The Tax Revolt

In the realm of economics, hidden taxes are considered the worst taxes, as they corrupt the relationship between the parties in a transaction. The hidden tax adds a third party to the transaction, which clouds the true cost from buyer and seller. This secret partner to the transaction is often the government. Fees in the supply chain, like energy taxes, for example, show up in the cost of the product or service, but they are not disclosed, so the true cost is hidden from both the seller and buyer in many cases.

In the social realm, there are hidden taxes that are not really hidden, as they are experienced every day, but no one thinks of them as taxes. For example, people living in Lagos on the Chesapeake are well aware of the tax. This is the daily cost of insulating yourself from crime and mayhem. It may be a direct tax like alarm systems or bars on the windows. It can also be an indirect tax, like the two hour commute from one part of the suburbs to another. Time is just another form of money.

There is also an emotional cost that comes with living around so much vibrancy. When you live in a place like Lagos, around the tax, you can never relax. Life in diverse areas is a constant struggle between two species that were never meant to occupy the same ecosystem. The fragile peace is a source of stress, because it is so fragile. You know that the cost of that peace is tolerating the endless inconveniences. The pale face just assumes maintaining the peace is his burden alone.

It is not just the anxiety of living in constant danger. The tax shows up in a million little ways in your daily life. If you go into a lunch place in certain parts of town, you can expect to see a local struggling to order from the menu. The inculcated sense of entitlement means they will waste time ordering odd things that slow up the whole process for everyone. In the grocery store, shoppers will pick checkout lines, based on the assumed tax in each option. Everyone tries to be a tax dodger.

Like real taxes, there is no way to avoid the tax. In a place like Lagos, it is everywhere and is just a part of the background radiation of the universe. One just learns to navigate around these burdens. You are only made aware of the tax when you go away to some tax haven and then return to Lagos. The most stressful day of vacation is the first day back. It’s like moving from black and white to color. For newcomers, the tax is not just disorienting, it can be terrifying, but then they acclimate.

Of course, the newest tax comes from open borders. Illegal immigration is fueled by the demand for cheap labor. All of those little brown guys riding leaf blowers are here because they are cheap. The price of the landscaping services may be lower, but the cost shows up in the emergency room or in the police blotter. This is a form of cost shifting that is, in effect, a hidden tax on the people using other services. The high cost of cheap labor is another hidden tax all of us are forced to pay.

The tax is not just a racial thing. The ultimate cause of the tax is Progressive whites, who are a tireless burden on everyone around them. When box wine auntie shows up for Thanksgiving dinner, everyone pays the price for tolerating her. The day is a little less enjoyable, a little less relaxed. In many cases, everyone is thankful that racist Uncle Bob did not strangle her at the table. Perhaps instead of thankful, everyone is disappointed. Again, everyone secretly wishes to be free of the tax.

That, of course, is the ultimate hidden tax. Every normal person has had to self-censor, hold their tongue around some Progressive goofball. Maybe it is at work, where fear of being canceled out of your job leads to self-censorship. Often, it is in daily life where everyone avoids certain topics around the liberal guy. Being polite, something that is supposed to be a gift you give to others, becomes another tax in your life. Every normal man has quietly thought about canceling the tax man in their life.

The tax is everywhere. Turn on the television to watch a sportsball game and you will be inundated with commercials for race mixing, homosexuals and girl power. What should be a few hours vegging out in front of the tube to watch men play a game, quickly turns into an aggravation that saps your strength. TV ratings have declined for sports, because for many normal people, the tax is now exceeding the benefit. Staring blankly at the wall is more relaxing than another lecture on girl power.

This is the massive hidden tax on normal people. The price of tolerating Progressive lunatics is the stress of crumbling community, the irritation of endless propaganda and the bitterness than comes with self-censorship. Everyone’s life is diminished because a small group of people impose a heavy tax burden on the rest of us. The rise of dissident politics is not a reaction to Progressive lunacy, so much as it is the result of carrying the hidden tax burden. Normal white men are tired of paying the damned tax.

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211 thoughts on “The Tax Revolt

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  2. Once again you hit the nail on the head on a subtle topic that I think about almost every day. we are in the final week of getting the house on the market so we can move to Tennessee. I spent a week down there and saw a sum total of 12 black people, and that included while driving around for about 80 miles each day looking at houses all over the place. Thank God I am now retired. I pray that you can get the hell out of there and go somewhere that you do not have to deal with that on a daily basis. My ex wife lived about three blocks off Patterson part in Canton and I can remember seeing the locals coming down the street every morning checking all the car doors, all of the garage doors, etc. looking for something unlocked, or something of value to be stolen. At night it was dark and creepy. Going to any store around there was an exhausting challenge. I know exactly what you are talking about. I lived in Rochester NY for 5 years and you just do not realize how nasty people in this area are until you live somewhere the people are nice. I never made a single trip the the DMV up there where I did not get everything I needed done each trip. Here, you would rather cut off your right arm than go into the main DMV in Glen Burnie, or any of the ones in Baltimore country. I cannot imagine going to the one in Mondawmin mall.

  3. The tax represents something we’ve all encountered. How many times have you paid the tax physically, while minding your own business? You know, the random tax that results in a violent verbal or physical assault? Come on fess up. I’ll bet EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can honestly talk about paying the tax, albeit undeserved, just because we were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I finally decided I wasn’t going to pay the tax anymore and you know the funny thing about it is, when you finally FINALLY accept that mind set that you’re not going to pay the tax anymore…it seems to emanate out into the realm of the tax collector…and almost like magic…they stop demanding you pay the tax

  4. This is quite similar to some personal thoughts I’ve have of my home region, the Balkans.
    In short, the only way to maintain peace within a given region, where at least one actor/group is willing to exterminate all others, is to ensure that the cost of violent action is so high that even an irrational person would chose not to engage in it. One way to do this is to make the response / consequence utterly disproportional to the initial action.
    The kind of culture it creates is therefore one where peace exists, but violence is a persistent undercurrent of society, ready to be activated on hair-trigger alert, passed on from one generation to the next, as a necessity of survival. Though it does create stability, one cannot but wonder what the total opportunity costs of this ‘stability tax’ are.

  5. Z is projecting his own dislike of diversity onto other Whites. Less than 20 percent of whites are concerned about whites becoming a minority and the growth of vibrancy unless it is black vibrancy.

    Whites love diversity. Good whites are skilled at shielding themselves from the more vibrant vibrants and want to pay an even higher vibrancy financial tax because the ROI is so great for them. They gain status by being good whites and receive a great sense of moral and intellectual superiority over bad whites in return for their vibrant tax.

    Most bad whites, unlike good whites, actually like diversity. If it gets too vibrant they will just move. Besides bad whites don’t really care what happens as long as they can own a gun. In the long run vibrancy will charge a heavy toll for whites but we are a long way from that.

    The thought criminal whites who hate vibrancy will soon either need to shut up about it or they driven from mainstream society.

  6. This may be the finest example of Z Man’s commentary I have ever read. The level of insight is stunning. I cannot rate it highly enough.

  7. Don’t worry Z. The vibrancy is making its way into white suburbia. We pay for a grossly overpriced shoebox with exorbitant condo fees just for the privilege of living next to the wealthy.

    but alas all is not well in Mayberry ! The constant clanking of bulldozers and back up alarms means the obama housing on the next block is almost finished 🙁

    Yes , the money people tried to dodge that bullet for a long time, but the Feds finally caught up with them and now the mandatory low income housing is here.

    The first victim will be the small strip mall across the street. next the graffiti and car break-ins. Falling real estate prices , metal detectors in the schools, etc, etc, etc.

    This will be our third attempt at escaping the brown horde. Trouble is the powers-that-be are hell-bent on destroying every white country on the face of the planet. it’s a very hefty tax indeed .

    • You have to change your focus from wanting to live by the wealthy to wanting to live amongst your own kind… Check out the Bitterroot Valley…

  8. This is a great essay. The play on the notion of ‘taxing’ really brings out many different aspects of why ethno-genetic nationalist sentiment continues to grow.

    Right now ‘conservatives’ want to focus on the governmental ‘taxation’ ethnos and the ‘taxing’ nature of the Progressive ethnos but are, generally, unwilling to yield anything to the genetic (racial) aspects of the problem.

