Travelogue: Oklahoma City

A local group had a get together and invited me to join them. The organizer is someone I had met at American Renaissance last spring, so we got to know one another socializing that weekend. He is the leader of a local group that used to be part of Identity Europa, but is now affiliated with American Identity. That’s the group Patrick Casey run to help local groups organize. I’m committed to supporting the local organizations as best I can, so I make arrangement to fly in on Saturday.

Because I have a tight schedule, I booked an early flight out of Lagos to Oklahoma City and then back to Lagos. Given that the main even was Saturday evening and would go to around midnight, it meant little sleep over a 24-hour period. The flight out of OKC was 5:00 AM, which meant getting to the airport around 3:30. That meant staying up until it was time to head for the plane. Taking a two-hour nap in the middle of the night is a good way to miss your flight, so I pulled the all-nighter.

I’ve always been amazed at my ability to run on limited sleep. Friday night I got about four hours sleep, as I had to be the Lagos airport at 5:00 AM to park and get through the security. I took a nap on the plane for a couple hours, but once I was on the ground in OKC, I went all the way through until the next morning. That’s six hours sleep in a 48-hour period. I don’t know many people who can function on so little sleep, but this has been a thing for me since I can remember. I don’t sleep very much…

I think if I was tasked with fixing the nation’s airports, the first thing I would do is ban carry-on bags larger than a small bag. No backpacks or roller bags. I bet half the hassle of loading a plane is idiots trying to drag a steamer trunk on to the plane. I saw a guy with a backpack so big it looked like he was setting off to climb Everest. He also had a big roller bag. Assuming normal clothing needs, that guy was lugging around at least a week’s worth of clothes, even assuming some heavy winter gear.

I think the second change I’d make is to put a weight factor on the ticket. Maybe call it a piggyback tax, just to be clever. I sat next to a 300-pound women coming out of OKC, who slopped over the seats on either side. I had the window, which meant I did not have use of my right arm, because her blubber had it pinned to my side. I’m not a body negative type, but her life choices end up taxing the rest of us on the plane. She should have to pay kicker based on her gravitational pull or maybe just her weight…

In Oklahoma City, I met up with the guys and the great Jared Taylor for a tour of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. This is not something I would have done on my own, as I assumed it would be a small local thing. It turns out to be a big sprawling complex with exhibits on everything you can imagine that is related to cowboy culture and the American West. It is fair to say it a comprehensive collection of exhibits on the topic. They even exhibits from popular culture like movies and music.

The funny thing though is they have been instructed to decorate the place with the symbols of multiculturalism. We forget that Native Americans were the first token of multiculturalism in America. Slobbering over Indians is something you see in the parts of the country with connections to the Old West. The Museum is festooned with Indian stuff as a result. It also has blacks, women and Hispanics, so if you are from the east Coast, they have all the politically correct stuff you have come to hate….

The guy were all young, which is something I find a bit amusing. I’m becoming a senior man in dissident politics. Ten years ago the voices of dissident politics were paleocons like Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire. Now I’m the old guy in the room. In fact, at the dinner I was the second oldest person in the room. Jared Taylor was the only guy older than me. I don’t get hung up on the age thing and I enjoy being around bright young guys who are way more advanced than I was at that age. It’s encouraging.

The event itself was nice. I like casual affairs, as it is the social aspect that matters more than the speeches. In addition to the organizer, Patrick Casey and Jared Taylor were there to give a talk. I gave a talk on some items I covered in a podcast. I’m a not great at speech-making, but I’m not the worst. I think it was good enough to make the points I needed to make. I think I’ll repeat some of it this week in the podcast and expand on some topics are wanted to cover but did not have time…

All-in-all it was a great trip and the sort of thing that is good for the dissident soul, which is why I highly recommend building local groups. The place to start is the event that exist like Mencken and American Renaissance. It was at AmRen I met the Oklahoma boys and that’s how I found myself speaking to their group. Having a circle of fellow travelers with who you have regular meetings and social interaction is the way forward for dissidents. It’s great to see our young guys carrying that forward.

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  1. The worst flu I ever had in my life was the result of being seated next to a big fat man on a plane who was sick. Imagine a single flight from Dallas, TX to Philadelphia next to a 400 pound sick man! He was choking and sweating all over me. That was a Sunday. Monday afternoon I started getting really sick and had to leave work and was in bed for a week. They should be charged for an extra seat.

