The Gaslights Are Lit

The Democrats kicked off their year long process to select a party nominee for the 2020 presidential election and it felt like 2016 all over again. Instead of watching the debate, which would have been a horrible way to spend an evening, I scanned Twitter for reactions to get a feel for how enthusiasts were reacting in real time. This was something I did in the 2016 during the Republican debates. It turned out to be a much better gauge for how people were reacting than what was coming from the media.

Three things were fairly obvious, based on Twitter. One is the Democrat media was instructed to sell the hell out of Warren, which they tried hard to do, but Warren gave them little to work with after she read her prepared lines. What they are going to learn is what people in Massachusetts know about her. Like all pols, she can read from a script and seem quite good. On her own, she reveals herself to be quite dull. Her serious egghead presentation is just an act. She is a pseudo-intellectual poseur.

Another thing that was made obvious to enthusiasts is that Beto O’Rourke is just a slacker who has been getting by on his looks. The media likes him because he has the RFK routine down cold. He knows how to charm left-wing Baby Boomers. The trouble is, once you get past the horse teeth and hairstyle, you’re left with a guy who probably spends his free time reading comic books. He is in politics because it requires the least amount of effort for the best possible lifestyle. Otherwise, he is a bum.

The third thing that was obvious reading left-wing twitter is they could not stop noticing Tulsi Gabbard. The Democrat media was programmed to ignore her, so they will ignore her, but the lower ranking members, who don’t get to see the memos from the party, were noticing their hell out of Gabbard. She was the only candidate who said anything of substance picked up by the enthusiasts. The rest were judged on style. Gabbard was noticed because she made valid points about foreign policy.

Just as with the Republican Party, much of the Democratic base is largely ignored by the party. From this side of the political spectrum, it is hard to pick up on this problem, as white liberals do seem to obsess over trannies and foreigners. The truth is, the eventual winner of this primary will have to appeal to white middle and upper middle class voters. It’s why Creepy Joe Biden is the leader, despite being dead. His working-class Joe routine appeals to a very large segment of the Democratic base.

Forgotten in all the celebration of degeneracy is the large isolationism vote inside that white voting bloc. It is a peculiar form of isolationism, as it tarts itself up as sophisticated and realistic, but in reality it is people who would prefer it if America disengaged from the rest of the world and focused only on domestic issues. Gabbard, with her well thought out anti-war positions, is probably tapping into that vote. She may be the only candidate in the field that is explicitly anti-war and dovish.

She’s also skeptical of Israel, which is another factor that never gets discussed, but has always been under the surface on the Left. There was a time, not so long ago, when anti-Zionism was a popular stance on the Left. The party leaders may have been co-opted by the Israeli lobby, as has happened with the GOP, but that skepticism of Israel and support for the local Arabs remains in the rank and file. Gabbard makes no bones about being open minded with regards to our unconditional support for Israel.

Now, after these debates, it is a tradition for Matt Drudge to run a poll on his site. These polls are not scientific, of course, as if there is such a thing. The main flaw in these polls is you can vote a million times if you are that bored. They could filter out repeats based on IP address, but even so, there is no way to know if the people voting are Americans eligible to vote. Still, they say something about the enthusiasm for the candidates or lack of enthusiasm in the case of some. Gabbard won the poll going away.

Like 2016, where Trump would win these polls hands down, the party media is reporting an entirely different response. The Nation apparently wrote their reaction pieces in advance. Similarly, the Daily Kos followed party instructions and celebrated the sleepy night for Warren as a great triumph. The New York Times and the Washington Post are all aboard the Fake Indian Express as well. Everyone got the memo and they are busy trying to gaslight the Progressive voters into thinking Warren is the one.

Most likely, the media will just ignore Gabbard for now. They will no doubt have been told to celebrate Creepy Uncle Joe as the winner of the second debate. In case he sexually assaults one of the women on stage, they probably have been told to have some material on Harris ready. They have some sidebar pieces ready to tell the faithful that the homosexual is a rising star in the party. The point is to make sure Sanders gets no positive press from the debate. This time, he gets taken out early.

What we are seeing is something that does not get noticed on our side. That is, the Left is almost as angry about their politicians as normal people. Our side gets mad because the Republicans keep chasing the votes of people who hate them. Something similar happens on the Left. The old fashioned pro-working class types have no representation in the party. The foreign policy doves have no one addressing their issues. Those aging white ethnics, who supported Sanders last time, have no voice either.

If 2016 was the year Conservative Inc. finally cracked, 2020 could be the year Progressive Inc. has its crisis. Like the Republicans, the Democrats are a party that really only represents the foreign money that bankrolls its operations. They no longer speak for actual voters. Someone like Gabbard, who stands out from the crowd by nature, can tap into the resentment within the ranks, by simply mentioning the many taboos issues ignored by the rest of the field. She could be the Happa Trump.

For now, as we saw in 2016, the media will do what it can to gaslight the voters, by selling the cold turd sandwich that is Biden and Warren, while carefully ignoring anyone that the party fears. If the result of these preliminary rounds is rising support for Gabbard, we will see if the Progressive Industrial Complex really did learn from the 2016 debacle. The gaslights will be on full for the rest of the summer, as they use all the tools to get the result the oligarchs want from this election.

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184 thoughts on “The Gaslights Are Lit

  1. I’m watching the livestream of debate 2 while I do some work. Kamala Harris is crushing Biden. He’s toast.

    Buttgay is finished after tonight’s performance. So is Hickenlooper and Bennett.

    • Harris is going to be the ‘Rat candidate and she will have an excellent chance of winning the election. God help us all.

      • I’ve been predicting Harris for the win in 2020 for over a year. I think I’m going to wager a bit of money on her. If I win it might offset the inevitable tax increases I will incur with her as President.

        • It would be much easier for Trump to take apart these America hating loons if he could not so easily be framed as an Israel first president.

          Israel has a wall. Where is our’s?

  2. Gaslight: we have ignition. Feel the Bern.
    But reports of Joe Biden’s death are greatly exaggerated. That does NOT apply to his senility. Compare Hillary. (or given Veritas GOOebEL, Heil Hillary).
    No more dead than Bernie this weekend.

  3. Gabbard was on Tucker this evening and made a very good case for ending the useless wars. No wonder she got noticed.

  4. Just a small observation that I think is highly symptomatic of why this is gonna crash before any course correctino: Tulsi Gabbard, a decently attractive woman, has not produced a single baby but is now vying for the ultimate alpha position. And she’s probably the best choice for it. That’s so biologically screwed up, on three counts. The West is a goner, b/c it is defying the real god, Darwin and that’s the sad truth.

      • You could say that, b/c it easily leads to the kind of nihilism that marxism feeds off. I didnt mean to step on any Christian toes by putting it like that but Christians too must recognize the important bottom line that what matters in the end is who, or rather who’s, will be around in 50 and 100 years.

