Thoughts On Civil War

A prevailing assumption in all of outsider politics, both Left and Right, is that America is headed for a civil war. The details are not all that clear, but that is the assumption. Even the mainstream political types think it is possible. A regular part of Tucker Carlson’s act is to warn his fellow political elites that they better shape up or the else. From time to time polls are done that show Americans are increasingly sure that a civil war is the most probable outcome for the turmoil and conflict of the current year.

At first blush, it is not a silly assumption. After all, empires tend to end in violence, either they are conquered or break apart. Even if you think America is some sort of exception when it comes to being an empire, every society is racked with conflict. It has been over 150 years since the United States has had serious internal distension. The closest to a revolt was the Civil Rights Movement, but the blacks were easily bought off after some protests and riots. America seems due for a violent adjustment.

Further, the far Left assumes they will win such a conflict. How is never explained, as most are noodle armed sissies, but they probably think they will have the full support of the police, like they see at their protests. Maybe the cops will side with the far Left in an armed conflict. If it means keeping their pensions and benefit packages, that’s probably a safe bet. On the other hand, history says police forces tend to scatter quickly when order falters to the point where there is fighting in the streets.

Many on the far Right make the same assumption as the Left, with regards to the outcome, owing to the fact that most of the guns are owned by whites. Those noodle armed Antifa sissies and their mouthy women would not last long in a fair fight, much less an armed fight. That’s certainly true, but if they did have the cops fighting for them that would be different. Then there is the fact that the same people controlling Antifa also run the military, so the gun disparity would change quickly.

The main trouble with the civic war bogeyman is no one bothers to imagine how it would be conjured in the first place. Civil wars are fights between two or more factions, led by members of the elite. The American Civil War was a fight between New England elites and Southern elites. Modern elites, not just in America, but across the West are in lockstep on every important topic. It is inconceivable that they would take up arms against one another. If anything, they will take up arms against the people.

That leaves open the other option for a social war. An armed rebellion of some sort, maybe due to divisions within society that the elites can no longer contain. The Antifa media, for example, harasses the wrong people and the result is organized white terrorism against Progressive targets. Alternatively, the media agitation results in some left-wing street protesters moving from theater to violence. The media did convince that guy to shoot up the Republican softball game a few years back.

The trouble with the rebellion scenario is that a decent rebellion has to be led by people capable of organizing a lot of people. The structure of the Left precludes a rebellion from that side of politics. They control the institutions and the rank and file lack the will and brainpower to go it alone. The Left is not going to revolt against itself, so they will continue to ratchet up their terrorism against everyone else. Red flag laws, for example, will be used to jail dissidents in the near future.

Outside of left-wing circles, organizing a rebellion seems less likely. Blacks like to riot and they have some reason to rebel against the prevailing order. History says they will just burn down their own neighborhoods and loots some local stores. Hispanics seem to be the most passive group in America. As long as they have cheap food and cheap entertainment, they are not rebelling. The squalor of America beats the squalor of back home, so getting them angry enough to rebel seems implausible.

If there is to be a rebellion, it will be among whites, but whites are far from being a monolithic group like blacks. There are regional divides, as well as class divides, which are easily exploited by the people in charge. Ruling class whites, for example, hate all lower class whites. That’s part of what motivated the FBI to spy on the Trump people in the last election. It’s why the IRS harassed white people in the 2012 election. Ruling class whites have a deep loathing for the rest of white America.

At the other end, the working classes have had plenty of reasons to revolt since the 1970’s, when the usual suspects began auctioning off the manufacturing base. In coal country, for example, where you will find the most rebellious whites in America, an all-out war on their way of life has not resulted in much resistance. The semi-urban white working class has continued to support a system that shows every sign of trying to snuff out the white working class. There’s no rebellion in that group.

That leaves the white suburban middle-class, who are certainly the angriest cohort in the country, but they are the most docile too. Perhaps if they fear a real threat to their economic position, they will become less docile, but middle-class revolution remains an oxymoron at this stage. For now, they will remain committed to the system, taking out their anger on politicians at the ballot box. Even though voting has had no impact on the trajectory of American society, it seems to be enough for this class.

Even if you can conjure a scenario in which a group revolts or the ruling class splits, resulting in a civil war of some type, it’s hard to imagine it being violent. For starters, rebelling against the local police department, much less the military is laughably implausible, given the disparity in firepower. Even small town cops these days have been militarized. They have assault units, armored vehicles, drones and electronic surveillance equipment. America is literally a police state now.

Rebellion would have to be guerrilla war, turning the weight of the surveillance state against itself. Instead of blowing stuff up, the rebellion of the future will be placing racist material in strategic locations, forcing the police to spend hundreds of man hours looking for invisible Nazis. More sophisticated tactics will require infiltration of ruling class assets, so rebels can easily and surreptitiously throw sand in the gears of the custodial state. The war will be fought in cubicles, not the streets.

Now, this may seem depressing at first blush, but civil wars and rebellion never encompass the whole of the society. The American Revolution directly involved about five percent of the population. The American Left radicalized the country with less than 20% support among whites. For those hoping to see the next American civil war, it will not take much of a change in the above dynamics to get the conditions for it. A serious economic catastrophe or a major foreign policy setback could be enough.

There’s also the fact that the nature of rebellion changes with the times. The rebels of the agrarian age faced men with bayonets and muskets. Men with muskets and rifles hiding in the woods could do real damage to their rulers. In the industrial age, general strikes and urban riots were enough to counter state power. In the information age, the rebellion will be about sapping the strength of the rulers, with regards to their ability to control data. Unplugging a data center will be the new terrorism.

When you start to puzzle through it, the probability of an old fashioned civil war is close to zero, while armed rebellion is in the single digits. Things will have to change a lot for the conditions to be right. On the other hand, a new type of rebellion, one suited for the age and the sorts of people unhappy with the system, is increasingly likely. Middle-class mom giving company passwords to rebel hackers is a likely scenario. The revolution of the future will be low-grade and mostly non-violent.

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303 thoughts on “Thoughts On Civil War

  1. I agree elite leadership is lacking.
    Then again the elites are sadly lacking and so won’t be elite long.

    As for the police and military; they will hold as bodies to the Constitution and not go further either way. The oft posited canard they only work for money and follow orders is dangerous folly for any who believe so, hopefully the Left shall discover this truth not the right.

    As for no signs of rebellion we disagree on what the facts, signs and evidence is telling us. I see otherwise.

    As for no violence its already begun on the left and with the blacks, BLM.
    That door is open.

    As to the non-violent cubicle war you posit I think you’re revealing preferences and experience and nothing else. I’m getting the impression you have no personal knowledge or acquaintance with cops, soldiers, veterans, rural militia-or middle class suburban militia. May I suggest the local gun club as a primer?
    Because we live in different Americas.
    The passive America you describe is not to be found in the above key groups when discussing war.


  2. I believe our growing Muslim demographic, most raised in violent Third World countries, will be the first to go ultra-violent.

  3. Someone said not too long ago something along the lines of
    “You have to pay for the first kill. Every one after that is free”

  4. We’re already in the covert civil war you describe. I think Trump has realized this, and is why he antagonizes the left the way he does; to expose them for what they are.
    It would have to be one hell of a spark to precipitate armed conflict. As long as Joe has his six pack and TV, he’ll stay on the couch. But if the economy crashes, that could set the stage for a real fight.

  5. The Constitution post gets a little over a 100 replies and the Civil War post gets over 300. I’d say it’s a popular topic. Sorry to keep bringing this up but man is this site slow !

    What was that old Fed spyware “Gas Lantern” or something ? It slowed down websites so bad it was obvious they were being spied on. Kinda reminds me of that 🙂

    Anyways, all this stuff about bad-mouthing the police is ridiculous. Can guarantee the only interaction 99% of the people on this site have had with the police is a speeding ticket. Does it suck ? yes. Do cops get tickets ?

    Sure they do . Does the badge help ? yes, but can tell you that retirement badge does absolutely nothing 🙂 America is a powder keg right now. Road rage is a daily thing. Neighbors go out of their way to avoid each other and basic manners have all but disappeared.

    Let’s face it , we hate each other. not sure if it’ll be civil war or economic collapse either way it won’t take much to get this party started.

    2000 dead already this year in Chicago

  6. “Then there is the fact that the same people controlling Antifa also run the military, so the gun disparity would change quickly.”

    Years ago, I think after Oklahoma City, Detroit’s legendary anarchist paper The Fifth Estate, had an issue on gun control, and made a similar point about the futility of idea that outfits like the Michigan Militia would prevail against the govt. The Fifth Estate, of course, supports the idea of revolution, but pointed out that successful revolutions don’t occur when people just take to the streets with guns, but only if, subsequently, elements of the army and police go over to the people and start supplying them with guns. Only then does a “armed populace” protect liberty; otherwise they just get wiped out.

  7. “Further, the far Left assumes they will win such a conflict. How is never explained, as most are noodle armed sissies,…”

    Imported foreign mercenaries from Central America, Africa, assorted Muslims, BLM. The ruling class has been ginning up the inflammatory anti-white rhetoric for a reason. Won’t it be a hoot when the “people of color” army first turns on the old, white Democrat party leadership then notice their homosexuals, Jews and white whamen coalition partners look just like all the other white devils, not “real” oppressed people of color and turn on them too?

    “Instead of blowing stuff up, the rebellion of the future will be placing racist material in strategic locations, forcing the police to spend hundreds of man hours looking for invisible Nazis.”

    Or the police will send in undercover cops to infiltrate dissident groups or use confidential informants. Otherwise there tend to be a lot of cameras around both public and private. No amount of man-hours or money spent will matter in the hunt for the witches and heretics who would commit the heinous crime of questioning one’s betters and premeditated hurting of a liberal’s feelings in the first degree.

    In fact, they’re already on the case!

    “The war will be fought in cubicles, not the streets.”

    Huzzah, Dilbert!

    Sorry Z man, that one was too good to pass up. Seriously, good post.

  8. Not “Revolution” But Collapse

    Everyone is predicting that the Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon will fall into ruin. Dmitry Orlov, James Kunstler, Karl Denninger and others of the prepper/doomer bent are the most active pointing out that economic, governmental and social collapse are around the corner. I think that they are right. There have been other major collapses like when the Old Kingdom collapsed around 2180 BC, and the Bronze Age Collapse of 1200 BC and of course the Roman collapse of 476 leading to Dark Age of a thousand years until 1492 or so.

    What we are seeing is the System trying to “hold on” through “soft tyranny” because the police are scared of getting killed and the powers that be of losing power. There is a sense of desperation in the air.

    Anyone who has been in trucking or agribusiness knows how fragile the production of food and getting it to market is. So much fossil fuel, particularly diesel and natural gas is needed. Anyone who drives a truck knows how the George Washington Bridge is necessary to keep New York City fed. Taking down the limited number of bridges at certain choke points across the Mississippi or destroying certain power points can take down the entire aging grid. You remove food and electricity for very long there will be no coming back any time soon.

    The most people who can be fed on this Continent is around 120 million using 1890s Amish-style agriculture. Most people don’t know how to grow their own food, but there are a third of a billion alone in the ZOGland. So you want to destroy ZOG you destroy the carrying capacity and if the carrying capacity is reduced to 50 million it means that when all the fighting for survival is done then there will be less than 25 million left.

    Most survivalist writers are over 50 and when they are honest they say that they are prepping for their first looter to live off of their hard work.

    When Collapse occurs the end result is less than a third of the population alive ruled by warlords who establish a neo-feudalism. I predict that it will be a Collapse — A Great Tribulation — in which 10-30 million whites are ruled over by Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  9. I’m late to the party!

    In Z’s tech scenario, wouldn’t the disruptions ultimately lead to civil unrest as mundane, expected things become unpredictable? If the 911 switchboard , for example, didn’t work every time would people not be quicker to shoot a trespasser? Could this not start a slippery slope to open violence?

    I don’t know. I expect a long collapse along the lines of Western Rome but there’s some jumpy folks out there with SHTF plans.

  10. The civil war in Government has been going on for several years now, as the establishment tries to consolidate and weaponize the bureaucracy and the courts to thwart popular movements such as enforcing immigration law.

    It’s one of Trump’s bigger mistakes. He can and should fire every living political appointee dating back to the Reagan Administration, and replace them with semi-random American citizens who are married, three or more kids, and registered Republicans. Hey, it narrows the field, go with it.

    You don’t win a bureaucratic civil war when most of the combatants are engaged in outright sedition. Remember when Democrats freaked out when AG Gonzales tried to fire those US Attorneys? For failing to prosecute Democrats? We know who our enemies are. The Left knows who its allies are. Fricking decapitate the bureaucracy and do it legally.

    FBI won’t release a document? You get in your Presidential limo with a team is Secret Service agents and some United States Marines, you drive over to the FBI, retrieve the documents, and you post them on the White House website.

    Then you happily accept the resulting resignations.

    Short of a massive economic collapse (unlikely), or a regional war that gets out of hand (also unlikely, due to the nuclear option), don’t expect much to happen from the bottom up.

    I do think we’ll see terrorism as the default mode for “rebellion”. Why? Same reason al Qaeda used airplanes and IEDs. They couldn’t win a straight up fight. So they tried to win by demoralizing and frightening people. It also requires low levels of centralization and manpower. The networks are hard to track and penetrate. The weapons are easily made.

    The mistake al Qaeda made was hitting the WTC first. If they had hit the capitol or WH first, the world today would be an unrecognizable place.