    I think White Nationalists are, in general, focused on the genetic aspects of nationalism, but are willing to concede that there are some Whites that are race-traitors and do not deserve to be part of a White homeland.

    An ‘ethnically pure’ homeland could, conceivably, include some non-Whites, especially if their civil rights were sufficiently curtailed as to ever prevent non-White preferences (‘culture’) superseding White preferences, but I know there are quite a few White Nationalists who do not feel that such a thing is possible because of the genetic component.

    A ‘genetically pure’ homeland, however, has the fatal flaw of granting civil rights to all Whites, including race-traitors like Progressive Whites.

    This is why it is important to remember that White Nationalism is an *ethno-genetic movement*, not just an ‘ethnic’ movement or a ‘genetic’ movement.

  9. That is what I love about this site (and why I support it) — Zman approaches everyday problems and frustrations from new and insightful angles., I had never thought about the major mayhem and petty annoyances imposed by progs as forms of tax — but they can definitely be seen that way. And resented all the more…

    • Agreed. My attention span for writers usually lasts a couple years or so, then I move on; mostly because they usually go through all their interesting ideas and have to start recycling them. Even the good ones like Mark Steyn and VDH have gotten repetitive to me and I rarely read them anymore. Not so with the Z-man (at least not yet…).

      Keep up the great work!

  10. The tax is real. My sister lives near the Imperial Capitol in one of those expensive N. Va. suburbs full of overpaid and overeducated people engaged in meaningless professional work. When they leave their jobs and go home to their wildly overpriced homes, they lock themselves in, even in the early evening. They watch some artsy-fartsy show on the tube while trapped in their own homes, smug in how progressive they are while living in constant abject terror of the diversity they claim to love.

  11. I”m sick of ‘duh-versity’. If you do a search for ‘diversity and inclusion’ on a job search board, you will find it’s disgusting what these people get paid. It’s too bad we can’t repeal women’s suffrage, kick out of lot of the ‘duh-versity’ from America including a number of foreigners, and execute politicians and shutdown organizations that cause these problems.

  12. “TV ratings have declined for sports, because for many normal people, the tax is now exceeding the benefit.”

    I’ll watch a good college game if I have the time, and the only pieces of NFL games I see are the few minutes I may spend at friends’ houses who have the game on, so I’m not sure I’m correct on this, but it seems like there may be different genres of commercials between the two types of games. Am I correct or mistaken?

  13. For all those who think corporations should be taxed at higher rates than present, just remember that corporations do not pay taxes, they collect them.

    An onerous and very well hidden tax – it’s not even on the receipt you receive – is the tax on gasoline. Most gasoline taxes (federal + state tax) are in the 40 cents to 50 cents/gallon range and some are 60 cents/gallon or higher.

    What a sick joke indeed when the price of international oil skyrockets and thus as well gasoline prices, and the communist POS members of Congress drag the oil executives into their Stalinist show trials and interrogate, in the best traditions of Roland Freisler , the oil executives.

    As if oil executives can control the price of oil; a fungible commodity. If they could, oil would never drop below $100/bbl.

    As the Chief Justice of SCOTUS, John Marshall said, ” The power to tax is the power to destroy.”
    Yep it is.

  14. Normal white men are tired of paying the damned tax.
    Not tired enough to do anything about it though at this point…Not enough pain yet but it’s coming you can count on that…

    • We have slow-burning fuses but when they burn down we tend to get things done decisively – to the world’s advantage in a civilized and relatively merciful fashion, not that we’re given enough credit for that. The unfortunates who’ve been cooking off in a mad fashion are the unstable and fragile loners. When the broad mass of White men have had enough, the world will know about it.

  15. A Progressive/Vibrancy tax? I wonder if I’m subject to it? Let’s see. I:
    1. Am a straight white Christian male
    2. Live in a Large Northeastern Metropolis(TM)
    3. Work in the entertainment industry (yes, I’m the carny in the room)
    Hmmm. I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.

  16. I experienced a new (to me) variation of The Tax this morning. Went into a Thornton’s brand convenience store to use the bathroom. They had replaced the normal flourescent light in the men’s room with a blue colored one.

    It was disorienting as hell. Whenever I blinked, the change would cause a bright flash behind my eyelids that (I assume) you just don’t notice under normal lighting conditions. It was also fairly dim and the fact that everything was Smurf colored made me feel a little ill. I did my business and got the hell out of there.

    I bought some mints since I’d used their bathroom and mentioned to the clerk how disturbing their bathroom lighting was. She told me they put the blue lights in because it makes it harder for junkies to find their veins. They’d had enough overdoses back there to try the lighting. Said that she hated going into the bathrooms at all during her shift because it made her sick to her stomach.

    So, because of the degenerate addicts and assorted scumbags infesting our cities, the rest of us can experience migraines and nausea if we have to use a public restroom. Awesome.

    • Thanks, that made my day brighter. Some dude on the internet noted that any un-moderated forum will turn right wing. Listen to this:

      Daniel said: “Once, I found a colleague of ours checking online, looking to purchase a Taser, because he started to feel scared about others. He confessed he was really concerned about walking through the streets at night, for example, or being surrounded by foreign people.

      Maybe because all this hate speech we have to face every day affects our political view somehow. So a normal person, a liberal person, maybe also a progressive person, can get more conservative, more concerned about issues like migrants for example.”

      And it’s not like bots would solve the problem. Remember how Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Tay, went deep crimson inside 24 hours?

  17. Z, I’m a puzzled by your constant use of the term “normal people.” Seriously, how many “normal people” do you actually know? In the circles I move in (educated white people), very few would meet your definition of normal, which makes the use of the term, um, problematic. Lotta white people have college degrees these days! If you live in Charles Murray’s Belmont, woke is the new normal.

    When it comes right down to it, as a faith system Wokism is no more nonsensical than most religions. And religion is a very normal part of human society! This would hardly be the first time that a new religion has proven to be disastrous for the society in which it arose.

  18. I just spent a few days in a tax Haven and it was lovely. And bonus, I said to a couple I know that the problem with living the city was that the black leadership hates white people. I think that’s probably the first time they heard it so blatantly but they seemed receptive. Or perhaps today they’re thinking I’m a horrible racist. You never know with these things

  19. This why “white supremacy” is not actually a worry to our masters; in fact, it’s actually useful for them as a recurrent bogeyman and a pretext for even more tax predations upon their white tax cattle. No, what’s really dangerous for them is white separatism. That’s what they absolutely cannot tolerate and that’s why i think that demands for peaceful separation are bound to fail, regardless of how reasonably put.

    It may be that the most subversive thing we can do is to encourage and, wherever possible, facilitate continuing white flight.

    I made my own flight a few years ago, leaving vibrant, enriched London for a very unvibrant and unenriched former communist country.

    • Very important comment. White separatism is the cultural version of moving your money to a tax-haven Caribbean island. Can’t have that.

    • This is the real tension of the Poz and the thing they don’t seem to have a plan for. There are still enough whites and other productive clades in the modern West that Poz as a simple looting scheme still works. For minorities it works because it’s a simple way to take an undeserved piece of the pie. It also works for certain whites as a way to curry favor with the ruling class in hopes of being given a ticket out of the “tax cattle” class and into the “tax farmer” class. Any time you go to one of the urban hipster enclaves what you see is really lots of entitled middle class kids who are all dancing as fast as they can hoping to impress someone who will give them a ticket on the space ark.The young men cuck and cluck trying to show how sorry they are for being born white and how “gender fluid” they are. The women try to out-slut each other vying for the attention of some alpha male who will give them a hillside mansion before their looks fade or the orcs overrun their gentrified former and future ghetto apartment. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

      The endgame probably looks like this: some of the young whites, mostly men at first, start to realize that the space arks are oversold and that finding a way to get to higher ground on your own before the flood is more straightforward. The women do as they always do and follow. As this proceeds there are fewer tax cattle and less of a pie for the ruling class whites and (((whites))) to divvy up to the PoCs. PoC rage, being never more a few micrometers below the surface, then explodes. The ruling class have their summer homes to retreat to so the urban hipsters, for all their cucking, are the first to be attacked. This drives the white exodus in a positive feedback loop.

    • “I made my own flight a few years ago, leaving vibrant, enriched London for a very unvibrant and unenriched former communist country.”

      I’m right there with you brother. Given that the Police State has seen fit to give me a rather nasty criminal record for my “crime” (firearm ownership while White and race aware), I’ll be following your exit strategy too.

