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For some reason, things became a real grind for me the last couple of days. I’ve been so busy with the day job, I think it is just starting to wear on me. As a result, I’m not in the best frame of mind and that, in turn, makes me less productive. This week I decided to do some lighter material in order to lighten my mood a bit. It really did not work, as recording last night was a real grind. I had to start over so many times I started to lose track, so if the sound is not the best at some points, that’s why.

Yesterday’s post about the tax was another product of having a bad aura. I stopped to get coffee on the way to the office and the locals were doing their thing. At some point I thought to myself, “Why do we have to tolerate this?” I suspect lots of normal men have this thought cross their mind these days. Here in Lagos, it is not just the natives, but the imports that tax the soul. Our betters are dumping the United Nations here, as if we don’t have enough trouble. Maybe they just hate Lagos.

That said, you can’t walk around with a lemon in your pocket, unless you are a left-wing female, so you have to find ways to lift the spirits. This week’s show started out to be a normal grab bag type show, but then a theme emerged, I had some Xirl science stuff ready, so I included that, even though it did not quite fit with the theme. On the other hand, the crap papers that come from the grievance studies people are excellent examples of the show title. Close enough for a dissident podcast.

The segment on smart toilets was still on my mind when I woke up this morning. I just can’t stop thinking about the meetings that go on around designing a smart toilet. I keep imagining a managerial type talking about the opportunity to collect data on people’s bathroom habits, which they can then monetize by selling to advertisers. You know that will be one result of the “connected home.” You will go in to do your thing and an ad for product will appear in the bowl water or start playing through a speaker.

This already happens with mobile phones. Those who travel a lot have surely got the mysterious text message welcoming you to an airport or a location. It will not be long before Alexa welcomes you home by offering you a deal on product. You’ll need to answer a survey to get your smart toilet to let you lift the lid. Whenever I read about the connected him, I immediately think that the future will be crap. OK, that is the last crap joke of the week. Please remember to tip your waitresses.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Not That Crap Again (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Who Reads This Crap? (Link)
  • 22:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Red Flags Then Black Flags (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: The Kablams From Crapholistan (Link)
  • 47:00: Smart Toilets (Link)
  • 52:00: Wombat Poop (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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76 thoughts on “A Very Crappy Podcast

  1. It’s been my experience that women seem to want to go to the restroom together, both at work and out on the town. It’s one of the weirdest thing about them.

    • Yep…it’s a weird thing. Think it’s some kind of chick bonding. Ha!–Probably old hardwiring from the wayback time when one woman would act as security while the other was concentrating. The purpose of security would be to yell out, “Dung Beetle…get a move on. Can see a dire wolf out in the distance! Hop it!”

  2. Those smart water appliances sound absurd! The only “smart water” appliances I have are moisture detectors behind my toilets, sinks and clothes washer that sound an alarm if they get wet . Sort of like a “smoke detector” for water. You can also buy an automated mains valve that will turn off the water to the house if moisture detectors get alarmed.

    • That is actually a really good idea. An old friend of mine used to work cleaning out flooded basements and laundry rooms when the hoses that go to the washer burst. He mostly dealt with waterproofing issues, but he also got a decent amount of business from the burst hose problem (he was able to write reports that could be used for insurance purposes). That water detector can mean the difference between a wet floor and a few feet of water.

  3. “At some point I thought to myself, “Why do we have to tolerate this?” I suspect lots of normal men have this thought cross their mind these days”

    You have to tolerate it because everybody tolerates it. If some would stop tolerating it others would to, but nobody wants to be first because that means jail. So we go on passive aggressively planning for elaborate scenarios that mitigate the risk.

    • Most of revolutionary types on the Right are Christian too and meek in the sense they don’t want power

      This is stupid.

      Craving power to use for your ends is what being a revolutionary is about. Otherwise why bother?

      The Left understands this and they understand getting even. Would it that our side did

      I know I know the French revolution , so scary. Whatever

      I’m reminded of the Asatru creed which would serve us better.