    Finally, don’t underestimate secession and added Balkanization in places like CA. Rebellion is hard. Very little would be done to stop CA from seceding. Those traitors would then immediately offer basing rights to the Chinese and Russian navies. The US in turn would shut off CA’s water. If there were an actual war on US soil, it would be over CA…

  11. Every mass-murdering tyrant of the 20th Century has relied upon a large cadre of supporters to actually kill the hundreds of millions of innocents that fell victim to these atrocities. This jackboot corps has always included a rigid command hierarchy led by loyalists and marshalled mostly common soldiers or police units. Yes, do not be naive, your neighbor could easily become a jackboot under the right conditioning and incentive. It is official doctrine within all military and police units to use overwhelming force when faced with the prospect of rebellion. They take their duties seriously and play for keeps, and have massive resources at their disposal. That is the lay of the land. That is challenge for any opposition to tyranny. Do not play on this turf. Suicide is not bravery.

  12. Nope. I disagree. The lefties WILL over-reach. It’s their nature and they can’t help themselves. They will attempt to register and then confiscate weapons. When that happens their will be not much pushback…but the govt. will have to demonstrate that they mean business… and that will mean raids.. and one will eventually go wrong and it WILL be live streamed. Then it will be on like Donkey Kong.

    • Yep. Any Iraqi Vet can tell you how those raids will go. Badly – And they will become magnets for ambushes and IEDs. And cops who are seen participating will get assassinated. And that’s how you get a civil war rolling.

  13. If this one of those threads, where the Right puffs out its chest, talks about its guns, and mutters about how the Left shouldn’t “push too far” or “they’ll be sorry”? There might be a civil war, but it will very short. The side that is the most organized and has tanks, airplanes, napalm, and artillery – will win. Guerrilla’s only succeed when the stronger power is too lazy or too ethical to ruthlessly suppress the rebels. If the British had started to burning American towns/cities and hanging rebels by the thousands, the Americans Revolution would’ve ended rather quickly.

  14. There are fewer than 3 million (combined) US military (active and reserve components) and police in the US. Since there is a considerable overlap between reserves and police, the true number may be closer to 2.5 million.

    There are at least 70 million lawful gun owners in the US (tbf, there is some overlap between military/police, and lawful gun owners) but lets call it 67 million. Those people own several hundred million weapons, and literally billions of rounds of ammunition.

    And a large majority of those lawful, non military/police firearms owners were in the military or were police…

    So, how is this going to play out, for the left with police support?

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

  15. I think the issue is whether anti-anti-White (aaW) will ever rise to the actual level of pro-White (White Nationalism/WN).

    Certainly the anti-White (aW) antennae sense that is alot of aaW sentiment out there in the hinterlands and *all* of the anti-Whites interpret Trump’s victory as a victory for Whites (whether this is case or not reasonable people can debate).

    The entire aW-aaW-WN battle is taking place out in the open but nonetheless *invisible* without decoding the signals.

  16. The civil rights movement was not a revolt. It was imposed top-down by the USG. Black violence can be easily stopped by any group of taxpayer vigilantes (see Korean shopkeepers in LA and White homeowners in New Orleans Katrina hurricane). The USG actively protects the Blacks from armed taxpayers.

  17. Surely one the most likely ways that a schism begins is with widespread Non-payment of taxes, a Yellow Vest movement or with looting in cities. Look for clues in South Africa, Venezuela & France.

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  19. These kinds of posts are always popular. Everyone loves to speculate on what’ll happen.

    Regarding elites, many of the communist revolutionaries were from elite backgrounds.

    They were either natives who got an education courtesy of team honkey’s colonial administration and then weren’t content with their coolie colonial jobs or they couldn’t find a position in the colonial administration and got all pissy about it. Without cheating via interweb, I think Ho Chi Min followed this line. And Che was a psychopath rich kid. Seems to run in the commie business.

    My point is there are a lot of young white men with educations, and not “educations”, who can’t get ahead courtesy of glob0schl0mohom0whatever. That is a custom made environment for establishing a cadre of leadership material or having different groups pop up organically once some kind of critical mass makes it all go blooey.

    From what I’ve seen once generation zyklon gets to this point something’s going to happen because they’re not hampered by the muh constitution or dat raciss millstones.

    In a sick way I can’t wait.

  20. The last thing we want is a lot of violence and absolutely no white-on-white violence. It will just play into the Enemy’s hands.

    This can be done without any of that. The problem is concentrated in a handful of zipcodes with long supply lines and plenty of vulnerable infrastructure.

    We should study what the Houthis have done, both technically and strategically.

    It may be that ten grand of electronics and a dronelord playing Jesse James can do what 10,000 rifles cannot.

    If violence is forced upon us then we just get their first with the most.

  21. The revolt, if it comes,will be based on producers vs non-producers. While toil, slave away and then have to give it all away to slackers?

    • If you believe that productive non-whites will join productive whites to suppress non-productive non-whites, I wonder how you explain the celebration of non-poor blacks to the OJ verdict. You are overlooking the primacy of tribalism.

      Using “Galt” in your avatar is the same as using “I don’t understand how races actually interact in the world.”

  22. Well, since 3 times more white slaves were taken to Africa than black slaves were taken to the U.S., I’d say you hatey hating Americans darn well deserve whatever’s coming to you!

  23. On the issue of psy-ops, it occurs to me that those “It’s okay to be white” stickers did a lot of real damage to the enemy. What about stickers featuring a pepe frog with the caption “We are all around you”, placed in visible locations in big cities?

  24. Thanks, Z, for one of the more hopeful observations on this site recently. Most of us have to recognize that in almost every corner of the culture and conventional politics, d-right forces are not only a minority, but have lost. Understandably, out of frustration, some fantasize about a reversal of fortune through traditional rebellion. Impossible. The opposition has the guns, money, and lawyers.

    But as you said, the nature of rebellion changes with the times and circumstances. We have to think subversively, not (or not only) angrily. No mighty power is without its vulnerabilities: huge establishments are battleships that can’t change course or maneuver swiftly. Our new flag says, “Just try to tread on me. I’l be gone when your foot touches down.”

  25. Western Rifle Shooters pointed out a few days ago that we now have two generations of young Veterans with first hand experience is asymetrical warfare. The majority of actual combat vets are very much on team red.

  26. You guys just don’t get it. All this macho BS with guns and tactics is nonsense. If you want to bring your country to a grinding halt, there’s a very simple way to do it.

    In fact all you “deplorables” in the hinterlands have the power, you just have to use it and there’s NOTHING anyone can to do stop you.

    Call it the ‘7th Year Rebellion’ if you need a catchy title –

    Leviticus 25:4-5
    “But in the seventh year the land is to have a year of sabbath rest, a sabbath to the LORD. Do not sow your fields or prune your vineyards. Do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the grapes of your untended vines. The land is to have a year of rest.”

    Stop feeding the coastal cities for a year and watch what happens.

  27. A worthless currency will stir the embers of hatred. People are approaching this from a lofty first world perspective, which is foolish to say the least,

  28. The John Brown Moment is coming. Until then, much like 1858, the fuze is lit, but detonation hasn’t happened yet.

  29. What? No die offs? No need for preppers or Civll War 2 predictions and advice on You Tube?

    Watch what happens in Los Angeles (Thank you, Thomas Chittum….don’t know you but you’re a good man).

  30. “The trouble with the rebellion scenario is that a decent rebellion has to be led by people capable of organizing a lot of people.”

    I would like to propose another possible rebellion scenario: Disorganized/Unorganized Resistance.

    You are probably correct that organizing a mass rebellion from coast to coast would be difficult; nigh impossible. Rather, I think there might be thousands, tens of thousands, of small, little rebellions that will pop up here, there, everywhere. Each one some individual who, for their own reasons, has had enough. None of them are connected or related, there’s no group, cell, or network to infiltrate and roll up, no vast right-wing conspiracy to expose. Just one day, someone, somewhere, does one thing; doesn’t even have to be a big thing. But it harries, harasses, annoys, distracts, frustrates someone in the political machine, or police, some social media company or liberal college, or the local rabble rousers, or even just the too-nosey-for-their-own-good HOA inspector. And it happens thousands of times across the country, every, single, day. Sporadic, unplanned, unpredictable, and carried out by people more likely to keep their thoughts to themselves until acting.

    Will it be as effective as an organized group could be? Probably not.
    Will it be as speedy or efficient as a cooperating, nation-spanning network? Not likely.
    Will it be insufferable and extremely difficult to predict, let alone stop? Most certainly. No police department or security state apparatus is *THAT* good.

    • Correct. A new ethos will dawn and spread like wildfire among the remaining productive element of society. Simple/Secret/Solo/Spontaneous. The anonymous everyman (and everywoman) will keep a low profile, bide their time, and act only when opportune. And sometimes, simply not doing your job can be a powerful act. Accidents happen. Call it the Alfred E. Neuman rebellion.

  31. There must be a trigger, without that nothing changes. As long as the checks keep coming people are going to keep their heads down and enjoy having food and shelter. so the trigger will be economic.

  32. >The main trouble with the civic war bogeyman is no one bothers to imagine how it would be conjured in the first place. Civil wars are fights between two or more factions, led by members of the elite.
    It’s quite easy to imagine, really. The last civil war was between north and south. The next one will be the deep blue megacities cities vs. everybody else. Upstate New York hates being ruled by the City, and the same is true of downstate Illinois, eastern Washington, redwoods California, and basically every other “blue state”. In fact, with the possible exception of that eternal troublemaker Massachusetts, there really is no such thing as a blue state – there are just states where one or two big cities hold everyone else hostage.

    >For starters, rebelling against the local police department, much less the military is laughably implausible, given the disparity in firepower.
    Has all this whiz-bang technology and all their sleek, high-tech whoosh-boomers managed to bring them victory over a few thousand angry men with rifles and homemade bombs in Afghanistan? Did it in Iraq? Vietnam?

    >The war will be fought in cubicles, not the streets.

    >Middle-class mom giving company passwords to rebel hackers is a likely scenario.
    How’d that plan work out for Julian Assange? Notice how there hasn’t been someone else like him come along? That’s because nobody wants to spend ten years locked in an embassy before getting trundled off to Gitmo. Make an example of one or two, and everyone else stops trying.

    >The revolution of the future will be low-grade and mostly non-violent.
    If that’s your plan, then don’t fucking even bother.

  33. I don’t know if any of you guys here are REO Speedwagon fans but they did a song early in there career (and they still play it in concert) called “Golden Country”. The song is from 1972 but the lyrics still seem prescient in 2019.

  34. I wouldn’t comment at this late stage except I see no specific mention of assymetric warfare or 4GW (4th generation warfare), which is exactly what this post is about. I suppose the term “civil war” needs to be defined for our era.

    No offense to LEOs, but the vast majority of the police are NOT warriors. Ditto for active duty military and vets. Warriors are usually the “gray men” who keep their mouths shut and their marksmaship skills sharp. When tough times come I’d much rather team up with a guy w/ a .308 (or 6.8) than a drone operator or cop.

    • Though the most useful of all might end up being an integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22. Ask the Israelis.

      • Key will be going to a rather universal cartridge that’s reloadable. Next question is whether your adversary is in body armor. Books are written (and people are passionate about) favorite cartridges, wildcat loads, etc. But this is why it’s as silly to keep one .22 rifle in the safe as one phillips-head screwdriver in the toolbox. As for me and my house, we go from subsonic .22 up to a .44 carbine for close-in work, and from .223 to the good ol’ 30-06 Garand for the long stuff. I”m intrigued by that 6.8mm round though, and that looks like where our military is headed. Get a 6.8 upper for the AR (no FFL required) and you’ve got a helluva battle rifle.

        All that said – no matter your favorite cartridge, just know how to put ordnance on target. Bad guys don’t like to catch hollow-point .22s in the vitals any better or worse than a .308.

  35. I live in rural Appalachia, probably about as geographic center as you can get. I hear rifles going off all the time. Once in awhile I hear a machine gun going off. Did you seriously just write there’s no resistance or any will to resist here? These people don’t attack the system because there’s still deer and corn and meth…but come make war on them and you’ll see

    • Likewise. I mentioned in a post a week or two ago that I discovered one of my workers — a guy who I never credited with much in the way of political opinions — was working out what to do to protect the cattle in the event of urban marauders. It’s on everyone’s minds.

  36. Fourth generation warfare it will be. The very white suburbanite people that you think are so passive have made their plans. At least those who are planning to do something when they start coming for the guns. Head of snake. Rule .308. Very easy to create Brackens Cube. It’s coming. Bet on it.

  37. One thing about organization I’ve observed in the past.

    Back when all the ruckus was being raised about the confederate monuments, I participated in a counter protest in my town against the regional shitlibs. We were so disorganized it was a joke. Nobody was in charge with a real plan, just a bunch of old local boomers showing up in their cars in small groups.The opposition had busses lined up ready to go at their assembly areas, all showed up at once and occupied the most prominent location of the protest, making it a denied area. We had some people bring horn speakers but the batteries had corroded to the point of destroying the contacts, rendering them useless. Nobody bothered to check that before bringing those out.

    There is someone doing strategic thinking and organizing the local shitlibs. I recognized several libs from neighboring counties who came in. They probably emptied all the regional universities. And they made a circuit of it, visiting several cities in the region, many of them the same people.

    On our side there’s nobody in leadership of that caliber, making strategic decisions and coordinating all the right wing groups so they work as a team. We made a poor showing as a result.

    Regardless of what happens, if the right is going to make any headway they will need some strategic thinkers and leaders who can see what needs to be done and make it happen. Unfortunately things are set up to make that near impossible right now.

  38. Follow this link and go to the part that talks about David Booth, a guy who lives in the neighborhood of the ICE contractor being targeted by Antifa/Abolish ICE, and who is organizing resistance to the anti-ICE protestors.

    I think these are the sorts of tremors that could cause things to break loose. I don’t know anything about Booth — for all I know he could be a professional conservative activist — but what he seems like is a normal soccer dad kinda guy who just realized, “Whoa — they’re doing this crap in *my* neighborhood now?”

