The Cuck’s Life

The triggering event for when the so-called conservative movement made the final turn toward the dustbin of history was when the term “cuckservative” started to gain traction on social media. A portmanteau of “conservative” and “cuckold”, coined by fans of Richard Spencer, it captured the very essence of the person peddling Buckley-style conservatism during the populist revolt of 2015. These were men routinely humiliated by their women, with the women being their political masters on the Left.

The humiliation comes from the fact that these so-called conservatives are not forced to grovel by the political Left. It’s that they have so internalized their servitude, they think their self-debasement is a point of pride. They are like the house slave defending the master against the field slaves. It’s not that they get material benefits from selling out their kind. It’s that they have come to be defined by the fact that they have surrendered themselves to their masters completely. They are “men without chests.”

It is not enough for the cuckservative to remain silent about the proselytizing of the Left or excuse their excesses. The cuck’s life is one of always trying to be ahead of the curve, when it comes to championing Progressive morality. As soon as the Left starts making noises about something, the cuckservative will turn up with a highly polished explanation for why Progressive morality is, in fact, a conservative principle. They prove their worth by being to the Left of Progressives on moral issues.

The king of the cucks is probably David French, who invests all of his time lecturing the dwindling readership of National Review on why he is too good for them. His game these days is to write long sob stories about how normal white people don’t appreciate his wonderfulness for having adopted a black girl from Africa. There’s the sense in his self-serving posts that he regrets having obtained the black child through adoption, rather than the old fashioned way. Such is the cuck’s life.

That is what makes the term cuckservative so perfect. It is the issue of race where these people reveal themselves to be soulless. This string of tweets from someone called Bradley Wilcox is a great example. Wilcox is Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. He’s also funded by the American Enterprise Institute, an outfit that is a breeding ground of cuckservatism. Wilcox also hilariously fell for the absurd rape hoax perpetrated by Rolling Stone Magazine.

That last bit is a good example of how the cuck’s mind works. He is always looking to rush to the front of the latest Progressive crusade, so he can smugly march past the crowd, carrying on like he is an important part of the cause. When the Left was manufacturing the campus rape nonsense, good old Brad was ready to rush out and make himself the champion of the issue. The fact that he picked National Review to be the platform remains a symbolic moment in their decline.

Notice how the cuck always personalizes his tantrums. In this case, Bradley starts with the lament that he has supposedly been called a racist in the past. That seems unlikely, given his minor status, but that does not matter. What matters is that the Left believes that he believes racism is the worst. His tweet storm is a performance, not for the remaining lost souls still kicking around Official Conservatism. He’s performing for the Left, humiliating himself for their titillation.

One tell in this tantrum is that it was triggered by Amy Wax’s observation that immigrants are litterbugs. This is something that is obvious to anyone who has been around immigrants or been abroad. In fact, it is something the immigrants themselves will notice, as they compare their new community with their old. Amy Wax is not claiming that Mexican possess a litter gene and as a result are compelled to toss their empty Modelo cans in the street. She is making a cultural observation.

If Bradley was about anything other than promoting the career of Bradley to his Progressive masters, he could have used this fact to promote his creedalism nonsense. After all, the alleged basis of creedalism is that what makes America is a list of arguments. As a result, anyone can be an American, as long as they accept those arguments. Presumably, part of the American creed is that you should not throw your trash on the ground, so as not to offend a fake Indian, but that’s not the cuck’s life.

Of course, creedalism is a sham. A devoted Christian would use the sin of the fallen as a chance to apply his beliefs to save the sinner. The committed communist uses hard times to argue on behalf of his the abolition of property. The creedalist, in contrast, uses his alleged beliefs to position himself as the fiery critic of the enemies of the Left. It affords him a safe space, so he can post tirades on Twitter about racists not wanting garbage in their streets or piles beer cans in the local park.

This is why “cuckservative” is such an effective term. The cuckold is mocked and derided, not because his wife is unfaithful. He is an object of derision because he refuses to do anything about it. That’s so-called conservatism. For generations now, they have been unwilling to take on their partners on the Left. No matter the humiliation, they come crawling back. The cuck’s life is defined by his humiliation. No man has respect for the cuckold and no one has respect for the cuckservative.

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181 thoughts on “The Cuck’s Life

  1. Here’s the thing with David French and his imported black kid.

    He could have had a white kid – if he had really wanted to. So he’s either cheap or he’s virtue signaling, or he’s an obscene cuck. If I was a parentless black kid in the US – I’d be pissed that the white people leave me rotting away in a home – while they import black kids from Uganda.

    Sort of how I liked to point out to black people when Obama ran for President : “What ….. you couldn’t find one single black guy who was actually of American heritage to run for President – you had to import a guy who’s blackness comes from Africa – and is only American from his white mother?”

    I know people will say ‘it’s hard to adopt white kids” – and I guess it is. A lot of people I know are very wary of adoption – because of the horror stories they have heard of the trials, tribulations – and end results of families who have adopted children.

    Why do I say ” If he really wanted to” ?

    Because unless French and his wife are completely infertile – medical science could have given them a white kid. I can’t seem to find what his wife’s age is , but this seems to indicate French was worried about her screwing around:

    French is what – 50? The swimmers still work at age 50 in a lot of men. They still worked for me at age 54. Is the wife infertile? Solveable problem.

    Wife infertile = egg donor + French’s weak sperm
    French infertile = sperm donor and the wife’s egg ( he’s raising some black man’s baby already – he shouldn’t have a problem with this)

    All of these options are things that French could easily afford.

    Maybe they did try – who knows.

    “We are very sorry Mr. French but your sperm exhibit some very strange behavior in our lab. They seem to be uninterested in fertilizing an ovum and instead start trying to penetrate each other”

    What’s my point here? : no matter which angle you look at this from French is cucking himself out. Right now he is raising some black man’s kid from Uganda. He couldn’t even be bothered to help out black kids who are Americans.

  2. It was 2014 or 2015 when I put the word “Cuckservative” together in a comment on an obscure blog called “Mind Weapons in Ragnarok”. A blogger named Matt Parrot was first to use the word in a blog post, he frequented MWiR and is friends with Rob. Matt asked if he could use it too, in the comment section at the time. A year or so later VoxDay writes a book on it.

    If only I could get a $ every time that word is used. Nah I’m just glad to cause a schism in cuckservative inc or is that connedservative. Yes, I hate and despise what they have done to the Anglosphere.

    Apparently I inspired this heavy metal mob too.

    No bad for an isolated Australian who was out bush back then eh?

    I don’t comment much anymore, being I see the path taken by TPTB is trending for the inevitable devolution of the Imperial democratic American empire.

  3. When conservatives learned to love the state, the evil transformation was complete. I blame the neocons and conservative inc. for selling this noxious poison to the public.

  4. Conservatism has always been viewed as a vehicle to hijack as opposed to a tried and true lifestyle for these many parasites.

  5. Speaking of Amy Wax, she recently posed a question along the line, “Why around the world other than Europe and the Anglosphere, do you see nothing but varying degrees of failed states.” She argued that the left has no explanation for that. Hell, Conservative, Inc. refuses to address that question rather than some babbling about lack of property rights (never addressing the conditions necessary to get niceties like that). Given what’s going on in the world, the failure to address that question seems like a pretty big f’n deal.

  6. Hey, What a HOOT this one was! Z strikes out at the enemies of truth and goodness, and it’s such an unfair fight. I almost wanted to feel sorry for David French for a a split micro-second. Almost. But he’s used to the humiliation by now, and this is just one more.

    The northern European white man has built our world, and the less successful cultures (they think “races”) can never forgive us. If the white culture / race committed suicide in toto tomorrow, the cultural (“racial”) failures would still not forgive us. They would rage at the residual wreckage they would create by their incompetence and ignorance.

