June Grab Bag

Being new to the monetization game, I’m learning things about the world that I never put thought into until now. I went to the P.O. Box for the first time last week and discovered it was full of letters and donations. I must admit, I was taken aback by it. Like most people, I don’t get much of anything in the mail these days. I get the occasional notice from a government agency or something from our corporate overlords, but otherwise the mail is junk. Most days, all of it ends up in the trash.

Opening old fashioned envelopes with handwritten notes inside was something I have not done in so long it was like learning a new skill. There really is something different about reading a handwritten letter, even a printed one, that is different from reading an e-mail or comment. It is similar to the difference between reading a book or newspaper versus reading on-line. Maybe it is just nostalgia, but there is a difference. It’s not just the tactile sensation of it. The brain seems to work different too

Initially I though the right thing to do was to send thank you notes, but most of the correspondence did not have a return address. The point, for most, is to maintain anonymity, so that makes sense. I abandoned the thank you card idea and thought a roster of first names and states, but maybe that’s not a good idea. While I noodle over that, thank you to all of those sending donations and words of encouragement through to the post office box. You know who you are.

Now, for Subscribestar members, I am putting a little content up there on the weekends, just as an experiment in paywall content. I’m not sure where I want to go with the donor content just yet, so I’m in my experimental phase right now. I think at some point I will just create a premium space here for all donors and subscribers, but I’ll play around with the Subscribestar site for a while as I experiment with different ideas. I’m a big believer is measuring twice, in order to cut once. I’m also open to suggestions.

If you care about your community and want to support those working hard on your behalf, consider supporting my work by donating the price of a beer or a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Five bucks a month is not a lot to ask. Unlike those mega-corporations, I will not use your money to destroy your family and community. Or, you can send money to me at: Z Media LLC P.O. Box 432 Cockeysville, MD 21030-0432. I now have a PayPal setup for those who prefer that method to donate. Thank you for your support!

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Great Debates (Link)
  • 12:00: Libertarian Bashing (Link)
  • 22:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Brown Triumphalism (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Comedy Is Not Funny (Link) (Link)
  • 47:00: Juneteenth (Link)
  • 52:00: Horns of A Dilemma (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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98 thoughts on “June Grab Bag

  1. I don’t know how General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo pronounced the name, but the city is pronounced Va-lay-ho.

    Here is a video of a recent instance our version of Lagos’ diversity in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfH4VAMMqRw

    The guy with the rifle seems much the least concerned with anyone firing back.

  2. It says a lot that the only consistently funny women I’ve known have been in our thing. In a just world, Emily Youcis’ “Tinder: Expectation vs Reality” tweet featuring Heather Heyer would be the all-time #1 on the list of funniest tweets by women. There was also a woman in the early days of the TDS podcast who did a segment that always had me laughing. “Scarlett O’Stonewall” I think her name was.

  3. Regarding Juneteenth, do you think Rep. Jackson-Lee sees the irony of her sponsorship of the bill? Deo Vindice

  4. I’ve just sent cash money to a man whose face and given name are unknown to me. But then we Catholics do this all the time; we see photographs of hare-lipped kids in Africa, flies on their foreheads, during Catholic Ministry appeals, and out come the wallets.

    At a guess, those pitiable kids don’t receive ten cents on the dollar; Z, on the other hand, pockets all the loot. I like that.

  5. Are you mispronouncing fudgepacking Pete’s last name on purpose? I’m no fan of the guy but repeated mispronunciation of people’s names makes my brain hurt. Same goes for the Indian-Jamaican woman’s first name.

    • “That Harris babe from California who fucked Willie Brown”, or “that homosexual who with his husband rules South Bend, Indiana.” No mispronunciations…

      It’s not our job to figure out what they want to be called, or the accented syllables in their names. I always called BHO ‘Barry Soetero’, and everyone knew who I was referring to. Once or twice I even called him Barney O’Bama, to drunk women in bars, explaining that he was a good old Irish kid, the half-brother of Thin Lizzy’s lead singer. They didn’t argue.

      Look, we have to enjoy the end times. Let us be connoisseurs of human folly.

    • No offense Ripple, but who cares. Not gonna be President so Booty-gig, Butte-guyg, Bootayjuge… Ive heard them all an as the Spanish say, “No me importa.”

