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If you look back in the archive, the last time I did a show on Friday the 13th was April of 2018 and I named the show Triskaidekaphobia. Nothing bad happened that day, as far as I know, so I did not worry much about doing a show this time. Now, I put the show together on Thursday, so it was not really Friday the 13th when I recorded. Maybe a lot of listeners drove off the road while listening or had men wearing hockey masks stalk them while they were enjoying the content. Happy listening today.

I did not do anything on the superstition this week, but I did spend a considerable amount of time discussing the nature of media. That is, the difference between watching content, listening to content and reading content. It is a topic I have thought about from time to time. In fact, whenever I watch a YouTube show I inevitably look at the views, the subscriber counts and start to wonder about the real impact of video. The same thing happens when I look through someone’s Twitter feed.

I’m one of the apostates on this issue. I think Twitter is a waste of energy. I think it is an echo chamber for the most part. The Left gets some benefit as their media, which is all media, monitors it for trends, but otherwise it is screaming into the void. I suspect YouTube is also a waste of resources. Video is a passive medium, so even though a video can get a lot of views, people forget what they saw as soon as they are done watching the video. As a result, video is the least effective medium.

There’s also the issue with the nature of the audience. My guess is smart people tend to read more than watch or listen. Dumb people make up the bulk of the video audience, which has been true of television since forever. Therefore, if you want to influence stupid people, video is the way to go. If you want to impact society in a meaningful way, then you need to persuade smart people and that means the written word. Those YouTube stars are just making money off dummies.

Now, there are exceptions to every general rule. There are smart and clever television shows and there are smart and clever YouTube stars. Stefan Molyneux and Paul Ramsey were pioneers in the field of internet video. They make smart and clever videos on important topics. They would be the exception that proves the rule. The vast majority of YouTube creators are not smart or clever and their audience tends to drool a lot. I doubt the fans of RamZPaul move their lips when reading.

That said, even smart people have been trained by the internet. If you want to influence the culture it means making your ideas consumable on a mobile devise. That’s not to say smart people consume ideas only through their phone. It’s just that like everyone else, their attention span has been diminished by the internet. Smart people are not reading one thousand page books that require hours of quiet contemplation to fully understand, which means a good writer needs to be pithy and economical.

Again, I could be all wrong about this. Whenever I bring it up, I get push back from people who insist we need to go back to quill pens and velum. Then there are those who swear the kids only watch short videos, so that is the future. Both points can’t be true and maybe neither is true. Maybe the reason the pamphleteer has been an indispensable part of politics since the printing press is that the most effective way to change someone’s mind is with a short explication of your position.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Diversity
  • 10:00: Medium & Message
  • 23:00: Mexico
  • 27:00: Good Writing
  • 30:00: The Wammins
  • 35:00: The CQ
  • 39:00: Metal
  • 45:00: Industrial Policy
  • 49:00: No Principles
  • 50:00: Thank You

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114 thoughts on “Dear Z Man

  1. Regarding the “medium is the message” part:
    I make regular long-distance road trips more than six hours every two weeks or so. Your podcast helps make the trip. I can tell that your weekly podcast is your upper limit of what you can produce on your own time.

    I’ll easily listen to a podcast of 1-2 hours, but I’m not watching any live stream or video that requires me to sit at a computer for 2 hours to listen to some half-baked talking-head hem and haw to get to their point.

    The rules are: 1) if your point is succinct, write it down; 2) if your point is complicated, talk about it with an alternate viewpoint; 3) if your point is to make a video, have women with their tits hanging out or show the bloody shirt; your job may be to make a YouTube video, but it’s not my fucking job to watch it.

  2. The Wizard is probably my favorite Sabbath song. Harmonica is underutilized in metal, and those drum fills…

    I can’t listen to Children of the Grave anymore without expecting Z’s voice a few seconds into the song lol.

    Part of the thing w/ reading vs video is the speed at which you can consume the information. Intelligent people can read much faster than most people speak, so the ratio of information processed to time spent is much better. The gap narrows for dumb people, even widening in the opposite direction for some, so it makes sense they enjoy video more.

  3. I came here to say i listen to molyneux and scott adams on youtube while i workout, but otherwise i dont watch any video. I prefer reading since its more time efficient.

  4. There certainly is risk in staging meet-ups. However, trite though it may be, nothing ventured…
    The best way I’ve come across is what a prominent dissident, British YouTube Way of the World did a few months ago. He gave out a proton mail acct, and ppl sent in submissions with their general locality. He would then connect ppl in the same vicinity.

    It sounds like Z has a very busy schedule, and with thousands of daily readers that would quickly be overwhelming. Maybe there’s somebody Z could deputize for a task like that, say a regular commenter here who’s been vetted and has some time on their hands.

    • The HK protestors have started using an app called ‘Signal’ which is claimed to be far more secure than something like Telegram. I don’t know enough about these things to provide any sort of review or opinion but maybe someone with some tech-savvy can explore?

      • Signal is an alternative messaging system. It’s pretty much the same as any other except everything sent is end-to-end encrypted.

        The authorities could bust Signal and take their servers. But they’d have nothing because they’re encrypted and Signal has no keys to decrypt them.

