Surplus Value Of Diversity

U.S. District Judge Allison D. Burroughs ruled that Harvard University’s admission program was a Constitutional application of affirmative action. In other words, Harvard’s systematic discrimination against Whites and Asians was, according to the law, not discrimination against Whites and Asians. In addition to reaffirming the second-class status of Whites and Asians, she wrote, “It is somewhat axiomatic at this point that diversity of all sorts, including racial diversity, is an important aspect of education.”

Now, in general usage, an axiom is something that is self-evidently true, like the sky being blue or water being wet. More precise speakers will use the word to mean “tautology”, something that is true in every possible interpretation. To say, “It is somewhat axiomatic” is therefore a rather tortured assertion, but revealing. It is the sleight of hand we get from the kritarchy. Every alleged statement of fact is really just a form of hairsplitting intended to nibble away at any notion of truth.

That aside, it does bring up some interesting questions. How much diversity is a good thing and how much diversity is too much? There’s no doubt that someone like the judge in this case would reflexively respond that there can never be too much diversity, as diversity is an unalloyed good. There’s also no doubt that like every other diversity fanatic, the judge has organized her life to be around as little diversity as possible, with a special emphasis on avoiding vibrancy. Revealed preferences are real.

Clearly, even the people who say it is somewhat axiomatic that diversity is important think a lack of diversity is important too. Put another way, even the blubbering diversity fanatics assume some upper limit on how much diversity is tolerable, even though they focus on the lower bound in their proselytizing. Somewhere between complete diversity, a place with at least one of every flavor, in perfect proportion to their frequency on earth, and complete homogeneity is the sweet spot according to the advocates.

Arthur Laffer famously explained that there is a relationship between income tax rates and the resulting tax revenues. A 100% tax will result in zero revenue, as no one will voluntarily work without being paid. At the other end, where no tax is imposed on income, the net revenue is also zero, for obvious reasons. Using Rolle’s theorem, there is an optimum tax rate between those two end points. In theory, this should be calculable, so tax rates should be set at that point and left alone.

Now, we know the tax is not a continuous interval, so Rolle’s theorem would not apply in the case of these sorts of social taxes. Still, at one end, zero diversity and vibrancy, we get something less than maximum happiness. Universal homogeneity sounds good in theory, but in reality, people like to punch things up a bit. At the other end, the multicultural paradise ruled by the usual suspects, has nearly no social happiness for normal people. It does not exist, because no one would tolerate it.

The legendary empiricist, La Griffe du Lion, looked at the correlation between the black population in a city and the white victimization rates. The assumption is that blacks prefer to live around whites, as they always seek access to whites. On the other hand, whites are neutral on living near blacks, unless it has some impact on their well-being, which is where crime is a useful metric. Whites move from high crime areas to low crime areas faster than any group, having the least tolerance for crime.

What the numbers reveal is that as the percentage of black residents in a city increases, the white victimization rates begin to climb. At about 20% black population, the white victimization rate climbs rapidly. Blacks commit crimes against whites in this analysis at 64 times the rate of whites committing crimes against blacks. Other studies have found different rates, but it is axiomatic that black crime is vastly higher than white crime and it is axiomatic that blacks prefer white victims more than whites prefer blacks.

Now, it is not somewhat axiomatic, but a universal truth that when Progressives talk about diversity, they mean blacks. Therefore, we can now put the upper bound on diversity as 20% of the population being black. Any more than that and white crime victimization begins to soar and awareness of it begins to soar. This sets off a chain reaction known as white flight. Baltimore is a great example. Once its black population crossed the 25% level, it began a rapid decline into chaos.

This does not address the other issues of diversity. Since it is axiomatic that diversity is about blacks and whites, as demonstrated in that court case, the obvious question is how many white people are required to maintain the multicultural paradise? It is just assumed that whites must be exposed to diversity, so they are not only beneficiaries, but also a necessary ingredient. You cannot purify white people through the healing magic of diversity if they are not actually part of diversity.

As the examples of Rhodesia, Baltimore and now South Africa show, there is some minimum number of whites required to keep the lights on, so everyone can enjoy the wonderfulness of diversity. In the case of Rhodesia, the number fell below the minimum and it became Zimbabwe. In Baltimore, they have hovered along the critical number for decades, always ready to tilt into chaos, but saved by the state. South Africa staggers on, but they too are approaching the inflection point.

As Steve Sailer has pointed out, America schools are starting to run out of white kids to maintain the diversity is magic assertion. Once a school gets too diverse, no one wants to send their kids to it, not even the diverse, so diversity requires a certain threshold of white people to make it work. According to the data in that Sailer post, a good starting place seems to be 50%. Once the white population falls below 50%, the negatives of diversity increasingly outweigh the positives.

Another example seems to make the same point. This story about white flight from tackle football in America has some interesting numbers. Again, the 50% number appears to be a threshold. Peak football in America was when whites were 50% of the youth leagues, which eventually supply the NFL. The decline in play and interest in the NFL over the last few years also supports the observation. The NFL now has a diversity problem, created by their efforts to fix their diversity problem.

Taken together, the starting boundaries of diversity are no more than 20% black, with no lower limit definable, and no less than 50% white. The diversity sweet spot lies somewhere in that zone. Given the ethnocentrism of Jews and Asians, a hard limit on their numbers is certainly part of the formula. Hispanics, a group that is a social construct, should not be a consideration. Most likely, the right mix for maximum diversity benefits is something close to what America was like in 1965.

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206 thoughts on “Surplus Value Of Diversity

  1. As I’ve mentioned before, this is the result when women’s “care based morality” replaces men’s justice based morality, when equality under the law is replaced by “equality of outcome”.

    Equality IS the highest virtue of communism, followed only by envy; it’s the primary reason that women and minorities like blacks and mexicans are so immaturely attracted to it and it’s vacuous blandishments.

    “I think that the world should be run on universal fairness and equality because…because…MY VAGINA!!!!”

    If you STILL doubt this please look at the Oct 1st installment of Chris Muir’s comic blog, “Day by Day”; the character of Zack calls it for what it is and singlehandedly and eloquently describes why more and more men are wisely choosing to go their own way (MGTOW).

    The ONLY peaceful solution to politically empowered gynocentrism that has been allowed to run amok along with it’s tethered parasitic welfare state is what Turd Flinging Monkey has called for, which is to immediately take women’s unearned voting rights away, immediately stop empowering them and end ALL welfare both domestically and internationally.

    Voting, especially voting by women (the largest voting demographic) IS what brought America to the current shitty state of affairs. More of the same voting won’t solve the problem!

    So, are you ready to take women’s unearned voting rights away, end their empowerment (which WILL, result in more babies, especially white babies being born) and end ALL welfare?….

    Islam IS right about women btw; do you want Islam to take their rights (all) away or do you want to just take their vote away and save them and Western Civilization in the process?

    Times running out….


    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Sigh. Who gives a rat’s ass about sports and music? The worst thing about the American Lenin getting whacked by JWB is his plan to get rid of them after the War of Northern Aggression never came to fruition. Yes, I am a racist. Now let me tell all of you clueless sports and tuneless jive music zombies about “Bump Day”.
    Back in the late 40’s and early 50’s, Los Angeles had a marvelous public transportation system called the Pacific Electric Railway. A lot of people used it, including most of my family members. It could get you from the extreme Northwest of LA city limits clear down to the beaches. On a certain day of the week, the Black people would deliberately nudge, jostle, and bump up against the whites. It was given. I remember all of the adults at the family gatherings talking about it.
    You people extol the virtues of a Kobe Bryant or Jerry Rice. But, the reality is little Jamal and his hyena homies jacking up your son/grandson in the school restroom for his lunch money. Blacks are violent physical people. They have been brought up on the notion if you see Whitey and he/she has something you want, you take it. I had one tell me than when I was in college(1965-1969). I saw it as a MP in the Army and as a Peace Officer in SoCal for over 30 years.
    Yes, as individuals, you will always meet some who are articulate, educated, and live their lives conforming to the Ten Commandments. But anyone who has had dealings with them as a group; whether they are cops, firefighters(Dad was in Watts#1) small/large retail establishments, ER nurses, UPS drivers, etc. will have their own horror stories about the Wankandans and their Vato-Loco, Cholo/Chola fellow travelers. This is why I am writing this from Winterfell(North Idaho). I want to protect myself and my family from them. Forever.