    And people like David French are OK with that, just as long as his ego is bathed in self-righteousness forever. He carried the White Man’s Burden, even though nobody ever asked him to. What a guy!

    Until the blacks go back to Africa and create the best African civilization possible, they will never be free of their inferiority complex. Until the Latinos go home and build the best possible latino civilization, they will always be fixated on whitey too.

    The Chinese, and the Japanese, can stand as examples of non-white success. They have interesting and unique cultures which have stood the test of time and can still thrive.

    We should send them all home, out of America, to do and be their best, on their own terms, in their own way. And we will do the same here.

    Of course that does not serve our globalist pirate masters, who seek everlasting control and profit from every living entity. God damn them to Hell.

  7. Anyone who doesn’t stand with all of those Shoah’d by YouTube today is one of the cucks Z is shaming in this piece.

  8. For the last 3 or maybe 4 decades, the “Conservative” movement in the western world (not just the USA) has been entirely devoted to and based upon advocating for cheap labour, rock-bottom prices and maximising shareholder returns. That’s it. That has been the core of Conservatism for nearly as long as I can remember.

    But that has run it’s course and I have noticed that even some of my devoted…muh free market friends have now realised that this was the road to hell and they are stating so publicly.

    So what’s left for Conservatism? Nothing. They have no plausible message, no platform, no ideas, no programme, no core ideology. Nothing. So they either slip silently into the endless night or they pick up some cues from the left and run with those. That they decided to do the latter is not surprising but will just defer the great endarkenment that is awaiting them.

  9. I would say the Cucks are the “big brained strategists” of Conservative, Inc., playing “4-D chess” against the Left (by the Left’s rules, of course) and always losing.

    I think there are some other folks still in their camp, such as the Grugs, i.e., the ones who root for their team (the Republicans) like a sports team. To them it’s the Elephants v. the Donkeys, and choosing neither side means you’re not a “fan” anymore, so they stick with their team. No need to think about issues, just root for the jersey… (Sean Hannity, call your office!)

    And, of course, there are the Right Libertarians whose only concerns are less government, lower taxes. reduced regulation, “free” trade, etc. My impression is that at the inception of Buckleyism some of them assumed that the culture and morality issues were a given, others of them never cared about that stuff, e.g., the Koch brothers. In today’s Pozzed up world, those who cared about the culture, etc., surely have either left Conservative, Inc., or Cucked.

    And then there’s the right side of the Kosher sandwich, i.e., what Pat Buchanan calls the “War Party”…

  10. From the ” Urban Dictionary”
    “A cuckservative is a self-styled “Conservative” who will cravenly sell out and undermine his home country’s people, culture, and national interest in order to win approval with parties hostile or indifferent to them.”

    Here’s an artical from American Renaissance, intitled: “What is a Cuckservative?”

    Here’s a few Cuckcervarive memes from the Renagade Tribune.

    Personally, I never watch corporate media, so I don’t catch the clown show. We have no friends there, so why bother?

  11. I’d add this one to the best of page. If a normie wants to know what cuckservative means, this is the perfect primer.

  12. I can’t tell you how pleasurable it was to read that knowing that those two cucks you named are also going to read it

    • I heard Goldberg admit that he really hated being called a Cuck. I was a little surprised he was so willing to be vulnerable. Laughed my ass off, let me tell you.

  13. My boss is a south african Boer. Bailed on SA and came to the states. Adopted a Somalia kid. I guess the kid stays in trouble and has caused the guy a whole hell of alot of hassle. These pozzed f’ckers are slow learners. I’ve about ground my molars to stubs.

    • Precisely my number 1 objection against cross racial adoption. Have we not seen enough of these adoptees becoming virally anti-White after they’ve grown up in a White privileged household? And that’s only the ones with enough smarts to become notable.

    • they are all like that, so don’t let them in here. maybe sneak them into mexico or guatemala..

  14. Normal male society is a mixture of alphas, potential alphas and betas. The lead alpha gets to sit in the saddle until the rest of the group figures he’s screwed up enough that he needs to be replaced. One of them gets to be the new lead alpha. The Kingdom of Venice pretty much was run this way for 1000 years.

    Cucks are by disposition neither alphas nor betas. They are something further down the male pecking order. They are largely excluded from normal male society because of the sensibility they give off. If they are tolerated it’s the kid you stick out in right field.

    In the competition for resources and women cucks must depend upon endless rule fashioning and moral preening to level the playing field. Making alliances with the enemies of the dominant male group is almost a reflex action on their part.

    • Good angle. If you follow Haidt’s idea that reason evolved to help unite betas against bad alphas vis persuasion and rhetoric rather than to help an individual “find truth” (ala Objectivist epistemology), being cucked could be a pathological/neurotic overreaction to authority, a more feminine than masculine approach as well. NuMale feminization, single mommies, autism, hormones in the water, etc… might all be a feedback loop that increasingly selects for this maladaptation, both genetically and socially. Heartiste (PBUH) would likely add that there’s a natural feminine contempt for weak in-group men, and girly men might just be manifesting something similar.

    • Yves and Exile…..not quite so cut and dry for the alpha male. Tough turf to defend. Good grief, I’m a chick and I know this one. For many species, yes indeedie, the beta or multiple betas create a distraction so one beta after the next can sneak in with a quickness to get…Some. DNA tests on alpha dominated species test out with lots of little beta success stories out there, regardless of Mr. Dominant in the Saddle.

      • Sorry but you missed the point. Cucks are further down the male pecking order. Well outside of the alpha-beta give-and-take.

        This is something males pickup on quickly when sizing up other males.

        Men choose alphas based on their ability to lead. How they deal with women is an afterthought if even that. Betas tend to be more active sexually in complex organizations because they have the time. Alphas need to attend to keeping balance between the factions they lead. Screwing other men’s women is one path to a short career.

        I was fishing in your old stomping ground (Suisun Bay) a couple of weeks ago. Still enjoyable but the crap and garbage left everywhere by the New Americans is depressing. Another 20 years and the entire delta will be a toxic wasteland.

  15. Whoever these Cucks or Conservatives are it seems likely to me they are trying to create an identity for themselves apart from any moral realist or ethical foundation. They like to think of themselves taking the high road while the realists are on the down low. They stink and it smells of Old Time Yankee holier than than thou condescension. We still have a Yankee problem. It has manifested itself and is observable in those like French and Goldberg. The truth is out there. Trust no one.

    • Great point. I was running long and late but thought about working the Yankees more into my comments. The Catholics are hip-deep in Replacement Theology, so to speak, but the Prots that didn’t dive grinning into the PoZ bog head-first have been dragged in up to their necks.

  16. At this point, I’d say about half the GOP are cuckservatives. On a similar note, I’m hearing calls for Amy Coney Barrett to be appointed to the Supreme Court. This madwoman was once affiliated with a weird Christian cult that obsesses over third-world children. Barrett and her cuckey hubby adopted two Haitian children. That is some serious virtue signaling. The last thing we need on the Supreme Court is a do-gooder clone of David French camouflaged as someone the Trump base can trust.

    • Spot-on. Two big disqualifiers for me nowadays are cuck-kids (thanks to Romney, French and a legion of cucks) and Israelophilia (thanks to Trump and a legion of rubes and/or blackmail victims).

    • That’s how it is now. Kavanaugh wasn’t sold as a Roberts’ acolyte and a Bush guy who worked on the Patriot Act, was he? Of course not. False accusations (which were never punished) and umbrage ushered him through. And now he’s JR’s mini-me. Am I being too cynical?