        Not really any breakthrough.

        • Telegram is a similar arrangement. Cloud-based therefore requiring internet access. Consensus appears to be its less secure than the cloud=based Signal I mentioned above.

      • Ah, OK, I found what you’re probably referring to. There’s something called Signal that’s a mesh networking arrangement. The big advantage is it doesn’t require a server – it’s peer-to-peer using WiFi-direct or Bluetooth – so it’ll work without cell networks or other connection to a server. (Which is what the HK protesters are trying to work around.)

        Problem is it works only in the presence of other peers that are in-range, where in-range is defined as < 100 yards.

  5. On the topic of IQ and language competence, both are grounded in DNA and reflect the evolutionary forces that culminated in each race’s trait profile. It should be noted that blacks have been acclimating to US cultural influences for nearly two centuries now and most urban (read ghetto) blacks still speak a crude form of the English language. Hip Hop and Rap music also reflect this dichotomy of language application. BTW, this is not a criticism, it’s an observation. The language form practiced by blacks is optimized for their ancestral environment.

  6. Does Dimebag qualify as metal? I’m not a music taxonomist, but I know what rocks. I love the brothers Abbot and Rex Jones cover of “Heard it on the X”. I have a mental picture of the brothers listening to ZZ Top in their parents basement as pre-teens and saying to themselves “I want to make that noise too”.

  7. The Bedbug Addendum was just a piece of extra paper designed to conceal the cash within. Glad you got the donation.

  8. Would you believe it if I told you I have had to take your shows and figure out how to burn them onto compact discs for avid listeners who do not, cannot, and/or will not touch anything related to computers? So your listener-count is at least 15,003.

  9. The cartels control 90% of drug production. They’re well funded, well equipped and have well trained units. They’re completely ruthless: chopping of heads, castrating and skinning people- psychos. There’s an ongoing war along the Mexican side of the border between cartels and the Mexican government. The cartels, though they may be psychos, aren’t reckless. They collectively bring in billions each year and they don’t want to jeopardize that so they keep the crazy stuff south of the border even kidnapping people to take them back for torture. Sniper “nests” have been found on our side of the border; watch stations to oversee the smuggling roites through the dessert. They’re allied with various jihadi groups, too, and there’s been a few mohammeds arrested over the years. If tshtf, they’re going to be major players.

    Why the news isn’t wall to wall coverage, why our media and politicians are worried more about Russia and why preppers, the right and WNs don’t talk about it is a mystery to me.

    • I knew a girl from north Mexico whose dad was a physician, and she said within her class there was no one who had not had someone in their circle(extended family) kidnapped by the cartels. They kidnap, gestimate what the family can pay, and you might see the victim again or you might find them in a ditch even if you do pay. When Mexicans are here in numbers where they can control the infrastructure, I fear all that will start happening in the US I bet!

    • Yes, this is something I am very concerned about, too.

      Every Mexican who comes into the USA is a potential cartel threat. No doubt the cartels are extremely well established in the USA already, just waiting for S to HTF. I don’t know if the Jihadis are quite as well developed in the USA, but in Canada I have no doubt they are entrenched.

      Your threat isn’t coming from the “left”, or from “Antifa”, or from “Black Lives Matter”. It’s coming from the Cartels. Any city or town where there are Mexicans likely has a Cartel influence.

      • Cartels are a threat. Yes. Once they can make that final jump across the border where we have the Sidiq Khans of America urging us to accept them as “part of modern life” they will metastasize to an even greater threat. At least however, they generally contain their violence to their own and are a business enterprise of sorts.

        BLM, antifa, and the varied radicals of “wokedom” are ideologically motivated and prone to suicidal or unwise actions. The cartels will police their own.

        I’m not saying they aren’t a cancer that needs to be dealt with. But they are a policing problem that can be dealt with by a strong State. One cannot have a strong State until domestic traitors, saboteurs and anti-Western-Civ forces are dealt with first.

        • One thing the cartel leaders and other powerful Mexicans do is send the next generation to raise their families here in the U.S. The U.S. becomes a sort of neutral ground for these people, but sometimes the kids live it up and sow wild oats, getting in trouble. Other times, a person in that nice Mexican family down the street that nobody knows ends up dead in the front driveway.

          • Dutch, you are spot on.

            Personal story. Sent my youngest to a good blue-collar Catholic school. New family shows up for the parent teacher night. Father is flashy but expensively dressed. He looks like he might be an executive or big money contractor or something. Mom is Mexican and drop dead gorgeous. She and lovely young daughter don’t speak a word of English. I smell a rat from this guy

            I panned the room and looked at the other students’ dads I knew to be cops. All four men had their eyes locked on, not the beautiful mother, but the girl’s father. Like predator-locked on.

            I kept watching and at some point flashy Mexican Dad’s pink silk shirt parted slightly at the buttons and I could make out part of what was a giant chest tattoo. No tattoos were visable prior to that. Completely out of place for a “college-educated upper class Mexican (or Cremo in border slang).

            I palavered with the cop-dads and each of them grunted, “Cartel.”

            I won’t go into any more of the story but that proved correct. If it looks like a rat and smells like a…

          • OK, but what did you guys do?

