Travelogue: Gatekeeper’s Ball II

The structure of this conference is a bit unusual, in that they have a normal room for speakers to give standard speeches. The afternoon, however, is broken up into smaller rooms where three or four famous people will address a topic. Each person gives a ten minute address and then they talk among themselves for a bit. Finally they take questions from the audience. These are held in smaller rooms, so everyone has a chance to ask their question if they like. I attended the session on immigration.

There was someone calling himself Mike Gonzalez, who gave a short history lesson on the origins of racial identities used by the government. He launched into a critique of the Frankfurt School, which had all the guys with yarmulkes nervous. They were talking into their watches, probably thinking they had a live one. Trouble was averted when Gonzalez changed the topic and got to his main idea, which is to remove the race and ethnicity questions from the census entirely. It would just be a simple counting of people.

This is so obviously insane that I suspect the Frankfurt School stuff was some sort of diversion, so the audience would not think his main idea was so wacky. His claim is that by dropping the race and ethnicity questions, set-asides and affirmative action will be impossible to administer, so they will be dropped. Once the benefits of racial categorization diminish, according to his theory, people especially non-whites, will stop identifying primarily by the tribe. We’ll all become Americans.

This has always been the habit of Buckley-style conservatism. Instead of addressing Progressive morality head on, they find an economic or legal remedy to achieve a conservative goal, without confronting left-wing morality. This approach never works, but old habits die hard. Then there is the fact that we would have no way of debating immigration, as we would have no way of knowing the demographic makeup of the country or the individual states…

Another speaker was a women calling herself Luma Simms, claiming to be an immigrant from Iraq. She gave a new age talk on something she calls “rootedness” which is the opposite of alienation. Her basic argument is that immigrants should not be made to assimilate, as the modern American culture lacks rootedness. These newcomers should not be forced to join the consumer race. That’s not a term she used, but it is what she was driving at. She reminded me of a very loud Marianne Williamson.

Mx. Simms provided the most entertaining exchange during the round table discussion part of the show. She said something along the lines of “Immigrants don’t come to America to be absorbed into the culture.” Amy Wax replied, “Then why are you here?” Surprisingly, Mx. Simms was unprepared for the question, but she recovered after a moment and went on a ramble about some hippy sounding stuff. She struck me as someone with a lot of dream catchers in her home and lots of scented candles…

During the Q&A, a few people asked about what can be done to address the flood of migrants and the speakers offered some suggestions. Finally, someone asked, “Since the track record on conservative solutions to immigration is not very good, we have to assume all of these ideas will fail. What is plan B?” The whole room erupted and even the speakers had to laugh. Amy Wax and Scott McConnell are both black pilled on the issue and said we are doomed. The other two had no answer…

Socializing with people here during breaks, there are two groups in attendance. There are normal people much closer to the dissident right than conservatism, but they have just not made the journey over the river. The other camp is the think tank people, media and government functionaries. Washington is a company town and that means there is a social scene. These conferences are a part of that scene. They use these events to network and maintain connections to others in the scene.

For example, at dinner on Monday night, I was seated next a woman who told me she works at AEI. I started grilling her on why she was attending a conference on nationalism, when she works for a notorious neocon outfit. She treated me like I was country rube who did not fully understand the complexity of the issue. The fact is, like a lot of people at this thing, she is here to mingle with friends. Keeping up appearances is an important aspect to the culture of the ruling elite. Instead of court, they have conferences.

That said, I was a bit surprised by the number of these people, who are quietly black pilled on what comes next for America. That sense of being oppressed dissidents makes a lot of sense in this context. These are people who probably came to Washington with the best of intentions, then saw it was a corrupt city full of people interested only in how much they can loot from the system. In other words, from the inside they see that reform is impossible, so whatever comes next will be from the outside…

I have been thinking about why Hazony made such a big deal out of rejecting people like Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor and Patrick Casey. One reason is he needs to rope in the Christian Zionists, which is why David Brog is involved in this project. Brog is a fanatical anti-white crusader. I heard more than a few people mention that his outbursts about racism were unnecessary and unpleasant. Having a volatile crank like that in the same room as Taylor or Brimelow would be a disaster.

Of course, this event is a sales pitch of sorts. The people from the think tanks and government agencies will report back to their respective home planets and talk to their colleagues about what they saw. If the lizard people I’ve been mingling with the last two days are satisfied that Hazony is not a danger, he can expect support from the community, as well as the donor community. This conference is part of the vetting process for Hazony and his team.

The sales pitch being made is a classic one in politics. The first part is a critique of conservatism, which everyone agrees has failed. Then the question becomes what will replace it as the dance partner of Progressivism. The pitch Hazony is making is that the choice is between his Hebrew nationalism and white nationalism. It’s the same argument Martin Luther King made in his Letter From a Birmingham Jail. The choice on offer is this thing you don’t like or something much worse…

This event has been a white pill for me. I could have done without the civic nationalist bromides and the hooting about racism, but the fact is the window is swinging our way inside the Imperial Capital. That’s not to say these people are going to start reading me or showing up at dissident events. It’s that they have taken the first step in this direction, which is recognizing the threat on their Right is legitimate. They are worried about us, as they know their kids are more interested in us than in them.

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196 thoughts on “Travelogue: Gatekeeper’s Ball II

  1. Hi Z, I attended the morning session of the second day. One line caught my attention. The speaker who said words to the effect “perhaps our goal should not be to occupy the political ground just vacated by the left”.

    • Eddison 10 said: “One line caught my attention. The speaker who said words to the effect” “perhaps our goal should not be to occupy the political ground just vacated by the left”. Enlighten me. Since when has the left vacated anything?

      • I think he meant so much of what the conservative movement has done over the last 40 years is to simply adopt the political positions their opponents held until their opponents decided those stances weren’t left enough for them and moved on to even more radical notions.

    • That was why I was encouraged by what I saw. More than a few people said the sorts of things dissidents say all the time about the defects of professional conservatives. That suggests our ideas are making their way into the hive or maybe better, the hive is realizing these things independently.

  2. Fellow Doomed White People:

    Our only Doom is the Doom of all men: you must fight to survive. You must fight to keep what’s yours when invaders and traitors reach to take it away.

    That’s eternal. Every generation of men.

    Now the app for survival your looking to download is: your Balls. As it happens you have to fight to literally keep them attached as well.

    Its not easy solution but it is simple.

    The list of preconditions some search for BTW; A lynch mob.
    A safe bet that involves violence. Well maybe you’ll luck out, maybe not. You don’t want war (but it wants you BTW) you want a safe, sure purge. Well maybe.

    I wouldn’t wait too long.


    • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 Said: “Now the app for survival your looking to download is: your Balls.” You sure talk a lot about other guy’s balls. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Why do midgets laugh when they run? Because the grass tickles their balls. 😍

      • My instinct is that vxxc is actually a girl trying to tell her guys to ball the hell up. I might be be totally wrong about that, it’s just a hunch. But I think it is the girls’ prerogative to tell guys to ball up.