  5. Why any sentient carbon based life form would waste their time watching the demokrat party debate truly escapes me.

  6. I thought Gabbard actually woefully underperformed. She looked like a deer in the headlights and kept clamoring about her military service like John Kasich reminding us his dad was a postal carrier. No one in the Democratic primary voting base cares about her service.

  7. That is, the Left is almost as angry about their politicians as normal people. Our side gets mad because the Republicans keep chasing the votes of people who hate them. Something similar happens on the Left. The old fashioned pro-working class types have no representation in the party.

    This is a very perceptive analysis and one that is being missed by most commentators. Here in Australia, it was precisely this block of voters that came over and gave the conservatives their recent unexpected victory. An astute right politician, or party, would seek to exploit this weakness to their advantage. What this means in reality is that the Right needs to develop “social welfare” programs which will appeal to this segment of the community. For example, “fair free trade” as opposed to “free trade” might involve only trading with countries with similar labour and capital costs, with barriers against all the others. You could even opt for a protectionist approach. The point is that the Political left is able to be gutted with the correct policy approach.

  8. PS to Z. Chrome red flags this site as extremely insecure. Very few sites I visit get this treatment.

  9. I just saw a clip from the debate. The clowns spoke Spanish… fuck it! The crash cant come soon enough.

  10. I just got an email from about last night’s debates and I literally heard a clown horn in my head when I saw it. That’s on you Z man

    • That was me you heard, Whitney. When I hear anything to do with Libertards, every time the channel passes by Kennedy and I think of Gary Johnson smoking weed, I break into Honks! Z has Pavlov’d me into a loud Honk! Honk!..not bad at it either!

  11. I’d rather listen to fingernails on a chalkboard than listen to Elizabeth Warren’s voice.

  12. 11 years ago riding BART I was threatened with death because the crowd surge pushed me into a ghetto vibrant. He and bro gang roared death fire at me. Whew! Lucky I made it through that one. Here’s the latest stats on BART crime in AmRen article:
    BART is suppressing the numbers to not scare the Normies. Woke up years ago and stopped taking BART. Do Not Ride BART…You take your life in your hands. Ridership percentage is dropping as people wake up and figure out alternative transportation to work.
    And don’t expect any sympathy from your Oakland co-workers or your company security dept. I got eyeball rolling cognitive dissonance then quick walking away. This is the same weird human nature quality brought up by Dutch and others that doesn’t benefit us, whether it’s escape from a wildfire or violent vibrants, people go deer in the headlights and can’t escape anymore. They just stand there. That non-survival strategy alone will wipe out a lot of us.

    • The dirty little secret about fixed rail public transportation is that immediately surrounding all of the stops, including those in the “good” neighborhoods, are hotbeds of crime. Make the hit and jump on the trolley. Universally true in the U.S. Civic planners hide that from the public.

      • Most Americans have no idea how bad the cities are. They have a vague idea that there is crime, but they just don’t know how much and how violent. The new thing is take a running swing at someone’s head and if they go down, take their shit and run.

      • A friend of mine works as a teacher in Akron, OH, and lives in a nearly all-white suburb. I once asked her if there was public transportation from Akron to her town and she replied, “oh, no, we don’t want them here.”

        • Same I hear with surrounding suburbs of Atlanta that fight tooth and nail to keep the public transit from reaching the burb’s.

    • Not to mention they video tape everything, but will not release the tapes because it might give people the wrong idea that blacks are the ones committing the crime. They literally said that shit!
      All these ride apps that allow you to report crime get shut down because of “racial profiling” because all the complaints are about blacks committing crimes, especially violent crimes.
      Public transit has turned into just another gibs program. DC and NYC and Philadelphia and other large cities will not even write tickets anymore to blacks who jump the turnstile Anyone who can afford not to use public transit doesn’t. I used to take PT to my job in the center city, but that was in the mid 90s. Today, I have spend 10 a day to park and sit in traffic jams every single day to avoid PT. WORSE, city and state taxes are funding them because they operate at a loss. It’s also a gibs program in that all the good jobs are allocated for them. But they don’t do the work, so you have to pay twice. Once for the salaries of the guys who are supposed to the work, then for contractor that actually does it. ONE BIG GIBS PROGRAM!

      • Redefining “crime” is nothing new. Same here In this city when overall crime stat’s began to grow and alter the city’s national rankings stat’s—bad for business don’t you know. City refused to record “gas skips” as theft, rather they were now business transaction defaults and gas station owners were told to take the culprits to court and sue them. Of course, everyone has to pay in advance now for cash purchases. Similarly, most minor crime and car accidents are never written up by a sworn officer, but you can download the forms yourself and fill them out and send them in. That sort of crime took a great plunge as well after making it difficult to report. Now if they could only figure out a way to define down all those pesky gang murders… 😉

        • I think they do define the murders away. The nationwide closure rate for murder dropped from over 90% to just over 60%. When close to 40% of the murders go unsolved, it drops the black murder rate. Cooking the books is how the cities have such low crime. The vast majority of crime is just never written down anywhere. Last summer there was a huge riot in my city and the police decided ‘we are not going to arrest our way out of this mess’ and didn’t arrest anyone. Instead, they capitulated to the demands and let everyone go home. Outside of reality, that riot did not happen.

  13. Z, you mentioned that “the Left is almost as angry about their politicians as normal people” which it not widely known on our side. This is absolutely true. In addition to a steady diet of dissident rightists, I also listen to what can be called the “dissident left”, which is the Jimmy Dore-Michael Tracey-Kyle Kulinski-Abby Martin axis, and they hate, HATE the establishment Dems. They only like Sanders, Gabbard, Mike Gravel, and maybe Yang. They would not vote for any other candidates even if they were up against Trump.

    • The dissident left, like the dissident right, is pretty much an expression of white identity. Our side can be honest about it, because we live in the shadows anyway. The dissident left has to spend a lot of time bullshitting themselves on this point, so they can remain in the sunlight. Basically, they long for a mystical past in which working class whites controlled the party and society.

      • White identity with a fundamental difference. The dissident right is separatist, but generally cordial and reasonably polite with those individuals of other skin colors they come in contact with. The Left does this creepy animated behavior around them, and pointedly white knights them in their presence. Awkward…

      • I might disagree, the Jimmy Dore-type “dissidents” are actually civnats at heart, and don’t care about identity – as opposed to progressives and dissident righters, which do. The other main differences between them and the dissident right is a lack of caring about immigration, and much more caring about climate change.