      Strength is better than weakness
      Courage is better than cowardice
      Joy is better than guilt
      Honour is better than dishonour
      Freedom is better than slavery
      Kinship is better than alienation
      Realism is better than dogmatism
      Vigor is better than lifelessness
      Ancestry is better than universalism

      We had some of that instead of the meek shall inherit crap and we’d have a far better society.

  4. I used to be a “Second Amendment absolutist,” along the lines that Z-man describes. If I had a nickel for every letter to the editor I wrote defending gun-ownership rights, I could retire. (Well, not literally, but you get the idea.) And I agree that self-defense and self-preservation are as “natural” a right as can exist. But I find myself moving increasingly to a modified point of view.

    Blacks should be disarmed. Blacks as a group lack the intelligence and the impulse control to handle modern firearms (especially large magazine capacity semi-automatic repeaters) responsibly and, as a group, should be disarmed. The stupendously high levels of murderous criminality in the black community justify such measures.

    Such a move is by no means inconsistent with the historical understanding of the Second Amendment. The founders certainly would have agreed that black slaves, Indians and probably even black freemen could and should be denied access to firearms. None of these people were eligible to serve in the “well-regulated militia,” to which the Second Amendment refers. Many colonies and states had laws against the ownership of firearms by blacks.

    How then, can law-abiding blacks defend themselves? I propose that there be licensed ownership and possession of caplock single-shot shotguns or cap-and-ball revolvers. These are effective in a self-defense situation, but lack the capacity for rapid-fire mass shootings of the type that are all too familiar in the black community. You have time to reflect on what you are doing while you are reloading. Blacks who demonstrate a genuine interest in and capacity for hunting or target shooting could store modern firearms at local government-controlled armories; checked out for limited periods for a particular activity and checked back in again at its end.

    I recognize that such a solution is politically impossible in the present state of affairs, as it draws an explicitly racial distinction in the exercise of a fundamental right. Even iits advocacy is probably a form of hate speech and would be denounced by the NRA. (I suspect the statisticians in the NRA’s Fairfax headquarters, who are familiar with the racial composition of violent crime would be secret supporters.)

    An even better long-term solution is separate countries.

    • How to disarm the Black population—or any other segment—is the question. The answer is, you can’t. Forget about Constitutional rights or the courts. It is impossible. The only way even remotely feasible is the attempted disarmament of everybody. You think that the Blacks currently involved in firearms crime are legal possessors now? Of course not. They obtain and carry despite a complete prohibition. You’d need to obtain permission to stop and frisk every single Black person and obtain warrantless searches of homes in Black neighborhoods. There is not enough manpower in the country to attempt this.

      Good idea though. 😉

    • We lost the battle wrt 2nd Amendment right’s when the scotus decided we could register and tax full automatic weapons in the 30’s. Since that is now the law of the land, it is a short step towards the same restrictions for all semi-automatics or even the elimination thereof. This will have the effect of leaving the deer and duck hunters with their bolt actions and shotguns—restricted to 5 rounds or less without external magazines. After that, and a settling down time, some incident or another will spark the final push for no firearms in hands of civilians—and it won’t take another 100 years, I’d say a generation or two (50 years) tops.

      • The US won’t last that much longer so I wouldn’t worry about it. a hundred years we may not have have semi autos because we likely won’t have the ability to make ammo for them in large amounts anyway

        Also Americans dearly love guns

        , New Jersey banned over ten round magazines and thus far zero, as in none have been turned in.

        No one will comply and thus far arrests ,much less raids are not a thing in any measure,

        Connecticut considered it but decided not too as the reply was “We know where you live.” and a list was distributed

        That attitude is spreading and while thus far collective punishment , institutional punishment and nits make lice are held in check but our remaining social capital, scratch that Christian social capital that is fading

        If we go hot with real large scale gun confiscation and/or some poor schmuck ending up the next Crispus Attucks , it’s going to a war of reduction and as I’ve noted before America is packed with loons, many with military service and the skills who want it badly

        Not badly enough for spicy time but nearly

    • Indians and blacks weren’t Americans and so didn’t get rights. OTOH, some slaves did have guns. But this scheme would never work. Most of the problem blacks are already prohibited possessors and it doesn’t help. They will still be carrying around stolen guns. The only real help would be outlawing their girlfriends from legally buying the guns and allowed baby-daddy to use the gun. Even so, there is zero chance of this happening and so you might as well being a 2nd amendment absolutist. I do not believe there should be a class of people called prohibited possessors or classes of guns that are illegal to buy/sell or possess.
      Any gun laws you support because it will disarm blacks will eventually be used against us. That is how gun control started in the first place.

