Ukrainian Mysteries

One of the puzzles to the impeachment stuff is why certain elements of the ruling class think this is a productive use of their time. The impeachment show put on by the Democrats last week struck most people as boring and weird. It was mostly a parade of people with funny sounding names babbling about inside baseball. There’s also the fact that the guy appointed to be the master of ceremonies gives people the creeps. Adam Schiff looks like frog peeping through the ice. He is a very odd man.

The bigger issue is no one seems to know what the crime is at the heart of this alleged scandal. We live in an age where the President bombs countries, overthrows governments and sends troops onto foreign soil whenever he likes. Demanding information in exchange for cash hardly seems important. The claim by the outrage mob is that it would have been perfectly fine for Trump to bomb Kiev or overthrow the government, but he crossed the line demanding they investigate criminality.

Of course, nothing in politics is as it seems. This impeachment stuff has other aspects to it. One is the outlandish corruption in Washington. The Biden family appears to have been taking massive bribes from Burisma Holdings, the dodgy energy company that operates within Ukraine. What exactly they were expecting to get is not all that clear, but it must have been worth a lot. They were not paying Hunter Biden tens of millions because he offered wise counsel. They expected something big.

Given the nature of the Washington political elite and Biden’s position within it, it is safe to assume a lot of people were getting paid by elements operating in Ukraine. They played some role in the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. Some of the fake information used to defraud the court for FISA warrants came from Ukraine via the Steele dossier and Fusion GPS. Of course, Mueller put Paul Manafort in jail allegedly because he had corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

This small unimportant country on the fringe of Europe seems to play an out-sized role in America politics. People forget that during the Obama administration, the foreign policy elite overthrew the elected government of Ukraine. Victoria Nuland was caught red handed working to disrupt the government in 2014. Nuland is one of those permanent party members who is never affected by elections. No matter who is in the White House, she is part of the team running foreign policy.

Of course, no discussion of Ukraine can be complete without mentioning that our greatest ally seems to have an obsession with the place. The Ukraine impeachment show looked like a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day. It was one Jew after another popping up to talk about the ancestral homeland. As Steve Sailer and many others have noted, American Jews have an obsession with their old stomping grounds in the former Russian Empire. Impeachment was shtetl porn for these people.

The Jewish obsession with that part of the world is a fascinating bit of history that never gets much attention. Third and fourth generation Irish Americans have no interest in Ireland. The same is true of Italians, Poles and even Mexicans. These groups have folded into the white American ethnic group. For Jews, the old country still looms large, even after close to a century. Look at the Russian sector of the foreign policy establishment and it is a sea of little hats.

This is probably why Russia is now a magic word in leftist circles. When the party wants to say something bad about someone, they claim the person is a Russian puppet or fond of Putin. Tulsi Gabbard, who has outrageously taken the position the Democrats had during the Bush years, with regards to endless war, is regularly accused of being a Russian agent by various rage heads on cable. For certain people, Russia will forever be the most hated enemy. The Jews really know how to hold a grudge.

That is one major reason for Ukraine being so important to Washington. It is the dream of these people to have Ukraine included in NATO, thus an official part of Europe. It is a symbolic liberation from the Russian Empire. The people from the Pale of Settlement can then claim to be European. It is an important psychological element animating much of the obsession and paranoia over that part of the world. That old need to not dwell alone is the invisible hand guiding all of this.

Of course, there is the possibility that Jews obsess over that part of the world, because that is where they have hidden the Ark of the Covenant. Instead of a government warehouse in the Midwest, it has been stashed away in the Pale of Settlement. The Jewish people have been there for a long time and their origin story is shrouded in mystery, so maybe that’s the big secret. Is that any more absurd or ridiculous than anything else in the bizarre impeachment charade?

In the end, the weirdness of this whole affair is probably why impeachment has not resonated with the public. All of these odd-looking people with foreign names strike most Americans as outsiders. They are not the sorts of characters that have meaning to them, because these are not people they can relate to as fellow citizens. The pudgy Ukrainian colonel looks like a flunky from a Bond movie. Most Americans wonder why we have a Ukrainian general working in the White House.

What impeachment and the various scandals of the ruling class demonstrate is just how foreign the ruling class is today. These are people so divorced from the daily reality of Americans, they may as well live on another planet. They can’t even put on good political theater now. Instead, it is a parade of their buddies from an obscure part of the imperial establishment. They would have been better served offering up spectral evidence that Trump is a witch. That would be more relatable.

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243 thoughts on “Ukrainian Mysteries

  1. So somehow my spouse ended up with an invite to Biden’s fundraiser out on the island on the 29th–hosted by someone who once bought an ambassadorship. Thinking it would be a hoot to RSVP with the question of whether or not it would be appropriate to bring a baby gift for the new proud grandparents….

  2. More Russia history; summary until Putin the Harvard Mafia was in bed with the Russian Oligarchs and Soros, et al. Putin ended that.

    The Harvard Mafia moved onto Ukraine-oh and uh er in interim did same to us with Housing Finance, QE etc. Now Victoria nuland, husband of Robert Kagan joins the plot with “fuck the EU” etc.

    They’re just being themselves, the fault is ours for sharing power.

    Now Trump is seen as the American Putin. They’re shitting their pants.
    As for Jared – Trump power marriage.
    This splits the core opposition. That’s all. Competence is never pure-not in rule.

  3. “The Jewish obsession with that part of the world is a fascinating bit of history that never gets much attention. Third and fourth generation Irish Americans have no interest in Ireland. The same is true of Italians, Poles and even Mexicans. These groups have folded into the white American ethnic group.”

    You think La Raza (since renamed) was composed merely of first and second generation Mexican-Americans? Or that financing the Troubles in Northern Ireland didn’t come from the US?