  14. Hey, I remember the last time a huge, vital constituency had absolutely no voice in either party! Well, I don’t *remember* it as such, since it started around 1840, but I grew up before Common Core so I know basic American history. One of the major parties blew up and disappeared, then the other party exploded into a zillion pieces trying to decide between candidates who still wanted to dance around the issue and other candidates who just said “Fuck it, we’re going full retard,” and then the replacement party won, and I forget what happened after that, but I bet it all worked out ok. SO looking forward to 2020.

  15. I’m thinking “transexual reproductive rights” tells us pretty much everything we need to know.

  16. BLACK GUY MODERATOR: Question for the entire panel: Is America a nation, or is it a giant cookie jar?

    SEN. WARREN: It is definitely a cookie jar.
    SEN. BOOKER: It is a cookie jar, and POCs deserve all the cookies.
    BETO: Cookie jar, bro. !Cookies para todos!
    SEN. BOOKER: I would like to amend my answer, to also say, !Cookies para todos!
    CASTRO: !Viva los cookies!
    RYAN: It is a jar full of ever-vigilant cookies on watch for Israel.
    TULSI: America is a jar of peaceful cookies.

  17. “We do not talk enough about trans Americans, especially African-American trans Americans…” Vote Corey Booker for more Black Trannies!
    When I worked in downtown Oakland, “we” had a local Black Tranny who paraded the block wearing a prom dress, a matching purse and bling, massive gunboat Nikes…..and he wet on himself. That says it all.

  18. The thing I hate the most about Creepy Joe is that he had a job as a teenager as a lifeguard in a public pool. The pool was in a black neighborhood and Joe was constantly getting messed with and called the typical anti-white insults and intimidation. He ended up getting some protection from a guy named “Mouse.” He tells the story in his book and on the stump. He knows the real deal and he plays the role anyway. This makes me hate him. Desegregation was child abuse for a generation of white kids and apparently he was one of these kids and had to rely on protection. He is a traitor and should be treated as such.

    • Remember the movie My Bodyguard? I bet the bodyguard in the actual background story was really black.

    • “Desegregation was child abuse for a generation of white kids”

      Sorry, never respond to someones post , but thank you !

      As a victim of forced busing will be using your line in the future

  19. Not to blackpill today’s party, but all this is a sideshow. The real game is Facebook and Google gaslighting the moderates. A recent study showed that exposure to consistently biased info on Google could swing the undecided voters 80/20 to one side. (TPTB are hiding that one as much as they can). So that is what is being set up.

    The end game is that the mushy middle will be offered a choice between serenity and agitation, and will be played to choose the serenity. Boring Biden will be positioned as a refuge from all the turmoil of the day. Immigrants will still die, Middle East wars will still rage, and the economy and the culture will still be a mess. But public discourse will smooth it all over (except for the trannies and the muzzies, for whom perpetual agitation is their reason for being). That will be the choice offered to the mushy middle, courtesy of our Zucky overlords at FB and Google. A refuge from all the noise, while the elites ramp up the “skim”. Warren and Sanders are too agitated for the strategy, but Biden will fit right in.

  20. Some great lines in there.

    What factor would you guys think the superdelegates play in the democratic primaries? I admit I never even really understood what the primaries were until the 2016 cycle because I was so excited about trump, like so many of us. To me the superdelegates are an artificial momentum bestowed upon one candidate to keep the base from having its say, so that another McGovern can never happen. (Hmm McGovern ~ Gabbard in this case!) The superdelegates will ultimately decide this show, not simply because of the numeric votes they weigh in with, but much the way the early Iowa and Delaware primaries have a hugely disproportionate influence on the primaries. Your dumb voters want to feel they voted for the winner, so momentum becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. Is that how it has worked historically? And if so, who will the superdelegates favor and why?

  21. Much as I have come to despise Trump, I gotta say, the Dems have just written his entire campaign for him…

    — Numerous Dem candidates speaking in Spanish during a /Presidential/ debate. Not a campaign stop, but a Presidential debate.

    — Ilhan Omar, an honest-to-Allah foreigner, saying, “This is not going to be a country for White people.”

    If I was Trumpclown, I’d just run that footage over and over. Of course, since he did zero on immigration despite being elected for that one single purpose only, his demographic goose is now officially cooked, n’importe quoi.

    American politics is now reduced to a math problem, and a rather simple one at that, and one that Whites will lose every time. Trump had exactly one job to do, and he didn’t do it. So, America is over. Cast for goodnights.

  22. “It’s why Creepy Joe Biden is the leader, despite being dead.”

    Z-Man, the Mencken of our time. He even lives in Baltimore – for now, at least.

  23. The conservatives’ response, yesterday and today:
    Pushing war with Iran.

    Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.

    • That is so depressing I’m going to drop out today and knit. Oh Damn! I can’t knit anymore because I’m a flipping White Supremacist!

      • Who else has seen Orwell&Goode’s continuing tweet stream on “Damn those whites and their…”


        • Correction…..White Supremacist Crocheting! Think of all your nasty awful racist old grandmothers crocheting yarn squares, binding them together into an afghan. They are everywhere…signaling to each other….a Racist Dogwhistle afghan! Binding all the Racist Grannys together denying Progress Forward!

  24. I didn’t watch it because I’m not a masochist but I did see this today:

    And I watched the clips of these segments. I had a very visceral gut level reaction to seeing US presidential candidates have to switch back & forth between English and Spanish. It is so gross and pandering and so typical of the modern leftist.

    It also showed that we are indeed headed down the drain. When you enter a Babel style culture with a dozen different languages each of which is as important as the next you are finished. I see and hear it around me, so don’t think this is isolated to just spanish. My ‘neighbors’ and some co-workers all from different places speak their own language first & foremost creating nice walled gardens to stay tribal and insular. Various african languages, indians speaking hindi, asians speaking asian languages, ‘groids speaking ooga booga, and of course spanish. Show me any example in history where language barriers -improved- a society, I’ll give you a cookie. We are regressing in language and communication, along with many other areas, IQ being chief among them.

    Dystopia calling…

    • “I had a very visceral gut level reaction to seeing US presidential candidates have to switch back & forth between English and Spanish.”

      Yes! I wonder how normal people can watch their politicians speak in a foreign language and not realize we are under assault. But my normie family and friends all think this is nice and fine. I quietly struggle to contain myself and plot revolution.

      • I am not sure where you are located, but I don’t believe a lot of people outside the American Southwest realize how complete the takeover is here. I was out for a late dinner last week at a mid-tier steakhouse in an upper-middle class Denver suburb. The place was about half full and we were the only whites in the restaurant, and the only ones speaking English. Granted, it was almost 9PM so there’s probably some cultural bias at work, but it still speaks volumes. This happens to me on a regular basis.

        At least in the Southwest, this horse has left the barn.

      • You need to learn how to torque your normie friends.

        When they openly say ” I think it’s ok that they speak Spanish” – tell them that they must then think it’s ok that THEY learn Spanish – just to get access to the government. Because that is what comes next.

