Travelogue: To Copenhagen

The first thing you notice about the Toronto airport is the garbage on the floors of the terminal. I’m using Air Canada for this trip, so it means connecting through Toronto on the way out and Montreal on the way back. I got off by flight from Lagos, went through a maze to arrive at the end of terminal. The other flights are to Asia, so the terminal has the feel of the British Empire. That would be the dirty, squalid part of the empire. I feel as it I should be wearing a pith helmet and khaki shorts.

That explains the trash on the floors. The terminal is full of Sikhs, Chinese and various South and East Asians. Canada has a lot of Sikhs. Those are the swarthy looking guys who wear the interesting headgear. I think the name for it is Dastar, which comes from Persian, suggesting the people under the headgear also come Persia. That part of the word does not interest me, so I will not bother looking into it. What matters here is those guys were all over the terminal, as passengers and employees.

Why Canada imported so many Sikhs is a mystery, but the lunacy of western ruling classes should be considered a feature at this point. Most likely, the usual suspects were behind the idea of importing Sikhs into Canada for the usual reasons. This has given Canada a criminal element that it would otherwise lack, so there’s that. Gurmeet Singh Dhinsa is one of the nation’s most notorious criminals. Since his journey to a Canadian prison came via America, they can blame America for it.

Anyway, the garbage on the floor of the terminal is probably due to the Asian population. I saw several Chinamen toss litter on the floor. Another East Asian, probably Chinese as well, ate something with chopsticks and then left the remains on the floor of where he ate them. Sikhs, of course, like all south Asians, are dirty people. In Lagos, you see them littering all the time. They seem to think the ground will magically clean up after them. Maybe they just don’t care, as back home they live in filth….

Travel in the modern age is the worst part of traveling. All of us are now tethered to our work by e-mail, mobile and text. That means a vital part of travel is making sure you have access to the internet. Of course, the intensely on-line start to come unraveled when disconnected from their favorite platform. Young people, of course, may as well have their mobile embedded into their skulls. They are glued to the things. The result is the airport is a life and death struggle for access to charging ports…

While I was watching chickens and goats scurry about the terminal, an elderly Chinese man approached me. In not so good English, he explained that he was taking a survey about how people enjoyed their time in Canada. Apparently, this is something sponsored by the government. Perhaps the fact that I was sitting in what looked like a rail station during the British Raj should be their focus. Maybe if Canadian cities were full of Canadians, there would be no need for such surveys…

On the plane, a big black women immediately broke open her picnic basket. This is something you notice when you travel. Black women love eating on planes. They bring massive amounts of food and spend the fight eating from various baskets and bags they pull out the entire flight. This woman was eating soup as a first course, which was a nice touch. I fell asleep, but as we approached Denmark, I noticed she was grazing on what looked like my cat’s dry food. I guess that’s the kibble course…

A funny thing I spotted on my last trip to Copenhagen is that the Danes cannot control their body temperature. As soon as the temps fall before the mid-70’s, they break out the winter gear. It is about 15 degrees Celsius, which I roughly 60 degrees American, a beautiful fall day by our standards. All over the city I see locals bundled up like is the dead of winter. Clearly, they are not cold blooded, as there are no sunning rocks, so I’m guessing they just like winter. It is an odd customer nonetheless.

At the airport, I hire a car from a place that is new to me. Sixt is a rental company that operates in Europe. The clerk is black, West African, but she speaks English like native Danes, so she probably grew up in the country. She needs constant supervision, another thing I have noticed about vibrancy in the Nordic countries. Maybe the point of their open borders policy is to give their people a hobby. Rather than the normal, boring efficiency that comes natural to them, they are punching things up with diversity.

In my trips to this part of the world, that’s what has always jumped out to me. America has been multi-racial since the beginning. We have evolved our systems to accommodate the decedents of slaves. That made it easier for us to integrate the recent waves of brown people for over the horizon. Our retail and administrative systems were built to be operated by morons. That’s not the case in this part of the world and it really shows…

I’m staying one night in Copenhagen to get rested up, then I’m off for a day trip along the Swedish coast into Norway. I rented what appears to be q child’s toy. It is a Renault Scenic, which is about the size of a Prius. It’s diesel and manual transmission. I was less than enthusiastic, but putting around Copenhagen, I see the utility of having a tiny little car. Dodging the damned bicycles is a great challenge. On foot, it is a hassle, but in a car, it is maddening. Driving is like the old arcade game Frogger.

