The Gladiator

In the movie Gladiator, Russell Crowe plays Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman general who is betrayed by the demented son of the Emperor. His downfall first leads to him in a slave camp and then as a gladiator in the provinces. His prowess as a fighter leads him to Rome to fight before the emperor, where he is revealed to be the famous general, in Rome to seek his revenge. The movie is a reworked version of the Count of Monte Cristo, but set in imperial Rome.

The subtext of the movie, is that the honor and integrity of the main character is what will eventually bring him home. Maximus is a loyal and honest man who serves Rome, without personal ambition. The bad guy, the Emperor’s son Commodus, is motivated by nothing but personal ambition and a deranged lust for his sister. Maximus fights and wins by the rules, even when the rules are rigged against him. Commodus lies, cheats and even kills his own father to get what he wants.

The juxtaposition, the honorable, rule-based hero, versus the ends justifies the means villain, is a common devise in American culture. When Hollywood made movies with traditional male leads, this was a common setup. Gladiator is probably the last movie featuring a normal male hero. Even though the hero dies in the end, he does so in a way that completes his arc and confirms that underlying assertion. In this case, the brave man died once while the coward died a thousand deaths.

All of this comes to mind when examining the political career of Kris Kobach. He is the champion of immigration patriots, now running for the Senate in Kansas. He had been rumored for jobs in the Trump White House, but Trump’s daughter feared he would be too effective and vetoed the idea. Instead, he has been left twisting in the wind by his own party and by the President he helped to elect. Like Maximus in the slave camp, Kris Kobach is without friends in high places.

Similarly, Kobach is determined to get back to the Imperial Capital, not to slay the emperor, but to be the voice of reason. His Senate run is considered a long shot, given that he lost the gubernatorial race in 2018. On the other hand, that was an off-year election and there was a lot of shenanigans in that race. His own party sabotaged his chances by running third-party candidates. With Trump at the top of the ticket, the winds may be more favorable for Kobach this time.

Of course, there is the chance his own party pulls some shenanigans this time, but with the Senate in the balance, maybe not. Then again, they were happy to throw the 2018 House elections in order to prevent Trump from getting anything done in his first term. Like the movie, Imperial America is thoroughly corrupt and no man can count on the honor of anyone in either party. If Kobach is make it back to the imperial capital, he will do so on the strength of his own virtue.

This belief that in the end, the virtuous will triumph over the villainous, the truth will prevail over falsehoods, is at the heart of civic nationalism. Despite all the evidence around us, the civic nationalist insists that if we get the right people in office, make the right arguments and pass the right laws, all the problems of democracy can be resolved. In order for that to happen, they insist that everyone assiduously play by the rules and support the democratic process.

In this regard, Kris Kobach may be the last true civic nationalist in politics. He is a genuine, issues based candidate that is playing by the rules in order to save that system of rules, not because it advantages him. In fact, the rules disadvantage him, but he is counting on the virtue of his fellow citizens to overcome that reality. His supporters are fighting with him, because they don’t want to give up on a system that has long ago given up on them. They still have hope.

Now, it is unlikely that his supporters will be chanting “Maximus” at Kobach rallies, although it would be great if they did. He is, like the character from the movie, the last champion for an old idea. Maximus was the old idea of Rome, while Kobach is that old idea that was America. While lots of people lament the passing of the old idea, only the champion is willing to fight for it. Like the character in the movie, Kobach’s end is most likely to have his corpse carried out of the arena by his supporters.

At the end of the movie, when they are carrying the hero’s body out of the arena, Commodus lies dead in the dust. The arc of both lives had reached their end. The hero would return to what he loved and to be with his family. The villain and what he represented gone for good. Presumably, what would come next for Rome was not the old Rome represented by Maximus or the Rome represented by Commodus. It would be something different, having gone through this ordeal.

Perhaps that is the best way to look at the Kobach campaign. Maybe he wins and maybe it begins the slow turn back to sanity that seems impossible. Maybe his campaign will ignite the revolt of Middle America. On the other hand, maybe it is the last chapter of the old way of doing things. Perhaps the result will be the final acceptance that what comes next is not a return to the past, but instead an overturning of the present in order to get to something new for our people.

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226 thoughts on “The Gladiator

  1. The idea of Rome that Maximus was putatively fighting for had been dead for centuries by the time Commodus was emperor. (There’s also the alternative and more likely narrative that he was out for personal revenge against Commodus).

  2. Don’t really watch movies anymore. The obvious propaganda built in is sickening. Get the feeling our jewish handlers are nervous we may be waking up and have really started cranking out the evil whitey nonsense.

    This Kobach guy seems decent enough , but that won’t help going up against the DC swamp. That’s our problem. We’re like some innocent boy scout doing battle with a slimy street junkie .

    The left isn’t all that threatening, just ruthless. Said boy scout could kick mr. junkie in the nuts and fights over. We won’t do it. We’re too nice.

    At least for now.

  3. If you want to have a safe and decent place to live there are many communities in America that are – but it requires work.

    The Men sit on local school boards, attend town meetings, are active in the local community, and attend the local gun club. They are often landlords or in touch with the local landlords. They are friendly and supportive of the police- their neighbors who watch over the town full time.
    They hire the local judge as their lawyer for legal work.

    The school board makes sure their town has “good schools” with little or no “Canadians” allowed to attend. (Black).

    They sit on the local boards so they decide the local laws and taxes – especially the real laws and taxes.

    As they are landlords or influence them they sit on local boards to make sure Section 8 stays out.

    If they slip accidentally or deliberately their neighbors the police turn a blind eye.

    If all else fails that’s why they’re in the gun club.

    This is the modern version of Medieval Walled Towns warding off marauders. Just a different group of barbarians.

    I was just in one not far from our nadir of urban decay, the American Mogadishu, and yet in this prosperous burg your very penultimate ethno state.

    I grew up in a Rust Belt town like this – less money but meaner rednecks make a difference. The men stood to their duty. My Father was such a man.

    The difference between failure and safe prosperity is the men standing to their duty where they live – or not.

    You may not believe in your civic duty to the nation* but will you do your duty as a man where you live?

    For that is how you have civilization- but you must man up.

    *you may learn with bitter tears the difference between a corrupt state and a failed nation or you may be spared.

    • I should add its probably a good idea to keep out liberals as well.
      Their Holy Visions usually turn to Hell. They’ll live in an overpriced enclave they keep Republican while voting in Governors and Presidents that ruin the State and Nation- BUT they’ll also keep their taxes low while dumping section 8 on the local WWC towns.

      See exactly Rumson NJ

  4. If you want to defend merely your local community it can be done and is being done.

    The men sit both on the local school board and the local gun club. And other local government boards. They attend local town halls.
    They are often landlords.
    They are vigilant against Section 8 Housing.

    These men make sure that _____ has “good schools” with no “Canadian” kids (black) attending or absolutely minimal. They are careful of local govt and business policies, keep out the riffraff, section 8, stay on local landlords to not rent to the wrong people. They usually vote Republican but the right kind of WWC Dem might be alright.

    These men make allies and good neighbors to the police.
    (This also helps coming home from a night out with the boys if you are say 1-2 over the limit). 😉

    >>If all else fails that’s why they have and regularly attend the local gun club.<<

    This is essentially the updated version of the walled towns and local levies of the early middle ages warding off and opposing barbarian raiders.

    I am thinking of at least several towns including the one I grew up in, the one above is in the Great Lakes Region. There’s plenty of dysfunction in that state – but not in their town (which is BTW quite prosperous).

    My hometown has felt the ravages of the Rust Belt but not the ravages of Diversity and its crime. Same methods with meaner rednecks where I grew up.

    So in the heartland there are many places like this – and many places that are descending into Hell whether Diversity is present or not.

    Here is the make or break difference; In communities that are weathering the storm the Men stood to their duties as men across the board. They didn’t just pay taxes and obey the laws. They made the real laws, they controlled the taxes, above all they were careful who they let live among them and who went to their schools. My Father was such a man and there are still many like him. Those men stood to their duty where they lived. You may not believe in the nation or stand for it*** – but will you stand for where you live?

    Standing to duty even in your town does require work, courage, politics, voting, and yes attendance at the local gun club. So yes there’s work involved and perhaps even some risk. Isn’t where you live worth the work of doing your duty?

    The above communities are of course your actual real life “ethno-states” that exist now all over. Do your duty as men and you’ll have the same.

    So Men – Stand to your duty.

    ***you’ll appreciate the difference between a corrupt state and a failed state later, unless you're spared.

  5. We may not vote our way out of this. But we ought to vote our way through it.

    If I may channel Nate via Talleyrand, regarding electoral politics “Alt Right Faggots” have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

    500 groypers socked up across every available social media platform, sticking to a handful of themes, and not acting like assholes, can move things in a deep red Plains state like Kansas, or Nebraska, or the Dakotas. Especially in a primary campaign.

    But that’s work. And too many in this thing seem to me to be work-shy.

    In a country with almost no tradition of electoral politics, the National Socialists understood that they had to play that game, if only because they sough to end it. And it is a game. Sitting it out was not an option then and is not an option now. This is the oldest democratic republic on the planet and elections will be with us for the foreseeable future.

    Pushing the line for the rest of 2019 is one thing, but 2020 is something else. Ask the Sunni in Iraq how boycotting electoral politics worked out for them.

    People seem to be operating from fear: fear that by allowing any political mud to get on them they will soil themselves forever. This is crazy.

    I will say this again: no rightwing movement has ever taken power in the modern west without conservatives. And these American conservatives are no Junkers. They’re not even Ginrich-tier Rotarians. They’re legacy ranchers and used-car salesman and closeted homosexuals. And they are dropping like flies. Why not try to flex in a place like Kansas, even if it is under-the-radar?

    We are a vanguard, not a mass movement. We live in a two-party duopoly, not a parliamentary system. Eschewing actually existing reality is no way forward. Neither is malign neglect. Not yet.

    Elections will be held and will have real consequences for actually existing white people, whether this fits Richard Spencer’s weltanschauung or not.

    It’s one thing to know what you stand for. It’s another to allow that worldview to reduce you to the pose of reducto ad paralysis.

    • I love conservatives and regard them as the salt of the earth, but there is no group in our country who is more deluded. They believe in egalitarianism and magic dirt more than the leftists.

      Conservatives put all their hopes in being rescued by the hundred conservative non-whites in our country.

      • They are Conservative by nature . How mentally flexible would you expect them to be ?

  6. I speak for many millions when I say that the insult “Racist” no longer has any meaning or deterrent effect at all. Take that as you will, but if you are smart (I speak to the city management of Baltimore in particular), we are coming for you and you should leave . Where did that 18B USD go? We are going to find out, and it won’t be pretty..

