Post-Intellectual America

The sorry state of American conservatism is a regular topic in dissident circles, mostly because the decaying carcass of Conservative Inc. continues to stagger around politics and the media. Some parts continue to do the best they can in their gatekeeper role, while others continue to rationalize Progressive fanaticism. It staggers on mostly because of donor money that keeps the various rackets going. For how long is unknown, as the source of that money is now quite old.

An example is the recently dead David Koch. A long time libertarian fanatic, he and his brother poured tens of millions into so-called conservatism. They kept Reason Magazine afloat and helped set up its finances so it will persist after the Koch brothers are gone. They also played an active role in turning Buckley-style conservatism into warmongering libertarianism. Neocon money on one side and Koch brother’s money on the other defined post-Cold War conservatism.

The trouble with this structure is it operated like a vice, squeezing everything useful out of the Right, leaving nothing but pens for hire, career men and fanatics. What was squeezed from conservatism was any reason to support it. On the one hand, it wished to turn men into moist robots serving the economy. On the other it sought to convince Americans they had to be cannon fodder in the national pursuits of Israel. Its political pitch to white Americans was reduced to, “But the Left is much worse.”

You see the emptiness of conservatism in this Kevin Williamson post about how David Koch was supposedly on the Right. The post itself is mostly about Williamson, who has taken to writing like a teenage girl of late. Everything is about his feelings now. Putting that aside, his claim for placing David Koch on the Right, and presumably libertarians as a whole, is that he liked ballet. This is supposedly evidence of his love for high culture, which according to Williamson is the exclusive domain of the Right.

Of course, the question of whose high culture never enters the discussion, as that treads on dangerous territory. For the modern conservative, “culture” has come to mean a universal thing that anyone can enjoy. More important, it has no origin. It just popped from the void, fully formed. Koch’s alleged love for this mystical thing supersedes his support for open borders and globalism, not to mention his support for Progressive causes like homosexual marriage and abortion on demand.

Another reason co-called conservatives were happy to call Koch a right-winger is the Left was happy to call him a right-winger. The best maneuver in the Progressive playbook is to select the leaders of their opponents. They focus their attention on one soft target, making that person the symbol of their cause. That person then becomes the easily mocked and ridiculed leader of the opposition. For example, they turned the alt-right into a joke by cultivating Richard Spencer as the face of the movement.

In the case of the Koch brothers, the Left was happy to make them the bad guys, as they were never going to be a threat. Instead, they would pour millions into conservative operations, which would happily purge themselves of social conservatives and skeptics of global capitalism. That neocon – libertarian sandwich that was conservatism, became the other slice of the Progressive sandwich that controls American politics. The choice is a libertarian warmonger or a Progressive fanatic. That’s democracy!

The end result of that neocon – libertarian vice is that so-called conservatism was stripped of its intellectual core, as well as its connection to its intellectual history. Rather than a defense of tradition and the moral order, conservatism became a public relations department for the plutocrats financing them. Like every racket, the money is always what comes first. Conservative writers are just common streetwalkers, going with whoever pulls up to the curb. They’ll do anything for a buck.

In fairness, their dancing partner is no better. It largely goes unremarked, but the Left is every bit as intellectually vacant as conservatism. They are silent on global capitalism and silent on the ramifications of the post-national order. They are entirely incoherent on why they support the things they support. The conservative case for men in dresses is ridiculous, but looks erudite compared to the Progressive case. The modern Left is a toddler rolling on the floor, sobbing out incoherent demands.

Of course, the purpose of the commentariat in current year America is to operate as an endless distraction. The Left carries on so that their side does not notice that politics is now controlled by a handful of billionaires and their hired men in politics. The Right has the job of keeping the white middle-class focused on punching at air, while those billionaires tighten their grip on the economy and culture. Conservatives and liberals are now just the entertainment portion of the custodial state.

Perhaps this is just the natural transition from one historic cycle to the next. We are arguably at the end of several long historic cycles. The Enlightenment, the Industrial Age and the American Empire are all reaching a denouement. The confluence of these three final acts is responsible for the great tumult in the West. The lack of an intellectual class is simply the result of these cycles having run their course. What comes next is a new intellectual class for the demographic and technological age.

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161 thoughts on “Post-Intellectual America

  1. You said:

    They also played an active role in turning Buckley-style conservatism into warmongering libertarianism.

    I met Charlie Koch years ago before he was famous (I did not know he was a billionaire) and had a chance to chat with him. I was kind of boring, but not a warmonger.

    Do you have any reason to think the Koch brothers were warmongers?

  2. You’re right, Z, conservatism’s message today IS , all too often that “the Left is much worse.” Unfortunately, that it the case today. However poor Bush Sr and Junior were, Willy Jeff and The Light Bringer were infinitely worse. Ever since I unwisely voted to give Tricky Dick his “four more years”, my votes for POTUS have been less FOR one of the candidates and mostly AGAINST the other. Very often when I’m deciding whom to vote for, it comes down to who I would I would shoot FIRST. When I figure that out, then I vote for the other one. In my just-short-of 70 years I’ve learned that the universe seldom gives me a clear cut choice between good and bad. At best the choice is between bad and terrible. Unfortunately the choice is often between awful and OH . . . . . MY . . . . . GAWD . . . . . NO!!!!! The way I figure it, we have three choices come election day. 1) we can stay at home and get very, VERY drunk. 2) We can piss away our vote for some 3rd party candidate. 3) We can hold our nose and vote for the candidate we figure will do the least damage to the republic. Here’s where I totally do not understand the Never-Trumpers. They loathed and despised DJT and would have voted for any Republican who wound up on the ticket. I get that. What I DON’t get is why they would vote for Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit. However much they disliked Trump surely they could see that HRC would have been ENORMOUSELY WORSE than their most fevered dreams of Trump! It’s like that guy in the film who fell into a crevasse and had to amputate his own right arm to get free. Amputating ones own limb with a (apparently dull) pocket knife is a FREAKING HORRIBLE thing to have to do! No two ways about it. But compared to GETTING DEAD it is a hellova lot LESS bad than the alternative!

  3. I may have missed a reference in the OP or the comments, but some context needs to be put to the despicable Williamson’s column so that its utter cowardice is manifest. Williamson was on Maher’s show the night of the reputedly controversial comment (which, ironically, I agree with as a man of the actual Right). The Kochs, as you pointed out, are/were sugar daddies to the end stage Buckleyites. And there was ol’ Kev, yukking it up with Maher, just hours after the first Koch died and was vilified by the host, pimping a book. So what’s a cuckho to do? Why, of course, virtue signal in writing a few days later on his flailing employer’s website about horribly wrong Maher was about Koch! Thank goodness he got to plug the book beforehand.

    Is there a more perfect illustration of Conservatism, Inc., than that?

  4. thezman said: “The sorry state of American conservatism is a regular topic in dissident circles, mostly because the decaying carcass of Conservative Inc. continues to stagger around politics and the media.”