            I can think of what SHOULD be done… what a strong white community would have done 100 years ago if a criminal showed up… but instead you guys just grunt then move on.

            Not blaming you in particular, just saying that whites are not willing to take any matters into their own hands these days.

          • UFO,

            We had him drawn and quartered over a period of five hours and then had his parts scattered over the San Joaquin Valley.

            We did what the times permit. Cold-shouldered the father. Glared when he showed up. Many of the mothers did the same to a lesser degree.

            When I encountered his daughter, who was a truly sweet and lovely little girl, I was kind to her. She was scared and not speaking English was alone and had no other girls to communicate with. I speak Spanish so I would converse encouragingly with her. Children are innocent, full stop.

            Dad stopped coming to events and mom less and less. From what I understand there was something” that happened and they stopped attending with startling abruptness. That something had nothing to do with the school or parents.

            If you’d like I can make up more stories of how we formed a lynch mob, or set up a woodpile and stake for dad… for your amusement. Of course if they were true you’d be reading them in envelopes return addressed, Folsom.

            Suggestions on what course of action the other Dads should have taken?

        • The cartels are almost their own nation. They have their own laws, their own economy, their own myths and music (narcocorrido) and their own religion to some extent (google santa muerte).

          Final jump across the border? Who do you think the “coyotes” smuggling illegals across are? The cartels are present in all 50 states and all Hispanic street gangs are affiliated with one or the other.

          As for ideological motivation, the cartels and affiliated local gangs are all throughout the Hispanic population , they share the ideology of their people. You think they don’t play politics with their billions? Consider La Raza.

      • >>>>He is truly opening the gates of hell.<<<<

        “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
        ‭‭John‬ ‭8:44‬ ‭ESV‬‬

    • Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim owns 20% of new york times. I imagine the other networks are owned by even worse entities.

  10. I tend to view the various flavors of media as tools. Like any other tool, the success of the deployment is mostly determined by the skIll of the operator.

    Not every good writer is necessarily a good filmmaker, and vice versa. Use the tool you can deploy most effectively. Every little bit helps.

  11. I loved the discussion of music! I’m always amazed by the number of metal heads who evolve into highly intelligent wns and dissident rightists. What would seem a low genre(and typically one associates metal heads with the lower classes) produces the clearest most independent thinkers. Hmm. There is something implicitly white about metal, of course.

    I was into maiden for a short period around the age of thirteen, but I recently brought up my old fave album seventh son and I could not rekindle the old fire. Once Z played the Black Sabbath song from the Heavy Metal movie soundtrack. I love that soundtrack and the movie! Does Z like them too? Of course current genre divisions would place that music in the hard rock bracket rather than metal.

    More discussion of culture would be welcome. This is where we have a leg up on the stodgy conservative inc crowd.

  12. Z – You are a man after my own tastes. While reading I often listen to Baroque – Vivaldi, Hayden, Handel, and Bach. At the gym I’m a metal-head. Old Metallica, Slayer, Sabbath, and Iron Maiden.

    • It’s fascinating (to me) how different people’s tastes can be, and yet how one seems to find similar musical taste where one finds similar politics. My 19 year old is into the older metal (Metallica, Judas Priest, etc.) and his politics are primarily what he was taught at home, albeit a bit softer because of his less intense personality. The older one, with very hard dissident right politics, finds the older metal ok (went to a Priest concert with the younger) but prefers European metal – and I’m gradually picking and choosing songs from his thousands that I like. Like Zman, I need to hear some sort of tune, so the screaming/growling ‘singers’ are out – I liked some of the music of Eluveitie and Suidakra but hated the vocals. Zman, although it takes some getting used to, try Powerwolf – main singer is a Romanian classically-trained opera singer. And Volbeat, while not metal but more classic rock, has a terrific lead singer whose voice has a sort of Elvis intonation. Their newest album is slower/softer but try The Devil’s Bleeding Crown from their previous one.

      Anyhow – enough playing with my new laptop – off to the gym and only metal will do for that – pumps me up and helps sharpen my glare at all the diversity there. Love singing along with Sabaton’s “Blood of Bannockburn” – “Freedom must be won by blood!”

      • 3g4me,

        We might be clones. I have a date with the dumbells again at 6 p.m.

        I’ll be humming along to Sabaton’s “Attack of the Dead Men” while lifting and “Twilight of the Thunder God” for cardio.

        Try Skald. Tribal. No idea what this skirt is singing about but I like.

        Also, anyone who has the time. Type in “Sabaton Uprising performance in Poland” in the Youtubes.

        That. Is. What. I. Want. For. My. People. Here.

  13. Speaking of the written word, it’s absolutely scandalous that none of Steve Sailer, Derbyshire, or the Zman (not to mention Chateau Heartiste, or harder-edged guys like Jim of Jim’s Blog, Arthur Frayn, or Morgoth) have produced proper anthologies.

    It’s a sign that we don’t have our shit together, a bit of a blackpill, really.

    Dissident publishers: are you reading this?