      I’m starting to make moves to get east of Austria somewhere. Who in their wildest fever dream imagination would have guessed that countries that were under the Iron Curtain would end up being some of the better places on earth to live now that the Iron Curtain has descended again, on top of the FUSA. Fate has a sense of irony/humor I suppose.

      • Any suggestions and tips how to begin the search for a country in which I can let my shoulders down? Just to start the research…

      • Russia may have benefited, ironically, from the fact that it succumbed to Communism early in the 20th century when it still had a traditional society while Europe and the US had to endure the slow degradation of all that Frankfurt School garbage after WWII. Eastern Europe in fact, never bought into the commie thing at all and just had it forced on them by the Red Army. Poland defied the communists with the Solidarity movement and Hungary even almost succeeded in throwing off the Soviet boot completely in ’56. They continue to vex today’s globalists by insisting on defending their borders and people.

        • You have an insightful mind and clear, not cluttered writing. Unfortunately, your and Apex’s insight have accomplished the rare effect of setting my hair on fire. No where to run…no where to hide…except OUT. Have NEVER thought of this. Plus Basic Husband is dug in. Basic daughter would spontaneously combust, or at the minimum spontaneously combust into Van Helmont’s mice. I would be the only one in the family to even give thought to Another Country. I have never let my guard down after working in Oakland and living in California. Am sick and tired of developing new gristle on my upper shoulders from walking on high alert. Got to be a better way to live than be a tax milk cow, or worse, in the Progressive overlords’ herd. Moo is not part of my vocabulary. Will ruminate on this. Best regards.

  20. The greatest tax of all is the anxiety and risk of losing your children to rainbow flags and snowflakitis. Best tax revolt I know of is pulling your children out of government schools.

    • The Baby Boomers spit in their parents faces. And yet their parents didn’t cut them off. They kept footing the bills to send their precious Boomers to university. Those precious darlings still get rich today inheriting their parents’ hard-won savings.

      In other words, they learned that their actions have no consequences.

      If you’re truly worried that you’ll lose your children to rainbow flags and snowflaitis then make sure they know that your loyalty to family ends at civil war, and any movement that seeks to destroy the family can’t expect to be fed, housed, clothed, and pampered by the family.

      • We’re on the same team here but the answer is to remove and insulate your kids from progressive bureaucrats, full stop. Many normies feel the schools are a bust “but hey, my school district is different.” Which is an absolute steaming pile of bull-scat. Progressive educrats want your child’s heart & mind, and when the kids are surrounded by a peer group of snowflakes for 40+ hrs/week, the dissident parent’s job is darn near impossible. The ideal answer for the intact two-parent home is to bring the kids home, surround them with a library, and put strict limits on electronics … and no gaming and social media. THIS is revolt. No more chit-chat about civil wars until we get our crap together at home.

          • Yep, tall order. But something that’s doable and within my sphere of influence. I’m the Dad – they’re the kids; I advise parents to never lose a battle of wills with children. And I’ve got 2 well-adjusted 20-something dissident kids (who have given me grandchildren) to prove it.

          • Never lose a battle of wills with the children. I never did, but my hard-headed kids have surely taken a couple years life expectancy off, especially one of the girls. Still have one in Middle School. I tell the wife that she’ll be the straw…. you know the rest.

          • SidVic – maybe a dead thread here, but let me encourage you to sprint to the finish line with your middle-schooler. When your child is in public school the challenge as a parent is to be more influential than her peer group. If she wants to please her Dad more than her peer group that’s a good sign. If not, consider ways to spend as much time as possible with her and get her talking. This is offered as a fellow Dad but also someone who spent time in a school environment and I’ve seen firsthand how destructive the peer group can be.

  21. I like to say that things go better when you live like you don’t give a crap about what is going on around you. In other words, not buying into the soul-sucking things that the employment tasks or the people around you demand of you. Do them, sure, but neither buy into them nor allow them to dictate your mood. Now I understand that it is living tax-free in a taxable environment. Thanks for the insight!

  22. I’m glad you used the word “species.” Homo sapiens is a bad, polyphyletic taxon. Negros and Whites are different species. There are maybe 50 to 100 DNA-distinct human races living today that can be sorted into 10 to 20 species.

    Species differ in all sorts of ways, including behavior and abilities. They cannot live peacefully together.

    • One of the things the broadly defined “red pill” on a variety of topics does is clarify “mysteries” for you. In any popular article or video about human origins you will encounter a mandatory section musing about how amazing it is that there used to be many human species and now there’s only one. It’s so mysterious! Then you find out about the Neanderthal genes modern people all have – except for Africans. Then there are the Denisovans who also “vanished”. Or did they? Sometimes in the same presentation they will even mention that what gets called a species or sub-species is rather subjective. They might also talk about how two different “species” can often still interbreed long after the speciation event. It’s amazing that the people who put these things together can juggle so many hand grenades of hate fact without setting any of them off.

    • I don’t know where you’re getting your information from Robert Sykes but it is 100% incorrect. Saying negroes and whites are different species is like saying poodles and beagles are different species. Negroes and whites are both human species but different races. There are four major known races : Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid and Australoid. Some consider Capoids (bushmen/Hottentots) a fifth but the jury is still out. Frankly I think they’re an offshoot of Negroid.

      I happen to study race but this is fundamental stuff and you can easily look it up. I suggest you do.

      • There is a kernel of truth in the “no such thing as race” dogma, which is that to sharply divide humans into a small set of well defined races is wrong. What is real is not race, but difference! Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans are different from each other, and both are different from East Asians or Australian Aborigines, and so on. If you want to get into the weeds of classification you’ll find a clustered hierarchy of populations and sub-populations, along with all sorts of cross relationships. But you don’t need to do that! The fact that people from different parts of the world have undeniable phenotypical differences is all that matters; whether those differences can be characterized as “race” is unimportant.

        What the race deniers are trying to do is rule out a priori the possibility that blacks and whites could differ in native intelligence — that’s actually the only thing they really care about. But any argument that did that would also rule out the possibility that they could differ in skin color or hair form, because those traits are also determined genetically. So as long as you can force people to acknowledge that people from different parts of the world can differ in consequential genetic traits (and what reasonable person could argue that?), it really doesn’t matter whether or not you use the word “race.”

  23. Off topic, but I recommend you take a look (if you haven’t already) at Czeslaw Milosz’s The Captive Mind. Particularly chapters 1 (The Pill of Murti-Bing) and 3 (Ketman). It’s a fairly short book, written in 1951. Murti-Bing comes from a different book from the early 30s.

  24. My biggest problem dealing with “the tax” is waking up to bitter disappointment in the fact that people don’t want to wake up, and if you point out “the tax” to them, I get/got shut down and a flame thrower comes out to make sure I don’t do this again because they would rather scratch my eyeballs out rather than face reality. This is the tax I pay almost daily.

    I left working in downtown Oakland and riding BART because I was faced with death by Vibrancy 3 times and multiple near misses, figured I had used up my 9 cat lives. I just prayed while driving water company distribution routes I wasn’t in Richmond when the Hayward Fault decided to move, was quietly packing and figured a hiking escape route over the Berkeley Hills, through park ridgelands, over to the north bay. Was prepared with a survival pack and hiking shoes. And “other.”

    Riding BART was, after being threatened by Vibrant youths, a no go for me. Done.
    None of my co-workers would talk about this….verboten. That made me crazy.

    One of my stupid blinkered Lefty co-workers left her car door unlocked, dumbass, and 2 blocks from work was carjacked at gunpoint by the Vibrancy. She absolutely will not wake up. She’s a blue haired Asian box wine drinking man-less puppy woman.

    I pay the tax here in Mormonland with the same..Don’t talk about the world….ever! Just be nice! And shut up.

    Damn and blast!

        • Knock on wood but Oakland is the worst US city I have ever seen (I didn’t count East Orange NJ as a city, FWIW). Chicago’s South Side is right up there but the overall city is better on average.

    • “Don’t talk about the world….ever! Just be nice! And shut up.”

      Great post. This mirrors my “smile and wave” approach to dealing with normies. Be the gray man … until otherwise necessary.

      • My dear gentlemen and our Dissident ladies…..thank you for reminding me that when the realization of the civilisational cultural decline startles exploding fear airborn into a stifling mist, and human nature asserts itself relentlessly demanding not to be ignored…and is ignored to great peril, I can turn to my psychic kit bag where you, dare I shapeshift the phrase my “fellow travelers,” have been placed that I might pull you up into my awareness.

