A Late Summer Mélange

As we head into the last semi-official week of summer, at least here in America, I wanted to keep it light this week. I had something else in mind, but I realized I was taking next week off and not feeling very serious as a result. I bet a lot of people are in the same place, as the summer winds down. Here in Lagos, the schools start the day after Labor Day this year, so next week is a big vacation week. Parents are prepping for school and non-parents are enjoying family free time at the beach.

Of course, the end of the summer means the news cycle picks up again. The FBI document dump appears to be queuing up, so that means the Left will be turning the sewage hose on full blast in order to distract us. Taking some time off before the lunatics are back at full screech is a good idea. As we get closer to the 2020 Democrat primaries, the lunacies is sure to reach levels we never thought possible. I did a little on this in the show, but I suspect we are in for an interesting autumn.

One of the funny things about doing a lot of traveling in your business life is that vacation often means no going anywhere. When I was a young man, vacation meant going somewhere for sun and fun. Years of traveling and I now look forward to take at least one week a year where I just stay home. I plan to leave Lagos next spring, so I am looking forward to a week of cleaning out closets and making trips to the landfill. It’s not a glamorous way to spend a week, but it beats being in a hotel room.

I’ve also found that the vacation at home is much more relaxing that taking a trip somewhere. These days, you can never get away from work, as something always comes up that you have to address. When I’m on a trip that is always in the back of my mind, especially if I’m in a different time zone. At home, I just leave the e-mail client up and take a look from time to time. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything and I have the peace of mind that I can address anything as it comes up.

Whenever I think about that fact, I wonder how people lived in the age before constant electronic communications. I would imagine most people just assumed you could not reach someone on vacation, so they figured it out on their own. That and there was probably more respect for people’s time away from the office. Not to sound like a Bolshevik, but the technological revolution has led to the enslavement of the population in ways the old Robber Barons never could have imagined.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Gaia News (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Tax Farmers (Link)
  • 22:00: The African Invasion (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: The Spying Game (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: No Red Flags (Link)
  • 47:00: Rogue Judges (Link)
  • 52:00: Cosmopolitan Rock Fights (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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105 thoughts on “A Late Summer Mélange

  1. I’ll say this for the Mexicans and Central Americans….they DO come here to work. (The fact that we have more than enough tomato pickers, leaf-blowers and mobile-car-washers is another story. As there are so many, wages are depressed, so a number DO find themselves on some sort of welfare assistance anyhow. That “cheap” head of lettuce you bought is pretty goddamned expensive if you factor in ALL the costs.)

    Not long ago it was reported a whole passel of Congolinians or Congoleums (😊) or whatever the f*** people from the Congo are called have turned up at the southern border. Congoleums most certainly do NOT come here to “work”, and everyone knows it. They come only for the gibs.

  2. I frankly just enjoyed that. Nothing much I disagreed with. Admittedly I have a preference for Israel over it Muslim foes. But I have a greater preference for not importing ME conflicts. I was smiling all through the short 2A segment. And Z is of course 200% right that red flag laws WILL be abused. I mean how naive can you be?? They are going to abuse them and then they are going to say that, “for public safety”, you will now need to register all firearms. And after that you can only have hunting firearms…. Europe trailblazed this route, Australia followed and now New Zealand is there too. “Just say no!” 🙂

  3. Z Man, I hope you have a lovely ‘staycation’ and are productive in ways that are pleasing to you. I want to again express my gratitude for your spectacular mind that you share with us so generously. Sitting down with a cup of coffee, starting up the computer and finding a new post from Z Man is like a little Christmas gift almost every single day. Thank you, dear man! God bless you.

  4. Christopher Caldwell has an outstanding article on Brexit at the Claremont Review of Books:


    A quote from the article, apropos of being ruled by courts:

    “…These shifts in Britain’s constitutional culture have become obvious during the rolling European migration crisis of recent decades. The more courts took control of immigration policy, the harder immigration was to stop. As home secretary under David Cameron, May promised to limit Britain’s galloping population growth to “tens of thousands a year, not hundreds of thousands.” But net migration has been running at around a quarter-million ever since, rising as high as 333,000 in 2015. Last year, according to Migration Watch U.K., net migration was 258,000. That means 74,000 Europeans added to 232,000 non-Europeans who arrived, and 48,000 Britons who left. May was just a talker when it came to immigration policy, but no politician in three decades had done any better. Once the judiciary rules politics, all politicians are just talkers. Understand that, and you are most of the way to understanding Brexit.

    The transfer of competences from legislatures to courts is a superb thing for the rich, because of the way the constitution interacts with occupational sociology. Where the judiciary is drawn from the legal profession, and where the legal profession is credentialed by expensive and elite professional schools, judicialization always means a transfer of power from the country at large to the richest sliver of it. This is true no matter what glorious-sounding pretext is found to justify the shift—racial harmony, European peace, a fair shake for women. In a global age, judicial review is a tool that powerful people expect to find in a constitution, in the same way one might expect to find a hair dryer in a hotel room.”

    (Read the whole thing.)

    • Great article, thanks. The overriding element, in the U.K. as it is here, is that the political conflict is not actually political, but existential. Who are we, as a culture? Who do we give the power to? How far are people willing to go to seize power, when they have but little claim to it? How do they try to justify such overreach?

