The Custodial State

In The Servile State, Hilaire Belloc argued that industrial capitalism would eventually result in a transcendent regulatory regime. This regulatory regime replaces pure capitalism with a system of duties and obligations. Instead of a pure economic relationship between labor, business and the marketplace, a legal relationship is created and enforced by the state. The state, in theory, becomes the arbiter between the economic parties, balancing claims and adjudicating disputes.

This dynamic works as follows. The state, facing popular unrest due to the natural inequality that emerges from capitalism, sets about regulating capital. In order to do that, however, it must also regulate labor. Every new set of rules on capital requires a change or addition to the rules on labor, resulting in a complex web of reciprocal obligations and duties between the state capital and labor.

The regulatory regime that emerges from this dynamic would blur of the lines between the state and capital. The state would protect the interests of capital, while capital would support the interests of the state. Further, the system would require people to work for others, either as labor or as a paternalistic business owner. The business would have legal duties to its workforce and labor would have no choice but to work within the highly regulated system. Everyone is a servant of everyone else.

When Belloc was writing, he did not imagine that the state and capital would have a third element in addition to the economic and legal. That is the spiritual. A century ago, the spiritual was still the explicit domain of churches, which stood outside the economic and legal relationship between the state, capital and labor. Public morality was to some degree enforced by the state, but it was assumed that morality had its roots in the religious traditions. Religion was the ultimate moral authority.

Today, the spiritual is the domain of corporate giants. So-called “woke capital” is an effort to impose an official morality on the public. State sanctioned oligopolies control access to essential services like the internet, banking and the media. The result is anyone falling outside the accepted corporate morality runs the risk of being fired from their job, losing access to essential services and being socially ostracized. Woke capital not only has economic and legal duties. It has spiritual duties, as well.

A good example to see how this works is in professional sports, where the team owners are not just putting on shows for customers. They are expected to provide morality tales to the public within and around the presentation of the games. Owning a sports team is no longer about owning an entertainment business. It’s not just rich guys blowing their millions competing with one another. The sports team is now a public trust, supported with billions in public money, in order to enforce public morality.

Before and during the games, there are mini-performances that “celebrate our democracy” or “celebrate our diversity.” These little shows have no natural place in the game itself. People at a football game don’t care that the teacher of the month is a one-legged gender fluid person of color. No one cares, except for the people in charge of the show, who see the event as a way to promote their morality. The proliferation of pink, for example, is to display the dominance of that cult.

Then you have the regulation of the game itself. A player gets into trouble and the league will investigate. Think about that for a second. Not long ago, it was just assumed that the police and courts did the investigating. If your employer learned you were charged with a crime, they may ask you to resign or maybe take a leave of absence, but only if it was going to be a distraction. Today, your employer believes they own the whole you, even the parts of your life outside of your work.

What Belloc imagined was a world in which labor, business and the state were tied together by a system of positive laws. The obligations on capital and labor would resemble the ancient relationship between the slave and owner. In the ancient world, slavery was a regulated practice. The slave owner had duties to his slaves, like feeding them and providing them with shelter. Of course, the slave was legally and economically obligated to work for his master under the same regulatory regime.

What we are seeing is a slightly different part of the ancient world, the time when the West was transition from the Roman Empire to the medieval period. In the early middle ages, slave owners were often required to tend to the spiritual needs of their slaves by converting them to Christianity or prohibiting them from converting to other religions, especially Judaism. Jews, of course, saw it as their duty to convert their slaves to their faith, despite the law. The slave owner was his slave’s spiritual leader.

That’s the emerging custodial state. Belloc saw that the industrial age allowed for the concentration of capital and the possibility of a servile state. The technological age is allowing for a concentration of power, not just wealth, and therefore the emergence of a custodial state. The massive power centers based in technology and finance are creating a thicket of economic, legal and spiritual obligations between the managerial elite that control these power centers and the people subject to them

You hear it in the language used by the servants of the tech barons. When YouTube or Twitter stages a purge of “hate speech” they send out women and homosexuals, a sort of priestly class in the custodial state, to explain why they had to protect their people from these dangerous purveyors of hate speech. They are not business owners serving customers. They are keepers of a public trust. They have a moral duty, they even say it, to look out for the emotional and spiritual well-being of society.

This is where the social credit system the Trump administration is planning will differ from what is evolving in China. The Chinese communists are far too practical to worry about the spiritual well-being of their people. They do worry about their social cohesion, especially in difficult times. Their system is about suppressing those who will question the party during difficult economic times. The Chinese social credit system is an entirely defensive system to prevent the organization of political opposition.

What is evolving in America is an offensive system. In order to maintain an acceptable social credit score, people will have to actively display their virtue. It’s not unreasonable to think they will be scanning the crowds at sporting events to make sure everyone is properly enthusiastic for the salute to our diversity. Your participation in the company multicultural celebration will go a long way to determining your social credit score, not just your position within the firm. Passivity will not be tolerated.

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135 thoughts on “The Custodial State

  1. Think most people just pay lip service to political correctness. One enterprising minority working at a government building had a large number of cheap one page calendars printed out when the first black family moved into the Oval Office.

    Clearly it only cost a dollar or two to make them, but she went around selling them for $10 a piece. It became a running joke because they were plastered all over the building.

    Buy one or else ! :-b

    There’s a groundswell of opposition against the propaganda. The election of President Trump has scared the crap out of them.

    Hence the coming firearm confiscation.

    P,S. The site has been running unusually slow ( at least for me )

  2. All of these ambitious plans will require coordination and control at a level which is not sustainable, or even possible. Since it doesn’t appear that many are willing to take up the gun, or do much of anything at all, the best option is to disengage.

  3. Somewhat OT: A news site I visit had a promoted link to the AARP with a picture of a confused looking older lady and the caption:


    I really don’t get how there can be unrecognized sexual harassment. Isn’t that sort of like unfelt shame?