  17. According to this excellent info-bite on the cuckoo*, the cuckoo is a “brood parasite.”

    “Edward Jenner in the 18th century discovered the cuckoo chick instinctively ejects the eggs of its foster siblings. This seemed improbable to many, but it’s been confirmed by photographic evidence, in which we can plainly see the tiny hatchling wickedly hoisting an egg on its back and tossing it over the side. The chick then lives like a king as an only child…”

    Pathological altruism is the usual sciency explanation for social cucking among homo sapiens. But, with all due respect to Kevin MacDonald and others, that explanation lets homo-cuckoo off the hook entirely and gives the big-brain human cuckold an excuse more deserved by his bird-brained template.

    If GoodWhites suffered from generalized pathological altruism, we’d find GoodWhites bending over backwards to foster BadWhite kids from Appalachia as well as dindus.

    The much more selective altruism we among GoodWhite cucks grows from darker roots. Z fingered French on this in a previous podcast a few weeks back. That dark root is pride – not the healthy mannish regard for accomplishments well-earned, but the pride of cliquish Heathers annointing themselves and their social set with faddish and fashionable in-group atta-gurlz based solely on social preening.

    Weaponizing moral conceit has thus far proven to be the key to mastering the White race.

    Who’s laying the eggs of prideful social status all over the most fruitful nesting grounds for status-signaling – the wetlands of social media crafted and protected by the cuck-hunting enthusiasts and profiteers of Cucks Unlimited like Zuck and Jack?

    To make things fair for the eternally unjustly accused, I’ll limit myself to only looking one day back on hate-Twitter to find a prime example. Lo and behold! To paraphrase Shakespeare, who is quoted in the above piece:
    “The cuckoo then on every tree
    Mocks White men, for thus he sings: we will replace you!”

    In better days, only a warrior willing to defend his prideful resentment with his own hide would pound his chest like this. Today, White men have to hear this from a pigeon-chested (((bugman))) with an economics podcast.

    The Brahmin caste, from the Vedics to the Chosen to the Puritans to today’s SJW’s, have always been ill-suited to rule unchecked, but our historical track record shows that Whites are predisposed to granting the priestly caste a much higher status than other races. David French is a hothouse orchid example of moral sensibilities and more than a bit of Vaishya mercantilism, devoid of Kshatriya martial virtues like honor, courage and plain old balls. His priestly-caste’s in-breeding doesn’t select for those, preferring to LARP them for the rubes by doing “combat tours” as JAG lawyers in Appalachian and Southern Sardaukar-protected Green Zones.

    To end cuckery and restore the Vedic balance to our Aryan lands, modern Kshatriyas need to re-acquaint some of the big brains and wallets with a rock**.


    **metaphorically and politically, with due process and all that, OFC

  18. You can’t help but notice with these people how scared they are that whites will adopt the politics of ‘the left’, the identity politics thing.

    Begs the obvious question of ‘why’

  19. The persistence of cuckservatives in the political landscape is a social disease pathology. It is a symptom of the decline of male robustness and a harbinger of the intentional man-made progression toward insect status. And it’s not enough to confront this menace solely with rhetoric or derision. Like any serious disease, stronger medicine is necessary if you want to live.

  20. What’s the female version of a cuck? Cuckess? I ask because of Peggy Noonan. Of course Peggy Noonan hates Trump with a passion, but for all the wrong reasons. Much like this Joe Walsh (I never was an Eagles fan).

    Peggy wants to get back to 1970s America where Republicans knew their place at the country club dinner table, bread plate on the left, while Democrats ran the entire country. Her whole career rests on a highly overrated, saccharine speech written by her for deified Alzheimers patient Reagan. It’s about astronauts that were incinerated on re-entry. Yet, the WSJ still puts her front and center. Every few weeks she gets the vapors over Orange man, clutches her pearls and falls on her fainting couch in the parlor. She’s Jeb Bush wearing a dress. Aloof, preening, self righteous products on a dead era.

    • A female cuckold is called a cuckquean these days. It’s an Old English derived neologism and apparently a fetish for some people. Ick.

      In any case it’s natural for Conservatives to be a bit Civ Nat as Conservatism is the mindslave of Neo Liberal economics for the most part and more markets, more people and cheap labor is the catechism of that belief system.

      These things also require constant stability and churn and a focus on what makes a culture or a nation work , stable jobs and wages, little to no immigration, stable marriage and social conservatism cut into the the profit margin

      Social Conservatives and Economic Nationalists are only barely tolerated these days as Establishment Conservatives .are far more Culturally Leftist and Economically Libertarian than anything actually Conservative

      Worse to them a society dominated by SC/EN values would require an end to immigration ,regulation, a strong rule of law, morals and very possibly outright economic cleansing and pogroms to work

      That’s terrifying to what is essentially a pile of bowtied grifters and money junkies since they would be forced to be productive in order to eat

  21. I have no use for David French and agree with your points in this post. However, not everybody who adopts black children is doing it for show or to feel morally superior. Many Christians feel led to do so. They still vote for Trump and don’t gloat over their virtue. Governor Matt Bevan of Kentucky, probably the most right wing governor in the country, (he tried to defeat the Turtle for the Senate nomination a few years ago) has adopted Ethiopian orphans.

    • I addressed this a few podcasts ago. Here’s the problem. Flying around the world to adopt an Ethiopian is not some random act. It’s not as if he was just going about his business and found an Ethiopian baby in his path. They wanted an Ethiopian baby. They went to extraordinary lengths to do it. Meanwhile, there are plenty of blacks and browns and whites that could be adopted locally. If an American Christian wants to serve God, there are plenty of people in need within walking distance. When he flies to Africa to save a child, he is turning his back on those in need in his own town.

      These people going to Africa for babies are camels trying to fit through the eye of the needle.

      • You make a good point. The Bible tells us to look after widows and orphans in their distress. It is more cost effective to look locally; the typical American Christian cannot afford an African adoption. Perhaps finding ways to help them in their own countries is better. When it comes to refugees, I certainly don’t understand the need to bring them over here to help them (except churches make lots of money doing so).

        • Note that widow != single mother. But most cucked churches now are all in on single-motherhood (including many evangelicals).

      • +1000 on this comment, Zman.

        Christian Universalism is one of the main drivers of the collapse of a genuine conservative movement. Once you accept the universalist tenants of modern Christianity, and particularly Evangelical Christianity, it’s a direct line to singing We Are the World. And it’s just a short hop from there to Invite the World.

        David French simply represents the logical endpoint of adopting Christian Universalism. I’ve come to loathe most Evangelical churches.

        • It occurred to me that Christians used to go off into the strange places of the world and devote their lives to converting heathens at great risk to themselves. But at the end of the day, the converted stayed where they were, by and large. Now, Big Christianity works very hard to bring those people to us. No kind of God fearing person works that hard to infest his community with aliens.

          • Christian Universalism teaches that all humankind are the children of God and that all Christians are Brothers (and now Sisters too) in Christ. Once you accept these principles there are no “aliens” and your community extends across the globe, which is to say that you don’t really have a community anymore.

            In that context, David French sees nothing wrong or incongruous about traveling to Africa to adopt a baby, even when there are plenty of people in need within walking distance. In his warped mind he has no greater moral duty to help his neighbor across the street than to help a random child halfway across the world.

            It’s truly a loathsome belief system.

      • Not to mention that various Ethiopian subgroups don’t regard themselves as “black” at all.

      • AMEN!!!

        Years ago, I lived in Maine and the local Pax Christi Commies initiated a huge food drive for the Commie Sandanistas in Nicaragua (woe betide the christian who mispronounced the preferred pronunciation) and I actually had a letter published in “The Church World” that pointed out that the trucks that Pax Christi would drive to the Sandinistas would be passing scores of millions of poor and hungry (oops, campesinos) folks

        Total phony showboating bullshit of “compassion” that really was direct support of Communism

    • “Many Christians feel led to do so.”