  7. Now I was just reading about this guy. Just saw this.

    On June 18, 2018, a federal judge ruled that proof of citizenship voting requirements were unconstitutional, and ordered Kobach to take six hours of legal education before he could renew his law license.[157]

    It’s just incredible. Not only the ruling which seems deliberately aimed at speeding on the arrival of the fully failed state but also the humiliating demand that he take ‘six hours of legal education or his law license is out’. That’s a lot like the Soviet Union.

    • thekrustykurmudgeon said: “… we live in a lawless age. The question is – does Kobach realize this?” George Orwell said: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” There are thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom stored on the internet. No one needs to be surprised about what’s happening around them.

  8. No one senator has the power to correct neoliberalism. You know the trajectory of the parties as well as the rest of us. The GOP is in the process of exiting stage left. The second act has been cast and the props are on their way in. The showdown between neoliberal diaspora globalism and their pets in the progressive wing of the party will be deciding the fact of empire(s).

    • Great, important post.

      I’m betting that the progressive wing will be successfully reined in by the neoliberal elite when they are no longer needed to help quash nascent nationalist resistance to globalism by the white populations of the West. The same mechanisms we know will be turned and directed squarely on them once we’re completely neutralized: indoctrination for the masses, censorship and intimidation for those few that cannot be successfully and lastingly indoctrinated, pushing individualism and diversity to block any potential ethnonationalism (this time, from non-whites), and of course ever more of our mass culture of consumerism/hedonism (via consuming the neoliberal elite class’ mass produced products and corporate pop culture), which brings with it mass apathy. A greater degree of “hard power”, via militarized police forces, and perhaps the military itself, may be necessary at times to keep the new populations of the West in line, but ultimately, these will be speed bumps toward their objective. The white populations will greatly and permanently suffer from the transition, but the neoliberal elite will be largely insulated from this. Their financial and power interests lay in a global open market and global plutocratic system, and they will naturally pursue it.

      • Prussian said:” A greater degree of “hard power”, via militarized police forces, and perhaps the military itself, may be necessary at times to keep the new populations of the West in line, but ultimately, these will be speed bumps toward their objective. The white populations will greatly and permanently suffer from the transition, but the neoliberal elite will be largely insulated from this. Their financial and power interests lay in a global open market and global plutocratic system, and they will naturally pursue it.” And so for White people, it’s either Armageddon or the next asteroid . Oh well, c’est la vie.

      • It is! “The showdown between neoliberal diaspora globalism and their pets in the progressive wing”: I’ve never heard it described better or more succinctly. What I call Kapitalism.

        And “no longer needed to help quash nascent nationalist resistance to globalism by the white populations of the West.”
        Now that’s excellent prediction.

  9. This post raises an extremely important point that is more timeless than the ‘civ nat vs SJW vs dissident right’. That point is, as stated in the opening line, the old fight openly and honestly vs skulduggery (as a tactic, ie regardless of whether you agree w the objectives or motives of those who fight covertly).

    I struggle with this myself and in several spheres. In a culture of deceit and explicitly one that does not count ‘honor’ in the traditional sense of a man standing by his word, fighting ‘honorably’ is probably a fool’s errand. But by not doing so, by using deceit and backstabbing and all the other methods, you also add to the decadence of the times. This is a bit of a catch-22.

    My conclusion is probably that I deeply regret that ‘honorable’ fighting is not realistic but also that this is not merely a shame but a loss.

    • Context matters. When tyrants are commanding a jackboot cadre which rounds up honest citizens by the tens of thousands and ships them off to detention camps (or worse), then all is fair and there is no moral detriment to survival by whatever works under those circumstances. It is the stupid who die first, not the morally ascendant.

      • Agree, I would say culture matters. Whether it is fighting or it is business or any other transaction in life, honesty, ‘honorable’ openness (ie saying what you think openly and in all situations, at work etc), only seems to make sense in a culture that respects honesty and punishes dishonesty. That’s a traditional masculine culture.

        The loss of this culture is another of the casualties of this age.

  10. Zman just got a shout out from Ann Coulter on twitter for this post.

    Ann Coulter
    Great post!

    “Like Maximus in the slave camp, Kris Kobach is without friends in high places.”


      • Z, she wrote a column at the end of June detailing how the RNC used vetting material from the SPLC against Kobach, all but ensuring he would never get a position in the administration. (Especially now that Javanka are the gatekeepers.)

      • thezman said: “I’m famous.” “Sic transit Gloria mundi.” All glory is fleeting.

  11. I searched it at Startpage – confirmed. I invented Sadpilling. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    You should still stop doing it, weak ass.

  12. ” if we get the right people in office”

    This is true. Government is oligarchy and who the oligarchs are matters.

    BUT, office holders aren’t enough. The oligarchy extends much farther into business, Finance, academia and the media. YOu have to get the right people into those areas, too, or change the political system to remove their power. I have no idea how either can be done.

    As it stands, the Kobachs of the world don’t have much more than a soap box to shout from; to “make the right arguments “. Maybe he can help nudge the Overton Window a little more.

    Does trying make one a hero?

  13. The problem is there is no more “right” anymore as is normally defined. The “right” actually protects LBJ’s great society. While the left has much bigger ideas. The “right” believes in the useless forever wars that cost us trillions. I forgot who originally quoted “there’s nothing left to conserve” but that’s the point. So the battle is between ensconced diabetic baby boomers that have 80% of their assets in the stock market and home equity, which has served them well since 1983 (and won’t going forward). Then you have a combination of leftist millennials and leftist vibrant immigrants, none of which have a thin dime, who look with rage at these boomers. In neither case do you have the politics espoused on this website emerging in the near future as anything other than a niche (of smart people).

    I was recently dragged by a friend to my local Republican women’s forum that had some special guest speakers. It was like walking into a nursing home. Octogenarians who worship the military. The room was full of well dressed people who rode the wave of leverage all the way up. In no case did I see the America that exists today. I saw the America that was watching Murder She Wrote in 1986 and was on the older side even then. There is no future in that party.

    The future is obvious. The 40 years of leveraging will finally break, just as a generation of vibrant millennials are reaching ascendency. They will try to fix a bankrupt country using even more socialism, which will fail, just as it always has, which will then be followed by a country ripping itself apart, literally, as politics become more and more unstable. There will always be pretty, quiet, rich areas. Carmel will always be Carmel. Newport will always be Newport, etc. But most of the country will be a hell-scape of poverty and distress. The future after that will be occupied by American versions of Putin and Victor Orban.

  14. I don’t know which one is Maximus and which one is Commodus but this Taleb/Lehmann IQ spat is Epic.

    Money quote from comments;

    “ Mano del Bosque 🐞🌱🍃
    Jul 29
    When believing the data makes you a nazi, what to do?“


    • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 said: “When believing the data makes you a nazi, what to do?“ You stop paying attention to your enemies, and simply go about your business.

  15. “Perhaps the result will be the final acceptance that what comes next is not a return to the past, but instead an overturning of the present…”

    Mia culpa. Mia maxima culpa.
    I submit, I surrender.

    I’m a tendentious contributor to distractions like yesterday’s sh*tshow, so I need shut my fapping yap and let the sanctuary guys lead.

    I’m not a Denialist, but a Denialist Plus.

    It Did Not Happen.
    There was NO genocide. There were war casualties, war brutality, losses from a war They started, but no organized murder of civilians. The humane transfer program was attacked and fictionalized into a photo shoot.

    This was done to cover up numerous real genocides, engineered by guess who- Irish. Amerindian. Boer. Armenian. Ukrainian. Russian. German. Chinese (yes).

    Genocides by proxy, as well, revolutions, culture wars, land grabs, criminal turf wars, destabilization wars, even through today.

    Throughout history.
    But the past is the past.

    I want not to rewrite history, but to write it back, away from the endless revision.

    Too much effort.
    Too much baggage.
    Too many details.

    And as some have cautioned, trying to roll back the tide, the guiltwashing, the forever libel, will attract the beasts’ attention.

    So I surrender. Can’t go back.
    Can’t rehabilitate, not here, the Zblog is a small space that shouldn’t be trashed.

    Sure, we need learn how and who is killing us, but from now on, I’m going to try to state simply, “except it didn’t happen, same as AGW”–

    without trying to wrench the site into another WattsUp or, gods forbid, Rense (or the Nazi Party’s Die Sturmer, run by a Jewish propagandist, Scheer).

    What say, fellow deniers? Can we focus on the future practicalities, ignoring the past as a losing effort? That is a question, and a question of priorities as well.

    We lost. We are a conquered people in an occupied civilization. Where to, what now?

  16. Would Cato the Younger be a better analogy? The last true Roman Republican who protested the breakdown of the Republic and Caesar’s dictatorship. He made some trouble for him in the Senate but was generally ignored in the orgy of corruption.

  17. Let us consider the enemy; what they can’t and can do.

    What they can’t do is use the military or police directly against the people or openly against the Constitution. Men of Honor and Sacred Oaths – perhaps the last sacred Oaths- do not forswear those Oaths for those they loathe and distrust. We have much dearer reasons and bitter experience else-wise behind our loathing and distrust, more than most.

    Nor can the enemy disarm the people, indeed the mere hint of it sets off another domestic arms race.

    What the enemy CAN do and is proven good at is setting off chaos: short list of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Egypt, Mali, the Color Revolutions, The Arab Spring…and so on. Therefore it would be folly for us to embrace, accelerate, or desire Chaos.

    By no means should we forswear violence or war; simply have objectives of order and sanity as the ends – even guiding the means.

    Nor does it make sense for the Right or White to march against our Supreme Political Creation of the Constitution.
    Shall we too topple our own statues? Burn our own history? Denounce our ancestors? No need. Leave that to The Left.

    And as Despair is the Devil’s Last Temptation let the Devil do his own dirty work.

    • “What they can’t do is use the military or police directly against the people or openly against the Constitution. Men of Honor and Sacred Oaths .” – I don’t share that sentiment. I was raised near a large military base. More like men on welfare who drink Budweiser. Same with cops. Most will lie on the stand if they can. A REAL American distrusts these people and, as a friend of mine always says “handles his own sh;t.” As a matter of fact, it’s lost on history that a standing Army was incredibly controversial during the founding of the country. Don’t tell that to today’s right wing Hannity types.

        • That’s odd. I see them everywhere. Liberty of course is exclusively at the disposition of the armed.
          They may (foolishly) share it but its their discretion.

          What uniform do authentic (>authentic< millennial warning) … what uniform do they wear?

          BTW the diverse who fight with us also get the full rights of earned citizenship.
          Of course they do – and you can’t do squat against it.
          Not that you’d try. Of course we won’t give up our brothers to Lilies simply cuz pale skin.