    Here’s a quote from an artical intitled: “Conservatism, Theonomy, Kinism, and Perspective.” From a site called ” Faith & Heritage.”
    “Absent God’s Law-Word, the very concept of conservatism is retrograde. Absent the immutable authority of revelation, conservatism can neither halt its slide nor even definitively identify its own anchoring ideals. This is the dilemma highlighted by Schaeffer’s leading interrogative: “by what standard?” Like its sister, progressivism, which has no identifiable goal in mind other than the rejection of all that is, all a-theonomic conservatism is at a loss to define its own objectives except for momentary objection and eventual concession. The observation that today’s conservatism is yesterday’s progressivism is not coincidental, then, because the predominant theory of conservatism accepts arbitrary tradition as its bellwether; and it at length accepts progressivist innovation as tradition.”
    Here’s the link.

    • Indeed, “conservatism” is either wholly devoted to conserving liberalism and degeneration, or it is highly revolutionary, and not really Burkean any longer, in my opinion. It’s either a wholesale overthrow, or it’s conserving left-liberalism and Western oblivion. The question is “whereto”, what are the principles and destination that stand above modernity, and justify its obliteration. The traditional Catholic’s Aristotelian-Thomism and Catholic State, Guenon’s and Evola’s Tradition, Right-Nietzscheanism’s passage beyond Last Man, Right-Heideggerianism, like that of Alexander Dugin, and a movement beyond liberalism rooted in a people’s traditions? I lean toward the latter two these days, though I still have a great deal of reading and thinking to do.

      • Prussian said: “…though I still have a great deal of reading and thinking to do.” Perhaps you’ll read the artical I posted above from the Faith & Heritage website. See what you think.

        • I may not get to it tonight, but I will read it.

          I should warn you, though, I lean strongly Eastern Orthodox and traditional Catholic. I view the men of Mt. Athos as the exemplars of Christianity in the modern world (I haven’t looked into Oriental Orthodoxy much, but Coptic monastics, for example, I’m also inclined to greatly respect). I was a devoted traditional Catholic, but I came to not only reject Vatican II, but I also came to have problems with Vatican I and ultramontanism.

          Much as I like and agree with 19th century ultramontanism as a tool of anti-liberalism, I think the criticisms of brilliant Roman Catholic theologian/historians like Dollinger and Bishop Bossuet, that ultramontanism was not Tradition, that it was not believed “always, everywhere, and by all”, that it was a slowly built novelty of the last millenium (with the help of forged documents like the Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals that passed, unknowingly, into Gratian, and then onto Aquinas, for example), I think this all rings true. I think ultramontanism elevated Church hierarchy authority above Church tradition, and thereby contributed to Vatican II. For example, Pope Leo XIII and frequent communion for the laity was one such relative novelty, as was Pope St. Pius X’s drastic changes to the Breviary (undoing ancient elements) and changing First Communion to fall before confirmation. The 1917 Code of Canon Law also represents a break with the traditional Church conception of law:

          Pope Pius XII and his major changes to the Holy Week liturgies is another example.

          And yet, to balance against all I’ve written, medieval Catholic Europe, and the pre-Vatican II Carthusian Order I once had dreams of joining (I was realistic, as approx. 1% (from what I’ve read) of those who are invited to their monasteries to discern a vocation ultimately choose to stay/are accepted by the community as a permanent member), are my two favorite aspects of Christianty. Spending my life as a contemplative monk, wholly and ceaselessly waging a war internally to rise to God, to one day, perhaps, merit infused contemplation, was my dream. Then, doubts arose until the dam burst, and then Eastern Orthodoxy, Evolian Tradition, and pure neoplatonism came up empty, and here I am, something of a Right-Nietzschean, looking into Heidegger and Dugin. Dugin is an Old Believer Russian Orthodox (a fascinating branch of Orthodoxy) on Heideggerian/Traditionalist School foundations, so maybe I’ll make my way back to Christianity on that basis. We’ll see.

          • @Prussian. That’s all quite amazing. I on the other hand, was raised in small, plain, non-denominational churchs with rough hard wood floors. And the preacher would pound on the pulpit, shouting about hell fire and getting right with Jesus. We were just simple working folk you understanding.

          • I come from a solid working class/lower middle class background myself. I’m wired quite differently from just about everyone in my extended family, however (not in terms of greater intelligence, just in terms of interests and the like). Both my parents’ families were Catholic, but none of them became priests, monks, or nuns. I attended Novus Ordo Catholic grade and middle school, and confirmation classes in high school, but it didn’t really stick. Being forced to sing, for example, “On Eagle’s Wings” and “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love” to the piano during Novus Ordo mass (I think that’s why I hate the piano to this day, although I love the harpsichord) was too nauseatingly effeminate for a young boy enamored with the movie ‘Predator’ and GI Joes, lol. Coming to appreciate, in college, the intelligence and depth of men like St. Thomas Aquinas was what opened the door to Catholicism/Christianity for me.

            Old Protestants, especially serious groups like the Amish or the “black stockings” Calvinists in the Netherlands, deserve great respect. Our fight is connected to ensuring them a future as well (I don’t know how Amish pacifists are going to fare in the future that is taking shape, even with their high birth rate and high retention rate).

    • It’s hard enough defining and defending conservative standards in a unified, assimilated culture, but if you wander off into multi culturalism and diversity, the task becomes hopeless.

  5. “libertarian fanatic”
    In what way are the Koch’s libertarian?

    Both of them have used the power of the State wherever possible to entrench their quasi-monopoly on heavy oil refining, by definition, Libertarian warmonger is an oxymoron. Pouring millions into the DC Conservative shit-show is the act of fascists not libertarians.

    They are no more Libertarian than Madonna is a Virgin.

    • The “libertarians” at Reason are just useful idiots for the Koch’s. They still think opening the borders to millions of commie-voting third world morons will make us more free. They have to use their “principles” to square that circle.

    • Yeah, the Ol’ ‘No true Libertarian” argument. Which we’ve seen about 10,000 times. Next up, we don’t *understand* what real Libertarianism means.

  6. The silver lining to all those YouTube purges yesterday (Allsup etc.) was that nothing is purged like that unless it has power, substance and most of all salience. History should teach us that today’s purged thought is tomorrow’s common knowledge. It also shows that intellectual weakness of the current era. Some upstart kids thousands of miles from DC can disrupt like that? As a matter of fact, I think being purged is almost the seal of approval of tomorrow’s success. In the future, no one will be reading Dana Milbank articles. Who does now?

  7. To increase their influence, the Koch brothers bought “Reason” magazine and its writers, which nobody cares about.

    On the other hand, regarding influence, the Jews bought Harvard University, which powerful people DO care about.

    Scale matters.

  8. IMO a lot of the despair and foreboding coming from so many directions is the death of opportunity in Western culture. Traditionally, “little guys” had all sorts of opportunities that would elevate them in some way over time. Buying a home, getting married and having children, investing in the markets, getting involved in the community, starting a business, working up the ladder in the corporate world. Nowadays, the little guy can’t afford a home, marriage and family brings all sorts of PC stuff front and center, the markets are mostly picked clean, getting involved in the community means either swallowing all the PC bs or getting doxxed, starting a business is asking for trouble in all sorts of ways, and working the corporate ladder is fraught with PC and all the ways of getting cut off at the knees in one’s career. So the sense of opportunity is just drained.

    The Lefties do have their sense of opportunity, as joining the “more government” and “free government cheese” things ramp up, and going hard PC can open doors for them. All the anti-marriage and weird gender stuff is a set of opportunities for them, not bugs in the system.

    Even things such as traditional art and music are career dead ends, and being edgy and obnoxious opens doors. The problem with our culture is that the traditional paths of opportunity are destroyed, and opportunity now lies in the twisted and perverse. A very difficult set of obstacles for any traditionalists to overcome. It also sets the stage for everything burning down before anything gets better.

