Self-Loathing As Medicine

At the national conservatism conference, a recurring theme of the speeches was the awfulness of identity politics. The speakers would not get into the details, beyond noting it made unifying the country impossible. There were no references to black identity or the variety of group identities coming from the grievance studies departments. They would just refer to it in the same way that people refer to drug taking of drunk driving. That is, these are obviously immoral things that good people know to avoid.

The thing is though, this sort of talk only occurs in front of white people. Despite all the invective aimed at people on the dissident right, about their alleged racism, there was not a lot of diversity at the conference. A back of the envelope count says it was 65% white, 30% Jewish and 5% other. It may have been more Jewish than that, but not every Jew wears a yarmulke. Regardless, there may have been one black person and a few dozen people of mysterious origins. No a lot of vibrancy.

In other words, despite the hooting about white racism, the room was full of white people, who spend most of their time around white people or fellow whites. The typical black person experiences vastly more diversity in his daily life. Even the emotionally crippled women of the gender studies department get more diversity. The point being, Joe Sobran’s line about liberals applies to the various types of conservatives and now these newfangled national conservatives.

Putting that aside though, the typical white person in America really and truly does think identity politics is a bad thing. They look at the alternatives to the bourgeois civic nationalism of their lives and see that it is a shabby alternative. In fact, non-white identity politics can only exist where white people are in sufficient numbers to keep the water flowing and the lights working. That’s because identity politics is actually just anti-white politics. It is an entirely negative identity.

No public white person would dare say such a thing, but that’s the truth of it and more and more white people are waking up to it. The old paleocons can pearl-clutch this stuff all they like, but there is no turning back from it. Lecturing white America on the dangers of identity politics is now getting people killed. The only responsible thing to say in front of a white audience on the subject is the truth. What animates the new faces of the Democrat party, for example, is a hatred of white people.

Of course, one reason why the people railing against identity politics do so exclusively in front of white audiences is they fear this truth settling in on whites. That’s why tirades against white nationalism often coincide with the tirades against identity politics. They are two sides of the same coin, which is a fear that whites will begin to see their collective interests as primary. If in the next election whites vote their skin, Trump wins a fifty state landslide and 70% of the popular vote.

At the risk of over-making the point, these lectures to whites about identity politics are more insidious than they seem at first blush. The temptation is to assume it is just bourgeois white people extolling civic nationalism, by criticizing anything that undermines civic unity. Alternatively, it is a way for these people to puff out their chests and declare that it is the Democrats who are the real racists. Even today, this is a wildly popular tick among the civic nationalist types.

There’s something more important about these lectures. They are built on the assumption that the worst of all identity politics is white identity politics. Blacks embracing their racial awareness is not only ignored, but often celebrated by the same people fretting over white identity. Jewish identity, of course, is the greatest of all possible things. A multi-million dollar celebration of it was just staged in the capital, along with hundreds of media people, marched in to report on it.

White identity, well, that’s the worst and that’s why these lectures against identity politics never happen in front of non-whites. David French does not spend his days going to colleges demanding they junk their black studies departments. The boys at various Koch Brothers rackets are not going to the grievance studies departments, holding seminars on the dangers of identity politics. Instead, rants against identity politics are only aimed at white audiences, because white identity is what they fear.

When you witness this stuff up close, it is hard not to get angry about it and develop a deep loathing for the people behind it. When a Tucker Carlson does a bit on the evils of identity politics, one has to wonder if he is really an asset. To perpetuate white self-loathing in an age of racial politics and minority-majority demographics is to invite terror upon white people. To anathematize whites in order to prevent white identity is to counsel the victim to just like back and take it.

In fairness, a lot of the hooting about identity politics from civic nationalists is just alienation dressed up as nostalgia. They feel the same loss the rest of us feel for an America that is never going to return. Those on this side of the great divide have come to terms with it and seek to build a new identity that provides community and a sense of purpose. The civic nationalist just wallow in the self-pity and nostalgia. They are the new flagellants, who think more self-harm will solve the problem.

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251 thoughts on “Self-Loathing As Medicine

  1. “A back of the envelope count says it was 65% white, 30% Jewish and 5% other. It may have been more Jewish than that, but not every Jew wears a yarmulke.”

    Or is non-“White”.

  2. “When a Tucker Carlson does a bit on the evils of identity politics, one has to wonder if he is really an asset.”

    Everyone in Washington pretends to be cast from that non-threatening mainstream mold. Most are lying, maybe even to themselves. It makes sense that among the ambitious on our side that some would hide what they are to fit in and be successful. Is Tucker one of those? Nobody knows but Tucker.

  3. Whites are the slaves or serfs of this society. It’s not just minorities that live off of them as parasites, it’s the bureaucrats, Wall Street, the Pentagon, etc. They depend on whites to keep this whole rotten anti-white clown show going, and not just economically either. If whites decide to take their ball and bat and go home, the whole system collapses. Which is why I advocate a white boycott of the military, or at least the Army and Marines. Such a boycott would make the John Boltons of this world irrelevant. They’re not going to be able to continue playing globocop with a third-world army (which is going to happen in the next few decades anyway). It would force them to turn inward. The results might be good – they could hardly be worse.

  4. Strategically-speaking, Reagan was a bit of a white identarian. In 1980 he made the calculation that blacks would never vote for him in significant numbers. So he made the calulated decision not to court the black vote. This paid off for him. Not because of white identity politics but simply because there was no point in him campaigning for people he was not going to get anyways. He made the same choice in 1984.

    I remember some of the black leaders (Jesse Jackson among them) making a hoohaa over this, with the media trying to fan the flames. Reagan, with his laid-back SoCal charm, was able to defuse this issue without saying anything of substance.

  5. Z man, as usual, misses the 800lb gorilla in the room that is most responsible for the long trending decline of Western Civilization; feminism’s empowering women having a directly attached effect of dropping birth rates to below replacement levels in wealthy 1st world nations (yes, the International Globohomo Bankster NWO both bankrolled and promoted feminism to politically energize gynocentrism as a weapon against Western Civilization as they also did with the debunked idea of egalitarianism, but we’ll leave that for another discussion).

    TFM discusses it here with his usual clarity:

    Here are the sources that he quotes:

    Empowering women DOES mean that there are fewer (or no) babies being born..this is the result of granting women un-earned rights, starting with the right to vote.

    Want to save Western Civilization?
    Take women’s rights away and end ALL welfare – for once, “do it for the children!”

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. If in the next election whites vote their skin, Trump wins a fifty state landslide and 70% of the popular vote.

    Say what ?

    you should know that at this point white women don’t recognize their root any more

    midterm election shows women want side with winning team such as Jew and other minority not a white men

    whites are so divided right now there is no sign of trump winning re-election

    • Yelloweish said: whites are so divided right now there is no sign of trump winning re-election.” In 2016, 99% of planet earth were absolutely certainly that Hell Whore Hillary was going to run the board. Never say never.

    • Yellow, those mid-terms were like a scary thing as a child you wish you could forget. Especially as they came after the Kavanaugh travesty, which many of us thought might’ve woke normie a bit. But it didn’t. Please don’t remind us of the mid-terms again. Thanks.

  7. The National Conservatism Conference, is just more f**king lipstick on a pig. I am sick to death of playing the game by the Devils rules. Z Man said: “There’s something more important about these lectures. They are built on the assumption that the worst of all identity politics is white identity politics. Blacks embracing their racial awareness is not only ignored, but often celebrated by the same people fretting over white identity. Jewish identity, of course, is the greatest of all possible things. A multi-million dollar celebration of it was just staged in the capital, along with hundreds of media people, marched in to report on it.” And yesterday Z Man said: “This event has been a white pill for me. I could have done without the civic nationalist bromides and the hooting about racism, but the fact is the window is swinging our way inside the Imperial Capital.” See what I mean? The first quote was the pig, and the second one was the lipstick. Here’s a short YouTube vid of George Caolins last HBO special. George Carlin – It’s all bulls**t, and it’s bad for you.

    • We’re the only demographic that has succeeded against their vile behaviors and intentions. They know they suck and we can own them. Again.

    • Much of Kevin MacDonald’s academic work has been devoted to your question. I won’t post a spoiler here.

  8. Z: “When you witness this stuff up close, it is hard not to get angry about it and develop a deep loathing for the people behind it. When a Tucker Carlson does a bit on the evils of identity politics, one has to wonder if he is really an asset. To perpetuate white self-loathing in an age of racial politics and minority-majority demographics is to invite terror upon white people. To anathematize whites in order to prevent white identity is to counsel the victim to just lie back and take it.”

    True. “When you witness this stuff up close.” It’s easy for casuals like myself and others here to sit back and opinionate on stuff. Things must look quite different and real to guys like Z who are actually fighting this cold war.

    • Frip, why do you bother here. You are a self-described “casual user.” What I want for you is to go forward and be useful someday. For all you are now, you are a pathetic basement-dwelling nig nog. Say “hi” to mom for me, it’s terrible that dad walked out from the home to buy milk and he never came back. I think I appreciate his reasons.

      • @YourNeighbor. Hey dude. Why the agitation, did your weed connection get popped? You and I are guests but Mr. Frip is a paying customer. So yah, why not just smooth it on out and relax. In the mean time you can swing by the package store and pick up a 12 pack. Believe me, it helps.

      • I like Frip, he’s a funny guy. I imagine a SoCal hippie w a sense of reality lol

  9. “When a Tucker Carlson [speaks out against] the evils of identity politics, one has to wonder if he is really an asset.” – first doubts I’ve ever heard expressed by a major Dissident Right figure about Tucker’s usefulness.

    I agree. I’ve had doubts about Tucker’s never-ending double-downing on the greatness & necessity of color-blind America, & the dangers of identity politics, for a long time. His spiel is nothing but civnat catnip: reassurance to aging Boomers that they’ve been right all along…administering more of the same pleasant to hear but ultimately deadly poison through their ancient ears.

    Still, it will be interesting to see if Tucker invites Hazony & other reps of “National Conservatism” onto his show in coming weeks. The presence of hard-core Israel Firsters like John Bolton & others among its speakers – at a conference purporting to represent a new approach to American politics – might give him pause.

    And we can still hope Tucker serves as a bridge for some…despite the gaping hole in the middle of it.

  10. I think a lot of standard issue conservatives would be quite happy to visit the grievance studies departments and hold seminars on the dangers of identity politics. It’s just that they would never be allowed in the door, and if they were they would be attacked by mobs of raging ignorant children.