  3. 1965, or take 1963, as I think it was the turning point really. If you were not fortunate enough to live in the U.S.A at that time, I can only tell you that is was spectacular. Even for a lower middle class kid, living in what are called row houses, it was a wonderfully sweet time.

    It’s true that you did have to regularly duck beneath your school room desk as a drill for the coming nuclear bomb, courtesy of our former allies fighting those Nazis. But the probability of that bomb was pretty low. Unlike the probability of that same kid, in 2019, being stomped by gang of teen POC angry about the killing of Emmit Till, or whatever they are worked up about.

    I didn’t live there, but I can imagine how indescribably beautiful life in 1963 California must have been, as it was wonderful in places that weren’t paradise.

    • “who would take all the fat white woman?”
      One is TEMPTED to respond along the lines of “Black men wishing to trade up?” but I suspect that such a response would be too politically INcorrect even for THIS group.

  4. You forgot the first and most important example of white genocide on this hemisphere, Z: how Saint-Domingue became Haiti when the colony’s whites were made to disappear, either by flight or by machete.

  5. Jeezuz B Christ. I just read that article in The Atlantic about tackle football. Forget crack or Qwantaviuz in the ghetto with a stolen .45 – tackle football is the biggest health hazard on this planet.

  6. What, in concrete terms, is the educational value of racial diversity?

    Why are people who think they are Black the only race that counts in the currency of diversity?

    Why is the Harvard battle seen as Asians Vs. Blacks when it should be seen as “Why is Harvard, a university of the sort INVENTED by Europeans and their descendants allowing non-Europeans to usurp the birthright of qualified Whites?

  7. Thanks for the breakdown of numbers. I have often thought about and put into practice a metric for how much vibrancy is acceptable when traveling to a new place. My axiom is 90% white as the floor. As far as her Honor talking like MLK and living like the KKK as you so aptly put it, she lives in an (((enclave))) just far enough outside of Boston.

  8. A nice quantitative item was let slip about a year ago, by one of the staff at the Harvard College admissions office: he stated that without the blessings of affirmative action, the Harvard freshman class would have had exactly one black member, rather than the thirty-one who were actually admitted.

    So the next time you encounter a well-spoken, well-groomed black guy with an Ivy League degree and a sharp crease in his trousers, know (with roughly 97% confidence) that his intellectual horsepower is at the same level of a graduate of a decent state university.

    The above, sadly, is why I would not utilize the services of a black physician, attorney (continue the job roster ad infinitum) unless I had absolutely no alternative.

    • Correction: “his intellectual horsepower is at the same level of a graduate of a decent state university today, which is probably sub par compared to a good high school graduate 25 years ago.” Never forget, MPAI. It’s my golden rule.

    • The only doctor that has effectively treated my wife and son for their condition is a black woman. Statistics be damned. I will neither apologize for the statistical failings of groups, or discriminate because of them.

  9. 50-80% whites, but with the MEN running things. May and Merkle weren’t good.

    You need to keep the whites on to keep the lights on.

    But you need to Man up to keep the Tech up.

    Technically Asians can maintain what they copy, but their shame conformity culture tends to prevent either innovation or exploiting discoveries.

    White Patriarchy was a benevolent dictatorship of the masses. Women weren’t kept on their pedestals, but instead of catering to them, when they originally wanted equality, they got it good and hard (Wyoming was the first to give THEIR women suffrage, but there the women had to deal with beasts, barbarians, and blizzards trying to kill them and men couldn’t waste time with them complaining).

    We had a representative republic, and not universal suffrage. There are few things which wouldn’t be fixed if to vote you needed to have paid at least $50k to the treasury, minus any government paid for benefits.

  10. “It is axiomatic that (racial) diversity is an important aspect of education.”

    Well, then it is also axiomatic that Jewish schools are racist, are antithetical to proper education, are performing a grave disservice to Jewish students by failing to educate them in a properly diverse setting, and must therefore be outlawed.

    All Jewish schools, both private and religious, must be fully integrated at once, with generous, generous, generous supplies of negroes, Latinos, Muslims and Hindus. The fact that there are still “Jewish” schools in Current Year is a toxic affront to Diversity. I can’t even. Our highest goal must be to rescue these oppressed Jewish students from the nightmare of homogeneity. Jewish education must become /real/ education, which is to, Diverse education — at the point of a gun, if need be.

    It will be objected that Jewish schools are private entities. So is Harvard.

    It will be objected that Jewish schools are Jewish-owned, for the benefit of Jews.

    So is Harvard.

  11. Sitting in a restaurant in downtown Palo Alto grabbing an early lunch before the airport. The only vibrancy in the home of our tech overlords is serving sandwiches to the local white tech elite. The firm just met with was six white guys around a conference table with a token white chick. The only vibrancy were the HB-1 engineers toiling in the coding bullpens. Always remember this is the world our elite lives in.

    • Hah! I was in SF and SJ last week (after a 5-year hiatus) and was struck by how negro-free San Francisco and Cupertino/Palo Alto/Mtn View were compared to many/most major metropolitan areas in the US. That said, the both Peninsula and South Bay are heavily Asian (East > SE and South Asian). The little bit of East Bay that I strayed into was delightfully vibrant.

      “remember this is the world our elite lives in”

      Key point. The vibrancy that does make its way into the world of the self-proclaimed “elite” is mostly vetted and generally represents the cognitive (or at least the most verbally facile) elite of the vibrancy. So it’s not entirely hypocrisy when the lifelong denizen and product of rich hometown and elite schools says that she doesn’t see any systematic difference. (But I maintain that if you get such an actually privileged Goodwhite a little drunk then you often will hear their true thoughts on group differences.)

      • Highly recommend the tuna melt at Local 127–honestly best I’ve ever had and cheerfully served by nice Guatemalan bartender….

  12. Z-Man, I have a (somewhat OT) question. You wrote that “the judge has organized her life to be around as little diversity as possible, with a special emphasis on avoiding vibrancy”. What does “vibrancy” mean in the sense that you and others here are using it? I looked it up online and am still stumped as to what you are saying. I just decided that you were using “vibrancy” as the opposite to “diversity”. But then others used the word and I came to doubt my conclusion.

    Now let me say up front that one of the reasons I read your blog is because you challenge my vocabulary. Whenever I encounter a word which is either completely unknown to me or which in context makes no sense according to my understanding of the word. One of the beautiful things about the internet is being to mark, copy and paste any word I do not understanding into a search engine. It is a hellova lot easier and faster than stopping reading a book an cracking open my personal copy of “Webster’s”. The problem here is that the online “Webster’s” has increased my confusion rather than abating it.

    (Note: I have never been accused of being vocabularily challenged. In point of fact in the 7th grade (’63) I tested as having the vocabulary of a college sophomore back when college sophomores actually HAD vocabularies.)

    • Vibrancy is when the diversity in the room expresses itself in its own culturally idiosyncratic ways.

    • Diversity has diverse constituents, all the colors of the rainbow and all beliefs. Vibrancy is when someone of diversity interacts with the non-diverse so as to culturally enrich the non-diverse; such as, kinetically propelling an insufficiently diverse autonomous economic unit in front of a subway car, or transforming a non-diverse youth into a differently-abled person by helping them off a 3rd floor balcony in a mall, or simply redistributing a non-vibrant’s wallet to the vibrant.

    • Vibrancy is a term of derision directed at people who don’t get that vibrancy is a mockery of diversity and everything the woke culture stands for.

      Vibrancy is a television commercial for high speed internet with a family consisting of a black father, a white or asian mother, and three kids who appear to be Paki, Chinese, and a little red head girl with freckles.

      If the company selling the internet is operating at Extreme Woke, the parents are two gay men of different races playing snuggle bunny with children on the couch eating homemade cookies.

    • “Vibrant” as slang for people of color, or areas where they predominate, comes from its popularity as a euphemism in politically correct journalism. You can’t say that an area inhabited by blacks is a slum, so to be on the safe side you use “vibrant” to make it sound exotic.

      This ploy is especially popular in travel and tourism promotion. The hacks who write such stuff aren’t very bright, but they do understand that if they tried to get tourists to visit some “attraction” described as being in a black or Mexican neighborhood, almost everyone (including some persons of color) would swerve. So it’s dubbed “vibrant” like, you know, cool.

