Post-National Patriotism

Like most Americans, I am putting down my burdens to enjoy the long Independence Day weekend. The holiday falling on a Thursday, means most everyone is using vacation time for Friday, so it is essentially a four day weekend. All of my clients are on skeleton crews if they are open at all. Technically the Federal government is open on Friday, but good luck doing business with them, The Imperial Capital will be full of tourists and terrorists from Antifa, so it is a no-go zone this weekend.

In theory, this is supposed to be the day where all of us take a moment to remember how lucky we are to be Americans. There will be fireworks shows all over the country, along with patriotic displays, parades and so on. The sportsball teams performing this weekend will be kitted out in special patriotic gear and the parks will have longer than usual patriotic displays. Of course, that means lots of lectures on civic nationalism from the usual suspects. Like everything we do, it will be overdone and commercial.

There used to be a time when I enjoyed the flag waving. There was something magical to be at a public event, like a ball game, seeing everyone singing the national anthem or seeing men get a little choked up at a remembrance for fallen heroes. Patriotism is one of those things that makes you feel small and humble, but also part of something that is massive and timeless. It is an appeal to the oldest of instincts, perhaps that which makes us human. That is the willingness to sacrifice for the tribe.

That is the key to it, sacrifice. To be patriotic is to willingly, even if in truth it is involuntary, give over yourself to the whole, for the benefit of the whole. The heroes, in the patriotic sense, are those who sacrificed in times of great crisis. Of course, the ultimate heroes are those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The most revered place in the psyche of a people is where they bury their heroes. It’s not just where they honor the memory of their heroes, built where they go to remember who they are as a people.

This sacrificial element is biological of course. The biologist J. B. S. Haldane reportedly said, “I would gladly give up my life for two brothers or eight cousins.”  What he meant is the willingness to sacrifice for others is driven by genetic proximity. A man is willing to sacrifice everything for his immediate family. He is increasingly less willing to sacrifice for his extended family. As the genetic distance increases, his willingness to sacrifice declines to a point at which he is unwilling to sacrifice at all.

This is something the ancient Greeks observed about men at war. When fighting with their backs to their own lands and their own people, men would fight heroically. When on foreign soil, out of range of their families, they were much more cautious. Haldane, in The Inequality of Man, notes that fanaticism is one of man’s great inventions, as it overcomes this biological reality. Those men fighting on foreign lands, will see their comrades as brothers, through the shared fanatical devotion to a cause.

This, of course, is why our modern rulers are relentlessly whipping us, or at least their dedicated followers, into a frenzy over cultural fads. In the West, people are strangers to one another, often in their communities. The natural bonds from biological proximity, the shared ancestors and cultural heritage, are no longer possible when your neighbors are men from faraway lands, speaking exotic languages. The normal mortar that binds a people has been eroded by multiculturalism, replaced with endless shrieking.

The Left has always been at war with man’s nature. This is the legacy of Rousseau, perhaps history’s greatest monster. From the radicalism of the Jacobins to the multiculturalists of today, the Left has always been particularly hostile to man’s natural affinity for those with whom he shares a common ancestor. Patriotism, especially in modern America, is a reminder that the ties that bind one man to another are not the words of an ideologue, but the mating decisions of their ancestors.

Of course, the Right has stepped into to make the job easier for the Left, by turning patriotism into a cheesy celebration of the ruling class. Whether it is support for pointless wars of choice or the obsequious worship of post-national corporations, patriotism from so-called conservatives is now ridiculous flag waving. They take care to decorate their celebrations with all of the trappings of multiculturalism. The lack of authenticity makes the whole thing a grotesque mockery of the past.

For dissidents, patriotism is increasingly impossible. On the one hand, there is the absurd version that celebrates multiculturalism and the end of the nation state. On the hand there is the synthetic version that papers over reality with nostalgia. Patriotism is no longer the roar of people in their prime, but instead it is the sad songs from old men, who keep alive memories of an age that has passed. In a post-national world, there can be no room for nationalism. There can be no post-national patriotism.

That does not mean it should be forgotten or ignored. For the dissident, the patriotic displays are a good reminder of what they have taken from us, but also a reminder of why we are dissidents. There may be no more nation states, but that bond of biological proximity is eternal. It is a fundamental part of our nature. The fight is not to restore the world to where it was, but to restore the world to its natural mooring. Identity politics is about building communities based in biology, not the rantings of fanatics.

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133 thoughts on “Post-National Patriotism

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  2. Wow this was interesting, reads a lot like Z’s declaration of independence from the formal (or former, take your pick) USA, the FUSA

    It also offers an interesting definition of fanaticism; to choose an abstract idea over biology. At first I thought Z should have used the word ‘ideology’ instead of ‘fanaticism’ but it is when ideology makes you anti-biological that it becomes truly sick, ie fanaticism. It may be a re-definition though b/c, considering what they Japanese kamikaze pilots thought was in store for them w a US occupation, they actually chose biology which makes it unfanatical. Considering the bonus for Arab genes if Europe is conquered by islam, that is only one step further away from the kamikaze pilots in ‘biological decision making’. I dunno, I ll need to think about this.

    Finally, Rousseau, ‘history’s greatest monster’, hmm, maybe. But probably the patriot saint of all treacherous beta male back-stabbers. Maybe that boils down to the same thing?? Interesting stuff, my civ nat side kicks against the denunciation of patriotism. But I also see the bitter tears it came from.

  3. For those getting a nice long 4 day weekend a reminder. Not everyone gets a long weekend. So remember the firemen, the cops, the paramedics, the doctors, nurses and technicians who ALL have to work their NORMAL SHIFTS all weekend…..and for these folks a holiday weekend almost always means we have to work HARDER than normal to deal with the people not working……and thieir holiday excesses.

  4. Stopped waving the flag some time ago. Working for the government, traveling abroad and living in the city with it’s new “vibrancy” has made me a jaded man.

    Lamented this to a neighbor once and he said, don’t worry kid. Think about all the serial killers, their all white. We’re the most vicious people on the planet. Things will take care of themselves.

    Well, that was a long time ago and we have yet to go all “Braveheart ” on the invaders and their political enablers.

    Should that day ever come pray i can still raise my sword and enter into the fray. The sacrifice our founding fathers gave to win Independence and be free men. That’s what the 4th of July is supposed to be.

  5. Nothing is gained from criticizing Independence Day.
    It’s the Right’s equivalent of SJWs ruining Thanksgiving and Christmas. This has become a tradition that should stop.

    Especially when the Left already has dibs on ruining this Holiday too. They ruin themselves with this, do not follow them.

    As for what we have lost and continue to lose daily; that’s on us. Not the dead- not the heroic dead but we the living cowards. Being snide is not courage.

    Taking it back is courage.
    Then we’ll be worthy.

    Whoever does take it back or takes it all; that is who is worthy.

    • You are missing the point. Independence Day is the celebration of a country that no longer exists, and U.S. patriotism is a now a con game, loyalty to a regime that intends to enslave you.

