Low Tide

“When the tide goes out you find out who’s naked” is an old gag in the Wall Street world, often attributed to Warren Buffett. He likes to include it in his annual letters to investors. What he means by it is the risk positions of a company are only known when they face adverse conditions, like a downturn in the economy. Others have used a version of the aphorism to mean that you find out who is a smart investor when the market takes a downturn. Similar idea, broader application.

The same sort of thinking applies to politics. Like most Wall Street traders, the political class is the last notice the tide going out on them. Most came into the game during a rising tide and came to assume good times are perpetual. If you live in the Imperial Capital, this sense is reinforced by the fact it is always a boom time, in terms of the economy, around Washington. Every year trillions of dollars flow into the city and those dollars don’t spend themselves. It’s always Christmas in the DC.

The tide does go out in politics. The moderate Democrats learned that lesson in the early 1990’s as the party began to radicalize. For the longest time they got to play the old game of talking like a normal person at home, but going along with the radicals when it came time to vote. Then Newt Gingrich figured out how to exploit this contradiction and the moderate wing of the Democrat party was eliminated in the 1994 midterm elections. The tide went out and the moderates were naked.

Something similar happened with the neoconservative cabal that had controlled the Republican Party for decades. Their appeals to normal white guy patriotism had been so effective at directing support for their endless wars in the Middle East, they just assumed it would work forever. They did not see the growing backlash on their Right until Trump captured the Republican nomination. Their reaction to the tide going out on their enterprise revealed things about them best left concealed.

One of those things revealed in 2016 was just how much these people despises their target audience. That in turn has raised an age-old question about the sorts of people in the neoconservative movement. A warmonger like Jonah Goldberg never met a war you should not fight on his behalf, but he is always ready to lecture you on your moral failings while you wage that war on his behalf. What low tide for the neocons meant was the stench of an age-old hatred for the victims of their perfidy.

Today the tide is going out again and this time it is the remaining figures of Conservative Inc. showing their nature to the world. Nick Fuentes, the young YouTube personality, has become a bug-light of sorts, for grifters to immolate themselves on in a fit of moral outrage over the groypers. It is as if there is a secret contest to see which one can put on the best smug face as they shriek about Fuentes. One after another, the dull and the witless have stepped forward to bleat their unhappiness.

Here we have bugman Dan McLaughlin claiming he sees the army of the invisible Hitlers all around Fuentes. Here we have bourgeois hausfrau Claire Lehmann warning about tricksters between trips to the liquor cabinet. John Cardillo, who everyone assumed was dead, turned up to remind everyone why that would be his best career move. The only thing that guy needs is a pic of himself on his Harley that he never takes out of the driveway. He’s the B-roll of a documentary on boomer conservatism.

Another guy who should collect his paycheck wearing a ski mask and carry a gun is Jim Geraghty from National Review. He penned a tantrum that reads like an interview with a teenage girl after an accident. Not to be left out, David French chimed-in to remind everyone that he is the king of cucks.. French is a guy who stepped over the poor and suffering in his own backyard so he could kidnap an Africa baby to tote around as a trophy to his perverted sense of righteousness.

Of course, the guys with a color in their name have got in on the game. Here we have someone calling himself Dominic Green at the Spectator telling us the groypers are the real fascists. Here’s someone calling himself Matt Purple, at the ironically titled American Conservative, telling us Fuentes is the omen. Keep in mind that AmCon has defended and employed a guy regularly arrested for soliciting sex from children. Yet, they are outraged over talk about demographic reality. When the tide goes out, guys with colors in their name reveal their perfidy.

That is what is so revealing about these guys swarming to attack Fuentes and his young acolytes. They are so craven and hollow; they are incapable of seeing any humanity in these young men. They are antibodies of the establishment, attacking what they are told is a pathogen. Nowhere in their attacks do they mention that these are young men, motivated by a real concern for their future. For the automatons of Conservative Inc., none of that matters. They do what they are told.

In dissident circles, there is a debate about whether conservatism, as an institution, is worth saving. James Kirkpatrick has a book on the subject and has talked about this topic at various events. In the end, it may be a self-answering question. As the tide goes out and more and more of these people are revealed to be hollow, soulless men without chests, the conservative enterprise looks shabbier and uglier. At this point, the question is whether they can withstand the rising tide of the dissident right.

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276 thoughts on “Low Tide

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  2. Conservative is and was best used as an adjective to modify something of intrinsic value. Christianity. Japan. Scouting.

    Our- my – mistake was elevating it to a political and / or ideological value on its own right. Tell a lie: invite the Father of Lies and all his sons.

    Mea culpa.

    Keep the adjective, burn the noun with fire.

  3. Whites can’t ever be “beyond the pale” by definiton.
    The Conservative case for intersectionality….

  4. It is not that there are men without chests, but that they are zombies with treasure containers filled with gold, to pay off people

  5. The Cucks don’t want to fight the Left, or do anything to stop illegal immigration or demographic change, but they DO want to crush Guys like Nick Fuentes. its just a big distraction from what’s important. That’s why I call them Progressives. They police the Right, for the Progressives. They make dishonest arguments in favor of mass immigration for the Progressives. They aren’t conservatives, they’re the Right-wing of the Progressive/left.

  6. All these Cucks share one thing with me, we didn’t know who Nick Fuentes was until a couple weeks ago. Now, they’re all UP IN ARMS. They’re even passing around a video with all of NF’s “worst comments” – most of which seemed ripped out of context. We need to stop calling people like French and Goldberg “Conservatives” and just call them Progressives, because that’s what they really are. They’re playing for the other team, while wearing our Jersey.

  7. I have a great deal of respect for the groypers movement as they are doing what needs to be done , trying to salvage the rotten system even if it might be futile.

    That salvage attempt provides the legitimacy for a counter movement , hey we tried our best is a key component of such , if probably when things go to hell.

    It doesn’t take a majority just a determined group willing to take what they want from a rotten system. Instead of seeing yourself as Romans reclaiming your civilization, try and see yourself as something far closer to Visigoths, Vandals, Huns and Anglo Saxons . A cultured barbarian tribe looking at rotten civilization thinking we can do better . And you can.

    Now as always I advise people not to do stupid or illegal things but figure the current political situation as 3 or maybe 4 to 5 salvos the Groypers are salvo 2, salvo 1 was Trump, 2 the Groypers and 3 + are not yet here.

    However all you doomsayers are thinking with your blood and muscle and not brains. You are thinking like like civilized men

    Pray that we succeed in a political solution so you can keep being those civilized men but if our society fails? Be a tech barbarian because the truth is any serious war will be very tech driven and will concentrate not on fighting in the streets with guns , man on man .

    There will be a little of that but there are weapons out there made with democratized technology and good 4g tactics that when used are as much a force multiplier as the Maxim gun was in its day.

  8. The tribe has invested a lot in conservative Inc so that there can be the illusion of two sides of the debate. So they can’t afford to let conservative Inc be vanquished without first co-opting the usurpers.

    So will they destroy the Groypers, start a war to distract normie republicans or try and find a way to co-opt the Groypers?

  9. “In dissident circles, there is a debate about whether conservatism, as an institution, is worth saving.”

    Maybe conservatism is like The Matrix. Every 200 cycles you have to kill off just about everyone except a few to repopulate the species and begin anew…

    I feel like that is what is going on. Small-c conservatism is just a trust in that which works and which has been known over hundreds even thousands of years of human history to work. It has grown into Big-C Conservative Inc, bloated and lacking in self awareness, to the point of instability and irrelevance. As it implodes, there’s room again for people to re-know that which was known before.

    For example, you can’t get to the point where people re-know that gender and race are not social constructs when you’ve got Conservative Inc. out there telling everybody why the Liberals have a point. An example of what happens in this mini-implosions is Trump. Just about every other Republican in 2016 was giving speeches that sounded like they had just read the book, “How to Sound Like Ronald Reagan and be Liked”. Voters puked all over those guys, and Conservative Inc. suffered a mini-implosion.

    Into that newly available space Trump rushed in and helped people re-know things we always used to know: no borders = no country = no citizenship, getting effed by China was a deliberate attack on American worker by their own government, the Government is totally incompetent and overpaid/overstaffed, etc.

    I saw some linked opinion column in the Washington Examiner by some honeypot former NR intern. Not worth even looking up her name, but it was all your standard NeverTrumper crap that she was paid to like. When you get to the point that Conservative Inc. is paying Junior Woodchucks to write opinion columns in the papers, you’re watching another mini-implosion take place.

  10. Isn’t this a dead horse? Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right took down Buckley with a nicely bound Arktos Journal issue dedicated to his legacy of purging people, The analysis easily extended to Jonah Goldberg, at the time. National Review thoughtfully wrote that “Against Trump” issue and invited everyone to get on board, and they did.

    We are so done with all that now. We have moved on, and I haven’t even heard of most of these people or they are null-ops . David French? Why give him one column inch.

    Nick Fuentes did a 1 hour interview with Stephan Molyneaux recently, it was damn good. The new guys have something to say, the old guys are critiquing and trying to play the gatekeeper game, but it’s totally over. No one cares what any of them think.

    Time to move on, Z! You won, and we have.

    • We won??

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’re making good strides but we can’t give up on anything. 100% effort on all fronts is needed.

  11. Can someone explain to me why a woman living in Australia has some sort of informed and useful opinion on US integralist conservatives? Am I missing something here?

    • This so called Swamp using US economical and political and military power to force their “values” to the entire world. Because of that, US politics became issue in the all world. Lot of people just reading or monitoring and some express their opinion also. From short comments up to using civilian airliner as a weapon to force US out from their home countries.

  12. If you need a bit of a pick up today, the traitor (((Gordon Sondland))) is testifying now and is coming off as a bumbling and confused old man who did not understand what was happening around him, even worse than Mueller during his testimony. And to make matters even better, during his testimony the Ukraine announced an indictment of Burisma that will implicate Bidens and other Democrats, and the FBI has announced they want to interview the “whistleblower” Ciaramella.

    It will be fun to watch the MSM pivot into full CYA mode for the Democrats.

  13. I really would have liked to have liked Nick Fuentes. But in the first video of his that I saw (can’t find it now, sorry) he started going on and on in jokey mock outrage over the “200,000 Jews that the Nazis murdered.” I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t count as Holocaust denial I don’t know what does.

    • “Holocaust denial” is not a thing.

      Critical historical analysis is a thing.

      Being jailed or ostracized simply for engaging in scholarly critical historical analysis which goes against Those Who Must Not Be Named is most definitely a curious, interesting thing.

      Questioning the sacralization and valorization of an ugly historical event which is, after all, really just one more ugly historical event in a very, very long line of ugly historical events in the context of what was, after all, /the largest most violent war in human history/, well that is a thing.

      Wondering aloud why One Particular Historical Event just so happens to be singled out, given a Title and patent of nobility which implies it somehow has mystical religious significance, and is then ruthlessly used as a moral and political cudgel to extract oceans of shekels from people who had nothing to do with same; yes, questioning that is a thing.

      Asking questions like, Cui Bono? and, Quis custodiet, ipsos custodes?, that, too, is a thing.

      But “Holocaust ‘denial'”?

      No, that is not a thing.

      • Brother some people’s brains just shut down when they are presented with things that make them uncomfortable instead of searching for what is truth…They have been so indoctrinated that they have learned to love their tormentor and will defend him against the ones trying to open their eyes…None are so blind than those who have eyes but will not see…

    • In certain point, Holy Hoax must denied. This is the root myth of what makes white ethno state monstrous evil .And of course causes precedent. When we keep up one comfort lie, there will be soon another`s. Like minorities. When we have one privileged group then everybody else think, but why not us ?

      • “Holy Hoax”. JFC. It’s sewage like this in the comments that turn people off at Zman’s excellent essays and podcasts.

        • Good luck telling Antifa and the Wokies that you’re not a Nazi because you counter-signalled like this.

          If you don’t believe what we’re saying, enjoy the essays and podcasts, but what good is sucking up to people who want you dead and laugh at your misery?

          • What is the point of harping about how many Jews were killed in Hitler’s Reich? How does arguing about that number advance whatever cause you want to advance?

          • There is not a “cause” what we want but but white ethno states. And economy where man get so much paid that his wife can stay home with 6 children. And healthy culture and most important, abolish private central bank and give currency printing back to the elected Government. When you dont have your own money you cant do anything. All above was also Hitler policy and because of that, we must whitewash this great gentleman to move forward.

    • What’s so bad about Holocaust denial? Vox is a moon hoaxer, he still makes some good points.

      I don’t like Fuentes either to be fair, but that’s his style I just can’t stomach. Too hyper.

