Travelogue: Copenhagen Nights

The BBC is full of Orange Man Bad stories. This is their permanent setting, as best I can tell. This time, they are flipping out over Turkey invading Syria. The fun part of being a dissident is we know why this so. The Lobby gets its money’s worth from their socks in the media. Jeff Flake is all over the news, claiming Trump has to be removed because Orange Man Bad. Everyone has their serious face on, pretending that this is the most critical moment in human history. These people are ridiculous…

The hotel I am in is a working man’s place. It appears to cater to people holding meetings offsite. Lots of middle management types in the bar. All are middle age as well, which is something you see in America. Corporate America runs on middle-aged, middle-class white people trusted to do their best in their positions. The difference here is middle managers are more casual. Most of the men are in pullovers and jeans, like it is casual Friday. Europe is much more casual than the US.

Europe is also slower than the US. This is my East Coast bias. Of course, living in Lagos, people tend to live fast and die even faster, so there’s that. If you travel to the West in America, things slow down, but Europe is still a slower pace overall. They start late, finish early and don’t carry their work around with them. In America, the typical businessman works 60 hours a week. That does not seem to be so in Europe. They have a much more transactional relationship with their work too.

Much of what goes on in modern business is busy work. People are hired to do necessary tasks, but they always end up doing lots of unnecessary stuff too. When there are layoffs, the same amount work gets done, but with fewer people. Those people are not suddenly tasked with massive hours either. They work a bit harder, but they soon adjust by not doing the unnecessary stuff. Of course, much of it could be automated today and most of what’s left could soon be automated.

My hunch is the robot revolution never happens as expected, as those humans in those offices and cubicles do something a robot cannot do. They provide a culture. The corporate and industry culture are a defense in depth. It protects the firm and the industry from disruptions. All of the insiders seek to maintain the value of their insider status. A robot will never say, “this is how we have always done things.” Human networks are natural stabilizers and internal breaks that the robot lacks.

That’s what you see in corporate life. I’ve been out on my own for a long time, but watching the business types in the bar, I fondly recall the many after work drinking sessions with work friends. In every hotel bar that caters to the business man in the West, you find these ad hoc meetings. It’s part work and part social bonding that reinforces the culture. Humans are the gyroscope of business culture and that cannot be replaced with robots. An industry of ATM machines cannot exist…

I ran into some Americans, who are here on business, but have some down time to see the city. They asked me if I had some tips and, of course, where to avoid. I told them what I know and mentioned some dodgy areas “where they store their diversity.” They replied, “We’re from Detroit, we know.” I said, “I’m from Baltimore.” We had that moment of quiet understanding that men, having lived amid diversity, have when they meet one another. It’s an experience we share that is foreign to many…

On the BBC, I saw a show called “Live At The Apollo.” It is a comedy show like the American one of the same name, but it is in London. It is non-white comics making fun of the British. The audience is all white. The bit I saw was a black doing a bit on how rotten Britain was to Africa. They are laughing at how Brits are terrible, yet the comics would be sitting on a log scratching themselves through their loincloth, wondering where the next meal is coming from if not for whites. Why are we doing this…

In the bar, I struck up a conversation with who I thought was a local fellow. He took me for an American and wanted to chat. Our good looks, charm and wit are known the world over, so we get used to this when we travel. The BBC was on doing Orange Man Bad, so he used that to break the ice. A few minutes chatting with him, he said, “you sound familiar.” I get this a lot, as I now know I sound like every male PBS personality, so I’m prepared to make this point.

After some back and forth, he asked, “Are you here for Scandza.” At that point, I knew he was one of us, so I said I was and then he asked if I was the Z-Man. The world is a small place for most of us, but sometimes it feels claustrophobic. He is a listener to the podcast. He introduced me to a couple of friends. We had a good time drinking and talking about the things that occupy the mind of a dissident. I was very grateful for the company and the fellowship…

I did a couple hours with the fellas from Myth of the 20th Century. The resulting podcast is now posted on their site. I think the show came out well. I did better than normal, but I suspect that is due to them having a good format. They sent an outline in advance, so I could be prepared a bit. Most shows are ad hoc. I never know what I’ll be expected to discuss. Good hosts get the most from their guests. If you like deep-dives into historical topics, then I highly recommend their podcast. Lots of good stuff…

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  1. I have first hand experience trading these bundled student loans. They are rated, like A , B , C. on risk. and the maturity can stretch out for decades. While not being a direct obligation of the federal government, in case of default, a government agency is on the hook to make bond holders whole.

  2. The Robot revolution doesn’t need to replace all jobs, just lower wages and feminize the workplace enough to cause havoc.

    Hell simple automation combined with mass female entry into the workforce, both designed to create a more compliant cheaper workforce has created the low fertility we’ve had for nearly 50 years now.