      THE MAJORITY OF U.S. CITIZENS WISH TO LIVE IN A COUNTRY THAT THE DISSIDENT RIGHT FINDS INTOLERABLE. You can be loyal to the “country,” and thus to regime with a fascist structure and communist slogans that makes up modern liberalism, or you can be loyal to something else. But the regime is attempting to destroy all the somethings else.

      If you attempt to be loyal to both, you will sooner of later be torn apart.

  6. This from Justin Amash (honk, honk): “I started to hear [the word] nationalism more and more. And that’s a concept that really is about a love for your people simply by virtue of being your people, not related to any principles you hold or what your country stands for, what ideals you’re striving for.”

    A love for your people simply by virtue of being your people is a principle.

  7. DUTCH…..did you feel the quake? Just curious. Let us know. 2 faults activated, interesting! Can see the aftershocks forming an “L” pattern on shake map. “Geologic units underlying that consists primarily of Holocene alluvium in the Indian Wells and Searles Valleys. The Holocene alluvial fan deposits in the Searles Valley area likely shallowly overlie the Pleistocene lake deposits.”

    Loose unconsolidated soils……Damn, those folks got a terrific shaking.

    Was raised in the Bay Area and got halfway through the geology degree before switching gears, heeding the caution of a geologist mentor to get out while I could, and making actual money at the water company. Am a true ex-Californian geology nut. A tornado makes my hair stand on end, so give me a good old earthquake anytime.

    Know we’re all talking about being patriot, not being patriotic, black pilled or not, boomers grrrr or yes, and some weird guy “sharing” with the Z family that he wants or he wants some other guy to get his dick liquified…Jeez…so switching gears to story time. Time for a break.

    Was in a large grocery store in the south SF Bay Area getting checked out when the Loma Prieta 7.1 quake struck. These huge plate glass windows right in front of me were bowing in and out. The geologist brain had kicked in noticing the P wave punch…push and pull…..a few seconds later the S waves and other surface waves came rolling in a shear wave, direction from the S/W. Wow….aren’t they cool! Brain said…let’s see… at least 5 seconds between P and S wave so it wasn’t the Hayward Fault because I’m just about standing on it……probably about 50 miles away on the San Andreas.
    Then Brain kicked in again and said….Hey Nitwit….Get away from the windows…I know you’re having fun but get a grip…..just because all the people in the store are running toward the windows, they may get shredded, you need to get away from them pronto. Damn, this type of large grocery store structure doesn’t withstand long duration S waves very well. Well, only option is to kick out some cans from a shelf and crawl in. While thinking this I was backing to the nearest shelf… foot sweeping out toward cans.

    15 seconds. The earthquake stopped.

    It seemed big but not huge to me. Drove home 5 miles and it seemed interesting but not “the” big one. Got to my home at the top of a sandstone ridge and found a picture very slightly tweaked. That was it. Turned on the TV and discovered the east side of the Bay Bridge and the approaching Cypress Structure had collapsed, and the SF Marina District massive housing collapse and fire. At the bottom of the ridge from my home, dish cupboards flew open and spewed everything on the ground. Loose unconsolidated soils.

    This is the testimony that loose unconsolidated soils miles away from an earthquake can experience liquefaction and/or lose integrity. You can be fairly close to an earthquake, be on bedrock, and weather the quake. The value of living on rock. EQ waves move slower through loose unconsolidated soils (faster through welded silica rocks), the waves are backing up, have to go somewhere, so they go vertical….vertical acceleration. That’s what throws your house off the foundation.

    Now your eyeballs are rolling. Happy 4th and have the garden hoses ready for those bottle rockets.

    • Didn’t feel them, they are 200 to 250 miles north of where I was yesterday. California’s awfully big in the north-south direction. There is a major fault line that crosses state highway 79 east of Temecula. As fast as they repave it to get the lumps out, they come right back. I expect some extra whoop-de-doos through there when I pass through tomorrow morning (hit ’em as fast as you can and hang on! Cheap thrills).

      • I did just feel that 7.1, it rocked us a bit down here in San Diego. 7.1 is getting up there…

          • Not sure, but I live about 15 miles northwest of Ontario airport in the foothills. I felt the small quake a few days ago. Then the bigger one last night on the 5th. I was in a motel across from the Huntington Beach pier. Me and this girl were on 2nd floor. The second I felt the the very first sway, I knew. I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and started out. Telling her, “quake, let’s go”. She lay there lazily saying, “What? I don’t think so. It’s just the bed. Check the internet.” I didn’t repeat myself or grab her arm, or urge. I just got out. I did feel a bit of guilt being safely down in the parking lot, while she was still up in the room as the motel kept lightly rocking. But if another adult chooses not to follow my actions at those moments, that’s her choice I guess. People forget that one reason for getting out of a building, is that if it does collapse, they’ll be people safely outside to come back and help pull the lazy cynics from the rubble. She’s born and raised in SoCal so I guess she’s used to the rocking. I’m from Toledo and not at all used to my world rocking. I don’t like it. Maybe buildings don’t fall down out here. What do I know?
            Anyway, I’ll never forget her saying, “check the internet.” If that’s not the definition of laid-back Californian I don’t know what is. hah

          • Haha that’s a good story lol So, pick-up wise, a) happy you re getting some action. B) while I agree w your reaction I dont think you ll get a second date w this one. Overreaction is the right thing to do but 9 times out of 10, things will be alright on their own. And you look jumpy to a laid-back cali girl now which is unimpressive.

          • I’ve been dating her for a bit now. She likes me. (Maybe a little less now). But yeah, if I’d just started dating her, you’d be totally correct. I definitely came off jumpy, while she was laying there propped up on a pillow being Cool Hand Luke with her eCig. Another time at a hotel the fire alarm went off and the same scenario as yesterday played out between us. It really baffles me that people ignore fire alarms. Advice taken though Simba. Next time this kind of thing happens and I’m with a girl I’ll just say, “You know what sounds good right now? A cold Coca-Cola. I think I’m gonna go get one.” Slowly walk to the door and wait till it closes. Then make a mad dash for the exit.

          • Maybe we can meet up the next time I’m down there…We Z people need to make some f2f connections…I have lived and worked all over down there…

  8. Z talks in the OP about Patriots and their sacrifices.

    This is noble and good; I fully respect all who served their country in this manner (I personally come from a long line of Navy men). All these men and women did so honorably. But what in fact did they sacrifice for? Let’s take a look at these wars.

    2001 — infinity: Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/Syria/Whatever: Jewish wars fought by dumb goyim for Jewish objectives. Americans fight and die (honorably, true, but c’mon) on the opposite side of the planet, while their homeland is invaded day after day after day after day, on the southern border, in the courts, in the universities, in Silicon Valley, in every single airport and classroom and ER, nothing but continual invasion. Great job, hero goyim. Keep it up til you don’t have a country left.

    1990 Gulf war: trumped-up nonsense complete with lines about babies being ripped from incubators or something. Remind me again who owns all those newspapers and TV networks. Don’t point out that it starts with a J or you’ll never work in this town again.

    1960s Vietnam: in fairness, something did need to be done to oppose communism in SE Asia, but war was not the correct solution; intelligent diplomacy, special ops, and smart strategic vision woulda done just fine. Classic MIC sop and fraud. Waste of good men’s lives, when other answers were available, but less $$$ for playas. Let freedom wring.