  13. Sorry, ZMan, but, while I agree wholeheartedly with your premise (even if I do not AT ALL know the reason for those numbers being true), I take issue with one of your later assertions. You wrote that Hispanics are “a group that is a social construct” and by that prove that you do not live in a community dominated by Hispanics (predominantly of Mexican descent). Living (and at least partially growing up) in a community where “Hispanics” (Mexicans) predominate in roughly the same percentage as “whites” do nationally (65%) I can tell you that the group termed “Hispanics” is no mere “construct”. They are very much a real group with their own culture, language (Tex-Mex) and even holidays. They are the ones celebrating “Cinco de Mayo” and “Diez y seis de Septiembre”. And back in ’68 when we here in Alamo Town had a race riot BROWN was the predominant color since 15% rioting against 20% doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    • I read that as more nuanced. “Hispanic” is as real as “European-Americans.” There are Cubans, Mexicans, Brazilians, and other ethnicities, but no “Hispanics.” There are Yankee Puritans, Texans, scandicuck midwesterns, californicators, Southrons, etc., but no “European-Americans.” Whoever peddles those terms is lying to you about something.

    • “Hispanic” is a fake racial category that emerged from our government’s desire to keep track of people in the USA who speak Spanish. It also serves the racial spoils system. As others have noted, there are white people who are “Hispanic” like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz who nobody would confuse for a “Hispanic” in a room full of white people despite their surnames.

      I’ve long said that the main definition of “Hispanic” is Liberal-Democrat voters who speak Spanish and who have a high affinity for government services. Anybody else who speaks Spanish and has a Latino surname isn’t “Hispanic”…again it’s largely a stand-in for “Spanish-speaking Democrat voters”. I have friends born-and-raised in the USA with Latino surnames who consider themselves “Hispanic” in the same sense that I consider myself “Italian”…I have the name and I know a little bit of the family history…and I like pizza.

      • Yep, Hispanic is a fuzzy term, but it does work in a broad sense for discussion. Obviously where I live the term covers predominantly Mexican descent. Until recently however, our Hispanic population was pretty Americanized and we lived rather seamlessly together. Lots of established families with large profiles and long standing roots in the community. The great influx of immigrants—legal and illegal, coupled with ethnic grifters organizing these folk have screwed the pooch.

      • Its racial mostly though not entirely. Hispanics are mestizo or indio not peninsular or criollo descended

        The cultural variable, some M/I are Right and some P and C are Left but by in large it works out just like the casta system of Mexico

        However no one other than a few Libertarian/Minarchist and Militia Right is interested in a tiny state

        Its’ simply not feasible in world with computers, home genetic engineering, ultra dangerous drugs increasingly powerful drones and robots and other nightmare tech there will be state and lots of it.

        Hell in order for there to even be jobs especially decently paid ones for the under 120 IQ crowd much less men in general there will also have to be state

        Since its not going anywhere I want me and my people’s spoils too

  14. “Somewhat axiomatic” meaning: “The model of the world used by the Goodwhites has as one of its axioms that diversity of all sorts, including racial diversity, is an important aspect of education. The axioms used by Badwhites are irrelevant because we control the institutions.”

    She’s not a mendacious bimbo, she’s a Philosopher Kritarch who has spent a lot of time thinking about Model Theory and the implications of Godel’s Theorem for jurisprudence in a pluralistic society.

    • Loved Model Theory in grad school. Complete formal systems can’t capture all intuitive truths within the system. Tasty.

  15. Still, at one end, zero diversity and vibrancy, we get something less than maximum happiness.

    I think that needs more empirical testing.

    What’s the optimal amount of shit in your milkshake?

  16. There actually is a fairly accurate maximum tax at the US federal level.

    It’s just under 20% of GDP

    This is colloquially called Hauser’s Law and is for the most part accurate within 1% for most of the 20th and 21st century.

    This upper bound is why we end up borrowing so much, between corruption and priorities is nigh impossible to make ends meet for any length of time.

    Worse as efficiency both from automation and trade lowers the value of labor, both the need for services (assuming you accept this as legitimate) and function of the economy degrades. Less wages means a smaller private sector. This effect is why the US economy is 40% or so government already

    Hell even the Wall Street Journal just realized the obvious, supposedly middle class people can’t afford new cars

    This will ensure a poorer nation in the long run and throw in some unwanted diversity and you have the recipe for a spoils state or possibly an ethnic war . Best case Brazil, worst case Yemen.

    The amount of State that can be tolerated does very in case anyone is wondering. Its higher in Europe , higher still in Scandinavia though there is an upper bound and places like Norway have a robust private sector.

    As for the amount of diversity, our host is of course correct. Maximum diversity is at 1965 level but it will require ethnic cleansing to get that

    There is also a caveat, the biggest cause of our dysfunction is broken families. Every broken family increases the social cost of everything. This is worse with Black families who can go from working folk to feral at the drop of hat but it’s no great delight for any other group. Whites from broken homes are crappy too.

    This means eliminating the diversity of single mommies and baby daddies.

    The only people having children should be people who are married and in it for the long term,

    The means the nü state whatever that is will have to have a strong moral basis and enforce that at gunpoint. If children, one man, one woman, one marriage for life baring criminal abuse , adultery (which will become a crime) neglect or desertion

    Worse for the Libertarians it also means hefty economic regulation too. People need long term employment in order for family formation and so that people will opt into the moral system

    A lot of religious types and “rights/natural law” types don’t understand is that social stability must be paid for and if I’m an outcast or battended about by the winds of economic disruption, you have no expectation that I conform to your social norms

    You have to either force or earn my cooperation, you are not entitled to it

    Lastly as much as it pains me to say it, the Democrats are right about political diversity being something we need less of . I obviously favor a different tact than they do but a huge range of opinions on marriage, rights of workers, value of human life, the ecology, firearms and faith cannot coexist in a single nation with modern technology.

    A fix either means forcing compliance with a single directive or separation. Trying to bodge together the US by making it Whiter just won’t work

    We need One Vision

    OB Queen

    • Totally agree. It’s about 17%. You can’t really extract more than 17% without all kinds of problems. Government has grown far beyond that. I see more of a Yugoslavia coming up than anything. With placid regions like Slovenia just getting a scrape or two while other regions would be more like Sarajevo. Total ethnic conflict with trees being cut down for firewood. It’s a big country with big problems and the problems won’t be distributed evenly.

      Also, the welfare state is now multi-generational. You have people that were born who had no business being born outside of a wealth transfer superstructure, and have monkey like instincts that just won’t make it when that superstructure falls apart. This includes all races, some much more than others. It will be more of a cleansing of bad DNA than an ethnic cleansing.

      • It’s not as easy as you think. High tech society has increasingly little use for labor and as computers evolve, more and more people will fall into this trap

        Automation, free trade, computers and so on create an unparalleled efficiency trap which will in the long term lead to disaster

        Most people (Whites here) have an IQ of around 100 which renders them increasingly less useful compared to machines . This is reaching increasingly larger percentages of the population and a society where 10% of the population have a place and everyone else isn’t even useful as peasant is not one that is eugenic

        Fundamentally this leads to what in effect is mass sterility and an end to modernity

        If the dissident right takes power finding a way out of that trap is going to be a major important challenge one that can’t be solved by moralism.

        Urban living costs money and machines lower wages faster than they lower the cost of goods

        Not easy to square that circle.

  17. Slogged for work pre-travel, but will pop in to nod agreement – 10 to 15 percent is where I’ve always put the diversity tolerance threshold. As much as it wrenches at CivNat sensibilities, we’re going to need to start negotiating these kind of bargains in the near future as we verge on minority status. What are our Singapore-style diversity quotas for each race? We can’t afford to be “just leave me alones” on the race issue when everyone else is pushing for our race to leave the table. We have to advocate a postive White right to exist with the same stridency we hear it from Zionists re: Israel, or get shouted out of the room.

    Z’s mentioned “the number” here before – the argument vs. emo open borders refugee nannies to “tell us how many is enough,” and a variant for reparations saying “how much is the ‘full and final’ settlement for slavery – we’ll cut that check.” Making the other guys throw out numbers is how the multicultural sausage gets made. They want us to remain reluctant to advocate for ourselves out of some sort of pathological politeness. It’s time for hatespeakers to set the tone on this and start forcing these “national conversations” to be something other than ritualistic caucasian flagellation.