        • Absolutely – and this being ‘Pride Month’ I think it’s important that we celebrate Pete’s sexuality, and contemplate the beauty of grown men with their lubricants, doing the dirty.

          It’s all about love!

  6. Z how can you read off scientific abstracts that are a mockery of science one minute and then trust the “scientific” conclusions of the back of head (horn/phone bone) study the next?

    I’ve had a bump on the back of my skull my whole life before I ever had a smartphone. Most likely they are trying to frame a sub-type of human as abnormal/excludable. A lot of the same people probably would be classified as Autistic. The use of the word “degenerate” in the study is a big clue.

    Even if we trust the study, what makes the equivalent of a callous on ones skull degenerate? Funny how no one uses the word genius anymore. I guess they stopped existing per the polite request of the equalitarians. Lol

    • Ivan, were you a voracious reader as a child? Huddled down with your neck bent over books? That might be the source of your bone spur… if the study is remotely correct.

    • “Most likely they are trying to frame a sub-type of human as abnormal/excludable.”

      No, they’re saying people constantly staring at their phones have piss-poor postures and are showing the same degenerative aging processes associated with old people. You are right, though, study is crap. They don’t actually show a correlation with mobile phone usage and the bone spur.

  7. That list perfectly demonstrates the two extant genres of female “comedy”: sophomoric political rants that are indistinguishable from any other commentary not labeled as comedy, and celebrations of female dysfunction, catladyism, and failing at “adulting”. The thing about the second genre is that the same attributes that make the dopey dad character on your average sitcom a figure of scorn — a useless person ready for the garbage heap of history — are supposed to make a woman quirky, bold, and empowered.

  8. It’s true that women generally aren’t funny. The role of “Late Night” host isn’t right for women. (By the way, Chelsea Handler was given a shot on Netflix and failed badly. They gave her SOOO much time, and she had full press, critical, young America and liberal backing, and STILL failed.).

    The opening Late Night monologues are terrible. Even fans realize that. Can’t be funny every night. There’s risk in telling bad jokes and looking like a fool. No one wants to see a woman have to expose herself to that. Uncomfortable for both performer and viewer. Men can handle it because we’re SUPPOSED to be idiots. There’s a reason why the saying is, “everyone has that ONE uncle”, and not “that ONE aunt”.

    Then there’s the sit-down guest conversation. For a broad Latenight show, you have to know stuff. Guys know stuff. Enough stuff to wing it during these semi-improvised conversations with varied guests; scientist, rockstar, politician, etc. Girls grow up with a narrow range of interests, as we know. Conversational flow is hard for them both on real topics and abstract riffing. Their “intuition” only gets them so far. This is national TV, not tea in the sunroom.

    Then there’s the interactive bits with magicians, dog trainers, etc. This is the most improvisation part of Late Night. Women utterly fail here. This part calls for charm, quick comic thinking and jocular ribbing. Not womens’ bag. Guys grew up making fun of everything and everyone. We just assume everyone’s full of shit. In other words we grew up comically. Women grew up supportively and needing to believe. There’s NOTHING funny in that.

    Sometimes the guest likes to mess with or dis the host. No one wants to do that to a woman host. No one even likes debating a woman for the same reason.

    Lastly, again, being a Late Night host is a leadership role. There’s risk. Women don’t want to be in that position and the audience isn’t comfortable seeing them in that position. Forcing a woman to be Latenight host is like asking a woman to take on the male role during a date.

    Comics are really about hurting people. Women don’t like doing this. And the ones who do are by nature charmless c*nts. Charmless c*nts like Chelsea Handler are not liked, watched, and cannot sell commercial time. (BTW, another bitch had her chance, Joan Rivers on Fox, after she stabbed Carson in the back. SHE failed miserably as well).

    Not even gonna mention how mentally and physically exhausting it is.

    We should let women take over everything for one month. Then afterward vote if that’s what they really want. If they vote “no”, then the deal is they never get to bitch or write about any of this again.

  9. Emotional support animals as a function of a depersonalized and atomized society is a great call Z.

  10. I laughed when Z described the Soul Bowl in New Orleans. (Thanksgiving weekend football game between Louisiana’s two black colleges, Southern and Grambling). It’s called the Bayou Classic, but Soul Bowl is a much better name. It’s funny and it sounds black.