  11. I keep up with a former water company co-worker for the shits and grins of watching the academic woo-woo Left. Her daughter in Lafayette, CA has been sending the kids to The White Pony-Meher Baba School of Sufism Reoriented. Too much money so the kids will enter public school for the first time. Little Snowflakes! Am expecting to hear stories of their great shock and maladjustment to public school.

    “Unity in the midst of diversity can be made to be felt only by touching the very core of the heart. That is the work for which I have come.”– Meher Baba. Hmmmm…setting up woo woo untethered Lefties to be eaten!

    And we wonder why boys come out low-T emotional weedie Euro weenie types you could push over with a feather and the girls come out emotionally indulged overwrought sexually ambiguous feminists.

    My “friend” and her ilk are not tethered to the planet, drift above in Avalon, and early on will be eaten by The Other and Big Tyranny. They have enough money to afford this shit but not enough money to be protected and exempted from The Great Devouring.

  12. 1. We take a wait & see approach with Tucker. Right now things are too fluid for a friend or foe or useless meatstick, diagnosis. 2. I don’t think it’s ALL about securing status and money for him, which would reveal itself by him playing it safe. He’s been unsafe, which is why we’ve all wondered aloud here when he’s gonna be fired. 3. He’s not merely “the most we can hope for right now” or “a better version of O’reilly”. No he’s really quite remarkable (for these times). A different animal from the semi-literate or fake smart hosts and guests. And he’s from the enemy’s own class, (in manner not just money). An unspoken snag for them. 4. This may sound facile, but I think he’s operating on a few different levels right now. Lots of spinning plates. Some baffling to us. Some unseen. These guys navigate complex worlds. 5. All this, I think, with the goal of running for president one day. I can think of better hard Right candidates. But no better realistic candidate.

    • Trump and Tucker are a fantastic team against the culture war.

      My impression is that Tucker has a dualistic pipeline role between Trump and Fox’s receptive audience. He develops and conveys the intellectual underpinnings that Trump doesn’t have time for, adds context to Trump’s policies and smooths out any “misunderstood” gestures. In turn, since Tucker has a proven “finger” on the pulse of right-leaning influencers, Trump is getting valued live feedback in realtime. As Frip said, when Tucker votes up or down, he first puts it through a particular mix of filters that Trump values and can’t infer from raw poll data alone.

      For now, Tucker’s probably focused on getting Trump re-elected. For example, Tucker makes no bones about admiring Tulsi’s foreign policy stands. Trump can’t help but keep this in mind when balancing all the neocon advice.

  13. I guess the big question right now is if it is too late to re-introduce and re-invigorate American Civic Nationalism. It seems a consensus here that it cannot be done. But it seems that Pres. Trump feels that it *can* be done. At least he’s acting that way. Maybe Tucker thinks so too.

    AnCivNat was an important, positive* way that the prior elite papered over the very real ethnic and cultural differences among so-called ‘white’ immigrants from Europe that existed from even before independence. That all changed when the urban D elite section sought to cement their power by changing their strategy from economic class and regional based coalition building to ethnic/tribal coalition building after their crushing losses in the ’68, and particularly, the ’72 presidential elections. They attributed those losses to a mythical, diabolical Nixon ‘Southern Strategy’. Sevarian, over at Rotten Chestnuts on the Blog Roll, does a good job of debunking that canard in a recent post or two.

    Having been an adult at the time, I can tell you that AmCivNat is what put Nixon over. Lots of ‘normies’ didn’t appreciate seeing their county trashed by trustafarians. I see 2020 as a re-run of 1972 if Pres. Trump is right. We ought to hope that he is.

    If he is not right, then we better have a substitute, positive WyteCIVNat narrative myth ready to roll out to counter the ongoing ‘flood the zone with the 3rd world’, splitter and demonization efforts. I don’t know about you-all but I’d be hard pressed to explain what ‘White’ even means to a critical listener aside from ‘target of convenience for the ‘urban white’, brown & black lunatics who seem to think they’d win a civil war’.
    *Am Civ Nationalism is a far more appealing and far less destructive governing method than the old, time-tested, ‘divide and rule’ strategy, for example. No doubt that’s why the Progs have spent so much effort to deconstruct it. One thing for sure, Global Rule by Experts is not a winner, once explained. And it’s easy to explain, just uncomfortable to grasp.

    • Consider that many non-whites/J3ws may be literally incapable of being civnats because their tribalism is hard-wired.

      • LineInTheSand: Change that to most – or I would argue almost all – non-whites/J3ws are incapable of being genuine civnats. Add in reversion to the mean and the problem with large numbers, and I don’t see how it will ever be in any way positive to have a visible, identifiable non-European population pretending to be part of “us.”

    • I saw him say ‘that’s the most racist thing I’ve heard’ about the Dems, maybe yesterday in a clip. It was a clear case of civ nat. I dont think he gets the white identity stuff. But how could he?? The man is sherman tank, mustang fighter vintage.

  14. I don’t know about whites embracing anti-identity views. Here in Southern CA whites are very, very conscious about being a minority in their own land and prefer to associate with other whites if at all possible. They put their kids in private or parochial schools to get away from the brown menace.

    That said the attendees are not your normal whites. They don’t have the time or money to blow on such worthless shindigs. What you got there is the same sort of whites who attend self-help and new age seminars. Uppser class whites wholly detached from reality.

    In regards to Tucker Carlson, he’s gone as far as he can without being fired. This is a problem I have with DR hardliners. is they expect whites with national platforms to say the same things we talk about even it would destroy them.

    White identify will always been something not talked about in public. It can’t be unless those people want their lives destroyed.

    • Rod….it will take much more time for a lot more of The Others to show up in our lives, make us miserable, kill some more of us and create Big Hate and chaos. Our gatekeepers live behind….gates! They are insulated from The Others. Until their world gets rocked by The Others, we’re in for a hellish ride.

    • As a fellow Southern Californian, I would say that you can always tell a Californian, but you can’t tell him much. Californians are set in their various social and political ways, in all directions. Any attempt to engage or parse out reasons why they believe what they do is met with a silent, arrogant assumption of the self-evident truth of their viewpoint. The Bernie-bots, Hillary-bots and Trump-bots all refuse to engage. The attitude is that if you are too stupid to see things their way, they are not going to deign to explain it to you, and you just need to go away. An amped up version of what is going on everywhere.

    • Point taken. However, I think we are inching ever closer to the point when white identity CAN be discussed publicly. Hence, Trump himself is tiptoeing on the precipice of declaring that diversity is a liability rather than an asset. During BO’s rule, this would have been unthinkable.

      • Yes…we’re drawing closer. I’m dropping white pills, you’re dropping white pills, we all drop white pills. White Pills ’til the end of time. No stopping the pills. We all wake up!… our new Nationalist Nursery Rhyme.

    • I read somewhere that in Moslem-infested parts of England, the Heritage English are more likely to describe themselves as Christian than in non-infested areas. Diversity creates a recognition of difference, contrary to what libs and cucks think.

  15. I wonder if the desperate rush to stop White People developing any kind of racial solidarity is out of fear,as an unremembered online poster once said ” when black people get mad, city blocks burn, when White People get mad whole continents burn”
    The left are so keen to portray White people as brutal racists who want nothing more than to oppress and kill any non White people but it seems to me that if White people truly wanted to oppress and kill any non White people in their countries then those people wouldn’t know what the fuck just hit them.
    and to be honest,Im starting to come to that point of view,I am so tired of foreigners coming to my country(UK) and telling me that I now have to live by their rules,Im not a violent man but their ungrateful intransigence is rapidly getting me there.

  16. I hear a lot about ‘how’ identity politics for whites is “bad”, but I don’t hear much about ‘why’. The only good answer I’ve ever heard – and this came from white nationalists – is that the normie whites (and other minorities) are simply afraid that white identity movements, should they go mainstream, will inevitably lead to German-like military mobilization and fascism, and Brit-like colonization. This is slanderous, of course. But ‘why’ is never discussed in the mainstream, and I wonder why that is? And I wonder if white progressives have an inner fear that they have an “inner Hitler” waiting to come out too?

    • Where in the world has identity politics NOT lead to dictatorship, internal purges of minority populations, and colonization?

      • Those phenomena have been fixities of the human condition irrespective of so-called “identity politics.” The reality is that human beings have always grouped together in identities and competed, often violently, with other identity groups.

      • Most of US history the population was pretty close to white nationalist. I wouldn’t consider it to have been a dictatorship, or a colonial power, or a place where minorities were purged.

    • John Paul Stevens kicked the bucket. Stevens was my mother’s first cousin. She and Dad were Trots. Ironically, Mother would sniff that he was conservative old school, implying he was a racist, and after her conversion had little to do with him. You see how long this shit’s been rolling out! No Thanksgiving dinners with him for her clan. In his later years guess John Paul figured out what side of his bread was buttered and who was doing the buttering.

      Well Mom….you’ll be happy to know he slipped over to your side of the divide.

      As for me….done with that. No looking back except as a cautionary tale. Take heed. My argument against biological reality is…the stork got drunk and brought me to the wrong house.

  17. I’ve found that telling whites that we WILL be a minority, and worse, a hated minority is effective. Even most liberals will concede that the white man is portrayed as a bumbling fool in the media and that a anti-white malice exists among our elite.Fact is that whites have become fat and dull from our unprecedented Success these last 100 yrs. A few missed meals will cure that. Watch SA.

    • I’ve found the same thing when I tell normie whites they’re going to be a despised minority. There’s never an argument, just a quiet, somewhat spooked look. It’s most effective when they have children.

  18. “In fairness, a lot of the hooting about identity politics from civic nationalists is just alienation dressed up as nostalgia. They feel the same loss the rest of us feel for an America that is never going to return.”

    For normies this is probably true. But for the group at this conference…no quarter.

    These people live politics 24/7. They know exactly what’s going on and who is pulling the strings. They are )))mercenaries((( and (((parasites))).

    When the balloon eventually does go up any of these people who are still on the field peddling this stuff should be given no quarter. None.

    • Indeed. Such people profited on the turmoil they in many ways helped to create. As the fires burned brighter, they benefited more. No mercy should be shown.

  19. As people, one by one, realize they can throw off the shackles of an abusive relationship, it is liberating. Like a marriage complicated with kids, houses, and alimony payments, just physically walking out the door and not looking back is not always an option. But one can still walk out, mentally and emotionally. Freeing oneself from the mental shackles, to get out from under the daily rituals of accepting and dwelling over the mental abuse, is an incredibly powerful thing. That’s what whites are starting to figure out.

