A Century Ago

I’m not sure if I’m an outlier on this, but I have lost all patience with the news to the point where I don’t even scan the news sites. For dissidents, current events is always a spectator sport, so I usually don’t get too worked up about this stuff, but lately my tolerance has dropped to zero. I hit the Post of Times and my first thought is, “who are they trying to kid with this stuff?” It’s like they are not even trying. Maybe it is just me, but I’ve dropped out of the new watching for the time being.

As a result, this week’s show is mostly news free. I have a list of these sorts of shows I want to do as time and inclination permits. They take a little longer to prepare, so I have to plan ahead, but I think they make for a nice break from the normal routine. This is not a history podcast or a deep dive analysis type of show, but doing a little bit of that stuff from time to time is a nice corrective to the insanity of the age. A little diversity is a good thing and nothing says dissident politics like the love of diversity!

I think the parallels between our age and the events leading up to the Great War are quite remarkable, so it is a favorite topic. History does not necessarily repeat itself, but it is good to remember that there is nothing new under the sun. The things we see from our ruling class, for example, are not new. In fact, they should be predictable. Understanding how a panicked ruling elite responded to the Red Scare a century ago will help us understand how they are going to respond to the White Scare.

In the course of doing the show, I kept thinking that a show on anarchism one day may be a fun thing to do. It is, by far, the weirdest of the radical political movements to arise from the prior age. My hunch is it is one of those movement where the adherent fell in love with it at first exposure. The more you study it, the crazier it seems, so to be a dedicated anarchist means not thinking about it too much. Instead, you just focus on expressing yourself through violence and mayhem.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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88 thoughts on “A Century Ago

  1. OT – every once in a while you play “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.” Could have sworn I heard a female vocalist version of it in the past. Got a link or artist name?

  2. Interesting thread.

    I would add that the overwhelming majority of people from the far left to the far right don’t know the truth about anything. The schools lied to you on everything, except math perhaps and we did not teach you much of that. The news outlets are propaganda machines. The politicians lie about everything. Government statistics are lies. Your christian minister most likely lies to you — I know my Catholic priest is preaching the gospel of SJW.

    It takes a lot of effort to start to see the world as it really is. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to make the effort.

  3. Even lately, the Sacco and Vanzetti (and other Red Scare characters) verdict is still occasionally brought up for rumination by Hillary and various liberals.

    The Progressives’ interpretation of the Springfield riots is very revealing of the contemporary Progressive mindset – and it reads nearly like 2019. http://spartacus-educational.com/USAnaacp.htm Springfield culminated in these writers (plus WEB DuBois) forming the NAACP in 1908.

  4. Loved the podcast, a very interesting historical discussion of elite panic over their positions being threatened.

    I would say there are significant difference from today however. While the Red Scares and so on took place during economic expansion, the Crash was not until October 1929, we in the West have been suffering economic depression for decades, arguably since the mid 1960s in Europe and in the 1970s for the US.

    I would argue that in part, the tired old Marxists were partially correct, the wealth of the West WAS based on expansion into the Third World. Specifically it was to get resources vital for industrial expansion by organizing the natives in a way they could not and would not organize themselves, no matter how much profit they might come by. And that further, expansion for ambitious young men was a core factor in the success of the West, in that outward expansion not constant revolts and upheavals allowed for internal stability in the West and harnessing its young men’s ambitions. The only caveat I have below to White men being unable completely to fight is that overwhelming young male ambition by Whites may turn to violence as the short cut to power and women that it usually is.

    Look at our political leaders now: Bernie, Lizzo Warren, Pelosi, Nadler, Biden, Trump. Not a one under 70. The rest are lightweights and whores and celebutards. Look at Romney — he’s the force looking to Primary Trump. There’s the youth movement.

    And it gets worse, not only are our elites now discredited from decade after decade of fear mongering: nuclear war, a new ice age, global warming (they figure we must eat babies, bugs, and live in sewer pipes no I’m not kidding); but also a marked decline in people’s living standards.