    Hell while higher end managers won’t willingly give up their jobs , there is alot of office work, accounting, HR that are already highly automated and given a few modest breakthroughs, the office staff can be laid off in drives

    The perfect example of such a destructor is Craigslist. It employed 50 people as of 2017.

    The effects of that service essentially destroyed the newspaper industry , an industry that at its peak in the 90’s (so no blaming the cable news cycle) employed upwards of a quarter million people plus who knows how many subsidiary jobs. The jobs there were reduced by about 60% by 2017

    Its replacements bloggers who don’t for the most part have any steady or reliable income and a few techies

    Every industry other than a few blue collar ones are subject to this replacement to some degree either by automation or outsourcing . hell blue collar jobs can sometime even by insourcing cheap labor from elsewhere

    Fundamentally if you don’t want everywhere to be poor and shitt, you must control trade and eventually automation.

    President Trump is working the trade angle and funny enough employment even here in Calizuela has gone up.

    Reverse immigration, tightly controlled trade, no outsourcing to start . After that regulation of the work week and if needed automation

    This kind of economy was historically the norm for a lot of good reason and despite the US being founded as a tax cheat and grift, we have to have regulation or we will have no stability

  3. Can somebody fill me in on the Scanza reference? I might be late to the party here. Is this some kind of D-right secret handshake?

    Anyways, yes, more and more I’m finding that there is actually a decent chance a white male will not bite my head of for saying something “racist” – in fact he often agrees. Sometimes this feeling is so strong that I don’t even feel the need to say anything more. He knows I know, I know he knows.

    Other, less well-versed white males are also quite positive to some basic things though, like “Where they store the diversity”, as you said. Those kinds of things are great, it gives you plausible deniability (it’s just a joke!) and it gives them comfort in knowing that they’re not alone.

  4. Related to the intro part of the column about “Orange Man Bad” stories, sometimes I am just shocked at the level of derangement I see out there. Not just about Trump, but about everything. I worry sometimes that I am in a bubble. I want to make sure I’m getting all sides. I want to be informed. I read WAPO and NYT articles and check out stories from the mainstream media, and am usually suitably disappointed by how bad the mainstream media is.

    But sometimes I delve deeper into the left. I get a daily digest of stories from, which is supposed to be an open authoring site, but it is reliably dominated by the radical left. I just delete the digest most days — the insanity is just too thick to wade through, plus Medium is particularly coercive about trying to get you to pay for worthless content, so about three articles a month from them is all I can actually get away with reading.

    But today, in my selection of Google recommended articles, I happened across this gem:

    Ellen Degeneres and the American Psychopath

    Now, I am a fan of neither George W. Bush nor Ellen Degeneres, but the sheer volume of crazy in this article was simply stupendous. I was vaguely aware of this latest “controversy.” Apparently the left is still batshit crazy about Dubya. It’s now beyond the pale for a major talk show host to interact in amicable fashion with a past US President. The descriptions of Bush are unhinged, especially the blame heaped on him about Hurricane Katrina. You’d think he’d been down there holding Black babies under the water with his bare hands. The article is a crazy-quilt of misleading accusations, contextless “facts” and credulous acceptance of enemy accusations.

    I find it incomprehensible that the author actually believes what he’s saying, but he seemingly does.

    And it’s got loads of Disqus commenters cheering on the unhinged commentary. That’s the most appalling part.

    I guess … I guess I am in a bubble. But outside it there’s a virtual zombie apocalypse of craziness. So thank God for the bubble.

  5. Z remarks on the Danes wearing jeans and therefore must be more casual than Americans. Not so. Jeans cost like 100 Euros; even the crappy Russian-made “Teksas Kauboi Bludzhins” ones are expensive. So, jeans are like formal wear. Wearing trousers is cheaper. Also, Mercedes cars are mid-range, like Hondas. Europe is weird.

    • Back in the late ‘70s, when I spent my first extended stay in Europe, I realized that the Mercedes 240 diesels, that Americans coveted and paid big bucks for, were actually taxis, the German version of the Checker cab. And Heineken beer, which Americans were paying big bucks for, was the European version of American Budweiser, and was sold in cans. Americans are weird—or at least extremely gullible.

      • Yup. It’s the Americans. The Booby had a teacher centuries ago from Mexico. Apparently Corona beer used to be the cheap stuff peddled to drunks. The beer equivalent of Night Train wine. One day, Corona hired a new marketing dude and voila: Suddenly Americans were falling over themselves to buy Corona beer. Y’know, the good stuff.

        • But there is Dos Equis Ambar to offset this brewing tragedy. I notice the college girls like Corona, just like they do Coors Light because there is no annoying beer flavor.

          • Yes. It seems every country has its variety of coloured water that goes down like water. It’s great – as you say – for college kids who want to down a dozen of them in a night before passing out next to a curb with their pants around their ankles.

            I guess saving the world in their little safe spaces is thirsty work.