    American Jews are interested in Israel to that degree, or more. In Ukraine… not so much.

    You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

    • Does this quibble say anything about the broader argument Z’s making with the post? Can you tell me what the point of his argument is?

      This is why I’m making most of my own site invitation only. There is a big portion of the commentariat who treat discussions as an occasion to score points with The Professor in Their Head by picking nits while failing to address or contribute to the main points of discussion. I want constructive commenters and a general admission site has too much of this kind of thing for my sanity when I’m going to have to moderate it.

      Z’s not trying to present a mathematical proof here. Everything in human life has a NAxALT, and all you’re doing is scattering NAxALT.

      Pedants would have Z writing two dozen qualifying and contexturalizing footnotes for every general observation if he cared to bulletproof his sound arguments from NAxALT attacks. Thankfully he doesn’t.

      That’s why those debating in good faith don’t deploy this facile quasi-fallacy without addressing and defending the fact that they are NAxALTing. We’d end up writing book-length posts and follow-ups on essay-length subjects.

      On the whole, Z is correct. Are you saying a majority or even a large plurality of American Irish funded the IRA? Or that most Mexicans in America care about anything beyond their own immediate daily situation? Despite Mexico’s proximity and (almost entirely negtive) impact on American interests, has the U.S. Congress spent the last 3 years debating Mexico’s internal electoral politics and the minutea of its leaders’ loyalties?

      Guys who use the “opinion vs. fact” shtick (of which Shapiro’s “facts/feelz” is a variant) often have trouble distinguishing their own opinions from facts.

      This kind of “gotcha” straw-manning accomplishes nothing but confusion and self-defeating debate about side issues.

      • Sure, I could tell you what his points were. He says a lot of things I agree with then veers off into nonsense for the second half of his essay. To call it a “quibble” to note that the basis of that second half is a falsehood is ridiculous.

        Sorry, Jews are NOT obsessed with the Pale of Settlement, still less the Ukraine. As to the former, there’s Fiddler on the Roof and…. nothing much. As to the latter… I’m reasonably confident that most Jews don’t even know that Fiddler on the Roof is set in what is now the Ukraine. If you’ve got any contrary data on this feel free to provide it.

        Or you can continue to hide away in your invitation-only ghetto. It’s no skin off of my nose.

        It’s been over a hundred years since the Ashkenazi influx, and Hitler did a pretty good job of “cleansing” the relatives of American Jews out of the area. I’ll stand by my contention that Ireland has much more significance for those of Irish extraction than the present Ukraine does for Jews.

  4. It’s like watching the special ed kids argue about the rules for dodgeball. Outside of Washington I doubt if many of these people could get much past shift manager at the local fast food place.

  5. “The pudgy Ukrainian colonel looks like a flunky from a Bond movie. Most Americans wonder why we have a Ukrainian general working in the White House.”

    Actually, he rather reminded me of Goldfinger himself at the end of the movie, wearing his American general’s uniform and revealing his true loyalties by mowing down the US soldiers.

  6. Look, the beginning and the end of the story – from where I sit – and see scum, middling IQ scum – like Sean Maloney in government – is this.

    The slip and fall shysters realized they could loot the society more effectively in government, than say, hoisting billboards and waiting for clients to limp in.

    Shyster thinking, ‘reasoning’ – all on display in this shampeachment. The most disgusting, lying people – their minds all work alike. Find the right “words” and win. All the same bleating, hyperbole. It really is too bad Mark Twain no longer walks the earth.

    All sides of the aisle are selling the same garbage to pimp insurance company, pharma and car sales advertising. Carnival barkers, all.

  7. “This small unimportant country on the fringe of Europe…”

    Lol, it’s bigger than California; largest country in all of Europe, really.

    • Is there a WordPress Pedant Points program that gives spergs a bonus for picking irrelevant nits?

      “Actually” Achievement Unlocked.

    • that’s why there are so many books, movies, and songs about Ukraine. it’s an empty shit hole. there, I fixed that for you.

  8. 2013 quote from Putin:

    “I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13, 2013 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Putin was referencing the library of Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson.

    Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party
    Bronstein (Trotsky) Jew
    Apfelbaum (Zinovief) Jew
    Lourie (Larine) Jew
    Ouritski Jew
    Volodarski Jew
    Rosenfeldt (Kamanef) Jew
    Smidovitch Jew
    Sverdlof (Yankel) Jew
    Nakhamkes (Steklof) Jew
    Ulyanov (Lenin) Russian
    Krylenko Russian
    Lounatcharski Russian

  9. I would like to think there is honor somewhere left in our system. I don’t expect much from Horowitz but Barr and Durham?
    If they just convict some low level nobodies and leave it at that then it truly is over with for our system of government.
    I hope the z is wrong on this one.
    We shall see.

    • Right you are Gordon. Crimes unpunished are repeated. Makes one wonder. How many similar crimes committed in the past went unpunished?

    • We’re nearly 50 yrs on from the low-level nobody G Gordon Liddy playing the scapegoat … and since the time of JFK we havent needed any more lessons-learned regarding our “system of government.” The system is designed to destroy little people and protect the elite. Justice and honor are things we learn in civics class, but it counts for little in the federal judicial system or deep state.

    • Barr’s converso father hired Jeff Epstein without credentials to one of the more posh private teaching gigs in the country when Jeff was practically still in diapers. A more egregious right-wing version of how Obama was admited to Occidental out of left field. The Barr family’s connections to all the wrong people run deep. Don’t get your hopes up too much.

      • What do you do when no one is looking or when you know you won’t get caught?

