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The state of Israel holds a special place in the American political consciousness for a number of reasons. One is the fact Israel puts enormous effort into lobbying the political class in Washington. They are the most effective lobbying machine on earth. The other is the phenomenon of Christian Zionists, who have created a form of Christianity that seems to venerate the modern state of Israel. Then there is the anti-Muslim aspect to the whole thing. Most Americans back Israel, because they don’t like Muslims.

It was not always this way. In the 1950’s both political parties were skeptical about Israel, but for a number of reasons the political class was convinced to back the Israelis against the Arabs. Even so, the Left remained anti-Zionist into the 1970’s, siding with the Palestinians as members of the coalition of the oppressed. There remains a whiff of this on the Left with the old guys. A guy like Bernie Sanders is comfortable being anti-Zionist, without being a self-hating Jew. He just keeps it to himself these days.

Right-wing Progressives, on the other hand, have gone completely insane with their love of Israel. They are pushing through laws in states like Florida to ban criticism of Israel or support for critics of Israel. It’s tempting to say these are unconstitutional, but the courts are so corrupt now, that’s a phrase without meaning. Still, the right-wing Progressives make a fetish of the Constitution, so for them to embrace the barbaric practice of proscribing certain topics underscores their fanaticism for Israel.

The anti-Semites, of course, look at this as part of the greater plot by those crafty Jews to destroy the West. It is certainly true that Israel is happy to support Zionist movements in the United States, as it keeps the American government on their side. The truth is, being pro-Israel is one of the few areas where Christians can participate in public life, so they do so with rabid enthusiasm. Similarly, Republicans are allowed to give it to the Left on this issue, so they go overboard on their love for Israel.

That said, Israel is happy to see it. They have become dependent on the United States in ways that get lost on this side of the world. Billions flow from America into Israel every year. The amount of private charity from Christian groups in the US exceeds the foreign aid from the US. Then there are the wealthy Jews, who are not often all that observant, but they make up for it by writing checks and getting others to writes checks to Israeli causes. Remittances means as much to Israel as they do to Mexico.

The trouble with this dynamic is it is an aging one, where the most enthusiastic supporters of Israel in America are getting old. On the Left, the younger generation sees Jews as white and white people are all bad. Instead, they side with Arabs, who are not white, so they are good. Chuck Schumer may run the Democrat party, but Ilhan Omar is the future of the party. Even if she is an exception, the brown coalition simply sees Jews as part of Team White, which makes them and their interests the enemy.

On the Right, mentally unstable left-wing Jews create more anti-Semites on a daily basis than Hitler did in a century. As the younger left-wing Jews, especially the women, try to burrow into the brown coalition, by going over the top in their anti-white rhetoric, whites young whites are reacting to this rhetoric. To say that Michelle Goldberg is bad for Jews is to say that cancer is bad for people, but so far Jews have yet to figure out how to think about addressing that problem, much less curing it.

That’s another problem for Israel, maybe the most serious one. The Michelle Goldberg type is a dying breed. Reformed and Conservative Jews in America stopped having kids, just like occidentals. They also started marrying out of the Tribe. As a result, the ratio of Jews to non-Jews in the country is half what it was at the middle of the last century. The explosion of birth rates and immigration on the Orthodox side promises to change the complexion of Jewishness. Demographics is everyone’s destiny.

To understand this dynamic and what it means for Israel, think about how the Jewish vote broke in the 2016 election. Trump won the Orthodox voters, as he is pro-Israel, but he lost the rest of the Jewish vote. The old gag was that the Jews lived like Episcopalians and voted like Puerto Ricans. Today, the non-Orthodox vote like blacks and live like homosexuals. That vital coalition for Israel is now backing anti-Israel candidates and erasing themselves from the book of life. That’s bad for Israel.

Of course, these demographic changes are driven by the same forces that are undermining occidental communities. The reason there is such a thing as alt-Jew is the same reason there is an alt-right. What it means to be Jewish in modern America is under assault by modern America. The reason the Orthodox have so many kids is they see a bright future. The reason the rest of the Diaspora in North America is not having kids is they wish they had never been born. Self-loathing is their religion.

There’s something else with Jews that is unique to them. A big part of Jewish identity is seeing themselves as the plucky underdog put upon by a hostile world. As they rose to the top of American society, they were changed by their immersion into the Progressive cultural outlook. Just as Jews were Hellenized by the Greeks, Jews in America were changed by those ruling class Protestants they found themselves competing with and working with in the high ground of American society.

There’s good reason to mock the term Judeo-Christian, but there is such a thing as Judeo-Puritan. That’s the ethos of the America ruling elite now. The almost berserk obsession with collective judgement and the need to subvert their own system in order to perpetual a state of constant revolution, draws from both traditions. The moralizing prudishness has been inverted to attack traditional morality, while the outsider instinct has been weaponized to create a perpetual state of crisis.

This warping of Jewish identity is most obvious with the neocons. Their enthusiasm for crusading around the world to spread democracy is written off by anti-Semites, as part of their plot to help Israel. In reality, it is the result of internalizing the missionary zeal and universalism of their Protestant brothers in the Judeo-Puritan orthodoxy. The Protestants send missionaries to torment the bad whites inside America, while the Jews send those bad whites out to impose liberal democracy on the rest of the world.

Overall, the dynamic in America is not a good one for Israel. The disintegrating old white America is undermining general support for Israel. It is opening the doors to left-wing anti-Zionists among the coalition of the ascendant. The Jews most supportive of Israel financially, and best able to influence government policy, are fading into a demographic oblivion. The partnership of Trump’s over-the-top civic nationalism and Netanyahu’s over-the-top Zionism is like the last concert for an old band about to retire.

For Israel, it means figuring out how to work with nationalist movements in Europe and white identity movements in the United States. Jews in the Diaspora have the luxury of railing against these movements, but Israelis are far more sober minded. They have no choice but to be pragmatic, as their survival depends upon it. What seems like an unlikely partnership today, is most likely the path forward for Israel. The world’s only ethno-state will have to support the concept of ethno-nationalism for everyone.

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  1. “Israel” should have been wiped off the map on June 9, 1967. Anyone who thinks we can work with such treacherous people is delusional. Dissident Right people looking for “good Jews” are as ridiculous as MAGAtards looking for a based Black.

    • Egypt was almost wiped off the map. Very dicey and disturbing. And evil. It can’t really be understood any other way, unless you buy the “accident” theory.
      “CIA Director Richard Helms, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Assistant Secretary of State Lucius Battle, and a long list of US Navy officers, government officials and Liberty survivors are on record saying the Israeli attack was intentional…
      This article is based entirely on documented sources and on interviews with six USS Liberty survivors, as well as Captain Ward Boston and Bill Knutson, the executive officer of the USS America fighter squadron dispatched on the first aborted rescue mission.”
      “In recent years, an impressive number of former American officials have gone on record insisting that the Israeli action was, in fact, deliberate. These include Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, who was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) at the time of the Liberty incident, who has labeled the episode a ‘cover-up,’ adding that he ‘cannot accept the claim by the Israelis that this was a case of mistaken identity. ‘ Paul C. Warnke, then Under Secretary of the Navy, has written that ‘I found it hard to believe that it was, in fact, an honest mistake on the part of the Israeli air force units…. I suspect that in the heat of battle they figured that the presence of this American ship was inimical to their interests…. ‘”
      I believe the survivors over the IsraelI government. This is not anti-Semitism.