    • Thanks no. There is no way you can target the laws effectively, the South’s attempt at this started us on the gun control train in the first place

      Anyone who wants a gun should be able to buy one and if they misuse it get prison or a bullet.

      Bedsides there are plenty of Black folks who are fine with guns and plenty of Whites, who aren’t. Why bother.

      Giving this current configuration of government any more power is folly, IMO we need serious wealth redistribution and a cost controlled national health care system . It’s just we are too corrupt to do it effectively

      This corruption cannot be one away easily with, its too deep rooted and as such we will have to fall to our natural level, Brazil basically maybe Italy with some areas better than others

      A very brutal revolutionary state willing to go full bore Stasi and hang tens of thousands could break the cycle but nothing less will suffice

      As for the race issues, if you have power enough to somehow make a law like that stick why don’t you just be honest, be and deport everyone you don’t like.

      No one will every trade with you again and it will take half the nations GDP for a decade and probably cost millions of more lives but you can’t be cheap and half ass the effort, eat the heavy costs and consequences and be done with it.

    • This is low hanging fruit, folks. Am I the only one here with my mind in the gutter!? Much to Basic Husband’s consternation. My God…Z handed us the Crap topic on a silver platter.

      First, what the hell is wrong with businesses these days that they can’t develop a bathroom with the ability to waft away Stink-O? EBMUD’s giant admin building had giant bathrooms that, in the early days, smelled like Hawaii mostly. Then we hit the time when many went all sensitive to artificial scents. So EBMUD changed to some less noticeable way to waft away that worked. Hence no women skittering around with head down. If EBMUD could do it, what the hell’s wrong with the rest of the world! Are we losing stink technology?

      Also, once we threw open the border flood gates and anchor babies, by the 70’s began noticing we must have started importing people from cultures who stood over big holes. I’d head into a bathroom in SF or Oakland and sure looked like someone stood on the toilet seat and just let loose-who flung dung. From that point in history, womens’ bathrooms really began to degrade.

      As for women being nutty in this area, I’ll bet western civ women have eons of embarassment about this topic. Most young women continue to be mortified by their body processes. Then there was the act-out kid in school who, when the teacher turned her back, would rip off a series of armpit farts. There were girls who were disgusted, then there were girls like me holding up Olympic score cards.

      Lastly, just blame the cat. Pets are handy. I just say disapprovingly, “Ollie!!” or “Fiona!!” Fiona is shaped like a meatloaf and can actually smile. Ollie also responds to “Jesus Christ” and “God Damnit!” Yep…that’s the old Bill Cosby routine from the 60’s before he went bad. Works on cats, too!

  5. I am hearing some very disturbing rumors about what bob ATF barr is proposing for gun control laws. if they are even partially correct then I am done with trump and will vote for whatever maniac the democrats run in 2020. we will see , but the way the GOP is acting it won’t make any difference anyway.

    • They really do their best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. All they have to do to win on gun control is… nothing. How hard is that?

      • Defeat is the goal. The Uniparty, no matter Trump (a sideshow, he is), has its marching orders. Posturing otherwise but going down to defeat for the GOPe is right there in the script. Triangulation. These days, you can at least barely see under the curtain for glimpses of the game being played, if you pay constant attention and use your front brain.

    • It is shocking that 2 years ago we were talking about national reciprocity and ending the regulations on suppressors. Of course Paul Ryan buried all that and now the GOP is trying to commit suicide via guncontrol.

      • For the most part I’ve never heard a good word about Wisconsin other than its White very White , from what i can tell it’s also a rotten place to work and chock a block with cucks and other clueless sorts along with crazies of the less showy sort.

