A Darker Shade Of Pale

The coalition of the ascendant loves to talk about the glorious future in which they are in complete control. They just assume that everything will be like it is today in a material sense, except they will get to divvy up the goods of the vanquished among themselves, like pirates sharing out a captured treasure. America will just be a swarthier version of what it was in the 1950’s. It is the assumption of people who have fully consumed the multicultural propaganda used to create the coalition of the ascendant.

This vision of the future is no doubt a driving force behind the race radicalism of people like Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. It assumes things about people that are not true. The old gag about Magic Dirt Theory is a joke among dissidents, but people like Rashida Tlaib think it is real. She thinks if her people move here, displacing the heritage stock, nothing changes but the complexion. Her people will suddenly stop acting like her people and take on the habits of our people, but with more color.

This is nonsense, of course, because much of what we think of as American society exists because heritage Americans support it. The people who created this society would have done so wherever they landed. We know this because it has happened in places like Australia and even Africa. Despite it all, countries like Rhodesia and South Africa were able to create first world societies. In the game of dirt, no place has more tragic dirt than the Dark Continent. Yet Rhodesia existed. South Africa existed.

Sports entertainment is a good place to start when thinking about how America will change as it slips into its dark age. This story about the suffering of stock car racing is a good example. NASCAR was always a regional thing, so when they went chasing a global audience, it was always going to be trouble. When the demographic changes started to hit, that’s when things turned ugly for them. Those old white guys are just not turning up to drink beer, wear jorts and watch cars ride around in a circle.

Another example is tennis. In the 70’s and 80’s, when Baby Boomers were able to swing a tennis racket, the sport enjoyed great success. Big matches on TV not only got big audiences, they were cultural phenomenon. Once the Boomers got too old to play, tennis stopped being important. Instead, golf started to boom as those same pasty Boomers took up the sport in droves. Now that the Boomers are in the final turn, golf has fallen into recession, as fewer people play the game.

Another area you can get a glimpse of the coming dark age is in community activity like youth sports leagues. Those in Gen-X probably remember in their youth how the youth leagues atrophied as their generation was relatively tiny compared to those that preceded them. Today, of course, you can drive around for days without seeing kids out playing on a ball field. Youth sports have been in decline for a while now. This will only accelerate as the people who make such things possible are marginalized.

The decline of youth sports leagues are another great example of how the decline is a process of gradually then all of a sudden. The decline in youth sports leagues and community based activity has been going on for decades, but people tended not to notice the decline. It’s when the high school drops the football team or maybe all of their sports teams that it becomes obvious. The decline was not noticed until the park where men played youth baseball is suddenly turned into Starbucks.

Another part of the entertainment world offers a glimpse of the future. A popular topic in certain circles is just how dumb and repetitive movies and television have become. All of the big movies are based on children’s comic books. The male leads are replaced by females or people from the ascendant, done in such a way as to make that the point of the movie. Television has always been for stupid people, but now it is just endless screed against heritage America, like the recent Pride Month nonsense.

The reason movies have managed to get dumber and duller is the audience has dramatically changed. Hollywood no longer caters to heritage America. Instead, it is focused on the ascendant that now fill the domestic theaters and the theaters in their source countries. Television has become exactly what was portrayed in the movie Idiocracy, but the reason is not that people are getting dumber. The reason for the decline is that the audience is getting darker.

None of this is novel to people into dissident politics. Much of what is driving dissident politics in the West is demographics. The thing is though, it is assumes that the current process will either lead to America following the path of Detroit or heading down a path to Brazil. Both of those scenarios are probably wrong. Instead, America as a whole will follow the path we see in community activities and our entertainments. Cultural inertial will carry us along until all of a sudden we enter a dark age.

The reason for this is unlike Detroit, this process is gradual. White people flooded out of cities like Detroit in a decade. Baltimore, for example, went from being a working class white city to a majority black city in two decades. Those fleeing whites took their human and social capital with them to the suburbs. They recreated their institutions in their new lands. Baltimore became an urban reservation system with some centrally located facilities, still vital to the surrounding population.

The Brazil model does not work, as it was never a high-trust, fully modern society operating along European rules. It never rose much above what its human capital could support, so it evolved institutions that fit the population. America’s institutions evolved for a different population. Those cultural and political institutions in the hands of the ascendant will be like handing out smart phones to the Sentinelese. In time, the inhabitants will look around and wonder about the gods who made the ruins in which they live.

That’s the nature of dark ages. Slowly, then suddenly the relatively high-IQ population is swapped out for a lesser population. It’s not that the new population has no one smart enough to work on an aqueduct or understand how to maintain an electrical grid. It’s that there are not enough of them. The population suddenly finds itself left with social, economic and political tools it cannot use. A dark age descends as the people have to start recreating tools suitable for the population.

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261 thoughts on “A Darker Shade Of Pale

  1. Great stuff. I’ve been saying as much online in various other places.

    People ask why we don’t get movies as clever as “Big” or “About Last Night” or music as complex as “Supper’s Ready” or as challenging as “Close To The Edge” or Zappa and Beefheart. Simple! It’s because we don’t have a population that has the intellectual firepower to understand subtlety or nuance anymore. We have people who think in the simplistic terms of black-white/good-bad/us-them. It’s a nation of grown men and women with 4-year-old brains who can’t think beyond “superhero” plots and costumes.

    In retrospect, it seems the 1990s was the last era we got great music, movies, and television. Had someone shown me the entertainment of today when I was a teen in the 1980s, I’d have thought it was designed for the special needs kids of my old school.

    • There are some decent shows here and there, but usually on services such as Prime or Netflix, not the Big 4. Unfortunately, they do not last. I was particularly disappointed that Caprica got only one season, when it was quite a deep show exploring the definition of humanity and consciousness, and its intersection with technology. Some Black Mirror episodes were good as well, although those are hit or miss. Currently watching Expanse, and while exhibiting the usual poz (probably an FCC requirement now) does explore the dynamics of cultural and civilizational clashes and power struggles, and how masses are manipulated through propaganda.

  2. After being run out by yuppies and moving south of the city to a little bedroom community ( mostly white, but that’s changing too ) the streets are void of people period ! No kids playing, no one mowing the lawn. They have “lawn services” doing the work. It’s really strange. Just the glow of their flat screens at night.

    Locked away from the world. Maybe that’s the problem. If they ignore what’s going on around them then it’s not really happening.

  3. If we want a future we have to take it. As far as posterity we cannot give them a future – we have to take it for them.

    If you’re White you have to fight. Or lay down and die.

    If it’s comfort this is nothing new to mankind, or us.

    One generation – The Boomers- didn’t fight.
    Didn’t take it.
    They lost much of it.
    We have more than enough to take it back. Regardless if it’s merits it’s ours, we have to live somewhere if we live.

    Boomers said Hell No We Won’t Go.

    And Hell came to us from every side. Within and without.

    None will give. We have to take. Eternally.

  4. Z man; love the blog.
    Support it.

    Now as to my point here; I’m a creature of duty.

    I’m working the margin that is Reaction. For the following reasons: 1). Its actually speaking the truth, this may eventually go somewhere real.
    2). A margin that believes often moves into core positions; this is already happening all over.
    Success is to be reinforced, failure is not.
    3). Working the margins is what you do when core is useless (but becoming less so).
    4). Why do I go farther than some in saying enough talk?
    Of course some of those reading this are ah..feds keeping an eye on things.
    *This only works if said minders have something or someone to believe in.
    When they don’t they over time begin to believe in those their watching. This happened with;
    >Irish Revolution
    >Russian Revolution
    >AQ in Iraq: Saddam had his secret police watch the Wahabbi mosques in Iraq.
    Which turned the agents over time from Baathists to Jihadists. Saddam’s secret police were some of the worst sadists in history. But they, even they needed something to believe in.

    Which is why the traps consume those who set them over and over.

    That and 45 seconds with my file there gonna know I’m a proven stand up guy. Digging deeper will yield not only more discouragement- but doubt.
    They’ll doubt themselves.
    I don’t have to guess on this.

    I will recommend whatever discomfort or danger to others to prove you are the same.
    I don’t have to guess on that either.

    5). Learn to stop being afraid especially of shadows.
    Because that’s all The Left has now. On the matter of police force or imprisonment it’s bluff now. They’re down to lawyers.
    Social Justice Warriors.
    Antifa; and the cops HATE them. Yes Seattle proves the police won’t beat them up.
    But they won’t beat you up either.

    We may go into the night someday. But not today, and not for shadows.

    What is to be done?
    Work the margin.
    Into the core.

    Fuck ideas.
    Push the envelope.
    See above.

  5. 1) Maybe
    2) what do you propose we do about it? Other than leave a record for our children and history that we knew and did nothing?
    3). They are ascendant; because we’re cowards.
    4). It will NEVER be THE RIGHT TIME. In any case few if any here have any experience in strife- which means it’s impossible for you to have any concept of Timing.
    It was not the right time for Anglophile George Washington be assured – until it was.
    5). See point 3; it’s their time.
    Because we’ve defaulted.
    6). The Romans fell of exhaustion of blood and treasure after centuries of civil wars. Centuries. We have null. See points 2,3.
    7). What is the basis for loss of IQ causes Dark Ages? I find no basis at all for this, indeed not much correlation either.
    Death does reduce IQ to zero.
    But its more likely the people who knew how to do things were out of power. Or dead.
    Because point 3.
    8). It would be helpful to remember that The Sea Peoples who made the collapse of the Second Bronze Age 1200 BC are *our ancestors*. Are we going to claim our ancestors were morons?
    All we actually might know is they weren’t cowards.
    9). The Hittites and Egyptians were certainly higher IQ than those that respectively exterminated and severely mauled them …and yet…
    10). IQ seems to correlate with cowardice in our time. Many claim that the thinking is done by cowards and the fighting done by Fools. The latter does not bear up under examination for Western Armies BTW. Actually ASVAB is one of the last intelligence tests still legal and enforced.
    > but what is true is that IQ tests and College Degrees exempted one from military service 1940-1969. Which meant intelligent at shirking and cowardice survived and prospered. The Thinking Priesthood are indeed cowards and descended from coward spawn. **But why are they also such Fools?** Yes their clever at the weakening and betrayal of their own lower status kin. But they (((they too))) cut their own throats with this…
    11) So we might want to discount IQ and Intelligence.
    We certainly should be wary of them…things are very defective among the Intelligent.
    12). Since it wasn’t Intelligence it seems that allowed our ancestors to rise up from the Great Dark Age of 1200-800 BC perhaps we should examine what it was that allowed their success?
    Starting with: They WERE the cause of the 1200 BC collapse.. and; we should emulate their behavior.
    The 1200 BC behavior.
    The 476 behavior- that was *certainly our people*.

    Certainly we have a world to gain and go into the void otherwise. Imagine when its actually the coalition of the darkies and bugmen operating the nukes? Humanity will never rise above Lagos Nigeria again. Nor will Lagos.

    If you pulled out the Foreigners and mixed blood from Africa everything they have would be jungle choked ruins. They’d be back barefoot in the bush.

    Sorry about the long post.

    Now return to the question;
    What is to be done?

    And words do nothing.

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  7. I had a teacher in sixth grade who told us that we could have had manned space flight in the year 1000 had our society stayed cohesive (e.g., white) and not devolved as it did during the dark and middle ages. We laughed at the time, but he was right. I wish I could go back in time and tell him how brilliant he was, because he was.

    The instigators of all our problems are the Jews. They cannot let us achieve lest we figure out they are the subversive fucks they are. Their collaborators are the race traitor whites who are so consumed with self hatred that they would rather drag us down to another dark age than let us alone and achieve.

    I imagine someone living in the year 2400 coming across some of our artifacts and cursing us. All I can say is that we tried – we were dragged down into the pit by those who hated us, and pretended to be us until they stabbed us in the back. We wished a better future for you but were unable to give it to you. Sorry.

  8. It is less a lack of intelligence, or numbers, but that they are denigrated.
    A lack of virtue required for the high efficiency high-trust society cannot be made up because no low-trust society can create wealth at even a replacement rate.

    Assume there were enough high-IQ people in idiocracy. They would engage in con games and usury, but in a subtle way and insure their victims couldn’t really raise an opposion. We are halfway there.