  4. To add a moment in this process.

    When the US enacted the 1964 Civil Rights Act it solidified the transformation of the State into the State-as-Church. The Federal Government claimed ownership and control of what has clearly become the lodestone and foundational moral matter: anti-discrimination, first and continuingly most dominantly on race, and then to the downstream identities of gender, sexuality, sexual identity, disability, migrant status, etc.

    With the exception of some increasingly half-hearted and insignificant foot dragging by the Catholic Church on abortion, all the Christian Churches have become voluntary vassals to the new Papacy in Washington. Once which, by the way, puts the antics of its Renaissance predecessor to shame.

  5. Your very life could depend on proper wokeness. See the WSJ op-ed (paywall) from September 12, “Take Two Aspirin and Call Me by My Pronouns”

    Also the New England Journal of Medicine “Perspectives.”

    Not only do the Frenchies not see that, as in the Middle Ages, the Church ruled alongside the state, but also that the new church of the woke religion, the corporation, is perfectly capable of turning over heretics to the “secular arm” for punishment.

  6. Zman’s prescience is spooky. One of the websites that I routinely visit was de-platformed last night in the middle of a session. Me thinks the beast is getting a little anxious.

  7. I see the future. At a Super Bowl halftime diversity extravaganza, you better not be the first one to stop clapping.

  8. Take a look around you. Not pretty is it?

    We have been headed to where we are at in the US since the very beginning. When the Articles of Confederation was overturned in the first coup, we got the Constitution which was designed for an Empire. Subtle, but the power was inherent in it all along to crush the unwashed masses.

    Some idiots on the right blame everything bad on the Boomers. Others blame Jews. Others blame Russia. There has never been a State that did not become ever more overbearing as it grew and gained strength. The real enemy is right there in plain sight.

    1984 is a book you should read several times. That book describes the way large, strong States behave.

    • The ruling document is influential but not decisive. It’s the people who inhabit the country. There is no more important decision than deciding who gets to live in your country. We Americans were naive and inattentive.

  9. “Your participation in the company multicultural celebration will go a long way to determining your social credit score, not just your position within the firm.”

    I’ve seen this already. In government. My experience is in DoD.

    • Every major national or international law firm in the US has also adopted this model. If you want to make partner and progress in your career as a partner you must be actively supporting and promoting the firm’s diversity agenda. A vote against handing partnership to a woman, open homosexual, or a non-Asian minority is a career-ending move. If you’re a good attorney with a good book of business you’ll be allowed to stay, but will go no farther up the ladder. If you’re without your own book of business you’ll be out in a year or two.

      • Perhaps, but why would a law firm vote in a partner who did not produce $$$ for the firm. Or at least vote more than a token of such folk. Every dollar they take is one less in the pot to distribute among the productive?

        • Because the Borg demands it. If your firm does not have strong and consistently improving improving diversity numbers every year you will not be allowed to bid for work from federal, state, or many governments, DoD contractors, and most Fortune 100 companies. Diversity compliance audits, you know.

  10. The (very pozzed) Atlantic magazine published an interesting article about “woke” culture. It came out last October, and is titled “Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture”. Ignoring for a moment that huge numbers of people vote for PC culture, the author breaks down what people really think. What was found was that the Progressive thing, what the author labels as “progressive activists”, constitute 8% of the population. Moreover, most of them are white, highly educated, and make a lot of money. Very few are of color. The other 92%, running the range from traditional liberal and all the way from there, universally hate political correctness and the inability to freely speak, associate, or act without being called out on it, often unexpectedly from unintentional insults. The problem is that the proggies infest government, education, the media, and corporate leadership and upper management. Those are all the places staffed by the highly educated whites, who make a lot of money. This is 8% of the population, that’s all. What we are doing is fighting a battle with public perception that this stuff is universal, and a second battle directly against the nodes of power that have been invaded by this poisonous minority. Racial minorities, for example, have no say or play in the game, other than to get the low end job and economic handout gibs that this minority offers to them. All the proggie blather is not about lifting anyone up, it is about protecting the gigs of the rich white woke people, the 8%, who protect their sinecures by posturing as people who understand this hidden language and human meaning that the rest of us don’t, and position themselves at the head of every line, because they are special people. That’s why they get to fly private jets to meetings, called to tell the rest of us to take a train. There is no contradiction in their minds. We need to call out the 8% as just that, “the 8%”. People need to see that we are overlorded by a tiny minority of people. Once normies realize that so much of the cultural strife and rot is brought to us by such a circumscribed small group of white, overpaid, overfed pansies, we can make a bigger dent in public perception.

    • ” People need to see that we are overlorded by a tiny minority of people.”

      This is an important point. summarizing an important post.

      • Zman has stated that the Cloud People constitute only about 10% of the population. That’s close.

    • Excellent analysis.

      And this particular demographic goes out of it’s way to hide itself to how you put it make us believe the Poz is brought on by the public at large when it isn’t.

      One thing is for sure, the 8% will have to be dealt with if we ever hope to have a sane and healthy country.

        • Ris, of course they generally depend on our good and forgiving nature, and when their gig is over and accountings are to be made, they will attempt to say “so sorry”, and shuffle off to try a new angle of attack another day.

    • “Those are all the places staffed by the highly educated whites, who make a lot of money. This is 8% of the population, that’s all….”

      “… it is about protecting the gigs of the rich white woke people, the 8%, who protect their sinecures…”

      How about the rich, highly educated jews who make a lot of money? You know… rich jewish woke people who protect their sinecures and have invaded all the key nodes of power.

      The Atlantic article insists that we all understand this culpable minority is privileged White people. This is a typical misdirection of culpability IMO by our so-called “fellow White people,” i.e. the chosenites, to actual White folk, .