I got lost, of course, as the hotel is tucked away in a residential neighborhood outside of the airport. What has always struck me about the residential areas of Nordic countries is the sublime pleasantness. Even the working-class areas have the community feel to them that you only see in the tonier neighborhoods of America. Seeing white people, quietly walking the streets, commuting on bikes and shopping at local stores in an urban area is quite jarring when you come from Lagos on the Chesapeake…

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107 thoughts on “Travelogue: To Copenhagen

  1. I live in Eastern Asia and have never seen Chinese or any other type of Eastern Asian littering in an airport. Why they do in Canada would be an interesting post. Maybe the constant coddling has caused them to revert to juvenile states. I know that airports in Asia would not take kindly to people dumping their garbage on the airport floor. It would probably kill the mood of buying a Rolex at the Rolex store.

    • When we lived in Singapore the local Han population littered all the time. Why do you think they passed laws against chewing gum in the subway or put urine sensors in the elevators? Cultural habits don’t come out of nowhere nor do they abate because of muh law or muh assimilation. The tittering little Han office girls may look charming to you as they dump their trash while they walk – but my husband, bless him, loved to pick it up and run up to them and remark “I think you accidentally dropped your belongings back there.”

  2. Thanks for everything, Jews! We really appreciate it!!

    It’s just so great to know that everything in our whole society had to be totally burned to the ground, and reduced to rubble and ashes, just so that precious special chosen Jews could feel more comfortable, lounging in the wreckage. It must be great, because it’s great for Jews!

    And that’s the only thing that really matters, right?

    It makes us feel all squishy and warm inside!

    Yep, that’s awesome, Hans, you can stack the ovens right over there in the corner. Yeah, get all the ovens stacked there really neatly, so we have plenty of room. We’re gonna have another big delivery of ovens again in the morning, so we’ll need the space. Lots and lots and lots of ovens. Nobody has the slightest idea why.

  3. Saw a Sikh in a town (public) library using the sink for his personal wash room. Then watched him blow snot directly into the sink basin. I politely asked him to refrain from bathing in the sink and he — in typical non-humble immigrant fashion — gave me an attitude. I would bet that the library staff are the kinds of people who are more culturally mature than I am, but when I told them what the guy did in the restroom, they turned yellow.

    And the black chick on the plane…..doesn’t she know what she’s doing to the septic tank by feeding herself like there’s no tomorrow?


  4. Just made Valhaliya to Copenhagen myself – about 8:00 pm here now. LAX was browner than Toronto, FWIW. White ratio among TSA’s & staff was about 10%. But my late-night Norwegian Air shuttle (highly recommend them, great service, low feral count) was super-civilized and downright caucausian. Only diversity was a handful of Asians. Not up for renting a “car,” Z’s more adventurous in that sense – I have post-bicyclist trauma from being around Big Bear all summer. Exploring the city starting tomorrow. Happy H8ing.

    • Exploring the city starting tomorrow.

      Three travel tips for nationalists:

      1) The equestrian statue of Bishop Absalon – the founder of Copenhagen and one of the greatest statesmen in Danish history. Notice the chain mail and the battleaxe? That’s because he was a honest-to-God crusader, slaughtering heathens in the Eastern Baltic.

      The building he is facing is the parliament; the big stone spheres inclosing the forecourt are counter-truck-terrorism measures, but Absalon only needs to give that pony a touch of his spurs and he’d be on the assembly floor in a matter of seconds, braining traitors left and right.

      2) The Gefion Fountain. Gefion is Denmark’s creator goddess, who was promised by the Swedish king that she could have all the land she could put under plow in a day. So she traveled to Jotunheimen, effed a giant and brought forth four sons whom she turned into oxen and harnessed to her plow. At one point, the plow bit so deep that it ripped up a part of Sweden and dragged it into Øresund to form Zealand, the ancestral homeland of the tribal Danes.

