The War On Reasonableness

The underlying premise of consensual government is that the people in the society, at least participating in its governance, can and will debate the issues facing the people in the society. By debate, it is understood that sharp disagreement will erupt and personal squabbles will inflame any disagreements. After all, men are not angels. In the end, a consensus will form and all sides will accept it. Everyone involved may not be ruled by reason, but trusted men in a civil society are reasonable.

If you think about how a democracy must work, the assumption of reasonableness becomes clear. If it is fifty percent plus one that carries the day, the winner must acknowledge that a large minority will not like the result. That means showing the other side respect, so they will return the favor when they carry the day. On the other hand, the losing side has to accept the will of the majority. Of course, it also means all sides have to be ready to revisit the issue if the majority got it wrong.

If you wanted to characterize the current crisis in America, a way to frame it would be a war on reasonableness. It’s not a war on reason, as in objective reality. At all times and all places reasonable men have been motivated by superstition and nonsense. What matters is the reasonableness, moderation and openness to alternatives, especially from those with unpopular opinions. It is among those willing to reconsider the consensus, where solutions are found when the consensus fails.

This war on reasonableness is most obvious in the reaction to Nick Fuentes and his young followers. Reasonable people can disagree with their opinions and reasonable people can oppose their tactics. Reasonable people must also acknowledge that young people are prone to getting carried away. Reasonable men cut young guys a little slack, because they remember what it was like to be young. In the case of the groypers, they are challenging authority, which is what we expect from young people.

Unreasonable people condemn these young men to eternal damnation for daring to question official dogma. When someone accuses Fuentes of being a fascist, he is saying Fuentes is evil and therefore outside of civil society. That is the intent of using the word “fascist” or the phrase “holocaust denier.” Regardless of the pedantic quibbles about the nature of fascism and the facts of the holocaust, the intent when using those phrases is to anathematize, to declare the accused of being evil.

This is not a reasonable response to a fellow member of society. This is a call for society to exterminate the invader, like a call to the immune system of the body. They want these men removed from society as if they are a disease. It is a hysterical response by people unwilling to concede an inch to dissenters. This is how a winner take all game is played. Those with power utterly and completely subjugate those without power, in order to make sure they never challenge power.

If you are on the other side of these calls to exterminate you, how can you come away thinking there is a bargain to be had with these people? How can those in dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy want to cut a deal with people who want them dead? The start of any deal is reasonable parties willing to compromise and reach consensus. What is the middle position when one side opens with a demand for your head? Do you agree to give up an arm? A leg? Live as a pariah?

Even when you move away from the howler monkeys taking to social media to declare fatwahs on the dissenters, those who claim to be reasonable, stake out the most unreasonable of positions. When some sober minded pundit claims that race is a social construct, a statement in direct contradiction to observable reality, that’s not a reasonable position no matter how calmly stated. That is making a concession to the unreasonable in advance, in order to appease them.

In fact, indulging these crazy assertions from the woke crowd is a war on reason and reasonableness. It is an effort to socialize pathology, spreading the disease to the whole of society. It is akin to the doctor spreading the cancer to the whole body, so that the patient stops noticing the tumor. When this is what passes for reasonable debate, it marginalizes the alternatives, thus normalizing that which is abnormal and anathematizing those who still cling to the normal.

Many of the paid spokesman that the Nick Fuentes crowd have targeted love to wave around the Declaration of Independence. The open lines are their opening and closing statements on all things political. They indulge the sentimentality, without understanding the intent.  That document was a statement by reasonable men, no longer willing to bargain with unreasonable men. Irreconcilable differences existed between the colonists and England. The only solution was separation.

This is where the war on reasonableness must lead. Good men seeking compromise will indulge the unreasonable for as long as they can, perhaps long beyond where they should, but eventually they stop indulging the unreasonable. At that point, there are but two choices. One is peaceful separation and the other is those reasonable men embrace unreasonable solutions to the unreasonable men in their midst. Ranse Stoddard gives way to Tom Doniphon to end Liberty Valance.

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246 thoughts on “The War On Reasonableness

  1. The same can be said of the Southern States prior to the Civil War, though the argument against them is that they delayed too long in pushing for separation out of a sense of obligation to their forefathers.

  2. Let’s not go backwards and start fantasizing about revolution again. There won’t be one. Few people of the white variety see things like we do and are that angry about what is going on. Most of the anger is on the left. What happened to the Proud Boys and others was a clear signal that you will be crushed like a bug if you get in the way even if it is just to protect yourself. The violence will just continue to be state sponsored violence

  3. “Reason is a slave to the passions”. Hume. “The elephant and the rider”. Haidt. “It’s a fool who looks for reason in the chambers of the human heart”. O Brother Where Art Thou.

    When reason fails, one must resort to appeals to base emotion.

  4. “At that point, there are but two choices. One is peaceful separation and the other is those reasonable men embrace unreasonable solutions to the unreasonable men in their midst.”

    There will never be peaceful separation in the USA. It is not possible. That leaves violent separation or genocide. I hope it can be contained to violent separation but I am ever more pessimistic that even a race war can be stopped before total genocide.

    Can the mindless left-wing whites not see what they are bringing about?

  5. No, Reasonable men use their reason and conclude they are dealing with those who would use their desire for a reasonable discussion as a weapon against them. The weapons wielded are perfectly reasonable as shooting a rabid dog before it bites and infects you. That is the reasonable thing to do.

    The problem with the CivNats is they can reason, but when confronted with an Omar or Talib, they go into brain freeze since they won’t send them back to where they can wallow in their shithole cultures (and more literally). True reason will say you must occasionally do something painful or even monstrous to avoid a worse evil, like cauterizing a wound lest you lose limb or life.

  6. I agree with the article in principle. It’s clearly heretic hunting from conservative inc., although they seem to weak idiots compared to the pros on the left. The best they can do is post gay and fake “Michael Knowles owns Nazi at event!!” videos on YouTube.

    But really it would be great if we could get dissent voices that aren’t goofballs. As you explained on the podcast with Richard Spenser and many cville people, they seem more interested in attention and providing media with austistic villains. Nick here is an improvement over idiots like Spenser but not much. Joking about the Holocaust on live streams just ain’t smart optics whatever you think about the underlying historical events. Avoiding those mistakes would make their case much better against these moribund conservative bagmen

    • Nick is probably the best we can produce in the public sphere. Look any talented academic wirh gravitas or talk radio personality – even if they agree with us will never go public because it’s career suicide to say the least, This is why we can’t get a VDH or Tucker Carlson to go public.

      So the only people that will be stepping out are young firebrands like Nick who don’t have much to lose.

      Until we can get a serious money man to bankroll our talking heads, that’s just how it’s going to be.

  7. I like to use Crane Brinton’s Anatomy of Revolution to understand all this. His notion is that, as the revolutionary hopes are dashed, and heaven does not appear on Earth, the revolutionaries get more and more extreme, ending in a Reign of Terror and Virtue.

    Really, the whole lefty culture is arriving at that point. Their truth MUST be true. Just one more Big Push and banish the racist sexist homophobes from the Earth.

    But man cannot live forever in revolutionary frenzy, and so the Reign of Terror is followed by Thermidorean Reaction.

    The only question is how many millions die before the madness ends.

    • Well, the Left Inc., did just pick off the racist sexist homophobic chicken purveyors at CFA.

  8. ZMan: I am calling you out. You know the men who read you are affluent, educated and can make a difference. If you do not facilitate these very men meeting and pooling resources, you are part of the problem. Every damn blog post is on the negative. WELL, LET’S DO THE POSITIVE!! Put your readers in touch with each other FFS. Thanks Zman, love your work.

    • this website needs a secure back-channel for communicating privately. many other sites have a private messaging system in place; can anybody here help Zman set one up?

      • An ad hoc back channel is currently being set up among a few of us. We are just proceeding slowly to make sure privacy is maintained, and permission is specifically granted, before contact information is shared.

      • Pms are not secure. I am in tech, not a security guru, but i doubt any electronic means of commo is secure. Going to have to go old school methods to be secure.

        • roo, Many people don’t understand how the internet works. Or even what it is and isn’t. I suspect the more *super-secret* a thing becomes the more likely it is to be targeted. Who knows?

        • I’m not a pro-tech myself but we work with security experts in litigation. Short version – nothing you communicate electronically is very secure.

          Always be ready to own whatever you say or write, which is to say learn the art of ambiguity, discretion and jargon to give yourself plenty of cover and make it a natural habit.

          Straight-shooters tend to be a liability in dissident communities. There’s a place for them on the normie-interfacing outer layers of Our Thing, and we need to be authentic among our own.

          However, like Our Greatest Allies, we have to practice some level of habitural dissimulation toward out-groups.

      • The internet is for broad messaging and policy or discussions like we have here between anons. Centralizing our preliminaries for face-to-face contacts isn’t a good idea. I’m going to have some basic info for people to DIY this stuff on my site, but like Dutch says, ad hoc is the way to go. That way the “cell structure” evolves naturally and we don’t give Globoshlomo any bottlenecks to put the choke on.

    • I’ve read Z for these ten or twelve years and watched him gather and evolve his insights. It is an arduous and vital process. This is the first time anyone presumed to give him marching orders. You are special. May you be the first one over the barricade and not the one giving the order.

      • Well some people want everyone else to do the heavy lifting instead of trying to make contact themselves…There is a few of us that are slowly making contacts with others and I’ve put an email address out on here a few times so others could contact me…If you want something done you have to be willing to step up and do it or at least lend a hand…

    • Meet ups need to be done in person, not online. At best all Zman can do is provide a FAQ for how to set up a meeting in meatspace.

      The thing is, the internet is not secure, period. We have to keep thing local and in person to make it work.

    • Too soon. Seperate cells, for now, let them form organically. Z-thought, undisturbed, is more valuable to this reader, while I work on my own game.