          Come and take them.

          In your snazzy uniforms.

      • Have to agree with Mr. Wirth. This “service to our country” palaver is nauseating.

        Drawing a paycheck and a pension overrules all motivations of the heart; those motivations are just simplicities of youth, exploited and channelized by the rulers.

        The Nazis – whose parents and grandparents created ‘kindergarten’ – built the SS out of well-meaning lads who just wanted to “serve their country”.

        It’s all what you can grab, and who you need to serve. I look at the jacked-up skinheads who now constitute the main force of our local sheriff’s department, and state police, decked out with all their communication equipment and weaponry, and know that “it isn’t Kansas anymore”. These are not my protectors, but my guards.

        • “The banality of evil” comes to mind. Most of the executors of the policies of the people at the top are just doing their jobs, and that is the mental frame that is created for them. The thinking is that the arrestees (or worse) are worthy of the punishments being meted out, and the executors are not privy to what they did. The old Sgt. Schultz “I know nothing”, married to the Sgt. Joe Friday “just doing my job, ma’am”.

          • Part of the posture of “know nothing” and “just doing my job” is a defense mechanism. It keeps the LEO from getting too involved in the situation and “going off”. I can’t imagine doing that job, dealing with who they routinely must deal with, and not going progressively batshit over time.

        • Pimpkin we have something and someone – lots of us in fact. What do you have and how many?

          And your guesses at our motives being selfish are 🤣🤣🤣 wrong.

          What kind of reactionary denounces service and tradition?

    • This must be what Dissidents offer:
      Order. Sanity. The return to real humanity, and commonsense laws.

  18. So….Mr. Kobach is a good guy….he plays by the rules. Sadly that is the heart of our problem. The right/conservatives/honest people play by the rules. The commie left has only ONE RULE. WIN! And ANYTHING that serves that purpose is fair, good, acceptable and worth doing. As long as that fundamental reality exists the outcome is
    preordained. In the words of a well known old country doctor…….

    • They won by 1933. Everything else has been a mop up operation. The last people to understand this were cardigan wearing John Birchers in 1956 who built bomb shelters in their back yards.

      • That which does not bend will break.

        Hungry people with families need food right now and do not have time to wait to purge the rottenness from the system as treasury secretary mellon wanted to do.

        Had the government declared a state of emergency, mobilized the army or whatever to get people fed and working fast than we could have done without FDR

        The rich weren’t going along with that and conservatives being as they are, not wanting even temporary change were unable to act fast enough

        The system did exactly what it needed at the moment, gave the US the emergency powers President

        Also something a lot of people don’t seem to get is that what Roosevelt did worked,. The economy certainly didn’t get better right way but starvation and hunger were alleviated and men got work

        Revolution by violence prevented

        No way do people want to go back to the uncertainty and poverty before Roosevelt or LBJ so the 1% who own everything can get even richer

        Getting past this mental hurdle, that a functioning Neu State will probably have a analog to the EPA, FDA and will be on a personal level less free is not easy

        The best start though is to send the Liberty Right packing and embrace authority

  19. Trumpus Maximus is betting hard on WWC and smashing down The Squad, Baltimore, Elijah Cummings ….there seems to be a common element here… what could it be? Not POC!! Horrors

    As for the suburban white women turned off we’ll see election night.

    • Anotheranon said: ” Democracy is the problem. ” Actually, life if the problem. Only the dead have no problems.

    • Democracy is a myth. The masses are not thoughtful, their thinking is implanted by the elite. Where this fails, the people are simply ignored, and politicians moved to perform the elite class’ bidding. Our new aristocracy are the capitalist oligarchs, and the class just below them that staff the lead positions of big business and big government (many individuals bounce back and forth between them). I recommend giving this a look:

      This class collectively want the globalist End of History, the whole world as their plantation, with a population of juvenile, consumerist, hedonist, atomized, indoctrinated, drugged/drunk peasants beneath them. If this means dramatically reducing the living standards of the West, so be it, as they’ll live in oases of opulence. Our problem is not just democracy, it is capitalism, it is Americanism. We are a mental/spiritual/cultural pathogen. The most healthy parts of the West are those longest protected from it all, via the Soviet Union.

      If a proper political elite were installed tomorrow, what’s to stop the capitalist elite from using their immense wealth to ultimately overthrow them (as they overthrew Throne and Altar Europe, among other obstacles to their rule)? Economy, culture, education, et al must be firmly under the boots of an elite of nobility, of high values, of allegiance to their people. Democracy and “capitalism and freedom” have given the opposite. A new elite, united in a mannerbund, must oversee and direct the whole of the nation, ensuring healthy culture and education, constraining markets to ensure they serve the national interest, limiting the amassing of private fortunes that threaten both the elite and the nation.

      • Prussian said: ” Economy, culture, education, et al must be firmly under the boots of an elite of nobility, of high values, of allegiance to their people. Democracy and “capitalism and freedom” have given the opposite. A new elite, united in a mannerbund, must oversee and direct the whole of the nation, ensuring healthy culture and education, constraining markets to ensure they serve the national interest, limiting the amassing of private fortunes that threaten both the elite and the nation.” That is some wonderfully reactionary stuff, no doubt about it. And personally, I’d be willing to give it shot for say, oh I don’t know, a year or two maybe. Just to see how the whole thing would shake out. But realistically, that sort of thing ain’t never going to happen. Not in a gabillion years. So, have you got a plan B?

        • See my post further down in this thread for how I believe this is likely to turn out.

          I don’t see any way out save a revolutionary overturning on par with 1917 (perhaps more radical still). There must be grinding suffering experienced by the masses, and a potential new elite, united around a sophisticated intellectual critique and a basic plan of action, to seize the moment. For now, the intellectual critique, and capturing the hearts and minds of intelligent idealistic young people, to form that revolutionary vanguard, and to open up a still wider body of minds to such an overturning, is of greatest importance. Then, we see what develops. I see no other way.

          I bought Arktos’ volume of Evola’s writings, ‘A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth’, and read the whole thing some time ago. One of the things that has stuck with me the most from that book is on the first and second pages, from Evola’s essay “A Message to the Youth”:

          “To the impudent ‘why bother?’ of others, let us clearly and staunchly reply: ‘We cannot act otherwise – this is our life.'”

          The famous Spengler quote also resonates strongly with me (though I am not a Spenglerian, any more than an Evolian, but I believe they were both geniuses filled with insight):

          “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

      • Prussian said: ” Economy, culture, education, et al must be firmly under the boots of an elite of nobility, of high values, of allegiance to their people. Democracy and “capitalism and freedom” have given the opposite. A new elite, united in a mannerbund, must oversee and direct the whole of the nation, ensuring healthy culture and education, constraining markets to ensure they serve the national interest, limiting the amassing of private fortunes that threaten both the elite and the nation.” That is some wonderfully reactionary stuff, no doubt about it. And personally, I’d be willing to give it a shot for say, oh I don’t know, a year or two maybe. Just to see how the whole thing shook out. But realistically, that sort of thing ain’t never going to happen. Not in a gabillion years. So, have you got a plan B?

  20. Kobach is irrelevant. The GOP never wanted him because he is a bad fit with all the Koch brothers puppets in Congress.

    Secondly it’s too late,. The open sedition by our intelligence agencies and DOj/FBI against Trump shows that the U.S. as we know it is dead. Think about it for a moment the entirety of our legal and intelligence organs openly rebelled against Trump even before he was sworn in. People should have been hanged over this instead people just ignore it and party on.

    To top it off we content on sitting on a economic and political political powder keg that when it blows it will take the entire rotting system down and set off a civil/race war.

    • Ace of Spades made a great point the other day. We all (not us here, but you know what I mean) have been conditioned never to speak of or look at the crimes of the Left, Hillary’s private server and the e-mails, the Pakistani IT guy stealing everything, the whole “resist” thing. Our culture has trained us to not make a peep and to look the other way, because of manners or propriety or something. I think it goes with the feminine “folks do what they are told” thing mentioned earlier, it is all of a package. We need to break that cycle, but I don’t know that it ever is going to happen. As pointed out so many times here, there is too much to lose, personally, and too little to gain, in being the one to stand up over it.

      • The vast majority of the crimes by the Left have been memory holed through no fault of ours.

        The GOP went out of it’s way to silence discussion on the Clinton’s. The GOP went so far as to make Sessions promise not to investigate or prosecute Hillary?

        Did you even notice how scared the GOP was to pursue Benghazi? Heaven forbid the people find out that we were funneling weapons to ISIS in Syria and having Turkey be their logistical support.

        Look no one wants to admit our intelligence agencies and the DOJ/FBI attempted as Denninger put it – a decapitation strike against the GOP and the White House. This is outright sedition anyway you see it.

        At best our government is broken at worst it’s really run by a unholy crew of oligarchs and spooks. Congress only exists for public consumption.

  21. To return to cults; Taleb and Claire Lehmann* are having twitter war over IQ but really HBD.

    My own view is nature and nurture play a part not just in individuals but culture- as in a culture of worshipping hoodlums that did not exist until I was a teenager and is less Black than it is Jewish.
    With AFDC and govt paying fathers to stay away from their children they walked in an open door.

    But my main point: Here’s what’s happening Taleb; The Right and The White now too FUCKING LOVE !!! SCIENCE !!!

    Of course science as in the new High Church that replaced High Church Protestant Christianity (Law is Low Church).

    Now Taleb can take apart IQ all he wants and welcome to it…and he’s right. Doesn’t matter: we are getting a religion that works for us. Diversity chose: Given revealed political preferences for ethnic strife and now open borders genocide alongside revealed social preferences for murder and mayhem we see Diversities Choice.

    Diversity has made its choice and we are reciprocating.

    *(((fellow white people?)))
    )))or defector?(((

    [Welcome Defectors. It’s good and wise policy].

    • Read Thompson’s stuff at Unz re: Taleb on IQ – I like NT, but he’s outside his depth on this subject and I commented there that too much Incerto success has NT going IYI in fields that are too far removed from his own expertise.

  22. Somewhat off topic, but I think it’s apropos to leave this here. A bar in Denton (college town north of DFW) allows Antifa and various other progs host a book sale/pamphlet give away. When briefly confronted by a handful of White men they . . . call the police to protect them and complain of trespass on private property. Cowering Enemy

  23. I dunno Z. For me – I am way, way past waiting for virtuous heroes to do their thing. Seriously? In that nest of vipers in the Imperial Capital? Any man that goes in there with the intent of playing by the rules is going to get torn to shreds. Trump’s daughter may be correct even if for the wrong reasons.