    1950s Korea: ghastly as it was, probably a necessary war from a geopolitical standpoint. Hate to see American lives sacrificed, but viewed as a chess position, this one was probably fought in good faith.

    1940s so-called World War Two: Nonsense from start to finish. Americans had no business going anywhere near this clusterf!ck. Granted we made out like bandits in the aftermath, but still. Takes a whole thread of its own to explain why we should’ve sat it out. And no, they were NOT the Greatest Generation.

    1914-18 War, so-called World War One: the war which caused ALL of the problems from then til now. And American interference in a nonsense European war over NOTHING helped inflame and inspire every single headache we live with now. And no, I’m not being antisemitic when I blame the Jews for over 50 percent of the overall damage.

    Spanish-American war: Stupid imperialist nonsense, Americans had no business in any of this.

    American Civil War: the stupidest most unnecessary war in American history, and Lincoln was the worst American president. There were at least a half-dozen intelligent ways to end slavery without a war. Lincoln had one job, to prevent this war, and he didn’t do it. He also destroyed the Constitution and turned the Republic into an Empire. Disaster coming and going.

    Mexican War / Indian wars: pound for pound, the only intelligent, profitable wars this country ever fought. Violence is always regrettable but in plain fact the carnage was minimal, and the U.S. gained probably the greatest territorial conquest for the least amount of bloodshed in all human history. Only to squander the whole thing in little more than a century. Why? You might start by inquiring from people with names like Shlomo Shekelstein.

    1812 War: oh, who really gives a honk.

    War of Independence: Necessary, of course. Who woulda thought we’d have squandered such an impressive, noble heritage so quickly? Benjamin Franklin, that’s who.

    Ellis Island War: viewed from the long term, the landing of the Jews at Ellis Island, and their immediate subterfuge declaration of never-ending war against the goyim, is the only war that mattered. The beginning of the successful invasion and conquest of America.

  9. What sucks is we’ve got the best-looking flag in the world, and the best national anthem. And we can’t love them like we used to before The Great Redpilling. Boy that’s a good looking flag. Dashing and alive. Rock ‘n roll yet stately. I feel bad for those nations with the common three color stripes. It might be good if the new Prog America gets rid of the flag as being retrograde/racist, so we can claim it.

    • Right you are, Frip.
      Other things that are iconic Americana that I find goose-bump inducing:
      The majestic 747 coming in for a hard cross-wind landing.
      (Airbus 380 looks like a big silver turd compared to it)
      The Mind-numbing roar of a space shuttle launch.
      (along with the graceful ballet of the shuttle returning to launch piggyback on a 747)
      The 3-masted schooner Zodiac driving hard under full sail.
      (Based in Bellingham, WA. Aye, me laddies, shivver me vulva!)
      The newly rebuilt “Big Boy” steam locomotive.
      (100 bad-ass tons of git-outa-my-way)(Range, it was in Utah in May)
      The mighty Mississippi.
      The vintage Corvette.
      Humphrey Bogart in “The African Queen”
      (Why, Missy, I’ll die with-out me bottle of gin!)

      All of these things and lots more, are our America and are, if I may coin a phrase, “frippin’ cool”.

  10. The author sounds here like a sad old man crying “Doom, doom” for nationalism, and wailing for a reversion old ethnic tribalism. He talks like it’s two outs in the the bottom of the 9th inning, when really we are not even mid-game.

    True, the hive-minders have seized the tools of mass communication and now flood the world with their nihilistic brainwashing. But resistance is awake in many places, and fighting back vigorously against the mental poisoning. In fact – here we are!

    In our new age of extreme mobility, some reversions, some fragmentation, is expected, and should be welcomed. The human race is still a toddler, and continued social experimentation is healthy.

    But the concept of the nation is valuable, useful, and effective. True, it has always been tied implicitly to a tribe or ethnicity in some way. And probably always will be. But identity is far more than racial, and nations have been far more successful in the world than just races. And nations offer attractive features like shared institutions, culture, religion and history, that trancend racial classifications.

    The nation is not going away anytime soon. In fact, widespread resurgence looks quite possible now. The question is, how must nations change in order to help us flourish in the best way, given the complicating factors of constant and rapid technnology changes, and the relentless tyrannical world-wide enemy known as cult-Marxism?

  11. Today is the day when we remember the most salient words of the Declaration:

    “but when a long train of abuses and usurpations…”

    “it is their Right, it is their Duty…”

    Nuff said.

    • Those guys had an idea of the society they wanted to build for the future

      It didn’t survive contact with the industrial age for very long because it couldn’t for a myriad of reasons but it was an idea, an ideology focused less on them but for their posterity

      We don’t have that and many of us can be barely be arsed to have children. me included.

      About the only thing that gets people riled up much are guns and abortion neither of which are even important issues (the US is awash in guns and ammo)

      Until we get that future focus, we are just a bunch of grumblers

  12. I used to get mad when I’d overhear ethnics talking shit about how this or that American holiday wasn’t THEIR holiday. Being a young CivNat I wanted them to feel part of it all. To embrace being American. But since it’s obvious they’re not going to just enjoy and play nice, I’m glad to hear them bitching about our holidays. It makes themselves and everyone hearing them (either at the bar or on TV) realize how the CivNat melting pot is never going to work. After all, our history ISN’T their history, and sometimes they got a raw deal from us. So yeah, bitch on, Libs, black folk, Indians and Mexi. Go tell it on the mountain how this mishmash country is so grandly NOT working out.

  13. I have been struck by the ubiquitousness of sacrifice throughout the animal kingdom. There’s a wonderful BBC special called The Hunt, beautifully photographed and doesn’t preach about how horrible humans are even once, that shows the sacrifices the prey animals must make to survive. The most striking for me was when the wilderbeast are making their migration and they are literally dying of thirst when they come upon their annual water source which is inhabited by crocodiles that eat once a year when the wildebeest show up. The wildebeest stop and stare before they go down to the water because someone’s going to die and they know it. It’s the only choice or all of them die. Someone has to die so that the rest of them can live. It’s so interesting to me

  14. Right, blood is thicker than water. To me, patriotism has come to represent two things. A useful hedge against globalism, and a reminder of our current direction against the backdrop of where we have been. Relative to the latter, even Vlad is telling the world that liberalism and multiculturalism are not viable.

  15. For us, every 4th should be a Day (or Night) of Service:

    Tonight there will be millions of cars parked in lots for the fireworks. Almost all of them will have been driven there by actually existing Americans.

    In many places, this sort of public self-identification is becoming increasingly rare and it provides an opportunity.

    Once the show gets going, it is a simple matter to walk along the rows, slipping pieces of paper under all those windshield wipers. Without running or otherwise drawing attention you ought to be able to place at least hundred flyers in less than ten minutes. That’s plenty. If you have $20 and can find a guestworker or two still hanging around the Home Depot, use them and put out hundreds by the time the show is over.