      That’s my vote; let us be reasonable.

      • That’s what I’m trying to see if we can do. Zman writes such great travel posts about meeting up at events and how he thinks this kind of social networking is so important. Well how about a meet up for all of us who are daily readers!? Has anyone tried to put this together?

        • Yea they are, you just have to be a daily reader of the comments to be able to know the particulars…

          • Ok, thanks Lineman, please let me know if anything happens. Of course I submit a fake email so I’ll just monitor the comments, normally just read the blog and not always in the comments. Thanks!

  9. Excellent post.

    The Left has never been reasonable for as long I can remember, if you’re the opposition and try to play nice with them, it doesn’t work, you’re still the enemy to them. The thing is they operate under the notion that ‘politics is the acquisition of power by means other than war’. So reasonableness doesn’t enter into their world view and how they operate in the world.

    And oh, when a political party/ruling class repeatedly tells you in print and on TV/Internet that they want your ethnicity dead and gone, please take them seriously and prepare accordingly.

  10. Interesting take from John Michael Greer on a similar topic,
    “The sustained attempt to tar Trump and his followers with the brush of racism wasn’t just an attempt to hold onto the urban African-American vote, the keystone of Democratic electoral strategy, though that was certainly a core part of it. It was also an attempt to paint the past in the worst possible light, so that Democratic voters wouldn’t be tempted to compare the conditions they lived in to those that had existed a few decades earlier, and ask why things had deteriorated so far since then.”

  11. On organization _ Z is right on this point. He’s not alone. Over at Epsilon Theory Ben Hunt is pushing groups of 20 to make, protect, teach. He has 100K following Epsilon theory (which is concerned with investing and the rampant corruption in our system overall, ET definitely civ nat centrists).

    100K many of whom are paying for their subscription is a large following.

    I mention this so all can take heart.
    If an absolutely non conformist investing news letter can get 100K, so can DR.

  12. From another great western…

    RUFUS RYKER: Tell him I’m a reasonable man, things have gone far enough. Tell him I’m beat, anything, but, by Jupiter, get him here! He’ll come. He thinks he’s a reasonable man. …

    …MORGAN RYKER: Mr Starrett!

    JOE STARRETT: Who is it?

    MORGAN RYKER: Peace party, from Ryker.

    JOE STARRETT: One of you can come across and talk. – Stay out of that garden.

    MORGAN RYKER: We ain’t armed. Brother Rufe wants to see you. He says to tell you he’s a reasonable man.

    JOE STARRETT: He’s responsible for Torrey’s killing.

    MORGAN RYKER: My brother wouldn’t kill anybody. He don’t wanna go to jail. Torrey was a hot-head, he picked on a stranger. Torrey didn’t wanna be reasonable. You wanna be reasonable, don’t you?

    JOE STARRETT: I always figured on being reasonable.

    MORGAN RYKER: My brother’s waiting. He’ll see you at Grafton’s.

    JOE STARRETT: Who else?

    MORGAN RYKER: Not us. We’re heading home.

    JOE STARRETT: I’ll see your brother.

    • The very best western.

      SHANE: Bye, Little Joe;

      JOEY: He never even would have cleared the holster, would he, Shane? Pa’s got things for you to do, and mother wants you. I know she does.

  13. Even if separatists are wrong, the worst outcome is a redistribution of White voters that gives us more regional influence and cohesion.

    For everyone trying to straw-man us as Waco LARPers, let’s hear your better plan.

    • For the record ” I’m trying to do my part to make sure that doesn’t happen and my official public stance is “don’t do stupid illegal sh*t.”

      However if you want to fix this mess you have to have something to offer beyond “we aren’t crazy”

      You need to present an appealing kind of future for your people. Y/T and a few friends basically .

      That is the main goal, a nation somewhere between a Hallmark Channel World and A Great Place to Raise Children. Peace, a measure of stability and prosperity.

      It’s no utopia but it’s realistic and achievable.

      And note this is a multifaceted thing, it means social regulation and it means economic regulation.

      If you let the Libertarians and money cucks run your show, your movement will end up subverted by liberalism.

      No Liberals, no Minachists, No Libertarians , No Economic Liberals.

      Authoritarian Populist Conservatism based on Christian Moral values , how hard or soft can very and there is some room for disagreement but there must be a moral order

      And note people are degenerate druggies and porn abusers, our women far too often promiscuous.

      Our movement will be making people behave in moral fashion. Short term, they’ll hate you. Long term, they’ll grumble but you’ll have a stable society of families, extended and nuclear and that is a future

      Money wise, our movement is packed with people that considered paying decent wages even when they can afford it roughly the same as a trip in a boxcar to tabun shower . It’s also packed with grifters who just want to gut the government figuring if they could just sell melamine milk or work children to death in a cat litter mine they could be rich and important.

      They have to go.

      In that sense ours is a working and middle class movement and in the end it means focusing our efforts around the two classes of people that make society work. There will always be rich and always be poor but we cannot allow those clases, and our wannabe rich people to play each other off against us.

      We may have to things that are very dissonant, regulate economies of scale, regulate garbage companies that suppress wages and do a lot of things that our economic liberalism hates.

      It’s possible that our society will technically be somewhat less monied and far more sclerotic than it is now but the payoff is well worth, stability and a future.

      We have to make that happen to win and we have to sell it. It’s not easy but our foes are so crepulant we can start with “put in charge and you’ll have a society without human feces on the street.” and work from there.

      That is what we do.

      Until the Dissident right has a better tomorrow to sell , it’s just a coffee klatch

      • You’re mostly where I’m standing – authoritarian populism with a pro-family anti-degenerate social agenda, basically Third Position without the past baggage.

        The only reservation I have with the Christian part is the almost universal elevation by Christians of church above state. That’s been a big part of how our Special Friends leveraged America.

        Race realism and ethno-nationalism can be difficult concepts to reconcile with this kind of Christianity. Even E. Michael Jones for all his sublime J-wokeness is dead wrong about Catholicism being a unifying identity in and of itself, especially across ethnic and racial lines. The modern state of the Voodeo Christian/St. Eria Chollo Church is Exhibit A.

        Unless Christianity is expressly tempered by and sublimated to a secular agenda of ethno-nationalism, it provides a huge backdoor to our future societies’ moral and cultural throne-rooms.

        If something, even religion, makes it harder to promote racial, ethnic and cultural homogeneity, it needs to change.

        FWIW, Germanified Christianity did a good job of this in the Middle Ages and could get there again. The Orthodox have historically worked with secular authority much more than the West’s politically-minded RC’s and Prots.

        We’ll have more than one ethno-state, FWIW, and I think over time you’ll see those which put kin, tribe, community & race over express theology will be more robust, resilient and anti-fragile.

        Plenty of time to see how that plays out and no reason not to stand together getting there.

      • So where does one go ??
        And are you there yet ??
        What metrics would you require to move ??

        Mine are ..

        High IQ
        White majority ( +90% ),
        Christian majority
        Defensible small city/town with like minded people ..
        WalMart Super Center
        Home Depot or Lowes
        An hour from a regional airport
        Elevation at least 700 ft above sea level
        Local Hydro
        Easy access to interstate highway system
        Under 20,000 population
        Moderate year round climate

        • Why the need for corporations that hate us…How about one with a local hardware and grocery store…You need to do some inner work before you move…

          • While I appreciate the sentiment ..
            I prefer to deal with the world as it exists ..
            WMT, HD and LOW all employ at least 250
            local people each .. I’m living on a fixed income
            and appreciate the selection and lower prices that
            a national chain offers the consumer ..

          • You need to understand what social costs and political-cultural strings come with “employing 250 people each” and “selection and lower prices.”

            The kind of separatism we’re talking about means putting the future of your people above consumerism and mega-business “community outreach” like part-time poor-wage no-benefit jobs. Local people have managed to have jobs without mega-stores for most of our history.

            All this, plus you want urban convenience, transpo and San Diego weather?

            You’re not ready for this yet.

          • “You’re not ready for this yet”

            Depends what your definition of “this” is ..
            I just gave you mine ..

      • The way to combine authoritarianism and citizen libertarianism is to regulate- keep certain things in a narrow range of outlets and in the closet, but allow for eccentricity and a mild variance of appetite.

        Don’t make a pressure cooker a way to get rich. That incentivises the cooker.

  14. In a democracy, the degree of reasonableness in a society is a function of the quality of the participants. This nation started out with a voting electorate that largely consisted of men that had demonstrated accomplishments and skin in the game; both of which bode well for the reasonableness trait. Then the population started to change and most of these changes altered the quality of the citizenry in significant ways. The decline of reasonableness isn’t an accident. It’s a manifestation of the decline of the electorate.

  15. It has been an eye-opening couple of years, hasn’t it? Conservative, Inc. will not only not defend those on the right from de-platforming and physical assault, they won’t even defend their 1A rights. Compare/contrast how the GOPe reacts when they’re challenged from the right compared to when they’re challenged from the left. It’s disgusting. They really expect us to go out and vote for more of this?

    • We are not voting our way out of this. We are the lamb when two wolves and a lamb get together to decide who to have for dinner. I would love to see things turn a corner and get better, but when has that ever happened, without things instead playing out to murderous exhaustion?

      • Most of us understand this very well. Supporting Wolf (R) over Wolf (D) has brought us to where we are today.

  16. It’s really getting interesting now that Michelle Malkin is in the process of becoming unpersoned. Malkin has been popular with mainstream conservatives for quite a while, appearing on Fox News numerous times, and recently speaking at CPAC, and other normie-con events. At the same time, she’s always had one foot in the dissident right camp, being a writer at VDare for a long time, and a passionate immigration patriot. Going after someone as popular as Malkin is a different ballgame than going after a youtuber kid like Fuentes.

    • Agree. Also interesting that Conservative, Inc has no hesitation in tossing Malkin on to the white supremacy pile when she is a woman of color.