    Honor, Charity, Altruism are all laughed at, and we are not merely suprised to find traitors in our midst (see Lewis: Abolition of Man) but that everything is collapsing and ceasing to function.

    Chernobyl was only because of this half-way. It isn’t hard to build something that is safe if you don’t drive it off a cliff. It is impossible to do so if you go full Thelma and Louise. But the Matriarchial Intersenctional Feminists are doing so and we are in the back seats. This isn’t the flight 93 as much as do we jump out of the back seats in the convertable and maybe break bones, or do we go over the cliff.

  9. What if we get a lot of immigrants from India and China? Still darker but not dumb. I am not advocating this by any means. But there are 2.5 billion of them. And yes I know that India’s median IQ is nothing to brag about. But we seem to be getting the smart ones.

    • The immigrants from India and China are actually stupid in terms of innovating new technologies. DUMB. They do not create and they will not create what you appear to be seeking.

      The “smart ones” as you put it are non-innovative despite the marketing schtick. So MikeCLT, I gather you do not present from a family that patents things. Okay and so there is that. No worries.

    • The issue is tribalism. If we let in a lot of smart non-whites, do you think most will assimilate with the traditional population or is it more likely that most will want their people to dominate?

  10. July 7th 2019. Poll: Share of young adults comfortable with LGBTQ people drops from 63% to 45%. I’ll bet ya any amount of money the reason is sports. All the guys with tits taking over womens sports is starting to pissoff the younger gals. I Iknow what the youngsters are thinking. For 25 plus years the ” women born women” did all the heavy lifting pushing for more money and recognition for women’s sports, now the new PC Trans-gender authoritarians just step in and hand it over to the boys in the girls locker-room. Hahaha! The TG ideologs seriously misread there audience. https://www.richmond.com/sports/ap/poll-share-of-young-adults-comfortable-with-lgbtq-people-drops/article_d4533f6d-568c-564b-9650-95746ed48671.html

    • Yep, the progs really screwed that one up. All they had to do was make a rule about no trans boys in girls’ sports. The trans community probably wouldn’t have made TOO huge a stink about it, since it’s obviously insane and unfair. (Progs could’ve talked their way around their own inclusive agenda “logic”.) But…stupid loons that they are, they couldn’t say no. Heaven forbid ANYONE gets left out.

      And besides the sports thing changing poll numbers, I bet a lot of women who enjoy traditional Women Only get-aways, camps, festivals, self-help groups, etc. are pretty sick by now of being creeped out by the 6’2″ deep voiced freak in a wig sitting around the campfire being privy to their 20,000 year tradition of private girl-talk.

      • Frip said: “I bet a lot of women who enjoy traditional Women Only get-aways, camps, festivals, self-help groups, etc. are pretty sick by now of being creeped out by the 6’2″ deep voiced freak in a wig sitting around the campfire being privy to their 20,000 year tradition of private girl-talk.” For decades women demanded more and more of there own space while invading every men’s space they could. But even the lesbos would barr transgender men from attending there dike festivals. That won’t fly anymore. the PC jagernought is going to crush everything the feminazis have worked for for the last 40 years. And I couldn’t be happier.

  11. This is all perfectly natural. Like sunspot cycles. Eventually the low IQ population (of any race) is kept in check via famine, plague and war. This was all explained nicely over 200 years ago by Malthus. An era of highly constricted resources and highly competitive overpopulation is what creates smart people. This is why the Japanese have such high IQ genetics. An island with almost no resources, that became overpopulated years ago, with only so much fish, rice and seaweed to eat. The lowest of IQs didn’t stand a chance. This is what will happen here. Smart people 1) survive wars and 2) survive famines. Many survive plagues because they’re well fed and have better knowledge of hygiene.

    Whites happen to be smarter than average because Europe was so cold and overpopulated for so long. Russia was never overpopulated, but the winters are so awful that many of the really stupid were killed off. Human being are natural organisms like everything else, and have the same laws of nature applied. African honeybees rapidly out produce European ones, but subject an African colony to European weather and it freezes to death due to lack of honey production. It turns out that African honey bees are too busy consuming the honey and having sex to get through a hard freeze. The bee hive may as well be Section 8 housing without a white mechanic to fix the heating system.

  12. My Uncle (by marriage) is a Boer. He married my Aunt when she went to SA from Ireland. Most of family visited us from Ireland or abroad when I was a kid in the 80’s. I remeber when they visited. It was the height of the Sun City BS and idiots wearing those africa medallions. My Uncle was a quiet, scary dude but very nice. They were, at the time in the fianance industry. Somebody from this side of the pond made a remark about Apartheid and its evils while at dinner. He exploded into a 45 minute rant/history lesson that I remember to this day. After that and to this day I always feel I have to correct the record when idiots bring up either country and its supposed evils. Members of his family lived in Rodesia and had served in the military so I got a healthy respect for the Selous scouts and the total barbarism of the ANC and its followers. Both were beautiful countries. My family were forced to live in multi famly compounds at first..with hired protection and have now moved out to the Veld and and run a safari service or something. They don’t leave because they built that country.

    Zman – one of the best columns yet.

    • I used to laugh back in the day, because most of the anti-apartheid people probably couldn’t find South Africa on a map, even with the clues “South” and “Africa” right there.

      There were way too many people spouting off about stuff, about which they knew less than nothing.

  13. Odd thing. Last night, after the All-Star game was over, I switched over to PBS (which I haven’t watched in years) to view two surprisingly good documentaries on the glories of the space program: Space Men (on the high altitude balloon program) (https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/spacemen/) and part 2 of Chasing the Moon (focused on the Apollo 1 fiasco and the Apollo 8 mission) (https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/chasing-moon/#part02). Part 3, on Apollo 11, airs tonight. Lots and lots of Peak America, and seas of white faces. Take a good look to see what they have taken from you.

    Even odder: PBS ran a promo for a new 8-part, 16-hour documentary series by Ken Burns on country music which will air in September. As a huge country music fan, part of me squealed with glee, the other part groaned. While elated that country music was going to get the epic Burn’s treatment, with reams of rare archival footage, I was puzzled as to why Burns was lavishing attention on a musical form that the PBS audience of “Big Boomers” had always despised. A celebration of white America and it’s whitest music was not something I expected to see on PBS in 2019.

    Both programs together got me thinking: Why is PBS, a bastion of the left, now suddenly and unabashedly championing a lost mid-20th century white America? Could it be that as they enter their dotage that their audience of Big Boomers feel nostalgia for the white America now gone? If this was pointed out to PBS and their Boomer viewers, would they admit to it? Is it possible that Big Boomer secretly regrets what has happened to the country, even while forbidden from clearly and openly articulating their dismay at the mongrelization of the country? And if Big Boomer is now celebrating whiteness, does that mean that we’re nearing some sort of tipping point, as yet not fully grasped?

    • If you’re ever in Silicon Valley, check out the Intel museum. No one can ever say that the semiconductor was a cultural appropriation by whites. Even as most of the people touring the museum are from India and East Asia.

    • Mostly they just need material for pledge-drive week, or month. But expect Burns to take plenty of shots at whitey.

    • Chris, I’d say you’re overthinking things. And never again say “squealed with glee”.

  14. Another important feature of American society that made this country unique was the high amount of civic volunteerism that people engaged in. Every town had a Women’s club, for just one example. Same for men, with the Rotary, Lions, and countless business associations and hospital auxiliaries, etc.

    All of this died with women moving into the workplace (feminism) and people needing to uproot regularly to chase employment (globalism). And what has America’s organic societal fabric been replaced with?
    The State and its handfuls of bureaucracies and agencies.

    Importing as many basket cases as possible not only destroys the residual corners of American society, it ensures that Big Daddy grows larger and more powerful than ever.

    Someone like AOC can’t imagine any other arrangement is even possible. To her, the state using force is the only possible mechanism to ensure societal good. Anything else is fantasy to her – she views the old order both skeptically and resentfully.

    In this sense, the 3 congresswomen are right – the old American society would never arise in Puerto Rico, Palestine or Somalia. And they cannot function here within the very few remains our old order. With numbers, they will refashion it to suit their needs and capabilities.

  15. “Her people will suddenly stop acting like her people and take on the habits of our people, but with more color.”

    No, she believes they’ll still act like shitworld people, but somehow they’ll be as rich as first worlders at the same time. Her kind have zero interest, real or feigned, in acting like anything but themselves. They just want to be given a nice house and a nice car and clean streets. They don’t understand where clean streets come from. They think it’s something about the composition of the asphalt.

    This is the next frontier in affirmative action: We give them engineering jobs and endowed chairs in physics, and they don’t even pretend to learn arithmetic.

  16. The joys of diversity in higher education have not been missed in Germany.

    A colleague of mine has a son at University of Göttingen. In one of his classes, the teacher announced that the (white) students must not raise their hands until the minority students (colored or foreign) have had a chance to answer first.

    Needless to say, his classmates spend more time waiting on the dim bulbs to comprehend the subject matter and then attempt an answer in what is supposed to be German, than they do discussing the topic.

    • If the white kids had any balls they would stand up and say we’re out and change classes or change schools…

  17. This is absolutely both the best post and the most terrifying you have ever written that I have read. Thanks?

  18. [Rashida Tlaib] thinks if her people move here, displacing the heritage stock, nothing changes but the complexion. Her people will suddenly stop acting like her people and take on the habits of our people, but with more color.

    While I’m on board with your overall argument, I’ve got to hard disagree on this point. Tlaib and her fellow semi-savages don’t think “nothing changes but the complexion” if they replace us. Sure, they think that once the whites are banished or genocided, the cargo will magically continue to materialize on their forest airstrip with grass-hut air-traffic control towers, but they despise our civilizational virtues, and have no interest whatsoever in preserving them.

    Their true attitude is possibly best exemplified by the recent rash of blacks filming themselves engaging in disgusting behavior: licking ice cream containers in grocery stores, spitting in fast food, lying across produce shelves, having picnics in the middle of busy roads. They’re expressing a definitive, final rejection of white values, and I believe it’s a rejection shared by the brown political elites, even if they wouldn’t do something like that themselves. (Or would they?) It’s épater la bourgeoisie as practiced by low-IQ primitives.

    • “No changes but the complexion” is what the white Libs believe, but I agree with Murray, that the leadership of all of this has no such expectation. Instead, they see themselves as the vanguard of a low-trust and low-IQ, African/Latin American culture, in which those at the top can go all Evita Peron. The idea is that they can scoop for themselves while the culture plunges into a Venezuela-style death rattle. It is not lost on them that the Maduro and Chavez extended families are billionaires, with most of it hidden away, out of sight and out of reach.

    • They’re expressing a definitive, final rejection of white values, and I believe it’s a rejection shared by the brown political elites, even if they wouldn’t do something like that themselves. (Or would they?)
      If they didn’t have to rely on gullible whites for votes they would be doing the same damn thing…

    • Rejecting, and then eliminating, white values is the entire raison d’etre of the Western left, including the white left and the (((white left))). It’s perfectly consistent with the marxist mindset. They believe that material wealth just “exists” – it’s out there just waiting to be grabbed. Their contention has always been that the cause of poverty is wealth being accumulated and kept by the rich at the expense of the poor who are denied their fair share of it. Hence their obsession with resources and redistribution.

      Now, fast forward a few decades and you can clearly see the same calculation at work in biological marxism. Orderly, functioning societies with great material benefits just EXIST. The problem is that de wypipo have been hogging all these goodies for themselves and refusing to share them with POCs because waycism. How do you address this lamentable state of affairs? Well, step 1. eliminate waycism step. 2 force de wypipo to redistribute their orderly societies and cool stuff 3. Get rid of wypipo altogether and allow the POCs to enjoy the good stuff untrammeled by the systemic waycism of the those greedy, selfish wypipo. Step 4. Wakanda!! For ever. Justice is done.

      So, yes, it really is a form of cargo cultism.

      • People of Color (POC) imagine whites stand in their way and prevent them from creating their utopia when really white people held it all together against the dysfunctional pressures coming from the POCs. I use the past tense because it’s all falling apart now that so many whites have been ruined through U.S. propaganda/brainwashing/indoctrination and drugging (prescribed or illicit). The U.S. mainstream culture is no longer that of heritage white Americans. It’s black and jewish (degenerate, materialistic, godless, low-trust).