        Bigger picture wise the people in charge are scared of the population acting out but not scared enough to do the right thing, think French Revolution level stupid here

        By the time things get there there won’t be anyone in charge enough anyway.

        More importantly they really can’t give in. There are a lot of reasons but the very simplified version is we are far over our social carrying capacity and change is always hard till it gets so bad, you can’t help it

        We can’t survive that level of bad a society

        Worse urbanism and modernity select for the end of modernity , cram everyone into high tech cities, babies stop, complexity makes everything stop working and 200 years from now everyone, the 10-20 % that made it will be looting junkyards and broken buildings for scrap metal.

        That’s a fast collapse historically

        Fixing this would require constraining behavior, heavily especially elite behavior which beyond the pale for them and against social norms as our societies are liberal

        It would also require huge, Roosevelt or more level changes to economics and social policy

        Modern societies lack the energy or social capital to do that sort of thing as it’s too long term a thing anyway . Most people, Whites included aren’t the kind to plant acorns so the grandkids have oaks to sit under.

        So we fail.

        Maybe we get very lucky and get a reprieve or a civil war that goes very well or maybe we go warlords and I get my retirement in a gas station fort with some comley slave girls double bonus if we get life extension before the fall .

        Or we may just get gradually worse who knows.

    • Barr is deep-state born and bred. Daddy was OSS and gave Epstein his first job. He joined CIA out of college. Since his first go ’round in 1991 his job has been NOT getting to the bottom of the scandal du jour.

    • Rumors are just that and there are a lot of fear mongers and black pill shills on our side often just out out to make a buck.

      Hell half the time Trump himself floats trial balloons that are just hot air.. Always wait for a while , a few days for confirmation and longer still for actual action before worrying about anything

      Since we are still in the voting stage for a while, you job is to work the primary system to put in people stoutly on our side. Not an easy task but it’s the way to set up for what we want. We might tiny chance vote our way out or get lucky enough to end like the USSR but otherwise you or yours will have to take what they want

      Take advantage of this time to get hard, get good and get ready. Good intelligence will avail you more than guns in the long run

  6. This is the best video I’ve seen that undercuts the argument that we need to open the borders as it’ll improve the lives of the desperately poor. It doesn’t address the more challenging parts of the argument that immigration is bad for us, but it is a good wedge to open the minds of those who blindly believe in a stupid poem bolted to a nice present the French gave us.


    • Numbersusa.com is an efficient way to blast your representatives with immigration restriction faxes and emails.

  7. Have to chuckle at the political talking heads constant references to “the Hispanics”. As though this is some monolithic group. Grew up in S. Florida right after the first Cuban refugees got here. Tracing out the various varieties (and accompanying beefs) among different Hispanic populations makes the family tree of Protestantism look simpleBut there is a world of difference between Hispanics that came from countries with developed middle classes—Cuba (which pre-revolution had the largest), Colombia and Chile and the Bolivians, Guatemalans and denizens of southern states in Mexico . Very different people. Recall how the previously resident Puerto Rican’s hated the Cubans for stealing their cheese, the Cubans thought Dominicans and Venezuelans were the “Beverly Hillbillies”. The original Cubans were the ones warning the Marielitas were “muy mal hombres” and everybody despised the Mexicans.

  8. Who’s reading this crap? Why – you are, Z. And most of us read it too.

    The NYT is not there to inform you. They exist to sell copy and advertising and that’s it. Because they’ve blown their integrity and reputation – that means trolling the readers to get clicks.

    And maybe there IS some merit to it. Confronted with a chitter full of lesbians, perverts and drunks – I might be tempted to roll a hand grenade into the open stall, turn on my heel, and go outside to chit on the sidewalk like they do in San Francisco…

    • The NYT is not there to sell copy and advertising any more. It is there to spout the rantings of its leadership, who are wealthy and connected enough to not give a hoot whether the enterprise succeeds or fails over time. Leadership cares about subscriptions and clicks, for the most part, to assure themselves that the word is getting out.

      Much like the mainline liberal churches, who are on a quick nosedive to zero congregants. They know it and don’t care, because promoting the same rantings while killing the messenger is worth it to them.