    We need dirty, nasty street fighters just to get things like immigration out in the open and into mainstream discussion. The people we call ‘cucks’ aren’t in on the game by choice – you literally play ball with the Donks or you may very well end up dead. The cucks are more accurately described as cowards. Your boy would either commit suicide with seven shots in the guts with a nail gun, or he’d get Me Two’d, or he’d get tied to The Russians if he tried to do anything honest and meaningful.

    Trump is no saint – but he isn’t in the same league as the sinners he is up against. I am personally surprised he is still around. I strongly suspect we are in for a repeat of the JFK assassination and the Donks are only one patsy away from putting him away. Time will tell I suppose.

    • Eleven people have died since the nomination poking around the Gorgon herself, Medusa’s ugly sister, patroness of Clan Awan, the hideous (((redacted))).

      Trump didn’t merely get shown the unedited Zapruder film, no, they strapped him down Clockwork Orange style.

      • Paranoid much? I got a creepy-crawly feeling typing out milady’s name, so I’ve edited it to initials. Lords help me, I hope I didn’t just do something excessively stupid.

        Update: not even the initials.
        Spybot crawlers. Jeebus.

        • I have this personal quirk that I believe you can tell a lot from a person’s visage, especially in a muted video. Your reference is one of the most intriguing, yet frightening iterations of all. A car crash scene one can not look away from.

          • Thanks, my friend, there is something inside. Something strange and deformed, horrible, just look.

            Ok, I’ll spill. Me and a black friend, comfortably atheist, materialist, modern young men, we turned to each other, our eyes as big as eggs, the hair rising on our necks.

            My suave, polished Kuwaiti roomate across the table kept talking, unsure if anything was wrong.

            His face, but for only a moment, had… changed. This was not merely a man talking to us, but something else, that was only wearing a man, like a mask.

            And whatever it was, it had let that mask… slip.

      • Did you know the Senate made Sessions promise not to purse investigation against Hillary?

        And right after that Trump shut up about “lock her up”

    • Glenfilthie – how right you are! There are profound parallels between Trump and Kennedy. I too have been thinking that the permanent state will just assassinate Trump.

      Read the works of Fletcher Prouty, or watch some of the YouTube interviews with him. He was an insider in the Pentagon who managed the transfer of military resources to the CIA for covert war making operations. He details how the CIA morphed from an intelligence agency into a covert arm of the military.

      Kennedy had signed presidential orders to neuter the CIA and return it back to a purely intelligence gathering agency. Kennedy hated the CIA, and they hated him. When push came to shove, they killed him.

      Trump is facing the same scale of entrenched powers. Everyone in DC hates him. He wants to neuter their power. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if they took their shot.

    • Remember “speaking truth to power”? The image that comes to mind, for me, hearing this, is of the British army firing cannons at the Martian tripods in ‘War of the Worlds’. That’s speaking truth to power, in the current doleful situation. But you can’t just run, for there isn’t anywhere to run to.

    • There is no fixing D.C.

      An attempt was made to “fix” it by locating the entire thing in a swamp – and by restricting the powers that the Federal government had access to, but a few generations of manipulations and power aggregation have relegated those severe limits on power to the dustbin.

      My take on this is that it’s not like people at the founding didn’t KNOW this was going to happen – and therefore tried to design around it. They also warned us very clearly not to do a bunch of things that people later decided to do anyway.

      We were told not to eat the damn apple – and did it anyway. Everything that came after that was perfectly predictable.

    • Old Walt threw us a few bones taking on some bad black guys but my take it is still pro diverse in it’s overall take.

      • Felt like a sell out to me as well. In the real world, the kid would have eventually pimped out the car before it got stolen, and his buddies would have found out where the old guy lived and would ransack the joint.

        • Remember how shitty they made his whole family? Yeah, white people. The white barber was oh so cool with his racial epithets.

    • You mean the movie where the “racist evil white male” realizes the error of his ways with his bad ol’ bigotry and decides to help the noble peaceful koreans he so horribly misjudged during his decades of evil white male racism?

      Puh-leez… cucked normie sh1t and full of poz. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good film but it hardly qualifies as not having a political bent. It was political and had ‘messaging’ from top to bottom.

      You do illustrate my point nicely that the poison is so pervasive even those ostensibly on the ‘real right’ cannot separate media from message all that well. We’ve been programmed for at least 3 (4?) decades to swallow this subliminal poison in all our media.

      • You may be changing the goal posts.

        My initial post was in response to Z’s suggestion that Gladiator was the last movie to feature a normal male hero.

        Ole Walt made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the life of others. That those others were gooks does not disparage his heroism.

        Ole Walt is certainly more of a genuine male hero than a fictionalized Roman general.

        Normal male heroism is not cabined by race or race realism or whether there was some poz or whether there was some political bent.

        • Libertymike, good point, Walt did his bit, to the best of his abilities. But the Pollyanna ending made me gag. Without a 24/7 chokehold on the gang-environment kids, they will revert, almost 100% of the time. Black mothers know this, they never let up, and it still often doesn’t work out with their sons. Reformed gangbangers exist, but they are unicorns, and almost all of them don’t figure it out until they are older, the testosterone rages subside, and the regrets over time coalesce into changed behavior.

        • Walt served as a male father figure to a kid who was apparently missing one in that movie. The kid was being pressured by gang-bangers – and the womenfolk were seemingly not able to do anything about it.

          Once Walt got hold of the kid – he got him working, taught him how to use tools – and taught the kid how to gain some self respect.

          Walt’s grandkids were a couple of dis-respectful turds , and were probably far more likely to trash Walt’s car than the Korean kid was. Walt’s kids were globohomo indoctrinated as well – and were responsible for those grandkids being useless shits.

          If you want to look at thru the lense of pure racism – then yeah sure, you might think Walt was just another pozzed fool.

          But if you were paying attention you might ask why was it that Walt had to go find some Korean kid to become the “son” that his own kids and grandkids should have been in the first place.

          In the end the Korean kid – who comes from a culture that still respects their elders – was driving off in Walt’s Torino – with no wing on the back and no fart can.

          Do you really think if Walt’s granddaughter had gotten the car that they wouldn’t have shown her doing some Miley Cyrus porn dancing stunts on the hood while her black boyfriend films it for her Youporn feed?

          • That’s how I saw it, Carlsdad.
            Walt was old-school American, acting as a White man should.

            I’m a sucker for Hollywood happy endings.
            Living around Hmongs, darn tootin’ that kid deserved the Gran Torino.
            Walt was right to the end.

      • Walt was never a “evil racist”. His family were your typical white urban pantload clowns. The priest was a punk with no life experience.

        Walt watched his neighborhood up and change around him while his wife died and left him alone. He was a stranger in his own land.

        Still Walt exhibited fine male qualities that many DR types lack such as bravery in the face of violent thugs and trying to do the right thing even if means your death. .

        This is something the DR types need to understand. You guys ain’t getting from A to B without a lot of personal loss and even death. Maybe if the DR was composed of more guys like Walt they would get that.

    • Clint plays around the edges of Our Thing with films like GT and “The Mule” but he ends up pushing CivNat brothers-under-the-skin nonsense every time. He hasn’t been Gibson’d because he’s a gatekeeper, a Hollywood version of Shapiro and the other IDW poseurs, herding potential red-pillers back to the flock like a good sheepdog. He’s spicy enough to hook them, but he takes them back where Schlomo wants them.

        • Yes and yes. OJW is a top-3 movie for me, FWIW, but Josey has an Injun sidekick, white-knights a squaw & gets tight with Ten Bears. WIthin the frame of the story, it works quite well, doesn’t come across as forced moralizing. My only based tweak on the script would be to overtly show Ten Bears as a noble exception to the basic-bitch savage rule rather than a prop for the “noble savage” myth that captured Hollywood (and Marlon Brando, Jesus what a cuck) in the Pelltier-slobbering 70’s.

          PR doesn’t present much opportunity for cucking, with the exception of the Xtianity (largely ironic in an admirably Charlegmanicly violent “preacher”) and the chivalry he shows to beta-Moriarity & his two wahmens.

          • OJW is also a top three for me along with Shane and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

            The depiction of Ten Bears, in my view, was not so much that of the noble savage; rather, the depiction was gritty and real, with the good (“you would not make peace with the bluecoats”) and the bad (burying the two white men up to their necks).

            There is some cognitive dissonance between the progressive mythologizing of the noble savage and Ten Bears’ contempt for the Union, and by inference, one of the patron saints of progressivism, Saint Abe.

            Giving the middle finger to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the War of Northern Aggression, and all of the cucks who donned a uniform in service to those abominations, is hardly a movie that cucks.

          • Pale Rider was basically just a remake of Shane. OJW was literally written by a Klansman, Asa Earl Carter, who wrote the famous “segregation forever” speech. Lots of Southern sympathy for Indians, due to shared hatred of the Federal Leviathan.

  24. Z Man said: “Perhaps that is the best way to look at the Kobach campaign. Maybe he wins and maybe it begins the slow turn back to sanity that seems impossible. Maybe his campaign will ignite the revolt of Middle America.” Hahahaha!!! 😂😂😂 Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. An optimist falls off a 10 story building. And he’s heard to exclaim as he passes the 5th floor, ” Well, so far so good! “

  25. The open society and liberal democracy have devolved into a sociopathocracy.

    A moral and tough-minded guy like Kobach is to the corrupt establishment what antiseptic is to germs. Of course they want to keep him out. And the lengths to which they’ll go to keep him out has a lot of diagnostic value for telling us who they are.

    • Our country needs Kobach and Tulsi Gabbard as opposite heads of the political spectrum. And Tucker C headlining FOX and Jimmy Dore headlining MSNBC. Unfortunately we got 1/4 there, and maybe 0/4 soon. I am not for political violence – the people do not deserve it – but it would be very nice if the “elites” and perhaps most of Washington got eliminated, in Minecraft, somehow. I don’t think most people would cry over it. they’d probably joke over it.

  26. Even if he manages to get elected it will mean nothing. He will get called a racist for a few weeks and then the mikes and cameras will ignore him. He will die a ciphers death. They don’t want a white martyr.

    There will be no true gladiators nor will white men find their ‘inner asshole’ until we literally have our backs against a wall.

    If Kobach accomplishes anything, it will be to show whites that a political solution is a dead-end. The puppeteers will do their utmost in focusing attention elsewhere.

    • He’d be another Steve King, a back-benched whipping boy who’s such a good soldier that he will denounce himself. I hope he goes into business or otherwise stays in Kansas and does some good in an arena more suited for his skill-set.