    “Hispanics” are an artificial constituency with factions that could be useful to us. I’ve talked about “Azteps” before. We’ve all noted how regional and national differences make “Hispanic solidarity” impossible, and their caste system already sorts for White European leadership. I’d help Castizo authoritarians apartheid the Mayans & kill drug dealers. Post for another day.

    • If white men, as a group, showed some balls, men of other persuasions would be lining up to sign on as honorary white men. Who wants to ally with self-haters or snowflakes?

      It also looks to me like the role models for young black men are now either the gangbanger of some sort, even if mostly roleplaying, or the flamboyantly gay. Helluva choice there, Duwayne.

      • Dutch, it does not matter what their “role models” are. CULTURE IS DOWNSTREAM FROM GENETICS. PERIOD. And yes, I was SHOUTING.

    • Yeah, to have a homogeneous society on the street level, I think 10% vibrancy is the absolute top. But the real kicker is differentiated birth rates. Different birth rates and 2% is suddenly 15% and beyond that you can’t control it by ‘civilized’ means…..

      All young men should do military or similar service. And women’s equivalent……is to bear children. A woman does her national service w the womb, that is the most ‘patriotic’ female organ. ‘Unsavory’ as that may be to some sensibilities to state that bluntly.

      • As for a patriotic womb, possibly tax incentives that motivate. Disincentive the welfare queen. Change the culture to uplift the role of mothers and kids. That’s a very important big one. That requires positive propaganda.

        Don’t tell women they can’t seek skills outside of the home until their kid is 25….won’t work. I was there the first 5 years…incentive to raise young kids and not guvmint daycare raising and indoctrinating the kid. Then I went to work in a low-pressure job as a Girl Friday secretary for a private school. Got to pick up my kid from school and bring her to work for an hour. Then home for gadding about, taking walks and homework. Stayed in low pressured easy to come and go legal secretary one man outfit jobs until daughter was out of the house, then exploded into EBMUD water company career building with a dogged determination.

        If you keep us tethered like Islam, I personally will lead the revolution even if the unintended consequences are dreadful. We should avoid a swing to extremes, even though right now many men, including my husband, are pissed at women and don’t want them wielding voting power by emotion. What happens to those of us who are thinkers? Basic Husband chose me because I think….and a few other choice reasons. I don’t want to be roped in to the herd of feminist harridan women. Got a conundrum here. I keep going back to the wisdom of Aristophanes.

        • Natalism like our forefathers did it: Bring back bastardy laws; out of wedlock means no child support, no paternal rights or obligations, no public assistance. Repeal the 19th. Repeal CRA, no title Vii/ix. No MfJ tax rates for females over 40 with no progeny, MfJ rates 1/2 of single rates, abolish “head of household”. Child tax credits for married couples for progeny within wedlock in the 15-20k range per rugrat.

          • A lot of city people do not want to and should not have to subsidize other people having children especially with the cost of urban living

            how much is enough anyway ? The US would be fine at half its current population so long as the Demography is right

            De-Ponzi the economy, don’t build it around growth assumptions that make no sense

            after deportation let the population decline to a level that meets available jobs and you’ll solve many problems

          • The problem that all of you “cut off the welfare!” guys face is that very few people are willing to watch irresponsible people and their children die in the street, even if the parents deserve it.

            Personally, I could watch the adults cut off from welfare die in the street. I’m just telling you that the vast majority of white people would pay any tax to avoid this.

            You are not going to cut off welfare to anyone until times get very harsh.

          • 80% of the population lacks some portion of the long term thinking, autistic level of attention or IQ needed
            for the kind of society computers require

            Telling those people you have to die out so I can automate your job away which is what you are suggesting would be functionally genocide and treated as such.

            Its utterly immoral and well beyond the pale of many people who are far from Good Whites and will get you the Khmer Rouge treatment and it will be well deserved

            Besides after marriage reform., repatriation and incarceration of any remaining violent and criminally inclined people. the amount of trouble will be pretty low.

            At that point you will have to figure out what to do what to do about the vast majority of humanity who have no place in your Progress uber alles state

          • There are also real risks involved in it. Do you really want Crips, Bloods, MS13 and the like taking over welfare and paying for it with drug money made of your people’s backs?

            There are also plenty of politically and power minded people out there who would be happy to mobilize them for whatever they want which is probably your rugged individualists head on a pike.

            The anti welfare people kind of have an assumption that this is a moral society or at least that they are entitled to moral treatment.

            This is risible on its face. The US isn’t any more moral than any other nation in the Americas. There is little fee social capital left so no more moral freeloading.

            Peace must be paid for

            Now attaching strings to it and having reciprocal expectations is fine , good even but no matter what, so long as the US remains complex (that is we have water, electricity or higher) you will have to pay for welfare and regulate commerce to ensure people have work

          • Sterilization should be a requirement of welfare. So should loss of voting rights. That solves the Shaiqua with 21 kids all by different fathers voting for whoever promises to keep the checks coming problem.

          • You may be educated, but you do think like a redneck. Factory farming babies in an overpopulated world is foolish and anti-social.

        • Rangefront, I’m afraid I have to disagree with you here. Strenuously. You and I are exceptions. The rules cannot and should not be made with us in mind. And any rules, which absolutely must be made and enforced until the first few generations have grown up in a White society with positive social pressure, can and should then be relaxed because the societal rules will be self reinforcing, particularly if said society maintains its homogeneity and strict cultural separation – i.e. not even importing movies made elsewhere that feature diversity.

  18. California universities are overwhelmingly Asian these days. In a perfectly free environment of admissions, where only the highest scoring survive, nearly all blacks and latinos would be eliminated from higher education, at least at the prestigious level. The slick talking Obamas of the world, claiming to be from Kenya, after dealing coke at a previous school in which no one there remembers them, would never have made it. Neither would the ex-coke addict and alcoholic dim-wit son of a CIA Director who spent his 20’s in a Mexican brothel far from Vietnam. What this decision is saying is that the current elite knows it’s a fraudulent elite and needs the fig leaf of diversity to hide behind that leaf. The real elite hides in the shadows during eras of late stage democracy.

  19. We build a complex creative and balanced civilization with 0.001% diversity in the West. I’m willing to be accommodating…let’s say 0.1%.

  20. I think private universities should basically admit whomever they want. I think the more problematic thing about this Harvard issue is how central Harvard/Yale are to later admission to the top elite. Last I looked every single SCOTUS justice came from just those two universities’ law schools. It’s Harvard’s extreme prestige that is the elephant in the room here.

    About diversity, white minimum of 50% and black maximum of 20% sound intuitively right, the former maybe a little low and the latter a little high but otherwise reasonable.

    As a sidenote, I think ‘axiom’ means something assumed to be true as the basis of further analysis rather than something that must be true. But at some level an axiom must have genuine truth context which makes it different from an assumption. In any case that is OT here.

    • I believe their admissions criteria goes something like this: Big Donors/Legacies; Tenured Faculty Connections/Nepotism; Vibrants; Jocks. Fun fact to know and tell: Harvard’s Extension School has had to slow down day classes because the admitted kids were falling behind the Extension School kids. In the Sciences, anyway. It makes sense if you think about it.

    • Moran – sorry, but your casual throwaway line of “I think private universities should basically admit whomever they want” is standard boomercon Conservative, Inc. crap. The same way they claim a purportedly “private” company can hire/fire whoever it wants (as they justify the purging of wrongthinkers because muh sacred principles). There is no longer any such thing as a private university or company with the US laws on anti-discrimination, etc. The borg’s nose is poked in everywhere. As for diversity, I’ll pass on all of it. I loved traveling back in the day, but when I finally came home I found home was gone – and now even traveling it’s all becoming the same. Separate countries for separate people. Period. Visits can and should be possible, but permanent resettlement extremely rare.

      • My idea increases free association. Under the current regime you just made sure the gov can order NO whites admitted as the madness spreads.

  21. Now we all know that “diversity” really means “down with whites” but if we play naive and use the word in its original meaning, it’s interesting to note that the population of NFL players (at approximately 68% black [1]) is less diverse than the general population of the US (at slightly under 64% white).

    Where are the cries of anguish and demands for Hiroshi at halfback, Lin-Wei the linebacker [2], or Shlomo the safety, for that matter?

