the challenge. Breaking that mindset is what comes next. The “winners” in the long rune will be those alive when the current arrangements fail or become so weak they can be attacked.

          • You might have a point that my thinking is still colored by the old paradigm or something and hence I think too much in terms of it. I am not one of the old dogs who saw the problems a million years ago, I came out of normie land maybe 6 years ago and thought ‘holy sh*t!’

            Hope some ppl here have better thinking than me.

          • If you can’t even secede in your mind – then there is no hope for you out here in meatspace.

          • Something akin to the Protestant Reformation?
            A weakened and corrupt institution waiting for a Lone Ideologue to nail his Thesis on the door of the Deep State?
            If progressivism has become its own religion, then we need to be heretical reformers.

          • The Protestant Reformation has entered my thoughts as well.

            In short, we need to be like Calvin, and pitch the whole corrupt institution, rather than like Luther and try to reform it.

            Brother Martin did a great many awesome things, but he was a 16th Century version of a Boomer in certain ways.

          • That really is the challenge.

            I’ve been trying to make the argument with so-called “conservatives” for at least a couple of decades now that the “system” that we are currently forced to operate within – is NOT the “system” that was put in place by the founders of this country.

            Despite their constant refrains of “Muh Constitution!!” – they seem to simply refuse to understand that.

            It’s why I refer back to Garet Garrett’s “The Revolution Was” on occasion – where he points out what the FDR administration did this country:

            ” There are those who have never ceased to say very earnestly, “Something is going to happen to the American form of government if we don’t watch out.” These were the innocent disarmers. Their trust was in words. They had forgotten their Aristotle. More than 2,000 years ago he wrote of what can happen within the form, when “one thing takes the place of another, so that the ancient laws will remain, while the power will be in the hands of those who have brought about revolution in the state.”

            That was written in 1938 – and yet even up until just a few years ago ( I don’t hear so much of it any more) – there were still conservatives screaming about how we’re going “lose the Republic!!”.

            You lost the government of that Republic a LONG time ago. The lefties came in and have been wearing it like a skinsuit while they used it as a tool to go around hollowing out the nation.

          • But how close is failure? What is failure? Failure only occurs when a significant percentage of the population says it has, and is willing to act upon the failure. We are all convinced that America is now a borderline failed state, but I’m afraid less than 10%, perhaps less than 5% of American adults share our views.

          • Good point. Step 1 in winning is still being around. We need strategies to make ourselves “anti-fragile” to globohomo. Prepping may be part of that for some but I’m thinking more of urban dissident survival strategies like samizdat Soviet culture – develop “black markets” for information,.network to support each other personally & in business, etc. I’m still fumbling around with the details but the field-tested examples are out there.

        • Don’t think for a second the ruling class will let us have a place at the table. They won’t.

          The best they’ll let us us is elect a white traitor like Trump that pumps whites full of Demerol.

          • President Trump may not exactly be on our side but he sure has the same enemies and he seems to be intent on taking on the Chamber of Commerce

            AFAICT there is no other political figure on the Right willing to do that ,

      • But how does the SHTF if all we’re doing is yakking on Zman? For the cropper to come, we have to make it happen. And I just don’t see the will to do that. Looks like white America–and perhaps white Europe, too–will simply roll over and die.

        • Yakking is not always negative. If one has a thick skin—essential in leadership—one reads the yakking and may conclude that the message is over the head of the “student”, or might be made clearer to the “beginner”, or need repeating in different context, etc. I’m sure Z-man reads and revises as necessary.

          • No, Compsci, nothing wrong with yakking. The fellowship is nice, and it’s good to bounce ideas off of a very sharp group of likeminded people. However, at some point we must take the next step. And that is formal organization, followed by formulation of a plan, and implementing that plan. I am surprised and disappointed that no secessionist movement of note has sprung up in America, although I suppose it could be buried so far underground that I’m unaware of it. I’ve heard rumblings of a Northwestern Front…

    • I agree 100%, and, in many parts of the nation, white communities are already small specks. My city has lost almost 30% of its white population in 30 short years, now under 50% of the total, and the way the bean counters play with the “white” Hispanic label, that number is likely way lower.

      Huge swaths of the city that were once white middle class working now look like Tijuana. Some may say that is better than looking like Soweto, but not much, and there is plenty of Soweto here too.

      Want a sandwich in a good old American diner? There is only a handful left but a taco can be had on every corner. I like tacos but not so much I am willing to surrender my culture for them.

      What few of us there are that recognize the problem, and will even consider a solution, are scattered to the wind. The war is easy to identify, but it sure looks to me like it’s already lost.

    • The best idea is to combine internal national secession with the formation of local, cohesive communities. But this will be hard to do with whites who have been conditioned to be individualistic, xenophilic and who cannot bear to be called racist.

      • If you find the right neighborhood, the community is there. It’s not on any maps, and it all looks sort of CivNat from the outside, but it’s all there. The thing is, it is an unwritten understanding, people don’t need to get on the soapboxes and bang around. They just get on with their lives.

        Here’s the set of clues. Mostly white. Middle class/lower middle class, with no overtly rich people or people living in the street. Isolated from other communities. Nothing particular about the place that stands out. Sort of a white “grey man” community. They are all over the place. But not in the cities or too near the cities. And you don’t get to just walk in and ask questions. They are somewhat closed and very suspicious of outsiders. As they should be.

        • Dutch, it can be done. For an example, the Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn, NYC works fine.

        • ” Sort of a white “grey man” community”

          Took awhile, but that’s exactly the sort of place I’ve
          managed to relocate to ..

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