    • Joking about how many Jews may have been killed in WW2 is “bad optics” and not the hill I’m willing to die on, that’s for sure. But your comment, to me, just shows how far we have to go. Personally, when sucked into this sort of discussion with someone who might eventually be reasonable, I say that I am confident that lots of Jews (and Romani, and homosexuals, etc, i.e. LOTS of kinds of people — ALWAYS point this out whenever someone brings up The Holocaust) were killed by the Nazis, and that I am willing to accept arguendo it was indeed 6 million Jews. Plus lots of other people.

      BUT, why is not believing that a crime? Even more to the point, asking whether it was 5.8 million instead of 6M is “Holocaust Revisionism” which these days is rising to the same level of badthink. We don’t criminalize belief in Flat Earth Theory, or that Lizardmen living in the Hollow Earth secretly rule us (okay, maybe that one is a little too close to the truth to be comfortably risible — but I digress), so why is legitimate historical inquiry to be punished so severely?

      If speaking to one of those unfortunate trad conservatives who is all Muh Israel/God’s Chosenites I ask them how their support of criminalizing “Holocaust Denial” is any different from the leftwing loons who want to make “Climate Change Denial” a crime?

      • BUT, why is not believing that a crime?

        Because it’s a lie. If it were true, it wouldn’t need a bodyguard of legislators, judges and policemen.

      • I totally agree that Holocaust denial should not be illegal, any more than the other crackpot theories you mention.

        But most people, including most white people, and definitely including me, believe it actually happened. We are always pontificating about how the Left needs to accept that reality is a hard, cold thing that doesn’t always line up with what they want it to be. But that cuts both ways! If the Holocaust actually happened, and you deny it, then you are aligning yourself with one of the worst mass murderers in human history. This is more than mere bad optics, it’s pure poison. You are doing the SPLC’s work for it.You are playing directly into the hands of the people who are hysterically arguing that we need to be suppressed because any minute we are about to launch a new holocaust. Why do think guys like Richard Spencer can get interviewed on CNN while moderates like Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire can’t. Because Spencer is their man! They promote Spencer because Spencer is exactly what they want white identity politics to look like. It just astounds me that anyone could be so stupid as to play into that!

        And for what? You don’t need to deny that the Holocaust happened before you can argue that its memory has been inappropriately sacralized and is being exploited for political gain. Their is nothing that we want, no argument we need to make, that requires the Holocaust not to have happened. So why even go there? It’s just stupid stupid stupid!!!

        • including most white people, and definitely including me, believe it actually happened.

          So, hypothetically, how would you react if you found out that half of the main storylines were not true, if, say, you came to believe there were no gas chambers, that most of the so-called Holocaust is made up of recycled war propaganda?

          A lot of /ourguys/ hump the Holocaust because we believe it’s a nuclear land mine waiting to blow up in their faces.

          • Hypothetically, I find David Cole’s claims (3 to 4 million rather than 6, and some of the death camps actually weren’t) to be borderline plausible, and if he could convince some mainstream historians (convincing me is worthless — I have no expertise) I think it would be a very entertaining spectacle. But it wouldn’t really change how I thought about anything. Is that what you are talking about? Because Cole doesn’t deny the Holocaust, he just claims it wasn’t quite as big as we’ve been led to believe.

            OTOH, if I were to be convinced that the numbers were off by a factor of 30, well, I would react about the same as I would if I found out the moon landings were faked. It would certainly shake my confidence in a lot that I thought I knew! It’s still not clear to me though how helpful it would be to our cause, 70 years later, if the Holocaust were debunked. It really isn’t clear that it would automatically translate to “OK, we white people all going to be proud identitarians now!” Would it really? You sure?

            What is horribly clear is that humping that land mine gets you and everyone around you covered in shit. And given that the mine is almost certainly a dud I think this is a monumentally counterproductive waste of time and energy. The impression you end up giving is that you don’t even really care whether it happened or not; that you’re just cynically trying to convince people it didn’t happen because you think your side has something to gain if you can convince them. The SPLC might as well be writing your lines.

            And it’s completely unnecessary! If you want to argue for identitarianism, argue for identitarianism. Would the reality of the Holocaust somehow discredit identitarianism in your mind. Let me throw a hypothetical back at you: if you were to be convinced that the Holocaust actually did happen, exactly exactly as claimed, how would you react? Would it change how you felt about anything? I’ll bet it wouldn’t! But if not, then why do you think it’s something worth arguing about, given the very obvious downside if you lose the argument, and the very real possibility that you are just wrong?

          • Cole doesn’t deny the Holocaust, he just claims it wasn’t quite as big as we’ve been led to believe.

            That is, by definition, Holocaust denial. Cole could face serious jail time in some European countries for what he has said – in fact, David Irving served TWO YEARS in an Austrian prison for exactly that crime.

            For clarity, let me list the four main bones of contention between deniers and traditionalists:

            1) The Holocaust was smaller than six million. (Notice we’re only talking about Jews here, the dead goys are not part of the Holocaust, they’re just plain old dead, #WhoCares?)

            2) There were no homicidal gas chambers

            3) The mass murders were not part of a top-down plan to execute all Jews, rather than ad hoc initiatives by gauleiters and SS, or by locals.

            4) Hitler was not in the loop (#HitlerDidNothingWrong)

            Obviously, points 3 & 4 are really only of interests to historians, it’s the number two that’s the real doozy.

            It’s still not clear to me though how helpful it would be to our cause, 70 years later, if the Holocaust were debunked.

            As you said, it would shake the confidence in the authorities as if they found out the moon landings were faked, as in “if they lie about THIS…”

            What is horribly clear is that humping that land mine gets you and everyone around you covered in shit

            What I do is my business, and you can simply denounce me: that’s the beauty of not having a formal organization, you cannot be smeared by association.

            But in fact, I believe us Holodeniers are adding considerably to the Trump Derangement Syndrome; witness how Charlie Kirk called Fuentes a Holocaust denier, something I bet has Normie very confused.

            And five years ago, you could put the same argument about questioning American allegiance to Israel. In five years, maybe we’ll have groypers at Holocaust junkets chanting “Exhume those mass graves!”

            (Okay, maybe my slogan needs a bit of polish…)

            if you were to be convinced that the Holocaust actually did happen, exactly exactly as claimed, how would you react? Would it change how you felt about anything?

            Good point, but not entirely the same. It would shake my confidence in my own judgement, not my confidence in the authorities.

          • See my reply to Walrus below – shorter version:

            I try not to start arguments with those I know don’t agree with me on the JQ. I only reply when they throw the first punch

            Can the counter-signallers please reciprocate?


            As for whether arguing about the Holocaust is “necessary,” I agree it isn’t, in the sense of wading into the details ala David Cole (for all that he’s right and cites most of the solid sources). My response to Lorenzo below is how I choose to approach it.

            The high priests of Wokeness base much of their theology on the idea that White Identity leads like night into day to the Holocaust, slavery, Handmaid’s Tales and Heart of Darkness colonialism.

            We can’t win that debate by leaving huge chunks of their mythology entirely unchallenged.

            For myself, I’m speaking to initiated dissidents here. I’m not trying to convert outright normie-Cons by commenting on this site. That’s for commenting on Breitbart or Townhall. I speak to those at least somewhat initiated into Our Thing here.

            I don’t think we’re going to somehow forge a TruCon MAGA majority and implement our agenda by voting in national or even statewide elections, not for generations at the very least.

            That’s why we have different Overton WIndows on this subject.

        • Exactly, what’s the win? How exactly are we furthering our cause by even talking about the Holocaust? Will it win even a single person over to our side? How many people will it alienate who otherwise might have considered joining us?

          Our #1 goal in the political arena is to get a moratorium on immigration, right? If so, then everything we do needs to be tied back to that objective. “How does taking this action help us get a moratorium on immigration?”

          • An immigration moratorium might have helped 25 years ago. It’s now far too late. Per birth rates and death rates alone, the current White European population of the US (approx. 57%) will drop rapidly and noticeably in the coming decade.
            Besides, (((who))) do you think began and continues the push for the Great Replacement of Whites in the first place?

          • I agree it’s inadequate and we will need more than that. At the same time, we need some kind of big, meaty, easily explained goal to rally behind. If it’s not “immigration moratorium”, what is it?

          • I’m not a “screw the optics” guy but counter-signalling Holocaust skeptics is net-negative. There’s a place for their skepticism in a broad movement attacking open borders.

            Whatever the real-life details and body-counts, the Holocaust has become a foundational myth of Big Other, along with God-Emperor Lincoln and statue-poem. It’s what they preach to your kids in the pulpits of academia and media to make them support their own displacement and revile you as a revanchist hater.

            Tearing down those myths is a big part of the red-pilling process. Someone who swallows the Second Founding mythology of America whole can’t help but see us as Bad Guys, and won’t break their conditioning.

            I don’t expect everyone to be ready for the J-pill, but guys who feel obligated to counter-signal about it still have one foot planted too firmly in the normie-Con camp.

            I try not to start arguments with those I know don’t agree with me on the JQ. I only reply when they throw the first punch

            Can the counter-signallers please reciprocate?

          • If you don’t want non-white immigrants than you don’t like non-whites and that makes you just like Hitler. That’s what they say. What’s your response?

            Fuentes wasn’t even really denying it, he’s joking about it. He’s trying to remove it as a sacred cow that is our guiding morality.

            And it must be removed from that perch to win. Either by people not caring about it anymore than they do the Holodomor, or undermining it’s veracity.

            I don’t care which, because to me it’s just a thing that happened in another country 80 years ago.

      • @Felix: Exactly! But rather than make that a statement to people, I’d rather have them come to the realization that something is fishy if it needs the force of law to make it unquestionable. If you tell someone something, it’s the thing that an external agency (i.e. you) told them. If they arrived there by their own reasoning (albeit with a little help) then they are invested in the idea because it’s theirs.

        @JEB: We might be talking past each other. Or you’re speed-reading what I wrote (this is my polite way of saying that you clearly misunderstand me). I’m not claiming the holocaust is a fraud (mainly because I don’t think it was), nor am I interested in arguing over the exact number, as if souls were mere entries in a merchant’s ledger to be used against other people. Did I not say that I’m perfectly willing to accept (arguendo) that it really was six million?

        Now, WHAT I say is not dependent on who I’m talking to (i.e. some sort of moral relativism), but HOW I say it does depend on who I’m talking to. I’m an academic by training and inclination and surrounded by academics mostly. With people like that, getting them to adopt an idea (that the Holocaust has been weaponized against the rest of humanity, but especially the West) works better if you get THEM working on the problem rather than delivering them a conclusion. To turn it into a bumper sticker:

        “5,999,999 = Hate Crime. 5,999,999+1 = Good Think. What’s up with that?”

        @Albino Walrus: Agreed, and thanks for keeping us on target. FWIW, I personally don’t bring up the holocaust unless someone else is making a deal about it.

      • The only thing any American need say about the holocaust is it isn’t an American problem, and America has real problems to worry about.

        It should be made fun of for being a ridiculous sacred cow.

    • Who cares about the Holocaust?


      Nearly a hundred million people died in that war. Few of them died “well.”

      Whether six million or six thousand Jews died has no relevance to White Americans in 2019.

      You only care because you’ve been taught all your life to believe that Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, whatever it was, was more important than the million-plus American casualties we suffered.

      Ask yourself why, as an American, that Ashkenazi Jew deaths from nigh-on a century ago should matter more than the deaths of our own grandfathers.

      • After the events of the last few decades, a variation of the “trust but verify” approach seems appropriate. Perhaps “assume to be true but open to alternative possibilities”?

      • You only care because you’ve been taught all your life to believe that Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, whatever it was, was more important than the million-plus American casualties we suffered.
        Well said Brother…
        The thing is the Holocaust is used as a weapon against whites identifying as whites and wanting to have a Homeland of their own…It’s used as a cudgel to say this is what happens when whites unify as a people so you are a Nazi for wanting to live amongst your own kind…Also do me a favor and go to your local library and see how many books there are on the Holocaust and then see how many books there are on the Great Depression or the Civil War which affected Americans…Also try and find books about how many people Stalin, Lenin, or Mao killed or how many books on the slaughter throughout history by Islam…It’s not really about if it happened or how bad it was too me it’s about how it’s used against me or people like me in this present day…

    • “Catwoman, TD can’t be stopped! He laid a bacon sandwich on the very steps of the temple– and no one saw a thing!”

  14. First, I had to start telling people I’m not a Republican, I’m just someone who does not vote for democrats. Then I had to start telling people I’m not a conservative in the Conservative Inc. sense. At this point the entire label exercise is fraught at best. No sense making an *ss of oneself by picking a shiny new label that almost immediately topples over onto your head. Remember the Brights? Heh. Frank Zappa said, “I’m not a cynic, I’m a realist.” I’ll go one more. At this point I am a cynic and I don’t care who is turned off by that.

    • I tell people that I am not conservative, rather I am right wing under Conquest Second Law. They invariably feel forced to ask what that is.