    Whether the piece of paper has something affirmative or triggering on it, or points toward us or at them, is a buckdancer’s choice, to be dictated by local conditions and one’s own temperament and sense of style. And remember, it’s is always OK to be white, even in Lagos…

  16. Zman, good post as always – glad to give you the equivalent of two beers a month, you are applying them well. 🙂 .

    Yes – I must admit that as a white patriot my patriotic displays are twofold: one to genuinely celebrate, with hot dogs and explosions, the profound liberty others have allowed me to enjoy and fight for. The second is to assert, as a white man, that I do not go quietly into the night. We are in uncharted territory as a nation, except we are not.

    Free men will out, and we will teach our son’s sons the meaning of what it is to be a free man. America is great because it is a country of free white men, with a bunch of hangers on and scolds who have never understood it, nor ever will, and whom we tolerate because that is what we do. The wicked will do wickedly and none of the wicked will understand, and all of that.

    Should liberty’s torch be extinguished here, it will arise elsewhere. Men can be killed, but lofty ideas of freedom cannot be killed. And there is coming a day when true liberty will be held by all of us who love it. I’m okay if the antifa pukes get a victory here or there – I expect to be worn down a bit from time to time. I refuse, however, to be a slave. Better to die on your feet than on your knees. Celebrate today with me, all you patriots. Maybe tomorrow we will die, but today we live as free men.

  17. This modern day fake patriotism serves as a story, a narrative, for the new multicultural peoples of the U.S. It helps to distance the new U.S. from the past U.S. and its white people who built such a nice country. If or when white people start to push back against the new ways of the new U.S., this distance will make it easier for government and military to label white dissidents as terrorists and, eventually, vaporize them with drone missiles while at family gatherings, like we see the U.S. doing in other parts of the world. There is no respect for life in the new U.S. It’s all about worshipping the Economy God and taking care of corporations and a complete erasure of white America’s past and people. God help us.

    • Drones do not win wars. Our loss in Vietnam and our lack of victory in Afghanistan are proof of that. You need boots on the ground and the white man has arguably been the most effective infantryman ever.

  18. “The normal mortar that binds a people has been eroded by multiculturalism, replaced with endless shrieking”

    Wrong. Simply wrong.

    The “normal mortar” you’re describing has been crumbling for nearly 50-years thanks to feminism, an ever growing drug culture, LGB-whatever, liberal ideology force fed to our children in schools and declining Christian values.

    The 1960’s cultural revolution (which continues to this day) has done more damage to Western civilization than a few foreigners moving into the neighborhood.

    • While I don’t disagree with your other disease vectors I -MUST- take issue with this: “A few foreigners…”

      A few? Apparently you haven’t seen that nifty little chart on the wall of the SPLC office which shows the precipitous decline of the white population of America from 1950 to the present. It is easily looked up on the internet so go take a gander. 90% to what will soon be less than 50 percent in half a century. “A few foreigners”

      Fuck off with your head in the sand ostrich nature or your purpose shilling for the soft genocide that is taking place within your own borders. You are German, why don’t you go down to a kebab neighborhood and meet your ‘neighbors’, I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms.

      • “F-off with your head in the sand ostrich nature or your purpose shilling for the soft genocide that is taking place within your own borders….meet your ‘neighbors’, I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms.”

        I’m sorry, which Native American Indian where you quoting when he was talking to his tribe about the European arriving in North America; Red Cloud, Cochise, Squanto, Geronimo…???

        No point getting an attitude about it, Apex. This has been happening since the dawn of time across all civilizations. But I agree, history repeating itself really sucks when it happens to you. Or in this case, us.

    • I would go one step further and say that affluence and the extinction of hardship has done more damage to the species that either multiculturalism or feminism. Affluence and the easy life enables and feeds the beast of cancerous governments. Ditto for the rise of feminism.

      • Affluence masks the civilizational stress of introducing scads of economically competing minorities into our midst. That’s part of the strategy of the easy credit, bubble economy. By the time it pops and we feel the pinch of penury, our doom will be wrought.

  19. It’s tough, for me. I’m an Anglo. I have a keen mind for New England patriotism, my People’s role then, and unfortunately now, we are a diffuser for ethnic disparity in the American experiment.

    To that end, virtually every other ethnic backdrop has representative interest but us, it seems, and America becomes something of a token and an abstract. A beautiful mistake with incalculable repercussions.

    On the other hand, the American Identity has the potential to be a European Crossroads where the White subethnic trends might coalesce in that we can more readily tool a framework for cohesion than can an established nation state.

    So here I remain, quite conflicted in my Independence Day reflection.

  20. A man is willing to sacrifice everything for his immediate family. He is increasingly less willing to sacrifice for his extended family. As the genetic distance increases, his willingness to sacrifice declines to a point at which he is unwilling to sacrifice at all.

    Not easily proven by either recent or distant history, my friend. In Wisconsin, a black semi-truck driver killed himself rather than plowing into 4 cars (certain death for the occupants thereof) ahead of him and immobile due to a previous accident. In New Mexico, a chaperone killed himself and saved 20 kids by grabbing the wheel of a tour-bus thus keeping it upright but slamming into another vehicle.

    During the Civil War, a remarkable number of slave blacks joined the Confederate Army to fight the War of Northern Aggression. That was certainly NOT a result of ‘sacrificing for the immediate family.’ We also note that not many colonials actively supported the Revolution, despite the (supposed) advantages to their immediate family.

    Finally, we note that the entire Afghan and Iraqi war efforts were fought by volunteers, with many of them joining after the action had begun. Were they really ‘sacrificing for their immediate, or even distant, families’?

    I would suggest that patriotism (see “pietas” for the beginning derivation of the definition) is far more compelling than your essay allows.

    • As for the black guy anecdote, we have no idea why he did what he did, unless you have recently been to a seance, but we know he is an exception, which is why he is so memorable for you.

      Of course, you are arguing against your own experience and your own life. Unless you are prepared to say you sacrifice your children for a stranger, you are proof of this biological axiom.

      • People are sacrificing their children for The Stranger. Anyone that has white children who is advocating for open borders is turning their children into a hated minority in their own country. That’s their sacrifice

      • It’s always seemed to me that a fly in the ointment of the whole sociobiology thing is the adopted child. Most parents care for adopted children almost as much as their own biological offspring. That suggests that familiarity is the engine at work, not genetic relatedness. Familiarity and proximity correlate with biological nearness, but not absolutely.

        • I grew up with two older half brothers. And our middle brother and I used to be at each other’s throats constantly. Because I suppose I pushed him out of the limelight when I was born. To be perfectly honest, if I had been given the chance I would have sacrificed his ass for Hershey bar.

      • I’m not arguing that family ties are not primary (or principal) ties. I’m arguing against the notion that self-sacrifice pretty much ends at the 3rd cousin or so. I’m well aware of Burke’s position on ‘small communities’ and agree with him totally. So what? Burke’s native land was–what–2% of the land-area of the USA?

        In contrast, you state that volunteers for military service join merely to defend the interests of their immediate family–or that cops join the force for THEIR immediate family’s interests. That’s simply not true.

    • Dad, anecdotes are not data. I agree that there still is a lot of worthy sacrifice wrt your examples not directly linked to immediate genetic relationship. We’ve talked about such here before (IIR).