      • Lars, I think you are falling into a trap of a different sort. Around this joint, we define Jews as something other than white. The broader culture does not, in part, due to unwitting support of their protective coloration. I am taking a blind guess that many, if not most, of American Jews fall into that 8% group, but they are not the only ones. It doesn’t really matter if the part of the 8% destroying your community is Jewish, atheist, Christian, or, say, Baha’i. Calling out subsets of the 8% is a sort of “look, a squirrel”. The broader point I am making is that the 8% is, in itself, a self-interest group that crosses color and gender lines, but shares a vested interest in maintaining its status and wealth through speaking its own language and propagating its own world view, and using that language and outlook to figuratively (and occasionally physically) bash us over the heads with it. That a significant part of the 8% is Jewish is undoubtedly true, and that they are using traditionally Jewish tactics appears obvious as well. But we need to draw a line around these people from a broader standpoint of shared beliefs, not a narrower ethnic tribal one. In drawing a line around all of them, the 8% is seen as the minority that it is, that the occasional black or Christian is not a straw man to hide behind, and that we are calling them out for how they think, what they believe, and how they treat the rest of us, whatever God they pray to, if any.

        That said, in writing my first post, the things you point out were sort of jumping off the page at me, too.

  11. Today, the spiritual is the domain of corporate giants. So-called “woke capital” is an effort to impose an official morality on the public. … Woke capital not only has economic and legal duties. It has spiritual duties, as well.

    I’ve done some traveling lately, and this is precisely one of the things I’ve noticed. Hotels take advantage of their captive audience (you can’t switch off the signs they post) to preach virtue. Save the earth by reusing your towels. See those two separate compartments in the (tiny) wastebaskets in your room? Recycle! Turn off the lights when you leave the room and if you don’t, we’ll do it for you through automation.

    Free “news” — stacks of USA Today in the lobby, CNN on the TV in public areas on the rare occasions when no sportsball is available.

    In the wider world, we’ve all noticed the alternative universe inhabited by advertising and TV shows. Biracial couples, mulatto kids, they’re here, get used to it. Ghey and sapphic couples, don’t even think of finding anything objectionable. Trannies are a Trend, and the Trend is your friend. Blacks at least 50 percent of anything you see on the screen, black models dominating print ads.

    Business has always had a manipulative side, but until recent years it was mainly about “hidden persuasion” to induce you to buy their products. That aside, corporations didn’t tell you how to live. Now it’s a new kind of totalitarian state where the power establishment decides the winners and losers of the economy, and the corporate world falls into line to please its masters by spreading the politically correct gospel.

    As usual, I can see the problem better than I can see a way to fight back. I hope others more imaginative than I have useful ideas.

  12. O/T, but next year, if any committee of correspondence needs a discrete message carrier or postman, this unworthy one travels coast to coast every week.

    I pick my own routes, and go everywhere. Currently LA to Long Island, or SF to New England. Never a leader, but always a liason.

    • There will be a revival in face to face meeting and or communication. In addition techniques used in the past via the postal system will find much use. It is very easy to tap the convenient means of communication such as email text and the like. not so easy to check all the physical pieces of mail and like correspondence.

  13. Fantastic essay. Quickly and succinctly summarizes the emerging paradigm. I especially appreciate the distinction between the Chinese ‘defensive’ approach and Woke Capital’s ‘offensive’ approach.

  14. “Passivity will not be tolerated.” I was required to attend a 2 hour “Diversity and Inclusion” training session at work recently. While we were “encouraged to participate” in discussions it wasn’t required.

    It’s easy to imagine that the next time I am forced to attend, the training will include, “List the 5 actions you have taken to promote diversity or dismantle white privilege,” and you will be graded on the enthusiasm of your response.

    • At the executive level “what have you done to promote diversity” is a standard screen candidates have to get past.

      • At my old shop “Pro Actively Developing Diversity” was 10pc of each managers job goals. This started over 15 years ago.

  15. O/t : Guns of September?

    Just reading the reporting on this dronestrike against the House of Saud’s oil infrastructure. Big if true.

    Real big.

    The Shia Houthi have been hitting Saudi Arabia with drones provided by Iran for the past four or five months. For the past six weeks or so, a few people who are supposed to know about war have been saying that the Kingdom has lost this one.

    Which means that Mohammad bin Salman, the man who would be king, has a disaster on his hands. From my window, the best path forward for the Saudis is a humiliating cease-fire. I wonder what the view is from his. Or Netanyahu’s.

    Regionally, the initiative remains with the Shia generally, the Iranians in particular, and their Russian collaborators. Globally, it still seems to seesaw back-and-forth between an emerging bloc centered loosely in Eurasia on the one hand and on the other a divided, leaderless and faltering ‘west’ composed of corrupt aging republics and hapless constitutional monarchies.

    The Anglo-Zionist grand strategy has failed spectacularly. Everyone sees this. There is an intellectual vacuum and we need to start filling this by presenting new ideas about what our foreign policy should look like going forward.

    • That would explain Trump’s recent thawing of the rhetoric against Iran. The Donald does not stand pat on a losing hand, he finds a plan B.

  16. and so descends the Zman, into the fever swamps. which I applaud. you will be the new Faulkner of the anti-system.

    so what happens once the U.S. goes full totalitarian? all of a sudden we are now best buds with the Eu+Russia, and the PRC? Or is that a maximally unstable arrangement of power? these systems are always parasitic; without a host, what happens? like a flea without a dog, they wither and die. just like venezuela is doing.

    the only question i would like answered, is will the new Borg tolerate pockets of free living people; in the mountains and so forth. you wouldn’t have title to anything out there, but you could easily squat out beyond Skynet coverage.