    • Yea but if you made it to a cynic you might as well further your journey and become a racist sexist bigot😉

      • Lineman: This. Back in 2015 I used to get a kick out of answering telephone political surveys. The dead silence or pleased chuckle I got when I stated I was a fascist, in a warm and friendly voice, always made my day.

    • Politics is dead, it’s all who/whom. Gun control? Who do they want to take guns away from, and who are they letting keep their guns? Repeat for just about anything, it makes all “red vs blue” whites question, momentarily, their ridiculous stands.

  15. Long time lurker, first time commenter. Keep up the good work, all — the message is getting out, as slow and painful as that seems.

    I want to brainstorm about the question of “what can we all, as individuals, do?” All of us have responsibilities with our jobs, families, businesses, etc., and many of us probably can’t afford to be doxed or become public figures. And we all know better than to think we can vote our way out of this. Not saying don’t vote… but that alone won’t do it.

    If we want to win, we need to increase our strength, power, and numbers.

    I know it’s tempting to skip ahead to the political, but I want to start with the “personal” here. Even just personal health and fitness.

    We need to survive through the coming tough times, which means we need to be strong and healthy. Even more so if we’re thinking about SHTF scenarios. We need tough, strong able bodied men, not Wall-E/People of Walmart types. I don’t claim to be a fitness expert, but if you’re obese or can’t run a mile or can’t do 50 pushups… that’s not going to cut it. We need all of us to be better. On top of that — fit, healthy people are more attractive which will subtly increase our political power and our persuasive capabilities.

    What about our financial situations? Let’s talk about fragility and specifically debt. I’m not anti-“all forms of debt in all circumstances” but there are some forms of debt that are just plain toxic, like credit card debt. Are your credit cards paid off in full every month? Are your cars paid off? Mortgage either on track to be paid off or locked in at current low fixed rates? What does your personal “financial stress test” scenario look like? If you lost your job and the stock market tanked 70% or even 90%, how long would you still be able to pay your bills? If you have a business, what would it look like if your business revenue tanked in a downturn or due to doxing? Do you have an emergency fund to weather the storm?

    On the “prepper” side of things… as a first step, do you have a supply of drinking water? I know that’s the tip of the iceberg, but that one alone is life or death. Let’s all be the person who is sitting fat and happy when the grid goes down, not the pathetic soyboy who doesn’t even know how to cook an egg and is freaking out because DoorDash stopped delivering.

    • Albino, that’s a good start. Now what happens when you are the only one in the neighborhood with the lights on and supplies of water? The next step is to surround yourself with like-minded people, people who have their own skills and supplies, so they don’t need to help themselves to yours. They would then also have a similar mindset, so you can all look out for each other. You need to avoid The Man, and you need to be able to trust your neighbors for support in doing so 🙂

      • “surround yourself with like-minded people” — you are obviously right. I wish I had a good answer on that one.

        I already moved from a blue state to a red state some years ago to escape the crazies. That bought me some time, and I don’t regret it one bit, but now my red state is turning blue due to immigration and the list of plausible places left to move is getting shorter and shorter. Realistically, I also don’t see myself leaving the US (and even then, same question — where would I go?). So now what?

        I’m actively thinking about this topic, but I haven’t come up with a good answer yet.

        I do encourage anyone on Our Side who is in the hard core blue states (e.g. CA) to get out. Those states are long gone. They were lost years ago and they are now controlled by the Enemy. Every tax dollar you pay in those states is going straight into the hands of our enemies, and those dollars are being used to finance our destruction. Meanwhile, we need you to join us in the red and purple states to hold the line against the invaders.

        I’m always a little surprised when I see other commenters on this site who still live in CA… maybe you have important reasons you can’t leave (yet?), but I also hope you are working on your exit strategy.

        • At this point, it is not about the state, it is about the neighborhood. Bottom up, at the local, micro level, that’s how we need to do things now.

          • Demographically, my neighborhood is mainly white shitlib progs. I can infer this from the yard signs + the occasional neighbor conversations + I know the voting results in this area. I’m pretty sure most of my neighbors would sell me out in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t in a million years dream of putting up a Trump sign or anything of the sort. Meanwhile, I’m sure a bunch of them chose this area because of, ahem, the schools.

            I’m sure plenty of others on here live in areas with a similar demographic.

            In an environment like that, where would you start looking for like-minded neighbors?

            I can think of exactly 1 person I know IRL who shares DR views. I know some other people who lean right but they’re not DR. They might be red pillable, but I wouldn’t count on it.
            I can try to find more, but my guess is they’ll be more in the same city/region than in the same neighborhood.

          • Sounds like you need a different neighborhood. If you are the only one with water and power when things go sideways, not only are they going to help themselves to it, they will consider it the right thing to do, as stealing from bad people will not only be proper, it will be noble, in their eyes. I’d rather be in a “good” neighborhood in a bad state, than a “bad” neighborhood in a good state. Things happen at the neighborhood level first, when the flag goes up and things get spicy.

          • I’m open to “a different neighborhood” as being the answer… just not something that will happen tomorrow.

            I just looked at a 2016 election map by precinct. Nothing really new here, but it confirmed what I already knew about my neighborhood. Not the bluest neighborhood in my city (sadly, I could do much worse), but not good.

            Aside from a few small pockets of light red, I’d have to get out to the exurbs before I see any pro-Trump precincts.

          • A few years back a political yard sign appeared on the boundary between us and next-door neighbor (a no-no as homes are handed down and everyone wants to be on good terms). They thought it was us. We thought it was them. Nope. Rando.

        • If you have read here awhile you would have seen most of your questions have already been addressed…Exile, Citizen, Dutch, etc have all talked about what you have expressed…Read some past articles if you truly want knowledge…

    • AW. Be less accommodating to the Orcs. Like Da Booby says, withdraw support everywhere…

      Now, careful diligence for association, well, if you crack that nut let us all know. Proximity should help, like mindedness found in existing groups…so far, my casual conversation tests have not yielded any fruit. I’ll keep kissing frogs. We should bump into each other eventually. I just hope it’s not in a train car.

      • Well, let’s talk through this. I agree with the principle of “withdraw support”. I love the idea of defunding our enemies — it’s one of the most immediate and practical things we can all work on. Don’t spend money at businesses that hate you.

        At the same time, I also still need to eat, heat my home in the winter, etc. I can’t spend zero dollars and still survive. There are also those “nice to haves” that I could theoretically give up, but are we really going to give up things like “travel to see our families over the holidays?”

        In the meantime, I don’t spend a lot, and I definitely earn more than I spend. But what good does that do if it just gets confiscated by a future left-wing government to… say… promote refugee resettlement? Alternatively, is there a legal fund I can give to that actively *fights* refugee resettlement, sanctuary cities, and so on *today*? Ideally one that’s tax deductible, because then I can give more dollars to it.

  16. I didn’t pay much attention to Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” movies when they originally came out, but now various nephews have gotten old enough to be fascinated by them (instead of the books, ARGH!!), so lately I find myself having to watch these movies from time to time.

    Mostly they are dutiful, laborious, high-production-value illustrations of the basic story, very literalistic, there is very little élan or joie-de-vivre of filmmaking in them. In the whole nine-hour slog, I count very few moments of what one might call un coup de cinema (Galadriel refusing the Ring was noteworthy).

    Towards the dreary end, I got curious how exactly they were going to stage the climactic bit where Frodo finally gets to Mount Doom, tries to claim the Ring himself, gets hijacked by Gollum, who then falls into the pit and accidentally destroys the Ring. I thought, this’ll be interesting, to see how they handle it.

    One of the rare bits of true film-making insight is in that sequence: Gollum grabs the Ring, then falls into the lava pit of Mount Doom. He is so entranced with the Ring that, /even as he is being boiled alive/, he holds it aloft and stares at it rapturously, as he is sinking into a pit of flaming molten lava.

    It seems to me that that is a fit analogy for at least the goyisch cucks of civ-nat Conservative Inc. (we all know already what the Jews want, which is the Permanent Universal Reign of Pure Evil). The goy-cucks are so entranced by their illusory rapturous vision of non-racial pro-Israel MLK gobbledegook, they don’t even notice they’re being boiled alive in a flaming pit of pure evil.

    Plus, David French even sort of looks like Gollum.

    • At the end, the good guys were bailed out by the people swooping in on eagles. That was us, the U.S., saving Western Civ. There will be no eagles swooping in next time…

      • When, pray tell, did the U.S. “save” Western Civ? WWI? Our utterly unnecessary entry prolonged it and allowed Wilson (may he burn eternally) to rearrange the political and geographical world. WWII? Where we passively allowed thousands of Germans to starve post conflict, and from which sprang the eternal holocaust and ascendancy of the Jews in our society? Since that time we’ve been actively engaged in destroying Western Civ and propagandizing Europe to hurry up and die faster. We’re the black hats in this narrative.

        • Black hats, as it turned out. From a Christian perspective, which is what LOTR largely is, we saved the West from the German pagans, and sort of, from the Soviet pagans. But there are so many angles to the whole thing, in the real world.

    • At the risk of getting LOTR-spergy on you, actually the movies subverted multiple themes and belittled important characters from the books. This is not an exhaustive list, just off the top of my head (been years since I’ve seen the movies).

      1. Aragorn. Book Aragorn is proud to learn he is the descendant of Isildur (who having cut the Ring from Sauron’s hand, foolishly/pridefully kept it instead of throwing it into Mt Doom right there). Although it is universally recognized that Isildur failed of his Test, he is still honored in memory by his descendants. Movie Aragorn (movie versions hereafter denoted with a leading “m-“) anguishes over “the weakness in my blood” and needs Arwen to give him a “man the hell up” speech. Book Aragorn willingly took up the burden of restoring the Kingdoms of the Dunedain, because of his heritage, and to win the hand of the (half-)Elf Princess. m-Aragorn hides from his heritage and needs to be pursued by Arwen.

      2. Denethor. The Steward of Gondor was blackpilled to the Nth degree (directly by the Enemy through the palantir) but would not yield in his defense of the West. Book Denethor willingly gave everything (his sons, his physical comfort) to protect his Folk, even though he believed the war to be hopeless. Denethor slept in armor, with his sword girt, to remind himself to always be ready. Movie Denethor was turned into a vain, small minded coward, and a poor leader, one who greedily ate large meals in front of his retainers while in a city under siege. This was the worst character assassination in the entire trilogy.

      3. Theoden. PJ/FW/PB didn’t mess this character up too objectionably, but IMO made him less than he was in the books.

      4. Faramir. I get that this was a minor character and so was not as developed, but there is absolutely no sense of the “man of great innate nobility, like unto our glorious ancestors of old, born into modern, degenerate times” in the movie character. m-Faramir was just a fellow with daddy issues.

      5. Merry and Pippin. Again, I get that they wanted some comic relief in the movies. But the book characters are young gentlemen from noble houses (or the great families that are the closest thing to nobles that Hobbits have). While they can be unthinking and rambunctious in the manner of young gentlemen of privilege, they also were brought up to understand that they had responsibilities, to their Houses, and to the Shire. But they were just sort of jackasses in the movies.

      6. Arwen. WTH? Having her rescue Aragorn and the hobbits at the Ford of Bruinen was just wrong. That is NOT the role of the Elf Princess in this sort of mythology. It was not as cringey as Evangeline Lilly’s role in those dreadful “Hobbit” movies, but just wrong.

      Finally (whew, you say), and with respect, I disagree that the scene where Galadriel refuses the Ring was done well. I think John Wright (of scifiwright) or maybe Tom Simon (I forget who exactly) said more eloquently than this stream-of-consciousness I’m tossing out, but making her become monstrous, even for a moment of temptation, was counter to the essence of the character. In the movie I think they meant to convey that she was at that moment tempted, but my take on the book was that she had already passed the test, having “visualized” (as the Life Coach types are wont to say) obtaining the ring. NB in the books, Galadriel describes to Frodo what she would become:

      “And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!”

      But the vision he actually sees is based purely on the power she already possesses: She lifted up her hand and from the ring that she [already, i.e. not The Ring] wore there issued a great light that illuminated her alone and left all else dark. She stood before Frodo seeming now tall beyond measurement, and beautiful beyond enduring, terrible and worshipful. Then she let her hand fall, and the light faded, and suddenly she laughed again, and lo! she was shrunken: a slender elf-woman, clad in simple white, whose gentle voice was soft and sad.
      Movie Galadriel gasps as if in surprise “I pass the test!” Book Galadriel says quietly and calmly, “I pass the test.”

      • Mike C: Very well done, actually, even if a bit lengthy. I generally detest movie adaptations. The ring trilogy wasn’t as bad as most, but you’ve really detailed just how they altered both characters and themes to suit their narrative and commercial needs.

      • @Mike C

        Well I’d say it’s great that these very good works of craftsmanship (and occasionally of art) had a strong impact on you and that you enjoyed them and understood them and got nourished by them. That’s what they’re there for. And if LOTR inspired you to look so carefully and write in such an informed and passionate way, then that is really great.