        • Moran ya Simba said: “But I think it is the girls’ prerogative to tell guys to ball up.” That kind of thinking is why MGTOW exists. If the women want the men to stand up. Then the women need to shout up and and be ladies. Men respond in a masculine way to a feminine women, but nobody wants to be around a bossy cu-t.

          • You’re expecting a woman not to throw you shittests?? Good luck lol Shittests are actually healthy, and feminine, female behavior. Defensive, aggressive reaction to them is not healthy male behavior 🙂

          • Moran ya Simba said: “Defensive, aggressive reaction to them is not healthy male behavior.” OMG! listen to what your saying! You want men to be men and at the same time you what us to be touchy feely feminist paragons. Make up our minds! “Defensive.” “Aggressive.” That’s what men do when we, Man Up!

          • This is not a PUA seminar lol But no, you should not respond strongly to shittests. If you respond strongly you show that they struck you or were a big deal.

            You go ballistic over important issues like infidelity and stuff. But a chick tryign to push the males in her herd to be more dominating, that’s actually healthy chick behavior.

  3. Off topic: Why reading Steve Sailer now makes me cringe: Upon reading a lefty who he has always considered rather reasonable use the term “Lincolnesque” regarding what the woke coalition must do to get the racists back in line, Sailer’s utterly clueless response is “Time to tone down the rhetoric.” The fool really does believe these people don’t really want him and his children dead and his history and culture obliterated, no – they’re just slightly over-agitated thinkers with idealistic albeit unrealistic goals who need to be reminded to watch their language or some unstable people might get bad ideas. AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, Sailer is going soft or maybe he thinks some of these White Liberals can be won over. Not likely.
      On the topic of this post, my conclusion is that unless this conference championed basic policy items such as:
      -immigration moratoriums for Western countries
      -phase out of anti-White, anti-male affirmative action, set asides & pay equity schemes
      -Re-establishment of Freedoms of Speech, Association, & Assembly
      -Trust Busting Big Tech, Big Bank & other Woke Capital….

      ….then this conference has failed from the start & was simply a distraction

    • Keep shilling, goy, he’s really got the dems on the run and he’s sure to build that wall any day now. You just keep the faith. The rest of us will contemplate . . . anything else.

  4. I have a solution to the problems with illegals in the USA. Give a $500 bounty for every illegal brought in alive to be deported. Cheaper than ICE agents and better pay than being an Uber driver.

    • Not sure what you’re saying LineIn. I’ve never seen that Spencer restaurant video till now. I’m pretty certain Z wouldn’t have sat there with a forced smile on his face letting scarf guy yell at him. I think the time is near that Z will be doxxed, be it malevolent or benign, and he’s ok with it. It’s funny cool when he punks these conferences (except when they’re our own and he should be on stage). It’ll be an interesting world once Z is freed from anonymity. I think that’s what you’re saying.

      • That’s what I like about the Z-tone.

        One of those hardassed NorthEasters who sez “Yeah? So? Like you finally noticed?” whenever a raving conspiracist like me starts the spittle flying.

        Cool as a cucumber. Not surprised by any of the wickedness. He just sits there with a poker face, saying, “ok, tell me more.”

        Spencer didn’t know what to do, he froze. You stand the f*** up and move into the bozo’s space like you frickin’ mean it.
        Like Saml Adams said, it becomes a binary decision.

      • I would think they pick their dox targets carefully. Ones without the intellectual heft to fight back, which is why they always pick debates with lesser minds.

    • The girl in the second video seems to have a bit of crazy going on (but what woman making youtube videos for a living doesn’t). I suppose calling herself a libertarian gets her the attention she is craving.

  5. “Finally, someone asked, “Since the track record on conservative solutions to immigration is not very good, we have to assume all of these ideas will fail. What is plan B?” You dorks realize this was Z right?

    • It’s a common writing trope. Comedians do this all the time – “So this guy says…” is either (1) completely fabricated or (2) themselves saying it.

      • You’ve got it all figured out eh? “That’s a trope.” “This is a trope.” When’s the last time you’ve made people laugh? Jealous of Z loser.

  6. “…then saw it was a corrupt city full of people interested only in how much they can loot from the system.”

    Exhibit A: Stefan Halper (of Trump/Russia conspiracy notoriety). If you want to see how the grift is played by a real master, check out the report below and the accompanying article:

    As Felten observes, “If the experience of Halper is any sort of example, then writing a research project for the ONA [Department of Defense’s Office of Net Assessment] is a sweet gig. So sweet that Halper managed to collect $1.05 million from the office over four years for work that appears to be barely supervised and of dubious value.”

    “Dubious” is a charitable characterization.

    • Halper’s gig is like being a “tenured professor” at an Ivy League university.

  7. Meet the new Gatekeeper

    . Conway moves the Overton.
    Conway holds a knife to their throats. (((Them))). Notice he backs down and refuses to play the antisemite card.

    Because now we’ve got them.
    And they know it.
    Their fate is on our hands.

    I’m your best friend and your worst enemy. The real Trump Doctrine.

    This is Trump’s policy on trade and defense with Germany. On trade with China. On the border with Mexico – trade used there to great effect.
    This is NYC real estate/politics by Roy Cohn’s apprentice who is now the Necromancer.
    I’m your best friend and your worst enemy. My daughter married you. Now I’ll squeeze your nuts as needed, or reward lavishly if loyal.

    “Conway paused and then asked him, “What’s your ethnicity?”

    “Why is that relevant?” Feinberg replied.

    “Because I’m asking a question. My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy,” Conway shot back.

    From there, the exchange turned into a tense back-and-forth that included Conway saying that “a lot of us are sick and tired of this country, of America coming last to people who swore an oath of office.”
    “My own ethnicity is not relevant to the question I’m asking,” Feinberg said.

    “Are you saying the president was telling the Palestinian American to go back to the occupied territories?” he continued.

    Hours later, Feinberg — who is Jewish — responding to a question on Twitter, said he didn’t think Conway was being anti-Semitic.”

    • Last nite, Batchelor and Chang were speculating that Trump’s tariff war might bring down the Communist Party.

      Let us hope the Golden Golem brings our factories back. That would be the biggest blow to the HSBC debt-finance empire, and it’s globalist creators. It would also cut the plastic ocean trash, as well.

  8. Did I just hear Marianne Williamson on WABC New York?

    Her version of the Pledge:
    “We the people of the United States…”
    (crowd repeats in a chorus)

    “We apologise.”
    (crowd: “We apologise.”)

    “Please forgive us.”
    (crowd: “Please forgive us.”)

  9. I can see why zman regards this conference as a white pill. I concur. The whole reason for this conference is because Conservative Inc., knows that Causa Nostra exists, is growing and is something with which they have to grapple. Would this conference have taken place even a year ago?

  10. Incredibly, this David Brog is Ehud Barak’s cousin – and he was head of a pro-Israel Christian organisation. That’s one of those things that just has to sink in…

    I always especially enjoy these travelogue columns.

    • The same Ehud Barak with extensive financial ties to Epstein’s honeypot operation. Hmmm.

      One of the movers and shakers of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, the one that directly funds 100 NGO groups, who supply the ships that pick up Africans and Mideasterners bound for Europe.