        In an abstract way, you are there to aid each of us to move beyond the quicksand of fear and sadness upon watching our country subsumed. We need each other to shift the reality of the moment with a reminder that we are of great number, that we have options, and have the satisfaction of watching one support another, that we can teach and we can learn, and through all this…renew and create again.

        Wow..crap….that was serious. To break the spell……the Dead Parrot Routine! (Ees dead I tell you! Dead! No, ees not, ees just sleeping!)

    • I sympathize, Range Front. It’s maddening to realize just how blinkered and g-d-m stupid most women are. I suppose I’m lucky I never had the daughter I wanted – she’d probably have hated me because I would have raised her so as not to fit into the herd. Cheer up – we have good, solid White men to exchange thoughts with on here – as well the few other unicorns.

  25. I’d never thought of these cultural stressors as a tax, but indeed they are.

    About 20 years ago my wife was asking me why I was transitioning the family “off the grid” … no TV, strictly limiting visits from dysfunctional family members, ruthlessly culling the “friends” who sucked energy from the household, then moving to the country to grow our own food, burn firewood, install a solar system, and shut/lock the farm gate at the end of the work day.

    Twenty years later my wife doesn’t ask anymore … 5 mins of people-watching in town answers the question. Life is good when you choose a low-tax lifestyle.

    • Moved from NJ to a western state a few years back, and I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying until I stepped off the plane that last time. It felt like an enormous weight had suddenly fallen away when I realized that I wouldn’t have to deal with all of those NJ-related “taxes” anymore.

  26. Tucker seems to be the only high-profile pundit who understands that The Tax on social and personal quality of life matters more than the misnamed “bottom line.” Predictably, Moloch’s faithful sitting in the pay-to-pray front pews of our Lady of Gross Domestic Product have branded him with the Mark of Keynes. He has been weighed in the balance sheet and found wanting.

    Nativism, populism & nationalism are LGDP heresies. Look at how quickly Pat Buchannan was given the Beckett & More treatment by former bestie St. Milton the Facile. Milt’s successors like Archbishops Kirk of Kristol & Benjamin of Manlet hand down Milt’s binary gospel daily on Twitter. Those putting their own feelings ahead of LGDP-approved facts and people ahead of production are, as St. Milt scolded Buchanan, “doing the Devil’s Work.” Thou shalt have no other God before GDP.

    The less-revered but still regrettably necessary sub-economic side of the LGDP social sandwich is provided by white-bread sophists and simonists like Russell Moore. St. Russell bravely shoulders two jobs nativist Americans won’t do for the faith, as Southern Baptist Conference “ethics commissioner” and well-paid agri-business lobbyist. Without tireless global public servants like Russell, the Church would be unable to efficiently turn native American social capital into fungible shekels, and much efficiency would be lost. PBUH

    Despite these tireless efforts, barely worth the billions of dollars they render unto seizers, nativism, nationalism and populism persist. The heart knows what it wants, and mere humans still sinfully cling to extended families, hearths & homes, a sense of security and the bad-kind-of-selfish desire to give their children better lives than they have. Even the judgment of Kevin the Creative Destroyer has not shaken these sinners loose of these anti-efficient cravings.

    Tucker the Deceiver is a powerful tempter sitting beside the very throne, spewing profane hatetruths from the very Blessed Megaphone. By yoking every extra-economic part of our lives to the lusts of Mammon, the LGDP Church is taking a nation born of a simple fiscal tax revolt down an even rockier and more dangerous road. The Lifestyle Tax Revolt will unmoor us from more than British mercantile policy. It will dynamite the foundations of the social order as well.

    When it happens, have some sympathy for the Devil. Tucker done told you.

    • St. Milton came up with the idea of payroll tax withholding to pay for the war. Now the tax cattle just assume their net pay is what they work for, and don’t notice how much is taken out because it’s never theirs in the first place. He said it was his biggest regret, so at least there’s that.

  27. I would add that the breakdown in societal trust is a huge unrecognized tax as well. In a high trust society, you can focus most of your energy on productive pursuits. Conversely, in a low trust society, playing perpetual defense against potential attack is debilitating and wasteful. It ultimately limits the positive output of a nation.

    • They build big stone walls with broken glass on top, only do small business with trusted family, use propane bottles and generators because infrastructure gets cannibalized, etc.

      Can’t do anything beyond small, all their energies are focused on defense.
      Now we’re in the same spot against alienated administrators, who make their bones attacking us helots.

  28. Once again a great article.
    The Z Man in Baltimore must be as out of place as Michael Savage in San Francisco. It is hard to understand why white people in such liberal areas don’t change the way they vote. My niece and her husband live in Baltimore. They were Bernie supporters four years ago. I’m sure they are agonizing whether to stick with him or switching to Pocohontas or Mayor Pete. Two years ago they had their first child and are now looking for a place in the suburbs. If I were to ask them if this was to get their daughter into a safe school, I am sure they would be outraged and insist that they are moving to have a yard and other things they can’t have in the city. I suppose most liberals have always acted like conservatives when it comes to their personal lives. Sadly, their voting will destroy what’s left of the good life, but they will still find a way to blame the country’s demise on Trump voters and racists.

  29. Actually the reason that things are like they are is because progressive views are massively popular. Consider who supports the “liberal agenda”: Blacks, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, thrans community, women, Asians, Native

    The only people who don’t like the so called “tax” are white males.

    That tells you something right there

    • Nope. Jews, fancy Asians and White women don’t like the “tax.” They exhibit the same coping behaviors White men do. But they short-sightedly use the war on White men to try to grab themselves a bigger piece of the pie. They don’t actually want to live in a world without White men keeping the trains running. Most of the dimmer rank-and-file ones have been so thoroughly indoctrinated with globo-homo poz that they don’t understand the logical consequences of their actions.

  30. “There is also an emotional cost that comes with living around so much vibrancy.”

    Yes, there is. Living in “Lagos” from about 1985 to 1992, just walking around could be a struggle, even in less vibrant neighborhoods. The re-election campaign of Kurt “Where there is Schmoke, there is Fire” and lower interest rates sent us out to the red zone northeast of Lagos. Vibrancy eventually followed, so we are now settled in deeper red, still to the northeast.

    The “tax” is relentless. It’s when the city decides to place a shelter behind your home, shipping in occupants to justify it. Then some shelter warden asks *you* if you need a place to sleep while walking home at night from the market. It’s looking over your shoulder and deciding it’s time to cross the street. It’s being yelled at for doing so as racist. It’s closing the nearby firehouses because their response time is too far below the city average. It’s paying a premium in taxes, receiving only trash pickup in return. It’s the drone of police helicopters flying overhead, with searchlights.

    I’m a happy tax avoider.

  31. Add another one to the &$%@ pile:

    How about all those “equal” women in the workforce that the rest of us have to accommodate? “Oh, I can’t come in this morning because my child has a fever”, or “I need to change my schedule because my daughter’s starting ballet lessons”, or “I’m taking two months stress leave because my boy’s having trouble adjusting to his new school”, or “My daycare closed so I won’t be in to work until I make new arrangements”, etc. etc. etc.

    Who picks up the slack for this? Yeah, we already know. It’s just another tax on we the oppressors.

    And how about all those hidden gov’t jobs that aren’t technically gov’t jobs.

    All those people at Raytheon or Northrup Grumman whose employers exist only to supply the gov’t with military hardware paid for by the taxpayer?

    That Human Resources office filled with unproductive, non-contributing hamsters who exist only to help the company wade through gov’t regulations.

    The lawyers and “experts” who do nothing but help companies craft diversity policies and advertise their commitment to political correctness.

    The Booby could go on and on, but he just ate.

  32. Well stated. And in terms any Reason magazine editor can understand. Maybe you should submit it to them as a guest opinion piece.

    • Indeed, he should! I have no illusions that they’ll actually publish it, but submitting it costs nothing, and why miss an opportunity to antagonize Reason?