      Both are located in beautiful parts of Copenhagen and make, weather permitting, excellent starting points for exploration.

      3) Thirty kilometers from Copenhagen, in the town of Roskilde, is the burial church of the Danish kings. Nothing compared to the big cathedrals down south, but I bet not even St. Denis has as many royal tombs. The remains of the first Christian Danish king, Harald Bluetooth, are interred here. They’ll rip you off for a ticket, mind you, the only church in Denmark to charge an entrance fee.

      Roskilde is also home to the Viking Ship Museum – never been there, so I can’t tell you if it’s worth the trouble, but the photos I’ve seen look boring, a handful of dilapidated wrecks. The National Museum, though, is great.

      • The Viking Ship Museum is definitely worth some trouble. If you like ships and archaeology, anyway.

      • Absalon sounds like my kind of Christian, someone who’d defenestrate David French ala Longshanks in Braveheart. Will pay my respects.

        • Give him my regards, but be advised that it’s in the most expensive part of Copenhagen. I don’t know what kind of budget you’re traveling on, but unless you’re in an Airbnb and have a kitchen, I’d go to Vesterbro or Nørrebro to feed.

          Alternatively, there are hotdog carts everywhere and the occasional shop that sells open-faced sandwiches over the counter – these are marked “Smørrebrød”. There are dedicated restaurants for smørrebrød but they are rarely worth the price.

          And don’t forget to hit the bakeries for pastry. A tourist guide would recommend Lagkagehuset, but there are excellent bakers all over town where you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to shop. Just look at their pastries, check that they don’t look deflated and you’re probably good. It’s a good sign if they have a lot of customers.

  5. If you’re going to be looking for specific addresses in European cities, I hope that you have a GPS in some form. I recently returned from a trip to Portugal and Spain and finding our way around without GPS was a major challenge.

    • Already enjoying that “feature,” cabbies are no less crooked and rapacious here so far – get your licks in while you can, gypsies, I’ll be map-proficient & public transpo savvy within a day or so.

    • New Jersey is one of those places where the immigrants can’t possibly change the population for the worse. It’s interesting to remember that the governor of New Jersey at the time of the revolution was a supporter of the British. They haven’t gotten any better.

      I’m afraid the spirits of Richard Stockton, John Witherspoon, Francis Hopkinson, John Hart, and Abraham Clark have left the state.

      • It’s hard to believe that until the mid-70s, New Jersey was a no-state-income-tax haven for New Yorkers. It’s always shocking how fast leftists can ruin things.

        • At one time, NJ was a very business-friendly state. The 3% sales tax was introduced in 1966 and the income tax in the 1970s under Brendan Byrne. After he left office, Byrne worked in a nearby law firm and I saw him twice. I was tempted to call out, “thanks for the income tax, Governor Byrne,” but never did.

  6. in paragraph 10, Z wrote:

    “We have evolved our systems to accommodate the decedents of slaves.”


    wishful thinking, or sloppy spellczech?

  7. You’re the dissident right inheritor of P.J. O’Rourke’s “Holidays in Hell” masterpiece travelogues.

    • O’Rourke’s travel writing is the best I’ve read of anyone in the current generation, meaning those still alive. In 2002 I was staying in a guesthouse in Penang, Malaysia and had a copy of his book “Eat The Rich”, which chronicled his travels to countries encompassing the entire spectrum of economic systems, from Cuba to Hong Kong. This hairy, ossified fugitive from some formerly great Western country spied it on my bed and, seeing the title, said, “sounds like a great book, man!”

      My favorite work of O’Rourke’s comes from the National Lampoon, a comic titled “The Mad Smoker of Elmsdale”. It’s stunning 40 years later to see how much of this comic came true, all the more so since it was written during the most politically incorrect period in our country.