      • It is interesting to me that all of this liberal stuff is “for the chillins “, but the time preference of their actions is getting shorter all the time. It is the emotionally driven version of “grab the money and run, while you can”. I comprehend the money version of it, the idea is that the world burns down and you still have a wad of cash. But emotional satisfaction is not something you can put in your pocket and carry around while the world burns. On the other hand, for Libs, maybe they can somehow do that, in their universe.

  9. Z mentions that conservative whites love having blacks (and, to a lessor degree, Hispanics) around to provide them with affirmation. If it hasn’t been coined yet, I’d like to take credit for the word “afro-mation.”


    The proving that a conservative white isn’t a racist and that POC deep down are natural conservatives

        • You’re a radical bile.

          Normie Whites tend to like Sheriff Clarke ,Neil Degrasse Tyson and Morgan Freeman on those grounds and assume the less talented 80% can be the same if they just try.

          Alas its biological and they cannot . A complex high tech society has no use for people with weak impulse control , poor forward thinking and low IQ;’s of whatever race

          An agrarian society can manage them and if they are strong and healthy, they have value.

          These days, men barely have value, much less folks ill suited to high tech life.

      • Exactly. Both white liberal and CivNats believe that POC are whites-in-waiting. They just need the right guidance to become whites in darkface. The hubris of these whites is stunning.

        What’s more, they’re going to find out soon enough how very, very wrong they are.

  10. I know a number of “conservative” black guys. All are military vets who bootstrapped their lives into the middle class. I try to gently nudge them move them even further towards our side out of habit.

    • Who cares. Even if you managed to pull some pitifully tiny number of blacks or Hispanics somewhat over to our side, it doesn’t mean squat. First, their numbers will be swamped by the endless stream of new voters invading our country.

      Second, their children will regress to the black/Hispanic mean so we’re screwed there as well. Yes, it’s perfectly legitimate to judge a person by their race if you will be dealing with either their current relatives or beyond one generation due to regression to the mean.

      Screw that “nice” black couple moving into my neighborhood. I don’t how law abiding, intelligent or conservative they are. They are the camel’s nose under the tent that will eventually destroy my neighborhood and endanger my children.

  11. “…so you have to find ways to lift the spirits.” Z-man – you’re obviously a smart fellow with an immense gift. I can only imagine that you’re good at whatever it is you do for a living. Have you considered breaking free – going solo – or even moving?

    I read the urban experiences here and shudder at “the tax” I endured for too long. The key, I’ve learned, isn’t to find ways to lift the spirits (sometimes beer just isn’t enough) but instead to find ways to live that don’t squash the spirit in the first place.

    Hold fast my friend. There’s an 80-acre farm next to me for sale.

  12. This is somewhat off-topic, but a thought occurred to me this week:

    Is today for Hispanics what the 1950’s were for Whites? In other words, is it a great time to be alive that will eventually be looked back upon wistfully?

    They’re out of their sh***oles and the whole of society is set up to serve them. Sounds like it’s a great time to be brown.

    • Considering where they came from, non-smart-fraction Mexicans et al are getting an even bigger boost than Boomer Whites did.

      On the lower socioeconomic end, I’ve joked that poorer Whites, fixed income vets etc… would be better off burning their birth certs & coming back in as illegals. Call up your local Catholic or Baptist charity and throw down some Spanglish about muh oppression & you’ll get set up with an apartment and enough grub to last until Uncle Sucre’s sweet checks start arriving, courtesy of ACORN-level paperwork fraud provided by social workers employed by Pope Francis & Russell Moore.

      I’m writing a book (dark humor, not serious politics) on it.

      Tejanos and other heritage Browns who were already middle class not so much, with the benefits coming mainly from affirmative action. Smart fractions would likely have risen to middle-class lifestyles wherever they were unless you’re talking Chiapas-level sh*tholes.

    • I wasn’t around then but one massive difference between the 50s and “the current year” is AA and the welfare state. If Steve Camarota’s numbers are correct, and > 70% of immigrants from Mexico and Central America are welfare dependent (80% for the DR,) then you’d think they wouldn’t be so eager for whitey to become a minority. Because then the Gravy Train stops. And it’s doubtful that Asians will be eager to pick up the slack. Interesting times.