          • I just don’t like beer period – a big problem back in college when that’s all there was to drink and every party was a ‘kegger.’ I did develop a liking for Berliner weisse when I spent a week there back in 1981 – a low alcohol beer served with flavored syrup. In England I stuck with shandy (beer mixed with lemonade). The sour taste of the hops just isn’t for me.

    Reliably identifying others in our thing while minimizing exposure to antagonists will get more and more urgent as time rolls on. I can see a reversion to mail-based commo and encryption systems and when things get hot enough, the development of cell structures.

    I see those predicting a super-automated future right around the corner as trying to meme it into existence. Many are hostile to our kind & actively work to eliminate us by one means or another. Also, they realize that our Replacements are not up to the task of keeping civilization together. So it is a race between the automators and the the Great Replacement to make the civilizational interface dumbed down for sub-90 IQ low-trust swarthies. We have seen the beginnings of this in Airbus’s heavily automated planes and we saw the failure of it in the Boeing 737MAX. It just plain was not dumbed down enough in its interface and not smart enough on the back end to work reliably with third world pilots.

    • Roo-, you do realize all letters in the mail are scanned as to both source and destination. Mailing at a public mailbox, and not putting your return address on the envelope, are part of the deal now.

      • I am aware of contemporary measures taken by USPS and security entities WRT the mail. Still, there are advantages to some older techniques which may be key in the future.

  7. The Z-Man has been a guest on TDS, Rebel Yell, and, now, “Myth of the 20thC.” I’ve been following the Z-man since I read the Derb’s recommendation circa 2014. Of course, I was instantly hooked. I feel like I came in the ground floor here, guys and gals; the Z-man may come to be recognized as an avataar of Mencken in the 21stC.

    Thank you for everything, Z-man; live long and prosper.

  8. Z: “yet the comics would be sitting on a log, scratching themselves through a loincloth wondering where their next meal was coming from, were it not for Whites…”

    Something most people can’t bring themselves to understand is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Who told Africans they were poor? They aren’t. They’re just Africans, living the way God and Nature made them. They aren’t poor, and they certainly are not unhappy. There’s no need at all for them to barge into Europe in search of wifi connections and bad superhero movies.

    Left to themselves, without any White interference, Africans would live exactly as they naturally enjoy living: without any White people around to bother them, they would dance around, play with twigs and sticks, decorate their hair with mud, dig for yams and grubs, bang on drums, wear scary masks, make up zany stories about magic spirits who live in trees, give each other decorative scars, and engage in chest-thumping dominance displays which would generally end with several dead full-grown male Africans. So what.

    They AREN’T poor. If teenage Shequensha has to carry a gourd fifteen miles through the bush down to the local stream to fetch some mud soup that will serve as drinking water, /what was she going to do instead/ if we dug her a well? Finish her doctoral dissertation on Baudrillard? More likely have seventeen spawn who all want to move to Bretagne to rape dem some white wimminz.

    Please Do Not Feed The Negroes. Leave them be.

    • Ah. I see you’ve heard of Bill Gate’s latest, the search for the African Einstein.

      “With a billion people, it’s a statistical inevitability, if only they had access to a decent education,”…

      That is, if only white people would stop Shequensha from learning algebra.

      • Yeah….no, Billy Gates. If I were to mine a billion sub-Saharan Africans for all their talents the one thing I would expect not to find is the next Albert, who, not surprisingly, had ideas quite as stupid as yours. But as my brother noticed, billionaires tend to put their money where it will do the most harm when they reach the philanthropical stage.

  9. “They are laughing at how Brits are terrible, yet the comics would be sitting on a log scratching themselves through their loincloth, wondering where the next meal is coming from if not for whites. Why are we doing this…”

    Why? Same reason the 4 ft wide lady in church yells “hallelujah” after the pastor’s every second sentence, while her poor pathetic husband sits next to her smiling, knowing he’s too much of a coward to do the merciful thing and drink cyanide when he gets home.

    Just another day in the matriarchy.

  10. The most disappointing moment in my trip to Sweden this summer was when I went into a grocery and asked in Swedish (all modesty aside, my Swedish is pretty good.) if they had any soda. The clerk answered, in English, “It’s in the back” I asked him how he knew I was an American, and he said “ dude, you’re wearing shorts”.

    • Same thing happened to me in Germany once. I was wearing a German friend’s long trench coat and German shoes that I had bought, i.e. my visible clothing was 100% German – and I’m pretty German-looking fellow. I walked up to a stand at the market and before I could use my okay German, the women asked in English, “So, what can I get for you?”

      I asked her how she knew I was American given that I was wearing German clothing and hadn’t said a word. “Oh, it was obvious,” she said. “The way you walked and you started smiling as you came up to the stand.”

      • Exercising the wheels of commerce is a serious thing in Germany, and all parties will treat it with the seriousness it deserves, Gottdammit!

      • I find that fascinating – how different such daily trivialities are amongst not merely human sub-species – but between different groups of Whites. I’ve read before that Americans have an easily identifiable ‘walk’ – more self confident and purposeful. And I know that I scowl every time I see and hear someone doing the Chinese shuffle.

