The Sham Of Democracy

Over the weekend, the news brought word that someone calling himself Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed by special forces in Syria. According to President Trump, “He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.” He apparently blew himself up using a suicide vest. Presumably, real men are boastful and arrogant as they deploy their dynamite vests. Or maybe real men simply allow themselves to be captured and sent off to Guantanamo Bay.

Of course, we cannot even be sure this actually happened. The Russians are telling the world they doubt this thing happened. They point to various factors that would seem to contradict Trump’s story. This is a bit ironic, in that the people accused in the biggest hoax in American history are now claiming this is a hoax. You get the feeling that maybe the three-year long Russian hoax has caused the Russians to suspect that American politicians are not the most honest people in the world.

All that stuff aside, this news event is another example of the incoherence of modern American politics. Two weeks ago, Trump was boldly and proudly saying he was pulling troops out of the quagmire of Syria. This was confirmed by the Left, which claimed his decision was resulting in a genocide. The pols owned and operated by the Israeli lobby, which is the Republican party and most of the Democrat party, were kvetching about how this was all very bad because of something about whatever.

Now we have Trump out crowing about those troops that were supposed to be out of Syria, conducting an operation in Syria to kill some guy. Even nuttier, this guy he had not mentioned until this event, was literally Hitler. Of course, the Left, who regularly tells us Trump is literally Hitler, is now less than enthusiastic that Trump is doing what they demanded he do last week. In effect, the man they say is literally Hitler, went ahead and killed the guy he says is literally Hitler, so that makes Trump literally Hitler.

This whole story reveals that democracy in the current age is just a sham. At every point, the various camps pick a side, which could very well be the opposite of what they said last week. It’s as if each of these events is a play put on by the political class, where the actors draw lots to see who plays which role. Today one party is anti-war, while tomorrow the other party will play that role. Like actors boasting of their versatility, our politicians are proud that they can take any side on every issue.

Further, why in the hell is America in Syria? You’ll note there was never a debate about this or resolutions passed authorizing the use of the troops in Syria. According to available timelines, it was under the Obama administration that America started to get entangled in the Syria mess. In 2011 he authorized aid and intelligence support to irregulars battling the Syrian army. Presumably, this came from American troops in Northern Iraq, a place he claimed to have withdrawn all US troops.

By 2012, the Obama administration was openly supplying weapons to various groups of irregulars going under names no one in his administration understood. Now, in 2012 there was this thing called an election going on in America, in which this stuff is supposed to be debated. Mitt Romney, the alleged opponent of Obama and leader of the opposition party, proposed doing exactly the same things Obama was doing in Syria, but promising to use different rhetoric to justify it to the public.

This is, of course, why the public is slowly beginning to sour on the ruling class of America and democratic politics in general. If democracy was a real thing, someone in politics would have proposed not getting tangled up in the Syria mess. Instead, everyone agreed to angrily disagree with one another about the right way to agree with one another on a plan none of them understood, a plan put forth by the military-intelligence complex that runs American foreign policy. It was just a show.

For his part, Trump, who is pretty much a naive civic nationalist, is saying sensible things about these endless conflicts. Despite his faults, his instincts on this stuff are correct most of the time. He wants out of the whole region. As he said, the biggest mistake the country made was getting involved in the Middle East. The trouble is, he is not actually in charge of anything. Two times now he has ordered troops out of Syria and we still have troops in Syria. Now we have new raids in Syria.

Clearly, the people really in charge of American foreign policy decided to let Trump know who is really in charge, so they conducted this raid. That leaves Trump little choice but to act like it was his idea. Despite his good instincts, he is slowly being turned into another organ grinder’s monkey for the military-industrial complex. It is another example of how voting makes little difference in a democracy, because the people in charge simply ignore the results of the elections.

The fact is, until the Israel lobby decides they no longer need us in Syria, America will be involved in the Syrian conflict. The army of lobbyists, crawling over Washington like aphids, paid for by foreign interests and the military-industrial complex, will never stop bleeding the nation dry. Only when the American middle-class collapses and there is no more cash to be stolen from them, will the endless wars come to an end. That’s the beauty of democracy. It completely consumes the fools who support it most.

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227 thoughts on “The Sham Of Democracy

  1. Gaetz’s confusion perfectly illustrates the confusion over where do you draw the line once you’ve allowed the first transgression against our existing (Christian) moral order?

    Take gay marriage. Something like half of the states explicitly rejected it (democracy at local level works!) But then Kennedy put on his magic glasses and spied something new in the Constitution!! “Lookie here, Sonia — a Long Lost right that has been hiding in plain sight all these years!”

    It’s not that x number of gay marriages hurt the country – most people don’t give a hoot what they do behind closed doors. Some sort of formal acknowledgement of gay union for legal purposes would have been a reasonable and workable measure. But that wasn’t enough, you see, because that would not meet the “equality” standard that progressives push for.

    This decision caused the incorporation of the fantasy of gay marriage construct wholecloth into our existing Anglo law foundation (in turn built on Christianity). Insistence that gay marriage is a perfectly fungible with heterosexual marriage (“equality”) in law FORCES the culture to accept this lie – and the bigger the lie, the better. Abortion went down the same way – and look what the left is doing to push the boundaries on abortion the last year.

    If Gaetz is confused about this MeThree lady, just wait until Pete Buttigeig gets going into high gear with his equality shtick!

  2. Why does duh-mocracy fail? Women’s suffrage and too man who have no skin in the system. There is a reason voting was limited to property owners.

  3. Trump seems qualified for the job. Isn’t he known for going bankrupt and coming out smelling like a rose? There going to need someone to be that guy when us$ is abandoned after we default on our debts, which is what you do if you’re going belly-up, you suck all the remaining credit from an inflated rating. And then you go, on vacation. Make the phone call to your lawyers from BFE, and give them the good news. And “that guy” can save the day by installing a new monetary system with a chip or card strip or some crap. Just spit-balling. After all they are actors.Every one of them. Where’s the pop corn? All My Children ratings must be in the toilet huh.

  4. I dunno. I get the angst about whether or not this particular jihadi was worth the effort to kill him, but the hatred that Trump’s political opponents, particularly the media and the commentariat, have for him has driven them around the bend. They are so desperate to deny Trump any kind of “win” that they are falling all over themselves to claim that killing this jihadi was a terrible, horrible mistake. Normie isn’t going to buy that.

  5. Or until the Democrats go full socialist with Hispanics, Blacks, Feminists, and LGBTQ+, and Muslim Refugees electing more Omars and Talibs, and the Israel Lobby realizes when things go multicultural they can’t be protected by the monoculture shield, now that the wall is down. The smart Jews already have plane tickets to their homeland.

    A republic is where you can affect the rules and even the referees. When it devolves into WWE or the NFL, you cheer for your team because nothing really matters.

    Trump is a problem because he does matter (even if limited). There would be little difference between Team Jeb! (please clap) and Hillary. There was sufficient difference between her and Trump. And we see the reaction. So many screams of “How dare you win by playing by the rules!” “Especially while we are cheating and it isn’t working!”.

  6. Sorry, but that’s the real world. I’ve written this before but its still true. When the US Public elected Trump, they Did NOT elect a Congress to support him. They elected the same old Republican cucks and Democrats. Result? Trump is alone. He’s POTUS, but he’s one man, literally fighting alone against the Globalists who control the press, the military, the lobbyists, the courts and congress. He can’t move the foreign policy needle an inch, without all these characters screaming that he’s “Putin Cockholster” an “Isolationist” or a “crazy man”.

    So, when Trump kills ISIS, he and everyone will cheer except for the Libs/leftists will sneer and attack him. LBJ and FDR transformed America, and US foreign policy, but they did it with crushing congressional majorities and a large part of the press supporting him. If you think electing ONE man is going to change things, your’e mistaken. Think of Trump as a great relief pitcher. He’s come in and stopped the other team from scoring more runs, after Bush, Mittens, and McCain have been shellacked. but if you want to win, he needs someone else to start hitting some home runs.

    Trump could act like the Z-man wants him to, and he would accomplish nothing. Reality must be faced.

  7. The world was self-segregating into major trade blocks (NAFTA, EU) right before the Berlin Wall fell, and the USSR implosion took most of DC by surprise. It was understandable that the US might initially strive to stabilize the vacuum left in the wake of receding Russian influence. (Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Rwanda, and Serbia are a few situations Americans would soon see on their living room TVs.)

    Unfortunately, we did more than stabilize, and began Empire building. For example, GHWB had long threatened Gen Siad Barre’s major rival, Gen Farah Aidid, but under Clinton, the US began cutting deals with Ethiopians (via UN) to pressure both of them. It sounds nuts, in retrospect, that anyone at the Pentagon entertained micromanaging a half dozen warlords like it was a gameshow. 25 years and as many governments later, there was no lasting achievement.

    An even worse mess came of Tito’s Yugoslavia unravelling. Clinton’s support of the Bosnian Muslims (via NATO) was our first experience with mujhadeen and early ISIS. The press completely covered up Muslim atrocities in the Bosnian War.

    To Zman’s point about the party line changing as needed, one night around 1993 or 94, an American oil industry executive was interviewed on PBS NewsHour, singing the praises of the Taliban!

    And although we didn’t formally get tangled up in the Caucasus, we were mucking about the periphery, trying to subvert Russia’s state Gazprom. It was an important geopolitical struggle, and the region was front page news for weeks. Several high profile assassinations occurred and the Russians had their hands full with former republic Islamicists. Did we learn anything from watching the Russians (hardly pussies) deal with these “folks”?

    All of this unfolded before the internet was very important, when it was much easier to snow the public and there were no unauthorized iPhone cameras popping up every 200 yards. Turns out that Americans don’t really have the stomach (or perhaps even the natural skill) for Empire, with Trump publicly recognizing the futility in adventurism. His reaction – in spite of the full-court press from the media – is a very good development.

    The elite seem to be lurching about with short-sighted goals, mostly covering their asses and preserving revolving door meal tickets. It’s delightful how much they hate Trump being an Outsider. It’s not even his crassness they really hate – it’s the fact that he barged into DC and Ignores Their Rules. He’s ruling by scorn – we’ll see if it sticks.

  8. As usual, U.S. elite doing their thing, taking part in the most horrific goings on, with the American public being the very last to know about it. From way back in 2015, based on 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency reports:

    Defense Intelligence Agency: “Establish a Salafist Principality in Syria”, Facilitate Rise of Islamic State “In Order to Isolate the Syrian Regime”

    Declassified DIA document

    By Brad Hoff
    Global Research, May 22, 2015
    Levant Report

    While initial mainstream media reporting is focused on the White House’s handling of the Benghazi consulate attack, a much “bigger picture” admission and confirmation is contained in one of the Defense Intelligence Agency documents circulated in 2012: that an ‘Islamic State’ is desired in Eastern Syria to effect the West’s policies in the region.

    Astoundingly, the newly declassified report states that for


    The DIA report, formerly classified “SECRET//NOFORN” and dated August 12, 2012, was circulated widely among various government agencies, including CENTCOM, the CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA, State Dept., and many others.

    The document shows that as early as 2012, U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a U.S. strategic asset.