    People are going to continue to find that “F-you” and “I don’t give a damn”, whether expressed outright or simply internally felt, are empowering things, that can lift your emotions even as the bigger situation seems more blackpilled all the time. It is not going back to the old days, but there is no turning back, either, once one walks out that door. All the drama in DC and in the media just reinforces the idea that the decision to walk out that door was a good one. I can’t imagine a situation where anyone would walk back their choice to go.

    • Because of my hope that everyone at all times experiences inclusion, I’ve been wondering . . . does LGBTQNCAA include a category for those whom I tell to go f___ yourself?

  20. “… beyond noting it made unifying the country impossible.”

    Our country is an empire now. Authentic members of the American nation, the largest but one of many nations within the empire, starting to play identity politics might prevent unifying the country around the rule of globalist plague rats spreading the disease of civilization-wrecking diversity. They fear delegitimization of their rule over the empire because if real Americans start thinking like a nation again, this would inevitably entail assessing what our collective interests are, and there are no plausible scenarios where an awakened American nation will continue to allow hostile foreigners to rule over us.

    The globalist ruling ‘elites’ increasingly don’t look like us, talk like us, or share any of our values and culture. Bill Clinton, George Bush, Bill Kristol, and John Liebowitz ‘Stewart’ have collectively gotten away with pretending to be part of us (and I and my generation 100% accepted them and thought that they were), but Bill Kristol, Brett Stephens, Fareed Zakaria, Trevor Noah, Ilhan Omar, and Saikat Chakrabarti collectively will not. Their only hope is to keep a critical mass of us from remembering that there is a European ‘us’, that the American nation is one of the European nations, a synthesis of the European peoples upon a British-heritage substrate.

    This is what makes Pres. Trump’s contributions to the culture war so important. It’s long past too late to be worrying about balancing the budget and adhering to a corpse of a constitution. Rand Paul, wake up! The budget is not going to be balanced before the inevitable financial collapse, and one of the primary objectives of globalism is to replace constitutional governance of rule of law with governance of rule of law by international bureaucrats appointed by transnational corporations. You want balanced budgets and constitutional constraint of rule of law, win the war against globalism first.
    Is our social, economic, and political order better for national Americans (as opposed to imperial Americans, those who are citizens of the empire but belong to other nations) than it was in 1950? New nations arise from the inevitable death of multicultural empires.

  21. The emergence of white identity is defensive and instinctive in response to nonwhite tribalization. It has the same logic as an arms race.

    It is also true about the nostalgia bit. I suffer from it.

  22. DR3 (Dems are the real racists) is true, though I understand Zman’s antipathy for the phrase. Where this starts to matter is when the brown tide rolls up to white liberal shores, and the AOCs of the world start defeating the old Dem guard with regularity. The only reason white Dems are embracing the browning of America is because it helps them get elected. When they see it taking over the party, it could spark a huge conversion to our side. The US may then start to more resemble the politics of Alabama than CA, NY and IL.

    • “ The only reason white Dems are embracing the browning of America is because it helps them get elected. When they see it taking over the party, it could spark a huge conversion to our side.”

      I don’t know when whites will ever start bloc voting (if ever) but I think the day is not too far off where power-seeking white men realize if they want to get much higher than state legislator or Representative from Vermont they’re going to have to leave the Democratic Party.

      • Last year, I remarked to a young man involved in Republican politics here in NJ that there was no place in the Democratic Party for White men. He replied, “I know.”

        In Newark, NJ, the last Republican mayor left office in 1953 and the last White Democrat in 1970. Since then, all of Newark’s mayors were Black Democrats and one light-skinned Puerto Rican.

        White and Jewish Democrats are facing the fate (figurately speaking) of Marie Antoinette. One way or another, they will be replaced by POCs.

  23. This thing is moving on two separate but parallel tracks.

    Trump is presently trying to do to the left what the left has successfully done to the right: draw a line beyond which support cannot be accepted (or at least publicly acknowledged).

    The fact that this line is not where anyone around here would like it to be is irrelevant. The point IS the line, if you will. Once the line is drawn it can be moved.

    Trump’s wrapping himself in the Israeli flag is more about winning Florida and giving cowards in the GOP cover to attack Maoist thots of color than it is a conscious betrayal of the kids who were tweeting gas chamber memes three years ago.

    This isn’t plan-trusting, it’s politics. That is to say, bullshit: Trump’s specialty. And four more years of slow and steady growth – while trying to erase or at least move the line the left has drawn for the right – is objectively better than any alternative on offer.

    Sitting out the rest of the game because you tore down the goalposts after the coin toss is to remain stuck on stupid. But it appears that the polo & khaki crew is being led off yet another cliff by the usual suspects. They are also showing the rest of us that a blackpilled millennial can whine worse than a Jew when he doesn’t get his way.

    • Trump didn’t just symbolically wrap himself in the Israeli flag

      He delivered a long list of tangible results for his Israeli partners.

      The same cannot be said for those who voted for him on the basis of immigration restriction.

      He has failed to deliver time and time again on immigration, even when he clearly has the power to act unilaterally. He has played the same old game of failure theater instead.

      It has to be assumed this is intentional.

  24. Underlying the fear of white identity consciousness among “conservative” cuck-ups is economic anxiety. Most civnats swear by corporate capitalism, but as we see in Nike, Gillette, et al. the corporations nowadays are often p.c. plague carriers. (I was a little taken aback — not sure why, it shouldn’t have been surprising — to learn that my brokerage, Fidelity, sponsors gay pride events.)

    Whites who respect their heritage, for all their reluctance to play in the grievance Olympics, potentially have a huge advantage at their disposal: the power of the purse. Whites still control a lot of the money flow. If they ever start using it deliberately through rewarding and punishing corporate and even government institutions, look out!

    Civnats may not consciously think in such terms, but they understand it at a deeper level. They know who signs their checks; it’s increasingly Wan Lee, Chindra, and Carlos (as well as, of course, Shlomo). White identitarianism threatens to put a kink in the money hose. Which should give us plenty of ideas.

    • Corporations have reached the point where, externally, they are neutral, but internally, they proudly fly the freak flag. Nike and Gillette are now testing the freak flag waters with the general public. Not shopping with them is a whole lot easier than speaking up as an employee and having your career axed.

      • If you’re really serious about boycotting AWR corporations you’ll have go live on a mountaintop in Wyoming and lead a subsistence life. Nike and Gillette are the poster children for AWR, but almost all corporations share their views and policies.

        • Gillette is a P&G brand. Almost everything is. In fact, I can’t even name many competitor conglomerates – Johnson & Johnson, General Mills? They are likely just as woke. The best way to boycott them is probably to buy knock-offs (easier to do with Nike).

    • Look up “buy nothing day”. When it came out, Limbaugh freaked out.

      Mass economic boycotts work if you get enough people to join in. You can break the back of the airlines within a week. Most corporations are so dependent on constant income stream they go into shock within a few days of people stop buying things.

      Right after the 2008 Stock and housing collapse. A bunch of companies needed immediate bail outs to survive including Harley Davidson and others. Why? Because people tightened their belts. Even Mothers Cookies almost went under

      Now imagine most whites staying home on black friday and not buying anything for the next two weeks except basic food stuffs. Wall Street will have a heart attack.

      Remember the corporations depend on us on being good little consumers to keep them afloat. They are giants with feet of clay.

  25. I would like to make two points addressed to Mr. Man and the home viewing audience.

    First, thank you very much for introducing me to Joe Sobran. I regret wasting time not reading his work.

    Second, as an aspiring hu-white ciswhatever, I would very much like to attend AmRen’s big hoedown next year.

    Unfortunately I am under deep cover and it would seriously bum me out were I found out to be Literally Hitler by my employer and the nice brown woman at my local bodega.

    So any practical hints, strategies, tactics, neologisms, Etc. would be very much appreciated in this regard.

    1589, hail victor, Etc.,

    • Farst, ya steal yer wimmen’s shoes, lock em in that thar kitchen, and keep em pregnerant. Kissin’ cousins, nieces, sisters is all fair play.

      Theyn, ya get a bullwhip and keep them thar darkies a-pickin’ the crops.
      Huwhyte sheets is high fashion.

      Last, ya’ll remember time-honored wisom of yer fear-fathers:
      Ya call a redneck with pitbulls an all-huwhyte nayborhood.
      Ya hear me, boy?

    • We are political dissidents living in an age with effectively infinite surveillance capabilities and infinite data storage.

      What will the neo-stasi do with those wonderful toys in twenty years?

      Not being careful is naive or unnecessarily risky, and I don’t have “Born to Lose” tattooed on my neck.

  26. If things keep going like this I can see moslems and blacks being loaded onto scows and sent back. (Even Trump is pondering that). Likewise the Mexicans could easily be death marched back across the border.
    Call it what you want. Tribalism, nationalism… when those hatred flow, morals and ethics go out the window.

    • Would only occur after a protracted and exhausting war. Then, you might see something like what happened to German ethnics living in countries immediately surrounding pre-WWII Germany—where such were driven across the new national boundaries back to Germany, if they were lucky. 100’s of thousands never made it.

        • Fought by whom? The French won’t even stand up to their own government, let alone fight in a religious war. Christianity is dead in Europe.

          The English think voting against Brexit is all they need to do. The Swedes are all on heavy doses of Demerol. The Germans are still trying to atone for World War II.

          Most white Americans have lost all semblance of a survival instinct. I just see them fading away. I hope I’m wrong.

          • Perhaps, but leaders of movements have heretofore always managed to inveigle religion—even if they have to redefine it—to suit their needs in their efforts to motivate the masses.

    • Without the current welfare and 1st world medical support, Blacks would suffer a dramatic die off within a matter of months in this country as they are unable to take care of themselves let alone work in a cooperate and peaceful manner.

      The Mexicans would finish off the rest .

      The Muzzies are mostly vicious, low IQ predatory, protected by Unka Sam, without whites willing to die to protect Muzzies. They get put down hard by other groups.

      Mexicans are about the only ones who could handle a end to the welfare state. The moochers and AOC’s who still demand their gimmedats gringo won’t fare well.

      And this does not account what happens to the loud mouthed and entitled feminist and LBTQ crowd that everyone hates, the chronically ill, drug users, people hooked on Xanax, etc.

      We could easily see the population of the U.S. drop by a hundred million.

      • Rod, correct. The numbers perishing would be of biblical proportions. People just can’t handle providing for themselves and most would die without commerce and welfare. However, the quality of what’s left is what is of concern. Free of the undertow and PC correctness, I’m confident a new beginning would be at hand. The trick would be to not repeat the cycle.

  27. The more zman discloses about this “national conservatism” conference the more I believe that it’s a case of “meet the new cucks; same as the old cucks.” This is not a new direction for conservatism or a new beginning, it’s a Greatest Hits album.