        Ask them how they’re going to deal with it the next time they go to the DMV and can’t get anything done because the overweight Squatamalan behind the counter keeps saying ” No hablo ingles”

    • “Show me any example in history where language barriers -improved- a society, I’ll give you a cookie. We are regressing in language and……IQ.” Good catch. Makes me sick. No country in history has survived the jettison of it’s national language and national identity. There goes our “trust” factor as we are bowling alone. Utah is quickly flipping due to the “love the world invite the world” religion of guilt.

      • We should at least federally have English declared the official language of the US. Oh, sorry, I forgot that “diversity is our strength”.

        • We should resurrect Augusto Pinochet and put him in charge of the golden horde whites first.

  25. Z Man, one small quibble:

    The “aging white ethnics, who supported Sanders last time…”

    I believe the aging white ethnics overwhelming supported Clinton last time, whereas Sanders’s base was the young voter, e.g., see here:

    What the Democrats seem to be trying to do is transfer the “aging white ethnic” vote to Warren by presenting her as “I’m with Her!” 2.0, while peeling the young vote away from Sanders.

    The problems with this strategy are myriad:

    First, Biden is going to split the old white vote with Warren
    Second, there no way Warren gets the Clinton share of the black vote, no matter how much they paint Biden as a segregationist.
    Third, even if they peel the young vote from Sanders, it is much more likely to atomize among many candidates than coalesce around Warren.
    Fourth, I don’t see any candidate in the field that can motivate the black and brown Democrats, and if they figure out that they are being played, they likely will stay home in even bigger numbers than they usually do.

    At the bottom line though, I completely agree with you that Happa Trump has a real opportunity…unless “The Yang Bag” takes flight!

  26. Yang first choice, Gabbard second, anyone else who adopts “get that bag” third choice. Otherwise “none of the above” (that includes Orange Purim). Not going to follow the horserace beyond that point. Will be too busy working on dissident skils, dropping red pills and knocking the rust off my outdoorsmanship.

  27. Two things:

    First, “In case [Biden] sexually assaults one of the women on stage, they probably have been told to have some material on Harris ready.” LMAO.

    Second, I think D voters are probably much easier to gaslight. They all believe in global warming because they are told to, not because of evidence.

    • Just like R voters cheer on Israel and warmongering because they’re told to, as well as cheering on corporations ass-raping American workers because the economy is God. Like someone else said, the fight is between Globalists and Nationalists now. Both D and R parties are Globalists. Trump is only one man and can only do so much, especially when he surrounds himself with questionable staff (Bolton, McAleenan, etc.). Trump is also trapped by his zionism.

      • The Rs sure have their faults, but JFC they are preferable to Ds. Try living in the state of NY. For a stretch, believe it or not, The Rs controlled the state senate. They lost it last year, and here’s what we got in the last few months, amongst other things:
        1) partial birth abortions
        2) Driver’s licenses for illegals
        3) Zero net carbon emissions bill that god only knows what will do to energy prices.

        Guessing there had to be some transgender nonsense in there, too, that I haven’t read about yet.

        All of this stuff in the past was DOA because of the R-controlled state senate.

  28. ” For just five dollars a month you can help feed a starving dissident in Lagos ”

    I enjoy the humor.

  29. Say what you will about Trump, he’s not using the military and State spy agencies to enrich himself like the monstrous Bush and Clinton crime gangs. They ruined us, our brand, and killed millions in the process.

  30. I like and respect Tulsi for her courage in being against more wars in the Middle East. Her courage wins affection from the dissident right as well. But she’s for open borders.

    Immigration control is 100 times as important as being against foreign entanglements. It matters little if we withdraw from fighting Israel’s wars if we are open borders. Let’s keep our priorities straight.

    • Right now, I look at Gabbard the same I looked at Trump initially. The potential to create chaos warrants support. If she starts ticking up in the polls, the usual suspects will begin to attack her and that’s good for us. We need these people ripping each other’s eyes out. If she were to win the nomination, we would see a third party option backed by the Democrat establishment.

      As is always the case, there are no solutions for us in the democratic process, but people like Trump and Gabbard create opportunities for us to recruit.

      • Yes, Gabbard is the PERFECT wedge for the memelords to drive on the left. She’s a minority, a woman, a dove, and skeptical of Israel. Sweet Jesus you can feel the cognitive dissonance in the snowflakes already. No need to trash Bernie, just say his time has passed and the lefties need new blood. And Tulsi is that new blood. It could be just what the doctor ordered.

        And I might look twice at Tulsi, it’s just that I think not in the general, she has to take too many goofy positions. But as a disruptor in the Dem field, ABSOLUTELY!!!

      • Z—Fine job of highlighting the active fault lines that can tear the Frankfurt School Party apart. Good catch noticing who is the media-party line favored this week. The Dems are as close to being torn apart as the GOP. Good!
        Still think Angry-Eyed Michelle will place.
        Julian Castro looks like one of the reptile space aliens. Besides the Roosians, the Andromeda Galaxy is voting their interest in our election.

        • “the Frankfurt School Party”

          Sez it all!
          Volumes explained in one phrase!

          What, are you some kinda

      • Z Man said: “Right now, I look at Gabbard the same I looked at Trump initially. The potential to create chaos warrants support. If she starts ticking up in the polls, the usual suspects will begin to attack her and that’s good for us. We need these people ripping each other’s eyes out.” Sowing discord in the ranks of your enemy is always helpful and hilarious. What we need is a huge army of 4Chan /pol/ style pranksters to keep the dark side always in chaos.

    • Thanks for pointing that out Line. Tulsi doesn’t screech about white privilege or muh patriarchy like so many Democratic women nowadays. She was raised in some faith tradition by her parents so she doesn’t seem to dismiss churchgoers as hillbillies. Because of these things other guys on other websites and social media feeds I frequent seem to regard Tulsi almost as a closet conservative.

      She’s not. As a gun owner and nationalist, I do not view this woman as my friend.

      But I do agree she’s one of the saner Democrats. If I had a time machine telling me Trump would lose in 2020, I think I’d rather it be to Tulsi than any of the other circus freaks.

    • Wrong. What a cold 2016 take. Sad.

      We could close the border yesterday and our demographic stew would still be muy caliente. Fixing that would require mass deportation of American citizens. Good luck getting that on a candidate’s platform.

      Let’s at least stop hurling misguided young goys into the sucking maw of Zionism.

  31. Spent the evening at a BBQ joint on the Tennessee river, we had a live comment stream running and we reading out the best ones. Hilarious. Then all started voting like hell for Gabbard on Drudge. Just doing our bit to add to the anarchy.