      • Good point! I thought of Steve King’s fate in the House when I read Yves comment. I went to the trouble of writing a letter to the editor to support Mr. King, but threw up my hands when he voted to rebuke himself. I think that Mr. King is toast next year, although that’s not all bad since he’s already over seventy.

        • That’s another good point. I’m a fan of letting mature adults run the show “cursus honorum” style, but the WWII/Boomer gen shitshow in DC shows what happens when everyone with leadership tier influence is septugenarian. I want a POTUS who’s 50’s-60’s, with lower tier positions starting at 30+, ideally with no more than 20 lifetime years in any government or government-adjacent capacity.

  27. Like probably more than a few of the fading lights that tried to prop up Rome in its decay and decline, Kobach’s loyalties to fatally subverted values will ensure that he remains ineffective. Maximus fell to treachery on high in large part due to his reliance on institutional and personal loyalties that were not reciprocated. In the end, his confidants and the Imperial machinery let him die.

    Listening to the recent CNN clip of Kobach’s defense of Trump’s rayciss tweets, which even dimbulb Dem diaper nepot Chris Cuomo accurately mocked with ease, you can see how fast Kobach would die in the DC arena. Kobach made a loyal but childishly incredible defense of obvious rayciss dog-whistles by Trump, but Trump reciprocated by disavowing the obvious raycissm of his deplorable supporters.

    Earnest CivNat rubes like Kobach either need to take the red pill or stay in Kansas. I can’t bear to witness his naive self-sacrifice for a nation we both love but which only one of us realizes has already been destroyed – or in many ways never existed.

  28. Kobach lost his race for the same reason the Rs lost the House: well-to-do suburban voters (especially women) quit voting R because Kobach (Trump) says “mean” things.

    Off-topic: read an incredible stat about Baltimore schools. There were FIVE high schools where NOT a SINGLE student scored “competent” in math or English. How is that even possible?

    • Max said: “… read an incredible stat about Baltimore schools. There were FIVE high schools where NOT a SINGLE student scored “competent” in math or English. How is that even possible?” Never underestimate the power of progressive education. Here’s a website called ” TFP Student Action.” With an artical entitled: “A Brief History of “Progressive” Education.”

      • Five Baltimore high schools where not a single student scored “competent” in English or math and you think the problem was “progressive education”?

        Do you think the type of “students” enrolled in these schools may have had something to do with it? You’re like the guys who say that Detroit is the way it is because Democrats have been in charge.

    • Suburban white women will be the key to all of this. They love talk of “inclusion” because a woman’s worst fear is being excluded from the group. The more open the group, the less chance of their being excluded. Women are also extremely susceptible to the media since women are always on the look-out for directions on what is acceptable and not acceptable in the tribe.

      When Dems and the media start to turn on the Beckys – and they will – suburban white women will find themselves excluded from what they think is their tribe. That’s when things will get interesting. White men and working class white women already know that the elites hate them. Suburban white women are next on the chopping block.

      • Maybe the Left won’t turn on the Beckys. They would be smart not to. But Pelosi is holding back the anti-Becky tide, IMO, and when she goes, it will probably change. Interesting how Trump is pitting Pelosi against the Progs.

        • The problem is Dutch, not to cram this black pill too far down your throat, the Becky’s don’t -care-. The youngers ones fully believe they should be sent to the ‘back of the line’ for the evil rayciss history of their ancestors and their white skin. There is manifold evidence white women will suffer many indignations to attempt to wipe the Original Sin (White) away from them.

          They are robotic sheep and have been made that way for at least one full generation. They must repent for their sins because our new civic religion, Die-versity, commands them to do so and the thing they fear far more than being a punching bag for ugly minorities is ostracization from ‘the herd’. Everything is moving right along on schedule sir.

          • Oh the Becky’s will care eventually. Once a certain POC to white ratio is reached they will care. They may not have that much more time on earth when they start caring. But care they will. The women of the POC will see to that.

          • Exactly. Someone’s said the most important thing for White women was to be included in the “group”. Wrong. Most important is to be safe. Whitetopias in suburbia fill that need, for now. As the White majority shrinks to minority, the hoard will more in. Then the Beckys will vote their safety concerns.

          • I recently spent a few days in Olympia, Washington, with decades-old friends now turned completely to the SJW-side. The only non-whites I saw in four days were a few cafe-au-laits taking part in a sportsball event at the capitol. It was peaceful, and prosperous, and friendly. At a glance, it could be our ethno-state. But the coffee shop had a Social Justice Lending Library and the sign on the door said, Refugees and Migrants Welcome Here. Every third printed anything you encountered had political/busybody aspects to it, even menus. These people will tuck their hair behind their ears and stretch their necks out on the block when the time comes. They’ve already signed up for cremation services.

      • That is a good lead in to articles like this re: “Extremely susceptible to propaganda and too dumb to form opinions not pushed on them externally”

        So that little piece of propaganda states that ‘Suburban Women recoil at Trump’s racial politics’. Sounds like a BIG deal right? Every normie soccer mom will read that and get her ‘programming’ updated, NPC style, from that article.

        However, if you -read- the article you see what? They interviewed a dozen boomer age women, hardly all ‘soccer moms’ since they were 50 and older who didn’t like Trump’s bad ol’ rayciss! language.

        And that my friends, is how the entire modern political (((narrative))) is produced. Take the idea you want to give birth to, have your army of media partisan hacks spin it from ether into reality by conducting half a dozen sham interviews with civnat boomercuck normie wahmen then declare your headline- “ALL suburban women won’t vote for Trump”. Then all the st00pids, NPCs, normies will simply gobble up their latest ‘software update’ because robots as we know, cannot program themselves.

        • Wahmen are hard-wired for social cohesion and conformity, and they’ve served as the primary moralizers and teachers in Western societies since we pedastaled them in the Middle Ages (check out Dalrock’s blog posts on chivalrly for some good material on that). In the good old days of antiquity, your kids went to the pedagogus, not the pedagoga, and religion was run by the pontifex, not the pontifix.

          You’ve correctly noticed what happens when (((someone))) hijacks their firmware. White men need to Flight 93 the (((hijackers))). I’m not white-knighting, just recognizing that roles differ. Unless and until we take the wheel, Becky’s happy to let Jared drive & read Facebook posts from Bari Weiss about how she should tell “fellow White people” to behave.

        • Being a mid-boomer, I can tell you there is nothing worse than boomer SJW women. They have no redeeming qualities at all.

      • Citizen: I have always been mystified by women’s herd mentality – even in elementary school – just as I remain mystified by the appeal of Oprah. I’m glad to be a woman but equally glad I think more like a man.

        • It was always hard to be a woman, it must be he!! to be a dissident girl- surrounded by clueless morons and twitchy ditzes. At least us guys know how to ignore each other.

          • Alzaebo – thanks for the concern and sympathy. I tend to prefer solitude to ignorant and/or diverse company anyhow, and I fully realize nothing is “all about me.” For my sins, I’ve agreed to go to the outdoor range this weekend with hubby and sons – the shooting is fine; it’s just that I’m going melt into a large puddle.

      • Problem is, when suburban white women feel the ascendance of POC, their votes will not be needed by the American Left.

        Most of them will serve as examples. Maybe a few will motivate white men to fight.

      • On a personal level – men could do this to the women they come into contact with every day , but it seems they won’t do it.

        “excluded from what they think is their tribe” – that’s really the key – isn’t it?

        I’m sure Heartiste could explain the dynamic better, but it seems to me that what you’re dealing with is a congruence of women’s new-age assumptions that they’re in charge, combined with men’s willing fawning over everything the women around them do. Mix in the leftist media telling women how to be good-thinkers – and also add in the total lack of reality based life experience by a good many “suburban” women ( many of them probably refuse to even walk the aisles at a Walmart because of the people who go there) – and you’ve got your action-priority matrix for why things are going to shit because women haven’t been brought to heel.

        I honestly don’t think it’s that hard – it’s that men just refuse to do it. First off – they refuse to even look around and see the chinks in the armor, and then drive in the wedges. In regards to blacks it should be as easy as pointing out the crime stats. I swear my wife has gotten to be worse than I am with the black thing. When that guy got attacked the other day in DC I was in the kitchen and didn’t see the news report – but I heard it. All I had to was walk into the living room and say ” so some white guy got attacked by a bunch of black kids – was that what happened?” . She was like – “umm – yeah, that’s it” . But you see – I’ve been doing that FOR YEARS. Every now and then when the lefties get out of control and start trying to completely obfuscate the truth – I can refute them and recite the basics FROM MEMORY – on what the truth is about black crime. Then I just say ” if you don’t believe me – go look it up for yourself”.

        And you see there’s the thing. She never comes back to me and says “you’re right” – because what woman would do that. I have to be patient. Over time – her attitude changes. I’ve done this same thing with friends. A news story will show up – and they’ll go all civnat cuck on the situation. I gave up trying to have arguments with people a long time ago. What I did was put them on a email list and start sending them articles from bad thinkers. For instance – from this recent Cummings thing, I’d send them the Zman article, plus two or three others regarding the truth about black crime and Baltimore. Then I’d throw in a few about how corrupt Cummings is as well.

        This strategy completely avoids the arguments – and those emails are sitting there staring them in the face. Yeah – ok, they might delete them. But I just keep sending them. Sooner or later they’ll open up one of them and be reading shit they likely never read before.

        And a year or so later – they’ll be bad talking about the “black crime situation” worse than I do.

        I’ve seen it happen probably a couple dozen times. The hard core lefties just double down. That’s one way I draw them out. Then I send them bad-think articles just to piss them off.

        • Heh heh. I used to slip in a casual mention to the missus, and three days later she’d be telling me about her great new idea. I enthusiastically agreed!

    • Ohioan-born here, can confirm. From northern Ohio to Kansas, the upper MW GoodWhites are a major drag on Our Thing. Like Z’s past post about the Finns, largely Scandi-descent UMWGW’s (Umwigs?) are all about following the gosh-darned rules and bein’ nice to people. These are wonderful traits in the core of a homogenous society, so long as more warlike folks are providing a shield-wall, but in low-intensity dispersed cultural war in a democracy, they’re a fatal albatross. My own southern Ohio peeps were that shield wall back in the day. The Scotch-Irish were imported by PA quakers to do the Indian fighting they were too good to do. Check out Nick Jeevy’s “American Sardaukar” at Counter-Currents. He’s talking about us, presently heroin-besotted and despised, like a bunch of Janissaries from an opium war who thrive in conflict but whither and degenerate in peacetime. According to Sherman, US Grant was very much this kind of guy. Unfortunate that both of those hellions fought for the wrong side.

      • What’s interesting is that Trump won because he flipped some of those upper MW *rural* counties, even some scandi ones in Minnesota. The problem is in the ‘burbs. They have no stomach for confrontation, even verbal. Want their safe spaces. Too much non-sense acquired in college.