  14. One thing that is important to remember is skin color is not race. Skin color and other superficial things like that are just that, superficial markers of recent ancestry. Recent ancestry is race.
    This is not a minor point. This causes so much confusion. It is why progressives are able to believe that blacks are just dark skinned white people. It is the reason many people think racism makes zero sense. It is why they try to make the comparison of eye color or hair color and why they think hair-ism or eye-color-ism is just as invalid as what they perceive as skin-color-ism.

    The SD IQ gap is real. If you ever have to work around lower IQ people, you are going to find that out!

    • The analogy I use to explain race is Darwin’s Finches,
      A different environment provided a different food which required a stronger, thicker beak,
      Finches with that stronger thicker beak developed different nesting habits and different songs (and if your nesting habits and songs aren’t your culture, what is?)

      Another line is the observation of (apocryphally)Charleston Heston’s on the original “Planet of the Apes ” set that without prompting all of the Apes sat and ate with Apes, Chimps with Chimps and humans with humans.
      We are tribal creatures.

      • It sounds to me like you are saying skin color is race. After all, these different Finches would all be the same without the difference in beak size and shape.
        You end up with even sincere people asking “OK, so how does more melanin cause lower IQs?” Not withstanding the fact there is at least a theoretical explanation, it’s not really a valid question. Dark skin is just a superficial marker of recent Sub-Saharan African ancestry. Black skin just makes it easy to identify members of a different race, not the causal reason that they are of a different race. Their recent Sub-Saharan African ancestry is the reason they are a different race. The morphological differences are an effect of race, not a cause.

  15. I can tell you were poor at one time. You genuinely seem touched and appreciative of small gifts and gestures.

  16. I use youtube (increasingly bitchute) and other podcasts much more than I read, because I can do something else while listening. Exercise, chores, hobbies etc. can all be done while listening. It’s the same for a lot of my friends. I enjoy reading, but you have to carve out time in the day where that’s all you’re doing.

  17. Off topic:. We can’t forget the unique, strong desire that white people, especially women, have to be seen contributing to the community.

    I work at a mid-sized company in a mostly white state, for now. My company is sponsoring a large charity event to raise money for the poor. Locally, this is a big deal.

    People are flocking to participate. They get to be seen contributing while the DJ plays “We are Family.”

    Do not dismiss the volunteers as being merely poseurs. They sincerely want to contribute, but they want to be seen. The combination is an incredible source of potential white power.

    • I have noticed that too.

      My company sponsored food drives, mitten drives, used clothing drives, etc. This is the type of thing that only white people do. And frankly, it only works in a white community. I will happily donate to a fellow white in need, but not when it’s going to mud-refugees.

      Somehow this white altruism has been misplaced onto community events like this, rather than for the white race. We need to refocus these efforts.

  18. I don’t know, I read a lot online and in books but I also like watching videos although my required attention is certainly lower in that medium. The backlash from Pewdiepie’s now aborted ADL contribution during that horrible hostage video means at least a few people are paying attention.

  19. I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to hear the letter from the Dispensationalist.

    Dispensationalists are the WigNats of Protestantism.

  20. >I don’t think I have a nice voice.

    You have what I call a nice “universal voice”. It’s that kind of voice that carries over nicely across whatever medium it’s outputted, including your written texts. It’s a rarity. My favorite radio personality of all time is Art Bell (sadly passed away). He had the same quality, even though you two sound very, very distinct from one another. The best professors, or really people with a gift for presentation, have the same trait, too. Who knows? Maybe in another universe you were that Earth’s Dick Clark.

      • Thank you, a better example! The farts in my head were trying to coalesce around some familiar personality like Carlin, but all it came up with was Dick Clark.

  21. Since Z’s covering Heaven & Hell-metal today, I follow French’s Twitter & he was having a hen party over Falwell all week, clucking & cucking with his headship-less and hen-pecked brethren like cat ladies having a Xanax & Cosmo luncheon. I could feel my T-levels drop with every tweet & had to check out when I started lactating. Worth a look for lulz but monitor your hormones, boys. I recommend Burzum & Slayer to restore that T.

    It is no mystery why the Christian churches are full of women, gays & soyboys now. I thought Pat Boone’s biker-LARP’ing was cringe BITD, but with “leaders” like French, who needs an Anti-Christ?

    • Well, don’t sweep all of Christianity into one dung heap. I’m with you on the cucks & clucks … I have a book in my library, printed in the 1960s, called “The Church Effeminate,” calling men to step up to the plate. Not a new problem. But just as Conservative Inc doesn’t speak for dissidents, neither does Church Inc speak for Christians.

  22. You are probably correct on video being less impactful, but I’m speaking as a middle aged man, who knows what the impact is with younger people? We need our youths to become awake to what is happening to their future.

    I will say I found Black Pigeon Speaks (I believe they might’ve been purged) and P.J. Watson (though I find him a bit annoying) particularly masterful at video.

    Young people have (always had) the annoying habit of finding their own thing, despite our best efforts to coerce them, so it’s wisest for us to respond with them rather than assume we can anticipate their trajectory.

    • I think a surprising number of the current teens/20s population is getting red pilled. They are not stupid. My own kids look around and see every standard being bent for “vibrant” peers with far fewer qualifications…and they are not blind as to why. They have to pay full price for everything, achieve perfection to get jobs or college admittance at places they are qualified for. Saw a couple recent surveys on the number of kids that consciously suppress their political beliefs, questions and commentary in college. One of my kids is an engineering student—where everything is objective—he and most of his classmates are firmly in our camp.