  5. Just think: if Trump would just step aside NOW and clear the way, Tucker could get a genuine presidential campaign rolling, and be at least somewhat operational by this December, so nearly a year to campaign in earnest, with zero plausible Party competition. Tucker has already got serious national / media exposure, and his entry coupled with Trump’s exit would cause such a media firestorm he’d be a household name by the end of the week.

    Free of Trump’s goofball baggage, and being a much better, more intelligent, and far more well-informed public speaker, Tucker would seem like the only sane person in the room, and would have massive swing-voter appeal.

    The full-on Broadway production of Marat/Sade that is the Democrat campaign would crumble like a tinfoil top hat before the Sherman tank of Tucker’s knowledgeable, calm, common-sense White guy appeal. And without any of the fake scandals and plain Trumpian obnoxiousness to fire up the screeching harpies, Tucker would not fuel the fires of extralegal obstructionism quite so much — they’d try, but the outrage machine would be seriously lacking for diesel.

    Tucker might actually get a few things done. If Trump wants any sort of a meaningful legacy, he will only get it through paving the way for Tucker.

  6. Years ago read Andrew Mango’s bio of Kemal Ataturk. One of the most interesting sections concerned his pre-WWI Ottoman service in the Levant. Basically all his effort was spent trying to peel the same factions off each other that are still feuding today. It was insoluble then, the same holds today.

  7. Z,

    I remember you doing a segment on the corruption at the FBI on December 29, 2017. It seems like nothing has really happened and the scandal had no effect on the 2018 elections. Is it possible that most people have totally become comfortably numb?

    Also, what’s the song at the end?

    • I’m starting to think that once Barr ended the Mueller farce, things started to change behind closed doors. If the game was to broom the whole thing, they would have dumped the various reports and some declassified files over the summer. No one is paying attention and official Washington is mostly on break. Holding this until the fall is strange. The Solomon articles of late suggest there is a game of musical chairs going on, with various players jockeying to make sure they are not left holding the bag.

      The story that I find most curious is the Overstock CEO guy saying he was working for the FBI. That would be the third person contacted by the FBI/CIA and tasked with dirtying up the Trump campaign. The claim that he was charged with doing this to Cruz and Rubio is what’s most interesting. It changes the narrative from being anti-Trump to be pro-Clinton/DNC.

      Ending song:


      • It actually makes more sense if Rubio and Cruz were spied on early in the campaign. Conspiracies are often done to aid someone, not take someone out, if you don’t know who needs to be the one taken out.

        The Clintons, the Obamas, and most of the major players seem to be awfully quiet lately. Barr and company as well. Things are percolating, most likely.

      • thezman said: “I’m starting to think that once Barr ended the Mueller farce, things started to change behind closed doors. If the game was to broom the whole thing, they would have dumped the various reports and some declassified files over the summer. No one is paying attention and official Washington is mostly on break. Holding this until the fall is strange.”

        I believe not one word that comes out of the mouths of lawyers and politicians. When I see high level officials convicted and in orange jump suits on their way to prison, then I’ll know that even though it’s tattered and torn, we still live in a Constitutional republic. Anything less than that, and it well be obvious to everyone with half a brain cell that Democracy and Justice are dead in America. What happens after that?

      • I suspect a deal has been cut. Pelosi agrees to run interference for Trump on the impeachment thing, claiming it would hurt their chances in the 2020 elections. Barr et al agree not to do anything of substance to the perpetrators. We are going to get a steady drip-drip-drip of leaks so that it doesn’t all hit at once. That will sort of quietly uncover what was going on, but in such a way that the peasantry doesn’t get out of control. The much ballyhooed IG report in 2018 was kind of a fizzle. Sure, he trashed Comey quite a bit, but we already knew that, and the ax did not fall on anyone in any significant way. All it really did was end any hopes that Mueller could frame Trump for obstruction of justice…because the IG report proves that Comey was incompetent, insubordinate, and deserving of his fate.

        The same thing seems to be brewing for this fall. They’ve decided to make Comey the fall-guy, but in a way that he will evade any kind of legal sanctions, keep his pension, and remain a gadfly until he dies.

    • No one goes to jail in D.C. that’s the iron rule of that place. As for Barr, he is a swamp creature that actually has links to Epstein who has been vetted by both parties so he won’t do nothing.

  8. Anyone who has worked with models will be extremely suspicious of the man-made global warming crowd. Their data is sketchy. They’re using very long-term projections. And, I believe, that they have feedback loops. Anyone of those can cause massive issues with your results.

    In any other field, no one would accept those results as a reason for massive disruption/changes to a company or strategy.

    • A decade or so ago some of the raw data was made public. It was blatantly sketchy and biased. As a former Financial Analyst I would have been immediately fired for using such crap – maybe prosecuted if any on that bs made it into a financial statement or large accrual.

      • Yep. I’m not even trying to say that the models are wrong. (Well, all models are wrong, but some are useful.) I have no clue. I just know that they’re not reliable and thus not useful. Who knows, maybe man-made global warming is happening, but those models sure don’t prove it.

