A Day At The Theater

Politics in a modern democracy is mostly theater. The various actors hired by the wealthy, put on shows for the people. Today, we have entire television outlets dedicated to staging these performances. Sometimes the performances are intended to sway public opinion on an issue. Sometimes they are intended to distract the public from something important. The Russian collusion hoax was intended to be a distraction, so the public would not think about the FBI corruption.

The difference between Hollywood and political theater is a different measure of the return on investment. Hollywood can make a crappy movie that goes straight to video, but still make money, as long as the cost was low. Killer Klowns from Outer Space can be a success, even though it is a ridiculously bad movie, because it was cheap and has become a cult favorite. Hank Johnson worrying about Guam flipping over really does not work the same way.

Political theater is all about keeping one faction of the public engaged in the political process, ideally at the expense of another faction. The Left gives some character on the Right a rough time, so the public is either exhilarated for their side, the Democrats in this case, or angry at their side, the Republicans. That’s a success for both teams of actors, as their handlers get the engagement they seek from the public. The public is focused on the theater, rather than the laws being passed.

As much as pundits mock the political theater, the people staging these events are pretty good at their job. Mass media has provided them with tools to engage even the most disinterested of the public. Fifty years ago, most people paid little attention to politics or political theater. A century ago, about 15% of adults bothered to vote in presidential elections. Today, half of all adults vote in presidential elections and about 65% of eligible voters turned out in the last presidential election.

That’s what makes the Mueller hearings a puzzler. Five minutes watching Mueller made clear that he is an old man who has lost a step. He was never a brilliant guy to begin with, but he could play his role as the horse-face Brahman. Today, he has the horse face, but not much else. His fumbling around with friendly questions from the Democrats was hard to watch. Anyone who has had to deal with a family member making the long slow walk into the sunset knows the feeling.

These events are not just a last minute staging. The Democrats have been working for months to put this show together. Staffers would have spent weeks preparing questions, preparing Mueller for those questions and making sure he knew the answers he was expected to give. The point of these shows is to provide soundbites for state-run media to use in the following propaganda broadcast. In fact, the cable channels get a heads up on those soundbites in advance.

Yet none of that happened. Instead, poor old horse face was left to look like a guy who had wondered off from the home. Instead of clips of him repeating the scripted catch phrases, it was clips of him fumbling about looking confused. It would take a heart of stone to not feel some anger at the people who put that old man through that ridiculous hearing in front of Congress. Lefty media was so caught off-guard, they were forced to concede the obvious and call it a debacle.

Now, maybe that was the point. The Russian collusion hoax has become a problem for the political class, because the people still peddling it make Mike Cernovich seem like a sober minded skeptic. Maybe this show was not really for public consumption, so much as a way to embarrass the people peddling the Russian conspiracy theory and the impeachment nonsense. If so, they forgot to let the presidential candidates know, as they were out demanding impeachment the same day.

Just as Hollywood makes expensive flops and Broadway has shows that close after a month, the political class has their flops too. McDonald’s, the most successful fast food operation on earth, once tried selling a burger you had to assemble yourself. The Arch Deluxe is considered one of the great product flops in history. Hollywood, of course, has made a lot of box-office bombs that lost tens of millions for the backers. Maybe that’s what we saw with this hearing. It was the Gigli of politics.

That said, political disasters tend to have downstream consequences that you don’t see in the theater or in Hollywood. In the entertainment realm, they just accept the occasional disaster as a cost of doing business. In politics, these disasters tend to shift the political dynamic by discrediting one side. In this case, the Democrats may have disqualified themselves as reliable critics of Trump, just as Bill Kristol and the neocons did to themselves back in the 2016 election.

With an election coming up, simply being against Trump more than the other guy is not going to be a winning strategy. If you look at the Democrat race thus far, it is has been a contest to see who can be the most creative at hating white people and who can be the most enthusiastic in hating orange man. After the Mueller hearing, the field may be left with just hating white people. Poor old creepy Uncle Joe could be in for a very rough time of it at the next debate with the brown horde.

Theater, especially political theater, relies heavily on symbolism. The sad image of Bob Mueller, a caricature of WASP America, fumbling about for answers, was a powerful image for the ascendant. They did not see a failed performance. For them, they saw the door opening for their opportunity to take the stage. The only thing missing from that show was a chorus lead by Ocasio-Cortez, singing Tomorrow Belongs To Me. In that regard, the show was not a total bust.

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234 thoughts on “A Day At The Theater

  1. Mueller looked more crooked than old. He took a job to help the crooked FBI (DoJ/IRS/CIA/Etc) overthrow an elected President of the United States. Mueller needs to be dragged into an interrogation room (maybe the same rooms he had most anyone connected to President Trump dragged into) – search every thing he has done, everything he has said, everything that has been said against him, etc. Grill him until he breaks and flips on Comey, or Obama, or someone connected to the Obama administration (get one of those flipped and a lot of flipping will start). Mueller’s wife even has Russian connections…need to grill her also. Mueller is not old, he’s a Crooked Cop knowing he is about to get caught.

  2. O/T (except for the politics).

    David Frum sees the deal being offered Jews by Trump and says they should defect to Trump. The Deal: the Nationalists defend the Nation from Aliens but don’t go after the Jews. He says Orban, et al are offering the same deal, even Bibi hates Soros, etc.

    David Frum flipping is an important Defection. On the pages of the Atlantic no less.


    The Left Wing coalition of the fringes and the Browns loses the media and the money if the Jews abandon them to save themselves. The Jews abandoning others to save themselves is predictable behavior. In truth integral to the Nazis actual execution of the Holocaust.

    Such defection from allies (who are like everyone else pawns) removes a stubborn roadblock and potentially lessens the number of deeply unpleasant and dangerous steps that MUST be taken.

    This will not satisfy those who would settle for nothing less than Trump gassing his granddaughter and nuking Israel. But such people do not have power and Trump does.

    This is wise and wily politics.
    Politics is Power.

    And Power and winning attract followers – or in this case encourage defections.

    The actual historical parallel is the German Centre Party (Catholic) defecting and giving way to the new Chancellor, which forced a deeply hostile to the Nazis Nuncio Eugenio Pacelli to negotiate the Concordat with the new German government. The essence of the Concordat was: leave Catholics alone and we”ll drop our opposition.

    The defection of Frum and the offer of Concordat on the very pages of The Atlantic is an important signal of surrender from the other side.

    Behold the Art of The Deal.
    If in exchange we get to expel the other aliens and restore rule of our own nation the Deal is well worth it.

    • Our foremost objective is, not to restore America, but to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

      Jews are not White. They themselves say so. They also see themselves and operate as a separate, hostile nation within our borders. Of all the alien races, they are by far the most dangerous and most insdiously anti-White. Without them we would be better able deal with all other aliens as necessary.

      Saving their perfidious asses from the leftist hell they created and funded and then allowing them to “defect” to our side and otherwise enconsce themselves, yet again, in White society with their limitless fake money and anti-White protocols fully intact just so we “get to expel the other aliens” would not be “wily politics” on our part, but a rotten lop-sided bargain with the devil’s own.

      • The people elected to power who are doing something besides gripe to save our asses disagree. If the Jews collapse resistance who is in our way? Its our nation again.

        In power we do what is necessary.

        The realm of action is not pure. The realm of politics and power is not pure.

        Now if you have an actual army and march into power do as you like.

        And in this case the Devils spawn or one of them is discussing surrender to be spared. As said surrender removes power and media from the enemy. Then its us vs garbage.

        In truth the deal is with us and our elected champions.
        We may well be the Devil, they see their actual weakness and make a deal to be spared.

        You wish the alternative that we all go down into Lagos Nigerian and Brazilian Hell just so they suffer too?

        Sounds Palestinian. Lars is it? Well Sir I don’t want to live in Gaza just for the off chance it will make Jews unhappy. They won’t be – they’ll be in Israel.

        We are in America.
        We do whatever it takes to get our country back – by any means necessary. Including Deals.

  3. There’s a lot of truth in this article, as always, but I’m actually a bit shocked at how you reached your main conclusion. That being that the Mueller fiasco will end the anti-Trump hysteria. There has always been more to it than the Russian collusion hoax and I guarantee that we haven’t heard the end of Orange Man Bad.

  4. Apropos of nothing Z, but I’m trying to introduce some normies to dissident right politics via links here. As you might imagine, the reactions have been a mixed bag so far. But if they keep thinking about it, maybe the penny eventually drops.

    • From my experience with encouraging conversion, it’s better to go too slow than too fast.

      • Exactly. Often it helps to ask questions that those of us here would consider rhetorical, but are surprising to the typical normie. It’s better if Norm and Norma start questioning the nonsense they’ve been fed (I.e. start thinking and digging on their own) rather than being propagandized from another perspective (even if it is the right [heh] one).

  5. “A century ago, about 15% of adults bothered to vote in presidential elections. Today, half of all adults vote in presidential elections and about 65% of eligible voters turned out in the last presidential election.”