      • The kind of warfare practiced by Grant and Sherman would not have been possible had they fought for the Confederacy. They enjoyed manpower and material advantages over their enemy similar to those of Zhukov and Konev in 44-45. Generals such as this – call them sledgehammer generals – would have been useless to the CSA because the CSA had no sledgehammer. Sherman and Grant may have fought for the wrong side (I don’t agree), but they fought for the side that provided them with what was necessary to “showcase” their talent.

        • I’ll largely grant you Grant, but Sherman was recognized as a tactician and his temperament was distinctly southern (Lancaster OH birthplace about 70m N of WVa, total rayciss). Sherman & JEB Stuart would have been a welcome duo at Gettysberg.

    • A friend used to teach at an all-Black middle school in Akron, Ohio. Most of the kids ambitions in life were to be gangbangers or welfare mammas. On top of that, they’re dumb. So, it is possible I suppose.

      Mainstream cucks are wailing about Baltimore and blaming the Democrats. As if it would make a difference if the population voted Republican. The population is largely stupid, violent and lazy. Baltimore will only improve if the current population is replaced. Mexicans would be an improvement. The school test scores might not improve, but Mexicans are less violent and often open little businesses.

      • Concur. I briefly bought into Coulter’s “Adios”-era strategy of trying to unite American Blacks with Whites in a “send them back” coalition, but in retrospect that was residual CivNat anti-racism on my part. In the cold light of truth, Mexicans are better neighbors for me here in SoCal than American Blacks (insert NAxALTs as needed here). Compton is being “gentrified” by Mexican gangs. I’d rather have La Eme for neighbors than the Crips, Bloods, etc… Check the FBI stats – 4x more likely to commit homicide is a big improvement on 12x. I support Black Separatists like Hoteps wholeheartedly, and I could make peace with giving some “Azteps” an autonomous state here in SoCal if they would pogrom Hollywood & stuff the non-Hotep-inclined dindus into a few Chevy’s and drive them to St. Louis or parts further east. “Beyond the Black River,” 21st Century style.

        • 100%, Latino neighbors over dusky types. I leave the door open just to hear my kindly neighbor joking and playing with his grandkids and friends.

        • Mexican neighborhoods don’t give off the creepy vibes that Black ones do. I read on that Compton has sufficiently improved that Whites are moving back in.

          Dirty secret of urban politics is that Hispanics may be welcomed because they will forcefully ethnically cleanse the Blacks out. I’m in northern NJ and recently drove through Orange, which used to be largely Black. I saw more Hispanics walking on the street. I don’t know where the Blacks move to.

    • HBD matters. No good environment will optimize results absent even the genetic potential. Left to their own devices, Negroes create an environment that optimizes their strengths (lack of empathy, high propensity for violence, etc.) and sidelines their weaknesses (reading, creating, building, thinking). Most Whites, even here, don’t realize just how dull-witted the average Negro is (even with their approximately 15-20% White admixture). Think about all the Negroes in the military that screw up in various ways – they represent the top 35% of their race. You have no clue – none of us do – because even if you survived negrified schools, your genetic composition is dramatically different and your home environment, no matter how poor by White standards, was an oasis of sanity in a savage and feral sea.

  29. That movie. Russell Crowe was insanely hot in that movie. And I can still watch it because he doesn’t appear to be a woke asshole, he’s just a regular asshole which is fine by me. I think the world would be much better off if more nice white guys found their inner asshole

    • Morning Whitney. First cuppa coffee and too early to visualize nice white guys finding their inner asshole. On the other hand, maybe that’s what they want nice white guys to become… to morph into twinks. Daniel Day Lewis remake Dances with Buttplug.

      • They do. Watch every 80’s teen movie. Nerdy gobin-looking guy gets Chad’s girl. The American cultural story from the late 60’s to now has been Revenge of the Nerds, value inversion, the rule of the outcast and unfit, damnation to the beautiful & the able. One of the reasons Ayn Rand hit such a chord was her righteous rebellion against value inversion.

        • Revenge of the Nerds (like Animal House before it) still involved the “nerds” prevailing by using alpha male tactics. They fought and won on the playing field of the Alpha Betas. It was in the 90s that the cool nerd ethos became the default position of pop culture. Now we get the idealization of effete pansies such as those on The Big Bang Theory.

    • If Maximus was half the asshole Russell Crowe is, he would have gone Spartacus on Commodus and restored the Republic. The Star Wars generations need to tell pozzed Yoda to fuck off and learn to harness their anger and hate for the good of their people.

      Guys, your dark side is like an afterburner – you can’t run on it alone, or for too long, but it gives you that extra kick when it’s needed.

      Our (((hijacked))) modern Christian morality makes us deny the often-stronger half of our nature. Non-Xtians can refer to the old Star Trek episode where Kirk’s good and bad sides get split and good sissy Kirk can’t get shit done.

      • Exile;
        Main point is: It’s all movies. One ought not get too wrapped up in comparisons among them.

        Maybe you recall how (the semi-mythical) Spartacus and his followers ended up in that movie, right_? All dead in a completely miserable end, supposedly the result of one last futile gesture of class solidarity defiance in by the proles (I am Spartacus_!). But it was a (slightly disguised) Commie propaganda movie. Spartacus was a stock character in USSR propaganda from before the revolution, after all.

        OTOH, the completely mythical Maximus did accomplish at least one of his main objectives: Personal revenge against a sitting emperor. How feasible/reasonable was this result_? Well, almost all emperors did not die in bed of old age. So it was at least possible. But the usual assassin was a member of the Praetorian Guard, not a gladiator, Whatever…

  30. Z: “(Kobach’s) Senate run is considered a long shot, given that he lost the governor’s election in 2018.”

    Sit down a moment, have a cup of tea, and follow the mathematics with me.

    Be it 2020 or 2024 or whatever date you like, here is the math:

    Every year in America, one million White boomer voters die off. Also, hundreds of thousands of young and middle-aged Whites also die prematurely or else fail to reproduce — due to opioids, lack of proper Obamacare, Jewish wars, Jewish policies, and rape apes.

    At the same time, every year in America, one million immigrant sh!tskins are naturalized as US citizens/loyal Democrat/categorically racist anti-White voters who are not here to be your jolly fellow citizens at the barbecue, but are here to conquer, loot, pillage and plunder, exactly as their Jewish masters intended.

    At the same time as even that, every year yet ANOTHER million-strong cohort who are the children of the last wave of plundering immigrant sh!tskins turns 18 and becomes another tidal wave of loyal Democrat/racist anti-White voters, all signed, sealed, delivered.

    At the same time as even /THAT/, yet ANOTHER million-strong cohort of illegal sh!tskins has figured out how to vote illegally.

    Plus every single year, the Jews just get better and better and better at media hypnosis, tech censorship, voter fraud, and top-level extortion and manipulation.

    You ain’t pulling some magic 538 miracle win out of them maths, hoss.

  31. I thought we agreed that no political figure or action will fix what is wrong with us.
    Although it is heartening to see such figures exist, the GlobalHomo empire will crush all.
    From the inside there can be no salvation.

    Take heart, our opposition is working double time on their own destruction, watch the upcoming Detroit debate for evidence. The culture has to be captured again and win over those lost souls that yearn for a reckoning.

  32. I see the the buffoon, Boris Johnson is planning to give more than 500000 illegals an amnesty in the UK because they after 5.years in the country has more connection with it. They could also pay taxes if they were made legal. No, this will never stop within the framework of the current political order. It is a one party system with the illusion of being a democracy.

  33. Kris Kobach is going to be another dud because he is stuck in the enemy’s frame. “There’s no place for racism in America.” I love when politicians say this. In what (((country))) is there a place for racism? Why do they always add “in America?”

    Check out intellectual lightweight Chris Cuomo running circles around him by simply saying “racist!” over and over again.

    • Exactly. He plays the CivNat rube part in the CultMarx minstral show so well that it’s painful to think he’s saying this honestly. The foxes and snakes in DC would eat this rube alive.

    • I watched the first few minutes of that video and it was painful. Kobach doesn’t stand a chance against the media.

    • They played this on TDS last week. Kobach got eaten alive. Zero awareness of how to hold frame and reject the premise of the other guy’s question.

      Civic Nationalism is dead. Let us bury, not praise it.

  34. One thing that bothers me about trump, while liking him in most ways, is the nepotism in his administration. I consider his appointment of relatives like Kushner slightly unseemly. Not that I specifically dislike any of them, but it reeks of conflict of interest. As the Fash the nation guys were saying the other night, all other appointees who disagree or make mistakes hear “you’re fired!” while trumps family members live to fight another day. Just that makes it unfair.

    • That’s the problem with showing up in DC as an outsider – who do you trust? A family member who isn’t reliable on politics or a stranger who will backstab you whenever it’s convenient?

      • Trump knows plenty of people outside of D.C. The problem is he left the selection to Pence and his cronies who are Bushies.

        Also I don’t think Trump pays any attention to who he selects. Everyone of his high profile selections has either been a neo-con or back stabbing Obama/Bush drone.

        He could have gone outside of D.C. but didn’t.

      • I would say your point was valid IF trump were delivering the RESULTs, which he isn’t, so it’s hard to know if they are part of the problem or solution.

    • Bion, you do not specifically dislike Jared Kushner? Please reconsider.

      If Kris Kobach was Trump’s son-in-law and worked in the administration, that would be great. It’s not the fact that Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law that is the problem with having him in the administration. It’s that he’s Jared Kushner.

    • Kushner and Ivanka are sheer poison to Trump. Both are flaming NYC liberals who are Hillary supporters.

      Kushner has so many problems in his background the he couldn’t get a security clearance. That’s a red light. Trump had to sign a waiver over the objections of all his staff and DoD officials.

    • “Unseemly” is the least of it. Just look up their donation history. They not only gave tons of their own dough to Cory Booker, they hosted a $5200 dollar a plate fundraiser for him. One would think that if father had intervened in NJ politics in the way Jared’s dad did (for which he went to prison) then one would steer clear of NJ politics, no?

  35. Kobach, juxtaposed with AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, should be considered very appealing to most of the citizens of Kansas. Hopefully he gets a boost from “Squad Fatigue.”

  36. Possibility probability. If we pull out of our tail spin it is quite possible we will rise to a new proper direction. In all probability we will crash into oblivion. Eventually the system that has failed us will be cast aside replaced by a new modified version. Too many ticks exist in the world. They will attempt to suck our life’s blood out to better their existence. Limiting our exposure by peaceful separation is possible. Probability says otherwise. Dropping out looks to be the best avenue of recourse. Unless things get hot.