      And working with the 100 dual-citizen NGOs in America that are bringing people from 57 countries to our southern border.

      Why would these types hold a conference to give civnat media their talking points? Something… almost like a pattern…

      • As an aside, I finally figured out Ehud’s failed deal with Arafat.

        The deal was pre-arranged to fail, cover for both sides to continue grifting the billions in UNWRA funds. That’s why Israel brought Arafat and his Tunis gangsters back from exile- they already had worked out a secret deal of their own.

        I’m certain Clinton did the same thing when he brought Aristede back to Haiti.
        Of course the media hailed the Necklacer as a reformer.

  11. More moving Overton Window by Americas Demon Lover; The 45th President.
    He’s moving it on race.
    Its ok for white people to tell white hating immigrants to get out. We know cuz Apex White Man just said so. But he’s not racist. He said so.
    And they’re comments are anti-Israel (the media cannot ignore this dropped penny, they must pick it up).

    And Kellyanne Conway called them the “Dark Underbelly” of America. But she’s not racist, they are.

    Nothing racist about Dark Underbelly. You liberals just have dirty minds.

    The Frame is being moved.

    And he’s getting re-elected in the bargain.

    Better hurry there reaction.
    POTUS moves faster than you.

  12. As a person who finds reptiles to be majestic in their own primordial way, I take offense to calling Washingtonian scum “lizard people”. Our squamate friends deserve better than to be compared to such rabble.

    • Spent a lot of time around alligators in my youth. They are utterly logical and binary. Are you a meal or a threat?Beauty of limited processing power is there is no wasted or gratuitous activity.

  13. Personally, I think things are way beyond what talking about it (and voting) can solve, but at least recognize how they are shouting us down. “Social Justice” is the point of the intellectual spear, and the label that is put on the sales job done on the normies. SJ is a sham, as it is the attachment of a moral weight to every action and statement made by anyone. This is what cults do, and it is done to us all day, every day. Worse than that, the moral weighting has context attached to it, and that is how Trump can follow a bunch of Obama policies, yet still get called out for them. SJ, using the moral attachment to everything and a contextual interpretation, means that white males are guilty of everything, all the time, no matter what. It allows and justifies the worst things said about us and done to us, yet holds us as guilty if we make a peep in any direction. It’s time to call out SJ for the sham that it is, instead of avoiding the argument. SJWs are not used to having their reason for existence called out as a sham, and it is beyond time to start doing exactly that. We are being flim-flammed on a massive scale. Of course, I don’t think it will do any good, but at least understand the intellectual and propagandistic specifics of what is being done to you.

    • Dutch said: “It allows and justifies the worst things said about us and done to us, yet holds us as guilty if we make a peep in any direction. It’s time to call out SJ for the sham that it is, instead of avoiding the argument.” Oh me. I guess I’ll have to keep posting this quote by Theodore Dalrymple untill everyone has seen it. This will tell you why it well only be personaly beneficial to call out the rage heads.No one else will give a damn. But hey, don’t get me wrong. If you want to go out and work off some frustration for therapeutic purposes, then Gods speed. I’ll keep a good thought.
      “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

      • Calling out the rage heads is indeed pointless (IMHO), but understand how the normies are being fooled here. Social Justice has its own intellectual justification, which goes beyond forcing people like us to acquiesce to their claims. It also drops an intellectual invisibility cloak around how it works, for the normies. For us, the Dalrymple quote is appropriate. For the normies, maybe Zappa, and the removing of the stage curtains to show the bare wall behind is perhaps a better reference. What is being used by SJWs on us will be openly deployed on everyone, including much of the Left, before we are done. Voila, French Revolution.

        • Dutch said: ” What is being used by SJWs on us will be openly deployed on everyone, including much of the Left, before we are done. Voila, French Revolution.” Wow! that’s quite a leap. From attempting to turn the tables on the PC blowhards, to Shazam! Your storming the bastille. listen folks. I can’t emphasize this enough. Those dipwads call themselves the “Resistance”. When in fact there just a bunch of lost sheep looking for an identity in the belly of the soft despotic beasts. What was the french resistance? A bunch of citizens fighting an occupying army. They didn’t go out in the street and go toe to toe with the Nazis. We have to start thinking of ourselves as the real resistance, because we are living in occupied territory. How did the french resistance take care of there business? How does a small forse fight against overwhelming odds? You can apply Sun Tzus “Art of war” to non violent means. Think and study.

          • Sorry. This is way off topic. @Dutch. Here’s something to ponder. Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: Art is the most dangerous reactionary ferment in a democratic, industrial, and progressive society.” And here is the Wiki link to the “Strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare” Now just how can you combine those two ideas into a non violent prodject? Pouring ridicule and derision on everything the left, the liberals and the neocons hold dear. Desecrating there most sacred icons and spaces. the meme wars could be just the beginning. Here’s a short YouTube vid. “Right-Wing” Street Artist “SABO” Interview 2018 The sky’s the limit.

  14. These pseudo-intellectuals who presume they’re our advocates … they’re playing civilizational Jenga, and they’re playing it blind with two left feet. When the blocks tumble it’s going to be Balkanization and quite-likely genocide – the grapes of wrath are inexorably maturing. That’s the way natural law works … e.g. gravity is a wonderful force when we yield & cooperate with its constraints, but catastrophic when we jump off a building. These pseudo-conservatives are encouraging us “country rubes” to get excited about skydiving without parachutes.

  15. This is very interesting for me to read. I can tell that I am ‘softer’ than Z b/c some of what he reports from the conference, disapprovingly it seems to me, sounds ‘reasonable’ to me. But then again, my views are still in flux since I woke up from trad civ nat, what, 7?, years ago. Maybe future me will say ‘gosh, Z (and others) were right and I was still semi-blue pill (which I probably still am).’

    Meekly though it sounds, I would really like to avoid genocides and not just of whites. I dont know what my views will end up being. Far more importantly, I do wonder what will happen to the whole West. But this is interesting to read, for sure.

    • M y S;
      I’m guessing Spanish Civil War scenario with an extra helping of ethnic cleansing, unfortunately. Plus, at some point early on, the Coastals will try to invite some foreign power to intervene in their behalf. Then it will really become ‘interesting’. My God help us.

      • You could well be right. Keep at least one gun,and some ammo in a common cal, no one else knows about.

      • “the Coastals will try to invite some foreign power to intervene in their behalf.”

        Oh shucks. Oh shinola.
        Now I know why China was quickly lifted up from a 1950s economy on bicycles, and given nuclear weapons and launch capability.

      • Nah, these Boomer Cucks with the small Arsenals at home will never fire their weapons in anger. The minute someone calls them a racist they’ll hand that $**t right over.

        Think France 1793-94. Keep your head down, keep it attached. Blend in if possible.

        • Nah, these Boomer Cucks with the small Arsenals at home will never fire their weapons in anger.

          The home arsenal is not for conquering back America, it is for when someone’s shooting at you. Kitchen knives and samurai swords are awfully short when the other guy has a gun.

        • The comments on Insty and Breitbart would be funny if they weren’t so sad and tired. “They’re not going to like it when we stop obeying the laws!”