  9. Having just read the Williamson post, i can only say “Right on Z-man”. What an embarrassment – even for National Review. Hey, forget politics, Koch liked the Ballet. Well, you know who else loved the Ballet? Stalin. You know who loved the Opera? Hitler. IOW, this is like writing Koch was a “great conservative” because he liked Caviar instead of Big Macs. Interesting but irrelevant. Is Williamson implying that politically “conservatism” has been completely drained of meaning – and is just a sensibility ?

    • These guys still retreat into the “conservatism is an attitude, not an ideology” whenever they run out of excuses for their cucking to the Left.

  10. One issue we have as a Pro-White movement is that we are not monolithic on our world view. I am a big fan of the TRS guys, but I cringe sometimes when Striker and Enoch start talking about managed economies.

    I don’t have any reservations about some
    Companies having to be more accountable to the government/people because of near monopoly conditions ( Microsoft, Google, Walmart). I also don’t mind the Government partnering with industry in some cases. But some of parts of the dissident Right are pretty communal.

    It is not necessarily and issue for right now because we all have better things to worry about. But as we move forward there are some internal wedge issues that will have to be faced down.

    • “Unmanaged” economies can only function in White communities. Let’s make that happen together first and then worry about planning for the state(s) yet to come.

      We’re not necessarily going to have one monolithic White ethnostate. I’m betting on multiple allied regional states here in North America, along European lines, loosely allied in a confederacy for mutual defense & common interests. We’ll probably see a different mix/balance of free and managed markets among them. There’s room for Sven’s White theocratic free market republic and the Enoch/Striker White Soviet state.

    • Arguments about economics and the like would be the fulcrum of politics if whites still had their own countries. In the world we live in they are ancillary concerns. The issues facing us are existential rather than economic.

  11. That Kevin Williamson would be the Koch Brothers eulogist is fitting. Both will/would do anything for $$. Whores for gold.

  12. I have nothing to add except to boast that I triggered Williamson on NROs comment pages before they were deleted.

    I asserted that Buckley conservatism and his articles on the yokels in flyover country who should just die was an attempt to convert all people into rootless cosmopolitans.

    He accused me of anti-semitism, etc. though I had never brought it up. Nice to hear he’s still being a cuck.

  13. Actually, I think you could argue that America’s “intellectual class,” the professoriate, is largely responsible for the West’s sorry state. From Frankfurt School and second wave Frankfurt School (postmodernism/poststructuralism) theory emerged virtually all of the terrible ideas that have produced the cultural and social pathologies presently killing the West. Villains like Quentin Tarantino, Michael Moore and Jeff Bezos didn’t gain their ideology from a void.

    As for culture, last night I was at a conservative book club meeting and we were discussing the putative universality of Western culture. One chap, a friend of mine who’s a major buff of classical music, argued that Western culture is universal by virtue of the fact that there are something like 100 orchestras within 200 miles of Tokyo. I asked him how many there were in the Congo. As one, everybody in the room looked at their fingernails, shuffled their feet and muttered some indecipherable words.

    • To be fair, the Congo, with a GDP per capita of $675 (, does try, with some outside help. Kinshasa has a symphony orchestra, the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra, with 200 musicians and vocalists. It’s the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa and the only all black symphony orchestra in the world. I wouldn’t argue that Western culture in general is universal, but music does appear to be the universal language that speaks to the human spirit. I challenge you to watch this short video without at least a twinge of admiration, respect and wonder.
      African and Western orchestral music are also capable of playing quite nicely together.

      • Who play the Ebola? Sorry, the Oboe. You know what? I’ll bet I wouldn’t have to step over needles and feces to get to the Kinshasa one, as opposed to the San Francisco one.

      • Indeed, music in general is universal. There seems to be an innate human need or at least pronounced ability to appreciate music on some level. That said, all forms of music are not equally compatible with all cultures. You just won’t see many blacks at a Mostly Mozart festival. And by the same token, the native music of China and Japan seems to make virtually no impact outside of its home turf.

        • Right. On the other hand, Japan and Singapore have excellent symphony orchestras that play mostly Western music, and young instrumental soloists seem increasingly to be of Asian origin. It’s possible that classical music’s prospects are more in Asia than the U.S. and Europe. I’ll take the art’s future wherever I can find it.

    • Years ago a friend’s daughter spent four years as a violinist in the Sacramento Youth Symphony. I enjoyed many concerts during this time. It was an extraordinarily talented group of young classical musicians. Not one of whom was black or Mexican, despite the notable diversity of Sacramento. Draw your own conclusion, but no one familiar with HBD was shocked or dismayed.

      • Classical music performance requires a stupendous dedication to practice, that is, scales in all forms and etudes. In other words, homework. Blacks don’t do homework. They will play all day though, hence success in pop and jazz. This is not a criticism, most classical musicians are not in fact creative, but time horizons are a very stubborn thing.

        • Well, perhaps you didn’t notice Vondra , who plays first violin.

          Maybe you forgot about Tyrone on the trombone?

          Did you overlook Odell, who plays the oboe?

          How about Cordell on the clarinet?

          Did you see Tamika on the trumpet?

          I know you did not forget the virtuoso performance of Cornell, the conductor.

          • Well, Liberty Mike, I’m simply noticing the irony of “I asked him how many [symphony orchestras] there were in the Congo,” when there is indeed, against all odds, a symphony orchestra in the Congo. I didn’t say that Western culture is, in general, universal, nor that all forms of music are compatible with all cultures nor that all cultures are equal. I know very well what it takes to train a classical musician. But I do think If someone is unable to appreciate anything whatsoever simply because it’s derived from another culture or refuses to acknowledge inconvenient realities that conflict with his biases, that person is lacking something.

        • I don’t know about now, but the Detroit Symphony was good back when Neeme Järvi was the conducting honcho. I expect the orchestra is constantly jabbed by the local establishment to hire more blacks so it “looks like Detroit.” (If it looked like Detroit, its concert hall would be empty and falling down.)

    • Why were those ideas picked up and broadcast from across the ranks of the Western elite? Many different ideas have come out the professoriate. Why are some picked up, funded, promoted to hilt, while others are ignored, or banned?

      I’ve become inclined to think that the Western, i.e. liberal, elite find these ideas propitious, advantageous to their power/wealth, under current conditions. The evolution of capitalism first led to national markets of relative free trade and movement, and now is leading to globalization, to international freedom of trade and movement. I think today’s left-liberalism is the cover, the justification, for the liberal elite class’ will-to-power, for pursuing their interests under current conditions. They latch onto these ideas, and are in a position to make them the norm in society, ultimately obligatory ones, across the society that sits beneath them. The ideas of John Locke, Rousseau, et al justified the Third Estate’s will-to-power over Throne and Altar Europe, and the Third Estate’s elite heirs, today’s liberal elite (plutocrats, rootless Ivy League elites, etc.), latch onto today’s left-liberalism in the same manner. Today’s “rights” and “freedoms” and “anti-racism” are the moral justifications for the liberal elite class’ global open plantation of Last Man worker-consumer-hedonists, the human type, and the social order, that is most propitious for them. That’s how I explain that the liberal elite of the world have come to wholly and fully embrace all this. I don’t believe they’re all self-sacrificial True Believers, and although they can certainly err, I don’t believe they’re entirely stupid.