  37. If we prevail it will probably be through Civil War, and after we’ll have something that looks very much like our original arrangement. The winner will – WILL – not settle for less than Atlantic to Pacific as that’s incompetence- indeed fatal failure.

    Then if its us – IF – it will be a Federation like all our other political arrangements going back to the beginning, indeed the Iroquois.

  38. Common ground and ancient wisdom. We all fervently hope that we can talk/vote our way back to sanity because that is the most humane alternative and least pain. But there is no guarantee that will happen (see as example South Africa). It is literally stupid not to have a Plan B, C, or D etc. See reality with clarity, analyze, predict, plan, and prepare for whatever may come. In the mean time, be patient, alert, and keep your head down.

    • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 said: ” Politics is Power, not -isms. Isms are for suckers.” OMG! President Underwood, is that you!?

        • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉said: “And that politics is power is simple truth. A child could grasp it.” A child’s hands aren’t large enough to grasp much of anything. And there are far to few adults who can grasp reality either. See, I can be snippy too.

  39. I am a supporter of KK and Civic Nationalism, despite all the evidence against it, because ethno-nationalism is simply not possible, nor will it ever be, in the US. Only ethno-centric politics. (Unless some people want to start their own nation-state like those guys in Leith, ND did. Good luck!) Call me a dreamer, but as long as whites remain a majority, and some non-whites can be dragged behind liberty parade, and there are decent people still running for office, we may have a functioning country for a time still. I guess the choice is between hoping & fighting for a (dying?) cause or giving up and wishing for bloody rebellion.

    • It will likely be voting and war.

      Trump hates bloodshed and its not his way, his expertise.
      He’s trying to be Reagan and Metternich at the same time, with the possibility his son in law is Talleyrand. However as he is not only fighting for us (instead of bitching cough cough) but also probably risking his life and fortune he deserves our support.

      As he’s prevailing however imperfectly we should cheer him. He’s done more for us than any POTUS in my half century.

      Think of where we were in 2015? Where are we now?

      And we’ll need a strong leader wherever we’re going.

    • You’re a supporter of CN because the system still functions reasonably well. As long as the lights still turn on, clean water comes out of the faucet and Netflix comes on, whites will continue to support the government. How long that will last, I don’t know, but a 40% white United States – my kids’ world – will not function like an 80% white United States.

      • Good God.

        Then we don’t let that happen. To anyone’s kids.

        No matter what we have to do.

        Having said that we use whatever weapons are at hand. A gun is a political weapon, even just keeping and bearing. * Parties and elections and offices in our hands are also political weapons.

    • The number of decent people running for office is so small that I see no hope in electoral politics as a solution. It is useful, however, as a rear-guard action and psy-op against the Empire if Our Guys play the system for maximum advantage (ie UBI-style white welfare/gibs) and maximum disruption (ie gas-canning globohomo’s intersectional friction-points).

    • Take a look at other empires in history that collapsed, then apply that model to the United States

      Balkanization is a likely outcome and Whites as a sizeable minority are likely to get something out of that Balkanization.

      Complete and totally erasure of Whites seems unlikely, judging by other empires.

      But that analysis ignores the power of propaganda and the mental attitudes of Whites. Currently their mental attitudes are not conducive to attaining sovereignty.

      In order for Whites to have a chance at getting something out of the crackup of the empire, they have to actually want that something.

      If Whites don’t desire their own country, they won’t work towards their own country and they won’t get it.

      If Whites want to go down with the American ship, that’s what they’ll do.

      If Whites want to merge with other ethnicities and only exist as a component of somebody else’s genome, that’s what they’ll do.

      Getting people to desire a country where Whites are sovereign is therefore a very important and practical strategy, which can and should be deployed alongside other, more near term strategies, like block voting and boycotts, etc.

      Even if Whites won’t have a sovereign country of their own anytime soon, it’s incredibly important to get them thinking in those terms, so that they can successfully navigate the period between now and the final crackup of the Empire.

    • Marko, you say that as long as whites remain a majority, we may have a functioning country. That’s like saying, “As long as I can stay young, I won’t get old.” Whites will be a minority in the U.S. very soon.

      • I meant to say “at least a majority-minority”. Are there projections out there that have whites as actual minorities?

    • I see the least bloody outcome as a national divorce. I don’t think this country will be configured as it is in 30 years.

      • I wish- but as Severian said, they will follow us wherever we go.
        Zombies need fresh brains to eat.

  40. Z’s post is a moving tribute to the tragedy of civic nationalism and the noble Kobach.

    It may be that Kobach misunderstands how our country has changed, but there is a beauty in his fight for the old ways.

      • @VXXC

        Google “The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority”

        This is the strategy followed by groups, like Jews and Muslims, that are successful at getting their way in a democracy.

        • If anti-White double-standard/bigot-shaming worked on GoodWhites Steve Sailer would be White House Press Secretary for President Jared Taylor. I’ve done the role-reversal trick when dealing with anti-Whites and it doesn’t work in reverse. GoodWhites are a conflict-avoidant audience. Shapeshifters, Pajeets, Odindus and Changs relish conflict. When you raise & educate a GoodWhite kid in the Anti-White Faith, he’s extremely resistant to taking his own side, as our sad cultural slide shows. Our biggest obstacles are GoodWhites raised and educated in the Anti-White Faith. I can’t call them enemies, but we need to circumvent or evangelize them before we can bring our true numbers to bear. If they won’t sign on, we need to leave them behind. For the future’s sake, we need to be educating and indoctrinating our own children outside their system.

          • Hopefully once enough of them are murdered or put in Ghettos they will finally understand that the magic dirt does not work.

        • Show me a real extant system to replace that which you would toss away.
          If you wish to replace the Constitutional system show me a replacement more substantial than google searches says (I already read it). Now if you’re saying we should be intolerant; agree.

          Long overdue .

          • Your question of what to do next has been addressed several times by the author of this blog, but it appears not to have sunk in.

          • As Exile noted there are alternative systems galore,

            The problem is getting anyone to sacrifice anything for anyone else’s ideas .

            Assuming this board represented the entire Dissident Right which it obviously doesn’t , right here we have Deus Vult Christendom 2.0 types, Authoritarian Rightists , NrX types, and Libertarian sorts , hell probably a few others I missed

            None of these groups wants what the other group wants all that much and no one has confidence in the other group not being a bunch of clowns or just being evil jerks j when push comes to shove

            Most importantly, nor should they.

            To use an example. As much as I hate the current system, no way in hell do I want teh Deus Vult guys in power, They’d probably literally burn people at the stake (read the commentariat on Vox Day’s blog) me included

            INrX types are all tech nuts so no way there, and the Libertarians are worse than the clowns in my book . Its all the bad stuff of clown world with even more corporate ass rape

            Screw going back to the company store they run .

            That leave who?

            Unless enough people embrace authoritarian Rightism and than decide on a single strain , big reform is out

            So it’s just little stuff for the time being.

          • The Constitution died around 1860 and pretty much every dis-Right blogger and commenter has their own replacement in mind. As James Wilson says, Z has repeatedly stressed the need to toss out the Enlightenment baggage and start with a new foundation.

          • VXXC YOU show me where out current system actually works for any non-pozed heritage American . free speech? in your house only. Search and seizure ? -forfeiture laws anyone. 2nd amendment ? ask anyone living in new York or California. secure in your property ? zoning laws and property taxes.

    • By 200 AD, when the real Commodus does, how many actual founding stock Romans were left?

      There’s a lesson here…

  41. As Z says, the system is corrupt. The media will ignore Kobach unless they have to condemn him, FB can sway up to 80% of undecided votes… But as we’ve seen, it can be done.

  42. “On the other hand, maybe it is the last chapter of the old way of doing things.”

    Just finished watching the Sportsball show, “All Or Nothing” featuring the Carolina Panthers. White cucks + low-IQ AA’s. You can actually watch the Whites shed IQ points while interacting with the AA’s on this stupid show. Demographics is destiny. Get ready for the “something new.” America as it once was is dead and it ain’t coming back.

    “If America Is Ever Given a National Enema, the Nozzle Should Be Inserted in DC.” – Charlie Daniels

    • I followed English football (i.e. soccer) for almost two decades.

      Once the “spell” wore off, I was amazed by how people (including me!) could be engrossed day after day by the doings of foreign mystery-meaters who couldn’t care less about the local fans.

      I swear, if we want normiewhiteman to wake up, the first thing we should do is blow up all the soccer and football stadiums. Tribal energies are tragically mischanneled into sport.

  43. That sounds about right.

    Supporting Trump was the logical and morally right move but he’s turned out to be a dumpster fire. I hope his undeniable failure will cause a large enough percentage of whites to embrace both racial consciousness and tribal identity politics. It might take eight years but that is nothing in historical terms.

    It is not accelerationism if you don’t poor the gas and toss the match, but that doesn’t mean that the fire won’t clear some space for new growth.

    • We talk a lot about globalism and the long march through the institutions of globalists and leftists but there are real consequences to it. Our entire economy has been organized around the expectation of cheap labor and shipping jobs overseas for decades. We are talking trillions of dollars.

      Trump is up against very powerful, very well funded forces inside and outside of government to achieve his goal of putting the American worker and citizen first. It is literally a sea change on the course we have been on that made many people powerful and rich. They were never going to give all that up easily.

      Trump isn’t just turning an aircraft carrier around. He is turning the entire fleet while fighting a war and it is going to take time, hard work and patience. Expecting it all to get fixed in 2 years is totally unrealistic.

      • “It is literally a sea change on the course we have been on that made many people powerful and rich. They were never going to give all that up easily.”

        What was it Steve Bannon said?

        “If you think you’re going to take your country back without a fight, you’re sorely mistaken.”

      • Trump was pressured and brought back under control by those very powerful, very well funded forces immediately after his win and is now playing the villain in a morality play, which his side is scripted to lose.

        That’s why Trump is engaged in inflammatory rhetoric, but is not taking the relatively uncontroversial actions, which are well within his power, that would make future populist victories more likely.

        We aren’t complaining because we are personally having a rough time. We are complaining because the possibility of future Trump-like candidates is being significantly eroded on his watch.

        I don’t know how to explain it any more clearly than that; Trump is making it less likely that future Trump-like candidates can be elected. Trump is making it more likely that his supporters will be subjected to vindictive and abusive treatment by the left.

        • “Trump is making it less likely that future Trump-like candidates can be elected. Trump is making it more likely that his supporters will be subjected to vindictive and abusive treatment by the left.”

          I have to disagree on both points. Remember when even discussing illegal immigration was off limits? Remember when anyone could be cowed by calling them racist?