    Locals know the areas to stay away from on Bayou Classic weekend. Some restaurants and bars always experience serious plumbing problems and have to close on Bayou Classic weekend.

    It has come up in conversation on several occasions with different people that there really needs to be a way to let tourists know.

    • Instead of suffering clogged pipes, those establishments should simply pipe in Mozart and his buddies. Problem solved, and you still make some coin from the good customers.

      • Wait!!!

        Wasn’t Mozart a White Male? And therefore a devil??

        Are you suggesting we listen to and enjoy Devil Music???

        Wahhhh ….where is my Comfort Animal and my Safe Space?

      • Nah, the power way is to announce that you are closing because you want your employees to enjoy this great black celebration uninterrupted by having to work.

        Who can argue with that?

      • If you just look at the players you wouldn’t know the difference.
        College football fans in most other instances are very white and middle class. If you are in NOLA when Texas and Georgia are playing in the Sugar Bowl, you’re not in the same place as Z was when Southern and Grambling were playing in the Bayou Classic.

  11. I’m glad you’re earning some dough from this gig, Z. You certainly deserve it. What you do–producing voluminous, intelligent content on a daily basis–is extremely difficult. If anybody doubts that, they should give it a try. Now although I have yet to donate or subscribe, I very much intend to do so in the not too distant future. Cheers.

    • Second that. Z provides more entertainment than the whole NR crew so I’m happy to reward him, however modestly.

      But financial incentive has always been the Achilles heel of political publications. NR required donors even in its heyday, which introduces bias in some form, however subtly. Perhaps the dissident right has the best model; labor of love augmented by donations.

    • Ostei, since I don’t know where to put this, I’ll put it here.

      I have a big fat mouth and apologise to you, personally, for my indiscretion.

      I’m sorry, and offer a twitter gem as penance:

      “U.S. Claims Drone Was Minding Own Business On Its Way To Church When Iran Attacked It Out Of Nowhere” –the Onion

      • Don’t worry about it, bud. As a poster upstream said, if the AWRs really want to discover who you are and destroy you, there’s not a whole lot you can do. At least, so long as we live in their country. And at any rate, I didn’t switch monikers to try to hide from them anyway.

  12. Paywall is one thing if this is your only source of income.

    But paywall has the effect of dividing the audience and the message.

    Also, paywall chains you to a hamster wheel of production, even if what is produced is shit. Exhibit A: TDS for the last year or so.

    • Yeah, I’m torn on that. I like the idea of “rewarding” donors, but maintaining “premium content” brings other issues. Whenever I bring it up, the answer from the actual donors is “don’t bother” so I suspect I should just drop it.

      As I said, I’m feeling my way through this. It’s not just for me, but to come up with a model others can use as well. Our side is terrible at creating workable business models.

      • Don’t obsess with that if it distracts from the main mission. The extra content for donors is nice, but not critical.

    • Yeah, agree about TDS. Used to be the biggest fanboy on the planet, now haven’t listened in months.

  13. Samantha Bee does have her own show. I’ve never watched it but have seen many commercials for it while watching reruns. Her “jokes” all seemed designed to annoy me and ensure I never mistakenly tune in to her show.

    • OMFG, it’s the most unfunny shit you’ve ever seen. I’d rather just set a pile of my money on fire and watch it burn then that garbage…

    • Basically it is 20 minutes of a turkey necked old broad screeching into a camera. If I’m every appointed head torturer after the revolution, I will use her show.

  14. Others will disagree but OPSEC is vital.

    Please completely destroy the notes and envelopes unless expressly requested otherwise.

    Dissents only need to make one mistake to become unknown martyrs.

    • Erase our history?
      That’s what “complaints” about names like the Redskins are.

      They’re trying to erase everyone’s history- the Great Replacement isn’t just the whites, but of all Americans.
      Even the Indians aren’t safe from the concern trolls.

      I tell the blacks they were the first experiment, and it worked.
      The browns, also, lament the loss of the childhood they knew.

      None are safe from the Great Replacement. They are coming for all of us, and all of our ancestors.
      We need allies against the masters.

      • The larger destabilization campaign is an attempt to rewrite the borders.
        Mexico, for instance, is the southern part of North America. Mexico used to be sleepy and safe.

        South America is being used to batter that former buffer zone. Stampede the cattle into smashing down each other’s pens- a part of using emotion and storytelling to get your enemies to kill each other.