  2. Hey Zman, anything going on between my abode in Northern MD- Hereford Zone and Lagos on Chesapeake?
    Cockeysville would be about half way.

    • There are a couple of groups operating that I know of, but I don’t know enough about them at this stage. I think once I feel comfortable about them, I’ll put out the word.

  3. Good to know that some the old-school American dissident-adjacent groups like AmRen and Mencken are open to new ideas like Z’s “Five Olds.” The paleo crowd’s unwillingness or outright inability to cope with how much things have changed in the last 20 years has diminished their influence at a time when we could use the advice of wise men with long years of experience operating on the “fringes.” The meme warriors and pagans are better suited for the vanguard, but the advice of guys like Taylor and Gottfried might have helped us avoid some of the in-fighting, LARP’y elements and strategic overreach that have held us back (ie Charlottesville).

    As I keep preaching, bridging the gaps between the different camps on our side is both doable and necessary in the face of an increasingly radicalized and weaponized enemy. We’re winning and growing our ranks, but that’s drawing an escalating response. Globoshlomo’s going to push that knob to 11 eventually and we haven’t seen 10 yet.

    I’ve hit on the stages of grief before in looking at Weimerica. Trying to bring back a lost loved one is futile and the inability to let go has made many single deaths amount to multiple casualty events as the living find themselves unable to cope without the dead.

    Regarding the paleo veterans of the culture war, Z’s in the brutally necessary but unenviable position of being the guy in the war movie who says “he’s gone – we’ve got to keep fighting” as he drags someone away from their mortally-wounded buddy.

    We can’t save all of those clinging to Second Founding America as it bleeds out, but we can save some. Most importantly, handling our business in this manner provides a crucial lesson for the young recruits in the ranks of the paleo groups and shows them the camp where the strong horse leaders pitch their tents.

  4. Zman, thanks for the link. I didn’t quite get your slant on Libertarians (the bleeding heart strain or otherwise) until now.

    Denial is a luxury indulgence that’s especially irritating to those who already have one leg stuck in the societal muck. It brings to mind Miss Havisham — with curtains tightly drawn in her hermetically sealed mansion and a dust-encrusted wedding cake, she carried on for decades as if the clock had stopped in 1838.

    As you said about the Morning in America ad, that was then, and this is now. Soothing middle class nerves after wild inflation and a nasty recession (depending where you lived) made sense at the time. The Cold War was still on and people had no idea that Bush Sr and his 1000 points of light would soon begin emptying out factories across America (nor would they have believed it if told), but they did sense that their economic futures were in peril after Nixon and Ford had great difficulty managing inflation. Everybody generally agreed they were all in the same boat.

    Compared with today’s men coping with their new menstrual madness, yesterday’s worries about the economy were indeed a luxury that only a society in agreement on the basics could entertain. We were still a society that looked forward, and aspired to do work for a living rather than being a victim. Quite an extraordinary achievement really. We got a very brief glimpse of civilization’s “tippy top” (h/t to the ungrateful, pushy Congresslady).

    Now it’s identity politics for as far as the eye can see, and it cannot be ignored, soothed, reasoned with, massaged, cajoled, or even bribed into going away. It’s got legs.

    • Exactly. The first question you should ask anyone telling you to avoid identiity politics is “how are you going to make everyone else give them up? ‘”

  5. Z – how come you haven’t talked about the city itself. I haven’t really been to OKC (though I have driven through it). It comes across as a much smaller DFW metroplex. Much more of a Great Plains feel than it does the south.

    • I was in town for only a few hours. I basically saw the airport, two hotels, the museum and the highway.

    • I now live in rural Oklahoma, but lived in OKC for many years. It used to be pretty redneck and unpretentious. The economy was very dependant on the oil and gas industry. Tulsa was considered the “cultured” city in Oklahoma.

      The OKC city leaders hated this backwards image and have tried hard to covert it to smaller version of Dallas. They passed a tax to fund the conversion of the old wharehouse district just east of downtown into Bricktown, to cater to the yuppie crowd. Of course those same city leaders and their cronies bought up the property before that tax increase was passed and they all made out like the bandits that they are at the taxpayers’ expense.