    • It will be interesting what Mr. (((Malkin))) does re his wife’s new status. Will we have another marriage like Kellyanne Conway, whose half Filippino hubby publicly excoriates her boss? On the one hand, I like Malkin’s no bs style; on the other hand I am still suspicious of her ultimate loyalty. If she is a genuine unicorn, she has my utmost support and sympathy.

  17. Great post. While everybody is shouting “socialist!” or “fascist!” at each other, the people in charge are acquiring more and more power.

    A right wing that adopted policies like supporting labor unions, single-payer healthcare, infrastructure building, rebuilding the industrial base, and education reform would be pretty attractive to those Americans that matter. Notionally left-wing things that benefit the working class should be an area where the right plays a strong role, but only for those tough enough for the battle against foreign aid, military adventurism, and immigration.

    • its interesting that you mention supporting labor unions; they have always been a left-wing redoubt, have always used the left-wing playbook, have always had a lot of cronyism, corruption, and grift.
      and yet today, we see that many large corporations have become politicized leftwards by their executive elites; perhaps we need to be starting parallel union organizations in those companies, new organizations with a more common-sense and reasonable outlook, a new union with conservative/rightist/realist viewpoints.
      my own experience with unions has been that there is a political and cultural disconnect between the rank and file versus the Lords on High.

      • There’s a difference between labor unions viz. electrical or steel workers, and labor unions viz. government employee unions, which are universally terrible and should be banned by law. It’s been a long time since Jimmy Hoffa, and we can look at labor unions in a different light today.

        I brought up labor unions because it is the natural check against corporate managerialism. I’m not religious about it though. There are too many right-to-work states for labor unions to be a major force these days. But where unions are strong, they are likely allies in a fight for America first-type policies. Unions are tight-knit groups of largely like-minded people. Sure, some will wander far out into left field, but the trades generally don’t, at least at the rank-and-file level.

        This may be a nonsense idea that blows up spectacularly if achieved. But I don’t think it should be excluded from the conversation.

        • Yours is not a nonsense idea at all. What you are asking for is major realignment away from the neoliberal/progressive/globalist order that Z man talks so much about, with the Left has the senior partner and Conservative, Inc., as the JV. The problem is that our political system is controlled by money (money gets you elected, money keeps you in office), and the vast majority of the money for both “sides” comes from big donor plutocrats. And they like our system.

        • I agree with everything except single payer healthcare where with the gov in charge you would get high cost and sub standard care…Also everything you stated only works in a white majority country otherwise it fails like we are seeing now…

          • I can settle for a government healthcare option so long as those who want something better can buy it. We’re funding a free health system for orcs as it is, might as well let poor Whiteys get some gibs.

          • The way I look at it, we have single-payer healthcare now. Healthcare is paid for by the citizens of the US, either through taxes (Medicare/Medicaid/VA), or through insurance premiums. The difference between single-payer now, and a hypothetical single-payer paid solely through taxes is the insurance companies don’t get to wet their beak along the way.

            Once you get your head around that idea, single-payer isn’t nearly as scary. Now, how to implement it? That’s a complicated topic, and a hard one to address. But it’s not unworkable. We’ve got 60+ years of data from Western countries who have had some version of single-payer. Take the good parts from them and roll our own version that takes advantage of modern technology.

          • It’s something you could maybe convince me of but it would have to be f2f and more details of where the funding would come from and what it would cover also like I said it would have to be in a majority white country like over 90% for it to work…

          • Right now funding comes from the MMT machine that is modern gubmint. Fiscal conservatism and responsibility is for our own communities. Bleed this system for all we can.

            I have plans for how we handle the transitional phase while we establish networks deep, strong and well-funded enough to provide medical care. We will talk about them f2f. That’s meat-space material for the properly vetted.

          • Single payer: I get sick, I pay doctor.

            We do that with houses, cars, and college.

            Why aren’t hospitals carrying large numbers of people making payments, like GMAC does? They used to.

            I want medical malls, too.

        • After using the unions to sieze power, they threw heritage unions under the bus to make way for entitled “public servant” unions to maintain that power.

          They’ve built an internal army without uniforms. These secret police, ever busy, ever litigious, are hollowing out the heritage corporations now.

          Demester, if it worked for them, it can work for us.

  18. The way Conservatism Inc sees it, the reasonable view is that America is multicultural and was always meant to be multicultural. A prime example is good ol’ Charlie Kirk at the recent Q&A of his event where he hammered away at an unprepared questioner that e pluribus unum means “out of many, one.” Of course he wrongly explained that it means “out of many different people (races), uniting to form one people,” instead of the correct interpretation, which is the thirteen colonies forming one nation.

    Kirk, along with most mainstream conservatives believe America is an idea, not a blood and soil nation. That’s the reasonable view to them. It’s like they’ve determined that since we’re multiracial now, let’s shape the history of the US to fit the direction we want to go. And you better get with the program, or as Dan Crenshaw would say, “you’re going to regret that.”

    • Let’s assume for a second that Conservative Inc. has a point that “America is and was always meant to be multicultural”.

      They’re still out in left field with their defense of what has developed into the Federal leviathan , because they seem to completely deny the original form of the Republic – which outright denied that the Federal government had the right to have power in certain areas.

      “Reserved for the states”. And the states where were that “multiculturalism” that Kirk claims always existed …. lived. The states began as colonies – formed by people with different cultural and religious outlooks (but not as widely separated from each other as all of the “multiculturalism” that is being forced-fed into the Western world now).

      What was the Founders answer to all of this “multiculturalism” ??


      And the inability from on-high to use Federal power to force one set of views on the others.

      No matter which way you look at it – Kirk and Co. are doing the work of the lefties and the Neocons. You simply can’t have “multiculturalism” under the same flag – without the ability to separate. Even the Founders recognized this fact. And you CANNOT have enough power imbued into the Federal government that it makes it into an attractive nuisance for those who think otherwise.

  19. In other news, the PM of Sweden states that the recent rise in violent crime and gang violence has absolutely nothing to do with recent immigrants. He claimed that the cause was unemployment and poverty and that native born Swedes would behave the same under similar circumstances. These blank slaters are mentally ill. You really can’t make up these orwellian proclamations.

  20. Giving people like Nick Fuentes a platform leads to the murderous evil that was Charlottesville.

    Is this really what you want to defend?

    • Nope. Abandoning the city to a fight between rival protestors, favoring one side and allowing them to beat and fight with impunity, and having no crowd control led to Charlottesville. You should be ok with the result if you’re ok with police and local government abandoning order to a favored group.
      But it has been postulated that the United States is divided into diretly competing locales where if you do not have the correct ideology, you are an enemy combatant and do not deserve the protections that come with equality before the law. Honestly, America has always operated this way, from Tammany to Tulsa, OK in the 1920s and the destruction of black wall street. So, in conclusion, Charlottesville and the resulting death are the responsibility of the city government and no show trial will change tha fact.

    • There was no murder in C-ville. There was a justified involuntary manslaughter caused by a guy trying to avoid becoming Reginald Denny 2.0. He never should have seen the inside of a cell.

      Try this sh)t-tier trolling at Townhall or Breitbart.

      • what name did the troll use in yesterday’s post??

        JEFF kent?
        today it’s Todrick JEFFerson.

        tiny duck returns.

    • “Murderous evil.” You must think people are truly, truly stupid to fall for this. If you’re going to try to argue about serious things with serious people, you should at least try to be honest. How many abortions for the sake of convenience in the last five minutes?

      Evil’s all around you. You should focus on that. It runs this world and it’s going to get worse in the years ahead. Word of advice: don’t waste your time on these word games. You have better things to do.

  21. I think the reason Fuentes & Co., have created such a stir is that they broke the rules: the dissident Right is supposed to attack the Left, and then Conservative, Inc. is supposed to do the “on on the one hand, on the other hand” routine, acquiescing to some of the concerns, but closing the gate on the key issues. By going after the gatekeepers, these young upstarts have made the gatekeeper playbook unplayable, leaving only “Shut up, he explained”… Oh, and you’re a Nazi…

    • Now the Dissident Right smells blood and Conservative Inc. realizes it, hence the backlash.

      Same thing happened after the election of Trump, but Spencer and Co. blew their opportunity. Let’s hope 2.0 learned from past mistakes.

    • Fuentes & Co. are simply asking questions that have no good answer. Conservative Inc is trying to stop whites from thinking as a group while celebrating racial identity in Israel and while the Left organizes itself completely around the idea of identity groups opposed to whites and importing more of those groups to overwhelm us.

      Conservative Inc doesn’t make sense logically or tactically. Fuentes & Co are simply pointing this absurdity.

  22. Fuentes would have been banned and demonitized within seconds if the left went after him with a quarter the fervor the fake right has.

    Conservative Inc just proved that not only are they sanctimonious hypocrites, but have zero institutional power too. They can’t even unperson a guy with less than 100k subs.

    I can only imagine the lib moderators at youtube and twitter are laughing at their futile outrage.

    • Liberals see Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Nick Fuentes, David Duke and Richard Spencer as all pretty much the same person.

      Obviously we think of them as different, but to libs they are all unpersons to be destroyed (as, indeed, we are). Kirk doing his “principled conservatism” cuck act gets him absolutely no points from the Left. They will send him to the gulag right along with Spencer/Anglin/Fuentes.

  23. May I apply Z’s argument to those on our side: white nationalists are also dissing the AmNat crowd, even though the AmNats and WNs agree on most things, and we are both fighting the same enemy.

    I know white identity is essential to being a WN, but this ire towards Casey and Fuentes strikes me as being unreasonable. WNs need to be reasonable as well.

    • Speaking for myself I only feel “ire” toward AmNats when they punch Right or otherwise try to signal against us. I’m fine with a live-and-let-live attitude but when we’re used as bete noirs for them to try (futilely) to score Lefty points or where they actively dox us, it’s hard to stay reasonable.