      • I traveled in Southeast Asia also to some of the most beautiful places surrounded by the other privileged children of Western Europe but I ultimately felt completely alienated from my “cousins” because of the fact that I didn’t hate my cultural inheritance and seek to destroy it. I grew to hate them

        • I did three extended backpack trips in that part of the world. During the first two — 1996 and 1998 — I fit right in with the leftists of the Anglosphere. By the time I did it again in 2002 I had been red-pilled and kept to myself the entire time.

          • @KGB
            Changes your perspective when you realize that they want to do away with anything good and wholesome and you don’t even want to share the same space as them…

      • O’Rourke’s a bitter cuck nowadays but in his prime…. My fave was in Give War a Chance where he said the press corps bet a case of champagne that no one could get a photo of a Kuwaiti lifting anything heavier than money.

        • Every time I hear conservative it has become a never Trumper I just assume that they are a pedophile that wants to stay in the club

  8. “British Empire… pith helmet… chinaman… rail station during the British Raj… swarthy…”

    You’re killing me this morning. I pictured you sauntering through the airport, mysterious face capped by a pith helmet, swagger stick neatly tucked under left elbow… muttering about, “Bloody uncivilised wogs…” LOL

    Safe travels chap, stiff upper lip. Tah.

    • British jingoists used to say, “Wogs begin at Calais.” Now, they begin when you walk down the street.

    • My friend’s British husband, who looks like a shorter Rod Stewart, actually does say that. Cracks me up every time.

  9. The Toronto Airport sounds like paradise…at least compared to San Francisco.

    The slow and steady decay into feces districts has led to a story the papers don’t want to have to explain: an explosion in the rat population. An assortment of Turd World peoples with their hygiene habits + crowding + large numbers of indigents + rats = Plague….so there is a silver lining…

    • Moving through major areas of the North American continent which use to be 90% white not that long ago and seeing them turned into a dysfunctional 3rd world kakistocracy by the (((usual suspects))) can have a highly debilitating effect on one’s mood & general worldview.

      • Yes, it does. In fact, in diverse areas, everybody is cranky, not just the whites.

        Canada is worse than you think. We are not even pretending to let in “economic immigrants” anymore – just the dredges of the 3rd world. It’s worse here than anywhere in the USA, because Asians are far more incompatible than Mexicans.

        Somebody like Z has no immunity. If you live in those kinds of areas for a while, like me, the initial state of misery passes as you develop a close bond with the few remaining whites and just seem to have a higher tolerance it. High tolerance, however, does not mean acceptance…

        • They’ve colonized Vancouver.

          My mom’s from Canada, so I have some awareness of what’s going on.

          As far back as 1977, on a visit to Winnipeg, a relative told me a joke: There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that a busload of Pakistanis went over a cliff. The bad news is that there was room for one more. I think that that joke would be classified as “hate speech” today.

          I remember walking to a local convenience store and passing a ranch-style house with a front lawn that looked like an abandoned lot and an elderly turbaned man in the front. It was a good suburban neighborhood, but I guess that the family didn’t consider lawn care to be a part of home ownership.

          In 1991, on a visit to other relatives in Toronto, I noticed that all of the shop signs in the Agincourt (nicknamed “Asiancourt”) section of the city were in Chinese and some had no English lettering at all.

          On another note, one of my cousins was so fed up with the Quebecois that wanted to kick Quebec out of Canada!

          • Hilarious to talk to “Good Ontario Boys” – they really do have a deep and open hatred of the damn frenchies. Some guys I know refuse to serve them, they do not help them out.

            Anyways, Quebec is still 85% white and just passed restrictive bills against Islam, and has a distinctive identity. The province is 99% white outside of Montreal. Ontario now looks like Pakistan North, China North, India North, Africa North, depending on the area.

            So the good ol’ Ontario boys can keep mocking the frenchies but the frenchies will be around for alot longer than they will be.

          • I think that Quebec had the highest birth rate in the world at some point in the 1950s. Celine Dion was the youngest of 14 children. Most of the towns are named in honor of a saint. No longer a bastion of conservative Catholicism.

  10. Your comments about the Toronto airport are accurate.

    I wish I could say that you just had the misfortune of being in the Asian destination section of the airport – but the reality is that this *is* Canada now. It’s not just at the airport you see this. This is the country we now live in. It is one with rapidly growing Asian areas and dwindling white enclaves.