        That environmentalists hold them out as proof shows that they’re either liars or idiots. Either way, we shouldn’t listen to them. They’d be better served to admit their limitations and argue from there, but they don’t so screw them.

    • That’s the beauty of it, no one can prove it doesn’t exist. That pony must be there, somewhere.

      Sort of like the new Trump “white supremacy” allegations. The old “Russian collusion” accusations could eventually not pass the smell test, when investigations continually came up dry. White supremacy is nebulous enough to have a very long shelf life.

    • Climate models use the old phrase, “Here is the conclusion on which I will base my assumptions.” If you remove the data manipulations and model only the actual raw temperature measurements, there is no warming. What are the odds of thousands of adjustments all supporting warming? Biggest scam in history.

  9. The Red Flag laws are so obviously terrible, I am simply stunned that any Republican seeking reelection can support them and win. Based on hearsay, you lose literally all your Constitutional Rights. House searched, property seized, suspect punished / maybe killed, all without due process. Anyone who even considers supporting those laws should be expunged.

    • Flagged. Reported. /sarc

      Seriously though, Drake’s right . Saying “expunged” is all it takes with the kind of whackdoodle wine aunt judges we have nowadays.

      I was thinking while I was listening to that segment that (as blasphemous as it sounds to ears around here, including mine) we’re going to be forced to be more libertarian by the horrible quality of the personnel in government, law enforcement and the judiciary. We have to be of two minds in how we approach our political principles – one set of rules for how we cope wtih Clown World, giving them as little power as possible because they can’t be trusted, and another set for Serious World, the future ethnostates where we can trust politicians, judges and cops who are Our Guys – raised in a sane society with non-degenerate values and incentives.

      This is where Z’s “unprincipled” approach helps. There’s nothing wrong with seeming “hypocritical” in this context, and we can’t let the Shapiros lawyer us out of common sense with logical sophistry about double standards. Context is key, and there’s no contradiction in wanting to limit your enemies’ power and trusting the exercise of much greater authority by sane friends and allies. It’s how the Left has won for many, many years.

      • I’ve long been “libertarian” in that I absolutely distrust large government and the kind of people who seek power there. All of it – particularly the behavior and attitude of cops – has gotten much worse in my lifetime.

    • Drake said: “The Red Flag laws are so obviously terrible, I am simply stunned that any Republican seeking reelection can support them and win.” Sorry, this is going to be off topic. Speaking of gun control. Here’s a link to a story from the 15th, about the 6 Philadelphia Police Officers that were shot by a drug peddler.

      I’ve been trying to find a site that had liberal/lefties screaming about gun control because of that shootout. I can’t find one. If anybody knows of one I’d appreciate you posting a link.

  10. The investment bank where I work has a strict policy of forced two week vacation with no work login or even email or phone contact. The purpose is: 1) to make sure the business can still function without you; and 2) to make sure you aren’t secretly running a scam that needs your constant attention.

    • When you work for yourself, there are always going to be different rules than for people working for the man. It’s something you get used to and don’t think much about. There’s also the difference in roles. If my clients could find a cheaper replacement for me, they would, but they can’t so I become an indispensable part of their operations. I may not hear from them for months, but when I do, they need my full attention. It’s a trade-off that you have to accept.

      • thazman said: “When you work for yourself, there are always going to be different rules than for people working for the man. It’s something you get used to and don’t think much about.”

        Nice variety. And your right. Working for a corporation is simply not necessary. There are all kinds of professions in America that pay really well. And a lot of them pack up and travel quick. Here’s just a few examples.

    • The banking industry has a regulation that requires such an absence for certain employees. Basically an opportunity to make sure that the employee is not cooking any books.

      • Yep – My Dad was a Banker and had this rule when I was a kid. They caught a few guys running scams this way. One had some “non-performing” loans written off the books (so the bank wasn’t looking them) that actually getting paid and routed into his own account.

  11. On speed-camera justice, the issue of confronting your accuser was raised in the recent Proud Boys show trials over the “white supremacists brawl” in New York last year. These guys faced criminal punishment based on video evidence with no opportunity to cross-examine their black-bloc antifa Anon accusers who attacked them at an event to which they had been expressly invited. They were given no opportunity to confront the antifas on questions like why they showed up, who organized them, etc.

    In reality these guys were defending themselves against a premeditated ambuah attack. However, through legal Talmudry, the police were treated as their accusers and the media darling anon antifas, most of which were probably trustafarian anarcho-LARPers, got away with premeditated mass assault and battery.

    Bonus anarcho-tyranny: cell and internet companies gave the NYPD access to data from hundreds if not thousands of people in the vicinity at that time so NYPD could Snowden the Proud Boys’ communications and locations at the time of their cruel & wanton scheme to get out of Manhattan with their skulls intact.

    Portland just demonstrated the same kind of problems. No matter how mild, reasonable or outright cucked you act, any public demonstration to the Right of antifa will be Reginald Denny’d by Antifa then Bloody Sunday’d by Big Other, and the panopticon Eyes of Soros will see that you end up in prison as well.

    We’re dissidents in a very asymmetric culture war. There are smarter ways to fight than 60’s style street protests.

    • “…any public demonstration to the Right of antifa will be Reginald Denny’d by Antifa then Bloody Sunday’d by Big Other, and the panopticon Eyes of Soros will see that you end up in prison as well.” Great sentence.