  2. I struggled against becoming anti-Semitic for decades. The devestatingly articulate Jews on the conservative team inoculated my mind from full throated contempt. Eventually, the weight of evidence against the Jews as a malevolent force became impossible to ignore. There can be no place for them in any future ethno state. The Michelle Goldbergs of the world have poisoned any possible goodwill I ever had towards the Jewish people. The IQ argument once seemed relevant, but now it is perfectly clear that they simply are not us.

  3. “One is the fact Israel puts enormous effort into lobbying the political class in Washington. They are the most effective lobbying machine on earth. ”

    I agree with you that Israel puts effort into lobbying and that they do reap benefits from it. I don’t think they are the most effective lobbying machine on earth. There are a lot of other countries and alliances do a more successful job of lobbying. The Saudis and Gulf Arabs got us to fight actual wars for them and have bought themselves large shares in everything including think tanks and social media. (Last I read, the Saudis right now own more of twitter than Jack does.) They’ve done this without any sort of major draw of attention or interest from most of the talking classes or the public. NATO has managed to avoid being dismantled and sucks up trillions of dollars without any serious comment from anyone even though the Soviet Union has been in a grave for almost thirty years. Meanwhile even under Trump US policy with Israel is to create an hostile, failed Arab state literally bordering the Tel-Aviv suburbs.

    “To say that Michelle Goldberg is bad for Jews is to say that cancer is bad for people, but so far Jews have yet to figure out how to think about addressing that problem, much less curing it.”

    Left wing Jewish SJW social media journalists drive me up the wall but I’m not really sure how exactly something like this can be addressed by the Jewish community at large. As the rest of your post mentions, the American Jewish community is in flux as much as every other demographic right now. The kind of cohesion that would have reigned in the loons even 30 years ago isn’t there. What exactly do you do when every lunatic and potential cat woman has a microphone and while being just as hostile to Jews, start every sentence with “Well, as a Jew…”?

    “Trump won the Orthodox voters, as he is pro-Israel, but he lost the rest of the Jewish vote.”

    Being pro-Israel helped Trump with the Orthodox but it wasn’t the only thing; it might not even have been a major thing. Trump has a long history with the Orthodox Jews in NYC; even though he’s a billionaire, socially he’s closer to the Jews of the outer boroughs than he ever was to the upper crust Manhattan Jews. Thats a whole lot of the reason behind Never Trump; to them Trump is a shnook from Queens who couldn’t really be pro-Jewish because he always associated wit the wrong kind of Jew…

    “For Israel, it means figuring out how to work with nationalist movements in Europe and white identity movements in the United States.”

    The Israelis has already been moving in this direction for a while. Everyone talks about Netanyahu and Orban but the lovefest that happened when the super-nationalist Indian PM Modi visited Israel seems to have been forgotten. Same with the development of ties with Rwanda, a country that’s been quietly trying to build itself up into “the Prussia of Africa”.

    “The world’s only ethno-state will have to support the concept of ethno-nationalism for everyone.”

    I know you were looking for a strong line to end this post on but Israel is hardly the only ethno-state in the world. They are the most prominent one and one under a particularly large amount of scrutiny but there are others. (What they are uniquely among ethno-states is being the only one that is breeding at replacement level.)

    As for supporting ethno-nationalism, they seem to be moving right along in that direction and will probably go right up to its natural limit. (What I mean is that pro-nationalist or not, they aren’t going to support someone who sets their nationalism in opposition to them. That fits what the Palestinians have been doing since 1967 but also includes nationalist movements that put the Jews up as enemies. Or to put it another way, they probably aren’t going to help out anyone who decides to go nazi larping…)

  4. What seems like an unlikely partnership today, is most likely the path forward for Israel. The world’s only ethno-state will have to support the concept of ethno-nationalism for everyone.

    I think this is plausible, and would be great. If ‘Israel is the national home of the Jewish people’, what exactly are France, Sweden, England etc??

    The only caveat is that consistency never seems to govern this stuff. Politics is the game of using hypocrisy to mask self interest as principle. And there’s gonna be a lot of that going around.

  5. I want to state this as an American born Jew with roots on my father’s side going back through the Revolution to the Mayflower… and also a Zionist who believes Israel is for the Jews.

    I want, and hope, that aid to Israel from the US government can be diminished and finally cut off. This is not because I’m not grateful for the aid, but it comes with a lot of strings – like the majority of it having to be spent in the US (which, realistically, is an it-makes-sense requirement). But it hampers Israel’s own defense industry by making it easier to buy US hardware than home-grown. It also makes Israel far too dependent, and having seen the damage done to Western Europe by the seductive blanket of America’s power through NATO, that also worries me.

    Reading the comments here and also in other places, aid to Israel (specifically, though I agree that American aid is far too easily given to a lot of places – keep it here, help our own!) is a tremendous sore point. Again, I understand, which is why I want it eased downward to an eventual zero. Private aid, should people wish do donate, can and should continue.

    Nations don’t have friends; nations have interests. For as far as I can envision, America, Israel, and nationalist-rising nations like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, and others have a common enemy: Islam. Some day, perhaps, Islam can be not just pushed back but defeated (and I’m starting to write an essay about that)… which will take an enormous effort but worthwhile.

    In the meantime, I have screamed and screamed and screamed at my fellow American Jews that their addiction – literal dopamine-addiction – to SJWism is not just harming America, but our place in America.

    MAGA 2020

    P.S. A few general thoughts on how we can make Trump not just eke out a victory – but crush it. Make Liberals Cry Again.

    • Precisely as I posited earlier, you are anti-Mohammedan, not pro-White. Your ultimate concern is the status and condition of Jews in America. You have no conception of America as an independent White nation that can limit or ban not merely Negroes or Mohammedans, but also Jews.

      • My ultimate concern is the preservation of America – the greatest nation that exists, and has ever existed… as part of preserving Western Civilization. Ditto on that.

        If you can’t handle that, and don’t see me as an ally with the same “ultimate concern”, even if some of my priorities differ, you’re viewing me – agreeing with you 90% – as a 10% enemy not 90% ally.

        If you require 100% purity on every single issue, you’ve got a real short list of allies.

      • One more thing: Repeal the 1965 immigration reform law. That, combined with:
        1. Not just a wall but a minefield on the southern border.
        2. Making citizenship in the US hard to get (a la Rush Limbaugh)

    • as far as I can envision, America, Israel, and nationalist-rising nations like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, and others have a common enemy: Islam

      See, this is why I have a hard time trusting the “alt-Jew”: you can’t help but try to gaslight us.

      Islam is a problem for Israel because all you ethnically indistinguishable Semites have been slaughtering each other over stupid shit for millenia and YHWH knows you people have long memories.

      I’m a goy in flyover country. Muzzies are ~1% of the population (yes, too many) and we are not bordered by Muzzies that hate us. Why should I even be aware of Levantine squabbles, much less take a side?

      I’m not especially sore about the money the U.S. government sends to Israel. It’s a drop in a bucket of stupidity. I’m pretty sore, however, about the number of gentile Americans, and especially some good friends of mine who have been killed or maimed fighting wars on the behalf of your people. How do you plan to make that right?

      Oh wait, you don’t. You just want me scared of muh IsLaMiC tErRoRiSm so I’ll encourage my son to make the same mistake I did and enlist in the Israeli Foreign Legion U.S. Army.

  6. Occam’s Razor would tend to suggest that powerful Jews have done so much to change and to harm the US because they don’t like what it is/was, rather than that they underwent some complicated transformation by coming into contact with the descendants of Cotton Mather. Z Man, you could be right but…

    • They were working together.
      Had been since young Calvin’s mysterious funders, and jointly in the slave trade.