      • From what I can gather from the various talking heads:

        Immigration: More of it legally, probably ok with some illegal as long as not too much (can’t get rid of it all anyway), and as long as they assimilate (meaning mouthing the right platitudes, not dissing the founding stock, but otherwise do as you will);

        Democracy by force: Yes, and you will like it!

  28. Here in my beloved Long Island, the anti-racists battling racist racism are demanding that the President commit seppuku!

    Jewish radio stands tall with our beloved Palestinian and noble Muslim friends!

    • Aw c’mon, people I had a downvote!

      I was going to tell the lurking Littlest Chickenhawk that his dream job was waiting on The View. We gotcher material right heeere, Benny!

  29. Z Man said: “Of course, one reason why the people railing against identity politics do so exclusively in front of white audiences is they fear this truth settling in on whites. That’s why tirades against white nationalism often coincide with the tirades against identity politics. They are two sides of the same coin, which is a fear that whites will begin to see their collective interests as primary.” Matthew 23:13. “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men. For you neither enter, nor even do you allow those who are entering to go in.” I have no professional associations at all anymore. I was a working class guy all my life. but now I’m 66 living in a small studio apartment. But a lot of you folks seem to be way closer to the action then I ever was. It would be great if people that have the money and expertise where to make a few high-quality in-depth documentaries about a few key forbidden subjects and then just mail the suckers to every white person in America. I think the first one should be intitled: WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE! THEY WANT YOU DEAD! But hey, that’s just one of my fantasies.

    • May you live to be 120, I want one of us to see how this all turns out!

      (And to give us the news when he gets to Heaven. I’ll catch it on the grapevine way down below in the, uh, basement.)

      • Damn it all, Az. Not letting you shuffle off to the Burning Basement. No Sir! We need your erudition, insight and humor to aid in our sanity and our side of The Great Devouring. So get to rectifying on those character flaws, Laddie.

    • I also suspect that Whites lecturing Whites only on the evils of racial identity is also a function of the physical danger of any White appearing before a Black/Hispanic audience and attempting to lecture them on their identity proclivities. In this day and age of minority ascendency, the slightest criticism of our vibrant folk risks immediate casting into the void, if not outright physical attack.

      • Compsci said: ” In this day and age of minority ascendency, the slightest criticism of our vibrant folk risks immediate casting into the void, if not outright physical attack.” Millions of white people have been holding in a mountain of cold rage for decades. But the insurrection hasn’t happened mainly I believe for two reasons. Most White people believe in the American system and they want it to work. Plus we’ve all been pacified to one extent or another by the soft despotic beasts. I have no idea how long this can keep up untill the last straw falls.

        • Obviously my statement above needs clarification. Compsci said: ” In this day and age of minority ascendency, the slightest criticism of our vibrant folk risks immediate casting into the void, if not outright physical attack.” That’s because white people let this crap get normalized. Year after year decade after decade 100s of Millions of White Americans didn’t jump the hell up and beat the living crap out of the progressives and the socialists and communists. White people let their leaders capitulate and compromise and sell off their heritage and the heritage of their posterity. And two of the reasons why this happend (as I said above) was “Most White people believe in the American system and they want it to work. Plus we’ve all been pacified to one extent or another by the soft despotic beasts.” White people failed to cherish and properly take care of the gifts they were given. White people failed to pay attention to what was going on in their own f**king country. Now it’s up to the next few generations to try and salvage what they can.

          • OBT, yes indeed. Spot on observation. I might add an observation upon your “cold rage” comment as well.

            Remember not too long ago with the fall of the USSR and the Soviet Block countries? Romania and Nicolae Ceaușescu in particular. He was giving his *last* speech from his “palace” and the crowd was huge. But instead of cheering, they began to boo and scream and riot. Nothing like that had ever happened before (his secret police always took care of the crowd). He took off from the balcony and left the palace and attempted to flee the country, only to be arrested by his police (body guards left him IIR) and then was tried and shot with his wife. Video’s of all exist and are on YT.

            Now that’s cold rage manifesting itself spontaneously!

          • Compsci said: ” Nicolae Ceaușescu in particular. He was giving his *last* speech from his “palace” and the crowd was huge. But instead of cheering, they began to boo and scream and riot. Nothing like that had ever happened before (his secret police always took care of the crowd).” Yah, I watched a clip of that just after it happend. He looked really surprised. I believe for something like that to happen here, life in america would have to deteriorate to an agonizing degree. But that’s not saying there wont be a lot of productive work done in the mean time.

          • your mourning The Death of Peace. That’s normal. Peace is dying and you’re sad. It’s the passing of a loved one. You’ll buck up and fight soon enough.
            You’ll even be happy warriors.

            Don’t worry too much.

        • I suspect it won’t go on a whole lot longer. 10 to 15 years maybe. The U.S. is over 22 trillion in debt. The dollar is slowly but surely going to lose reserve currency status.

          When the real economic downturn happens, well you get my drift.

        • We had no leadership.
          We do now.

          If it’s not enough then Lead On yourselves.

          I wonder if those here realize how far we’ve come since 2012 when we awoke after the re-election of Obama and were breathlessly informed we didn’t have a country anymore.

          That’s when we awoke.

          Look how far we’ve come since 2015.

          Now that we almost certainly will have to war for what’s ours and a land of our own is no great aberration. That’s the fate of men. Eternally.

          I’m actually encouraged by the Black Pill tears here- it means your mourning The Death of Peace. That’s normal. Peace is dying and you’re sad. It’s the passing of a loved one. You’ll buck up and fight soon enough.
          You’ll even be happy warriors.

          Yes you should prepare.
          But you can mourn peace dying now. There’s time.
          I’ve had to mourn peace repeatedly, I’m a vet.

          Don’t worry too much.
          Mourn peace. Even cry.

          Then f—-ing bury peace and get to work.

      • They.
        And standing up for your own.
        They respect Bravery.

        The ones who’ll cast you into the void are whites, Jews and Whoppi Goldberg.

        Its not the Void unless you work in Leftist Dominated Institutions and Businesses.
        Then you might get fired.

    • Not a fantasy.

      We haven’t “lost” the country. We are extremely reluctant to accept we have to fight for it.

      The Eternal Fate of Man is you have to fight to keep what’s yours, especially Land.

  30. I’ve been thinking lately about how dangerous empathy is. What empathy allows people to do is to feel other people’s pain. But you never hear about anyone feeling anyone else’s Joy. Empathy is only good for pain and it seems to destroy your own capacity for joy. If I felt like that all the time I would want to destroy everything also

    • >Self-loathing has been turned into a narcotic for white people that lets them forget about what they lost.<

      You are spot on, Whitney.
      My liberal-libertarian relatives are unadmittedly furious that their grand inclusive virtues have led to ruin; conservatives making war to spread democracy has also led to ruin.
      Neither Left nor Right has worked.

      They were taught to despise their ancestors, and now their grandkids don't look like them.

      "Screw it! Let this wicked world burn! Burn it all!"

      • Alzaebo said: “Screw it! Let this wicked world burn! Burn it all!” Spoken like a true idealist with a broken heart. 😀

        • I think he has a point though for a different reason. The kind of anti-white rhetoric we are hearing right now does not guarantee a genocide but it precedes a genocide 100% of the time and on top of that we’re turning over the levers of power to people that hate us. It seems to me that civilizational collapse is going to work in our favor. There’s an interesting book out called Lost white tribes and it’s pretty much a horror show of the future if we continue as we are

  31. I can sympathize with the nostalgic conservatives. For a long time, this country was very good at importing various tribes of Europeans and getting them to assimilate. When their predecessors bought into the left’s racial equality stuff in the middle of the last century, they assumed they could get other tribes to assimilate as well.

    Identity politics actively resists and even rolls back assimilation. Combine it with floods of far too many immigrants to smoothly assimilate and you have – Balkanization. If the shooting starts, this place comes apart more spectacularly than Yugoslavia.

    • Many Europeans came to America and were successful. What the conservative inc. seems to have intentionally missed is that Europeans were also successful in Europe. Europeans are successful pretty much everywhere. You also see this theory of American exceptionalism trotted out to prove that democracy or the Constitution were responsible for American success. But Europeans ran highly functional societies under Monarchies and Feudalism.

      If one is willing to look at the obvious it’s clear that Europeans are successful in almost any government and on almost any piece of dirt. It’s also pretty clear that’s most POC end up in squalor no matter the government or place.

      • Sure – some of places Europeans came from – Italy, Ireland, Poland… hadn’t been particularly successful places in a long time. But, yes – from a global perspective, European stock has hit way above their weight for a long time.

        • It seems to go in cycles. And for some reason, they seem to self-destruct. We are seeing that now in places like NW Europe w/ England, Sweden, Norway. The hard times make good men cycle appears only to apply to Euros.

        • Some European countries weren’t as wealthy as other but that’s mostly in relation to other European countries. Compared to a place like Africa or most of South America they are still wealthy.

          Even the East Germans under communism were far wealthier than any country run by Africans. Which just goes to show how important the people are to an economy. Even under the stupidest possible economic system they were still more productive than free economies filled with many POC.

          But normies will rail against socialism because of its failure record without somehow noticing the much greater failure record of most non-white nations.

          • A doctor from South America told me that there was a lot of poverty in South America but it was nothing compared to Africa.

        • And even if European Stock wasn’t superior its ours.

          We have to fight for it.

        • Take a tour around the former communist countries in central and Eastern Europe to see the truth of this. For sure, 70 years of communism left behind some ugly and dysfunctional legacies but life in places such as Prague, Budapest, Belgrade or Warsaw is not very different from life in the West, barring some minor stuff.

          Compare that to life in “free-market” Haiti or “libertarian” Somalia.

      • Some conservatives credit Christianity for Western success. Really? How about Guatemala, the Phillippines and Kenya? Also, the accomplishments of European peoples before Christianity?

        It be racist to give credit to European peoples, regardless of religion.

        • Not to go into it too deeply, but there is a big difference historically between Protestant and Catholic Christianity, which I admit is also conflated with different European countries and cultures. Albeit, I’m a Catholic by birth and upbringing, I’m thankful to have been born in this country predominately settled/developed by Protestant ethos.

        • It’s possible early Christianity led to a level of organization that was eugenic in nature. After enough time in Europe Christians with traits with higher IQs and lower criminality bred to become dominant.

          So maybe it can influence a society over enough time, but I don’t think just having the current stock convert works in shorter time spans.

        • European Christianity – Protestantism and reformed Catholicism. Built atop Classical European civilization and learning.