      Part of the tax increase was spent building an NBA caliber basketball arena. One of the local city leaders bought an NBA franchise located in Seattle and moved it to OKC and got a sweetheart deal to play in the taxpayer funded arena. Now all the good whites worship at the feet of the semi-retarded negroes who play for the basketball team.” There is also a growing population of hipsters in gentrified areas just north of downtown.

      Meanwhile, south Oklahoma City has gone from a blue collar white working class neighborhood into a province of Mexico. Methamphetamines has devastated lower class whites in Oklahoma (which make up a majority of whites in the state) and almost all of it comes from the Mexican province in south Oklahoma City. No one seems the least bit bothered by this and we are constantly told what a great thing it is to have a province of Mexico in the state as it it contributes to our “diversity.”

      Rural and low income whites in Oklahoma are a rough bunch. I deal with them on a daily basis as a criminal defense attorney. They are not “Midwestern nice.” Most of the truly scary criminals I have dealt with are low income, rural white guys. (I refuse to call them white trash.)

      I find it amusing when people say Oklahoma is in the midwest. It is not really southern either. Culturally, it is more hillbilly than anything (outside of OKC and Tulsa).

      • You nailed OKC perfectly. I would say the place is now cucked. I think it has a gay mayor and the worship of the NBA team turns my stomach. The urban improvements of the last 25 years have produced a lefty mind set and they even elected a liberal Democrat for congress there. The large independent oil companies like Chesapeake and Devon are a part of the problem but the biggest problem is that it is a state and federal worker haven. The huge AF base, the FAA training center, the USPS training center- it is ground zero for parasitic government employees.

      • Why do lower class whites seem so hell bent on destroying themselves with assorted varieties of drugs?

        I get that the Mexicans are the ones bringing in the drugs, but they aren’t forcing it down white peoples’ throats.

        Furthermore, I don’t understand why none among these “rough and scary” people have taken care of any of the issues themselves… if you have nothing to lose there are many things you could do with respect to drug dealers, as opposed to becoming an addict yourself.

        I don’t get drugs. Even had a family member on opioids for a but due to surgery and he didn’t even finish the prescription, it didn’t really make him feel good. I almost feel that my genetic “immunity” to drugs has made it impossible to understand the addiction phenomena…

        • I attribute it to a lack of hope. Rural Oklahoma has been devastated by illegal immigration and free trade. Average to below average rural Okies used to be able to make a decent living working as ranch or farm hands. These jobs now go to Mexicans who will work for 1/3 the wages.

          There were some small manufacturing facilities in rural Oklahoma, but these have all been shipped to Mexico or China.

          The intelligent rural kids now leave for college when they graduate from high school. The rest have nowhere to go. So they they fall into drugs and crime. This has been going on for several generations now.

  6. “…they have been instructed to decorate the place with the symbols of multiculturalism.”

    It isn’t just European Museums, it’s also in music. If you go to any annual classical music festival, you’ll discover a jazz component attached to it like a carbuncle. The vibrancy are like a parasite that insists on going along for the ride.

    • Hah! If you listen to multi-hour vids of baroque music on YouTube, as I am occasionally wont to do, the advertising breaks inevitably feature some sort of rap or hip hop at high volume. Because that is the sort of thing that obviously appeals to and persuades a person enjoying Albinoni. It’s as if they aren’t even trying to pretend they’re selling you something. It’s just in your face “screw you and your ‘dead white male’ culture.”

  7. Looking forward to the podcast…here in NY we’re way behind enemy lines…but willing to make the effort to find like minded others. Gotten my share of “whales on a plane” though the best was when doing the every two weeks Bermuda run back in early 2002. Thought I’d gotten the empty middle when some 5 foot tall Bermudian who was so wide she had to crab walk down the aisle showed up in my row. I got up she got in and promptly raised the arm rest so nearly one entire ass cheek plopped into my seat. Felt a tap on my back and an attendant gave me her seat and moved to the jump—apparently she wished to avoid the inevitable chimp out. However, my colleague sitting behind my former seat was laughing so hard he damn near threw up.

    • LOL Great description, Saml! Chimp out folks! You’re good. And very visual. I don’t fly anymore for just that reason. The older I get, the more trouble I have drawing a neutral blank face. No poker face here.
      PS: Mormons are getting fatter. This word of wisdom stuff seems to embrace green jello (the highest per capita in the country), energy drinks and Mt Dew. Good God… just drink green tea, people…Old Scratch ain’t coming to your driveway for that!