      Boston’s ports hosted Jewish-owned slave ships, and those profits built temples teaching piracy economics to the ruling class.

      The pilgrims came here to escape the Puritans. Judeo-Puritan is spot on target.

  7. Before I even read the article, I’m with Frip on this:
    “Rightwing Progressives”- man, that says it all, don’t it?

    Shades of Empire Teddy and his Bull Moose Progressive Party!

  8. The affluence disease disproportionately effects Jews in the US because they are disproportionately skewed toward greater personal wealth. As such, their offspring grow up disproportionately coddled and therefore have declining evolutionary robustness. This leads to fragility in many respects, and our modern society reinforces whining as the antidote. This will serve them well as long as we remain an affluent post-scarcity economy. However, if the bubble bursts, they will not likely mimic their ancestors ability to persevere through real hardship. Nature can be a bitch like that.

  9. Z: “Even so, the Left remained anti-Zionist into the 1970’s, siding with the Palestinians as members of the coalition of the oppressed.”

    I recall you saying this before. I disagree. The Left was hypocritically and shamefully PRO Zionist until relatively recently. The Left magazines and major newspapers, being heavily Jewish, clung to the angle of Israel-as-David and Arabs/West as Goliath, well into the 90’s. The Left always had internal friction on their Pro Israel stance, but in an inside-baseball ignorable way. It started being un-ignorable when the internet hit its stride around ’95 to 00’s when prominent Lefty heavyweights like Hitchens, Cockburn, Finkelstein, Edward Said, Perry Anderson, Tariq Ali and their anti-Zionist arguments became easily heard and accessed, thus shaming the Left’s longtime sheepish Pro-Zionist position.

    • My guess is the Left began to slowly turn against Israel as early as the mid-60s when the anti-white New Left began supplanting the historical materialist Old Left. Now the New Left is the only Left in town.

    • I was a student during the 1980s at mid-sized British university and I remember the student left organising anti-Israel events on campus every so often and passing resolutions supporting the PLO. So it goes back that far at least.

      • In the mid 80’s, when I was teaching at a high end equivalent of high school in the UK, the PLO would provide free “study programs” for the classroom (books, workbooks, maps, etc). Our school did not employ them, as they would simply show up in the post, unsolicited, but I am sure some did. Probably paid for by the Saudis.

  10. “Judeo-Puritan” — what?! The Z-Man reveals himself to be such a dummy. Puritans never were in a “a state of constant revolution.” Puritans were not moralizing prudes.

    The Z-Man is a historical retard. He is like too many atheists who spin any kind of lie to attack Christians.

    On a side note, Christian Zionists are morons. They were roundly mocked by most Christians since the late 1800s, seen by most as a fringe group of nutters. There is no basis in the Gospels and anything ever attributed to Jesus to support Zionism.

    • Puritan adventurism is such a well known fact that H Rider Haggard based Solomon Kane on it. Hawaii, Guatemala, and Nicaragua were subject to Puritan adventurism. White dude marries the Princess of the local tribe and fights his own people for dynastic reasons as the new Prince. The Spanish though not Puritans had big trouble with a deserter who did just that with the Mayans.

      Avatar and Dances With Wolves are about an ordinary White man becoming a foreign Prince. So too Little Big Man and Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

      Jews as a universall explanation for what is wrong is the mark of a weak and incurious mind said Nietzsche. Himself highly critical of Jews.

      Dynastic impulses cannot be overlooked as a huge flaw in Western men. The ancients certainly thought so.

      • Except for that the fact that our really big, existiential problems all have Jews at their root.

        War, slavery, debt, disruption, depravity, locust hordes, stubborn lies and paranoid delusion- and Whiskey thinks ambition or colonialism is the problem?

        Although I do accede your point.
        Our malefactors work with the worst of our people, so the worst come to rule us.

    • The totalitarian Council of the Elect weren’t prudes? Into the stocks with you!

      Well, the leaders weren’t prudes at home. They were like Khamanei with his busloads of little boys- morality police for you, debauchery for me!

      Pedophilia, drunkenness, sadism for the Council- no wonder they cracked down on their hapless citizenry..

    • Hi, I’m Oliver Cromwell. Your use of the word ‘retard’ is offensive to public morals and should you continue swearing you will be locked away in the tower.

  11. The anti-Semites, of course, look at this as part of the greater plot by those crafty Jews to destroy the West.

    He’s right. We do.

  12. This isn’t a new problem: The Assyrians found it necessary to slaughter them, the Babylonians to enslave them, the Persians to corral them. It has been the same story again and again for the past 3000 years. The Hebiru run the table for a few generations and then the boom gets lowered. Our age is no different. Their current run is coming to an end. Will we be Assyrians, Babylonians or Persians? I vote Persians. We have a corral. We paid for it. Let’s ‘put it to good use’.

    The tragedy of the Hebrews is their origin which was touched upon here recently:

    They have always responded to rising tensions by dividing their forces. GJ has a succinct explanation for this. What he describes is a group evolutionary strategy of how a small group can manage to survive for so long among more powerful groups. By necessity it requires parasitism:

    The rallying around Trump for Jews, Unz, Savage, etc. is to be expected. Trump’s children marrying Jews and having Jewish children hasn’t been lost on the conservative wing of the Jewish tribe: divide to survive is as old as the Old Testament. Where do you think the Ashkenazi came from. A parasite needs to adapt in ways a non-parasite would find revolting.

    The Jews have been a disasters for Europe in every period since they followed the Roman army up the Danube. The disaster of the Late Empire with its vast number of slaves and spiraling debt was in large part the work of the Tribe. The rise of Christianity was in part a reaction to the Empire’s degeneracy; pulling out of a social milieu that was sucking communities dry was the most effective escape. These are conditions and a solution to those conditions we should take note of.

    The Orthodox provide a future generations population pool. Michelle Goldberg and the Kristol clan had grandparents who were Orthod or Hasidim. Corrupt princes like the Trumps have given them the keys to the kingdoms. Our too easily corrupted princes have also done us great harm, but that’s a very different story.

    Every single one of our institutions is no longer in under our control. Let that sink in for a moment. The same is largely true for our cousins in Europe. Want to pursue a PhD in a high status university? Your dissertation needs to be approved by a committee. Guess who the gate keepers are? How does a chemistry dissertation affect the survival of Israel? If you are familiar with the Talmud and its more modern manifestations (((NGOs))) you’ll understand how.
    Israel is a fallback position. They believe they have a moral and historical destiny to fulfill: Rule the world to make it a better place for Jews.

    It is this constant overreach that has again and again let to their demise: their messianic drive to make everything and everyone Jewish friendly, no matter where. They even control the English language newspapers in Japan…for what possible reason. Israel exists because of Europe and America… but Europe and America need to be destroyed? Seems counter productive unless you take into account their messianic obsession and the way it manifests itself.

    The Jews have come to many ends and yet have managed to survive to thrive again and again and again. Parasites can always find a new host. Thinking our current JQ problem is coming to an end is wishful thinking and guarantees that 2 or 3 generations from now somewhere in the world some poor well meaning group of rubes will be ripe for the plucking.

    • As usual, it is all against all, and YT is the only one confused and stupid enough, in really large numbers, to not stand up for his side. Part of that is a cultural engineering project, IMO, so I suppose looking at the various engineers is an interesting intellectual project. So much cultural engineering going on, with so many authors.