      • >>>the Coastals will try to invite some foreign power to intervene

        We’re getting pretty hypothetical here, but the Coastals (particularly of the Eastern persuasion) are the problem in regard to American foreign policy.

        The guys in Flyover Country do most of the Empire’s dying, but the makers of US foreign policy have seldom hailed from Iowa or Mississippi.

    • Moran – the more you read – truly read without feeling you are personally under attack but really look at the logic and reasoning and facts – the redder you will get. Not only was I raised a shitlib, but I moved to basic beginner’s nationalism and patriotism in the mid 80s (too late to vote for Reagan). My husband and I started reading Townhall back around 2000 and we considered it cutting edge. But I have this habit of clicking on links other readers provide and I kept finding all these evil hate sites – many long gone now – View from the Right, Mangan’s Miscellany, In Male Fide, etc. And I just kept reading and learning and my eyes fully opened to reality and now here I am, a 60 year old female literally Hitler.

      • Yeah, I keep moving ‘red’ and I ll end up making Genghis Khan (a man I honestly admire but OT) looking bleeding heart if that continues, eventually. But the old blue pill still kicks sometimes.

      • 3g4me, you took me down memory lane by recalling Auster, Mangan, and Forney. It was a more hopeless time, but it made those writers all the more exciting. Auster especially had a huge impact on me.

        I was overcome with guilt and fear the first time I visited Kersey’s SBPDL.

        • LineInTheSand: I can’t read SBPDL anymore – it’s like being in a time warp – or, better example – the movie “Groundhog Day.” Constantly rehashing Negro crime statistics and abhorring the inevitable, staggering brutality and savagery they display, and the commenters respond with the usual disgust and anger. It reminds me of Amren – useful for beginners, but if you never move beyond noticing and start to identify the patterns as linked to DNA and thus the logical conclusion is separation at best, what’s the damn point?

  16. Another speaker was a women calling herself Luma Simms, claiming to be an immigrant from Iraq.

    Nice touch, Z.

  17. One point that needs to be emphasized to the civic nationalists is that civic nationalism can only function within the context of ethnic nationalism. That is, it originated as a political system of northwestern European white people and can only function among them.

    I know we like to bash the libertarians here, but I think a redpill moment for many of them (including me) was the realization: “oh, man, this system can only function among high-trust white societies with common cultural assumptions.”

    In fact I used to think of myself as a “national libertarian,” “libertartianism in one country.”

    Come to think of it, national libertarianism, national socialism, national fascism, or national civic nationalism could all work passably well, because white people are good at making things work.

    One thing we’ve got to make clear to the CivNats, albeit more delicately than I’ve done here, is that deliberative, procedural democracy only works in white countries. In point of fact, I’m not sure how well, or how long, it can work–but this argument can still get them started on Redpill Road.

    • T Babe;
      I think you’re on to something rhetorically. But obvious objections to your exact formulation exist in North Asia, specifically in Japan and S Korea. Both are first world, functional nations that are most certainly not white in a racial sense but are at least as democratic as we actually are (oligarchies with democratic trappings where voters can make a difference at turning points, but usually don’t get the chance).

      But they *are* ethnically and culturally pretty homogeneous. So we used to be too.

      The real point of America CivNatism was to paper over the natural rivalries of the various ‘White’ ethnic groups that settled the continent: ‘White’ was not an ethnicity In the ’50s and ’60s when I was growing up. It was then not considered rude to ask another American about their ethnic origins. This interest is not dead in my part of the current world. Whole businesses have been created to use genetic testing to work in place of historical study to determine one’s ancestry.

      So, our declared enemies inside of our walls are doing us the unintended favor of creating a new, composite ‘White’ ethnicity through their constant cultural and economic pressure. So your formulation of a NW European ‘White’ ethnicity is pretty good.

  18. It sounds like every attendant is a gtiftet schmoozing with the other grifters to ensure they are within the acceptable bubble.

    The lectures are just window dressing. This is good for our side, since it proves they have no actual convictions but will sway without a fight if we hit them hard enough

    • An interesting point about grifters, they will change positions depending on what’s most beneficial to their grift. Not sure however, that makes them less dangerous. In this I agree with Z-man, least these grifters form a fifth column within the movement.

  19. Nice write-up. Some of it sounds like the same old think-tank hustle – they don’t really know what’s going on and don’t even particularly care, but have to pretend to come up with solutions (like eliminating race on the census) in order to keep getting funding. It’s actually better for them if the ideas are so ridiculous that no one will ever try them, because then they don’t have to admit failure or come up with new solutions.

    Even if they came to Washington with the best of intentions, I don’t have a ton of sympathy. Incurably stupid people with good intentions are generally even worse for society than smart people with purely selfish intentions.

  20. Just started reading “A Book Of Contradictions” (7/14), and found this: “there are only two people I know who have written about the emotional impact of the holocaust on Jewish identity. Me and Hazony.”

    Huh. That’s true, and I agree with Zman’s approach-

    but they didn’t start teaching about the Holocaust in Israel until 1970.

  21. OT Z but I’m on a tear.
    Sometimes you have to rally the troops by telling them to stop complaining.

    Here’s real USG Deplatforming in action. The FCCs Fairness Doctrine which was Law 1949-1987.

    If you wanted conservatism you had to subscribe to a magazine. Worse – you actually had to pay. I imagine many of you are horrified. But that was the only place you wouldn’t get Liberal Orthodoxy. Exclusively.
    Otherwise it was non-existent.
    The Right wing existed in mailed magazines.

    The Left had everything.
    Mind you they weren’t as crazy as today by an order of magnitude. But in the background are 2 billion communists with most of Europe and Asia under their boot. Thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at the USA and Europe. And yes the Democrats used fear of something far worse to get you to vote for them. Welfare now or Revolution and death camps later, that sort of thing.

    And we had no voice.
    Just magazines and discussions in school.
    We never knew our numbers – at all – until the night Reagan was elected.

    In those days we had men on the right. Very much in manner like Gen Mattis or General Kelly. Mind you most Democrats were as well.

    Now- you do not face, we do not face armies of psychopaths tens of millions strong with thousands of nuclear weapons. 10,000 on missiles alone. At present we face degenerate lunatic soyboys. Antifa. AOC.

    They have no men on their walls. In my day they did.
    And yet we’re here.

    Yes its our turn – not overseas but Americas turn to face them on our soil.

    How fortunate that they are cowards and crazies.

    Now stop badmouthing the past, the flag, the Nation because you actually have to fight for what’s yours.

    Z is showing you the door is quite unlocked. This Cossack assures you its barely guarded and not enough. 💂🏻‍♂️😉

    The truth is victory is right in front of you. These people are less than nothing. Stop moping kids, get off the computer and get to work.

    This isn’t the storming of Jerusalem in 1099 FFS.
    Far closer to the Winter Palace in 1917.

    Kick in the rotten and unguarded door.

    My God you even have a great leader – Trump.

    And the people, or a majority.
    Certainly I wouldn’t worry about Dem voters. SJWs? Really?