  17. There’s nothing new about this system, except for it to work, the managerial elite can’t hate the people they manage. What’s been happening over the last 20 years is an active hatred of the unwashed masses. Today it’s vaping. Those stupid beasts of the field are ruining their lungs, so we need a set of complex regulations surrounding glycol based products. And they’ll do it, complete with taxes. If you follow the money the “public interest” lobbies, taken together are a vast industry. With the new vaping regulations, you will then need a set of consultants, making hundreds of dollars an hour, to usher your business through the labyrinth. The media is fully culpable in all of this, as usual. When you peel away the morality police you’ll find a complex asset stripping operation of the country.

    Look at MADD for instance. In many states you have to take a class and give them a check for the privilege of your post DUI morality training. That class where you learn that drinking is bad and that you could kill someone on the road. You have no choice in the matter. it’s part of your probation. For MADD it became about the money decades ago. Yes, in 1980 it was about bitter middle aged women who were upset that their precious Johnny or Heather died on the road in a flipped Jeep because of demon rum. After all the ribbons were tied, it was turned into a grift run by extremists, like all the others. We have de-facto government by finger wagging nags, so who better to assume power than Elizabeth Warren, the future nag in chief?

    Let’s hope that half way through the Warren presidency that the country, impoverished and fed up, just wants to rebel against all of this, let its hair down, have that line of flask of whiskey when driving. We need an era where people look at these grifters and say “who the hell are you anyway to tell me how to live?”

    • Come on, JR. Anyone who actually drives while intoxicated is grossly irresponsible. They shouldn’t have to pay MADD as part of their sentence, but they need to be corrected in no uncertain terms.

      I don’t know anything about vaping (never tried it) and maybe the anti-vaping campaign is another virtue crusade. Still society ought to be cautious about this kick until scientific evidence builds.

      Your first paragraph hits the mark.

      • Gravity Denier: Scientific evidence? You mean, the kind of evidence generated by “research” funded by government and conducted by academics who get all their funding from federal grants, while working a universities that thrive on federal funding and government-backed student loans? That kind of scientific evidence? Nope, I don’t think so.

        • billrla, No, I don’t mean that kind of scientific evidence. A lot of science has been perverted (e.g., the Global Warming priesthood) but I’m not ready to completely abandon the scientific method.

      • MADD cares about drunk driving the way Planned Parenthood cares about “women’s health.” I’m not saying it’s good to swerve and hit people on the road, although the movie Cannonball isn’t that bad. I’m saying that most of these goodie-two-shoes organizations, many now a half century or a century old, are morally bankrupt cash registers for a crowd of people and need to be called out in a big way.

        As far as vaping, if glycol killed people we would have known it decades ago. A teenager buys some seedy Chinese vaping product in Chinatown, scars his lungs, and now all the world has a vaping crisis.

        • MADD is now just a bunch of modern day Prohibitionists attached to a modern cause to give their empty lives meaning. I suspect the leaders have some monetary interest as well.

          Every year, in every State, they push for lower and lower BAC’s for presumptive DUI arrests. Here the latest push is for .06 or .04 on the breathalyzer. This would make most folk liable to arrest with a single beer imbibed. Most accidents however involve folk exceeding this level by two to three times!

          Indeed, after every holiday, they publish the stat’s wrt to folks who are caught up in the road side pull over dragnets they love to organize. Although they don’t break down specifically by BAC, they do publish the number of citations/arrests for “felony” DUI (.14 or above or second DUI arrest).

          Overwhelming majority are for felony DUI type infraction. In other words, the drinkers we need to watch out for are never deterred by the BAC in effect, they drink their fill and drive no matter what—while the simp’s who get pulled over and confess to their two beers at the local restaurant get cited—without need to show impairment on the part of the officer.

          BTW, in this State it is *not* illegal to drink/consume alcohol and drive. It is illegal to drive to the “slightest degree” of impairment should you imbibe. And in their lies the reason for implied impairment via BAC testing.

          • Did I write anything that could be read as defending MADD? I don’t like those self-righteous fanatics, but drunken driving is not a “necessary evil” that liberty needs to tolerate.

      • He didn’t say anything about not punishing drunk drivers, just that they shouldn’t have to pay tribute to a bunch of rent-seeking harpies.

        If we really wanted to cut down on drunk driving we could build walkable cities instead of suburban hellscapes and require bars to breathalyze customers before they leave the premises (inb4 “muh personal responsibility”)

        I agree wrt vaping though. Those products were promoted as a safer alternative to smoking as soon as they were invented. If I were interested in vaping, I’d want to see some longitudinal studies first.

      • It’s always about the children isn’t it? I ended up with a lawn dart in my leg in the 80s, they were banned a year later. It was a character building experience, and I learned something about sharp objects and playing according to instructions. All the world is a sharp object.

    • MADD and other activist groups, NGOs and the like didn’t spring up nowhere and acquire the power they have all on their own. There was no coup d’eta, no active revolution by force. They had the support of the political establishment which in turn was supported by their constituents. So in the end, it was the majority of we the people who either actively supported these things or passively supported it by not taking a stand.

      Dissidents are a marginalized minority viewed as fools by the peasant majority. Nobody imposed the managerial/custodial state on us, it was by the consent and even full throated support of our fellow citizens, not one particular generation but several starting in the early 20th century.

      As to the impoverished rising up, highly unlikely in the next election cycle. It’s quintessential to the nature of the masses not to want freedom but to be led. They want a master and betters to tell them how to live properly. They’re too scared to go through life without their mother goddess, the custodial state to watch over them and make sure life is “fair” and they’re protected from their own bad decisions. After 87 years of big gubbermint is my friend and takes care of me, the cult of government taking action. The do something, do anything style of rule started by cult of personality president for life Franklin Darth Roosevelt, the proles think this is how the world is supposed to operate and can’t imagine anything else. Long live the New Deal!

      Just as the masses will now trumpet their support ever louder for whatever politically correct hoops they have to jump through, whatever new self-flagellation is necessary to please their betters so to keep whatever food and material comfort or standard of living they still have from decreasing even more. They hope to please master so he let’s them keep what they have and as master only punishes bad people so they will try harder to be good. So the majority of our fellow YT citizens either like being slaves or believe it’s better and wiser to go along to get along. Just as they did during the Obama administration and the rise of woke capital and woke scolds.