      • Reason magazine standard retort #666,666,666: Well you see those migrants are collecting welfare and getting Obamacare. Welfare and Obamacare bad! Also, high cost of living due to high rents. High rents caused by land use restrictions leading to not enough cheap housing for next 45 million migrants. Land use restrictions bad! In LibertyLand, Los Angeles suburbs end in Kansas! Migrants drive to jobs as Junior Leaf Blower Engineer in flying cars that cruise at Mach 2. Supersonic flying car invented by migrant you know! Or would be if only liberty haters like you would just get out of the way and let them in! It’s on the Statue! Didn’t you read the Statue! It says right there “we the generic people of the American Economic Zone, in order to form a more perfect vibrant union, declare that all (wam)men have the right to life, leafblowers, and American citizenship…”

  33. Harvard prof. in migration economics at Harvard, George Borjas told congress in 2016 that migration was a redistribution program between classes. The migrants didn’t make the “cake”/economy much larger with new enterprises. They just added more people to share the “cake”. It meant lower wages and higher cost of living for the lower classes in society. He said that costs for workers was 500.billion dollars a year in decreased standard of living.

    • When we’re adding people because of the color of their skin rather than the value of their contributions our nation will fail.

  34. Sometimes the tax is small in the form of an inconvenience sometimes not.

    Avoiding help from certain sales clerks knowing it is useless. If you are called to jury duty in a major city (if you don’t throw away the summons) you will be immersed in the worst of it and understand fully your actions to avoid these people in everyday life.

    The progs in my extended family are the ones who bite through their lips more than the rest. Out of politeness we do go easy on them.

      • When I was on the Grand Jury years back, we were told to select a Foreman from among us by lot. The County Attorney, not being very politically astute, suggested strongly that the Foreman be someone with a Spanish language background so as to be able to “pronounce” the names of persons being indicted. ;-). He was all too correct. 🙁

    • A couple of years ago my wife did a county level grand jury stint. Was six weeks of almost nothing but the depravity that goes on in the more “vibrant” areas. Literally things like testimony from a minor rape victim that the perp who sodomized her threatened to kill her if she didn’t s—k the s—t off his d—k. Then beat her badly enough to fracture her skull anyway. Sorry to repeat that. But it was two days a week of her coming home and literally crying for an hour after each session. She was grateful for the white collar crime and fraud cases.

      • Saml, sometimes ya just gotta bring the point home.

        If we could publish a regular confessional from pediatric nurses, public health providers, EMPs, and cops in Breitbart, that CivNat virtue signaling would stop tout suite.

  35. The death of the spirit tax:

    When a 5 year old enters kindergarten today he/she begins to pay the tax directly. An institution that used to try to identify and develop preferences and talents in the young now belittles and deconstructs them as members of institutional evil. Many come out of grade school already badly damaged. Middle school, high school and college complete the job. Add to that war against white children the Pozz that is youth culture and the loss in potential, in creativity, in know-how, in ambition, and in the will to be anything and do anything normal that would be understood by their ancestors…and we have a tax whose cost is so damaging we are only vaguely aware of just how deep the rot has set in.

    When the time comes…remember the tax collectors.

    • “An institution that used to try to identify and develop preferences and talents in the young now belittles and deconstructs them as members of institutional evil.”

      This is a insidious tax that isn’t talked about. In my youth, schools would actively seek out the bright kids and cater to their requirements. Mostly done in private schools, but done even in public schools, if to a lesser degree.

      But now, in our quest for enforced egalitarianism, these kids are left to their own devices. Taking good care of those kids is the cheapest and most reliable way to ensure a better and brighter future, and we let social-engineers tax this simple and easy thing to death. And nobody gets punished for it because the horrible results don’t manifest for a generation.

      It punishes the below average kid as well, as they’re forced into situations they are not capable of handling well, if at all. This damage shows up later as unemployable layabouts where it doesn’t result in crime, but that affects the future less than throwing away our intellectual capital. Prisons are cheap in comparison to losing a generation of doctors, scientists, leaders and thinkers.

    • Just found out the other day there’s a transgender kid in my kid’s elementary school. Nobody bats an eye. The kid down the street has two moms, in some sort of open relationship (they call it “modern”).

      The immigration and diversity stuff is bad, but the heaviest tax is the one they’re putting on normal white kids and their parents.

  36. “The tax” has finally reached my work niche, a place that is rather rarefied and has many filters that are supposed to keep taxing sorts at bay. But filters or no, our ruling class business leaders and their commissars in HR have gone out of their way to stuff tax burdens in places where they would never occur naturally. These taxing folk are so taxing that not only have they increased the cost of getting _anything_ done, some things just are no longer do-able.

    I have been comfy in my work niche, solving interesting problems and making things better for all of us, in my (relatively) small way. Now I am seriously weighing a move to another occupation, somewhere where the tax burden is less obnoxious. I will make a smaller gross income, but if I factor in the tax savings, it is looking worth it. My work will have a lesser value to society as a whole, but that is the price society and the wokenwaffen will pay for their impositions. I suspect they think it better to rule a slum than be just another schmoe in a happy and prosperous polity.

    • The tax burden in Corporate IT is insane. Between the Pajeet H-1Bs, the Women “analysts” who have problems even taking notes of meetings, let alone ‘analyzing’ anything, and the minority ‘managers’ who have been dilbert-principled up there, it’s an awful place to be.

      I gotta get out. One project I’m working on has 6 people (3 of which are indentured pajeets) doing the actual work, and 8 ‘manager’ types, plus another 10 or so ‘adjunct’ people to the project who are there to evaulate ‘project risk’ and other crap

      • Sounds inefficient.

        From what I’ve heard about the pajeets, most are incompetent (you get what you pay for) and need to be supervised and their mistakes corrected.

          • Wouldn’t be cheaper and less aggravating to hire four Americans than three pajeets and three Americans?

          • FTEs are vastly more expensive than contractors, and American contractors charge a hell of a lot more than folks from Infosys, WiPro, TATA, and others. Wait, you mean Americans want *time off*? Not to work 80 hour weeks but only be paid for 40? Not be talked down to and treated like garbage? Better to hire Pajeet since we’re holding his visa hostage.

            Pretty much every major *American* bank is 80% run by Indian IT firms. They bring in minorities to ‘manage’ the projects and then make the H-1Bs do the work, which ends up subpar but it doesn’t really matter because the banks have tons of money. Eventually someone comes in and fixes the junk after the minority gets their payoff (or increasingly, the indian who brought his cousins in finds a way to blame it on the few Americans left).

          • High-tech braceros. I think that what pajeet wants is a green card so he can stay and get another job elsewhere.

  37. And much like the gub’mint, the tax man is often very aggressive even whilst he picks your pocket. That is the part that makes it sting just that much more. The Baltimore squeegee kid who will attack your car if you don’t pay his extortion for a service you don’t need. The entitled MVA she-boon working her makework job that you -must- interact with to drive a car with nothing but seething hostility behind her eyes. The welfare queen in the checkout line with her EBT card who spent too much of -your- money on groceries so will sit there and remove items one at a time until she can afford the total, while you wait. The married to her job middle aged childless battle-axe in the office just waiting to run to HR at any perceived slight. These little taxes add up when taking in whole, and then people marvel at why a ‘Falling Down’ (Michael Douglas) type character finally just snaps.

    Your part about the tax haven is so very true. I went to Hungary for a month and though I spoke very little of their language there was this sense of calm and natural comfort that was an alien concept to me, who lives in Sodom on Potomac (DC). Here were a bunch of complete strangers with totally different customs but the country is 98.3% white and culturally intact. I felt like I had arrived in paradise coming from a nation that is about to become minority white. I was seriously dreading having to start seeing churlish black faces again after being free of them for a month.

    It is a bitter pill to swallow watching your country slowly melt into ruin over decades and I’m guessing late empire Romans felt very much the same as we do. The (((problem))) knew the best way to topple it all was the slow & steady long march. The fields are ripe now after sowing our ruination for over a generation.

    • A month-and-a-half ago I visited friends at a big RV campground in upstate NY. Wow, it was the like the America of my childhood. Friendly people and almost everyone was White (one Black family). American flags outside, even a few Trump banners. Felt at home.

      • I just went on a float trip in rural Missouri and stayed near a similar RV park. My wife wore her camouflage Trump 2020 hat, and not a negative word from anyone. No looking over your shoulder for muggers or watching what you say for fear of triggering any SJWs.

  38. This is what everyone knows, and nobody dares to say. Somehow, I’m left with the feeling that this may be your first post that gets over 1000 replies.