    Kick the door in kids. Its your turn.

    PS. – yes, YES I’ll show up for work too.

    Thank you,

    • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 Said: “Kick in the rotten and unguarded door. My God you even have a great leader – Trump.” My god indeed. You are, without a doubt, the most boring agent provocateur I’ve ever seen.

  22. Subject matter aside, I don’t get the repeated use the past few days of “I met a person calling himself …” or “I listened to someone calling herself …”

    Are you implying these are not their real names or that their identities are fraudulent in some way? I usually enjoy your writing but the editor in me would have to ask what point someone calling himself the z man is trying to make here.

    “….Someone calling himself Tucker Carlson” would have been funny, though

    • Known Fact said: “Are you implying these are not their real names or that their identities are fraudulent in some way?” I don’t know, but Maybe Mr. Z is just saying he considers all these people phonies, and a phony by any other name…

      • Reminds me of an excellent South Park. “I don’t even remember that. [gasps] But it all makes sense now. Ever since I read The Catcher In The Rye I’ve been having these… blackouts. Crazy thoughts of wanting to kill the phonies. I must have channeled all my angst into dark writings in my sleep!”

    • That jumped out at me too. I don’t think these people have any need to obscure their identities.

  23. American nationalists need to read the Zionist literature. Much of the ongoing debate about nationalism occurred in the Zionist literature during the early 1900s. Harzony’s position on nationalism was already critiqued in the 1990s to early 2000s in the Zionist literature. The objections to nationalism were voiced in the Zionist literature pre-1930s. The template for the response to internationalism vs nationalism has already been written. BTW ask Harzony if Jabotinsky was correct about the Arabs and Zionism.

    • Have to add this. The debate on nationalism versus republic federalism was carried out after the American Revolution, with Jeffersonian republicanism (small ‘r’) versus Hamiltonian nationalism. Hamiltonian nationalism morphed into the totalitarian, centralized Lincoln nationalism.

      What’s the crux of the debate? Representative, self-governance versus a disinterested, unaccountable bureaucracy. Part of the focus was republics small enough to not only assure real representation of the people, but to create a republic of social and cultural interlocking interests.

      Quite obviously, the abuses of the federal government would not be possible without a humongous crony corporate state too large for real connections to the people. California as a separate state may go down the tubes, but the damage would be limited. Of course, the natural state-of-being of California would be at least 3 republics, one of which, possibly two, would immediately descend into totalitarian dictatorship.

      All this presages a road map to a separation and independent existence without too much violence or dislocation. A map is not the journey, but indicates a possible journey.

  24. The capitals of old empires from the Egyptians and Sumerians to the English and Russians were also cultural capitals. They laid the foundations of the civilizations they politically ruled over. Memphis, Ur, Persepolis, Athens,Rome, …London…they are still important not because they simply ruled but because they built the culture. They were all true capitals of civilizations.

    Washington, D.C.? Beyond political rule that devolve into a bureaucratic wasteland D.C. contributed what to American Civilization? Almost every place outside of Washington, even small backwaters had more to do with creating the culture.

      • It’s a solid observation, but the NYC glitterati have been scoffing at DC for, literally, centuries.

        “Having the national capital in DC is like having the bathroom across the hall.”

  25. Whatever these people are they tell us everything we need to know. Worried? You bet they are. Regardless, I still have that strong desire to fire up the V8 and head out for parts unknown. Whatever happens wherever we end up the parts unknown are always out there. Just like the idiots that were at the conference. They are not fooling anyone. It is what they always try to do. Assholes.

  26. I’m glad Zman can find something to be white pilled about. If I were him I just be pissed I forgot my flamethrower.

  27. “Instead of addressing Progressive morality head-on, [Buckley conservatives] find an economic or legal remedy to achieve a conservative goal, without confronting left-wing morality.”

    You put that so well, Zman. If you go on Youtube and watch some of those old Firing Line shows, it becomes painfully apparent what Buckley was up to. This is why I keep waiting for Tucker to drop the other shoe and really challenge some of the Progressive boiler-plate issues. The time has come.

  28. “That’s not to say these people are going to start reading me or showing up at dissident events.”

    Zman, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that they do read you, Taylor and Brimelow. I also think it’s quite possible the ones in charge of this event know full well who you are, but allowed you in because you blog about these issues in a sensible manner, but are less notorious and ‘public’ than some of our other esteemed dissidents. It would also provide them with a useful metric to see you blog about it and observe the reaction of true dissidents to their ‘new’ approach so they can better hone their message to normies.

    What an evil, subversive bunch of degenerates. I truly loathe and despise these people.

    If Hazony, Brog and their fellow dual-passport toting deviants are reading this, then they should know I view their pedo-tribe living in the Imperial Capital as a bigger and more immediate threat to me and my family than AOC and her ‘JV squad’. Should those women decide to raise an army of black-clad baboons and throw you out of your decadent halls of power, I wouldn’t lift a finger to stop them. I might even cheer.

    • “I truly loathe and despise these people.”

      I’ve been there for about a year now, after watching their insane reaction to Pres. Trump, who is basically a nice guy boomercuck. The enemies of the American nation, the enemies of the mere existence of any European nation, do not live in Moscow. They do not live in Beijing. They do not live in Tehran. They live in the Axis of Globalist Evil cities of New York City, Washington DC, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley.

      They hate us and want us gone from the face of Earth. Most of the social contracts that underlie rule of law in American society have been gradually destroyed. The assumptions that underlie much of foreign and domestic policy are no longer valid. Consider Mutual Assured Destruction and conflict with China or Russia. We real Americans in flyover country would be so much better off if NYC and WDC were radioactive aerosol. NYC had the support and sympathy of us all on 9/11. Next time Mohammed goes after Wall St., I’m rooting for him because he is the lesser of the enemies seeking my people’s destruction.

      • Great post.

        I had the generally unpleasant distinction of rooting for Team Mohammed the first time they went after Wall Street and the Pentagon.

        Islam sucks, but the Axis of Evil (NYC-DC-Hollywood-SanFran) sucks worse, if only because a Traitor is far worse than an open Enemy.

    • If they knew who Z was they would have a thirty minute ritual to kick him out, for the sole reason that they would be afraid Buzzfeed may tell the world a badthinker attended their event.

    • LOL, I wonder how many grifters who secretly read and listen to Zman as forbidden-fruit reality porn heard his right-wing NPR voice and realized, “Oh, my god, it’s him!”

    • Brad: Strongly disagree. Regardless of Zman’s own moderation and reasonableness, he permits us unfettered free speech here and there is no way the tribe would condone any of the noticing that goes on here. If any of them knew who he truly was online, he would be out of work already and this site would be under permanent attack. Despite Zman believing they know the future is outside their circle, they sure as hell don’t want anyone saying that or acting on that outside permitted limits. It’s just another (((gatekeeper))) front where, among themselves, they know the gig is up.

