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Catching up on some correspondence this week. I think these types of shows are going to be a regular feature going forward. They are fun to do, as I get to talk about some topics I would probably not address otherwise. I’ve also gotten a good response, so people seem to like the format. The Ask Me Anything events Reddit does always get big numbers, so the concept must have broad appeal. I know I enjoy reading through those things whenever it is someone I follow or find interesting.

It’s also a good way for me to clean up the inbox. I read everything, but responding in a timely fashion has been a problem. I’m a busy guy these days. Then there is the P. O. Box, which gets a fair number of letters. I’ve learned something on that score. Reading an actual letter is much more enjoyable than reading e-mail. There is something to the tactile experience of opening the letter and reading from paper. It’s like the difference between reading an eBook and reading an actual book.

I also suspect the medium changes how the person doing the writing experiences the exchange as well. Dashing off a quick e-mail and hitting send is almost a mindless exercise most of the time. Typing up a letter, or especially writing one by hand, takes thought and care. It’s slower and more deliberative. It reminds me of when I’ve written formal letters in my business life. I write it out by hand, then type it up and have someone read it. Only when it is right does it get sent.

Reading through a stack of letters, I can’t help but think we would be better off going back to that mode of communication in our personal lives. Today, the physical mail is for impersonal stuff like letters from the government. Our dealings with our corporate overlords are another reason for physical mail. With our friends and family, we rely on texts or social media posting. It seems like we have this backward. The corporate overlord should be hitting us up on-line and our family should get the letters.

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This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

This Week’s Show


  • Red pilling parents
  • What about Trump
  • Building real world community
  • Bitcoin
  • The gatekeeper’s ball
  • Live streams
  • Libertarians
  • Peaceful separation

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110 thoughts on “Letter To Z Man

  1. So you want to move to Pennsylvania…….

    I am sure you are aware, but just want to point out that Philly and its surrounding suburbs is a VERY vibrant place, and getting more vibrant every day…..

  2. Zman: “My friend Mr. Pink used to ride around with a lifesize Ben Shapiro blowup doll in the glovebox of his car.” If he was proud about it why would he keep it folded up in the glovebox? I could see, “Mr. Pink used to ride around with a lifesize Ben Shapiro doll in the passenger seat.”

  3. Nice talk, but can anyone on the Right criticize without the qualifiers and the “I don’t want to attack them, but…” attitude. Its amazing how the Right, hates attacking anyone with any passion. For example, Libertarians should be mocked, ridiculed, and attacked without mercy because they idiots -and sometimes dishonest idiots- who stand in the way of truth. They are leading people down the wrong path, and helping the enemy, knowingly or not. We’re in a war and the libertarians want us to stop thinking about the war and building weapons and talk about whether taxes are too high and whether cocaine should be legal.

  4. The Z Man says he’s a bad guest, but that’s modesty haha, I had more fun when he came on our show than I have in awhile. It’s not often the interviewee flips the tables and starts asking questions.

  5. >Looks like our lesbians beat a group of Africans hilariously called the French team.They are now one win away from a chance to win the golden vibrator.<


  6. Right with the drowned people photograph. It’s because the drowned Syrian boy photograph was so catastrophically persuasive with the European migrant thing. They’re trying to capitalize on that. Probably fake.

  7. Long Zman transcription from the final topic:

    “I much prefer the idea that lets just get ‘freedom of association back’. If we can get that – we can self-segregate, we can live next to people we want to live next to, and not live next to people we don’t want to live next to — a lot of our problems go away.

    There is no perfect solution here, but the intermediate step if we want to avoid a horrible conflict that could get quite ugly is to restore private discrimination. If you are white guy that doesn’t like being around Koreans, or foreigners or black or what ever your deal is you can live in a community that is free of those things.

    We can reduce the amount of social strife and anger in our society here in America by simply restoring the basic right, the fundamental right, of freedom of association.

    That will lead to peaceful separation, no question about it. We will end up with a segregated society. But that’s the natural way in which things would evolve. We shouldn’t fight it.

    • Like I’ve said before there will be no peaceful separation unless there is a large body of water in between us and them…I agree with you on the it would be great part but when someone has something that someone else Wants/Envy’s then there will always be strife and boy do they envy us…

  8. Z-man,

    I didn’t fully catch it, but your mention of the AmRen event in the Imperial Capital was interesting, and a great connection about how to meet folks “in real life.”