      But I still see Z-man’s point—as the country becomes more and more controlled by minorities and remote oligarchs—who more and more push to disenfranchise/eliminate the White majority—how does one continue to sacrifice for the common good? What is considered the “common” must logically shrink (because we-Whites-are not included in it) until the common is no more than the immediate ethnicity/race of the sacrificing individual. To do otherwise is to promote one’s own demise.

      Now, I understand that a significant percentage of Whites are handicapped by a genetic pathology which we simply term “pathological altruism”. They confuse the issue at times due to their behavior in spite of observable reality. They will most likely become casualties in the coming conflict. Hopefully, there will be enough Whites left to successfully survive and thrive.

      • Comsci: “Dad, anecdotes are not data.” Further, anecdotes are not intuition. Intuition born of experience, observation, and memory. Dad, you’re silly.
        Plus anyone who writes, “Finally, we note”, is suspect.

        • I’m betting today’s crop of nay-sayers are
          1. Whiny Boomer Guy – outright nose-mad troll
          2. IQ Guy – concern troll
          3. Outgroup Altruism Guy – BuckleyCon troll – Frip called it “finally we note” – plus ghey Latin reference

      • We can break down ‘common good’ in at least two ways. There’s defense of country, which is arguably the broadest form. Then there’s economic common good, which certainly attracts arguments about spending priorities, debt, and taxes.

        Defense of country, being the broadest form, attracts the widest range of individuals. ‘Economic’ common good tends to get tribal very quickly, but even there, arguments arise between merchants, manufacturers, financiers, farmers, miners, and service providers over who gets what. Don’t like that breakdown? Then how about quintile-of-income as demarcations?

        Making all this into merely race-wars is an oversimplification.

        As to “Exile,” he should stop eating his own boogers.

  21. Dear Z;
    Having happened upon your blog, Now enjoy reading it most days; although I wish you would tone down the IQ thing and what appears to be the damning of the Jews with faint praise.

    What I would like to see from you is a prescription for action. Your analyses seem accurate; your criticisms of the right thoughtful. The nihilistic part is hard to take. Should we wish to take action; should we wish to fight back; help us in specific ways i.e. “This is what I would do…..” in this or that case.

    For example, the Betsy Ross imbroglio….”because slavery was legal” is, in my opinion, a bad screw up and an opening in the enemy line. Why? Slavery has been and continues to be with us. Should we tear down the Parthenon?blow up the Coliseum in Rome and LA?get rid of all the Pyramid postcards? how about the child slavery of Nike? or at the border?
    on and on.

    Let’s call for a breakup of the great media companies and allow only one radio station Tv station, newspaper to be owned by any one individual or corporation.

    Let’s hammer the question,”Why would you get pregnant if you didn’t want a child?” What kind of monstrous irresponsibility that is. Reproductive Responsibility. Oh, it affected your pleasure of the moment? So instead of taking the thirty seconds, you would rather be a killer? No unwanted children no abortions. Remember”Only you can prevent forest fires,” or “Stop Look and Listen”. How about,” Don’t get pregnant if you don’t want a kid.” And no more Catholic hypocrisy.
    And, by the way, let’s foster the political party called ” JUST SAY NO” More than two terms? One for a Senator. Pull the damn lever. JUST SAY NO. Well the good go too; but there are plenty of good, just too many bad.

    Just sayin. Pissin in the wind?

    • “tone down the IQ thing”
      ‘Let’s hammer the question,”Why would you get pregnant if you didn’t want a child?”’

      Biological reality eludes you. The people you want to raise up literally do not have the capacity to carry out your exhortations without Jim Crow-like social structures.

      • Line, yup.

        Starryarcher, when we talk about IQ, it really is broader than that. It subsumes an understanding and belief in HBD principles and science—yes science. That science leads us to an understanding of racial differences which underlies the phenomenon of what is currently happening in our multi-racial experiment and why is can not succeed. Indeed, it is our (Dissident Right’s) foundational principle as “equality of races/cultures” is the Leftist foundational principle. One of us is correct and one of us is incorrect.

      • Or a eugenic state.

        Problem is Christian types won’t allow either. MOAR SOULS FOR THE PEWS! and all that rubbish

    • Lol. If you can’t take “the IQ thing” you’re not tall enough for this ride.

      As for the JQ, as Zman has said, there are people on all sides of that who post here. Grown up people can discuss things about which they disagree.

      Most your suggestions make the mistake of thinking this can be won with appeals to reason and rationality.

      Blood and soil.

  22. True Patriotism: Love of the Land, Its People and their Customs is the antithesis of the “Proposition Nation”.

    • Bile, yep. Where we got in trouble was for the longest time we were majority White and basically of similar stock, so folk could spew the line of “America. The propositional nation.” without consequence. Then we started importing non-White, non-Christians in large numbers to the exclusion of native founders—and here we are today. Damn, just took 50 years to unravel the prior 250 years of development.

      • Feh. The US was wounded by the time of the Whiskey Rebellion and in terminal decline with the Civil War

        After bringing in mass numbers of low trust White Europeans during the 1st immigration wave, the US was done for.

        Had we not had slavery limited immigration to WASP’s only and maybe Protestant Irish for cheap labor we’d been fine but we didn’t so no chance.

        As for the comity of the 50’s. It was false was a kind of tech bubble created by a very limited media /knowledge sphere high prosperity and a fear of communism.

        It took a tiny push from a few long haired pot smoking hippies and their cultural marxist handlers to ruin it since the US was built on a foundation of sand

        Now could we build something new? Maybe if we had mass deportations, a restrictive political climate limiting Letism severly and a White only national sentiment

        Otherwise it holds together till it can’t growing increasingly useless

  23. When the elites shoved civil rights down our throats, I started questioning the meaning of patriotism. Those questions became acute during the seventies. By the eighties, I noticed that World War II had become the eternal benchmark for patriotic fervor. Like the Soviets, who called WW2 “The Great Patriotic War”, we were doing essentially the same thing to remind citizens how “lucky” they were and to rally them around that great sacrifice.

    Fast forward to today. Most WW2 veterans are either dead or senile. And yet, we don’t bring up the Korean War or Vietnam to celebrate those sacrifices, or at least nowhere near the frequency with which WW2 is used. So today here come the Normandy landing photos, the shots of American cemeteries, and the endless slavering over WW2. How do we square the eternal five-minute-hate involving Nazis with the idea of being American nationalist patriots? It seems like a delicate balancing act. Nationalism for me but not for thee.

    I predict there will at some point be a disconnect. The endless wars are cheapening the concept of sacrifice, particularly when one suspects the elites are the high priests performing the sacrifices with you and me as the victim. When the breaking point occurs, we may see the beginning of a real revolt against the ruling classes.

    • In normie days I was a WWII buff, now I’m absolutely sick of how the world wars have framed my entire life. The upside is that crit theory revisionism will end up devouring history as a whole, including the holy crusades for peace, freedom & vengeance for muh Jews. Today’s Black Mirror version of patriotism is already amping me up to burn it all down, and it’s only 8 am here in Mexifornia.

      • It really becomes a chore to celebrate the utter destruction of Berlin, London, and Dresden, along with large swaths of France and Italy with some kind of patriotic fervor. Sort of like being invited to the wedding of your best friend’s daughter to a negro.