  29. On the one hand, these Flim Flam Men will continue to compose the bulk of any further Republican Administrations.

    On the other, this will be the last Republican Administration…

  30. Z Man said: “This event has been a white pill for me. I could have done without the civic nationalist bromides and the hooting about racism, but the fact is the window is swinging our way inside the Imperial Capital. ” That’s lovely. I’m all for people coming to their senses. But the thing about, “their kids are more interested in us than in them.” That to me is the key right there. Other than suffering some serious damage to their personal situation, I can’t see the parents getting too close to the White side. They’ve just got too much to lose. learn from your enemies. Vladimir Lenin said: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

    • Official Bologna Tester: “learn from your enemies. Vladimir Lenin said: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

      I sort of know someone involved in various verboten activities and groups. This person is between 25-30 and is still among the oldest in the group. I personally doubt any noticeable percentage of older normies are going to be truly red pilled soon enough for it to matter. We need to aim our education efforts, if any, toward young men aged 15-35. The women are still lost and too entitled/emotional to waste time on, and neither political activism nor what comes after that is an appropriate venue for them. Red pill all the younger men you know. They’ve grown up as an openly despised minority already, and with appropriate leadership could prove key.

      • 3g4me said: “Red pill all the younger men you know. They’ve grown up as an openly despised minority already, and with appropriate leadership could prove key.” Exactly. Get them as young as you can but old enough to understand what the hell your talking about. The lift side have known this sense forever.

  31. Blathering will only be a useful skill if the option of “talking our way out of the problems we are in” is on the table. Nearly everyone would prefer to believe that that option is viable, despite the reality that politics is the manifestation of this strategy and look what that has accomplished. Why not use these conference opportunities to spread real wisdom like . . . don’t be in a city when the chaos erupts.

  32. Did you make your presence widely known? Possibly for these sinecured conservatives, they may never have heard of you. Tell me you privately stirred a little shit up.

    Seems like this was a hands on museum of 20th century conservatives. Ah, the memories. Still my take on this is a variation of the biblical admonition. It’s not just the poor we will always have with us, but the Tribe members.

  33. White pill indeed.

    Yes they know they’re Doomed, but change nothing.

    That’s my beef with Black Pillers. Not their facts but their counsels of despair.

  34. I laugh when I imagine an AEI functionary dismissing Z as a rube. If she only knew the thought criminal she was condescending to.

    I am encouraged that the realization that “conservatives always lose” is considered common knowledge among the attendees. Everyone in the country knows this except the conservatives. (To be fair, conservatives have defended the 2A, but their defeats far outweigh their successes.)

    • The professional conservatives know it too, the upsetting thing for them would be that the audience is noticing. That couldn’t have gone over well with the organizers.

    • The Beltway types are just running out the clock now. As long as the checks keep rolling in, they’ll dance, but their hearts aren’t in it.

      Sounds like both the gentile and Jewish “conservatives” simply don’t know how to deal with the changes around them, so instead of crafting a new strategy, they rail against the tide and hope things will go back to what they were. A lot of Roman officials did the same thing in the 5th century. Didn’t work for them either.

      • Nationalism / right wing politics hasn’t really been tried in America

        American Conservativism has had power for a long time and the result was about what you’d expect from a conservatism based on conserving liberalism.

        There is no guarantee about what comes next but someone has to actually try

        • But as I explain below that’s not what happened. Nor was it the goal. Nor intent.

          You are all looking now and assuming that its always been this way. Of course not.

          You’re alive for one thing.
          It was much, much harder for young RW before the wall went down, before the internet.

          All we had were subscription periodicals.
          Then we had Reagan.

          Even Rush Limbaugh didn’t exist until 1987 when the FCC lifted the fairness doctrine. Prior to that we barely existed and with nothing nationally at all.

          Frankly so many are past whining how hard it is (when its so easy now) and into whining that Mommy and Daddy didn’t do their work for them. No.
          Its our turn.
          Our shift.

          Get to work.

  35. The Beltway types are beginning to realize that Nationalism is the future – for both the Left and the Right. They’re trying to corral it in a CivNat form, but that’s so contradictory and unnatural that they’re, of course, failing. What’s more, once whites start to think in nationalist terms, it’s hard to miss the elephant in the living room: Americans Jews who give undying support for their ethno-state of Israel arguing against ethno-nationalism for any other group, particularly whites.

    History is moving our way.

    • To the contrary. If what Z reports is true, the beltway believes nationalism can be safely shunted aside with more neoliberalism. While they are using civic nationalist verbiage and emoting in “blackpilled,” fashion, the sense one gets of the elite is that they have gone all-in with neoliberalism and that is the end of that. The diaspora in particular wants absolutely no part in any legitimate nationalism save for the Zionist variety. And Americans who pledge their last ounce of blood to the people of Israel show no signs of demanding even the least bit of reciprocal loyalty.

      History is moving alright, but not in the direction of whites or their vanishing national sovereignty.

      • Well, the men with little hats might be able to thwart gentile whites from moving to ethno-nationalism but they’re not going to stop other groups. If gentile whites fail to turn tribal, then we’ll fade away, overrun and integrated into more tribal groups. Sad but nature is a bitch.

        Either way, history is moving against Globalism and toward Nationalism. The only question is whether whites will join in the fun or disappear.

        • Citizen: “Either way, history is moving against Globalism and toward Nationalism. The only question is whether whites will join in the fun or disappear.”

          This. Another excellent, spot-on comment.

        • But it really isn’t and this “oh but if I die, the next guy will be a thousand times worse,” shtick is the most craven form of passive-aggression popular on the dissident right. You are being replaced, dissolved, etc. You are not seeing the cultivation of nation-states with meaningful sovereignty anywhere. You are seeing the success of neoliberalism in turning all manner of middling and low IQ savages into more or less docile consumers with a standard deviation or two more propensity for crime.

          What can’t last won’t, but don’t smugly pretend to have seen the future when not even an inkling of the future you are predicting is evident among the class of people who make things happen.

          • “You are not seeing the cultivation of nation-states with meaningful sovereignty anywhere.”

            Ever been to China or Japan or South Korea. What about a little country called Israel. What about Russia or Hungary or Poland or Czech Republic or Slovakia.

            Nobody around the world wants what the West has. Sure they want to trade, but that’s it.

            I can’t see the future, but I can see which way the wind is blowing. Look at the Dems. You think that AOC or Harris is a “I don’t see color” CivNat? You think that they don’t view the world tribally?

            Globalism is on the wane. That’s happening here and now. What replaces it and whether whites are a part of it is unknown.

            Guys like you always exist. They bitch about everyone’s ideas but never offer their own. I’m joining clubs and community groups, laying the groundwork as best I can. I also have children for the next generation. Sure, we might lose, but at least, I tried instead sitting on the sidelines bitching.

        • Whites don’t have the stomach for a fight. Most will try to cut a deal with the orcs like the Rhodesians did.

          Half of the whites in this country – upper class types actively support war against their fellow lower class whites -deplorable) and they want us dead and gone as much as Omar and AOC.This scum was perfectly happy when middle-America was off-shored and Silicon Valley became a Hindu sweatshop infested with SJW’s/

          The other half of whites know things are bad, but are disorganized as can be. The DR is basically a joke at this stage. These whites will eventually join in the fun but it will be a haphazard affair.