    -Definitely wrong; turnout has fallen over the past century.

  6. It’s impossible to believe that Mueller was in any way prepped for that hearing. No way. Everyone here knows more about the report and underlying facts than he does. And no MAN would want to play the part that he played yesterday.

    • Well, if he wanted to never be asked about it again by anyone on either side – mission accomplished.

    • Maybe he was prepped. If he was so “out of it” as now is the accusation, prepping could simply have had the opposite effect, i.e., he was now nervous (knowing what a hack job he did, and was soon to be revealed to the world), forgetful (of the prepped answers), and struggling to stall for time (and run out the clock on the questioner). Heck, have we all not and one time or another choked on a test we studied for? And that was when we were in our prime.

      In any event, regardless of cause, he went down in flames and any remaining doubt as to the legitimacy of the investigation by the American people with him.

      • Compsci, you are an honest man in a wicked world.

        Martyr Mueller passed the real test, he will play any part for the masters. He’s about to be promoted.

        Maybe even a term in Congress?
        With that kind of name recognition, he can be the white Maxine Waters. Maybe serve on the Intelligence Committee.

  7. It’s over (and has been for months): https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/schiff-2020-election-only-way-trump-remove-office

    The hearing was Pelosi giving her crackpots one last at-bat before benching them. Impeachment is dead. Trump was right to take a victory lap.

    I think a deal has been cut. They drop impeachment and agree to throw some small fish like Schiff and Nadler to the wolves. Trump and Barr agree that Horowitz will release a report that is long on words but otherwise toothless. Maybe some criminal referrals, but (just like McCabe) nobody in FBI or DOJ will face actual charges or see a courtroom.

    This is playing out much like the BCA in 2010. The GOP House refused to raise the debt ceiling, and took the country to the edge of the abyss (not far enough imho). The end result was the BCA (the sequester) which was a mouse fart worth of cuts…but it was a cut nonetheless. They then passed a bill allowing representatives to raise the ceiling by voting “no”, and put the debt ceiling in an automatic increase. They mutually disarmed to achieve a common goal.

    I think the same thing is happening here. There will be a lot of smoke and noise about FBI/DOJ corruption. Some high level people might even be put in legal jeopardy. But ultimately, nobody will go to jail for executing an attempted coup against a sitting president and then executing a massive fraud to try and cover their tracks. These people brought the country to the edge of the abyss…and realize just how close they came to collapsing the country. They will mutually disarm.

    Trump looks to win all the states he won in 2016, as well as the popular vote, and all those NPV states will repeal their Electoral College bills the following week.

    • The thing I cannot get past is why the political class would allow the FBI scandal to go unpunished. If you are in politics, the last thing you want is the security agencies to feel like they can spy on you with impunity. Then again, maybe the fear of dirt being made public is the issue. There is a good chance that Watergate, the actual break in, was engineered by John Dean in order to get dirt that was being kept by the Democrats. The break in was a pretext for another operation. Maybe this hoax is not about the FBI corruption, but about soemthing else.

      • In a criminal trial the government will have to produce any and all potentially exonerating evidence to the defendants, and it can’t be subject to a protective order. That’s why the Mueller indictments of Flynn and Manafort were for matters not directly related to the investigation. The indictments should have been bounced.

        There will be no meaningful investigation into this matter. Huber has been sitting on his ass in Salt Lake City for over two years and it appears he has not done a damn thing. A few low-level FBI hacks might get a slap down, but otherwise what was probably the greatest scandal in American political history will go unredressed.

        It’s a sad commentary on the state of America.

        • Come on people! For F**k sake! Have a sense of humor! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

        • Of course Gay Frogs! Have you ever seen a newt ball? No! No! Naughty Range! I mean a ball of newts. Have seen it springtime in the East Bay hills. When it’s The time, the guy newts horny up and practice in a big writhing guy newt ball, practice makes perfect, while waiting for the cute little brown newtie gals to sashay their way to the pond. Then the guys unroll their newt ball and plod as quickly as their little stumpy legs can to the gals. Nature at her best!

      • The thing I cannot get past is why the political class would allow the FBI scandal to go unpunished.

        My common-sense, total-outsider take is that the political class and the FBI are just two branches of the Cathedral, i.e. the totalitarian left-wing state. They’re on the same team. They’re working together, in fact both complicit in the recent wrongdoing. Why would one punish the other?

      • thezman said: “The thing I cannot get past is why the political class would allow the FBI scandal to go unpunished. If you are in politics, the last thing you want is the security agencies to feel like they can spy on you with impunity.” Your assuming this type of thing isn’t just business as usual. The FBI threw nixon under the bus to cover up an operation called “COINTELPRO” Here’s the Wiki link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO Fast forward to today and here we are again. Only this time it’s thousand of times worse. They actually tried to install their chosen candidate in to the white house. And they were so certain that the goddess of filth would win they barely covered their tracks. We will just never know how long this kind of crap has been going on. But you can bet, it well never stop.

      • After 9/11, George Tenant kept his job. The most obvious guy to put a head on a pike after the attacks…kept his job. Reports were that when he did finally decide to step down, they were all crying with him and Bushy at the White House.

        Some time later, I forget the year, about a dozen firefighters were killed fighting a forest fire, and their deaths were attributable to incompetence. The managers were all “transferred to new duties”.

        John Solomon, writing at The Hill, documents a whole host of offenders allowed to continue their jobs or quietly retire following criminal activity.

        Andy McCabe, recipient of an IG criminal referral 15 months ago? Still not formally charged. Sessions was not going to fire him initially (which would have terminated McCabe’s “benefits”). It was only massive public pressure that led him to do it, and at the very, very, last minute. Because Sessions is one of them.

        Hillary Clinton?

        And on and on.

        Putting aside the coup and just focusing on the total rot of our institutions, the Government Party cannot police itself. They cover up for each other. They quietly retire. Joe Sestak, demoted by the United States Navy for unspecified conduct, was not only allowed to retire a flag officer, the Democrats ran him for US Senate.

        That’s what makes Trump so redeemable to me. He actually fires incompetent people. We haven’t seen that in decades. People like to claim he can’t get positions filled due to “chaos” in the WH. I stand by my assessment that they fear getting fired when they fail, and would rather decline the job than be held accountable.

        The Russia thing was the famous “insurance policy”. Peter Strzok and his libido is single-handedly responsible for that backup plan failing. Everything since then has been a holding action hoping to use it to damage Trump as much as possible. The problem now is it is July 2019. PERFECT timing for Trump heading into the election year.

      • The fallout from WaterGate resulted in the Church Committee. (“we must reform the system”) Apparently the intelligence agencies found work-arounds.

        It’s not clear that the system can be reformed (again). That was back when democracy worked for us. Now, democracy works against us.

      • Z Man;
        My favorite USSR writer, ‘Victor Suvorov’ (a pseudonym) wrote that the USSR was managed at the top by controlled competition between a Troika (look it up) of the Communist Party, the Secret Police and the Red Army. His idea, for which he had good historical evidence, was that whenever one of the ‘horses’ got out of line, the other two would unite to reign it in, usually via bloody purges.

        Adopting this frame, your inspired speculation suggests that, here and now, the Secret Police horse has got out way ahead. So which other centers of power will bring it back in line_?

        Using this frame, you are asking, ‘Can it be that at least one of the other ‘horses’ we have here, most specifically the Uniparty, is now too corrupt and stupid to understand its peril_?’ Sure looks like it.

        Brings a whole new perspective to the Q Phenomenon, I’d say.

    • “I think a deal has been cut. They drop impeachment and agree to throw some small fish like Schiff and Nadler to the wolves.”

      You might think that these two would make fitting sacrifices to the oncoming diversitopia, but I wouldn’t refer to either Schiff or Nadler as small fry. Both are Jews, and both represent mostly white (Jewish) and wealthy, solidly D districts: Schiff in Burbank and Pasadena, and Nadler (what a grosteque little goblin this guy is) the lower West Side of Manhattan and a chunk of Brooklyn. Wealthy Jews control the money in the Democrat Party, and will continue to make sure that nice Jewish boys like Schiff and Nadler represent them in congress. The diversitopia is great and all, but it has its limits. Pasadena and the lower West Side won’t be getting too vibrant anytime soon.

      • They’re both back-benchers. But I agree that I probably picked the wrong two getting fed to the wolves. I’m not really sure who, yet.

        Democrats need to hang this failure on somebody. Mueller is an obvious scapegoat, since he’s the special counsel who botched the report, and is old and will probably die soon. Comey is another possibility, since he’s damaged goods doesn’t seem all that bright, and lacks resources to fight back.

        I’m also curious if we’ll suddenly see some high profile media people, who led the charge on this thing, suddenly run into contract disputes as their ratings falter. No heads have rolled at MSNBC or CNN yet. I wouldn’t rule out a Dan-Rather-esqe type of purge where they get shoved off the stage.