      You mistyped. You meant to write, “Many Christians are led to do so.”

      Having an almost non-existent education in the church’s teaching, I won’t even attempt to get into a Bible quote-off with you, but I will say this: If God wants me to put other people’s children above (or even on par with) my own, then I’m afraid that I must leave the flock.

      God created different tribes. I believe that we should respect that. Bringing Africans into our lands will harm our children. What kind of Christian harms their own children.

      • Bingo. And it’s generational in many respects. There’s this mystique about Africa in American Christian churches. It’s earthy and vibrant. They haven’t forgotten how to pray and give thanks, their pews are full, while ours are empty.

        So I say, if our pews are empty, doesn’t that mean that WE are the missionary country and that missionary funds should be redirected from Uganda to the US? Maybe to a struggling Christian school three miles away? Oh no! What a shameful thing for me to say!

        You have a whole generation of church leaders that were raised on Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom, Jane Goodall, etc. That’s the hallmark of the baby boomer pastor. They care deeply about vanity projects10,000 miles away, while their own communities disintegrate.

        • I think the attitude in these churches is that if the locals are not going to show up on Sunday and not pay some form of tithe, then they are irredeemables, and let’s give our attention to someone who appreciates us, 10,000 miles away. Modern mainline church leadership really hates evangelicals, mega-churches, and the locals in the neighborhood that won’t join their progressive congregations. Full-pew envy of a sort.

          • I think the feeling is their poor are so much poorer than our poor, who are obese and have Medicaid, cars, and televisions. The need is greater overseas. Seems to be an emphasis on corporal acts of mercy vs. spiritual. Lord knows, America is in need of some spiritual acts of mercy (or works, as they appear to be called nowadays). Plus, mission trips abroad are much more interesting.

          • It’s a way to virtue-signal to the left that, “Hey, I am not a totally irredeemable right-wing retard. Please don’t be so mean to me.” aHRBi

          • Our poor are fat diabetics, with Doritos dust on their Ed Hardy shirts, and their poor have scooters and drink Fanta. Our poor will kill you with a hand gun, while their poor will kill you with a machete.

            At no time is the plight of the working poor in this country talked about on the pulpit. The outreach to the clerk on the graveyard shift. Instead they have this fantasy “pure” and “worthy” poor in (insert foreign country).

          • My brother married a Catholic girl, converted, and then went super- liberal Catholic to boot. Last year they moved to Rhode Island to be near her parents. I think that move away from me and my parents made them even nuttier.

            He came back to visit a few weeks back. He was actually on a mission trip with a bunch of other Catholic progressives to minister to the savages of Appalachia. They had put together a coat and food drive with the archdiocese of Lexington and ventured forth to pester the hillbillys of Eastern KY. A large part of the “missions” trip included field trips to abandoned strip mines and leaking slurrey ponds with hippie dippie environmentalist types.

            My brother, who was born in KY and spent most of his adult life here, evidently never understood that the reason the lights came on in Lexington when he flipped the switch is because some poor bastard dug coal out of the ground. He referred to the eastern half of the state as a “mineral colony” with a straight face and lamented that there was nothing to be done for the impoverished hordes because the boom years of coal production had ruined them by introducing a standard of living that can’t be maintained. They’ll never be able to go back to the happy shoeless dirt farmers they were before.

            My point is that there are people doing missions to the great white ghetto, but they’re the wrong kind of people for our thing.

          • All true, yet these Evangelicals have even more expensive Africa missions, paid for by 10% of the slave wage of gas station cashier congregant. The self hatred in this country originates on the pulpit.

          • Not for long. It’s already peaked. The Pew demographics are showing it. You could have said that 10 years ago. Both mainline and evangelical are heading for the garbage dump at this point, with Roman Catholicism in free fall, as it should be. Just as we need a third way in politics (like this blog) we need a third way in religion. One where churches are centered around problems within 10 miles, and not 10,000 miles.

          • “Paddy’s Wigwam”! Ha ha!

            Looks like a birthday cake for a robot.

            Too bad they didn’t choose the Lutyens design. Lutyens’s work wasn’t vulgar.

        • You make some good points. Although Africa is a sorry mess, the churches there tend to be strong. The Anglicans and Methodists, unlike their western coreligionists, know and teach that abortion and gay marriage are unbiblical.

          • Abortion may be “unbiblical,” according to your definition, but Africa definitely needs birth control (in which abortion has a role to play) to reduce its insane population growth that negates the benefit of food and medical aid.

            By ignoring overpopulation, you contribute to Africa’s being a “sorry mess.”

          • The Right-to-Life brigade counts on continued foreign aid and agricultural yield improvements to keep mass starvation in the third world at bay. In this country, they depend on government welfare.

          • A minister, ministering to the growing camps of homeless in Los Angeles, stepped into a pile of poo and lost his leg.
            He contracted flesh eating bacteria.

            Watch the cities as they degrade, and the diseases reintroduced by the immigrants.
            We will also soon see disease refugees fleeing the sh*tholes.

            Whether the giant slums of the real Lagos, or the crowded airports surrounded by vagrant camps in America, watch the cities.
            Reality is about to return with a vengeance.

            Our poisoned, weakened, autistic youth will not be able to stop the plagues.

          • I argue occasionally at UNZ that the only birth control Africa needs is the elimination of food and medical assistance to the entirety of the continent from the West. Natural selection will quite hastily take care of the rest.

          • I’ve long said that the vast majority of Africa’s problems are caused by the West,

            If the West left them alone the population would settle down to a sustainable fifty or sixty millions.

          • I’m not sure how that’s relevant. What does African church attendance have to do with white Christians in the United States importing African Christian children. If anything, it pushes you even more to adopt white American children. They’re the ones who need to be brought into the church more.

            I believe in God, but I refuse to join a church that demands that parents view their children as equal to other children. A church that can’t acknowledge blood family ties is abhorrent to me.

            We may all be God’s children, but that African child isn’t MY child and he or she in numbers will destroy MY child’s world.

            Your version of the Christian church is no different from a global corporation, viewing its patrons as interchangeable customers. What a cold and heartless church.

            “Do not love your children more than other children. You have no special tie to your brother or sister or their children. There are no kin, no families, no communities, no wonderful diversify of human kind. We are all God’s children, all God’s family and thus we are all perfectly equal.”

            Christianity has been taken over by the Cult of Equality and the evil – yes, evil – that it unleashes. Choose a side.

          • Agree and disagree. Jesus told his believers to go into Judea (their home country), Samaria (the neighboring country) and the uttermost parts of the world. I believe He meant we help those closest to us first, but don’t ignore those far away. St. Paul said in Christ there is no male or female, Greek or Jew (etc). In other words, all people are equal before God. That said we know from real world experience that not all people are equal. I would agree with Z Man and other commenters that when looking to adopt we should look close to home first. However, it is not Christian to ignore the rest of the world. (Most of the time, though, the poor and orphans need to be helped in their own countries.) Most Evangelicals “got it” in the last election. Many Catholics did as well, but probably not a majority. There is nothing incompatible with America First and biblical Christianity. That’s why 80% of Evangelicals voted for Trump. Sadly their leaders (except for a few like Franklin Graham) were similar to the leaders of the GOP and gravitated to the Never Trump camp.

        • The cuck blinders on a lot of pastors and priests are creating a double standard when dealing with heritage Americans vs. the Others. They’re willing to accept Saint-Eria Catholics and Voodeo-Christians with open arms but purity spiral over theology with fellow American Christians, or worse yet, muh pagans and atheists. By the American standard, the foreign churches are downright heretical but the rosy glow of Otherness makes all those hard theological edges blur to mush. Until I see a serious core of ecumenical American White Christianity, I don’t want to hear about the Others.