    Understandably, the AmRen website doesn’t list their location or date of the event publicly.

    What’s the best approach to join the secret handshake club? Or at least, find out if their event jives with my schedule?

    • AmRen announces its conferences on its website. VDare does too, but has never been able to hold one before the venue cancelled.

      AmRen is the most public secret handshake society and it’s lots of fun.

  9. OT: Another white woman pays the price for being a Mudshark and why we should not be importing any more 3rd world scum. This is what they will do to our daughters.

    Police have arrested a Nigerian man for the murder of MacKenzie Lueck. And boy is the MSM going into full coverup moder protecting the Nigerian’ from public scrutiny.


    • 2 acid attacks a day now in the UK, part of the Enrichment. You natural Nazis deserve it anyways!

    • Who’s fault is it though when people are raising their children to think its ok to be around scum and society promotes it… Example if you raised your kids without telling them of the danger of rattlesnakes and they go out and start playing with one and they get bit who’s fault is it…It’s sickening that the brainwashing that everyone is the same has invaded society completely…

  10. I have to take exception with the last thing you said about blacks not wanting to bus their children to white schools and such. Access to whites is considered a “human right” and has been since at least the 50s. They don’t want their own schools and such. Granted, they might want to create their own schools with our money, but that is just more gibs. This entire society, black people included, just cannot stomach the thought of a bunch of white people living amongst themselves peacefully. The myths we have around this stuff is just astounding. “Good” and “bad” schools is a fine example. A “good” school is where most of the students are white or Asian and a “bad” school is a school where most of the students are black or “brown.”
    I don’t see us getting the right to self segregate in the foreseeable future. The supposedly “conservative” SCOTUS just shot down the citizenship question on the census. A question that was on it for many decades. As long as progressive Jews control the Bar, the courts will never, ever, ever give us the right to discriminate. War is more likely. A comet crashing into Earth is more likely.

  11. The restoration of freedom of association is a very worthy first-step campaign. Libertarians and Con Inc., will fight against it tooth-and-nail. However, they have neither teeth not nails.

  12. The reason this guy’s parents think being pro-white = Nazi is because the press gives the Neo-Nazis a ton of free airtime. Neo-Nazism, especially in America, is retarded and yet, here we are. The biggest alt-right podcast is a bunch of raving antisemites raving about Israel and quoting “uncle Adolf” You have to not support these people. They are completely blind-sided by their own antisemitism anyway. Every single problem in the world because a Jewish conspiracy theory. I am as critical of Jewish power as the next guy in dissident right wing politics and I am no philosemite, but I am also not a raving antisemite either. As z-man said, Zionism ain’t my problem.

    • The whole thing about semitic people is a complicated mess. The jews are genetically related to a whole slew of people. The Kurds, Turks, Armenians and some Bedouin peoples. Not to mention Assyrians/Syriacs,Samaritans, Maoronites, Druz, Mandaeans, Mhallami, Akkadians and Phoenicians plus some Arab populations. And variants of the Semitic language where spoken all over the middle east at one time. But the jews have always hogged the microphone. Anyway, a true anti-semite would have to be a complete misanthrope that hates all people everywhere. So if you want to be anti-jews that’s your business, but if someone calls you an anti-semite tell them to look the term up on wikipedia. Here’s what wikipedia has to say about semitic peoples. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semitic_people

    • “Besides, we all know what White Europeans do when they represent their interests…”

  13. Rush, Savage, and Kevin Williamson all came out in full-throated defense of our sacred Corporate Kapitalism after the first debate. Williamson’s latest is “The Kulaks Must Be Liquidated”, referring to our Woke overlords.

    Seems the Chamber of Commerce is almost capable of second thoughts about our Replacement. Why, all these new working-class democrats and natural conservatives are getting a bit uppity!

    (PS- the argument against libertarian capitalism in 4 words: lawyers, off-shoring, spam, and Google)

  14. Hi Zman

    Re: Bitcoin. Bitcoin only gets complicated if you want to involve exchanges and/or other third parties. You can download and set up a “client” (wallet) on your laptop or mobile in 2 minutes and then send and receive bitcoins, and it involves NO third parties. An account with an exchange is only necessary if you want to cash out or buy in a reliably deterministic/liquid manner (i.e., not find somebody privately who will buy your bitcoins for cash). Again, an exchange is NOT needed to send or receive bitcoins to other people. You can always sign up with an exchange later if you want to cash out your stash.