    While a number of analysts and journalists have documented long ago the role of western intelligence agencies in the formation and training of the armed opposition in Syria, this is the highest level internal U.S. intelligence confirmation of the theory that western governments fundamentally see ISIS as their own tool for regime change in Syria. The document matter-of-factly states just that scenario.

    Forensic evidence, video evidence, as well as recent admissions of high-level officials involved (see former Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford’s admissions here and here), have since proven the State Department and CIA’s material support of ISIS terrorists on the Syrian battlefield going back to at least 2012 and 2013 (for a clear example of “forensic evidence”: see UK-based Conflict Armament Research’s report which traced the origins of Croatian anti-tank rockets recovered from ISIS fighters back to a Saudi/CIA joint program via identifiable serial numbers).

    The newly released DIA report makes the following summary points concerning “ISI” (in 2012 “Islamic State in Iraq,”) and the soon to emerge ISIS:

    * Al-Qaeda drives the opposition in Syria

    * The West identifies with the opposition

    * The establishment of a nascent Islamic State became a reality only with the rise of the Syrian insurgency (there is no mention of U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq as a catalyst for Islamic State’s rise, which is the contention of innumerable politicians and pundits; see section 4.D. below)

    * The establishment of a “Salafist Principality” in Eastern Syria is “exactly” what the external powers supporting the opposition want (identified as “the West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey”) in order to weaken the Assad government

    * “Safe havens” are suggested in areas conquered by Islamic insurgents along the lines of the Libyan model (which translates to so-called no-fly zones as a first act of ‘humanitarian war’; see 7.B.)

    * Iraq is identified with “Shia expansion” (8.C)

    * A Sunni “Islamic State” could be devastating to “unifying Iraq” and could lead to “the renewing facilitation of terrorist elements from all over the Arab world entering into Iraqi Arena.” (see last non-redacted line in full PDF view.)

    The following is excerpted from the seven page DIA declassified report:

    R 050839Z AUG 12












    Also, read that Chris Stevens was about to blow the whistle on smuggling of weapons bound for jihadi cutthroats, er, opposition in Syria via our people or facilities in Libya when he was killed in Benghazi. The U.S. and friends (U.K., France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) create their enemies and then make a fortune fighting the manufactured enemies while destroying lives of millions of innocent inhabitants of the targeted countries. The target country is destabilized this way and softened up for whatever exploitation the oligarchs have in mind.

    See International Contact Group. When Russia and China veto U.S. & co.’s U.N. Security Council resolutions to illegally attack and invade a sovereign nation, groups of concerned elites get together outside of the U.N. to git ‘er done. Hillary Clinton was at the heart of the “Friends of Syria” and “Friends of Libya” group of elites who did the planning that culminated in destruction of Libya, and that went so well they did it again, only tailored for Syria. Russia’s intervention is the only reason Assad survived and Syria still exists, though much of it is in rubble and they still need to reclaim their oil from U.S. and friends. Jihadis hide out or are recruited in Turkey and Israeli hospitals care for wounded ISIS jihadis before releasing them back on the battlefields, so they play all the sides just like we do in this situation. Note: Only once did ISIS mistakenly send a missile to Israeli land (it may have been the disputed Golan Heights in Syria) for which they apologized and Israel was totally understanding. Now why would an Islamic Caliphate attack everyone in their territory except for the colony of western-backed Jews? Hmmm…

    Hillary left the State Department in Jan 2013 and John Kerry took her place but she got the ball rolling, as she did for Ukraine, Honduras, etc. This is the kind of influence she peddled that made her so rich. Leaders like Kim Jung Un and Maduro see these events and have little desire to give up their countries’ weapons at the request of the U.S.; they’re not interested in going like Qaddafi, who after donating 50 Million Euros to Sarkhozy’s campaign and pledging his friendship to the west, was attacked by NATO/France/U.S. and raped by bayonet before perishing in the streets being beaten and kicked by vicious cutthroats on the payroll of U.S. and friends. Some 143 tons of Libya’s gold just disappeared, no doubt distributed to all those “Friends of Libya” and others involved. U.S. foreign policy did more to red pill me some 10 years ago than anything else. Sickening and shameful.

  9. I know dissidents being all black-pilled about Trump is fashionable but I think the take here regarding foreign policy impotence is wrong. I still think the Adams guy was correct in identifying Trump as a master manipulator. Across all things Trump does, not just foreign engagements, he consistently says some pretty bold or wild things for the purposes of provoking certain reactions prior to him arriving at the final destination that, we are left to presume, he originally intended. We’ve seen it with the shutdown and wall funding, twice now in Syria (don’t forget the “gas attacks” and “white helmets”), firearm background checks, etc. He routinely makes pronouncements upon which the illiterati lose their collective feces and spew unadulterated hate and stupidity, after which he pulls a Nelson Muntz and does something totally different. This is how he’s stirred such distrust toward the media and the establishment. This is how he points out the “Deep State” is real as they rally together to protect their hides from threats he has caused them to imagine.

    It just doesn’t jive to me that Trump is so ineffectual that he pronounces his genuine strategy only to have an operation that was by all indications quite successful carried out behind his back forcing him to take credit for it. I find it far easier to believe that the operation was planned and could only be carried out once the opposition (ISIS, CIA, deep state, but I repeat myself) started reacting to some initial stimulus provided by his earlier policy comments.

    BTW, will the mainstream media ever show the photos of McCain and al-Baghdadi in a group together?

    • The Syria stuff, and you touch on this, is a total repudiation of Obama/McCain foreign policy in the region. “Assad must go” is a punch line these days. Trump did that. The Obama-ites created ISIS as a means to try and take out Assad, but they created a monster that started attacking Iraq, Turkey, Syria, just about everybody plus exporting terrorism and stealing oil. That’s all toast now.

    • The “master manipulator” who just recently thought to ask his staff to provide him with a list of NTs in his administration in late 2019. HE HIRED THEM. . . all the people who are about to testify against him.

      • I think Trump’s more cunning than smart – he relies on his gut rather than his head or his heart. POTUS is too demanding a job to gut your way through every decision, particularly while your head is being Charles Kushnered and your heart is being AbuVanka’d.

        For personality geeks – Enneagram Type 8 (I can vouch – I’m an 8/7 Sx)

        (ignore the Yoda sh*t about channeling our nice side – that author’s a wahmen)

        • Sweet baby Jesus, anyone doubting that author’s a wahmen should read the link to Hillary’s profile as a Type 1 “perfectionist reformer.” No doubt who she voted for in 2016.

    • It’s probably brilliant to leave Russia and Turkey holding that burning bag of dog shit. Old enemies now have to try to keep a lid on that place. If it blows up in their faces, they get the bill for a forever war.

  10. A second term of Trump is quickly becoming essential, then, for multiple reasons. First, to consolidate power. Second, to continue to unmask the Government Party’s various operators. Third, because the economy really is doing a bit better despite all predictions to the contrary. Fourth, because if you want elections to matter, it is very important that the Government Party lose those elections.

    As far as Syria goes, is the vector in the right direction? It is never the case that a switch gets flipped and the government just moves out en masse. If that were true, we’d have 20,000 troops in Syria and the neocons might just have got their little regional war with the Russians. Instead, the threat they created (ISIS) is destroyed. Tens of thousands of militants are stone cold dead. The guy who ordered crucifixions and beheadings and other forms of torture and murder blew himself up when it became clear that hiding behind children would not protect him. Trump took away the rationale given by the State for staying, “But, but, but, ISIS could come back!” Look, if there are two guys with a laptop posting on the ISIS website, they would say “Ah ha! We told you ISIS wasn’t destroyed!” But the reality is that their army is destroyed, their leaders are dead, and we’re down to less than 1,000 troops in the region from a high of 2,500. And counting. All good. Also, I like cheap gas, so keep control of the oil fields until an agreement is reached as to how they will be managed.

    You can’t look back on the last month of hysteria in the media over “the Kurds” and “ISIS”, etc. and not realize that those people have been utterly humiliated. If you think Democracy is a scam, then it is a VERY GOOD THING that the anti-democratic forces in the USA suffer yet-another humiliating defeat.

    USMCA seems to be a pretty good deal for US workers. The China phase 1 deal also looks like it will be a good deal for US producers. (Notice the media blackout on both…if they were bad, we’d have heard about it by now.) Syria draw down is happening and it will continue to happen, and this makes it harder for the Permanent War Party to continue on endlessly in Afghanistan. Btw, that’s what Trump is specifically talking about with his “endless wars” rhetoric. Syria is a skirmish, Afghanistan and the heavily invested interests there is the war. Just the drug-running alone is going to cut into a lot of Government Party profit centers. It’s going to be hard to leave Afghanistan, but Trump is putting them all on notice imho.

    In business, we often talk about “disruptive technologies”. It’s cliche to call the internet a disruptive technology for the supply chain, but that’s the idea. Trump is a “disruptive technology” because he is wiping out long-standing ways of doing business using things that were taboo over the last 30 years…

    …tariffs to punish economic competitors
    …killing terrorists and then leaving the mess to other people to deal with
    …openly calling out and bad mouthing the permanent government
    …firing people (nobody ever gets fired in the permanent government)
    …letting DOJ off the leash to pursue the traitors who tried to frame Trump
    …putting American’s first…not just rhetoric but in reality
    …tax cuts that really did raise taxes on wealthier people to benefit middle class

    You guys may not like the civic nationalists, and they may be naive (I don’t think they’re nearly as naive as some of you all think), but at least they have a coherent organizing structure to plug an Americans-first agenda into. If you don’t have a positive vision to offer as an alternative, nobody will pay attention to you. For all their faults and failings, the civ-nats have an aspirational vision. Trump has figured that out.

    If they succeed and remove him from office, or if they manage to somehow cheat the next election, nobody’s going to feel the need to pretend any more. But if they lose, especially if it is a beat-down, then the rooting out of the Government Party can accelerate.

    • If the other side gets real power, well, let’s just say that revenge doesn’t care about legalities or niceties, it just wants heads in a basket, French style. Butcher a dog or two, to terrify the monkeys. This monkey isn’t much interested in seeing that game played out.

      A certain tribe likes to say “never again”. I have a feeling the Left will seek “never again” by salting the soil upon which we have walked, given a chance.

      • Yep, they were so very close in 2016 to just giving up all pretense of democratic process. Trump and his voters have crossed the lines you are never, ever, allowed to cross: insult them, mock them, beat them.

        After the Senate acquits, and they realize they’ve only managed to piss off and motivate Trump’s voting base through the moon, they’re going to move on to their only remaining option: they’re going to have to try and kill him. They cannot take the chance that he will be re-elected.

      • This is a given. Historically the Left goes genocidal against particular groups it takes a disliking to and has the means to make it happen. The DR would be well advised to that to heart and prepare accordingly. By now they ought to know the Left can and will use any and all implements of the state against us.

        And lets not forget BigTech, they will work hand in glove with the Left to totally deplatform the Right and install a total surveillance state like what exists in China.

        We’ll be lucky to communicate like the Soviet dissidents did – those that are still alive that it.