    [1] the 68% is approximate because of the “mystery meat” issue
    [2] do you find the idea of Chinese (average size of male in PRC = 5’6″, 146#) as linebackers risible?. Of course you do, you deplorable racists. Even Good People think it somewhat ridiculous. But that’s what you have to do if you truly believe in Affirmative Action.

    • Sports is a pesky subject for egalitarians. There are so many stark racial differences that can’t be explained away to white privilege, implicit bias, nurture etc.

  22. I remember hearing about the phenomenon a few years back, I can’t remember from whom, and the term used was “Peak Negro” – the maximum percentage of blacks in a group before non-blacks begin abandoning the group. It applies not just to cities and schools, but also parties, restaurants, churches, etc. If I recall correctly I think the number they came up with was 20% also.

    I suspect the latinx PN% is lower than whites, and asian PN% is lower still, which is probably why blacks prefer to seek out white communities to enrich.

  23. Once a school gets too diverse, no one wants to send their kids to it, not even the diverse…


  24. England, Sweden, and Germany seem to be leading edge indicators of the experiment in unconstrained diversity. We can learn a lot about what to expect in our future based upon the changes that occur in those countries. My guess is that we will see a “diversity” of outcomes. Some may degrade into social chaos, or civil war, or perhaps descend into Third World status. Or perhaps the entire European Continent will enter a new Dark Age (literally). Here’s an axiom for you . . . the negatives aren’t going to be cured with obtuse legal rulings or political rhetoric.

    • England is still over 80% white. Germany is whiter still (even the Turks are just slightly over 3% of the population.) Sweden is another story with ~19% being foreign born, but many of those are from the EU, Norway, or the USA. Migrant ghettos are a problem in any society due to their unwillingness to assimilate, but it’s the US, Canada, and Australia that are struggling.

      • 42% of under 5s in former West Germany are not of German ancestry. I think that former East Germany will split, eject diversity and look east for its future.

      • No doubt Europe is in far better shape than the U.S. That said, they seem to be trying to make up for lost time. Ten percent of births in England are to Muslims. Probably close to 25% of birth in England are non-white. In France, ~20% of births are to Muslims with another 5-10% to other non-whites. Births in Germany are probably 10-15% non-whites.

        Granted, compared to the U.S., that’s great, but it’s still troubling. In addition, Europe’s non-whites are becoming increasingly Muslim and Africa – or both. Mexicans are one thing, Muslims and blacks are another.

      • We don’t want them to assimilate, thanks. You go and assimilate with them if you think that’s important.

    • Have you seen the population figures for the US and Europe?
      I mean the US is the leading edge indicator for diversity.
      It’s not even close.

      • Beyond that, Hollywood and the U.S. media have prioritized the diverse culture for decades now. Jim Lileks’ blog posts all sorts of old American cultural stuff. He does a weekly excerpt of a few pages from the 1980’s Sears catalogue. Unspoken is how white it all is. Token vibrancy amongst the clothes models, but it is all white middle class in its orientation and aspirations, 100%. That’s all gone now. Now the clothes has vulgar and provocative words plastered on the women’s butts and bodices. That’s so ghetto. Obama was a wake up call for a lot of people about where it all goes, if we stay on that path. He provided a service, of sorts.

        • Poor James Lileks. A clever, stylish writer but his nostalgia for the old white America is painful to read. The guy’s flag is planted in Minneapolis, the center of the Somali catchment area. I don’t know if he’s still published by the Strib but I recall years ago when the paper demoted him from columnist to reporter, probably because he was too white and conservative.

  25. I am starting to develop some nasty suspicions.

    Yannow how, in the bad old days before blacks had civil rights? When roving gangs of nigger-hating white supremists roamed the streets, lynching poor, innocent black people at random for no reason at all?

    What if (and I’m just spit ballin’ here) the black people that got lynched … actually deserved it?

    Dindus?!?!? In the Before Times? Good heavens, what have I been smoking? Perish the thought!!! Sorry to waste your time everyone! My tinfoil hat fits a little tight some days and makes me hatey…

    • I must warn you that if you pursue this line of thinking you may end up sympathizing with the Klan (first incarnation). Not necessarily everything they did, but the basic idea of imposing vigilante justice where the law was insufficient. You wouldn’t want to do to that.

      • Quote:

        ” …..the basic idea of imposing vigilante justice where the law was insufficient. You wouldn’t want to do to that.”

        What “law” would that be?

          • Pardon me fellas, but I’m having a bad day. Apparently you can’t mix scotch, Ritalin and viagra (I know,right? Who knew!)

            But… is it my imagination, or is it real? That the more diverse and vibrant our law gets… the more it begins to resemble the Law Of The Jungle?

      • There’s going to be plenty of vigilante justice going on in the near future.
        Nothing wrong with a little practice.

    • Subject: JOHN SMITH
      Action Required: Report to nearest university Black Studies Dept. for re-education.

      • It’s all Z’s fault!!! He MADE me think it!!!!

        Please, Inquisitor!!! Mercy!!! Were it not for him and his satanic dissidents, I’d welcome our descent into vibrancy! I’d welcome our vibrant overlords and be a loyal lickspittle!!!! 😉

    • There’s apparently a Russian saying about “people who will complain endlessly about WHAT happened to them, but never say a word about WHY it happened.”

      Not that I can think of any group that this could possibly apply to, of course.

  26. Sorry about being pedantic, but an axiom is not a statement that is self-evidently true. An axiom is a statement taken (by some relevant population—geometers or set theoreticians, for example) as true without proof. Some statements must be taken as true without proof in order to have proofs of other statements. Vary the axioms and you vary the body of true statements. Geometry is the paradigm case. And, the midwit judge to the contrary notwithstanding, nothing can be somewhat axiomatic. A statement is either taken as axiomatic (by some relevant population) or it isn’t. What she meant was something like, “‘Diversity is an important aspect of education’ is taken as axiomatic by Leftist ideologues such as I”.

  27. It might be a local anomaly, but our crime problem here is overwhelmingly Latino. It’s not even close.

  28. Some female general in a branch of the military said diversity is the most important thing in the military while China is building a Doomsday Machine. I hope China takes over because black people are going to discover what their real place in the world is when that happens

    • Like the fatuous Muhammad Ali quote about the Vietcong never having called him a particular racial epithet. As if he could possibly ever understand what they really thought of him.

      • I know what the ARVNs thought of the fuliginous folk. The phrasing of their opinions was copious, varied and harsh.

        • The boy-children fathered by American black soldiers in Vietnam were the ones available for adoption by American families after the war. Vietnamese orphan girls were also available, but orphan boys were future soldiers and not put up for adoption.

      • There’s a movie about the Chinese in Africa called Empire of dust. You can watch it on YouTube. But there’s a scene where one of the Chinese guys is with a bunch of black guys and he points at some great apes and says haha your cousins. Wow!

        • It really should be on everyone’s “watch” list. There are quite a few demonstrations (probably unintentional) of what happens when you try to get useful work out of 70 IQ folk with their attendant behavioral characteristics. One example is a scene where the Chinese construction engineer laments the state of the new construction trucks recently brought over from China. They were basically junk after a couple of years due to improper maintenance and neglect. I believe that’s where the title of the movie may have came from. That is to say, a recognition that all the efforts of the Chinese will come to nought once they leave and turn over the road maintenance to the native population—a common occurrence throughout Africa after colonialism.

          • The Chinese guys frustration dealing with them throughout the movie was palatable. And it was really interesting when he was talking, with great admiration at the Ingenuity and Industry, about how the Dutch laid down miles and miles of railroad and then looking at this black guy saying and you guys couldn’t even maintain it you just destroyed it all. What a mess

          • Both sides play each other. The locals may be low IQ, but they know how to make it all work for them, at least in the short run. Which is why there is no “long run“ of any sort of success there.

    • That “doomsday machine” is basically a nuclear weapon and nuclear reactor simulator. The US has one, too, called the Z Pulsed Power Facility, or “Z Machine”. Can be assumed the Russians also have/had one. Zero Hedge, in their usual slothfully derpy way, actually described a military dirty bomb used for area denial. China gets one, boomercons are all farting about a renewed arms race; yet where were all of you at for the preceding 40 years when the US was openly running a Z Machine? But more importantly, yeah, women need to be denied 90% of the positions in the military, and any command, command/control, command/policy position should be denied by default.