      • King Tut, I think the non-white leadership has no illusions that wealth just “exists”. That’s the drivel they feed their followers. From the non-white leadership’s point of view, it’s all going down anyway, so they use shame on the whites and promises to the others, to scoop what they can for themselves before the deluge hits. It’s just too hard and takes too long to build wealth the old fashioned way, and quick Wall Street money is a (((White boy))) game, closed off to them. They know the wealth only “exists” (or better said, “available”), until the stores are ransacked, and they intend to be the first in the door and the first back out with the loot. A version of short time preference, tweaked up for their personal benefit.

        • Dutch, yes that may be true. I suspect the American POC leadership is just doing in America what their forebears did (and still do) in Africa. When you want something, the way to get it is to go and kill your neighbours and take their stuff.

          As it happens that’s a genetic impulse that dovetails perfectly with the Western marxist outlook.

          • In the African Sahel, the families live in their compounds, surrounded by high solid walls and a sturdy gate, always closed at night. Only trusted extended family is allowed inside. They say it is to keep the “wild animals” out. I think I know what kind of “wild animals” they are talking about.

        • By the way, that’s what “we wuz kangz” is all about. They are lamenting the fact that they once had the power to go kill and plunder as they pleased instead of having to wait around for politics to deliver.

      • Oh, King Tut! Your “de wypipo “killed me…I’ve never seen that phonetic before…spit my damn iced tea out!

    • I also disagree with that point in the article. One other thing. Tlaib and Omar are small parts of the tentacles of the Islamic elephant in the room. The left and the easily led POC team up nicely with the big beast and they want to change plenty. Given free reign and encouragement long enough, violence and pressure to conform increases.

  19. Crikey, this is depressing. Which means it’s almost certainly true. But does that also mean that it is inevitable?

  20. Some years ago, a woman told me that her boyfriend was the head of the Probation Department in a NJ county and that the various county departments were headed by “old Irish and Italian guys.” They would be replaced by Blacks and Hispanics when they retired. I replied, “They’re lazy, corrupt and stupid?” “Yes.”

  21. I agree neither model, Brazil or Rhodesia, fits perfectly, but I believe there will be a series of migrations. Much as whites with sense are leaving California in numbers, whites will migrate, probably northwestward for many decades to escape vibrancy and black rule, even as far as Alaska. Different parts of the country will have different complexions. There may even be a political schisming at some point with Cascadia being born, but that’s probably too much to hope for. It will be this: Brazil with clumps of Haiti and clumps of Taiwan splattered across it.

  22. As bad as Detroit and Baltimore are, they would be far worse if they were not islands of dysfunction in a larger system sucking in resources from the surrounding society. Inner city ghettos would be a much different and worse places if not for welfare and food stamps and the same is true of the cities themselves.

    Even little league is too complex for the ascendant. Go to the park in one of these neighborhoods on a Saturday morning and instead of seeing various little league sports games and practice going on, you will see cars illegally parked in the park with illegal bbqs and blasting music. To them it is the “good life” and to us who witness it, it is the sad reminder of what has been lost.

    One thing I have always said is that if we lose, the consolation prize is that they will not inherit our countries. That by the time they are a large majority, whether Muslims in Europe or Mestizos and blacks in America, Europe will be a cold Arabia and America would be a cold Central America. That the things that make our countries the envy of the world would be long lost by the time they were fully in control and the vast majority of the population.

    In a very real way, we will be taking our toys with us.

    • Yup, scooping up all that magic dirt and taking it with us when we go. We are such selfish bastards…

  23. Last night I saw the premiere of HBO’s “Years and Years”, a near-future drama set in the U.K.

    A good, virtuous lefty will get sucked in, expecting the glorious poz to deliver a vigorous drubbing to the reprobate female Salvini/Trump figure.

    They know where this is going to go. That, or Zman’s elite subversion team is writing the script.

    A near perfect picture of the ascendent horrorshow, er, future.
    Minus the acid attacks, yet smarmy and sugary sweet vinegar.
    Highly recommended.

  24. “Those cultural and political institutions in the hands of the ascendant will be like handing out smart phones to the Sentinelese. In time, the inhabitants will look around and wonder about the gods who made the ruins in which they live.”

    It makes me think of India or Egypt, where you see today vestiges of British/western civilization among the brown natives. The buildings and something of the bureaucracy crafted by the Brits still linger, but are crumbling and dysfunctional, like the roads, factories and other infrastructure that the natives cannot properly maintain or operate. Our replacement population is heavily Latino, so when I see how folks live in Mexico or Central America, that’s the direction I see the U.S. taking. Throw in Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners, and Africans, all with non-Christian mindsets and what do you get? I think someone here commented that images from Blade Runner came to mind. Or maybe Mad Max, except with way more brown people and less desert.

  25. I agree we are slowly descending to Brazil, but it won’t be because we will not have enough smart people. A country of 40% whites can still maintain the institutions and living standards. Rhodesia was first world with a white population of 8%. Rather, our descent will be fueled by the ascent of low IQ political rulers who will outlaw the meritocracy needed to keep whites in charge of the institutions, and their desire to punish successful innovation out of existence.

    • Rhodesia was first world with a white population of 8%

      Rhodesia and South Africa stayed first world by governing their Black populations in a pragmatic manner for which the West no longer seems to have the stomach.

      Also: they ultimately crashed and burned, so their 8% truly wasn’t able to maintain a first world nation, was it?

      • “Also: they ultimately crashed and burned, so their 8% truly wasn’t able to maintain a first world nation, was it?” That is exactly my point. We could maintain it if allowed to, but alas we will not.

    • A population of 40% whites can’t maintain the institutions, birth the next generation , AND work hard enough to generate the funding to support a population of POC expecting their EBT cards to get refilled every month.

      Something has to break.

      With a political system so entrenched that it’s almost impossible to change except thru exceptional effort (pile that work on top of all the other work already mentioned) – and you’ve got the recipe for why nothing changes. Whites will work hard to support the institutions because they feel they still get something out of it. BUT – many of them (males especially because they’re not on the preferential list for gimmeedats) will just make the logical choice to bow out and stop working so hard.

      There’s plenty of indication that this is what is happening. Small business starts are down. Male participation in college is dropping. Plenty of circumstantial evidence out there that many white males are just opting to adopt of life of not participating in “the system” – thru whatever means are available to them.

      The Fed can only print so much money to keep this going. Sooner or later the funny money printing press will have real world repercussions.

      • Cal, it might be close. If one accepts the smart fraction of greater than 108 IQ, we are talking about what, 20%? Say in a future of 350M Americans and 60% POC, excluding POC, we’d have 35M Whites. Close.

    • Brazil may have a far simpler way forward than we do. They are essentially two countries, two people, north and south.

  26. I don’t fear the collapse, because

    1) I live in an area that collapsed a century ago and has never really recovered in many ways.
    2) For a bunch of dumb rednecks, we sure have a lot of skills. I know a bunch of guys who owned and worked for one of the local coal companies and to talk to them you wouldn’t peg them as smart, but they designed a whole new coal cleaning system — the coal we have around here is very high sulfur. They are all welders, machinists, mechanics, farmers, ranchers, truckers, heavy machinery operators, plumbers and electricians — often several of those things at once. I traded an old stock trailer yesterday for a generator to some people who live not far from me and I was discussing with them the stuff that needed to be done to get it in good shape for hauling horses. I asked, “Do any of you weld?” “Oh, yeah, that’s what he does for a living!” And I kind of felt dumb for asking, because of course everybody out here has someone in the immediate family who is a competent welder. My middle son is the one in my family.

    How many people do you suppose Sarah Jeong or Barack Obama know who can weld? What do you suppose they’ll do when shit starts breaking?

    I think I mentioned recently that my wife is a facilities manager in a frat house full of electrical engineering grad students, none of whom can wire a lightbulb. Soft, modern urban people aren’t serious people.

    ETA: When I think of this elite vs working class disconnect, I always think of Bruce Springsteen. He’s a coddled little Jewish kid from a decent suburban neighborhood who really never had to work hard in his life, but poses as this “working class hero.” I love how when he penned Born in the USA as a whiny anti-American, anti-war song, he was shocked and angered to find out that the real-life veterans he was portraying in the song didn’t actually hate America, and turned it into a pro-American anthem just by choosing to own it. Kind of like we do with Tomorrow Belongs to Me.

    • in spite of his jewish sounding name, Bruce! isn’t jewish. He went to catholic school.
      Also, Freehold is a crappy area of jersey. Too far away from NYC to be considered a suburb.The carpet and textile mills closed up in the early sixties, moved down to the (non-union) Carolinas before relocating again to central america starting in the early seventies.

      • I lived in Marlboro, right next to Freehold. Took guitar lessons in Freehold. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about if you think Freehold isn’t a nice area, especially at the time I lived there, which was when Springsteen was just getting big.

        Sorry, honest mistake on the religion — half the kids I grew up with there were Jewish. I assumed.

      • The Springsteen name is actually Dutch. I love his music, but his politics are awful. Most artists are incredibly naive about how things actually work. You just have to enjoy their art while ignoring their personal life. I think AOC is cute, even while realizing she is an idiot and her politics lead to the gulag.

        • Springsteen’s dad worked as a bus driver, millworker, and a prison guard. His mom was a secretary. I think he mostly played in bands when he was younger and worked very hard at that. I always thought of him as hard-working, and a friend of the working man. I think he’s an old-fashioned democrat, the type who’s for Joe Six-pack, and doesn’t realize his party has changed into Globohomo. Or maybe he’s now just substituting immigrants and gay folks for the Working Man. That’s probably what it is.

        • Ugh. I don’t even think AOC is cute.

          But an awful lot of men apparently do based on comments I see on numerous blogs.

          I remember Heartiste having a name for this:

          Male thirst

          And he would point out that until males stop allowing women to get away with their civilizational destroying behavior simply because they looked good enough to make those male peepees hard – the devolution would continue.

          • If that’s where the relativity comes from – you’re arguing that most men don’t know how to use a web browser to gain a different reference point.

          • You are failing to account for the phenomena of mental/visual categorization. Mentally, the subject is placed into a category based upon how you have learned about them. If someone says “Jennifer Aniston” most will mentally categorize her as “Actress (sub category spoiled bitch)” and immediately compare her to other women in her category in judging her, and most important, the other women with whom she is photographed/within eye view (usually other actresses of similar physical beauty ranking).

            When you mention AOC, most only know of her through the category bat-shit crazy female Democrat politician. Which conjures up a rather motley crew ranging from Pelosi to Fauxcahontas to Hildebeast to Tlaib even to Michael Obama (although technically not a politician) against all of whom she compares rather favorably in physical looks category (admittedly, not a high bar with that crew). In absolute terms, against actresses and supermodels. yes, she would probably be a 2 (maybe 3 if she keeps her mouth shut). But no one thinks of her that way, and in the category they place her she is well above. Put her next to Tulsi Gabbard and she drops considerably, although Tulsi is attractive even in absolute terms, and is not completely batshit crazy. Hence, why you rarely see AOC photographed near Tulsi, only near the Hideous Harpies. It is the same phenomena/strategy mediocre gals use when travelling in packs – if you are a 6, travel with 4s and 5s.

          • Hate to blackpill but the only way I see that happening is if the male population dips by about 40% leaving the survivors swamped in poon.

    • Bad fact error on Springsteen. But hey, most people just assume Joy Behar is Jewish too.

  27. The BSA Dysfunction Sundae

    Another example of how the changing demographics impact youth-serving organizations is the sad tale of the Boy Scouts. Put plainly, BSA ran because the white parents of the scouts participated in making the BSA possible. Minority-heavy packs/troops were always subsidized financially and volunteer-time-wise by the white parents. Even when the displacing population is high-functioning like, say, dot-indian paper citizens in technical fields, these high-functioning minorities just plain do not volunteer at the rate of the displaced whites. If htey want leadership positions, they will do the minumum to get that position.

    And the cherry on top of the BSA Dysfunction Sundae is BSA’s capitulation to globo-homo, letting the perverse pederast predators join and openly participate. This has driven off the Christians and ~Christians(a) who take their faith seriously and volunteer at rates even greater than the rate of undifferentiated whites. When my son finally gave BSA up for sports in 7th grade, we had seen the precipitous “slowly then fast” decline the last few years. The remaining white volunteers were just spread too thin and were overworked providing BSA programs for the sprogs of not-volunteering dusky masses.