    As far as local clients are concerned you basically have two choices, a “thick” or a “thin” client. A thick client downloads the entire block chain (full global transaction register) locally to your hard drive, and keeps it updated. It is currently approaching 230 GB in size. Initial downloading of this takes awhile (days) but it is the most secure. A “thin” client gets the block chain served to them from a trusted source in the cloud. This is most appropriate for mobile devices.

    You can accept bitcoins and then use them to buy things or “re-gift” them to other political causes or personalities without involving an exchange.

    Here are two downloadable clients I have experience with:

    Thick client: https://bitcoin.org/en/download

    Thin client: Electrum

    Here’s a list: https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet

    One thing I’ve noticed is a lot of dissident right personalities PUBLICLY publish a single global Bitcoin address. This “works” but it allows antagonists to see how much donation you have received (and they’ve bragged about it). The block chain is a PUBLIC register. Anonymity is only provided when nobody knows who owns what bitcoin address. Better is to privately provide unique addresses to potential donors. Wikileaks had a web form which would provide potential donors with a unique address.

    As always, if you lose or forget your keys, or they get destroyed with no backup, your money is lost forever.

    BTW, if you’re theoretically interested in how Bitcoin works, here’s a writeup I did years ago that got copied around.


  15. trump[s latest decision to ban already legally owned suppressors will be the last straw for me. it is uselessly stupid and put members of his base at risk . It is beyond what I can tolerate. I was telling my family when would be president when an coulter was being laughed at on tv for suggesting he could be nominated .

      • I think we must be realistic. Trump being basically an 80’s Democrat will never be gun friendly. But I agree with IraqVeteran8888, Tim from Military Arms Channel, Hickok45 and others that the NRA has become a racket for Wayne LaPierre. North and the dude from Brownells have tried to reform it but with both houses and the Presidency in Republican hands no gun rights legislation passed.

        Moreover, our rulers and the helots will NOT allow us to own guns, long term. Revolvers and lever action rifles will be outlawed last but they will be outlawed. The weirdo foreign upper caste elites like Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi, Google/Alphabet’s Sundar Pinchai, Microsofts Saytella Nardella, Coke’s Turkish CEO, are allied with the super-woke and non-White underclass in their vision for Whitey.

        The Purge movies. All day, every day. It would be Reginald Denny over and over again. Seriously that is their vision. Hordes of non-Whites doing ethnic cleansing and rioting that kills millions of White middle and working class people so they can rule this nation un-opposed. They are not White, mostly, or they are bugmen like weirdo Zuckerberg (who brought in a goat and killed it with a stun gun at some confab with bigshots at Sun Valley — even weirdo Jack Dorsey who is starving himself into a power bottom was appalled).

        Here in California ammo sales are effectively outlawed. Its taxed, regulated, the State can refuse your ability to buy for any reason, not litigable. If you don’t reload you are screwed. Without a strong NRA thats what you get and the lack of action by Trump to protect gun rights is the function of a weak NRA.

        Bottom line, foreign CEOs, super woke pussy hat wearers, weirdo bug men, hereditary pols, all HATE HATE HATE the idea of a would be Reginald Denny fighting back. Instead of being made a visible victim to make the point that Whites are the punching bag not allowed to fight back.

        [I highly recommend the following gun tubers: Hickok45, Military Arms Channel, IraqVeteran8888, Gun_Sam_Revolver, MrHolster, Paul Harrell, LionQuest_Fitness (older ex cop), and the sleeper, Bowser’s Fortress (former Marine, NC firearms trainer)]

        • “The weirdo foreign upper caste elites…” We’re being invaded by yet another? Now I see the wisdom of “stop focusing on just the one ethnic clan”, because there are many more who thirst for our conquest.

        • I would suggest also following Max Velocity he offers up some great tactical training advice…

    • What decision? Trump says lots of shit. Bet he does not even know that silencers are class 3 weapons (?) and already require back ground checks and clearance and paper work. Look for this to die. I can’t recall a class 3 weapon on the registration list being banned—at least to the aspect of confiscation. However, banning new sales and production (which really means no new registrations, not a production ban) will drive prices up and that is problematic and I agree, not a good thing.

  16. I believe this was from Heartiste but one way to frame the anti-white argument is quit saying white people and start saying white community. I know we are completely fractured Community but as the Noose tightens we’re going to become one but go ahead and start now. White community

    • I like that….White Community. Back here in LDS land I’ve set up the argument: They are a tribe and have their group interests. We should look to our group interests, too.
      As the noose tightens…..White community.