      • “Nobody imposed the managerial/custodial state on us, it was by the consent and even full throated support of our fellow citizens…”

        This involved quite a bit of subversion, with true goals masked, along with a lot of bait and switch.

        • It was sold as they are always sold on a foundation of lies and distortions. The laws are always promised as solutions and the worse case scenarios scoffed at. Too many sociopathic politicians and stupid voters. So here we are.

        • What subversion?

          Pardon this off topic digression. Everything that grandfatherly old huckster and his brain trust did, they did out in full view of the public and lambasting all critics as servants of the plutocrats who not only created the depression but for some reason wanted the depression to continue. These contemporary critics of presidential and executive branch overreach included H.L. Mencken, Garet Garrett and even former gov. of NY, Al Smith among others. And the critics were heard through newspapers and magazines across the country. But the majority of proles couldn’t get enough of their Glorious Leader making them feel better with his fireside chats.

          Cooperation with the president and all his schemes was sold as being a “good American” and who didn’t want to be a good American.
          Still, how could anyone not see federal alphabet agencies springing up like mushrooms with new rafts of regulations including price controls, the federal deficit and debt expanding? How could they not notice for example a presidential diktat ordering Americans to turn in their gold and forbidding ownership of gold. Was that even legal or constitutional?

          But heck, FDR is our leader and he promised happy days are here again and we’re at war with the depression and if we give him more power, Lord FDR will lead us to the promised land of economic prosperity. The peasantry got the strong master they yearned for who claimed he cared about his serfs and told them their bosses were scumbags. Even if their master’s policies were prolonging the depression, FDR felt their pain and that’s all that mattered.

          • Fair points. But given the mood of the country at the time and the ravages of the Depression, it’s possible that FDR’s federal government interventionism prevented a full-strength socialist turn.

  18. “The Chinese communists are far too practical to worry about the spiritual well-being of their people. They do worry about their social cohesion, especially in difficult times.”

    The more our “spiritual guides” stick it to YT the less social cohesion they will get…yes, many will bend the knee but enough won’t.

    There’s no pot of gold at the end of the diversity rainbow. The custodial state is held together by gadgets and weak men.

    • Not only is it held together by gadgets and weak men, it has no value, the entire system is a net-taker. A large part of our out of control public debt is part of this expensive system. It needs money, lots of it, and all the time.

  19. Right on the mark! And the “spiritual” overlay is clearly based on secular humanism and civic nationalism, obviously meant to supplant the organic spiritual traditions of nations in favor of those that support the transnational oligarchy of “wokedom.”

    • That’s why having kids and educating them right are Jobs One & Two. We’re the guys defending the site and laying the foundations. We won’t see the cathedral completed. That’s for the grandkids or later absent the hand of Fate or God.

  20. Unfortunately, the Devil in this new religion is an actual living group of people, namely, us.

    It’s going to get to the point where white people are going to have to cultivate something like the Islamic concept of “taqiya” (dissimulation, lying), whereby your group has moral license to lie to outsiders. Then we can give lip service to the totalitarian left-wing religion if necessary to stay employed, but still keep the truth clear in our own minds and with a clear conscience.

    Of course, that will take a very clear sense of our own identity.

    Unfortunately, a lot of weak-minded white people have no psychological or spiritual resources to resist the onslaught of white-hating globohomo, and tragically end up as self-hating NPCs, spiritually murdered people lost to themselves and history because of this malicious Bolshevik religion.

      • Ditto behind the American Iron Curtain in NY..though there are far more dissenters than the Borg realizes.

        • Many more dissenters than the Borg realizes. Many, many people see the hypocrisy and even ridiculousness of it all, but keep silent out of self interest and self preservation.

    • I do not believe that you can blame this prevailing idiocy on Lenin or Trotsky or Stalin; our “betters” may be brutal creeps but Bolshevik they are not

      • New action Bolsheviks they are! My parents were Trots up through the 50’s. Since the Commie Revolution, Commies learned how to shape shift the look of original communism and shape shift the language….continuously. This is not the Communism of my daddy. But it is the dogged determination of commies that then took it to the Frankfurt School and the familiar names of such, on and on up through Alinsky, who gave birth to The Hildabeast and Hussein O.

        Not to mention Marxism all around the globe became Local i.e. African Marxism, Central and South American Marxism, South Asian and dozens more. The Globalists oozed out of these Western and Soviet commie schools of thought. And so did Environmentalism…..Green on the Outside; Red on the Inside. The tentacles of early communism have spread and morphed into all these forms of tyranny. And commies will gaslight with disdain and say this isn’t communism… only unsophisticated dummies see this as communism. And most commies don’t carry cards. All these different breeds of parent communism have this in common…an absolute fanatical determination to issue in utopia, hopefully in their time. THEY NEVER SLOW THE PACE…THEY NEVER GIVE UP. FORWARD! And those of us on the other side of the divide just want to enjoy our families and do life. The juggernaut of the new action Left rolls on and on over us ….they won’t stop!

        • Secular ideology really does take the place of religion (poorly) for those who give up reaching inside and outside themselves for more.

          Their willingness to constantly push for change, two steps forward, is why they win in any battle against cons & “tactical libertarians.” The anti-leftists always start with the status quo as their opening offer in any cultural negotiation, with a bottom line of one step back, calling the final result a “victory” merely because the left only notched the needle one more peg toward Babylon.

          FWIW, I think there’s an important place for environmentalism (think conservation, hunters & fishermen, not AGW hoodoo) in Our Thing. Properly framed, it’s the scientific position as well as a huge gateway for recruiting true believers from the enemy’s left. Browns demonstrably DGAF about the environment and India & China will never play ball on the AGW hokum. As Queen Anne said, the white plastic bag may as well be Mexico’s national flower.