    A lot of normie Americans are fundamentally decent people who believe in America, Mom, Baseball and Apple Pie. As more of this leftist crap starts to impinge on their daily lives, the left could, we can hope, awaken the sleeping giant.

  39. No one seems to have mentioned the CRISPR/CAS9 in the hands of a motivated dissident right scientist/group.

    A biological weapon that targets a segment would set off WW3 via nuclear reprisals. A safer bet would be a broad spectrum super flu that takes out half the world population across all groups, appearing like an act of nature/no one responsible.

    As I’ve mentioned before, collapses institutions, polity, and resets the human consciousness of the survivors world wide. And is insane to consider, except for a theologically motivated/rationalized actor.

  40. You say “The main trouble with the civic war bogeyman is no one bothers to imagine how it would be conjured in the first place.” I disagree.

    Many authors have put a lot of time into imagining how CWII starts.

    There is an extensive literature of CW II, people have been writing future-history fiction on this topic for 20 years.

    Most of the authors in this genre hail from the “patriot right”, but there are exceptions. There is at least one novel where the Latino’s of LA rise up and create Azatlan, and they are the heroes.

    Some of the best of the genre are Matt Bracken’s “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” trilogy, the “People’s Republic” series by Kurt Schilichter, the grandfather of the genre John Ross’s epic “Unintended Consequences”, and the pseudonymous author Boston T. Party’s “Molon Labe”. There are many others, including the unabashed white separatist novels of Harold Covington’s “The Brigade” series.

    There is also Tom Chittum’s “Civil War II” book, which is non-fiction, and which walks through exactly how the USA will fracture in the same way that Yugoslavia did.

  41. Maybe the Dem debates really are just pillow talk for their bases. But if one of these nuts were to get elected and order a gun confiscation… It would be on. Cops and the military would break in all directions. Some all-in on fighting and confiscation, some fighting against what they see as a treasonous betrayal of their oaths, some heading for the hills.

  42. Worst police state ever. My town has two cops, one part-time. Our county has fewer than a dozen officers, I have yet to see a state trooper in my county.

    The small town I previously lived in had fewer than a half dozen men. They did get a crisis van from the feds but only used it as a decoy if the news media came sniffing around. They would park it as far from the action as possible.

    Yes the police are militarized in some places but even the departments that have little black rifles take them out once a year or so to requalify.

    Wait until we have the Democrats get the red flag laws passed in all States then we will see.

    • It’s the other way around in the little town I live in NJ. We have no local police. If you called 911, eventually a state trooper from the barracks the town has a deal with will show up. They never patrol or speed trap in town – only on the highway,

      I used to drill in the National Guard with some state troopers. As far as they were concerned, Phil Murphy can enforce his own gun laws.

    • The north-of-Boston market-gardening town I grew up in during the 70s and 80s was the same. Until it wasn’t.

      • The MA town I grew up in was like that. Used to know the Chief. All of a sudden the police force tripled along with my Mom’s property taxes.

  43. There is an under-appreciation that the American Revolution was also the first civil war. Read any good history of the Saratoga campaign or the campaigns in South Carolina and you probably see a better model of what would happen. Dispersed. Neighbor v neighbor. Covert attacks. Just this time it would have a technology and infrastructure wrapper around the whole conflict. Things could go from cold to hot if sufficient infrastructure is taken off line for extended periods. Saw this first hand during Sandy—and had the advantage of doing so from a first responder viewpoint with access to ERC conference calls in our county and ability to monitor radio traffic real time. It was touch and go. Thankfully a few major transmission lines to the more “vibrant” areas remained up—had those failed it would have been Watts on a major scale. But again, have to think of outcomes as both dispersed and exceptionally volatile by locale.

    • Was recently reading about the Kansas / Missouri border during the Civil War. Remarkable how fast it went from political debates to massacres.

    • Yes. If you live in the middle of a large city, you’re fucked. You’ll have to fight your way out of roving gangs and makeshift roadblocks. It will be like Sierra Leone.

      If you live in the panhandle of Oklahoma and can grow cabbage, better off.

  44. That is an interesting analysis but I dont think things will stay non-violent. Imagine what happens when food distribution to cities breaks down. Look at what happened during hurricane Katrina. New Orleans went to hell in a hand basket.

    I think Z may be right that it will be a very disorganized affair though. No great armies clashing and fighting it out. More Somalia than Gettysburg basically. But I do think the violent potential is enormous. I guess we ll all have front seat views….

  45. “Using the Left’s paranoia against them seems like an easy play.”

    I suspect this will be a substantial component of The Festivities. In the USSR, and now, Russia, it’s nearly fatal to be an “other;” the regime, whatever it may be, requires support.

    I’d guess some cataclysmic event will precipitate widespread civil violence; American culture,and society, is a great deal more fragile now than immediately obvious. The Left has wildly succeeded in creating competing and non-compatible, ideological factions within America, so whatever’s widespread won’t be unified but battles of various types between the various local or regional factions. That doesn’t mean there’s no possibility of a common thread among a number of the factions; “mom-moles,” support of black markets, data compromising, etc. offer opportunities for charismatic activists to assemble, or more likely, loosely coordinate, the necessary infrastructure to create a power base, because once the gunfire and rioting falls to background noise it will be all about power. Which, I suspect, will be more regional issues rather than national; there will still be a Congress and President, and something in Washington, but it will be dependent upon coordination and deals among the regional power centers, not governing a country.

    I don’t seen any living politicians with even a small part of the skills for that. Should be really interesting.

  46. See Pension Tsunami – the Pensions won’t be there because they can’t be there because the money isn’t there and no amount of Usury or taxation can put it there.

    The question is not if but when the debt pyramid will collapse, and it will be interesting if the elites can pull another Billionaire Bankster Bonus Bailout like TARP again. What happens if there is no liquidity, so you can’t be sure about getting any money from your bank or your credit card working. 2008 did come closer than most people know and there was that ugly Fed Repo hiccup yesterday (the sound of the foundation cracking).

    A few cruise missiles or drones in Moe Bone-Saw-man’s backyard can ruin a globalist’s day. Or some LTCM or AIG which is technically insolvent (How is DeutscheBank doing?). China’s double book entry keeping now requirees doubling down to keep things afloat. Hard to keep track of all the potential triggers for total global economic collapse. But I wasn’t expecting negative interest rates. They are keeping up the pretense of solvency and liquidity.

    There is a cultural chasm beteween City and Country. The problem will be that the long baggage trains are a fragile, logistic nightmare. Look when the EBT/SNAP system went down. And if Trucks stop, in 3 days there will be no food on the shelves. Then there are all those quite vulnerable and hard to replace and in short supply transformers for electricity which just requires the right kind of damage to melt down and blow up from all the energy not being able to go out.

    • Yes indeed. And none of those people paid a price. In fact they rewarded themselves at the taxpayers’ expense. And the corporate media was silent (or actively on the side of the propagandists.)

  47. I wonder about a brown on black scenario. Hispanics are much less tolerant of black dysfunction than are whites. Perhaps some black criminal atrocity directed against Hispanics would trigger a salutary massacre of blacks by Central American/Mexican criminal gangs; The violence might then spiral out of control with the police unable or unwilling to intervene because both sides protect the perpetrators, plus the fact that police may themselves be divided along racial/linguistic/cutural lines. It might result in ethnic cleansing and the creation of a de facto segregated society in the southwest of North America. Not precisely civil war, but a reasonable facsimile thereof.

    • You’ve just described the current situation in the more “vibrant” cities of New England. The AA’s still subscribe to “snitches get stitches.” The majority of non-PR Latinos are illegal and avoid LE even when they’re victims. The “refugees” adhere to the cultural norms of the countries they came from. Cambridge, MA (!) cancelled their Caribbean Festival this year due to the shootings and violence that accompany these celebrations. The violence is contained as ethnic enclaves are somewhat of a tradition here.

    • Back in my old hometown during the Liberty City riots the blacks made the mistake of trying to take the rioting shit into the Cuban neighborhoods that abutted them. That lasted about two hours. They neglected to note that Cubans hated them just as much and there were plenty of Bay of Pigs vets and Alpha 66 types still in circulation in those days. After a bunch got shot, they di-di’d back to their own hood.

  48. Unfortunately, I think the most likely outcome is that there will be no rebellion at all. As you point out, the population who would have the most to gain from one are the least likely to actually rebel. Mostly because they’d also be the group with the most to loose should things go south.

    Sadly, I think the situation will just continue to slowly erode until the country just falls apart. And I doubt that point will be reached within the lifetime of anyone posting here.

    • I agree. The far-left and -right are predicting, or pining for, a civil war because they are all extremely online. For someone extremely online, it’s civil war every day. Look up one of Saira Rao’s tweets and take it seriously. Then find a WN sperg and take it seriously. It is very important that dissidents keep one foot in reality, otherwise everyone turns into Andrew Anglin.

      What will spark little rebellions are if food and gas prices rose to a certain point. Creature comforts like that. Nobody cares about taxation or interest rates. It’s when it costs $100 to fill up your Ford Fiesta…THAT is a problem. And the elites know that; it’s why they have cheap gas and goy feed. The government will always have the power to mitigate price increases like that. And for a while longer, maybe hundreds of years, we’ll still have competent whites, castizos, and maybe Asians in government to keep us from going Zimbabwe.

      • We will never continue to maintain the present 1st world technological society for “hundreds of years”. We can not maintain it now. Certainly, the big break throughs are petering out. What is seen now as new tech is often little more than extensions of applications of existing technology. Time will tell, but the evidence so far is pointing to the world—including the USA— as becoming stupider. Certainly, we no longer graduate students of the same caliber of a generation or two ago. These folk (new generation) may soon don the trappings of the new societal “elite”, but that will be all they do. They are more often than not, empty vessels, that produce nothing of value.

  49. I find it utterly amazing that anyone in the US could even consider a revolution or Civil War in this day and age. The US government has access to everything and everyone in America and beyond. They tap your phones, and read your email and know where you are courtesy of smartphones. Big tech is in collusion with big brother, so it’s a lose, lose situation.

    Let’s see how this works out – you get your well armed friends together with your big guns and do what exactly? Meanwhile you’re immediately identified through biometrics and face recognition software and your boss, out of fear of association, fires you on the spot.

    The IRS seizes your bank accounts, your credit cards are shut down and then power and water gets shut off. Followed by losing the means to communicate by phone or internet when your mobile service is shut off. No job, no money, no means to pay for food, gasoline or utilities and you and you’re family are done.

    And then what exactly do you and your 2,500 Facebook friends plan to do next?

    I’ll tell you what happens next – the police, para-military and or national guard shows up and the world gets to watch Waco II on our big screen TV’s as a well armed, well organized government agencies descend upon you and end your so called Revolution or Civil War.

    And even if you actually pulled it off and overthrew your government, you’d be like the dog that caught the car it was chasing – you’d have no idea what to do with it.

    Civil war, eh? Good luck with that.

    • Midnight disappearances via the modern version of no-knocks and paddy wagons. Only the people living on your block and looking out the window at midnight ever know how it went down. Beginning in California and Oregon, and hitting the people on gun registries first. They are not stupid people.

      China is the model. Soon there will be quiet confirmation that certain people living in HK have simply “vanished off the face of the earth”. To think they secretly emigrated out is a conceit and wishful thinking.

    • Pretty much where I’m at. Maintaining our arms & being ready to fight are defensive measures with their own inherent benefits (see above). They aren’t going to actively disarm Whites but Whites aren’t going to DOTR them either. The process of decoupling Whites from the Empire is one of decades. I don’t think 99% of DR’s in the US buy into an armed insurrection for the reasons you’ve cited. It wouldn’t necessarily break down as cleanly as you lay out, but the ability of any armed insurrection to achieve any lasting gains against the Empire at present is zilch, totally agree there. Anyone advocating that strategy should be shunned as a fed or a fool.

      • Yeah, I don’t see any great armed resistance. I see whites slowly regaining their tribal identity – in part as we are turned into helots and in part as less ethnocentric whites leave the gene pool – and beginning to band together. At first, it’ll be in very small ways, community groups, business groups, church groups, etc. Over time, we start to push back against a weakening opponent. (Blacks and browns are exactly great at running things.)

        The revolution will be incremental.

    • I think you raise a very valid point, technology seems to have favored surveillance, ie the power of the state, over individual power. In the beginning it seemed as though the internet would have the opposite effect, empower individuals. Today it seems more that the state has benefitted most.

  50. Widespread disorder is more likely than civil war. American society is vulnerable. For example, two financial processors handle all EBT transactions and accounting for 47 of 48 lower states. If both processors would fail simultaneously, disorder will follow and not be contained to those locales most dependent on their services. Disorder would increase with time as the services remain unavailable. Nationalized health coverage would open up a similar catastrophic vulnerability. The aftermath ought to rival that of a civil war.

    • Nationalized health coverage won’t trigger the collapse because those most in need of health care are least capable of burning things down when they don’t get it. Rioting is a young man’s game, and health care is way, way down on their list of priorities.

  51. My scenario is that a female Democrat uses BLM rhetoric to win the black vote and the Presidency. This inspires angry black men to assasinate hundreds of cops nationwide. Eventually the cops tire of being scapegoats for dysfunctional Democratic governance. They rise up and become the renegade blue-clad right-wing death squads that the Dems presently imagine them to be.

    This was already happening in 2016 until Hillary lost and the BLM movement evaporated. Now we’re hearing the same talk from Warren and Harris. I think male leftists retain enough common sense to see that a war against the police would not end well for them.

    • BLM was getting a lot of funding.

      Then they went too far and that funding collapsed over night.

      And now you don’t hear anything about BLM or the crimes that were committed by those who adhered to their ideology.

      So the enemy is in fact keeping an eye on their proxies and is willing to cut them off, if they become too much of a liability.

      • BLM disappeared the moment TV networks called the election for Trump, implying that its leaders were a bunch of rich white kids building resumes for jobs in the Hillary administration. And that if we get another Hillary, we’ll get another BLM.