      • Exactly right Exile and for what a crumb from the lefts table…FFS where is the courage and strength to say I may not agree with everything he states but he is still my Brother and I will not cause him harm…

      • I’m more on the AmNat side, though I agree Exile…we need a united front and brotherly zeal. No narcissism of the small difference. Isolating the WNs by way of saying “that’s not me though!” only emboldens the enemy to go after the entire dissident right.

  24. How many times and places can you look back on in history, and say “how and why did the people let things degenerate into disaster?” “Why didn’t anyone stop the madness?” Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. We are there once again, step inside.

    • Yeah, in high school, I never understood why the Jews and other groups that we’re obviously not beloved by the Nazis didn’t do everything in their power to either move or, later, fight back.

      Yet, here we are. If whites get wiped out by all of this, part of me will have little sympathy. It can’t be more obvious where all of this is heading.

      • Part of the answer to the question you asked yourself – is that Zionist Jews may well have sold out other Jews as a way of enabling the establishment of Israel:

        But in his book The Holocaust Victims Accuse, anti-Zionist rabbi Moshe Shonfeld comes close to the outrageous claim that the Zionists needed six millions cremated Jews for the foundation of the Jewish State: “The Zionist leaders saw the spilt Jewish blood of the holocaust as grease for the wheels of the Jewish national state.” (Read a review of Moshe Shonfeld’s book here, and get the book on pdf here.)

        Are there any facts to back the theory that the Zionist elites willingly sacrificed the German Jews on the altar of Zionism? I think there are.

        • Carlsdad, they purged their internal enemies, that’s how communism and gang-rule works.

          The internationalists created Israel as a penal colony for nationalists, for patriots or people who didn’t want to tear down the place they lived in.

          Why a penal colony, versus the fictional “death camps”? They needed marriage stock.

          That’s a big part why Israelis hate New Yorkers. They’re seperate tribes now.

          (New tribal branches form all the time- they were never stuck at the original twelve.)

  25. I’m a remarkably average guy so I consider my journey to be one that many whites guys are taking or will be taking. I few years back it hit me: I want a divorce from these people. I was tired of arguing, tired of trying to find a compromise. They hate me, I hate them.

    We’re no longer in a reasonable political debate. Our side is slowly realizing that we just want out. The other side hates us, but needs our abilities so wants to make us helots. There is no compromise. We either separate, become slaves or disappear.

    • Amen Citizen. Your journey is one that needs to be replicated by millions of our countrymen.

      As I mention above, if the geography of ones mind is not taken back and hardened against being held captive by our own intrinsic reasonableness, tendency toward cooperation, and goodwill, no other flight toward white will matter.

      I’m with you. Any debate or argument with the poisoned minds of goodwhites or their POC pets is at this point is: “because f*ck you, thats why.”. They deserve nothing more. I won’t complain or explain. Starve the beast.

      • Yeah, nowadays if someone asks me whether I’m a Republican or a Democrat, I say neither. “The Republicans are idiots and losers, and I don’t want to be a part of the Washington Generals.”

        “As to the Dems, well, they think that I’m evil and hate me. And I hate them right back.”

        It’s interesting to watch people’s faces, Dem or Republican. They wait for me to say I’m joking or something, but I don’t. Btw, it doesn’t make me popular at gatherings.

        • Btw, here are some other comments that I know from experience don’t win you any friends at gatherings

          “A bad school really means bad students.”

          “If you really believed in diversity and inclusion, you wouldn’t live in this neighborhood or send your kids to our 90% white school.”

          “Gays don’t seem to understand the difference between tolerance and acceptance.”

          “White women are next on the hit list for the Dems. Your daughters are going to know what it’s like to be a straight white guy today, which is to considered a terrible person and trashed on TV.”

          I’ve said all of these things. I don’t exactly get a pat on the back for telling the truth.

          • Here’s another one you can add: “Since climate change and saving the planet is so important, surely you oppose the mass importation of third world people into the West.”

          • I have found the climate angle to be one that short circuits the programming faster than any other topic. I think the DR would get some serious traction pushing this angle.

          • Citizen: Thank you for having the stones to state the truth to all the nice White people who don’t want to hear it. I generally don’t even bother talking to nice White people and have extremely high standards for considering someone a genuine friend, but since you go to such gatherings, be proud of your courage and determination not to go along with all their pretty little lies. Consider yourself a prophet.

          • It’s mostly neighborhood gatherings or something similar. Most of the time I hold my tongue. Also, they know that I’m a pretty helpful neighbor and a reasonable father so it’s tough for them to dismiss me as a Nazi. I also do my best to attack other Lefties or Conservative Inc dicks, not the person I’m talking to, even though I know they probably agree with that other person. This allows them to not take it too personally.

            I thought I was done for a couple of years back though. I said that I didn’t like blacks as a group and would never live in a black neighborhood. That was a sh!t storm. I was catching it from all sides that night. There were the usual “my best friend in college was black” and “so you hate everyone who’s black” and “what about so-and-so black neighbor who’s a great guy.”

            The hypocrisy and innumeracy was stunning. If it wasn’t for everyone loving my wife, I’d probably have been shunned from any future gatherings. As it was, I got some looks for a long time.

            But I will say that one of my neighbors – a woman, no less – defended me and said simply, “I don’t like blacks either.” That actually helped a lot. People backed off after that.

          • I often go back and forth about this: do I keep my mouth shut or do I speak truth?
            I usually go for not keeping the mouth shut.
            But it depends on the situation, AND I generally have the direct style of a sledgehammer.

            However, If played correctly, it’s amusing. And being a single YT female in a major metro area, people tend to make assumptions.

            It was funny to see the look on my (liberal) neighbor’s face when I said “ Yeah, I don’t like Trump either.” (Look of relief). Then I said: “he’s too far left.”

            It was funny to see the wheels turning on that one for a moment.

            It was one of my sharper comments. They don’t come often.

          • But I will say that one of my neighbors – a woman, no less – defended me and said simply, “I don’t like blacks either.” That actually helped a lot. People backed off after that.
            Which is why numbers on our side in one location have great potential…

          • Yeah, black people are lower in agreeableness due to a combination of genetic and environmental traits. But when you say that, everybody loses their minds. Why? It’s true!

    • This is what Paul Johnson described in 17th and 18th century New England. Over time a one type or another of people would take over a town and impose it’s ways. Disaffected souls would band together, pick up stakes, and then found another town fifteen miles away. That is what freedom is. Not the ability to do whatever you want but the ability and means to disassociate from what you don’t. This was still, for the greater part, possible until the middle of the 20th century.

      • Standing ovation, james wilson.
        1000 gold stars.
        I’ve never heard it described better.

        “That is what freedom is. Not the ability to do whatever you want but the ability and means to disassociate from what you don’t.”

      • You are describing freedom of association. Forcing racial integration on unwilling whites destroyed it…along with all our other freedoms. Without freedom of association, you have nothing.

    • The Zman hates libertarians because of their weak-knee’d appeal to authority. We are begging and pleading for succor.

      Instead of the tremulous “It’s Okay To Be White”-
      How about “White People: I Want A Divorce”?

      Everybody will know what it means, instantly.
      To them and for them.

  26. The thing is, if you really want liberal democracy based on debate, you have to allow debate.

    But the thing is, the other side never debates. They just say, “here’s what our new degenerate fanatacism is today, and if you don’t go along with it, we’ll get you fired, and close your internet accounts and bank account.”

    I think our side is realize that if the other side isn’t willing to debate–well, then we will have to resort to non-debating methods just to survive.

  27. All societies have fundamental beliefs about which they are unwilling to compromise, about which they will not be reasonable. We learned that egalitarianism and anti-whiteness are the positions about which our elites will not compromise.

    I’m not going to condemn the unreasonable. I want to live in a society where anti-whiteness and population replacement are as ferociously rejected as our elites treat our beliefs.

    Our elites pretended to be reasonable about their beliefs until they were in a position to force them on us.

    • That is certainly true. The measure of western civilization has always been the range of tolerable opinion. Not acceptable, but tolerable. That’s where reasonableness come in. Marginalizing unacceptable idea, people and opinions is like putting ships in dry dock.

      What’s happening today is the rulers are burning the fleet.

      • Yeah, but western civilization was created and maintained by the talented tenth of white men. What percentage of our rulers are talented tenth white men today?

        Jews, Asians, Indians, blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, women, none of them have ever been open to a range of tolerable opinion. It was the hubris of white men to think that all other peoples and women would be won over by our brilliance and become us.

        • Talented 10th? No. Well under one percent. It’s this small fraction that has changed, radically. The ten percent are supporting characters. Balzac–A generation is a drama with four or five thousand outstanding characters.

  28. Holocaust worship must be eradicated from our lands. Its temples and shrines and clerisy must be destroyed.

    Whether or not atrocities happened as described is beside the point. It has nothing to do with us. Not everyone needs to become a card-carrying revisionist, but such revisionists as we have need to be supported and kept on the offensive against this Moloch, even when they appear unreasonable.

    Similarly, if the usual suspects did not exist, we would have to invent them. They are a tiny demographic group wielding power that represents an existential threat to us and what used to be our way of life. Focusing on Africans or Aztecs is just more stick-chasing. Better to try and redirect their attention towards the real enemy.

    If you are new and your initial reaction to all this is visceral, what you are feeling is conditioning, and this is what must be broken.

    • Exactly. We can debate the details in a more rational future. For now, it’s enought to say “Lotta people died in that war – dead is dead. I don’t care what happened to Your People in WWII – you have no say in what Our People can or will do today.

      Aliyah means goodbye.

    • “If you are new and your initial reaction to all this is visceral, what you are feeling is conditioning”

      I just wanted to repeat that, the gut-punch of emotive reaction. Opinion precedes rationale.