  17. It would be very helpful if you put time-codes next to the topics in the index above. If, after listening to the question on “red pilling parents” I decide I am not interested I could then just directly to the next, or other topics, without landing in the middle of something.

    • Normally I do that, but this off the cuff show makes it hard. Maybe in the future I’ll put some hard limits on each topic like do with other shows.

  18. As for getting on Gab, I am not the first to mention the echo chamber metaphor but if you really want to be an insurrectionist or rebel voice., Twitter still works. I know, I know about the suspensions but others like us do the diligence of trying to stay between the lines just so they can get rattle chains.

    That said, I registered for Twitter for the first time last week and never got the sign up code or whatever. (Ironically I only want it for updates on some tech projects I am interested in)

  19. I think you’re on to something about writing.

    As his sight failed, Nietzsche used a contraption called a writing ball. Soon after, he began to notice that his lines became shorter, punchier, more epigrammatic.

    (Coincidentally, Nietzsche’s writing ball looks exactly like the robot historian who will compose Decline and Fall of the American Empire.)

    Heidegger had a bit about this, too. I’ve read it several times and will not pretend I understand it. But I think the gist is near what you are getting at.


    • It is certainly true with reading. We read text from a screen differently than we read from paper. There is an visual component to writing and reading. Note how I maintain paragraph sizes in my writing. It makes the text more readable in this format.

  20. The only true solution for the Levant is the establishment of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and Felipe VI to the throne of a christian kingdom!

  21. The enumerated powers of government go a long way to ensure the liberty and well being of the citizens it works for in the republic we inhabit.. These powers almost always have been interpreted to mean something other than what they are. Nuanced interpretations of these powers are more than an aggravation. They are a threat to everyone. They should the foundation of and reflect the legitimate purpose of government. They should be static to a certain extent. They can be only changed by the will of the people. Government needs to work overtime to ensure that freedom of association is available to all of us. Let the Middle East worry about the Middle East. Live with us in peace and commerce. Attack us an be destroyed. It’s OK to be White.

    • A Constitution is only as good as the people who interpret and enforce it. If the people are of low quality, or hostile to intent of the authors then the document is only paper. Get the population of the polity right.

      • … because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

        John Adams, 1798

        Unfortunately, many modern-day “conservatives” see the Constitution as some sort of magical talisman which will cure whatever ails us. The John Birch Society likes to say that “the Constitution is the solution.”

        • The dissident rights rules of engagement are based in reality. Mine are. It takes a regular refresh of thought to determine the true reality of what we are dealing with. Almost every ideology has some value dictate that any reasonably intelligent dissident will find to be true and correct. Whatever the modern day conservatives are or think they are one thing is certain, they are not grounded in reality. Rules of a society need to be written and more importantly, understood. Peaceful separation enabled by freedom of association within the republic should quell any of the cargo cult magic talisman types. Meaning we can self segregate ourselves from them. Our current status as Serfs needs to be changed. It enables the government beast to exceed its legitimate purpose. Most moral people are realists. Not necessarily so of our religious brethren. We have a better chance at life liberty and the pursuit of happiness when we have a Government with a well defined legitimate limited purpose. Limited of course is what moral people desire. Government is a tool that is best used by a moral people.

      • How does one make that happen? Let freedom of association allow those capable moral and of like mind to run their own deal as much as possible. A constitutional republic is one of the best vehicles to make that happen. If the people can keep it.

        • Let freedom of association allow those capable moral and of like mind to run their own deal as much as possible…
          It would have to include not paying for anyone or anything we didn’t agree with either or we would still be drained by the parasites…

          • I imagine that I agree with Lineman on most questions but I say that we must our value our community above all economic issues. If someone in my community needs economic assistance that he may not be able to pay back, we must provide it. Tribalism is the most fundamental organizing principle. “Leave me alone” libertarians are likely incapable of creating defensible communities.