        But it sounds to me like you don’t know what I mean by a “coup de theatre” or a “coup de cinema”. You probably have to have lived soaked in art for a long time to get the sense of it.

        For example, the air-cav helicopter attack in “Apocalypse Now” is not just a great fight scene, it is also a coup de cinema. Whereas the Battle of Helm’s Deep in LOTR is just a great fight scene. Which is not nuthin, to be sure, but it’s not what I’m talking about.

        Galadriel’s momentary terrifying transfiguration, and Gollum’s particular death scene (viz. the hack thing would have been to do a long high overhead shot of him falling away from camera into the flames, a dime a dozen, no insight in that choice) are examples of ideas and things which can only be expressed in the medium of film, which makes them coups de cinema. Each art form has its own secrets: it is impossible to film a witty Shakespeare couplet. You can film someone speaking it aloud, but you can’t film the genius of the couplet itself.

        If you want some further reading in this, I can steer you towards the good guys and away from the crack dealers.

        • AMB: You’re correct, I’m not an initiate into the mysteries or inner circles of cinema. I’m always interested in learning new things (particularly insights into subcultures) so any steer toward “good guys” would be appreciated. (FWIW I strongly feel that the majority of today’s published critics are either hack shills, or psychologically deeply-damaged losers, or both. Why else would ugliness and deviance [1] be so fulsomely praised.)

          Now I’m not sure if you mean I enjoyed the books (yes) or the movies (yes, but not nearly as much as I would have hoped). If I’d thought out and edited my spew above, I’d basically have said something like:

          Peter Jackson obviously lavished attention (and money) on his LOTR triology with the best of intentions; the films were a labor of love. But, the Jackson/Walsh/Boyens writing team seem to have somewhat limited understanding of the heroic, the noble, and the transcendent. As I noted earlier, Aragorn and Denethor in particular were both made to be much less in the movies than they were in the books. It’s NOT about “humanizing” or “updating” the characters. The reason we enjoy and respond to archetypal stories and characters is precisely *because* they are archetypes. Pretty sure I don’t understand or appreciate the art of cinema as you do, and what I said above certainly does not take away from Jackson’s technical or stylistic triumphs, or the other good decisions he made, but I *was* disappointed by the transformations of a number of key characters.

          Oh, and to 3g: thanks for the kind words. As I think Mark Twain said, Sorry it was so long, I didn’t have time to make it shorter.

          Second “oh”. almost forgot about the footnote.
          [1] Here is an example of what I mean by ugliness, deviance and psychologically twisted. Check out Egon Schiele’s portraits, particularly his self portraits. Now there may be technical aspects of his work that I fail to appreciate, but when I chanced to wander into a Klimt/Schiele exhibit at the Boston MFA I actually had a physical reaction (of disgust) to Schiele’s works.

          • OK here is chapter one of the good guys. It isn’t even down to reading yet (that is more complex and comes later). This is just listening and cultural adjustment.

            Something a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that the so-called British Invasion rock groups represented a quite serious lliterary and artistic fusion between Modernism and late Humanism. Sort of a bridge between Blake and Coleridge/Wordsworth. Yes, they were really that good. (And I’m not Boomer-bloviating; I’m an X-er myself, more of a Talking Heads/Ramones/Patti Smith type if I had my druthers, just being an honest critic here.). What on earth do you really think is going on in the extremely sophisticated Beatles composition “Reprise/A Day in the Life”?

            Here is Lesson One:

            The Kinks, “Face to Face”
            The Kinks, “Something Else! by the Kinks”
            The Kinks, “The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society”

            The Who, “Tommy” (yes, the whole damn thing, esp “Overture/Underture” “Go to the Mirror Boy” “Smash the Mirror” “Sensation” “I’m Free” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”)

            The Who, “Baba O’Reilly,” “Gettin in Tune,” “Going Mobile” and “Going Mobile” again.

            That’s a good start for opening yer eyes dere, yeh.

            And we haven’t even started to talk about all the great crazy Americans, like Walt Whitman, e e cummings, and Captain Beefheart. Whoooo!

    • Really? Different strokes, etc. I thought the Battle of Helms Deep was the best thing ever when I saw it in the cinema lo these many years. . .

  17. I must live under a rock; I have never heard of any of those people Zman mentions, with the exception of Jonah Goldberg, of whom I know nothing about other than his name.

    IMHO most normal average folks have no idea who these people are, what they do, etc. and pay no attention to them; they are literally invisible outside of the talking heads that populate Manhattan, DC.

    Being a prominent “faux” conservative today must be very lucrative these days, because the mainstream media (i.e., the propaganda arm of the demokrat party) can bring these folks on to their “news” shows and parade them as “conservatives against Trump;” thereby lending credence to the progressive/communist meme that Trump is Hitler, minus the mustache and his inability to speak German (with an Austrian accent).

    Anyway, who listens to all the individuals that Zman cites?

  18. Kudos to Nick for latching onto a good thing but I think the Groypers are more of grassroots thing – in the sense of what happens when dry grassroots catch fire.

    Political park rangers like the above-cited cucks are making the same mistakes as Ranger Smith & the boys have made in the woods – over-curation, over-management, and trying to command human nature without first obeying it (or even trying to understand it).

    Take it from someone who spent much of the summer hanging with Yogi & Boo-Boo – nature’s going to cover the spread on that contest every time.

    Nick’s more of a political storm-chaser riding the lightning strikes than he is an arsonist.

    Burning embers of Groyper rage are scattered all over America’s campuses, but the Zoomers were mostly content to smoulder – until the Santa Ana gas-baggery of TPUSA’s Millenial carpetbaggers reaped the whirlwind sown by Jonah & his fellow XerCucks.

    City-boys like Jonah & the New Yids on the Block didn’t realize just how hot and how long bullsh*t burns.

    For once, I agree with the Boomers – I just wanna grill.

    Pass the carne asada, Nick. Let’s watch ’em burn.

  19. Over this year, the scales have fallen from my eyes. It started after Ace and some others linked your articles, whether on purpose or by accident. Now I just have to figure out how not to drive my normie friends and wife away.

    • I need help getting to my husband. Ace seems like a good starting place. Thing is, gatekeepers were made for guys like my husband. He has a passive interest in politics and doesn’t rock the boat to much. He’s currently listening to NuanceBro, who I have never heard of.

      • How do you ladies deal with husband’s that are not concerned with their or your futures…That’s a man’s job to be the provider and the protector of their families…

        • To him, concern for our future is still secure a good retirement and maintain a steady and stable income. He has done an excellent job at that and together, we have avoided significant financial pitfalls common in our age bracket (no debt).

          Its convincing him the future might not be so predictable and that that might not be enough without making him feel like he’s failing.

          Gentle nudging where it is his idea… you know, be the neck, not the head.

      • I really like Ace. His “greatest hits” are gems. His sense of humor coincides with my own. 😉 People who dislike him tend to do so because he’s not as “woke” on certain subjects as they would prefer.

  20. This post explains why I assert that we are not going to talk our way out of the mess we are in. The so-called opinion leaders in our society (as explicated in the numerous examples provided by Zman) are solely men of words. And what they have to say is utterly worthless. Please God, give me an ally who can swing a baseball bat.

    • When the people who are not us are actually fully in charge (which is soon), the system will operate in a manner that is not ours. Simply look around at how much of the world operates, and see our future. Overlay that with the idea that emotion will drive much of the decision making, and the future has a lot of pain and sorrow baked into it.

      • The ancient Greeks chose Gods like Zeus and Apollo and mortals like Hercules and Achilles as their role models. Our current culture elevates sniveling whiners like Goldberg and French to the appearance of wise leadership. How far we have fallen.

  21. Conservative Inc is finished because the failure of its strategy is starting to become obvious and will become more apparent as the GOP starts to lose election after election. As the Dems permanently take over the presidency (and thus the judiciary) as well the House, it will be hard to ignore.

    Also, as Dem presidential candidates begin that the path to victory is winning the primary and not the general election, they will cater more and more to blacks and crazy anti-whites. The mask will come off, and whites will notice. Conservative Inc.’s colorblind BS will become laughable.

    • Since its inception, the Republican Party has been the party of Wall Street. It went into hibernation a few times (Goldwater, Reagan), but its essential tie to Big Business never changed. If the Trump transformation of the GOP is successful (and I believe there’s a looooong way to go), the liberal alliance with globalist corporations, already ardent love in bloom, will make the Democrat Party the home of Wall Street.

      • Will make? The party lines approach is long past.

        The uniparty only divides over how public treasure is to be spent to benefit the various factions.

        That, and the Dems are inclined towards evil while the Repubs are just greedy and stupid.

        D’s want us dead or enslaved, R’s want is shopping and taxed.

        Both need us distracted and divided over ‘party lines’ which are about as rigid as our southern border.

        That said, as reformed wall street whore I can attest that the D was the dominant party on the street for my tenure, mid 90’s thru 2009, and remains as such now.

        Not that the R team isn’t fingering that pie as well. Its just that the Dems have the culture and Progress on their side.

        Example. When the banks wanted to get at all the untapped ‘growth!’ of the mexican invaders, both D and R made sure the regs accommodated.

        The R’s story was economic, the D’s story was social. Everybody got paid.

        The Citizens got another set of incentives for invaders and legitimized infrastructure for their replacement – and more costs passed onto them. The mortgage meltdown was another sweet deal of similar origin.

        The Harvard-CIA-Goldman Sachs axis is straight D. This is the cloud people funnel into big Gov and big Biz. Which is of course same same.

        ‘Wall street’ is clever rhetoric. Makes people think of greedy white men and their patriarchy stealing from joe sixpack and modern day slave trading of POCs.

        When in reality it is special people, a very small ‘community’ from pre-ordained pools thrusting their influence across multiple domains for a modest fee lol.

        The street is a clearing house of their social power where public coffers are assigned risk, cloud coffers are stuffed, and everyman greases the roulette wheel with his pension or 401k.

        Forget wall street. Take a walk down K-street.

        The history of party politics is a massive distraction a la ‘the Repubs freed the slaves’.

        We need to stop accepting the framing of the leftists; arguing over which party was less racist or more patriotic a hundred years ago.

        The R party needs to die like the phoenix. Transforming it would be like cloning the dodo; it is not a win for our people.

        • The Republican Party needs to be die and, unlike the phoenix, stay dead. Until then, it does not hurt to examine how we got here. Many times, I post with those in mind who are new to our movement and need information which helps them transition from the two-party delusion to what you so accurately describe in your post.

    • Exactly this. I have written at length here about watching my former home state of Colorado undergo the transition from a reliably red state in the late ’90s to a completely blue state in 2018, largely as a result of 30+ years of sanctuary city policies by Denver/Boulder and the influx of transplants from California. The Republican party is utterly irrelevant in Colorado now.

      This process will be repeated in AZ, TX, GA, FL, NC, etc. over the course of the next 10-20 years. Trump may pull off another surpise victory in 2020, but by 2024 or 2028 it’s game over for Republicans at the national level. The most Republicans can hope for is to control the Senate, and even that is questionable.

      Many Boomers still can’t grasp this, and even if they do they don’t view it as significant. I have found that the best way to get through to them is to first walk them through the politics of socialized health care. Ten or twenty years ago a Democrat could not get through the nomination process if he/she advocated socialized health care. In 2020 a Democrat can’t get through the nomination process *unless* they support socialized health care. Demographics dictate that by 2028 or 2032 a Democrat will not be able to get through the nomination process unless they support a socialized retirement plan, and they will be coming after your 401k/IRA accounts to fund that retirement plan. You can see the gears cranking as they process this information.

      • The boomers seem to be thoroughly disconnected from what is going on in our culture and how quickly things have gone Clown World. In just a few short years, we’ve gone from civil unions to gay marriage to “bake that cake” to women’s sports being taken over by trans athletes, Drag Queen Story Hour, trans ideology in our elementary schools, and children who are actually “transitioning” at younger and younger ages. We are talking about issues where there is no room for compromise — it’s full-on child abuse.

        It’s really picked up in just the last 2 years or so. But some people are still living in a bubble where this stuff hasn’t registered in their minds or hit home yet.

        • When speaking to Boomers, you have to be careful to speak their language and make it personal. Cultural issues such as baking cakes, drag queen story hour, transgenders, don’t directly impact most of us. This is particularly true of Boomers, most of whom have already finished raising kids.

          Boomers are racing toward retirement. At this stage in their lives they care about money and health. You gotta hit where it hurts–right in their 401k/IRA.

          • Or show them the articles of the foreigner beating, sexually assaulting, stealing from the elderly in the care homes and then ask them what if it was them…That seems to be an eye opener…

          • For a lot of people it’s their parents right now – and they’re still in denial and insisting D’Jamallah loves their old White mother. This helped with my very Christian friend who only sees top 10% Negroes in her small business – her elderly parents live with her but she’s well aware of what goes on in the various group and nursing homes – I’ve made certain of that.