    • These conservatives who are transitioning to CivNats are trying to do it without the race issue. But they can’t keep a lid on it when there’s a constant drumbeat coming from the left, including the media, demonizing white people and white culture, and at the same time, shoving the glories of diversity in our face. How many more white people have recently latched onto racial consciousness after learning 007 is now going to be a black woman?

      • Are you effing kidding me!

        I’m old enough to have seen Connery’s Bond in the theater. A Bond movie is about the only thing that will still get me into one of those places. Their drive to destroy everything normal and beautiful will drive more of our tribe crazy than will their political machinations.

        • It doesn’t matter. That battle is already lost. No matter what movie or TV show you see pretty much post 2005 you’re going to be subjected to gay porn. Don’t do that to yourself.

          • I’m waiting to see the advert with the Chinese man, his Nigerian wife, and their adopted Swedish looking thirteen year old boy wearing a dress. They’re at the pharmacy in the feminine hygiene section showing young Priscilla “her” options.

          • Up ’till now, that’s been true. But most of the people adopting children are white, and most of the children available for adoption are not white, and of those, almost all are black. And in interracial marriages there seems to be a clear pattern; black males with white females, or white males with asian females. Asian males and black females are rarely part of the mix. They seem to be the least desirable to members of other races. So my example combines the least likely male (asian) with the least likely female (black) with the least likely child (white transgender). It’s only a matter of time.

      • The media used to be a one-way tool for our enemies. Every show extolled the virtues of multi-everything but did a decent job of keeping the lid on the underlying hatred of whites from which multi-everything sprung.

        Now, the media openly spews its hatred of white even while showing the happy multi-racial couples. The media’s propaganda is cutting both ways, and once a white person notices, they can’t help but get angry. Just wait til the media starts going after Beckys.

        • Once a white person notices, yes, they get angry. And they also never un-notice. While they want the constant bombardment of happy multiracial families and groups of friends to indoctrinate us into accepting it as normal and healthy, to those who Notice, it only increases the anger and disgust.

          • Bingo! It’s not that we mind the concept of mixing outside the family; it’s the clear message that we better LOVE IT if we know what’s good for us. It’s what made me into a “noticer of things, with all that implies.”

      • Just the sheer number of time they use the term white may backfire, and simply reify the idea of whiteness among white people themselves–or at the very least make it outstandingly clear to white people that they have been singled out as a target.

        “All you white people with your white privelege and too many whites in professions X, Y, and Z, who have your whiteness…” et cetera.

        As I said in a comment a few days ago, we should reappropriate the term “whiteness” itself from the left. Just start dropping it into our own articles in a positive way.

        • That’s what made the “It’s OK to be White” sign such a smashing success. It was a brilliant form of agree and amplify as often preached by Heartiste (pbuh).

      • It seems the Hutessa will temporarily be 007, but that she will be killed off, and Blue-Eyed Ice Devil Bond will return to resume the 007 number. Craig will then retire and be replaced with another white male actor. Still, the entire plot device is more AWR nonsense.

    • For the gatekeeping phenomenon, I think of it as Jewish sheepdogs sent to herd the white sheep.

      Any time the white sheep think of straying outside of their field, a Jewish sheepdog is dispatched to herd them into safer pastures.

      Hazony, they’re on the loose in America! Go round ’em up and bring ’em back to the deracinated consumerist civnat pasture!

      • Thanks for this. This entire reply thread is so much mental masturbation I was starting to think I had landed on the American Conservative website by accident.

        There are 60 million hispanics in the US now and they breed geometrically. On the other suggestion- Whites cannot embrace tribalism, period. To do so is to instantly unperson yourself. Our own president is about to be ‘condemned’ by the House for even hinting about racial things indirectly.

        Unless every white person starts having 3-5 kids this is all rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. The comments here are usually very realistic and about the grim reality but people went full retard here for reasons I’m not clear about.

        For those who had a momentary lapse of reason these are your only choices in reality land, where 99% of the dissident right lives:

        1) Start shooting don’t stop until the US resembles something like Rwanda during the genocide there.

        2) Partition yourself an ethnostate.

        3) Storm DC and attempt to overthrow the gub’mint.

        4) Go quietly into that good night.

        Did I miss any? The odds of the first 3 are about the same as winning the lottery, which leaves you with option 4. Of course Option 5 is the ‘X factor’ which is that unforeseen event which changes the course of history. Economic collapse, war on US soil, etc. but don’t count on a ‘could happen’ to chart your future. Use your situational awareness about what is happening -now-, and its pretty fucking grim.

        The only chance of any mass uprising is still decades away, whitey has it too good. When most of whitey is out of work because they aren’t allowed to have jobs, when the white people tax is brought to bear, when the knockout game becomes a national sport. THEN, and only then, might you see Joe Normie get off the couch and waddle his fat ass out to complain. I’ll say it again. Pain & Fear. Everything else is just talk. Those two things get instant results and we don’t have enough yet.

        • I used to think the future belonged to us and that victory was inevitable. A summer’s day in Virginia changed my mind.

          • You mean Charlottesville?

            One day good or bad is not the stuff of victory or defeat.

            Oh and the C-ville score is 1-0. So cheer up.

        • Absolutely correct. I’ll take number 2 and the ten percent of whites with some semblance of racial realism. We should be moving en masse to the redoubt where we can would have a fighting chance of forming an ethno state. Scattered and divided across the country as we are now, nothing will change and our future will continue on the slow path to oblivion.

        • History isn’t a straight line. A hundred years ago, whites dominated the world, and people seriously discussed the possibility that black Africans might just die away as whites overtook their lands. Hell, sixty years ago, whites were still on top of the world with no hint of what was to come.

          I agree that it’ll take a lot to Joe Normie off the couch, and even if he does, it might be too late. But here’s the thing: Whites are the most capable people on the planet. No other group combines our attributes of brains and the ability to work together. Jews are parasites. Asians corrupt and unimaginative.

          Just keep pushing, and you might find that we get a lot farther, a lot faster than we might believe.

          • In Rhodesia and today in South Africa, whites have put up no fight against their enemies. What has to change for white Americans, Canadians and Europeans to act differently?

          • Maybe none. Should we just quit? Is that your answer?

            If so, you might as well blow your brains out now so you’re not in our way. I have kids, so I’ll try.

          • Not disagreeing, that is my “X factor” equation but it is a variable and cannot be relied upon. It could be something very simple like the mass murder of a white family by black militants, egregious reparations ‘taxes’, etc. Small things can set off huge events we students of history are aware of this. Butterfly effect, and all that. And I also agree w/ others here that as they are now turning up the frog to “hard boil” the chance of such an event increases.

            Our current trajectory is bad is my point so plan appropriately until that ‘thing’ pops off, whatever it may be. And hope that it does basically.

        • I have complete confidence in the ability of our enemies to push us to the point of 1 and 2 and 3. Sooner than later.

          Our greatest ally in this will be the brown coalition. After the next election it will be constant chimpouts. Their organ grinders are losing their hold. We should monkey wrench them in any way we can.

          • 1789 is almost here, but as in that year it will be the Left that sets the agenda.