  14. If several long term historical trends are reversing, one guesses that what comes next is a long way out and that we have to fall off a cliff in the meanwhile. It’s hard for me to see how we can just seamlessly transition to a new epoch without suffering the consequences of the insanity of the last 30 plus years.
    The world economy is in a massive worldwide bubble of unprecedented proportions. The wealth itself won’t disappear (unless it is physically destroyed in the chaos) but the claims on it will likely change. The millions of people ‘on the move’ immigrating (invading) from South to North, the global military hot spots and the massive de-industrialization of America and Europe are all likely to impose huge costs as the current order unwinds, if that is indeed what is happening.
    The idea that all of the insanity can just unwind with some minor tweaking around the edges is probably due to said insanity. The consequences cannot be avoided forever.

  15. Part of the blame for our shriveled intellectual and cultural classes is often placed with our financialized and mass-consumption economy that has no effective pricing mechanism for social capital. I’ve read some of Charles Hugh-Smith’s stuff, some MMT and other heterodox econ wonkery claiming to have bold new ideas on how to systemically fix our valuation/pricing system. They point fingers at how our present system’s lopsided commerce-first values reward mass-producing-widget-merchants and financial hucksters, leaving our public intellectuals and our “high culture” largely subject to the philanthropic whims of our ultra-elites and their patronized toadies like Mr. Williamson.

    That said, I don’t see that any of the Big Brains have found the way systemic way Forward! to the Left’s fan-fic society where teachers are paid more than the cultural midgets infesting Woke Capital’s boardrooms. We should also remember that the system of elite cultural and intellectual patronage isn’t historically contemptible – it once produced guys like Dante, Machiavelli and Mozart instead of Jordan Peterson, Thomas Freidman and Jay-Z.

    Williamson’s vastly more talented colleague Victor Davis Hanson once co-wrote a book “Who Killed Homer” with John Heath which decried the death of Classics in American education. The authors reminisce that It wasn’t uncommon in pre-1960’s America to find proles fluent in Greek or Latin who enjoyed high culture like opera, symphony and even ballet. There was a mass market for high culture and serious intellectual works.

    However, the crit-theory deconstruction of the 60’s and the television age of mass consumer-capital culture mounted a Red-Blue pincer attack on the gentrifying middle class, driving the broad mass of rapidly evolving Morlocks back into Industrial Age peonage. Truly “higher” education and vocational education fused, dumbing down and eventually demonizing Classical, “Renaissance Man” style education while saddling vocational training with impractical intellectual and even moral pretensions. This unnatural fusion of Morlocks and Eloi produced the modern midwits of the managerial class.

    Pretentious grifting midwits like Williamson are the end cultural product of an educational system that tries to serve two masters. Hanson & Heath weren’t being self-serving eggheads when they lamented the loss of “learning for learning’s sake.” College should never have been reduced to a mandatory mass vocational credential which every child not only should but must possess.

    College should be left to those youth with the IQ and talent to develop into real intellectual and cultural assets, and older people who have the wealth and desire to round themselves. Some careers will require higher education as well, like medicine and science, but a lot of jobs we think require graduate degrees, like the law, were routinely learned through apprenticeship even in modern society (CA still permits this). Auto-didactery needs to be encouraged rather than stifled. Particularly in the Internet Age, you don’t need a credentialed mediocrity to teach you everything.

    The historically proven method of producing high culture and real intellectuals respected the Bell Curve. Trying to level it has given us “garbage in – garbage out.”

    • Exile: That comment, along with so many of yours, is a keeper. I was privileged to get a degree based on years of study and learning. The deconstructivists were just starting to overtake campuses at the time (late ’70s) but I was able choose among many truly learned older professors. I value learning and education of all sorts, very much including vocational and practical, but the modern mantra that one goes to college to get a job is a perversion of the university’s true intent. “The modern midwits of the managerial class,” indeed. Fwiw, did anyone else note that a paper-American kritarch objected to being so labeled as an antisemitic slur, and has begun a full-throated attack on Vdare as a result? Reason 148,999,875 not to tailor one’s language to cuck or normie sensibilities. Words mean things, and I will continue to use them as I see fit.

      • She’s a Farsimerican. Persians remind me of Pajeets in how they’ve adapted to Clown World rules – we have tons here in SoCal. They know which buttons to push to get the desired effect, pure power players, not true believers. FWIW, empowered wahmen Pajeets and Persians seem more inclined to mash every button on the launch control console than the men.

        She knows the AS button is Defcon 1. I welcome its over-use. They’re going to make people as deaf to this slur as “rayciss,” and Pajeets and Persians will be major appropriators and over-abusers. Wait until the Chosen have to start patrolling them for it. Lotta opportunities there.

    • The authors reminisce that It wasn’t uncommon in pre-1960’s America to find proles fluent in Greek or Latin who enjoyed high culture like opera, symphony and even ballet. There was a mass market for high culture and serious intellectual works.

      The Last of the Mohicans was a runaway hit back in the mid 19th. C. – a dire, long-winded tome, laced with philosophical and naturalist observations. A hundred years later, aimed at essentially the same market, you had Tarzan – a children’s book by comparison.

      Part of it is that people have a lot of alternatives to culture these days, and real culture, like all good things, takes a lot of learning to appreciate. People simply don’t have time for classical music.

      • K12 education isn’t doing enough to provide that foundation that enables appreciation. Hanson & Heath really hammered on the rarity of quality teachers who can make students grasp how the ancient wisdom and higher arts are relevant, stressing that Classics’ relevance has been debated in America since Colonial times, with someone always meeting the challenge. They blast their generation and those after for abandoning the modern fight for shekels and pats on the head, and they’re openly pessimistic, basically hoping for a Great Man or some external force to save the field.

      • Without awareness and an understanding of the white man’s civilization, whites cannot appreciate their own culture. As a great man once said: “You cannot love that which you do not know, and you will not fight for that which you do not love.”

      • At this point I’d settle for even low culture, as long as its ours.

        The talk of the town round here was about a Lowrider chicano car cruise along a blvd to “celebrate Chicano pride and history in the neighborhood” culminating in a chicano pride party in the park. The name of the park? “La Raza”.

        Mozart and Machiavelli will be around, waiting to be embraced come the restoration.

        But when contemplating the loss of intellect within the foundational cultures of western civilization, we should not forget that the Culture is carried across the bell curve.

        We lost the Classics but we also lost how to bake bread, build a fence, mend a shirt, etc. We lost our language and soon our entire history.

        How many family recipes, traditions, and markers of shared heritage have been cast aside for the sake of convenience?

        Who is responsible for cultivating and transmitting this culture of ours? We have outsourced more than just manufacturing.

        Easy to blame the frankfurt school boys – its well deserved, but when nobody has time to bake nana’s cookies with their kids for Christmas, its a lot to ask to have a discussion in Latin.

        While I understand The Booby’s starve the beast argument above, I don’t see it as mutually exclusive from those individual choices and efforts to build a community among the ruins in order to keep our spark alive.

        They way I see it. Most people, even woke whites, just prefer nice “things” to that of robust culture and community. Perhaps that changes when the Chicano cruisers finally take over.