    In the meantime they are not contemplating rounding up a few thousand foreign radicals who no one will miss. They are openly contemplating rounding up pretty much every White man in America and putting them into a ReEducation Camp ala China and their Muslims. That is their model. And without us the whole system collapses. But don’t worry, the elites will have Rajeesh and Chen and Jose running everything along with Muhammed so there’s that. We are eminently disposable, so they believe.

    Will White people fight ?? I see no will or ability to fight. The central lesson of the Holocaust is that even when pressed with certain death, urbanites and the middle class will meekly obey because all fight had been pushed out of them their entire life by constant conditioning. Even today Israel struggles to maintain a fighting spirit surrounded by people whose only wish is to kill them, and whose number is legion. Modern life makes Whites soft and easy targets for any wishing to do violence upon them. Those old White people rioted and punished non-Whites with violence knowing that the State and Big Business would be at best neutral and not turn their awesome power on them. Their women were not constantly rooting for the other side and pretending to be honorary non-Whites. Moreover these were tough men, used to spending lots of time outdoors hunting, doing hard chores, not carefully metrosexualizing like a Jack Black commercial. White people have had all the fight conditioned out of them — heck your average Hong Kong resident has more fight than a Navy Seal, the latter of which would be highly likely to willingly enter a cattle car … because they were ordered to and they always obeyed orders out of habit.

    There were Race Riots in Detroit, and Philly in 1942, 1943, and 1944. There, the US Military stepped in — on the side of Blacks. White people backed down and have not fought back since. There is no Fight in White, there hasn’t been for 80 years, and Whites are likely incapable now of fighting at all. Its even an entertainment truism — ordinary White people are incapable of fighting and must be protected by the heroes since ordinary people are just worker drones.

    So that being said, I think its an excellent time not to be White, ever. Hey if Shaun King, Talcum X, can be Black and Racheal Dolezal be the head of the local NAACP and Beto O’Rourke is Hispanic, well anything is possible. Learn Spanish, invest in tanning, go to La Raza meetings and scream at Whitey? Hey it beats being White and nothing is worse or less tolerated by our masters than White.

    • It sounds like you should “join ’em” if you can’t beat ’em.

      Most white people who “lack the fighting spirit” simply believe that racism and inequality are bad things, and they have never been schooled formally or informally in this IQ – race business. Hell, I’d be in the same boat, just trying to help others share in the good life except for the simple fact that since the 2012 election I got a wake up call when the idiots started showing (actually, I just started hearing) their true colors, namely, that white males should die, and should die fast and hard. Now, having 2 sons, that just didn’t sit well with this former open-minded political conservative with a liberal heart. Most British people, for a long time, have not looked at black people as being different and they don’t have the race problems that we do in this country; in fact, their poor are whites, not blacks. So, which country is the odd one? Most of these ‘non fighters’ are products of the long march through the institutions. If you think they lack fight, you’d better hope that you are right, and that they don’t disprove your assertion by fighting against what you, and I, believe in.

    • Maybe some of us need to take lessons from the Korean grocers in L.A. during the Rodney King riots.

  5. With our American Pravdas divorced from reality and and obviously nothing more than propaganda outlets, I find myself divorced from reading them and participating in most of the political discussions I encounter.

    Unfortunately most uni educated people cling to the concept that they are getting news from the news instead of propaganda (except for Fox!, only stupid people watch Fox unlike smart people who have a favorite American Pravda!) . They take pride in feeling that they are smart people who know what is going on because they devotedly regurgitate the lies of the day. Having a meaningful discussion with them requires shaking their perception of reality and their self image and not merely discussing a political issue.

    This has become harder and less interesting for me because the gap between reality and the news has become so wide that it all feels like some futile game played by malicious propagandists and only believed by useful idiots. I kind of envy people in China (and the old ussr) where it is/was common knowledge that you couldn’t take as gospel anything you read, saw or heard.