  11. The number of people that are intelligent, competent, can see the details and have a willingness to work is dwindling. I think the talk of the robot revolution is a panic attack attempting to shore it up before the percentage of these people passes some critical low threshold. Having robots give you french fries from a McDonald’s drive-through window is not going to be helpful in the long run. Though in the short run, you will not catch hepatitis from that robot so there’s that

  12. This post wasn’t nearly as steamy as the title Copenhagen Nights, which sounds like a novel my mom would read, led me to believe.

      • So there’s Mom, 90 years old, as chaste and modest as only Great Depression moms can be, nose-deep in some bodice-ripper with bare-chested pirates and heaving bosoms on the cover, “Passion’s Pirates” or some such…

        “Hey Ma! Whatcha doin’!”

        “Go away! I’m busy right now!!”

        • My son’s friends apparently found this 61 year old mom, pumping her fists and jumping and singing along with Sabaton, “adorable.” I was rather flattered.

        • In horror, I noticed one of mom’s current paperbacks titled…get ready for this…”Hot, Sweet Love”. This was a woman who supposedly had an IQ north of 140. I once tried to get her to read Wuthering Heights. She sneered at it.

          • My aunt read those things, and I picked up and read them when visiting during college breaks. I can’t read just about any “romance” anymore; I’ve lived too much real life.

          • I read romances in the 80s because I wanted to know what the enemy was thinking.

            The best part? Whenever the heroine first met the scoundrel who would steal her heart, she absolutely hated his guts. Couldn’t stand him.

  13. Once you start going weeks and months at a time without watching shitlib TV news, then you can really start seeing it for the ghastly, phony, fictional thing, staffed by ham actors, that it is.

    • I’ve only watched news in brief airport & hotel lobby stints for months – it’s astonishing how obviously fake & ghey stuff like the impeachment novella looks to the Unplugged. A great deal of propaganda impact relies on repetition & immersion. Unplugging is a huge precursor & preparation for red-pilling. The self-Unplugged normie is ripe for further awareness.

    • I can barely watch TV, period. When I do, it’s like seeing the drug work in real time. Almost as if I’m an extra-terrestrial watching the Earthlings consume peptides, or something

  14. Z Man needs to come home. The GOPe/Neo-Cons/Deep State/(((Lobby) are pounding the war drums at an alarming rate today. A watershed moment approaches.

  15. Drinking coffee at a non-chain cafe in Centre City is enough to make me smile this morning. You have to look for a Starcucks here. Paying respects to the Bishop this afternoon, finishing Guyenot’s “Yahweh to Zion” & reading up on the local political scene. The apparently left-populist anti-immigrant minority gov’t they have here is (((nightmare fuel))) but I’m curious as to whether it’s skin-deep or legit.

    • reading up on the local political scene.

      I suspect I’ve given you the spiel before, but for new readers, here’s the lowdown according to Doctor Krull.

      The central player in modern Danish politics is the Danish People’s Party, an anti-immigration, EU-skeptic party with leftie fiscal policies. For twenty years, they had steadily gained ground in parliament until, in 2015, they won the general election by a landslide. I’ll spare you the intricacies of multiparty-systems, but the nub of it is, that the DPP was in a position that traditionally allows you to pick the prime minister.

      Now, I figured they’d be stupid to take the PM’s Office themselves, since they had no members with government experience, but instead trade off the PMO for more and better government seats, so they could learn the ropes before going all in for the PMO in 2019.

      But the DPP did nothing of the kind. In fact, they chose to not participate in government at all, but act as a lapdog for the governing parties, claiming that they’d have more influence pissing in than pissing out. That is a dubious proposition (if not entirely as insane as it sounds) but it showed that the DPP had no plans to go for the high levels, no strategy.

      So a couple of weeks after the election, Angela Merkel flung open the gates for African and Middle Eastern welfare tourists, and bands of roving asylum shoppers started pouring up the Danish motorways, most of them heading for Sweden. The government celebrated by closing off the motorways to tax payers, and sent police officers out to protect the caravans and play patty-cake with the adorable Jihadi children.

      Now, if the DPP were for real, this is where they should have started pissing in, gone to the PM and threatened him with a vote of no confidence if he did not slam the border shut immediately. If the PM refused to comply, he would face an election where he and his coalition partners would be cast as George Soros sock puppets, and the DPP as the only patriots in parliament. The DPP would have swept the parliament and probably become the largest party in Denmark, gaining the power to actually deliver on twenty years of promises.

      Again, DPP did nothing of the kind: in fact, the word “immigration” has not escaped the party chairman’s lips since before the 2015 election.

      In December of 2015, we had a referendum on some EU matter that nobody understood, so people simply voted no to more EU – another big helping of raw political capital for the DPP, but the first thing they did after the referendum, was backpedalling, loudly proclaiming their undying loyalty to Brussels.