        I wouldn’t bet money on the Left pulling off such a spectacular own goal, but many of them really are that stupid.

      • BLM was put on the Left’s do-not-fund, do-not-publicize-or-support list after they objected to the ADL’s involvement with Starbucks’ Day of Employee Shaming after the Philly incident (b/c ADL trains cops who be rayciss). Jews were perfectly willing to overlook the serial cop-killing inspired by BLM, but cross the ADL and you get the nails.

    • Didn’t police death squads operate in Brazil?

      I’ve suggested for years that the police take an extended coffee and donut break while patrolling Black neighborhoods. Let the gangs handle law and order among themselves in their own neighborhoods.

      • Most people assume a positive correlation between democracy and freedom. If that’s so, why do the founder and the present owner of 8chan, the freest place on the internet, choose to live in the Philippines, which has death squads?

        Because death squads = fewer criminals = more freedom for law-abiding people.

  52. “For sites like this to exist, it requires people like you chipping in a few bucks a month to keep the lights on and the people fed.”
    No it does not, you shilling PAYtriot turd.

  53. The only real chance of “civil war” under the status quo is a war of rebels fought mostly by the police. In fact, anything outside of state (as in a block of US states) sanctioned war is likely to not even involve the military. The military is just not a particularly effective weapon in such a fight. Most (if not all) of the military’s big expensive gear has no real use in such a conflict. What, exactly, would they do with fighter jets or cruise missiles in such a war? The military has been doing some civilian exercises in North Carolina called Robin Sage and from what is shown in this video (/watch?v=HYnj5DuMmk4&t=2s), they are not doing anything the police cannot already do better.

    But the biggest obstacle the right would have, IMHO, is that there is no real way for anyone who would be seen as legitimate to tell the right “now is the time!” America is nearly 4 million square miles. Nobody local could give legitimacy to a rebellion without the ability to reach right wingers in both New York and California. It would need to be a national figure. There is no such figure and the rise of such a figure in the near term seems highly unlikely.

    Frankly, most of it is wishful thinking by people who are just at a loss as to what to do. A rebellion or a civil war seems different enough to be a change in the status quo where they assume we will have the upside. It comes about by magic and we win by magic and then we magically live happily ever after.

    • No one says the US as configured need to exists after such a war.

      It’s possible for succession memes to spread quite quickly by word of mouth. They already are in some senses and while at most we get state monkeywrenching on immigration and local on guns , this could change quite easily to “get out of this union fast.” seemingly overnight

  54. White christian male, Western civilization=craven, geriatric boomer cucks=Denny’s senior discount menu humpers, and their cucking, semen swilling, sporty ball offspring.

  55. As usual, Zman hits a home run. I see civil war, but a different kind of civil war than the War Between the States or Yugoslavia.

    Mass shootings, assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, sabotage, hacking.

    Here in the US, a wealthy man probably feels safe walking from his home to a local convenience store for a cup of coffee. He wouldn’t do that in a third world country and he might fear doing that in future America. What if a company lays off a sizable number of employees to offshore their jobs to India and an angry ex-employee decides that the board of directors needs a change of personnel? What if the FBI scuzzballs are not charged with anything? Bang. Bang. Bang. For the lot of them.

    Also, severe economic trouble. What if the EBT stops working? People aren’t responsible for their actions and have a “right” to force strangers to support them, you know. Even what passes for “conservative” accepts that nowadays.

    Ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. That’s what I think is coming, unfortunately.

    • While I think civil war is unlikely, I have no doubt this kind of small-scale quasi-political criminality will happen ala Weathermen, SLA, etc.. I can see a Bader Meinhof/Red Faction style groups arising out of Antifa – the feds are actively assisting or at least turning a blind eye to increasingly organized violence on the Left.

    • Like it or not In the end Future America will have to deal with economic and job issues , if technology means that too few people can afford to start families and we are unwilling or unable to have a welfare state or reform the economy than our society dies just as surely as Clown World is or the USSR

      We are already seeing the economic toll among millenials who have the lowest fertility rate ever and trust me it’s not just Tinder and social changes . With cities, steady income or no babies.

      As for the layoffs issue, American society is rather violent and can easily shrug off attacks like that in ways that other cannot

      It would require even larger number of attacks and more strife than the 60’s and 70’s to move the needles.

      What will tip the scales is when collective punishment is used , somebody goes Brevik with a flamethrower or a squad of men show up at some elite event and breach security.

      After that the infrastructure goes bonkers and if the establishment can’t get control , well its on from there,

      Also while people don’t usually think in those terms, J.M. Greer excepted we might also simply go out like the USSR did and the current sanctuary cities and gun sanctuaries combined with some event , economic or military might have the US simply fall apart

      It has little reason to be together except inertia now and even if the US became 90-10 White by some means, this wouldn’t change,

    • It’s called 7-11 Nationalism.

      Remember when you could go to the 7-11 late at night and just buy a Coke, without it putting your life in danger?

      Remember what they took from you.

      • Not really. I lived miles from the nearest 7-11 and was more worried about packs of wild dogs or bears.

        That said it was 100% White that I remember.

        As for a slogan, please decouple a bit from from economics and economic metaphors . It’s not all about economics, it’s about a simple equation, is this a good place to raise kids and have a family?

        Clown World isn’t and it’s so bad that Mama prosper who’d dearly love to be Grandma Prosper told me “Things are gonna get worse mark of the beast bad and that’s why i haven’t been on you to have kids. It’s a bad place to raise them only getting worse.”

        This equation is why things like Hallmark’s Good Witch are so popular with Conservatives and Good Whites alike. The fictional town of Middleton would be a great place to raise kids and the kids we’ve met on show are pretty decent

        We show we are able to get that and to keep it and we can win as the Good Whites really want the same thing.

        This does mean uncucking our movement from laissez faire enlightenment bullshit and taking a whatever gives good results approach.

        Means matter sure but ends matter far more and it does not good to change Clown World , most of whose people actually mean well for rapacious corporations or so sociopathic oligarchs and greed heads

        Great Place to have a family.

  56. It really all depends on what starts the ball rolling. If that idiot O’Rourke got in and decided to confiscate guns, maybe you get the Northern Ireland approach mentioned in the comments. I suspect the Feds will move to cut people off financially rather then actual confiscation. My biggest fear is the banks and their SJW bullshit. I’m a combat vet, plenty of weapons/ammo and leaned enough from our “muslim brothers” to make life difficult for whomever but I’m not going to lie, I enjoy my house, trucks , bourbon and cigars. For me its better if its a mass over-reaction by the Left, then some gradual decade long creep toward the camps. I think you’d get initial police support as they would just be following orders….and may not realize whats happening. If you get a major incident or shooting, that might jolt them. It all depends on the pretext. Mil units will do the same, until it becomes clear that what they are doing is wrong…but will they? I will say this…if after all that, we go to war, it will be short and horrible. I’m a DoD contractor, we joke about this crap in work and among other vets. I always say I’m not interested in fighting an insurgency, I just want to run the Camps when its all over. Tormenting pansies like “beto” and Warren would bring joy to my heart. I’d make Warren watch the entire filmography of John Wayne over and over again and Ol Robert would break big rocks into little rocks until he keeled over. Great topic!!!

  57. As Charles Coulombe recently pointed out “as long as obesity is a thing in the US, I dont see a civil war or insurrection likely to happen. People will put up with a lot if their belly is full.” I see the US just disintegrating in the aftermath of a financial crisis the US government cant buy its way out of and can no longer meet it’s obligations. Kind of like what happened with the Soviet Union.

  58. For the near future, we shouldn’t lose sleep over civil war nor should we expect it’s going to shatter the system and give us a chance to impose a new better order. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be ready. Preparedness for self-defense is its own reward and a necessary insurance policy. Have more kids – it’s fun and it’s the single best force-multiplier we have over time. Teach them Our Ways. Dial up Derb’s infamous “Talk” piece and have that conversation with your family. Around Blacks don’t relax, don’t let your guard down around Browns.

    Make sure your sons can handle themselves in a fight (and know which ones to stay out of e.g. the recent MN dozen to one curb stomping). Make sure your daughters know the basics of realistic feminine self-defense and for God’s sake disabuse them of the war pixie nonsense they see in media. A woman’s best defense is situational awareness. Have guns in your home and make sure your kids know how to handle them. Get the fam some formal hand-to-hand training. These activities are also more likely than sportsball extracirriculars etc to expose you to other based parents & give you chances to network. They will likely never need this but they will be more situationally and socially aware, well-adjusted, confident and assertive and less likely to wig out on drugs, booze & other degeneracy, so what’s not to love?

    A well-armed populace trained to Notice and to take no crap is the best deterrence against any overreach by Big Other. That starts at home. Even us single guys can help with training & teaching as well as cat lady prevention – wife up & make Shlomo cry for his porn-shekels.

    The action for the near future is probably going to be social, think Yellow Vests. Our Euro brethren have extensive general strike experience going back to the Secesssion of the Plebs, so we should network and share ideas as often as we can. As a bonus, you’ll learn to eat & drink better.

    We can learn another invaluable skill from the Euros and responsibly self-police our ranks for fed provocateurs and just plain hotheads who fedpost, despair-pill and engage in bitchy in-fighting. Solid responsible leaders like Z, Mark Collett and a number of TRS guys have recently spoken about how the 1A has made Americans sloppy with our rhetoric and message discipline. Until at least the post-Trump era, we’re stuck with a proto-social-credit system, so let that which does not kill us make us stronger and smarter.

    We’re laying an ideological and cultural foundation from which to start building parallel communities and institutions both inside and outside the wires. Until that infrastructure is laid down, our numbers swell and our organization improves, any open civil conflict would be a net-negative shitshow. Let’s keep our heads & do this thing right from the ground up this time.

  59. This scenario like most others that warn the ‘right/whites’ that they are not as secure as they believe, rests on one foundation of sand.

    The police, organized left, elites etc. can only be remotely effective as long as the coordinate. Coordination requires communication, communication to activate the Antifa Crowd, bent police, maintain the propoganda to ensure they control the message all require electrical power.

    No urban center in north america has a captive power source, as such is vulnerable to a guy with bolt cutters.

    After the grid is locked down, then the rifles become the dominate factor.

  60. I agree that the civil war scenario is dangerously wrong… dangerously optimistic.

    To me it looks like we are headed for a holodomor situation, with non-liberal Whites (us) as the kulaks.

    The tools are already in place for the de-kulakization of the United States.

    First, they use red flag laws to confiscate your weapons for your political beliefs.

    Second, they (unofficially) send paramilitaries like ANTIFA (or “random criminals”) to your house to make bad things happen.

    Then they condemn what happened, but don’t allocate any resources to investigate or prosecute it. And the media doesn’t cover it much.

    Meanwhile, censorship is deployed to prevent the creation of a narrative that would allow for real resistance. And to demonize all who resist as evil haters.

    And Whites are convinced that their salvation lies with controlled opposition candidates, who pretend to oppose what is going on, but tacitly support it, or at least support the social conditions and moral premises that give rise to it.

    Meanwhile, any individual act of resistance is treated as mere “hate” and “crime”, and is largely perceived that way because there is no widely viewed pro-white media to contextualize it for people.

    It’s still possible to partially avoid this future but it would require a much more committed, competent and active pro-white movement than any which has previously existed.

  61. I think that it’s more likely that once the first elite is killed by a rebel the cops and military will first intern all the NRA members and background check lists and go from house to house confiscating weapons. They may be outnumbered but the force is with them.

        • Precisely. Future USA if it every happens won’t have gun or weapons laws to speak of anyway.

          At most people under arrest or in custody as well as parolees , nutters and violent probationers already assigned a minder will be barred arms , parole and probation will only be allowed for a limited time as well.

          Carrying will also have few limits though I think I might allow a ban on carry in a few state buildings and open carry at a business owners discretion or even maybe municipally . Maybe

          Anything else won’t be allowed since it leads to a slippery slope, no carry permits, no waiting periods, no red flags , no paperwork not at any level

          This does mean some guy just off parole or out of prison can mail order himself a suppressed SMG with AP ammo . I’m fine with this

          I figure after such a war, most of the guns which may outnumber the population now will have made it and the people won’t. Its not worth the trouble and future USA if it desires can have public hangings anyway

    • I remember that during the 1990s, people hid their guns. You can still buy long rifles privately in some places without informing the feds.

      It’s also a running joke in the gun club that I belong to that the typical cop is hardpressed to hit the broadside of a barn when shooting his handgun. That’s one reason why they fire off so many rounds when they shoot someone. We do have police officer members who take the trouble to practice and not just fire their guns when they must in order to qualify for their jobs.

      • Ris, you talk of practice wrt firearm use. My experience with
        ‘gunnies” at the range is basically that they practice sitting on a bench pounding away at a hundred yard target, or if with pistol, shooting at a target with both hands from 15 feet, flat footed. That ain’t gonna cut it.

  62. 1. The police and the military will most likely be against us or at best split. See Charlottesville and Katrina. A few most likely will take our side, see the original Civil War.

    2. They are hilariously outnumbered. Your local pd has 1 officer per several hundred citizens. At the Bundy Ranch standoff, the Feds were outnumbered badly and could have easily been surrounded and disarmed.

    3. The next civil war will be dirty. Propoganda surreptiously placed in public. Hit and run attacks against key places amd personnel. Diversity mobs organized against known or suspected dissidents.

    4. Our police and military are not built to fight widespread domestic non-compliance. They depend on overall cooperation for a secure perimeter and a secure logistics chain from the forward bases to the rear supply depots.

    • TLS;
      Hilariously outnumbered under *police* rules of engagement, true. Under traditional military rules of engagement, not so much. Particularly if it is no longer a ‘hearts and minds’ goal like it was/is in Iraq & Afghanistan any more.