      • No, but two Elders dressed in white shirts with skinny black ties will arrive at your front door to deliver a stern lecture at your serious trangression of Heavenly Father’s admonition against hot beverages, excepting Postum. Did he not cause Coke Zero to be created so that you don’t risk your Temple recommend?

      • I stopped worrying about the blank face, or lack thereof. If the other party can’t be bothered to bathe and otherwise confirm to the social norms of my country then I don’t owe them the courtesy of pretending nothing is wrong.

        I came to this point because for about six months there were LOTS of non-secular Bangladeshis on my regular BOS-DTW run. They would look pissed off to have to sit next to an infidel like me, and if I happened to draw a seat next to one of their women there’d be a Chinese fire drill of the worst sort to get one of their males next to me. One trip they rotated a beardless male teen next to me, but he was almost immediately replaced by the rancid (literally) patriarch. Who promptly elbowed me in the gut to ask (in pantomime) how to work the TV screen on the seat back. That elbow was his personal variation of “excuse me, but …” apparently, because he employed it whenever he wanted attention. Come to think of it, that was when I decided that the flat dead-eyed stare was an appropriate way of dealing with fellow passengers.

        Those trips about 30-40% of the passengers were small, dark people, males bearded and voluble (and the older ones with little pot bellies), females under headscarves and silent with downcast eyes. A fun memory was when a Sikh couple was seated among them. It was a particularly handsome couple, the man athletically broad shouldered and lean, the woman all flashing dark eyes and bold gaze with a glorious mane of unbounded hair. One could feel the waves of hatred emanating from the adherents of the religion of peace. The history of the Sikhs and Muslims is not an amicable one.

        • Interestingly the Sikh regiment in the British army was the most decorated unit in history. And the British don’t hand out medals and dispatch mentions like candy.

  8. If any guys on here are from Ontario, I would be interested in a very low key meetup.

    Everybody is cucked here. The further right people I know are in the military. Most of the “right wing” types you see in the military though are absolute boot lickers and can’t realize that the military will cut them down if need be.

    If I just vote Team Blue everything is gonna be okay!……

  9. Hey, has anyone else on this comment thread notice of the timestamp seem to be moving backwards? I posted a comment and soon as I posted it said posted three hours ago and the oldest comment on the thread was 26 minutes ago. It’s been like this for a few days for me. Anyone else seeing this?

    Edit, says posted 3 hours ago

      • It’s weird huh. The first post on this comment thread by sperg adjacent is now down to 11 minutes ago. I wonder if it’s just going to disappear at 12 minutes! That be kind of cool

        • Okay just because I’m kind of a freak I had to follow this. Sperg adjacent comment time went down to 0 seconds ago on his comment and now it’s going back up.

          • That’s because there’s more witches and warlocks than Christians in this country now. So they are working the juju and shapeshifting the aura around this blog to screw with us.
            Whitney-Ris-and Ursula…how about joining up with Lineman and Dutch for the west coast meet-up!

  10. Ugh.

    Up here in Canada we are re-learning our heritage and history too. Did you know that chinamen were cowboys too…? I’m serious. In Canada, they were all in BC (of course). Must have been because we are all bigots and neo-nazis in Alberta! According to the Usual Suspects, the Old West was a rainbow of frooty colours too!

    It never ends with those f*cks. I actually saw a version of the three musketeers where they were all a mixed bag of vibrant ass hats. I can’t watch thise shite. I seriously wonder if anyone can.

    • I stopped watching Doctor Who during the last male doctors reign because he and his companion were in Victorian London and it was half black and the companion said “I wasn’t expecting it to be so diverse” and the doctor said “oh history has been whitewashed”. That was it. I don’t even think I’ve finished that episode. It’s just infuriating. There are 1000s and 1000s of photographs showing nothing but white people in the European countries until about 50 years ago. Pretty soon all those pictures are going to be destroyed

      • Just Google “white inventors” and see how many POC’s show up. The social engineering is well underway.

        • That’s a nothing. Try Googling white couples. Turns out the ladies like them tall dark and slightly simian

          • Caligula wished all of Rome had a single neck he could choke. Google has finally unlocked that achievement.