        • our culture is alive and well. it just isn’t “popular”. want to go somewhere that all of the audience is white? go to a symphony. or a ballet, or the opera. read the classics. it’s all there, waiting for you 🙂

      • What I find truly depressing is that even Facebook is too “text-based” and wordy for Generation Z. By a long margin, the youngsters prefer Instagram because it’s just pictures and emojis with much less of this tiresome reading stuff. That’s why Facebook bought Instagram – to reach those youngsters with more targeted advertising.

      • “People simply don’t have time for classical music.”

        I don’t think it’s a question of having the time, if you mean that literally. People find time for what is important to them, whether it’s classical music or tuning up their cars or computer games.

        It’s more that our commercial media and leftist-propagating school systems don’t give people a chance to develop a taste for high culture. Leonard Bernstein was an asshole in some ways, but he sincerely cared about creating audience appreciation for his art. His ’50s and ’60s TV programs helped an earlier generation to discover the pleasures of classical orchestral music. He’d never get a mass-network slot now, including on PBS.

        Take back the media or start your own!

        • I don’t think it’s a question of having the time, if you mean that literally.

          Speaking strictly for myself, it took me years to learn to appreciate classical music, since my family is about as musical as a bowl of cold porridge dropped onto a concrete floor. I didn’t own a stereo until I was in my thirties and got one as a present.

          I once had a girlfriend who was a soprano. She had shelves of classical music but apart from a few specific choral works, she only listened to them if her friends were there to witness it.

      • How about a proper elite (i.e. not plutocrat run liberal democracy) controlling mass culture to the national/civilizational interest, to the maximal ennoblement of the masses, “capitalism and freedom”, plutocrats’ profits and degenerates’ unrestrained consumerism/hedonism, be damned? In other words, how about a return to the pre-liberal tradition of elites who restrict what goes on in the public square, to restrict social degeneration? Liberal “freedom” has first made the West nearly cultureless (Hollywood, et al do not merit the term “culture”), and has now led to left-liberal plutocrat control of the public square, and a collapse into enforced degeneration. It really is something of a nightmare.

    • Though a Protestant, will be forever grateful to the Jesuits for teaching my sons Greek and Latin. My youngest daughter, just entering high school has opted for Latin as her four year language. There is hope.

  16. My Dear Sir,

    “Buckley-style conservatism.”

    You are wrong and wronging the dead.

    To conflate what we have now and yes have had this century to Buckley, to equate Lowry and Williamson and that pimp spawn Goldberg is completely in error. Unless you want to throw in Sobran, Sowell, Buchanan, Kirk, Whitaker Chambers, Barry Goldwater and Sen Joe Mccarthy in with them as well. All of those men had no voice, and only Buckley stood by McCarthy.

    Yes the current neo-Jew and paid cucks took over the magazine and the conservative brand. But those men were old, dying or are now dead.

    You may as well conflate Bismarck with Goebbels. Why not? They both had the Reich “Brand.”

    The rest of your post is correct.

    Do consider that someday when the Goebbels Spawn of today have the banner of the right you and all the others here who mock calls for action or accuse those who say talk is useless as Fedposters may in your turn be denounced as cucks, cowards or sellouts. Surely you know there are those to the right of you…

    And most of them are young and will outlast ye.

    Judge not the dead or the very old, lest the younger judge ye in turn.

    • We owe the dead nothing but the truth. And Christ both judged people and taught his followers to do so, as well. Next you’ll be telling me there can be no differences between the races or sexes because of selective, out of context biblical quotes.

      By their fruits ye shall know them.

    • Buckley stood with Joe McCarthy in the 1950s, but by the 1990’s he was firmly in the Neo-con Camp. He supported Bush in 1992, attacked Pat Buchanan, and sold out over Immigration. Who do you think approved Goldberg and Lowrey to run NR?

  17. Massively off topic, but has been able to sign up for Gab? I keep getting 422 errors when I fill out the form on the homepage.

  18. The Enlightenment, the Industrial Age and the American Empire are all reaching a denouement. The confluence of these three final acts is responsible for the great tumult in the West.


    Bishop Fulton Sheen observed in 1974 that we are witnessing ‘the end of Christendom.’ He clarified to the effect that Western civilization was abandoning its Christian foundation. (That is to say, it is not ‘the end of Christianity’ nor ‘the end of the Catholic church.’)

    Your statement and +Sheen’s are congruent…..

    • Feedback loop. Christianity tempered the worst effects of the Enlightenment, but the Reformation-Enlightenment virus is killing Christianity in similar fashion to how Soviet Cult-Marxism is killing the West from beyond its Cold War grave. Christianity has to adapt to survive. Those who want to preserve it rather than destroy it under the guise of Vatican II, NuWorship-style “reformation” need to start looking for who and what to put in the lifeboats, and where to land them.

      • Protestants are not really Protestants if they don’t know why they’re not Catholics. That describes the vast majority of American Christians. Most of them seem to reject being part of a flock, envy Judaism, and take credit for the good works of Catholicism. The Church is in need of metamorphosis yet all they do is count coup.

        • Caths and Prots both need a reframe – a strong, clean break with “Judeo-Christianity,” express recognition that Whites are the race that is best equipped to lead by example (to the extent we have to preserve universalism), rejection of institutional focus on “tikkun olam” social policies, reorientation to good works for those closest at hand – family, local community. Those are a good start off the top of my head.

  19. Conjobs have few followers…but they do have money and access. We should ignore the progressive anti-whites for the time being and dispose of their rearguard first. Replacing who represents YT is probably 75% of our battle.

  20. Sandwiches…running around with their hair on fire….toddlers rolling on the floor demanding things…

    I enjoy your metaphors.

    Sandwiches. I’m so f-ing starving right now…

  21. Intellectuals, true intellectuals are realists. They keep their heads up. They keep their helmets on. Realist thinking is truthfull thinking. They do not go along to get along. Most of the MBA’s I have encountered in my business life more often than not had no practical experience. They did go along and got along. We laughed at those people. They played the role but were all without exceptions empty suits. The intellectual cream rises to the top. It’s foundation is built in truth. That truth hurts only the weak and incompetent posers.

    • As a recovering MBA, I have to agree. Two years of my life, and I cannot see any way it helps me except resume enhancement. Went back for a CPA and use it every day.

      • I have met a number of MBAs that were A OK number one. They all started their own businesses. They were all successful. The consultants proved to be the worst business types I encountered. Most of the accountants were top notch. If anyone wants to know about an individual they may do business with they should ask them about their experience. I found that question to be more valuable than what degree they may have. These perceptions are based on my personal business dealings.

  22. Evolution has endowed us with traits that culminated from a gauntlet of fitness selection spanning hundreds of thousands of years. One of the most fundamental of these is that the path to inspire group action is most effective when leadership is demonstrated tangibly, typically by feats of courage or strength. Highfalutin’ persuasion is a luxury of leisure and rarely effective in a pinch.

    • Tell that to Cataline and the other conspirators who died extrajudicially as a direct result of Cicero’s rhetoric. Though he was not a military guy like Caesar or Pompey, and was a new man from the sticks, Cicero had his moment in the sun entirely due to “highfalutin’ persuasion.”

      • So you’re saying that had you lived in the time of Cicero, you would have been a follower and did his bidding? Doesn’y that say more about you than him?

        • I am a rhetorician and a lawyer. I respect that Cicero was a master at the craft. Had I been his contemporary, I would have been his friend and colleague, not his client or follower. Read De Amicitia and you might grasp the difference.