          • Oh I agree with you line and if you knew my record of helping people you would know I’m all for helping my people 😉…I just don’t want to pay for those who want to destroy me…That’s why f2f is so important so we actually know each other…Also on the Community thing I’ve been trying to get people to build Communities for quite some time know but people just don’t see a need for it until something bad happens to them…How many people have to hold their tongue, or not do something because of job loss, danger to themselves or family, etc that wouldn’t be an issue if they had Community…

  22. Z,

    I honestly don’t understand how you could even contemplate voting for Tulsi. Perhaps she is quasi-isolationist on foreign policy (an area you admitted earlier in the podcast that you didn’t care that much about), but how about other things? Who is she going to put in at DOJ? at the EPA? at the EEOC? at the USSC? Who exactly are these centrist Ds that she can appoint? Trump was damn near at war with the R party, and ultimately had very little choice but to appoint team red to administrative positions in DC. Think Tulsi f’n Gabbard would be able to take on the entire entrenched Soros/Progressive machine? They’d eat her up and split her out in 5 minutes.

    I understand not voting, I understand writing your own name in, I understand voting for 3rd parties. What I don’t understand is how anyone on the dissident right could ever consider pulling the D lever. They are the essence of what we are fighting and when in power in DC, their tentacles reach everywhere.

    • Well, I don’t think there is an electoral solution here, so the best we can look for is options that create problems for the people in charge. Gabbard seems to terrify the warmongers, so that’s something in her favor. She also seems to vex the left-wing culture warriors. So, in the primary, I will vote Gabbard. My recommendation to all dissident whites is to register democrat and always vote for the most insane option in the primary.

      • Oh God no! Z…I came from Trots. My journey has been through the desert to arrive here. If I re-register as a Demonrat to create chaos, my hands will set on fire!

      • If there is no electoral solution – the answer is not to actively vote in Democrats – no matter how good they look on the surface.

        If elections don’t work – then stop voting. Actually going out and voting just lends legitimacy to the “democratic” process.

        Somewhere out there is a line where – lack of participation in the system clearly calls out the fact that the system is illegitimate. I don’t know exactly where it is – but it’s there.

        When only 5% of the population votes – and the Democrat that gets elected stands up there and says ” I was elected by a majority of the people!” – it will clearly be bullshit.

        You don’t break the democratic system by voting for crappy candidates – you break it by not voting.

      • Look to Oklahoma 2016: most counties many more registered Dems, actual vote skewed 75%+ for Trump. People there changed understanding due to unacceptable cultural changes, but kept Dem registration. Some surmise so they could continue to vote in Dem primaries.

    • His point is to sow dissent in the enemy ranks. Gabbard has enough differences on serious policy that the Dem establishment would go scorched earth to stop her. The longer she is in the race, the more a lot of normies become disaffected with the party. They then start casting about for someone who shares their concerns.

      Trump was far from the ideal candidate for our thing. However, he did move the ball some in our direction while driving a stake through Con Inc. That’s worth something.

      We aren’t going to win this in our lifetimes. Our job is to sow seeds for the future and to cause heartburn for the establishment.

  23. 1. What t-shirt size do you wear?

    2. With episode 100 coming up, what will you do about the missing/skipped episode 56?

    • Add it to the growing list of legends…
      “Wide-eyed adherents whisper amongst themselves about the Lost 56”

  24. Field report:. Went to a local swing dance club in my area, results were excellent.

    Young, unattached, attractive white women definitely outnumbered the men there. It tends to attract mostly middle and upper class people too.

    Even better for me, most men looked like slobs or millennial soyboys.

    As an added bonus, the women there obviously enjoy their feminine role and expect you to be a man and take the lead.

    So for my single brothers, if you are looking to meet a white woman, see if your area has a swing dancing or ballroom dance club.

  25. Haven’t finished the podcast yet, but I just heard you say you would entertain voting for the enemy. The same people who would shove us all into ovens. I hate Romney and Ryan and Flake as much as anybody, but a f*king dem party member? I’ll finish the cast and see if this is just yanking my chain.

    • Ask yourself this. Would white people be better off today or worse off, if Gore had beat Bush in 2000?

        • I don’t see how that would gore would have helped Europe. I don’t see it at all . I have to agree with the Z man.

          • Bush II gave us Obama, the anti-Bush vote. Both delivered us into the hands of the Saracen.

      • Are you saying Gore would have stuck up for white Americans? If so… I don’t think so.
        Mind you his time largely preceded the The Poz Era so whadda I know?

      • Probably. Had Gore won we would not have had Cheney and Rumsfeld in the WH when 9/11 happened. So there would have been no push to blame Iraq for 9/11 and invade it.

        There would have been massive destabilization of the ME and hence no massive immigration to Europe.