      So in the last election, earlier this year, the DPP was absolutely savaged, losing almost two thirds of their vote. The voters who had flocked to them in 2015, went back to their old parties, and by promising to run a strict immigration regime, the Social Democrats took the reins of power.

      This means that at the moment, there are NO nationalists in the Danish parliament, even though a large majority of the Danish population is against mass migration. Back in the summer of 2015, I could smugly tell any American who spoke loudly of cucked Europeans, that Denmark had a 20% white nationalist representation in parliament, and how many white nationalists are there in Congress?

      Not so any more. Sorry about the black pill, but there you have it.

      • Disappointing but not surprising. The kosher sandwich is all the world’s political menu has to offer right now. We need to focus on the future to be prepared when circumstances change and not waste undue energy on the kabuki electoral theater for now. Something like the Yellow Vests will eventually break the electoral Overton Window & I suspect Europe will lead the way – more experience with dissent, more mature nationalist movements & more jarring diversity impacts on smaller more homogenous White populations with less room for White flight & stronger roots.

        • I suspect Europe will lead the way

          Hm. I was rather banking on America doing the heavy lifting. Our circumstances are not analogous, but the political climate in the US looks absolutely toxic from where I’m sitting, ready to blow.

          And yes, the French look angry too, but the French always riot in the streets, so who knows? I haven’t been on the ground there for almost five years.

          The British are pissed off too. If Johnson fumbles Brexit, the next election could go nuclear, but the problem with Britain is that Farage is as managed as the Danish People’s Party.

          I figure the party starts when America reaches 50% whites. Even the most innumerate and politically incurious can figure out what 49,9% means.

          Then Denmark can dive for cover, see what the big boys figure out and appropriate whatever we think will work for us. That’s how we’ve handled all previous revolutions, and it seems to work well – we haven’t had a civil war in 500 years. Even the Reformation went off virtually without a hitch.

          If it wasn’t so profoundly Jewish, I’d preach accellerationism for thee, but holding actions for me. That way, Denmark would be in better shape when the storm arrives.

          • we haven’t had a civil war in 500 years.

            Wow! That’s one for the therapy couch!

            We’ve had two from 1848-1864, cost us a third of our country.

            (They were Kraut rebellions though, so they don’t really count as civil wars.)

          • The greater space for White flight & America’s vastly fake CivNat politics make us lag in dissent. I’m still a cautious believer in American White identity but I think Europe’s more likely to be where the action starts. The Empire weighs heavier on our population than any Western European government does on their proles & the Eyes of Zion are much more concerned with US affairs than Europe. I hope one of us ends up being right in our lifetimes but let’s keep planting trees for future generations as well.

          • The Empire weighs heavier on our population than any Western European government does on their proles & the Eyes of Zion are much more concerned with US affairs than Europe.


            It also helps that Continental Europe, and in particular small countries like Denmark, are protected by the language barrier: the globalists speak English, so when you have your own language, you have a safe space. Americans have no such protection, you speak the lingua franca.

            Godspeed to you and your country.

          • My son kindly let me tag along to the Sabaton concert a few nights ago (one of his out-of-town friends had to cancel last minute) and while I really enjoyed the music, the audience was a huge black pill for me. More than 95% White, and approx. 85% male – yet when the band introduced their newer songs (from their last album on WWI) with some historical film footage and the accompanying official history narration, the damn crowd broke into chants of “USA! USA!’ And damn near all of them were sporting a gut – from the youngest to the oldest. I have never put my trust in “the people.” but my God, what these people have done to their bodies and minds . . .

          • The USA and Denmark differ culturally, demographically, and geographically. Different tactics for different situations, that is not Jewish, just common sense.

            Acceleration can work in the USA because people more likely to be on my side have the guns. The enemy power centers are scattered and easy to besiege.

            Enjoying the music of your countrywoman, Sannie Carlson and hoping all is well with you and yours.

          • Different tactics for different situations, that is not Jewish, just common sense.

            I like to think we’re in this together, and I should (and do) preach accelerationism for Denmark, because we still have the numbers to solve this democratically.

            Also, Europe has a powerful ally: Islam.

            Without Islam, Europe could have sleepwalked until we reached American levels of enrichment, but because Islam is so aggressively repulsive, Normie might just wake up in time.

            hoping all is well with you and yours.

            You too.

          • Hispanics, though their faults are legions and they all pretend to be Aztecs, are the bastards byproducts of the Western tradition. Europe’s diversity is completely alien. It has a much smaller body of water to cross and many land routes. There is less land to escape to. The racial birth rates are worse. The former imperial possessions are a strong moral chip to play against normies.

            In contrast, America will remain stable long enough to keep the globalist consumer capitalism system going. This will exacerbate the problems in Europe.

          • Europe’s diversity is completely alien.

            That’s a feature, not a bug. Makes them easier to repatriate.