    The whites left are of the following sort:
    1. (((White))) folks who are sure to gripe if the grubmaster includes kielbasa on the menu.
    2. Whites with spergy, socially-awkward kids who do not participate in athletics. The good parents go hand-in-hand with their spergy sprogs. The bad ones just drop off their bundles of near-autism for BSA volunteers to manage. Thanks, you guys are the best,
    3. The few remaining True Believers in the BSA, who labor under ever more onerous conditions.

    (a) IOW, mormons. Only demographic more socially conservative than the fundy Christians.

  28. The offspring of the ruling class will fare no better than the rest of us. We simply no longer have adults in charge. At some point, you’d think the ruling class would worry about their grandchildren, but they are oblivious to the consequences of their policies.

    There’s also another elephant in the room: we’re already broke. U.S. politics will get really interesting really fast when we get cut off from borrowing from abroad. Every dollar spent on a Guatemalan migrant’s healthcare will have to come from an American taxpayer.

  29. The collapse of complex societies is complicated. Glad we got that out of the way. Anyone for a trip to Belize, population 400,000, to see a Mayan temple from back when it had a population of 2,000,000? Never recovered.

  30. Once in a while I’ll take a peak at The Housing Bubble Blog, where the general consensus is that housing prices will crater soon. They were right about it pre-2007, and seem confident about it now. They talk about income/price ratios and other sound fundamental principles. But I never see talk over there about the effect of mass immigration. I’m thinking that appealing areas full of wealthy white people will see even more price appreciation as whites flee their rapidly diversifying communities in search of safe harbors, which will be like expensive white islands in a sea of dark.

  31. “That’s the nature of dark ages. Slowly, then suddenly the relatively high-IQ population is swapped out for a lesser population.”
    In the rhyming of history, is this the typical speed of change? It appears that our decline, being steady and “slow”, is dependent on a balance between an accepted erosion of lifestyle (personally) by the dissidents and that speed of the change of that lifestyle. That is, unlike previous civilizations (yes, school me please), the counter-force(us) to correction (well, something other than status quo) is well prepared, armed, and cognizant.

    Weighing the players in this drama suggests to me that passive acceptance of disorder / decay rapidly goes kinetic for us by some catalyst. I don’t believe we will lounge in the slowing boiling pot and not try to jump out. It’s too late for them to pretend the water temp is fine.

  32. Children picking up our bones
    Will never know that these were once
    As quick as foxes on the hill.

    And that in the autumn, when the grapes
    Made sharp air sharper by their smell,
    These had a being, breathing frost…

    ….We knew for long the mansion’s look,
    And what we said of it became
    A part of what it is…

    Children, weaving budded aureoles
    Will speak our speech and never know,
    Will say of the mansion that it seems

    As if he who lived there left behind
    A spirit storming in blank walls,
    A dirty house in a gutted world,

    A tatter of shadows, peaked to white,
    Smeared with the gold of the opulent sun.

    — Stevens, “A Postcard from the Volcano”

    • “Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”


    • tho’
      We are not now that strength which in old days
      Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
      One equal temper of heroic hearts,
      Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
      To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

  33. Outside the cities, organized sports is doing just fine. There are a few other white male things out there as well. Four wheeling, off road motorcycling, and fishing. Out at the end of the road, a recent bass tournament at a local lake was wall-to-wall fishermen, with a lot of kids. This was invite only, at a private, fenced lake, and there were a ton of people. Our thing ain’t over yet.

    • Youth participation in sports has been in decline for a decade. There has been a steady decline in the number of hunting and fishing licenses issued. While your little slice of heaven may seem like it is doing fine, that is not representative of the whole.

      Even in the darkest points of the dark ages, there were pockets of high culture and good living.

      • This pocket would be defined by most as “low culture”, but definitely “good living”. In fact, the wealthy people like to move in with their pozzed attitudes and ruin it, so keeping the local culture “low” has its advantages. Keeping these redoubts going is part of the game, as much as figuring out what to do about the rest of it.

      • I wonder if some of that is due to so many boys lacking a father.

        My dad hunted and fished and as I have no brothers, he bought me a .410 shotgun and took me fishing. I wimped out and couldn’t shoot Bambi by the time I was old enough to hunt. Found fishing boring, too. I do target shoot and run a women’s shooting group.

        I also wonder if that’s one reason why so many boys and young men don’t know what a screwdriver is for. In the old days, men routinely taught their sons how to do home and auto maintenance and repair.

        • You are talking about all sorts of survival skills, which are now considered beneath the interests of the “high” culture, which prefers to hire someone to get all of those things done. Having provider skills is simply “low” culture.

          • Much agree with Dutch, since my Texas nephews intro’d me to hunter culture. Damm near done kilt me.

            These are truly hard, capable men, tradesmen who ignore the politics.
            Prepping is a White sport- our people are getting ready to run.

            Dutch, keep up those sanctuaries, you’re gonna get a lot of help in the future. Man the walls!

          • I think that one reason is that with wives in the workforce, there’s less time to do home and auto chores. As recently as the 60s, wives would routinely do their chores during the day, leaving the husbands free to do theirs in the evening and weekends. Also, there still was a mindset of self-reliance and the idea that there were certain things that a man should know and do.

        • Ris, that’s problem #1.
          I suffer the same deficiency, we ‘lost’ Dad early; I’ve had to ask capable young men and women of any color where they get their skillsets.
          Near all of them soaked it up from the human chain of dads, mums, aunts, uncles, grans.

          It’s that human chain, those roots, that has been broken.

          (no fault of Mom or Dad, though, a strange story)

          • When I was a little girl, my mom taught me how to cook, sew, knit and embroider. I went to school to learn tap, ballet and piano, too. Just skills that a little girl at the time was expected to know. I hope that single mothers in my shooting group will introduce their children to shooting sports or, at least, not be afraid of firearms. Most of the members of my gun club are male.

      • On a related note, it’s interesting that we dominate women’s soccer. Do girls not play soccer in Europe? If so, might that be a GOOD thing? Is women’s team sports really a good thing to channel girls into?

        • Most team sports are pointless. Best sports for women would be dance, ice-skating, gymnastics, track and field, and aikido or judo for self-defense. Also some basic weightlifting is good too. The best looking women at my gym are hitting the squat rack unlike the cardio bunnies.

  34. All you need to do to point out the absurdity of the POC belief that they’re just going to replace whitey and take over a fully functioning system is to point your fingers towards any city where blacks have gained dominance of numbers in population and have then gained political control.

    Detroit is the obvious example. There are a number of others.

    You can also point them to a box set of “The Wire” on Amazon – and insert the comment ” this is what will happen when you’re running things”

    Hell – let’s turn the dial back even further and point to how American society has trended downward since we started letting in people who weren’t Anglo Saxon Protestants.

    There used to be significant resistance to Jews and Papists coming into the country. The Jews still whine about how “refugees” were turned away after getting out of Germany.

    If I had a time machine I’d go back and tell all those people who were opposed to the Catholics coming that they’re on the right track – and I’d bring the paperwork on how Catholic organizations take government money to help flood the country with third worlders to prove my point. I’m sure I could find some thug on the streets of NYC to dispose of Emma Lazarus – or rip that plaque off the Statue of Liberty if nobody wanted to go that far. Bringing along short biopics on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would probably be good motivational tools to have with me as I talked to my forebears about how they were definitely on the right track – and they should double down and not give in on their resistance to allowing in Catholics and Jews……………

  35. “The reason for the decline is that the audience is getting darker.”

    Z, I hear you Lima/Charlie. And agree, whether the context is cinema, sport, chemistry, or engineering, that much of the decline is due to a myriad of isms: pluralism, progressivism, multiculturalism. My lament, though, is the apparent dumbing-down of our very own tribe – white Americans. A couple years back I get a crazy wild-hair to give back to my community, so I taught upper-level HS algebra/trig in a private school – after one year I was done. On my way out the door I was advised – by the lily-white administration – that I was too stringent in requiring hi-performance in order to obtain A-grades. Students were all middle-class white kids, generally dumber than a rock, without adequate attention span to accomplish 3-minute algebra problems. When I contrast their performance with that of my own children, or my peer group from 40 years ago, it’s amazing if we whites think we have our shit together.

    That’s just one story, just a few data points. But the “Amusing Ourselves to Death” book of Neil Postman (now 40 yrs old?) captures my biggest peeve: white kids are devolving. I agree with the lament that demographics are killing us. But when I walk around my rural-America Wal-Mart and see what white Americans have to offer, I don’t see much beyond pharmaceutically-induced vacant stares, rampant obesity, malaise, and incivility. We’ve got work to do in this regard as well as resolving our immigrant issues.

    • We honkeys certainly have our own issues; having your identity stripped from you will do that.

      Still, if we took a Pareto Solution and corrected the primary driver of the problem, we’d resolve 80% of the issue.

        • @Meme
          Nope they weren’t but they were defeated because they couldn’t put their differences aside and band together long enough to defeat the white man… Should be a lesson to us but I think we get to be the Indians this time…

          • Lineman, I’m no expert here, but I have another view—equally bad—on the matter. The Indians *did* put their differences aside—but it was too gawd-damned late. They were a provincial bunch and had little knowledge of the hoard (White folk) coming into their territory from the East. Indeed, whenever possible, the great white father liked to bring the chiefs back to see Washington, DC. and discuss “peace”. The chiefs were amazed and disparaged at the same time. Every time they killed a horse soldier, 10 more replaced him.

            I see a not too dissimilar occurrence with Whites.

    • This dumbing down continues all the way through grad schools. College used to be for an elite 15% to 20% of the population. We are now approaching 70% of high school grads. The only way to sustain that is by dumbing down all of the standard subject areas and creating new academic disciplines.

      Universal education beyond some rudimentary level is itself a dumb idea.

      • I would bet the STEM percentage has remained about the same. The recent higher figures are comprised of waiters with silly degrees and high debt levels. Still supports your conclusion.

        • Grad level in STEM has more or less remained the same…but the undergrad level has suffered. Less so in the more math heavy disciplines.

          But white kids have been so brow-beaten by anti-white propaganda and seduced by degenerate ease that many no longer have the ambition or discipline to push themselves. If you don’t see much hope for your tribe and its future…

          • I somewhat disagree with you.

            The US White fertility bricked long before the migrant waves hit our shore. It’s been near to 50 years now of low fertility

            And note too even Hispanics have suffered fertility decline on a pretty massive scale , faster than Whites did.

            Modernity drains hope

            This would not be an issue without immigration but to stop that you have to stop cheap labor inc and virtue signaling Leftists

            Do that and reverse the flow some and you’ll get a Whiter nation

            What you won’t get though is a more natal one

            Our numbers are do for a correction and if it can happen by fewer babies instead of chaos, all the better.

      • There seems to be an awful lot of people who are book smart but reality stupid.

        But……… I also think a certain type of person seeks refuge in academia. They think that spending their entire life either in the cocoon of academia being an “educator” is a good way to spend their life without being an outright welfare recipient – or – they delusionally put off having to enter the “real” world by getting degree after degree.

        Many of them keep up this behavior all the way thru getting a PhD – and then find out that they’re qualified for being a college professor – or slinging burgers. The ranks of college professors are chock full (nobody gives up that gig if they have to) – so it’s off to the parent’s basement at age 35 because no burger joint is going to hire the obnoxious PhD graduate for $12 an hour either.

        What we’re dealing with is a bunch of people who went out and got a PhD in economics – and now can’t even figure out simple supply and demand


      • Blame computers and machines for that. Ideally people could start to become an adult at 14 or so and we’d have enough variety of jobs that most anyone willing to work, could work

        This hasn’t been the case since 1973 or so.

        There are also a ton of other things going on, immigration, malinvestment but in the long term unless people have stable work, stable families and adequate income, smarter people won’t have families

        We lack the social order to make this happen so our society implode.