        • Ris
          Hate to break it to you but all those beautiful things about the west (especially in medieval times, until Henry wanted to f*** any woman with a pulse) were mostly done by Catholics.

  32. Tucker has to worry about staying on the air. You must not have gotten a sense from his talk that he is not pulling punches to do that, but really believes all identity politics is poisonous. He is still as close as you can get to reality and still stay on the air for a TV news pundit. A big improvement over Bill O’Reilly and the neocon choir FOX featured for over a decade. He may be a case of taking what we can get.

    • Everyone gets that. He is better than everyone else, but why bother saying anything? He could simply point out the hypocrisy of the Left and leaving it at that. Why add on the sermons about identity politics? I know the answer. I’m just pointing out how powerful the conditioning is and what we face. Self-loathing has been turned into a narcotic for white people that lets them forget about what they lost. Tucker and everyone else does it because it works.

      • To face the truth of identity politics is to face the truth about a lot of very ugly things. To accept identity politics is to accept that whites have lost their country, that whites will be a persecuted minority, that the only hope for whites might be violence on an unimaginable scale and, most importantly, that we utterly failed our children and grandchildren.

        Somewhere, deep down, Carlson and other whites know that the only thing holding this country together is whites not participating in identity politics. Sure, they’re only making things worse, but it’s just so much easier to avoid facing reality.

        • the only thing holding this country together is whites not participating in identity politics.

          That’s the main thing destroying this country. “Identity politics r bad” is the best trick the left ever pulled on the right.

        • Citizen: “To accept identity politics is to accept that whites have lost their country, that whites will be a persecuted minority, that the only hope for whites might be violence on an unimaginable scale and, most importantly, that we utterly failed our children and grandchildren.”

          Brilliantly said. And unutterably sad. It was all so utterly predictable and entirely unnecessary.

          • Accept we have to fight.
            We fight, we win.

            We haven’t “lost” the country. We are extremely reluctant to accept we have to fight for it.

            The Eternal Fate of Man is you have to fight to keep what’s yours, especially Land.

            That we have to fight for it doesn’t mean we’ve lost anything. It means we’re human. Men. That’s our lot. The only thing we’ll lose for a time is safety and comfort. Yes we’re losing peaceful solutions. That too is the story of Man.
            That’s why we have wars.

        • To face the truth on identity politics requires nearly none of those things except violence.

          We certainly haven’t yet lost the country, we certainly haven’t yet failed our posterity.

          We fight and we win.

      • To give Tucker Carlson the benefit of the doubt, couldn’t his speaking against identity politics really be a means of highlighting the all of the non-white (a/k/a anti-white) identity politics? Could it be trying to show normie whites that civ-nationalism isn’t going to work? He can’t come out and openly promote white identity politics.

        I could be off-base. I don’t know what Tucker said.

      • “Self-loathing” seems to be something I’ve never had—and I’m a pretty imperfect specimen in any random category you choose. This has got to be something genetically based. I can’t remember any family member that exhibited such tendencies, and I’ve thought about it in depth. Point being that self-loathing is therefore a very hard concept for me to fathom.

        • Racial self -loathing is a unique and distinguishing characteristic of white Leftists, and I suspect it has a genetic component. It would be interesting to trace its intellectual origins. When, specifically, did white elites begin inveighing against their own people? My guess is somewhere in the first half of the 19th century. Of course, it was only with the Frankfurt School, and the emergence of the New Left in the early 60s that this pathology became a powerful political force.

          • The blacks have their “Uncle Toms” and self-haters. Jews have had self-haters and “conversos”, too.

            Self-loathing on a broad level is traceable to a lot of factors:

            1) true self-loathing, when an individual hates himself (think Michael Moore) he can spin it into a self-loathing of his group to make himself appear virtuous, believing that no one else can see the true cause for his self-loathing.

            2) cowardliness is another motive. Humans are hardwired to be at war. If “the group” or if “high fashion” makes it acceptable or profitable to hate one’s own, then the coward will do it (subconsciously or otherwise)

            3) self-preservation. When one sees one’s group under attack, and if the momentum appears to be with the attackers, some people will chose to submit (again, subconsciously or otherwise).

          • Sure, you can always find a race traitor or two among other groups, but only among whites are approximately one third of the people race traitors. In other words, the problem is FAR more pronounced among us than any other group. If one third of blacks were race traitors the Dems would be out of business.

            PS–I like your third point, which is related to your second. When the going gets tough for a group of people, the cowards among them get going to the other side.

          • It is white conservatives, not white leftists who have the biggest case of self hatred.

            White leftists don’t identify with right wing Whites. They see them as the Other. They hate the Other but they love themselves and their leftist tribe. They see themselves as morally righteous.

            They are winning big and imposing their will on the rest of us. Once we’re all gone, they may not like what they end up winning, but that’s beside the point.

            Conservatives (and non-liberal whites in general) are the ones who refuse to stand up for their own tribe and who are ashamed of their own identity.

          • White “conservatives” hate whites because they’re liberal. Anti-white racism is the defining characteristic of Leftism, or liberalism, if you will.

          • No the issue is that conservatives hate themselves and other conservatives for being “racist” or “fascist”.

            This is because conservatives were pressured into accepting the left’s moral system which treats normal right wing traits as moral defects.

          • That’s what American conservatives do, that’s why we’re moving beyond conservatism.

          • You got it.

            White liberals are very proud of themselves because they say the “right” things and hold the “right” attitudes. What is the “right” thing and “right” attitude will vary from moment to moment, depending on what the current fashion is.

            If anyone feels guilty, it’s the conservatives.

        • Compsci…..agree. I believe you are observing a genetic quality…mutational overload that isn’t culled perhaps. Here I come from uber crazy leftists and my Boooommmer fellow travelers were falling all over themselves for The Other. I remember being in my 30s and observing the hypocrisy. Had a girlfriend from high school who would ramble on the Love The Other party line, yet moved just off Solano Avenue, Berkeley, to be around the cool upscale professionals. The only Others she knew were other professionals that all did the same thing. So much for associating with Power to the People thugs. Like riding a bicycle, I couldn’t un-see what I saw. My cognitive dissonance accumulated until at 50 my parents got out of the way, the angle of repose was hit and all my old indoctrination came crashing down. My husband and others have said it is remarkable I could think my way over. It really wasn’t. It’s how the brain works…I had no choice. I couldn’t un-see what was blindingly obvious so of course I woke up on the other side of the divide. What I saw trumped my need to hold onto my previous tribe. Just how the brain works.

        • White self-loathing is germinated in the schools, public and private, and fertilized by the electronic media. You can’t name a time in history when brainwashing has been so easy, so effective, and so pervasive. And America’s Fed-created faux prosperity lulled white men in the mid- and late twentieth century to ignore the above-mentioned signs of danger as well as others that would have stirred men of an earlier time to action, Hart-Celler being an example.

          • Then boycott the “real” economy as much as possible.

            Buy 2nd hand: no sales tax, no wages, no payroll taxes.

            Own assets, like land, gold, etc. Eschew the banks as much as possible.

            Use cash as much as possible. Not traceable and the state will have a bitch of a time outlawing if more people start using it.

            Divorce your white wife/dump your white girlfriend. Good luck doing the above if you’re in debt paying for granite countertops and vessel sinks.

            Grow, make, trade, as much by your own hand as possible.

            If your kids want a liberal arts degree or want to join the SJW movement then cut them off financially. If more so-called “conservatives” did this 50 years ago it wouldn’t have come to this. The Booby knows, it’s easy to say; hard to do.

            Obviously, you can’t completely drop out of the economy, but put the squeeze on it. Starve the parasites.

        • As a white with Protestant roots going back longer than my grandmother could trace the family tree – I’ve come to believe that a good part of the issue is guilt. You can call it self loathing if you want – I think they’re probably closely related.

          Being in an area of the country that is chock full of Catholics and growing up around a bunch of them, one definite differentiating characteristic I have noticed is an awful lot of “guilt” coming out of my Catholic acquaintances. It seems as though guilt is the only thing that keeps them under control a lot of the time.

          When I was younger I would just say things like ” you know you could stop feeling so guilty all the time if you just stopped acting like an asshole”.

          But that seemed to fly right over their heads.

          I can’t say I’ve perceived myself as having a lot of guilt.

          For women especially the self loathing thing seems to creep in pretty easily once all that guilt training opens the door.

          That whole ” I hate myself for what I’ve done” thing to me is just an alien concept. Take responsibility. Stop trying to blame your actions on some mysterious force that overtook you. But I see grown ass adults try and pull this crap all the time. My wife (raised Catholic) occasionally can’t help herself and says ” you made me do it” as if she’s some unconscious child.

        • The genetic angle is interesting. I’ve given some consideration to the idea that it could, ironically, be a consequence of white civilization being so astoundingly successful over the last 500 years or so. Whites saw their tribe winning and winning, taking over foreign lands, developing new technologies no one had thought of before. What need did they have for tribal awareness and self-protection? The rule in most of the world throughout history was quite different. Each little ethnic group usually had some rival group just over the mountains or across the river who really really wanted them all dead and occasionally made effective moves in that direction.

          The pop-sci view is that evolution is all about mutations creating new features. A forgotten aspect of it is that removing overt selection in favor of something leads ultimately to its loss through the simple process of genetic decay. You see this in the blind cave crickets who descend from sighted ones. The genes that code for their eyes have accumulated mutations that were not selected against. Eventually they got non-working eyes. Have whites lost their “racial vision” even when it might cost them everything? Is this the fate of any group that becomes too successful?

      • Yeah it’s easy to call him a sell out from the peanut gallery. The moment he’d go public, he would be pilloried and lynched in short order. His life as he knew it would be gone.

    • It wasn’t that long ago that Tucker’s public position on the war on men and boys was to tell men to “shut up and man up”.

      Preaching responsibility without authority; to become the obedient draft horses that the State needs to function (that women deserve).

      Not a very keen understanding of the situation or the forces at work. Nor a very compassionate view of his own sex.

      The anti-masculinity animus was how I found my way into the dissident right. The war on masculinity is really just one of many fronts in the war on white.

      Perhaps Tucker has put it all together and just holds back for the sake of his job. But i remember his ‘man up’ appeals to the gyno prog cult in the face of massive amounts of evidence of systemic anti-(white) male hate.

      His concern for job security is understandable. But that should always be a reminder of what he is. His job is that of an entertainer. So he is part of clown world just the same. Maybe ‘our’ clown but still a clown.

      If he emboldens some normies, great. But the talking heads are always well behind the actual movement on the street.