        OTOH Gore would have obliterated our NG, oil and Coal production in the U.S. as well as ending the use of fossil fuel power plants. This would have pissed off enough lower class whites to make Gore a single term president.

        It would have been a win for us.

      • I thought about it. The country would be in a different state of devastation. Energy sectors would be damaged or destroyed, and we would have been slouching or running headlong toward 3rd world status in 2008. McCain might have won, and he would have opened the borders. Probably much worse with Gore, but my Tardis has a flat. Gore’s party and all Critical Theory types since the fall of the Berlin Wall have been hell bent on killing us. There’s a lot of really stupid Republicans, but I don’t think any of them hate my country. All elected Democrats hate my country. I stand by my comment. I will never vote for a Democrat. I’d vote for Bush again, failures and all. Knowing what I know now, I’d have started volunteering for R candidates 20 years ago and started to network.

        That’s the best advice I’ve seen recently, here in these comments.

      • And I got like 20 downvotes for saying that we’re no better off under Cheeto Man than we would have been under cankles.

        I think I was told we were better off because an embassy moved like 30 miles down the road, or some such.

    • They’re all the f*king enemy. The best candidate is the one that wakes up whites the best, that pushes our agenda forward the best. Sometimes that’s a Trump, sometimes that a Dem lunatic who’s so crazy that whites can’t ignore him or her.

      The old United States is dead. Parrot dead. Give it up. It’s not your country anymore, stop acting like it.

      • ‘E’s not pinin’! ‘E’s passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the perch ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig! ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!

  26. Just some funny things. From Dad67 yesterday. “Woke Wonzos”. I spent about 10 minutes trying to find out what a wonzo is, and all I can figure is it’s some gay Asian pop singer. Just so silly and funny. Man, our guys come up with the best stuff. If anyone knows what a wonzo is please say. And from a few days ago, Z’s “Gay Spartacus”. That’s endlessly funny. Just thinking of it can cheer me up for a moment. Also there was a song back in the seventies, “They Ain’t Makin’ Jews like Jesus Anymore.” Maybe the funniest song title ever. One more. I had a black lady friend. She didn’t know what a quarterback is.

  27. Trump actually apologized to Buchanan a long time before running for president, so there is good evidence his conversion regarding immigration and trade was sincere.

    As to the assertion that he is mostly a bullshitter? Yeah, that still stands.

  28. Red pilling parents – you have to have the material to work with. Mine watched The View and Orca Winfrey and got their opinions from day time TV. People like that will never be convinced of anything beyond prescribed dogma.

    Trump – you’re out to lunch. That guy has single handedly bitch slapped the establishment and given guys like you a credibility you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Used to be dealing with irritating dissidents was as easy as slapping a RACIST or HOMOPHOBE label on ya, and you were done like dinner. That doesn’t work anymore and Trump has more to do with that than you do. He is one devil that deserves his due – and he deserves your respect and support.

    Your closing music: bravo. Still a great podcast as always.

    • True. Trump never ceases to disappointment me, but I can’t deny that the world has changed because of him. He showed that you could push back.

    • The thing with Trump is largely that expectations of him were unrealistically high. True, he’s missed some opportunities through no ones fault but his own, but the other side of it is that at least now we can talk about issues like immigration, even if our betters hate it.

      Even if Trump accomplishes nothing but shooting off his mouth, that’s still huge. Saying the unsayable and getting elected anyway put the fear of God in our opponents, and to this day they’re working overtime to undermine him.

      Does Richard Spencer really believe he’s going to be better off under a Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang or any other Democratic administration? If the dissident right thinks they’re getting dumped on now, I have to wonder what they’re going to think the next time a Democrat is in power. Do you really believe they’ll continue with the largely hands off approach to us? More likely Spencer will have the opportunity to enjoy regular visits from federal agents and constant surveillance.

      If Trump is doing nothing for us, he’s at least doing nothing to us. I don’t expect we’ll always be so lucky.

      • One thing about Richard Spencer to keep in mind: he likes to make edgy statements and get a rise out of people. It’s hard to say how sincere he is with those statements.

  29. What about Trump — If the Congressional Republicans had the guts, they would have repealled all federal civil service legislation and encouraged Trump to lead a massive purge. Guys who leak planned immigration raids to the media shouldn’t be reassigned, they should be fired and prosecuted.