  6. “Lady in Black” should be your official bumper music. Despite being 56, I had never heard that song prior to a few months ago at the end of your podcast. I was quite moved by the music and lyrics. However, it turned out to be a rather obscure piece and was exceedingly difficult to identify. Google’s “now playing” app came up blank. Obviously, I did eventually manage to track it down. I’ve since discovered that the song has many American fans that searched for years trying to identify it after having heard it purely by happenstance.

  7. ” Instead, you just focus on expressing yourself through violence and mayhem.”
    You say that as if it were a bad thing.

  8. Notice, with nearly every one of these old stories, that in the face of failure, the system always, doubles, triples, quadruples and even quintuples down. At no time is a system “righted.” At no time does the system regain common sense. Large scale systems, like Government (or companies like GE or GM) must die. This is their destiny. New systems are formed and built from the rubble of what worked. The same goes for today. We’re living in a cascading failure of a dying system.

  9. Enjoyed the show. Don’t listen to anyone in mainstream radio. They absolutely destroyed the format. They don’t know what they are doing outside of technical stuff. Like the press, they LOVE blaming their failure on things outside of their control. Nobody reads the press, not because they suck, but because we are just too stupid and low-brow to understand their superior art-form.
    These people have even destroyed regular old music radio. If the stations were well engineered and with live DJs who played a true variety (dare I say, diversity) of music and not the same 200 songs over and over and over in low fidelity, radio would still be booming. Radio is free, everyone has one, there is little else to do in a car without paid programming and despite that, their listenership has collapsed. Nobody’s playlist can compete with a well stocked radio station!

    • There haven’t actually been any live DJs on commercial radio in about 15 years. It’s one guy with a stack of tape carts, and a canned feed out to every station in the network.

      I used to live where I often drove through the fringe-overlap area for a bunch of radio stations, and it was amazing how you could tune from one station to the next without dropping a beat — any station in the same timezone and network broadcast identical content, almost perfectly in sync. The closest to traditional radio were the Christian rock stations, and even there it was mostly canned.

      Internet radio tends to be genre-focused, but because of the outrageous cost of royalties (much higher than for broadcast radio), a lot of ’em only play royalty-free music, which somewhat limits the selection. Even so, as I can attest from having stream-captured ’em, my fave stations have about 1500 songs in their digital libraries. At least that’s better than the few dozen featured by the typical commercial broadcast station.

      Still, it’s nothing like when I was DJing at an independent station (ca.1980), and we had a library of over 15,000 vinyl records. Back in the day, music publishers provided free DJ copies of every new release to every station in their genre. And we were on everyone’s mailing list, because we played ALL genres.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s all (low bit rate) digital from a central location, not even a fidelipac cart! From what I understand, they would take a brand new never played 45 and copy it to the fedelipac cartridge and then put the disc away.

        I think they are using the same feed for both the HD channel and the normal FM channel. That wouldn’t be a problem if they dedicated all of their bandwidth to a dot 1 channel, but most have at least 2 additional channels sharing the bandwidth. Also, the lack of live DJs and the lack of breadth of the genre. It is truly amazing when I can listen to an “oldies station” and not a hear a single song that is properly an “oldie” in an entire week.

        • Yep, it’s been digital for some time, even at my back-when station that lives in the dark ages — showing my age by referring to a stack of carts. (Actually by then it was an autochanger, and a maintenance guy who might check in on it once a week.) And there’s really no reason automated needs to be narrow-scope, especially with digital — but payola is alive and well, and commercial stations only play what the publishers want promoted. Or oldies stations only play what they’ve already paid the royalty for, so you get the same four dozen pop hits in rotation. And yeah, last time I tried an ‘oldies’ over-the-air, it was 1980s pop. WTF.

          Country-western stations were, at least in my broadcast area, the last to succumb. But even there, after evening drive it was a canned feed. And that was 15 years ago… which was about when I last paid attention to radio. About then the radio in my truck died, I got an MP3 player, and since then my travel music pleases myself.

  10. Its tough finding just plain ol’ headline-type news sources. Drudge, as noted here, hasn’t been readable for years now. Ace of Spades HQ used to have a fairly decent morning news dump but Sefton now packs it about 50% with stories about what’s bad for the Tribe, who’s being mean to the Tribe and stories by the Tribe and their Tribal homeland.