        • It’s possible to make 98% of the population or so have basic skills like reading and well over half to speak multiple languages and have a workable grasp of the complexities of civic life at least among European folks

          Many Africans note speak several dialects , it’s not IQ

          Our society doesn’t do this as our educational system was only designed to dumb down the population so they could be used as by the factory state

          That’s perhaps a bit harsh but the US society was built for a time with more in common with the Middle Ages than modernity and its social structures and institutions are corrupt and rigidly unable to change in a useful way

          Also many people are done with all the formal schooling they can handle by 14-16 anyway and modern technology lowers the wage value of labor and puts a huge premium on higher IQ’s and similar abilities that exists only a small percentage of the population

          It’s a self destructive loop and since the machines don’t serve people very well , the society that creates them will fail either do to immigrant replacement by short sighted and greedy corporations or simple failure to maintain

          The only sad part is the very nicest stuff running water, electricity and effective medicine may go out as well.

          I suppose for more Doomer Dissident Right the goal ought to be getting rid the people that make niceties of society unworkable and getting back to basics

          This is fine with me so long as we had a conservative natal culture other than pollution control and medicine most of modernity past 1980 or so could fuck right off for all I care.

      • Yves, correct as usual. About 10-15% of the population—max—are intellectually equipped for a post secondary education. All others are wasting their time and our resources in obtaining their (phones) degrees.

  36. Wow. This is incredibly racist.

    I hope you guys know most people reject your ideology.

    The future is diverse and progressive and there is nothing you can do about it.

    • Just like Z said – the future is Dark.

      The future’s so dark, we’ll be living in shade.

    • I’ll bite. How did a good white like you, kevin- wander into a nest of bad whites like us? And yes we are acutely cognizant that many do not share our views heh heh ..

    • Some people can’t seem to tell the difference between going really fast – and being out of control.

      The idiot thinks “this Yugo just reached 200 mph – obviously we can go faster”.

      The sane person realizes you just drove the Yugo off a cliff…………..

    • You obviously turned right when you meant to turn left. Seriously Kev, (no offence pal) but we want to take your progressive future and smash it to pieces. At least I do.

      • The poster is tiny duck, td for short, who visits here under various names, for the purposes of entertainment. No point getting mad at him. Enjoy his minstrel show.

  37. I enjoy the emphasis on the fact that the change is gradual. Too many young people who are dissidents believe in a big collapse or event and that’s gonna save everything for whites, like a big reset button. It’s better to mature and prepare now for the future when we are young and obtain social and financial assets instead of being NEETS. Bake don’t microwave. Rome wasn’t built in a Day

    • This is an excellent point and one that took me a while to get. There’s still lots of others who think “Adjustment Day” is coming.

      The collapse is already well underway. We can pour sand in the gears or we can be crushed, Menshevik-style. I favor the former.

  38. I like the way you play on the multiple meanings of *Dark* Age in this post—eliding the ideas of ignorance and complexion, letting the negativity of the former infect the latter.

    It strikes me as an effective form of persuasion. Or at least a memorable meme. To have Americans hear “the coming Dark Age” and envision not medieval European peasantry but a 21st-century “Detroit on the Hudson” would be a useful goal to promote.

    • The original fall of Classical Civilization and the Dark Age in Europe was in good part due to the darkening of North Africa. The Arab invasion and take-over of the former Roman / Gothic Kingdoms in Africa caused all kinds of problems. Not only was trade lost, but North Africa became a giant pirate base that destroy all trade in the Med and helped create a general economic collapse.

  39. The self-inflicted blindness of the magic dirt people has always driven me crazy. You can point out something simple to them, like that everyone wants to emigrate to England or past or current colonies of England and then pose the question. What do these places have in common? They won’t answer. Their eyes glazed over, they get this little Mona Lisa smile on their face. Willful ignorance. It does make me think that Mona Lisa might have had some disdain for DaVinci

    • This is why I think of it like mental illness. The insane seem to know they are insane or at least suspect it. The same is true of the white liberals. At some level, they know race is real and racial differences are rooted in nature.

      • I just read The Arsonist in the Office which was entertaining and informative, quick read. He has 20 point list about whether or not your workplace is about to go up on flames because of the toxic person that’s sabotaging everything and if you take that 20-point list and apply it to the country, we’re about to burn.

        Search, Toxic Top 20 Pete Havel, to get the list

      • I think the mental illness model is useful, but i also believe we should invent a new aphorism: never posit mental illness where cowardice or careerism will suffice. I am suspicious that most of the madness we see is just white pussies being pussies or social climbers who see anti- white bigotry as a career ladder. Of course there is a lot of overlap between the two.

        • Michaeloh, agreed. And if one blames Boomers for cowardice, then you’ll get no argument from me. Seems there is a tendency to believe one can “ride the tiger” long enough to die in peace and prosperity. Shameful.

      • Z Man said: “At some level, they know race is real and racial differences are rooted in nature.” If your a race purist that’s perfectly fine with me. But for me, survival is actually the main point. The Hispanics and latinos are way closer to our side of the gene pool than they are to the tar babies. And the lefties have a hard time admitting that Trump got a lot of brown votes. Politics is a series of tradeoffs and the facts are clear. The descendants of the Anglo-Europiaen diaspora need all the help we can freaking get. If we could turn the tables on the Leftie/Liberals and use the brown tsunami in our favor, that would be sweet.

        • The enemy of my enemy is not a friend. He is just another player on the gameboard. I have no interest in making an alliance with Hispanics. Latin America is not the West, and a majority of them vote Democrat. Frankly they are a bigger longterm adversary than Black America ever could be.

        • Official Bologna Tester: So you want to fight a civil war . . . to live in Mexifornia? You’re as addled as SidVic. Your thinking is on par with the Negroes who don’t care that the immigrants push them out of jobs and are overtaking them politically, as long as it pisses off Whitey. Politics may well be a series of tradeoffs, but we aren’t talking politics here – we’re talking collapse and civil war. You may choose to trade away your theoretical main priority – White existence (obviously not a priority in your case or Sid’s) for imaginary allies. Others of us will not go quietly into that night.

        • Well. I can see that my pragmatic approach to working with team brown is simply a nonstarter here on the Zman.com. Ok. I would just like to remind everyone however, that real politique does not preclude betrayal once you have achieved your goals. I mean, what are friends for? @3g4me. said: “Official Bologna Tester: So you want to fight a civil war . . . to live in Mexifornia?” I didn’t say civil war now did I. If you had read more of my posts you would have seen me strongly advise against just that sort of thing. This is actually what i said “If we could turn the tables on the Leftie/Liberals and use the brown tsunami in our favor, that would be sweet.” The Last Stand said: ” Latin America is not the West, and a majority of them vote Democrat. Frankly they are a bigger longterm adversary than Black America ever could be.” We could debate just what constatutes western civilization all day. But the part about the brown folk voteing Democrat, your right. And that could be a good place to start thwarting the Leftie/Liberals plans for a super majority. It would take a lot of serious thought. But we all seem to have a lot of time for that. Oh and one last thing. 3g4me said: “Others of us will not go quietly into that night.” Really? You don’t want civil war, so how do you plan to stay out of the shade? “You will not go quietly.” So I guess there’s going to be a lot of noise involved. Well, good luck. 😀

          • For all the talk about “Western Civilization”, I doubt a handful of people here really know what it is. Perhaps we should just drop the WC pretense, and be more specific – Anglo-Saxon culture. This is a rather fundamental issue, because you need to know why/what you are striving for in order to get there. Anglo-Saxon culture was a bunch of druids dancing around stones until the Continental influence hit, so let’s be sure we know what’s what. So are we talking pre- or post- Continental AS culture? ca. 500 A.D., 1000 A.D., 1500 A.D., post Renaissance?

            I get it’s a big topic in scope, but it’s also a big topic in importance. WTF is it we want?

    • Willful ignorance

      They don’t care if they’ll live in slums, as long as they take whitey down with them. That’s what the Mona Lisa-smile is about: anticipation of The Great Chimpout, when they rise up and tear down Whiteworld in an orgy of violence and plunder, and they smile because you’re not in on the joke.

      Just look at South Africa: some of those dudes would happily see their whole family starve to death if only they get to kill whitey.

      • Good point. For a long time Blacks have held the position of superior brinkmanship in the great Gibs Game of Chicken. Their petulance was always indulged because Whites had too much to lose if the chimping out got out of hand.
        Yet this is changing as blackpilling is raising levels of outcome indifference among Whites.
        We can increasingly envisage a juncture where things have deteriorated to such an extent that there remains little worth preserving. Imagine a situation wherein the thirst for justice and/or retribution leads Whites to relinquish their ingrained sense of benevolent stewardship and take up righteous nihilism instead.
        I wonder if Blacks would feel themselves grow a sense of self preservation if push came to shove, or if cause-and-effect will always elude them.

      • Blacks wanting to kill whitey are understandable given the rage at their perpetual underperformance. White liberals who think they can keep surfing the brown tide are less so.

  40. In our nearby small town, the ball fields are packed every night with baseball and softball leagues for young kids. All of the players and parents are white and it is a huge deal. It reminds me of life as a young Gen X kid growing up. Get closer to a large city and this changes rapidly. The ball diamonds are empty. The level of community trust is gone. Who wants to get involved in a sports league with people who have zero self-control and respond with violence to the slightest provocation?

    • All American professional baseball players are white now; typically from SWPL places like Orange County or Scottsdale.

      The “diverse” ones hail from Latin America.

      • Heh. “I’m going to Disneyland” means “I’m going back to jail”.
        And Disneyland was certainly in the news here in L.A.!

        Celebrating Family is what Disney does!

    • All this Little League baseball teams, junior football and soccer leagues require thousands of unpaid mom and dad volunteers in order to work. The diverse folks in the vibrant areas don’t volunteer for anything and will complain that the white people get everything. Even running junior athletic leagues requires human capital.

    • I’m in Appalachia. I see alot of mestizos at my girls soccer games. I like them and end hanging out with them most times. Look up Roy Benavidez. Aztec blood is tiger blood. I’m hoping that the bad whites can get together with the good mestizo and hold this thing together. The good whites are our most formidable enemy. (((the others))) will fold like a cheap suit if push comes to shove.

      • You think your beloved Aztecs with tiger blood will be good for white people as we go forward? I imagine most Aztecs will look out for team Aztec, to the detriment of whites. Remember, it’s all non-whites versus whites. Also remember to ask: Is it good for white people?

        • If we going tribal route, nothing wrong with getting allies. Mestizos have, by definition, gradations of white blood. They mix well with whites. Many openly despise blacks, and are hard hard core. Plus, they will fight, unlike our good and most bad whites.

          • Well, maybe just skip fighting and simply join team Aztec, because you’re adding yourself to Latino culture and peoples, and shrinking team White. It may be inevitable anyway if we remain in this part of the world where whites are quickly becoming minority.

          • Must agree with you Sid. Latinos indeed have a different culture, language and skin tone for Anglos, but they are light-years more advanced (and advance-able) than the typical denizen of an African society, whether in Haiti or Baltimore.

          • Our side struggles with identity issues. Allies should be welcome, especially Mestizos, who are here in large numbers and not slackers/chumps. We have to be careful that we recognize that eventually they get their space and we get ours. We can’t pretend they’ll assimilate unless we completely intermarry (which means we meet halfway) or that we can share a country. Too many boomertards would take an alliance to be more than what it is.

          • Sid, I somewhat agree with you wrt Mestizos—but there are Mestizos and there are Mestizos—if you get my drift (and Ursula’s). I’ve seen the current crop of SA “migrants” in captivity and in the field. They are nice enough, but they are not first world material and have no reasonable chance of success over here. Rather, they—and their offspring—will never be more than tax consumers and incapable of maintaining the society they have invaded.

            Ironically, a few years ago, we were all excited wrt IA’s of Mexican nationality. Well, they are not coming—at least they are not the majority of the (new) invaders. And the former crop of MX illegals were vastly superior to the current stock of South Americans illegals. Be careful what you wish for. 😉

          • SidVic: You’re a f*&king headcase. First of all, there aren’t that many Mestizos in real Appalachia, at least not the parts I’ve been to or where my friends are from. Second, this will be a war of all against all – why you think Whites need an alliance with those who want to replace them reveals you’re short of a full load. Finally, if you think you’ll be welcomed with open arms in Aztlan, by all means, please go and declare yourself their bro. That you aspire to miscegenate with those whose ancestors were slaves to the Aztecs and afraid of the Commanche (they needed White guys to fight them) says a great deal about your character.