      • SamlAdams,

        I’ve commented on this before and my experience is similar. The teen boys, white or identifying as white, are much more red-pilled. Or their version of it. The girls less so and are a weak point. There seems to be a vast difference in sheer numbers of hopeful candidates between ZGen and Millennials. I have theories but I’ve been trying for more brevity in my commenting.

        • Penitent Man, I hope you will share some of your theories on this. Women and girls are definitely cultivated as useful idiots because, when given a chance to prove themselves to globo-homo, they apply themselves in implementing bad ideas with zeal.

          • Ursula….am speculating you are witnessing some form of female hard wiring in which we herd up and are uncomfortable/unhappy without women group approval. Imagine in the way way back time, the gals sitting cross legged on the ground chattering about roots shoots and berries.. and the best way to chew hide. Information was vital. If a gal was ostracized for kicking up dust and not getting the pecking order right, this could even turn deadly for her or offspring. If her mate is gored by an auroch and dies, she and kidletts are dependent on being taken in as possibly a 2nd-3rd wife. If first wife doesn’t like her, if the widow hasn’t kissed enough top female butt, lead wife tells Og… if this woman isn’t happy…Og won’t be happy. Kick her out and let her starve. Women are highly competitive…this is possibly one of the reasons. Just a thought.

          • Hello Ursula,

            You asked, sorry… brevity filter off. Feel free to stop reading at any point.

            To be honest, my theories on boys are much more first-hand based and I feel I can speak with more authority. I raised/raising two) and as a male I can identify with what makes them tick.

            As to girls, the theories are based on solely observing the interactions of an alien species.

            I think perhaps the cultural orthodoxy of the day is to be pozzed, blue-pilled(haired), leftie, globo-homo…whatever you want to call it. Females by nature seek approval of the greater tribe (particularly other females, not necessarily kind interactions ala “mean girls” but an established pecking order with order being the primary concern) as a genetic safety mechanism. They want to fit in safely and modern society projects liberalism as the cultural norm so that is what they seek to obtain. In addition, it is a safety easily achieved because really, how hard is it to mouth the virtue platitudes of today? Love wins, right? My best friend is a lesbian. Points garnered. My second boyfriend was a black guy. More points. This is all basic human nature that you know, sorry to over-explain the point.

            SInce they are so socially malleable there is no social input for white girls to feel part of a their tribe. If anything there is only negative input. If it garnered them safety and attention to be wholesome and, more importantly, proud of being white… I believe they would gravitate to that. But as the Left has successfully tarred “whiteness”, where is the safety in that? There is only danger. and expulsion from the greater tribe.

            Finally, and I know this will sound even more misogynistic, even though they are fairly low on the diversity scale, white girls still get points. Why give that up? There is power in that. A girl half-ass doing things boys take for granted gets lots of “Go girl!” and false girl-power praise. This plays back into the tribal acceptance and safety. It doesn’t rankle most girls to be patronizingly praised… the goal isn’t to win or be the best… it is to gain acceptance and safety.

            By contrast most boys, outside of betas and gammas, understand when they are being shined-on with a participation trophy. It rankles greatly. Their goal isn’t to achieve social safety and acceptance. Their motivating goal is to dominate other boys, stand out to females, win the praise of respected male figures.

            Boys aren’t immune to tribe seeking, it’s simply they don’t place much stock in society-wide identification. They are content with their sports team, their group of male friends, etc. Therefore they are less influenced by the socially accepted propaganda. If anything, there is a degree of rebelliousness in boys, particularly white boys since the progprop is directed at them as the villains. They want to stand out.

            I’ve noticed the girls that hang around my son’s teams are generally less diversitah concerned… they are the kind of girls that are drawn to the ‘bad boys’ (in this modern age, a bad boy is not effeminate, is sarcastic about the blue-pilling, and appears strong). They tend to be athletic in non-lesbian pozzed sports. This kind of girl has exchanged the safety of the general herd for the safety of the strong male and his friends. They would rather be excited than the dull weak-tea approval of leftie progprop. They get approval and safety from the boys and that of his friends. I’ve heard numerous times the boys give their approval of a girl, “Nah, she’s cool. she’s not all weird and crazy and stuff… yeah, she doesn’t have blue hair.”

            If you are still here Ursula I have one more theory based on observation. The difference in most male millennials vs. Zgen. The progs actually attempted to argue and persuade the millennials over to the desired behavior. Society hadn’t quite degraded enough yet to the levels it is now and the Progs had to be careful not to push to hard. My youngest Zgen son didn’t and hasn’t gotten the same treatment. It is literally shoved down his and his friends’ throats. Whereas the older boys (the millennials) would be gently reproached and counceled for non-compliance, the Zgen boys face real consequences for varying from the Prog directives. There is no persuasion only demands. Thus they rebel.

            In my opinion, its the reason my oldest son’s friends are so much different than my youngest.

            Sorry for the novel. You asked. I’m not terribly bright but I do try to figure out the world in front of my feet.