        Let us use that emotion and storytelling to bring them to our side, instead.

        • Back in my Spanish-learning days I watched many ‘Cantinflas’ films available on YT. I liked that Mexico, a neighbor, with its own culture and language, its own difficulties and contradictions. I liked Mariachi bands, with their giant hats, I liked the ancient grandeur of Mexico’s ancestral ruins, and always assumed I’d make a long and enjoyable visit to the country when I had the time and the cash.

          Well, I have the time and the cash now, but I won’t risk my life visiting a corrupt, doomed narco-state. Like Britain, Mexico still – undoubtedly – has millions of decent, gentle, patriotic people, who are as powerless as we dissidents in the US are, in holding back the imminent anarcho-nihilism that all postmodern rulers embrace and intend to enforce.

      • The LGBT fixation is the tell. Exactly NO culture that has ever existed – from the Chinese to India to Europe, from the cannibals of Borneo to the darkest heart of Africa – has ever viewed sexual confusion and degeneracy except with loathing. Any and all identity or character obtained from belonging to a ‘people’ must be stamped out, and how better to do this than vilify species-wide conventions, built on survival instinct?

        The postmodern project of the masters is to wipe out the human personality, with its unprofitable diversity of expression, its variety of custom and tradition, but also its deeper unity of basic common sense.

        So, yeah, it’s not just a war on whitey; it’s a war on humanity, on historical memory, on everyday enjoyment of living.

        • Remember the 1962 sci-fi/horror film, ‘The Village of the Damned’? All those little young people – a Borg of shared telepathic learning – descended mysteriously upon the world in little covens, and, they began to take control. The Soviet coven was destroyed by a nuclear weapon; George Sanders took care of his own coven in England by blowing them up – with himself – with a suitcase bomb.

          Sadly for us, these covens aren’t confined to villages and classrooms; they’re everywhere. They include for some of us loved ones. Half of the Dem aspirants to the Presidency, and pretty much all their financial backers – belong to the coven.

          • Evil has a source.
            I seek to build a microscope, as many have noted the symptoms.

            Our noticing is the biopsy, but we are brainwashed against quarantine.
            I propose, instead, to find a penicillin.

          • Sorry, bit full of myself there-
            The original thought was that Evil having a source is itself an extremely radical idea.

        • Absolutely, perfectly illustrated too-
          It is a war on humanity, and all it struggles to achieve.

        • This is a shrewd observation. For an ingenious and disturbing articulation of it, see Houellebecq’s novel, “The Elementary Particles.”

          To Pimpkin’s point about societies through history: it occurs to me that the traditional stories about sexual excess, confusion, and degeneracy (Sodom and Gomorrah, e.g.) were warnings to posterity that (a) these represent an irrational human tendency that can arise in a culture, no matter how unthinkable that may be at its saner moments, and (b) that unleashed sexuality brings utter ruin on the entire community.

          That these stories were ancient *warnings* based on observed experience was routinely understood for most of human history. But our elites today view them as evidence of the longstanding *discrimination* against sexual deviants, which must be rectified. Thus the ideology of victimhood turns the most pernicious vice into the most precious virtue.

  15. Much thanks Zman for your work. Your commentary and podcasts are illuminating and measured nicely with both reality and humor. You’ve got a great voice for radio, which is no trivial thing, as far as sharing your product with friends. There are others that have podcasts dealing with familiar themes but often sound like zealots or their presentation style is scary to curious normies. Your mannerism of calmly saying, “Look, here is the (whatever) about that
    …” has a way of making socially taboo subjects palatable to the more mild-hearted truth seekers. I’ve been able to recommend your podcast to two associates and they are regular downloaders now. Finally the blog commenters are top notch. I actually learn as much from them as I do by listening/reading your ideas and observations. You’ve managed to set a civil tone without being scoldy which gets the best out of your commentors. Some other blogs in our thing have people screaming and cursing each other because they are in disagreement by a fraction of a fraction. Please keep it up.

    I’ve never contributed monetarily to anyone outside the Church, but somehow what you’ve got here managed to crack my Scots DNA code prohibiting cracking my wallet. I’ll continue to float the occasional cash your way. Carry on.