  32. Outstanding, Z.

    The way I see it is that the Dems are the victims of their own success. The are (or at least, “were”) – masters of the divide-and-conquer tactics. It worked for them for years but eventually, they found themselves divided. And no end is in sight either: Liberal Inc may have the fix in, but the party’s Dirt People are not going to be stampeded as they were with Hillary. Now they are stuck with a queer vs, harridan vs. slut vs commie chit show for an election run up.

    Also new is the fact that even the lefties are turning on the monsters they made in the mainstream media. Or, more aptly, their monster has turned on its creators. The jig is up, even they know that they are being lied to and manipulated.

    Something stupid this way comes.

    • The US needs both the Democrats and Republicans to split up into new parties.

      Really, what’s Tulsi Gabbard going to do if she gets elected? If not even Trump can “drain the swamp” then she sure as hell can’t, either. Democrats started to figure this out with Obama. Despite his messiah-worshiping following in the mainstream media, hard-left democrats realized Obama was just another ClintonBush establishment stooge. They wanted Sanders instead, but were told “no” by the establishment and were handed another Clinton, and Sanders revealed himself to be an establishment stooge, too, when he told his followers to vote for Clinton to a chorus of boos.

      The best thing that could happen is for Gabbard to get elected. After four years of business as usual, snowflake Democrats will split. With Trump gone, deplorable Republicans will be given another slate of Mitt Romney clones and they, too, will split.

      Suddenly the US has (at least) four parties instead of two, and things get interesting.

      • Sounds like a party willing to restrict immigration, corporations, and isolationism would have a broad-based popularity.

        It would subvert both Democrats and Republicans. No foreigners, no foreign products, and no foreign wars.

      • Back in the era of the Big Tent parties, which ended in the 1970s, people wanted ideological parties. Well, we got them. People also wanted primaries and an end to back room deals. And we got that, too.

        What we didn’t get was good leaders or good politics.

  33. I certainly hope that the Tulsi Gabbard campaign gains traction. There is, of course, no way that a midle-aged, childless Hindu idolator should be president, but she at least makes the campaign interesting. If I could ask her a question, it would be: “How do you plan to implement your expressed foreign policy preferences against the near-unanimous opposition of the Washington Establishment (a/k/a the Globohomo, Anglo-Zionist Empire, or just the Swamp)? What steps would you take to avoid. (1) assassination; (2) a soft coup via the FBI/DOJ like that one that was clearly attempted on Donald Trump; or (3) a genuine tanks-in-the-streets coup?

    If she’s honest, I think she’d have to admit that she’d have to live in a pillbox in Camp David, guarded by loyal Marines, while she engaged in a wholesale purge of the Departments of State and Defense, plus the CIA and NSA. I wonder if she herself has given this some thought.

    • If some enterprising citizen-journalist with a camera was on the ball, they’d have great fun heading over to Tulsi’s HQ offices over the next few days, and quietly filming the surreptitious parade of Men In Little Hats slithering over there, trying to get a private chat with Tulsi in order to get her Right On Israel.

    • I’d agree if I thought the US was salvageable. Nobody but a Christian male of Anglo or Germanic descent would ever be President, if the US were still a serious country.

      Yang is a Chinaman who occasionally shows up at some Reform church in New York City with a strange career in the non-profit sector but at this point he’s as qualified for the job of Emperor as anybody.

      Seeing how arbitrary this process is getting and the gaggle of exotics (“Buttigieg?”) vying for the job is exactly like late-stage Rome.

  34. I have a dream that Tulsi Gabbard, in addition to her anti-war position, also decided to go with an immigration restriction stance. She could take up where the late Barbara Jordan (Democrat) left off back in the mid 90s, explaining low immigration as an issue that benefits working Americans and the poor. And since climate change is on top of all of these candidates’ lists, she’d be able to use immigration for that topic as well. She can take shots at big corporations and their need for lowering wages. She’s articulate and likable enough to sell it to the voters. The $100 bill is just laying there on the sidewalk for Tulsi to pick up.

    • Frankly, if she broke the right way on immigration, I’d vote for her over Trump. In Europe, we’re starting to see the Left embrace the anti-immigration position in some places. It fits with their anti-business tradition. I could see something similar happening in America.

      • Absolutely. It’s not Left vs Right or Small Govt vs Big Govt anymore. It’s Nationalists vs Globalists. A left winger that opposed immigration to protect the working class, wanted to reign in Wall Street and the oligarchs and wanted the United States to stop policing the work (i.e. stop being Israel’s lap dog) would pick up huge votes. It’s out there for the taking for a Dem.

        Sanders was picking up on that vibe, but he didn’t take it where he needed, and he really old. A younger Dem could follow that path.

        • >Frankly, if she broke the right way on immigration, I’d vote for her over Trump.

          I guess it’s true what they say… most alt-righters are just left-wingers without the diversity feels.

          Those of you thinking of having a woman president should try living in a state with a woman governor first.

          • The Alt-Right is divided between the guys who fetishize the Blonde Viking Warrior Princess while fapping to Lauren Southern and those of us who came from the manosphere.

            Foreign products can be just as destructive as foreign people. No open borders, no free trade, and no transnational entities solely dedicated to their own profits and stock value at the expense of our citizens and communities.

            Free market guys are funny because they are more similar to old-school Marxists than they would care to admit. Both think that getting the economy changes human nature. Both use the same excuse whenever you confront them about failed iterations of their preferred system. “That wasn’t a free market.” “That was not real communism.”

          • Last Stand, here’s the test. If Facebook and Google were the NSA and the CIA, would a lot of “free traders” have a cow? Damn right they would. But FB and Google are the functional equivalent (and likely share their info with the government), and its all OK, because “free enterprise”.

            Fooling us in plain sight, and the morbid joke is on us.

          • >Watching corporations get woke snapped me out of my Objectivist phase.

            Watching bad organizations that are bought and paid for by the government, cooperate with the government, take favors from the government, and do favors for the government…

            …woke you up to realizing that the government needs to do something about these organizations????!!!!

          • Ah yes, right on cue, “That was not a real free market.” Fact is, those megacorps started as independent small businesses. They corrupt the government just as much as the government corrupts them.

            Your precious free market would look like this.

            Your cousin who has been a drug addict ever since he first had legal heroin in high school sells his kidney to pay for his next high. When you post on your social media site to complain about this, they deplatform you and freeze your corporate crypto currency bank account. Their arbitration service tells you to go pound sand.

            You understand of course why I am not looking forward to being an employee, and renter in your corporate society..

          • > They corrupt the government just as much as the government corrupts them.

            This opinion is so freaking stupid. What army do they use to compel this? What are you, 14? Did you miss the Microsoft Lawsuit? People make businesses, then if they do well enough, the government moseys up and says “Nice business ya got here… be a shame if something were to happen to it.”

            You’re letting socialists direct your thinking. After another five years of reading reddit, you’ll be bleating diversity is our strength. Your whole life has been lived after the Chinese infiltrated the universities.