  11. I never thought I would say “right on” when Iran issues the official statement “you just killed your own creature.” The most truthful, succinct statement on all of this…from a sh thole country. Everyone knows that we directly funded ISIS…with OUR tax dollars. No “land of the free” would fund something like that. More of a country that is a mirage of freedom with a very expensive carnival barking apparatus/clown show. I’m repulsed every day by “who we are.”

  12. How to read our governance, episode 1 million or so. The “Getty Fire”, burning out of control from the 405 Freeway west towards Malibu, has been addressed by the Mayor of L.A. He says they don’t know how it started, but they are certain it was not from a campfire set by the homeless in the area. Translation—it was probably a homeless campfire. They think we are nimrods. If they don’t know how it started, you can’t cross a likely source off the list. Logic 101.

    • Most CA fires rage because they refuse to or are prohibitedfrom clearing out brush. There are no fires on the considerable land in the west owned by timber corporations. Burn the politicians and the fires will go out.

  13. I realize that it’s a temptation to blame every Mid-East cock-up and never-ending war on Israel, and failing that, on democracy. But I think we’re missing the fact than never-ending war and never-ending nation building has been a Cloud business model for some time now. Probably since the end of the Cold War. Tax money gets sluiced through Cloud-Spawn-run NGOs now as part of almost every govt. agency’s baseline budget. The Clinton Foundation was just greedier than most NGOs in taking a reported 95% haircut to support the lifestyles of the rich and connected. Promoting democracy is just a shiny spinning object to keep the good-whites on side.*

    Look at the pattern: Resource rich, hence easily looted, third world autocracy gets destabilized by Soros and The Deep State. Resources get titled to mysterious shell companies, Cloud Spawn get no-show jobs in those companies, obscure NGO’s run by Cloud-Spawn get contracts: Wash, rinse and repeat.

    If locals object, State Dept and CIA operatives (often with a high degree of overlap**) currently on the Govt. side of the revolving door help them get their minds right. Ukraine is the perfect example. Later on, the door revolves again and then the G side elite get to wet their beaks in NGO world (and Wall St.).

    If you wonder about the howling from the Pentagon about moving 28 troops off the Syria border, you must remember that senior officers get paid little, considering their responsibilities.*** The real money now is in being or working for a defense (now nation building) contractor after they retire. Their yet-to-retire buds can steer them contracts and then expect reciprocity in return when they retire.

    It just so happens that the most easily controlled (hence most easily looted – oil being the best example) resources located in easily de-stabilized places are mostly in the Mid-East. It’s not necessarily mostly to do with Israel per se, though Israel is far from blameless. Israel is just another shiny spinning object.

    While containing little oil, it is Syria’s misfortune to be the crossroads to its transport: It’s mostly about the pipeline routes. Our detached global elite care very little for Israel or democracy. IOW, it’s our elite, not democracy per se, that’s the problem, IMHO.
    *It is a good rule that the name of every Cloud Project is the opposite of what’s actually going on.
    **I have it on good authority that most CIA careers consist in hanging out overseas under diplomatic cover, waiting for walk-ins.
    ***Creates a classic principle-agent problem now that the honor thing has been so deprecated by Cultural Marxism. At retirement age (20+ year’s service) they’ve got college aged kids. Their pensions, while quite livable, are completely inadequate to finance their kids’ trips through the Cloud-Credentialling factories.

    • Why must it be one or the other? The evidence suggests *AND.* Did you never wonder why after 9/11 we didn’t go to war with the 15/19 country? Or why Powell held up those cartoons of the “high-tech” caves in Afghanistan that didn’t exist? Let’s face it: it’s all to distract us from our untenable situation of record debt, deficits, money-printing and invasion.

    • “It is a good rule that the name of every Cloud Project is the opposite of what’s actually going on.” This is pretty much true of every law passed by congress and most state governments as well, along with most corporate ‘initiatives’.


      In Progress right now: S.386 “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019”

      “Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel Exercise Act of 2019”
      “Alaska Remote Generator Reliability and Protection Act”
      “Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education, and Support Act of 2019”
      “Reviving America’s Scenic Byways Act of 2019”

      Oh, here’s one that does just what it says on the tin:
      To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 11158 Highway 146 North in Hardin, Texas, as the “Lucas Lowe Memorial Post Office”.

      Definitely a valuable use of our Government’s time and money.

  14. I was tempted, but never actually did post on some conservative sites that I didn’t understand exactly why I am supposed to care about Al-Baghdadi. I mean, yes, I have heard all the normie-com rationalizations “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here,” “sponsors terrorism,” “inpires domestic terrorism,” it is just that none of that is particularly convincing. His death isn’t going to be a deterrence to people like the San Bernardino shooters.

    It’s really just regional tribal conflicts. Wars of conquest. Up until WW 2 nobody except the conquered thought wars of conquest were illegitimate.

    But then everyone started to act as if national borders were written in stone.

    A number of festering problems world-wide would be gone now if some wars of conquest were allowed to run their course. Already nobody is really serious about freeing Tibet. It’s a done deal because the Chinese are unapologetic about their conquest and know the West is just doing empty posturing.

    By all I can tell, Assad is the least-worst option in Syria, but he has been added to the Hall of Literally Hitlers.

    We should just get out and mind our own business. The winners will be more than happy to contract us to help extract and sell their oil. They are not going to close any of the straits. They need them open more than we do and don’t have the ability to seriously enforce a blockade.

    And, yes, all this and more causes me to have no respect for our lying, incompetent governing class.

    • Viz;
      Re border adjusting wars and the absence thereof: It’s the nuc’s. There are very few potential adjustees who lack a nuclear power as a patron. If they even suspect that they might be on the wrong side of an adjustment, they’d be fools not to buy one. Hence K Street.

    • You forgot “securin’ the homeland.” My favorite one liner. You have to say it like you’re smoking a corn pipe while saying it.” A complete ignoramus.

    • Apparently, he was an ally of Barack Obama and John McCain early-on before they got caught building up his army and had to try and figure out how to contain the mess they created.

      For that reason alone, who his friends were, that was good enough reason for me to take that guy out. It’s like dancing on John McCain’s grave, which I’m always happy to do.

  15. “…..Clearly, the people really in charge of American foreign policy decided to let Trump know who is really in charge, so they conducted this raid. That leaves Trump little choice but to act like it was his idea…….”

    So ZMAN is suggesting that Trump has absolutely no idea that the raid was going to happen.
    What absolute rubbish.
    Where is ZMANS evidence? Where are any facts that support his thesis?
    I suppose that Zman also believes that Trump is Putin’s “boy.”

    The deep state/media/Hollywood/academia HATES Trump precisely because his policies are anathema to the global world order / socialist / communist-lite elites that wish to rule the world (and who hate everything about the USA).

    The efforts to impeach him – with zero evidence of any wrongdoing and in a unconstitutional manner – are proof positive that it is his POLICIES that are the root of their hatred for him, and recall the impeachment movement began the DAY he was elected.

    Imagine if Trump’s policies were in line with that of Obama; he would be praised for anything and everything he did, regardless of how F’d up or stupid it was.

    Obama was above any criticism primarily because he was a hate America first socialist/communist, who believed in the “new world order, one world govt” BS.
    If you think it was because he is half black think again; imagine if Ocommie was a conservative. He would have been regarded as an Oreo, a traitor to his race, a house n***er, etc. etc.

    Trump is the opposite – he actually believes that the USA should come first – and understands how F’d up the existing US policies are.

    Z’s comments are more applicable to say a Bush I and II, a (execrable) Romney, etc; go along, get along with the ruling deep state crowd.

    If Trump is being manipulated and “directed,” there would be no reason to impeach the deep state puppet.

  16. Keep in mind that EVERY indigenous player in the Middle East is simply a tribe competing with all the others in the only way they know how, through brutal acts of butchery and alliances of convenience. It is all-against-all over there, a fight between tribes of people all related to each other in history, with feuds and memories that last forever.

    Why would we ever want to get in the middle of any of that, and fer gawd’s sake, why allow any of those tribes to live over here and export their problems to our neighborhood?

  17. The whole thing has a “we’ve always been at war with Eastasia” quality.

    Most people had never even heard of “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” until his death was announced. And yet we’re supposed to re-write our memories in order to think of him as the most evil man of the century, Our Most Desperate Enemy.

    This sort of “epistemological viciousness”–wherein the ruling class expects us to pretend to see things we don’t see, pretend not to see things that we see, and pretend to rewrite our own memories every day on a moment’s notice–show just how despicable, really just evil, they are.

  18. A very succinct summary of the situation…Civic nationalism is a disaster at all times, but it’s worse when it’s Israeli nationalism….

  19. I’ve grown tired of the habit of these guys to paint every guy they kill as craven cowards. I even found myself agreeing, uncomfortably, with Bill Mayer when Bush called the pilots of 9/11 cowards. Flying jets into towers. Not sure what they were, but cowards doesn’t seem to fit.

  20. The Deep State originally referred to bureaucracies that carried out the interests of the state despite who was elected to office. The Kemalist military of Turkey was the best known example. This was before 2015-2016 when infowars turned into another meaningless boogeyman.

    The Yankee Empire has a vested interest in Syria. The foreign mercenaries that the empire imported into the heartland have an interest in Syria. Americans do not. That realization is an important red pill for our side. Secede in your mind.

  21. I know almost nothing about what’s going on in Syria (like most people), but I did read that this guy had been operating in U.S.-backed zones with immunity for a long time. I think it’s possible this was Obama’s “guy” over there. Hasn’t the left been siding with the enemies of civilization since the Russian Revolution if not before? Who knows what is going on — there is simply no transparency as to what our objectives are.

    • What was Hillary’s private spook Blumenthal doing with assets all over Benghazi the night they torched our embassy? My money’s on “running guns and other contraband to Baghdadi’s boys.”

      Miles of Wall = 14 in 3 years.
      Swamps drained = 0.
      Hers locked up = 0.

      • I think we could have taken this guy out at anytime and doing so now was a big F U to some faction in the West. Also, could have been a wag the dog thing, but Trump’s colorful language suggests that he is flipping the bird to someone powerful.

  22. Yes! Yes! to all of this. DC is rotten to the core and the presumption of democratic governance is a lie sold to the naive for the purpose of keeping the plebs from getting ornery. Syria is about unexploited oil fields that Israel wants to access and is using the US military as its proxy mercenaries to accomplish the deed. Powerful DC politicians have been bribed in service to this end and Trump is the fly in the ointment. Observe, analyze, predict, & prepare. Bumpy road ahead.

  23. “…our politicians are proud that they can take any side on every issue.”

    Well, most politicians were trained as lawyers. And lawyers are trained to take any side. The corruption potential is built-in.

    • There’s a professional debater’s conceit in this as well. Not only is it profitable to be able to play both sides but many esquires take pride in their alleged ability to win either side of an argument. It helps them sleep at night. That said, legal training is mostly just a skill set. The double-dealing sociopathy is usually ready-baked before they leave K-12.

      • Most of us can take either side in the courtroom, but leave that behind as we walk out of the courthouse. Most of the attorneys I know are staunch Democrats and wouldn’t take the other side with a gun to their heads. j

      • This is something that always bothered be about classes in Rhetoric. The Sophists appear to have won the argument after 2000 years.