    • This reminds me of Sandra Day O’Connor’s statement after reaffirming the legality of affirmative action in the U. of Michigan case: “Perhaps in another 30 or 40 years affirmative action will no longer be needed.” Naturally, there was no mention of any objective, observable, measurable goal that needed to be achieved so that we whites would know WHEN we have reached that exalted state of existence wherein we have finally shaken off the coils of our “racism”. As it is, whites can be discriminated against ad infinitum unless we finally decide to revolt.

  29. “Therefore, we can now put the upper bound on diversity as 20% of the population being black. Any more than that and white crime victimization begins to soar and awareness of it begins to soar. ”

    It is amazing to me how consistent this phenomena is across our country and, I suspect, across other countries within the anglosphere. The degree of denial of this obvious trend is shocking.

    • Living and working in Memphis a couple of decades ago I often thought to myself that if they could convince half of the black population to move, this place would boom. Alas, this has not happened.

      • I think New Orleans had a brief resurgence of hope once a major portion of its black population was removed to Houston in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. They must have moved back.

      • With respect to Zman’s regular output, this column breaks new ground (IMO) in trying to quantify an “optimal” amount of diversity. The question itself is never asked, perhaps because it seems to lend itself only to the realm of opinion. But even if that’s ultimately the case, Z has shown how the relevant axis of opinion could be considerably narrowed. Nice work.

  30. Z man becoming nostaligic for the 50s/60s!!:
    “Most likely, the right mix for maximum diversity benefits is something close to what America was like in 1965.”

    Note, this is a somewhat saracastic comment.

    • “Most likely, the right mix for maximum diversity benefits is something close to what America was like in 1965.”

      Personally, I don’t see the need for any sarcasm. I was alive at that time, and America was much better then by almost any measure, although I would question whether this was because of optimal diversity. Rather, it was the last year of sanity for America’s governing classes.

      In all seriousness, it’s remarkable how often that year keeps coming up. Peter Turchin says that almost all American social indicators started going downhill, starting in 1965, with some holding out until 1980. We can argue about when America’s peak year was, but there’s no doubt that we entered a steepening decline sometime in that period.

      • My “sarcasm” was directed at the fact that just a few weeks ago, he wrote that nostalgia wasn’t the answer, or at the least misguided. Now he seems to imply it’s okay if the mix reverted back to 1965. I don’t argue with this article overall.

        • OK, I see what you mean. No, nostalgia is not the answer, but a car still needs a rearview mirror. A glance back never hurts. But obviously there’s no going back.

      • Mid-1960s were the years the Boomers were entering college. After dodging the VietNam war draft with student deferrals, they then entered business and academia and we started the downhill spiral.

      • And 1965 was just around the time that Vatican Council II was getting heated up. And look at what that brought on.
        A Catholic perspective on our slide into oblivion:
        In 1965: I personally think that it was the start of it all: Mass devolving into the lowest common denominator, and releasing thev evil into the world. Before that, it was held fairly well in-check by conservative morals and Latin Mass.

      • Well, I as a young teen I noticed that, even though my parents didn’t care for President Kennedy, his assasination in November 1963 shocked and confused them, and public confidence regarding the future took a sharp major turn downward, never to recover its previous level in my lifetime. Shortly afterward, Amercian involvement in an undeclared SE Asian war having nothing to do with legitimate self-defense was ramping up, causing the country to split vehemently along political lines. In 1968 Robert Kennedy and MLK were assasinated, anti-war protests broke out, and race riots more violent and destructive than we’ve yet seen in this decade were occuring in my midwestern hometown and other major cities nationwide.

    • 1965 Cities vs Now Urban Chaos: The Z Recipe–A few herbs and pinch of spice in the stew makes it flavorful. A pound of spice dumped in the stew makes it inedible.

        • Stop your complaining and eat that delicious thick brown gravy. It tastes good and it is good for you. At least that is what we are told every day.

  31. I guess I have always used axiomatic incorrectly, note to self.
    In the whole history of humanity has there ever been one so self abnegating as those that we call whites?

    Hey I’m a fair man, I vote we keep the diversity level at 10% just to keep it spicy and remind us of the others. How do I get rid of the 40% of white cucks and looney progs?
    Just need a good plan to implement, perhaps from nature.

      • This is something diversity doesn’t understand. The subject of being white just never comes up. It’s just not that important to white people. Blacks and Jews talk endlessly about their ethnicity. It is a central organizing feature of their lives.
        I remember vising my best friend’s mother one time after she and her husband moved out to the country. I sit down at the table and ask how she’s doing and her answer “I hate it! There’s not another Jew for 50 miles!” Same with blacks. I think the average white person is clueless about how important being black or Jewish is to the average black or Jew, while they are clueless as to how important being white is to the average white, which is not at all.
        Everyone is just projecting.

        • The (self-) defining characteristic is not ethnicity per se, but rather victimhood solely because of their ethnicity.

          One could understand that in a largely low-IQ group, but it is difficult to rationalize in a high-IQ group. The lack of introspection and self-reflection is amazing, but may be a defense mechanism.

          As to your remark about “The subject of being white just never comes up” — well, it is now. The “coalition of the fringes,” the eternal victims, and the racebaiters have done more than any klansman, or Nazi (name your evil white bugaboo) have to forge a generic White identity.

          • Yup, “white privilege” has been the obliviousness that color and ethnicity matter. The other tribes have been sorting that out for us very well, thank you very much. Nothing like heightening the awareness of one’s whiteness, to build out a white tribe.

      • Because there has never been a threat to white people (for being white people) until very recently. Hence, no antibodies to respond.

    • “I hate White people because White people so thoroughly hate themselves.”

      Somebody somewhere said that.

    • Well they tend to self-identify so it’s not hard to expel them at gun point or simply give them a box car ride to oblivion. Generally you find them concentrated among white professionals since they have the money to isolate themselves from the shit they promote.

      Also IMO they are far more destructive to white society than blacks. Because it’s they who promote insane and suicidal social policies that promote brown skins and sexual deviants into a protected class, gut law enforcement, water down the laws so criminals do little or no time., Make self-defense by law abiding citizens illegal and disarm them as well.

      In a sense they create the environment that the black and Mexican criminal can thrive in.

    • “I vote we keep the diversity level at 10 per cent”

      Never works that way in the long run.

      In a free society that is 90/10 White/black (and notice I said a FREE society), in just two generations it is 70/15/15 White/black/mulatto, in four generations it is 40/30/30 White/black/mulatto, and so on. Diversity plus freedom equals mudslide.

      “Where de White wimminz at?” is a universal aspect of all non-East Asian societies.

    • Well, it would mean no Olympic gold medals for the USA basketball team and track & field sprint and jumping events. But other than that I can’t think of any other negative consequences.

      • Football would be slower. Fewer player-games would be lost to injury. There’d be fewer WR divas, and less taunting overall. End zone celebrations would mostly be the player flipping the ball to the official.

      • Our host often brings up the importance of asking what is good for our people as opposed to say our economy.

        Bringing home gold is nice, but not nearly as nice as fielding a cohesive team that reflects our people.

        In my experience with basketball the max number of blacks is one.

        As soon as there are two, the ‘culture’ immediately descends into street ball. Word gets out. The next week there are six. By week 4 most of the white guys stay home.

        Sure we have nicer courts, rims with actual nets that manage to not steal themselves. But why do they come? Why drive over to a court full of racists and oppressors when you have courts and fellow black players aplenty?

        Because we are good players. We run clean games with order and fairness and inclusivity. We play team ball with defence, passing, and pick and roll plays.

        So they come. It becomes their game, their court, their rules. And so we go find a new court.

        Conversely, when I was young I regularly played in the street games and was often the only white or one of a select few they allowed to play. Your desire to play, your respect for the rules, the game, etc were irrelevant.

        You had to be good. More importantly, you had to walk the line between standing up for yourself against racism, bad calls, and minor physical abuse and being too white and getting beat down and disinvited to the fun.

        For them the basketball was just one more display of the ‘culture’. There is no sake of the sport.

        This ‘culture’ of basketball is no longer ours. Its full ghetto. If we cared less about winning at all costs and more about the experience of building a team that reflects our culture, we would be happier engaging in these sorts of things.

        Also, i think we could easily field a team of all whites and medal at the games.

        This reliance on black bodies for ‘real’ sport and its mythology of superiority is embarrassing.

        And it fails to factor in how many great future talents do not enter – or exit like I did, when the black mercenary culture of sports becomes commonplace.