      • The truth is not a black pill

        The Danish People’s Party is very typical of Dissidents.the world over

        They have no plan to use power as they never expect to get it and often as not didn’t want the responsibility anyway.

        They just want to be left alone to their own customs but can’t understand they’ll never be left alone by globalists, by the power and status hungry or by anyone else

        Si vis pacem, para bellum

        It’s the same among our Dissident too though we’ve never gotten an entire government

        To get change, this must change

        Now in my opinion various “democratic.” systems will probably need to be told to fuck off for a while in order to fix things long term . Interregnum needs to be an important Dissident word and concept, twenty or forty years to a good society.

        This is not a new prospect , hell it’s basically much of the 20st century but we never really resolved that stuff anyway.

          • Wrong gender.

            If they can do it so can I.


            And yeah I know I’m not that good .

            Still if its making my posts hard to read and understand I’ll add few more periods just for all the complainers

            Here is a downpayment. Use them as you see fit.


  16. One part of the conversation generated a curious thought. “The entirety of America is really run by about 10,000 people”. Interestingly, they all live close to DC. What happens if there is a cataclysm and all 10,000 disappear? Does a new 10,000 immediately appear? Or does the entire structure collapse?

    • Say 90% live near DC. We’d be run from NYC, LA & Jerusalem temporarily by the higher-ranking 10% who don’t. No magic meteor strike or Putler-Shia-Korea nuke is going to save us. The ZOG of N. VA is here to stay unless we roll them back the hard way. Long war, fam.

    • Yes, they’d be replaced but at the cost of great disruption to system. At my place of work, someone got the bright idea a couple years ago to completely revamp the schedule for our maintenance department by moving away from the traditional three 8 hour shift rotation. It was going to cut down on OT costs or something. When they started making people work off hours and weekends at straight time, forcing many to find creative methods of day care, making it difficult to spend time with spouses and family, etc., we lost a good number of experienced mechanics. Yeah, we replaced them quickly enough, but the plant has run like shit since then. These people took with them a wealth of knowledge and the new guys don’t cooperate as well as the old crew since they’re all jockeying for the better work routines.

      The same thing would happen in the event our Imperial Capital went boom. The internecine battles would be hot and heavy, due to the amount of cozy sinecures up for grabs. The good news is that the time would be ripe for storming the gates.

    • As Exile noted Magic Comet AH14W ain’t coming . No one is coming to save us. You are the resistance

      In the event of chaos a power vacuum will be filled by whoever is ruthless enough

      This is the current biggest problem with the Dissident Right. They abhor the responsibilities and benefits of power.

      To get power for you ends, you have to want it and you have to be willing to take it and to be ruthless.

      You also cannot impose an Anglo Saxon order of measured liberty on people who are not Anglo Saxons and as such you need to make rules for the technology and the people you actually have.

      Become Worth, Take Power, Use it or fail.

  17. What’s the scuttlebutt on the Scandinavian kosher-right on the conference? I have noticed that, with one or two exceptions, none of the Scandi counter-jihadi websites have advertised Scandza at all – Red Ice being an exception.

  18. The computer was going to liberate everyone from the drudgery of our daily toil. We ended up working even more now that we could interact with many many many more people during the day and then carry work home with us on a laptop.

    Robots need to be maintained. They are a lot more complicated than a simple computer. My workplace hires more and more people the more and more robotic we become…with roughly the same number of projects.
    The Lobby…I’m surprised it wasn’t shoahed. Maybe they figure, “Ah, it’s Al Jazeera. Who cares…”.

  19. Hope your tale wasn’t something like “meeting the undercover intel agent and spilling the beans to a recorder”.

    • Actually, to hold this event in a country with no First Amedment is madness and should be seen with suspicious eyes.
      There are infiltrated agents and you are being monitored, that’s not even a supposition, that’s literal.

      For now, this is just your usual “being monitored” stuff – after that, good luck, no one knows whar could set the trigger to action.

      • Holding this event in the 1A USA would be madness. Orange Man is all too eager to please his shabbos handlers – ask James Fields. The 1A is only as good as the government wants it to be. The Prime Minister of Denmark is an immigration skeptic populist wahman of White color. I feel safer under her de jure maleficent despotism than under Trump’s ADL-led de facto judeocracy.

        • Orange Man is all too eager to please his shabbos handlers – ask James Fields.

          Or Michelle Malkin.

          The Danish PM is fake news. She talked a big game during the election, but she’s never going to walk the walk, she’s a globohomo agent. I don’t believe there are any Western politicians of any consequence that has not been bought and paid for by the globalists. Managed opposition is the best you can hope for.

      • Actually, to hold this event in a country with no First Amedment is madness and should be seen with suspicious eyes.

        Every country in the world has a First Amendment-clause, or something to that effect. In Denmark it is “Every person has a right to, in print or in speech, to publish his thoughts under liability to the courts. Censorship and other preventive measures, can never again be instituted.”