    Woodpile Report is good, he has his comments but he’ll at least link to the original story. Once a week on or off is to infrequent though.

    Anyone have suggestions as to a generic realitively spin-free headline news aggregator?

  11. The Tulsa race riot story is almost entirely fiction. “Black Wall Street” is ENTIRELY fiction. “Black Wall Street” had nothing to do with banking, investment banking, stock markets, high finance or anything else even loosely associated with Wall St. At best, it was a fairly functional black neighborhood and the black businesses had a captive audience because blacks were not allowed in the white owned businesses. The aerial bombing is probably entirely fictional.

    Whenever you are tempted to believe any of the BS spread by a dishonest media and academic propaganda machine, keep in mind what most Americans believe about Charlottesville. Charlottesville happened in modern times where pretty much everyone attending had a movie camera in their hands where thousands and thousands of hours of footage is available on the internet. If they can get Americans to believe to the total opposite of what happened when everyone had a video camera, imagine what they can get people to believe when they are the SOLE source of information and are in complete control of the only pictures known to exist.

    • Does Z talk about the Tulsa Race Riot in the latest pod? Well I’ll have to listen. Our good mayor Bynum spends half his week talking to black “community leaders” about stuff that happened in 1921.

      • Someone in the media changed it from the Tulsa Race Riot to the Tulsa Race Massacre. That’s the only way the local news refers to it now. Bynum is spending 100k to find bodies from the “massacre” but many traffic lights don’t work properly in his town.

    • “…when they are the SOLE source of information and are in complete control of the only pictures known to exist.”

      You just described the Holohoax.

  12. “Now for something lighter.”

    *Cue graphic description of deadliest flu in human history and how it might happen again.*

    LOL, don’t ever change, Zman.

  13. Not-on-any-topic observation: have you noticed that the Zman says he’s 53 in every episode? I wonder if there’s some psychological term for the compulsive need to tell people how old you are.

    Also, from one OCD man to another: how every segment is exactly five or ten minutes is just top, top OCD. I’ll be sending a perfectly machined Sperg Cross, our highest honor, to your post office box.

      • The 50’s. You’re in your prime. Slower processor, but more than made up for by life experience. 60’s, still slower clock speed w/o much additional compensating life experience. Once you’ve been around the block a few times you know the lay of the land. Long story short, enjoy your primes, both 53 and the 50’s.

      • No wonder you and Derb get along so well. 😉 I can’t listen until the am (Same with FTN, not conducive to getting a good night’s sleep.)

    • In the audio world, tailoring your spoken statement to an established time slot, to the second, is standard discipline and SOP. You call it OCD, I call it self discipline. Too bad that more public speakers don’t do the same.

      In all my 59 years, I have had no opinion on people stating their age 😉

    • Once you’re over 40 and feel much younger, you can’t believe how old you are. It’s a struggle not to mention it constantly.

      • I never lie about my age – my vanity is enjoying people’s shock when they realize they’re younger than me, yet look, act, and think far older. My curmudgeonly personality keeps me young.

        • 3g4me, if we passed on the street, I would wolf whistle at you in the most respectful way possible.

  14. There was some podcast or program I was listening to that said, since our political class can’t get anything done (i.e. it takes 10+ years for the Liberty Tower to be built while China can build a taller skyscraper in the middle of downtown in less than 2 years) all they can do now is theatrics. On Joe Rogan a couple years ago Jordan Peterson (yes, yes, but he was once pretty spot-on) said, and I’m embellishing here, what we’re seeing is a dying media, that can only attract eyeballs by turning itself into E! News for the political class. This is a convergence.

    I just see it all as a terrible joke, and I have faith that most people in the country either don’t give a shit, or dismiss most of it.

  15. Maybe you dislike the media because they do not cater to your worldview, rather the media has become more diverse and democratic.

    The media still privileges white males but our society is getting better and is allowing for more voices and views.