      • It’s not that we are stupid, it’s that we follow and have built a very different type of civilization.

        We are extremely dependent upon the robust commons we have built and are much less dependent upon close kinship ties. This makes us very easy to infiltrate and undermine.

        Other groups come here and engage as a group pursuing their own group interests as they always have, with little or no give-and-take to out-groups. Almost every other civilization depends upon close kinship ties to function. This sort of parasitism is destroying our commons and it is what is rotting the West from both the inside-out and the outside-in. Our current crop of elites now behave in this manner.

        Not every group follows the same group evolutionary strategy. For us to adapt to a more kinship oriented approach is to destroy the very thing that built the West.

        This isn’t due to our stupidity, or our weaknesses or the greater cohesiveness of outsiders. It was built by us for us because we function better doing it this way.

        Out-groups aren’t evil they just don’t belong here.

        • Great insight, thanks for setting me straight. Internalizing this insight is key to our not being stupid about some things, including assuming our cultural structure and preferences are fundamentally identical to others.

        • In the pre medieval past Europeans were just as clannish as every other groups and some groups Scots and Italians among others still are like this

          We’ll lose prosperity if we revert but we’ll gain an actual diversity of culture and a healthier population, if we can avoid more brother wars

        • Just spitballing, but perhaps the building of the significant Western commons has been a by-product of the traditional Protestant construction of such community projects, along with the efforts of those in the service clubs (Elks, Mason, Rotary and such), and some of the more civic-minded local governments and wealthy townfolk. Now that all of those things have been mostly warped, bastardized, or eliminated, the means of actually doing such work to construct a meaningful and elaborate commons has simply vanished. Case in point, the Obama seizure of Chicago’s historic riverfront park to build his presidential not-a-library. A two-fer, as it not only isn’t adding to the commons, but also destroys the commons that is there.

          • The Anglo commons existed long before Protestantism. And the Church of England was essentially Catholic in its nature for a long time.

      • Our tribe is also a mess. The only way to fix our civilization is to fix the commons … and to do that we can’t allow Jewish or Chinese or Black or Squatemalen group interests to muddle the works (the commons).

        The JQ is at the very center of this problem and it has been since the reign of the emperor Hadrian.

        To refuse to face this squarely and to not deal with it aggressively is to plot a course for failure.

      • Are we trying to recreate the environments that formed us?

        The shattered wastelands of the Habiru Jews, the deserts of the Bedouin, the icy forests of Europe, the deadly jungles of Africa, the brutal glaciers of the Han, the seething tropics of the Dravidian Abos, the desolate badlands of the Apaches and Yaqui…

      • The characteristics that create the white societies that all the world seem to want to live in: Openness, trust, low time value etc. render those societies vulnerable to predation,

  13. Just as the “heartbeat” abortion laws in southern states are largely a response to the legalization of infanticide in New York and Virginia, so the criminalization of criticizing Isreal is significantly a response to the boycott, divest and sanction Isreal movement. Radicalism begets radicalism, and the chasm between the two ideological poles gapes wider. The center cannot hold much longer…

    • The criminalization of criticizing Israel is not that much different from the Tech Nazis’ censorship, except that it was done by legislators who have to answer to the First Amendment. I guess Ron DeSantis and the idiots in the Florida legislature who voted for it missed Constitution day in history class. Probably some of the younger ones didn’t have a Constitution day in history class, but DeSantis is old enough to know better.

      • I’m afraid most politicians on both sides of the aisle view the Constitution as little more than a quaint relic they’ll occasionally fall back upon when convenient. But do they truly believe the principles it enshrines should govern the US? I really don’t think so.

  14. I’m not particularly interested in discussing Israel or in positions for or against the place. It’s a foreign country. I rarely talk about England or Germany in spite of family ties and a decade of having lived abroad.

    • Yeah, I support Israel’s right to defend themselves, in the same way that I do any other country, no more, no less. There’s no doubt that Americans are way too fixated on the place, both pro and con.

    • Neither am I. And for the same reasons as you – my heritage has no connections whatsoever to Israel.

      But here’s the problem:

      They keep making me (have an interest that is).

      Remove all subsidies coming from the US government and going to Israel – which get removed from my pocket thru threats of force – and remove all pro-Israel Jewish influence from our politics – and I’d be willing to ignore Israel.

      When you keep screwing me – you’re forcing me to have an interest.

      This is something the Jews just simply don’t seem to understand. There seems to be a subset of them that just cannot stop themselves with screwing with things. Whether it’s lust for power, or money, or because of religious beliefs where they think they really are the chosen people …….. I really don’t care.

      Just stop screwing with MY country – and I’ll stop my mentality slowly progressing towards acceptance of another Shoah.

      • As long as we’re at it, let’s remove subsidies to all the other countries we send money to.

      • “There’s no business like Shoah business.”
        Which is a somewhat facetious way of saying that for a subset of Jews, victimhood and existential threat is the core of their identity. Take that away and what is left? A generally higher-IQ, more or less white person.

        For Jews of this ilk, if there is no realistic threat they are compelled to keep screwing with things until they’ve created the enemies they so crave.

    • What an utterly obtuse and myopic to say. By way of analogy let me introduce you to a fella you may have heard of once or twice. He had a nice message for people like you—

      “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

      ― Leon Trotsky

      “I’m not interested in Israel…” fill in the rest.

      He was a real nice guy, and I’m sure he had your best interests in mind so definitely don’t worry about Israel. It isn’t like they have any influence whatsoever in your nation’s politics, government, or policies.

      Another question, is the JIDF or Hasbara actively monitoring this board now because by your absurd proclamation my guess is yes. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

  15. This is a great week to be a Z man reader, all three posts so far have been insightful and expansive.

  16. “The world’s only ethno-state will have to support the concept of ethno-nationalism for everyone.”

    Not sure why other ethno-states, especially ones on the opposite side of the world, would care about Israel at all if they didn’t have influential groups of Jews inside them pushing for it.

  17. “What seems like an unlikely partnership today, is most likely the path forward for Israel. The world’s only ethno-state will have to support the concept of ethno-nationalism for everyone.”

    There may be signs of this happening already. I haven’t followed closely but hasn’t Netanyahu made some complimentary noises about Orban’s government in Hungary?

    • Seems to be. There are a surprising number of alt-Jews around the white nationalist scene. Part of that is anti-Semitism is not what it used to be. The anti-Semites love debating this stuff with Jews. That was not the case two generations ago. Then you have the counter-Semite phenomenon. These are occidentals who admire Jewish ethnocentrism, but think Jewish interests conflict with occidental interests. They can be pro-Israel, but also think peaceful separation in the West is the right course.

      Basically, the world is a muddle as people slowly figure out how to get back to a place where “fences make good neighbors” is the obviously sensible position.

      • Would you say they are there out of sincere commonality, or more to police antisemitism?

        • I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on this, but my impression is crazy liberal Jews are 30%. Right-wing Jews are 20% and they tend to be very far right. These are the folks who will turn up at AmRen or similar events. They tend to shrug off anti-Semitism as either amusingly quaint or harmlessly stupid. The rest just follow the string horse, which happens to be the Left, without thinking about it too much. My accountant voted for Obama, but he is a racist who would be fine with repatriating blacks to Africa.

          • Ah, but would your accountant be equally fine with repatriating Jews to Israel? It’s stupidly easy to find people who essentially accept that Negroes are, if not genetically distinct, at least culturally unfit for the West. Finding Jews who acknowledge all aspects of HBD (not merely black dysfunction, but what HBD indicates about Jews and Whites as well) is far more rare.