    • Start with basic opsec. Coordinate political activity on a separate prepaid phone.

      If you operate on unfriendly territory, open events, publicly announced, are stupid. Be like the guys with the megaphone who interrupted the anti-white book reading.

      Do not give the enemy forewarning to marshal their paramilitary enforcers and you do not need to defend yourself from them.

      • Flash mobbing and viral DIY propaganda like “It’s OK to be White” are great ways to maximize psychological impact on our opponents & potential friendlies alike and minimize our risk from countermeasures. We seem to be everywhere, no safe spaces for poz.

        Prevent hypothermia, fam – always wear a good ski mask when playing friendly pranks in cold weather.

      • Well-said.
        That’s also the first thing I though: get a re-paid phone at the very least!
        And wear hose baseball caps (unmarked) with some sunglasses and a few extra clothing layers (if not too warm) to add some “poundage” for the cameras….

    • Nothing new under the sun. I was given no opportunity to present evidence in my case either because there was a long running back & forth between brown guy and me. My lawyer straight up told me- “in DC, with you as the ‘white aggressor’ who is also a (law-abiding, doesn’t matter) firearms owner vs. a minority it won’t matter even if your evidence is strong”.

      So I was told to cop a plea or else be staring down some serious jail time for an altercation ANOTHER guy started. That is where we are at today. Cops & prosecutors will also lie their ass off and withhold exculpatory evidence, again, this is nothing new for anyone who has been around the legal system for any length of time. The entire edifice is nearly as corrupt as you imagine it to be. You needn’t look farther than the very first judicial stay of an -Executive Order- to see the gross overreach and power these people are use to having. A circuit judge overriding a directive from the POTUS is peak Clown World. If Trump was /ourguy/ he would have enforced that order at gunpoint w/ armed loyalist agents at every airport.

      Sooner or later, it is going to come to that as we all know.
      “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”- Mao Zedong
      He wasn’t even wrong. That will be the end game for this current iteration. Whoever starts pointing the rifles, is going to win, and the left seems VERY inclined to weaponize the State and are actually doing so right now while the ‘Conservatives’ worry about ‘muh capital gainz’ & ‘muh free markets’. They are bringing a dollar bill to a gun fight, literally.

      • Eventually things will go kinetic as the economy fails and the GOP can’t bullshit it’s way out of it. Lots of folks already realize the cops are not our friends but our enemies. Same with judges and DA’s. They’ll end up people’s to do lists.

        BTW the state is already weaponized. What the Left is worried about is all those black rifles in the hands of whites. Rifles that shoot bullets that go right through the authorities body armor. This is why the Left is doing everything it can to disarm us of those dreaded “assault rifles”.

        • Comments about inetics-kay, ists-lay or ody-barmor are a little Fed-posty for these troubled times. Let’s be careful about how we state the obvious.

          • Totally agree, Exile.
            Let’s just assume as our baseline that these words are all being monitored, and ig-Bay other-Bray especially has a special SEO set of keywords pre-loaded.
            So when we discuss the Holly Cost, the computers identify nothing.

    • You’re missing an important part- there were no Antifa accusers in the NYC Antifa/PB brawl. They refused to come forward and press charges. Those cases have no “victims.”
      Similar to the Cantwell case where the Antifa he pepper sprayed refused to speak to authorities. Didn’t stop him from getting 10 mos in jail/house arrest.

      • Precisely my point in citing the Talmudry of making the cops the “accusers.” Anonymous accusers are one small step removed from fictitious ones. Like “campus rape,” we’re essentially asking defendants accused of Hatecrime to prove their innocence without even knowing the contours of the charges and evidence they’re trying to negate.

        This also ties into Z’s segment on red flag laws. Between the pre-crime of red flag laws and charging crimes against ghost accusers, there’s little pretense of Anglo-Saxon justice left.

    • Exile said: “We’re dissidents in a very asymmetric culture war. There are smarter ways to fight than 60’s style street protests.” that’s more or less what I said the other day and got booed off the stage with 10 down votes. I’ll repost it and see how many I can get this time.

      I see the Proud Boys mixed it up again with Antifa in Portland. Ah to be young, and get out there and blow off some serious steam. Of course it’s just more crappy optics that gives the lefties more ammo. But who cares, at least the Proud Boys got a good work out. Right?

  12. Before I left my corporate job, any sort of vacation was a nightmare. You either stayed online to put out any fires before someone could blame you for it in your absence, or you worked like crazy for two weeks after you got back to get through your 1000 emails.

    • Yea, even though my clients are very respectful of my vacation time, I end up doing a bit of work just so I don’t get slammed when I get back.

    • Unless you are an hourly worker, or in a profession without projects (e.g. nurse or cop), vacation is really about flexing your work schedule, not about actually working less for a period of time. I used to work for a company that paid you for unused vacation time. I would save two weeks and get an extra paycheck, but would end up working the same hours for the year. The stress of working 60 hours the week before and after a vacation made it not worth it. I figure I will retire early and take all the vacation I want.

  13. “As we get closer to the 2020 Democrat primaries, the lunacy is sure to reach levels we never thought possible. I did a little on this in the show, but I suspect we are in for an interesting autumn.”