          • Once you realized I am not accepting your bogus excuse about no real free markets, you have nothing else other than personal attacks.

            Damn, I used to think libertarians were smart and fun to debate too. One more illusion about libertarianism shattered by reality.

          • I don’t want the government to do something about Big Tech. I want average people to pursue “other” solutions (ahem).

          • Facebook is the State with a puppet at the helm…Look into what surveillance program was dropped right before Facebook came into being… Think about it honey draws a lot more flys than vinegar…

          • Most alt-righters are Ethno-nationalists. Get the people right and everything else can be fixed. If the gov’t of a permanent 95% white country goes too far down the path of regulation, it can fix the problem. What to do about healthcare? Try different things until you find something that works.

            In a nation-state, you can always fix the problem, swing back and forth between laissez faire and regulation until you find the right balance. But once you screw up the demographics, you finished.

            I’m not that worried about right vs left because it’s nothing – NOTHING! – compared to demographics. Germany survived WWI and WWII and came back quickly. But if Germany continues to let in non-white immigrants, it’s finished.

          • I do agree that ethnicity decides the playing field. But whites are descended from people who collected, stored, and maintained their own pile of food through the winter.

            It is NOT WHITE to say the chief should be deciding who can gather what and put what food where. That is an equatorial, AFRICAN mindset.

            Whites only do socialism after a huge, population killing disaster– like a comet impact. And only when there might not actually be enough surviving daughters to mate with sons.

            I mean, the Icelanders went through a 200+ year period with NO GOVERNMENT AT ALL. Be like Sven. All other white people beheaded their kings at regular intervals.

            Since the Renaissance, white people have been marvelling about Egyptian and Hebrew mysticism and deciding the solution to white problems is to have a Hebrew ration the grain. Snap out of it.

          • Economic organization is downstream from culture which is downstream from DNA. Have a 95% white country and you’ll eventually get your very limited government.

            Look, I”m on your side. But economic discussions are simply pointless compared to getting the demographics right. Different groups will choose what works for them. Mixing groups causes problems because they’ll want different economic organizations.

      • Whoa. You assume she would actually follow through against the other 99% of her party. If she was running against Jeb! or Mittens, or any other member of Conservative Inc, I would agree with you. But I think Trump still gives us a better return on our vote.

      • Everyone should be pushing Gabbard 24/7 along antiwar, anti-Trump, pro-green and pro-intersectional grounds, wherever and however you can.

        This is obviously not about Gabbard per se. It’s about those internal contradictions and the wedges we need to be pounding between all the colors in the rainbow coalition.

        If nothing changes, then come 2020 we ought to resist the desire to cut off our nose to spite our face and vote for Trump, at least if you live in a state where it matters.

        We may not vote our way out of this, but abandoning the ballot as a means to the end is, at this point, Leninist idiocy. The trick is to not identify yourself with your vote or get your hopes up about it.

      • The Republicans should listen more to Tucker Carlson. Economic nationalism alone would gain a lot of Democrat votes.

      • You’re just ignoring the fact that she’s a mediocrity, who can’t compete with someone even as worthless as Warren or Crazy Eyes Booker. She just melted into the background. So yes, lets cheer her on. But don’t expect her to get anywhere.

    • “I have a dream that Tulsi Gabbard, in addition to her anti-war position, also decided to go with an immigration restriction stance.”

      That would be awesome, but I’ve seen no signs it will happen with her or anyone else. I’d love to see a Democrat take on immigration from a working class wages or environmentalist standpoint but the Democratic Party is too dependent on POC votes and anti-white animus is too rife in the younger generation for it to happen.

      On top of that white America is just increasingly nihilistic and soft (i.e. cracking down on immigration is “mean”, better to lose your country than look rude).

      • “…the Democratic Party is too dependent on POC votes.” Actually, polls show anti-immigration is a winner with blacks and neutral with hispanics. But the Dem candidates are too caught up in the media bubble to see the opportunity.

        • I’ve seen these supposed polls before DLS, but they never seem to help our side on election day.

          The blacks who are supposedly hostile and the Hispanics who are supposedly indifferent to immigration are more than happy to vote for the Open Borders screamers as long as there is a (D) next to their name.

          • That’s because getting more free shit – is more important than more people asking for free shit.

          • My comment was only related to a Dem candidate benefiting from an anti-immigrant stance. As Calsdad points out, it will not help a Repub overcome the siren call of freebies. But as Trump has alone proven, versus the thumb sucking cowardice of Conservative Inc for the last 30 years, it does not hurt Repubs with these groups either.

    • No reason to hold out for positive immigration policy on the platform. Trump has the worst de facto immigration policy in US history and the fact his rhetoric doesn’t match simply adds fuel to the fire of the opposition bringing them into the States. Anyone but Trump (or similarly all-bark GOP dog) would have to change nothing to improve the situation. Merely not pretending to “win,” on immigration, while losing horrendously, would take the wind out of a good many NGO sails vis a vi donors.

      In fact I’d say the argument is increasingly plausible that Trump is or was intended, thought I doubt he knew it, to be a pretext for the next step in the US empire’s neo-liberalization. His unique combination of total ineptitude, braggadocio, and aimlessness are the bloodies sort of red meat for the progressive dogs that pull sleds all over the Imperial capital.

  35. Apparently, they all had a spanish off with a surprise showing from Cory Booker. Humm. Maybe 2020 is the Democrat 2016.

    • Spartacus, that loon? Oh gods, not Obama 2.0, our very own Mayor Khan.

      Wasn’t he mayor of the success story known as Camden? Or was it Trenton?

  36. IMO Michelle Obama is slated to be the Dem nominee by acclamation when, as seems clear, the primaries don’t produce a winner. Perhaps Gabbard is a dark horse or perhaps she’s being set up to be Obama’s VP?

    So much time and so many possible permutations.

  37. “The old fashioned pro-working class types have no representation in the party.”

    The ‘Rats have a far more important constituency: Public Employee unions.

    Gabbard appears to be the only remotely sane ‘Rat candidate

    • The last thing we need is a “remotely sane” Dem.
      We need crazier, weirder Dem candidates.

      • Agreed. It’s a tremendous boon that the first serious gay Presidential candidate is named “buttplug.”

    • That’s not a great sign for Warren. She needed a big introduction to the voters. Instead she was upstaged by Gabbard and Spartacus. I suspect the scramble is on right now to instruct the moderators to ignore people like Yang tonight. They don’t want his or some other outsider to steal the show.

      • He may not be my tribe in numerous ways, but Yang is pretty cool. Check out his twitter feed during the debate. Funny guy. Best line:

        “Oh no – technical difficulties. It’s the Russians.”