      • True, but if the military is used in this country—any military, such as the blue helmets—they will be fighting a first world populace, which they have not done since WWII. We’ve grown soft killing rag heads, and even fighting such foes have little to show for it. In Vietnam it has been said that the US forces lost not a single battle, but who won the war?

      • The fact is if they go murdering citizens, any cop in a car is dead meat. They couldn’t leave the precinct house short of using a MRAP. Even then they could never be sure if they were going to run into a ambush.

        And oh their station would be used for target practice, power would be cut and so would water.

        And once a dozen of your magic smurfs end up dead in the streets the rest will vanish. Most are cowards, the King Riots and the Dorner case showed that in spades.

  63. A future economic melt-down is the most probably cause of a civil breakdown. If that happens, all bets are off. The violence of resentment could take any number of paths. Whichever party is best able to profit from the chaos will end up on top. Is our side ready?

  64. ‘Morning Z, I believe the American Left expects the “World Community” to provide back-up should the SHTF. Given its constant genuflection to International “norms,” I fully expect Pelosi’s caucus to appeal to the UN for Blue-helmeted “peace-keepers” to quell any patriotic push-back against its serial aggressions.

    Just as you’d expect from a whiny snitch who picks a fight they can’t win, “I’m going to tell my Daddy on you!” Except to American “Democrats” Daddy is the UN.

    • Steve;
      Foreign assistance is an important point to keep in mind. No revolution/insurrection has succeeded without it, AFAIK. Not even the IRA. They had the Irish-American political machines sending money and backing off the Brits politically.

      Where could we be looking for help if TSHTF_? Russia_? Bringing in a dangerous external enemy is a good way to move the actual US military to the other side, I’d say. The Han_? An even worse idea.

      For the Left, IF the Progs. are seriously counting on the UN for help they’re even dumber than they already look. That idea might account for their strange sense of assurance, though.

        • US plebs need much less support as they don’t need to smuggle Armalite rifles, handguns and ammo and are awash in them.

          The US also has a robust gun smuggling pipeline as despite legal arms being abundant , there is a huge demand for illegal weapons. China smuggles these in by the bucket having started back after the Assault weapons ban

          If the unthinkable happens, some RPG’s high explosives and the like would be what the rebels want and no doubt someone will be happy to make a buck.

          Money might be an issue but one too many Operation Choke Points would be a casus belli anyway.

          Worse there are a lot of crazies on the Right who welcome a war of reduction, lots of them highly trained ex military types. Such a war would be destructive beyond imagination and could not be put out without a plan.

          There is no plan and not enough cause which keeps things simmering

  65. The normie has to feel threatened for any significant rebellion to occur. For us that normie we need for sympathy and support is the Christian non cuck and the Rush Limbaugh listener.
    The Orthodox Christian population that sees what modernism has done to churches like the Episcopalian or United Methodist and now sees transgender story hours in his local public school.
    We need a larger population of whites like the Rush Limbaugh republicans feeling that they are under attack and they can’t win by just voting.
    That time is coming but it’s not here.
    The Rush listeners and the Christian Zionists have not felt enough pain yet.

    • The Orthodox Church is cucked as well:

      In February 1972, another “unprecedented” ecumenical event occurred in New York when, according to Archbishop Iakovos of New York, for the first time in history, the Greek Orthodox Church (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America) held an official theological “dialogue” with the Jews. In two days of discussions definite results were achieved, which may be taken as symptomatic of the future results of the “dialogue with non-Christian religions”: the Greek “theologians” agreed “to review their liturgical texts in terms of improving references to Jews and Judaism where they are found to be negative or hostile” (Religious News Service). Does not the intention of the “dialogue” become ever more obvious? — to “reform” Orthodox Christianity in order to make it conformable to the religions of this world.

      Excerpt From: Fr. Seraphim Rose. “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future.”

      Any organization more complex than “me and some friends I’ve personally known for years and drink beer with” has been infiltrated and neutralized.

  66. The neocons are actively attempting to get us into another war. A war with Iran could cause the Iranians to close the straight of Hormuz. The neocons are, I am sure, trying to convince the President that the Navy and Air Force could quickly destroy all of their land based anti-ship missiles. But even if this is true they would find ways to sink tankers and close the straight. Worldwide economic chaos ensues.

    The point is the next war could be the undoing of this Republic. As Ron Paul said some time ago: “The empire will end like all empires end. When the rulers are no longer able to pay their armies.”

    • Not defending Iran and their Imam crazies, but really—we need to understand that we are already at war with Iran. It is an asymmetrical conflict, but a war nonetheless. How can the world’s largest economic power impose sanctions on a pip-squeak, 3rd rate nation and call it “sanctions” as if it was not some sort of attack worthy of the name, war?

      If one does not wish to engage in a shooting conflict with every craphole country we don’t like, one also needs to decry engagement with such countries via sanctions.

      • This latest in Arabia stinks of barrel bombs, gassing one’s own citizens on the eve of victory, of incubators and WMD’s.

        So the Saudi have been genociding the lowly Yemeni for a couple years, yet they’re the victims now?

        • And why did we take out the regime and fire every working Sunni in Iraq, then appoint a Shia president, knowing full well Iran would grab half the country? We even gave them the money to grab it!

          I don’t trust any of this. Any of it.
          Let the weird-ass Semitics fight their own strange wars in their own strange ways.

          That, or let the canny Russians bring back a Nasser, his secular socialism had Islam on its death bed. Islam was *this close* to an Enlightenment, Persia was already there under the Shah. Until the gods-damned Judeo-Puritans and Donmeh Wahhabis resurrected the Way of Dawa and Jihad, soft war and hard.

          These nuts all want to bring their different flavors of End Times, I say we give them their own. Not ours!

        • Every time there is a Muslim terror attack in Asia, Al Jazeera interviews the local Muslims who say: it wasn’t us, it’s these foreigners who do it.

          And “these foreigners” are invariably Saudi militants sent by KSA to stir up trouble. If anything, the US should fall just for its support of Saudi Arabia.

      • The “Iman Crazies” have done no harm to me.
        Not like the devout christian crazies like Bush the Lesser.

  67. How about someone getting a low tier. job in awoke institutions, then “accidentally” open a phishing ransomware, email?

    • Or, that someone helping spread rumors that there are white nationalists working in various parts of the company? Using the Left’s paranoia against them seems like an easy play. They are convinced Hitler is under their bed. Getting them to think Bob from accounting is a secret Nazi would not be too hard. The FBI used this trick on black radicals in the 60’s.

      It seems to me that resistance follows the path of least resistance, ironically enough. In this age, that means little acts of informational terror.

  68. Yep, every time someones says civil war is coming as whites become a minority, I look at the real world examples of California, Texas and, even worse, South Africa, and say recent history isn’t on your side. (South Africa, of course, is the most depressing example.)

    But using our American examples of Texas and California, I do notice that whites still run the show and that official anti-white policies are minimal. (My guess is that’s largely because their non-whites are heavily hispanic, who are politically lazy.) Sure, those states way crappier on the whole than in the past, but whites can still live separately and peacefully so they stay quiet.

    However, politics on a national level seems to be going a different way. National Dem politicians are far more explicitly anti-white and will push openly racist policies. (Jewish and white Dem leaders are barely containing this now.) This will wake up quite a few CivNats and even a few white Dems, especially Jews.

    When you couple the anti-white policies with a general degradation in order, the environment will be ripe for some push-back. What nature that push-back entails is hard to say.

    Middle and upper middle-class whites will need to know that 1) they won’t be left alone; 2) things are getting worse; and 3) things aren’t going to get better. Right now, we can hide and hope. That won’t be the case in the future.

    • Also, from the video I mentioned above (I’m paraphrasing) 1. We can’t co-exist with the left (they’re nuts), 2. We can’t teach the left (reason and logic means nothing to them) 3. Soon we won’t be able to outvote the left. What happens when White America reaches these conclusions?

      • Right now, white America (Dems and CivNats) truly believes that non-whites are just white people in dark face. (Naturally, Dems believe that non-whites are Goodwhites in dark face.)

        The turning point will come when white America realizes that those blacks and browns aren’t white people in waiting, that they never believed in our goodness (Dems) or our system’s goodness (CivNats), that many of them truly hate us, that they will bully and drain us and that they now control us.

    • Most California Republicans aren’t that Right Wing , Reagan, a former Democrat was typical and had little problem with some gun control , mass immigration especially for cheap labor and no fault divorce of which he was the 1st president to sign into law.

      Mostly they are into Neo Con politics and Neo Liberal economics or are outright Liberal. There are a few exceptions of course.

      That said a civil war with armies lined up and all that rubbish is not going to happen till the USG is weakened enough by its own stupid. Anyone organizing too much right now would be squashed

      My guess is what you’ll get is warbands and gangs, Western Rifle shooters “15 men” that kind of thing along with thousands or Dorner and Brevik types.

      The Left has done a bit of this with more than some success, c.f. Rep. Scalisi c.f. Las Vegas probably , sooner than later, likely after the Great Boomer Die Of if the Left gets too stupid, it will escalate.

      Not before a few years after Trump

      This kind of thing would be immensely destructive and costly and done long and hard enough will result in ethnic cleansing and separation

      Done at the time of a US military defeat, especially since even heavier arms will flood in, its an end game as sure, maybe more sure than actual armies

      There are caveats , Chinese mercs, Russian arms, nukes etc but a piecemeal scenario is more likely that a war

      As to why it hasn’t happened,a lot of reason, The big one is lack of a coherent Right Wing ideology. The Left will fight for the stupidest and most irrational things, the Right mostly requires a guarantee that this will be better than what we have.

      Other than guns and abortion and really not even that, agreements on anything are not there at least in the public sphere

    • Citizen – yes, the Mestizos are generally politically lazy, but you have to consider both numbers and concentration. They are an absolute majority in Dallas proper, for example, and their politicians are as ambitious as any other ethic group. Consider what happened when Farmer’s Branch tried to enact a few policies to limit the # of illegals renting – they were crushed. Same situation in Houston or San Antonio – hell, Austin has it’s own special ((mayor))). The cities are all like that. Add in the rapidly increasing diversity in the suburbs – filled with Han, pajeets, shrouded women, etc. Right now the money men are still White so they control the worst excesses, but that will change – more rapidly than many think, as the demographics continue to change equally rapidly.

    • But the interesting thing about today’s Z-post is that strange distance, that vulnerability, as if none of this will touch them.

      I don’t think they’re contemplating a grand bugout, even though the Costcos and many “shuttered” Walmarts are indeed pre-stocked survival bunkers.

      I think they really believe it’s all just a show.
      That we and the system will save them in the end. Our Ranges and Linemen ARE the frickin’ system, after all.

      • Damn…just got in after a long day of wood cutting and missed this incredible Z post and the stunning well thought out number of responses. I’m so impressed and thankful for all you smart folks on this side of the divide! I’m so proud to be associated with all of you.

        As for ..ahhum….pipelines. Being a former Sr Water Distribution op and Hydro Dam Op for EBMUD, I have a dumb question….maybe I’m just bushed from woodcutting…so you knock out the Pardee Aqueducts and 1.4 million people in the East Bay get squeezed for water. Including your kids and parents living in the Bay Area. What good does that do?

        Someone here posted the article about cable cutting happening as …terrorism…. More than a guy with a grudge. Very targeted and specific.

        So very grateful to read your smart responses!

  69. “On the other hand, history says police forces tend to scatter quickly when order falters to the point where there is fighting in the streets.”

    Behavior of New Orleans cops in Hurricane Katrina comes to mind.

    • The police will have to take care of first things first—like their family and immediate neighborhood. Police work well in a milieu of overwhelming superiority. In riots and other large scale enforcement situations, if numbers could not be mustered, they sat back and disengaged or at best contained the outbreak of civil unrest to certain areas. This was not hard as the rioters were not too interested in direct confrontation, but rather looting and just plain hell raising.

      Take the situation in Dallas a few years ago. One individual with military training and deadly intent, killed 5 officers. There are even videos of at least one of the killings which I saw. The police were helpless to address such direct attack. A few weeks ago, another psycho wounded 6 officers after a traffic stop. I doubt the police alone will be adequate to control organized civil unrest should such break out—and if two largish groups of civilians are duking it out in the streets, forget it.

        • Alzaebo, it could. I was unaware of such. One could assume IDF training if the individual was living in Israel at the military conscription age. As someone here pointed out, we have millions of experienced ex-military in the civilian population. Yeah, not all were ground pounders and door kickers, but I bet most could lend important experience wrt organization, if not tactics. All of them had basic training.

  70. There’s a youtube guy named John Mark who’s been producing videos examining Civil War 2 scenarios, which he thinks the “grassroots right” would win. One of his videos has about 1.3 million views. Another video of his, “Conservative are Reaching Consensus” shows how he thinks conflict is inevitable. Side note: As I watched this one last month, at 7:40 a comic strip I created about Texas turning blue appeared on the screen. A big surprise for me. Apparently he saw it on twitter, where I occasionally draw cartoons.

  71. Well, somebody seems to think armed resistance, if not open rebellion, is something to worry about, otherwise why all the gun-grabbiness. Especially with the rifles. Read somewhere today that only 2% of murders are committed with rifles, and ARs make up less than 1%, so no real reason to go after them for gun “safety” purposes.

    • I was watching Tucker Carlson last night talking about the frothing at the mouth obsession w/ ARs now the new presidential candidates are displaying. Repeatedly the talking heads were saying ‘nobody needs an AR-15 for hunting or even home defense’. They aren’t even wrong. In fact, they couldn’t be any more right.

      ==We need them for precisely the reason you wish to take them, to defend from a tyrannical out of control government.==

      That is their primary function and it has been stated as such in various papers of the time period when the Constitution was drafted. We have an intractable schism about this now because those calling for gun grabs via state enforcers cannot understand the concept of not trusting gub’mint. It is a totally alien idea to fervently religious statists.