        “But it is not these sophists alone who are open to criticism, but also those who profess to teach political discourse. For the latter have no interest whatever in the truth, but consider that they are masters of an art if they can attract great numbers of students by the smallness of their charges and the magnitude of their professions and get something out of them. For they are themselves so stupid and conceive others to be so dull that, although the speeches which they compose are worse than those which some laymen improvise, nevertheless they promise to make their students such clever orators that they will not overlook any of the possibilities which a subject affords.” … “And yet those who desire to follow the true precepts of this discipline may, if they will, be helped more speedily towards honesty of character than towards facility in oratory. And let no one suppose that I claim that just living can be taught; for, in a word, I hold that there does not exist an art of the kind which can implant sobriety and justice in depraved natures. Nevertheless, I do think that the study of political discourse can help more than any other thing to stimulate and form such qualities of character.” – Isocrates, “Against the Sophists”

        Plato’s Gorgias expands on this some as well.

  24. Considering that traitorous coup advocate McRaven* was in command of the SEALs during the last high-profile trophy hunt, a good deal of skepticism is in order.

    Once again I effectively find myself on the same side as the alleged monster Putin. Ever since Vlad the Thot-Nailer made his famous UN speech skewering U.S. pretensions of exceptionalism, he’s felt more like one of Our Guys than any U.S. military honcho or political (((stooge))).

    Putin is a Russian patriot who acts to protect his people’s interests (albeit while skimming phat rubles for his circle).

    Contra our Ashkepath expats from Ukraine (aka “Russia experts” per Western media), this seems prefereable to Yeltsin and the entire Western leadership since the Yelstin era, who skim phat petrobucks for their circle while actively destroying their people and nations.

    Contra The Saker and others, I’m somewhere between Anatoly Karlin and Charles Bauman of Russia Insider on where Putin stands on (((fellow whites))). My heart tells me he’s running a gauntlet between the still-powerful B’nai B’rith billionaires he inherited from the fat drunken crook and other unsavory characters such as Commies and just-plain-mobsters.

    Absent some unlikely cuckery, I’ll keep rooting for him to thread the needle-eye of Heaven’s gates astride his big camel of loot – hopefully after many more years of good-shepherding his people.

    It’s money well spent for Russia compared to how much Larry Summers and the boys split with Billy-Jeff-Epstein-Bro back in the 90’s, leaving nothing behind for Russians but empty factories and dead bodies.

    The disgusting venality and servile goy-groveling of our Western elites has turned this once-rabid half-Russian Russophobe into a Russophile. Considering that they despise me and mine, it’s also simple reciprocation.

    What would Putin do if his military went rogue at the behest of Russia’s less-toothsome Khazar Kabal? (Hint – Ed Dutton would consider the response eugenic).

    I’ll hunker down now and wait for Ashkenazi Anna to go Cathy Young on me in the reply column. White. No guilt. No apologies.

    * who would have been recalled to service, court-martialed and (redacted) for this in a better America…

    • I agree Exile. It is hard to blame Putin for things the US did.
      1. The CIA arranges to overthrow the government of the Ukraine and install one hostile to Russia. Putin moves to secure the Crimea and thereby the Black Sea Fleet naval base and he is accused of aggression?

      2. Obama and the CIA move to overthrow Assad in Syria. Syria is a long time ally of Russia and Russia has at least two military bases of consequence in Syria. Putin moves in to keep Assad in power and thereby secure his Naval and air force bases and he is again accused of aggression.

        • And they get away with it because they understand the power of the collective and use it to their advantage…A small tribal people can subvert thousands of individuals…

          • The TRS guys have recently been hitting on the power of collective action vs. the “lone hero” myth we’ve been sold by (((Hollywood))). Learning to love collective action again is going to be one of the hardest lessons for Americans raised for generations on the self-reliant pioneer tradition.

            Truth is, even in frontier days it was collective action that saved the day. Daniel Boone had a tough group of men around him fighting to defend their families.

            Recommended reading:


  25. Conveniently, Al-Baghdadi’s body has disappeared, like Osama bin Laden’s did. God forbid that we should take these guys alive, give them the Assange-treatment and having them weep in court and renounce Mohammed, after they’d given up their command network. You’d almost think someone was afraid to have them cross-examined in a court of law.

    My take is that Osama and Baghdadi are hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein in some Israeli compound stocked with booze, drugs and child sex slaves.

    And I’m not even kidding that much.

    • I think Epstein is dead. He had become a liability and outlived his usefulness. The people he served are still in power.

      • Yes, they’re all dead, of course.

        But on a symbolic level, killing someone is a move of weakness. If we assume, for the sake of argument, that Bin Laden were real and that the war against terror were about justice, we should have dragged him in by the ear, taken him to central booking to have his belt and shoelaces removed, give him the rubber glove routine: treat him like a common criminal, but make sure that his every human right is upheld, that every i is dotted and every t crossed. Treat him like just another file number in the impersonal, remorseless justice machine of a civilized country.

        • I agree, Felix. Saddam was captured, put on trial, and executed. But other than that it’s been straight to “execution” for all these guys, including figures like the Las Vegas shooter, “Paddock.”

          I thought it was a fitting end for the rabid Hussein sons to die like dogs in a shootout, and I have no qualms about death being the ultimate fate of any of these savages. But as you say, if it is as we are told–i.e. that the motivation for all this is “justice”–then it seems like the people who administer it have very little confidence in the system of justice.

          • It’s also about symbolism. A superpower should treat people like bin Laden like common pickpockets to signal that that’s what they amount to in the larger scheme of things.

            Likewise, instead of building a ghoulish monument to the perpetrators of 9/11, you should have simply rebuilt WTC in twelve months so that on the first anniversary, it was as if it never happened – maybe just an inch taller than the originals, as an FU to show how insignificant even their best efforts are compared to the might of the United States of America.

          • Have you ever seen our construction industry?
            rebuild the WTC in 12 months? LOL!
            the environmental impact statements alone would take 24 months.

          • If Trump had been president back then, he could’ve done it in ten months with only chain gangs of illegal Moslem immigrants and volunteer game show contestants singing Yankee Doodle as they worked the rivet guns.

        • Part of me agrees with you, Felix. But when it comes to the “shot himself in the back of the head, twice” categories I reserve the right to be skeptical. Just the confluence of events surrounding his purported demise beggars belief.

      • I’m pretty damn sure that If I were Epstein I’d make damn sure that everybody knew I had multiple doomsday releases whose publication was only prevented by my continuing to live.

      • I thought he was dead until the information about the broken hyoid bone was released. When I read that, I assumed that creating uncertainty about whether Epstein killed himself or was murdered was intended to distract people from the idea that he was alive.

  26. Sometimes I think the Middle East is just a hampster wheel our rulers use to keep high testosterone white guys engaged in anything but domestic politics. The elite units are stacked chock full of young intelligent leaders wholly consumed by foreign events, while their own country is destroyed behind them.

    • It is not unreasonable. The Saudis used to send their most enthusiastic religionists off to fight jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan for the same reason. It’s how we go Osama bib Laden. The fact that most of our guys come out of the service cynical about multiculturalism and skeptical of democracy will eventually become a serious problem for our rulers. They have already been hinting around about it.

      As with everything our rotten elites do, their solutions always create new problems.

      • Well, that’s our “elites” for you: high-IQ, energetic, and given to cunning, but lacking wisdom, and apparently the capacity for self-reflection. Of course, the latter is probably because an honest look at their own behavior would be devastating to their self image of always being the innocent, blameless ones unjustly persecuted by knuckle-dragging, cousin humping bigots. Thing is, while the world is unfair, it is often more fair than we’d like to admit.

    • Within a decade of the frontier being closed (1890) we began our first foreign adventures and have been at it constantly. This probably has something to do with democracy. It’s volatile and needs expansive external conflicts to keep that volatility focused elsewhere. Instead of an aristocracy of statesmen we end up being ruled by manipulative profiteers who develop a domestic mercenary army of obfuscating bureaucrats, ubiquitous yes-men and freaks to counter those who should be the nation’s natural leaders – for when those natural leaders are not engaged in the frontier or with the latest foreign demon.

      • I think it’s more a question of the size of a country leading it to imperialist adventures than the form of government. Switzerland is democratic but not expansionist. Russia in the 18th and 19th Centuries was autocratic and expansionist. (I admit China may be an exception.) Once a country achieves a certain size the temptation for the elites to play at empire becomes almost overwhelming. George Kennan, in his book Around the Cragged Hill, advocated dissolving the present United States and forming about eight autonomous republics and perhaps three city states. All of these would have a robust self-defense capacity but not be big enough to tempt the leaders to indulge in empire building.

          • Not to mention the 9 dash line. The first time I saw that map was in a stationary store in the mainland and I couldn’t believe the audaciousness.

        • Size is probably important…but the cultural cantons in Switzerland play a major role in lowering their volatility.

          Add to above that our “democracy” was built in part by the Jihadists of Massachusetts. Once they conquered the South the innate volatility of our brand of democracy could no longer be held in check.

        • Switzerland is a confederacy. There is no capital city. No central government to impose edicts on society. There is no way to get them to declare war. But they will fight like wolves if attacked.

      • Nonsense, Europe was drenched in blood driven by senseless wars driven by a bloodthirsty aristocratic class that ran the place up until the end of WWi.

        The American public never once clamored for war and conquest. Our interventions in Central America, the Spainish American War, WWI were all driven by elites whom the DR worship.,

        It also applies to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Gulf War One and Two, the over throw of Gadaffi, Syria. ALL DRIVEN by the elites without public input.

        Do you even realize we had to be goaded into supporting Gulf War One and Two by a massive propaganda campaign supported by the MSM and a host of PR firms?

        • The frontier wasn’t a way to redirect male energy from the ruling class? All of the wars and police actions weren’t used to redirect male energy away from their manipulators? It was all done for God and Country? No flim-flam whatsoever? Really.

          Your fetish for democracy and blindness to the innate manipulations of a corrupt oligarchy in the use that democracy blinded you into missing my whole point.

      • @Yvess Vannes
        Have you read The Great Frontier by Walter Prescott Webb? Great book, I shill for it whenever the chance arises!

        • Thanks for the recommendation. The only books I’ve ever read on the westward expansion were DeVoto’s.

    • Anciently, high-level Chinese officials were stationed outside of their home province, because at home they might work together with their own local people to decentralize power away from the empire.

      Stationed far away from home, they ruled over people with whom they had little affinity, and proceeded to run riot, mistreating and looting the local people.


    • I’ll agree. True “Special Forces” units are always training or on a mission somewhere. Rangers and Marines train pretty much non-stop to complete exhaustion. Keeps them for causing trouble beyond the local bars. And yes, I came home with distinctly negative opinions of the people and the predominant religion of the Middle East.

    • No one in the military is that intelligent. The special forces are literate but still, the military culture prevails and the smart ones will separate and do something productive with their lives, don’t believe the poet warlord hype that these guys speak five dialect of Pashtun while teaching astrophysics. High energy and going nowhere. But they can hit a stamp with a bullet from several yards.