    My mind must be going, I first read that as ” . . . I suspect we are in for an interesting autism.”

    It sort of works that way.

    • Trump’s going to do his part – he’s talking Based again. Expect to see a few more “David’s” on the site in weeks to come talking about how Trump’s building the Wall, promises kept, etc… IIRC, Jeb! did his big rollout around Labor Day 2015.

      The air is filled with honking as flocks of clowns migrate to their quadrennial nesting sites.

  14. The Zimbabwe story had me laughing from start to finish. So what you’re saying is… The future is bright for Africa.

    • the Russians said: “So what you’re saying is… The future is bright for Africa.” Eventually China will be employing half of Africa. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China have big plans.

  15. Re: taking Gaia’s temperature, I’d like to buy that Copenhagen scientist a beer someday soon. There’s nothing like being in the outdoors and harvesting some fish & game to make you appreciate legitimate conservation and environmental issues.

    Global warming is not legitimate – it is a scam driven by grifting scientists and their fellow travelers in politics to rationalize Mass wealth transfer to the third world (and their own bank accounts). None of the grand plans and World solutions address the fact that the vast majority of environmental impact comes from China, India and South America, not the Western countries who are being asked to make all of the sacrifices while nothing significant is demanded of 3/4 of the world’s population.

    On the other side of the sandwich, Conservative Inc has consistently beclowned itself by adopting the “screw the environment” pose of urban bugmen stumping for megacorps pushing consumerism.

    I’m much more concerned with the fact that trash litters the world’s wilderness than tree-ring voodoo about warming.

    I’ve essentially been doing the field research this summer to confirm noted environmental scholar Ann Coulter’s theory of Aztec Global Littering. AGL is provable. AGW is pixie dust.

    • Exile
      You are correct, for those of us who live in the real world, here’s what the global warming scam is all about:


      “At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

      “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

      Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”



      “Ottmar Edenhofer, lead author of the IPCC’s fourth summary report released in 2007 candidly expressed the priority. Speaking in 2010, he advised, “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.””

      • Capitalism’s been both Green and Woke for awhile now – I wouldn’t worry about its destruction. What they will destroy are small businesses who can’t absorb the massive overhead of being Green & Woke.

        We need to start separating the sheep from the goats when it comes to the “capitalists.”

        Crony capitalism isn”t what I want. Social Darwinist laissez-faire isn’t what I want either. We need a balance of social interests and economic interests. One thing Taleb gets right is that scale makes a qualitative difference in what kind of economic policy is best. He says he’s communist on a local level, socialist on a state level and libertarian on a national level. That’s a decent expression, at least conceptually, of the kind of kin and community-first subsidiarity and localism I’d like to see in a future confederation of American White ethno-states.

        We can both protect small-business capitalism and socialize the global pirate ships.

        • A Libertarian on a national level?
          Now I remember why I loathe that guy & his “race & IQ don’t real” BS.

          • Libertarian = political party made by and for corporations. Don’t know how people don’t immediately see that. It’s obviously a receptacle for disgruntled voters and people who want legalized drugs and prostitution (and there are many Americans who want that). We’re actually pretty much already in a libertarian ruled country, with the domination of corporations. (They call it libertarian but it’s really just libertine.)

        • In addition to different economic policy for different levels, so too with voting – even in an ethnostate. I can see allowing a lot more people to weigh in on local development issues and a lot fewer when it comes to nationwide policies (even if that nation is a lot smaller than the ‘Murrican Empire, as a nation ought to be).

      • How can he/she use the phrase “1st time in the history of mankind” while referring to something concluded to be only 150 years old? Human history spans 100,000 years. Someone should explain that barter is also free trade capitalism, so destroying the world economic system would give us exactly what anarchocapitalists have been dreaming about. Capitalism without government intervention of global banks.

    • Agree with you there Exile. I don’t care one whit about global warming. I do care about the Ogallala Aquifer running dry .

    • I used to live down the street from a women environmental economist who worked for an environmental group. She wouldn’t shut up about global warming. She also used to make a show about how she recycled and drove a small, gas-efficient car.

      We were friends, but I got sick of it, so while we were having a beer, I pointed out to her that even if we didn’t include all of the flying that she did, her “carbon footprint” was at best 90% of mine since she lived in a 4 bedroom house and drove a car. To “save” the earth, she’d need to get down to maybe 10% or 20% of what she was doing now.

      Basically, all of her gaudy environmentalism was was pointless. Her family needed to move to a small apartment and take public transportation. Vacations would need to be nearby. Even that might not be enough.

      Surprisingly, she agreed but argued that unless everyone did that, it wouldn’t matter, which is why she was working to get the government on her side.

      And people wonder how the Communists killed so many people.

      • The thing with climate change is that we never see any innovations to help us with extreme weather phenomena. All they want is money, so that’s how we know the Climate Change gang are nothing but shake-down snakes. If they were for real, we would be seeing innovations for collecting rainwater, improved irrigation systems, homes built to withstand hurricanes and possibly tornadoes, modern fire-proofing methods that protects homes from wildfires, etc. But we see none of that. We see that same corrupt generation of globalists looting white people of their national prosperity. White people stress about the environment and have fewer children. Meanwhile, brown people in say, Borneo, tell the climate change folks to f*ck off while they go back to burning their tires, chopping down rain forests and having 8 children.