          • If you’re a pastor who is disgusted looking at “People of Walmart” photos, but warm hearted when looking at African Tribal photos, you’re part of the problem (meaning 90% of pastors).

            A good pastor would look at the People of Walmart photos and say “we’ve failed them, this is very sad, our outreach to them has been ineffective..” Instead they roll their eyes and retreat to some money wasting African mission.

            The Z Man needs to do a blog just on the sickness of American Christianity and the fetishizing of African missions over poor Americans (of any color, but especially white) working menial slave wage jobs. He may have done one already. Let’s punch a well in Africa while the People of Walmart languish.

        • My cousin and her husband went all in on their years-long mission to some remote village. She nearly died over there, when she went to the hospital for a prenatal checkup and found it was twins, they told her they’d probably only be able to keep one alive because of how bad the hospital was there. She was on the next flight out. But is still all about bringing the “light of God to darkest Africa.”

        • It’s a truism that in America religion is just another business. What that implies is never thought about much though. The main implication is that American religion is subjected to the same evolutionary selective pressure as any business and that the more successful competitors eventually grow to enormous population sizes through the mathematics of differential exponential growth rates – i.e. if two populations grow at 2% and 3% respectively, you don’t see much difference initially. After 20 generations though you can barely find the 2%’ers anymore.

          Evangelicalism grew initially among upwardly mobile whites who had been raised in a media saturated society and wanted something with a bit more flash than a priest walking down an aisle swinging an incense burner. You see this in their locations. The old white churches were in working class areas that are now rotting and overrun with PoC. The mega-churches are in the same suburban industrial parks many of their affluent high-tech congregants work in. I used to go to one particular such place north of Baltimore and actually knew people who went there who literally worked in that industrial park.

          The evangelical churches were always a bit simple minded about doctrine since they needed to rake in everything from lapsed Catholics to Lutherans to Jews. The problem is that the white “conversion” market is tapped out. The mainline Christians who were going to convert already have or are resistant to Evangelicalism. The new markets are abroad in places like Africa with rapid population growth and social upheaval from urbanization destroying the old animist religions. This is why it doesn’t matter that God may have created different races and even human social science suggests that mixing them is a bad idea. You have to cuck to race equalism if you want your mostly white sect to expand in Uganda. This may also explain the increasing gay-ification and SWJ tendencies of the Evangelicals. If, as recent neuroscience suggests, “conservative” and “liberal” have a basis in biology, the Evangelicals may have pulled in all the white conservatives they can. What remains among whites at least, is all the degenerate liberal children who inhabit hives of villainy like Portland.

          For myself, though no longer a believer, I do play one on TV. That is I hang out with Evangelicals around the West side of Portland. This is mostly because these are the few relatively sober, decent people around here. There’s simply no point at all in talking to the typical purple-hair around here. That said, I know my friends are cucks and would probably be more put off by my WN ideas than my atheist ones. It’s sad. I really don’t know where to go. Like the Zman, my ultimate plan is to leave the area for the South or heartland.

          • Totally agree. Even though I still attend church, this is the most succinct critique I’ve seen. As a side note, notice the complete lack of customer retention for this business. It’s like Direct TV, focused on external customers while the long standing customers slip out the side door. Catholicism for example is 100% illegal alien central these days, somehow Maria’s anchor baby will keep attending, even though Maria herself is being wooed by the Pentecostals. Maybe the total Soviet style destruction of Christianity in the US would be the best thing that ever happened to it. Maybe it can reappear in another more robust form in a couple generations.

        • I have family whose college age daughter took one of those missionary trips to Africa. I asked what they did while they were over there. The response was: “help them dig wells and bring in their crops”.

          I responded with ” you mean to tell me that after a few thousand years they still don’t know how to dig a friggin’ well or bring in their own crops – so we’re flying white girls halfway around the world to do it for them? “.

          They weren’t happy with that assessment.

    • Those so-called Christians who adopt 3rd world savages are SJW’s at their core. You don’t need to go overseas and adopt savages to show how christian you are. Charity begins at home.

      Bevan is screaming “look at me and see how virtuous I am”. Spiritual vanity run amok.

      I’d have more respect for Bevan if he went after pill mills, and other elements of the opioid epidemic that is killing white America.

      • How many white babies are born in Kentucky, already withdrawn from opiates due to their mother’s addiction? Seems like they could be adopted.

    • If you love your country/people why would you adopt from the other side of the world when we have children in need in your own town?

      • Wow, that’s one of her best.

        “Not only that, but it’s our country. Your country is like your family. We’re supposed to take care of our own first. The same Bible that commands us to “go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel” also says: “For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.'”

        “Today’s Christians are aces at sacrifice, amazing at serving others, but strangely timid for people who have been given eternal life. They need to buck up, serve their own country, and remind themselves every day of Christ’s words: “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.””

    • “…not everybody who adopts black children is doing it for show…”

      Yeah, going out for a Sunday stroll in the park with little Sambo in tow will hardly be noticed.

    • Ignoring virtual signaling accusations, cuckservatism and such, adopting out of race as with the French example shows an ignorance of HBD science and is not in the best interest of the adoptee or the adopter. On that basis I’d argue the practice is *not* an act of Christian charity.

    • Why then do they have to import black kids from Africa?

      There’s plenty of black kids looking for parents who were born and bred right here in the US.

      So are Christians led to help others – to the exclusion of family?

      Looking at this from a CivNat perspective – shouldn’t American blacks have some preference , before foreigners?

      Looking at things in the “right” way – betrays the bullshit that people spew to excuse their actions.

  22. You would think the cuck would learn. But they never do. They throw their fellows under the bus while posturing and preening about some progressive value. They do it in the hopes of an ‘atta boy’ from their progressive masters. But they never do get thrown any bones from the left who hates them. They are despised by everyone. Their only fans are other cucks who also enjoy the ritual humiliation.

  23. You might be a cuckservative if you: 1. Accept the left’s rules, the biggest one being racism is the worst thing ever. 2. Continually retreat on your positions, like when a guy dares his opponent, in this case the leftist, to “cross this line”, and when he does, the cuck retreats and then dares him again, and the process continues… 3. Seek the left’s approval, exemplified by virtue signalling how non-racist you are or pointing out how much you dislike the alt right, in order to gain points with the left. You never miss a chance to gush over blacks like Candace Owens and Sheriff Clarke when you have an audience. 4. You find yourself saying “I’m fiscally conservative, but socially liberal” a lot. This is related to point 3, since it’s meant to gain approval, displaying that you may be conservative, but you’re not one of THOSE racist conservatives.

    • There is, unfortunately, a lot of truth to this. By the way, for what it’s worth, I think that Will is much worse than French. French probably actually believes what he says. Will’s new book utterly contradicts what he was writing thirty years ago, and I have a hard time believing that he just changed his mind.

    • I’m guessing that makes Dennis Miller a cuck. If there’s one guy who bleats “I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal”, it’s him.

      • He was never as funny as some other comedians of his era (Norm Macdonald and Dana Carvey come to mind). His recent comedy special on Amazon was pretty lame, he went for low-hanging political statements rather than comedy.

  24. As with much else in life, I think it comes down to where you stand, and who you stand with….if you believe yourself to be part of the elite running America, well then…

    There is an excellent essay by the late Sam Francis in Amren, discussing the managerial elite, our ruling class and its cultural arm, and it is
    particularly insightful.
    Francis asks the question, why would an elite betray its own people? One might start by asking the writers at National Review that question.

    • That’s a Pope Francis I’d believe in. Miss that guy. If he were still around, I wonder if paleocons would’ve had more punch. Just one voice, but one with a lot to say.