  8. Before the internet and perhaps talk radio, the Democrats/MSM could have gotten away with rigging the narrative that Mueller’s testimony was devastating to Trump, because not enough people would have watched it live, and there was no way to distribute clips. Despite all the attempts by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to help the Dems regain a monopoly on the narrative, I don’t think it’s working that well.

    It’s pretty clear that the Left all over the world is having a tougher time winning elections now that the MSM doesn’t control the flow of information.

    • People are saying the real man in charge of the so-called Mueller investigation was Andrew Weissman. Another name coming up is Aaron Zebley.

      If Mueller is genuinely mentally-impaired, what was his role in the investigation beyond signing documents created by someone else? Did the staffers sit him at his desk and put a photo album in front of him so he could look at pictures of his family and friends and try to remember?

      • Damm, Ris, I don’t know why, but I laughed out loud at that.

        “Bob, that’s… that’s your son.”
        “What? Who? Who are you people? Where am I?”

        • That along with watching tv and taking a lot of naps. Put a day bed and tv in his office. Whatever they had to do to keep him out of the way of the “investigation.”

          I felt sorry for Mueller at first and then remembered all of the evil deeds he committed even before the Trump investigation, so I quit feeling sorry.

  9. This is embarrassing, damned embarrassing, but can anyone explain the cartoon to me? “I was twelve”–what?

  10. It will be interesting to see who’s heads roll. If I were the puppet master or organ grinder belting out the tune for these monkeys to dance to – I’d be majorly pished and wanting my money back.

    The obvious heads will end up on a spike… the ones behind the scenes are those that interest me.

  11. Didn’t watch the hearings. The breathless “reporting” by talking heads on local news stations was nauseating enough.

    It’s pretty evident now their all fed the same script and just wouldn’t shut up ! Was trying to get the weather before heading out the door and had to shut the TV off !

    The hearing nonsense is an obvious stalling tactic. Hopefully they’ll become so desperate, really step on their dicks and the President can come in with an easy kill shot.

    A man can dream can’t he ? 🙂

    P,S. Thanks Z for actually watching the circus and reporting back.

    • Best weather darksky.net.

      will give you down to the minute, to the street address i.e rain starts in 13 minutes, Often dead right.

      Do not give the enemy the eyeballs.

  12. Great post Z. Propaganda:
    [ prop-uh-gan-duh ]

    information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
    the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.
    the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.
    Roman Catholic Church.
    a committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions.
    a school (College of Propaganda) established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.
    Archaic. an organization or movement for the spreading of propaganda.

    From the website, ” Science Trends.”
    “The Secret History Of Political Propaganda.”
    “The term propaganda itself originates in a specific moment in the history of propaganda. By the beginning of the 17th century, the Catholic Church was losing numbers of converts to Protestantism, as well as facing the vast horizon of the New World. As much of the Western Hemisphere was being colonized by Catholic monarchies, Pope Gregory XV created a new papal department in charge of proselytizing New World peoples. In 1622, he decreed the creation of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide (Congregation for Propagating the Faith), which sent missionaries over to the Western Hemisphere to spread materials and ideas to convert indigenous peoples and colonists to Catholicism. The religio-political materials the department produced were known as propaganda, but the term did not necessarily have a negative connotation.”

    Obviously, it wasn’t Robert Muller that was the brains behind the Russa investigation. He was the front man for your typical pack of establishment cut throats. The dark side have lots of ways to play it from here. They have numerous prefab strategies that are easily modified on the fly. Both sides well be banging away at this crap until november 2020. If Pres.Trump loses the election, then it all melts away like ground fog on a sprint morning. If he wins, then just maybe, a few bit players in the conspiracy to subvert the Constitution, and install Satans wife in the White House will see the inside of a jail cell. But if you think you’ll ever see Hillary and Billary dressed in orange standing before a judge, than you really are delusional.

    • Watching HRC self-flagellate, over the denial of her anointed role as boss of the known universe, is compensation enough.

      • Dutch, yes indeed. Folks here want to see justice done. But I’m with you, I want to see justice “tailored”. For a person as politically craven as HC, who spend her whole life in the pursuit of political power—even though she was a lightweight in such an arena—and especially working her whole life for the absolute prize, the presidency. Well, it’s got to be eating her guts out, and that’s a tailored punishment if there ever was one.

  13. Well the Congressional Dems are going to double down again despite Mueller imploding on national TV. Pelosi and crew will not stop no matter what.

    Mueller was always a crooked, yes man for the state. Remember he let 4 innocent men languish in jail for 30 years to protect a informant. 2 died.

    He’s a f**king snake and deserves to slowly rot away.

    • Mueller is the master cover-upper. They brought him on board the FBI just before 9/11. Cover up — check. And he made his interest in heading up the FBI again to the Trump Administration, where he would best be able to cover up Clinton/Obama misdeeds, but Trump said “no” and so they needed to depend on the multitude of deep-state employees instead of having Mueller there to head it all up neatly. Mueller and Barr have been friends since the 80s. Jerome Corsi in a talk C-SPAN recorded, said he did not have faith that Barr or Durham would break open the wrong doings of the cabal, instead being a long-time insider who would smooth things over somehow. I was pretty disappointed to hear this, though I can’t say I’m surprised at this point.

      • Ursula said: ” Jerome Corsi in a talk C-SPAN recorded, said he did not have faith that Barr or Durham would break open the wrong doings of the cabal, instead being a long-time insider who would smooth things over somehow.” It’s just like the ” United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.” They aren’t there to oversee and reform squat. That’s where scandals go to die.

      • Robert Mueller is, and has been, a thoroughly corrupt man.

        Let us not forget his role in opposing the release and pardon of Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone, and Joe Salvati. The four men were wrongfully convicted of the 1965 murder of Teddy Deegan, a small-time hoodlum.

        The Boston FBI office, long a nest of public sector parasites, engineered the railroading of the 4 innocent men. They did so by permitting a mob hit-man whom they had flipped, Joseph Barboza, to settle some old scores by falsely testifying that Greco, Salvati et al had taken part in the murder.

        The Boston office had informed J. Edgar Hoover of the true facts, i.e., that Barboza was lying. The feds even acknowledged that Salvati could not have been involved in the murder because he was in Florida at the time of the crime.

        The real killer was Jimmy the “Bear” Flemmi, brother of Steve the “Rifleman” Flemmi, who was a member of the Winter Hill Gang, and long-time associate and crony of James “Whitey” Bulger.

        Nevertheless, Mueller, while he was US Attorney in Boston, opposed efforts to commute the sentences of the four innocent men. He knew the four men were innocent and he knew that the FBI had presented Barboza to the Suffolk County DA’s office as a reliable informant.

        Mueller, in fact, went out of his way, to keep the four innocent men incarcerated. He wrote several letters opposing their release.


      • The problem the establishment has with this “cover up” is the ubiquity of the information technology. The Trumpies literally have everything. Every server, every phone, every shred of paper, every email, every laptop in every department and at every level.

        Mueller could distract, maybe get lucky and nab Trump making a mistake, but he couldn’t cover up jack squat.

        There’s much more power for Trump and Barr to use what they know as leverage. Expect a pretty damning report, but no prosecutions. Expect some unexpected “retirements”, and some people like Brennan suddenly losing their gigs to “spend time with family”.

        Trump’s team will be able to save a few rounds for 2020, such as if Biden was in meetings where the Trump-spying was ordered.

    • Definitely. Evil deserves whatever it gets and I feel nothing but thanks for whoever put that moldering vampire up on stage and let him loose.

  14. As I watched the Rs and Ds take turns, it became very obvious what the Democrat Party has become. They’re not just an evil party, they’re a very dark-complexioned party. It seemed that every other Dem congresscritter was a black female…and usually an extremely unpleasant one. Watching white males spar with orcs was a preview of things to come.

    • Sheila Jackson Lee was particularly irritating, with her pompous black imperial talk. Such gravitas. Yeah, white men need to have their confidence restored by knowing that their white women stand behind them. Problem is, too many white women, especially college-indoctrinated women, have been cultivated to be anti-white male. Something needs to happen that jars these women into thinking seriously on the matter of whether or not they support their white men, their own people. Men, I’m telling you, tell your women what you believe and make it clear that you can move forward together or you’ll need to cut her loose if she is not clear on supporting her own kind. Even with all the cancerous feminist indoctrination, women still deep down want to please their men. And those women that no longer do support white men should probably be cut loose, I’m sorry to say.

      • Jackson Lee is particularly irritating as you point out. She can walk out of the Capitol building and say the most ignorant and vile things about anybody—including direct calls to violence. I’d like to see more opposition calling her on her ignorance and getting in her face on the floor. It should not be hard to make a fool out of this room IQ person for all to see. Again, we seem to allow our virtues to be used as weapons against us.

        • It is my hazy recollection that Lee is the representative who axed “Why is it we can put a man on Mars and won’t solve poverty?” Which, actually is an excellent demonstration of why we cannot solve poverty.