    • Another benefit of Trump is that the GOP is now indefensible. Their efforts to thwart his initiatives proves once and for all they are just the woman’s auxiliary of the Democrat party.

      • Yep – Their masks were permanently removed. Everything in DC now just obvious kabuki theater.

      • “Their efforts to thwart his initiatives proves once and for all they are just the woman’s auxiliary of the Democrat party.”

        Fart in the wind. They’ll be next tripping over themselves to prove they’re not transphobic.

      • Concise insightful statement! “they are just the woman’s auxiliary of the Democrat party.” On first cup of coffee and that coffee went aerosolized laughing….get the Windex. Powerful two sentences. The women’s auxiliary do fluff projects then get together after for food and drinks—don’t upset the status quo. The GOP is as useless as boobs on a boar.

        So looks like Harris will be #2. This woman F***ed herself to the top..on top of Willie Brown, by any means necessary. Now we shall be hectored endlessly by a Mother Theresa Puritan Mulatto Dindo . “When I was a little girl.” Can anyone say Hypocrite! Barf!

        • Continuing to think through Harris, am having a visceral reaction. That visceral growling is push back to the Angry Black B***h factor and hard as nails. That doesn’t play well with men, and some women.

        • Why RFF, I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to read that a good Mormon woman is drinking that devil’s brew coffee! That evil Mz. Harris must have driven you to it. I blame her entirely. Now I really must settle my nerves by boiling up some water for the French press. /grin

          • Maus……raised by Trot parents. Dad was a Jack Mormon. I moved to Utah for good people though blinkered in good neighborhoods and few of the others to get away from the Bay Area. Yes….I went to my local ward out of curiosity because my father said they were the devil’s spawn. Nothing like a Jack to be furiously anti-God. Nothing like telling me to not do something to get me to do it so I just had to experience the church. I enjoyed the church, particularly my neighbors, but I’m not much of a herd animal and the upper level Globalist politics concern me. Maybe when I get old and alone will herd-up. Cut my teeth on the original Peets Coffee in Berkeley. Still Major D to be precise first cup of the morning. Paradoxically, most Mormons drink Mountain Dew and openly drink caffeinated drinks by the acre foot…..yuck, but won’t drink coffee or tea. There are a few that drink green and white tea for health benefits and fly under the radar. Remember, this is the state that sells the most green jello. No such thing as a potluck without some jiggling green jello food-like substance. Lots of desserts and lots of bread and carbs and funeral potatoes. I’m mostly Keto so carefully pick my way though a potluck. For being into the word of wisdom, got a lot of fat Mormons eating a lot of crud strung out on Diet Pepsi.
            PS: I wouldn’t have such a potty mouth if I was a Mormon, bless their little hides!

          • I am a big fan of Major Dickinson’s blend. Also a Bay Area refugee. Lived in SLC for a year and a half, studying at the U. of U.; so I know all about the green jello. But SLC is pretty cosmopolitan, even had a Catholic mayor at one point. My take: I rarely met a Mormon I didn’t like or admire as an individual, but collectively the LDS power vibe starts manifesting in unpleasant ways for we gentiles behind the Zion Curtain. Any way, you come across as one of the good ones for Our Thing.

          • Nice to hear about you! The world has discovered Utah and it is inexorably changing. Salt Lake has a lesbian mayor. Majority secular up there.

            “Behind the Zion curtain” Yep…..very clannish and of course favor their own tribe. (Don’t forget for over 15 years they were chased around, tarred and feathered, shot and hung in a substantial number. That alone would make you look over your shoulder and favor your own.)

            I recognize your annoyance, I’m an outsider, but the irony is “we” are starting to talk Tribalism to save our skin and not be swamped. Well, like Jews, the Mormons are good at Tribalism and very successful. Very Annoying if you’re on the outside, and if you’re on the inside a large dollop of nepotism along with a boost of fellow Zionists goes a long way.

            So should we form our own Tribe, study Jews and Mormons to study success. Can we avoid the mistakes we perceive these tribes make?

            Or are the qualities that annoy us the one and same qualities that equal tribal success for them, and eventually for our future tribe? A common denominator between Jews and Mormons is violent persecution. Possibly we won’t krall up as a White tribe unless and until we undergo trial by terrifying fire that unites us. Life is messy.

      • You are correct z man, In my mind that is his biggest achievement . He really really has pulled the masks off. people like me who are old and have been involved for a long time already knew that the GOP was not what they seemed , but it was real inside baseball that most people thought crazy. Even I was surprised how much they truly despise and loath their own base.