      Tucker was keen enough to pick up on the whispers within his audience and his since tapped into that market.

      He will come around on the white identity politics question only if it becomes profitable to do so.

      Which just happens to be like most men, who are afraid to make people uncomfortable, or be called a racist, or disturb the delicate social strata of their pleasant suburban street, or piss off their strong independent wife, or end up in HR time out.

      We all have our limits. Given that the fear/risk assessment of the individual seems to be keeping a lid on white identity, I wonder if there will ever be a watershed moment, when the wall of pluralistic ignorance will fall and a million foxholes will be joined together.

      • Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor, lol. Carlson is motivated by the same things all the anons are. He doesn’t like unpleasantness, especially the unpleasantness of job loss, financial diminishment, and social banishment. Just like us!, as Scewtape expressed.
        “If ever Western Society turns-around and becomes qualitatively better; it must include a restoration of the transcendental Good of Honesty in all public discourse – and this would be so shocking as to seem cataclysmic.
        If this unlikely event ever were to happen, you won’t miss it: Imagine the sensation of this inverted world being upended, and restored to stand right-way-up, on a solid base of truth…”
        You won’t get truth or honesty without the courage to speak it. That’s probably why courage is “the mother of all virtue,” per Aristotle, anyway. We certainly wouldn’t want to risk anything by speaking truthfully.
        Some thoughts on anonymity and moral courage:
        “Of course, I understand the reasons why writers and bloggers use false names; many of them may hail from the academic world or some other vulnerable sector in which they cannot openly express their views for fear of censor, or even peril to their jobs. Yet, I cannot help but pause for a moment and wonder why writers and bloggers bother making their views public if they lack the courage or the means to stand by their words. This applies especially to writers and bloggers who express anti-liberal, anti-leftist, and Christian views in their work. Perhaps I am being too harsh with this criticism and perhaps it is not my place to judge, but I believe this refusal to identify with these expressed ideas essentially reveals an immense failure of character and moral courage.
        Put simply, those who rail against the evils of our modern world and make attempts to offer hope and guidance but refuse to put their names to their ideas are cowards. In my mind, their reluctance to stand by their words points to excessive self-concern, one that overrides the good they are saying or doing. ”
        Maybe the things we are ashamed or afraid to put our names to should just not be said. Nobody using a pseudonym should criticize someone who is prudent in his public speech. You say you want a revolution. Right.
        On the other hand, historically we have the anonymous pamphleteers. Obviously, liberty has eroded to the point where men are afraid to speak their minds and own their words publicly. Everyone has a different situation and choices to make. But you’re not really anonymous anywhere these days, if someone wants to find out.

    • Tucker Carlson could adopt the strategy of warning that white nationalism will be an unavoidable, if not justified, result of identity politics. This provides him the cover he would seek to keep his job, and an avenue to explore white nationalism as a movement, as long as he doesn’t demonize its adherents.

  33. Count me in as one of the nostalgic crowd … I miss the America I once knew. Reagan signed my first commission; Obama signed my retirement … there’s a LOT to be nostalgic about.

    But nostalgia, once married with realism, forces us down a different path. Identity politics has been thrust upon us; so be it. I’m still working out how to exist in this brave new world. Nostalgia just pisses me off and leaves me bitter. Realism drives me toward ACTION … I hope all of this discussion is driving people to prepare (physically/spiritually) for what’s coming.

      • Not just b/c of that. There used to be something about America that was NOT the same in Europe. I grew up in both places and worked and went to college in both. There was always more space to be man in the US than in Europe. Until sometime in the 00s. That’s when the gritty can-do part of American culture collapsed IMO. Some will no doubt say sooner but, maybe b/c I was for some years in college first in Europe, then in the US, through the late 90s and 00s, I got the comparison. America became more and more like Europe. It became more feminized, busybody, jealous (in the race to the bottom, not race to the top, way). Something unique about America, ‘the sky is the limit’ and ppl didnt mind masculine self-confidence, was lost then.

        How this relates to race ratios I dont know.

        • The constant badgering from the safety Nazis probably had something to do with that.

          Federal legislation in 1998 made airbags in cars mandatory. Before that – it was seatbelts. There was a period where they had those automatic seatbelts in cars – you had to disconnect the things with a wrench in some cases. The motorized ones were great if you wanted to strangle yourself as you got into the car.

          I recently had an infant. One interesting point of interest is to watch the wife talk to her friends – many of whom had kids 20 years ago – and talk about baby items that the friends used on their infants 20 years ago – and hear the reply that comes back ” those are illegal now” ” those are illegal now” “that is illegal now”

          Also – when did high tech take off? It was right around the late 90’s. After that computers started proliferating like crazy – and you get cube farms where EVERYBODY is working behind a computer.

          Men have definitely become more feminized though. One way to draw it out is to see how pissed off some of your coworkers get by simply telling them you did something like change out the automatic transmission fluid in the truck. Or tell them you did a 4 wheel brake job on Saturday to save a little money. I’ve run across MEN who get peeved off. It’s like you just told them their dick was small in front of 5 guys at the water cooler. What’s really fun is when they bring up how they’ve got the latest John Deere lawn tractor to mow their lawn – tell them you have one too -and that you taught your 8 year old to drive it so he can mow the lawn.

          I seriously think that if this country is ever to be turned around it’s going to come from a very simple thing. And that thing could be as simple as a crucial portion of the male population just decides that they’ve had enough – and starts telling the rest of the males “you’re such a fucking pussy – why don’t you cut the shit and act like a man”

          You’re not likely to get away with this dealing with the POC – but it’s entirely likely you WOULD get away with it dealing with other white men. Unless they’re gay. In which case you’re a vicious hater.

          • And that same ideology made harpies out of western women with the feminist cancer.

            Nowadays, a young man may take on debt going to university and upon graduation find that the job he was targeting has been given to a foreign worker. The young American may then find himself living on the streets with the other unwanted, unemployed, unproductive addicts, stealing from productive taxpayers to support himself. And so go the whites in the current U.S.

      • Just got back yesterday from camping (RV) for a few days with friends in upstate NY. Virtually everyone on the campground was White. I remarked to my friends that it looked like the America of our childhood. One of my friends said that camping is a White hobby.

        Saw a lot of American flags and even Trump signs. Campers left personal items outside of their RVs. Just like the America of our childhood.

        • And the fact that camping is a white thing causes no little consternation among the National Parks poobahs. They’ve long been on an outreach program trying to convince blacks to luxuriate in the great outdoors. So far–blessedly–the outreach program is a total failure.

        • Ris, same here. Just got back from Glacier Park, Montana. Visited all the parks in Utah as as well. Of course, I looked at the park visitors as well as the park. Saw exactly one Black family—just one. Saw one Black male with a White female—just one. Perhaps a few Hispanics—harder to tell. Any dark skinned individuals were Indian (with a dot). Lot’s of Europeans judging from languages heard. But mostly White—all White. Several tour busses noted with Chinese, but I could not tell if the tour was from China, Taiwan, or San Francisco. I did not ask. But the Chinese were well behaved and the women dressed to the hilt (think of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” for an idea).

          On our way back from Montana, taking the back routes, we ran into a traffic slow down. As we made our way toward the source, we saw it was a boy driving a combine on the farm road to another pasture. The “boy” (really a *man* in training) could not have been older than 12. He barely saw over the steering wheel.

          My wife remarked as to how this could be, wasn’t it dangerous, yada, yada. I simply remarked that she’d lived too long in the city—we were in America now!

    • Yes.

      They chose this for all of us.
      The preferences are revealed by voting.

      They chose.

  34. It helps to understand the underlying motives of the identity deniers. They are parasites whose only long term means of survival is to proactively convert our species from differentiated cohorts that evolved and adapted to differentiated environments into an insect-like mono species in which the untermenschen are morphed into controllable drone workers. These parasites are the bastard stepchildren of a perverted evolutionary process; who in a prior age, would have been culled by natural fitness selection, but now thrive because whining works.

    • “They are parasites whose only long term means of survival is to proactively convert our species from differentiated cohorts that evolved and adapted to differentiated environments into an insect-like mono species”

      But they only do this to whites. That’s the crucial observation.

      • Yep. The AWR goal probably isn’t the extermination of whites, but rather to reduce them to worker-drone status on behalf of non-whites. We are on the path to becoming urban and suburban serfs.

        • Welfare was the first in the continued line of payoffs to the inner city orcs not to riot.

        • No we’re already there.
          We are already enserfed.

          Then… enough of us awoke to be troublesome and rebellious. So they opened the borders. They’re already opened de facto for some time. We’re catching a fraction and releasing most of them. We’re being replaced and the Western Hemisphere isn’t big enough for both of us.

          That’s not enserfment.
          That’s extermination.

          It isn’t any longer IF they’ll be a genocide but Who genocides Whom.

          I doubt we can CoExist any closer than Brazil at this point. Not long term. We’re two different Civilizations that are now in natural conflict. We’re also two different races.

          We wake up and win in the long term we’ll not be satisfied with the Rio Grande, Wall or not.

          And the point needs to be made not to threaten or invade us.

          If we live it will be.
          But forget any idea of being a quiet serf and submitting.
          Too late. We’re marked for extinction. We win it all or vanish.

    • @TomA. Wow! That’s a mouth full. You must be an Entomologist. The thing is, humans it seems just weren’t meant to live in giant groupes. I’m sure you’ve heard of the mouse utopia experiment. Dr. John Calhoun’s work showed you just can’t put large numbers of animals together and supply them with everything and expect it to go well. mutations pile up and social problems abound. Extinction is always the result.

      • It depends on who’s doing the organizing.

        Tokyo has had more than 1 million people for more than 1000 years. The greater metro now has 42 million. It functions well and has been the cultural center of their civilization for centuries. We used to be able to say the same for most European cities.

        American cities didn’t evolve under one ethnos as did European cities so lots of friction between groups had to be put up with…but we still managed to build some well functioning cities. Then the blacks migrated north and we opened the floodgates. We all know the rest of the story. Racial diversity in a small town is a bust. In a city it is balkanization before the storm.

        Not everyone in our subspecies is designed by nature to adapt well to an urban environment. But when allowed to evolve naturally within a narrow biosphere it worked well and became a necessary part of a complex flourishing civilization.

        • Your example of Tokyo makes my point. The vast majority of Japanese urban citizens are as close to drones as you can get and still mimic basic human nature. They are characteristically obedient, work long hours, and have little to no innovative cognitive skill. They typically follow their elite masters in slavish devotion. Our own Progressive elites must be envious.

          • You couldn’t be more wrong.