      • Went Infantry School with a guy who was a big dumb block of muscle who ended up in Force Recon. On the other hand, I’ve worked with several former Green Berets who were seriously borderline brilliant – and could hit that stamp from long distance.

      • Gotta laugh….ever serve with any of these guys, I suspect not. There are knuckle draggers in every branch and every MOS but the SOF guys are a breed apart. Tough, resilient and for the most part highly professional. You get cowboys but the the Unit guys that hit this douchbag are the best. Even the knuckle draggers are all highly competent. Most could be doing anything they wanted but choose to do this…at that level, while dangerous…its fun as hell. I’ve been lucky to hang out out with a bunch of these guys…its another level.

        • These guys would be great personal trainers if they weren’t milking the green collar welfare teet. They’re not making us safe, and if they were “brilliant” they would be doing something else instead of training to train. Welfare with PowerPoint slides and training trips for jungle warfare site where they get drunk and use Latina escorts. If they had any fuzzy logic in their brains they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. They would still be working out, but at Equinox.

          • Those men are your not typical bland cube drones and don’t blame them for not making us safe. that’s partly your job and that of their bosses in the Pentagon and Congress. When SHTF you either man up or you’re food for some hood rats. There won’t be any Po Po or soldiers to protect you.

            BFD if they use hookers, most soldiers and navy types do. It’s as old as Alexander’s army. In WWII Patton even set up brothels while North Africa for his men. I guess you expect our soldiers to be incels. You try working 12-16 hours a day as a boiler or reactor tech for months on end.

            To be blunt I’ve found more honorable and decent men in the military than I even did working among white collar civilians who’d back stab a co-worker for a clasp

            It’s clear you really don’t have a clue what drives smart, young, aggressive men one bit.

        • I have served with those guys, and in a capacity a little more significant than “hanging out with a bunch” of them.

          The unit that hit al-Baghdadi… yes it’s true those guys are a breed apart, but it’s a little much to be saying they could be doing anything they wanted outside the military. Most would be living totally unremarkable lives in middle-IQ professions or trades had they not found a unique niche in the military. Nothing wrong with that, and they have my utmost respect, but it’s not like they all turned down jobs at RenTech to go serve. Below the level of that specific unit there’s a steep drop-off in quality.

          The military, including SOF, boils off the smarter guys because it’s a miserable environment for anybody whose IQ is greater than 1 SD above the mean. Guys like that end up in those units, but they overwhelmingly get out after their first term, or maybe one reenlistment if they’ve had unusually good experiences (good deployments, good training opportunities, etc.).

          SOF in general is in a pretty sorry state of affairs. I could go on at length about this but I don’t want to get into self-doxxing territory. Too many of them fall for their own marketing (as have you, apparently). There are too many smart white guys whose healthy and respectable desire to serve has been taken advantage of by ZOG, and the waste of years of their lives and impact on their physical and mental health is absolutely criminal.

      • @JR Worth

        The very few special ops types I’ve met have been intelligent, but not philosophical. They’re highly competitive doers who don’t sit around pondering the ramifications of their orders, they just accomplish the goal, hoorah!, and move on to the next goal.

        An interesting thing I noticed is they tend to walk in straight lines facing forward and never meander like I do!

        • That’s the sad part. They are doers, they’re doers who don’t have a meaningful work product other than the occasional murder of villagers in some backwater (if they’re lucky) and then going off the deep end and becoming security guards for Burmese opium traffickers. If only the doing was applied to meaningful activities.

          • “meaningful work”? You must really buy into the Liberal-corporate line of BS. Most jobs in this country are bullshit jobs where sell your youth for a crappy paycheck and you are totally replaceable by some Pajeet hired by corporate at half your salary.

            And for your information some of the biggest sociopaths and psychopaths come from our Ivies and go on to run D.C. and Wall Street ass raping our country into ob. Not that you care. It’s easier to spew venom at the folks who serve in our military like some rabid Leftist.

          • The only meaningful threat we have is domestic and I don’t mean the citizenry.

            That said nearly all jobs everywhere are crud. It’s the nature or urban living and modernity to drain the life out of people and to stick them with meaningless nonsense.

            Subconsciously I think this is a good chunk of the reason for our low fertility. Rat Utopia Ennui writ large.

            This will correct in time as I suspect as Robert Howard noted long ago, the natural state of mankind is barbarism.

      • I don’t believe in poet warlord types. I’m not talking about the Mattis type career climbers. Conformity is selected at upper levels.

        Most elite units are packed with down to earth, high energy, and highly intelligent white guys. But they are consumed by the tactical considerations of foreign engagements.

    • Sometimes I think the Middle East is just a hampster wheel our rulers use to keep high testosterone white guys engaged in anything but domestic politics.

      It supposedly keeps the military sharp. If they had no wars to fight, they’d degenerate.

      Much as I abhor the military adventurism of the 21th c., all those wars have done wonders for the Danish military. When I was conscription age, Circus Mili, as it was called, was a joke: people goofing off and basically having fun on the taxpayer dime. An acquaintance was in the artillery, they spent their time blowing up gasoline drums to fill their fuel budget and building ballistas out of leaf springs from their trucks.

      (The joke went that our battle plan was to assemble at the suspected East German landing beaches and get nuked. As it turned out when the East German archives were opened, that was totally true.)

      Today, having carried water for America for 25 years, our light infantry is world class and in the Glorious War Against Tyranny in Libya, our one squadron of F-16s was on the spot in a matter of hours, and flew almost half of the bomb runs of the campaign. Meanwhile (hehe!) it took the Swedes more than four weeks to get their fancy toys even airborne, and they didn’t fly a single mission.

      It’s not just a question of the individual soldier getting combat experience, it’s about institutional learning, things that carry over but can be lost if the state of war is discontinued for too long.

      As Some Famous White Dude said, it takes one year to build a ship, but a hundred years to build a navy.

  27. FOX news had one of the MIC spokesman on. The general said we need to be in Syria to protect the oilfields from ISIS. I thought ISIS had been decimated and is no longer a strategic threat. So why are we in Syria protecting the oilfields from ISIS? Can’t Syria protect it’s own oilfields from ISIS?

    • We took over the oilfirelds for one reason, to starve Syria of oil and topple the Assad regime. And that oil is now going to Turkey.

      Remember we still have full on embargo against Syria. Our Navy even threatened to sink a oil tanker bound for Syria not too long ago.

      • Remind me when any member of Congress put that case before the American people. Please do. Because I can provide innumerable links of attacks on Christians and ethnic cleansing of Christians by the Kurds and their patrons.

    • Higher oil prices are good for American oil producers. Why should we be protecting their oil so they can make money off it again?

    • I saw that too. He said ISIS, but he meant Syria/Russia. At this point, whenever you hear ISIS, just assume they really mean the Russians and Syrians. Maybe Iran. ISIS is just a nice sounding boogieman, like how Hollywood likes to use North Koreans and Neo-Nazis for their bad guys. Nobody actually knows any, but it avoids more obvious villains…

      I’ll tell you what though. Cynical me says we line up fleets of tankers in Turkey and just pump that stuff until the wells run dry and send all the tankers to US refineries. As Trump pointed out a long time ago (and was mocked for), “Just take the oil.”

      I got no problem with that.

      • If you here the term “ISIS”, just think of Israel, the “Royal” House of Saud, and Senator John McCain.

  28. All true.


    But sometimes, Z, The Big Picture is not where it’s at.

    Years ago I stumbled across a site of someone chronicling the atrocities of ISIS. Apparently they went through one neighbourhood and beheaded toddlers. And lest ye doubt… there were pics. Too many. That’s what those mutts do. That’s how they roll. Those people are fuggin animals. You kvetch about ‘endless war’. Those mutts have petty blood feuds that go back centuries.

    You’re right, America has no place in any of that and needs to think about how to avoid getting drawn into it. Geopolitics being what they are, I doubt that America or any other world power will ever be able to completely withdraw from the region no matter how much they wish to. There’s just too many vested interests to allow it.

    But… the odd hunting trip like this is just fine by me. If they killed some stinky moslem mutt that needed killing… I’m good with it. If they are going to export terror and kill ours (and they will, regardless of what we do)… I’m just peachy with killing them right back.

    There is no taking your ball and going home. The moslem mud flap is a savage and a warrior and he will see that as weakness to be exploited and he will come after you. America is not what’s wrong with the Middle East, boys. Anyone that thinks so does not understand who they are dealing with.

    Congratulations on your shooting, Mr. President!!! Make sure you buy a round for the team for a job well done.

    • Maybe ISIS is as bad as they say. After all, the same people who peddled the Russia hoax and too many other hoaxes to count would never lie about something like this.

      My default on all reports by our media is that they are lying. The truth is always something other than what they are reporting.

      • Nobody in media can be trusted and maybe Trump can’t either but their sputtering, fomenting, visceral rage towards him will always be a mark in his favor

        • Yep. No matter what happens, Trump did usher in the age of no-confidence in the media. That will pay dividends for a long time.

          • This is the thing with Trump. He has an ability to get his opponents to undermine themselves and to show their open contempt of the people they rule over. During the 2016 campaign, he got the media to show what partisans they were. We always suspected the media of being progressive Democrat partisans, but it was never so clear as it was in 2016 and since. He has exposed the uniparty, the press, the swamp and the international cabal.
            In this way, Trump has greatly exceeded my expectations.

          • Trump drove masses of Our Best People to hurl their masks to the ground and do a New Zealand aborigine mud man stomp dance on them. If there was comparable elite behavior any time in American history, I haven’t heard of it.

          • Not just the media either. He exposed the Republicans as the simpering wing of the Uniparty. You still have plenty of “Red Team rah rah rah!” but the disillusionment grows.

      • The media will lie like sidewalks. Wasn’t it the WaPo that ran an obit portraying the “victim” as a gentle moslem theological scholar?

        But I don’t think Trump would lie about something like this. He is too cagey to go off half cocked on something like this. I suspect the proof of the deceased will come in the form of explosive media revelations that Abu-Al-Fuknuk-Al is actually alive, and sharing a cave with Oslama bin Laden and possibly Elvis.

      • This is correct…in the sense that American involvement in the Syrian civil war had nothing to do with “Assad must go” or “Arab Spring” of whatever. It had everything to do with the pipeline war over there. Obama figured he could depose Assad, put a US-friendly dictator in there, and push the oil and natural gas to the West. Russia stepped in for their friend Assad, and since we were unwilling to go to war with Russia over the oil, we got a stalemate in which the ISIS we created grew out of control.

        The ISIS people were butchers though. No shortage of first-hand accounts out of that region which are not controlled by our government of beheadings, crucifixions, murder, rape, etc. Those guys were bad news, and we have Obama/Kerry/Clinton/McCain to thank for that.

        We’ll guard those oil fields until Syria/Russia/Turkey can get forces in there to do it and we can leave. That’ll keep the few ISIS fighters from getting access to money to re-arm.

        But the Big Lie isn’t ISIS. The Big Lie was that this was always about Obama et al trying to get control of the Syrian oil fields.

      • ISIS probably IS as bad as they say. But so what? Why should I give a f-ck? I live in America, not Syria. If they want to murder each other by the truckload over there… let ’em have at it.