          • Me, addressing the wee bairns:

            A 6 year old boy
            “I know what you’re up to, I was your age once”

            A 6 year old girl
            “Honey, WHY are you CRYING?!?”

        • Today’s teen boys are not generally “red pilled”, nor do they have their own version of it. And there isn’t this self-reflection by the majority of them about how they must “rebel” against the “progpop”. You trying to make exceptions to the rule–the outliers that you witness–as some sort of national trend.

          • Aint-Gnostic,


            And yet the Covington boys stood up not only to the degenerate “Indians”, aggressive black racists and sundry miscreants attacking them….they formed a protective wall around their priest when the agitators began harassing him. They were on average 15 years old.

            Where were you? Where was I for that matter?

            I just gave you a macro example., though everything I say I speak of in terms of personal experience and I’m always clear to explain that.

            I never once used the term “majority.” Feel free to argue with me Sir, but I’ll thank you to not put words in my mouth. I’ll exchange with you civilly but I’ll be nobody’s straw man.

            The red-pilled, after their own fashion, teen boys of today are not a majority but there are a sizable number. I’ve no guess as to the size of their numbers but there are many in my personal experience. What greatness was achieved with 3% once?

            Nosh on your black pill if that’s your experience. I won’t yet. I see hope.

  23. Most social media lends itself to abuse but if used in a slightly different way it beats the hell out of cold-calling.

    You can still catch a lot of flies if you use honey. Studied application can produce small but important results in “Where two or three are gathered” territory.

    Two examples:

    There are a lot of girls commenting on fantasy book review videos and blogs, and in the author threads dealing with this stuff. Some of these may go from sad goth to shield maiden — if only someone were to turn them on to Carolyn Emerick. Obviously you want to be using a female avi to avoid coming across as a creeper.

    Same thing with those ammo and hunting threads, and it is the season to be poaching on those forums. Especially now that Comrade Beto has announced his plans to come for them.

    • “Especially now that Comrade Beto has announced his plans to come for them.”

      I think his exact quote was, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

      I suspect he will have to bring a lot of “we”s to carry out that plan. And a cadre of litter-bearers to service them.

      • Comrade Beto and the other Dems ignore or pretend to ignore the fact that the first 10 Amendments are not a bunch of disconnected random notions but were intended as a mutually reinforcing structure of rights. Specifically the 2nd Amendment protects the 4th and the 4th and 5th protect the 2nd. The Dems never go into detail about *how* these gun roundups are supposed to take place without triggering a constitutional crisis or revolution. Of course some of this may reflect the fact that at least half of the Democrat vote is people who barely speak English and wouldn’t know how to spell AR-15 or poorly educated wammen and soyboys who are too stupid to ask the “how” question anyway. It’s always possible that President Beta Male would quietly forget his promises once in power.

        I do seem to remember about 15 years ago though when the Left was mourning over the staying power of Bush that the notion of a “constitutional convention” was quite popular on sites like the Daily Kos. This may actually be what they’re angling for. If so it would be an ideal time to break up a failed union. I doubt this though. Lefties are always gloating about how rich and vital the big blue cities are but if the country broke up and people realized that the area they were in was going to part of a kind of feminist North Korea there would be a mass exodus of the smart, productive, and usually more conservative people who keep those places rich. Comrade Beto and his Politburo would end up ruling over rubble and rabble.

  24. Writing – regular, boring written words – is indispensable for conveying depth. Media conveys impressions more than deep thoughts and isn’t retained. I think we may have developed a short-term memory dump for visual/audio media as a response to information overload. Dramatic/artistic productions can have lasting influence, but most current events/outrage of the day stuff is an informational sugar high that burns off without contributing to intellectual muscle fiber and in quantity makes you more of a fathead.

    It’s been a thing in law since media’s been around that taking handwritten notes results in much better retention and organized recall of information. Old school mentors will tell you to handwrite your notes for this reason alone (there are other presentational & social reasons as well). I’m curious as to whether that’s a result of our age more than something hardwired. I wrote (by hand) constantly in K-12 and college – classes required it back then, and consumer-accessible word processing wasn’t a thing until I started college. Do Y’s & Zoomers see the same advantages and disadvantages with writing vs. typing vs. dictating vs. passive consumption of media (nature) or are they different from Boomers & Xers due to environment growing up (nurture)? I’d like to hear from the gens on this.

    • Well, I made a 1-year attempt at trying to teach high school math in a prestigious private school. Those kids weren’t ready for Hurricane CAPT S, primarily because I assumed 12th graders would know arithmetic, and just might have the ability to meet my eye and speak a coherent sentence. But these kids couldn’t add & subtract (let alone multiply/divide) without a calculator – I kid you not. When I delved in to what their elementary “education” entailed, they had never been required to learn anything by rote. To your specific point, these kids did all their “writing” on their Chromebooks, and when they did pick up a pen all they knew were printed block letters. I wrote notes to the kids on their tests … but then they’d bring it to me for translation. They couldn’t read cursive. And this is a school that prided itself with high ACT scores and a high acceptance rate into prestigious colleges. My impression, however, was that most of the kids were well-schooled idiots. They had no attention span, didn’t read, couldn’t compose a cohesive 4-sentence paragraph. Then I met their well-heeled suburban parents and all my suspicions were confirmed.