          • ” well aware of what goes on in the various group and nursing homes”

            Can confirm. I have got lots of stories about that. Sadly.

          • Right on. I’m a boomer. Besides social security and my house, my IRA is all I have. I know I’m ahead of the game compared to others who didn’t earn (and correspondingly save) as much as I have, but that also makes me worth more Whitey Points when it’s time to thin the financial herd for the good of the collective.

            I use this approach with my neighbors. Those who have pensions think they are safe. Then I point out the facts of life to those – no small percentage here in Arizona – whose pensions are from CalPERS.

            Those funds will be equally divided between everyone BUT whitey, and what would have been a comfortable living for two will be one Starbucks each for the members of a future caravan.

      • California used to be a red state (before St. Ronnie’s amnesty for nothing) what do you think turned Cali red?

        • Despite what Hollywood will tell you, it was oil, land, and aerospace that made California what it used to be. All done by naturally red state types. Economic immigrants moving in and sending remittances home, along with kids who never had to work for a living, were the undoing of all of it.

  22. During the last recession, I had cause to travel from my home in the Midwest to see my sister in D.C. and it happened to be that I rode on Amtrak. Looking back, it was like train ride from the Hunger Games movies where I rode for miles through struggling communities like the one I lived in only to reach the outskirts of the Imperial Capitol and the whole thing changed. In the D.C. suburbs houses were selling as soon as they were listed, sometimes for more than the asking price. The stores and malls were jammed with people. The driveways all seemed to have brand new cars. The contrast was something that has stuck with me ever since.

    The vast majority of people who live in the D.C. environs are essentially carrion fowl, vultures eating from the decaying corpse of America.

      • The houses and townhouses where I live start at about $500,000 nearly every single one of my neighbors is a swarthy somebody from who knows where. Hijabs, africans, and various mystery meats. These are your new overlords plebes, now go be a good worker bug and produce for them. Atomized, no one speaks to anyone else, the only loyalty is to whatever tribe they come from. This is how all of America should look according to (((central planning))).

        • The amusing thing, at least amusing to me, about it is that these people come home to their super expensive houses after work and then deadbolt themselves into their little fortresses because they are terrified of the diversity they claim is our greatest strength, plus they can’t legally defend themselves. Meanwhile where I live, the houses are older but you can leave the front door unlocked, partly because you know your neighbors and partly because breaking into a house around here is an immediate death sentence.

      • Ton of Indians and Asians have moved in over the past 10 or 20 years. Interesting to watch. They are pushing into white/Jewish neighborhoods and following the Jewish playbook of starting businesses, creating ethnic political/advocacy organizations and running for office.

        The Jews that I know aren’t pleased. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’ve reach or passed Peak Jew. They won’t control the Asians and Indians the way they control whites. Not going to happen. Also, whites are noticing how these other groups organize. It’s changing how whites think.

    • I don’t think people in our thing realize what it is really like here. I –despise– about 90% of the people I interact with on a daily basis. This description from Z is accurate for most- “revealed to be hollow, soulless men without chests”. The famous DissRight quote was ‘small souled bugmen’ and the vast majority are –exactly– that. These limp noodle armed ‘men’ who wander around with just a few simple goals in mind: 1) How do I extract wealth from those who need money the most since I smugly know they are worthless people 2) How do I socially signal and strive to reach the top of the bughive with the least risk to myself 3) How do I navigate this meaningless existence with the least amount of critical thought and confrontation possible

      They are literal insects. Hive mind. Critical thought non-existent. And they greedily hoover up wealth & effort from the rest of the country doing bullsh1t make work jobs for Leviathan or one of the many NGOs or contractors in Leviathan’s employee. Whole armies of strivers with no class and no values who think they are ‘cultured trend setters’. How can an insect that is so afraid it has never asked a question that could possibly put them in harm’s way have ANY true culture?

      Most people on the left are trying to get INTO the DC bughive, I’m desperately clawing and scraping to get out of it. Funny that…

      • I live inside the Beltway. It’s all true.

        Massive levels of affluence utterly devoid of community.

      • Dated a girl somewhat recently who was an orbiter-level part of that when she was younger. If she’d stayed “down on the farm,” marriage material. After a couple of years in the Swamp, she’s toxic for life (30s now).

        She despises her roots and small town values and loves the elites, doesn’t realize she’ll never be allowed to climb their ladder and was only being used while she was young, hot and naive. Cats and the Wall are all that her future holds now.

      • I grew up in that environment (DC burbs). Only a handful of visits back in the past 30 years. Each time it was worse and worse, both demographically and because my perspective was further and further to the right. Cannot think of a single soul there I’d try to save (including those related by blood) if/when things start to break down.

    • Yep. I live in the DC area. Drove with my family over the summer to beach down south. Part of the trip was off the interstate through a bunch of small towns and medium-sized cities/suburbs. My kids couldn’t believe it. Small, run-down houses. Old cars. Old stores.

      I told them, “Take a look, kids. This is what most of the country looks like outside of the nice suburbs of the major cities. Remember how lucky you are.” For once, I think that they listened.

      • Oh I don’t know Brother I think if you saw my Community you would say my family was the lucky ones😉

        • True. I’d rather live in a small, run-down house in a town filled with my own than a $1 million house in Arlington or McLean. Hell, I grew up in a small, run-down house in a town filled with my own so I know the difference.

          My main point was that white DC suburb kids have no clue what’s out there. But you’re right, these kids also don’t what it’s like to live where whites are proud to be white and don’t have to listen to diversity lectures every day.

    • Garet Garrett wrote of 1932 Washington as a worn, dusty town. Cars were seen outside dwellings being packed to the roof as people abandoned DC. Then came 1933, and it rained.

    • Maybe it’s because I live in one of the poorest counties in the country, but things don’t really seem that bad to me, here. It’s like a sanctuary. I know my view is warped in a way — I know so many dirt-poor people, living in run-down trailers, but there are also so many lovely, tidy little farms and hill homes. I find cities so viscerally unpleasant anymore — I was forced to travel to major cities around the country and internationally in my previous jobs — that all that so-called wealth doesn’t attract me at all. I smell the rot in it. I don’t envy city people. Their wealth and their possessions are all “vanity and striving after wind.”

      Meanwhile, I see the beauty in these poor people. I did a post back this spring and I can’t for the life of me remember if it was here or Disqus — here, I think — about this sweet little 12-year-old girl in the local school talent contest singing Royals.

      I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
      I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
      And I’m not proud of my address
      In the torn-up town, no post code envy

      A little stir went of from the audience at the “torn-up town” line. They know.

      The four towns the school draws from are practically ghost towns. Decaying, empty storefronts, and abandoned buildings with 19th century architecture.. It’s like living in the ruins of another time. The rural areas in between follow the course of ridges, valleys and old coal seams. It is all little homesteads, woods and rolling farm and pastureland carved out of those woods — and it’s always a chore to keep the woods from reclaiming it, from reclaiming everything.

      A guy I know says of the family business — in the family for generations — that they’re just “managing the decline.”

      But this area’s decline isn’t recent. It has little to do with the 2008 recession. It’s heyday was the coal and oil boom of the 1880s and it has been downhill ever since. There were towns that were literally packed up and shipped away on railroad cars when the mines closed. There was also a period where it was widely known for clay, ceramics and brick, but the reasons for that decline are murkier. Suffice it to say that the recent recession did little more than kick a dying horse.

      But that little girl, she’s fantastic — she’s this relentlessly optimistic, smart, upbeat kid — and the other kids in the school, the parents and families — they’re awesome. I want a whole country full of them. They’re a tight community. They look out for each other. There are family names here that go back to at least the era of President Martin Van Buren — my farm was a land grant from his administration. They’re not perfect — they’ve got Common Core indoctrinating them in the schools and the media indoctrinating them at home, so they can’t avoid infection — like I said in a post the other day, they all have to mouth the progressive pieties in public — but I think it’s less, because they’re so far removed from the world the media types inhabit.

      They also have government practically jumping to force dependency down their throats. Every kid in the school gets free breakfast and lunch, and a majority of the families are on some kind of government assistance, but sometimes it’s like you can’t even turn it down — declining the free meals wasn’t even an option for my daughter. They’re not set up to have anyone actually pay.

      There are so many promises of “Appalachian development” and “educational enrichment” but it’s all just progressive grifters giving makework jobs to bureaucrats and activists who manage the grants and programs. You can’t simply will an area to be prosperous by dumping grant money on it. And, honestly, I don’t know if I would want it to be. “Success” would bring wealthy leftists, crime, crowding, foreigners….

      I want more for these people, but not at the cost of the spiritual poison being offered to them by the media and government.

  23. “He penned a tantrum that reads like an interview with a teenage girl after an accident.” It is writing like this that makes me happy all over. What a gem.

  24. I wonder if Scott McConnell and Pat Buchanan were surprised at how quickly The American Conservative degraded into what it has become.

    I keep thinking at some point the donor money will dry up for stuff like National Review, but Jonah Goldberg, Steve Hayes and David French were able to get big funding ($6 million) to write the same nonsense they have been peddling for years. As the older generation dies out the readership for them will continue to shrink, but this is a long process as long as they have money.

    • $6,000,000 is really nothing among the oligarchy. There is an unimaginable amount of money sloshing around the world looking for a place to go. Uber, for example, is still in business after losing $5,000,000,000 in three months. These people have more money than sensible places to put it.

  25. The awkward contortions of these jesters is only possible in men without chests.

    The court selects these males precisely for their ability to don the hats and cloaks of the guild. Slippery thespians trading upon the principles and hopes of better people for their three pieces of silver.

    When untested by the risk and sacrifice of life’s tradeoffs, a man’s principles are nothing but empty promises of what a better man might do.

    These characters read their lines with arrogance, blinded by the light of the stage. Unaware that most of the audience has left the theater in disgust.

    These charlatans of bread and circuses are no different than their lefty adversaries. When the curtain draws, they move swiftly to the pub to regale with their nemeses.

    May the tide of truth go out on them all so even the smartest among us can see them all in their naked, bloated husks.

    • Capitalism and democracy are rich media for the growth of elite parasites and social pathogens. Rewarding the most agressively opportunistic and duplicitous members of society with the keys to the government Masserati rental can only end like Ferris Mueller’s Day Off.

      • Ain’t that the sad truth Exile. Dark triad times.

        I look at all these conservative pundits Z names here and I can see them standing around, puffing their hollow chests, and leaning on that Ferrari up on blocks.

        Their smug self-regard is cringe-inducing as they congratulate each other on the genius of running the odometer back on ‘those liberals!’.

        Then some pesky kid points to the odometer, “um, guys its not running backward”. So naturally they scream at him, “you racist! Can’t you see the wheels spinning?!”

  26. One way to get people to understand your opinion is to start with the absurdist opposition and work backwards until you find the line where the person stops agreeing with you.

    For example, let’s say that the British under Churchill were actually interested in the genocide if India. Let’s say they were completely successful and that every single Indian person died.

    Let’s also say that the British colonists residing there saw the wisdom and truth of hinduism and all faucets of the Indian society. Let’s say that they went about adopting Indian society perfectly on down to the caste system and perhaps even Sati. These British wore saris, trained temple priestesses and even some washed in cow urine daily.

    Would you call them Indian? Of course not! It’s so absurd it’s laughable. Yet the same people who would agree to that will say that they see nothing unique about America.

    Ok, now work backwards from all British to various percentages of the society being British where some of the Indians remained.

    At what point does the percentage of British larping Indians mean that it’s no longer an Indian society? At what percentage point does it become British?

  27. Confronting and humiliating conservatives is good BUT

    The troubling aspect of this is that the major e-celebs associated with this DO believe in conservatism, want to save it and want jobs in Conservative INC.

    Meanwhile, the gatekeepers they are sparring with do not have any power, they are just the hired help. They can’t even get people banned from social media.

    So, this is like, hirelings fighting with potential hirelings who want their jobs.

    We have to watch out for a situation where we trade one set of gatekeepers for another, more cynical and effective set of gatekeepers, who are good at gatekeeping against… the dissident right.

    We’d all be better off if conservatism repels the AmNats, but collapses in the process.

  28. Noticing that the deep state is demanding that the deep state must be destroyed and be replaced with the deep state…. Did I miss anyone?

  29. Yesterday on twitter, John Cardillo, after clashing with Nick Fuentes, agreed to debate him. Hopefully Cardillo won’t back out.

  30. Looking through those posts and tweets, what strikes me is that there is nothing conservative about these people. (Conservative in the literal sense.)

    All of their views just seem to be left-liberal. One of their guys even said, “American conservatism is conserving American liberalism.” Appreciate the honesty, I guess?