    • But… the odd hunting trip like this is just fine by me. If they killed some stinky moslem mutt that needed killing… I’m good with it.

      Then don’t be surprised, and don’t blame Islam, when they truck bomb a school near you.

      • Absolutely. But they will do it anyways, Felix. To them, the difference between you and a Jew is purely conversational. They will be killing our kids for decades because of this and other slights and crimes – some real, some imagined.

        This is essentially the next Crusade in the making. The moslems got spanked during the crusades because of their endless raids on Christendom and one day, the Christians had had enough of it. You are watching history in the making. It may not repeat… but it will rhyme.

        • But they will do it anyways, Felix.

          On a small scale, certainly. They’ll always hate us, they’ll always harass, rob, rape and kill white people on a petty – if extensive – scale.

          But the forever-war against Moslem nations is the primary driver of terrorism, and it fuels the hate in the Eurostans. Devout Moslems don’t care about nation states, they only care about the Umma. And at the moment, we’re killing their brothers left and right and they have a holy duty to kill us back.

          • The forever war is driven by the Koran and instituted by Mohammadans, not Christians. They have hated the West an all of us since their pedophile leader entered Mecca. They have made war on ALL other religions of the world and will until they are eliminated. Which can’t be too soon. Mohammedans have murdered at least 150 million people since their unprecedented arrival around 630 AD.

            They don’t have “a holy duty to kill us back”, they have a holy duty to kill us PERIOD.

          • Mohammedans have murdered at least 150 million people since their unprecedented arrival around 630 AD.

            Yes, and Americans used to have slaves.

            They have a holy duty to make the world Islamic, but they are not required to kill anyone to get their ticket to heaven, and they understand the concept of a truce.

            We’ve had detentes with them before, and perhaps, as Saint Anders suggested, we should ally with the Jihadis until we’ve dispatched globohomo: We offer them a Caliphate in the ME, if they agree to take back their diasporas in Europe, perhaps teach them some proper shariah law.

          • With friends like bisexual Swedish women, who will give them everything they want and more, why would they need Conservatives? The left is about taking down us, Muslims are inconsequential. They guided missile (the left) will always make its way towards us, and the Muslims instinctively know that.

          • With friends like bisexual Swedish women, who will give them everything they want and more, why would they need Conservatives?

            Because women – especially bisexual ones – is not the only thing Islam is right about.

            Strong family values? Check!
            Strong religious values? Check!
            Strong anti-POZ values? Check!
            Strong anti-ZOG values? Check!
            Strong warrior values? Check!

            We have a lot more in common with the Jihadis than globohomo has. We can offer them a stop to everlasting Wars for Israel, they can’t get that from the globalists, the only thing they get from them, is a handful of tickets to the Western welfare circus, and that comes with homo indoctrination of their children and infidel women in public offices bossing them around.

            The leeches here in Europe might tell themselves that they’re waging Jihad by sucking the infidel teat, but back in Kebabistan, the European diasporas are seen as degenerate losers, weaklings, backsliders, petty criminals or worse. They’ll not like the idea of taking back their trash but if we offer them a Caliphate and a stop to droning, I figure they’ll bite the bullet.

            The idea that they’ll always wage Jihad against us is neocon propaganda. We’ve been allied with them before, and as I said, the Koran allows truce with infidels.

            They do not hate us because muh freedoms, they hate us because we murder their women and children with impunity and trample our infidel boots all over Islamic lands while bleating about muh freedoms.

            Until 9/11, until the Global War on Terror, there were no organized Islamic terrorism in Europe, only political terrorism in response to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

            Like with the poc in America, the Moslems are being wielded against us, just like we’re being wielded against them – they’re not the real enemy so let’s stop the globohomo game of let’s-you-and-him-fight.

          • Felix,

            There is a theory that was what the ISIS caliphate was supposed to be… engendered and allowed by the prior administration. Dan Carlin, yep that Dan Carlin, was invited to sit with some big wigs back east and that was the recommendation they came up with. It’s on one of his ‘Common Sense’ shows.

            It went sideways. Too extreme. Too destabilizing. They didn’t count on the counter-pull the Israelis have here a d still with the media through their co-religionists.

            Wish I could find the episode. Their recommendation sort of boils down to, “Yeah, you’ll break a few eggs but at least you’ll have just one crappy omelet to deal with.”

          • I can’t imagine that happening though as ideas go it’s not a bad one and we’d have time during this truce to arm up for the inevitable raids and invasions later on.

            Americans don’t understand that Islam while a competitor and not for us is not on its face capital E evil. It’s a rival Jewish spinoff to our dying Christendom , younger and more energetic too.

            It’s not all bad by any means though very foreign and even say a translated Quran is strange to Westerners/

            Somehow, money or Protestantism or both I’d guess we got into this what should be a Middle eastern only mess and came down on the side of the Jews.

            This would perplex our medieval forebears who’d rather (and often did) make truce with Muslims for a lot of good reasons but it is what it is and it will not be easy to extricate ourselves from that muck.

            In the end the West needs to simply go back to itself. Westmen for Westmen

            This won’t be easy, we’ve been using if you’ll forgive a strained analogy , heavily patched and modded Middle Eastern software in the form of Christianity for so long, we don’t know how to do without it.

            The Christians software code base seems to be incompatible with our tech base, literally in that it started to fail with modernity.

            Extracting ourselves from the malaise and from the lack of social confidence is not easy. Retaining the excellent things Christianity gives to more complex social order and doing that is harder still.

            I don’t know how to do this and despite that say Stephen Mcnallen might thing, Virtuous Heathenry , Asatru, Greco Roman, Baltic and whatever isn’t going to do it.

            I wish I knew what would.

          • They say you can’t beat something with nothing.
            And nothing is what the United State has in abundance.

            If I were a Muslim, I’d just lie low for a decade or four, and continue breeding….

          • Aside from Welfare Somalis the US fertility rate among Muslims is not much higher than any other group.

            Religious groups race the clock with secularism and urbanization gutting their fertility. Eventually this effect catches up to everyone and it gets increasingly hard to keep away from. Even groups like the Amish and Orthodox are effected.

          • Then it must follow that if we start being nice to Muslims, they will renounce their 1400-year-old dream of violent world conquest and start being nice to us.

            Might work, but I’m less than confident.

          • Contra W, there’s a third way between “kiss their *sses” and “genocide them.” Just leave them alone. Don’t occupy their holy lands, don’t act as Janissaries for their Jewish enemies, don’t meddle in their affairs at all – just buy their oil from whoever sits atop the spigot at the moment and don’t otherwise care.

            None of them are in any shape to conquer their own neighbors for the forseeable future, much less “world conquest.” The idea that they’re sitting around plotting to 9/11 everyone every minute of the day is goy-feed.

            90% of their martial resources are tied up in keeping their proles from lampposting the spawn of Saud and Hassan.

          • Then it must follow that if we start being nice to Muslims, they will renounce their 1400-year-old dream of violent world conquest and start being nice to us.

            No, it must not. That’s why I used the term ‘truce’ rather than ‘peace’, but a few decades worth of ceasefire is nothing to scoff at.

          • Agreed. The first time we fought Muslims was during the Barbary Coast Wars when the US Marines and Navy laid down some hurt on Islamic pirates and slavers. They quickly signed a peace treaty and left us alone.

            After the Seals killed Bin Laden, we should have declared victory and went home. The Arabs would fight each other and Israel, and the winners would sell their oil to us to recoup the costs of their wars.

          • Unless we decided to do what it takes to win, some of us know and could make that happen. However truth would have to be sanitized for public

        • Manzikert was essentially the disaster that sparked the Crusades. The west lived under the protection of the Eastern Roman Empire, but the Turkish invasions were something different – a steppe horde invasion, not the traditional Islamic expansion. There were some initial gains in the crusades, but were quickly squandered by western rulers, and then by the 4th crusade they put an end to the strength of the empire once and for all. It staggered on after that, but was never the same.

          At this point do we really want a Crusade? The “holy land” is currently occupied by Anti-Christian forces (as is much of our elite leaderships class as well). Will we actually fight against all of them, or just the Muslims?

          • Didn’t Jesus turn to Jerusalem when going to the cross and say something like “this place is a shthole, you people will never learn.” No such thing as “the holy land.” The backdrop of human history, yes.

        • Christians were spanking each other during those last crusades. Had the fourth crusade not happened we would have been better off. Damn Jew Venetians (tongue in cheek),

          • “If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge. The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.”

        • It’s apparently escaped your notice that the supply of exploding Mohammods dried up when the FBI turned its attention to deposing Trump.
          It’ll take them a little while to restart the manufacturing facility.

      • Funny you mention school atrocities. Were North Ossetians Muslim hunters ultimately responsible for the Beslan “incident”? It does not seem to be the case.

      • Islam’s gonna Islam. Our part of the equation is to stop immigration from that region and then begin the “undesirables” deportations. Don’t know when or how but it needs doing.

        Deplortations has a fun ring to it.

      • “Then don’t be surprised, and don’t blame Islam, when they truck bomb a school near you.”

        And still we let them in by the, who knows, tens of thousands. I saw a car advertisement yesterday showing purported Americans driving, and one of them was a sallow, surly Muslim in her headgear, probably on her way to the school Felix is referencing.

        You know, it could be that Deep State agencies get these mass shooters to do their thing so that Muslim violence can’t be cited as reasons to keep Middle Easterners out. “But white guys do it, too . . . . ” Nothing would surprise me anymore.

      • If we didn’t fund these people, if we didn’t go over there, I could still put a couple bottles of wine in the overhead of an aircraft. The most insidious thing about this is all of the little freedoms taken from us for “safety.” This wasn’t done to us by ayrabs but by our own politicians that we stupidly elected. One day they’ll even take away right hand turns on a red signal light.

      • Felix, these people hold grudges for centuries, do you really think they need one more reason? Death cult gonna death cult.

      • He SAID: “If they are going to export terror and kill ours (AND THEY WILL, REGARDLESS OF WHAT WE DO)… ” (emphasis mine). So yeah, I WILL “blame Islam” for what’s it does, and what it’s done whenever it had the power, since it came on the scene in the 7th century.

    • I don’t care about any atrocities committed in the non-white world enough to put our soldiers at risk.

      All our efforts to police the world should be redirected to policing our borders and ports of entry.

      “We’ve got to fight them over there so that we don’t have to fight them here.” Not if they can’t get in here.

    • How many Chinese troops are in the Middle East? How many Middle East Muslims are committing terrorist attacks in China? Same questions for Japan or South Korea or Taiwan or Vietnam?

      The level of brainwashing out there is astounding. The missionary gene in us whites is strong.

      • China will eventually have to establish a sphere of influence there. Japan and South Korea can do it through their allies in Europe and the US. Wherever moslems go, you will find violence, hatred and conflict. They are exactly like blacks in that regard, only they are a lot smarter about it. They will kill Japanese and Koreans or anyone else if they think there is a dime in it.

      • First off, the Chinese realize what a threat barbarians like Mohammadans represent and therefore they keep them in concentration camps in case you haven’t noticed. Secondly, Japan, SK, Japan etc are not yet on the Mohammadans radar. They will be the minute a Mohammedan is elected President on the Democratic-Communist ticket. The DemCom party is slowly but steadily infiltrating both communists and Mohammadans into our government. Hell, they even got a commie named Brennan in charge of the CIA. The CIA for shit sake!