      I need only look at my own situation to know that gun grabs will be enforced with zeal and vigor. The -main- reason I had a SWAT team terrorize my house at 3 am was I had a registered AR that they -desperately- wanted ‘by any means necessary’. White male who doesn’t bow & scrape to diversity and is confrontational with mouthy racist minorities? We can’t have HIM having firearms. Send the goon squad! I was sort of a ‘test case’ for these BS red flag laws since I had committed -no crime-, a minority simply had to say he was afraid, the police state did the rest. Expect to see -a lot- more of this if one of these Dems gets power.

      If you think the Betos, Harrises, and Warrens of the world won’t send the goon squad door to door, you haven’t been paying attention. They will gladly do so and the vast majority of cops will comply. They kick in doors now for FAR less than ‘dangerous racists w/ assault weapons’. Minor drug possession, regular warrants, etc. They like to play solider. When it will get interesting is when someone decides it is better to die on their feet than live on their knees. And then EVERYONE decides that. I’m just not sure in such a pussified and cowed population if that will ever come to pass.

    • There is no reason for gun confiscation of law abiding whites unless you intend to commit mass murder Rwanda style.

      During the 1980’s in the early gun control debate the Left admitted they didn’t care if the criminal class still had guns as long as the law abiding whites were disarmed. Even back then they had something planned for us and it wasn’t good.

      I know Z poo poos such fears but historically the Left disarms the populace first before really baring it’s fangs against the populace.

      • Apex, Rod, never, ever stop.
        I didn’t know about that openly stated intent in the 80s. Or the pretext for the raid on Apex.

  72. The white supremacy rhetoric being trafficked by virtually all Democratic candidates for President, along with much of the MSM, and pop culture influencers, at least fosters the conditions for some pretty harsh treatment for white people going forward. This full on racial onslaught towards white folk always festered at a much lower level, especially in academia and fringe political circles. Now it’s being embedded in the minds of virtually all who have ears. If there be violence going forward, my bet is on violence (economic as well as physical) being perpetrated on whitey as payback for original sins and cleansing for those who do not accept their present reprobate state of being white. I mean to these people in positions of influence and subsequent power,, white sins are nothing that a little genocide might not cure.

    • Even the “principled conservatives” play this game – blaming Planned Parenthood for the high rate of Black abortions and claiming that Margaret Sanger wanted to genocide Blacks. There’s plenty to criticize Planned Parenthood for but they never wanted to wipe out Blacks. Just one more excuse for Blacks to feel victimized and not responsible for their actions, hate Whites and demand payback.

      The extravagant virtue-signalling on sites like Breitbart when abortion comes up, especially Black abortion, is astonishing.

      • The people running Planned Parenthood sell aborted baby body parts for cash to fund their huge paychecks, and all the rest of it, including the screaming mimis on the Supreme Court steps and the LARPing handmaids, are arranged in support of those big paychecks. The left is so adept at triggering people’s hind-brain emotions in support of their various grifts.

        • It’s speculated that some of the money Planned Parenthood is provided by the government is funneled back to the Democrats.

          Not defending PP, but blaming them absolves Blacks of responsibility for their actions. Another example is blaming the Democrats for the deplorable state of Baltimore neighborhoods. The reality is that the people of Baltimore are to blame. They vote the scum in and don’t keep their own neighborhoods tidy.

        • Regardless of what Sanger actually intended, when someone asserts that she intended to wipe out blacks via PP, the best response is: “Yeah? Look me in the eyes and say with a straight face that she was wrong.”

          This upsets, to put it mildly, both leftists and the cucked “right”, which can be amusing. But the real point is not to poke the idiots (nor to advocate genocide). It’s to see who smiles or coolly raises an eyebrow. That’s who you want to talk to.

    • There is a bonus in the escalating rhetoric – it inevitably de-sensitizes us, especially younger kids who’ve grown up with anti-White cranked to 11. The Holocaust is vanishing into the mists of history and the kids are increasingly not moved by the old dog whistles. Our numbers increase as they up the pressure, and it becomes harder to maintain their facades.

      • Indeed. Doesn’t hurt that these new generation Whites are having a harder time than any previous generation of Whites establishing themselves in society. The lie of “White Privilege” is seen as little more than a cruel joke to them. The Boomers are a fading whipping boy, while the vibrants and their unearned privilege—AA—continue to increase.

  73. I don’t see civil war, so much as a failure of civil order. Because of multiculturalism we now have formidable concentrations of low IQ/low skill vibrants everywhere. The left is a fractured schmozz of ethnic trash, sexual degenerates, and Marxist morons, unable to ally them.

    If you look at Africa or the Middle East, there are endless bush wars, low level firefights, sporadic turf wars always going on in the background and threatening stability. If they flare up into something bigger, the perps are either genocided, or they win and seize control… and the whole thing starts again. There is no real security except for the titled and connected noble class and everyone lower is expendable. That will be our future if the liberals and vibrants have their way.

    Americans, or whites, IMO, will not tolerate that for more than a generation or two. Race realism will reassert itself, good and hard for everyone, and a new stable nation will arise. Ethnics and vibrants will either get in the game or they will be removed, permanently if necessary.

    Your theme song is apt: the future does indeed belong to us.

    • I’m uncertain about a lot of things, but one thing I do know is that race realism will reassert itself eventually. The current multiracial empire is only held together by baling wire and bubblegum.

      • Absolutely. Race realism—like Newton’s laws—will assert itself when our low IQ vibrants attempt to maintain/operate/expand this 1st world society which they’ve come to live off of. Only question I have is if enough Whites can be bought off to assume the role of despised Helots in their own country. The less such Whites, the quicker the turnaround.

        • Compsci: “Only question I have is if enough Whites can be bought off to assume the role of despised Helots in their own country. The less such Whites, the quicker the turnaround.” That’s why you shoot traitors before enemies.

          • 3g4me, you are correct. I try however, to call for no one’s death or solutions based in violence. If such is to start, it will not be by me. But when it starts, I hope to be a part of the finish before I age into irrelevance.

          • One of the telling moralities in Northern Ireland was that the families of the main actors were largely exempt.
            One wonders how long local police forces would hold together if the schools their kids went to were known, where the wives shopped etc. In the case of such an unfortunate event I foresee hastily populated barracks and a clear division.

          • When Obama was elected, someone wrote: we’re going into the darkness and we won’t see the light again in our lifetime.

    • I think civil disorder on a Latin American scale is inevitable. Civil order requires a great deal of effort and planning at the leadership level and a placid population. The resources available to achieve order, like police, judiciary, hospital, streets and other infrastructue will diminish just as the population becomes less placid and more volatile due to immigration and downward mobilty. Latin American level disorder is already here. If you live in south Texas you see entire neighborhoods and small towns that are marginally functional, clinging to an attenuated American Dream lifestyle only by the subsidies provided by taxpayer Texas and easy credit. And those are the garden spots of future south Texas. The scenery gets much, much worse in the urban ghettoes where simple observation demonstrates that it only takes a few percent of the locals to render chaos, think Ferguson effect Chicago ghettoes. Now in these conditions neighbors will begin to fill the void left by undermanned and underfinanced authorities, patrolling their own neighborhoods ( as happens today in parts of NYC) and dispensing some justice on the spot. Local officials, underfinanced and distant from the cloud people’s concerns, will solicit bribes from residents to deliver basic services or stave off abuse. Its a pretty good guess that there will be significant racial segregation, but it may also be true that the Cloud people, having acheived their goal of breaking the demographic and political power of the white middle class, will be quite content to play divide and conquer in an America in which everyone, even whitey, plays Identity Politics. In a country without a majority Identity Politics is the gift that keeps on giving to the Cloudies. This kind of future doesnt leave alot for whitey to be happy about since we remain under the Cloudies yoke, who, like the Mexican Elites do not have the resources to impose order at the local level but most certainly have an Army and have the chops to fight a long, brutal war against determined and well financed opposition- like drug cartels.

  74. Looking back to 1992(Rodney King) and forward(Katrina & Sandy) I would add to the mix those folks who could give a flying fig about politics. The will use the Blue Hive festivities/Amerikan meltdown as an excuse to help themselves to the wealth and property of others. Art does imitate life and the initial scenarios narrated in the Sci-Fi novel LUCIFER’S HAMMER, come to mind.
    These will be the most dangerous and pervasive human hyenas which you will have to deal with. I met them face-to-face when I was a Peace Officer in SoCal. They had shark’s eyes. Plan accordingly.

  75. A catastrophic economic disaster resulting in severe devaluation of the dollar and confiscation of assets to fund a bankrupt federal government will ignite the next civil war. What happens then is anyone’s guess. Best case the former USA devolves into Argentina.

    Worst case:

    The Welfare Class will riot and burn the cities and the suburbs will be under siege. Rural areas will meet the same fate as the Rhodesian farmers. Government services and control will cease against a starving, cold, spoiled population. Police and military will dissolve into factions run by war lords.

    And yes, the Left can indeed revolt against itself. A likely scenario is a Leftist strongman/war lord will liquidate any opposition and institute a totalitarian regime along the lines of Mao or Pol Pot.

    We will know how it all shakes out sometime in the middle of this century.

    • I think that that’s very likely.

      The Left, like the Democratic Party, consists of different factions united in the common pursuit of plunder, power, vengeance and hatred of Whites. At some point, for some reason, they will eventually turn on each other.

      • Someone earlier this week pointed out how different white tribes are from each other, seeming to hint that we’ll never get along.

        Compared to the Coalition of the Fringes, though, Euro whites are as alike as eggs in a basket. And your skin will be your uniform, they ain’t gonna ask for your papers.

    • Confiscation of assets has already been discussed wrt 401k’s. Economists have proposed converting them into Treasury bonds to avoid the “fluctuation of the markets”. Of course, that’s basically confiscation with an IOU.

      Something similar occurred in Argentina a couple of decades ago. Argentina banks had two type of accounts: one denominated in pesos, the other denominated in US dollars. The dollar accounts were taken in dollars and paid out in dollars. Folks used dollars—as they still do today in many South American countries—as a hedge again inflation.

      Argentina gov overnight, without announcement, took all the dollars in the dollar denominated accounts and replaced them with pesos—at the current exchange rate—and told the people that they were not damaged because “fair exchange”. Then within a few weeks the government devalued the peso by 80% or some gawd awful percentage. Theft—pure and simple.

      • Compsci, so that was the 2001 collapse, the one survivalist Ferfal writes about, eh?
        He’s like a Latin Serco, the Balkans survivor.

        His main point: stay in the urban areas.
        Out in the country, you’re nothing but a target for bandits. Argentines learned that lesson the hard way.

        • Alzaebo, yes precisely—FerFal. I confess to stealing from him without attribution. But he would not care, because he was interested in teaching folks from his bad experiences, and so he did for me.

          Folks here, as has been pointed out, sometimes fall into a large scale conflict mentality wrt the “world’s end”. But the Argentina example is more likely—a country where the trappings of civilization, rule of law, and political process still appear on the surface, but in reality do not functionally exist.

          People do what they need to do to survive. Life becomes closer to a Hobbesian nightmare, than “Mainstreet” Disneyland. I suspect there will be “Americanistic” modifications to the Argentina scenario—like citizen patrols in place of police presence, but in general, life as we knew it in the polis will cease.

          • A slow descent to a second world society, puntuated with a Great Recession or two providing expanded opportunities for the Cloudies to rape and plunder. The pace of descent will mimic the pace of our replacement. Purely coincidental of course. I think this, the slow degradation of order as government recedes- rather than a shooting war- is more likely.

  76. What are the chances of Civil War once Texas, Georgia and Florida turn blue, and the Dems win national elections for good and are able to enact their policies without opposition? I don’t know what the odds will be then, but significantly higher than Z’s odds, I’d say. The US will be much more multiracial and whites will be feeling the minority status, along with the tax burden much more then, along with a feeling of desperation as anti-white and lunacy levels among those in charge will have reached maximum levels by then.

    • I would imagine that if they eventually start putting us in boxcars that might change the dynamic a little bit as well.

      • No need to put you in boxcars. Where would they bother taking you? You’re already living in an open-air prison camp. Your guards have been imported from all around the world. None of this is yours any more — if you escape your camp, where will you flee to? To another town infested with pajeets, dindus, Mexicans and Mohammeds?

        They just went ahead and built the camp fences all around you while you were busy watching Dancing with the Stars.

      • I work for a large corporation with a major location in the Midwest, the Southeast, and the West Coast. Aside from myself, there are only two or three others in the Southeast location who actually speak and write the thoughts that can make a man a boxcar candidate. Here is an example of how I think the dynamic will work: My colleagues in the Southeast who aren’t actually loaded on a boxcar with me will silently be grieved and sickened but will stay silent lest it happens to them. My colleagues in the Midwest will shake their heads and go on about their day, noting to themselves “Message received; I’ll be keeping my head down and my mouth shut.” The colleagues (comrades) in the West Coast office will mock and say “I knew this would happen; what an idiot, serves him right!” The national media, of course, will not be reporting it when the Feds start to weed out the local dissidents. Convince me I’m wrong; please.

        • You’re not wrong. The indolent white Right is comprised of atomized ignoramuses and rabbits. Nary a wolf/tiger among them. The few that do exist will be hunted down, should they raise their heads. 55+ years of political failure in North America and Europe can’t be explained away by Jews, middle-class greed, and working-class stupidity. There is a genetic factor involved. My guess is we are nearing the end of a 10,000 year stretch of selection for hyper-individualism and rabbitry by climate, civilization, technology, and war. Judging by their behavior and consistent wins, the white “noodle-arm” Left are a better fit for this new world than we. They are, after all, on top. And we allowed it.