    • Yes, son, German has a lot of words. “Halber witz” seems to be the applicable one in your instance. Perhaps a little less philosophy and a little more history would remedy your problem.

    • There are so many brainwashed folks, like this fellow, which makes it clear that you cannot crack the current egg by having an overarching platform. When a person casts a man wanting to cut his dick off as the oldest, bravest civil right of mankind, there is no point in debating it. Stick to the platform, 3 points, and let the fruitcakes battle it out.

    • So, Ben Close is the newest alias for Tiny Duck??
      We’re just trying to keep track.

  16. I’m not going to watch the debates either. I’d rather listen to chainsaws for an hour but I am really hoping that Trump tweets it. That could be wildly entertaining!

  17. Hey I have an Ot question: who is this other guy the Js are after, the Free Solo guy. He supposedly really cute, did one thing and they are thinking of letting him go but won’t? I want to know his story. What did he do supposedly and when, etc? He seems to be really bright, to understand all this weird media symbology and stuff, apparently at a really young age.

    I watched Under Silver Lake, and he is represented by the lead guy, the Andrew Garfield character. He plays chess with the character representing me in one scene! The scene with the old man and the piano, “I wrote this! I wrote this! All your revolutions and counter revolutions are just me!” That’s how it really is, all the way back to Oliver Cromwell, at least !

    • Also, what does he do? Is he a resident or something? In the movie he “doesn’t do anything.” Does that mean he’s on the road to being one of the “beautiful people?”

    • No idea about any of this, definite upvote for the “I wrote this!” quip.

      Always hire the worst, lift them to rule, and rewrite their story.

  18. I’m sorry Z – I gotta jump on that donation thing. Rest assured I will get to it soon. You should consider it a high point of your career: if you can get money out of a cheapskate like me…for political commentary… you have accomplished something grand.

    I dunno what to think about your assertion that women aren’t funny. Mary Tyler Moore produced some of the funniest sitcoms ever. 40 years later, I am still laughing at the antics of the bints of “Soap”. Women *can* be funny. I think it would be more accurate to say certain types of women are incapable of humour – and most of them are consumed with their crotches and rage.

    • People who think “women aren’t funny” tend not to be capable of understanding the concept of a “straight man.” They don’t understand how card tricks and biochemistry actually work. Mary Tyler Moore was one of the greatest “straight men” in the business. The stuffy old lady (actually a brilliant character actress) who played the stuck-up old dowager in all the Marx Brothers movies was vastly funnier than Groucho and Chico combined.

      Because of their traditional roles as put-upon, long-suffering wives and mothers who lack testosterone and therefore lack aggressive, pro-active comedic drive (not too many women who can keep pace with Jackie Gleason), women are natural straight men. Lucille Ball was pro-actively a technically accomplished clown, and is recognized as such by the masters of clowning. So was Gilda Radner. But Jane Curtin routinely got a much bigger laugh by just sitting there while Dan Ayckroyd said “Jane, you ignorant slut.” If you think that that laugh belonged only to Ayckroyd and not to the pair of them, then all I can tell you is, Pick a card, any card.

      • Margaret Dumont, is the name of the actress I was thinking of. She never told a single joke in her entire life (just stood there not getting them), but she is one of the funniest people who ever lived.

        • You do realize the irony of this comment? The only way a woman can be truly funny is playing a good role of being incapable of humor. hahahahahaha. Now that’s funny!!

      • This is a good point. I have never seen a funny stand up woman comic, however. But you are right with regard to playing a set role, some women really pulled that off well.

          • Sandra Bernhardt is not funny, she is shrewish and demonic, and almost heroically unlikeable. Her face looks like some sort of twisted African shamanistic voodoo demon-mask. Her mother probably goes to sleep every night regretting she didn’t smother that wretched hell-thing in its crib when she had the chance.

            Stand-up comedy is my least favorite form of humor, but once in a while it’s funny. This was a great line from some female standup, I forget who…

            “When I was growing up, my parents were really mean to me. For instance, when I was in kindergarten…. or actually, I just THOUGHT it was kindergarten, I found out later on that the whole time, I’d been working in a factory…”

            That’s funny in the abstract, but somehow it’s funnier coming from a chick.