        What happens next depends on Barr’s character, his integrity. It’s a matter of virtue ethics. It would be much easier to protect his friends and sweep all this under the rug than to do the right thing and face the ensuing media firestorm by prosecuting all the nefarious characters in the Obama gang.

  10. 5000 A.D., after printing has been rediscovered:

    “Our Shtetl Empire was glorious, mighty, ruled by the wisest of kings, receiving tribute from dozens of lands!

    Next year… next year, in Kiev!”

  11. In a real simple sense, Ukraine is sort of like the IPO fever that struck investors in the late 1990’s. Everybody wanted to be the guy who invested $1,000 in Walmart in 1981 and retired a billionaire or whatever. Every IPO was treated like a sure-win lottery ticket. Which it was…for the people launching the IPOs! Not for the sucker investors who didn’t realize that by the time they heard about the IPO, all the money had already been made. Eventually, the whole IPO construct blew up as more and more people rushed into them to earn smaller and smaller returns.

    So, here you have Ukraine. Money gets dumped into that country, and it is wholly corrupt. They lose track of money there fast, which makes it ideal for siphoning off money and pumping it into Government Party coffers through various front companies and NGOs who “help” make sure that money gets spent. It’s a gigantic slush fund, and Government Party players rushed into the void seeing an almost flawless get-rich-quick scheme. The first few people into the void, like the Biden’s, made millions. But, word got out, and more people started getting into the act through their various “foundations” like the McCain Institute.

    The spies planted in the White House weren’t raising alarms because Trump did something wrong. They were sounding the alarm because they were risking major exposure if that money trail ever was actually audited. Impeachment is the “Bookkeeper” scene from The Untouchables…they’re trying to protect the books.

    Throw in the Durham criminal probe, and the very real possibility that he will uncover the full depth of the Russia hoax and its ties back to Ukraine, and you have a perfect storm.

    Ukraine is a front company for the Government Party. They use it to launder aid money. The use it to run extortion schemes and political hits. It’s a black hole of corruption and chaos and I doubt anybody really believes anything any Ukrainians says about anything. Even this stuff Guiliani says he has found…has to be suspect…because if the Ukrainians have proven to be adept at anything, it is lying.

    Which is why they are so popular with the Government Party.

  12. The Ukrainium Meltdown.

    Jewish interest? Criminals return to the scene of the crime. Holodomor anyone? Duranty still has his Pulitzer. Where is the outcry against Holodomor denial?

  13. ‘ They would have been better served offering up spectral evidence that Trump is a witch.”

    Maybe Jason Jorjani could help them with that.

  14. Z, I want to outline here what I see the Dems doing all over the world. They create and fund institutions using both foreign and domestic policy, and then ‘recurve’ them so their creations fund the DNC proper, its Principals, or its patrons.

    In essence, they create a donor class, foreign or domestic, out of whole cloth, using the Citizens’ public fisc to fertilize it.

    The suspicious energy company in the Ukraine is just one of these creations. But you could point to the US’s student loan system in which the Democrats intend to finance its activists’ decades-long activism through trillions of dollars of loan forgiveness, knowing full well that the activists and their university admins/teachers will donate proceeds back to the Party in droves. You could also list most if not all of the USDA’s farm-loan programs among these, as long time patrons like Warren Buffet (and family) – and, in SE Arizona, Romney-type Mormons – are neck deep into wasteful or fraudulent crop research schemes that, on their face, simply launder tax payer monies and send them back to the Deep State as either political contributions or pro bono media ad “buys” from ‘friendly’ media companies.

    I see this, too, with the various licensing and credentializing plans like the one administered by the Department of Real Estate, the multitudinous insurance brokerage and teachers’ licensing/certification rackets, just to name a few. Most require a bevy of publication buys from printers and complicit media, and the “continuing education” demand keeps the captured compliant safely in his cage and ensures the money flows back to the Party in regularized, legislated pulses; all donating and voting with regular tempo in perfect partisan predictability.

    With all of these gimmicks, the statists generate self-propagating loops with little proven civic benefit, but that spin off revenues back to the state. The recurved nature of these finance flows is the ‘tell.’ And the Biden-Obama/Ukraine Loop is just one of thousands of these rackets, often overseen by the State Department under the aegis of “foreign aid,” all over the world.

    Until we put a stop to this, our Republic will continue to be wrecked

    • Even better if you can make your scam of an organization “tax deductible”. Then you can give tax deductible “donations” to it and spend the money on yourself and on your cronies. Lots of options: pay it out in salaries, give grants to each others’ organizations, use each others’ businesses as vendors, or spend it on “charitable events”. Either way, you can defer, shift, or even eliminate taxable income.

      Just needs to be plausible enough that it’s a “charity” in the eyes of the IRS.

  15. In my dark moments — which come with ever-increasing frequency these days — I think that the Dems are doing it simply to be seen doing something, anything. They’ve backed themselves into a corner. The culture wars are over, and they won — a victory so resounding, it makes the Red Army in Berlin look like a Boy Scout jamboree. They can’t “fight” on the “economy,” since the only part of “the economy” the average voter (thinks he) understands is going gangbusters. They’ve got nothing on foreign policy, since they’re somehow trying to criticize Orange Man for doing the very same stuff they lauded Obama to the stars for doing. But if they stop, even for a moment, the whole house of cards comes crashing down — after three decades of all identity politics, all the time, folks like AOC don’t want to wait any longer to get their snouts in the trough. “Impeachment” is the national equivalent of busy work in junior high.

  16. Only Trump’s staunchest defenders could believe that he wasn’t up to something in Ukraine. (Which is very different from saying he should be impeached for it.) He was clearly running a game where at the same time the establishment diplomats were all pushing for a public meeting with Zelinksy, Trump had Giuliani, Sondland, etc., pushing for Ukraine to investigate 2016 election interference and Burisma/Biden.