    How anyone can view this a negative says alot about them.

    • You shouldn’t include your last name because that reinforces a stereotype. There is a rumor that many people with last names like yours hate the founding stock of this country and want to recreate here what happened in Bolshevik Russia and Weimar Germany.

    • Nooo Kevin, the media should not cater to any world view, but rather just tell us what happened. Sure, the media is more diverse, but it is dominated by global leftist who pick and choose which stories to talk about and distort the telling with their opinion. I suspect that you have no problem with this because you are a man of the Left. Am I right?

    • Yes, because 90% negative media coverage of Trump, compared to 20% negative coverage of Obama, is simply more diversity of voices and views.

      • It’s called balance. Eight years of adoration to be balanced by eight years of hatred,
        Don’t yo no nuttin?

    • You are absolutely right, Kevin Greenberg. It is horrible how even POCs who have achieved some measure of success in the news business are forced to service white males.

      Look at Don Lemon, for example. Even though he’s an internationally-known CNN anchor the poor man literally takes it up the ass from a white male on a regular basis.

  16. “I’m not sure if I’m an outlier on this, but I have lost all patience with the news to the point where I don’t even scan the news sites”

    The Booby’s not sure if he’s the only one, but has anyone else noticed that ever since Trump started seeking the GOP nomination the Wall Street Journal has been sounding more like the New York Times?

    Guess the political class is gonna defend itself.

    • The WSJ has always been two papers: left-center news in the front sections and a libertarian/neocon editorial section. It’s like a gay marriage between Joe Lieberman and a Koch brother.

      • The face of the WSJ is Peggy Noonan. One speech written for Reagan away, from being an unknown wine and cat lady drowning her sorrows over her fellow traveler Hillary’s mistreatment by, well, everyone.

      • Well, given that ever since Putin made Obama look stupid in Ukraine and Syria the left suddenly thinks war with Russia is a good and noble cause, one could just as easily wonder if it’s actually the NYT sounding more like the WSJ than the other way around.

        Who even knows anymore?

      • “It’s like a gay marriage between Joe Lieberman and a Koch brother.”

        Sir, you win the internet today.

  17. I don’t pay much attention to the news anymore either. I listen to FTN to keep up. L’Chaimstream media is hot garbage. We hear so much about our “free press” but they obviously get their talking points from the same place (CIA). Anyone with a different perspective is “fake news” and a “conspiracy theorist.” Don’t believe Epstein committed suicide? You’re a nutter of some kind.

  18. It’s the lack of response, compared to earlier times, that really worries me.

    I was deeply disturbed by the lack of response to the Muslim rape gangs in England. Thousands, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands, of victims. That there was no rampage in response shows that there is something deeply rotten there.

    • If the levee ever breaks and the nation goes full Yugoslavia: it’ll be the normies to watch out for. They’ll be scared, angry, unsure and quick to follow whoever’s promising deliverance from the multi-culti-pocalypse

      I’m not saying it’s a bad thing in most ways, if Our People wake up even in a crude or overreaction manner.

      It’s just that they’ll be unprepared for change, without any kind of underpinning for their philosophical approach to the change, having discussed the dissolving world around them with precisely nobody prior to the final “Oh my Lord the SHTF!” last news cycle.

      I could be wrong, maybe there’ll be a slower flying apart scenario than I think and there is time to continue sending hints and invitations from our side of the river.

    • The men in the ’30s who took action to protect their communities are from a different civilization. They lived in ethnic enclaves not corporate housing; the local church and the local community organization (Hibernians, etc) set the tone…for generations.

      I remember E. Michael Jones talking about a church he used to attend in Philly when he was a boy. It’s congregants lived within a 10 minute walk: they lived together, worked together, grew up together, married, raised children, buried their dead…all of it together.

      That church still exists today…but most of its members live no where near the church. Many more than 1 hour’s drive away. For most of human history that would have been a 2 day walk for a man or a horse. It’s still a church but it’s become something qualitatively different.

      Those people have a community for 1 hour per week. It used to have a community for 168 hours per week.