      • I had the same feeling when touring Kennedy Space center for the first time a few weeks ago. Displays about the hidden figures ladies but never a mention of Wernher.

        • Yup. I remember that one docu-drama they made about that too. Did you know that they would never have reached the moon had it not been for a sooper seekrit cadre of sooper smart negro ladies to do all the hard math for them? Apparently all the honkies in mission control were too stupid to do it themselves. My proggie white shitlib mother couldn’t shut up about for weeks afterwards… LOL…

          I think Kevin Costner was in it but I could be wrong.

          • Blacks & gays are the best vectors to attack globohomo, mileage varying by circumstances. A lot of other PoC’s and wahmen can’t stand the Blacks and Shlomo has moved a lot of cultural clout away from them toward the new gay-trans hotness. Gays get vastly disproporationate support from Shlomo but making them sympathetic is a steep curve to overcome, a difficulty factor only exceeded by trannies.

          • Speaking of blacks and gays, you’ve got to admit it’s been a good week to learn that a second Negro congressional rep has died and the freshwomyn bi-sexual Rep. Hill (D-CA) has resigned in disgrace. Cleansing the House isn’t going to save the nation, but it sure warms the hearts of the Deplorables.

      • History is now being “black washed”, or POC washed—but that doesn’t roll off the tongue well.

        I have been downloading books out of copyright for some time now. These are mostly from the early 20th and late 19th century. In those days, PC was unknown. Descriptions, for example of Indians, was not romantic, but oddly enough for the most part respectful. Case in point, “Scalp Dance”—a compendium of after-action reports and diary entries of US cavalry soldiers during the Plains Indian wars. Indians were brave, but nasty and brutish. Torture of captured enemies until death—was the norm—so much so that ambushed cavalry soldiers saved their last bullet to commit suicide. Reports repeatedly remark on the number of soldiers examined with a single bullet wound to the head.

        There is no whitewash of the US soldier’s part in the wars either. Sheridan fought a war of extermination against the Indian enemy and the reports and diary/letter entries from soldiers portray a pathos which I judge unique for such a conflict against a brutal enemy. What other war in US history had such reports of US soldiers choosing suicide rather than surrender/capture?

    • There’s a new Midway movie coming out. I assume it wouldn’t have been made unless there were at least 3 homosexuals, a tranny, and a bunch of shades of brown central to the plot.

    • Don’t ya love our new 10 dollar bills?

      Some random black woman. And the Canadian Museum of Human rights on the back 🙂

      Anyways, where I live at least, whites are starting to feel some kind of racial bond I believe, even if we don’t all realize it yet. I’m observing more and more white indifference to racial aliens, but warmth to other whites. One previously anti racist friend was complaining about the Indians lately…

      It’s like: oh thank God, finally another white person who doesn’t smell bad and speaks proper english! A big sense of relief comes over them.

      Hopefully this continues (and translates into more white babies)

      • I’m wondering if a permanent ink pen and a little imaginative graffiti would be a good way to protest such monetary PC? One side of the bill of course so it can be reinserted into circulation.

    • I mentioned this a while back but earlier this year I went to the museum of electricity in Taiwan and the thing that jumped out to me right away was the first room of exhibits, which was devoted to the pioneers of electricity. There were biographical displays of Franklin, Watt, Edison, Tesla, and several others. All of them white males. I was struck by this because in the West they would have included a broad or boogie who had made some exceedingly minor discovery. Being Asia, they didn’t even insist on including one of their own.

    • Any assertive minority (basically everyone but us) that gets a shekel’s worth of mileage out of peddling this BS will do it. Whites have to learn to say “no.” If we subsidize muh oppression, we’ll get more of it. They don’t even care if this BS is plausible anymore, only that it works. I know I’m preaching to the choir around here – red-pilling more normies is required.

    • I just recently moved back to the Greater Boston Area. Currently in New Hampshire. I decided to go redo the touristy stuff in Boston. Especially interested in taking my family on the Freedom Trail, visiting the USS Constitution and the Museum of Fine Arts. Was surprised but not shocked to see that there is now a parallel (((Black Heritage Trail))) in Downtown Boston that will remind you of the oppression and victimization the handful of blacks had to endure in Boston.