  18. Historically white christians have brutalized Jews

    There is a reason that muslims and Jews get along so well and prefer one another

    People of Color and women understand that the future is diverse and that white christians are not invinceable

    • Historically, the Jew cries out in pain as he punches the White Christian.

      If you love Jews and Muslims so much, Tiny Duck, why don’t you go live among them? Or do you not get to join their little ethnocentric club?

      • Islam, before it’s “holy” propaganda coagulated into Q’uran, began as the vast, violent Jewish messianic movement.

        This movement was referenced in New Testament with “sell your cloak to buy a sword.” Jesus’ faction was trying to stop this.

        Not the nice messiah. One who demands payment in blood sacrifice, one who will only return to the world after a total bloodbath.

        65 million cattle sacrificed on the altar of WWll was a start. This is the true God Juda serves. What then will be His price for the rest of the earth?

        • On this movement’s forcible conversion of the Koreshites, the Christian Judeo-Arabs, called Qurayza in Islam:

          Remember, Ab-ra-ham was the Lucifer. Those are titles, not names, as the Mohammed was also a title.
          And we speak of the two sons of the Abraham, the Lucifer, given dominion over the Earth.

          • The Jewish parable, “Tale of the Three Rabbis”, tells that Heaven, Pardes (Persian for ‘the Orchard’), Paradise, is not for them. They are to be resurrected bodily as masters of this, the Perfected World.
            The Ehdeen (Babylonian, ‘Garden’), lost Eden, returned to them.

            That’s why the mass burials in Ur show no violence, unlike in Egypt. They thought they were coming back; their war was against traditional, hygenic cremation.

            “Hell”, the ravine of Gehenna in the valley of Hinom- a natural fortress stolen from the innocent Molochites (cremating their children dead of a plague) to stage raids on the city of Shal, Jer-u-Shalim- had become a garbage and corpse pit, until someone discovered sulfur burns hot enough to ignite bone and kills pestilence.

            Thus “the ovens” as a specifically horrific blasphemy, an imaginary delusion with maximum impact.

            Yet another retold story from their history book of political mythology, of propaganda, as WWll is the retelling of Purim, the book of Esther.

            Esther accuses a sub-king of wanting to kill all the Jews, and gets a greater king to kill the smaller king. She then marries the greater king, and becomes Queen of Persia, the dominant power in the world. The only change was Hannan’s name to Hitler. The marriage to Uncle Sam was still a grand coup!

          • Dagnabit! I apologize for the bloviation, folks, but I see religion only as demographic politics in origin.
            That is what we’re fighting now, yes? A politico-religious conflict?

            I hope to add insight to the historic pattern and strategy of their great innovation, a playbook.
            The tribe that seeks to sudue and avenge themselves against the late-stage Roman state religion created by Constantine and Eusebius, what we call Christianity.

            Yes, there is a deeper element, the “spiritual”, cosmic in scope, ignored by both religious and secular, but listening to the Great Minds is like hearing frightened children argue about comic books. Not the perview of this blog.

            I find no deities nor afterlife in the Book; my complaint is that political myth is inaccurately used, the wrong tool for describing the super-natural.
            Their inaccurate model is misguiding them, and us, into perdition.

            They didn’t have any idea why we’re here, either. That will change.

          • Al d’ North mentioned the physical constants. Whenever the Creator (pace, bretheren, let us give it a face and a name, for this is how many can grasp these things)- whenever the Creator tries to change the exquisite balance of physics to reduce the inevitible suffering, the Infection, He ends up with a black hole. Such sorrow! The Hands of the Increate are tied by the very balance that makes existence possible.

            It’s up to us, people.
            The good and the godly, unknowing, are still accomplishing this work- they are filters, repurifying the Signal for retransmission.

          • Double-dagnabbit!
            All this raving and I still hain’t read the article yet.

            The RQ- the religious question- is my #1 obsession. You made me do it, Zman!

          • PS- Genocidal Calvin and the Protestant wars were a repeat effort by the creators of Islam.

            They had gotten Byzantium and Persa, and were now coming for the Catholic empire.

            WWl and II gave them Eurasia.
            Their Confederacy and Teddy R were attempts to take the Spanish Empire.

            Vietnam was an attempted seizure of breakaway Mao’s heroin colonies in the Golden Triangle, with Afghan as a successful grab.

            Balkan and Arab Springs, with the coming Latin Spring, destabilization to weaken Western allies. Hillary’s dad, after all, was the boss of Chicago’s Jewish Mafia.

          • Ab-ra-ham, Beloved of Ham, Hamm-Ur-Abi, Ham Ur’s King, the Beloved was his ‘right hand’.

            Lucifer, the High Chamberlain, his right hand who with a third of the dukes and earls tried to take the throne when the stars were right.
            Gabriel and Michael, Mars and Venus, signalled the time.

            Ham wanted his right hand, Abraham the Lucifer, to stop raiding tribute-paying statelets, their neighbors, that his consolidated Empire could have peace. The king’s bodyguard, the Host of Heaven, stopped the coup; Abraham grabbed his kin and fled newly rebuilt civilization for the wasteland and there, flipped the story.

            The divinely chosen Lord of the Four Corners’ Ur was the Kingdom of Heaven, the Sons of Heaven had been the ancestral invading tribes from the east.
            The Voice of the Lord was the traveling magistrate with the latest edicts, proof that law still reigned.

            Mohammed, ‘Prophet’, was originally signified with a cross, the ‘Prophet of the Christ’, near 200 years before Salmeen Qurayza (Mohammed) made war on his own family and his relatives in the medina, the Judeo-Arab ‘old city’.

    • I like the new handle Duck. Sounds a little like David Dukes.

      You are correct in a historical sense, in the past Jews did prefer Muslims to Christians mainly on grounds of theology. Easier to pay the Jizya than to be part of society.

      However a lot of current Islamic leaders would prefer all Jews to be dead with a level of anti semitic fervernace that would make Hitler take note.

      Also the US and Europe, most of it anyway will basically be no go zones and Asians are even more racial than any Jew is.

      This means the net diaspora will be to far less pleasant political climes where they can be safe from Muslims and won’t be expelled by Europeans

      In any case the whole thing isn’t really about White Christians per se but a broader subset of White people with racial consciousness

      Christianity is waning now but the National Identity in Europe and an Ethnic one in the US is growing.

      This will result in a far more closed, less tolerant White culture that is a lot healthier and has a strong immune system.

      Also the future won’t be as vibrant as you think, non White fertility is getting lower with Hispanics at or below replacement in the US and in a faster decline

      There certainly will be a push but that racket is getting closer to its end especially in Europe.

      This is also assuming some Congolese illegal isn’t carrying Ebola and doesn’t accidentally kill a few million people which will result in an end to all migration period if not a total collapse of society

    • Historically, you are only partially correct. Yes, it’s true (((we))) found succor within the Islamic world – but that’s a small comfort considering what we were subjected to.

      Jews and Muslims do NOT “get along well”.

      And if you’re worried about the rising “alt-right” you’d do well to ask why Judenrats like Barbara Spectre gave them a fusion reactor to power their hatred.

      • Judaics fled European pogroms into the arms of the Caliphate throughout it’s history, so much that Hebrew was a dead language sung only in religious songs. To the point that Arabic became the most common language spoken by Jews.

        They were the protected but second-class citizens of Ishmael’s upstarts, with extra crap dealt to those who made trouble for high-position Jews.
        Nonetheless, as administrators, they pretty much ran the place, often behind a taken name.