            Are they perfect? No. Are they a flourishing complex evolving civilization? Yes, in every way you can define that.

            You’re conflating the production and consumption of stuff with order + growth.

            They are more hierarchical and thus more stable and evolve socially at a slower pace which gives them more time to separate the wheat from the chafe. We have destroyed the natural hierarchy and here we are…

            If anything, their Western imitation has unbalanced their natural path and caused problems they seem unprepared to deal with. Left to their own devices they will fix these mis-steps.

            We’ve spent the past few centuries burning the candle at both ends. We’re about to flame out.

        • Problem is this situation has cause the Japanese to stop marrying and having children.

          At some level even they know life has become unbearable and they don’t want to bring children into it. It may be clean and safe, etc. But living in sleep tubes and working oneself to death isn’t exactly something to look forward to.

          It’s like the old Dilbert cartoon where he’s giving a talk at a local grade school about having a career as a engineer. He says you get to look forward to being in a cube for the next 40 years and then retire and die. The children break out crying and teacher gets ready to beat Dilbert with a ruler.

          That was over a decade ago. Today it means a decade or so in a cube farm then watching corporate replace you with a Hindu coolie while you end up on the junk heap.

          It’s William Blake’s “dark satanic mills” made manifest.

  35. White Identity politics… learn it, live it, love it, or accept the fact that there is a boxcar in your future.

      • Only if they let the Chinese run them.

        In Latin American, Whites usually dominate, even in countries where Whites are a minority such as Mexico. I wonder what these countries would look like if the Mestizos took over. Venezuela?

        South Africa was a first world country under minority White rule. South African Blacks had a choice of serving in heaven or ruling in hell and they choose the latter. South Africa and Rhodesia were sacrifices to the great god of our age – equality.

        • Was it equality?

          Or Power?

          Politics is Power.

          Equality is just a slogan.

    • Yes, the simple Truth that Z can’t say because he is not Clan, not of The Body. Can’t say? No, won’t say. Does he really wish us well? Only if it benefits his people. They’re not big on altruism to outsiders unless it helps them somehow. Pure altruism is a White thing….

  36. I rather wonder whether the 50-year annivesary of the Moon landing (at least for those who remember it but possibly even for others) aren’t touching that sense of loss that Z-man refers to. “And Whiteys on the Moon!”

    • They’ve been playing all the Apollo 11 stuff on the news the last few days.

      The shots of the control room – all full of white guys. Then there’s the three white guys headed out to the capsule, surrounded by a bunch of white guy technicians. Hey look – there’s some white guys jumping into the ocean to get the astronauts out!!.

      We watched almost all the way thru one segment – and then I turned to the wife and said: “hey – where are all the black people – I thought they made up 50% of the country ? I’m surprised they even show this on TV”

      Point taken.

      • Don’t forget the three “women of color” they made the movie about. Without them there’d be no NASA!

        • I was looking for them. Pretty sure if the ABC Evening News could have found a way to insert them in there they would have done it.

          Which to me is pretty good evidence to the contrary on the premise of that movie.

      • But we all know that whitey never would have made it to the moon without the black female mathematicians who made it happen. Hollywood has shown us and corrected the historical oversight.

        • I think it’s actually sort of interesting that they even show the Apollo stuff on TV. It’s just so damn obvious that everybody was white – that it’s a HUGE contrast to the vision they try to push in the current day.

          Somewhere there’s got to be some white kid sitting in a classroom full of Hindus and Bantus – being yelled at by his feminist teacher to complete his gender reassignment workbook – who is thinking about the videos he just watched about the Apollo program and wondering why pretty much everybody showed there was white.

          Kids DO pay attention to things.

          • Yeah, watching the shows on the Apollo program and seeing all those smart, handsome, white men doing the impossible made my heart ache for what we may not see happen again, at least in this country. No matter the category, white men *always* are in the winners circles.

          • What is particularly poignant for me is that somewhere, in our current PC madness, the accomplishments of those men and women are being denigrated for the benefit of POC to feel “good” about themselves.

  37. Z’s experience at this conference parallels my own in becoming racially aware. I am predisposed to be an atomized individual but I couldn’t ignore that most non-whites are tribal and attack whites and are celebrated for it, while whites are excoriated for the same.

    I have loved ones who boil with anger when they see a white family with three children due to “overpopulation” but feel compassion for an unmarried black mother with six kids.

    You may not be interested in race but race is interested in you.

    • Richard Spencer joins with “The Squad” and the GOPe in sniping at Trump on CNN over Trump’s “racist Tweets,” while both the Far Left and Far Right screech about Zionists controlling everything and everybody.

      We will find out in 2020 just how fast the “DR” is growing – if it’s growing at all – and if Whites have the intelligence and fortitude to deal with the coming catastrophe. So far there is no evidence for optimism.

      Note to American Jews and International Progressivists everywhere:

      You created this monster and it is coming for you. Only this time there will be no American Sanctuary to save you.

      • Carl B, since you mentioned Richard Spencer and CNN and I didn’t know what was going on, I looked on the internet. I found that Spencer has a twitter account. Twitter hasn’t de-platformed him? Maybe they need him to play the part of cartoon Nazi. I remember in one of his podcasts Z talked about David Duke playing the part years ago on Face the Nation (or some similar show).

        • Yeah, I think that is the role Spencer is willing to play. Lefty news will bring him on as their jester, playing the role of white nationalist or white supremacist. It’s a sad end, but one I predicted.

          • I have no problem with Spencer going on CNN and disavowing Trump.

            But if he’s going to spend the next year blackpilling the shitlords instead of rallying them to at least attack the left’s candidate…

            Better he takes the year off and write his memoirs or dry out or whatever he needs to do to get his mind right.

          • Many of the more ideological people who made up Trump’s cheering section back in 2016 want to see him lose at this point.

          • Yes well what alternative do they offer? Politics is Power not purity.

            Not that anyone will ever be pure enough.

          • A lot of the dissident right guys are young and very idealistic as the young should be, unfortunately idealists are always disappointed. Some of these guys are over the top & remind me of spoiled children throwing a tantrum be cause they aren’t getting their way so they are going to take their ball and go home. I suspect halbershram bailed from FTN because of this.

          • Huh? He has made Mey-Hee-Co staff their southern border, made the asylum tsunami stop in Mey-Hee-Co. Now, the Mey-Hee cans are tired of their freeloaders and want them sent back. He has unshackled the economy, refused to take the Iran bait as well.

            Like other posters have said, when the alt-white offers a winning argument and vision, then you can whine about Trump. Until, a national conservative/national populist is the best option. Trump followed by Ron De Santis

          • CNN and several of the candidates have been billing 2020 as the election against “Trump and His WN Base” for weeks now, without a single WN in sight! Hence the sudden rush to have the single celebrity WN materialize.

        • Twitter’s official policy is to allow White Nationalists to have twitter accounts if they don’t break the rules. They are studying the problem.

          “Twitter is conducting in-house research to better understand how white nationalists and supremacists use the platform. The company is trying to decide, in part, whether white supremacists should be banned from the site or should be allowed to stay on the platform so their views can be debated by others, a Twitter executive told Motherboard.”

          Spencer hardly came off badly in that CNN clip, the whole clip was hilarious and sort of intriguing but he was a nice contrast to the normal droolers who were taking the bait and getting excited by Trump’s empty words.

          He is speaking for a lot of people who don’t buy Trump’s BS.

          Spencer has always played for media attention by saying provocative but interesting things that the media thinks will hurt Trump or rile up the leftist base.

          “We’re using Trump, he’s not using us.”

      • The 2020 election doesn’t necessarily tell us much about the growth of the dissident right, because the dissident right is split on Trump.

        The less sophisticated people are strongly pro-Trump but the more you understand politics, the easier it is to see that Trump is a conman, many of his strongest 2016 supporters no longer support him.

        • If politics is power who should we support?

          We will quite fail looking for purity in politics. Or in men.

          Trump is anything but empty words of course but he’ll never be enough for those who demand all, and usually risk nothing.

        • less sophisticated sure Ill admit that, who or what is the alternative? yang? Tulsie?
          As for me I’ll go with someone that could win and will push the window further right or at least hold it in place. At this point that is Trump, conman yeah ok but I don’t care… muh principals.

    • I think the biggest challenge to those on the dissident right is that there are many whites that practice identity politics, but only unconsciously through behavior, and will never, ever, say so out loud. Evangelicals, for example, are busy building megachurches in wealthy white suburbs of the major cities, far away from Diversity, while at the same time sending folks down to the Ghetto, and across the ocean to Haiti or Africa to help the poor benighted black folk. They would recoil at being called racists, but their kids go to 90% white / 10% east/south Asian schools.

      The big question is what is the path for Joe Normal who has what he thinks is a strong social life and connection within his ‘suburban’ community to see that those places are being destroyed? I sometimes think that the only thing that will really red pill them is Pajeet, not Carlos.

      • The only Jews that I’ve met who are against immigration live in parts of Northern Virginia that have seen a big influx of Chinese and Indians. Hispanic immigration meant nothing to these guys, but as soon the Chinese and Indians showed up in their neighborhoods and challenged their kids at school, the Jews suddenly became immigration hawks.

        • I don’t know anything about them fancy Jews in Northern Virginia, but as a Jew from NYC, I’ve always detested foreigners and immigration. Viscerally. I grew up with foreigners all around because that’s just the way things are in a “diverse” city. The real awareness came one day in the late ’80s when someone mentioned the risks of going into a Dominican neighborhood and I thought “Gee, we’ve had enough trouble with PRs since before I was born, why are we bringing these people in?” That meant things were getting worse and they have gotten a lot worse since then. In case you’re wondering, I make no exceptions for Israelis or Soviet emigré Jews. All of these people are just foreigners to me. If I’m ethnocentric, I’m ethnocentric towards fellow Americans, but I’m not particularly sympathetic towards pathological altruists. Hope that helps.

          • NY/NJ Jews definitely seem different than NoVa Jews. NoVa Jews, like NoVA gentile whites, are generally rich snobs with no understanding of the real world, which their parents’ money has allowed them to avoid.

          • I’m in NJ and once remarked to a Jewish friend that one of the reasons why Jews are liberals is because Jews tend to be affluent and so can escape the consequences of their purported idealism. She agreed with me.

          • This + 1000 for Good Whites. All the liberal whites I know live in high rent districts to avoid the diversity they champion. Their exposure doesn’t go beyond quaint restaurants.

          • When you ask folks why they love the diversitah you usually get one of three answers.