  39. The biggest tax of all is the dread of falling under the power of people who hate your guts…the dread of being unmanned and humiliated by small minded POCs and their enablers. The struggle by millions of white men to stay ahead of the Progressive Tidal Wave is constant and debilitating. At the beginning of the 1980s I knew I had to figure out how to be self-employed with few or no employees, and stay in the six-figure realm. That would be true liberty, or at least as much of it as could reasonably be expected this day and age.

  40. One part of the problem is that we have lost all power–formal power and soft power–to punish. If the Taxers go unpunished, they’re just going to continue to run riot–indeed there seems no limit to their degeneracy and degradation.

    A lot of people have pointed out that the explicit and implicit burdens on our people are much higher than those that the British placed on the American colonists to spur the independence movement. Perhaps it would be better to reframe What Comes Next not as a civil war but as a second war of independence.

    I often take business trips to East Asia, where the tax is vanishingly low. I’ve spent weeks at a time in Japan and Taiwan without experiencing a single thing in the characteristically SJW, Globohomo, Jewish, or Black style. It makes coming back home just that much more ghastly.

    • But the black is thinking the same thing when walking through your neighborhood. He experiences the ability to walk around without people walking up to him asking for money or otherwise bothering him. He feels safe. He enjoys the quietness.
      The Asians probably feel the same way about you that you feel about the black.

      • I don’t think the black does Tars. There’s a reason blacks were called sp00ks. Quiet, while relaxing for the European man, is unsettling for the African. They seek out loud environments because they have no inner dialogue. They would probably be freaked out walking around in a silent suburb.

        • They have also been trained to believe, as have so many others, that anything not expressly uplifting for them or all about them is oppressive and discriminatory. Helluva way to go through life.

          • Indeed, both the least and the most successful minority groups in the US have been inculcated to believe that everyone and everything is against them. Fascinating how the first group has responded with utter dysfunction while the second group has been wildly successful on multiple fronts.

        • Many middle-class Blacks choose to live in Black neighborhoods. They send their children to private schools and are wary of crime, but prefer to live with people they consider their own kind.

          In the mostly White, suburban NJ neighborhood that I live, the police will come if a neighbor complains about party noise after 10 pm. I doubt that would happen in Newark or East Orange.

      • Riiight, the big problem in Japan right now is loud jive-talking white businessmen with their pants hanging down, blasting hip hop at all hours, gunning people down at the slightest provocation, raping women any chance they get. It’s the scourge of Japanese society.

        (P.S. it’s the “Jewish” that triggered you, isn’t it?)

        • Nobody said Europeans were black. But we are not Asian. We are not Japanese and we aren’t Korean or Chinese. Just like nobody can be us, we cannot be them. If you think they don’t notice things about us, you are naive. When a Chinaman moves into our neighborhood, they don’t ruin in our lives in the same way blacks do, but they are still foreigners who speak broken English at best, they have foreign customs and foods etc.
          Even if blacks weren’t criminal, their presence would still bother us because we aren’t them and they aren’t us and the same exact thing is true with Asians.

          Also, imagine a whole block goes Asian (or white in Asia) and how that changes things. Then all the fighting starts and bad blood builds up on both sides. I would imagine you don’t know anyone who lives in an area that is like this. There used to be huge fights in South Philly between whites and Asians before the blacks really took it over. The Asians likely miss the white people.

      • So true, Tars. Nobody speaks for for the talented tenth. And in their own societies, the ruthless and stupid outnumber them so that they can never gain a foothold.

        All good tenths- even Jews!- are torn by the dual demands of identity, of us or them.
        It’s like a white man siding with meth heads in Kentucky.

        This raises a question.
        We, the White world, are the last, the only sanctuary on this planet.

        The question this time is not, “where will we go”, but rather, “where will THEY go”, when we are gone.

      • “The Asians probably feel the same…”

        Asians have no business in this country. (Much like dots, mohammeds, Jews, and other predatory, parasitical, invasive mystery meat.) They did not shape, develop, or build this country, they did not conceive it, did not defend it, their blood, sweat and tears are nowhere to be found in it. Their cultural, linguistic, religious, and literary fingerprints are nowhere to be seen. They merely suck its blood, complain loudly, and live off our largesse, generosity, and political cowardice — much like our Jewish vampire friends.

        After the country was fully created and made safe, they squeeze and skulk their way in through any possible crack or knot-hole, wave their SAT scores around, and claim pride of place in a nation to which they have given nothing and take everything.

        When I hear the phrase “Whites and Asians” in social analysis, as if we are societal equals with an equal stake, simply because Asians are non-White but unlike negroes do not commit endless violent crimes, I reach for my revolver.

        I see Asians flooding into Harvard, Cal, Stanford, UC Irvine, MIT. Nowhere do I see legendary high-scoring Asians working and donating to build Sun Yat-sen University or Confucius Tech.

        No tickee, no shirtee.

        • Well said. Derbyshire can dream of his purported ‘ice-people’ alliance (i.e. his marriage writ large). Others of us recognize the vast gulf between Whites and others, even those others not as dysfunctional as Negroes. They’re still alien in culture and behavior and thought, and their cultural norms are not a comfortable fit for most Whites. You may not feel unsafe walking their streets at night, but the crowding, the constant competitiveness, and the lack of privacy and individuality is disquieting at best.

  41. Z-Man, as always, you educate and amaze. I suppose the true beauty of your writing is that every sane man has had these thoughts, jumbled and inarticulate, which you set forth in your straight-forward and deceptively simple fashion. Genius.

  42. Taylor Swift darling of the WN has had it with White men and is apparently all woke now and fighting to defeat Trump and the deplorables.

    Inside every White woman is a sjw screaming to be let out.

    Fwiw Warren is now bashing White men full time and drawing bigger crowds than Trump. All of White women.

    • When I read Whiskey’s many “women are our root problem” posts, I wonder what his endgame is. If we want to continue the species, we can’t expell them all, unlike other groups whom I believe are more culpable.

      Women, more than men, believe whatever the media/education tells them to, which is why we must depose those in control and direct it ourselves.

      • Much of the problem with white women is that white men allow it. Roman man would never have allowed women to operate the way they do today.

        • Today, the Roman man would be divorced at best. At worst, he’d never see his children or be in prison. This problem is larger than individual men.

          • I’m not saying that we can solve it now, probably too late – but it was *men* as a whole that gave women the vote, *men* as a whole that let them into the workforce en masse, etc, etc.

          • Bullshit.

            No ….. it’s …… not.

            For society at large – the problem may be larger than an individual man. But what do those individual men do when confronted by out of control women that are within their wheelhouse of influence? Do they just knuckle under and support them – or do they oppose their bullshit?

            If there is a “tax” on society from having to live around the groids – then there is also a “tax” right down at the individual level when you’re talking about how men support the women in their lives who have gone full SJW.

            Do you still go on vacation with her, do you fix her car, do you tell her she looks good when she blows $500 on a new dress, do you toil around the house taking care of the kids while she goes to an Elizabeth Warren rally…. etc.

            The list is very long. And in my experience people are simple unwilling or unable to micro-analyze how their labor and money is bled from them in support of what would legitimately be thought of as an enemy – if you bothered to actually sit down and analyze the situation.

            I have a friend who – when Obama got elected his wife and daughter were very proud to brag about how they voted for him at the dinner table the next night. He was PISSED. His wife doesn’t work full time – and his daughter was going to school on his dime at the time it happened. So he told them right there that if they were going to do shit like that – they were going to pay for it. He shut off all spending money for the wife and refused to pay the daughter’s school bill.

            The problem was: he didn’t really follow thru. The next few weeks were a whirlwind of crying and complaining the constant BS when he was home. He slept on the couch for something like 2-3 weeks. Finally he relented. And the daughter got her bill paid and the wife got her spending money back.

            I told him he did it wrong. He shouldn’t have announced his intentions so openly. He should have just DONE IT. By that I mean – when the daughter’s school bill shows up – just don’t pay it. When the wife asks for money – tell her you don’t have any right now. When the daughter’s car breaks down – don’t offer to fix it (he runs an auto body shop BTW – so neglecting car repairs you’re perfectly capable of doing would be a very obvious slight) .etc.

            The problem with openly opposing people in the manner he did – is that it gives them an opening to make you the bad guy. Covert operations are much more effective – and less stress.