        • Yes! For years I said I might take the Globalist Climate Grifters slightly seriously if they and their ilk all got together and instituted Rooseveltian-style projects to raise the sea walls, jetties, fortify harbors and move oceanside towns mauka. Put their money where their mouth is. Actual plans to save to coastline… all pau.

      • Green Woke Pirateship Capital in action – virtue-signal the shitlib rubes, buy their politicians, plunder public resources for private gain, leave a mess behind for others to deal with. Lather, rinse, repeat until next planet. These guys are monsters.

      • Good point. Take a look also at the ingredients for solar panels: glass, cadmium, and lithium. The process required for locating those precious metals? Strip mining. Theres a meme for this brewing in the ethers

    • “…while nothing significant is demanded of 3/4 of the world’s population.”

      Bingo. Google world population by country and tell me how many of the top 20 will ever do anything about carbon use. I count 3: the US, Japan and Germany, representing 10% of the top 20 population. And even those 3 merely pose about it. Even if all the Western countries actually did anything, it would simply lower energy prices for the other 90%, ensuring an increase in their usage.

      • “Even if all the Western countries actually did anything, it would simply lower energy prices for the other 90%, ensuring an increase in their usage.”

        That’s where our globalist leaders come in and charge us through the nose after creating a false scarcity that applies to white people only.

    • Yeah, trick-or-treating back in the 70s when it was cooler was a lot of fun.

      My problem is this: In less than ten years, upwards of 100 million trees have been killed by drought on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada. But I don’t seem to sleep any better since I learned that this had nothing to do with the global warming hoax…

      The problem with the “this is just another climate cycle shift” is that prior cyclic shifts did not occur with 7 billion humans on a planet almost entirely linked through capital flows, industrial agricultural, and mechanized travel.

      There is a general deterioration of ecological conditions happening on a planetary scale. This is producing migration in our direction. There is no reason to suppose that the deteroriation or the migration is going to change any time soon.

      The Boomer view holds that environmentalism is Marxism in birkenstocks. But I think that reverses the causality among many white people. They want more clean water and more trees and the only people that seem to be talking about this are opportunistic Judeo-Bolsheviks.

      What we should be doing is agreeing and ampliyfing the treehuggers’ war cries and proffering a solution that inovles reduced immigration to North America and end to subsidizing population growth in Africa.

      • I’m all for leveraging the environmental sentiment they’ve created to promote our own agenda, but whenever we try these seemingly logical judo moves, you start to Notice that there are odd “unprincipled exceptions.”

        Immigration > AGW b/c Holocaustianity. The constant struggle to suppress the natural White Devil lust for persecuting the Chosen cannot relent for lesser concerns like the survival of the human race. Without mass immigration wrecking White cohesion, the cattle cars start rolling.

        Choking orange skies and denuded landscapes awash in toxic waste are a small price to pay for the Chosen’s diversity woobie.

        • I wrote above about the tendency of the modern Left to embrace a whole smorgasbord or mutually contradictory ideas seemingly without noticing. The Western lifestyle is killing the planet so we need to impose draconian restrictions on it and yet… 6 gorillion third worlders “just want a better life” so we need to let them all into Ohio so they can buy SUVs and 4Ks. We need to save wildlife and yet… we need to cover every mountain pass with giant bird chippers (wind turbines) because nu-ku-ler power is EBIL! We need to restrict economic activity in the West because it’s killing the planet and yet… it’s unfair (and rayciss) to the third world to ask them not to industrialize as fast as possible.

          I’ve concluded that the most “woke” people today don’t ever think that anything is really fundamentally incompatible with anything else as long as both things are sanctioned by Leftist opinion makers. This is how the Democrats get away with supporting the belief that corporations are rapacious vortexes of evil and of course that’s why we need unrestrained free trade for um… corporate growth. There just doesn’t seem to be any amount of garbage these people won’t swallow if a hipster in a turtleneck comes or a xirl in problem glasses feeds it to them. Somewhere in this there are some hilarious opportunities for pranking I’m sure.

      • Although there are millions who want to come to the U.S., if not for the NGO’s there would be only a fraction of the migration. The NGO’s aggressively trawl for migrants. If I lived in a 3rd-world country and an NGO offered to help me to get to the U.S. to live a nicer life on the largesse of U.S. taxpayers, yeah, I’d go in a heart-beat. NGO’s really should be outlawed. They are political weapons that destroy white countries. More problems than good. If you look at the U.N. policies that reign today and trickle down to all countries in the world, it’s all about ‘those who have the least’ from the poor countries being accepted and cared for completely funded by the native white people, who have an obligation to do so, per the U.N. Completely Commie policies that wreak havoc on the west. These policies need to be destroyed.

  16. The old days were glorious…you called in every other day…and your assistant was careful to triage since without a computer or email–there was a limited set of things one could do. Now, no one thinks twice of dropping a 47 page powerpoint deck and associated financial model on you at 1am while on vacation–with the note “I know you are on vacation, but could you annotate this with your feedback and revert before my meeting at 9?