        The tribe that brought Wahhabism to Arabia were a branch called Donmeh Jews.
        That accounts for the vicious zealotry. Even 150 years later, Herzl and Faisal were best friends- and the Saudis and Israel look out for each other today.
        Of course, they are kin.

        As merchants who could operate in Christian, Arab, and pagan spheres, they made Islam rich with the slave trade, perpetuating slave raids and wars across the world.

        A billion victims of their greed!
        Barbaric horrors, the death of continents!
        Christians bought enmasse by Jews from Suleimen for spectacles of torture and slaughter! Akhbar’s pyramids of skulls! The Bey’s monstrosity! Turks using the women for arrow practice!

        Continuing blood libels, blaming the whites for crimes committed by themselves!
        Add in the Hillaries, the Bushes, the ISIS killing off the Mideastern First Christians.

        No, Israel lost every ounce of my sympathies when she bombed overflowing Damascus churches on Christmas Day.

        And I’m supposed to believe people who torture babies (Jews) and children (Arab culture colonies) are our moral superiors?!

        Gods help you, them, and us all, Semites are Infected.

  19. The anti-anti-semites are starting to drive people into at least the apathy camp. The panic is so over the top that it’s easy to poke holes in it. These same people would at best give tepid responses to outright anti-Christian bigotry. But, question a judicial candidate who is married to a Jew and it must be anti-semitism at work.

    If you want to hear crickets, simply mention that if you support the anti-BDS laws, then you also support gov’t blocking Chick-Fil-A.

  20. “The disintegrating old white America is undermining general support for Israel.”

    Doubtful since Brazil is a reliably Zionist. Once you realize that white demographic decline is not evangelical demographic decline, you realize why the staunch Zionists in the diaspora are not so concerned.

    • A lot of non-Jewish support for Israel is based on what Anne Coulter called “The Discovery Channel Principle” – when you see a mammal fighting against a reptile on a nature show, you automatically find yourself rooting for the mammal. It was the same reason that a lot of us found ourselves pulling for Rhodesia and South Africa back in the 1970’s, regardless of the theoretical rights and wrongs of the situation. And yeah, Israel is going to find itself on the same side as the populist nationalists, whether it likes it or not – Yoram Hazoney is an early indicator of this.

      • I have found the JQ conversation a mostly predictable and boring exercise, but there is something about the state of Israel for us older folks, and I think it is this: Back in the Vietnam/Watergate era, the U.S. was a bumbling superpower, taking a blowtorch to the Indochinese peoples and countries without a clear and defensible overall rationale for doing so (I know, the “dominoes falling to communism” and such things, the kind of stuff that got argued in the halls of the NR’s—the National Review and the New Republic), and trying to sort out the anarchistic hippie tendencies at home.

        Meanwhile, as an ethnostate rising, even as the white ethnostate U.S. was crashing and burning, Israel was fighting wars with clear and existential reasons for doing so, and fighting them brilliantly, standing up in clear fashion to the bad guys, taking the hits at Munich and Entebbe but getting their revenge, and basically demonstrating that determination, resolve, and intelligence could be employed to prevail over the bad guys. While the U.S. schlepped around like a fat, over the hill Arnold Schwarzenegger.

        All of what went on in the Middle East half a century ago may have been simply ME intramural skirmishing, signifying nothing lasting or meaningful, but at the time, for a lot of us, the idea was that Israel was showing the U.S. how to get things done. We supported them for that.

        • I take issue with your characterization of the Vietnam War (although that is certainly how it was portrayed at the time) but otherwise agree completely. There’s most certainly a generational aspect to support for Israel for many on the Right.

          • IMO, we tried to go into Vietnam and do “just enough” to meet our nebulous goals, but no more. It was a betrayal of the soldiers we sent, handicapping them while putting them at risk. Israel showed us how to do it, go all-in. All-in may not have been wise for Vietnam, which was something relatively trivial to our existence. Which gets back to WTF were we doing committing ourselves over there in the first place.

        • Exactly right. You are really onto something here. We were mired in the mud of Vietnam, and the Israelis were so refreshingly surgical, decisive, and successful. It was like a bunch of Joe Namaths got together and formed an army and air force.

        • Millions of Jews plop down on Palestine. Attempt to snuff out and drive out the Palestinians. To literally bulldoze them out of existence. And the Palestinians are the “bad guys”? That’s rich.

          • Frip, while I don’t disagree, the Israel/Palestine conflict is a perfect example of “not my circus, not my monkeys.”

          • Problem is, the Palis are also very recent immigrants. Jerusalem in 1900 was nearly empty ruins, with a few Bedouin trying to sell trinkets at the new British railway.

            Two brothers fighting over the same abandoned parking lot.

          • Note to Dutch: I was also conditioned, as a Boomer, to find the JQ irrational and boring.
            Now I can’t get enough noticing, as I realize the Semitic populations are a locus of what I call the Infection.

            In short, they are literally more susceptible to possession, as are the nonwhite populations.

            They are more vulnerable to predatory carrier waveforms in the Very and Ultra low spectrum, what we could call “demons”. The unseen Infection.

            Whites, with a larger segment of frontal cortex processers, are simply more resistant. So we’ve invented 97% of everything since 800 BC, instead.

          • Self-loathing? The possessed, the Infected, whether warped into receptivity by circumcision trauma, abusive culture, deceptive stories, pollutants, quick mutation, or sheer horrors, still yet yearn to be freed of that which feeds on pain.

            But they don’t know how.
            They are compelled, like rabies.

          • Alzaebo, we have so many varied infectious agents in our midst, though the Semitic version is one of the more deeply burrowed ones. One question: Reading your posts today, the thread I get out of it all is to follow the language, that the evolving names of things takes one along the paths of history and calamity. That we get the curated cover stories, what they want us to hear. But the names of things and of people give away the game. Am I on the right track, or down another rabbit hole?

          • Recently read on a popular blog:

            There are now in the whole of Palestine hardly 700,000 people, a population much less than that of the province of Gallilee alone in the time of Christ. Of these 235,000 live in the larger towns, 465,000 in the smaller towns and villages. Four-fifths of the whole population are Moslems. A small proportion of these are Bedouin Arabs; the remainder, although they speak Arabic and are termed Arabs, are largely of mixed race. Some 77,000 of the population are Christians, in large majority belonging to the Orthodox Church, and speaking Arabic. The minority are members of the Latin or of the Uniate Greek Catholic Church, or—a small number—are Protestants. The Jewish element of the population numbers 76,000. Almost all have entered Palestine during the last 40 years. Prior to 1850 there were in the country only a handful of Jews.
            – Interim Report on the Civil Administration of Palestine, 1920

    • Brazil and the Ukraine which itself appears to be mostly run by Jews may be reliable allies but they would not make up for the loss of the US or worse a US that is hostile.

      It’s also a much poorer nation with much less opportunity to get aid or make money

      The Ukraine doesn’t have a pot to piss in right now.

      The thing that should sober anyone Jewish is once the current people are gone, the Left will be thoroughly Anti Semitic and the New Right won’t care. The Dissident Right which will probably be succeeded by a New Right, IMO anyway isn’t anti semitic in any sense it’s simply indifferent to Jews and is perfectly happy to call out bad behavior.

      The vast majority of remaining Jews will be Orthodox

      This is a very different condition for Zionist Jews than they are used too and it’s a hell of a thing to go from king of the heap to the bottom.