      When examining my own ‘reasoning’, trying to be right, I noticed that gut-punch.

      I realized that language has two functions, not one.

      Informative speech is emotionally neutral.
      Nobody screams at ‘attach red wire to A’.

      Emotive language is social code- it allows us to organize ourselves around a flagpole.

    • Demonstrating reasonableness… by way of monkey.

      “Global warming.”
      Moook moook moook- contented agreement

      “Second Amendment.”
      Ook…ook?!? – surprised suspicion

      “George. Bush.”

      “Second Amendment.”
      Moook moook moook- contented agreement

      “Global warming.”
      Ook…ook?!? – surprised suspicion

      “Barak. Obama.”

      They can’t be reasonable because you sound wrong. Stupid, crazy, or evil, either way, you are a danger to the group, to their Tree.

      And you believe the same thing about them.

      Our sounds, our hoots, barks, and calls, signal identity and loyalties, not necessarily reason.

  29. It is a war on objective reality. This is what makes their unreasonable nature impossible to reason with.

    There is no compromise to be had when one side demands a false premise as the starting point.

    The other impasse is that the anti-reality thrust upon us is done so by those not granted authority by our consent.

    Those pesky kids are not challenging authority, but power. An unearned and unrighteous power structure that operates within and without our consent as voters, citizens, and human beings.

    When their is no ‘good faith’ in the social contract, like all contracts, the result is a defect-defect equilibrium, at best. The dark triad wins, reasonableness is enslaved.

    But what conservatives and normies have been doing for ages now is to: (a) accept the false premise; (b) assume good faith exists in the other side; (c) capitulate in the name of reasonableness.

    Thats Progress. A revolution is about rejecting (a) not limiting (c).

  30. Extending the Zman’s analogy of life as an open-air prison, it’s clear that these Conservative Inc. guys are guards inside the prison preventing white people from getting out. They’re not on our side at all.

    “You really want to try to jump over that wall? I’ll call you an anti-semite, you think you’d like that? You think you could get a job on the outside after that? Go ahead and jump, motherfucker.”

    (I picture the guy in the high tower just itching to shoot you as an ADL guy.)

    The fact that some of them are playing good-cop, and pretending to be on the prisoners’ side, makes them that much more despicable.

  31. Reasonable mans rules of golf.

    Unless you are playing in a sanctioned tournament winter rules will apply. The distance penalty imposed on a ball hit out of bounds off the tee will be waved in favor of only the stroke penalty. Winter rules placement of ball at the closest point of exit will also apply. Any and all local rules will be observed in total. A clean ball not hit off the tee will be permitted for putting purposes. I found playing this way made my rounds more enjoyable.
    My cardinal rule for reasonableness and respect is as follows; I will be reasonable and show a modicum of respect to all I deal with until they give me a reason not to. Respect must be earned. Reasonableness is a key to life.

  32. Of course, when people are criticized, they defend themselves. But the way that TPUSA and YAF defended themselves–dishonestly slapping life-ruining labels on people–suggests that they’re just straight-up leftists, straight up infiltrators.

    I think these organizations go out of their way to get “bioleninist types.” The gay black guy was a never-trumper cynically recruited. Benny Johnson is gay. Brad Polumbo is gay, and followed kiddie sites on social media before he got caught. Shapiro, of course, is Jewish. Michael Knowles looks like a mystery-meater.

    I think that know that if they have too many straight, white men, sooner or later one of them will do the right thing and go off the reservation. Better to have these hormonally challenged misfits, who will always be loyal to the people who empower them, and fanatically defend their own particular degeneracy.

      • Stop thinking in terms of “Right” and “Left.” Those days are over. There is the other side, which is a collection of tribes aligned against our tribe. And then there is our tribe.

        The Ideological Age is over. Welcome to the Demographic Age. You have to let go of old ideas. Your America is dead. Accept it.

        • Amen! Very well put. Never thought of it that way.

          The only people who don’t know we are now in the demographic age is whites.

          • Non-white Dems definitely understand this. They don’t care a whit about the Constitution or the Enlightenment. It was never about ideas with these people.

            Ideological debates are a luxury earned by eradicating every other tribe from your territory.

          • Leaving to where?
            You’ll be dead faster than you can say gringo in most countries, once the US collapses and the 3rd world no longer has any help or interest in maintaining stability.

          • I can speak Arabic fluently and have enough contacts in the middle east to survive. I don’t like it over there, but one day, Islam may look like salvation in comparison to the rule of soyinfused technocrats.

  33. Ours is a government whose framework was established for moral, reasonable, independent people. Systematically overturn the morals – systematically dissolve reason – systematically supplant native independence with alien dependents … what’s left is a cultural smorgasbord of ethically confused marionettes. At the other end of the puppet strings are the sociopath propagandists, who relish the cultural pathology we lament. The war on reason and reasonableness is crucial to their retaining power.

    So we’re facing a spiritual crisis, not a political crisis. Non-rational, unreasonable people control this country because they’ve corrupted the language so that moral and reason are unintelligible. That’s what our movement needs to correct.

    • Time, then, to update the code.

      A script compiled 1700 years ago in Nicea cannot be not the final version.

      They never stopped- there are 10,000 books in Torah. None are the New Testament.
      The Spirit that expresses itself in our People is not the same as the one that animates theirs.

      There are many Gods, as many as there are peoples. They are below the omnipresent force of Creation.

      None of it works as they told you.
      Not Life, nor Death, not Good, nor Evil.

      We must write our own Book.

      • The bottom of a gravity well is the breeding ground of the gods, this spiritual battle is a battle for territory.

        You are seeing the aspects of an ecology, not a judgement.

        And we are not the bad guys.
        Not being punished for being born.

        With all our natural faults, Whites are the best yet that the relentless pressure of Creation can do. Without shame, without remorse or hesitancy, we must proclaim that we are closest to the Light. To glory in our joy.
        We are the only path to Heaven, here.

        • Why do we base our religion on a Hebrew pantheon?

          The Romans based theirs on a Greek pantheon. Was it accurate?

          In Asia, much religion is based on an Indian pantheon. Is that accurate, as well?

          The Jewish pantheon of Holocaust- need I ask?

  34. For a separation to be peaceful, there must be reasonableness and a willingness to compromise on both sides.

    The other side is not reasonable, nor can they ever be. They are revolutionaries seeking the radical reformation of our world. They cannot be reasonable and will brook no compromise for, if they are reasonable, then they are no longer revolutionary. If their revolution is compromised, then it is no longer a revolution.

    So, again, I see no way or prospect of any separation being peaceful.

    • Bullseye!

      Their utopia requires our obliteration. They deeply believe that our erasure will open up the gates of paradise here on Earth. YT must be cast into the abyss or the sun will never shine upon them. Anti Whitism is a religious war, but one in which they can never grant whites salvation.

      We have one and only one path forward.

    • They are not seeking the “radical reformation” of our world. They are merely seeking the theft of our world. We have nice stuff, they want nice stuff too; they cannot make nice stuff on their own, but still they want nice stuff, and so once they have the numbers, they will simply kill us, take all the nice stuff (and the women too, yum) and call it “radical revolution” or “social justice” or “critical race theory” or whatever mumbo-jumbo they will need in order to justify the theft.

      It’s the oldest trick in the book. Genghis Khan, standing on the shore of Lake Baikal, proclaims “Heaven is exasperated with the luxury and decadence of China!” and that is his fig leaf: what he’s really saying is “China has nice stuff and we want it, so rather than learning how to make our own nice stuff, it’s much easier to take theirs!”

      Muhammad squatting in his miserable desert says “A magic angel spoke to me, and told me that because we Arabs are righteous, we can loot and plunder Byzantium and Persia in good conscience! Plus, we get to rape all dem fine, fiiiine blonde wimminz too!” (that last part is actually in the Hadith).

      Timur the Lame is more blunt: “I am the Sword of Islam! Just saying this ludicrous formula somehow gives me the right to storm across all of Central Asia, murdering and burning and raping and looting and plundering and skinning Hindus alive, not because it’s fun, but because important reasons.”

      The poison you see flowing out of NYT and NPR and Harvard Law School and BLM and Charles Blow and Al-Jazeera and Ta-Genius Coates and every single Jew on Twitter is no different: yo, we have the numbers, whiteboy: now we gonna kill you, take your stuff, and rape all dem fine, fiiine white wimminz. Because Holocaust. Or Slabery. Or something.

      As Gilda Radner used to say, It’s always something.

      • Yes, the Mongol analogy works for me too. What do you do if you want nice stuff but cannot make nice stuff or generate the wealth to buy the nice stuff? Simple, you come and take the nice stuff.

        Yes, we Khan.

      • Yep and how do you keep the hordes from taking your shit and your women…You have to have hordes of your own to defend it…Like was said above about those hiding out in their cabins who are going to be eaten by the hordes because they didn’t band together…That’s why I bang the drum so hard about building Communities because that’s the only way to stop the hordes of people that want our stuff and our very existence…The good news is more and more are coming to that realization…

      • If only it were not a “radical reformation”.

        What began as the hordes coveting our hoards is no longer what drives them.

        The conflict itself is what drives them. It is the unacceptable evil of whiteness that now drive most of our enemies. Our stuff has become of secondary importance. It is their resentment and hatred of us and of what we can accomplish – things they can never accomplish themselves – is what now drive this conflict.

        They would happily rule over the rubble as long as we have been obliterated.
        This is why there has been a rapid rise in the condemnation and endless moralizing about the privileges and the structural voodoo of all things white.

        Anti-whiteness is a textbook marriage of Huntington’s Clash…and Girard’s ratcheting up of mimetic chaos. It is the religious savagery of primitives.

        • Well either way Brother we have to be banding together or we will cease to exist…The sooner people wake up to that fact the sooner we can win…

        • Things you never forget:

          4th Grade: Jewish old lady teacher named Sanders calls me “Stupid” in front of the whole class by inserting it into one of our weekly spelling words and singling me out to spell it.