  21. “Passivity will not be tolerated.”

    I think that’s an underrated point. Going all the way back at least to Henry VIII, the intent was not merely to make you shut up with your speaking, it was to make you positively assent to things you might not believe. It wasn’t good enough for Thomas More to say, “Look, I’ll keep my mouth shut on who your wife is.” No, he had to positively say he agreed with the king when he did not.

    He couldn’t bring himself to do it. The vast majority could.

    • Thomas More got a taste of his own medicine. The Catholic church was not tolerant of indifference to Catholicism.

  22. Well… I see a few minor problems for our aspiring overlords. When they send out wammin and queers to impose order – everyone politely pays lip service and then leaves. Most of those high profile churches that went queer or feminist back in the day are now closed. Alt Tech is just rubbing their palms together with glee and smirking like Shylock at the thought of an SJW assault on OyTube. Hate sites like this one are proliferating and gaining traction. As the NRx fellas note… holiness spirals only end one way.

    When I was banished from my family it was as you say: I had the wrong opinions and ethics, and the women and queers had no choice but to give me the boot. After I left, the purges continued. Divorces and estrangements continued apace. Once I was gone they went after each other. Women and queers can’t run a family, never mind communities, nations or businesses. Eventually they fail.

    We really need to focus on what comes next.

    • Power based entirely on Talmudic morality and intellectual witchery is ephemeral. In a rock, paper, coinage struggle, rock always wins if the Kshatriya keeps his frame. A man who no longer cares if he’s “right” or “wrong” by enemy standards and can’t be bought can only be out-rocked. The dangerous game our Cathedral and Wall Street elites are playing ultimately ends with an Attila winning. If that’s how things turn it most likely won’t play out as some ground-up Turner Diaries revolt, ala WN 1.0 & 2A LARPers. It will be class-traitors within their own ranks who see the chance to circulate the elites. I’d rather be separate from the whole shitshow by then, although we’ll need guys inside to play the situation to our semi-external advantage.

      • Did you ever read Talmud? Please provide an example of a negative Talmud morality together with the book and page #.

        • Readers can look at Andrew Joyce’s pieces at The Occidental Observer, Guyenot’s books and articles at Unz Review, and a few dozen other sources referenced therein.

          You’re not going to bog me down with Talmudry over how many goyim are dancing on the heads of which pins – it’s Saturday and some of us work on weekends.

          • Your reply is hearsay about hearsay. There are also articles about Christian blood used in Passover matzoh. It’s called blood libel.

          • Anna, are gentile whites allowed to have states that serve their interests in the same way that Israel serves J3wish interests?

          • Not only allowed but have a clear understanding that it might be the only way for people to survive as a nation. White American Christians have provided a best shelter to the Jews in the 2000 yrs history of exile.
            If it does not work for one side any longer a dialog should be started about problems. Hard to see that dialog proceding in any civilised fashion in the present political atmosphere.
            By the way one of the reason of hatred toward Israel (besides usual anti-semitism) is inability to force them to open their borders like Europe and America under Obama did.

          • Do you support immigration restriction for the USA and European countries? Would you stand against the majority of your tribe in this cause?

          • Not would but did. Most of Russian Jews, including myself, who joined major Jewish organizations left them. Majority of these organizations pander to questionable Muslims and call it “diplomacy”.
            Israelis and American Jews are becoming 2 different nations with the majority of Russian-American Jews being on the side of Israelis.
            Trump’s approval rating in Israel is 80-90%.
            Of course long Jewish history saw such splits quite a few times before.
            Old Testament will tell you so.

    • What happened in your family happens large scale to any revolutionary movement.

      Different factions will join forces against a common enemy. Once they vanquish their enemy, they’ll turn on each other. The French Revolution, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and the Iranian theocracy come to mind. Even early Christianity was a revolutionary movement that after it gained sufficient power in the Roman Empire persecuted first pagans and finally heretics.

      There are two ideas that unite the Left and the Democratic Party: They’re warring tribes in the common pursuit of plunder and hatred of Whites. In the absence of Whites, they’ll turn on each other.

      • How much hatred of whitey is from authentic low sexual market value losers, the true believers, the unhinged useful idiots like antifa- and the machiavellian Koch Bros and their tools who finance, manage, and train the useful idiots because destroying the white middle class is the path to regain their rightful and meritorious domination of society?

  23. Oligopolies are prevalent throughout the world and appear to be increasing ever so rapidly. Unlike a monopoly, where one corporation dominates a certain market, an oligopoly consists of a select few companies having significant influence over an industry.

    Common Industries Overshadowed By Oligopolies
    Cable Television Services
    Entertainment (Music and Film)
    Mass Media
    Computers & Software
    Cellular Phone Services
    Smart Phone and Computer Operating Systems
    Aluminum and Steel
    Oil and Gas

    media outlets owned by six corporations: Walt Disney (DIS), Time Warner (TWX), CBS Corporation (CBS), Viacom (VIAB), NBC Universal, and News Corporation (NWSA).

    music entertainment industry is dominated by Universal Music Group, Sony, BMG, Warner and EMI Group.

    Apple iOS and Google Android dominate smartphone operating systems.
    Computer operating systems are overshadowed by Apple and Windows.

    there will be a test on Friday 🙂

    • Scale, scale, scale 1000x scale. I’m a total Kunstler on this. The only way any actual competition can exist, much lest manifest benefits, or Hayek’s infamous “knowledge problem” can be mitigated, is to decentralize and localize interests. Still doesn’t solve everything, but it at least gives control-bent oligarchs a fairer share of the logistical problems.

    • Well, you don’t have to have geniuses for boards and execs of the top companies to decide, “Listen, if there’s only one of us, the government will break us up, but if there’s two or three of us, we can pretty much do whatever we want and make money hand over fist….”