    • Yes, we are in the belly of the beast. Perhaps Dutch’s trial balloon will yield a workable approach to setting up a safe get together. that can be repeated, cookie-cutter fashion.

      • Repeating tactics is a bad tactic if it can be avoided. If the other guy knows your tactics ahead of time they can devise better counters & traps. Some things like the cell structure I cited above are time-tested & bugproof but they only serve to mitigate the damage from infiltration, not to insulate you from being infiltrated.

      • I like and read carefully Exile’s comments, esp with regard to Sodom on the Potomac (TM).

        We would need to be five times as vigilant and careful.
        I have ideas, but that’s all they are. And I am not an expert.

        Remember that the Mencken conference in Lagos is coming up, and that is meatspace.
        Though if you haven’t already registered, the deadline has passed.

  11. Since the subject has come up…Lineman and I are working out a Southern California meetup, likely a bit north of L.A., on a Saturday afternoon into evening in January. We think we have figured out a way to do the arrangements on this site, and in a way that vets the attendees, to screen for simpatico long time Z-man posters only. Not to be snobbish, but this is a test-run, and we want it to both work as a model for others, and also to make it a good and meaningful event for those who choose to come. This is not anything sponsored by Z-man, and he knew nothing about it until now. So think of it as our piggybacking off of his site, which is what it is.

    If you have an interest, stay tuned, and we will tell you what to do next, early next month, here in a Z-man comment thread. We aren’t going to answer any questions in the meantime, simply wait and stand by. All will be explained, and should make sense next month. Part of the uncertainty is the level of response. Is it six of us over dinner, a private room at a restaurant, or the friggin’ Coliseum in Pasadena? We don’t know that, either, yet. The other uncertainty is whether our method works, and is repeatable. We are trying to gauge that, as well.

    Please don’t fill up Z’s blog with questions or criticisms. We don’t want to abuse his hospitality. Simply stand by for now, and know something is coming soon.

    • Would love to attend and meet you and share The Way to Reality. God willin’ and the creek don’t rise and a massive snow dump in southern Utah doesn’t happen just then. Wished you’d picked spring. Thanks for your hard work gentlemen.

      Nice if we fill a friggin’ coliseum in Pasadena, and really would enjoy a low stim quiet room somewhere. You good men are putting your money where your mouth is and not just to kiss it good-bye!

        • Good on! Will keep in touch.
          Lineman…..are you working overtime as lineman with early winter? This is southern Utah still October and maybe single digits midweek with that Arctic sag. Keep my wood burning stove stoked.

    • What about Kik as a commo means? I’m far from tech savvy so maybe or maybe not a good idea.

    • If I’m back in the USSPLC on schedule it will be around the 3rd week of Jan. I’m in if timing permits. Let”s work out how to communicate – I’m fairly dox-resistant, FWIW – I’ll hang my ass out a little if necessary so long as we have our opsec shit together for those less fortunate. Ultimately, if being photographed/recorded at a Hater’s Ball would wreck you, don’t take the risk. Nothing’s airtight and we’re not pros at this stuff.

      Keep in mind this is one of the higher profile venues in which you can share information – this blog gets daily looks from shitlibs, haters on the alt-Lite & (((worse))).

      Suggestion – at least two of us need to safely hook up IRL first to work out the details for vetting the rest. You guys may have handled that already.

      No harm in publicly stating the next part – use a cell structure – the guys initally meeting vet each other, then they split responsibilities for vetting attendees between them. That way if one of the initial guys is a creeper, or gets burned by a creeper in their downstream contacts, they don’t have the whole list to burn, just their portion. And so on down the line.

  12. They should charge for seatbelt extensions. If you need an extension it should be $100 with a $50 gift card being given by the airline to the person sitting next to the beached whale. An easy way to be fair about body type. Also, they should stop charging for checked baggage and embed the difference in the cost of the ticket. Everyone is a Sherpa due to the baggage fees.

    I also believe in taxing all pants with waists larger than 40 inches. 20%. Goes straight to Medicare, specifically to offset cardiology copays. Joking on this one.

  13. I’ve been flying cheapo airlines like Allegiant and Frontier lately. They charge people for carry-ons larger than a pocketbook. I love it, makes boarding and exiting much more peasant.