          • Cicero is the Roman Alcibiades. Admiration for crafty sophists with entirely situational ethics is a distinct hazard of the legal profession.

          • You know Zman, it’s utterly puerile shit like this that is going to drive me to peace out on the comments. I may not be the most popular or astute contributor, but I strive to avoid ad hominems and sheer trolling. I can’t be the only one who deplores the recent decline in the civility of the commentariat. Does this McHungus fool really add anything worthwhile? I’ve seen little evidence of it. I am not advocating for censorship of ideas; but moderation was designed to sweep out just such unfounded opinions. Give that some consideration before your brand is irreparably damaged.

  23. The Koch brothers, like most GOP donors, love mass immigration and globalism. However, to give the devil his due, I don’t think you can describe them as warmongers. From what I have read, they were sympathetic to a noninterventionist/realist foreign policy.

    • That’s the game these guys play. They will push for open borders, but not fight the warmongers over their war schemes. In return, the warmongers ignore the open borders stuff, while pushing their war plans. The Kochs are just one head of the plutocrat hydra.

      • And consider the fact that there are many warmongers and open borders fanatics on the Left as well, and on top of that, support of globalism is near universal, except in dissident circles on both the left and the right.

        Virtually the entire establishment stands in opposition to the three pillars of the Trump agenda, including many of his appointees and advisers (esp. Javanka) and perhaps even Trump himself at this point.

        The probability of of any meaningful progress on these issues is nil. But enjoy your new bollard fencing!

        • “support of globalism is near universal”

          Everything runs on money, and Money is left-liberal (I don’t know of too many members of the Money elite advocating for a new USSR “dictatorship of the proletariat”, or near wholesale nationalization of the economy, and the like).

          Why is Money wholly left-liberal? I can’t help but think that there is a money/power interest behind it, that left-liberalism is the mask, the justification, for Money’s will-to-power, at this stage of capitalism’s development (i.e. globalization). Capitalism and democracy, aka liberalism, as it has naturally evolved, is the heart of the problem.

          Unless capitalism, the Money elite, can be contained by a State outside of Money’s control, there’s no way forward. Democracy has failed to control Money, and will continue to do so. When Money cannot successfully propagandize the masses into believing the “correct” things, they can bribe politicians and maneuver behind the scenes to get what they demand, and the masses are left confused, apathetic Last Man in the face of it all.

      • Infinity up-votes. For some reason calling out the MIC results in as much (if not more) censorship than certain other things. Why is that?

    • What kind of Christian gives the devil his due? Pretend Christian! That’s the only kind you find in America.

  24. The alt-right was not destroyed by Spencer alone. There were plenty of other clowns too; fags like Milo and Vox Day… Cerno wasn’t much better. Those guys were about capering and dancing for the cameras and selling badly written books. Anyone with a lick of sense could see the left slapping the racism label on them from a mile away.

    If you guys can manage to keep that stuff out of your politics and keep them intelligent and intellectual – the dissident right stands to clean up. After all… you’re the only adults in the room right now. Adding to that is the fact that the wheels are coming off the liberal bus. Hysterical shrieking about white nationalism does not play well against a reasoned debate about race realism. Especially now when the effects of multiculturalism and diversity are hurting so many people including their former advocates.

    In the future I see the remains of Conservative Inc trying to hitch their wagon to yours as their troubles deepen. The question I have is this: what are we going to do with all these shrieking toddlers that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer?

    • As the troubles deepen, people desperately cast about for answers and solutions. Charlatans and would-be dictators thrive in such an environment. The question for our thing is “how far are you willing to go, despite your scruples, to force your agenda on the situation?”

    • I still haven’t figure out Vox Day’s gig yet. The whole living in Italy thing and boutique publishing just screams money laundering to me. The coziness with Cernovich is just odd, as Cernovich is by no means right wing much less dissident Right.

      Then the surrounding with syncophants… anybody who disagrees is a gamma. I don’t know.

      I like his site though because he does link to some good stuff, that is how I found this site.

      • He’s useful, adjacent to us but not allied. I normally don’t think guys with that level of vanity and his kind of connections are to be trusted, but he seems willing to take fire for “his” people. I’d deal with him at arms-length, trust but verify, no access to sensitive info.

      • Vox hates America because it put his psychopathic criminal father in prison. He is a traitor and regularly roots for America’s enemies. Other than that he is a swell fellow.

      • From what little I’ve been able to piece together, he seems to do some programming work. Plus, his publishing seems to do decent. Not like there is a lot of upfront capital needed to make that work.

        He creates sycophants the old fashioned way by tell people how brilliant he is. If you follow him, you’re obviously smart as well.

        Three things Vox seems good at are programming, understanding SJWs, and selling himself and his products. Everything else, take with a grain of salt. His understanding of Christianity is simplistic. He sees conspiracies everywhere. He’s a guy who is very good at one thing and therefore believes he’s brilliant about everything.

    • i don’t think the alt-right was ever destined to become an institution. I think of them more as a kamikaze mission. Yes, they were loud and obnoxious, and yes they ended up alienating their prospective mainstream support.

      But they were a necessary part of the process. There was no way white identity politics was going to work its way into public discourse through polite articles in the periodicals. It had to leap onto the stage with a crash and a bang, or it would have been smothered in its cradle.

      I hardly think of the alt-right as a failure. While the movement is largely defunct, they sure got their message out. Look at every blog or comment section of the net, and their ideas are well represented. The groundwork has been laid for an untarnished movement to come along and pick up the torch.

      • Yup. Milo is what started to wake me up. That and r/the_donald.

        You can’t go from total cucked immersion in schools, to full on DR white nationalist. You have to slowly work up. From Milo I was introduced to the alt-lite. I then found the_donald. from there I found 4chan. then 8chan. then discord. then …….. etc.

        that’s why the alt lite cucks were the first to go. because they are like the introduction to the serious stuff for kids.

        understimate their impact at your own peril. don’t purity spiral too hard.

    • ” … what are we going to do with all these shrieking toddlers that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer?”

      A good spanking?

    • In fairness, many of the books brought to us with the help of Spencer have been exceptional. Richard Lynn titles, including the recent ‘Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality’ for one. The collection of essays ‘The Great Purge’ is, in my opinion, the best take-down of Con., Inc. ever assembled. That we’ve finally gotten Armin Mohler’s ‘The Conservative Revolution in Germany’, translated by the great F. Roger Devlin, I consider a huge deal. It’s even better than I’d hoped it would be, and merits very close study.

      My copy of that last book is filled with underlines and notes, and you get the sense, when reading it, that you’re being shown the proverbial tip of an iceberg. I’ve found that Mohler hardly wastes a sentence in outlining an often interconnected, but at times violently opposed, stream of ideas and thinkers running back deep into the 19th century. When reading sections later in the book, he’ll refer back to earlier men and ideas, and upon rereading those sections, I’ll suddenly find a new, much more profound meaning to a sentence or paragraph he’d penned, opening up a new vista in my mind. Admittedly, I’m abnormal, but finally getting to read Mohler’s book has been very important for me.

      When Spencer has penned effort essays in the past, they’ve been very good (from what I can remember, since it’s been so long now). I wish he would just stick to books and essays, and the occasional podcast or video within “our thing” (outside of the Enemy’s propaganda outlets), although I really don’t enjoy, or have the free time, for podcasts/videos.