        A friend used to be a principal at an all boys catholic high school. The cadre of “scholarship” students represented the bulk of the basketball and football team. It was also the bulk of violence, disruption, and intimidation of other students.

        The thing is, they were always good at sports with all white kids. Somewhere something changed. I don’t think it was that white kids suddenly got less athletic.

        • Steve Sailer has noted, and I think he’s right, that a lot of young tall white kids (around 6-5 or so) choose to play baseball, specifically pitcher, where height is an advantage, instead of basketball.

          • I recently looked up the racial mix in MLB, and turns out it’s about the same as for the U.S. at large — but the black component peaked a couple decades back, and is still dropping. Fact is baseball is a high-IQ sport, requiring reaction times to match (“game of inches” is no exaggeration, and neural response time parallels IQ), and that selects against the majority of the vibrant. Also, it’s a self-sacrifice sport. which doesn’t attract the self-aggrandizing diverse.

            It’s interesting to watch black vs white players after committing an error. The white guy is chagrined and wears an expression of “next time I’ll do better.” The black guy’s expression is not-my-fault and “Whatchoo lookin’ at??”

        • Well done, Screwtape.

          As a sixth grader, in a Pop Warner game, I ran for about 150 yards and scored 4 touchdowns.

          That night, after dinner, and after he had had a couple of pops, my father gave me what he, no doubt, intended as sage advice:

          “Don’t get a big head. You are not going to be playing in the NFL. The black kids will beat you out.”

          This was 1974, when the majority of NFL players were white.

          My father was then 43 years old. Somewhere along the line, had had bought the mythology that negroes are superior athletes.

          • When it comes to speed and jumping, they ARE superior. Their smaller torsos and longer limbs determine that. That’s why they don’t excel at hockey

        • Screw tape, great observation. I had a similar experience where I live with our (non-Black) vibrancy when son was in soccer league. The coach scheduled a game against a Hispanic team from the other side of town on “their” field. The play was like night and day from what we were used to. Soccer turned into a full contact sport similar to football, which of course we were attempting to stay away from by joining a soccer league.

          Anyway, the Hispanic parents hooted and hollered and enjoyed every foul resulting in knock downs and players limping off of the field. Fouls of course were not called often enough from my point of view. My son said basically, he’d never play there again. The coach, I am lead to understand, was informed in no subtle way he was not to schedule any more games with such “vibrant” teams.

          In case one thinks this is an oddball, one off thing—a few years later a similar occurrence happened to my daughter when she played in youth soccer. This time the wife was involved and the coach—a Hispanic at that—was called on the carpet and we stayed in our own side of town from there on.

        • Screwtape, I take issue with your assertion that multiple “Blacks” on a b ball team assures a descent into “street ball”. Of course I have the advantage of living in San Antonio, home of the least “street ball” team in the NBA. I can guarantee that, at least in San Antonio, there is no “I” in “team”. And yet they win. If memory serves, Tim Duncan has just as many rings as Kobe Bryant.

          • Bill, I never played in the NBA nor do I consume it so whatever the San Antonio franchise is up to is irrelevant to me.

            I have played basketball on three continents and in multiple states, urban, suburban, and rural. The dynamic is consistent. There is a very low tipping point in which the culture or spirit of the game changes based on its vibrancy.

            It has little to do with the passing and “team” ball you are getting at. Re read my comment. They come to play with us precisely for that reason. But they cannot leave their ghetto antics in their zip code and it always descends into something less than.

            It is also worth noting that while the raw athleticism and and jumping superiority are probably true in the extreme, it is not evident on the average.

            But when the game solves for those extremes, while tolerating other traits like low IQ and other illegal to notice behaviors, it may seem like those traits are what it takes to win, but at what cost?

            As that culture has taken over the game, the game has changed, including how rules are interpreted.

            How the average guard today takes his dribble would have been traveling 30 years ago. Same goes for the blatant initiation of contact in the paint, coupled with the feet shuffling and palming.

            The subtle erosion of such things is hard to see until one day you are the only one that keeps his hand atop the ball when changing direction.

            So yeah, if it is about pounding bodies and covering 25’ on a single dribble, and talking shit constantly, the Afros are gonna be better.

            We ceded the court just like everything else. In the end its just entertainment, but how many courts do we cede until we no longer have a venue to express our own culture?

            Eh, Basketball wasnt even my sport. So its not my racism talking. I played a white sport. Up through olympic development in my early 20’s. Luckily I got thru it before the quest for Gold caused the team to go full mercenary.

            Seems we are a suicidal people even in play.

        • Well zulus mature 2 years sooner than their white counterparts. So of course in the 12 to 14 year range they are going to have an advantage. I would say this spills over to issues of confidence among many other factors in a white boys particapation in sports. Oh yeah. White girls tend to mature about 2 years before white boys .at the same time the spear chuckers do. Think hard about that one.

        • If you want to bring basketball back to the way it used to be, just raise the net about 24″ or so. Remembering that the when the guy developed the idea of basketball, people were typically 5’6″ or so tall. Now you have guys who are at least a foot taller ruling the game.
          And yeah, the rest of your remarks are spot on – not that any good leftie would ever admit that…

        • I played some street ball myself (Rose Mofford Sports Complex in Phoenix, by Metrocenter), and my observations are:

          Most black players on the street ball level can’t go left, and most can’t shoot for shit from outside. I am tallish (6’6″ at the time), and every damned one of them thought they would be in the NBA if they were as tall as I was. They gave no thought to how the game changes as you get higher off the ground.

          The most fun I had was at Glendale community college, were a group of older players would play twice a week in the gym. Not nearly as much street ball garbage.

          No one knew how to feed the post, though, so I was mostly wasted. 😀

      • Re: “bleached America” Olympic performance. About sprinting and jumping events I suspect that you are correct. As far as basketball goes, I recall that colleges like BYU and Indiana University (under coach Bobby Knight) used to put together rather competitive teams with all white or mostly white starting lineups well into the 1980s and 1990s.

        • There’s always been a lot of great white players in basketball. But blacks do dominate. Blacks of West African descent, on average, simply jump higher than whites and are quicker, although as with every endeavor there are exceptions. Jumping high and being quick are extremely advantageous in basketball.

          For the sake of accuracy, Bobby Knight’s IU national championship teams had more starting black players than white players. His undefeated ’76 NCAA championship team featured a starting lineup of Bobby Wilkinson, Quinn Buckner, Scott May, Kent Benson and Tom Abernethy. Three of the five are black. Knight’s ’81 championship team, led by Isiah Thomas (black), again three of five starters are black. Knight’s IU team won again in ’87, where Steve Alford was the lone white starter, among four black starters.

      • It’s hard for white kids whose parents (and themselves) have to work – to compete against black kids who do not and have all the benefits of affirmative action and all the other assorted welfare programs to benefit them.

        If I’m a white kid whose parents both have to work – to supply all of that money that disappears into the maw of the “black community” ( if I remember the numbers from that Vox Day article from a while back I think it was something on the order of $700k lifetime per black person) – then that’s just that much less time that tall white kid’s parents have to spend encouraging his basketball prowess.

        Long story short: black athletic prowess is subsidized. Remove the damn subsidies – and I bet that tall white kids would win an occasional Olympic gold medal in basketball and track and field.

        Black athletes in this country are on a par with East German and Soviet “amateur” athletes from the USSR era.

        They’re state subsidized.

        And the state is subsidized by white people.

        Sisyphus should pull his head out of his ass and decide that pushing that rock is a fool’s errand… sooner rather than later.

      • No Olympic gold? I take issue there. Spain are World Champions – heck Australia nearly won the whole thing. White America is more than capable of being the best basketball team in the world.

    • As Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix demonstrate, some blacks are gifted musicians. Like tasty ethnic recipes, we can import their wares from them while they live elsewhere.

      • Not really. Having a professional musician class is only possible in advanced societies. The talented 10th would never achieve much of anything in an African society because the talented 10th needs a functional society to nurture them into adults and to educate them.
        The smartest people to have ever lived were probably peasants who could not even read. Without the surplus wealth of an advanced society, the exceptional person cannot be discovered and put to work.

        • SJWs always only look at one side of the ledger as if everything is only positives. Even in the much more narrow category of “black music,” there is a benefit to be had, but there is also a large cost in the form of black rap. The real question is, on net, is it better to have a society that has new music genres where the cost is other terrible music genres taking over the airwaves and all the other enormous costs of their presence?