      Also they won’t have enough allies in the US and while another diaspora is quite possible, the huge number of mischlings don’t have enough Jewish identity to be Jews

      This means either they assimilate and become actually White or are ina heap of trouble.

      • On the contrary, I fear that the browner and more corrupt the U.S., the better the Jews will do, since they have a very successful lobbying apparatus in place and lots of money to throw around. In the increasingly poor America, you’re fooling yourself if you think “new right” people won’t be bribed to betray their own people. That’s how we got in this situation in the first place.

  21. I agree that we are seeing the future in the young democrats; aoc, Omar, and buttigeg. Even if you hate most of them, the ideological diversity is refreshing.

    What does the future of the Republicans look like? I think there is no end in sight of evangelical Christian Zionists, like Pence, which should ensure solid support for Israel until at least 2050. The future is curious—we seem to be at some great turning point.

    • MHO is that the GOP cannot win without Campaign Trump type candidates. A Pence at the top of the ticket won’t cut it. I could see a small Alt-rightish third party emerging which would split the right vote just enough to give Dems perpetual victory, hence hastening our demise. But, to be fair, I do not follow the left side of the divide as I should, so I don’t know if they are also susceptible to a split.

      And then there were four. Four parties (even if the establishment Dem/GOP take the majority) would not be a bad thing in my opinion.

      • Yeah, I too suspect some sort of fission on the left, but it will be after the deaths of Biden, Pelosi, et al. Don’t forget there are rich young zionists, like Kushner, to take the places of Adelson and Saban.

      • For all that Trump’s been a fizzle, Cruz would have lost to Granny Capone by a wide margin. Bush Republicanism is on life support and cannot win general elections. Strident lip service to his entirely undelivered agenda might serve to put Trump over the top in 2020, particularly if the Donkey Chompers wing of the Dems dominates their messaging, but I think 2016 was peak BoomerCon. I for one will never believe any candidate signalling a pro-White agenda while running under the GOP flag again, and after 2020, demographics will be the GOP’s destiny. Hanging around to watch it burn.

      • Any fracturing within the left will be held in place by anti-white animus. One nazi in a windowless van down by the river is enough to keep the party in a fever.

        The commies and radical fringe can cause discomfort within the normie progs on the left but this is assuaged by the fact that, as Z points out, most of these progs wished they were never born – or rather born as POC’s.

        A humorous but telling trend I see among these NPC lefties is how disappointed they are when their 23andme returns a “boring” white European configuration, forever cementing them to the evil white empire.

        So they will continue to align with the new and exciting future is brown and female.

        The right has no unifying force to mend the coning fractures until/unless white identity is made legal.

        Since the left controls the rogue judiciary, I don’t see this happening without some other disruption.

        As long as the religion of progress is the state religion and the judicial priesthood enforces clown world, the right will break over the anvil of goodwhite/badwhite as defined by the left.

    • Never refer to that semi-literate Tart Of Color as AOC; her name is Sandy Cortez. By giving her a presidential/world-historical acronym she’s done nothing to deserve (and never /can/ do anything to deserve), you defile American history, of which she is no part.

      What, people these days get the Royal Moniker just because their name is too long and confusing to pronounce? Not having it. Her hyphenation is a mere pretension (she doesn’t even have the dignity to use the traditional styling of Ocasio y Cortez, if that’s what she’s on about). The middle part is superfluous, and her Christian name is easily condensed into a familiar diminutive, and “diminutive” is precisely that which is appropriate to her stature.

      The gal’s name is Sandy Cortez.

  22. I am not a gull or a rube or a tool of eeeeeeevil joooooooos. And yeah, I hate moslems and make no bones about it – they are a violent, stupid people for the most part and everywhere they go they spread that.

    The most important thing to do is see the Jew for what he is, not how others would like you to see him. Everyone flips their lid when some Jewish cunned stunt like Feinstein starts yammering about guns. Everyone pops a gasket when some Sarah or Rebecca pens as stream of diarrhea in the mass media. Nobody bats an eye when Warren or Hillary or some stupid white woman does it. This is one of the reasons why the left is eating our lunch – they take friends and support wherever they can find it.

    Solid, conservative jews are getting deplatformed, unpersoned, and silenced just like the rest of us. We tend to forget that. And we need to be objective. Ben Shapiro is a worse cuck than David French because he’s Jewish? Or Sloppy Williamson? I think all three of those guys could be fired off a catapault and the world would be better off for it.

    The dissident right has to be bigger than this. We need to take our friends and allies where we find them – even if they happen to be Jewish. I am not saying we should snuggle up to Shapiro and his cucks – but if a solid dissident should present himself, it is in our best interests to recognize and receive him into the ranks.

    But whadda I know.

    • My impression is that the elite Jews – top 10% let’s say, tend to set the agenda for the rest. They are very tribal (to their credit) which has served them well. The problem is that for every Ron Unz in the 10%, there are 10 or more Shapiros, Ginsbergs, Kristols, etc.

      But as mentioned, they are nothing if not adaptable. I may have said it before, but the Alan Schneider character from Colony seems to encapsulate the stereotype perfectly.

    • I agree that we need allies, but what percentage of J3ws in the USA would accept an immigration moratorium or a public commitment to keeping the USA an overwhelmingly white country? My guess is about the same percentage as blacks who vote conservative. What is your guess?

      • Nailed it. US-born 10% tops, those with little Jewish identity to start. I used to work with a normie-Con DNA Jewish (father & mother) NYC-born trial lawyer. He couldn’t stand most of his family & was wholly secular. I knew 2x as much about Jewish holidays, identity etc than he did. For every one of him, I’ve met 20 who fit the stereotypes. Based on working around lots of dual cit Israelis since, I’d say 20% of Israel-identified Jews (rather than diaspora) might be sympathetic. As for former Soviet/Warsaw Ashkepaths, I’d estimate 0%. Ashkepaths are the vector group for Noah Rothman levels of Jewish paranoia and triumphalism.

        • I’m going with less than 1%. Many years ago I worked with an attorney and was surprised to find out he was nominally Jewish.

          One day we were talking about the latest flare-up of Palestinian – Israeli violence, and he made a comment along the lines of, “I hope that does’t happen in the U.S.”

          “There aren’t many Palestinians here,” I responded.

          “No, white christians,” he replied.

          I don’t remember how I responded, as almost 20 years later I am still surprised by his comments. Even though he was barely Jewish (and occasionally said exactly that), he was deeply afraid of a white christian pogrom against the Jews in the U.S.

          Nothing is overcoming that level of programming.

        • Many good parts of Scripture (Old Testament) were written trying to reform the ruling elites of the Hebrew and Israelite tribes.

          Those appeals were not without cause, the same situation the West is in today, Nitz.

          You walk such a difficult tightrope, as do all good people of any group. They love their people but hate their rulers, that minority of the ruthless and the mad.

        • Yeah, I’m here too so there must be other Jews who don’t want to see the country turned into a Third World airport terminal and the traditional culture trashed beyond recognition.

          But most American Jews just can’t get out of the bi-coastal bubble mindset; they don’t relate well to the country as a whole even if they’re not the stereotypical lefties. I made a point of getting out to live in flyover country, but most just can’t see themselves there. You’ll have trouble convincing them until they see their own neighborhoods being destroyed.

      • Even among the most secular, self-proclaimed ‘alt-Jews,’ you’d be fortunate to find more than a handful who would officially endorse a 90+ White America. Their neurotic fear of Christian pogroms and casual contempt for the useful Christian Zionists is precisely why they have worked assiduously to undermine America’s Christian European roots for more than 100 years (look up the NY Jewish riots Nov/Dec 1906/1907 which resulted in the removal of all school songs and programs that even mentioned Christ or Christmas).