        Of course, every free speech law is subject to the small print, the caveats after the “but”, which is usually about not threatening people, slandering people or instigating violence.

        So whether you have free speech or not, isn’t a binary, it’s a sliding scale. In Europe, the ‘threatening and slandering’ is more liberally interpreted than it is in the US, but while the US scale is weighted further towards personal freedom than the European, America has a parallel system of censorship: say the wrong thing and you’re out of friends, careers and sometimes family. You can be dragged through the civil courts and have your pension savings cleaned out, you can be forced to attend diversity training or do community service for saying “niggardly” or “chink in the armor”.

        In Denmark, you don’t get flashmobbed by the internet for saying mean words, not unless you’ve already put yourself out there as a political actor. A handful of persons have been fined in the neighborhood of $1,000 for wrongspeech, and a few suspended jail sentences have been handed down. We’re not Britain – not even close.

        Some of the horror stories coming out of American corporations and universities are absolutely fascistic by European standards, way worse than anything you see even in Sweden. America (like all Anglo countries) is a politically correct hellhole by mainland standards.

    • Name,

      My first thought too. However, our host is a clever man. I’m sure he asked the right questions and received the right answers to sus out an Intel agent from a dissident.

  20. I agree that automation will not be a game-changer in the way that internet and cell has been. There’s a limit to what “AI” can achieve & I think we’ll see a rebound to human contact as the population sorts between humans who prefer humanity & bugmen who’re more comfortable with machines. Bugmen will prove the minority & automation’s main impact will be felt on the unskilled labor level such as factory farming (poultry plants etc).

    The charm of Whites is still powerful enough to divide the loyalties of those who can’t live without us. Our social skills are a huge advantage coupled with top tier IQ. The Han & Chosen advantage in IQ comes with strongly diminishing returns and a high cost in social skills.

    Scandza’s something I hope redirects more of our efforts towards personal networking and gets us out of our digital ghetto. The internet is a double-edged sword. To build truly social networks we need time-tested tools that don’t inevitably rend almost as much social fabric as they can mend. Face to face interaction also makes it harder to demonize us.

    Those GoodWhites paying for a BBC wog-flogging are the biggest problem, the generalized global Caucasian version of US cuckservarive treachery & betrayal. But that’s another post.

    • You nailed it with GoodWhites. I was having this discussion the other night with my wife – who is very much a Nice White Lady who thankfully also admits to not wanting to be around diversity much. Her friends are perfectly fine with trashing on whites – either current whites or in schools by only teaching about slavery and civil rights era – because they just assume that it’s not them that the media is trashing on; it’s those other whites, those BadWhites.

      (Sadly, even my wife is in that category, though I pop that bubble all the time, which doesn’t exactly endear my to her.)

      They have no clue that the other side doesn’t distinguish between Good and Bad Whites. We’re all just whites. The NWLs and Soy Boy Whites also firmly believe that all those non-whites are just whites in dark face or will be in time. They can’t conceive of the idea that GoodWhites and their culture aren’t the pinnacle of greatness and goodness which all aspire to reach.

      When the non-whites finally turn on NWLs and Soy Boy white men (and they will over the next two decades), it will come as a complete surprise to them. They have no clue what’s coming.

      • Citizen…..I sympathize. The women I know here in my home base in Southern Utah are as your wife. Throw in the word “oblivious.” What’s that phrase…..Talk like MLK and live like the KKK. I periodically get smacked down for bringing up un-female uncomfortable topics. (I have an active brain and female nattering sends the brain spiraling and the eyeballs rolling.)

        I watched one day of LDS General Conference to get a drift of the compass direction of the church into the future, since this will affect me and my world. It’s like keeping abreast of local politics. The summation I came away with after 3 hours is ….Africa-Africa-Africa-look at the LDS church members in the Congo-aren’t the people wonderful! Believe we’re getting set up for the African demographic invasion…..the famous African population graph. Utah has been gaslighted for at least 5 years to Love the invaders from the southern hemisphere. Now the brainwashing has begun about the lovely sweet Vibrants from Africa, soon to be coming to a location near you! The nice airy-fairy women I know don’t have a clue what’s about to hit them. All is well here because they don’t even see this human orchestrated tsunami about to hit.

        Basic Husband proclaimed for the very first time that if the Enviro-Nazis ban wood burning in southern Utah as in northern Utah (inversion pollution and regulated burn and no-burn days), or the invasion breaks on the shore, we’ll pull up stakes and move to a small northern Nevada mining town of Deplorables that Elites fly over and ignore. Change is in the wind.

        • Whites – and particularly white women – won’t change their tune until it hits their neighborhood and children. I have noticed some NWLs complain a bit about Asians in their area. Why? Because Asian women are taking over PTAs and Asian grinds are getting better grades than little Ian.