  25. This is supposedly evidence of his love for high culture, which according to Williamson is the exclusive domain of the Right.

    Artsy types are notoriously right wing, don’t you know?

      • He can quit aspiring, he’s made it. Williamson makes David French look like Andrew Anglin. The man is a wonder of nature, when he dies he should be stuffed and put on display. He consistently more than lives up to his reputation

    • My guess is that Williamson was saying that the Left, because of its hyper-egalitarianism and hatred for white people, abhors high culture and even denies that any culture is “higher” than any other. That said, my suspicion is you won’t find many Trump voters in your average orchestra, Shakespeare theater troupe or art museum.

      • I’m at most a lukewarm (or lukecold) Trump voter hoping for a better alternative, but I go to orchestra concerts, watch and read Shakespeare, and head for art museums in every city I visit. And it would not be surprising to find that most trad or dissident conservatives are similar.

        • I’m a Trump voter and very much a patron of high culture, too. And I agree that others of our ilk do the same. But if any prominent music director, museum director, etc. publicly declared his support for Trump or traditional conservatism it would instantaneously destroy his career.

  26. Never put much thought into the Koch’s. I just assumed that they wanted cheap Mexican labor and lots of government contracts to keep the billions rolling in. I too consider most “conservative” political writers to be whores.

    • The death of David Koch is a great example of how the Left controls the Right. Bill Maher said something long the lines of he was glad Koch was dead. Immediately, the BoomerCons rushed to celebrate the life of David Koch. The same people who bitch about open borders and globalism instinctively defend a monster like Koch. Both the normie Left and normie Right are programmed to define themselves in opposition to the other side.

      • It just so happened that recent the “big bust” of illegal aliens was at two Koch Foods plants in the south. For the Kochs it was about paying labor a nickel and shoving them onto the local community for basics. If that isn’t back door socialism, what is? Amazing how these so called “libertarians” from academia to business seem to all have the skeleton key to government largess. Koch’s pall bearers should have been illegal aliens.

        Yep, the sad reaction to Maher is exactly the problem. He was a monster.

      • The Boomer cons will be gone in a few years leaving only (H/T Vox Day) the skinsuit types like Ben Shapiro or the aging Jonah Goldberg

        Those guys will keep up the groft so long as the money flows but despite efforts less and less people believe them.

        This leaves an ideological vacuum for the Dissident Right to fill which we are doing

        As a side note, the news has been filled with a story about some kids in an elite school who started LARPING as Nazis right down to a rendition of apparently Horst Wessel Lied

        Despite the usual panicked people and new media, the story was more amusing to me than anything else

        You taught a bunch of kids in an elite school the benefits of socialism , wouldn’t you expect they’d gravitate to one where they’re on top of the heap instead ot the bottom.

      • I didn’t celebrate his death (in various shit-posts I made); just pointed out he was a cock sucking traitor.

      • You aren’t the one paying these whores. The Koch’s seem satisfied with their investment at Reason. And the guys over at Reason gave him a good tongue bath in their obituary

  27. Conservativism should not even exist. it lost the war 60 years ago. The academic left now controls the state. Political parties may fight over who gets to sit on top of that pile for a few years but it makes no practical difference.

    By being a conservative now you only empower the academic left. Being honest, getting a job, starting a business, paying your taxes…. all that just fuels the state machinery which the far-left now controls.

    Get married, have children, try to keep the family unit together. Yeah, fight on brother. That’s exactly what the left wants you to do. Follow their new rules, pay your taxes, enslave yourself to your job, keep the banking system going with your loser loans. Then, 20 years later your wife suddenly realizes she can be a Christian AND a feminist, divorces you, her lawyers get richer, and the state keeps chugging along thanks to your debt slavery, and alimony and child support fueled consumerism. Meanwhile, your brats learn their social justice warrior schlock in public school before heading off to university to fully cultivate their sense of victimhood. The state wins again.

    Do everything that is anathema to conservativism. Work under the table when possible, avoid marriage, do as little as possible that will feed the economy and the banks. Don’t join the army, and don’t encourage your kids to join. The wars for oil only keep the state going and the parasites fat. Stop going to church… they abandoned you decades ago. Let this shit show collapse under its own weight instead of trying to restore a reality that died before you were even born.

    • I’ve heard similar sentiments somewhere before- oh yeah, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” circa 1966. That advice eventually gave us current year Amerika.

      Every generation has its “dissidents” yet the Leviathan grows ever larger, more malevolent, and more powerful. So it’s the same age-old question: Will the Leviathan go out with a bang – or a whimper.

      Stay, ahem, tuned…

      • Oh please. The Left methodically took over the establishment at that time because they were ruthless and determined. The white conservatives being total dumbshits thought if they just voted hard enough and put in enough Republicans things would get better. They never did because the political system is rigged.

        In regards to the saying, it’s a good one. Saw lots of white men being crushed into serfdom by playing the game, Look the corporations took away job stability, pensions, decent benefits packages, etc. Today you worry about being out-sourced or your company being off-shored to China.

        That’s what hard work and voting republican has gotten us.

        Only a fool plays a game that’s rigged.

      • “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out”

        That was the leftist plan…and it worked for them. We need to do the same to the left using different tactics. We need to bring down the house on their heads.

        • Very few people turned on, tuned in or dropped out. The 80’s after all was the Greed is Good era in which Gordon Gecko , the villain became the hero to all those hippies.

          What happened is simple, the Left having little other focus than political power ran circles around the Right who were focused only on money.

          This was to be expected, the US has always been populated with money junkies and grifters. I mean in the 20th century we used bombers to break up strikes.

          This along with technology lead to a bigger state and this gave everyone delusions of grandeur , especially the Left though the Managed society was business classes version of same.

          Now that the fake comity is gone with the USSR we are very much reaping what we sowed from our bad decision making

          The closest we have to the effective Left on the Right would be the anti abortion people . They are focused on one issue alone,the power to stop abortion and relate to violence like the Left, being willing to go from harassing clinic goers to outright killing and bombing as needed.

          They have managed more than a little success too , abortion is down vastly and many areas no longer have clinics.

          They however were willing to go to prison or die for what they believed

          The gun lobby was somewhat similar though non violent

          It’s all about determination and not being distracted

          As for an actual Conservative movement is based around the extended family and national wellbeing and fight only and constantly for those goals , a broad package of economic and social changes

          It does require people in it though that aren’t immediately distracted by someone dangling a single on a hook “almost had it” and who actually care,

          Basically it’s paleoconservatism on roids

          Not to black pill, this would require a moral population which is something we won’t have for a quite a few decades at best and a lot of determination to essentially “make America dull again”

          If people can’t learn to be organized enough to know what they want and act to get it, they will have to wait for an opening.

          The axiom,hard times, hard men , good times, good times, soft men, soft men , hard times, hard men is proving to be true and 3rd world America will ironically be an easier place to be moral .

          In a few hundred years, whatever is here will be moral. No one else is having children and the wages of sin are after all death

      • Carl B said: “I’ve heard similar sentiments somewhere before- oh yeah, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” circa 1966. That advice eventually gave us current year Amerika.”
        Hey! I got it! Instead of calling White hetrosexual traditionalist dropouts hippies, how about we call them Amish or Mennonites or Hutterites?