      Our enemies did their work well.

  19. Quote:

    ” ….who are they trying to kid with this stuff?”

    Who? The American people that’s who. Corporate “News” Media believes the American People are idiots. They are correct in their assessment.

    Today’s Media theme: “Donald Trump is America’s national nightmare. Donald Trump is attacking our DEMOCRACY!!!!” “Impeachment is assured!”

    • I think we forget how little the average person pays attention to the elite food fight. They get little glimmers from comedy shows or general chatter, but they are too busy living their lives to care, and assume there is nothing they can do about it anyway. I’m not defending them, because we should care. But only those on the left who treat politics as a religion, and those of us who don’t want that religion shoved down our throats, actually pay attention to the daily circus.

      • The normies have been trained, from day one, to accept what they are being told. They are threatened with severe personal consequences if they don’t (that is what doxxing and Antifa are really about, keeping the normies in line). So they go along, knowing in their hearts that most of it is either twisted around or outright fabricated, but they stay in their lanes and mind their own business, because things are easier for them that way. It’s not a matter of being idiots or being dumb. It is a matter of cultural herding and their having been beaten down over time. They know better, if pressed on it, but choose to lay low and keep their heads down. It is a form of slowly boiling the live lobster in the pot.

        • One of these days, Antifa is gonna get too bold. Instead of picking on little old ladies, they will hassle an older man from a dangerous profession. The results will be fascinating.

      • Americans have never followed politics closely. Unfortunately the resistance gets an emotional high from feeling like they understand what is going on and being outraged at what they are told to be outraged about. The rest of society gets their emotional highs by other means.

  20. “I’m not sure if I’m an outlier on this, but I have lost all patience with the news to the point where I don’t even scan the news sites. For dissidents, current events is always a spectator sport, so I usually don’t get too worked up about this stuff, but lately my tolerance has dropped to zero. I hit the Post of Times and my first thought is, “who are they trying to kid with this stuff?” It’s like they are not even trying. Maybe it is just me, but I’ve dropped out of the new watching for the time being.”

    You are not alone, sir.

    • Yep. Reading the headlines is like being trolled by 11 year old girls. Stupid 11 year old girls. I thank God for sites like this and others.

      I see the current state of affairs being more analogous to pre-Civil War America. There is a game of chicken going on here. The left simply cannot govern the way the want by the law of the land. They have to cheat, lie, conceal and corrupt. The only way they can remove Trump is to dispense with the law of the land, set up their own rules… and be open and candid about it.

      Trump is entirely within his rights and scope as President, and he’s using his power of position to goad the donks into trying it. He is betting that Americans like their nation, rules, laws and freedoms – and will do something about the Donks if they want to get stupid about it.

      It should be obvious by now that the American Left has gone soft and really doesn’t do the game of brinkmanship well. I think all these simmering tensions will help create the perfect storm – and that the looming financial meltdown will be the trigger. It’s easy to ignore militant negroes, sexual degenerates, illegal immigrants and all the others – when there is food on the table and the lights are on and the bills are paid. Whe the SHTF though… the gloves are coming off and it will be nasty.

    • Once you develop the “dissident eye,” everything looks different.

      But it pains me that a lot of normies, including a lot of “saveable souls,” still absorb this malicious propaganda without question.

      And the specious authority with which these scum present their lies just adds to the rage.

      It’s our job to get the redpills to these guys. But of course, that’s difficult without control of The Megaphone (as Sailer puts it.) Just gotta keep going, keep trying, I guess. What else can we do? We can’t just give up. The stakes being so high, that would be tantamount to desertion, or treason.

      • The first step with Joe and Jane Normie is pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left.

        “How come there’s no European Heritage month?”

        “Why should rich black kids get a leg up over poor white and Asian kids?”

        “Why is it okay that black people can be proud of their heritage but we can’t”

        You have to break down their trust in the system before offering an alternative. Whites really hate hypocrisy. Use it.