      • Hot news item: Chicken-of-the-Sea, StarKist and Bumblebee recently pled out to price fixing the US tuna market.

        Not only that, but there’s gambling in the back room at Rick’s Cafe….

  24. It was chilling to see the Cubs fan at Wrigley Field receive a lifetime ban earlier this season. While Doug Granville, a black man was reporting next to the stands, a fan behind him flashed the OK sign with his fingers. Cubs ownership assumed his gesture meant “white supremacy,” not something like the “circle game,” or simply “A-Okay.” They acted swiftly and decisively and gave those of us paying attention a glimpse into what’s coming next.

  25. Z sets the Objectivist devil in my gut rumbling with the concepts of a “servile” or a “custodial” state. She’s still in there, down deep – the habits of 3 decades are hard to unlearn.

    “Today, your employer believes they own the whole you, even the parts of your life outside of your work.”

    Contra libertarians, the only way to prevent this total patrician dominance of proles is to use collective prole-power and influence against the employers, but after decades of Red-Blue, many of us on the Right are still unable to conceive of collective action as anything but evil.

    My old beloved Tea Party idea of government “leaving people alone to run muh business” was never realistic under any serious scrutiny. There are obviously degrees and means of control to be debated, but the lassez-faire state we were sold as an ideal was never anything but a naked power play by the Kochtopus and its fellow corporate krakens.

    The kind of market I fanstasized about exists only at a sub-corporate scale and can only be maintained by active “extra-economic” intervention.

    Infinity Browns asserting a Trojan Horse “right to work” for Chinese wages no longer looks preferable to the old system of featherbedding and bribery – see the Rust Belt & Old South vs. today. We need to re-learn the art of collective action, from past labor, union and guild efforts – both where they went right and wrong.

    First things – if we get the biology and culture of the collective right, the problems of collective organization and corruption become a lot more manageable. Ethnic division was one way the old school unions were corrupted. As Amazon recently demonstrated, the best way to break a strike of Somolians was to hire a bunch of Mexicans, rendering collective action by labor impossible.

    The next step is to humanize the scale of business, closer to the Amish than to Wal-Mart. Z’s talked about this re: the small contractors that used to form the backbone of the tech industry around Lagos & elsewhere in America. But that’s a 201-level post for another day.

    • Libertarianism and liberalism add up to a sort of political eunuchism, whose central tenet is, “no matter what they do to you, don’t fight back.”

      Not only do we have to fight back, we have to smash down the evil people doing these things. Otherwise we’re going to be up against the wall–figuratively then literally. You really think that something about human nature has changed in the last hundred years, such that the terrors of the 20th century won’t be repeated?

      • The FTN guys call this “tactical libertarianism.” It’s deployed by the intellectual interference-runners like French & Shapiro to lock you into defense mode. “Leave us alone, hands-off” is not an agenda. The side pushing a positive agenda always wins at least incrementally in that fight because laissez-faires never look to gain ground. Z’s citation of “positive obligations” today is very important. A truly symbiotic relationship between rulers and ruled requires the elites to deliver positive good for the proles, not just a “level playing field,” because our internal and external competition is playing to win, not stay even.

      • “no matter what they do to you, don’t fight back.”

        That was certainly not the way of Rothbard or the rest of us. Right wing populism goes hand in hand with “I hate the State in all it incarnations”.

        You must be talking about the “beltway libertarians” who are about as useful as the “Conservatives”. Cucks all.

  26. A culture is often thought to be balanced and stable when labor, business, and state are in moral lockstep, when they share a common religion. But that’s not the case, because what if those morals agitate against reality, natural law, and “Providence?” To my mind, it all depends on the prevailing worldview on which cultural morals are based. The humanist religion, prevalent since the late-19th century, doesn’t have a great track record in bringing peace and justice to its people, or even espousing an intelligible rationale for peace and justice. Morals make absolutely no sense in a mechanistic, naturalist religion of scientism

    When you have a people with a distorted worldview, and thus distorted morals, then you’re looking at a people that roll into the fetal position as their custodial state grows ever more despotic. And here we are.

  27. Before and during the games, there are mini-performances that “celebrate our democracy” or “celebrate our diversity.”

    Fancy names for a troupe of burlesque dancers.

  28. The Dune novels present a similar analog to the emerging custodial state. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the tech giants are only too happy to facilitate the transition to the Brave New World. Their biggest fear is an armed revolt, and they are desperately looking for a politically feasible way to implement firearm confiscation as a preemptive remedy. But that is a fools errand. The next revolution will be fought with technology and stealth, not armed confrontation. It won’t be the mob that gets you, it will be the invisible shiv.

    • Dune’s tripolar system of Empire, Guild & Sisterhood (Khash, Vaish & Brahms) was a good Campbell-scale take society’s persistent patterns. Even now, we have Military/Deep State/LEO’s, Wall Street & Cathedral.

      You’re on the money re: revolution. Truly ground-up national scale revos are unheard of, and the real levers of influence and power in our Empire are so centralized now that I don’t see mass-scale public involvement with any major power-shift. When the long knives come out, it will be Soviet-style, and we’ll only hear the New Bosses’ sanitized moralized version of the events afterward via the Cathedral they control. I’d like some distance between Our Guys and the Empire by then and some strategic options to exercise.

    • I don’t think you are right that firearms wouldn’t play a crucial part. Certainly such a conflict in the US would look very different from those in the past and the fictionalized imagery we have from past writers and movie-makers. Technology does and will play a large part, though perhaps more so in the early stages. But while modern man might be terrified by de-platforming and de-personing, I’m sure that the aversion to loss of one’s life is still more powerful, once the fog arising of post-modern delusion and cosseted Western life-cycle is stripped away.