      • Alcohol, opioids, legal weed, porn, video games, social media, the dad bod, reversed sexual polarity. Most of America’s military aged men are incapable of fighting, and aren’t close to interested in doing so. Instead of resisting, would probably ask if the cattle cars had wifi.

        • And who could blame them? The ME wars have less than nothing to do with the safety and security of US citizens.

          • Maybe because the age-old test of manhood is the ability to kill another military-aged male? Whether the GIs are landing on Normandy, or we’re training Afghani boy-lovers to wipe with toilet paper, still a good idea to favor weight training, skills with weapons, stoicism and physical suffering over manbuns, foodie-ism, and getting in touch with your feelings.

            So in short, yeah I blame them. They’re cucked bitches. Stop excusing/apologizing for them. FWIW I’m a millennial, go figure.

    • That’s difference. California and Texas became majority non-white without whites doing anything, but the whites in those state were generally left alone and not demonized. Indeed, whites still run those states, just like Mexico and South America.

      But the Dems on a national level are moving in a very different direction. They are pushing out whites and demonizing us, with explicitly anti-white policies as payback. Will whites accept that, especially as the economy and general public order decline?

      • Citizen, I don’t see it so much as Whites accepting being pushed out as one of how does one operate a first world country without Whites? From my discussions with those still working in technologic fields—at least those willing to discuss and becoming woke—the undertow of AA hires is beginning to show. How does one operate a country and actively seek to eliminate 2/3’s of its “smart fraction”? SA is well worth watching in this regard.

        • If SA is the example, America will wobble on until whites are 20% of the population, and then meekly hand over power to the poc.

          • Felix,

            That’s my fear, which is why I’m looking into back-up plans. I’d rather fight for my people and carve something new out of the ruins, but if my people abandon me, I want an exit plan.

          • Exit where? Face it, the USA is the last hope. All other English speaking countries, even if more white, are just as poz’d. Learn Russian, or Hungarian, or Polish I suppose, but why would they take you?

          • Great question, and one I haven’t figured out. But I do know this. I’d rather head to the exit before the crowd, or, really, I’d like to give my kids an exit.

            Truth is, I love white America. I’ve lived abroad, so I know that white America is my people. I’ll die here with my people. But if white America wants to go gentle into that good night, I want my children and (hopefully future grandchildren) a chance.

        • Compsci: I agree with you, I see this in tech companies, levels of technical competency are plummeting as government awards corporations for hiring non-whites. However; when you say “how does one operate a first world country without Whites?” you are assuming that the powers that are causing these things to happen desire that “first” world nations continue to exist at all. I submit that they don’t. SA? If the Elites wanted it to survive as a functional non-s**thole country things would never have have been allowed to deteriorate to this point. Look at the former Rhodesia. Once the breadbasket of the African continent and said to be capable of feeding the world; the Elites allowed the whites to be murdered or driven out, Mugabe installed as the ruler, with the predictable result that the people there would have starved if not for U.N. food drops. I think they are purposefully dismantling civilization; why they are doing it is another discussion.

          • In my discussions with teachers who were frustrated by the education system, they often said “Wait until these students get into the real world of work; they will wake up to reality.” I told them that that reality will change and be more like the socialistic education system that trained the students, which is non-competitive, entitled, uneducated, ignorant, and trusting both big government and the New Clerisy (see Joel Kotkin this week).

          • Novi, that is a new thought which I had not considered. Heretofore I assumed that the elite enjoy the fruits of this 1st world, technological society, even more than I do since they have more power and money to purchase the “good life” that it offers. I assume our elites have use for advanced medicine, clean water, and the like.

            Could the answer be that they simply are not thinking far enough on the matter—especially wrt HBD concepts? Wouldn’t be the first time folk have acted against their own best interests through ignorance and arrogance.

      • Speaking from CA, we voted on a few measures that succeeded against the illegal immigrant invasion but a judge overturned them. We fought and won only to lose. I’m not opposed to selectively neutralizing those who have cancelled my vote. Majority rules with protection of minority rights helped them get to be the New Majority, one where the new white minority will have NO PROTECTION OF THOSE SAME RIGHTS.

        We were screwed without even being kissed.

        This article fails to take into account the degree of anger, so now we must leave our home state. As goes California, so goes the nation.

    • Whites have proven distressingly resilient under pseudo-moral pressure and sadly we tend to wig out individually, explosively and chaotically – the worst way possible and the one which serves our enemies best. It doesn’t help that the FBI’s main function and priority nowadays seems to be creating crimes rather than law enforcement.

      • So odd. The original Klu Klux Klan was shut down by its creator, NB Forrest, in 1869.

        Yet here we had a big, spooky resurrection, with weird costumes and strange titles like ‘Grand Kleagle’.

        Just in time for the cameras, too, showing hatey white faces screaming “segregation, now and forever!” on nationwide TV for the first time in 1962.

        Who would organize such a Hollywood spectacle of supervillains? One of them even became a Senator ruling a valuable coal-miners strike state and got everything named after him.

        • Why, Hollywood had created a movie about them right before the Federal Reserve was created by eight ethnic banking families to fund WW1 and the Bolshevik Revolution!
          Er, excusee, save democracy!

          So prescient. So amazingly prescient.
          Good thing the FBI had them well-infiltrated, just as Wisner’s Wurlitzer was keeping a close eye on those radical lefties.

          And with Gladio helping us monitor Europe overseas! Puts a lump in yer throat, don’t it.

          • The Klan Whites were so stupid they left tortured negroes out in plain sight for the journalists to take dramatic photos!

            At a time when noble rabbis were locking arms with the saintly Martin Luther King (and writing his speeches), too.

            Man, white haters are stupid. Too stupid to man a shovel, amirite?

        • The KKK was a zombie organization motivated by CI’s and actual Feds for the entire “Civil Rights” era. Before WWII it had enormous popular support though, even in some Northern states like Indiana. I’d put its ultimate illegitimacy down to time of Hoover’s COINTELPRO.

    • At that point, half of the voting population will see the democratic system as no longer legitimate. Elected leaders no longer legitimate.

      I don’t think it will be a 2 sided ‘war’, rather a series of asymmetric acts of civil disobedience ranging from vandalism to bombings. To have a guerilla war, you must be able to hide. Destruction of all of the cameras placed in every major city is a likely first step. Creation of coded language to communicate in ‘plain sight’ on the internet is another likely step.

      It will be interesting to see how the Left responds given that most modern women are on the Left. Women are all about feelings and don’t like to feel unsafe. Perhaps that’s a big part of the problem…we have gone on too long without a major world war or some other national-level threat.

  77. How many server farms does Google have and where are they? The internet relies on what, 9 central hubs around the world and 3 are in America. How defended are they? How about the substations near them?

    You want to immanentize the eschaton, it’s certainly possible.

      • So odd about those explodey refineries.
        Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Italy, and Greenpeace threatening to shut down Houston.

        Maybe it’s the Taliban, again?

        The various elements mentioned are all present.
        The West’s civil war is elites fighting each other, as well as decades of low-level assassination and sabotage. We also have thousands of upper middle class housewives slipping passwords to hackers, housewives like Mrs. Strzok. Organizing? That’s what the left DOES.

    • That’s a point I’ve puzzled over often. Our rulers take no defensive measures. There is a de facto defense in depth, as they like exclusive neighborhoods and they work in places outside of normal life. Still, they are easily reached, if someone is determined. In Asia and South America, the ruling class is very aware of their defenses. In America, the ruling class is quite reckless in their openness.

      • Greenwich, CT, is not far from the Bronx, a fact that never fails to impress me — but not the people in Greenwich, 99% of whom live in total ignorance of their vulnerability.

          • Aha, Ris! An Ivy sits next to the darkest Congo!

            Just like Yale in New Haven, CT. Who the heck knew New Haven’s streets were run by black/Caribbean mobsters? (I met a nephew of their queen.)

        • Heck, the Throg’s Neck Bridge is the literal border of the Bronx and the Hamptons (pretty much.)

          So there I was at Battery State Park, the edge of Manhatten. It was 5 a.m., and completely quiet. Me and my liberal best friend were standing by the superyachts moored there, waiting to go visit the Twin Towers (and deliver organics on Canal St.)

          You could see into those yachts. With some trepidation, I laid a hand on one, telling him, “Now I’m touching real money.”

          New York has the most aggressive bums and scrap-metal stealers in the universe. Every first floor has the windows bricked off, with triple steel on the doors.

          Yet here this ships sit. They have chandeliers, seating for 100, with Egyptian linen, real crystal, and gold, literal gold, utensils, full settings, already laid out.

          The lights are on. The gangplanks are down. The French doors are wide open.
          And not a soul is in sight.

          Nobody would dare, not even the bums of Manhatten.

          THAT is money. THAT is power.

      • Your mom-mole slipping anons some hacking info scenario is a realistic one. Look at how easily the DNC got owned with a couple of spear-phishing scams. Talking with experts about tech security, it’s laughable how unprepared most institutions are. We’re hearing about more and more ransomware attacks etc. Keep in mind companies tend to bury that news to protect their image and prevent litigation. There’s probably a lot more bubbling beneath the surface.

        • Absolutely. The infrastructure is way more vulnerable than anyone outside direct contact can imagine. Attacks on such would also not be nearly as damaging to public perception as willy-nilly shooting of authority figures in the general population.

      • Z, great question. Perhaps our elites have their own normalcy bias, they rub shoulders so little with the rest of us that they have no idea what is going on or what might be in store for them soon. My best guess is that they have a standing flight plan to go somewhere else if things get testy, and that’s about it. Which says a hell of a lot about their lack of commitment to anyone or anything around here, and that the rest of us are just an ATM for them to dip into when they need it (see what is going on with the Sacklers and OxyContin, write a big check and get out of town).

        • That’s the thing you can’t help but notice when reading about the great revolutions. The parties were weirdly oblivious to what was happening. They had come to occupy entirely different domains of thought. To one another, they were a black box.

          The evolution of the Great War and WW2 had similar attributes.

          • Individuals have a great capacity for deluding themselves and calling it reality. Cultures and subcultures have that same capacity, especially when the delusions are shared and reinforced among the membership. People devoted to our thing must always remember this, and step away and reevaluate along the way. The shared discussions here are good for that.

      • Z-man, Not only do they not take obvious and inexpensively-deployed defensive measures (IIRIRA 1996, etc.) they obstruct them! Twelve years after 9-11, and less than a month after the Boston Marathon bombings, a group of Saudi and Pakistani nationals were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir (water supply for Boston) after midnight, in sub-freezing weather and were let go. Explain that.

        • There was a Saudi who was caught running away from the site of the marathon bombing as well. From what I remember reading – he was close enough to have received some damage from the blast.

          The internet has probably been scrubbed of info on this – but I remember that he was grabbed up pretty quickly – brought to a hospital because of his injuries – and then carefully whisked out of the country shortly thereafter.

          I ran into a member of the Boston PD a couple of years after that event – who was directly and intimately connected to the events of that day – and brought up the subject of that Saudi individual, and threw out my own personal theory that the guy was a “handler” for the two Tsarneav brothers.

          He didn’t disagree or try to disabuse me of that idea.

          I do remember that Quabbin event too.

          Hearing about these things over and over again has put the idea into my head that our government AT BEST – actively ignores the goings-on of individuals connected to certain types of groups. For some reason leftist insurrectionist type groups and Islamic connected potential terror cells – seem to get away with a hell of a lot more than the right wing militia types do.

          But then again – anybody who’s experience traces back to the 1990s knows damn well that getting involved with “militias” is truly a stupid move. Maybe the lefties and Muslims police their members far more rigourously – where as the right wingers tend to get all excited that somebody is agreeing with them and invite them into the inner circle – to their detriment.

          He didn’t disagree – and he knew

      • It wouldn’t take many men to harass and cripple various urban electric grids by destroying a few power lines. San Francisco is dependent on Hetch Hetchy water – a mere pipeline. It would be fun to shut down Washington DC, wouldn’t it, every few weeks or so, or NYC. Power lines and pipeline are impossible to defend every inch of their length and so forth.

      • “they are easily reached, if someone is determined”
        Yes. So long as one isnt concerned about escaping afterwards, ANYONE can be reached out and touched. A 100-foot security perimeter is already quite a lot of work for security people to enforce. But 400 yards is extremely difficult, and 800y is damn near impossible to “secure”. But reaching out 400y is easily within the capability of literally hundreds of thousands of regular guys in this country, and 800y within the grasp of at least tens of thousands.

      • For now….

        (yet a staple article of Zerohedge and such sites are the bug out “safe zones” for the rich, powerful, and connected. Think New Zealand safehouse)

    • “How many server farms does Google have and where are they? The internet relies on what, 9 central hubs around the world and 3 are in America. How defended are they? How about the substations near them?”
      Get yourself on out there, find out, and get some. Stop transmitting viable ideas in the clear.

    • Power grid substations were already attacked some time ago via high power rifles aimed at physical isolation connectors and such. The attack was successful in that it was pulled off and no one held accountable. This type of attack is feasible pretty much everywhere. Guerrilla warfare against infrastructure has been used repeatedly around the world to destabilize governments. Can’t see where it would not be attempted here.

      • Our “intelligence agencies” got their start manhunting the werewolves of post WWll Germany, dissidents striking back at the rape and pillage of their nation. They were blowing power mains and water pump stations.

        • Yeah, but the general population was having none of it. They were beat down to psychological exhaustion and even starving at the time. All the fanatics had died fighting to the last man more or less. Without popular support….

    • I mentioned it briefly on another forum and I’m hesitant to mention it for fear of encouraging anyone, but one of the reasons I’m willing to entertain the idea that many of the supposed “right wing” mass shootings are false flags is the nature of the targets.