        • Rita Rudner.
          “I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.”
          “My husband gave me a necklace.It’s fake. I requested fake. Maybe I’m paranoid,but in this day and age,I don’t want something around my neck that’s worth more than my head.”
          “I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle. It was’nt mine.”
          “I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.”
          “I love to sleep.Do you? Is’nt it great? It really is the best of both worlds.You get to be alive and unconcscious.”

          Writes her own material.

      • Before tossing off a comment on funny women, I listened again to the Z man segment. He’s not saying that women can’t be funny; he’s saying that they can’t write their own material, or even deliver written material as stand-up comics, like Carson, Leno, Benny, etc.

        Mary Tyler Moore happens to be my favorite all-time comedy babe; she was however an actress. Audrey Meadows was perfect as Ralph Kramden’s wife; she too was an actress… As I root about in old 20th century culture for women who were flat-out funny under their own material, I have to admit it is tough. Betty Hutton, Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, Judie Holliday, and the two women from SCTV – Andrea Martin and Catherine O’Hara – were all terrific comedic performers. Only the latter two had a hand in producing their material.

        Carol Burnett as well as her sidekick, Vicki Lawrence, seemed natural comics capable of original material back in the 1970s, though I don’t find them especially funny now, when I watch the old shows.

        Phyllis Diller had her day, the Liberace of women, I guess.

        In my own life, I know two particular women who are cleverer, wittier, and more perceptive than any famous female – and most male – “comedians” making millions on late night TV. At a guess, all of us know such women.

        In conclusion, yes, there are no female Jerry Seinfelds out there.

      • I am not convinced.

        Actually MTM could hold her own alongside the funny guys. As could Lucille Ball. OMFG – Peg Bundy was not a straight man, nor was her bombshell blonde daughter. Mind you – they were actresses; finding out who the actual script writers are would tell the tale. Complicating things is that women have a different sense of humour too. If I cut a fart that rattled the windows in their panes, shook the dust off the rafters, and made the dead flies in the light fixtures dance like dice in a cup and scared the chit out of the cat – more than a few of us might smirk and a few might chuckle. The average woman would shake her head in disgust. Those tweets that Z referenced may very well be as hilarious to the female mind as an epic fart might be for us fellas.

        Even if they deploy their humour as ‘straight men’ as our esteemed blog poster posits – that still requires a sense of humour.

        For my two cents, it usually tends to be the shrews, cat ladies and cankles that tend to have problems with humour, and they are almost (but not always) unhappy liberals.

        • Women are more susceptible to liberalism, that grim-faced enemy of laughter. But take a look at a typical Rosalind Russell picture of the 1940s and ask yourself what you might be willing to sacrifice to hang out with her for a year or two. Lots of laughs, lots of other stuff too, I’m thinking.

          In traditional sexual terms, funny men get women; funny women scare the crap out of men. To bag a Rosalind Russell you had to be on your A-game, with an A-package. Most women prefer securing a man to being funny; that’s just an ancient reality. So they have to suppress their comedic talents if they are so unfortunate as to be born with them.

          Ergo: The humor differential in men and women is one point where our enemies may trip over a point: the differential is socially constructed. Of course in our age men aren’t funny either, certainly not the ‘pros’ who appear on TV. Women doing stand-up, with all the vulgar language and content now assumed to belong to it, in the aded grip of political correctness, are just offensive and counter-human. No human society that has ever existed has wanted to see its women on stage, cracking ugly and profanity-laced jokes. That’s because all human societies through time and space have valued their women as mothers and examples to their kids.

      • Women, *in general*, aren’t funny, as compared to men, *in general*. Sure there are specifics. But the outliers, the major stand-up, sitcom, and movie stars, are men. It’s like any other field, the curve is shaped differently for men and women, and there tend to be more outstanding men than women.

        In my personal, anecdotal experience, I’ve met a few funny women, but all of them were funny by *acting like men*. I’ve met a lot more women with virtually no sense of humor at all, even for simple things like sarcasm. Women generally take themselves more seriously than men do.

        • With good reason. Women must bear children, not an easy or risk-free task. Most men don’t get that.

  19. Based on observation, most of the people plastered to the smartphone will have been run over before the “horns” can cause any disability. Driving through my town, particularly after the commuter train lets off or if school is in session, is an exercise in dodging random people stepping into traffic. It’s bad enough that I’m probably going to put dash cams in all the cars just to have the evidence when the inevitable accident happens.