    • The turning point for me was the Great Yellow Ribbon War of 1991, aka the Gulf War. It seemed like the celebration lasted 100 times longer than the war itself.

      While I understood that there was some guilt over the way the Vietnam War vets were treated that led to the excessive celebration, it still made me sick.

    • Of course the elites are orchestrating our wars across the globe, not the American people. The fact is the American people have no say so on foreign policy whatsoever and never have.

      it’s always been decided by a unelected cabal in D.C. and New York who don’t even bother to hide themselves anymore.

      Will white Americans ever revolt against these slave masters of ours? Probably not. As long as white American have their cheetos, Chinese made goods and something resembling a shitty job with no future, they will take it up the ass.

      To be blunt I though white America would revolt(or at least put some hot lead into CEO’s and some senators)after the S&L scandals but nothing happened. When LBO’s gutted old America, again I expected push back, but nothing happened. When NAFTA was passed, nothing happened. When Trump opened our Southern border I expected 3 kinds of hell from whites. All we get are mindless “MAGA” chants from human lemmings who deserve IMO to be gassed and tossed into a landfill.

      Whites just don’t have any fight left in them. Look at the alt-right. It’s not even a movement. Just a collection of nerds who stand for nothing, believe in nothing and will fight for nothing.

      • That cabal you speak of is called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

        And if you’ve been paying attention you know that everybody who wants to gain high office in this country needs to be vetted by them – or be a member of them.

        This is something that has been noticed as far back as the 60’s with Barry Goldwater and by groups such as the John Birch Society.

        The vast majority of people in this country paid no attention at all…………….

        Look … a Squirrel!! – With a football !!!

        ” CFR Influence in the U.S. Government

        From 1928-72, nine out of twelve Republican Presidential nominees were CFR members. From 1952-72, CFR members were elected four out of six times. During three separate campaigns, both the Republican and Democratic nominee were, or had been a member. Since World War II, practically every Presidential candidate, with the exception of Johnson, Goldwater, and Reagan, have been members.

        In Sen. Barry Goldwater’s 1979 memoir, With No Apologies, he wrote: “When a new President comes on board, there is a great turnover in personnel but no change in policy.” That’s because CFR members have held almost every key position in every Administration, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton.

        During that period, every Secretary of State (with the exception of Cordell Hull, James F. Byrnes, and William Rogers) has been a member. Every Secretary of Defense from the Truman Administration up to the Clinton Administration (with the exception of Melvin Laird) has been a member. Since 1920, most of the Treasury Secretaries have been members; and since the Eisenhower Administration, nearly all of the National Security Advisors have been members. “

    • Epaminondas. Your right. All people have a fundation story. Ours has been replaced by WW2, Dead jews, black slavery, red genocide, oppressed homos, abused women and white male hetrosexaul power 24/7. Read that dert bag Howard Zinn. He was a “historien” ( fiction writer) who wrote “A People’s History of the United States.” Pure marxism deconstrucinst garbage. That’s one of the major reasons we’re in this crap. Critical theory. cultural marxism, and postmodernist lunacy. You teach that trash to 3 or 4 generations and you’ve got millions of young Americans who despise America..

      • Z Man said …”This, of course, is why our modern rulers are relentlessly whipping us, or at least their dedicated followers, into a frenzy over cultural fads. In the West, people are strangers to one another, often in their communities. The natural bonds from biological proximity, the shared ancestors and cultural heritage, are no longer possible when your neighbors are men from faraway lands, speaking exotic languages. The normal mortar that binds a people has been eroded by multiculturalism, replaced with endless shrieking.” Here, I would just like to add a few comments about my own observations and the findings from an experiment called the mouse utopia. The Ethologist John B. Calhoun coined the term “behavioral sink” to describe the collapse in behavior which resulted from overcrowding. Here’s a vid on Youtube. I’ve lived in a number of big cities in the U.S and as I’m sure you’ve noticed that the more people get jammed into the neighborhood the more emotionally isolated they get even if it’s mostly White people. This is a technical problem that every community organizer has to deal with. You live long enough with all the crap you have to put up with from so many strangers and you just what to be left alone. That’s another factor to keep in mind when you try to get White people to get off there ass and do some work tword our future.

  24. I’m not an American. My country doesnt exist. Maybe it existed once or maybe It has never existed. Its not even a dream. It is just a feeling that somewhere, out there, in a place or a time unforeseen is a land where people like me can at last be the masters of our own house.

    • Our tribes existed and still exist. Check out 5PT on Counter-Currents from 2017. If we handle the tribal stuff, a country will grow naturally. As Z has mentioned before, getting the basics right is where to start. America went wrong because the Enlightenment foundation was doomed to crack.

  25. On this so-called Independence Day, Two things remind me of how far we’ve fallen as a nation.

    First is the news that globohomo hive of scum and villainy Disney is blacking out a Danish fairy tale The Little Mermaid by casting a black actress in an obvious white part.

    Imagine the outrage whenever an ethnic character is “whitewashed,” but just crickets here. Hopefully, it bombs like another white story that was cast with blacks, A Wrinkle in Time.

    As for Colon Kaepernick, it’s hilarious that Nike is taking orders from an 85 IQ moron who couldn’t play QB in the Negro Felon League. I almost think they did this by design to get free publicity, because why would White America-hating Nike put the Betsy Ross flag on shoes anyway?

    At least “Pride” month has ended. When your country’s ruling class and all of the corporations spend a MONTH celebrating mental illness and disease spreading deviancy above all else, you know this country is wholly unredeemable.

    So it’s impossible for me to get too excited about “Independence Day” when our rulers have decided that I and my posterity must be replaced by Turd World, low IQ hordes. I just hope I don’t choke on the Civnat stew we’ll be fed by our masters today.

    • Just a reminder to everyone going to the ballpark for fireworks this weekend- one week ago your team was celebrating men masturbating into each other’s anuses and cutting their own peni off, and if you don’t agree with that then the team’s management says you don’t deserve to enjoy their product.

      Your daily reminder that Conservatives “conserve” nothing.

      • F%*k all professional sports they.all need to go the way of the dodo bird…Grown men should put away childish things…

    • Colin’s capers become even more entertaining when you realize that he endorses products made by a corporation that uses actual child slave labor.

    • Sounds kind boomer’ish, honestly. Like, I get the message, but this constantly defeated, constant crowing of what used to be has become fashionable in dissident circles. It’s getting downright obnoxious on FTN, TDS is practically unlistenable between it and Sven’s neurotic rants. Whine whine whine. No, really, I get it – the USA isn’t a country for whites any more, but goddamn, y’all sound like a dog in its last legs.

      • This constantly ambiguous, constantly content-free whining about our bitching has become commonplace among self-appointed dissident fashion critics. Do you have anything to add to the discussion beyond “y’all are Boomer pussies?”

        • Exile, have you noticed that all the people telling us to “stop whining” and “ignore the JQ” have names we’ve never seen in this board before?

      • Not at all. I am a ‘legacy’ American. My ancestors came to this land from England in the 1600’s, they fought against Indians, the French, and eventually their own homeland. That state/country/commonwealth they built with their own hands no longer exists. It was taken from them.