    • There’s a white pill in there, though Sam’s gloomy most of the time – he was looking at a cultural landscape where white identity wasn’t a “thing” for anyone but a tiny WN 1.0 fringe, many of them LARPing in sheets and SS gear. We’ve come far enough in the following decades to have the beginnings of “belief systems, moral values , cultural legacies, and social bonds and institutions that made whites conscious of who and what they are and sustained within them a determination to survive and prevail” again. We’re big enough to cause serious worry here and are making actual political gains in Europe. Hope Sam’s somewhere smiling for a change.about this.

  25. David French is the standard unit of measure, for cuckery. So a person who is rated at .5 Frenches is half as cucked as the king herself. The maximum rating in this system is 1.0 (for the time being).

      • O’Reilly: .45F
        Hannity: .35F
        AS: .78GF (Gay Frenches; kind of like Farenheit and Centigrade)
        Rush: .13F

        just kidding around as I don’t read or listen to any of those guys (so have no idea of their relative rankings). none of them are useful in the least.

    • When you go beyond betraying not only your country and your co-thinkers to actually betraying your own people (race) the way French has, you’ve entered the Cuck Hall of Shame. To me, what it’s really all about is whether whites continue existing and prospering as a distinct people. The lowest of all low cucks deny that whites even have the right to exist qua whites. In that respect they’re indistinguishable from AWRs.

      • No matter which way you look at it – French betrayed his own people.

        As I pointed out in the earlier response – a guy like French , who defends all of the CivNat and leftie talking points, couldn’t even find it within himself when the chance presented itself – to adopt a black kid FROM THIS COUNTRY.

  26. The word ‘chests’ must be a loose translation. Because that is definitely not the word I’ve heard used.

      • Indeed.

        The perennial threat of every new current year is the propensity toward delusions of superiority over those backward, racist, and Old White Guys of yesteryears.

        All of what ails us and all that may save us has already been written.

        Much of what is squandered in the gluttony of Progress is not just the cultivation of those rare, incisive thinkers like Lewis, but also that of those ordinary men who shepherd our ancient wisdom into the chests of the next generation through rote, tedious, and humble toils simply because that is the right thing to do.

        This is where the cucks truly betray. For they are not only in dereliction of this ancient duty, but they are actively breaking those bonds between men that are the stewards of Truth.

        They are in the service of the self, which is a greedy and ignorant god.

        When the generational wisdom of the human experience is eclipsed by these minions of the Progressive death cult, we lose both our past and our future.

        In the defense of such fallings is that men without chests are not born that way, they are made.

        It is an unnatural state that inverts virtues and perverts our natural inclinations of duty, honor, service, and sacrifice toward the cause of evil. Thus we all have a duty to guard against the entryism of leftism. A thousand cuts awaits us all.

        The temptation that confronts all of us, and reveals itself so vividly in the cucks, is to come to believe that merely existing in the current year imbues us with wisdom. So easily then our arrogance and high self-regard grease the descent.

        And so my arbiter of cuck vs Man is often one of those ancient questions: what do you serve? There is only one Truth.

        See also: “happy wife, happy life.”

  27. There should be a hall of infamy for the cucks on the right.
    Wasn’t there a list that was periodically updated years ago on chickenhawks?
    Time for one for cucks like French ( a grade A cuck). George Will being a more artful one along with Buckley in his later years.

    Supposedly the left considers any who use the term angry white men. Sure, why not.

    • I think at this point, anyone associated with official Conservatism is by default a cuck. There are some exceptions, but they are rare.

      • True, but I want the Infamy list. Those that went above and beyond (low) the call of duty. The so called honors would obviously have to be conferred by the Left on these traitors. At one point we had the strange new respect awards.

  28. Well, that’s as nicely written a piece as I’ve seen from Z. Pithy and very polished. If the NRO cucks had any gumption and testosterone they would publish this piece on their site to serve as a catalyst for real debate between the cucks and the real conservatives.

  29. It seems like we’ve had a surge in people trying to peddle Cuckservatism in this comments section of late.

    • It’s a mental virus. Just as Robert Conquest once said that any organization that isn’t explicitly right-wing becomes left-wing over time, any righty that doesn’t fight it becomes a cuck over time. As much as we like to make fun of it, as utterly stupid and illogical as most of it is, the constant barrage of left wing propaganda wears people down over time. As I believe Moldbug/Yarvin once said, there is a constant temptation to just give up, to knuckle under, to believe the lies. It’s a battle we all have to fight every day.

      • I’ve gone back and forth over whether they know what they are doing or whether it is some weird instinct that is selected for by the system. For example, I know Jonah Goldberg spends a lot of time worrying over the rules. He studies the lines and makes sure he never crosses them. Others just seem like they are in a fog, not able to grasp where they are and what they are saying.

        • A few Christmases ago, my parents and in-laws (Silent Generation) were reminiscing. I was somewhat listening while clearing plates. It was almost touching listening to them. “I never had to worry about walking down the streets of Chicago at night.” “Why is nothing made in the U.S.A?” “Why did the local furniture manufacturer close and move to China?” They were honestly, genuinely, surprised at the modern world around them.

          I am sure there are some misguided BoomerCons that are in generally well-meaning but in a fog (I place my uncle in this category – born 1952 – so certain the the way things were is how they will always be). I can forgive this of certain Boomer writers and commenters; age and experience maker a difference.

          However, anyone Gen X or younger (e.g Goldberg, Williamson, etc..) is making an affirmative choice to be part of the system and engage in the grift. No allowance for them.

          • Yes. I found that my pre-boomer parents were equally obtuse. I found also that they rely on the mass media for their info too. We’re talking Orca Winfrey, The View and other day time TV claptrap.

            To keep up with the times they conceded that maybe it was okay to be gay, that maybe race and gender WERE social constructs, maybe there WAS something to fourth wave feminism, and that diversity is a strength… and the next pathetic question they asked was, “Why did our family fall apart…?”

            I have no mercy for the old either. They have set things in motion knowing full well they would nd badly. Screw them.

          • I agree, John Smith. The “Greatest Generation” was anything but. They put the scam in motion with Social Security and the other “social” programs and “safety net” grifts. They murdered God, raped education, turned all of Hollywood into communist propaganda and nefariously married the News Media to Fake News and government cover. Then as you say when the family, and everything else fell apart they held their dicks and wondered why. Now everyone is a racist, white supremacist and/or white nationalist and they refuse to define the terms! The meaning of those labels are what they say or mean they are at the moment they are said. No more, no less. The entire Democrat Party has become a mass of crazy-azzed loons and what’s left of the Republicans just sit there being Cuckservatives.

          • Unfortunately one can always go back a generation earlier to find their faults in hind sight. Female voting (robber baron generation) speed up the ‘progress’ to destruction: a destination that we have almost arrived.

          • I just boil this down to the free shit mentality.


            Because it’s pretty simple that’s why: you can’t have things that you can’t pay for. It doesn’t really matter over the longer term if you come up with all sorts of schemes to defray the costs (fiat money, deficit spending, outright theft) – because unless you’re just concentrating on your very own well-being ….. all of those schemes push the costs off onto somebody else over the longer term.

            I’ve had conversations with people who actually believe public schooling is “free”.

            Tell them right to their face that their property taxes are mostly directed towards the school system – and they’ll just say stupid shit in response like : ” well it isn’t broken out on the bill – so it must be free”.

          • A current issue I’m starting to see out of touch boomer-types talk about in a confused way is the homeless problem in California. It doesn’t ever occur to them that mass immigration might have something to do with it.

          • Yes, these boomers sit there on the patio in their Tommy Bahama shirts trying to understand what happened. You sold out the country you fuk-wits. That’s what happened.