    The game was name make the linkage between the two issues explicit, and let the Ukrainians figure it out. The establishment diplomats eventually would figure it out as well, they wouldn’t hear it said by anyone. Trump then ramped up the pressure in July by putting a hold on some military aid.

    The problem was Sondland. He is either an idiot or a (((rat))), because everyone who testified to the linkage fingered him as their source. In fact, he testified to it himself, but he had to walk it back when it became clear no one ever said to him there was linkage.

    As soon as the Democrats announced their investigation, the game was essentially over, and Trump released the funds. You can see his exasperation in the conversation that Sondland related:

    [I said to the president], “What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that. What do you want?”
    And it was a very short, abrupt conversation.
    He was not in a good mood and he just said, “I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing.”

    No wonder he wasn’t in a good mood. What an idiot. Another great personnel decision by Trump. Always choose a mid level hotel entrepreneur for a delicate diplomatic mission.

    • Trump was well within his authority as the duly elected President to request an investigation into 2016 election interference and Bursima, and any role the Biden’s may have played in shutting down the previous investigations. The fact that Joe Biden is running for President does not grant him immunity from such an investigation.

      I watched Sondland testify. He’s a complete moron who was in way, way over his head. Not smart enough to be a (((rat))).

      • I agree with everything you said about Trump and Biden. As for Sondland, he’s definitely the linchpin of the quid pro quo argument. It’s at best a weak theory, but there are a LOT of Conservative, Inc., Republicans in the Senate that would love to get rid of this troublesome president. I put the odds very low, but not at zero, that he is removed.

      • No, but I did just pull huge Mchungus out of my nose. Seriously. You see it all has just one big coincidence and misunderstanding? If so, that’s adorable.

    • Call the FBI – a politician is “up to” politics

      The selective criminalization of perfectly normal historically unremarkable political action is laughable. These shills have legalized bribery, extortion and mass censorship of US citizens and people want to split hairs over Trump arm-twisting the Ukraine?

      We’re plotting coups in every theatre of operations worldwide, false-flagging WMD attacks, strangling opponents with sanctions and have done everythng to foreign national Julian Assange but Epstein him (so far, give them time). But let’s get all wee-wee’d about perfectly normal day-to-day diplomatic pressure being applied by the CINC?

    • I don’t the reason for downvoting this. It could be very close to the deal that trump was trying to work. And as far as I’m concerned, he would have been completely justified in doing so. Not only because the whole crowd was corrupt, but because the people who had been making his life difficult we’re the ones making money off it.

      • Thanks for understanding my point my good man. I expected some here to have an us-against-them reaction to this, so it’s nice to have someone see past that. I posted something similar at The Conservatives Treehouse website, and they REALLY hated me. I’m just looking at the facts as I see them and trying to make sense of them. I’d have less respect for Trump if he stumbled into this hornets nest accidentally. I think he knew exactly what he was doing, but of course, it could all come out of my ass, I suppose…

  17. It’s worth delving back into ancient history and watching a few minutes of Sam Ervin and Howard Baker in the Watergate hearings. The post-Vietnam 70s were a low-point of American history but at least the ruling class had elements of decorum and native intelligence. American politicians have always had a corner on the clown market, but back in the day we could say they were OUR clowns. So to Z-man’s point, today’s politicians are manifestly not my people, nor is that fatty stuffed in an Army uniform a fellow warrior. Today’s political class and their red/blue followers merely demonstrate that I’m a sojourner in a foreign country.

  18. “One of the puzzles to the impeachment stuff is why certain elements of the ruling class think this is a productive use of their time.”

    I think that it is like with other “conservative” presidents. Like with Nixon or Reagan, the objective is to keep them from pushing their agenda as much as possible.

    Imagine, if you will, where we would be now if the evil left and all its minions had left Trump alone to “make America great again”. And think about who all would be on trial or in jail for crimes.

    • It’s not the left. It’s the Uniparty as a whole. The elite want what works for them, not everyone.

      • Once you see it, it cannot be unseen. Which is why the powers that be and their minion media work so hard to keep the red-blue thing going. That, and triggering for clicks on the media end of it.

    • As Coulter has pointed out to Trump’s chagrin, there is a vast amount of MAGA that he could have accomplished by now simply by using the powers of his own office and telling the objecting Left and Cuck Right to pound sand. What is stopping the wholly Executive Branch Justice Department from agressively investigating and prosecuting Swampers?

      The Left’s objective with Republican presidents is to virtue-signal against the things the GOP base wants but donors don’t and to provide the Swamp Right with excuses for why that dang fence just can’t be built, tens of thousands of troops need to stay overseas, etc… And throw in a few teachable moments to remind us that gay african drug addicts are who this country was built for.

      Where there’s a will, there’s a way. God Emperor Trump had a Will to Office but not a Will to Power. Like Redford in “The Candidate,” the question of “what do we do now” apparently didn’t cross his mind until November 8, 2016.

  19. We live in a dead society. Completely dead. Why wouldn’t a dead society let foreigners, including Israelis run our foreign policy? Why wouldn’t a dead society open the gates and let the foreign hordes flood in? Why wouldn’t a dead society let grifters of all kind line their pockets with tax dollars? Why wouldn’t a dead society let its debt explode into something ridiculous? Living societies believe in a future, or at least stop navel gazing long enough to realize that the future is in jeopardy. A Corpse can’t defend itself, and doesn’t care if they’re stolen from.