      • Problem is that with low intellect folk, the aspect of foresight is lacking as well as IQ. They live in the present and handle tomorrow when it gets here. Most of your recent “migrants” are in this camp. But they are not alone, a good deal of poor Whites and second and third generation minorities are this way as well. Yes, one day the gravy train will stop and then there will be riots and civil unrest. No way around it as long as our political leadership refuses to recognize HBD science.

        • They’re here, they’re subsidized by debt and existing taxation, and they can vote. What comes next?

    • Depends on where you are.

      Blacks and Hispanics in my area of So Cal don’t seem to be having many children these days and seem as miserable as the rest of us.

  13. The refusal of American government to honor the Second Amendment is a confession that they lack the consent of the governed. I used to be a “don’t go there” guy on defending the 2A on the basis of resisting government, considering it to be Ruby Ridge fuel. But that’s what it stands for, on the shoulders of a prior century of English law expressly enacted to prevent a repeat of their prior disarmament by a crappy king.

    We were intended to have whatever armament necessary to make mass oppression a net negative for government. Contra Robert Francis Cornholio, that means an AR-15. To steal a bit from one of the TRS guys, I’m willing to top-out at one crew-served weapon per crew-sized household, but that’s due to practicality, not legality.

    • Exactly right. Resistance on the Ruby Ridge model is a literal dead end. And I agree, I think our 2A right was intended to include any/all weapon that could be wielded (including support/maintenance) by the individual. Machine gun – check. Bazooka – check. This particular right has been frittered away since the 1934 NFA. Most people don’t know that WW1 vets brought their full-auto machine guns home as personal weapons, or that gun-control goes back nearly 90 years.

      • Re: ” Resistance on the Ruby Ridge model”.

        Have you even read up about what happened at Ruby Ridge?

        Doesn’t seem to me that he was much “resisting” as he was just trying to live his life – and to quote George Costanza ” every time I thought I was out – they pull me back in”.

        Ruby Ridge is a perfect example of how the government goons will hunt you to the ends of the earth if you don’t give them what they want. Run and try to just be left alone – and they will show up and shoot your dog, your son, and your wife.

        Show me on the doll where the Weaver family was doing any harm to anybody – and wasn’t actually going OUT OF THEIR WAY – to just be left alone.

        • @Calsdad
          Exactly right Brother…I wonder if we had the tech back then that we do now if Ruby Ridge would of even happened or Waco for that matter…But when you allow yourself to be isolated that’s when they have the best chance to pull you down which is why I push so hard to get people to form up Communities…You should check my area out the more voices in one area speaking out the more minds that are opened…

      • It actually included all weapons at the time including artillery.

        The reason?

        The Letter of Marque and Reprisal allowed individual armed merchantmen to attack persons under such a letter during wartime or other times.

        Properly under the intended law if we had the resources you and I could with Federal permission drop cruise missiles on America’s enemies.

        We also would not have any standing federal military except for the Navy though this would include Marines and of course carriers these days

        There would also be militia, State national guards

        However the 30’s with its drive to industrial totalitarianism was terrible on human liberty in every respect.

        As such I suspect in the end machines will end us or we’ll end them.

  14. The Washington Compost article is more TP-USA two-ply that shows the Trump GOP’s inability to crap or get off the pot. Trump’s dropping a Romney by making Hispanics Number One, and his Potemkin 14 miles of semi-restored fence in Otay Mesa shows Whites they’re Number Two to him. At the rate of 1 mile every 3 months, the Big Beautiful Wall will be complete in 60 years. The smell of this BS makes me want to flush him in 2020.

    • If Trump wants a landslide 2020 win he should consider running as an Independent. At this point he has zero need for GOP backing (he never had it in the first place), and it would galvanize his base to vote. At this point I’m with you … Trump is eyebrow-deep in the swamp.