    • I remember when people would apologize for disturbing you on holiday. No one bothers with that now. In fact, people get snotty if you point out that you are on holiday, as if you are letting them down.

      • I find the opposite here. More working and middle class but vacation time is given much respect and apologies for intruding on it.

        • Yep, my clients are very respectful of when I’m on vacation, but then I chose my clients carefully. I’m your partner, not your help.

        • Hi Z…..great podcast and thanks for manning the front lines! May your organizing go well.

          Pity you poor folk working your own service tech, IT and corporate jobs. I chose to be a worker drone bee climbing to be a H2O Distribution/Hydroelectric Dam Operator. I figured your jobs would be blown out of the “water” before my job….Maslow’s Hierarchy water trumps other utilities and most other jobs as the last man standing. Plus water company is a Special District guvmint agency stand alone with stand alone pension.

          While you guys were gasping for some fresh air and view of something green, Distribution Operators would every 2 months rotate out into the field to drive routes all over the pressure zones mostly higher elevations in the hills. Loved it. Plus lifting those valve pit doors would pop my arm muscles back up in a couple weeks.

          When you’d get a call to jump through “get that report done now” hoops, my emergency calls would entail, “I know you’re at Watson Reservoir in San Ramon, but we’ve lost the SCADA system and can’t see the pumps on fill to Welle Reservoir top of the bay. Drive up there PDQ and shut down.” Great job…nice view.

          For holidays, I’d volunteer to work to spell the guys with families. Particularly graveyard. Wow….stupidly great money and all quiet on the Western front as bosses gone, no maintenance projects or workers entering facilities. Piece of cake. Unless the shit hit the fan.
          I loved moving water around the water company.

          • The Obummers just bought a 15M$ beachfront estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Damn these hypocrites who clearly don’t believe the ocean will swallow up their Ego Signaling Home any time soon, then continue to run the gaslight scam on the little people. Damn these people.

          • There is a whole nest of evil Soros spawn over on Baxter Road, right on the water in Nantucket….Kerry was on Hulbert Ave—right on the water. For people scared shitless of climate change…

          • Yep. No doubt they’ve all hired Ryder Trucks to take their ill-begotten gains up elevation away from that pesky rising ocean. You..have…many..stories up your sleeve, Saml!
            Swap you water company drama/intrigue and wild West intrigue stories, a twofer, for your political intrigue stories. I’ll see your story and raise you. Best regards…

          • I’m a stranger in the even stranger world around here. Can tell you Chris Matthews was a mean drunk and David Gregory’s wife gets all pissy if anybody sets up “too close” to them on the beach. Never forget, I’m just one generation and a gilded diploma away from simply being a flatland hillbilly.

      • A local employer requires that supervisors carry a company phone. They have a 15 minute window to respond and 1hr window to arrive on site. 1day to arrive to site when on vacation. I’m grateful that in this small community that I can afford to laugh at the tyranny.

        • That’s the kind of wage-cuckery that immigration promotes – strivers trying to escape shithole countries willing to work on 5 minutes notice at 4am on a Sunday, with bosses and guys like Jeb! slobbering over their “work ethic.”

          Spanish galley slaves had a work ethic, too, but it doesn’t mean American quality of life should be reduced to this lowest common denominator.

          If I hadn’t become self-employed years back I’d be in a psych ward by now.

          • Can confirm, in the advertising industry. Thirty years ago there were ordinary office hours, but sometimes people worked late before a presentation. Today, more and more agencies have added office features designed to make it as convenient as possible to never leave work. Pool tables, stocked kitchens, company lunches and breakfast too sometimes. Employees on a fixed salary are now expected to routinely show up on weekends and work through dinner during the week, the company of course generously buying pizza. It stacks up to this: getting 60 to 80 hour weeks out of people whom they pay, in effect, half wages. And almost no one gets an office or even a cubicle. The rising practice now is long tables shared by a dozen people. If that weren’t enough, the industry has begun importing foreign labor… but largely Asian. You may speculate on that wrinkle, too.

            If I too weren’t self-employed I would be ready to snap.

          • Exactly. If I had any idea that capitalism was going to cargo-cult generations of kids like this, I would’ve burned Atlas Shrugged and bought a Che shirt. All the new-age corporate pap about “loving muh career” from kids spending 60+ hours a week pushing pixels in an Adderall-induced “zone” of happy soul-crushing meaningless repetition would be hysterical if it wasn’t so damned tragic.

          • Reminds me of the articles I saw in the last decade touting the glories of the “gig” economy, where we could all enjoy earning just enough to barely get by if you live in a shared apartment or at home with the parents. Never enough money to save any of it, let alone buy a home and have a family. And it encourages rootlessness as people leave their home towns to find work, rootlessness that further dismantles the high-trust Christian society our ancestors created. This rootless, precarious lifestyle is a constant stress on the human spirit, which then brings other problems, like drinking and drug use, violence, depression.

          • Don’t forget the push in the early days of Obama regarding the joys of FUN-EMPLOYMENT!

          • Same here. At this point of late stage Capitalism, some Bolshie ideas make a lot more sense than the insanity of our Current Year. How depressing is that??