    The fact that they use the left-wing scarlet-letter smears (racist, anti-semite, homophobe, etc.) so instinctively and unironically shows what side of the divide they’re on.

  31. “At this point, the question is whether they can withstand the rising tide of the dissident right.” They cannot. Exhibit #1: Trump’s Presidential victory and remaking of the Republican Party. Exhibit #2: The withering and ejection of the Never-Trump conservatives and Republicans. Exhibit #3: The steadily rising tide of the non-conservative-inc Right, whether it be called the Alt-Right, Nationalist Populism, the HBD movement, the Dissident Right, race realists, anti-population-replacement through resistence to open borders and unlimited immigration, or any of the myriad of right-nationalist parties steadily gaining ground throughout Europe.

    Whether these salutary developments are going to be able to save us or not…well, that’s another question.

    • Conservatism Inc. CAN withstand it.

      Individual gatekeepers may lose their positions but that’s a feature, not a bug. Turnover keeps things fresh.

      All they have to do is buy our loyalty with empty promises and rhetoric, get into office, do nothing, make sure WE do nothing and allow things to move leftward along with the inexorable demographic tide.

      Rinse and repeat for like a couple decades, with it getting easier and easier as time goes by.

      • Can’t speak for Fuentes, but a lot of them understand that there needs to be at least a mini-collapse for things to drastically change. The purpose of these tactics is to build rapport and group cohesion so we’re ready.
        That and it’s fun to dunk on grifters.

      • I don’t think so. If not for Trump, Clinton would be president. Conservative Inc. could have saved itself by supporting Trump on certain issues like China and immigration, while remaining quiet on stuff their donors don’t like. The chose to do the opposite.

        I have some insight into the donor side of things. Their corporate donors are driving the ship, but they are not providing the bulk of the money. Is is the smaller donors, the guys who got rich in local enterprise, that provide the bulk of donations. That cohort is increasingly unhappy. Lowry’s slapped together nationalism book was basically a plea to donors to not abandon ship.

        Rome as not sacked in a day.

        • Why not organize at that (donor) level then? Seems you could do some real harm to Cons Inc that way 🙂

        • Z: “Rome was not sacked in a day.”

          That is a great aphorism.

          Unfortunately, however, Constantinople WAS sacked in a day.

          A rather pointed anecdote worth telling as a red-pill: during the sack of Constantinople, it is reported that White Byzantine women were literally torn apart by rival Turk soldiers in fights, tugging at their arms and legs, trying to claim them as slaves.

          This is an important but generally unmentioned aspect of the entire enchilada: for most of human history, women have been treated as basically a form of currency, and in that currency system, White women are considered gold. Everybody covets them. It is not too crazy to say that much of human history is governed by the question, “Where de white wimminz at?”

          If you’re trying to red-pill a whiteburger normie about demographic reality, ask him if he wants to see his grand-daughter standing on an auction block. Because that WILL happen.

          • There’s only one source of white women, too. Wonder if the covetous browns ever think things through that far…

          • They don’t want to even think about that so they will continue to live in denial that something like that is even possible…I on the other hand know what they want which is why I push for Community…

        • The quotes Jack Fowler posts from National Review donors during their fundraising drives makes them sound like the ultimate boomer idiots. That source of funding is eventually going to dry up too as they either die off or go to nursing homes. What options will they have at that point to keep the grift going? I can’t see corporate money increasing significantly for National Review.

        • “Clinton would be president.”

          This can’t be stressed enough. Ted Cruz was alright. Without Trump, he was the best of a bad lot, for sure. But he would have been slaughtered by Clinton. As weird as Trump is, he opened up a topic of conversation that has been suppressed for decades by both parties and proved that it was conversation that resonates.

          • It depends on what your expectations are, Cruz was not “alright” if you wanted the agenda Trump ran on implemented. For that matter, Trump himself hasn’t been “alright” either though. It is interesting that for most of Conservatism, Inc.

            Cruz was their absolute second to last choice and they only supported him in total desperation to stop Trump after everyone else had been eliminated. These people had no comprehension Cruz was a certain loser in the general election especially if he stuck with his plan to put Carly Fiorina on the ticket with him. Even now, they still haven’t learned a thing.

          • Hillary would have land-slided Lyin’ Ted. My view of him really cratered when he hired Rick Tyler as his campaign manager. That guy is Rick-Wilson-tier slimy. I could never buy Ted’s schtick about “muh principles” after that.

        • Z Man, I agree with you re: China, and as best I can tell, Conservative, Inc., has gone along with that. On immigration, however, I disagree. The FTN guys have done some good research on this, and they seem to have filled in a big blank:

          They figured out how millions of illegal immigrants from the south, without two pesos to rub together, are able to make it here. In short, multinational banks are making loans of the few thousand dollars, at VERY high interest rates, to them to pay the smugglers that get them here.

          In other words, many of these tens of millions of illegal aliens are small, interest bearing bonds, but in order to pay off they need to remain in the US where they can get work. These “bonds” aren’t going anywhere, at least until they are paid off, and more “bonds” are surely on the way…

        • The election of Trump appeared to have the potential to weaken the people behind Conservative Inc (the donor class) and to destabilize the paradigm described above, where our votes are harvested but we do not receive representation in return.

          But they were able to adjust to this setback. Here we are approaching 2020 and the donor class are more firmly in control than over… and the populist nationalists are locked out of power, heavily censored and very divided.

          The donor class opposed Trump until he won

          Then they went with plan B and co-opted him. They may also be sabotaging his administration but mostly they just brought him into line.

          The Groypers are currently butting heads with… Donald Trump’s surrogates, who represent his donor approved positions on the issues.

          Donald Trump, not Charlie Kirk, is responsible for forcing homosexuality on Botswana and calling for the most legal immigration ever

          The donor class achieved complete victory over populist nationalism, and shut down any prospects until at least 2024… EVEN THOUGH populist nationalism achieved unprecedented and shocking electoral success.

          If Trump wins re-election, they will ensure he governs like Charlie Kirk, as he has so far. If Trump loses, well, we also don’t get to implement our preferences as policy.

          They only have to do this a few more times and it’s going to get easier and easier every time, as the populist nationalist path to electoral victory gets smaller and smaller.

          This is one of the less discussed aspects of Democracy not working. Even when “the mob” actually wants to do something good… entrenched political insiders have a big advantage if they seek to frustrate those ambitions/

        • Zman said: “I have some insight into the donor side of things.”

          That sounds provocative. I’d like to hear more about it. Does it involve experience with particular donors?

          Z also referenced “Lowry’s slapped together nationalism book…”

          More on this, too–perhaps a review/critique? To me, Lowry writing a book on nationalism sounds like a desperation play: a way for the establishment to jump on and highjack a topic that’s gained more traction than they ever anticipated. Z’s discussion of the Hazony book was instructive, and I’d be interested in his thoughts on this one.

    • Let’s face it: Reince Preibus & Johnny DeStefano, staffed Trump’s administration with “never Trumpers,” open-borders advocates, neocon interventionists, and Obama holdovers. MAGA were all fired or “resigned.”

  32. So I’ve been thinking about the Groyper War lately:

    The objective of this conflict (seems to me, anyway) is to replace Beltway NeoCon Cuckservatism with American Nationalism. This is a worthwhile goal, one I supported in 15-16, and one I support now.

    That being said, if it works and we win, what then? Cuckservatives fetishize losing and don’t know how to fight back… The Left is 180 degrees opposite and knows how to win.

    If we still had 1979 demographics, our victory would be assured. Problem is, we don’t. I’m not saying we shouldn’t repeal and replace these disgusting cucks, but what next?

    • Fuentes himself has called it a Tet Offensive. That is, a public relations maneuver, not a long term strategy. Frankly, that surprised me as you don’t here young people distinguish between strategy and tactics very often. Now, he may have not meant it that way, but I’ve talked to some of these guys and they see this as a skirmish, not the start of a revolution.

      A point I can’t seem to make enough, it seems, is that it way too early to be writing new constitutions and laying out the details of a replacement for Conservative Inc. Right now, it is about making white people aware of the new reality. That’s it. Discredit civic nationalism, boomer conservatism and the institutions at the heart of it.

        • MWV;
          Make that MSM, Dorm Commie support and you’re near 100%. The Swamp leadership are the Dorm Commies we all scratched our heads about in college. That’s who’s in charge_!

          Recent examples: Comey (FBI), Brennan (CIA), even Amb. Wazhername from Ukraine reportedly studied at the Pushkin institute in the USSR in 1980.

      • You are of course correct, Z.

        But… our enemies ARE writing new constitutions, and trying to psych themselves up to escalate the culture war and take it to their enemies. They are openly considering taking our guns and rights to free speech. Some are considering more violent ways to deal with whitey. I really think you need to consider options for when this culture war goes hot.

        • JS, that’s just because they’ve been doing it much, much longer than we have, and they actually have victory in their sights. They have spent the last 150 years or so, consistently working towards their goals, never conceding to defeat, always looking towards the future.

          We, on the other hand, have been pining away for the past and placing our bets on Conservative, Inc. We are just now getting started and playing some serious catch-up.

      • Z Man;
        Tet Offensive_? My respect for Fuentes just went up a bunch. He looked for a semi-recent historical example of what just happened that had rhetorical power. One thing Tet was for sure was a coordinated, Communist, vicious, no Geneva Convention, surprise attack in a lot of places at once.*

        Speaking of tactics, I suggest that it is unnecessary and counterproductive to go after Civ-Nat-ism right now. Recent Impeachment Theater shows it to be in a death match with The Swamp (aka the local chapter of the world-wide globo-homo sorority). Appearing to be on the same side as Gamma Iota Sigma International in any way is a bad look right now to anybody hoping to save anything from Western Civilization for our descendants.
        *No point in discussing the pro’s and cons of Tet’s highly disputed historical aptness, he says to chide himself.

      • Understood. However, is any successful ‘long term strategy’ possible given existing demographics. Forty plus million illegal along with ten plus million legal aliens residing in the US with an additional three to four million of both added annually. We do not have the opportunity of the years required to convert the CivNats. Not advocating all is lost; but I honestly just don’t see the way out. Seems history has already spoken.

        • A long term strategy through the voting booth is probably not possible. But any strategy that doesn’t have some racially aware nationalism at its core will definitely lose. It’s more a question of should we lay here and die, or get up, fight and risk dying.

    • We have to watch out for the rise of a European style fake nationalist party, to gatekeep against the dissident right and use more effective pseudo nationalist rhetoric to run out the clock on our demographic decline.

      The gatekeepers don’t have power, the people behind them have power and those people remain unchallenged.

      It’s not even clear how they could possibly be challenged by these tactics.

      Meanwhile, the AmNats are literally (not figuratively) begging to be co-opted, embraced into conservatism inc and given jobs as gatekeepers.

      • Sorry but the demographic train has already left the station. Forget immigration for a minute and look at white % of births in key states:

        Arizona – 41%
        Florida – 43%
        Georgia – 44%
        Illinois – 53%
        North Carolina – 53%
        Texas – 33%
        Virginia – 55%

        We’re cooked as a part of a democracy. Separation in some form is our only hope. No need to waste energy on what was.

          • We all have to understand that it’s over. We will be ruled by others under the current system. At best, whites could form coalitions with other groups to keep the looting and subjugation to a minimum, but make no mistake, the days of of whites controlling the government unilaterally are coming to a close.

            Carving out a semi-autonomous community is our best medium-term hope. Carving out a fully-autonomous homeland is our long-term goal.

        • I agree with you.

          To clarify, when I said That a fake nationalist party threatens to ” run out the clock on our demographic decline.”

          I meant that our demographic decline to a physically powerless, south African style minority, which they can then repress more directly.

          We still have options to save ourselves, but those options won’t last forever, and fake nationalism is the best way to placate us until we become truly powerless.

        • How many nonwhite Arizonans and Floridians have turned 18 since 2016?

          And you see why I fully expect Chief Lieawatha to take over the big Teepee in January 2021.

          • Restoring felon voter rights was the death knell for red Florida. Harvesting these votes in 2020 will become Florida’s largest agricultural enterprise.

          • I’ve pointed this out here before. It’s simple math. About 5% of the population has turned over by normal means (birth and death) every four years. Then add immigration leading to new voters. Your homework is to compare and contrast the voting habits of those who have died versus the noobs.

            Then go find an important election that was decided by less than five percent. Heck, the change would be closer to ten percent once you subtract five from one and add it to the other.

            Loading us into the boxcars will be a winning proposition at the polls within ten years.

          • I suspect white Democratic Presidential candidates will go extinct in 15 years. Minorities will want their own candidates.

        • Nonsense. Z’s dictum about not voting our way out of this may prove true in the very long run, but in the short run it is autistic defeatism. In the current year, ceding the electoral ground without a fight makes no sense on any level. As I have said before and will say again, we ought to vote our way through what is coming.