      • Trump becoming an Independent would certainly free him from a lot of ruling class baggage that comes with the GOP but I wonder if the party actually wants him more than he wants them at this point. Consider that if he goes Independent they have some not very appealing choices

        1. Scramble to find some new candidate who is sure to lose in a three way race – Trump, Generic Old White Guy Republican, and Comrade Rainbow Diversity Gumdrop. This is the Perot scenario again. The only difference is that Trump might actually beat Gumdrop while Perot lost to President Saxophone Hillary Blowjob.

        2. Run… nobody? Has this ever even happened in modern times?

        –> 2A: Run nobody and support Gumdrop. This is also unprecedented and is an admission that the Republican party no longer really exists or has a platform.

        –> 2B: Run nobody and support Trump. This is perhaps less shocking than 2A but is an admission that Trump IS the party now.

        • I think the option they will choose is to wait out Trump and go back to losing and looting in 2024 after his second term

          The problem for them is the younger Right and some Libertarians , anyone not a Boomer or a Neo Cuck Looter really has figured out that fighting back is a good thing and Ruled for Radicals is flying off the proverbial shelves

          These people are increasingly not in the mood to be “governed” by these fools and poltroons

          That creates for them an existential risk , do your job or risk it all.

          Also the Left is nuts right now and if they stop the infighting and turn on the Right they ‘ eat the looters too .What’s a man to do ?

          The cucks of course have no answer as they are half men.

    • Since when has a duly elected President actually run things? It should be painfully obvious to everyone that it is the Administrative State/Crony-Capitalist/Media Complex that runs what is left of the United States. The US President has about as much power as the Queen of England. He’s a figurehead at best.

      • Noted. My point is that if Trump wants to be what he thinks he is – a renegade – then he needs to play the part to the hilt. In the meantime he’s just a GOP president … i.e. a phony. Or if not a phony, an idiot; same result either way.

  15. Know the feeling. Had to do something on the upper east side last night and easiest way home was to grab the commuter train at 125th/Harlem–hence a trek through the off rush hour “vibrancy”—the now open call drug dealing in 4/5 station (thank you DeBlasio) a guy pissing on the wall right outside the subway entrance and the usual gauntlet of drunk/stoned/cranked nogs between the subway and the station. The cops, who under Giuliani would have been rousting the miscreants, were now clustered–five of them–playing with their smartphones in front the the Metro-North station. It just pissed me off.

    • Bad as it is, or bad as what you described, let me tell ya Junior, that is NOTHING compared to what it was like in 1991. Or 1987. Or 1977, when I had to put up with sh!t you wouldn’t believe when I was like TWELVE.

      Camp of the Saints looked like something to look forward to.

      • My old chief worked the South Bronx on Truck 29 back in the 60s and 70s, stories were something. It’s the regression from Giuliani and even Bloomberg that is remarkable. Doesn’t take long…

        • The monkeypeople never cease to amaze. Like the old joke goes, If you lock three Jews in a room overnight, when you come back in the morning, somehow they’ve founded nine tax-free National Jewish Councils, stolen your grampa’s retirement fund, and started a war in Yemen. Similarly, if you lock three monkeymen in a room overnight, when you come to unlock them in the morning, somehow they’ve figured out how to shoot nine Brothas and rape five White girls… but they couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door.

        • It does not take much time at all. The premise of Kelling and Wilson’s “broken windows” theory is correct — it’s elementary, it’s hard to believe anyone ever would’ve doubted it. But millions do.

          All of the wine-and-dog moms and aunts whose dream was live in Manhattan or Brooklyn forever, on holiday from reality, are in for a very rough 2020s. Add to the problem the retirements of those who started in the 90s with the NYPD — and have some institutional memory of actual police work — replaced by those whose sole experience on the job was scrolling on their phones like every other pod person out there and asking themselves “am I racist?” every time they had to confront an actual crime.

          Officers Diversity and Inclusion will be in charge soon. Oh won’t that be fun for all of the banksters and their $2.5 million 2-bedroom apartments looking down on the zombies. Nowhere to hide. It’ll be a rout. These people are portions for foxes.

    • I’d like to give this a “minus” rating, not for your comment (it was quality), but for what you are expressing about the downfall of our culture.

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