    Brampton – 44% South Asian, 15% Black, 26% White. Pop. 590,000
    Markham – 45% Chinese, 18% South Asian, 22% White. Pop. 328,000
    Toronto – 47.7% White (was 95% as much as 30 years ago) Pop. 2,700,000
    Mississauga – 42.3% White, 22% South Asian. Pop. 721,000

    I believe Pickering and other cities in the GTA are now verging on plurality-white too. White people live in their own bubbles.

    Welcome to the New Canada. What you saw was not an exception but the rule.

    Yes, the non-whites are as bad as you think. Good descriptions.

    • Used to always try and fly through Toronto City airport when had to make regular runs up there. Once made the mistake of booking through Pearson–and blundered into one of those flights that had mostly Iranians on it–retrieving one bag became a nightmare of negotiating Black Moving Objects attempting to wrestle bags large enough to contain relatives off the conveyor.

    • Flew through Toronto last July, saw my first transvestite walking through the airport. The dude was at least 6’ tall. Wearing a nice dress, shawl and heels. He looked like he weighed at least 250 pounds. I live a sheltered existence in South Georgia and I was really impressed. Alas, I was too slow to get my phone out to take a picture.

      • I saw one in NYC in the 1990s behind the counter at The Strand Bookstore. But that is NYC.

      • Working at EBMUD in downtown Oakland, would keep my eyes peeled for the black Watusi tranny strolling in a prom dress, matching purse, size 20 gunboat Air Jordans, and often he would have peed himself. He appeared to be a blasting cap—Do Not Touch. Yet he did not yell, stagger or roll his eyes. One day driving out of the bowels of the EBMUD garage, I pulled up to the sidewalk, klaxon honking off, and there stood the “night at the opera” peed-on tranny. God knows what possessed me, but I just had to know. I rolled down the car window and chirped, “Good Afternoon.” He focused on me and in a deep pleasant normal voice replied, “Good Afternoon to you.” I smiled at him then drove on. His voice didn’t match his nuttiness. Just had to know.

    • I was in Vancouver, BC earlier this year. In some areas of the city the real estate “for sale” signs in front of properties are written entirely in Chinese.

  11. Drudge just ran an article stating that 1 in 4 Swedish women are afraid to leave their homes unescorted for fear of being raped or assaulted. Don’t know if that is accurate or not, but if so, sooner or later someone is going to connect the dots and figure out that vibrancy comes at a steep price. Perhaps that also explains why Greta Thunberg has ventured across the pond to torment us over here rather than hide out in her house back home.

  12. I remember my first trip to Europe in the seventies. “So,” I thought to myself, “this is how white people live. Hmm.”

    • My first week living in New Hampshire, I realized I had not seen a black person. I stopped thinking about it. Now, I think about ti often.

      • I mentioned in an earlier threat that last July I spent a few days with friends at an RV camp in upstate NY. Virtually, all White – one Black family. American flags and even Trump banners out. Like the America of my childhood, even in NJ.

      • Actually I think that’s why all these crazy Liberals are in the environmental movement. White white white. They just don’t want to admit it to themselves

      • Returning occasionally to my Whitetopia hometown, I’m always stunned to see white kids working at fast food places – and just how good they are. I also enjoy not having to ask a store manager to unlock the razor blades display case because they’re just hanging there.

        You notice how smoothly and easily life functions in areas 90%+ white. It’s such a joy. Of course, the people in my hometown are heavily liberal and very big believers in diversity as white people who don’t live around diversity are wont to be.

        • I made a comment to a White woman working at a 7-11 in Ocean County, NJ, about being a White person working at a 7-11. I don’t recall her reply but it wasn’t negative.

          I noticed certain cosmetic items in a locked glass case in the Walmart located in Garfield, NJ, that were open in my local Morris County Walmart. I also saw a man wearing a Trump tshirt walking through the store and I complimented him on it. The locals who shop in the Morris County store are of a paler hue and the town itself is Republican.