        • At some point in society’s ongoing conversation, the antics of Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters must become liabilities for blacks and for women, right? Someday? All the crap can’t be indulged forever, can it?

        • I just hope my dear friend Ursula has forgiven Frip.

          If so, you must forgive all of us, because we were all thinking the exact same thing at that moment.
          Good Frip meant nothing bad with it, and I hate to see my friends fight.

          You see, you beguiling creatures are the most bedazzling thing in the Universe. To our continuing amazement, you really do see things we never would notice in a million years.

          And why?
          Why, simply because we are…

        • Maus, I’ve been wanting to mention our debt forever to Ursula for the Flowerman Project, a first find never mentioned before anywhere, thanks.

      • Ursula spot on. And this extends to male ‘friends’ as well. If we are to cull evil from what is left of our nation and our culture, it must start from the smallest radius around each man.

        Our time is finite. At this point I have zero interest in those people, men or women, who are incapable of seeing the truth in front of them.

        There is some prompting, some horse-to-water, but the sleep is deep these days and I’d just assume forge new relationships with those who are going to be there when its time and those who are not inclined to bend their principals for some feelz kibbles.

        Its a tragedy how the left has turned women against men. But more so how all those daddys let their little princesses hate all that allowed them to become those precious princesses and strong independent women.

        I say all this having made the terrible choice of cutting loose a woman that desired to be my wife but could not molt the serpents skin of her leftist prog indoctrination.

        My ancestors carved a life out of the wild continent. In some ways we will have to do the same. There will be tears.

  15. Hank Johnson was reelected eight months after his belief that a volcanic island might capsize was made public, and four more times since then. As political theater, it’s a Three Stooges short, moronic but unfunny, like the ones with Shemp.

    • Curly was a master — “I’m thinking but nothing’s happening!” [in high-pitched shriek]

      • I could only ever watch the ones with Curly. There’s a joke I remember about Shemp from the old National Lampoon that puts it nicely–“Sinsemilla couldn’t make that fucker funny.”

  16. What it shows to me, is how -fragile- this coalition of the damned are without the massive pillars of the media, the democratic party, and to a lesser extent academia, etc. to prop them up.

    Mueller the ‘super hero’ is a confused doddering old man past his shelf date. Without the careful media / political spin it is laid to bare. Compare that to Kavanaugh who had -everything- working against him, those same powerful institutions and sat up there like a lion defending itself bravely against packs of jackals and hyenas.

    The power of the left are the herd and the media. Strip them away to individuals and they return to the weak, pathetic, flabby, unintelligent, craven, cowardly, deviant, sad, and pathetic f-cking mutants they really are.

    So again, game plan, because I offer SOLUTIONS not just b-tching about problems. You -must- use the weapon of the enemy. Rule 13: Isolate the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. They use this to great effect. Return the favor. Do not let them melt into the cloak of their group identity.

    “Bbbb..bbb.bbbbut, I’m a brave latina transgender!” When they frame the argument this way, you’ve already lost. Correct retort: NO. You are ‘Jonathan’ born a male of mixed European heritage. You somewhere along the way developed a mental illness that made you think you were not white and a chick with a d1ck. You are mentally defective, just YOU Jonathan. Not everyone else. (Also dig up as much personal dirt as possible or simply fabricate some, they do this all day long against -you-).

    This hits them in the deepest part of feelz. These people are not individually brave and it is a weakness that can (and should) be exploited. Hyenas, remember. Bravery in a group, craven cowardice as individuals. Use this to bury these people, they can and will do the same for you.

    • Apex Predator said: “So again, game plan, because I offer SOLUTIONS not just b-tching about problems. You -must- use the weapon of the enemy. Rule 13: Isolate the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. They use this to great effect. Return the favor. Do not let them melt into the cloak of their group identity.” Indeed. I agree wholeheartedly. I have in fact posted “Rules For Radicals” at least twice myself. You say, ” The power of the left are the herd and the media. Strip them away to individuals and they return to the weak, pathetic, flabby, unintelligent, craven, cowardly, deviant, sad, and pathetic f-cking mutants they really are.” This is actually being done all over the internet. Blogs of course, but more importantly youtube, facebook and twitter. But as you well know, these belong to the great establishment beast. It’s childs play for the tech monster to silence us on their own home turf. So what are the real “SOLUTIONS”? Where are our alternative sources of public broadcast.? I’m afraid I don’t have an answer. But perhaps going back to some form of low tech devise well be the only way to get around the blanket censorship that is probably headed our way. The left has masterd the art of herding the right into exactly the perfect spot to get slaughtered. Maybe it’s time we stopped being so predictable. Here’s the audiobook of “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTa6eay5eoI

    • I find nothing to exonerate Jonathan from accusations of bestial sodomy, embezzlement from a refugee orphanage, and wearing white after Labor Day.

      Hang him by the neck until dead. In minecraft.

  17. Now it is clear: Mueller was just the front goy all along.

    It is also clear that the Enemy remains rattled and does not have his shit together. I do not buy the 4D chess bit that this was designed to discredit the hoaxers.

    The difference between Hollywood and this particular bit of political theater is that you can’t focus-test an improvised hoax like this Russia thing.

    But the fact that large box-office failures happen at all is interesting and should be encouraging for us. Decades of data and experience and audience pre-programming through other media and product lines, plus all the screen-testing and focus-grouping, and then the massive marketing campaigns…

    And these people still regularly fail.

    Why is that?

    • The failure of the pollsters and pundits to predict the Trump win in 2016 and the movie failures may both be encouraging evidence that the various media machines that keep the Left’s agendas moving forward are sputtering.

  18. Excellent column. Only one nit to pick: it’s extremely unlikely that Democrat staffers had access to Mueller to prepare him for his testimony. The Special Counsel resides in the DoJ and reports to the Attorney General, and AG Barr would never have approved partisan preparation. These are among the benefits of having a real AG. Just imagine if Trump had appointed Barr, rather than Sessions, in 2017–all this would have been avoided.

    I skimmed the highlights of the testimony. It’s clear from his testimony that Mueller was not in control, or even aware, of most of what was happening in the investigation. He was praised in Washington for running a tight ship and not leaking during the investigation, but after his testimony it appears he didn’t leak because he was so disengaged from the investigation that he had no information to leak.

    After Mueller’s bumbling testimony it’s no longer credible to assert that he made the staffing decision to hire a team full of pro-Clinton Democrats to handle the investigation. That suggests that someone inside the DoJ made the decision. Trump would do well to instruct AG Barr to open an investigtion into that issue.

  19. Maybe Mueller was putting on an Academy Award-winning performance of the feckless old man who we should all feel sorry for. The smart thing to do when you’re on the hook for doing something terrible is to make yourself into a victim of sorts, a helpless old man who we should all sympathize with and let off the hook for traitorous actions against the U.S.

    • While it is comforting to think that, and nothing that we’ve seen can disprove that, necessarily, it seems far more likely that he is as good an actor as Steven Seagal, and had next to zero involvement in the assembly of the report which bears his name. Sundance from CTH among others has singled out Weissman as the one behind it, however he presents an image of a sniveling crooked lawyer, doesn’t sell as well in Peoria as grandfatherly Mueller.

      • Maybe, but these people really are devilish. Why was Mueller’s questioning postponed for a week? I bet it was because Mueller, being the top law enforcement officer who cleans up misdeeds of Clinton/Obama/deep state, needed to tie up some loose ends with regard to Jeffrey Epstein and his creepy goings-on with cabal figures. I could be way off with all of this, but these are really bad people and so I find it plausible.

        • Ursula: I absolutely agree with you that these are devious, scheming, conniving cretins, however they are also fallible and not only can make mistakes, but tragically/comedically so (depending on your point of view). Again, not that this disproves what you’re saying, but it’s an alternate hypothesis. Far be it from the first time some oligarch became so overconfident and believing his own bullshit that they royally fumbled in their hubris.

    • I did wonder about that too. That maybe the plan was for him to be the kindly old grandfather type, so when the Republicans attacked him, they would look like meanies. None of the media ran with that and Mueller looked genuinely confused.

      • I simply saw an over-the-hill Sergeant Frank Drebin, as Mueller does an excellent Leslie Nielsen.

      • Z: yes that was exactly my thought going into this as well concerning their strategy. Have Mueller as this austere grandfatherly figure beyond reproach, and how dare these traitorous Republicans challenge his proclamations. They’re undermining the Justice system, what motive could they possibly have for that.

        The left expects the right to play it’s part in the grand drama, and cannot handle when they go “off script”, which really amounts to breaking from the previous mode of conduct.

        • Thinking about it some more, I suspect the Dems just thought he would be what they had seen on TV in the past. He would play along and say what they wanted, so they could keep the impeachment stuff cooking. It appears they were warned that he was struggling, which is why they allowed to have an assistant with him. In the end, they were trapped and had to put on the show.