        He’s funnier and smarter than Gabbard, but white Dems get no moral superiority dopamine hit from Asians so he’ll probably get shown the door. But he’s more Trump than Tulsi.

        • I’ve also seen tweets from Yang about anti-Asian sentiments of white people/institutions and other pozzed stuff. He’s received the brain-rotting inculcation, just like the rest of us, and doesn’t show signs of real world thinking outside of that pozzed viewpoint (anti-white). Maybe he even believes the poz? I mean, his parents are Baizuo from Taiwan, who are OK with anti-China politics, and perhaps also the other current sick American ideals of hating the white oppressors. Whatever, if it comes down to it, I’m open to the possibility of voting for $1,000 per month UBI. I’d like a little taste of my tax dollars before the ship goes down. But the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I hear his pozzed stuff. Maybe he’ll impose that rigid, bloody Asian absolutism on us white folk if push comes to shove. Maybe, ironically, he will launch the American version of neo-Mao Red Guards, perhaps with Antifa as the foundation, against those who are not sufficiently anti-white. Most likely I’ll vote for Trump again. Interesting times!

          • Ursula—and others—Yang on another interview I watched is not for “universal” UBI as it seems many folk tend to think. It would seem conditional upon other sources of Government largesse. IIR, when Yang was describing UBI sources of funding, most being “savings” from economic efficiency (we know what that means), he stated that SSI recipients are paid their SSI or the UBI, whatever is larger. There are also deductions for other government programs, but I don’t completely recall specifics.

          • Compsci, a few months back, I heard Yang say on the car radio something about “means testing” which I’m afraid means that if you’re doing OK now, you can keep scraping by to earn taxes to fork over to those who do nothing and/or are here illegally and need that support for schools, medical, legal, etc. I missed most of the story as I got into the car as the news segment was ending, but I heard him talking about means testing and immediately said to myself, ah, so that’s how it’s going to work, same old, same old: the revenue providers never get a taste. On Yang’s website, he says that the $1,000 goes to everyone no matter who they are or what they make, but I don’t know if I have faith in that being delivered… Also, I’m assuming that illegals will want in on this gib so how will that be controlled? It won’t, of course, given our current insanity — issuing licenses etc so they are legitimized to vote, get job, bank account, etc. As usual, we are being jerked around and there won’t be any gibs for why-pipo. It’s a grand displacement of working westerners’ wealth going to unskilled people from contrasting foreign poor countries so they can buy new cell phones but have nothing to offer in building or contributing to a first-world country. Insanity. The current western leaders really do deserve to have their heads on stakes for giving away their own countries, betraying their own people and destroying western civilization. (Yes, this is going into my NSA file. F*ck it.)

          • Yang might be the perfect candidate to spur open pro-white politics. Coming out against an Asian for his antipathy toward whites is more palatable to most people than as against a black or Hispanic. Asians are almost-whites, but the racial element is still there to a certain extent. It might even be smart for right wingers to talk him up early on and then turn on him for being anti-white, red pills all over the place.

          • I like where the idea that government gibsmedat get subtracted out of UBI can lead.

            I’m of this position regarding reparations:

            -Blacks deserves reparations
            -reparations have been paid, and then some, via welfare and other gibs.

            This is a good line of thinking to use on persuadable normies.

      • FWIW, Warren has a very good ground game going, which is invisible unless you’re a part of The Party. Wisconsin Dem convention delegates rate her higher than all the others.

    • that tweet brings out everything wrong with the party. Like a ship taking on water and about to go down, all the people are just displaying incoherent and bat shit crazy ideas and tropes.

      Both parties need a purge but no one more than the Democrats. And then there is the media quickly becoming a mockery of itself to the nth degree. There still is an overwhelming number of Americans that just don’t deserve this.

      • The Democrats don’t need a purge. They need a painful death. Given the current crop of candidates – they just might get it.

      • There still is an overwhelming number of Americans that just don’t deserve this.
        Oh but we do because we didn’t band together and stop it or the very least work to separate ourselves from it…We were all to apathetic, lazy, cowardly, or just to damn comfortable… Probably get a lot of down votes but if people were honest with themselves they would have to agree…

        • I only have one vote. We in a democratic society delude ourselves with our “power”. Even if you go a step further and form a Tea Party, you’ll find out how quickly that gets co-opted.
          Next up, blame the greedy and selfish Boomers.

          • Lineman, I’m not downvoting you. I don’t downvote opinion/thinking I disagree with. I downvote poor logical thought processes, or trolling. But contrary opinion is welcome—even when it stings.

            That being said, I pride myself as being an informed voter, but as David said, what does it matter if you are fairly powerless to hold the bastards accountable? Here in my neck of the woods, I voted in the open primary for a rock solid conservative who pressed the right case against illegal migration. Her opponent, an absolute phony, appointed machine candidate, beat her narrowly in the primary race.

            So in the main race, I abstained from voting that race and this RINO was beaten by the Dem candidate. What happens—this loser (3x’s) gets appointed by the party machine to replace the late Senator John McCain as our second State Senator! She will now go against another Dem in 2020 (as required in law) and seems certain to lose and take the State solidly blue!

            Just because an idiot gets elected, doesn’t mean it’s the work of ignorant voters. There are folk in positions of power that run the system to their advantage—and that often is not reflective of the rank and file.

          • @Compsci
            I just don’t think you understood what I meant Brother…When you went to vote you went as just you and you only, sure there was others that voted your way but you didn’t have a 10, 100, a 1000 going to the poles with you voting all the same because you had decided before hand…That’s why I stress Community as I do because I know what numbers working in concert can do and change…Hope that helps…

          • Are you really and truly unable to grasp that the whole point and purpose of universal suffrage is to deprive the population of any and all political power?? If 10 men decide an election, then they have real power. If 200,000,000 decide an election, then NONE of them has power. NONE. That’s the whole point and purpose of expanding the franchise. That’s why the Jacobins now want to give the vote to 16-yr-olds. Wake up and smell the coffee!

      • This election is also going to be a great opportunity to drive the final stake into the heart of the media and to undermine the reign of the social media oligarchs. Playing up the Dem media as quarantining the non whites would be a good way to sow dissention.

        • No. Sorry. Things are going to get worse and worse until we reach the breaking point. The media will NOT be discredited. Mark my words. People are WAY stupider than you seem to think.

    • I noticed in the comments that there’s a little side digression about Andrew Yang’s UBI proposal. It goes exactly as I have always said any UBI implementation would go. It’s barely more than an idea yet and the twits are already talking about groups of people (people on disability) who should get more than just the UBI — the UBI plus disability benefits. UBI is a guaranteed disaster.

      • That Bernie Bro saying that if you don’t want to debate you should just be a Republican is hilarious. They really are just like us, just without the self awareness… or the soul.

      • Remember that old saw, “Democracy works until the people vote themselves the public coffers”, or something to that effect?