        Over time they eventually married and blended with others who came, the Scottish, Dutch and Germans. Richard Spencer once said something to the effect of, “Americans of European heritage have the power to redefine what it means to be White.” Look at predominantly white towns in American and you will see we like order, we like our streets clean and our shops neat, we like our mail promptly and our electricity and other services working reliably. We like having a good neighbor we can trust to watch our house and feed the dog when we’re out of town. These various traits can be found across the nations of Europe. They are collectively ours.

        MWV is not talking about the defeat. He is talking about hope. A transfer of loyalty away from an alien entity that represents the corporate globohomo (both at home and abroad) to something yet to be realized. This is where the concept of an entho-state has value, for while it may not be realized in our lifetimes, the fundamental building blocks are still there. No matter how much people want to bury their heads in civnat diversity, it is a poor substitute of their true nature that is slowly unraveling. Our job is to make them aware (the younger the better). Once they are, there is no turning back.

        • I display a 48 Star Flag at home. That’s the flag of my ancestors, not the GloboHomo post-1959 trash with the asymmetrical lines.

          It’s a normie-friendly dog whistle and I suggest it to everyone on our side.

          • I think I’m going to be running Join or Die as a conversation starter instead of Don’t Tread on me

            I like the 48 Star Flag idea quite a bit though Alaska was a great addition

        • That’s what keeps me somewhat optimistic. That once they’re aware, there’s no turning back. Plus there are still 200 million whiteys here, and the left and globohomo isn’t holding back to make it obvious that the New America is going to suck.

        • Born out of misguided fraternal strife, the tragedy of the United States has been that its people were never allowed to become Americans: a natural ethnos of the European peoples tied by blood and soil to the lands of North American.

          Nature, history, aesthetics and instincts were corralled and then corrupted by universal abstractions. The European peoples, had they been left alone, could have hammered out a workable civilization inspite of that.

          The Civil War and the self-righteousness moral fanaticism it spawned created this abomination.

          Today is a day to remember not what could have been…but what should have been.

      • Like, I get the message, but this constantly defeated, constant crowing of what used to be has become fashionable in dissident circles. It’s getting downright obnoxious

        It is part psyops, part the usual suspects crowing over our misery, (and of course, part genuinely alarmed citizens) but the main objective is to instill despondency and defeatism.

        Breitbart, especially, is a main vector for moral sedition, they work tirelessly to make you think we’ve already lost the war, when in truth, it hasn’t even started.

        White people killed a hundred million in the last century alone, and most of these were other white people. I am amazed at the suicidal zeal with which our enemies attempt to make the white kids angry.

        • >>>Breitbart, especially, is a main vector for moral sedition, they work tirelessly to make you think we’ve already lost the war, when in truth, it hasn’t even started.<<<

          My impression of Breitbart is a little different. They primarily exist to keep their (55+) audience fighting the last war, and ignoring the one in front of them.

          • Hm, yes, their editorial lines are a bit different regarding Europe and the US. When Andrew was alive, Breitbart had a section called “Black Crime”, but that was off the table once the special people took over. Now, it’s mostly about brown people humiliating white Americans by pissing on their history and heritage.

            Breitbart Europe is 50% “Your Daily Jihad”, where they riffle through police records to find instances of Mohammadans beating and killing Europeans.

            One example that made the rounds a few weeks ago, was a video of a Swedish boy who got slapped around a bit, and then let go. An absolute non-story, but the imagery is highly unpleasant, and dolled up with Breitbart rhetoric, it elicits an endless stream of “Europe is Lost”-comments, producing the echo chamber of despair that Sean describes.

            A lot of those “Europe is Lost”-comments are, I’m quite convinced, posted by globalist trolls salivating at the thought of nubile Swedish blondes being pussygrabbed by swarthy Arabs, and celebrating Europe’s descent into multicult.

            But the attitude is contagious, and I see bona fide right-wing keyboard warriors ready to throw in the towel and flee for parts unknown, even when there are still ten Europeans for each Mohammadan.

            And even as America slides towards a white minority, it is worth remembering that European Americans will be the largest minority for many decades to come. Once heritage Americans start to think tribally again, I suspect the natural order of things will re-establish itself quickly enough.

      • Are you a fucking teenager or what? You sound like a little kid when you talk like that. Most men are sort of beyond that as a ‘goal’ by their mid 20s. Since I doubt you are a teenager this means you are more likely a grown ass adult who speaks like a child because you are a maladjusted incel beta herb who likes to project.

        See it is fun to sling insults at strangers on the internet, innit?

        • “maladjusted incel beta herb who likes to project. ” Daaamn…you go Apex! Needed a laugh today! Please join Basic Husband and me in our cave when the world turns to crap. You and he can fix stuff and keep me laughing.

    • Then we fail our ancestors, they did not fail us.

      Then those with no loyalty must leave.

      Those that take the place own it.

      Another Vet

  26. Today’s a rage-fuel day for me. If I can drop a few red pills, so be it, but 99% of people I see today will be Burger Nats. I’m going to remember what the bicentennial celebration meant to me as a little kid and reflect on how far what I see around me falls short of the stories (((they))) told me back then. 6am here and I already had a vibrant mad-dog me and jabber some nonsense in my face in the four blocks between my car and the coffee shop. Murika, the colorful…

    • Get out Exile as soon as you can…The benefits will be overwhelming in your favor…

  27. My town has had a parade on this day for many decades. Since we have lived here and raised a family I usually attend. Never really got the patriotic vibe but the family and neighbors are there. I go for that and only that.

    Today I will share some bbq and beer with those I love, so in that sense, a good day.

    • Today, I am in Whitefish, MT. The family is at the local parade. I do not live in MT. Whitefish is just a community of rural White people, but I feel right at home with the “family”. Ranchers, vacationers, dirt people—but White people in the main. No different than at home in my small neighborhood during their parade/celebration of the 4th. Like Z-man said, one might not be as patriotic as one once was, but the mixing with other like folk is helpful to the psyche.

      • Compsci, the rural whites of Whitefish sure did virtue signal pretty hard against former resident Richard Spencer (and his apolitical mother) a few years back.

        Even small communities have absorbed the GloboHomo Virus more than we’d like to admit.

        • Meme, I bow to your memory, I’ve never been here before. I don’t talk politics with the natives, nor most anyone I am not very familiar with. It’s a sign of the times I guess.

          None the less, I look around and I see quite a different environment than I am used to. A smallish city that is prosperous, well mannered folk, people still not locking their doors when they leave home, drive the speed limit. Entering the local Walmart here is not like entering the twilight zone. Walking down the unpaved road is a small dairy farm. The grandchildren are welcomed into the facility by people who stop their work to engage a stranger’s children. They are given a tour, lectured about milking and dairy products, given ice cream and cow bells as toys.

          OK, so this description is also all “anecdotal”. Ozzie and Harriet are dead and gone. But it’s what I aspire to and wish for my grandchildren and their grandchildren to enjoy. It’s been written that the old America is dead and gone and we can not return to the past. But if not the past as I have described above, what are we working towards?