      As we go forward I think there will be a smaller percentage of young adults who are truly educated – the readers, the thinkers – but these are the critical remnant who will see us through the next crisis. So while the numbers may be small the impact will be great. We can’t become corporate in this dissident mission; i.e. numbers don’t matter as much as encouraging the remnant that they’re not alone, and that they (we) are the answer to barbarism.

      • So far my expectations are batting 1000. Our functional smart fraction is shrinking. Sounds like those kids are all RAM, no ROM. Possibly a result of training them to test for standardized metrics without retention, lack of sleep/stimulants (huge – will have some posting on this) as well as the “memory dump” for on-screen media vs. writing? There’s likely some psycho-somatic process/component to handwriting that matters. The effect is proven, the mechanism(s) is yet to be determined.

      • Your efforts aside, this is a very serious problem and it’s been getting worse for a long time.

        Real learning is self learning. The only way to really master mathematics is to do problems, lots and lots of them. Being assigned 5 or 10 problems for homework…and then moving on to something new assures an incomplete mastery…probably even the lack of a rudimentary mastery.

        These kids aren’t dumb but they were ill served by our secondary school system.

        The average kid from a foreign country (European-East Asian) has attained a level of problem solving( before entering university) that’s well beyond that of our average students. Many of our smart kids become frustrated at continually having to play catchup, get frustrated…and drop out of their STEM major. Add to this problem that of the gatekeepers who control grad admissions and you begin to comprehend why grad STEM programs have become so demographically convoluted.

        Everything important in secondary school (3 R’s) gets watered down to soft serve bullet point so they can make time for the more important business of indoctrination. Until that changes our kids will continue to become second class citizens within an academic milieu which their ancestors founded and built…for them.

        What kind of reactions did you get from the “professional ” staff towards your more rigorous approach?

      • With the new belief that EVERYBODY has to go to college, college has become high school, high school middle school, middle school elementary and elementary is just kindergarten.

        Pretty soon you’ll have to have a phd to be a bagger at the grocery store.

      • I would posit this is biological. The more prosperity in society, the more the genetically unfit organisms will reproduce. This creates a greater dichotomy of intelligence. Strong culture used to weed idiots out of the gene pool. Women are now in power, and they choose very different mates than their ancestors would have preferred. Two famous actresses literally paid someone to take their daughter’s SAT tests at harvard i believe. Im sure its more common.

    • Here is what learning used to look like. In 3rd grade in the late 50’s, I fell off the ring set at school and broke my wrist. Modern Snowflakes have no idea how much fun it was swinging on the rings. Rings now banned from all modern schools. My folks picked me up from school and took me to Kaiser Hospital. While waiting for X-Rays and then surgery, Dad had me continually drill and repeat the rote Times Tables (7×7=49 Wah!) Every time I’d get nervous or hurt, Dad would turn my attention and we’d continue the times tables. In retrospect, many good lessons learned from that moment. Besides memorizing the Times Table.

  25. Twitter is garbage and a social cancer. It will always be garbage by the very nature of how it works.

    Youtube is garbage when it comes to politics and the like. However, I’ve learned a lot of great home improvement/repair and automotive and motorcycle maintenance skills on Youtube. If there was just a good, broadly themed site that just hosted how-to videos, I’d be on it everyday and could say goodbye to Youtube forever.

    • The virtue of Twitter is that it makes bloviating difficult. You have to express your point in a small number of words. As Bill O’Reilly used to say, you have to be pithy. You can’t bury your opposition in an avalanche of words.

      The same discipline is imposed by the comment system of this blog. If you write a 1,000 word comment, few will read it.

      Make your point as succinctly as possible and if you are a sophist it is harder to hide.

    • Exactly right on YouTube – it’s a great educational tool for those things that require a visual. I was trying to figure out how to break down and clean my uncle’s old German luger … a 3-min video made it easy. Maybe a dissident entrepreneur can start that DIY how-to video service.

    • It is hard to remember that we used to have to buy specific books if you wanted to fix a particular car or do home repairs. Now it is hard to imagine any project that you can’t get a tutorial in at the click of a button.

      • I’ve been thinking about that lately. It’s led me to start purchasing hard copies of “How to” books in preparation for the burning times ahead. My Kindle will not be so useful when the grid goes down.

    • I know there are many “essential reading lists”. I think Z has one. It might be nice to make one combining the best modern science on things like HBD with things like the Federalist Papers and some ancient writings on history and philosophy since the Founding Fathers got a lot of their background knowledge about politics from that.

    • If Neal Stephenson could write one of his thousand-page books every month, I’d find the time to read it. I read well over a thousand pages a week, 2-3 ‘normal’ size (300-500 pages) books. Plus God knows how much medical stuff. Where does the time come from?

      My once-a-week commune is almost exactly the right distance to get in our host, AmRen and Radio Derb. On the flip-flop I listen to Shakespeare plays and poems.