          Democracy in a multi-racial polity my indeed be a racial headcount. But who counts the heads can be as important as the heads themselves. And the automatic assumption that this dooms a minority is not only wrong, it ignores the power of highly organized and motivated groups (e.g. the usual suspects, the sodomite lobby, etc), the possibility of tactical coalitions, and the nature of a federalism.

          Senators matter. Governors matter. Judges matter. State legislatures matter, as do electoral commissions. County sherriffs matter. Tax collectors and property assessors matter. Zoning boards matter. School boards matter. This is not some great insight. The dissident right should study how evangelicals and agriculture interests have bent all these to their will over the decades. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.

          Consider, for an instant, what a couple dozen Sherriff Joes could do, whether the issue is immigrants or guns.

          Ultimately, the power of the federal government may indeed prevail over lesser powers, IN THE LONG RUN. But why not make these bastards fight for it in every state, county, and municipality across the land? Why not force the issue, whether it is governors having to activate their guard (which we should be aiming our message at and filling with our guys), or the President having to order regular units into recalcitrant states?

          The spectacle of the 82nd Airborne having to enforce state-sanctioned child predation is something we can work with. Half a century a ago, the South had zero media power and lost what was essentially a PR fight. Those conditions no longer obtain, and we have to keep this in mind and use it to advantage. We should be gunning to force a do-over on every issue that was supposedly decided in the middle of last century, as a fighting withdrawal if nothing else.

          The accelerationists can’t manage to stage a public parade, and yet think somehow they will prevail in armed conflict? Madness.

          Similarly, this Red Dawn fantasy of wilderness enclaves is more delusion. You will be destroyed by drones without even seeing the enemy. Yes, buy land. But it would be better attempt to turn a whole county or state into an enclave.

          We should be moving our people into flyover country and establishing themselves as players in the local political equation. First to influence, then to tip it towards us, then finally taking it over altogether. In most of the big red states with small populations, a few thousand votes can tip even a national race.

          The Enemy acheived his position by working every angle. Our job should be to make him fight to hold what he has, with en eye towards rolling it back.

          • Similarly, this Red Dawn fantasy of wilderness enclaves is more delusion. You will be destroyed by drones without even seeing the enemy. Yes, buy land. But it would be better attempt to turn a whole county or state into an enclave.
            Who has a Red Dawn fantasy here at the Zman bar??? When I and other talk about building Communities it never has been about hiding out…It has always been about gaining the power to do things for our people and take away that power from those who hate us…We understand the numbers game and once one area is secured we move out from there…I hope that clarifies things for you and others…

          • Lineman,

            We just need a home base. A community where someone hires you after you’re fired for having bad thoughts. A community that helps you buy a house because the banks won’t. A community that has a community center for our kids. A community where we organize political/advocacy groups. A community that sticks together against the media onslaught.

            We get the one home base, and it’s over. It will grow and other communities will pop up. We win. TPTB know this. It’s their greatest fear – and it should be.

            This isn’t some fantasy. Other groups already have these communities.

          • Right there with you Brother which is why I’m willing to help any that want to relocate to my Valley…

          • You’re absolutely right. I didn’t mean that we shouldn’t do all of the things you mention. But we can no longer rely on our overwhelming numbers to get Senators, governors, judges, zoning officials, etc. We have to fight for our tribe the way others do.

            I wasn’t saying we should quit. I was saying that we need to change tactics.

          • We can (and have to) walk and chew gum the same time. There’s a place for both a political holding action inside the Wire and havens outside of it. That way if either you or we are wrong, we have another strategy to pivot to already in place.

            No one here should think I’m ever saying “this is the One Way We Must Do This” – I try to convey the opposite, sometimes not as well as I should. Very few strategies and tactics are 100% mutually exclusive.

            The main things about anti-fragilty are 1) plan for what happens if your prediction is totally wrong and 2) always have an option.

          • As Lineman says, you’re flogging a “Red Dawn” straw-man – and engaging in All-Powerful Magic Jew theory as well. We’re planning for historically-proven Soviet-style dissidence, not some cheesy dystopian fantasy. Think Siberia, not Swayze.

            If we can’t even evade the Shlomobots in the wilderness by going grey-man and off-grid, convince me how Shlomo’s going to let you vote him out of power instead.

        • These percentages do not apply uniformly across the landscape — far from it. That reality provides a path for us …. painful, but a path nonetheless.

          Yes, the urban areas are lost to us. Yes, the urban white upper castes hate us. But the urban social-demographic model shows us a glimpse of their desired endstate — White elites leading with non-white auxiliary elites, and a teeming mass of poor and non-whites as their project and justification.

          And yes, at present they are running the board politically. But that can backfire …..

      • I don’t think AmNats are looking to become gatekeepers for Conservative Inc. Yeah they want power & relevance – everyone does – and maybe some would like to infiltrate the GOP. But don’t underestimate the power of the red pill. Once you have taken it, you can’t just go back to David Frenchism, and you’re much less likely to accept a bag of money from Cohen & Co. A pan-American nationalist party will be (by nature) watered-down, but think of it this way: it would be like 2016-era Trump but with more intellectual force and much more principle.

      • The Con Inc. grifters ground the tea party into dust by moving in, sucking up the boomer cash (yeah, mine among them), and leaving everyone involved disgusted.

    • Well, the first thing I’d do is stop all immigration. As Steve Sailer has said, “when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.” The rest of it, we’ll figure out as we go.

      • Yea but we don’t have that option because we are not the ones with the power to do so…So you know my solution and until someone comes up with a better one I’m sticking to that…

    • As to Empire politics, keep our ambitions limited – local third parties in our communities with a long term goal of having state-level candidates in the future in small pop states where our numbers are strong and we have a good affinity with the existing base, right and/or left. Even this is a goal that would likely take one-two entire generations to start generating positive results.

      We’re just looking for guys who can be our eyes and ears in the enemy gubmint camp and throw a monkey wrench into the gears for us once in awhile. We’re not going to be able to somehow enact our agenda unless events take a hard turn in our favor.

      Co-opting the actual GOP isn’t viable – they’ve proven they’d rather sink the ship than see us at the wheel. Plus the GOP is righteously despised and ridiculed – not a brand I want associated with Our Thing even if we turned it inside out.

    • The objective of this conflict (seems to me, anyway) is to replace Beltway NeoCon Cuckservatism with American Nationalism

      The objective of groyping is to groyp, to always put the pressure on whatever establishment is in charge. Groying is about the road, not the destination.

  33. Does anyone read the cucks (any more)? Fuentes should just ignore them and focus on his main goal. Maybe we stop talking about them here, too. Unless something really funny happens to one of them, like one of their wives shows up on xhamster or something. Honestly, I never read any of these guys or sites. American Greatness seems ok for a bigger site; in place of AmericanConservative. The word/brand “Conservative” really is irredeemably toxic now, and should be abandoned in earnest.

    • The coordinated attack was clearly an attempt to deplatform, and needed to be called out as such. Their free speech stance was one of their last rhetorical weapons, and they stupidly threw it away.

      Now that the damage is done to their side, he should ignore them.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. The fact is that we are giving them oxygen. And even put them in a position to strike moral postures–ridiculous. Nobody would have paid attention to them at all if Fuentes hadn’t attacked them.

      But because they are card-carrying members of globohomo, they might be able to get some of our guys deplatformed. (They already got Fuentes kicked off the Apple store.)

      Perhaps better just to keep redpilling in our own way, and let people come to us.

      • They’ve got tons of (((money))) and lots of dittoheads and young ‘libertarian’ types (like I was years ago) who will go along with them…

    • The progressive conservatives in Ontario Canada campaigned on removing preschool sex Ed from the curriculum, they’ve just endorsed the opposite. I honestly would have been surprised if they’d done anything other than…

      • >get elected bigly on a platform that actually has minority support (social conservatism).
        >immediately stab everybody in the back, increase spending, placate the teachers union, and ramp up Globohomo.

        Fuck the Conservative parties. I can tell you firsthand that it is full of liberals and gays, and of course always seems to have a jew at the helm of whatever event. It is rotten to the core.

        Doug got cucked by the same people who ran Scheer’s campaign – they are supposed to lose, and supposed to not get minority support through social conservatism.

    • I am content to let our Blog host wade through that dreck too for the most part – but we need to stay on top of them ourselves too, Karl. It’s important to know what your enemies are thinking. Once you have that you have the inside track on thwarting them – which is something the deplorables are getting very, very good at. In the days ahead we will have to get much better at it too.

      Do as Z does. He almost never gets mad or irate over any of this. He laughs at it and studies it, and mocks it. The urge to respond emotionally to all that is going on around us right now is overwhelming but we have to do better than that.

      We won’t listen to them in the interests of compromising with them – we’ll do it in order to shiv them… with their own blades, no less.

      It will be glorious 😉

      • Zman *is* my main point of awareness for what the various cucks are up to. If they do something he deems worthy of a post, then i check back in on them. But i never read their work directly.

    • I don’t recall ever reading any of those cucks. I’ve been arguing with normie conservatives over neocon bullshit since the early 2000’s. And in fact take some pride in the fact that I told neocon shitheads that I’d argue with BEFORE they Iraq war was even begun:

      ” You’re going to lose, it’s going to cost WAY more than you’re claiming – and you’re going to get some sort of radical leftist Democrat elected President on the next election cycle”

      All of which proved out to be completely true.

      The problem is – it appears a lot of people – white men – DO still read these people. One forum I frequent , is full of grown white men singing the praises of Ben Shapiro. I’ve been dumping all over them for the last few weeks, but I still don’t detect any signs of progress away from their cuck behavior. In fact a few of them have even started up with the “racist!!” BS in response.

      White men in particular, need to be split away from things like reading and watching neocon, Conservative Inc. cucks like Shapiro and Kirk – and from doing things like watching sportsball.

      The thing I think we need to understand is that they ARE going to go looking for a home. Since they won’t find one anywhere on the left – that leaves them with few viable choices.

      So burn down the one they think they’re all warm and snug in right now – so they have to go searching. Sooner or later they’ll walk thru the door of your tavern looking to see if there are rooms available.

    • Fuentes should just ignore them and focus on his main goal. Maybe we stop talking about them here, too.

      Fuentes is doing the right thing, straight out of Rules for Radicals, he personalizes the target and freezes it, makes the ConInc’ers live by their own rules.

      Besides, people need a speedbag to train on in order to git gud, and ConInc provides. Charlie Kirk is just the beginning, our goal must be to groyp the God Emperor himself by the nutsack.

      • Agree that ignoring them would be a huge mistake. The cultural/meme war is the primary “inside the Empire” theater of action for the near-to-mid-future.

        Always be closing. Stay thirsty for their tears.

        • Agree that ignoring them would be a huge mistake.

          It’s not about ignoring or fighting them, it’s about using them as props in our propaganda the way a whole generation of post-Gamergate youtubers launched a career on the shoulders of the SJWs. At the moment, Fuentes is riding TPUSA like a pony (thanks, Z) and we should laugh and throw peanuts.

  34. The most unforgivable thing is that they know. They know that demographics will sweep away all of our institutions. Sweep away our country.

    But to get a little more short-term career benefit, they pretend they don’t know.

    I saw Matt Walsh take a question about demographics from one of the Groypers. From the meticulously evasive answer, it was clear that he knew exactly what is what he had to evade.

  35. “bourgeois hausfrau” Love it.

    The times are changing, but slowly… very slowly. By the time the new wave of the anti-establishment right gets organized into anything even like a political party its platforms will be largely illegal (literally, not figuratively).

    It’s a matter of main street waking up far too late. They’re starting to realize that in Europe now, namely that they should have more forcefully resisted the political class decades ago. Whether it’s immigration, the Eurozone, or EU expansion…. the time to act is yesterday!

    Ditto in the US.

      • The history of sapient hominids on planet Earth is a tale of demographic adjustments. This war is not only not beginning, it has always been. Our forebears built a nice continent-sized safe place for us to engage in the silly fantasy that there will ever be an end to war. The awakening that is now underway is happening after the most intense, pervasive mass-media agitprop social engineering project in human history has failed to erase difference. May our oligarch class be cleansed from the Earth for the crime of wallowing in their wealth while ignoring the genocidal Communist cancer growing within the civilization the stewardship of which was both their privilege and their responsibility.

      • Exactly.

        I’ve thought for quite some time that the way to “fix” the demographic problem – is to just make the US untenable for those millions who have arrived here relatively recently.

        One thing is very clear is that a high % of the Hispanics still retain close connections with wherever it was they came from. They send money back, they take vacations back in the motherland, the phone home constantly – etc. They didn’t come here to become Americans – they came here for economic reasons.

        Poison the well – and drive them back ‘home’.

        • Do our little bits to undermine the economy.

          It’s a consumer economy, so be a non-consumer as much as possible. Without positive growth fractional reserve banking is untenable, too.