        You should also realize the Mohammadans were attacking us and our people back in the 1700’s long, long before we had ANY presence in the ME.

        Remember, we’re the Great Satan and Israel the Little Satan not Taiwan or Vietnam.

        • Between the Barbary pirates and the 1970’s, how many Arab attacks on U.S. forces were there? Even after we helped the Brits and French carve up the ME with Sykes-Picot and other Versailles-era blunders we somehow managed to avoid their allegedly relentless drive to conquer the infidels.

          The “jihad” only started after Little Satan stole nukes from us and started talking sh*t to his neighbors about how his big brother was going to beat them up.

          • How many attacks on “U.S. Forces”? That’s a fairly narrow question. I’m all for getting the fuck out of the M.E. but excuse me if I don’t go along with revisionist history that paints Mohammadans as the aggrieved party.

          • Who said anything about them being “aggrieved?”

            I don’t fit into some Code Pink Cindy Sheehan pigeonhole and I’m not Karen Armstrong getting maudlin over Al Andulus.

            Are you aware of some major acts of Muslim aggression against any Westerners in the West prior to the 1970’s?

            As for those Westerners in Arab lands, if you’re of a mind that we can go anywhere we want without reprisal chasing the petrobuck, with British Empire style repisals for harming our missionaries for neoliberal capitalism, you’re taking the Max Boot Pax Americana hegemon approach. See my comment to Educated Redneck below on that.

          • Bobby Kennedy was shot from behind/beside by one of his “security detail.” Sirhan was another glow-in-the-dark patsy. The brother of the guy who got suscipiciously assassinated gets capped by some random b/c “Palestine?”

            Cui bono? Before we had Arkancides we had at least two Texacides. LBJ was one of the most corrupt and dangerous men we’ve ever elected. If he didn’t personally pull the strings on killing both Kennedys, he was in bed with the guys who did.

          • Exile: point of fact, though: the ME was under martial law and occupied by France, Spain, and Britain between the 1800’s and 1945. There were lots of exploding turbans during that time, but we were a more distant target (Franco and the African legion, for example). Maybe ask Shell and Exxon about what the ayerabs did to us before the 70’s? The middle easteners’ war on us is a millinea-old religious and race total-war of conquest. You can’t look at the last 50 years to the exclusion of the prior 1200 years.

          • I spent 2001-2012 or so studying everything the anti-Islam Kosher Right had to say on Islam – Steyn, Spencer, Geller, Greenfield, Horowitz etc… I read the Koran (in English, OFC). The most credible case you can make re: the “clash of civilizations” is that when they have means and opportunity, they will be aggressive – Islam is a built-in motive.

            That said, the only means and opportunity they presently enjoy is provided by our suicidal “invade-invite” policies. If the US had banned them from entry, no 9/11 Saudis, no Tsarnaevs, no San Berdoo shooters, etc… As some other guys have pointed out, they’re not landing in Persian mini-subs off Coronado Island. They’re flying into LAX with legal passports. The weapons they’re using are almost entirely cannibalized from invasion forces and black marketeers.

            The only ofher options are to invade and occupy, essentially re-colonizing them, or genociding them. There are too many Muslims for either option to be feasible short of using the combined US-Russian nuclear arsenals on them. And once you start the process, you have to succeed, because every Muslim worldwide will trigger once you escalate to true “clash” levels.

            Only Israel will realize benefits from this kind of struggle, and even those will be short-lived. If you have any other ideas, please share them.

      • I would love to give the Middle East to China. All of it. “Here’s the blankets with small pox that will sap your entire Treasury and more, now I’m going to go pop some popcorn and watch. “

      • Citizen: the Han’s aloha snackbar problem is much larger than you appear to believe. There’s a reason they have cosco-sized gitmos in Western China, and it ain’t because of what the CIA propaganda is telling us. Yet they have no armies of conquest in the ME, as you point out. Related point: what were our “armies of conquest” doing in 1780-1800, when the musselmen were murdering, enslaving, and raping every American who came within 75 miles of Tripoli? The problem is their existence, not their proximity.

      • That’s because Christianity is at its heart Judaism with its Messiah and that religion has been adopted , foisted off or sometimes imposed upon European derived people for more than a millennium, near two in some places.

        This puts plants us firmly in the Middle East and its affairs . For many until quite recently Jerusalem was our Holy City which makes no damn sense since we aren’t a semitic people or from that region at all.

        We’ve always had contact with those folks but they aren’t us and we aren’t them.

        Now we are seeing the changes in our psyche and nature, slowly but surely starting with Europe becoming more post Christian.

        In time most of Christendom will not be White or wealthy.
        The exception here is the US, we are a young nation and still rather religious and also influenced by J Street so our leaders who benefit from this system will still meddle where they shouldn’t.

        This will go on until the US basically can’t do this anymore. This could happen anywhere from 1 year (a civil war after an attempt to remove President Trump) or 40 .(a long decline )

        Once that occurs things will change as no one will have the juice to do anything much.

    • Yeah, that works just fine until the Deep State decides that dissidents like you are next “moslem mud flaps” that require some instant justice. Just sayin.

    • Sorry, Glenfilthie. But there wouldn’t be an ISIS if the US (under Obama, but Trump is proving to be no better) hadn’t fanned the flames of the civil war and poured arms and money into the region in a bungled attempt at regime-change, much of those goodies ended up in the hands of ISIS, either deliberately or inadvertently.

      As for beheadings, well, the Saudis (the good guys… cough,.cough) behead more people annually than even ISIS, though I’m not sure what kind of toddler body-count the Saudis can claim, though they’ve sure killed lots of babies in Yemen.

      And the Booby’s supposed to be concerned about ISIS? Screw that. Getting the hell out of there is the best thing we can do for them and us, and do it before it’s our own young deplorables start coming home in body bags, or missing various body parts…. AGAIN. Though I’m sure the political class would love nothing more than seeing a few thousand dead deplorables.

      • Yes there would have. What you don’t understand is that betrayal, deceit, and treachery are art forms to the savages. This behaviour is entrenched in their religion and sanctioned by it. That is why they fight like dogs and curs, attacking innocents and then retreating to hide behind their own. Until we work up the courage and strength of purpose to counter that tactic… they will continue to beat us with it.

        There was a time when the right understood this and used it to keep the moslems divided and focused on tearing each other up instead of us. How quickly you forget the various islamo-fascists, yodelling to crowds tens of thousands strong about Jihad against The Great Satan. That sentiment is still there, and still very strong. The mass media today ignores this, as do the dissidents.

        What the dissident right gets wrong, here – is that they assume that eeeeeeevil joooooos and neocons WANT to be in the middle of that mess, murdering and killing for fun and amusement. We seriously need to grow up – those guys are all about money and power and THAT’S IT. They’d much rather have peace and stability over there and be selling overpriced Apple shite to complacent, cud chewing morons like they do in the west – the profit margins are much fatter. But – moslems are warriors. They don’t understand the modern market and don’t want anything to do with it. Warriors and savages can be profitable too, and some can be turned against your competitors and enemies. Uncle Sam (and probably anyone else in the area) would probably just rather walk away… but there is a credible threat in this region, and some minor profits for the well-connected.

        But the reality of the region is this: left alone, and to themselves – eventually the meanest, ugliest dog there is going to kill off all his competitors. (That is one of the main reasons the USA is there; the underdogs know what will happen to them if Uncle Sam leaves, and will move heaven and earth to keep him there. Nobody in the MSM is talking about that… gee… I wonder why?) Once he’s done that, he’ll have a Caliphate on his hands and he will need something constructive to do with all those expendable young men that will result from polygamy. They will need women of their own. Where do you think they will go looking for them? Dig out a history book and start reading about the run up to the Crusades.

        There are more players in this than just the US. The dissidents are very good at critiquing themselves… but you need to do the same with the people that we would deal or go to war with – especially in that corner of the world. Quitting and going home is not an option.

        Trump knows all this, which is why there will always be a US presence in the region, and he won’t hesitate to kill any mutt that poses a potential threat.

      • True. That’s why the neocon advocacy for war with Iran is both appalling and amusing: the Saudis match them point for point in the atrocity game, but our “media” only covers one side.

        • Not true. Saudi Arabia is as close to a ‘friend’ as we are going to get. Understand – Osama Bin Laden and most of the competing sects don’t speak for Saudis any more than Hillary Clinton or Antifa speaks for you. In the middle east, Tribe comes before country just as it does in Africa, and family comes before all. Vendetta and revenge are legal and also considered high art forms too.

          The nation is literally a powder keg waiting to blow. Western influence is huge in Saudi Arabia and conflicts violently with traditionalist moslems and wahabis. To manage this, the royal family has something like 1500 royal princes to administer the various factions of the nation. Some are devout moslems that represent and rule the nomadic Bedouins. Others fly desks in three piece suits and cut deals at the speed of light over the internet the way their best competitors on Wall Street do. The daily struggle is between a demographic that wants to live in ways and traditions established 1400 years ago… and those that want to live in the modern world. They are at each other’s throats and bloodshed is not uncommon. The House Of Saud literally walks a tightrope and could fall at any time.

          The only reason America got Bin Laden is because they have better resources and are better at the hunter/killer game. If the Americans hadn’t potted him – his rivals back in Saudi Arabia and half a dozen other countries would have.

          We all know that we can’t trust the media to report on any of this. And yet, we take the narrative from the establishment on how things are over there. We can’t trust our diplomats or their flunkies either – they are as much part of the swamp as the denizens of the DC beltway are.

          With those guys – often shooting first and asking questions later is a damned smart play. Drones are an excellent way to project force in that area, and actually should be used more in place of ground troops.

          • Uh huh. And “Q” is real. Sorry, mate, we’re literally giving the regime that attacked us on 9/11 sensitive technology.

      • What if Iraq had a secular dictator who kept a lid on all these tribes and prevented an ISIS from happening? what if he even gave the Christians there perks, protected them in their own neighborhoods, and let them into the upper class of that society? that would be sweet!

        • You mean the guy who thought invading Iran was a good idea? (And then, evidently having learned nothing, invaded Kuwait?)

        • And don’t forget, after a trillion $$$ and 1000’s of American lives, we now have a democratic government established in Iraq that is shooting demonstrators in the streets to quiet unrest. Thank gawd we got rid of that animal, Saddam. 😉

    • The only threat Islam presents to America is in its importation, which has only accelerated since the alleged jihadi strike of 9/11.

      The “terror exporters” dancing on top of a van before, during and after that event weren’t Muslims.

      Pat Buchanan was right from the start on this. The whole “they hate us for muh freedums” schtick was goy-feed. I don’t care to live under Islam but I’ve come to see the whole “clash of civilizations” as a psy-op.

      Keep them over there, keep our troops on our borders where they’re needed, and I won’t have to give a camel-fart about whether their wahmens can drive or what they think of Pride Parades.

      • That is the dirty little secret Exile. A lot of our problems could have been easily avoided by securing our borders and limiting immigration. But that would have been way too easy.