          • That and shuttering all the state mental hospitals. As if we had originally shut all those mental cases away for no reason.

          • It sends me crazy when people (not only Boomers) gripe about social changes they don’t like as though they just “happened” without any cause. More crime, worse public schools, ever-increasing federal government intervention because … because … well, no reason, that’s just the way it is.

            The roads are choked with traffic because … because they are! Nothing to do with adding a hundred million people to the U.S. population in my lifetime, almost entirely due to immigration.

            Cucks aren’t the only ones, but they seem in general to be blind to the forces behind malignant trends, ready to dump the blame on “rotten politicians” and “greedy corporations.” Rotten politicians and greedy corporations exist, but for their own benefit they surf the wave of cultural Marxism. They don’t create it.

          • Once NRO became a 501(c)(3) they went full-grift. It’s a tax write-off and now they happily take Google censor bucks. Hence the cucky takes. As for the rest, think of it as an infection. There’s the stage where you ignore it, hoping it will go away. There’s the stage where you treat the infection topically/locally. And then it spreads and then it goes septic. The combination of outsourcing the economy and open borders hit different places at different times.

          • It doesn’t sink in that nobody obeys the rules any longer. The Constitution means no more to the people they watch on news-entertainment than the Roman Constitution meant to Caesar or Pompey.

        • This is why they police Twitter and other social media so hard. They want people to think everyone believes the progressive nonsense. They want to use pressure to isolate you and to think twice before violating the Narrative™.
          The professional cucks are just flat out cowards and traitors. What better way to prove yourself to the NRO crew than to have a black baby? As long as NRO can suck a budget out of their donors, any conservative with a black kid can be sure of a job.

          • But you see – right there is the crack you drive the wedge into.

            Why did you import a black kid from Africa when there are so many needy black children right here in the United States?

            Do you have something against blacks in the United States?

            That seems very racist!!

        • Bending left I understand as the result of at least 3 motives: the cloudies use the Left as a weapon to kneecap the (mostly white) middle class and thier uppity house negro assumptions about thier “constitutional rights”. ‘Who will rid me of these midgets who seek to prevent me from importing slave labor or exporting jobs to slave labor economies?” Once these impudent mediocrities are brought to heel the natural Meritocratic Order will prevail, and cloudies will get to exercise power the way their equivalents do in Mexico, or Angola, or Thailand. Second, Leftism, and i include the cuckservatives and Conservatism, Inc as Leftists- is a career ladder, financed by the Cloud People. Activist journalism, think tankery, and Academia supply lots of well paying jobs to the Faith Militant. The third motive is just fear and this explains most folks who bend left. Who wants to be named, shamed, deplatformed, fired, or prosecuted? Who wants to be chased down the street or confronted at restaurants by the Faith Militant? Jonah G and this Bradley weakling seem pretty well explained as careerists and cowards.

          The 4th motive is ethnic and racial hatred of whites, which may well give the Jonahs and the Kamalas an additional motive, but i will leave that for another day.

          • Perhaps many people simply have no starting point for believing in anything, so they just blow in the direction of the prevailing winds.

          • I hope that their survival instinct will eventually engage. You may love everybody, but many people implacably hate whites. Of course, South Africa is a counterexample to my hope.

          • That survival instinct is long gone, stabbed in the heart by the media/entertainment/consumer complex. Only a shortage of food will revive it . . . I guess.

          • I just got done reading “Two Years Before the Mast” again. Going off and doing something difficult creates an identity, values, respect for the reality of things, and a sense of place in the world. I think many people these days have done nothing, and have none of this. Reading between the lines, it was a problem back in the 1830s as well, but there was less of it, and more ways to get out there and do something difficult (the whole frontier thing).

          • I think the whole problem of modernity is that it created, for the first time in history, a great mass of deracinated and rootless people with essentially no positive identity. Putting the start of the problem around 1830 is correct. The rootless and identityless masses become a natural fuel source for political charlatans to use in creating mass movements. The development of the telegraph and then all the rest of our light-speed communications gave them a new way to spread their political infections.

            You might be on to something with the frontier as well. Modern mass political utopianism took hold far more firmly in Europe than the US. This may have been due to the fact that ambitious people in the US could make a life for themselves on the frontier or in business while such people in Europe tended to advance more through political scheming.

            Ultimately people can’t really live without an identity. Deprived of traditional forms derived from religion, tribe, or family they will invent their own. Actually, since most people are not capable of this, in practice they will have an identity invented for them by people hoping to use their energy to bolster their own power. The mass media makes this process very easy. I’ve often wondered if our modern mass political insanities, ranging from 19th and 20th century communism to 21st century Poz, aren’t some bizarre analog of capitalism. The capitalist hires you and skims off some fraction of your labor to grow his fortune and his business. The political charlatan takes your empty deracinated soul, fills it with his ideology, and then marches you off to advance, through actual or threatened violence, an agenda that just so happens to make him and his inner circle rich and powerful. It’s the same basic idea of collecting a small fraction of the energies of large numbers of people and concentrating the results in a few hands.

          • Start questioning people and confronting them on the shit that spews from their mouths – and you find more often than not that there’s nothing behind the empty look on their face.

            So yes – I do believe you are correct on that one.

        • Gee, I wonder why Jonah Goldberg would be so concerned with enforcing rules set by his alleged enemies…can anyone help me out here?

          • All the (((Brahmin))) have is a Bible to thump, so every soul is an immoral nail. We need to teach them the updated rules of “rock, paper, coinage.” Rock wins every time.

        • As Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.” The ostracism and propaganda weapons wielded by the left are very powerful. Whether the cucks end up believing their own nonsense out of fear, or whether they are cynically protecting a profitable niche, doesn’t really matter. They are worse than leftists because they are fundamentally deceitful.

        • I haven’t seen a Goldberg article in years. He doesn’t seem to be carried by news aggregators anymore. Peaked at the turn of the century.

      • AltitudeZero said: ” It’s a mental virus. Just as Robert Conquest once said : “that any organization that isn’t explicitly right-wing becomes left-wing over time, any righty that doesn’t fight it becomes a cuck over time.” I got news for you. All “explicitly right-wing” organizations will succumb to the disease of progressive morality sooner or later. It’s what Conservatism has been doing since day one. Conservatism only works when the majority are Conservative. The United States has proven once and for all, that Democracy and universal suffrage are a dead end. Augusto Pinochet said: ” Democracy is the breeding ground of communism,…” So where to next?

        • Personally, I’m partial to idea of a sort of neo-medieval Catholic Order ruling the nation (not explicitly Catholic, however). The most promising young men would be brought in for a long, immersive, and intensive intellectual, moral, and spiritual development, along the lines of traditional Catholic seminary formation (still maintained by the SSPX). They would be held to high standards throughout their lives, or removed from the Order. The elders of the Order would elect the “president” (for how long a period I leave for debate).

          This is an idea more or less developed by Hans Zehrer:

          Zehrer and his circle stood between the Young Conservatives and the National Revolutionaries of the German Conservative Revolution (to follow Armin Mohler’s schema). I lean towards the latter school, since I believe that a wholesale replacement of our elite and system is required, but, from I’ve read of them so far, I find Zehrer’s Tatkreis extremely interesting.

          “They could applaud Oswald Spengler’s pleas for the selection of leaders “in complete disregard for money or origins” in order to ensure that “no one remains in the depths who is born to command by virtue of his capabilities.”

        • The conservative purity test was abandoned when people stopped talking about things that matter.

          • the Russians said: “The conservative purity test was abandoned when people stopped talking about things that matter.” Precisely what matters, and too whom? Care to expand on that?

        • In the translated words of the Polish nationalist rapper Bujak.