    • Is there a transcript available? I don’t want to spend an hour and twenty minutes listening to two people I hate drone on about ideas I hate.

      • Apparently not. When I searched for “Jonah Goldberg Remnant” all that turned up was a rather depressing list of places hosting the podcast.

    • The thing is, I doubt DF or JG are “persuadable.” They’re the hired-hands of the donor/foundation/gatekeeper class and fully understand which side their bread is buttered on. Why risk that for ostracism and penury? No. They’ll toe the party line while constantly ceding ground to the left and telling you that Drag Queen Story Hour is the sign of a healthy society, bigot. (DF actually said that.)

    • Best and “most hyped” are two different things. That said, they won’t even let one of our mid-tier podcasters within a mile of those hucksters. Look at the stage-managed debate they had with Sohrami & French that Z covered some weeks back. They will refuse or rig any any engagement with us.

  14. “I think if I was tasked with fixing the nation’s airports, the first thing I would do is …”

    The first think I would do is de-regulate the airports. Let the market decided how airports should be run and where they are at. Then I would de-regulate the airlines themselves.

    Someone someplace once said that monopolies don’t work well. I think he was right. (pun intended)

    • Yay deregulation.

      Then we could have cheap, fraudulent 3rd world pilots, just like the trucking industry!

      My concern with flying is that (in Canada) every single security agent is non-white. Apparently Trudeau has gone turbo-diversity.

      Furthermore, most of the airport employees are Somalian.

      Seems to be some kind of perverse virtue signalling going on – trying to show off how anti racist we are. Anyways, all I can do is pray that I’m not in the air on the day our diverse airport people decide to launch their attack. It’s not an if, but a when, imo.

      • Your complaints, with which I agree, are down stream, not from free markets, but from ((big gov)) which has outlawed freedom of association, private property rights, and, incrementally, 2A rights for White men. Of course, on this neck of the woods, our founder’s
        libertarian principles are lumped in the same category as schizophrenia.

        • With the possible exceptions of ur-contrarian atheist Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson in his less lucid moments, our founders would have sued you for saying they had libertarian principles.

          Jefferson even admitted late in life that his rhetorical excesses in favor of the French Liberty Bloodbath were huge mistakes. Future POTUS James Monroe had to diplomatically wheedle Paine out of France during their glorious Freedom Riots because even the Jacobins tired of his rabble-rousing.

          All of those pretty Constitutional principles you cite require living men to honor and enforce them. Change the men, change the culture, and you get our “living” Constitution, honored in its breach, its language utterly (((subverted))) or simply ignored b/c Mammon wills it.

          Libertarianism has no defense against the obvious tactic of changing the men and the culture that make the Magic Paper Cargo Cult function. As a matter of first principles, it refuses any defense on those grounds.

          It’s a hill made only for White men to die on.

          • If Libertarianism (note the big “L”) were to be real-world practical, then socialism would probably also work in that alternate universe. In other words, it would require the vast bulk of humans to not behave according to human nature.

            Now if a person wants to live his life according to small-L libertarian principles, more power to him. But I don’t see the big-L as anything viable for society as a whole.

            Personally I was all enthusiastic about Libertarianism in high school. (Z described this fairly typical arc in a prior essay some time back.) Then first month of college attended some local Libertarian Party meetings and quickly decided the majority were high-IQ (but mostly low achieving) spergs , with the remainder (say 5%) charismatic hucksters. Very disappointing. Plus it was sad really, to see so many blithely assuming that when the miraculous transformation of society magically took place, then they’d have their success and place in the sun. It was like a particularly pathetic religious cult. Which is ironic because many were also atheists.

  15. Zman, it seems to me that you could produce a manual type document on how to set up and nurture such local groups. Something nuts and bolts; all killer no filler. Then let a network of nodes form across the country.

    • You have to be careful with building such groups lest the government get wind of it. We had a group out here in Los Angeles called Rise Above – it was mostly young guys working out in the park and doing martial arts. More Fight Club than anything else. However the progtards the and Tribe got wind of them and demonized 6 ways from Sunday.

      If i was organizing a group, it would be as group that gets together for paintball and or hiking and would be by invitation only. But whatever guise that it must be something innocuous looking.

  16. Was feeling a little desolate without a Z post, TBH. Big props for taking it to the meatspace. Walkin the walk. Roll on, old timer!

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