Two Billion?

This report from the Los Angeles Times is being waved around by the usual suspects like they just learned they hit the lottery. It is a bit puzzling, given that Sterling just pocketed billions from the deal. It may simply be that they hate him so much that he is no longer a real person, but a symbol for them. Getting $2 Billion for an asset you bought for $12.5 Million does not sound like harm to most people. If he had plopped that money into the stock market, he’d have about $100 million right now.

This is not about money. This is about black identity politics. The NBA is the black America pastime. Whites watch basketball, but nothing like blacks. All the players are black, most of the coaches are black, the reporters are black and the front offices and agents are mostly Jewish, but that is changing. Hip-hop stars are getting into the agent business for that reason. The AAU runners and street agents are all black. Basketball in America is pretty much all black with a small number of Jews.

The banishment of Sterling is about black pride more than anything else. The fact that blacks can force a billionaire “white” guy out of the league puts an exclamation point on what they have been saying for years. It’s their league and they set the rules. The gloating over the amount is that it confirms the league is a highly valuable property, like the white sports. The Dodgers just sold for $2 Billion and now we have a second tier NBA franchise fetching the same money.

Of course, idiocy is always a good starting point. Basketball teams are not as valuable as football and baseball teams. There are a number of reasons for it, but the big reason is the league is so poorly run. Maybe that’s fixable. On the other hand, a sport narrowly focused on 13% of the population has a clear ceiling. On the other other hand, business continue to chase the homosexual trade, despite that being 2% of the market. Anyone who says people are rational is not paying attention.

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