          The Dems are not served well by their media. We complain about Republicans having rabbit ears, always worried about optics, but that does keep them from pulling stupid stunts like this. Democrats only have a media cheering section, so they often get caught looking ridiculous. That may be the case here, where the media was egging on these guys and they failed to head the warnings.

          • Z: Everything you just said is coherent with my hypothesis that they believed their own bullshit, and, out of a religious-like arrogance, acted on it only for reality to slap them upside the head.

            If you accept the conclusions that Sundance has come to, then this was a defensive measure (by the Lawfare group) meant to keep the chaff floating high, avoiding detection and exposure. To me, that seems the most probable given what we know of the FISA and CI fraud.

          • There’s sort of a generational divide. Someone like Chuck Todd or Rachel Maddow clearly don’t have the self awareness you would want for someone in the media.

            On the other hand, someone like Lesley Stahl or Bob Schiefer at least tried to be objective and come across as intelligent.

    • People go senile all the time and Mueller is old. Besides guys at his level don’t work. They are figureheads meant to give legitimacy to some report.

      The last time he worked was in Boston as a junior Fed. Once you get into mangaement you don’t work or even think. And that was 50 years ago.

      Look at the all the senior FBI agents exposed by Trump. These people were the super elite of the FBI and they were all 3rd rate bunglers and hacks.

      So don’t tell me we’re dealing with smart people,. we aren’t we’re dealing with bullshit artists and butt kissers

    • I was going to bite on this. Then I remembered that Mueller is a lifetime government employee.

      It wasn’t an act.

      He didn’t want to be there, and clearly did nothing to prepare for it. He knew they had failed, so what’s the point really? Here’s a guy who would much rather spend time with his family getting dragged out of retirement so he could listen to Democrats read the report back to him.

      Props to the GOP for landing multiple body blows though. That was unexpected and heartening.

    • Events seem to support Ursula.
      Muellar’s a canny old pro, he’s spent a lifetime murking up the waters.

      Somebody tried to Bulger Epstein in his cell last nite, so the old fool was rushed out without enough prep to distract us from what’s fermenting under the Epstein-Wexler lid.

      Dershowitz, as I mentioned, was hurriedly put on their kept pet Beck’s show, flapping his gums about this, trying to draw fire to himself and tie it to Trump.

      • Addendum: mixer trucks have been seen on the Island, filling in the underground rooms with container-ship loads of concrete.

        It was just a place where loose girls volunteered for some nookey-nookey pay, right?
        What kind of stains would that leave?
        What was in those dungeons?

      • Dersh, as I heard it:
        “Epstein, Wexler, they’re nobody, they’re nothing!

        It was MY good name they were dragging thru the mud! They hate me because of my support for Trump, for Bibi Netanyahu, for the State of Israel!

        These bimbos, these lawyers, they are ruining the honesty of the #MeToo movement!”

  20. A Biden’s tweets today: “One of the great things about being on the trail is getting a chance to have lunch with great folks like @MayorMikeDuggan and community leaders in Dearborn.” The pictures show Biden with Duggan, who is white, in a gentrifying area of Detroit. And Biden with Muslim leaders in Dearborn. https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1154195410589761538

    • “Community leaders”- next thing you know, they’ll pick the privileged daughter of a warlord’s commisar, and send her to Congress.

  21. It’s a drama with a narrative context and flow. Sometimes dramas also become comedies, other times tragedies, and sometimes both, depending on your point of view.

    At the “highest” level, for the most devoted, it is a sacred battle. They perceive what they see with the zeal of an Inquisitor. When what they believe to be the side of the “Good” reveals itself to be impotent, it often does cause mass disillusionment.

    This is (in my opinion) the primary meaningful difference between talmudvision and politics: talmudvision causes people to live in a fantasy land of syncretic delusions, whereas politics is where the battle between “Good” and “evil” plays out, and is therefore held with a religious intensity. The left seeing their erstwhile Messiah as a confused old man, very different from the image of him they have in their fantasy, must have caused immense cognitive dissonance.

    • Cognitive dissonance? Nah. People know they are being fed a line, but it aligns with their feelings, so they go with it, and they will defend it. One needs to get away from the assumption that people think rationally.

      Unfortunately, the CD doesn’t really kick in until the lies burn the people believing in them. As it did for all the Hillary-bots when she lost. Liberal tears, so many of them.

      • Perhaps you are being too generous in describing the average liberals faculty of self awareness. Perhaps I, being surrounded by complete morons in the center of hell (take a guess) am overly pessimistic. Otherwise intelligent (whatever that means) people I work with seemed to have put a lot of stock on Mueller, and do seem dejected today.

  22. “The sad image of Bob Mueller, a caricature of WASP America, fumbling about for answers, was a powerful image for the ascendant. They did not see a failed performance. For them, they saw the door opening for their opportunity to take the stage.”

    Maybe the old WASP is a wily old WASP and having taken stock of where we were 50 years ago and where we are today…he decided to do his part by retiring the zoo keepers and unlocking the cages…now YT can no longer hem and haw…

  23. Or… making Mueller look bumbling may be to cast doubt that the Russia Collusion investigation was done properly. Since Mueller is “clearly” not up to the task, a new special counsel needs to be appointed to perform the investigation “properly”.

  24. The whole was political charade. Mueller isn’t stupid or old or a bumbling fool, nor is the team of lawyers going after anyone connected to the Trump campaign over the last 2 years. He was stalling to run out all of those 5 minute clocks and mostly refusing to give anyone what they wanted.
    This whole “we didn’t exonerate Trump” should scare the shit out of every American. Prosecutors don’t exonerate anyone. They either file charges or they don’t. The default is supposed to be innocent, not guilty until the prosecutor exonerates you!
    It is a circus of a failing society. It was a mockery of justice. It’s a taste of third worldism where police and prosecutors are a weapon and justice is not blind.

    • I think that’s giving them too much credit. What I see over the past 50 years or so is the work of fanatics, not geniuses.

    • Tars….thank you! Welcome to the 3rd World! Thought I was the only one saying I don’t buy this Muller dog and pony show. And I sure as Hell don’t say….ohhhh, the poor old man….aahhh. Shit…he’d take your eyeballs out in an effing second. I have NOZERONADA faith in what we See in the system. They’re waggin’ the dog on us and gaslighting. Wait and watch.

  25. We can guffaw about Guam Hank, but there is a type of smarts there we just don’t get.

    I mean, they guy has bank, glitter, fame, power, ease, limos, mansion hideaways, a jet-setter lifestyle.

    Can any of us imagine or see the opportunities to get where he is?
    Where do I apply?

    Ursula, yesterday: “Even though we tamed the land, developed it, made roads, bridges, infrastructure, banks, whites are now out, with people of color expected to take up all positions and rule.”

    So I’m in a cheap motel in Dallas recently. Theres a stylin’, brand new Benz parked in front of my room.
    The owner is black and 21; his roomie is 45 and bumming a smoke from me. He’s a ‘computer guy’ for the government, he says, while calling on his smart phone for someone to bring a pack of Kools.

    AOC better start singing.
    I don’t get these types, or these people, at all. I must be stupid or something. Where the heck is MY limo?

    • (Of course the room was trashed. I leave ’em like I found ’em, with a tip for the tired maids and deep appreciation for hot running water.)

    • Can any of us imagine or see the opportunities to get where he is? Where do I apply?

      First, be Black….

      • I’m sure there is a rap song with “Tomorrow belongs to me” in the refrain between repeated chants of “money” and “b*tches”…. if there isnt one yet just wait a little bit… they finnah dudat.

    • I’ve noticed that phenomena too. Kids half my age driving $70k cars past my Mazda I bought with cash. I suspect it’s a crushingly expensive lease or a zero-down 6+ year loan. But maybe they are right to not plan for a future.

      • I treat my stuck-in-traffic moments as an opportunity to IQ test my fellow commuters, based on driving style, vehicle, and bumper stickers.

        • Extra point deductions for the moron with the brand new Audi talking with a cell-phone to his / her ear because pairing Bluetooth is too hard.

      • No they’re not. The future catches up with everyone. If they’re not Dave Ramsey paying cash, they’ll get rolled by life. Sometimes Lady Lucky flirts by but rarely. Easy come.. easy go. You may get it…but you must learn how to keep it.

        • How correct. Yes indeed, the interest paid—ignoring for a moment whether or not such a purchase is appropriate—would, if invested, make you quite rich when you reach retirement.

          • Range, Compsci, they aren’t White. They think differently. They don’t live by white standards, but their own.

            The Ghanan told me, “you can tell when a miner has gotten his pay. He has a new suit, he’s buying drinks for everyone. He has paid the rent for the next six months, bought his children shoes and clothes for the school year, and settled his wife’s tab with the grocers. When his money is gone, he will keep only the six dollars to buy another mining license for six more months.”

            The American told me, “You had it. HAD that Benz. You keep that memory forever, can’t take that away. I’ve had three fine houses, three Benzes, I just wait until I come home and find the locks changed, or until they repo the car.”