    • Could Trump, via executive order, move almost all of the federal bureaucracy out of DC? The Resistance would think twice about working for the government if offices were in small towns in flyover country.

      • Think of the joys of moving all the diversity to Santa Monica, after building the necessary section 8 housing there, of course.
        It could also become a resettlement camp for Somali’s: Santa Mogadishu has a certain ring to it.
        After a couple of years, move them to Seattle, USW.

        • Heh. Leave them to Trece Rojo, Red 13’s, red signifies Southern California. (Blue 14’s are North.)
          Let Beverly Hills pay tribute.

          Soon enough, Santa Mogadishu will be opera like Compton.
          And I love opera- cuz it’s Negro-free!

          (“Opera!” attributed to Clifton, a black worker in an all black warehouse in Lagos- he would dance up to the all black delivery drivers, pirouette, and sing out, “I love opera… cuz it’s nigga free!”)

          • I rather like the “opera” bit and will get some use out of it. But you’ve got your Cali gangs backwards. Nortenos (Letter N is 14th) wear red and are north of Bakersfield. Surenos (Letter M for affiliation with Mexican Mafia – la Eme – is 13th) are dominant south of Bakersfield. So, even if it’s a mixed up opera, it’s still down and brown in Mexifornia.

          • Maybe that should be the ‘down low’ title of Z-man’s book:
            “Opera: A Guide for it’s Enjoyment”
            …or something else sufficiently bland and uninteresting, but coded.

          • Thanks, Maus! I could never get my Nortenyos y Surrenyos straight, as I live in the Central Valley, the N/S conflict border.

            I always wondered why all the bandanas in Salinas were red- now I know! Note, 13/14 are the Latino version of Crips/Bloods.

      • That was part of the logic behind putting D.C. where it is in the first place. The area used to be a swamp – and it was felt that having the capital there would force people back to their districts where they should rightfully be.

        I read something years ago that also made quite a bit of sense: Air conditioning. It was shortly after air conditioning got introduced to government buildings in D.C. that the FDR administration led the charge in the rampant explosion of the federal swamp.

        Trump should just come out with a statement that he agrees with Ocasio Cortez and that he’s suddenly very concerned for the environment – so he’s going to lead by example and order the complete shut down of all air conditioning units in all government agencies across D.C. . He could cite some BS study about the effects of air conditioning on global warming – and then just leave them all to twist in their sweat soaked wind.

        The screaming that would come out of dozens and dozens of buildings across the district would be spectacular.

        It’s a good time to do it – the hottest part of the summer is coming up.

        • LOVE that.
          Goes to some of the comments here the other day, about coming at this thing (and addressing the Left’s concerns) from the perspective of blue collar, global-warming, save-the-world type of viewpoint.

          What a fantastic idea, Calsdad. Then we’d see just how committed the gubmit toadies with that secure paycheck really are.

          • 1000 upvotes for Carlsdad- a pet peeve of mine, I cannot describe the number of hillbilly innovations I’ve tried while freezing at 17 below or sweating and mosquito bitten in some eastern swamp or southwest desert, trying to stay in compliance with those #$€!! in their office comfort that I pay for.

            (After 10 years, I finally have a/c.
            Thank the frosty gods! Maybe even interior heating by next year! This winter was candles and a campstove still in Massachusetts.)

        • Talking about moving the swamp, there was an article in The Hill linked to on Twitter the other day. The Secretary of Ag informed some Ag Department employees their jobs would be moved from DC to Kansas City, and they’d be relocating. Massive but hilarious butthurt ensued. God forbid Ag Department employees live closer to actual agriculture.

          • It’s probably even worse than that.

            What type of people are you going to have working for an agriculture agency – if the agency is in DC? Highly likely that the better percentage of people who work there know jack shit about agriculture.

            All the Kansas boys who are truly farmers are going to be like “there’s no way I’m living in D.C.” – which pretty much excludes them from agency employment. And all the people who live in D.C. are probably like “there’s no way I’m traveling to Kansas to interact with those ignorant dirt people”. Which pretty much excludes them from knowing anything about agriculture.

            I wonder if moving the agency is a behind the scenes Trump move? If so that would be an indication that he’s still working at draining the swamp.

            Don’t pay attention to what the man is doing behind the curtains – OMG Trump fondled another woman!!

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