          • A worthy aspiration indeed, and one we should all share.

            The residents of places like Whitefish, MT, St George, UT, and so many other communities don’t realize they have a problem. Education is the first step, and the good news is that a lot of the kids are figuring it out just be showing up to school each day.

          • @Meme
            You hit the nail on the head about people in all or mostly white communities not realizing that America has a problem…

          • You have touched upon the most useful tool/technique.

            “Yes, I can see that doing (-Whatever the fuck they’re up to..) would make you feel good about yourself but is that really more important than the life of your grandchild.?

            1. Never admit that they are doing good, only that they feel that way.
            2. They will protest the ” Life of the Grandchildren” which is the open invitation to start on the racial crime differentials.

            I have, I’ve been told, a high tolerance for friction so my next line might be :I’ve always had a hard time determining if your problem is ignorance or malevolence”

            It’s situational.

          • “I’ve always had a hard time determining if your problem is ignorance or malevolence”

            I ask, “are you dumb or dishonest?”

      • I am in Tennessee right now looking for houses. We attended the fireworks last night and it was like nothing I have ever seen. You could see at least 10 or 15 different displays going on at the same time. I have been here for a week and seen perhaps 5 non whites. The people here are really nice, generally attractive and intelligent, and it feels very comfortable. I hope to move here before too long and perhaps begin to make friends with people with like interests.

  28. I called up an old army buddy this morning and told him, “Today we celebrate transsexuals in coms centers in Fort Huachuca, taking a break from playing World of Warcraft to remotely kill a family of sand negroes in the midst of a family reunion, half a world away with a predator drone.” Murrica.

    • This might be the best encapsulation of what is wrong with our country that I have ever read.

    • Our living cowardice is not to be blamed on the Heroic Dead.
      That’s on us.

      I’m on deployment 5 and in the sandbox for the 3d time right now.

      And I’ve yet to see a tranny or even openly gay service member in uniform. Yes on the internet, yes I’m sure they exist.

      But I’ve yet to see one.
      Circuses always exist.

      Any living faults are the fault of the living and not the dead.

    • Upvoted as quite true but the US is screwed on those grounds.

      Americans myself included are mutts. Genetic relatedness can be sketchy even with other Euro Folk

      Being I’m Central, Western, Northern and Eastern European in extraction I’m like some of them but not all any of them and the majority of us Americans have no deep ties with any of them .

      Haven’t since the waves of European migration.

      Ignoring non Whites completely and ignoring White enough (Metis , Asian Mixes and White Hispanics, some Mischlings, ) to pass in a Civ Nat way it’s hard to create big nation like that

      And no we can’t use religion either the US White population has a lot of Christians for now but its growing less so and there are sectarian issues between Mainline Protestant, Evangelical , Catholic and LDS strains

      This too excludes a lot of Americans who are non religious, Deist or some other things too.

      How we make a nation from this gumbo is beyond me.

      THis leads me to think that a White Right sort of civic nationalism might work or that a separation might work as well . For the time being, it’s just inertia holding it together .

        • If other ethnies are organizing against your group, rejecting Identitarianism is embracing pacifism.

          • Line, I’d correct you here: Rejecting identitarianism is embracing suicide. Not just of your race, but of your very self as a representative member of your race.

        • They already are. Do you pay attention to “cancel White people”, to Zimbabwe, Rotherham, South Africa?

        • The other ethnics already see us as enemies and have made it clear as day they want us dead and gone.

          Even white college educated professionals hate their own race and actively support politicians and agendas that aim to get rid of whitey, You just look at voter demographics. This segment is very Left and very hostile to th rest of the white race

          If we don’t stand up to these groups we will be eradicated.

          • It used to be that the commies killed intellectuals. My how the times have changed.

          • Communism, and Leftism in general, is a movement of intellectuals. They basically come down to “WE should be the people who wear the boot that stamps on a human face forever.”

          • @Rod
            And if we stand alone we will be eradicated as well…If good men don’t associate when evil men congregate then good men will be no more…

          • Join or Die

            It is going to take some time to overcome the high levels of distrust in the US, fear of the FBI’s subversion , that fear somehow that voluntary associations are Communist which was sown long ago as an anti labor measure by big business and the government , societal corruption and just the natural atomization of cities.

            The difficulty is compounded by the fact that even people on the Dissident Right have a lot less in common than you think.

            Broadly Rednecks want to be left alone to be among their own people and live according to their custom everywhere on this planet Earth but that isn’t enough for a society or especially the nation building we need

            A common cause like the Founding Fathers muddled through or a common purpose, hell a common desire to no longer be a nation would be sufficient but we don’t even have the latter . yet anyway.

            Till than, its going to be difficult

      • Z Man said: “Identity politics is about building communities based in biology, not the rantings of fanatics.” Well like I said yesterday, overturning “Brown v. Board of Education” is not going to happen. And all this crap about “Implicit Bias” is the Sledgehammer there going to beat us over the head with for ever. Here’s a lefty outfit called “Shellterforce” with a typical article. So “building communities based in biology” is going to take some serious creativity. Exactly were in America do you go to build a whites only community? When I first started posting on this site I suggested half seriously half amusingly that Brazil would be a good place to start an all European American community. There’s already lots of White people in South America. And I’m not the only one thinking along these lines. That would be sweet. Take over the south and work our way back up to the north. It would be a a generational project but worth a try. Am I being a fantasist? Hey, it’s the 4th of July and liberty is in the air.

        • Exactly were in America do you go to build a whites only community?
          Come to the Bitterroot Valley and join me and my Brothers here…

      • Most people residing in the United States don’t even know what the difference is between the Federal Government, the “country” – and the “nation”.

        The worst offenders in my experience are self proclaimed conservatives. As soon as you start questioning the actions of the Feral government – they’ll accuse you of all manner of treachery.

        It’s part of the reason I started calling out people who supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as traitors to THIS country probably a good 10-15 years ago. It actually usually shuts them right the hell up.

        Pro Tip: If you really want to set people off – tell them to do the following. I live in MA – in an area where pretty much every single town has a graveyard going back to the Revolutionary War era. In other areas of the country this might not work so well. If you’ve got somebody mouthing off about how the US is the “world’s policeman” or how we need to “support Israel” – or how we need to “support democratic governments in the Middle East” , or even if they’re bitching about how we need to kill terrorists. Tell them to go down to one of those local cemeteries, find a gravestone indicating the person buried there is a Revolutionary War veteran – and either piss all over the grave or take nice big shit on it.

        Because I’m pretty sure that NONE of those Minutemen fought and died so this country could be turned into the plaything of the elites that it is now – and in fact we were warned VERY specifically about engaging in foreign wars – and allowing the Federal government to run out of control.

        So please stop wrapping yourself in the flag and yammering on about how you support the ideals this country was founded on – because you DO NOT.

        I guarantee you this will piss them off. But I haven’t yet gotten one single person to refute the point – other than with BS excuses about how it’s not the same world any more – and shit like that.

    • That’s the line I always used on my Chinese friends, when they got offended by my criticisms of the ChiComs

      • The Chinese of all people should know the difference between a civilisation and a state

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