          5th Grade: Aces FCAT at a different school and they think I’m a genius.

          Have you ever read the subtext of a Bachelors diploma? It confers upon the recipient “rights, privileges, immunities, and honors” they previously did not have.

  35. Democracy can only work in a small, uniform society in which most fundamental things are not up for debate (and it might not work even then.)

    Now that democracy has become, “when we get to 51% we’re going to kill you and take your stuff”–the proverbial two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch–it’s hard to believe that people still defend it.

    I always think of that phrase “one of us,” a leitmotif in Joseph Conrad. Characters will indulge and protect others they see as “one of us” (often another white man in the tropics) despite their foibles.

    I think democracy can only work among some group that is fundamentally an “us,” people who, despite their factions have some major commonality of kinship and/or religion. They can chuckle off youthful excesses.

    But what we’ve got now is and us and them–maybe multiple us-es and thems, with no overlap. It’s essentially a racial war and a religious war–these two elements not perfectly overlapping, either–among people who are all physically mixed together within the same border.

    In other words, a total fucking mess. Separation has to be the goal.

    (For the kind of war we’re in, I can’t recommend William Lind’s “Fourth Generation Warfare” highly enough.

    • Democracy can only work among a White group that is fundamentally an “Us,” and even then only on a local scale. Outlier exception, maybe the Japanese.

      The White biological predispositions for k-selected, self-restrained behavior and high levels of empathy are necessary for democracy to function in the way we imagine it.

      Brazil may be a superficial democracy, but it’s not what we mean by it. I can’t think of a single non-White reasonaby homogenous nation that operates at even Athenian levels of democracy.

  36. Is the implication we on the Right will have to become Doniphon to remedy our culture and political war because lefties reading this think that is exactly what they have to do.
    Antifa and egregious court verdicts and such are just tame to what is coming. What the future brings as far as the dissident rights response matters most.

    • At some point, civilized people will be faced with a choice. They either take the necessary measures to secure their communities and societies or they allow themselves to destroyed. Sadly, a lot of people will choose the latter. People just assumed they could move away from the anarchy, but there is no where to run now. As that reality becomes plain, people will start to think about those choices.

      • Sadly, the “house in the woods” envisioned by a lot of survivalist types reminds me a lot of the South African farmsteads–isolated, with families being picked off one by one.

        We will have to hang together, or hang separately.

        • The thing that has me blackpilled about the future is that so many White South Africans STILL have not woken up.

          • Yep. South Africa keeps me up at night. That South African whites haven’t banded together is beyond stunning.

          • We have to write off a big part of the White population as simply unreachable. Focus on those with the brains to notice and the guts to make serious lifestyle and attitude shifts. Guys with Orania power-levels are the ones we’re looking to join up with.

          • The part of the White population that is unreachable might be 80% or more (hope not, but have to admit the possibility.)

            We’ve reached what Steven Jay Gould (oh gawd!) called a point of “Punctuated Equilibrium”, meaning that the great mass goes extinct while a few with advantageous mutations survive and form the basis for the next wave of evolution.

            West of the Hajnal Line White civilization is DONE. Those around in 100 years will be those who had the helpful mutation of self-interest. The good news is, if you’re here, you’re a carrier.

          • I brought up a similar thought in Scandza Oslo’s Q&A. I think the South & East Euros (Meds, Slavs, what have you) are more innoculated against what KMac calls pathological altruism, relying more on what he discussed as more primal kin-based bonding, which naturally shows less out-group altruism. I see N and W Hajnal societies as a more vulnerable core with S and E Euros as the tougher outer layer.

            It also helps that E. Euros were not exposed to the unique social corrosion of neoliberal capitalism. Sadly we’re seeing a major unravelling in many countries like Poland where the young are heeding the bugman call and leaving largely oldsters behind.

        • The Bumblehive is a huge problem where connectivity over any distance or reaching out to like minds is concerned. Currently, anything more than your lips to a neighbor’s ears is being collected and can be retrieved for closer detail scrutiny should you become a “person of interest”.

      • It’s the ability to escape that’s kept a lid on all of this. White flight from cities to cheap but white suburbs. White flight from California to more white Western states. White flight to very expensive inner ring neighborhoods and private schools.

        But whites are running out of places to hide. Refugee resettlements are bringing Africans to your town. Hispanics have been moving into cities around the country and will continue to do so. Asians and Indians are finding their way into nice inner suburbs.

        Corporations are becoming woke and openly anti-white. Diversity reps from local governments won’t shut up about white racism in schools. And just wait for the Dems to control the presidency and thus the judiciary.

        The waves of diversity are slowly lapping up onto the shores of middle and upper middle-class whites. Revolutions tend to start with the bourgeoisie.

        • No matter where you go, there you are.

          White flight is useless if it is taken only as a matter of geography.

          The actual flight needs to be goodwhites fleeing from their own toxic internalizations of leftism and their anti-identity.

          Goodwhites need to become unapologetic badwhites. That is the first order migration. Moving to Idaho is second order.

          In fact, a huge problem has been the goodwhites as leftist disease vectors. At least the waves of diversity POCs are honest about their intentions.

          • It’s not a matter of White Flight, it is a matter of White Congregation. We need to meet up, move together, store up, defend ourselves, and prepare for what is coming. Separatism with a purpose. It is not really a choice we are making, it is a choice being made for us by others.

      • Keep an eye on Cali, as it is the epicenter of this rot. If the idiots here get fed up and recall Newsom, and start balancing the state offices with more GOP reps, then you know the normies have had enough. If the zombies here keep voting in the Dems, then you know it’s going to get worse elsewhere too.

        • Karl, we shall see.

          But the problem remains that there is still plenty of real estate for the whites who voted for feces in the streets to move into.

          The outmigration of Cal and other coastal prog territories has been a massive cogdis release valve.

          The wagon train of leftists with their pox blankets of pozz will get a lot worse before anything changes in their home states.

          The positive economic arbitrage of selling CA real estate and moving out hasn’t helped either.

          Speaking of feces in the streets. So we have that here now. A business is being fined for not cleaning up the shit filled alley behind their office.

          Someone on the boards here said “thats what you get for voting Democrats into state and local office”. To which all the good white folks and reasonable libertarians here lost their minds on him. No! We need more funding, more programs!

          The trail of feces from the west coast cities – literal and figuratively, are totally lost on both the imports and the locals.

          Voting is pointless if the populi resides in anti-reality. Vote for shit get shit. Import the third world, become the third world.

          I’ve come to realize that the IQ fetish stuff is not really on our side. All these smart whites just use their big heads to bend reality around bad ideas that any room temp IQ joe sixpack knows just by driving thru town.

          • Screwtape, you might be in my AO. Are you in the locale with the Purina factory on the northside,along the interstate?

          • ER, yessir! I’m a northsider, in fact. Though not really, being that I’m white. Though I just found that out this year that its called the northside. Us gentrifiers call it by a different name.

            Still kinda breaks my heart to think about leaving here, but it breaks my heart more to see it become California.

          • Speaking of AOs, might this particular Purina plant have a good view of a feature with a name of “Elden”?

      • A clarification. The James Stewart character was not a coward. He was willing to fight Liberty Valance but initially only with with law and reason. He was even willing to face him in a gunfight. But Liberty respected neither law nor reason. The only way deal with him was to kill him. I don’t think many people today have the courage that Stewart’s character did.

      • First, putting some distance between yourself and the societal cancer is preferable to living in a blue city and facing the angry mob while standing on your front porch holding a shotgun. Second, distance equals reaction time. Combine that with intelligence and resources and you may become a viable antidote to the tyranny.

      • Will this security/destruction manifest due to choice, or due to a set of habits?

        Allow, huh… You’re giving the civilized man’s willpower a lot of credit. How much of our will has already been corrupted?

  37. Where you use the term reason, I prefer rationality. Even better for your essay is ‘common sense and decency’.

    Regardless, the extent to which common sense and decency, and all standards of decorum have evaporated is startling, particularly in the past 4 years, but steadily since Reagan/Bush I.

    Using the ship of Thesseus story as a base allegory for the leadership of our country: instead of buying high quality hand carved oak boards and beams, were buying Chinese particle board when we do ship repair. No wonder then the ship looks terrible, and won’t do what the steering wheel or the crew wants it to do.

  38. “Ranse Stoddard gives way to Tom Doniphon to end Liberty Valance.” I’m sorry, but I’ve got to ask for an explanation. (Go ahead, call me clueless. I am).

    • It is a reference to the classic Western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. It is a great movie and a great metaphor for our age.

      • Thanks for the reminder. Once a year, every year, we of The Range household plop in the disc Liberty Valance. The first two times Basic Husband fired it up, I ignored it. Was at the tail end of my Terminal Chick Think phase. That’s gone now. The third time I could tell he really wanted me to watch it with him. When the movie was over I just sat there, and in my usual eloquent way uttered a slow stream of “Oh……….Shittttt.” So much about human nature and the wisdom we are losing. Plus it’s nice and, ahhh…highly nice to see real men.

        • It’s a great film. Different from a conventional Western, since the shots are mostly indoors, almost feels claustrophobic. Great acting, great cast, and it’s one of those films you’ll always remember, unlike most throw-away entertainment.

    • Google and Wikipedia have the background information on such cultural references. Then YouTube has clips from the referenced movies, music and such.

    • “I said you, Valance. You pick it up!” If nothing else, watch the steak scene. Watch how Doniphon (and Liberty Valance) keeps his cool the entire time, while Stoddard struggles to maintain the slightest control of his emotions. As our host said, it’s a perfect metaphor for today.

      • Well, KGB, let us complete the scene:

        Valance: Three against one, Doniphon.

        Doniphon: My boy, Pompey; kitchen door.