          Trump has moved the Overton Window significantly. He has not changed actual laws because there is way too much legacy resistance. But he has made it possible for future candidates to run on his issues. In 2020, Trump will not be hurt in the slightest by the 24/7 rants that he is a racist, a word that is rapidly losing its power. Hopefully this will allow conservatives to regrow their balls.

          As for his supporters being subjected to more vindictive and abusive treatment by the left, that was going to happen no matter what.

          • D)irtbag leadership want to duplicate his tactics, but they can’t even realize what is being done to them. It is simple truth telling, and they literally wouldn’t know the truth when it bites them in the ass. They think it’s a matter of being crass and combative, but that’s a superficial feature of a COURAGEOUS LEADER giving them well deserved ass kickings.

            Trump has an asymmetric advantage here: he is able to point out truths painful to the (D)irtbags, truths that are out in plain sight but unmentionable because of the bullying terrorist tactics of the left.

        • Crud;
          Disagree about why P Trump’s uses inflammatory rhetoric. I posit that in 2015 he correctly concluded that The MSM was HRC’s actual center of gravity (The DNC was consumed by stifling Bernie at the time). Consequently, the key to success against her was to neutralize the MSM’s ability to fully execute their DNC directed, tri-monthly, ~ 7-10 day duration, outrage news cycle.

          His tweets are carefully calibrated: Inflammatory enough to act like a laser pointer that MSM cat ladies can’t help themselves from following but largely truthful once stripped of their flamboyance. The latter point is important to maintain/grow his base, who *despise* the MSM.

          And consider the timing. He didn’t call out/insult Cummings and Sharpton at the same time (though he could have): Cummings on Thursday and Sharpton on Monday, IIRC. Just as the cat ladies were really ginning up to defend the indefensible Cummings (and having to fly to Venice to get the official line from Pelosi – how delicious is that_?), suddenly they now have to also defend the indefensible Sharpton as well (also putting a wedge into the seam between two D coalition key players).

          Bottom Line he’s inside his enemies’ OODA loop. No doubt he has staffers on the lookout for the next DNC talking point drop. Then he gives the cat ladies about three days to orient to it and to start to socialize it, and then it’s time to drop the next tweet bomb that they just *can’t* let go unanswered…..

          Once you see the pattern, you can’t unsee it. Whether this tactic was a considered plan from the get-go or an inspired improvisation on the fly I have no idea. Will this tactic help carry the day into 2020? Well, who’s talking about the 20 + D Pres field despite this week’s debate_? Nobody much that’s who. So far so good I’d say.

          • I agree that he’s good at manipulating the media.

            But once everything plays itself out, what are the effects of all this going to be?

            Trump is radicalizing the democrat base, which may help him win in 2020. But will mean bad things when they inevitably get back into power.

            He is simultaneously soothing the populist / disaffected White base back to sleep.


            – The demographic ground is rapidly eroding under our feet and our political chances are going with it
            – We are rapidly losing our ability to legally speak and organize
            – Trump is failing to take obvious, popular measures that could mitigate these harms. Like using his full power to prevent illegal immigration, or prosecuting Antifa.

            If current trends continue, Trump will have set us up for a very bad outcome

          • Crud;
            Can’t dispute that your scenario is plausible, just saying that Trump’s media tactics are deliberate, not the result of rash impulse.

            One important point: Trump is showing that Prog Inc. *can* be beaten by changing tactics from those they expect/demand.

            It will be up to future candidates to re-evaluate and re-orient their tactics i.a.w. the correlation of forces at that time. Likely only Trump can pull off Trump’s tactics, anyway. One thing we do know is that the old Conservative Inc. tactics do not work, and Trump has proven that they can be improved upon.

          • I don’t know if Trump is a mastermind in his media manipulation. I think it’s more that Trump has been around the media a long time and knows they are not the noble truth seekers they have been portrayed as. He treats them like they’re petty, childish, attention who**s.

      • It’s been more than 3 years and the idea that we wanted “it all fixed” is a straw man. Trump could accomplish so much by simply using the bully pulpit to speak truth. He could push legislation to jurisdiction-strip the federal judiciary on immigration issues. He could make tons of executive orders and Cloward-Piven the judiciary. He could nominate 9 justices at once and pack the court. As for Congress, he could actively call out and campaign against Con Inc. barnacles. He could put together his own platform of Trumpian legislation and sell it directly to the people. The list goes on.

        Whether he succeeded or failed, we would know he was fighting for us. And normies would know the grifters because he would have called them out.

        Bottom line – if Trump was serious about accomplishing the agenda he sold us in 2015-16, he would have surrounded himself with guys like Kobach, not guys like Kushner. He’s a grift. I fell for it. We all fell for it. Never again. Never forget the 63 million who voted for Trump thinking he wanted to make their country and their lives better again.

        • One of the first things he should have done and should do now is to allow Ivanka and her husband to go play somewhere else.

        • For me, it is enough that Trump fires back in the same spirit it is given to him. A President that fights back is all I expected from him. That he is accomplishing anything else above that is a bonus, AFAIAC.

          I decided that the US was too far gone when Bill Blowjob Clinton got re-elected in 1996, and the later 2000 tech crash, and ensuing mortgage bubble did little to dissuade me.

      • Indeed.

        Just as unrealistic as it is for average joe to quit buying chinese shit on Amazon, wasting his evenings binging Netflix propaganda, and angling to send his little girl to Wharton so she can be strong and independent on her Tinder account.

        The power addicts at the top are built on the backs of a million million choices; largely rooted in a similar addiction to the easy, immediate, and disposable, totems to the vanity and striving status of those million tiny empires.

        Trump has his job to do. So does every man. We can hope Trump turns the carrier but we can take action to turn our own sloop into the wind and start tacking toward a better place.

      • Guzalot: I think it is possible to both agree with everything you said (and I do) and yet still be vastly disappointed in Trump (as I am). Turning the fleet around economically would not have been effected by Trump openly supporting the occasional White, just as it was not in any way helped by his constant trumpeting of Negro and Mestizo unemployment numbers or moving the state’s official outpost in Israel. While not denying the entrenched interests he’s up against, he’s still pushing for pajeet immigration and utterly ignoring Whites who both sacrificed to support him and continue to suffer for refusing to grovel as White men.

    • I find this exceptionally unfair to the President.

      Have I been alone in noting the absolute unanimous opposition to him by all of DC, the media, academia, Hollywood, fashion, etc. – ALL culture shapers – and he still managed to win!

      The task before him is enormous, and can’t get done in a short time unless he assumes imperial powers which he has wisely resisted. I think he sees so many holes in the left’s boat he can just remove one plug at a time. He has them defending Baltimore’s slums for goodness sake, and rallying around Sharpton.

      • There was never going to be another Trump following along. The Donald is simultaneously an honest broker and a shape shifter, and is a truly singular person and a one man force of nature. He is doing things his way, and anyone who can make a proper judgement on his motivations and priorities must have one hell of an insight. Best as I can tell, everyone is just guessing.

        He will do his thing until he stops, or is stopped. Then we will see the sum total of his accomplishments, whatever they turn out to be. The merit of his work will be endlessly argued, by people with axes to grind, in every direction, but it will be fairly clear to the rest of us what he was able to do, but only well after the fact.

        There never was going to be another Trump, who would it have been? Kobach has some elements in him, so does Dan Crenshaw. On a good day, Ted Cruz is a faint echo of the man. But to expect another Trump is a frankly ridiculous notion. What can happen is that DJT clears the way for other people to excel, in their own ways, on things that matter to us. Whether or not that comes to pass, it is way too soon to tell. Anybody making the call this early is simply making guesses.

        In the meantime, in the real world, we need to go with what we have, and Trump is it. I wish him luck and a fair passage.

      • Agreed. Trump is going against impossible odds. However he can’t be excused for some giant unforced errors. Regarding his signature issue immigration he is not doing everything he can. For instance:
        1. He could have the Treasury Dept. stop all remittances to Mexico and South America except verified and authorized transactions. He could do that today.
        2. He could change the labor regulations to require E-verify vetting to all employees.
        3. He is taking the standard U.S. Presidential tack with Israel, giving them 51st state status.
        4. He panders to demographic segments of the country that will never vote for him. Presumably at the urging of Ivanka.

        I still support Trump but I don’t give his organization contributions anymore. He can get them from the people he panders to.

      • He has the powers inherent in the Executive that is first year constitutional law stuff.

        Get the joint chiefs in a room, order the chairman to secure all of the borders with entry and exit only at authorized ports of entry using any necessary means, and leave the room.

        That’s an example of what could have been done. Sure it’d force a constitutional crisis but that’s why we have an executive.

        At this point I just want him to take Jackson’s portrait off his wall and stop with the BS.

      • And yet he packed his administration with Never Trumpers, Koch lobbyists, Obama holdovers, and Neocons (there’s a lot of overlap there.) He won’t even enforce existing laws when it comes to admissible aliens and border security. Whose fault is that? He was willing to make a stink about a degenerate rapper (A$AP) who called for a “JFK” against him, but his supporters can face financial ruin and prison without so much as a peep from him. I don’t get it.

      • JimP you are missing the point totally. you did not even consider the things HE COULD BE DOING . He could have ended DACA by executive order the day he took office like he promised over and over during the campaign. He could have mandated E-verify by executive order. He didn’t have to appoint mccain’s henchmen to all the top spots in his administration. He could have fired ALL of Obama’s appointees the day he took office . He could have tried to run the country the way he said he would during the campaign. All the Russia crap was foisted on him because he was weak. he should have fired sessions as the day he recused himself from russiagate. and What’s with the deficit spending?
        He spends more than Obama did . If I hear the words ” Were gonna have a big beautiful …..” from him again I will barf. The truth is he hasn’t been awful , but he hasn’t don anything even the most cucked RINO wouldn’t have done.

    • Ultra-Pasteurized said: “Supporting Trump was the logical and morally right move but he’s turned out to be a dumpster fire. I hope his undeniable failure will cause a large enough percentage of whites to embrace both racial consciousness and tribal identity politics.” If 2/3 of the White people were Hells Angels, Maybe you’d have something. But the fact is that more White people die of alcohol abuse, drug overdose and suicide than any other race in America. So first we’d have to get these people into rehab before we could get them politely active. Go on Youtube and see what most of the White people are up to. Everything but Ethnopolitics. Sure, we can have victories now, without a doubt. But to get millions of White people headed in the same direction is going to be an enormous job which could very well take decades. The way I see it, only a devastating economic disaster, coupled with a massive and blatent push from the left to truly neutralize white people social and politically, would trigger a giant, radical response from White Americans.

    • When a dumpster lights on fire have you ever noticed that all the boys in the neighborhood gravitate to it?

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