      • “Better” than what? Schubert? The Overture to “Don Giovanni”? Black music has its moments and its fine qualities, sure; but it nearly utterly lacks a capacity for the sublime. No capacity for magnificence, awe, terror, the celestial.

        Plus, it’s really just a sub-category of White music. Created using White instruments, White tonality, White theory, White structures, White technology. (Hip-hop is literally the first type of music ever which is completely impossible without recording technology and electronics. There is no such thing as Black recording technology, or African electronics.)

        Black music is just White music with a much stronger sense of syncopation, and a more complex sense of rhythm. If you syncopate a passage from the Brandenburg Concertos and put a tasty drum track under it, that is jazz. If you syncopate Irish folk music, that is the blues.

        One grows tired of this fawning. Sports would be fine with just White players. And more enjoyable. And less irritating. Music without black participants would not all be Pat Boone. That is nonsense. Blacks can run fast, but they can’t build a stopwatch. They can leap about and throw a rubber ball throw a hoop, but they can’t make the rubber ball. Or the hoop.

        If we were to have a White civilization where the /only/ downside was, the track stars were a bit slower and the music was less oversexed and obnoxious, who would turn that down?

        • We would adjust to the differences. Major league baseball, before 1947, was very popular. The national pastime. Basketball would be missing a lot of highlight reel dunks, but so what? Football would be slowed down a bit, but that wouldn’t matter. It would still be entertaining.

          As for music, I doubt if any of us here is able to watch a Grammy Awards show lately. The little bit I glimpsed seemed to be mostly black, black, blackety-black.

        • Black music (hiphop) without recording technology would be chants with drums, just like a. South African political rally now.
          Can you blame producers from taking advantage of gear from BanjoMart to make a 128 track souless moneymaking noise lacking melody and harmony, aimed at their savage audience?

      • “better” than what?
        Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, Michaelangelo, and on and on.
        You mean jazz is better than Mozart?
        Not so much.
        We wouldh’t HAVE jazz if Mozart and the like hadn’t come long first.

      • “They gave us better music (Jazz, Blues). That’s all I got”

        While that may true (is jazz and blues “better” than Haydn, Beethoven, Sinatra, or Bill Monroe?) what have blacks done for us lately – 40 years of rap and hip hop?

      • No, blues is and always has been universal. They gave us THEIR VERSION of blues. Jazz was as much White as black.

    • On the face of it, NO. But consider nations like Sweden, Great Britain, etc. They were homogeneous nations whose elite sold them out – forcing vibrancy on an eloi-like population that was happy to remain unarmed.

      In the US, the omnipresence of vibrancy has been a good deterrent to gun control measures.

      • US is much more diverse than Britain or Sweden and seems set to increase its relative rate of transformation, so maybe try looking closer to home when you call people Eloi.

        • The US *seemed* set to do this, but there is a wall going up and public attitudes are shifting. I wish it shifted sooner but it is running in the right direction.

          Look, even with our elites selling us out we are better prepared to defend ourselves in a way other nations aren’t. Their populations are toothless, here you can go online and order your own AR-15 for pete’s sake.

          • Yeah, all those boomers with their guns are really gonna ensure all the pozz stops. Really. Real soon. Honest.

          • So then, what generation do you think is most likely to use their guns to stop the pozz? What generation even takes an interest in guns? Serious question.

          • What good have your AR15s done you so far? Your demographics are in a worse shape than those of any European country.
            Frankly, no politician should have ever even dared to alter the demographics of America, fearing death from the armed population, but that never happened.

          • You can “order” a modern rifle online, but you get to pick it up with a Form 4473 at a licensed dealer. Since 1968.

          • Scout out what you’re looking for in the local, ‘Dandy Dime’ (private sales only), inspect it for satisfaction of functionality and condition, pay cash take delivery. Ghost in, ghost out without having to fill out any 4473 slave form.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • LOL. Awesome.

      Karl, you are now ready for the big leagues. Next thanksgiving, ask the family shitlibs that question. You will be gratified by how their heads will explode.

    • Sports & some contributions to music & entertainment, vastly outweighed by the negatives. Slavery was a net-negative for Whites economically, “Blacks built America” is Tennessee Coates snake-oil. Providing unskilled labor for Woke Capital and cannon-fodder for the Forever Wars aren’t Black positives for White America either. 6 trillion dollars in “close The Gap” spending would have kept a lot of Whites off of welfare & opiates since the Great Society. Frankly, we’d probably be on Mars already.

      • “Frankly, we’d probably be on Mars already.“

        I’ve thought recently, we could have conquered space and cured cancer, but we decided to have blacks instead.

    • It’s a fair question, but it’s not so much the number of blacks, which has stayed relatively constant as a percentage over the decades, but the achievement gap, which has become a chasm in a technology society. The difference between a white or black manual laborer is not that pronounced, and mostly cultural. The gap between a white or black STEM worker is huge and genetic. Whites are becoming a minority due to the brown flood over the southern border. This also comes with an achievement gap, but not as pronounced as white/black.

      • DLS. The difference between White and Black not only increases, but the difference between Whites increases. Charles Murray first broached this topic a decade ago in his book, “Coming Apart”. He deliberately focused on Whites only rather than confound his study wrt race bias.

        Folks on the left side of the bell curve—White or Black—are being left behind in our new technological society and this is easily seen in tracing our wealth disparities across the decades. As I’ve cited previously, the top 10% of the population (give or take a few % or so) own 80% of the wealth of the nation. The rest of folk get to fight over the remaining 20%. This shit is what starts revolutions.

    • * Unemployed EEO, AA and diversity administrators and bureaucrats

      * Layoffs welfare program bureaucrats

      * loss of countless board feet Democrat party platform

      * Layoffs in law enforcement personnel

      * Layoffs legal profession commensurate fewer discrimination law suit

      * A legal cornerstone may be overturned- Freedom of association

    • I say this with all seriousness: the music would suck. Have you heard native pop music in Russia or China or Finland? If you believe in race realism, the reality is that blacks are mother nature’s gift of groove. Imagine a world without Isaac Hayes or Marvin Gaye.

      • I would miss music like Marvin Gaye produced. Or the Spinners, Temptations, O’Jays, Earth Wind & Fire, Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson and others. But we don’t have that kind of black music anymore. We have rap garbage like Jay Z, Li’l Wayne and Snoop Dogg. Imagine a world without that crap.

      • “the music would suck”

        Not at all. I could happily live without “the groove” and “the funk” or whatever the hell they call it. And I’d be over the moon to be rap-free and hiphop-free.

        Hmm. Let’s have a look at my playlist over the last few days:
        George Strait is on as I type this.
        Chris LeDoux, The Hu, Heilung, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Exit Eden, Nightwish, Johnny Cash, Celtic Woman, Enya, Loreena McKinnett, Mark Chestnutt, Bob Seger, Altan, Skald, Sabaton, Saga, Meatloaf, Oonagh. And so forth.

        • Rap does indeed suck…though I think WNs might appreciate early Public Enemy. Their stage shows were a celebration of pseudo-fascist, unpozzed black nationalism.

        • I was just thinking…just like South Africa and Rhodesia have regressed back to black norms once free from white rule, that black music is now regressing back to a more primitive style. Rap music, with its emphasis on beat over melody and lyrics about ho’s and crime, is a long ways from Motown and jazz and big band music from the days when America was 87 percent white.

    • No. There are around 1.4 billion people in China. They are about 92% Han Chinese. The other 8% are made up of 56 ethnic groups with a more varied genetic background, but the other 8% are physically indistinguishable from the Han Chinese. If you go to China, all you will see are Chinese people because there is next to zero observable racial diversity in China.

      China has a continuous written history going back 4,000 years. Some analysts believe China has a 100 year plan to become the most powerful nation on earth. China is living proof that racial diversity is not necessary for anything in society.

      Same with Japan. Japan is about 98% Japanese. By the end of WW II Japan was a bombed, burned out radioactive waste land. Today there are a million people living in Hiroshima. In the last 75 years, Japan has re-built an entire nation and now has the 3rd largest GDP in the world.

      Again, racial diversity is not necessary for anything in society.

      • Fat White women are not criticised and socially disadvantaged enough, as well as we should remove the systemic poisoning from the food system.

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