            We will have no ability to do anything until the Reign of Terror passes. 1814 will arrive, but it’s a LONG way off.

            Keep your head down (and attached) and ride out what is to come.

          • Think of where we were 10 years ago…5 years ago…things move faster as the stress points increase in frequency and intensity. Most of the French were blind-sided by events, we won’t be. That Trump managed to win in 2016 in spite of wall to wall opposition should tell us something about the volatility of the typical white male. The glass is half full…

        • We’re on the same page I think. If I could choose I’d pick your #2 but I think ‘organic history’ will pick for us.

        • To me, the most realistic action is babies, babies, babies, and more babies. Then home school them. It could take years, but look what the left has accomplished with patience. Alas, many of us are too old.

          • Rich, the Boom means babies, babies, babies happened AFTER the war.

            (Then the economy boomed making hospitals, shoes, and schools for all those growing babies)

      • Maybe I should restate that: History is moving toward nationalism. Whether whites move with it is another story.

        My own belief is that a portion – anywhere from 10% to 50% – of whites will wake up. So yeah, that’s a lot of dead or lost to miscegenation whites, but many will come out the other side and they’re all that we need.

        We’re not only our worst enemy, we’re our only enemy. I might harp a lot on the Jews, but they’re more like a con man. Once you know about the con, there’s not much they can do. (Ever notice how much power Jews have in Japan.) Once we get out of our way, we’ll be fine.

        • That’s how I read you, I just wanted to mention that gorilla in the room; we re losing our countries (Im in Europe).

          • Outsiders weren’t trying to take over back then. Maybe France and Germany were reduced by 40% or something but when it was all over, there werent a lot of strangers occupying the land.

            Put differently, if it wasnt for Europeans, Im sure Native Americans would have bounced back from smallpox. When they tried….well history happened. Now we’re the new Comanche.

          • Alzaebo, nah, you also had a point. Besides, it not each others’ scalps we’re after, it’s someone elses lol

          • Difficult to compare. The rural American heartland is some of the healthiest Western stock you ll find, especially culturally.

            Europeans are more wimpy, and there’s islam. But again, neither half of the West should be racing the other to extinction.

      • History is moving our way BECAUSE the demographics are not. If the USA was still 90%+ white there would be no need for a DR. We ARE the reaction.

          • You want it easy.

            Nothing worth doing or having is easy.

            And no fight is ever “sure”.

          • Something about your fake tough talk that rubs me the wrong way. Although I’d decided you were sincere and not a social justice wanker trying to goat us here.

          • I’m trying to rub people the Right way. To stand up.

            However why shouldn’t The Black Pill’s answer be; Raise The Black Flag?

            Is there a better answer?
            They have for us.

            The talk is an answer to the problem. The situation is yes – tough.

            But not that tough.
            And despair rubs me wrong way, I channel it to action.

            And I do know something of war, so its not like I won’t risk my ass again. This one being unavoidable, and for once worth it Sir.

          • vxxc, I know. As long as you’re legit, and I ll be honest I had a little doubt at first, that’s all that matters.

            I kinda suspect you re female, not that it matters. That would explain why your he-man peptalks sometimes ring a little funny. As long as you’re sincere, Im personally cool w it. And I think you are. I disagree w everyone in here every now and then, including the local soul proprietor.

          • So far, we haven’t even joined in. If it looks like we have a mountain to climb it’s because we’ve spent the last 4 decades dawdling around in the base camp. We’re getting our crampons on now.

        • Bingo.

          Stress changes a people. You can’t take the past 50 years where whites were utterly oblivious to even the possibility of losing their lands and say that’s how we’ll act over the next 50 years.

  36. Buckley Conservatism is NOT the conservatism of Edmund Burke. They are separated by the issue of “church and state”; Burke was not a fan, Buckley was.

    Further, Buckley was not a family-first kinda guy. He was more a Statist.

    • Since both are dead and no longer of any relevance to this age, I would not waste a minute debating that point.

    • Er, Statist not the Buckley I remember at all. Our chief problem at the time was not surrendering the world in parcels to global communism; mostly the USSR and to a lesser extent China. This was a real existential threat. The Family situation was bad but nowhere near what it became later or now. Porn was in covers on bookshelves, etc. Buckley was deeply Catholic and certainly not anti-family.

      To call him a statist is nonsense and the opposite of the truth.
      When Buckley began New Deal Liberalism had triumphed over the Nazis and was fighting the Cold War. When Buckley began he was in the position we are now – and there was no Internet. The Democratic Party and Liberalism was totally triumphant, vigorous, sane. He was a lonely voice standing up for Mccarthy. He was a lonely voice period. There were 3 TV networks; NBC, CBS, ABC.
      All the papers were liberal.
      There was a fairness doctrine enforced by the FCC.
      There were real limits.
      You didn’t get deplatformed.
      You just never existed.
      Except on National Review.
      Buckley was like Samzidat.

      He was also a total black piller and everything he forecast in the 1950s came to pass.

      As far as the family he was deeply Roman Catholic.
      He always took the Catholic Position.

      And in those days we went to war with commies. With mixed success. The cops shot communist terrorists – in those days.

      In short Sir you have WFB completely wrong. And the pre-neocon conservatives. And frankly the past. There were in those days men.

      YES they did not completely succeed.

      Neoreaction has yet to succeed at all. With all the messaging advantages against far weaker foes. In those days there were men. Even the Communists were men.

      These days… snide whiners all around.


      • When Buckley surrendered to the Civil Rights Movement, he threw it all away. We may as well be right back in 1948 for all the good he did. When you lose freedom of association, you lose everything.

      • Are you a fool or a liar?

        “We have got to accept Big Government for the duration-for neither an offensive nor a defensive war can be waged, given our present government skills, except through the instrument of a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores. … And if they deem Soviet power a menace to our freedom (as I happen to), they will have to support large armies and air forces, atomic energy, central intelligence, war production boards, and the attendant centralization of power in Washington-even with Truman at the reins of it all.
        William F. Buckley, Jr.

  37. His claim is that by dropping the race and ethnicity questions, set-asides and affirmative action will be impossible to administer, so they will be dropped.

    How was this statement not followed by open laughter from the audience? McConnell and a few others had to look at this guy like he was mentally ill. Is this speaker and the woman who followed him from Iraq a sign they were scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill out their time slots?

    • Consider the audience. These people make their living as professional losers.

      This is like a trade show where they learn new and innovative ways to lose.

          • 2 things-

            1) He can run for president with a name like that. If Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho became president in Idiocracy, I don’t see why he can’t since we are pretty much living that movie at this point.

            2) As a fun aside, if you type that comical name into Google just for fun the VERY first hit is a PDF of outstanding warrants for arrest in Plano, TX. So Ima just throw that out there because… yeah. 🙂 The jokes write themselves, even when they are real.

          • 2)
            Mike Gonzalez-I get baseball stats
            Miguel Alejandro Antonio Diego Esteban Santiago Gonzalez-tutor assignments, University of Jaen, Spain PDF
            Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho-Idiocracy video clips
            But then, I used Bing.

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