          • A few posts ago Z-man brought up the talented tenth issue. IIRC, he viewed it as a case by case basis, with which I agree. No point making enemies where there are none.

      • The ruling class in Latin America is all Criollo/Castizo Whites. More “white supremacy” there than anywhere North of the Rio Grande.

      • Found the guy who bangs his 16 year-old Hispanic babysitter. Does your wife know?

      • The article is entirely predictable.

        Of course you would expect the LA Times to not say a damn word about the race of those involved in the chimp out, but the comments are equally pathetic and cucked.

        “How come security wasn’t there sooner?”

        “Will CPS be involved?”

        “Why were so many people just watching or recording it on their cellphones?”

        As if those questions address the REAL problem here.

        • Ethan van Sciver did a hilarious frame-by-frame Zapruder treatment of the brawl, giving names to all the participants:


          One thing I noticed, watching the video, was that the crowd there was 90% white, and it took just this tiny knot of negro idiots to stink up the whole place and ruin everyone’s holiday. Disneyland now has a reputation as a place where pavement apes can tantrum with impunity – like Baltimore, space was provided for those “who wish to destroy” and security stood back and didn’t interfere. This will have an effect: whites will start avoiding the place, and it will be turned over to the dusky retards.

    • Yes, true very temporarily. That is why they are making sure to drop them off in every square corner of the country.

  41. You’ve correctly identified the key trends in our current glide slope to the bottom, now keep going and complete the prediction. The parasites eventually overwhelm the host and things get real bad real quick. Then comes tyranny as a natural response to the chaos, followed by the rise of militia-based opposition. Then the elites attempt to pit LEOs against Patriots (Green on Blue) in order to decimate both camps and eliminate the Alphas. Then it’s time for jackboot thugs, detention camps, and genocide; but it doesn’t have to go that way. The fish rots from the head, that is where the cure lies.

    • I am hoping that chaos in the cities will occupy the LEOs. Globohomo corporations have a lot of valuable property in urban areas and when the diversity crowds run out of liquor stores and pawns shops to loot, they will turn on corporate office buildings.

      If Trump were serious about re-election, he would order the Feds to dump surplus arms and ammunition, along with as much malt liquor as they could round up, on every street corner in American cities on a Friday night, give the cops the weekend off, and then clean up the ashes on Monday morning. Problem solved.

      • Yes, the urban areas will be where the chaos originates and explodes first (and those LEOs will evaporate quickly). The militia opposition will largely arise in the rural areas and the Feds will place informants and undercover agents in all of these groups (sometimes even the majority of participants will be Fed).

        • A place to watch is Baltimore. It is a city ringed by a dense inner suburb. Some parts gentrified, but that stalled and seems to be regressing. They are building luxury high rises in the harbor area, but the gentrified neighborhoods are un-gentrifying. In the south east, they are trying spawn a hipsterville around the new Amazon facility. The trouble is, the tax base cannot support the infrastructure. The water system probably needs a billion dollars over the next decade, but the city does not have the money.

          A glimpse of the future was a collapse of the water system in a part of the city. The residents were without water for a long time and never really got their water fully back on. They have low pressure water now. The city replaced all of the toilets with low-flow models as a workaround. In other words, there was a tremor, a fall back to primitive state, then a slight recovery to something less than before the tremor.

          This is what I think we start seeing everywhere in all sorts of ways. There will be no moment when everything stops like a Hollywood apocalypse story. In fits and starts, we moved backward. Street maintenance slows and eventually no one remembers there being street maintenance. Water systems fail and workarounds are managed, but eventually it just seems normal for parts of old urban areas to not have running water.

          • “Some parts gentrified, but that stalled and seems to be regressing. They are building luxury high rises in the harbor area, but the gentrified neighborhoods are un-gentrifying.”

            Africa wins again!

          • Water systems fail and workarounds are managed, but eventually it just seems normal for parts of old urban areas to not have running water.
            Yep they will have one location where you have to bring your jugs to fill up, then it will be rationed out when that well starts drying up and no one will have the smarts to dig a new one, it will be Africa because all that’s left is Africans…

          • They won’t make it either. And note that a lot of areas even very White ones will be getting it bad,

            The Ogallala aquifer is running dry and it serves the midwest for most of its water

            Another charming example, no one’s fault here is that unless there are a great many years of good snowpack , Lake Mead which serves well the Hoover Dam among other things will run so low that the dam will have to be shut off.

            We got a one year reprieve do to hella good snowpack but we can’t count on that.

            Rationing will help ut the quality of life will decline and gradually I suspect so will the population baring Democrats bringing in a hundred million African Migrants for revenge or something

            That said if the Right doesn’t want to live in a shit society that had better figure out how to organize something better

            Half our best fighters want to shoot a few commies than run home and that is not going to cut it

            You break it, you own it.

            And yes infiltration is a problem , we all get that. There are plenty of ways to make sure you are not infiltrated.

            Hell a couple of years ago the Chinese or somebody leaked the entire US security clearance database, every single person who has the most petty security clearance and every crime and pediculo .

            Our institutions clearly as as leaky as sieve

            This isn’t a militia blog so I’m not going into speculation on hows and whys but all sorts of spy shit can be done and has been done.

            If you are serious about being the resistance, than learn something about resisting.

            Hell the Left with its monkeywrenching is better at that than we are

            We can outfight them are physically better and have a sane ideology but they are patient, determined and craftier, much better suited for clever sneaky stuff

            It’s a hell of a skills gap the Right better overcome, stand up fights get you droned

            You knowing Intel lets you drone him.

            with that kind of skills gap and in an environment in which the crash may never come and you AR is a paperweight having intelligence skills is life or death

          • As I mentioned above, this situation is now the norm in Johannesburg, SA. As was the case in merry old London 200 year ago, there is a tap in the heart of the city where the residents now fill their water jugs. A few miles down the road, those those SA’s—villagers—still need to fill their jugs at the nearest stream. Ah, progress.

          • Z Man said: “This is what I think we start seeing everywhere in all sorts of ways. There will be no moment when everything stops like a Hollywood apocalypse story. In fits and starts, we moved backward.” Without a doubt, over time I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more of that happening. Everything the Mau Mau’s touch turns to crap. But the laws of nature and other social factors have to be considerd as well. A guy named Joseph Tainter wrote a book back in the 1980s called “The collapse of complex societies.” It deals mainly with the technical aspects of running a civilization. Here’s one of his lectures on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0R09YzyuCI Here’s some vids about Sr. John Glubb and his book “Fate of Empires.” https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=glubb+fate+of+empires

          • One thing to notice about Tainter’s approach to the process of collapse is that early on in the lecture he defines complexity as involving diversity in functional components of society being coordinated by a level of behavioral control. That a functional harmony must exist between the level of societal diversity and the level of regulation and control appropriate to that society. He then proceeds to leave this concept in its entirety and concentrate solely on the interrelationships between energy use and societal evolution and diminishing returns on innovation. While this might have been an acceptable way to go about this in 2012, he allowed the concerns of the day to dominate his concentration and discussion while ignoring a whole section of the theoretical basis of his approach to the problem.

            IOW, he never discusses the relative costs of regulation of society and alternative ways of doing so, which might mitigate some of his acknowledged increased costs of increasing complexity in attempting to solve societal problems. At the end of his lecture he spends a brief moment telling us that he took an early retirement from a government position because of a problem solution in which all the benefits of the solution accrued to the upper levels of management, and then goes on to talk about how other sectors of life must cede resources to the research and development sector in order for society to innovate and survive despite the horrendous diminishing returns he has already discussed in patents per scientist. He sees his own problem, but is incapable of interpreting that into an observation of others who might experience similar circumstances. This is an autistic level of inability to empathize. No understanding of human nature whatsoever.

            He’s a smart guy, but he can’t see the forest for the trees.

          • I recall reading articles about the financial collapse of the Baltimore water system because so many residents were in default on their water bills. IIRC the NAACP sued in an attempt to prevent the water authority from cutting off service for failure to pay, and wanted the county and/or state to subsidize water service for Baltimore. Was any of that resolved?

          • I have a water tank, installed by a farmer, instead of my dried up well now. I call the water truck to deliver, $150 for 2500 gallons.

          • What are you going to do when you can’t call the water truck?
            Hope you have a backup plan…

          • What you’re referring to in the slow degradation of services – and the papering over and acceptance of it – seems to be a philosophical issue.

            There are a lot of areas of life where people engage in this type of behavior. They don’t put importance on pipes buried in the ground and other things they can’t see – the put too much emphasis on appearance.

            They’ll bondo over the rust holes in their car and give it a nice paint job and keep the interior detailed – rather than actually fixing the rust and making sure the underlying mechanicals are functioning correctly. You see this a lot in ghetto areas – where they drive 20 year old “luxury” cars that have all sorts of gold trim and fancy rims bolted on to them – but then you’ll see them sitting by the side of the road with a wheel off in the woods because they never changed the wheel bearings.

            An awful lot of people over the last twenty years or so have bought mcmansion type houses – purely on the aesthetics of size and their tacked-on architectural features. The reality of a lot of these houses is that they’re big pieces of junk. Built with shoddy materials and with internal mechanicals that fall apart in short order.

            Many engineers I know have had their impulse to get all the bugs out of the internal architecture on the products they work on stymied by product managers and marketing, who prefer to put looks over substance.

            And I’ve been to Baltimore – once – when the wife took a wrong turn off the highway. Not sure what part of the city it was – all I remember was that we pulled over into an abandoned gas station so we could switch seats (she was looking around and getting a little panicked). Driving thru there was some of the worst roads I’d ever seen. Potholed and just generally so screwed up they looked they had been thru an earthquake and a bombing by the 8th Air Force. We finally got onto a main street so I could look for highway signs – and went thru an area where everybody seemed to be sitting on their front steps – in the middle of the day… on a weekday.

            It would not surprise me in the least if any buried utilities in that area were simply destroyed. Dumping a bunch of 500 pound bombs on it will tend to do that.

          • Yes, we are on a slow decline in the areas that are not self-supporting (more parasites than productive people). But there will likely be a fast collapse when a trigger point is reached. For example, most public pensions are extremely underfunded and cannot possibly meet the obligations incurred (see for example California and Illinois). Increasing taxes will not solve this problem, as that just makes things worse.

          • TomA, watch for the cascade of events. We had a taste of that in 2008, where seemingly disconnected things were actually related, and a flight from one thing immediately led to issues in other areas. That is the danger of complexity, and of making everything into a supply-demand market. Kind of a real world blue screen of death effect, often initiated when supply ramps and demand subsides. That’s what market based economies do, and one version of it is the “Minsky moment”.

          • Don’t forget about Los Angeles(along with SF, Portland and Seattle) with it’s exploding homeless population that is bringing in diseases long since banished in the West. Typhus, Typhoid, Hep, Measles and soon Bubonic Plague.

            It’s streets look like what you see in 3rd world shit holes.

            The whole West Coast is one bad stock market decline away from collapse.

          • @Rod
            The whole West Coast is one bad stock market decline away from collapse.
            Make sure you aren’t there when it does Brother…

          • There’s a political aspect to this too. Part of what little remaining value the Republicans have has always been in coming in after the Democrats have ruined a place and cleaning it up – a bit. You might call it Giulianification. I remember a few years back when the state of Michigan was appointing “emergency managers” for certain towns that were quickly turning into Zimbabwe with snow. The Lefties shrieked online about how these people were little Hitlers and how the evil Repubs would soon be putting people in camps, etc… I suspect many of those white liberals, after closing their laptops, quietly voted for those little Hitlers though. The problem is that these interludes of law and order where the graffiti is erased, the feces are removed from the streets, the water systems are fixed, and the electricity is turned back on, are the actions of the remaining white population in a place.

            I think we can even make an equation here. HSWPL + HA >= 50%. So you need there to be enough heritage Americans (HA) and enough hypocritical SWPLs (HSWPL) to get a (brief) majority for some kind of milquetoast Republican to take over, clean up the messes, and mostly restore order, though as Z points out, never quite as well as before. The problem is that the white libs quickly revert to voting for a fresh wave of destruction and the HA population is not enough to keep it from happening. The long term trend is also that this equation will simply not be fulfilled after a certain point in many places – ever. There will be not be interludes of order and prosperity.