      • Oh, there goes Range nattering on about living in Mormonland again. Yeppers….Purposely, Purposely and Purposely chose to live in a lily-white subdivision with (gasp) large ½ acre and larger lots. And a view of the mountains. No trash. No one fixing a car in the middle of street, then saying Screw It and leaving the abandoned car hulk. No domestic squabbling in the street. Normie kids including little ones riding bikes and making normal kid squeeling noises. Norman Rockwell lives here but is packing his steamer trunk as this is a land of high altruism and sitting ducks, and will change to be a bare shade of itself.

        • Again you wax poetic, Range Front. ” . . . a land of high altruism and sitting ducks . . .” I’m stealing that.

  13. Be careful traveling in EurAfrica. The annual Yom Kippur/Rag-Head slaughter festival is underway(which is being ignored by the US Corporate Media which has its head up the ass of “Impeach Foty Fi”!! and “Kurdish Lives Matter!!”).

    Remember, the only thing between you and that Goatherd with the AK is an unarmed “cop.”

  14. Great travel writing skipped a century. Empirical, acidic, judgmental, mocking, generously racist, “Chinamen,” pith and khaki–the 19th century is back, lads.

  15. Whenever I see or hear about or remember a nice community or area or nation, I think about the reasoning for importing large numbers of people from the Third World. We know the conversations couldn’t have been along the lines of “we’ve got a really nice, well-functioning, high-trust society here, so let’s make it even better by bringing in hordes of Gambians!” The people in charge aren’t that stupid, but they are sinister, and have been assisted by foolish, overly altruistic white people.

    • Amen Brother… People that live in these white areas have no idea the cost and degeneracy of diversity…By the time they realize it it’s to late to do anything legal about it so it turns into a dump also…Which is why again I advocate to build Communities so we can stop it from happening where we are at before it even starts…

  16. The comment about Asians and litter is so true. I live in one of those SoCal neighborhoods where the houses are clustered on the tops of the hills, and behind the back yards the landscape drops off into steep, brush filled canyons in order to maximize the fire danger this time of year. Our next door neighbor from India, nice people, but the women dress up in wraps of colorful cloth to compensate for their, er, features, and rattle off in scoldy voices all the time, while the menfolk generally stay quiet and exchange glances. They see fit to throw their house trash down into the canyon, where it blows around and arranges itself in the brush. Lovely.

    • Younger Chinese are more tidy in public. It’s the older stock and peasant stock abroad who litter.

      • Aside from the alien appearance, the sing-song accents, and the fact they’re in the wrong continent, what really gets to me is the STENCH. There was a subcon at the gym the other day that literally had me gagging. I went and complained to the Negro gym employee and he immediately knew what I was talking about . . . that alone speaks volumes.

    • Sounds very much like where I live. The well-to-do neighborhood in the hills above us was, until recently, a small remnant of rural Orange County. Lot size was five acres. The foreign money moved in. The lot size went to one acre. The asians will buy that one acre lot, and build right to the property line. Every damn time. There seems to be a contest going on to see who can build the ugliest, most ostentatious dwelling that most violates the beauty of landscape around it.


      • click on your link – i assume you are in – or near – La Habra Heights. (I’m in Tustin). What you say is true about Asians, obviously. Chinese – especially wealthy ones – have absolutely zero class. I recall how the Chinese looked at the European explorers and merchants of the past few centuries as “barbarians”. Perhaps. But that street goes both ways, my friend.

    • Not a problem. The cows, goats, and dogs that roam freely in the area will tidy up the mess. Just like home.

  17. On foot, it is a hassle, but in a car, it is maddening. Driving is like the old arcade game Frogger.

    You should have clipped one for the sake of all that’s good, beautiful and just. Cyclists in Copenhagen are worse than the Holocaust.

    • The DeathRace 2000 fantasies I have from Big Bear, CA cyclist events all summer are priceless memories. I thought SoCal’s lowlander/coastal bicyclists were awful until I met the mountain bike snobs.