        So, in appraising the relative coolness of the characters, let us not forget that Stoddard had no gun while Doniphon had his along with his nigger’s rifle, hidden behind the door.

        Let us nor forget that it was the “beta” Stoddard who openly squared off against Valance.

        Let us not forget that it was the “beta” Stoddard who got the girl, not the guy who razed his ranch.

        Let us also not forget John Ford’s virtue signaling to the civil rights mob in the movie as manifested by:

        (1) the depiction of the African, Woody Strode, as the more reasonable character than his master, the Duke; and

        (2) Donihpon threatening to do violence to the bartender if the latter would not serve Pompey.

        • Yes, it was the beta Stoddard who went, trembling, into the street to face Liberty Valance, where he would have been slaughtered had it not been for Doniphon’s crack shot. It was the beta Stoddard who got the girl when it was mistakenly believed that he, and not Tom Doniphon, had fired the fatal bullet. Sorry, but I’m more inclined to admire someone with the cool appraisal of Tom Doniphon, who calculates his circumstances accurately and acts judiciously, even if it means breaking the rules. He’s a far better role model for today’s dissident than Ranse Stoddard.

  39. THIS is why everyone thinks there will be another civil war. People can sense we’ve lost something even if they can’t articulate it like the Z-Man.

    • The brief article below was recently written by a UC (((professor))) about the Noel Ignatiev cause of eliminating whiteness and by extension the white race. It will certainly tighten your jaw. This poison is being force fed into the minds of our youth and we are paying for it to happen. There is no possibility of reasoning with this insanity. This vile piece of filth is literally calling for the genocide of western man. Ignatiev and this demented creep are exponents for the arguments made by antisemites.

        • Exactly. As the J-woke have said 100x around here, 95% of us Noticers aren’t motivated by hate, envy, ignorance or even an unfortunate but understandable over-reaction and over-generalization to the action of a “few bad Jews.”

          We are reacting to enemy action. We are the reasonable people who are realizing we can’t reason with unreasonable (((people))).

          The “vast majority of nice Jews” don’t even dare to speak out, much less take action, against their genocidal elites (just like the “peaceful Muslim majority” among their fellow Semites),

          Separation is the minimum condition I will accept. Whether it’s peaceful or not is up to them. Apartheid > Togethercide.

          Choose one, Shlomo.

      • This is important. They have taken everything they dont like (capitalism, racism, environmental destruction, etc.) and shoved it into a totem of “whiteness”. In theory, the anti-whites will accept if you abandon “whiteness” for an ethnic identity or something else. This is a lie and it’s a lie they get a lot of value out of. The word “whiteness” directly targets us based on our genetics. Recognize that and keep them pinned to it. Never let them weasel out of it.

      • The article you link to and endless others that are in the same vein are standard fare on every university campus. Freshman are force fed this stuff in the classrooms and in their dormitories. It is non-stop as they work their way through their general education requirements. The university is by far the most anti-white of our cultural institutions. Probably too far gone to even attempt to redeem.

    • You need not build, you need not fight, to fulfill the prophecy. To become masters and owners of a world built anew.

      Stories are the operating system of humanity. Scribes who write the script, the code, can make the machine do what they wish.

      Let others build- piggyback them to the heights.
      When one is Owner, then make the no-longer needed tools fight, and kill each other.

      One is now in sole possession, forever the Master of a reborn world.
      The robots and desperate, grateful survivors will be enough, to serve Olympus.

  40. As someone who liberals were once willing to listen to said “Those who make peaceful change impossible ,make violent revolution inevitable”.

    • I don’t think we would do any better in a revolution. I don’t even think there can be a revolution unless something fundamental changes.

      Even if we were going to fight one, which is stretch, they won’t give us the respect of calling it a revolution. They will call us white supremacist terrorists and the people we imagine would be sympathetic to us will be the first ones turning us in to the police. It is the police that we would be fighting. There will never come a time when we are fighting the military in the streets. That isn’t going to happen. That is one of the fantasies of the cuckservatives who imagine they would fight gun confiscation (they won’t).

      It really is comical how these cucks fantasize about how they would/could kill not only police, but their families as well. These people will not even (metaphorically) fight now, when the stakes are far lower and where “fight” means speech. Getting fired sucks, being a hung as a traitor is even worse.

      Clinging to these fantasies has an opportunity cost. People who should be homeschooling their children are buying guns and ammo instead or stockpiling food and toilet paper. Dissidents allow their children to watch Disney and other woke media.

      We need less guns and more day care workers, teachers and lawyers. It is near impossible to change the minds of people who were propagandized into their current beliefs when they were young enough to believe in Santa.

      • A revolution (in the historical sense) isn’t viable when government is a ruthless leviathan and the tools of memetic indoctrination can turn robust men into sheeple. A different paradigm is necessary. The Deep State will simply set the plebs to warring against each other and then incarcerate or exterminate the dregs after the smoke clears. However, focus beats chaos. That is the way forward.

        • Its nowhere sufficiently ruthless or Leviathan enough to hold America by the throat. Its trying and failing.

          Seriously – don’t look at Evan McMullen and Ciramella the neckbeard whistleblower and try and paint CHECKA or Gestapo on them. They’re Pajama Boys.
          The worst they can do us ban you on twitter. Or have antifa hit you at a rally. Force wise its been over since Bundy Ranch.

          This IS the unraveling. Disappointing I’m sure. Don’t worry, it will get louder. But the DS is not a threat outside DC, and even there not the KGB. KGB Wanna Be yes- but they don’t have it in them.

          • If we tried to take them head-on right now, we would be crushed like bugs. We would be tried as terrorists.

            There are people sitting in prison right now for defending themselves that would wholeheartedly disagree with you.

          • Let the Left shoot first, let the Deep State Revolt. We’re blessed that way.

            As for those few you mention – They’re in prison because they’re idiotic hotheads. They acted without putting in the work to prepare. They’re romantics who believed in “inspiring” the people with martyrdom for ideals. > this is and always has been folly. The people march from FEAR; fear of crime, fear of diversity, fear of poverty, hunger. The Left never marched anywhere unorganized and never had more than a few lunatics without mobilizing the herd with FEAR- or at least Hate. Never.
            Look at the Vietnam War peace movement; it was a draft riot. Once Nixon ended the Draft the peace movement vanished.

            The Blacks march because in Black Communities fear of being shot is real-the Left cleverly makes the police as the villains -dovetailing motives nicely as many of the non violent have their own justifiable fears of the police having a closer look at them- the Left uses FEAR.

            But what is to be done?

            Now this is where Z is correct; organize. Over any real issue. This is where I am right – get involved in your local issues – business, who rents or goes to school where you live. What do you think Liberals do to keep their neighborhoods and schools lily white? Stay home and laugh at the Daily Show? NO. Samantha Bee and her husband are deeply involved in their struggle to keep NYC schools the most segregated in the nation. Of course they are.

            Let me be clear on my position; I say organize for all aspects of life including yes ultima ratio (force) because force and war are part of life. Doesn’t mean it will happen, it means like fire, flood, power outages one is prepared. As far as the police I’ve worn my fingers bare here saying make them your tacit ally from whom all you require is neutrality – 🙈🙉🙊 see, hear, speak no evil. This is their default political position anyway, one in their interest and the public’s interest. A position the Oathkeepers and others such as 3% et al had no trouble getting them to quietly arrive at.
            The police have no trouble arriving at this position-neutrality.


            Well it could be all of the above (and of course me the SuperFed 🦸🏻‍♂️) are all part of the vast conspiracy to get you.

            ( I am by the way a veteran, and not police. Not a Fed, sorry).

            We could of course all be in it to get you…OR PERCHANCE …we all took the same Oath to the Constitution, we are here to protect our people, not oppress our own. In particular on behalf of people who hate us, investigate us, endanger us (anyone who acts to defend America must watch his back, as well as front and side) … we in particular aren’t very fond of them.

            I know all about investigations, I’ve got a file – and it says NOT A RAT.
            I know all about paranoia. Bitterness. You have to get past it.
            If you can’t get past it – drop the whole thing and get on with your life. At least you did your bit.

            And yet – if you would do, then how?
            ORGANIZE: who?
            People you know, where you live.
            Never mind a militia (you should learn basic skills and be armed, but that’s basic to manhood). Get involved in business, local civics, church if you can find one, school board, Trade groups, etc. See who’s who, there’s time. Now there’s time. Later perhaps not.

            You all have common interests; you live there. Build from that.

            I daresay the way our precious mediocrities manage our nation matters develop into the commons vs the managerial elites – its now patently obvious. And in their slide into madness they march, or rather stumble into Civil War. Let them.

            I say again; we are blessed to have such foes. Meanwhile; get ready.

            Good luck.

          • Tars – exactly.

            We are decades away from the kind of dissident infrastructure and culture you would need to make that kind of resistance possible on any large scale.

            Lets try living together and rasing families together before we start thinking Lexington & Concord. Even in Appalachia, the Smokies or the Ozarks, the kind of cohesion & clannishness necessary for sustained White community civil disobedience hasn’t existed since the 1960’s (aka 90% White majority America).

            That’s what we need to rebuild. Walk before we run.

        • I would say it is not viable when the gov is powerful enough to crush the revolution. They will always react with ruthlessness, it is their ability to crush the revolution that is the deciding factor.
          Right now, the US gov is extremely powerful. However, that can change. It is only when the gov looses the ability to put down a mass rebellion that we could ever hope to overcome them.

          • Running the empire costs a LOT of money. We have already broken 100% of GDP of unpayable debt. That is just at the federal level. States and municipalities are also carrying enormous amounts of debt.

            The bad part is the guys who would fight us (police at various levels) are probably going to be the last people laid off.

        • The ruthless Leviathan can’t even rule Afghanistan, let alone the USA. They’re big, calcified, intransient and vulnerable. Too big , with false confidence, but incapable of seeing reality, until its too late.