            A dealer from a large metro, clean-cut, dessed in a uniform of polo shirt, creased slacks, Italian shoes, and a wallet with hundred dollar bills, was hanging with me at his kin’s cinderblock ghetto complex.
            “See that?”, as he points out a car, lime-green metalflake with rims.

            “That’s nigga green,” he says, “that’s money you don’t work for.”
            Then he adds, quietly, “that fool won’t last a month, with a billboard like that.”

            Dave Ramsey, the finance guy?
            Who cracker dis is?

          • Alzae….I get it. Love you man…good story… but I’m talking white chick knowledge that works. They can do their blackity black thing. I don’t give a flat flying frog about their ghetto shtick. I’m the gal who worked 4 years in Huey Newton’s old neighborhood, EBMUD Pipeline Const., and 10 years downtown Oakland 1 block from riot central.

            Derb will tell you 2+2=4, and I don’t care how much guvmint schools demand you parrot back 2+2=Fluffy Bunnies. Their cultural shtick may satisfy something and be their world for them, but their lame attempt by ghetto to do life isn’t working. It’s 2+2= Dung Beetle Rolling a Turd Uphill. It doesn’t work. As the decades roll out, they’re getting real angry about it. That’s the definition of insanity=doing the same shit over and over the same way and expecting it to change, or different results. Their hatred of us is growing and they want our stuff.

            When I started my crawl up the ladder, started as a lowly lowest level clerk in Pipeline Const. The other clerk was Debra a black gal. Stories to tell! Multiple times Debra would come to work head-bob growling, “Steve pissed me off last night. I stuck him! Hit him with my fry pan. Then stuck him again (head bob! In Ebonics max) (All her kids out of wedlock and along came 3rd gen out of wedlock) Here’s a picture of little DeRoy dressed in a Pimp outfit! Teaching him to pimproll! Init he cute! (DeRoy was 2 in a tiny red pimp suit and red hat. Baby daddy was a pimp.)

            You think I don’t get ghetto? I get ghetto. I get African. When Basic Husband flew into whateverthehell the closest airport is to Burkina Faso to consult with Barrick regarding managing underground gold mining, the goons at the airport grabbed him and took his passport. Wouldn’t give it back and stalled. He had to call the mgr of the mine to drive out wiki wiki and call the goons off. It worked. Another time BH was working in Africa, He and his Geologist buddy flew in to manage the project, and Mr. Geo brought a batch of malaria vaccines to gift the village. The village chief said No Go….Give me $5,000 cash first, then I’ll think about it. They don’t give a shit about their people. Mama was going to Paris for shoes. Or Big Chief was flying to Lolita Island…. Or whatever the crap they do with money.

            Managing money works, Dave Ramsey really works. Don’t care if he’s Ramsey cracker. Love those Southern lads. I don’t care how whitey-white-white that is. It works. The Others can just keep dirtbagging along for all I care. Dung Beetles Rolling Turds Uphill. Hell, Haiti can’t even keep a sewage treatment plant running even after the UN built it and fired it up.

            Am truly burned out, worn out, done with, all pau, and kaput with their culture. Just stay the Hell away from me and I’ll stay the Hell away from them. Ha! Let me tell you what I really think!

    • Alzaebo,

      Feeder fish normally live short lives in the brutal wild never gaining much size. Put them in their own special bowls free of predation and provided with plenty of ear-marked food and they can gain monstrous proportions.

  26. A candidate who could convey any sort of credible positive message at this point would be setting the stage on fire. Caveat – credibly positive, which the nostaligic pablum deployed by geezers Trump & Biden thus far is not. Perhaps it’s too early to light any torches for the long 2020 slog which might fade in the stretch run. I had hoped that Yang or possibly Gabbard might break from the pack with a new spark or two, but thus far neither have done anything noticeable but for Tulsi’s brief fisking of Tim Ryan over the Forever Wars.

    The only possible combustion is going to come from the Dems this cycle. No one credible is going to primary Trump, who has long ago settled for basic bitch Bush Republicanism on the policy front, wasting his rhetorical fire on Twitter rather than burning down our enemies in government with it. Liz Warren’s Talmudically-named economic policy lit Tucker up but Granny Warren is no firebrand. I’ll lay even odds that half the Democratic slate will drop out over senior-tier health issues or acute apoplexy by January 2020.

    I watch the horserace with increasing detachement from a mountaintop near San Bernardino this morning. If and when someone who has decent odds of physically surviving until 2024 has the balls to say something positive and interesting, I’ll come down from these mountains and break a few tablets. Wake me when that happens.

    • Andrew Yang seems to be the only Dem who has put any thought into policies beyond the basic hatred of Whitey and free markets. But some of his ideas run directly counter to current lefty dogma so he’ll be shoved off the stage.

  27. The DbD cartoon this morning was a nice tribute. For years now, I’ve began most mornings with DbD and Zman, in that order. I can see a great future book project, by Zman, with DbD illustrations…

      • It could make a bit of sense, except that CM has been doing the fundraising thing for a while now, and seems to have it down. Could Zman’s reluctance just be an attempt to deflect that rumor? A clever act? Well, he is clever…

  28. Yes, Mueller was the ultimate WASP., and he may indeed have been used as a pinta. (I refuse to find out how to insert that stupid squggle). Loved when he thought Bush, not Reagan, appointed him — of course, it had to be another Episcopalian, who else could be President? All that was missing was wheeling in Hannibal Lecter to say “One more thing, Mr. Mueller … love the suit!”

    • You sir are a true ethno-nationalist. You cannot be bothered to find and use the tilde for the Spanish word “piñata” but you sure as hell didn’t forget the apostrophe separating the “O” from your Irish surname meaning “son of Meara.” That is praiseworthy chauvinism. May you never have to suffer as we who are genocided in Mexifornia are.

      • I dunno… had a cousin with a Deep Alabama drawl, listening to him talk to his work crew in Spanish with that accent was an absolute scream.

        Hats off to Mr. O’Meara from this California Celt, as well!

  29. One take-away from that list: don’t invest in a movie with “Adventures of” in the title.Coincidence? Or is there something about choosing “Adventures” as a title that suggests the team came up with a long, chaotic mess?

    • Now, ‘Peter Pan’ (2003) did NOT deserve to bomb. It’s an excellent movie, and I recommend it to everyone. Jason Isaacs is wonderful as Captain Hook and Mr. Darling (as is traditional – the same actor plays both roles in the play). It’s absolutely beautiful to look at, and the score is wonderful too. I have the dvd, blu-ray and cd of the soundtrack, which I play in my car!

      I think the movie was harmed because it came out at the same time as ‘Return of the King’ (which was highly overrated in my opinion).

  30. PS I loved the Arch Deluxe. As a young fella just scraping by, putting every nickel I could scrounge into my business, the Arch Deluxe was a godsend. By the end there, the run-down old McD’s in my vibrant neighborhood was running some kind of “buy one, get two free” deal… and they were already on steep discount. I’m not going to say I only ate Arch Deluxes for about three months… but it was close.

      • Mine was:

        1. Cook a pot of rice.
        2. Crack a raw egg into it while it’s still hot, and stir.
        3. Smother it in soy-sauce packets you stole from the Chinese takeout place three months ago, when you could still afford Chinese takeout.

        • Teaching grad students how to scrounge was one of the great eye-opening experiences of my life. At that point, I could easily afford to eat well, but “thrift” (some call it “being one seriously cheap-ass mofo”) was a habit. I thought the poor, impoverished scholars would appreciate my lessons on how to cobble together an entire meal from leftovers, free samples, and purloined condiments. Turns out that academia’s pretty much a guild profession — most of my fellow students were the kids (and grandkids) of professors, so they all ate much better than I ever did until my 30s (and still drove much nicer cars, had much nicer clothes, etc. Truly there is no Leftist like a Trust-Fund Trotsky).

        • Mine was Campbell’s Chunky Soup in the large can. In those days less than a dollar and could be boiled on a small electric stove in the dorm room. However, I wasn’t that poor as much as saving money for boozing it up on weekends.

      • thezman said: “My poor guy food was the McDonald’s cheeseburger.” My poor guy food was top Ramen. Still is. 🍜😀

        • Packet of ramen ($0.17 when purchased 6/dollar), an egg cooked simultaneously ($0.09) and a scoop of whatever store-brand frozen vegetables were on sale = the sub-dollar one pot meal. Pretty satisfying, actually. Especially in winter.

      • I recall with fondness the brief window at the end of the 20th century when cheeseburgers could be had for $0.30 each. Once a week my colleagues and I would purchase and devour about ten dollars worth. It was second only to the joint that had a Friday all-you-can-eat pizza and fried chicken buffet (with salad bar) for $5. Seven of us would descend on it and eat like kings. I couldn’t figure out how they stayed in business.

      • Yeah, but my “business” was the same one Richard Gere did in his first starring role. Great for the pocketbook, tough on the dignity. (The transition to academia, and then blogging, was natural).