            “Well my nail lady, Minh Wu is so nice…”

            “Well we don’t have a culture and they do, I think it is so neat…”

            “I just love all the ethnic restaurants…”

            It’s the last one that gets me and it might have been Z that said it and made me laugh “Giving away your birthright for things that you can put in your mouth? What are you, a toddler?”

          • “Well we don’t have a culture and they do, I think it is so neat…”

            People have come to regard “culture” as food and dancing.

          • The famous old story referred to this as trading one’s birthright for “a mess of pottage”. And how well did that turn out in the end, once the yummy stew was all eaten up and the will was read leaving the short-sighted brother on the outside?

          • “as a Jew from NYC, I’ve always detested foreigners and immigration.”

            Nice as I’m sure you are, you don’t seem to understand: /you’re/ a foreigner too.

            “why are (((we))) bringing these people in?”

            You’ve spoken more truly than you know. And sorry, but you know /exactly/ why you’re bringing these people in: as weaponized shock troops and corrosive elements to wear down and destroy the Americans, I mean the goyim.

          • Think of how pleasant, uncrowded and liveable NYC would be if it were not for the foreign mudslide: without all the PRs, DRs, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Africans, Chinese, Mohammads and dots. Think of how much space they take up, how much housing stock they consume, how many schools they pack to bursting, how many hospitals they overcrowd, how much cultural dissonance they cause, how much social noise they make, how much they drain social services which were intended for Americans.

            Imagine how easy it would be for young White American couples to start a family in NYC, (virtually impossible now), get a cheap apartment in a safe neighborhood, buy an affordable starter home, have a career, send their children to safe, effective schools instead of fighting like banshees over the last few available spots in the last few available magnet schools (the only place in the NYC public system where White children are safe).

            What do we get for turning our greatest city into a flophouse for begging foreign rape-apes? Zero. What do the Jews get for doing this to us? Plenty: perpetual vote banks, perpetual real estate churn (the Jews get paid twice: first for block-busting White neighborhoods, then again for developing suburban real estate for the Whites they chased out of the city using their mud proxies), ethnic cleansing of the choicest areas to be filled with wealthy Jews, and of course, the deep satisfaction of knowing that they’re doing their best to destroy America, the only country that was ever nice to them.

            Think of how Americans welcomed Jews into their country,many allowed them unprecedented access to wealth and power beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. And this is their repayment: to turn NYC, “the Capital of the Twentieth Century,” all of whose glories were created by Whites, into an over expensive Third World petting zoo.

            Think of how much Jews must hate Americans, to be working feverishly day and night to bury the most generous people in history under a mile-thick glacier of brown human sludge.

          • It’s a 1st Amendment country, so if you want to believe that the Jews have hypnotized the world and that’s why everything’s gone to shit, you go right ahead. I’m not stopping you.

          • “/you’re/ a foreigner too.”

            Prove that you are an original, a direct descendant of “our and our posterity”, and I won’t call you a foreigner.

        • Makes me think of the Jews in the Netherlands. Their jewelry businesses have recently been overtaken by the Hindus. Womp-womp.

        • Just like the white suburban cucks, employing cheap foreign labor is cool when I do it, but when Microsoft does it, it becomes bad. Hypocrites all.

          If you go to slashdot or mashable the four-eyed science cucks keep chumping on about OrangeManBad and how poor widdle Mexicans should be given carte-blance rights to live in the US and how they soooo smart that offshoring and automation will never be a threat to them unlike them dumb white Trump voters. I call the slashdot science monkeys “H1B fodder”, it really triggered them.

          Until the day they meet their H1B replacement. The ballkick of cold reality is hilarious to watch. I might feel sorry for them if they weren’t such arrogant snobs.

      • Having their job outsourced to a Hindu from Bombay tends to do wonders.

        Same with their schools their children attend being flooded with 3rd worlders. Even the Mexicans here don’t like it.

        Finding their parks taken over by orcs.

        Watching their neighborhood get infested by the brown menace and Section 8 housing.

      • Let’s not forget that Evangelicals are also helping import the Third World into this country. Of course the cosmetic reason is to save souls. But I suspect getting ultra-cheap labor that won’t talk back down at the machine shop plays an even bigger part.

        • I think the main reason Evangelicals import Third Worlders is because they consider it a form of charity. They are moving them from poor countries to rich ones. It is the very archetype of pathological altruism. And I say this as a thoroughgoing Christian.

          PS–Great to see you here, SAGEB. (-;

          • Ostei,
            We had a missionary from Zimbabwe on Sunday visit. I found it interesting that he told us many leaders from that Continent don’t send many missionaries here anymore because our austerity spoils them and they don’t wish to return to their homeland. I never thought of that before…

          • They need to be told, again and again, that it is NOT charity, it is THEFT. They are recklessly stealing and giving away that which is not theirs to give: American social capital, American social cohesion, and American social safety nets and public services which were created for Americans, not for wheedling foreign paupers. This is theft, pure and simple. All these public goods are common property, collectively created and collectively owned by the American people. These self-righteous pricks are stealing the future of American children, literally taking the bread from their mouths, and giving it to the dogs, as Christ specifically told us NOT to do.

            If they want to practice charity, let them give their OWN money to the Salesian Fathers, who at least go to the actual Third World and teach useless, pointless Third World rape-apes how to help themselves, in their OWN country.

            At least when Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, he was stealing from the English rich and giving to the English poor. And at least he was kind of sexy and stylish about it, not some pasty overweight sunburnt sandals-wearing Bible-quoting charlatan buffoon.

        • Most of the Evangelicals are also pathological altruists.
          They confuse this pathology with being “Christian.”
          I used to work for one of their big aid orgs, and the “company” helped kids in Africa, among other things.
          Within an hour of getting canned (they were nuts), I cut off my monthly “guilt money” that supposedly went to a child somewhere who “needed it.”

      • I live in a recently developed area that mostly exists as a housing barracks for H1B Indians. There’s a sizable contingent of Hispanics in the poorer parts of town. The whites (possibly still a narrow majority) are almost all blue haired feminists, hipsters, and soyboys. I’ve tried to reach out and “connect with my community” but I just can’t help but feel that there is no such thing here. My wife wants me to do volunteer stuff but when I hear slogans about “giving back to the community” I just think “fuck this place and everyone in it, including the sellout whites.” I can hardly imagine being Joe Normal anymore. His old white suburb might be getting overrun. This place was built from the start to garrison the enemy.

        • In rust belt appalachia and the midwest, Joe Normal still lives and the Evangelical megachurch culture is thriving, but anywhere within this region where there is a major corporation with lots of white collar jobs, Pajeet is moving in. The biggest challenge to red pill these folks is that their experience with diversity is going on a ‘mission trip’ (read ‘Jesus Vacation’) to some 3rd world voluntourist trap.

          I think it’s one of the reasons trump is so Civic Nationalisst – many, many of these people are still clinging to their Civic Nationalism. The blue collar ones have always been red pilled on the race issue (for the most part), but the while collars are hanging on…

        • pozymadias: Tell your wife your community is not the foreigners who’ve come to squat on the magic dirt, but your people – and if you do any volunteering or charity it will be for them. Christ tells us to take care of our own first. And your wife should not be setting your agenda; you should be directing hers – towards your children and your people.

        • “…giving back…” ??? “Giving back” implies you are returning something you simply took. What did you take?

        • Because you know, hating people without getting to know them..that is the alt-white way.

          Alt-white types are masters at ‘how to lose friends and alienate people’. You would not last 5 minute against the organized, battle hardened left and it shows

      • Evangelicals are guaranteed Salvation by Professing Faith in Jesus as Savior.

        No matter what they do.
        Think about that. 🤔

        I wouldn’t look to such people for any hard decisions or mens work.

        If you want to go further than Trump or even fulfill something as modest as our own country do not look to such men.

        • vxxc-
          Are you suggesting the Catholics are making any tough decisions? Are we getting any “men’s work” out of them?

          The illness that is plaguing western men seems to be affecting almost everyone with the possible exception of some orthodox Christians / Eastern Europeans. This is hardly just an Evangelical issue.

    • I am also likely predisposed to be an atomized individual, I just feel like there is a basic rule of society that must be followed: take care of your own shit, society requires some investment from an individual – but when an individual takes more from “society” than they’re contributing – you’ve got yourself a failure.

      As an atomized individual living naked and afraid in the wilderness – it’s likely all I can do to get enough sustenance for myself and support my family. That is simply the way of things in a state of nature. It seems that since man became “civilized” and disconnected from nature a belief has taken hold that life on this planet can be lived “free”. The religious types have their “God will provide” saying to excuse away their belief in socialistic distribution of resources acquired by or manufactured by individuals. There are other excuses proffered up by other groups – but in the end – to me – it’s always an excuse for the never ending quest for free shit for certain types of individuals – or these days more likely : groups.

      During my lifetime – one of those groups has most definitely been blacks. And they’re tribal as hell about it. Got a black skin and are walking with a Tea Party rally to sell some t-shirts? Expect to get the crap beat out of you by some fellow tribesmen for going against the tribe. What’s that you say – you believe in some individual liberty? Well Ayanna Pressley thinks you ought to get your black ass set straight.

      So when I see that black mother with her six kids – I have run the numbers. I know how much money comes out of my pocket and disappears into the coffers of government. I read that article from Vox Day about how much the average black takes out in gimmeedats over their lifetime.

      And those numbers to me translate DIRECTLY into food taken out of my white baby’s mouth. They also translate DIRECTLY into white babies I didn’t have. Because this shit affects women too. Since I haven’t yet figured out how to have white babies with imported Asian women – I’m stuck with the white women . And those white women don’t want to be raisin no children like that black mother of six is willing to raise them. So my costs are higher there as well.

      So yes – I get that race is “interested” in me. As is “feminism” – as are the commie lefties. I can make the direct connections and see how they have all affected my life.

      And just for the record: I know you write a lot about the cuckery of civnats a lot and their arguments, but there is another side to the constant pointing out of the tribalness of the POC groups.

      It’s a way of pointing it out. Point it out enough – and people start to take notice. I’ve seen it happen – you keep pointing out the craziness emanating from these groups – and people start doing the math in their own heads.

      I’ve heard shit come out of friend’s of mine that I never would have expected – in many cases it was women too.

      And I KNOW they’re not reading white nationalist sites. They did the math themselves.

    • I am predisposed to be an atomized individual but I couldn’t ignore that most non-whites are tribal and attack whites and are celebrated for it, while whites are excoriated for the same.

      Exactly the same way. Maybe that’s a white male profile thing??

  38. Stereotypes are bad but I would have all the marbles in less than 4 rounds if I always bet on them. betting on white is verboten…. And don’t forget it.

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