            But to my original point: how many men are willing to undermine their own family – even when said family has demonstrated it is willing to undermine YOU (and actually carries thru with it)

            I bet it’s in the single digits as a percentage.

          • Carlsdad – SPOT ON. How many comments have I read where guys lament their SJW wives – and I wonder – why were you thinking with your little head when it came to marriage? And these women raise their daughters to be thots and cavort with diversity – while the fathers plead helplessness. Sorry goys, but you’re supposed to be the MAN of the house.

          • I’ll tell you exactly what they were thinking:

            “Damn, she’s hot!”

            It’s been the downfall of many civilizations.

      • This is why it is so important when TSHTF to dispose of those in academia and the MSM that have been poisoning the minds of our young.

        No society can tolerate what amounts to social poisoners and survive.

      • Whiskey can speak for himself, but the endgame has got to be the restoration of patriarchy. Sadly, I see no way to do that, save a mass conversion to Islam (the subject of Michel Houellebecq’s novel, Submission) or another religion that defines sex roles along traditional lines. Otto von Bismarck stated the best role of women in society quite succinctly: Kueche, Kinder, Kirche (kitchen, children, church).

          • As a believing Christian who depends on Gods grace and mercy … even I admit we must address the CQ.

            Perhaps War will save us. A real one. All I am saying is give War a chance. Peace is over. If you want it.

            All peace has given us us … very possibly President Warren.

        • Traditional Christianity has always defined sex roles along traditional lines. Thanks to the ‘reformation’ and the results of years of redefining sex roles, we’re all but lost.

        • No more Middle Eastern sects or entanglements please .

          If we really must go this route, try a saner non polygamous version of the Sons of Jacob from the Handmaid’s Tale or the FLDS instead of the very very alien way of thought that is Islam

          In any case this won’t happen till either someone has enough power to make it happen with force.

          The reason is simple, modernity and its technology increasingly selects for calmer less violent and physical men. This is because we don’t need the other kind and they are outright destructive to the complex order

          The conduct difference between say a Crip and the hotheads of Elizabethan England is much smaller than most here would find comfortable

          with tech it is quite possible and outside of war or increasingly rare street crime has been o to live a good healthy life as a man and never need to be violent or terribly physical .

          If technical society continues this will increase as tech increases almost to nightmare levels

          This same tech devalues male labor, increases the value of female labor and as such makes men less attractive as providers and guardians

          However this is not all bad as we could sans immigration allow the population to decline for a century and only benefit from that choice as we are way above social and physical carrying capacity

          Beyond that, Future USA will have to choose carefully, they can have modernity with its technological marvels or children but not both

        • Well, your first base premise is autlmatically wrong: izlam is NOT a religion.
          It is a satanic political ideology masquerading as a religion.
          There is no “fundamentalist” version of it.
          The whole thing is [terrible].

      • Agreed. I prefer the William Lind solution. Publicly humiliate and exile the prominent feminists and the intractable ones to the diversity they so love.

        We can offer a general amnesty to those willing to accept their new role in our homeland.

        • Last Stand,

          When I read Lind’s scene (burning the heretic “Bishop”) I admit I was a little taken aback. Later I reflected and realized that is probably what it would take to set that ship aright. Disturbing.

        • This will require a lot of force and a lot of men who actually want the role assigned to them and a state that can control technology so that men have work

          It does no good for all these old school guys to get jobs behind a computer screen or as a robot wrangler as the problem will not go away

          Essentially you have to have enough force lower women’s social status drastically and to prevent men from rebelling as well.

          As for traditional roles I am far from sure that men actually want this misery. It could be that feminism took off not just because men are cucked but because under natural law, the baseline for humans of most races is laziness and conservation of energy

          Modernity and the loose relationships people have are easy. Video games and TV and watching sports are enough for the vast amount of humanity including many bright people

          Now if the “tax” were to go away and the US were to move away from the Neo Con agenda , the extra resources might not result in population boom but a hedonic one

          This is not exactly a new issue , How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree) is over a hundred years old !

          Once the Pandora’s Box of opportunity is opened, it simply may not be possible to close it

      • There is not much to be done now. The crux of it is that the condom and pill and rising female income creates… Taylor Swift and Elizabeth Warren.

        The latter drawing huge crowds bigger than Trump … if you believe Drudge.

        White men are selected for beta. Which women find repulsive but dominate on the battlefield and on the farm.

        Perhaps we need a generation of Alexander like wars that shatter the current system and bring women down and White men as betas up.

        • I wouldn’t believe Drudge if he told me the sky was blue.

          However if Warren is in her rather Conservative populist mode as she was in many of her videos and her book “the Two Income Trap.” she could give President Trump a bit of a fight which is good

    • Either TayTay suffered a massive psychic concussion by prematurely hitting The Wall or they left her in the Epstein Machine for a few nights too long. She’s an MK-Ultra Thot now. Maybe we shouldn’t have done all those Hortler memes BITD.

    • Not so.

      Fact is, when my lesbian SJW daughter came out and told me they would be in charge of what was said and thought in the family from here on out, and that we were all going to live under the rainbow… I had Box Wine Auntie, Marxist Mom, Femcnut Sister in law, Socialist Father In Law and Union Slob Brother in Law come swarming out of the woodwork to support her. I wasn’t going to pay that kind of tax and when I got thrown out the airlock… my wife came with me and sided with me. The women of the family were shocked. It makes me smile to recall the pishing and moaning that went on.

      Today there’s even more women getting fed up with this chit. How many of them have lost jobs because they are the wrong sex or colour? Or their husbands? Sons? Fathers? This kind of crap only flies with two types of women: the flabby old cat ladies, and the bubble gumming bubbleheads in high school. Working women are starting to see this tax for what it is too.

      • Good gosh, bring back the fish markets!
        The ladies would be so much happier getting out of the house, doing some necessary, gossiping with the girls, than the 8 to 5 grind.

        Even UBI for women would be so much cheaper than an exploding HR regime.
        The carrying costs of welfare are pennies compared to war, divorce, compliance, student loans, etc.

        We’re prosperous enough to free them, and let women pursue womanly pursuits. The social carrying costs would actually be a net gain. I’d rather they chase men than be them.

    • When women become rich they become fashion-obsessed.

      Undermine the post-WWII economy that still makes useless white women rich:

      If your daughter has gone SJW, cut her off and write her out of the will.

      If your wife has gone SJW, divorce her, but only after you’ve converted (secretly) as many of your assets into cash and gold as possible.

      Stop supporting popular culture. Stop seeing or paying for movies, idiot rock stars, television, etc. Use the library.

      Reduce your official-economy consumer spending to as close to zero as possible. Alternatives include garage sales, flea markets, farmers’ markets (on a side note, imagine how horrified the hipsters at the urban farmers’ market will be once deplorables start showing up at their designated circle jerk)

      Use cash as much as possible.

      If possible expatriate to another country.

      More ideas?

      • Da Booby,

        However means you can get them technologically, I have been watching a great deal of movies produced in Russia and eastern Europe. They’re prudish on nudity, clearly anti-perversion and pro-Western.

        The production values are lower but who needs more CGI? Great history pieces and fascinating characters. Starve the degenerates in Hollywood and still enjoy a film.

    • Whiskey, the behavior of white women is confounding in the extreme: while they enthusiastically vilify their race and their men, they still compete with equal enthusiasm and viciousness, for white men. White wah-men pseudo-religious anti-white dogma doesn’t seem to incline them to f*ck coloreds like me anymore than the pro-white beliefs of their great grandmothers. I don’t know how to square that circle.

      • They don’t want Dontavious. They want Christian Gray. They just want Dontaviuos to enact Reginald Denny day every day to the 90% of White men they find beta. That way you see Mr. Gray won’t get discouraged in thinking the ladies might actually be worth a beta. A beta male even looking is an insult. It implies they have a chance . See Katherine Heigl vs Seth Rogan in Knocked Up. She could have let it ride for big sequels bucks but the movie insulted her sex market value.

  43. You would think these cities would have the lowest numbers of progressives because it is impossible to not be aware of the ‘rules’ whites have to follow in them. One obvious example is the tax subsidized public transit. People would rather start their day sitting in miles of bumper to bumper traffic than to experience the diversity on the train. My city has an elevated line locally called ‘the el.’ Back when my parents were young, hundreds of thousands of people rode to work rather than drive. Even when I was little there was standing room only on the un-air-conditioned cars. But now, after years and years of affirmative action and more and more diversity, the air-conditioned cars have ample seating even during rush hour.
    Just one of the many small ways we all pay the taxman.