          Stay out of debt. Don’t consume. Hold physical assets. If possible, move money out of country. If possible, do you consuming out of country. Get another passport, if you can. Panama’s a good one.

        • They’ll run. Be what they say we are; because they’re right. We’re right about their bad side, they’re right about ours. Be the Terror of our continents (America, Europe, Russia) and they’ll scatter. The real men of those lands stayed in their lands.

          The Hispanics will run.
          The Jews will run.
          The Asians will run.

          Grifters all; they’ll run. Let them.
          Every airport an embassy. – and safety. Fly away.

          As for the ah er Lagos problem…they’ll calm right down.

          What in no small way is driving them all mad is our madness in trying to share power. 1965 set off a power struggle and free for all, its time to end it. There’s only one happy ending- we take back power. Nothing more is needed, nothing less will do.

      • “Far from too late.”

        55 years too late.

        “Demographics are adjustable.”

        Adjustment requires willpower.

        The blightwing’s indolent sheep lack that quality.

        Your time is better spent looking after family and long time friends.

    • Too late to save what was the United States? Yes. Too late to save the EU? Yes. Too late to save our peoples? No.

      Clearing existing tribes out of an area to make room for a new tribe is the natural ebb and flow of history. Huns cleared out Goths. Goths cleared out other tribes. Europeans cleared out American Indian tribes. Hell, around 12 million Germans were expelled from Eastern European countries AFTER WWII. None of this is written in stone.

    • Nazzo fast, DB!

      As The Bad Orange Man says – this is huge! You and our esteemed blog host are only seeing some goofy kid, standing up to a torrent of disdain from his elders.

      When resistance movements become viable and successful – they do it exponentially, not geometrically. Consider the boomers: their parents were old world Americans that survived the depression and maybe one or two world wars. They built modern America and sent their kids to the moon in their retirement. When liberalism took root in their generation – they were swept away like dust bunnies. The MSM drowned out Lawrence Welk and gave us The Beatles, and an increasingly decadent and degenerate entertainment industry ever since – with the morals and ethics that go along with that. In one generation. The Silent Generation tried to stifle the ideologues of the boomers too – and failed utterly.

      All of a sudden, the same thing is happening here. When the cuck dogpile ensues – the kids laugh. “Okay, Boomer!” they say derisively. That results in even more flapping, clucking, egg-laying and feathers. If there is anything kids love – it’s watching their elders lose their chit. Especially when said elders are in the wrong.

      Understand what you’re seeing here: our esteemed blog host and his deplorable cohorts – have fired the imagination of our children. They are awake, they know what the scam is, and they don’t like the idea of paying for it or reaping the consequences. You’re damn right the cucks are in a tizzy over this! This kind of thinking is going to spread. Like wildfire. You and I know it and now THEY know it… and they’re scared spitless. They should be. This is a huge win for the deplorables.

      I am still in the process of learning about the Groypers and Fuentes. Unless I have missed something, from what I’ve seen they’ve been respectable and honourable in their conduct to date. All they have done is try to ask questions the cucks and progs don’t want asked, and sure as hell don’t want to answer. I hope they keep it up, because the problem would be the same for them as it was for the alt-right: if their spokespeople devolve into shysters and performance artists – they’re done. The question in my mind now is – how do they go forward? If they are on our side… how do we help them?

      • What’s the old saying if your taking fire/flak you are over the target…Well those kids are right on target and yea we need to help them in whatever way we can…

      • They’re young, these Groypers, that’s what’s surprising. They’re swimming against the tide of a state apparatchik that indoctrinates the young starting in kindergarten. The Booby’s shocked there is anyone under 30 who is resisting. Hope springs eternal.

        • When hope fades I try to think in terms of cycles and balances rather than spirals. They have overplayed their hand and the Zoomers to some extent represent a balancing backlash – call if a reversion to “the Mean” in the sense of hatefacts not caring for feelings.

        • I remember reading somewhere that the results from mandatory cultural sensitivity classes and anti-racism classes were that they made people less culturally sensitive and more racist. The mandatory part was the problem.

          I don’t know if that’s true but there’s has been a change from subtle covert propaganda to overt propaganda. This was probably meant as a “spike the football” declaration of victory by the left. “We can force your children to listen to our lunatics.” But it may have been completely counterproductive.

      • It’s a white pill for sure. Whether by accident or on purpose those kids found a way to explode verboten ideas all over the conservaverse. The way they did it by asking completely reasonable questions left their Civnats with their pants down.

        They usually roll out the smearmobile and crush these people before anyone notices. Which is what they’re doing but many a normie are asking “Okay, but what’s the answer to the questions they asked you?”

        The machine was designed so those questions never get asked in public.

        They may crush Fuentes, but another sleeper cell will rise to replace them. The ideas have become an infection that’s harder to treat than it used to be.

    • DB, we will see things speed up rapidly on the day our enemies take control of the executive branch. Their heavy-handedness, suicidal impatience and blood lust to crush whiteness will force our tribe to act.

      BTW, do you still have your travel blog?

      • The travel bits are actually just random posts on the regular blog. The Booby may have to adjust it so there’s a section just on his travels for ease of locating. The last travel post was on The Bourbon Trail. He’s currently trying to finish a post on Krakow, but the Booby’s always pressed for time.

        Thanks for reading and asking, though.

  36. I find it fascinating and telling how the standard Con Inc. line is “the ‘left’ call everyone they disagree with Nazis/racists/fascists! They won’t engage in a discussion with us because they’re so radical!”

    First of all, that’s a losing, whiny narrative. Second of all, now that the Groypers come along, suddenly Con Inc. is out there “shutting down free speech” and calling everyone a Nazi.

    As Con Inc. used to throw at the left: the cognitive dissidence is absolutely off the charts.

    • That’s because these grifters are progressive SJWs wearing republican skinsuits. This is the point and shriek phase of an SJW attack. They are trying to get the amenable authorities in the form of Twitter and YT to win the scalp which they will then parade as a warning to all that getting out of line means disemployment and de-platforming!

    • They are desperate to prove they’re not racists. They’ve been dancing to the tune of the left so long they’re completely bewildered that people exist that don’t care.

  37. Think of it as a “great replacement.” Mainstream cuckservatives are a bunch of cowards who must be replaced by dissident thinkers who have a lot more piss and vinegar.

  38. a guy regularly arrested for soliciting sex from children

    Remind me again how PizzaGate was “debunked?”

    • I get that people are framed and smeared. I get that private peculiarities are often made public to discredit people. That’s not the issue with Ritter. He is a predator.

      • You have me backward, I think. There is so much pedophilia, sex trafficking and general sexual degeneracy cropping up in and around the beltway that PizzaGate doesn’t just seem plausible, it seems likely.

        • I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental but the wife was watching the “news” in past day or two and the “royal” accused of Epsteinish pederasty was defending his behavior at some Pizza place in London. He was mightily affronted at the suggestion of wrong-doing, I guess he gets a thin skin along with his thin crust.

      • My first sighting of Ritter was during the run up to the Zionist neocon war on Iraq when he did heroic work debunking the lies on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
        I recall an “inappropriate sexual activity” charge being ginned up but don’t recall the resolution, I half-assumed it was the usual lies and bullshit hurled at anybody insufficiently war-mongering.

        I’ve not followed him since and it was a bit of a surprise to see him at American Conservative,
        Got any cites on the kiddie diddling?

    • Pizzagate strikes me as a game of “two truths and a lie.”

      This is a highly effective disinformation tactic, because the one lie will discredit the two truths.

      The lie was the underground tunnels at Comet Ping Pong. It was something the likes of John Podesta could point at to hide their creepy artwork and spirit cooking.

      • It was another bad case of what the TRS guys call “decoder ring conspiracy sh*t.” No one has much trouble believing the Empire is run by a cabal of Mossad-compromised child sex predators, but the idea that they go around crypto-signalling their crimes in some Masonic-Dan Brown fashion derails the whole thing.

          • I admit to having done a double-take when going through the FBI vault doc dump of the Finders Cult and discovering that “classified maps of underground tunnel/sewer system, Washington, DC.” were among the items found when their warehouse was raided.

          • There were a couple more E-FIT (European police composite) drawings in that case and the woman with “short dark hair” is a dead-ringer for Ghislane Maxwell. Tinfoil-hat territory? Pareidolia?

          • I agree, hard if not impossible to deny that. Those weren’t meant for public consumption, more likely to be a WYSIWYG situation, an insider code meant as a last layer of plausible deniability and a wink and a smirk to fellow pervs.

            I don’t think Sven was wigging out over that interpretation vis a vis the Podesta emails themselves (YMMV, it’s episode 417 with RamZPaul, good show BTW and Sven’s best on-air-meltdown). It’s more about “Tarentino’s” boogaloo but P-gate gets some airtime, too. He was railing on Q-Anon level stuff where they’ve explicitly claimed that public symbol-flashing was a necessary quasi-occult thing somehow.

            FWIW, you’d have a hard time convincing me that the Empire is not in fact run by a cabal of Mossad-compromised child sex predators, and I think with what we’ve all Noticed re: Epstein, his buddy Maxwell and the whole sordid Podesta Papers, the burden’s on them to prove it’s not true.

  39. These respectable conservatives have to go after Nick and the Groypers. The big issue here is legal immigration and demographic change giving Democrats national elections for good. To tackle this problem means these conservatives have to deal with the realities of race, which is the ultimate no-go zone* for them if they want to remain respectable. That’s how powerful a word that didn’t exist a hundred years ago is. Lose all future elections or deal with race differences, which would include discriminating on the basis of race?

    *there’s another one they won’t touch, but that’s for another discussion.

    • Once you show ethnic differences in voting patterns, it’s not much of a leap to start redpilling on academic achievement, crime, and social cohesion. Then whites stat to think of their own identity.
      The last thing conservative Inc. wants is for the Republicans to be ‘The White Party’, even though they already are.

      • Audacious Epigone’s post a few days back was eye-opening:


        Even Blacks who fall on the conservative side on most major issues vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Most Hispanics, too.

        I’ve repeated the fact that the only demographic Trump won was White people and it just doesn’t get a lot of action. I think people on the right don’t know how to deal with it because it is not what they want to be true.

        People on the left, however, are well aware and enthusiastic about it.

        • ” I think people on the right don’t know how to deal with it because it is not what they want to be true.”

          Yes. People believe what they want and need to believe. White people who like to think of themselves as decent and humane* cannot allow themselves to succumb to evil, for if they do then they can no longer think of themselves as decent and humane.

          Since racism is now the only true evil left in the world, get thee behind me Satan.

          *And they ARE decent and humane.

          • No they aren’t decent or humane, because they will have no qualms about exiling and destroying the lives of those who run afoul of the anti racist witch hunts.

            They are treacherous cowards mostly concerned with their social status and income. They have attempted to redefine virtue to excuse their disgusting behavior.

        • No, they aren’t able to deal with it. Most of them have imbibed the race/ethnicity/religion blindness. That’s why so many Con. Inc. sites run Leftists Are the Real Racists articles.

          And, yes, Lefty’s know everyone in their coalition is some form of what they claim to be against. None of the groups care right now because it is all about getting a bigger piece of that pie.

          • To restate my point above, they can’t acknowledge the truth. Its like public school teachers; they cannot acknowledge their lying eyes.

            But if we were the strongest, our truth would become Canon.

            When Goebbels was asked “but what about the Intellectuals?” he laughed and answered “they’ll be with us.”
            To finish cribbing Moldbug …the Intellectuals are humanity’s eternal race of whores.

            I’ll add; culture is downstream from power. Believe? They believe in their sinecures, of which they are presently very, very insecure about indeed. Get power, wield it. These intellectuals sing for their supper.
            Call the tune and they’ll whistle Dixie.

        • I would be curios to see a breakdown of white hispanic votes. Willing to bet that of the Hispanics who voted for Trump, a sizable majority were white hispanics.

          • I think this is right. Mestizo working class who like good economic times and admire a strong man. But they’re still the minority of Hispanics.

            Most Iberians I’ve encountered are Leftists. They like to pretend that because blacks barely exist in Hispano-phone places like Mexico and Argentina, then their societies are virtuously color-blind. They are in for a rough ride, because Central and South America are beginning to break down along racial fault lines.

        • The people on the Right who can’t deal with it are Beltway types who understand but cannot acknowledge publicly the truth. It would be like being a conservative or reactionary in Hollywood – except its the CIA ruining you instead of the SAG.

          There’s only one Mel Gibson in DC: and like him or not it’s Orange Bad Man. Who will never be Bad enough for many here but he’s what we’ve got.

    • Why do you think they are always celebrating our victory over Germany in WW2 (aka “The Great Patriotic War”)? By keeping this open sore in Western Civ festering, they prevent anyone from daring to question the series of social changes that emerged from that conflict. It is the source of their power.

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