      • No it’s not goyfeed. Feminists and queers scare the shit out of moslems and rightfully so. That is why they mob up and throw queers from the roof tops and stone otherwise defenseless women.

        Anyone that thinks that if the US withdraws, the moslems will return to peace and live quietly in their own lands… is deluding themselves and has no idea of who they are dealing with. They breed like flies while our women kill their own babies in cold blood and castrate their sons. They are willing to use tactics in warfare that would make us cringe.

        They are an invasive species that hasn’t changed since before the crusades. The Crusades were a reaction against moslem warriors that were constantly raiding Christian lands and taking slaves. They will do the same thing again if given the chance… and the dissidents, for now, seem determined to give it to them. It is a dangerous cultural blind spot that we seriously need to address.

        • This is glow-in-the-dark propaganda from Mossad & their puppets in our Deep State.

          As I asked above, where were the relentless fedayeen attacks on U.S. forces between the Shores of Tripoli to the Long Way to Tipperary to the Swingin’ Sixties?

          Post 1967 Jewish proxy aggression + proximity = jihad. Don’t start nothin’ won’t be nothin’

          • Hey Exile: if you just leave the diversity alone in Baltimore and stop policing their neighborhoods, will they just let us be and live peacibly apart? Separation only works when we proactively enforce it by arms. (There’s a reason there were 3 carthagenian wars instead of just one; you have to burn them into the freedom age, salt the earth, castrate their men and enslave their women to keep them from coming back… For a few centuries).

          • In the Carthaginian heydey, Rome’s side outnumbered the Phoenecian side by about the same ratio the Muslims outnumber us. Think that had anything to do with who won those three wars?

            If Blacks outnumbered Whites 5 to 1 in the United States, good luck with your Max Boot policing strategy for Lagos.

            Don’t write Forever War checks with your mouth that our grandkids will have to cash with their asses. Just ban the Muzzies and let muh Izrul fight its own battles.

          • Exile:
            Not to be too pedantic, but naval technology and tactics and geographical isolation of Hannibal’s invasion forces are probably the best determinants of the Punic wars.

            To the main point: there’s a bit more nuance here. Yes, step 1 is physically removing kebab. No disagreement with that. But step 2: Does simply creating distance do enough? Segregation’s history would say no. A successful separation requires policing the dmz, and reprisals – punitive, Pol-Pot style reprisals – for violation of the separation. If Saudis blow up wtc, we turn Riyadh into the flaming arsehole of alah. Get in, wreck stuff, get out: that’s a necessary and responsible strategy for dealing with world-conquest-seeking racial and religious existential enemies. If we must execute a murderer, we don’t then hang out in his house “rebuilding his family” for 20 years. You kill the offender and get out.
            Otoh, the Forever Wars are not that, and need to end 3 years ago. So yes, Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria/Libya are just redistribution schemes for ykw. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that once we get off mossad’s marionette strings, that will be the end of our Islam Troubles. They have been killing us since long before the existence of Our Bestest Ally, and will do so afterwards.

          • Romans didn’t know port from starboard through most of the First Punic War – they invented the corvus to turn their numerical advantage into a naval advantage. In the second, with less than 5/1 numbers Rome could never have raised the Fabian armies after the Trebbia & Cannae disasters. The third war was more of an extermination than a combat – the waning Carthaginians were facing annihilation and chose to die on their feet.

            Turning City X into flaming ruins sounds nice, but it’s easier said than done. Tough talk about the US military seems to escalate in proportion to the number of females, freaks & Buttigeigs it enlists. Sooner than later that reality is going to sting us hard.

            I’m in no hurry to test the mettle of our NuMerican Woke-waffe

          • P.S. – not to be too pedantic,but after surrendering at Sphacteria, the vaunted Spartans didn’t scare anyone anymore, and they started the long road down to vassalage & irrelevancy. A-stan & Iraq have already tarnished our invincible imnage. One more shitshow like those and the young lions won’t back down just because we growl.

          • Practical chaps the Romans… we suck at naval warfare but have the world’s best infantry… infantry, meet the corvus, voila! Marines!

            The flip side of this is that the Romans copied phoenician naval tech to improve their ship designs. The barbarians in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have nukes, something they never would have developed on their own if not for the West.

            What that has to do with the price of whiskey in Ireland is up to you to decide. Up to me, I’d blockade the region for a thousand years but the atomic genie is out of the bottle so I’m not sure that is practical.

      • Exactly as Exile said, “The only threat Islam presents to America is in its importation.” It’s not like terror attacks in the U.S. are carried out by commandos who swim ashore in scuba gear under the cover of darkness. We let them in.

        • I strongly suspect that eventually, they will be killed or death marched out to the ports and sent back home, with or without their consent. Our leaders may think they want multiculturalism but when they start getting their own noses rubbed in it… things will change fast.

        • Federalist:. So what’s the plan? We don’t accept shipping and aircraft from any nation that has Muslims? That would be all of them, all the international commerce.
          Do we just not allow British airways to land in the US bc they employee Muslims as pilots? What about Maersk, or Costco, or DHL? Exactly how do we cut off all contact with both the middle East and any country that allows in middle easteners? That’s not a realistic solution unless Lucifer’s Hammer falls.

          • But it’s a realistic solution to re-colonize the entire Muslim world, engage in a worldwide version of Israel vs. Hezbollah or Boomer-nuke them all?

            If you’re going to argue from impracticality, put a “realistic” solution on the table. And “castrate them all” doesn’t count.

          • There is a third path between empire and turtling, one more historically appropriate. Think Germanicus (or Scipio, keep it African), not Bush the Lesser. Punitive reprisals work, and they can innoculate for centuries. As above, step 1 is remove kebab. Step 2 is a strong, swift, overwhelming defense of our nation and our Nationals. “I be captain now” catches you a .50 and your village gets a MOAB. That said, “boots on the ground” Neocon nation building is an unrelated and unnecessary part that metastized due to ykw. We went into Iraq to fall on the Israeli sword, for sure. But: Avoiding empire doesn’t mean everything more than 12 nautical miles from our coast is a free-for-all “there be monsters.” Once we create separation between Islam and us, they will seek to infringe it, and our response must be more than turning the other cheek.

          • AKA world police. See Pat Buchanan’s “Republic” – every attempt at this ends in a balance of power coalition counter-response amid imperial overstretch.

            The US can’t safely whack-a-mole the Muzzies while staying one step ahead of the consolidated efforts of the BRICs.

            We have to lower our threat profile and rein in our ambitions or we’ll end up on the same scrap-heap as Rome and Britain. Let the BRICs shoulder some of the world police load for their spheres of influence instead of sapping our strength fighting their battles while simultaneously competing with them.

          • And here you get it wrong.
            ” defense of our nation and our Nationals”

            if some limp wristed faggot from San Francisco goes to Iraq and upsets the locals, why the fuck should my money be used to attack them?

            Their house, their rules.

          • Educated Redneck seems to make the error of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

            Just stopping future immigration, student visas from unstable nations and repatriating a bunch of people would solve nearly the entire Muslim problem overnight.

            The few that remain will be vetted few in number and mostly pretty secular.

            As for tourists, not a real issue to worry about.

            No people, no problem. No meddling, no blowback.

            The bad side is all useful solutions do require the West get a new governments.

            For the US this means one dedicated to a policy somewhere between Ron Paul “non interventionism” and old school isolationism.

            This would be a hell of a slog through and require purging every institution from top to bottom and relearning new ways . It can be done though it’s probably going to happen after ACW2 or collapse rather than through a president strong enough to drain the swamp.

            No one without great character will voluntarily give up power or status and our leaders are rotten to the core.

      • Exile – this x 1000. These are not our countries and they are not our people. They don’t belong over here and we don’t belong over there. No, I harbor no warm fuzzies for the Mussulman, but he can live as he chooses in his own society. Thank GWBush for doubling the importation of Mussulmen immediately after 9/11 because “religion of peace.” While I believe there will always be some sort of “clash of civilizations,” that clash requires either imperial ambition (which we have on both sides) and proximity (check again). Dismantle our damned empire and deport all the non-Whites and the problem disappears.

      • Pat Buchanan was right but he was probably too late. Now we’re definitely too late. Even if all Western forces were extracted from the ME tomorrow afternoon, does anyone really think that the Muzzies in London, Berlin, Paris or Michigan will simply up sticks and return home to their respective flea-pits? Not a chance.

        No, it’s too late now. I say bring the troops home anyway but it’s not going to solve our problems or even address them. The cream is in the coffee now. Invite/Invade has worked as intended.

    • If it was just an isolated team of special ops guys sneaking into Syria or wherever and killing a jihadi or the occasional drone strike on a wedding (it’s always a wedding), I wouldn’t lose any sleep over putting a few of these savages six feet under because they’re all bad. Instead the US is always deeply and permanently involved in every corner of the Middle East (and even Africa). It’s always an intervention on behalf of one group against another. There aren’t a bunch of Washingtons and Jeffersons in Syria setting up a nation with liberty and justice for all. The ones on “our side” today are as bad as the ones we are trying to kill.

    • But… the odd hunting trip like this is just fine by me. If they killed some stinky moslem mutt that needed killing… I’m good with it.

      Buy your own damn plane ticket over there and do it instead of encouraging vile Washington scum to send other peoples’ sons.

    • You have to look at these things pragmatically, not dogmatically. What is the benefit risk ratio? If I can save a large amount of human suffering at a sufficiently low cost, and at with minimal risk, I do it.

      I have a well trained dog, plenty of ammo, good intell. and well trained people. I think I can get in and out quickly and get that wascally wabbit. So I do. I save many lives and much human suffering. The world is a better place. Of course the mission could fail, but it was still a worthwhile, a noble effort.

      • 20 years in A-Stan and 17 in Iraq has been anything but quick and we’ve done nothing buy magnify the suffering while the rabbits stand poised to move right back in the moment we leave. I honor the guys who sacrificed but the best way to honor them is to stop sending their successors into Vietnam-style pointless conflicts for others’ benefit.

    • Today’s installment of the story centered on the dog that was wounded during the raid. Lots of well-wishing and a promise to check back in on the mutt who took a bite out of Big Al Bag. That’s some wicked global trolling right there.

    • So you’re advocating for neocon foreign policy, but with no strategic objectives. Sounds great.

    • If you and the Israel First Lobby are correct that we simply have no choice other than war in the ME and should therefore just lie back, close our eyes and try to enjoy it- then the same should be true of those countries who have not bombed, invaded or otherwise given a second thought to the ME. Japan, for instance would simply have no choice but to maintain their boots on the ground in the ME, not to mention thier bombers, naval elements, and civilian nation builders dedicated to acheiving the vital Japanese national interest of japanizing the ME and making it safe for Japans numma won ally.

  29. Organ grinders monkey? Sounds like a good political cartoon with the organ having a big star of David on it.
    Our enemies are always simpering cowards, not like the bold, intrepid men and women that lead us. Nothing obviously will change until inexorable events force it upon us. Change may not be good either.

    Hey, another extension for Brexit now, see how it goes?

  30. Like Ron Paul said: The empire will end like all empires end. When they can no longer pay their armies.

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