      Left wing radicals go after targets that make sense based on their ideology: ICE facilities and workers, Congressional Republican baseball games, the Family Research Council. But all these attacks purportedly from the “right?” The victims are innocent, anonymous nobodies. How likely does that seem given the plethora of highly visible, vile and vulnerable public targets on the left?

      If you were trying to create animus between the general population and the Right, attacks against innocent nobodies are exactly the sorts of attacks you would stage.

      • Yup, like the spray painting of swastikas on churches and the homes of black people. Spray paint, the preferred weapon of the right, not. Putting swastikas on things, the preferred intimidating symbol of the right, not. Disrespecting the houses of worship, the preferred target of the right, not.

      • This has crossed my mind as well. On the other hand look at how the media covers ANY violent crime: it depends on the demographics of the perpetrators and the victims. This is nothing new in our lifetimes. I do often wonder when this began and where the line between reporting/not reporting is?

        • where the line between reporting/not reporting is

          Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) likes to say, “Think of reporters as Democratic operatives with bylines and everything begins to make sense.”

          A popular meme on that site is a quote from Jim Treacher (who I’m not really a fan of, but he nailed it here): “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”

          • I know that part of it. (BTW, It’s always nice to meet old internet friends.) I was more thinking of the recent shut-downs of traffic in and out of Boston. They call themselves #neveragain and yet they prevented Ambulances from going out to calls. Did you hear anything about that? It was the second time in a month. No coverage from either side.

          • Yes! It was barely covered by the Boston Globe (or anyone else.) That’s what we’re up against. That’s a problem.

          • I live in MA – and I haven’t heard a damn thing about that. Any more info?

            Were these stunts like the two fat chicks who chained themselves to a 55 gallon drum and blocked traffic protesting about how “Black Lives Matter” a couple of years back ?

      • Not sure about the mass shootings, but Dutch has zero’d in on the rest. If I hear about a painted swatstika, or a noose, or any of another dozen tropes, I call shenanigans.

      • One of the main reasons I’ve adopted a “conspiracy theorist” attitude towards these mass shootings – is simply because the timing of them in most cases is far too “convenient” for them to just be random events.

        Combine that with an awful lot of cases where the background info and goings on prior to the event of the shooter being highly suspicious at best, and I simply don’t believe that ALL of the mass shooting events are NOT false flags.

        Your point about looking at who the victims were – is another data point to consider when trying to come up with a theory of what really happened.

    • The idea that the entire internet relies on nine servers is nonsense. There are13 root name servers worldwide, each is geographically distributed worldwide, three are operated by USG, two of those by DOD, one of those in Ft. Meade which is only one of the best-protected facilities on the planet because of another agency that lives there. Plus there are alternate sources of DNS data. The entire internet is designed from the ground-up to route around failures. Forget about that.

      The big server farms? Could do some damage there, but that’s getting more difficult by the day. Google got a patent for floating data centers ten years ago.

  78. “The revolution of the future will be low-grade and mostly non-violent.” Exactly, the most likely.

    America is like a late stage cancer patient where invasive surgery and dramatic treatments like chemotherapy are too late to fight for survival. Now, Dr. Dave recommends consultation with the family members and recommends palliative care. On the fear my soul will be damned for such despair, I am still available to fight in anyways. For now, that means speaking up and standing against this with small insurrections.

    Look and how the great England and it’s empire died with a wimper. Yes, they are dead.

    • “The revolution of the future will be low-grade and mostly non-violent.”

      I respectfully disagree. Every civil war is unthinkable, until it happens. Besides, there are lots of scenarios in between the alternatives presented. “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland weren’t exactly a civil war, or even an armed rebellion in the Che Guevara sense, but it killed thousands of people, lasted for decades, and the insurgents ended up with at least a part of what they wanted. All this accomplished by an organization that only had a few thousand hard-core members, plus some quiet sympathizers. This would be very possible for either the Left or the Right. Antietam or Guernica? No. Bombs, sniping, sabotage, assassination? It’s happening at a very low level right now. All either side needs to do is up its game a little.

      Yes, a civil war in the sense of Spain 1936 or American 1861 is unlikely at this time, but an “American Troubles” is not only possible, it’s almost a certainty, unless the people of the US arrange an amicable divorce, in the fairly near future.

      • Agreed. We’ll get a lot of Cliven Bundy Ranch type of uprising everywhere. Complete with Feds and cops who aren’t sure what side they want to be on: paycheck vs friends and neighbors.

        We will also get a lot of Balkan style squads who will deal with uppity out-groups and who will also keep their powder dry for dealing with traitorous and malicious elites.

        Once violence becomes an acceptable response on any side it will ratchet up.

        • The cops are going to march their “friends and neighbors” right into the death camps if they are ordered to do so. There will be zero hesitation. They will do what they are told to do. The only thing that saved the Bundy people from being shot on the spot were the pictures of armed goons pointing assault rifles and dogs at women and kids.
          If the Bundy thing happened today, the media would describe them as white supremacist terrorists.
          The left has been remarkably good at using women and children as human shields.

          • The local cops didn’t cooperate with the feds in OR. We’ve also seen decades of the local cops up along California’s “Lost Coast” not cooperate with the FBI and the DEA. If they have ties to the community some will waver. Also, especially in more rural communities, there will be a lot less tolerance for outsiders telling the locals how to behave.

            Whites are patient not passive.

          • The Oregon State Patrol/State Police are extremely upset with being ordered/tricked into participating in the Bundy killing. They have resisted orders by the bi-Governor to execute “red flag” gungrabs on veterans, forcing her to enlist the FBI to enforce a State law without jurisdiction. Elected County Sheriffs are not playing along with banned private sales or red flag that they know is unconstitutional both for Oregon and Federal. Bad for a Gov. !

          • There is evidence, based on interviews and writings, that some otherwise anti-white politicians and bureaucrats have been, at times, somewhat concerned about avoiding another “bad optics” situation, like Waco.

            So they will, in some rare cases, engage in pragmatic forms of de-escalation (and just arrest people individually later on)

            But it would be a mistake to confuse that with the ***police*** being unwilling to “side with their paychecks”.

          • What if the police feared retaliation from the public? He’s caught inbetween doing his job and possibly something bad happening to him or a family member.

            Surfing the net recently, I looked up the name of Melissa Hodgman, Associate Director of SEC Enforcement and wife of Psycho FBI Agent Peter Strzok. She is speaking at an upcoming SEC enforcement forum and the names, titles and photos of all of the speakers are shown, except for her and one other. Instead of a photo, the SEC seal is posted. Guess she is afraid to show her face. There are a few photos of her online and, if I was her, I would lose a lot of weight (she’s a landwhale), wear glasses and change the color and cut of my hair. If I ran into her in the supermarket, I’d ask her, “Hey, Mrs. Strzok, what’s it like to be married to a psychopathic homosexual traitor?”


            Be afraid, be very afraid. Make the lives of the Cloud People miserable.

          • Yes, Ris, this is exactly what happened in Northern Ireland. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’d highly recommend a study of the Northern Ireland situation, and the interaction between the IRA, the UDA, and the British Army. It’s a very good primer on how a low intensity conflict develops, and is won and lost, in a first world society. Trust me, it was a nightmare, this is nothing we want, but we need to look into the abyss, both sides, if we want to find a way out. A peaceful parting of the ways is the only way out.

          • A way to start your education on the Troubles is to listen and watch YouTube videos of some of the rebel songs. “My Little Armalite,” “Kinky Boots” and “My Old Man’s a Provo” give insight into the rebel cause and thinking. Getting ready for our own Troubles here, I’m thinking we need some rallying songs that express our frustration.

          • “The cops are going to march their friends and neighbors right into the death camps if they are ordered to do so.”

            Maybe. It depends on what else is going on. If the cops are getting paid and getting their pensions, most will do what they’re told. But if the system breaks down or in a Civil War 2 scenario where cops are getting shot, they’ll mostly save their own asses. Either reaction has roughly the same motivation. Most cops aren’t going to give up their pay and benefits to do the right thing and disobey an unjust order. At the same time, most also will not be willing to get themselves killed just to follow an order.

          • The Germans on trial after WWII said, “I was following orders.” That’ll be the police officers excuse until the cost of obeying orders is higher than disobeying.

          • These guys kept on obeying right up until the day of the surrender.
            I think a lot of people fail to understand the mindset of most cops. There are near daily stories and videos of cops beating up senior citizens. They really believe that enforcing the law makes them the good guy no matter the circumstances or how absurd the law. And in the cities and the surrounding areas with large black populations, the cops are already at war with the citizens. These cops (in these areas) are going to be completely useless (for us) at best and most likely actively hostile. They consider groups like the 3%ers to be terrorists.

          • I guess you don’t really know any cops as friends or family to use the same ebil nahzee rhetoric as the progs and to find yourself siding with the identity/grievance left. Bad move. Most cops in liberal big cities are far more race realist and hate their politicians more than you realize. Notice the time the NYPD turned their backs on Kaiser Wilhelm De blasio at that cop’s funeral?
            So how about trying to make contact through friends or relatives on the job and maybe red pill them? I rather have one more friend or at least a neutral than one more potential adversary.
            That is, I mean unless everyone else here with the fuk da poh-leese attitude is some kind of super ninja warrior able to defeat an entire police department single-handedly, armed only with a tooth pick. Can’t wait to see the cool videos of that!

          • Guess you win, fella, ’cause nobody’s going to tell you, pre-civil war and on the Internet, how a problem police department could be taken out. That would be illegal, right?

            As a matter of fact I asked the LA Sheriff deputy across the street what he thought would happen as election time neared. Did his department have concerns regarding the local citizenry? His reply, “Not worried about those clowns. We’re more concerned about the far Right and White nationalists coming into neighborhoods, taking shit, and shooting people.”

            Put the same question to an LAPD officer I knew over at the local Sushi One Stop one Friday night. His reply was “Right-wing extremists blah, blah.”

            Almost unbelievable. Almost. But then, I asked these questions of career mercenaries subjected to ADL “training” programs and working under senior officers of vaguely leftist persuasion.

            Similar “training” is provided to both the Army and Marines.

          • For Donald C (edit): You want me to roll up on some cop I’ve never met and start sharing dissident viewpoints with them? You around to vouch for me if that conversation goes south and I end up on the local fusion center watch list?

    • Speaking as a foreigner: the US seems more dead than England or any other European country.

      On pretty much every social ,demographic metric the US is deader than a dormouse.

    • Look and how the great England and it’s empire died with a wimper.

      It didn’t die, it was appropriated by the US, and it took two world wars.

      • I thought they were victorious in both? Oh, you mean the spending.
        Ain’t hurting ‘Murica with our deficit spending. How many Trillions?

      • In 2014 (? I think), the U.K. finally paid off it’s war debt to the U.S. with a terse note:
        “Thank you for your help during the war.”

        Wasn’t that the same year Britain finished its final recompensation payment to former slaveholders’ estates, as well?
        They incurred a debt of some 40 billion pounds at the time to legally end slavery in the Commonwealth. 1840, was it?

        (And like WWll, well, who loaned them the money– who got paid the interest?)

  79. One can never tell what the spark will be. It’s usually an out of the blue one-off event that ignites the fuel. A hopped-up junkie resisting and getting a few too many licks and suddenly L.A. is on fire. Rumors that the NY mayor is going to take the American flag down off of city hall and thousands of construction workers eat hundreds of hippies lunches and seize the streets for the Hard Hat Riots.

    As for the how it happens your guess is as good as mine. It won’t be regular dinner fare… it’ll be unfamiliarly exotic spicy I think.

    • The Spanish Right put up with years of abuse, until shortly before the Army rebellion the lefties shot a ‘Right Wing politician. That ensured over 50% active support. I suspect that’ll be the trigger in North America, a popular figure gets smoked by the left.

        • That’s where I’d put my money. Like last year when a bunch of Antifa thugs “demonstrated” on a right-wing media pundit’s (Carlson?) front yard and wound up trying to break in while his wife and children were there alone. What I see happening is Mr Trump losing (by virtue of vote fraud on a truly MASSIVE, MING BOGGLING scale) next year and then the left basically taking over. If they added 2 seats to SCOTUS (like FDR?) and gained a majority in the Senate, they could basically do what the hell they wished. With a solid 6 justice majority on the SCOTUS bench and control of both houses, there would be essentially nothing they could not – OR WOULD NOT – be able to do as regards the 2nd Amendment. It is in a program of disarming the populous (which, oddly enough was at least PART of the Redcoats’ mission in April of 1775) that I see things coming to a head.

          • A few neighbors showing up with shotguns and AR-15’s would have caused those commies to turn tail.

          • >>>A few neighbors showing up with shotguns and AR-15’s would have caused those commies to turn tail.<<<

            And then they’d be sharing a cell with James Fields

          • Good point to remember. Trump’s jailing & even executing Whites to please his handlers & pander to muh Browns. It’s going to be just as bad or worse until at least 2024. Brandish or use a weapon only if the situation demands risking serious jail time (ie if your life or others lives are in immediate danger).. We’re the enemy to the Feds & most local LEO’s – don’t kid yourselves.

          • Bill, the court was set to 9 in 1869. But you are correct, before that Congress played a lot of games with the number of judges. Since the radical Leftists on the Dem side have advertised all sorts of shenanigans wrt SCOTUS and the 2nd amendment, we could see a de facto take away of gun rights via law. Repeal/modification of the 2nd would still take a 3/4 State ratification, so I suspect they’ll go the statute grab first—probably along the lines of restriction of semi-auto’s. That would split the gun owners a bit as it would leave the deer and duck hunters alone. We would probably get a year or so to turn them in, which would give time to stash enough for future need.

    • Vox Day suggested a defeat in a major war. The Pentagon projected that we would lose a war with Russia or China.

      • Last Stand,

        Did they? I don’t doubt your veracity. It makes all the archival photos of the construction workers beating the shine out of all those hippies that much more glorious. Thanks, you brightened my day.

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