    • I thought the assemble yourself McD burger was the late 1980s McDLT (“hot side hot, cool side cool)? Still … Arch Deluxe was a flop, though I remember not hating it.

    • Ha! Mine was a tin of sardines, a tin of tuna, and canned green beans in a pinch and fresh was affordable when you don’t eat much. A McDoodle-burger was too spendy for this gal. Others youngs ate Ramen noodles and looked unhealthy as shit. When Linda McCartney got breast cancer, she looked grey and sick, and I swore I would Never become a vegetarian watching her. Give me fat…give me meat!

  31. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Mueller was ACTing dumb on purpose. Similar to a mob boss acting senile to avoid lucidity answering questions that get him the chair for sure.

    • Vinny the chin used to walk around Mulberry Street in his pajamas, mumbling under his breath.
      Was he really senile, or just faking it?

    • That thought crossed my mind, too. Also, he might be on a medication that, uh, slows his mind. I’m surprised that the Dems let him testify if he really was losing his marbles.

      • I’m hoping that, with his long service to the political mafia- from Whitey Bulger to the Bush clan to Hillary’s Dixie Mafia- that this stooge, this pigeon, this mook knows that his time has come, and that he is a dead man.

  32. Is there a pill darker than black? The fuligin pill, perhaps? If there is, half of America got to see it yesterday. With something like the latest SJW cosplay “Star Wars” movies, Hollywood can keep churning out stuff that everyone wonders how it ever got made, because people will buy tickets out of sheer inertia (“Worst movie ever! I shall only go see it seven more times… today”). But if the last two years in general, and the Mueller shit show in particular, have taught us anything, it’s that our “leaders” are terrifyingly stupid. They had all the time in the world to prep. They used it. And that was the result. Turning the whole thing over to the Newark Community Theater would’ve been a massive upgrade. Horrifying.

    • Solo which should have been one of the most successful movies in history lost money.

      With a global audience near 20x the US population who love the stupid Hollywood puts out, that is an impressive feat

      And always remember, it is the mass of tickets sold everywhere else that keeps Hollywood alive not the US and they can waste tons on money if they so wish so long as people over there go see Fast and Furious whatever the hell number it is now

      The best you can do is opt out. It won’t do much damage to them but turning off T.V. , Subscription Services and Movies is best way to stay free of Poz or at least keep the count low.

    • Sev;
      Agree with your assessment of the swamp as horrifyingly stupid. The entire *premise* was head-scratchingly implausible from the very start. Anybody with a passing knowledge of history, geopolitics or security studies as it was called in Staff College, IIRC, should know that providing oppo research for free is *not* how foreign powers interfere in the politics of other states. The normal methods that don’t use (very dangerous) targeted ‘wet work’ ordinarily involve sex or money: I.e. subvention (of a faction), bribery or blackmail. That is, unless the interferer is much more powerful. In that situation, simple threat is the usual cost-effective mode.

      At first, I was simply cynical but gradually became convinced that a major fraction of the Imperial Capital actually *believed* the non-sense and had childishly set their hopes on it. Not Good.

    • Sev, we both know the only real solution to the fuligin pill is Terminus Est. As the blade falls, the mercury runs down from the hilt and hastens the denouement. The only unknown is whose head the lictor will hold aloft.

    • My husband thinks that Mueller put on an act to look incoherent, stupid, demented, however you wish to characterize his performance, b/c this will redound poorly to Andrew Weissman, the real leader of the Russia Collusion Hit Squad. People saying how Mueller never even read the report, i. e. the report he did not write, will start to say, who put this little gem together with 80 lawyers (whatever #) and $35 Million dollars? The answer won’t be Robert Swan Mueller. It will take a while, though.

  33. Mueller theater was a Hail Mary pass attempt. If he had been able to follow the script, the MSM would be on fire today pitching impeachment. The Progressive wing of the Deep State is in dire desperation about Epstein revelations and Barr/Durham’s new investigation into Obama Administration corruption and criminality. They are running out of levers to pull to reassert control. They will escalate nonetheless, and things could come apart rather quickly. Stay alert and keep your head down.

    • I didn’t watch the hearings..
      but I caught excerpts on Steve Colbert’s show.
      (it’s interesting to see the other side’s point of view; to see what Colbert’s staff picked out as the most important thing that Mueller said).
      It was this question from a congressman, telegraphing his hopes and intent:
      Do you think it will be possible to indict Trump after he leaves office?
      Mueller answers.. Yes!

      The problem for the Dems is that sort of gives the greenlight for the Trump admin to go after other presidents who have left office, and do it before the Dems get to try it out on Trump.

      “Do you think it will be possible to indict >>Clinton, or Obama<< after he leaves office?"
      Mueller [would have to] answer .. Yes!

      • Sure, they could indict, but so what? I think you’re assuming an impartial judiciary. With so many Bolshevik judges in the federal courts nothing would ever stick to the Clintons or their friends.

      • That was helpful. I was feeling sorry for Mueller. The sad old man forced to parade in front of the country but that yes just took away all my pity

    • Yeah, why on earth you’d want Mueller to be cross examined is a mystery. If the Mueller investigation was legitimately investigating Russian interference, it would have proceeded quite differently. That’s what the Republicans and especially Jim Jordan pointed out quite effectively. It was simply a disaster for the Democrats. Mueller stammered on because that’s all he could do. The Republican questions were pretty good.

  34. You nailed it with this piece. Politics is a soap opera with even less believable plotlines than the typical daytime drama. And virtually all news is fake news. We live in the Era of Post Truth. Nothing can be believed and no one can be trusted. Whether such a scenario is sustainable for more than a few years remains to be seen (doubt it!).

    • Bigger picture: even if the Dems have gone so far off the deep end that they can’t win in 2020, they will come right back with an even more anti-White agenda in 2024 and win easily due to demographic change.

      This is something that will be overlooked by most Breitbart and TPUSA types if Orange Man prevails next fall.

      • Correct you are. If Trump wins in 2020, his victory will be a mere stop gap measure. It will buy us a little more time to prepare for the coming storm. Unfortunately, most white folks seem to have no idea what is in store for them come 2024 and beyond. How do we wake them up?

        • Keep telling them this is all a slander against Israel!

          (Dershowitz was just on Beck, talking about the Epstein case.
          “The New York Times hates me because of my support for Israel,” he says.)

        • >>> How do we wake them up?<<<

          We’ve got to let the storm hit. Life will make the persuadable willing to swallow the redpill.

          • Meme..I don’t KNOW how to wake up people. I’m stumped.

            I have EXPERIENCED… been an audience of one to 1) My Trots parents going all the way to the end being archaic Trots. Ideology uber alis. Toward their end, their people successfully shape-shifted and were on the ascendant.
            2) Lefty has captured a lot of folks under 40 now…been brainwashed for years. Captured by school and media. Most identify with hard Left ideology. Not changing. Kill before change.
            3) Boomers are hopeless on this….Muh Constitution and Can We All Just Get Along colorblind. No change. 4) People are being whipped back onto their part of the plantation with Fear….The sky is Falling! We’re all going to die in 12 years! It’s hot! It’s cold! The earth’s rotation is slowing down! Don’t eat meat because cows fart! It’s all our fault… our fault! They believe this anti-science crap. FEAR unifies the herd. These young people look like a bunch of 10th century throwbacks.

            Believe this is all going to have to crash before the phoenix rises from the ashes, in what form cannot see. Which is normal.

            As a single-digit kid, I wondered why Germans went along with the tyranny and death camps. Got my answer now. Millions of people believed in the fascism as it presented. Once the serious killing started, people just stepped out of the way and turned a blind eye. They’re shame was post-war, they got caught and got their nose rubbed in it. Felix, please respond on this.

            Am very black pilled about waking up people until death walks the land. I know, this is bad thinking for a movement. That’s why I’m not a good “movement” person.

            To keep moving forward and not lie down in hopelessness, drop the white pills one by one. A lot of this is out of our control. Take advantage as political opportunities are presented. Krall up and away for your own community support and knowledge exchange. Black swans and white swans, the unexpected happens. Be flexible to respond. Go solo and quietly.
            Read “Z.” Great insight and incite, Z! Your facile brain is truly amazing.

          • @RFF

            “…I wondered why Germans went along with the tyranny and death camps…”

            There is much more about Germany and WW2 than the jew-scripted propaganda you’ve been force-fed since childhood. You have more “awakening” to do.

            “They’re shame was post-war, they got caught and got their nose rubbed in it.”

            Is this what you’re alluding to?


          • Am listening to you, Lars. Don’t get pissy. Am learning. Thanks for providing other thinking options.

          • Compton is gentrifying. The city filled up with Hispanics and improved sufficiently that Whites are now moving back.

          • That’s been the actual policy and why Mrs Soccer Mom and her retarded Beta Providers went along with it so long. Hispanics unlike Blacks only kill for a reason and *generally* only within their own group. Blacks kill, rape, rob because that’s their weekend.