      • You don’t even need the Feds to get involved to make the ghetto burn.

        You just need a small smash and run crew of white guys to go “wilding” in the inner city. Run in – prominently beat the hell out of a few of the residents – and get the hell out.

        Then dump the video somewhere on the interwebs where it can’t be traced – and troll a few Twitter feeds with links to the video.

        The ghettos will burn as they all go apeshit because whitey is attacking them.

        If the white guys NEVER get caught – so much the better. Because it will completely play into the fears that all of whiteydom is out to get us!

    • No, it will be 4th generation warfare. State militaries have trouble beating a bunch of goat herders with AK 47’s, IED’s and RPG’s. Keep in mind they are fighting this war with secure logistics, impregnable bases, and an untouchable rear area. They have complete supremacy in air, armor, and cyber all while spending 10’s of thousands of dollars and needing 10 pogs to support a grunt.

      They will be faced with an opposition of high IQ white men, more numerous, better armed and trained than the goat herders. Even worse, their opposition knows the enemy playbook by virtue of having utilized it when fighting for the state.

      It gets worse. There will be no secure rear areas. This will greatly affect local support for the state along with the ability to maintain advantages in air, armor, and cyber. Our enemies will be tripped up by their own ideology. By virtue of who they are, they will be led by a bunch of female and POC officers.

      • Other challenges:

        1. The taxes will stop. Who would fight for ‘Murica if the check bounces?
        2. The giant toppling will be too tempting for outside parties, who will also swoop in to take what they can.
        3. Much harder (for all sides) to tell friend from foe.
        4. Very high maintenance economic, political and physical infrastructure – who will keep it going?

        But I am sure Team Diversity has war-gamed this all out.

        • 1. The taxes will stop. Who would fight for ‘Murica if the check bounces?

          They’ll keep printing money at the same rate they do now, and borrow from the Fed twice as fast. And they’ll lie their asses off about the tax revenue numbers.

          What the government takes in and what it spends haven’t had a lot to do with each other for a long time now.

          • They’ll keep printing money

            That works for now because the USD is the world reserve currency. It is the reserve currency because (1) we can back it by force, and (2) bad as it is, our economy is still the best bet in town because of relative political stability and market integrity. If we get to the point of 4thG warfare on our shores, the likelihood of remaining the reserve currency diminishes in proportion to our loss of capacity to enforce it through violence, and our inability to stabilize our own economic, political and physical infrastructure. Kind of hard to maintain the integrity (or the belief of integrity) in our systems when all is up in flames. There are reasons the USD is the world reserve currency, the yuan and ruble are potential rivals, but the Argentinean peso is not.

            Personally, I am in the camp that believes this will be a slow paced degradation rather than a rapid collapse (relatively), but black swans do happen.

      • Are we really better than the Afghans? Those goat fuckers live in worse condition then our SERE schools. Their everyday is our apocalyptic fiction. I doubt most of the people on this site could live without power for over 30 days. What infrastructure could you possibly bomb to make an Afghans life worse? The local well? Now compare all the little ways US drone operators could grind your life to a halt from his base in Hawaii.

        Do not kid yourself about what is to come.

        • Point taken but consider this. A state military is even more dependent on modern infrastructure than insurgents. Destroy it and you also lose even more loyalty from the civilian population.

          As for drone operators, they have families in the United States. Even if they based them and their families in Hawaii, you have all the eggs in a basket dependent on a constant logistics stream and will have opportunities accordingly. It will be hard and bloody, but our side would have a decent shot.

          • At the very least large swaths of rural america could become no-go zones. My thoughts keep returning to those two beltway snipers that shut down DC for months.

          • And instead of just two, imagine several thousand such individuals operating all at once all over the country.

        • All the drone operators and LEOs are white. Even white liberals, who are actually quite racist, might red pill when it’s their ox getting gored. What’s left of the opposition will be the equivalent IQ level of the Disney guy swinging his fists.

      • Not worried about the state militaries, but the paramilitaries.

        Uncle Sam is bringing his Contras, MS-13, here for a reason.

      • All true enough but bear in mind one important distinction: they can savagely kill white men with impunity. Whereas actually TWERPing goat herders means a war crimes trial and 20 years in prison.

        • Everyone on this site can be othered as a white supremacist in an instant. The cops would gladly kick down our doors right now becuase all they will be told is that we are tattooed up NAZI straight out of American history X.

          And I’m not even talking about the ideological buddies of the people who committed the Holodomor, the Great Leap Forward and communism’s other great hits. The average progressive will happily slaughter you and your family and no JAG officer is going to care.

          Every modern civil war has engaged in an atrocity arms race to the bottom.

          • Very true. The rules of engagement would be very different against any group or militia that was white. I think there’d be no rules of engagement. Just all the slaughter, genocide, and violence the Left has been pretending to be afraid of from us. We’d still have a shot, but the Left has already expressed interest in using nukes against us.

          • Very true.

            That’s why you had damn well better prepare yourself to atrocity your way to the top of the pile.

          • This is quite true and why we should all work to try to avoid it.

            Also with the severe skills lack out there, if things go hot probably everyone who knows anything about running water , sewer or power facilities will flee or die

          • I’ve actually lived this nightmare and it is exactly as you described. Being at ground zero in DC the tolerance for red pilled whitey is approximately zero. One brown guy with a bone to pick was able to spin enough lies to get a SWAT team to nearly murder me in my bed. My life has never recovered since that incident.

            This can and will start happening with increasing frequency to any who dare speak out. Every guy with a machinegun on my property uninvited was white. I was made to look like some Dylan Roof knockoff when I was an upper middle class pretty normal guy. This is how the game is played. Had things gone even more sporty and we’d have gotten into a gun battle the news would have shown me as the horrible person portrayed by a charging document filled with lies and half-truths.

            The police are not your friend in any way shape or form.

          • See my above comment to you on Community it not only will help our young but it would keep those things from happening to you as well…

          • I have no intention of minimizing the undeserved horror our government put you through. However, you are effectively living in enemy territory with no local sympathy.

            On the flipside, as the Bundy Ranch proved, even if they try to tar you with the word “racist”, as long as you have local sympathy and a few buddies willing to back you up, you can stand up to corrupt bureaucrats.

          • Ahhh the Bundy Ranch…Feds didn’t realize how close they came to knocking on death’s door that day and that’s all I will say about that…

      • The Last Stand said: “State militaries have trouble beating a bunch of goat herders with AK 47’s, IED’s and RPG’s.” The hubris of Empire is a feature not a glitch. The West has been trying to tame the middle east for centuries. Not gonna happen. The whole freaking world will be banging it’s head against that wall till Doomsday.

    • I agree with most of what you said – except for the fish head part.

      The truth of this is that a significant portion of the “public” just simply refuses to think this shit out – or has, and agrees with it.

      There is also a significant female factor here – which is something that people like Heartiste and MGTOWs on Youtube have talked about.

      The average American male just simply refuses to keep the females around him under control – and in many cases actively feeds the lunacy in hopes of getting a little action.

      The “public” mostly just goes along – to get along. It’s the same in most organizations that I have been involved in. It’s especially prevalent in times of plenty, and that is because there is no reason for discipline.

      In my experience the only exceptions are in organizations where there are significant penalties for failure. In those situations people feel the hot breath of pain breathing down their neck – and act as if things really matter.

      We’re currently in a situation where nobody thinks anything really matters.

      I keep saying this : what needs to happen is some more strategic death. What I mean by that is some young mother AND her kids – get slaughtered loudly and proudly by some immigrant type. Then the usual suspects on the POC side need to come out in support of whomever committed the slaughter.

      The last piece of the puzzle is that the white males need to take that black pill and shove it down the throat of all females that they know.

      Trump got a “strategic death” when Kate Steinle got killed in broad daylight – AFTER had talked about how illegals were criminals.

      Most of that effect has been beaten back though and it’s almost thoroughly gone now.

      • There are plenty of examples, but they are not getting through. Or back to your original point, people don’t think it matters.

      • Average, decent white people have been getting killed on a daily basis in this country by POC since the late 60’s, sometimes in genuinely shocking ways, and the mass of white sheep simply don’t care.
        Counting on some kind of mass awakening is a dead end, AFAIC.
        Better to prepare oneself and one’s family than assume some great awakening will finally turn the tide.

        • The numbers are fairly small and many of people killed were involved in things that put them at risk

          No one in either community (White or Decent Black) cares if someone marries a thug of another race and ends up dead.

          Same with drug dealers and the lot .You play, you pay.

          Hell that Utah girl killed by an African mirant was out looking for a sugar daddy and maybe something exotic

          Innocent people do get killed but this is rare enough not be an issue for most

          Also the awakening idea is stupid. Awaken to what exactly. Civil war, mass murder, genocide ? What exactly do you expect Joe Sixpack to do?

          Join the 101st retard militia and what ?

          No one is going to overthrow anything unless they can be very certain life will get much better.

          No one can even suggest that much less promise it so Joe Sixpack might as well stay home

  42. Yet Rhodesia existed. South Africa existed.

    They really don’t want people remembering that.

    South African Apartheid ended in 1994, 25 years ago. Anyone younger than about 35 has, effectively, no memory of South Africa as it was, and it is never discussed in a positive light in modern media. People like AOC and her age cohort.

    It’s been much longer for Rhodesia. It ended in 1979, 40 years ago. You probably have to be older than 50 to have any real recollection of a time before Zimbabwe, and, again, there are no positive references to Rhodesia in the media, if there are any at all. they can’t avoid the fact that Zimbabwe is a basket case, but they sure do avoid mentioning its predecessor and the fact that it was a much better place for Blacks to live than Zimbabwe. The last time I recall the name being used was the little puke who shot up the Black church in Charlottesville used the handle “The Last Rhodesian” on some message board or other — effectively helping the media to tie connotations of “Rhodesia” to “murderous racist.”

    • To your point, no one under 25 rememberers America being an even semi-functional country. Their only point of reference is this twisted abomination called ‘Murica!

      • I think that’s why you see such anger from gen x and early millenials. We saw the destruction of our culture during our formative years. Some of the anger is misdirected and used by the poz, but a lot of it brings folks to the dissident right.

        • Right. If you came of age in the 1980s you know where we are vs where we were – and this where we could be. But what if you were born in 1993? This is why the commies say they only need one generation to do their dirty work. If you asked me in 1991, amidst the utter defeat of communism, well known by every American to be the scourge of humanity, if America would be seriously threatened by a communist revolution in 28 years, I would have laughed.

          • Yes, but we forget that leftist revolution has a biological aspect. It’s why lefty is always trying to control the immigration dialogue.

        • Yes.

          But it was never THE_RIGHT_TIME.fed.gov

          As usual you’ve been sold lies. Won’t say we, I’ve stopped believing them.
          That one at least.

      • One of the things I remember about the 70s was the graffiti. There was graffiti everywhere. The Boomers physically destroyed everything in sight. Every store front was covered in graffiti. Every mail box, every stop sign, every train car and every public building. Even people’s garages were unsafe from the spray can. I remember traveling on the elevated line and the tops of the buildings were covered in graffiti.
        It took years to get rid of it all. In my city they started really cracking down on it and anyone caught would get, as part of their sentence, community service where they would have to power-wash and paint over graffiti.
        I have noticed that it is coming back.

        • Graffiti is an “art form” now hadn’t you heard?

          Also, never forget who controls the Arts

        • “The Boomers…”????

          What are you, insane?

          It was groids and spics……and where I live, the cholos.

          Wassamatter with you?

          • Jay, absolutely correct. Grew up in NYC. It was never a White Boomer thing. Even today in another “vibrant” city (where I live) it is the same—except they call it an aspect of cultural diversity and was (old Boomer Whites) are told to celebrate it.

          • Norman Mailer published a book glorifying graffiti, in the early 1970s. Since he was the darling of NY’s elites, the idea of graffiti as Art took hold. Every visible surface of public space was a target for graffiti.

          • Good old Normal Mailer. Remember when he lobbied to get convicted murderer Jack Henry Abbott out of prison…and then Abbott killed again and went back to prison? No one ever held Mailer responsible for the death he caused with his big-mouth political meddling. Nor does this come up much when prison reform is discussed.

          • What age bracket do you think they were in? Also, there were a lot of whites doing it too.