  20. The recent Zionist obsession with Russia relates to Putin’s treatment of the oligarchs. This is probably not news to readers of this site, but just for completeness. When Russia privatized under yeltsin after the separation of the Soviet Union, the utility and various other companies which had been run by the state were sold at auction to certain persons in proceedings that are well known to have been rigged. There are many oligarchs, but the top 9 were Jewish or half jewishAmy Chua has a good section on this in her book World on Fire. Basically it’s as if AT&T had been built up by the blood sweat and tears of generations of Americans and then some guy stepped in and took over the company. These oligarchs are some of the richest people on earth. When Putin got in he cracked down on them and made them give some of the money back. Some cooperated and are on good terms with Putin. Others fled to Britain and Israel. The journalist poisoned with polonium in Britain was supposedly under pay by one of the oligarchs to expose Putin as a pedophile. (So say, I’m not sure if this is substantiated, I believe I saw it on 60 Minutes. Neither side appear to be nice people that you would dare to mess with!)

    This was in Russia but there were like dramas in the satellite states, particularly Ukraine, which used similar models for privatization.

    I think, or many believe, that the “wronged” oligarchs have strong Zionist connections and our foreign policy towards Putin’s Russia is in large part shaped by his struggle with them.

    • Putin is the only Jew-friendly head of Russian state in the last 150 years (since Alexander II). He is friends with chief Hasidic Rabbi of Russia and turns to him for advice.
      The only Jewish oligarchs he turned against were those who thought they would dominate him, as they helped to bring him into Kremlin.
      The reason Dem American Jews are against Russia is because they follow Dem party line.
      Historically all pogroms took place in Ukraine and Moldova, as Jews were forbidden to live in most of Russia before 1917 revolution.

      • I’m not saying Putin is an anti Semite. Some of the Jewish oligarchs are on good terms with him. Why then is the Democratic Party line and neoconservative branch of the Republican Party so hostile to Putin’s Russia? Why did they like yeltsin so much?

        • That’s what I’m saying, centrist Democrat, neoconservative are virtually synonymous with something. Also, Putin supports Assad in Syria and Iran to some degree, which puts him on the wrong side of the Zionist establishment. The zionists seek to cut the Shia corridor to Lebanon. It’s sort of a complex of interconnected things.

        • Dems loved Russia and colluded with (some) Russian oligarchs against candidate Trump. Before that Obama had quid pro quo with Medvedev (tell Vladimir I’ll be more flexible after election).
          Now that Dems projected their Russian crimes into Trump, Russia overnight became an enemy.
          All this has little to do with supposed Jewish connection with the old country.

          • And if you pull the other one it’s got bells on! Its not party. The R’s have just as much stake in the corruption of Ukraine as the D’s.

      • The reason the Dem American party line is against Russia (along with the GOP party line) is because Jews draw the American party lines.

  21. A little bit of history, before WW1, the Western Ukraine, Gallicia and Bukovinia, were part of the old Austrian-Hungarian Empire and, in a sense, part of Europe. The cultural connections in that part of the Ukraine looked West via the Catholic Church. In the rest of the Ukraine, the connections were to Russia via the Orthodox Church. The Ukraine is culturally torn between East and West, a source of trouble for anyone who gets involved with that sad tortured country. America would be wise to let the Russians have the trouble of taking care of their “little brothers”.

    Disclosure: my mother’s parents were born in Bukovinia when it was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire

    • This ties in with the German Jew versus Russian Jew conflict. German Jews don’t share the obsession with the old country, as they have assimilated pretty much like other European groups. Paul Gottfried has talked about this quite a bit in the past. It’s one of those things that once it is pointed out, it is really hard not to notice.

      • Disagree with you and Gottfried. The German Jews aren’t as obsessed with cossacks, and tend to have been in America longer and have more old money, but their behavior and politics and sympathies are remarkably similar, minus their cousins’ crassness. Famous statue poetess was a wealthy Sephardic Jew and still an ardent Zionist. Founder of the stock exchange was German Jew. Many of the Jews who married into the British upper class and lower aristocracy were German Jews, and they still pull the same strings and exhibit the same politics as the Russian Jews in America. Same old, same old.

  22. In a word , I think it’s distraction. the more horrific the truth is , the louder our rulers have to scream about the distractions that keep us from noticing it. case in point :

    300,000 Americans killed by foreign drugs mostly brought across the Mexican border since 2013. that doesn’t even count the suicides by people tired of fighting a drug problem that is ruining their lives, which has to be 100000 to 150000 more . In the last 5 years we have had more deaths from open borders than all combined American wwII military deaths. US deaths in ww2 were 295,000. This is a horror of apocalyptical proportions for the US to endure to keep the Koch brothers et al in cheap labor.

    • Commentators like Tucker Carlson make the same point. That this is nothing but a distraction to keep people from focusing on the real problems.facing the U.S.

      Such as what you are pointing out – namely China pumping Fentanyl and other designer opioids into the U.S. by the metric ton via the cartels and even direct mailing. Or the fact that companies like Ebay, Amazon and Wal-Mart help launder drug money profits back to China.

      But no one wants to touch this including Mr. MAGA-GAGA

  23. Are there any Ukrainian Super Models? Vogue says there are at least 11 new ones on top of the already existing 25 we should know about.

  24. You guys are aware that #impeachment and other related things are trending on twitter, in the media, and on the streets.

    How can you people be so unaware of what the majority of people in the United States are thinking.

    • About 8% of the US population is even on Twitter, my good mensch, and probably 1% of that uses it daily. Facebook is for people over 50 posting garbage and goofy memes for the applause of their friends (aka, their personal Amen Corners). Instagram is soft-core p-rn and pictures of pets.

      As for “on the streets” — take a walk around a Costco on a Saturday. If you can speak Spanish, ask the folx in their XXL sweatpants what they think of impeachment. I think you’ll be disappointed. They’re there for bulk ramen noodles and hot sauce.