        If a UBI is implemented then every election afterwards will be a bidding war on who will raise UBI more.

        • The upside is, it will be short lived. The currently proposed UBI will cover my mortgage. I currently run a business and provide a fairly important service– but if UBI covers my mortgage, there’s probably no need to deal with all the headaches of that service, with all its ups and downs and customer hand-holding to make sure revenues don’t fall. I won’t be the only one– every single kid who dreamed of not having to work at McDonald’s any more by doing something helpful can just sit back and enjoy the life he wanted without all that pesky doing something helpful stuff.

          With UBI I can finally, as promised with Obamacare, chase my dreams of being an artist who produces nothing much.

          One generation later, there’s nobody who can repair (or build) the theoretical automation that we’re implementing UBI to offset, and bam– back to 600 A.D.

          • To me Ubi is obviously stupid. Rentors and businesses will all raise prices and the money will be inflated to almost nothing in short order. It will be a transfer of wealth from taxpayers, not to the unfortunate, but to rentors and the wealthy—similar to Obamacare.

          • That’s all irrelevant to why our side of the divide needs to support UBI. As long as it’s limited to citizens, and as long as it’s enough to make people care, it can put a stop to immigration.

          • Well that will never happen and when we are reduced to saying “this is a terrible idea but here’s why we should do it”, we are sunk.

        • Just like the Corn of Rome and Constantinople. Though it did end in the very late Byzantine Era.

      • Same with reparations. They would be added to the baseline of all the other freebies, and continue forever.

      • UBI is a guaranteed disaster.

        Yes, a death sentence to the welfare state.

        The old reaganite plan was to ‘starve the beast’. I think a better approach would be to suck it dry. Vote Yang, do your patriotic duty and claim as much government handouts as you can, hire a Jewish lawyer if you must.

        • Apropos lawyers, I read a first-hand account of a conquistador who was with Cortes in Mexico. After they’d captured Mexico City, they appealed to the Spanish king for reinforcements to secure Spanish rule in New Spain. They wanted soldiers, priests, blacksmiths and so forth and specifically requested – twice – that the king didn’t send any lawyers as they caused strife and internecine violence.

          • The original Royal Charter of the colony of Georgia forbade lawyers to settle in Georgia.

      • UBI isn’t about actually working. It’s about securing the bag.

        Why should Loquetia and Jamal get all the free stuff?

      • If it was implemented as Yang describes it, it could be just fine. But… that’s not what would happen as you point out. Note that Yang also advocates replacing the income tax with a consumption tax.

        Over time it will become just like the Johnson’s “Great Society” package we bought hook line and sinker. Let’s add one more special package of free shit to something we already cannot afford next term, and then the next and the …

        • And just WHO accepted the Great Society hook, line, and sinker? You’d better check the votes on those bills.

      • UBI, limited to citizens and only citizens, is the best hope America has. Once citizenship is valuable we’ll stop giving it away.

      • After 4,000 years of human civilization, it ought to be settled human knowledge that nothing is free. Nevertheless, we have an entire political party who’s candidates are at war with each other over who can give away the most “free” stuff. We’re doomed!!!

        • “at war with each other over who can give away the most ‘free’ stuff.” In other words, milking the working class and fighting over who the wealth should be distributed to, often anyone but working folk. Imagine the working class dad who’s family is living out of their car, seen some of those here in L.A. His paycheck’s taxes go to supporting those who don’t work in our country, don’t have any skills with which to build civilization, and don’t love our country’s builders (white people). Could it be any more perverse?

          • Maybe. The two I met were thinking of heading to Texas and the east coast (Pittsburgh) but I don’t know what became of them. Maybe if we had a growing homestead farming community that needed workers to build homes, a machine shop, a bakery, a church, doctor’s office, vet, fire dept, and word was out that a community was looking for good pioneers to build and contribute to an alternative way within the stifling big-business government, maybe they would have headed that way. I would. Are you building that in Bitterroot Valley? And will it be permitted to grow or will it go the way of Ruby Ridge or Waco? I love your idea but I worry that it will not be allowed in this country. I wish you well, brother!

          • Yes that is what I’m trying to do here in the Valley… Trouble is funding and committed people to that cause being in short supply at the moment…Thank you for your well wishes and if you ever get a chance you should come visit…

    • The great thing about this is what it reflects. In all areas where blacks are a fairly small part of the Dem coalition, Tulsi was hitting number 1!! Unknown, good looking and speaking to the interests Z man discusses above about the real base of the Dems. Hence the search results. In all areas where blacks dominate the Dem primary process and voting base, namely the South, they were all googling for Cory Booker after probably seeing him for the first time and realizing he’s black. LOL

      • In short, Zman was right outside of the blacks in the South. And Warren only got OK, which probably has some weird Indian base and they were all googling calling bullshit on Pocahontas. Big data is amazing and scary. There is an absolutely fascinating study whereby researchers simply used “metadata” from the 1700s to cross reference what patriots were part of what organizations and just by overlaying the data and running the calculations, the British would have been able to find Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, John Adams, etc.!!! Worth the read for sure.

      • “Tulsi was hitting number 1!! Unknown, good looking and speaking to the interests Z man discusses above” Actually, Tulsi has bad skin, maybe from acne when she was younger? It’s somewhat covered with makeup. But she still has an attractive face, including pretty eyes and a pretty smile. Most importantly, she is not in favor of sending off our young beautiful men to senseless war. But Barack Obama said as much and he ended up having Bush2 foreign policy on steroids, including illegal and unconscionable ongoing drone warfare. He also did coups d’etat, in Libya and Ukraine, at least. According to “news”, Trump has dropped more bombs in his first 2 1/2 years of presidency than Obama did in 8 years. Anyone still want to say that dropping bombs does not prop up our economy? Disgusting what we’ve become.

        • “Actually, Tulsi has bad skin, maybe from acne when she was younger? It’s somewhat covered with makeup.” Leave it to a woman to think this worthy of pointing out about another woman.

          • Speaking of gender, to which do you ascribe, Frip? I always assumed you were in the pink hankie camp. When you mentioned girlfriend, it struck me as maybe not literal. Was it old-school boy-girl or, more likely, boy-boy? In all, though, women really are their own worst enemies. Pinkies like you add to it.

      • If we give Democrats credit for being sanguine, then Gabbard “won” the debate because she actually said something substantive. Remember, that’s what Trump did, too. That’s why he walked away with the Big Prize. Reagan Democrats are not really stupid.

        I don’t think she can pull this off, as there is far too much invested in the Woke Wonzos. But it will be fun to watch.

    • Hahaha those tweets
      “Tulsi the GRU bot”

      D_Wright: “There still is an overwhelming number of Americans that just don’t deserve this.”
      Thank you, our elites are an insult to all that is natural and holy.

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