        • Graffiti is making a comeback in downtown Chicago. I see it everywhere including the bridges, building fronts, riverfront facades, and CTA stations. The police do not bother. Chicago is set to become Baltimore except we have abundant potable water easily accessible to all provided the gangs are not permitted to control our lake entries. My household survival plan includes my wife laying down suppressive fire over a swath while I hightail it to the waterfront with an impressive water collection/filtration device in under 15 minutes. She’s a surprisingly good shot but the truth is I rather doubt I can count on her to murder in my defense. We have a female problem in the US.

          • Tragedy in the making. She’s my wife, a Harvard prodigy, and I’ll probably die for her once SHTF. A smart and very pretty girl from a challenged Irish Catholic background. My nominal family is largely composed of demonstrable engineering/science/medica/mathematicall geniuses and I test well and perform well economically.

            No kids.

            So enjoy your laughter. When I am drunk, I laugh at my situation too and also how I bought into the ‘your’re too smart for the military and trades’ nonsense. My cousin is a global touring drummer living in LA married to a gorgeous film producer and they never had kids, wither, and he is by trade a wealthy plumber in the Torrance area of SoCall (where I used to live). None of my family, practically-speaking, has reproduced, we were all too busy inventing and making shit until it was too late. Consider what I recently posted about my 40-yo female cousin who is upper echelon Leo Burnett and similar. I’ll leave Lincoln Labs, JPL and the Apollo moon launch computer memory “woven” development out of consideration.

    • South Africa is a powerful case for how the globohomo creates a natrative from thin air.

      Having grown up in the saint Mandela era myself I learned all about how all the racist whites were keeping the magic dirt for themselves. I knew to ‘end apartheid’ even though they never really taught me what it was.

      But I never actually saw S.A.

      I’m in my 40’s and have several friends who do not ‘remember’ that the United States was 88% white for most of our childhood.

      Memories are living things. They can be allowed to flourish or they can be killed.

      Our memories were gaslighted into the righteousness of accepting our own dispossession.

      Being gen x, while I was on the front edge of the revisionist razor of progress, I was not subjected to the full amputation of history. So that phantom limb of my past still tingles with actual lived memories on occasion.

      But still, many of my cohort lived the truth that has been turned into the brown inevitability, among other lies. Yet they are a good chunk of the prog goodwhites who are ushering in the coming dark age. True believers. Also quite wealthy. But I’m sure that has nothing to do with it.

      If actual lived memory can’t hold space against the globohomo mind virus, the younger generations are going to need something more visceral to grind the facade away.

      Luckily they will likely get it good and hard. The question is what they will be willing to do, if anything, in response.

      Many argue that the gen z are already getting the wokeslap. I am less confident. But perhaps there is something to be said for not having the experience and thus the nostalgia to distract from carving a new world from the dusky landscape.

      • Well said. I am more optimistic about Gen Z, but the wokeslap they are getting is somewhat offset by their willingness to plug into the matrix. My Gen Z sons are red pilled, but are perfectly fine with the NSA and big tech collecting every bit of data they have ever generated on their phones, because they “haven’t done anything wrong.” I had to explain that if they want to punish you for thinking incorrect thoughts, right and wrong won’t matter.

        • Privacy is the most insidious Enlightenment meme. The truth is that open religions gain no benefit from it, but secret cults that work in the shadows demand it.

          Reactionaries should embrace the traditional respect for inquisition and get as many supporters in the 3 letter agencies as possible.

          • Sort of like everyone being in everyone else’s head all the time, or at at least whenever they want to. Chaos will ensue and then the darkness will begin.

      • You would be AMAZED at the cognitive dissidence people, even kids, are capable of. I have some Zoomer nephews who have to deal with reality every single day. Their school gets out early so they can get be out of the neighborhood (it’s a magnet Catholic school in a different part of the city) when the public schools let out so they won’t get attacked. They have been forced out of their neighborhood by blacks and diversity. They need to follow complex rules to at least have a chance of not being attacked. YET, these kids will experience physical discomfort hearing their mother and I speak if the subject of race comes up and we are not sufficiently progressive on the issue.

        • I was reminded of the 1990 movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches in which the witches fly over a school on their broomsticks and remark “What is that a prison for children?”

          Yes, yes it is.

          Modern schools even the good ones are basically a prison for children and as such young people essentially grow in up in custody , a minimum security prison

          It’s also why younger people snitch all the time and run to the boss over trivial shit instead of figuring it out .

          Between a society and parents that give them no freedom in the real world and living under someone’s thumb all their life, many are heavily institutionalized.

          This is I suspect part and parcel why the younger people (16 and up ) have the lowest recorded rate of sex in US history. They’ve seen videos galore but those videos are about as useless as watching Speed to learn how to drive a bus

          A generation of people whose only freedom and a nearly all of their life is spent online, in front of a TV or with a smartphone is woefully equipped for the real world even if they are redpilled

          The youngers are good kids just products of a fake world, what Hindus would call Maya , a dangerous seductive illusion

          Happily they’ll be easy to lead and if we can find a way to reduce Leftists disruption of Right institutional development or hell learn to build our own thing and to you know act in groups, they’ll be easy enough to lead to where they are needed.

          • Hell learn to build our own thing and to you know act in groups, they’ll be easy enough to lead to where they are needed…
            Not enough pain yet and for some pain won’t even move them because the have been brainwashed to be suicidal and will somehow justify in their mind why the savages are raping and killing them…

          • We don’t need the weak especially since it only requires roughly 1/3 of the population to win, less if crafty.

        • (((They))) have a 24x7x365 propaganda campaign for the newer generations that starts from the time they can first understand words & phrases. Did you expect less than full subservience? Unless you are -actively- working against it, they don’t have a chance.

          Stockholm Syndrome is nothing new, and can be brought out in an individual in a much shorter time frame then a constant reinforcement throughout their entire childhood. Everything is going according to schedule, and by design. You are an evil people and deserve everything you get, so shut up and take it. Hear that enough, and it becomes your reality.

          • @Apex
            I am working against it Brother my kids and their friends know whats up but I’m only one man and my reach only goes so far which is why I advocate for Community the way I do because I know(and so do they) what kind of influence that can be on our young… Until people realize the need to be raising their kids around other like minded kids then they will continue to send them to the brainwashing camps and their kids will end up turning against them…

        • Tars_Tarkusz said: “You would be AMAZED at the cognitive dissonance people, even kids, are capable of.” Here is a quote from Theodore Dalrymple that I think explains a lot. “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” Here is a video I’ve linked before. Ex-KGB Agent Bezmenov talks about demoralization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvhEBQT0om0

    • I was a student at Prestigious University (cough cough, guess guess) during the waning days of the South African apartheid regime, and all the mobs and chants about Divestment. Somehow, you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a rich South African Jew moaning aloud about the evils of apartheid, and how hard he and his fellow Jews had struggled to end this turrrble, trrrrble injustice. Oh, and banging lots of shiksa trim on the side, during the breaks from onerous protest. Anybody ever seen Fritz the Cat?

      Then one day the regime fell and the ANC took power. And suddenly, out of the blue, whaddaya know, overnight, my professional circles were positively swarming with South African Jews who had mysteriously fled their “homeland” on a dime, along with their ENTIRE JEWISH EXTENDED FAMILIES, and were now comfortably settled Stateside, in cushy academic and professional gigs that we somehow could simply not find enough filthy goyim to fill.

      Do, as they say, the math.

      • When I was a reporter for my university newspaper, I was covering an anti-Apartheid protest on campus. My political ideology was by no means as radical or as fully formed as it is today, but I was extremely skeptical of the anti-Apartheid movement, if only because I saw who was supporting it and who was opposing it and it set off my alarm.

        Anyway, I met a couple of female Anglo South African exchange students at the protest. They were kind of wandering around quietly, kind of dismayed and bemused. I don’t even know how we ended up talking, because they certainly weren’t going out of their way to draw attention to themselves in that crowd.

        I managed to come across as a legitimately friendly listener, so they started telling me, rather mournfully, how all these people, the protestors, just didn’t understand, how lovely South Africa was and how misguided the anti-Apartheid movement was. You could see the death of their country in their eyes.

        • I was mentioning this to my wife this morning. Like you guys, I was at university in the 80s when the anti-apartheid movement was in full swing, and the (Australian) news was full of narratives about the heroic sufferings of the South African blacks, which I mostly bought hook, line, sinker.

          These days, I understand that blacks simply have an incredibly low threshold for anti-social behavior, and that most of those participating in the “anti-apartheid” demonstrations probably had no idea why they were breaking stuff and necklacing people, only that it was great fun to smash things with their friends. But were they truly oppressed and suffering? I expect the whites engaged in some abuses, but I suspect the bulk of the unpleasantness they experienced was characteristic of any attempt at black self-rule.

      • Robert Maxwell, “Israel’s Superspy”, directed the buying up of South Africa’s media.

        His daughter, Ghislaine, was Epstein’s madam and procurer.

        A math teacher becomes a hedge fund billionaire in six years, and begins honeytrapping America’s elite with underage bait, while the Feds and New York’s finest look the other way.

        ‘Suddenly’, Disney is on a mission to turn everything more black and gay.
        With Schumer, Jackson-Lee, Omar, Tlaib, and AOC telling us how to run things. Yeah, they would know.

        • (Hat tip to Dutch, who noted that James Comey’s daughter is the prosecutor in the Epstein case. The FBI and SDNY seemed curiously uninterested in years of underage trafficking, but mighty interested if Eppie could dish on Trump.

          “Jane Doe” dropped her suit right around the time that it was revealed that David Brock and another Clinton political backer had given Jane Doe’s lawyer, some USD 700,000 to fund Bloom in procuring women to accuse Trump.

          Sorry, O/T. Reasons. So I’m whispering.)

        • Maxwell, that’s a name I have not heard of in a long time. Had no idea his daughter was deeply connected to Epstein. That would explain who is funding Epstein why it was hands off on the pimp.

          Odd thing about the case, even Breitbart is backing off it. There is very little interest even among the alt-right to dig into Epstein’s and his attendees which are rumored to include the Royal family

          Disney is indeed going full bore SJW. We saw that in the
          Star Wars reboots with the Mary Sues and Blacks. Which BTW killed off it’s traditional fan base. Take Disney’s Galaxy Edge attraction – it’s now laying off staff because no one wants to go the attraction.

          Going SJW will kill a lot of Disney franchises. Just like when Marvel went PC/MC in it’s comics. It’s readership dropped off a cliff and has resulted in a lot of comic book stores closing. Hint. SJW’s don’t buy comics

    • The trajectory here will certainly be different from South Africa, Brazil or Detroit.

      For big brain planning, this is important.

      For small brain propaganda and outreach, this is irrelevant and counterproductive.

    • They claim we came from Africa and it is true for all whites are Rhodesians at heart. Hated, and yet the only ones capable of building 1st world civilization from nothing.

      Rhodesians never die!

    • Ah, South Africa. Here’s a story from a few years ago. I had a couple of neighbors. Fondest wish was to go to SA to hunt big game. Bucket list stuff. So they up and went. When they returned, they of course brought back trinkets as gifts. I got a big coffee table picture book covering SA—cities, people, natural resources.

      Since I’ve followed SA for a number of years as a good example of a bad example, I opened and read with anticipation. Guess what, not a single covered event, city scape picture, and such, was one of more recent vintage than say, 25 years old (judging by cars and population dress)! Pictures of Johannesburg (my name sake) resembled nothing like pictures that can be brought up on the Internet today.

      I said nothing, but mentioned the fact later to my wife as she was looking at the pictures with me. Actually, the book now has a special place in my library as it shows what was, and now what is lost, in a country that a generation ago could boast of the first heart transplant and the development of a nuclear weapon—but now can not even supply clean water to its major cities.

      As Z-man pointed out, this is the most probable fate of the formally great USA a couple of generations from now.

    • “tie connotations of “Rhodesia” to “murderous racist.”

      Then tie Great Replacement of Rhodesia was Zimbabwe.

      They’ve heard of that.

      Then ask what’s wrong with murderous racists if that’s all the other side offers besides worthless money?

      Yes; it’s exactly The Right Time (TM) to ask those questions.

      Just a question. What’s wrong with that? Not like saying DO anything. It’s NOT THE RIGHT TIME.fed.gov

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