      • Firearms are vital for self defense (and subsistence hunting) during the chaos of the Brave New World, but not really that useful as a tool to defeat tyranny. Once upon a time, tyrants could hide effectively behind castle walls and a personal guard of mercenary thugs. But technology is a two-way street, and since tyrants have chosen to weaponize it against the innocent, what goes around comes around.

        • Since we can’t discuss how firearms could be used to defeat tyranny, then by default your point goes unchallenged and you win the argument.

    • Iraq and Afghanistan taught us the best way to tie up and neutralize a massive high tech military is to use guerilla warfare against them and their supporters.

      A thousand pissed and smart men could turn the elites power bases – the blue hives into charnel houses simply by cutting power to them. The elites don’t have the man power nor the intelligence to combat such actions.

      Look at the elites best men – Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Mueller. Hayden, Brennan, Clapper.. All 3rd tier types who got where they were on being yes men.

      • Two of the weaknesses of the Cloud People are (1) physical cowardice and (2) a lack of loyalty to one another.

        We are in a low-level civil war which, I think, will get worse with assassinations, mass shootings, sabotage, etc.

  29. That terrifies me. How I live now means I never have to bow to woke culture because I work alone in my own business I don’t watch TV or movies or sporting events. I thought Friendster was creepy when all my friends tried to get me to join so by the time Facebook came along I was immune to social media. I actually read very few books that are even written by living authors. I’m entirely removed from the culture. But I am afraid that one day the culture will come for me anyway. Everyday I tell myself to look at my life and be grateful for it and to remember how good it is no matter what may come.

    • You have a wonderful perspective. What you’re doing is really the only path to freedom, contentment, and joy. Conformists like to suck the energy from free people … the dissident’s job is to deny the parasites a host.

      One day the culture may come for us; in many ways that’s happening right now. Fear not … you’re not alone in this battle.

    • Same here re: work. My level of personal engagement with clients is minimal and usually arms-length. I’m fortunate to work in a field where the work product largely speaks for itself and usually requires craft-level involvement rather than being “mass-produced” by macros, boilerplate language and Pajeet mimicry (ala (((LegalZoom))) etc.) If I hadn’t done this when I did, I would have crashed and burned years back.

    • Rebellion against the system must begin with the young. Easy as it may be to say “Sign me up with a Social Credit Score ZERO!”, how many will actually do this?

      How many men with families to support, with decades invested in a progressive career path, and a very decent income would put it all at risk for a pig in a poke?

      Easier to submit to the poz, and hope for the best. And the water gets hotter, and the frog gets slowly boiled.

      Alas and Alack.

      To paraphrase, “You may be disgusted by the culture, but nowhere near as much as the culture is disgusted by you”.

    • Don’t flatter yourself, you don’t live in a vacuum. Nobody sane is capable of that; especially if you run your own shop.

  30. It was a major blackpill when I saw the Boomercons fly into rage about Kapernick, and then fall victim to both a short attention span and utter hypocrisy. Indeed, if I had a dollar for everyone that said “I’m boycotting the NFL and watching NCAA”. It also wasn’t reported much that just as the owners paid off Kapernick, they also paid off Trump to get him to stop supporting boycotts. Or maybe they just stroked his ego. More importantly, Congress was debating an end to tax-exempt stadium bonds, and then it was deleted from the final bill.

    • There’s also a recent boomlet of the NCAA players now demanding payment. Indeed, this is after the fact that full-ride scholarships for the barely literate are not treated as taxable income. And lets not forget the issue of sexual access, perhaps sexual assault.

      The NCAA itself is tax-exempt, which should be called into question. Remarkably, only a few athletic departments manage to turn a profit even though they can receive tax-deductible donations. Indeed we need to probably get rid of college athletics altogether, or else restrict it to the no-scholarships Ivy League model.

      • In Canada, promising hockey players are drafted at 16 into a professional Junior League, where they are paid a small salary and are subject to being traded/waived/etc. They have academic responsibilities, but this “student athlete” nonsense isn’t really a thing.

        There’s also certain demographic differences that you can probably guess.

      • My understanding is the portion of “full ride” scholarship for room and board is taxable as income. Only the tuition, fees, books and supplies portion is not.

    • To me, Kapernick was just a grain of sand in a whole shitload of sand that drove me away from the NFL and the NBA.

      • The beginning of the end of my sports fandom was LeBron James calling Clevelanders racist when he left to play in Miami. In the process of leaving, he strong-armed the franchise into firing the coach and front office, lest he not re-sign. Which of course he was never planning to do. That’s called collusion, and its actionable. I suspect the NBA later rigged the draft as backdoor compensation.

        So when he came back, it never meant the same to me, of course I was a political dissident by then which certainly colored my expectations. And once he was gone again, he went back to his anti-white schtick.

    • Here’s a radical idea:

      How about stop watching sports ENTIRELY.

      Take the time you now suddenly have and go down to the gun range, read more books on warfare tactics…….. anything but watching completely overpaid grown men playing children’s games.

      Too much too soon?

      • I stopped watching sports completely around 2001. A game has been on TV when I was at a family gathering such as Thanksgiving, but I did not watch it. I could not even name a player on any team pro or college.

        Once upon a time I was a huge fan. Go Dolphins! Now? Piss on all of them.

      • I said this here once before but breaking white men away from pro sports is probably the biggest single thing we could do to build a white identity. Sports creates a phony solidarity for one thing. I see this on display at a seedy factory I visit for work sometimes. Their workforce is mostly Mestizos, probably of questionable VISA status. There are still some white guys too though. There’s a TV in the cafeteria and when the game is on I see them all, whites and their replacements alike, quietly worshiping the electric Ju. If I bought into all that racial harmony and diversity shit it would be heartwarming.

        Making pro sports even more of a minority thing than it is also creates opportunities for hilarious chimpouts and other displays of vibrancy at games that will make great 60 second video spots and do more to red pill whites than a week reading our posts here.

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