            Also, human POS David Koch is dead. Lol

          • Zeroh, not only that, but the looters (the entire current political class in the west, with a few exceptions) implementing the Bolshie ideas are sure to install a system that is terrible for pretty much everyone, while the upper crust all live well. Think Obamacare on steroids. Horrifying to contemplate the ways they’re going to shake us all down.

          • “That’s the kind of wage-cuckery that immigration promotes – strivers trying to escape shithole countries willing to work on 5 minutes notice at 4am on a Sunday, with bosses and guys like Jeb! slobbering over their “work ethic.””

            That’s part of the immigration debate that really started pissing me off years ago.

            Democrats: Only the rich are getting richer! American workers deserve higher wages! And better working hours! Less choosing between home and family!

            Also Democrats: Immigrants take your jobs? Well they work HARD (implying your white ass doesn’t )

            Ummm. Weren’t we supposed to vote for you guys so we didn’t have to slave away?

          • Exactly. Stay on the job 60+ hours/week with Juan and Sanjit while your family falls apart to earn your losing-ground wage that hasn’t increased in a real world sense since Carter was President. Spend 4 hours a day awake with your wife while your kids are turning to cutting, weed and worse out of neglect, do neglected house and yard chores on Saturday, sleep in Sunday, skip church again b/c who has the time, and get up and do it again. Repeat until dead.

            But at least you’re not rayciss, Israel’s still safe & you’re not speaking German…

          • Church on Sunday? Teens with part-time jobs are expected to work on Sunday – and part-time means 30-40 hours a week and totally flexible availability – all for the princely sum of $10-$12 an hour. When I was a stupid liberal kid/teen, I used to be bored on weekends; now I remember the ‘blue laws’ with great fondness as part of a better time.

          • I was in Portland the other day and saw a “proud union home” sign in a house window. I got to thinking – how do the undoubtedly Leftist people in that house reconcile “must allow all 6 trillion immigrants in” with “workers need shorter hours and higher pay”. I don’t think it’s just failure to understand economics though I’m sure for some that plays a role. The Left in general seems to encourage its followers to believe that they could have absolutely ALL the things they want if not for…. The dots are always filled in with “patriarchy”, “whiteness”, “racism”, etc… This helps whenever a glimmer of understanding creeps into people’s minds. How DO we reconcile a flood of cheap labor with better wages??? Ah yes, we could reconcile those things if not for the patriarchy-homophobia-racism-whitemales. This is also the reason those black and wammen scientists are still mostly a thing you see on TV and not the real world.

            Just today at the gym there was a news show on and the talking heads were jabbering about how some nutso professor was saying he wanted to bash Trump with a baseball bat. This is really what these people believe, they think that anything unpleasant or difficult in the world is the direct result of some human agency. If we could only eliminate those people we would be living in paradise. There is no hint of humility in this kind of worldview. There is no idea that sometimes the reason for certain things is evolution, or historical realities, or accidents of geography, or even something we just don’t understand about the universe. It’s all about “those people”, the badwhites and Sir Donald of Orange. It really reminds me of the way certain Christian fundamentalists just put everything bad down to that ‘ol Devil.

      • Co-workers knew each other quite well back in the day. My dad got a job in 1961 and was there until they finally closed their doors around 1994. Everyone knew each other since the 60s and knew each other’s families. All of these people had been working there for decades. The company had company picnics which I can still remember from when I was a boy in the 70s where I met all of his co-workers. It was a certain kind of ‘family’
        Today, companies have no loyalty to their workers and everyone is effectively strangers being overseen by HR who will protect everyone from “jokes” and “humor” and any kind of personal touch facilitated by the ‘we’re a family’ work environment.

    • The place I work, if you go out of the country you have to remove all company software from your phone and are not allowed to bring your PC, or even take calls. Needless to say many, many folks vacation to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

      • What I am still confused by, is WHY these people have personal and work content intermingled on their phones, computers, iPads, and various other sundry devices.
        It’s a fools errand to keep it all lumped together.
        And in the name of “convenience”?

        Before I left the tethered PR world in 2012, even then, I had the good sense to simply have TWO devices for all of it: back then it meant two Blackberries: (one work, one personal) and two laptops: again, one work and one personal.

        Now I am reading articles that portray people doing this as some kind of wise trailblazer.
        Where did simple wisdom go?

        • Agree. Mine presumes the personal phone will be used for work email, and has cut way back on issuance of business devices.

          The insult to injury is in order to get work email on the phone requires installation of a pile of software including what amounts to spyware (at least that’s what I assume it is, because they don’t supply much information on exactly what it does). If I did that to their issued laptop they’d fire me.

          So I don’t do it. My time is my time. I’ve given my people my number for emergencies, none have ever called. The bosses will have to work to find my number.

    • I’ve seen people embellishing their out of office messages with stuff like “no access to email / out of country”.

      In other words, “go to hell, I’m on vacation.” I approve when I get them.

    • I once had a boss who was sending me work requests from his honeymoon cruise. When I went to Hawaii for vacation, literally the first 3 hours after landing were spent working on an urgent financial model. He would give small rewards for extra work. We learned that all we had to do to get a free lunch was to start loudly discussing where we should go, and he would offer to order in so we could keep working. Of course the joke was on us, because we were effectively working over lunch for $8 per hour.

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