        My biggest issue with what Zman terms ‘alt-Jews’ is that they are anti-immigration solely because they are wary of the Mohammedans and not philosemitic Mestizos (like AOC aka tits ‘n teeth). Their primary concern is that they perceive a Whiter America to be in their best interests, NOT because they believe White people have an innate right to their own nations. Ask how many ‘alt-Jews’ would accept an explicit White ethnostate with the right to refuse entry to Jews or to severely restrict their number and rights and your number of putative allies drops to single digits. If you have to compromise on the core reason for your dissident right movement (in my view, the 14 words) then you haven’t found useful allies, but rather the same old scorpion who stung the frog – because it was his nature to do so.

    • There are definitely some Jews on our side. My best friend, a prominent Jewish academic, is one. David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield are two others. Having said that, as a percentage of Jews overall, those who ally with the DR are tiny.

      • Maybe I’ll do a post on how Jews gaslight themselves with the Judeo-Puritan agit-prop. Most Jews are race realists, but they are convinced by liberal Jews that any mention of this will cause Hitler to return. The alt-Jews really hate this, but they have no way to counter it. I think this is why Charles Murray thinks the white elite in America, Jew and occidental, will swing around to the race realism side real hard eventually. My guess is he believes this because in private, everyone he knows agrees with me.

        • What, pray tell, will cause the hard swing to race realism, I wonder? A specific event? An accumulation of events? Undeniable societal decadence? Economic collapse? And what time frame are we looking at here? Within a decade? Half century? Century?

          • The Israeli government has an agency that funds the over 100 Jewish NGOs behind ‘immigrant relocation’. Using recycled American tax money, of course.

            You patriots are being herded by the Ashkepaths again, Nitzakhon, just like WWll.

          • Tell me the names of agencies, funded by the Israeli government, working towards this. I’ll research and protest if it’s true. (A fart in a gale, but even so it’s important.) And I suspect that if it is true, it’s LIBERAL/LEFTIST Jews doing this.

          • Maybe a large-scale health crisis brought in across the border, too dangerous for the media and feds to keep under wraps

        • Of course Jews are race realists. Their reality is based in their hatred of the goyim.

        • Yep. He’s hardcore. Got kicked out of National Review. Not that one has to be hardcore for that to happen, mark you. Mildly conservative is enough for that.

    • No, no, a thousand times no.
      Looking at the history of Jews in the West, you see two hard facts:
      1) When Jews enter an organization, movement or institution they eventually rise to control it & make it serve Jewish interests.
      And 2) Jews are willing & able to say & do whatever required to enter an organization, movement or institution.
      However foolish or gauche you may find antisemitism, it is the only defense against Jewish entryism & subversion.
      If any true “Alt Jews” exist then they are free to address the many serious issues in their own tribe instead of poking their (large, hooked) nose into ours.

  23. There are some on our side who are convinced that “Israel” and “The Jews” are the same thing.

    Yes, Israel is an ethnostate, but this does not mean that every pea-brain at Vox is in love with Bibi Netanyahu. It makes us sound silly to a well-informed enemy if we claim so.

    Many secular Leftist Jews opposed the Iraq War on “humanitarian” (ie Anything a White person wants is bad) grounds. Our side likes to think that the NYT, CNN etc were enthusiastic supporters of W’s misadventure, but it simply wasn’t the case. I’m old enough to remember Sean Hannity ragging them daily for their lack of faith in Cowboy Diplomacy.

    In conclusion, stop saying every blue haired trans-POC with a last name ending in “Berg” loves Israel. It’s not true, and it makes the speaker look dumb.

    • MemeWarVet. MSM, CNN, etc struck a posture of prudent concern about W’s impending war. A classic example of riding the fence, without seeming to abandon the moral high ground. The MSM at the time could in no way be mistaken mounting a true anti-invasion opposition.

  24. 90% agree, Z. My disagreement is re: neo-cons internalizing Protestantism. I see them as weaponizing it, not internalizing it. Guys like Kristol the Lesser aren’t trying to immanentize the eschaton, they are secularist grifters whose only higher cause is to keep Israelis like themselves on top of the heap. They’re almost entirely red-diaper babies of “former” Trotskyites. Christian enthusiasm for Zionism is useful to them in the same way as “never forget” – an eternal cudgel to beat down dissenters and push their tribal interests.

    FWIW, I don’t believe in Tribe-wide cabalistic conspiracies. I see Jewish influence as largely a convergence of similar interests acting in a way that appears overtly collusive simply because the various Jewish and Jewish-adjacent interests dovetail with each other. This same convergence appears conspiratorial because these groups do in fact make conscious and coordinated efforts to downplay and obfuscate the influence of their groups like AIPAC and the ADL as evidenced by the media-wide denunciation of Walt & Mearsheimer.

    Zionists once worked with Hitler & Eichmann. They can learn to work with us. However it falls to us to do the teaching. Jewish hubris, especially among the diaspora, makes for unruly students. To tutor them in proper geopolitical and cultural manners, we will need to be fair but firm teachers.

    • How interesting it would be if Israel helped create a white ethnostate in the Levant, lets say, carved out of Syria or Turkey’s hide. Such an act could further Israel’s security if America ceases supporting it.

      • Wut?

        Israel supports building a white ethnostate in the Levant …… so what – the whites run out of Europe by the former occupants of Syria have a place to go?

        How is that any sort of desirable outcome?

        Leave behind the green homelands of Europe – which are being taken over by refugees from the Levant – by running away to the parched soils of the Levant?

        Sam Kinison would not approve.

        • I said interesting, not necessarily desirable. The fact of the matter is that the survival of our people, by hook or by crook, either in our homeland or elsewhere, is of the moment. And incidentally, if one considers the pre-Greek polities of the Middle East as the cradle of Western civilization, one can make an argument that that part of the world is a white homeland, too. Certainly, Christianity was a powerful presence there long before the Mohometans defiled the place.

        • Odid Yinon, the re-creation of Eretz Ysrael, needs useful and pliable slaves. I think Ostei and Carlsdad may have stumbled across something here.

          After all, I see Israel’s creation as a penal colony, a holding pen, for nationalist patriots.
          The commies can’t kill them because they need marriageable candidates, but they can’t let them get in the way either.

          This internal civil war has always been their problem, as Juda and Levi seek to rule the rest. Bloody civil war is what brought the Romans into fractuous Israel in the first place, trying to impose order.

  25. Well I wouldn’t worry too much about our Jewish friends in the U.S., they will adapt to what ever changes that come, whether they were instrumental in the demise or not.
    The rest of us, not so much but never give up on team whitey, we are pretty good survivors too.

    That said, a historical correction is due for the Tribe, due to a fatal blindspot in their DNA. As far as your take on Jewish crusading, I don’t buy the Protestant influence. The same revolutionary spirit that drove their Commie zeal is still present in many of them.

      • Emotion. Hysteria. They believe their own bullshit, as much as any Arab.

        Contradiction is not a problem, if your mind believes wholeheartedly every thing you say is true.

  26. I came across this conversation from the university of Tel Aviv between Douglas Murray and 3. israeli intellectuals. The discussion had is outset in Murrays book on the migration into Europe and it death. I most say that some of the jews had some very interesting points that you wouldn’t find among jews in the US or Europe. The debate can be highly recommended.

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