      • That’s not despair. That’s thinking we need to speed this process along. I’m in agreement with him

        • I appreciate your point of view, but I can’t agree. Accelerationism is like being in a car heading for a cliff, and then stepping on the gas because you figure that the sooner you go over, the sooner you’ll learn to fly. I wish you luck, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

          • We’re not heading for a cliff, we’re slowly being eaten alive by parasites. So long as you keep feeding the state you will keep losing. Stop feeding the parasites.

        • Tax avoidance, not joining the military, etc. is fine. But not getting married and having children is suicide for our people. You don’t fight back by ceasing to exist.

          • We force Western white princesses to actually marry the diversity that they wax poetic about. Then suddenly hating the straight white male loses its appeal.

          • Da Booby said : “We force Western white princesses to actually marry the diversity that they wax poetic about.”
            Fly their butts to Istanbul, and sell them to a turkish pimp.

          • For some reason Da Booby got a lot of down votes
            from all the White Knights

            It’s called sarcasm people .

            Now to your point.

            Slavery is allowed under the Constitution as a punishment for crime . Why send them to Istanbul when there is plenty of demand here?

            Limit one per household, no industrial use for brothels or porn . Married men require written permission of wife to purchase since this disrupts the marriage relationship . Some restrictions apply

            Some are quite pretty as well and a few guys might be willing to take the chance of trying to rehab say a convicted and enslaved addict or clean up someone like moldylocks

            50 Shades of “oh *uck, this is horrible IRL” might serve to pour encourager les autres as it were.

            Oh yeah and John Norman gets his pick free if his wife is OK with that, It’s only right . That guy is a little nuts but he was many guys first taste of the Red Pill from 69 to the early 90’s

            As for the males, we have a lot of wealth locked in landfills that is just not cost effective on labor to dig up. It would be a fitting punishment for people who sent our resources overseas .

            Anyway all jokes aside, this is the kind of thing that does happen when societies fall apart

            It’s less obvious in modernity but having a former princess now selling herself to eat as we’ve seen all around the world in collapses is less kind than just enslaving her. You have to feed slaves after all and in most cases treat them somewhat humanely.

            Desperate prostitutes are sadly disposable

            While sure a lot of princesses do deserve it, a lot just need social encouragement and pressure to be better , proverbial kick in the ass, not a collar and chains

            Maybe we ought to make sure this doesn’t happen , N’est-ce pas?

          • “We force Western white princesses to actually marry the diversity that they wax poetic about”?
            How do we do that?

            “Then suddenly hating the straight white male loses its appeal.”
            So, we somehow force white women to marry non-whites and then they won’t hate us anymore?

            Are you Whiskey from Steve Sailer’s blog?

          • Less Whites, more orcs = bad math, and once they go black, we don’t want them back.

            Cutting off our hoes to spite our race.

            You’ve OD’d on the black pills, bruv. Regroup.

          • Gotta disagree. Stop white knighting for the feminist woke ones, yes. Hand them over to our competition? Hell no.

            We cannot give up on white women. Without them we have no white children and no future. If the state rigs the game, build alternative institutions.

            Vox Day gets flak here, but he has a point and is actually trying to be the change he wants.

          • He didn’t say “don’t have children”, he said to avoid marriage. He also advised that children should be encouraged to avoid the military. My father, a WWII vet, didn’t want me in the military, either. I’ll always be grateful to him for that advice.

          • He said getting married, having children, and trying to keep the family unit together was what the left wants us to do. That means “don’t have children.”

            I don’t think anyone commenting today disagreed with avoiding the military. That’s two different things.

      • AltitudeZero said : ” Despair is a sin, Booby. Surely you know that.”

        Oswald Spengler said: ” Optimism is cowardice.”

    • It seems to me that the academy is ripe for taking over. Moreover, getting control of the academy is the first step to reversing the leftward drift of the culture, government and business. It must start in k-12 and continue into graduate school.
      Without getting control of children, we are in a hopeless rear-guard action.

    • Agree with not voting, not paying taxes, paying cash, etc.

      But if you don’t have kids that is racial suicide. Just redpill your kids. As long as you’re not a lazy parent (99% of parents are) they will be fine. That is just nonsensical.

      Instead of not starting businesses, start businesses and cater only to white people. Or give whites a better price under the table. Avoid taxes. But living a life on welfare is just failure, because you don’t further the cause of the white race.

  28. Great post. The only thing I would add is this: That sandwich, made with one slice “neocon – libertarian” and the other slice “Progressive,” is prepared for you in a Kosher deli…

    • From a man who knew a thing or two about dissident politics:

      “In general the art of all truly great national leaders at all times consists among other things primarily in not dividing the attention of a people, but in concentrating it upon a single foe. The more unified the application of a people’s will to fight, the greater will be the magnetic attraction of a movement and the mightier will be the impetus of the thrust. It belongs to the genius of a great leader to make even adversaries far removed from one an-other seem to belong to a single category, because in weak and uncertain characters the knowledge of having different enemies can only too readily lead to the beginning of doubt in their own right.

      “Once the wavering mass sees itself in a struggle against too many enemies, objectivity will put in an appearance, throwing open the question whether all others are really wrong and only their own people or their own movement are in the right.

      And this brings about the first paralysis of their own power. Hence a multiplicity of different adversaries must always becombined so that in the eyes of the masses of one’s own supporters the struggle is directed against only one enemy. This strengthens their faith in their own right and enhances their bitterness against those who attack it.”

      • I’m not a fan of quoting Hitler because it’s too easy for midwits defending the kosher sandwich to pretzel these arguments b/c DevilHitler made them. It’s low-hanging fruit for them to pick, saying “see, your focus on the Jews is deceitful and unfounded, just because we’re different, successful, ooooooy!”

        Anyone who wants to dispute the concept that you should always try to identify who your enemies are and prioritize your efforts by their effectiveness is welcome to try. Likewise for anyone who disputes that mass political movements have to sloganeer and simplify their message.

        The idea that Hitler unjustly “scapegoated” the Jews shouldn’t blind modern Americans to the task of objectively identifying who is working against their interests. I trust in the evidence enough to eschew the authorities.

        • A common misconception (deliberately propagated?) is that Hitler was the “father of antisemitism,” and thus all antisemitism is “literally Hitler.” This canard is easily dispelled by learning about key European political actors who came before him, including ones who influenced him.

          As the saying goes, “money is the mother’s milk of politics.” (Jesse Unruh) If this is so, then who is providing the milk to both sides would seem to be an important thing to know:

        • >midwits

          I rarely do it for precisely that reason. But there aren’t too many of those around here, and I think Z’s passive-agressive approach to the Q is past its sell by date. I mean, Allsup’s media presence was liquidated because of the ADL, and everyone from Fuentes to Moly is being dragged to the right by both their audience and events.

          While I think the reflexive sperg-outs whenever the Nose is invoked are bad, as things get more tribal a nuanced stance becomes a handicap. It’s nothing personal, it’s about winning.

  29. “What comes next is a new intellectual class for the demographic and technological age.” The question at hand is what will this new class going to look like and what will they espouse? Spicy times ahead…

    • Ajclement said: “The question at hand is what will this new class going to look like and what will they espouse?”

      Marshall McLuhan said: ” We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror.”

      History is packed with wisdom. Somebody will simply have to go back and bring it forward. What else is there?

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