      No one knows what the “majority of people in the United States are [sic] thinking.” No one. But it’s a safe bet that politics is not high on that list. We shouldn’t project our own obsessions onto other minds without evidence. And there’s no evidence available that would ever tell us what 340 million people are “thinking” about at any given moment. Such is the nature of consciousness and the epistemological chasm that separates us from even those people with whom we share a home, or office, or a street empty of pedestrians with SUVs doing 60 in 35 mph zones on their way to yet another vacuous encounter with more work or more shopping.

    • “How can you people be so unaware of what the majority of people in the United States are thinking.”

      Oh, we’re VERY aware of the majority lemmings … and you think that’s a persuasive argument for joining the lemmings?

  25. Given the level of corruption there, even a poor country like Ukraine can be milked for billions, and the milking has been in full swing since the collapse of the Soviet Union. At this point, the country exists for little more than to line the pockets of, often Jewish, plutocrats. The scandal from the US side is that these State Department apparatchiks have made it their mission to support this bust out. Some details:

    The puppet master of the current president of Ukraine, the young Jewish comedian Zelinsky who is now Trump’s best pal, is the Jewish plutocrat Igor Kolomoisky. His partner in (literal) crime is Gennadiy Bogolyubov, also a Jew. Both are apparently too corrupt even for Ukraine and now live overseas. There are reports that Kolomoisky is also the majority owner of Burisma. If so, then the (non-Jewish) titular owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, may be in the process of being set up to take the fall.

    Victor Pinchuk is another Ukrainian Jewish plutocrat. He has given tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, so we know he’s clean! (He’s been suing the Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov in London, I think, so these guys aren’t all friends…)

    In addition, for three years, until August 2019, the prime minister of Ukraine was Volodymyr Groysman, another Jew. The Times of Israel helpfully pointed out that his non-Jewish successor, Oleksiy Honcharuk, “attended a neo-Nazi concert” in October 2019. It seems they want that job back.

    And, of course, George Soros is heavily involved in Ukraine as a big player and funder of the Atlantic Council (of Crowd Strike fame) and ANTAC, an “anti corruption” organization. Who thinks Soros isn’t also wetting his beak in Ukraine?

    The Jewish moneyed interests have their hooks in deep in Ukraine, and while there is plenty of opposition to them, they don’t seem to be planning to go anywhere any time soon.

    • I wrote a similar comment last week, ableit a little less focused on the Jew angle. The happenings in Ukraine can best be seen as ongoing battle between oligarchs for control of the government, which in turn controls access to Ukraine’s resources. The US State Department messed up by intervening (acting in conjuction with Soros) in Ukraine’s domestic politics in a way that was intended to help Poroshenko, who lost the election. This is the primary reason Trump recalled the Ambassador.

      • Vindman is a Ukrainian Jew. The recalled ambassador is almost certainly one as well. (“parents fled the USSR and Nazi Germany during the war, her nickname is Masha”). The lawyers at the NSC that Vindman reported the phone call two were his twin brother and a guy named Eisenberg. Victoria Nuland, the State Department official who ran the 2014 coup in Ukraine for Obama is a Ukrainian Jew. I could go on. There are plenty of Shabbos Goy actors as well, but the part of the permanent government/deep state/etc., that controls US policy in Ukraine is dominated by the Ukrainian Jewish (anti-Russian) perspective.

  26. One of these days Israel may even plant a massive honey trap for our politicians using Jewish billionaires, and lavish estates wired for cameras and sound. They could ensnare plenty of our elite. Maybe even with underage girls. An operation like that doesn’t come without risks, but it would be well worth it for them.

    • We live in a world where half the people on the internet are surfing for porn. People are more interested in “Epstein: The Movie ” than will ever be interested in “Epstein & The Mossad bait the Goyim”. This is how far we’ve fallen.

  27. Welcome back my friends, to the Shoah that never ends…

    Soon the Deep State queens
    In a glaze of vaseline
    Will perform on guillotine
    Their auditions for Epstein

    Eloping with a mule
    Is the epitome of cool
    And submission to our rule
    is all you’ll learn in school.

    We prefer it stay unknown
    That the atrocities you’re shown
    Are exclusively homegrown
    All our own. All our own

    A wholesome family-friendly day at the Colloseum would be better for the kids than this cabaret of catabolic corruption. Only state-approved kids programming like Disney or Nickelodeon could be worse for them nowadays.

    It’s no surprise that Americans have no affinity for this sh*t-show. As Z notes, most of the clown-car jongleurs in this three-branch circus have funny foreign names and funnier foreign physiognomy (more funny strange than ha-ha, unfortunately).

    Hat tip to TDS – the only thing that’s missing is the Haaretz Syndrome Jignat who co-starred with Candace Owens in last summer’s off-Beltway performance of White Nationalist Kabuki Theater**.

    We’re reaching Videodrome levels of desensitization here and like Rome in twilight, this circus is running out of bread.

    Apres Schiff, le boogaloo. Follow us to the provinces and let New Rome burn.

    ** a truly odd fellow-white-washing of what was anticipated to be an all-star Wignat cast.

    • “funnier foreign physiognomy”

      Not anything deep here, just venting.

      Vindman’s feminine look and cherubic build in an army uniform made me want to retch… then again not an American and not a real soldier. Schiff just plain creeps me out, I think he has the same disorder Quayle has with the inability to blink regularly… it made poor Dan look dumb (he wasn’t) but it makes Schiff look positively psychotic, and I think Trump shouldn’t have focused on his pencil neck but rather his pouty girl mouth. Meaty-faced Sondman is straight from central casting for the slimy mattress salesman.

      • “Vindman’s feminine look and cherubic build in an army uniform made me want to retch”

        Easy there, hoss. That’s undoubtedly perpetuation of an anti-Semitic stereotype. I refer you to what Forward had to say about the Pajama Boy meme.