      I do not watch videos. Have switched probably a hundred TVs off for every one I’ve turned on, and there’s no TV in my waiting room – we have XM on Alt Nation at the moment. Since I aged out of having to go to movies with my kids I’ve seen maybe one movie every five years, when my wife insists, which she knows me well enough to do so only sparingly. Sports ball? Spare me. Some Tour de France every July, a little rugby, my old sports.

      It’s all part of trying to keep the poz at bay.

  26. For the apparently larger than expected NYC crew out there—happy to sponsor a discrete meet up for anyone interested. With all the appropriate security and secret handshake rituals, of course. Sort of a dissident right Algonquin Round Table.

    • I’m in brooklyn..
      Who else here is from NY?

      where, when;
      how do we secretly contact each other?

      • It is a wonderful feeling to meet with like minded dissidents. You see that there are all these smart and accomplished people who understand you, even if they don’t agree with you on every point. For the duration of that meeting, you are not crazy. I can’t recommend it enough.

      • I’ll flash Morse signals from my office on Water Street…we can figure something out a bit more advanced than that…

      • This is a good question. I’ve been thinking of trying to get together with people in the DC/NoVa area but can’t figure out how to protect ourselves. I mean, we’re announcing our meeting on the internet so how secretive can we be.

        Some SJW shows up, listens in and takes some pictures with his phone. Not to hard to figure out who we are.

        • I’m digging into how to do this practically speaking. We obviously can’t announce location more specific than a major metro. Will try to have something by next week.

          • Multi-layer security:
            Invite the commenter to email you at your proton mail. Respond to the email with a burner phone #. Over the number give them some code and then ask the commenter on the forum to verify the code. Ensures you’re meeting with said commenter.
            For the actual meet-up, some place public that you can access by walking. Don’t want them to ID your car, at least initially. This is easier in larger cities. I go back and forth on pseudonyms but probably better safe than sorry in the beginning. You could just go by your commenter handle.

          • Burner phones ? Haha, you guys paranoid. I like it. No offense, but don’t go into too much of a defensive Crouch. Just don’t wear your swastika armbands to your Meetup and it’ll probably be fine
            I’m with z on recommending American Renaissance. Maybe we can have a little sub conference meet up of zman commentators next year. Any IRL groups that form will have to have effective vetting procedures in place. Maybe someone can set up a secure bulletin board? PS I’m in east Tenn, Gods country. We got some irl action here. Just a couple of semi Preppers preparing for the coming troubles. Not sure what form they will take but my dyspeptic intuition tells me they are coming. think it’s a good idea.

          • Haha hell yeah man, paranoid as sheeet! I’ve used that method several times. Tried and true.
            Also, it’s not an actual burner phone, just a number. There are plenty of burner phone apps. Costs about a buck each time but your real phone # carries a lot of sensitive info – perhaps even on par with your social. I recommend going with the burner.

        • “I mean, we’re announcing our meeting on the internet so how secretive can we be.”

          It’s no longer about “being secretive” and “protecting yourself”, it’s about taking direct action to save what is worth saving. If that means making personal sacrifices for the good of the order, then do it. I keep hearing how the enemy has crashed the gate and we need to do something about it. What ends up happening? Talk about organizing, rather than organizing along the way and taking the bull by the horns.

          On the other hand, principles matter, contrary to what the Z man says. You don’t “turn over the tables” without realizing how the room should be arranged afterwards. White normies do indeed want to work things out in their own way without being virtue signaled to death that the decisions they come up with are “cuckish” or “anti-white”.

          • Am I the only one who thought,”Holy crap, VDare is meeting in San Francisco?”

            For the love of God, why would any “conservative” or otherwise lucid organization plan any event in hostile territory?

            It’s almost like asking to get punched in the mouth.

            Is there a 4D angle I’m not seeing?

    • Many of us will be watching how you on the East Coast pull this off. Great idea! For those of us in the West, possibly start thinking location, then we can ride in like Rooster Cogburn with his drunk tom cat, and rescue the town from the crazy lefty old scolds and federal land bureaucrats.

      • See above – I’ll try to have some practical info on how to do this next week. Picking a major metro and date is safe enough for starters, it’s “making contact” that gets interesting. Secure “flash-chat” apps like Threema and Telegram are useful, but it all comes down to two people sharing contact info and not knowing the person on the other end yet.

  27. Regarding your enthusiasm for heavy metal music, might I recommend the YouTube channel of Leo Moracchioli? He’s a Norwegian who does metal covers of, well, everybody. Lays all the tracks himself and then mixes them. Be warned: I wasted two hours of my workday binging on his stuff the first time I listened. Ever wondered what the Korean hip hop song “Gangnam Style” would sound like as death metal? He’s got it for you.

    Here’s a link to his cover of “House of the Rising Sun.” You’re welcome.

  28. “Again, I could be all wrong about this.”

    No, I don’t think so Z.

    Now while everyone doesn’t consider Jesus Christ divine and eternal, those of us who do recognize that he chose to enter the world at a time when the written word was palpable and survivable through the future. Should Christ have chosen an arrival time in the age of Facebook & YouTube he could’ve very quickly reached a global audience, without ever having touched a single heart or mind.

    It’s all about the hearts and minds of man … and it’s time for you to start compiling and editing your posts into a 1000-page tome! Thanks for doing what you do, and how you do it.

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