        • Try the ‘Outlaw bicycle clubs’. No joke. It really is a thing. Slow cruise with a big pack, going tavern to tavern on the beach path, and lots of partying going on. Get a stretch, or a rusty old rat, or a fat tire cruiser. And you should see the hand built, one-off customs! It’s great fun. I’ve been in it for years.


  18. A Pandora’s box of a travel rant! The cheap-labor diversity isn’t cheap for long. How do you put a dollar figure on squalor and cultural degradation? You can’t – it doesn’t show up on an economic spreadsheet so it’s not accounted for … in the short term it boosts GDP but that’s all illusory. It’s not terribly difficult to mathematically quantify the cost of The Diversity but of course that’s purposefully avoided.

    As to the millions glued to their mobile screens and seeking power-ports, what happens to these lemmings when (not if) the music stops? The burial details will be busy for months.

    • Not to mention when the logistical train delivering them their SSRIs, blood pressure meds, birth control pills, and the other 15 daily pills they consume goes down. It’ll take 72-96 hours before they are out of their minds from withdrawal.

      I’m figuring — at least in the US — you just have to wait it out about a month. Far away from crowds, of course. They’ll all be dead within 2-3 weeks. The withdrawals from benzos, as we’ve seen from Jordan Peterson, can be life-ending if not managed. I wonder just how many people rely upon them, and if they’re aware of what occurs when they lose access to them for more than a few days. It’s simply awful to contemplate how atavistic it will get, fast.

    • The question is who will even know the proper way to bury them if they can’t google it… Disease will be rampant, water sources will be contaminated, and everything will be chaotic…Best have a Community and a Plan for dealing with all that…

      • One of my patients is employed by a local Indian tribe to conduct their burial rituals. He’s Mexican. He explained to me in detail the multiple-day stages of mourning and the preparation of the body for each stage. Then he said, “Not a single one of these idiots still knows their own rituals.”

      • *Snort* Everyone was expecting google goggles in the near future but just as likely a return of the crow-faced plague masks instead.

        • The flying cars promise was so close to fruition when the development team succumbed to TB and bubonic plague…

      • Exactly right. I feel like I’m ready some days, and then consider the pandemic potential. There’s no avoiding every potentiality, but avoiding crowds and cultivating a mono cultural community are key elements. And as I used to tell my young sailors, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”

  19. Ugh. Tranna – in the vibrant and diverse province of Morontario. Good advice for ya, Z: keep one hand on your side arm and don’t drink the koolaid. Queerbec is worse, and much as I hate fwench Canadians… they are starting to get tough on their imported pets… so there’s some bright spots in this.
    But yes, pakies and chinks are filthy people and are best avoided if possible.

  20. I think you covered the Sikh story pretty well in your podcast. We didn’t want them, so what happened next? Word got out that Canada did so they went there en masse instead of the US.

      • As far as Jeets go, Sikhs are a functional fraction. Roberr E. Howard seemed to like them most among SW Asians in his “El Borak” stuff and a few of his horror stories. They’d be my choice for the interface ethnicity between core Whites and SW Asians where necessary in a future e-state.

        • What’s with “having a choice?”

          I have no “choice”. I don’t choose any alien peoples. Sikhs are “fine” from a distance until you realize that they are corrupt and anti-white just like all the rest. Believe me, I know.

          There are no “model minorities”. Stop trying to cope by telling yourself you have non-white allies.

          • The “better behaved” they are, the more problematic they will be.

            Africans are literally the easiest people to deal with. Any people with a spine would have dealt with this problem many decades ago (as the Arabs did).

            Sikhs are smarter, and more subversive. Chinamen are more corrupt and more subversive still. Look at how the entire NBA is now on the side of the Chinese, because the weasels have gotten into power.

            Africans and Mexicans, even Arabs are only a problem because whites are too afraid to be called “raycis” to deal with an evident problem. Smarter aliens won’t be so easy to deal with once they increase in numbers.

      • @Calsdad – “The Sikhs are still better than pretty much all of the Muslims – or the Africans that they’re shipping up to Maine…”

        You describe them like you’re talking about a good dog with a very nervous bladder problem. Great pet, but jeez the excuses that come into play when the thing tinkles on the floor.

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