          “It’s the end of Democracy. A reign of primal supremacy is coming. It is the end of your sick deviations. Druggies? Pederasts? All are worthless! ‘Everyone is equal’? I despise this! We’re from a different breed. We’re tough!”

    • CivNats challenging us likely means Z is reaching a broader audience who want to test our ideas, which is great because we’re hard to beat. I did the same thing before I embraced these beliefs that may get me fired and render me unhireable.

    • It’s hard to give up CivNat thinking. Trust me, I know. Even after understanding HBD, you can still hope that CivNat could work. Hell, you see a ton of CivNats over at Steve Sailer.

      CivNat thinking is so hard to give up because it’s your final hope that the world you grew up in can still be salvaged. If CivNat won’t work, you have to start thinking about a very dark and difficult future. You have to break from your past. Most people simply don’t want to do that.

      • Citizen nailed. “…the world you grew up in can still be salvaged.” My journey has been grappling with just that hope. Clarity has come from accepting this falsehood, spending time projecting my (family) ideal outcome, then reverse engineering said outcome.
        And by outcome, I mean a dot on a horizon 180 degrees out of our current phase.

      • I’ve never received such spooked, somber looks as recently when I’ve explained to patriotic friends who have children that Trump will be the last Republican president because of demographic change. It really gets quiet when I add that whites will be not only a minority, but a despised minority.

        • I have to moderate myself to an uncomfortable level when talking with basic GOPers now, particularly Forever War vet buddies. I know a few vets who’ve gone dissident, but it’s like 1 in 5. So much of what we know verges into forbidden territory for them that I feel physically “tight” around them, walking on eggshells so we don’t go outside the Overton frame and trigger one of the overseers that seem to lurk in every crowd. Being around good old haters is what I call freedom nowadays.

          • Exile,
            It’s very difficult for currently military members or recent vets. In the military, even more than in civilian life, you are constantly bombarded by poz indoctrination. At least once a week, there will be classes on multiculturalism/diversity and how it makes us an EVEN MORE effective fighting force. You’re surrounded by the blacks and Filipino true believers and there is even a significant part of your eval (Navy, at least) that deals with your adherence and promotion of diversity policies. It’s no joke.

            On the other hand, being in the military offers a unique perspective of the difference races (the good and bad) that very few non-military people will ever see.

          • Part of the problem when it comes to military members may be NAXALT thinking. You will be exposed to generally more functional minorities in the military. The HBD differences in various groups will still be evident. But the military will tend to weed out the most criminally-inclined, stupidest, and most irresponsible POCs. Couple this with the reluctance to accept that the country that you are serving, or even fighting for, is a lost cause.

        • Even the “D”/”R” divide is a false one. These people are all quite cozy with each other as the (now memory-holed) Epstein scandal revealed. It’s the permanent bureaucracy in service of the oligarchs against us. And if you don’t believe they want us gone, think again.

          • Agree and just to expand on it a bit that the “D”/”R” divide is a front to give their respective fanboys and girls a foil to rail at. But it’s so obvious a rigged game that it’s an insult to the honor and integrity of professional wrestling.

            Red and Blue factions really have more in common socially and culturally with each other than they do with the white middle Americans over whom they rule. They hate and fear us because we’re just as intelligent on average as they are which leaves open the possibility of an outsider breaking into the ruling class or elite circles and toppling them from their thrones.

            This is why our masters have decided that we are no longer of any use to them as serfs because lower average IQ 3rd world imports would make for better slaves who wouldn’t be intelligent enough and bought off with free stuff to try and overthrow the current masters. These people are used to living under authoritarian/totalitarian leftist one party dictatorships or Islamic theocracies so are seen as meat puppets pre-shrunk to fit globalist specs and needs.

            However the ruling class may be inadvertently setting the stage for their own destruction.

            I think the Z man has noted before our current ruling class and elites are not men of action but people of empty words and meaningless gestures. So I think the ruling class is in for a rude awakening if they believe they can maintain a modern high-tech/industrial society with seriously diminished human capital. It’s also unlikely that they can control their imported pets that are more psychologically and physically tougher than they are and prevent from being overthrown by the orcs.

      • The very hardest thing I ever had to do regarding my political positions was to internalize the fact that the Constitution has out lived whatever usefulness it ever contained and has been transformed (literally by millions of Jewish lawyers) into an actual suicide pact.

      • I think of the holding onto CivNat thinking in the same way I think of how I evaluate whether I’m going to feel bad about shooting the guy who just broke into my house.

        Evaluating the fact that so many people just simply refuse to obey the rules that were setup – so that everybody could get along – gives me a way of not feeling any remorse or guilt when they are made to suffer for their behavior.

        Out here in leftie land – if a burglar breaks into my house and kills my dog and rapes my wife , the usual response will all sorts of cries about how he was turning his life around, how he suffered from years of racism and oppression – how he was poor – etc. When I shoot him dead – I will be prosecuted and pilloried as a racist on every leftie news channel that can find the time to carry the story. If was sufficiently cucked I might even believe some of that.

        I however look at the guy who is standing in my house committing a crime as having had many many opportunities to simply NOT BE THERE in the first place. He made a whole procession of decisions to end up at standing in my home. He bought a gun illegally. He somehow thought about targeting my home. He somehow got to my home. He snuck in when he thought I was not going to be there. Simple abject laziness would have stopped him from doing any of these things ” I don’t feel like it”….. and he could have just stayed on his stoop and drank a 40 that evening.

        So when I shoot his ass dead – with prejudice – I don’t feel guilt at all. It wasn’t some random occurence that he was there – HE PUT HIMSELF THERE ,and could have stopped himself at any point along the way.

        So when I resort to CivNattery – it’s one way of looking at the overall problem and thinking – these people CHOSE to turn this situation into a pile of shit. There was a way we might have all gotten along – we even gave up a lot in concessions to try and make it work.

        When it finally collapses and everything goes to shit – I know who needs to pay for all of that . And I’m not going to feel bad about what happens when that day comes.

        Just remember – you had an option that could have worked . You chose door B.

    • Z’s raised the temperature around here a bit lately, so the more feverish ones are feeling verklempt. It’s also cuck-and-flu season, 2019 Labor Day to November 2020. There are a few pod-Plan-Trusters lurking. They’ve been spotted and are merely being fattened up for The Mocking.

      • Exile. Correct. I like this site because I appreciate the thoughtful commentary of posters as much as I do Zman’s articles. I spend a good portion of my time looking up aspects of posters arguments and exploring previously unknown (to me) arguments or facts.

        Of late it does seem the cuckery posters have increased alongside those that keep hissing “Sshhhh you’ll scare the normies if you keep talking about X…”

        Let them go read Schlicter if you want to introduce normies to a beginner’s guide to You Are Not Alone in Noticing… and after that short bus ride if they are ready for a journey, bring them here.

        Its not for everyone. So be it. Enough of the Civnattery and hushing. Other than a wise decision to urge people off of profanity-laden posts it’s a good source to stretch the mind-hammies.

        I recommend the Hushers do what I do. If I don’t agree I either say so or I don’t, but I don’t tell people to be quiet. I remain silent if I can’t produce a good argument. If I have no interest or knowledge about the commentary of the day I generally research it out of respect for some of the minds I’ve encountered here. I don’t downvote because outside of (even trolls) why bother? With one mild exception I am always respectful.

        It’s pretty easy. Cucks and those demanding self-censorship should either go elsewhere or adult a little bit and adopt some of the approaches I listed above.

        • PM, at this point, do you see a way to ease into open rebellion? My pragmatic self (let’s just fight and get to it) is bending the bars of it’s containment. But wisdom manages to keep it calm, mostly. It’s the tipping point I’m waiting for..and more and more it appears to me that there is no sloping path between your “So be it.” and a huge disruption (Black Swan).

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