        And FWIW, when I first saw the Pajama Boy image I thought to myself, “Geez, another hipster douchebag.” Jewishness or not didn’t even occur to me. But I’m betting right now that someone will write an impassioned column (crying out in pain as he lashes out) on how criticism of Vindman’s shameful physical condition is anti-Semitic.

      • “Sanpaku eyes.”

        “When a baby is born, the iris, or colored part of the eye, is usually beautifully balanced between the upper and lower eye lids. It touches the upper and lower lids, so that no white, or sclera, shows above or below. The sclera is visible only to the left and right of the iris. This indicates a balanced and healthy nervous system. The baby is alert and in generally sound health.

        When a person dies, the iris rises so that it partially disappears under the upper eyelid. The white sclera shows below. In Oriental Medicine, we call such an appearance sanpaku, which means “three whites” showing. Three whites, or sanpaku, is common among those who are ill or exhausted. It is most severe among those who are gravely ill and approaching death.

        Three whites show that a person’s nervous system is seriously imbalanced. Such a person’s mind, body, and spirit are out of harmony with the larger forces of the cosmos. The person’s intuition is off; his or her ability to assess people and situations is weak.

        Generally, there are two types of sanpaku. The first is yin sanpaku, white showing below the iris, which is very common, especially among drug addicts. Here, the iris floats upward, revealing the sclera below. The second type is yang sanpaku, white showing above the iris; here the iris sinks downward toward the bottom eyelid. This reveals a dangerous or violent character. Charles Manson has beautiful yang sanpaku eyes.”

  28. I’ve been avoiding the impeachment stuff, but when I took my boomer father to the hospital, naturally when he was in recovery he went for his rage porn fix and it’s not like I could leave him alone in the hospital room. And I just stared at the Schiff character the whole time. He has the look of someone who has been waiting to get revenge on the world since the age of six. At times I thought he was perched on a high-chair, other times, with his fixed manic stare he looks like a ventriloquial dummy (imagine some robin-egg freckles on his cheeks and it’s uncanny). Well, hopefully if he’s successful in his wish to get Trump impeached, the Blue Ferry will hold up her end of the bargain, wave her wand, and turn him into a real boy.

  29. I was attending a convention last week and the during the breakfast buffet at the hotel, ABC was blaring coverage of the impeachment carnival. For two mornings I was half watching the shenanigans and half observing the diners’ reactions to the TV.

    Most were ignoring it but reading faces… my feeling was those that seemed somewhat interested were displeased by it, particularly when the bug-eyed Schiff appeared on screen.

    I half followed it myself but the portions I did catch involved Vindman, Sondland, Schiff and Goldberg all kvetching… and left me with the distinct impression that the Pharisees were talking amongst themselves and are quite displeased with the goys’ choice of their goy president.

    Not a good look for them. They really should get a country of their own where they dont have to put up with us.

    • They really should get a country of their own where they dont have to put up with us.

      The Jews or the goys?

  30. why certain elements of the ruling class think this is a productive use of their time

    My common sense grug-brain says:

    1. Keep throwing shit at Trump and hope people buy one of their fabrications, or that they turn up a lucky piece of real evidence

    2. Constant shit-throwing will make Trump look bad, especially as portrayed by the “media”–actually, of course, strident left-wing propagandists

    3. Run the clock. Tie Trump up so he can’t get anything done, which will allow that many more immigrants to come in, and that many more institutions to be infiltrated

    4. Accuse Trump in areas where they have been committing crimes, so that investigators can destroy evidence, give immunity to their own crime-breakers, silence and/or imprison people on the other side who know things, and crowd out news about their own crimes in the region.

    • #1 – I also think part of this is to keep the pressure on him and hope he screws himself somehow.

      #2, 3, 4 for sure, but that’s just how they roll. Smearing, gaming the rules, home-cooking from the refs, crying out as you strike, projection, deflection. It’s maddeningly effective and time-tested.

  31. I’ve never understood the whole impeachment issue. They impeached Clinton and he still stayed in office. I guess they expect the Orange Man will follow Nixon and resign. Orange Man out of office or Brexit? Given the quagmire of modern politics, I wouldn’t bet on either.

    • If Nixon’s party showed the same Will to Power that Dems showed with Clinton, he could’ve stayed. Betting on the GOP to betray or cuck is always chalk.

      • I wish more people understood this simple fact. These people really do hate us and want us dead. We need to react to them the way Jews react to antisemitism.

      • Definitions matter (well, at least to our side).

        Having the House vote to impeach a president constitutes that president having been successfully and completely impeached. It is a done deal at that point. That’s the definition of impeachment.

        Removing the president from office is a separate procedure, and is done – or not – by the Senate.

        For the record, Clinton was impeached and Nixon was not.

  32. While Sailer’s psychological explanation for the Jewish obsession has its merits, it’s by far not the only reason, and certainly not the most important one.

    1. The Jews were happily looting and plundering Russia and Ukraine during the post-Soviet collapse, gorging themselves greedily on Russian assets, til Putin stopped it (or at least slowed it down). That is the real reason why Putin is Hitler. (Or Hitler number five, or six. There are so many Another Hitlers now I’ve lost count.)

    2. There is so much Jewish skullduggery in Ukraine (after all, the Jews overthrew the Ukraine government, began a civil war, and installed a puppet Jewish government for starters) that they can’t afford to have Trump or any other goyim shine a light on it.

    3. Russia is resurgently Christian after nearly a century of Jewish-imposed atheism and brutal persecution of the Orthodox Church. The notion of a Christian-resurgent, confidently White, nuclear-armed power with ample breeding grounds and oodles of natural wealth which they haven’t completely stolen yet, is the stuff of Chosenite nightmares.