      • I agree and have made similar points regarding the “saveable souls.” My concern is the impression that these numbers are actually diminishing. I only have 3 decades of observation but I find most people to be more akin to parrots than rational, cognitive humans. They parrot CNN, or they parrot Fox, or they parrot their teacher/professor, and then it’s all unintelligible squawking. Megaphone the truth into the head of a squawking parrot and all we get is a deaf parrot. The “dumb as a brick” proportion of our population is growing. I attribute this to low replacement numbers of the smart set along with the propagandizing of our children from day care to university.

        “What else can we do?” The 11th Commandment: All who have swallowed the red-pill shall procreate without contraception, never divorce, and personally direct their children’s education. And the 12th Commandment: No child shall use portable electronic devices until of driving age. Tongue-in-cheek, but not far from the truth.

    • Reminds me of one of Denzel Washington’s great speeches in “Training Day.” “This is a newspaper. It’s 99% bullshit. But it entertains me. That’s why I read it, because it entertains me.” And the followup, which every blogger has heard (from himself, if no one else): “But you won’t let me read my paper. So now you entertain me, with your bullshit.”

          • Severian…..Great Post! How do you account for us outliers who run substantial cognitive dissonance, enough to dump my Commie folks brainwashing, Lefty friends, Lefty and Woo Woo culture, to the point the angle of repose is hit and there is no going back.

            Do you think this is some kind of evolutionary hardwiring, possibly not to the advantage of the tribe….even the product of a genetic mutational overload. ?? Keep up the good work!

          • I think the True Believers are the anomaly. There really aren’t too many of them. For all the years I taught college, for instance, I don’t think I ever met a Social Justice Warrior who wasn’t already on the faculty. Most of us go through a period of infatuation with Leftism — “is there a man with heart so dead, he was not in his twenties Red?” Strong disconfirmation culls those people (people like me) from the movement, leaving only the True Believers… and then they start doing real damage.

    • Imagine if you got all of your news from CNN, NYT, BBC, etc. You’d literally have no idea how the world really works or what goes on in it.

      I’m not a huge fan of the right-punching Joseph Paul Watson, but the quote he found for this video (about 2:30) is dead-on about the “openly fraudulent and relentlessly assertive, inverted ‘alternative’ reality” created by the media.


    • I used to scan the Daily Mail headlines to get an idea of what the media was pushing for the day, but even that sickens me now. I’ve cut out so many blogs – I can’t even bear to reader Sailer nor his commenters any more. My time and patience are extremely limited. I’d rather peer at my scans of 19th century Italian birth records and work on deciphering the handwriting and translating them – much more intellectually stimulating and worthwhile in the long run.

      • Interesting on Sailer. I still think that he’s doing God’s work ferrying normies to our side of the divide, but I can’t figure out how he is able to continue reading the NY Times, WaPo and other MSM day in and day out.

        But Sailer’s commenters just seem bizarre to me now. It’s a bunch of white Boomers – who are inexplicably both HBD aware and CivNats – and Jews discussing and sort of debating the finer points how the MSM is factually incorrect without seeming to realize that facts don’t matter to them.

  21. I think, Mr. Z, that you’re impatience with the “news” is a symptom of your misunderstanding of what the “news” is. Try reading it as fiction, rather than non fiction, because that it what it is. Remember a serial TV show called Homeland? That is what we have. Each day we have a new episode of “Homeland” filled with suspense and drama, that some people who have not caught on to the charade believe to be true. Follow the story line presented by CNN as you would in The Pickwick Papers, or, The Edge of Night”. It’s all about ratings and money making and leftists ideological messaging, not real non-fiction.

      • Does you’re browser or electronic brick not show the edit button? My last electronic brick made by Crapple wouldn’t show nothin’ as far as no edit button were concerned.

    • If your first instinct is to accuse someone of misunderstanding something that is completely obvious to just about everyone on the DR, just stop and rethink it. It comes across as condescending.

    • the thing is, it isn’t about ratings or money. classical economics says it should be. but it isn’t. the left is burning up all the media properties it controls, in a futile banzai charge against Trumpland.

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