  44. One can phrase the cost in terms of taxes, but most of what the article describes (very ably and articulately) are the burdens of living in an excessively-heterogenous society. There are also benefits, but they flow almost exclusively to the elite.

    • Yup. It’s more than money.

      It’s the folding knife I have to slip into my pocket when I go to the gym because my once nice main street is a campground of junkies and screaming lunatics.

      It’s the having to wait to go until long after the light turns green for Shawnequa to sloth-like saunter through the crosswalk glaring at me.

      It’s fetching the clerk at the walmart corner store to unlock the deodorant case because bums kept using the stuff and reshelving it.

      Checking myself in the gas station bathroom mirror before exiting only to see scratched Hispanic gang graffiti filling my reflection.

      Hearing, “Hey, I don’t think we can say that anymore” too many bloody times from coworkers.

      “F**k” dropped in the grocery line or airport terminal with the frequency of an “ummm”, kids present.

      Seeing women coo and vie for the snarky affection of a gay man… oh besties!

      Being ordered to not send even an energy bar to my kid’s track and field practice because the kid with the whatever-allergy might literally combust spontaneously.

      Fender benders with illegal aliens who flee, and watching the cop lose all interest when you describe the hit and run driver and car.

      I could go on. We all can. I’d pay my current tax rate plus 10% if I could go through the week without any of the above.

      What was that tea tax amount our forefathers blew a gasket over? 5 percent or something? G.W. would have already been up in the mountains gathering an army if he were around today.

      And before the usual suspects urge me to go do something drastic about these annoying social taxes… save your hot air. You go first. I’ll be right behind you.

      • ” G.W. would have already been up in the mountains gathering an army if he were around today.
        and the first thing the asshole did was institute a whiskey tax and send the army to collect it.

        • But I doubt he would have put up with the hidden social tax Zman mentioned or I was talking about. I’d pay a 50 percent whiskey tax in cash in lieu of the other. Thanks for making my point, Bile.

      • This is what is called doing it wrong:

        ” I’d pay my current tax rate plus 10% if I could go through the week without any of the above.”

        If that is what you think the solution to the problem is – it’s no wonder the problem is so bad.

        The solution to the problem – is EXACT OPPOSITE. We should be demanding to pay 80% LESS. Because that is what will remove the funding that creates all those problems you described.

        Simple economic rule: When you subsidize something – you create more of it.

        What you’re advocating is that we pay even more money – so that somebody will ride herd on the dystopia that we have created with all the money we’ve already paid.

        It’s like saying you don’t want to have to stop putting seed into the bird feeder because the bears keep coming in and ripping the things down. You’d rather pay even more money to have a couple of guards stationed in your yard 24×7 to police the bears.

        Stop feeding the fucking bears.

        • Calsdad and Bile,

          Since both of you have taken a different meaning than what I meant I can only assume the fault lies with my lack of clarity. So let me remove the beam in my eye…

          I was solely addressing the social nuisance tax (not monetary) that was the second part of Zmans post. The unseen burden and degradation of my homeland turning into a multiculti empire hostile to the descendants of its founders.

          I realize this destruction is funded by tax money.

          My point was I’ve come around to the argument that whatever we build or reclaim or section off for Our People; I don’t care what form of economic policy We have short of Communism or libertarianism. A home where Our People can be safe and prosper without the social taxes I mentioned in my original post… sign me up. If it comes down to Swedish style econ-policy but my future grandchildren can grow strong and proud, unfettered by imaginary race guilt and hostile foreigners among them… sign me up. Don’t care. Fifty-percent tax rate to My People, so be it.

          I wasn’t talking about the here and now and my own private police force while continuing the payments for my own future demise.

          It is the social nuisance tax that grinds my gears most. The money that feeds is a problem. Wasn’t even addressing this in my post.

          Hope this clarifies my position. I pontificate I’m a bore, I’m brief and I am misunderstood. What’s a goy to do?

      • Won’t urge you to do anything drastic Brother just offer a suggestion to get out of there and come build Community with me here in the Bitterroot…

  45. Quote:

    “The tax is everywhere. Turn on the television to watch a sportsball game and you will be inundated with commercials for race mixing, homosexuals and girl power. What should be a few hours vegging out in front of the tube to watch men play a game, quickly turns into an aggravation that saps your strength. TV ratings have declined for sports, because for many normal people, the tax is now exceeding the benefit. Staring blankly at the wall is more relaxing than another lecture on girl power.”

    Amen. 100% spot on.

    • Agreed, Carl B.

      The Booby says turn it off. Read a book; hell write a book; cook a meal; ogle the maid…. anything is better than watching the BLM Football League or Oprah-fied sports shows that now feature more women reporting on men’s sports than men (though the “men” are somewhat questionable, too).

      TURN IT OFF!!!

  46. White middle class people who work – have a massive tax burden to shoulder.

    But try having a conversation about that – and the typical response I’ll get , even from people who should know better – is to complain that if we went all libertarian on the issue we’d have no roads, schools , or military. They’re willing to put up with all manner of abuse – just so they can have some public schools to send their non replacement rate child off to – to get indoctrinated to hate them when zir grows up.

    Most whites just simply have no clue what their tax burden is.

    The best way of illustrating it – is to talk about going out for a meal. All of the taxes contained within the cost of that restaurant meal – end up being YOUR BURDEN. And there’s no getting out of it. You can’t sell the item you just purchased later – or wait until it’s price goes up (like you can with a home). In the end – what you just paid for is a literal pile of shit – which you then have to pay to get rid of (water and sewer taxes).

    ALL of the costs and taxation that gets passed up the economic chain are contained within that restaurant meal. The taxes the agricultural corporation paid when it sold the food to the distributor – those are now yours. All of the road use taxes the trucking companies paid to haul all of the ingredients – those are now yours. All of the payroll and real estate taxes that were paid by the restauranteur – those are now yours.

    But people are stoopid. Even with this example. They’ll say really dumbass shit in response – like ” I didn’t pay the real estate taxes for the restaurant – the owner did!”.

    It’s almost impossible to have any sort of sensible conversation about tax burdens unless your dealing with a knowledgeable libertarian in my experience. Lefties just assume your not paying enough taxes – and righties just come with all manner of stupid excuses to avoid truly thinking the issue out.

    I realize this isn’t the “tax” you are referring to , but I’ve found that if you can’t even get somebody to admit their wallet is being raped – it’s highly unlikely you’re going to get them to understand the other rapey things that are being done to them.

    Numbers have a clear cut way of showing what the truth is. If you’re too stoopid to understand what the numbers mean – the rest is likely futile.

    • Here in California, the tax law changes have raised people’s taxes, not lowered them. The Proggies blame Trump. I respond that the government is paying for all sorts of stuff for everyone, and someone has to pay for it all. Shuts them up quickly.

      • Suckramento spends its time ginning up bills for voting rights for 14 year old illegal aliens, greasing the already-dripping skids for trial lawyers & giving bajillions for public works boondoggles, social justice teachers unions and gang-affiliated prison guards. Otherwise known as Thursday. California unter alles. Shalom.

    • I once tried to calculate the full cost of taxes in everything we buy in every link of the chain along the way. Iron ore company tax. Transport company tax. Steel Mill company tax. Engine forge tax. Car tax. Etc. It’s mind boggling the amount of tax, and then calculate the profit, too at every step.

      • All of those taxes taken out of you in currency – go to support the vibrancy that puts the tax on everything else that Zman is referring to.

        Tykebomb said:
        ” White nationalism is the wish to live like white progs for less than 6 figures a year. ”

        Why can’t you do that?

        That’s why I keep harping on the taxes. Because they’re supporting all that vibrancy that makes everything else so taxing.

        • Got to be around those who understand how bad taxes are to be able to stand against them effectively…I understand and have done what I can to mitigate them as much as possible at this time but there is a lot of room for more with numbers…

      • About 20 years ago I took my first real job out of college and moved to a state with an income tax other taxes. This was in the mid-West. After about half a year or so, I sat down and calculated every tax before and after my check and came up with an approximate number that 1/3 of my income before and after was gobbled by government (fed, state, local) and that is what I could visibly count. I would argue most Americans have been paying a 50% tax on their income for a long time now.

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