            Or such was the impression of Soccer Mom family units.
            That is changing. Soccer Mom Head of Household is alarmed. Beta Provider senses disquiet in Master (we are Dogs to our women). What is to be done?

            Truth is Latin American politics and social/criminal arrangements are moving in as naturally as cuisine.

            So yes you’re correct that Hispanics excel at ethnic cleansing of Blacks but now they turn their enriched and emboldened by victory eye towards US.

            Always do your own dirty work. Soldiers are part of a team but we all know you gotta show your own strength in the wolfpack.

        • Sometimes it ain’t such a drag gettin old, when you think you might shuffle off ahead of the troubling times. To be born a white boy in 2001 – imagine that.

          • Ris_Eruwaehdiel said: “The Civil War turns hot.” Really? The Civil war won’t be hot until your neighborhood is on fire, and most of your family and friends are lying mangled and dead in the street. I don’t know, but maybe we should save that for later.

          • “Civil War II” will only happen in the same sense that the Cambodian Killing Fields were a “Civil War.”

          • If our Betters whip out the drones, remember the Fourth of July: fireworks, fireworks, fireworks!

          • I remarked to a friend about the likelihood of a civil war and she asked, “Do I have to worry about my neighbor shooting me?” I replied, “Yes.”

            I think that there will be more terrorism, assassinations, violent demonstrations and riots.

          • Ris dear….Wow…how to win friends and influence enemies! Bet your neighbor doesn’t ask for anymore advice!

          • Ris_Eruwaehdiel said: “I think that there will be more terrorism, assassinations, violent demonstrations and riots.” From your mouth to Gods ears. In the mean time you can go down to Mexico and get some practice dodging bullets. Cuz man I’m tell’n ya folks, those freak’n drug catels ain’t screw’n around. And if you make it back in one piece you can open up a training school for future civil war veterans 2.0. Personally, I’m working on a book. It’s entitled: “One Thousand And One Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Doomsday.”

        • They need to experience diversity unfiltered. The cultural enrichment needs to spill over to the gentrified neighborhoods. The fact this hasn’t happened yet is further proof it is (((managed))).

  35. >>>In this case, the Democrats may have disqualified themselves as reliable critics of Trump, just as Bill Kristol and the neocons did to themselves back in the 2016 election.<<<

    Nah. Electoral Politics is simply a game of ethnic head-counting.

    • The “Orange Man Bad!” stuff was supposed to be the unifying issue. Without that, it could turn into tribal warfare now, which will be amusing and instructive. It may have happened anyway, but it is clear the candidates were not ready for that moment. Yesterday all of them were out pushing the impeachment button. Biden will be in the ring with the non-whites next week at the debates. In fact, all of the non-whites are in his pool. That sets up a possible competition among them to see who can be the most anti-white, while attacking Biden.

      Here’s hoping it leads to one of them physically attacking him.

      • Orange Man Bad didn’t work because Orange Man Not Bad Enough. Trump managed to do just enough rheotorically to win in 2016 and far too little politically since to galvanize credible mass opposition, just cat lady/phag rage which knows no peace anyway. This is the stock post-Bush I GOP strategy – do just enough to hang around electorally then run against the Demon-rat of the day. It didn’t work for McCain & Romney because a) Gay Mulatto b) the shabby fiction that was “Hope & Change” was still a positive message and c) McCain & Romney. Trump thus far seems to be doing just enough to keep the Right side of K-Street in power for another four years of business as usual.

        • on c) McStain and Romney were too worried about not being palatable liberal sensibilities to run winning campaigns.

          • Heheh – I’m visualizing something like the Apeland – oops, DISNEYland fracas right there on stage, with the horrified whitey news anchors forced to witness it live.

          • Catching the first news reports on these chimp-outs can be highly entertaining. The other day when blacks were protesting about the Eric Garner choking a few years ago, a hideous black woman took the microphone and started hollering in messy ebonics that “The statue of liberty expired! The statue of liberty expired!” She meant to say that the statute of limitations expired. (As we all said down on the DC plantation, “You gotz to be pacific,” meaning, “You must be specific.”) The media is nice about covering up these embarrassing moments when it’s people of color committing the errors. White people mis-speaking are run on a repeating loop.

          • How many White people seeing this angry Black women think she “misspoke”, but rather assumed we have a person here representing a race of room IQ persons? If I’ve seen this example of misspeaking once, I’ve seen it a hundred times—and is not a matter of Ebonics either. Indeed, I’ve heard any number of ghetto types whose Ebonics does not mask a reasonable (and intelligent) response. Just takes a little time to get used to the slang, not entirely different from talking to Jamaicans.

          • It’s actually kind of hilarious to read newspaper accounts where the reporter struggles to render his interview with Quinicia De’Andrea Jackson into literate form. (Black men who aren’t athletes or rappers don’t talk to reporters).

          • Z Man said: “Imagine Harris going World Star Hip-Hop on Biden. That would be great.” just imagine K-Girl getting smack in Bidens face with a full BLM blowout. I’d pay a million to see that.

          • Biden in regards to Harris is King Lear. Serpent Harris would be at best a waitress and Willie Brown her sponsor the Maitre De at a Jazz Club without the efforts of compromisers like Biden.

            Had they continued with forced busing we would have had a war or mass riots back in the 70s. Hell if there’s one thing the normies will actual rise over it’s their precious “good schools” with (😉no Canadians 😉 nudge know what I mean). Good schools they pay out the @ss for, good schools they uproot themselves cross country to have. Good schools they sit on the school boards of… and their soccer moms work at or participate in. You want to raise the normies (I don’t, too selfish to trust) but GOOD SCHOOLS will raise the normies.

            We can’t get enough of forced busing.

            We can’t get enough of Biden as King Lear and Harris as the Serpent’s Tooth.

            We just can’t get enough.

    • It’s ethnic head counting for the ethnics. They don’t care what “message” any of the candidates have. They just know “me vote for the D, me get gibs”. The de-racinated liberal whites though, need a message of some sort. If it’s not #OrangeManBad what then?

      I wonder how willing even the most cucked whites will be to enthusiastically endorse candidates who are openly anti-white (not just anti-deplorable white) or who talk about things like reparations. Portland is infested with these people and what I see among them above all is hedonism and love of material things. They want to signal to the other hipsters that they are “good people”. When you’ve got #OrangeManBad that’s easy. How many will actually want to pay a “race tax” for being white or suffer other material penalties for their “virtue”?

      There will be fighting among the ethnics over which token gets the nomination but the liberal whites will fight among themselves over what their new marching orders are supposed to be.

      • A friend told me about her college-attending son wavering in his conservative beliefs because he was dating a “believe the woman” liberal ding-a-ling. Said ding-a-long also posted a photograph of herself on Instagram showing off her new $700 (or was it $800) handbag.

        In 2003, voters in Seattle, Washington, rejected by a margin of 68% to 32% a 10 cent tax on expresso or expresso-based cups of coffee intended to pay for childcare for the poor. Guess they didn’t care enough.

        • It’s quite funny how shallow and consumerist it all is. I posted here a few months back about how clever it’s been to shift the center of people’s virtue and status signalling to essentially consumer choices relating to low cost items (espresso, etc…) instead of high cost ones like cars. There are also “virtuous” traditional extravagances like luxury cars. About every 3rd car here seems to be a Tesla. I also noted that a lot of Leftist “virtue” signalling is really crypto-status signalling. Boasting about your “walkable” neighborhood is a good way to imply that it’s white, high rent, and low crime.

          The mindless, shallow, conformist suburban girl of the 80s wanted a rich banker husband, a Benz, and trips to Europe. She was nominally a Republican and liked Reagan. The same person today wants a Tesla, “adventure vacations” in the Amazon rainforest, and is more feminist and thus thinks her Gender Studies degree will be worth $200k/yr so she won’t need the banker guy. She is a Democrat and likes Hillary. It’s the same person just trying to be popular and associate herself with the people who appear to be winning at the moment.

          The Left though can’t translate “virtuous” consumerism into anything that would require real sacrifice or would actually impoverish or endanger comfortable lefty whites. This is why there is a Yuuuge fight coming between the SWPL hipsters and the tougher, meaner, PoCs they often live near. This, and not some gun grab by President Harris, may actually kick off Civil War 2. It will be the rage the PoCs feel when they see that the rich liberal whites never intended to actually give them anything and were all just posing for each other. The hipsters won’t fight, at least not effectively, as they are largely self-disarmed but the well armed whites outside the urban core will get the signal that the war is on.

          • I disagree – she still wants the Benz and the banker (or tech millionaire) husband, she’s willing to trade the suburbs for the overpriced gentrified inner city neighborhood, and she will virtue signal by voting for the “right” people, brag on the latest ethnic chic restaurant she just went to because diversity is great OMG, cry about the children in cages at the border . . . but she will never set foot on public transportation where she might meet diversity unfiltered.

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