    • Watching Tucker last night, he did this story and had the Fox News medical expert on to disucss it. The “medical expert” said “due to epigenetics, it means these horns will be passed onto their children.”

      A good reminder that the experts on TV are either people who failed at their chosen profession or they are actors hired to pretend they are experts.

      • If genetics worked that way, I would have bonsai’d one of the kids just to fuck with the gene pool.

  20. Z man, question with regard to those who want to subscribe or support. Is there an anonymous way to do it monthly?? I think so many on our side would be much more widely and hugely supported if there was some mechanism to do it that wouldn’t get us on any lists, if you know what I mean.

    Also, holy shit is Biden under a coordinated attack. This doesn’t happen by chance folks. The powers that be apparently don’t want him. They’re going after Hunter?? Way to go ABC where the f have you been on the story??

    • Isn’t it hilarious to see the media suddenly discover his idiot crack head kid miraculously lucked into a $50k a month directorship and $1.5b of money to run after Dad visited Ukraine and China as Veep? You could see Joe saying something like “China a threat? C’mon man. One day my idiot kid gets kicked out of the Navy for his crack habit, the next day China gives him $1.5 billion to run. Are those Chinks great or what? Oh shit, did I say “Chinks”? Dammit, I said it again. Hey, can you guys just edit that part out?”

    • Well, other than cash through the mail, it is tough. A guy I know who anonymously donates to various causes, told me he uses gift cards. He’ll buy those Visa cards you see hanging on the rack at the checkout counter of the grocery store. They work like a credit card, but there’s no name on them. I’ve never bought one, so I don’t know the particulars. I’ve received them as rebates and used them just like a credit card.

      Our side really does need a non-profit that works as a clearinghouse. By law, donors are protected. The added protection is the non-profit then donates to other non-profits.

      • That’s not a bad idea. I’ll try the gift card route, I was going to use one to support another dissident cause shortly. Love the blog man, thanks for your work.

      • “By law, donors are protected “

        Is that the same “law” that has Hillary perp walking to a federal institution?

        Sorry, couldn’t pass up such low hanging fruit.

      • As someone who REALLY wants to not leave a paper trail I can confirm that VISA gift cards are a solid strategy. It is a mini form of erasing your paper trail because the only ‘trackable’ part of the equation isn’t all that trackable which is the Point of Sale transaction where you hand cash to a cashier who then converts that into digital currency. (The Pre-Paid card).

        You can then use that pre-paid card lots of places with no identifying information about WHO is purchasing ‘whatever’. I think your mind can follow about how useful this is if you are a bad thinker and wish to support causes that are not ‘approved’ by the gatekeepers. Been doing this for a while with some success. The caveat is there are some places where pre-paid cards are not accepted precisely because of the lack of tracking but right now they are few and far between.

        Just an FYI from a ‘dissident’ who has had to avoid the radar for a while now because of out of control state over-reach.

        • One thing to be careful about is that many retailers are now using their security cameras in more ways than just ‘security’. It won’t be long until even when you use cash, they will know its you that bought something (some of them already do if you have a cell phone – they track your IMEI as soon as you enter the store, and know where you *are* in the store) . I work in the data field – this stuff is coming faster than ever now. The scenes in movies where the NSA or CIA taps into all the various security cameras are not far off. The panopticon is already here. True anonymity, if they’re really out to get you, is nearly impossible IRL if you hold down a job or do anything outside the home or even online.

    • Money orders-
      we must act like illegals in our own country

      (Does Sam Adams have Uncle Joe down pitch-perfect or what?)

      • We ARE illegals in our own country. In my own imperial province, if I get run down by an illegal alien, tough shit for me; the alien gets all the backing of the state government’s laws and attorneys; any accrued injuries are mended at no cost to said illegal. If on the other hand I run over the illegal, the full force of provincial law ensures that I’ll end up bankrupt, dead, reviled as a hater, and liquidated.

        Hey, it’s why we pay taxes, right?

    • I think you are looking to set up an automatic annon. payment. I’ve not seen one and I looked, albeit a couple of years ago.
      If you find one, please post it.

  21. Speaking strictly for myself, I don’t need any extra stuff or thank you notes. I support your writing and podcasts because I appreciate the time it takes to produce them.

    • Yes, and I appreciate the wide scope of topics and the (frequently) unique point of view.

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