      • You must be one of Kirk’s boy’s to be calling people here cuckservatives.

        You know that the Left and the ruling class has made it quite clear that they want us dead and gone, white people would be wise to stock up on emergency supplies and weaponry. At least they’d have a chance to fight back if things go real bad.

        And don’t forget that it’s almost impossible for a white person to voice a opinion in public that runs against the dominant leftist dogma without ending up losing their job and worse.

        This is not the America of 1985 or even 2000.

        More lawyers, daycare workers and teachers is quite amusing. We’re already choking in lawyers and only the wealth can afford them. Daycare workers only serve to turn mom into a corporate drone.

        • I don’t know why people so despise the gun owners. They’re the only conservatives to conserve anything.
          They also built and build daily traditional and manly culture – look ! Actual Right wing culture !
          That they’ll defend by force. They already do by being a force in being.

          Imagine our fate if we’d been disarmed after 1968, imagine America without guns.

          Cucks? Hell No. They’re just not chumps.

      • Agree the likelihood of armed revolution is small. That said, I am still of a belief that if anything brings America down it will be from the various tribes quarreling on the inside; not necessarily our crowd. Even as America slides more authoritarian as a means to exert greater control ethnic heterogeneity may well still be her undoing. We try to search for historical analogues because most do not deal well with uncertainty, but it is tough to say either way.

        It literally is Taleb’s Lucretius problem that he discussed in Antifragile: only the fool believes the tallest mountain in the world will be equal to that which he has already observed. How is anyone supposed to know precisely what the mountain looks like when it has not manifest itself yet?

      • People on this blog keep hemming and hawing about opposing or fighting police, in the event of a revolution, or other form of resistance.

        Stop it. Just stop it already. The great majority of average blue shirt, or street cop, is on the side of the great unwashed masses. In the first 24/48 hours, I’m guessing over 90% of the grunts handling calls will ignore calls to arrest dissidents, or actually assist them. This isn’t your grandpas police force boys and girls. They are hamstrung and completely demoralized. Morale is nonexistent. The boss-holes are political hacks that will melt away if anything gets sporty, and they are the ones that would be on the side of the G.

        One other factor that few consider is manpower. Did you know that a certain lakeshore city of big shoulders has a 43,000/1 ratio of citizens to police at any given time? Think about that. How is that even mathematically possible? It’s mind boggling. I did the math one day when EVERY car was in on an arrest. Not one car was available to take calls.

        “But Bartleby, they will have their pension to fight for.” You mean the pensions that are woefully underfunded and on the brink of insolvency? Myself and most of my coworkers have 2 and 3 jobs. Counting on your pension at this time in history, is a fools errand. If they can be paid out, great. Few are holding their breath.

        So do as I suggested and get to know your local officer friendly. They may even tell you when the shits gonna go airborne.

        • They are CURRENTLY arresting patriotic right wing dissidents and confiscating firearms from people, solely on the basis of their political beliefs

        • Please comment on Charlottesville and similar incidents where the police refused to protect protesters with a valid permit as antifa attacked them. Even Trump rallies in California.

          • LineInTheSand, with regards to Charlottesville and similar incidents, there are two points to make.
            1) Z has pointed out quite clearly that in most instances, the protestors are/were useful tools of the left. They may be sympathetic, but shame on them for putting themselves in that position.
            2) with regards to police NOT protecting protesters, read my post and then realize that it is the bosses, or management, that gave the orders to stand down. Don’t think for a minute that the beat guys didn’t want to apply a few wood shampoos. Remember, at this point in time, the morale is nonexistent. The problem TPTB will have is when you give cops nothing to lose. They will act like folks with nothing to lose.

          • BtS, you said “ the bosses, or management, that gave the orders to stand down”.

            I believe the point is the rank and file obeyed those orders.

            Especially in the urban forces, the rank and file police have been trained with enough “us vs. them” attitude, they will act to protect their privileges (“street power”, generally good pay, outstanding pensions, etc.).

            The military as well, as its currently run by a bunch of Vindmans more interested in personal power than principals. Recall that there’s no place where weapons are locked up tighter than military bases.

          • “The problem TPTB will have is when you give cops nothing to lose”

            That’s why tyrants prioritize paying the security forces and keeping them loyal

          • Please contrast Cville with say; the USSR. The police are not enemies, we’d know.

            Why is it Line in the sand? What line?

            There is no risk free life, certainly not in dissident or protest politics.

            To listen to some here the Feds are outside our doors, waiting to arrest us and/or confiscate arms…these same people deride action or any Organizing for potential action. These same people think they’re speaking to spies. These same people think all is lost. ????

            Then what is lost by being ready?

            The people in jail wanted to be there, or they’re idiots getting a very practical education. The only long sentence for Charlottesville is a nut job who drove his car as a murder weapon.

            There is no risk free life, no risk free politics, no safe war – and if that’s your baseline requirement pray for a lynch mob to blend into, and pray someone else wins for the rest of us.

            As far as cherry picking this or that out of a nation of 330 million covering two million square miles…yes, the world isn’t safe.
            Politics is power – never safe.
            But passivity is the ultimate risk.
            That’s a formula for extinction.


          • Stop the 4D chess nonsense, it’s endangering people.

            The institutions are hostile to pro-Whites.

            The DOJ and the FBI are hunting White Nationalists as a top priority and are willing to stretch and creatively interpret existing laws in order to criminalize previously protected speech.

            They are also using their standard entrapment tactics on dumb and/or young people.

            They are trained and indoctrinated by the ADL and they seem to feel entirely justified in what they do.

            And in the future, there are going to be more and more laws designed to suppress our speech.

            And in the future, firearm confiscation on the basis of your political views is going to be a fact of daily life, as it already is in many states. (Red Flag laws)

      • Yes, I believe you are on the right track. We’re a few generations deep in this already, so we’ve got to start from the ground up.

        However, after a certain age, children reflexively identify more strongly with their peers. And where are they doing all their learning, and under whose tutelage?

        Big tech is getting better and better at manipulating the thought patterns of young minds, whether directly or even through second-hand exposure. I’m not saying it’s impossible to protect their minds from consumer enslavement, but it’s damn tough now and it’s going to get a lot harder later. Why wouldn’t it?

        I think of a chess game: if you’re ahead, keep exchanging pieces with your opponent because the value of a small advantage grows exponentially in the late game. And we’re down a shitload of pieces. So we cannot trade them blow-for-blow, as you’ve already observed. But perhaps we are playing the wrong game in the first place.

      • There’s room for both guns and homeschools.

        It’s frustrating to see Boomerwaffen CivNat 2A’s LARP as dissidents when mere gun ownership is their only mark of dissent.

        That said, our day care workers, teachers and lawyers still need to own guns and understand the “gun culture.”

        Today’s theme – look at what the Specials do – compulsory-armed in-groupery. To gain the benefit of the group, you must be willing to fight for the group.

        Ownership of guns isn’t sufficient for being a dissident and can’t substitute for real dissident attitudes and behaviors, but it’s a good litmus test for those who will never get with Us vs. those who might.

        Not 100% accurate, OFC, but strong-majority accurate.

      • That all sounds good TT. And it’s all true, as far as it goes.


        It doesn’t matter what you and I think or do. We are up against unreasonable people – and they hate us. Their multiculti hive is falling apart. That’s all your fault. Their kids graduate from public school with drug habits, sexually degenerate appetites and can’t read. Their parents are “too busy” or “too poor” to homeschool theirs. They resent like hell the white privilege you use to raise yours with all the advantages and good things in life. They’d love to see your kids beaten and killed too… that’s what they were jonesing for when they went after the Covington kids. They want to shut down private and home schools.

        Coming from a family of those progs, I know how they think. Look at your awful kids – they’re NAZIS, literally worse than Hitler…like those Groypers. People like you make wahmen feel bad, you oppress people of colour (and Jews,of course), and you’re responsible for marginalizing the queers, pedos, and 56 other genders. Oh – and you effed up the environment too. And guys like our toxic blog host travel hither and yon spreading hateyness and racism to eager poisoned minds. Did I miss anything? Oh yes! Why DO you need a gun, again? Diane Feinstein wants, yours, and that pesky Constitution keeps effing that up… it will have to be scrapped or modified at some point.

        If I understand those morons correctly, there will be no cattle cars and train rides with hot showers at the end of the line – the logistics for that are beyond them. I see large scale “purges” and mass graves. Historically that is how they roll.

        We won’t have a say when that rebellion starts. They are going to bring it to us. And no, we will probably not be prepared. For now, it’s small isolated stuff and we can pretend it doesn’t matter. Crap like the Knick out game, the street brawls with ANTIFA, the corporate purgings.

        At what point, exactly, DO we fight, TT? Z? When is it ever a GOOD time to stage a rebellion?

        • @John
          When you have the numbers you can stand up and say no more and if they want to kill you for that, then you have to defend yourself at that point…It will be self defense not a revolution…

    • Those who monopolize youth monopolize violence. The fringe right is not, at least numerically, the party of the youth — though I’d hesitate to call it the party of the aged.

      While I don’t know about a revolution, I will say this:

      I don’t want my nation to be exploited by the mechanisms its culture promotes; I don’t want to buy my future kid a phone so he can sear his retinas with late-night propaganda; I don’t want to send him to college where he’ll be preyed upon by sophists and loan-sharks; most of all, I don’t want him to discard his convictions at the behest of some hypervigilant, hyperfunded superminority. And yet it’s all happening.

      It is disgusting that we are virtually tethered to devices that can quantify, commodify, and manipulate our thoughts. And we’re all supposed to laugh about it like it’s a big goddamn joke.

      It’s tech oligarchs. Soon, there will be nothing they can’t touch. They are the personified abnegation of the first amendment. But how do we defeat them when we depend upon them to live our modern lives?

      • You have to be a diligent father if you don’t want the world to influence your son’s or daughter’s…

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