          But the social pressure on suburban white women is massive. Literally every social cue they get (and women are built to watch social cues very closely) pushes them toward racial suicide. White men have failed to stand up to the culture that hates us. We’ve put white women in a very bad spot. We’re asking them to go against the tribe without providing another tribe to belong to.

          That’s what we need to work on now, laying the foundations of a separate community for whites to flee when the time is right.

          • I’ve been torn on this question but I’m leaning more heavily to your side. There’s the idea that women have agency and should be held accountable for the damage they do – to say otherwise is to White Knight. However, the fact is that they are more susceptible to social manipulation & dopamine pit-traps like Faceberg. And eggs are expensive sperm is cheap – biology has spoken.

            Too many men have been unwilling to risk the Lysistrata Sanction to put stompy scowly gurls back in their place. SSG’s as a result are acting out like teens seeking boundaries, getting “progressively” more crazy to force someone to grow enough of a pair to make them knock it off. The civilizational shit test is ongoing and too many men are flunking. If we’re to reassume our natural leadership roles it’s on us to toughen up. More authority comes with more responsibility. The are a bunch of counterpoints & examples where men shoulder vastly disproportionate burdens for no reward, true, but in the long run I don’t see how this gets fixed without a major male-centered effort to curb our wahmens & toss out the usual moneychangers who’ve gascanned this mess for their own Chosen interests.

          • Women aren’t programmed to follow (or even listen to) losers. Women need the tribe to survive. If they’re going to break from the tribe, it’ll be because a strong group of men are breaking from the tribe, which means they have a chance of greater success and the tribe could fall because it’s losing those good men.

            Make white women choose. Make them choose between white men creating their community and the multi-culti leftovers. That is no choice and everyone knows it.

          • Preach it Brothers I’m right there with you… White Christian Men have to start banding together to be able to stop this evil that is arrayed against us…

          • I’m not a church-going man (just wasn’t raised with it), but I’m beginning to wonder if we can do this without Christianity.

            Then again, from what I’ve heard, most churches are pretty woke, so not sure how much good they’d do.

      • That’s the biggest delusion of them all. They think blacks and other POC are just darker skinned white people. They just cannot wrap their heads around the fact that they just don’t think like us and don’t have the same tastes. That’s how they come up with phrases like “insufferably white” when talking about whitetopias.

        • GoodWhites display an amazing hubris. They really the crazy missionaries of our time.

    • Heard a speaker recently talk about AI and automation and he gave the argument it was all overblown, people would just have to be more flexible and adaptable in their jobs. He gave examples like ATMs didn’t eliminate bank tellers their jobs just changed. This reinforced my impression that elites don’t have any idea what to do with low/no skilled workers who are losing jobs to automation. Way too many of them are still blank slate believers who think with the proper training these people can do anything. It may get really bad before reality sets in for them.

      • To be honest, the only reason most big bank branches still exist are to:
        1) handle cash for retail businesses
        2) provide services for the elderly who don’t bank online
        3) provide those few services that can’t (yet) be done online

      • AI and automation don’t need to destroy every job in an industry to wreak havoc. If you “only” eliminate 20% or 30% of the jobs, it’s an issue, especially if it’s happening to all industries at once.

        Also, as you noted, the people who lose their jobs typically are the least able to retrain for a new career. AI won’t destroy the job market for the 100+ IQ people, but it will dramatically lower the opportunities for the left half of the bell curve.

        • Actually anone without specialized skills and a 120 IQ is on the block.

          Things like law and accounting and to some degree medicine will be handled by automated system better faster and cheaper than any human could. Lots of HR jobs are now software

          That is why the money boys were all over Theranos corporation. Not only did the CEO meet the “no a white guy” criteria so they could socially posture but her concept, everything from a blood test would have allowed a higher degree of automation allowing on P.A. to see more patients at an M.D level

          It was a fraud as anyone capable of basic thinking would have known but the concept of expert systems for diagnosis was field proven in the 70’s !

          In the end tech will be regulated or modernity will end.

          • Absolutely. It’s been proven again and again that good checklists made better diagnosis than doctors, even doctors that came up with the checklists.

      • I think the meme, “Learn to code”, said it all. Seems that not a conversation in mainstream conservative talk discussing automation and job loss does not use this argument in one form or another. It’s both ignorant and disgusting—the modern equivalent of, “Let them eat cake!”

    • If automation gets good enough it will be used by the bugmen to simply kill everyone else off.

      See slaughter bots for a mark One version of a society ending tech

      It might well be possible to make 20 million autonomous kill units per year,so assuming a 25% kill rate , 20 years no more non bugmen

      It’s not quite that easy but the US makes nearly 3 million cars each year and an AKU would be much cheaper and easier to make once it’s understood enough

      Ultimately any surviving high tech society will have rigid control on technology and anything in STEM and will essentially treat such things a s religious crime or it may well die

      Alternately we can just let it fall apart and in a few hundred years be back to 1900 or so in tech. Amishness for the win I guess.

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