    4. Ruth Satan Ginsburg is soon to take her eternal place in the Lake of Fire, and they think they can block Trump from naming her successor while under cloud after cloud of endless impeachment and investigation. And if Trump wins the next election despite all this, they’ll make up new excuses to nullify that election too.

    5. Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Eastern Europe: these are like giant nature preserves, the world’s last untouched, pristine reserves of White people. One at a time they must be crushed, enriched, Diversified, and annihilated. The long-term Jewish goal is the complete erasure of White people and Christianity from the face of the Earth. Sucking Ukraine into EU and NATO opens the door to the endless flood of immigrants and refugees who will seal the native White population’s doom.

    • 6. Despite all of the sentimental nonsense and malicious lies of “Fiddler on the Roof” style propaganda, the Jews in Poland, Russia, Ukraine etc were not mainly meek little tailors cowering in their shtetls in fear of the Coassack hoof-beats. For centuries in these regions, and especially in Poland, Jews were loan sharks, extortionists, government enforcers, drug dealers and slave traders. Jews eagerly and extensively sold Russians and Ukrainians as slaves to the Muslims further south for centuries. Jewish gangs operate extensive white-slavery networks out of these regions even today, trafficking girls from Eastern Europe into the brothels of Israel, for enormous Jewish profits. The Jews see the Slavic lands as their own personal human blood-bag, from which they can sip the sweet, sweet goyisch blood to their heart’s content. They want their privilege back.

      • Another barn burner Ant Man. You have nailed the psychopathic Jew psyche to the wall for all to see and they don’t like it one bit. Nobody explains this better than you my friend.

      • “meek little tailors cowering in their shtetls”

        Puts me in mind of the film “The House of Rothschild”.
        Today the film seems an over the top anti-Semitic parody, but the film was made by a Jewish-controlled studio. The film’s depiction of goys as bigots and fools, and the glorification of deception by the titular heroes, tells us much.

        A great fault of our current culture is that when others tell us “We will destroy you!” and even tell us how, we tell ourselves, “Nah, they don’t really mean that. They’re good people. They wouldn’t do that.” What foolishness.

  33. We have 2 pudgy Ukrainian Jews on the National Security Council. Vindman and his TWIN brother.

    Who raised them?

  34. “Third and fourth generation Irish Americans have no interest in Ireland.“ This is how I know you’re not serious.

    • And this is how we know you’re a dunce. Remember, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

      • Ireland would be happy if Irish-Americans came back. Ukraine, not so much. Especially those with ‘favorite tribe’ status.

        • In America, the Irish like the shamrocks and other highly Americanized symbols of Ireland, but that’s as far as it goes. A generation ago we still had Irish following the Troubles, but that’s died out now. Italians, Poles, Germans, etc are even less invested in the old country.

          • This debased McDonald’s version of Irish culture is all I’ve seen in Scandinavia. I’ve been to more authentic Irish bars in SoCal than I’ve seen in Europe so far. Maybe in Russia…

          • Word. My mother’s father was born in Ulster, came to America as a teenager. Hated Catholics. So what did Mom do as an American-born girl? Married a nice Catholic boy.

          • I do remember about 25 years ago when I worked on Capitol Hill, that an employee of the Congressional Research Service that the country about which members and their staffs most frequently was Ireland. I admit that may not be the case today.

          • Reliable metrics of assimilation (you know, that thing we used to think was a good thing?) are intermarriage and adopting the English language whilst forgetting the language of the homeland.

            I’m with Zman here. American Micks and Paddys could care less about only marrying fellow Irish, and they sure as hell don’t speak Irish. They’re barely even practicing Catholics anymore.

            Contrast those metrics to the small hat brigade (intermarriage, single language use at home and in public, and holding on to the old faith). There’s a group screaming loud and clear “we are apart from you”.

            Their choice, of course. But they’re not American assimilated Irish, that’s for sure.

        • If that were so they wouldn’t have sent John Deasy to campaign for amnesty for Irish illegals and advocating for the Irish to be eligible for E3 visas. (BTW, that was Paul Ryan’s last hurrah. Passed the House but not the Senate. Although it’s not dead yet.) The Republic is big on the remittances sent back from their nationals working abroad (both legit and under-the-table).

      • I think you’re being a little unfair, Z. Those Potato Famine memorials in Boston, Cambridge, and NYC are relatively new. The older generation was too busy putting food on the table. On the other hand some among the older generation supported NORAID (when you lived here did you never see that billboard over the Pike?) I still think it’s a bad trend when memorials are erected in a country that had nothing to do with the event being memorialized.

        • It is a bad trend to make memorials to events that didn’t happen in the country or to it’s people. I say that as an American of Irish heritage.

          These brother wars have got to end.
          Europeans unite. Need nation states for each people. However, the American experiment is a European one. That said, later European immigrants who embrace America First and Americanism is fine in my book.

    • Judging by the pozzing of Ireland in the last 10 years, it’s safe to say 20th generation Irish-Irish have no interest in Ireland. Their kids and grandkids are all waiting tables and pouring drinks in LA.

    • A couple of articles back he wrote about how the irish were still very anti Anglo so there does seem to be a contradiction with his statement in this piece.
      The real Irish have tired of their worship of terrorists but I wonder if they started bombing again whether Oirish Americans would be back to fund raising?

    • I’m part Irish. Not only do I have no interest in modern Ireland but am merely left with a bad taste in my mouth when I hear about. It’s far left freakshow, europhile, completely atheist and globalhomoized. They live to consume product and procure abortions. In 20 years, the country will probably be majority minority, with vibrant Ethiopian and Somali joints replacing Irish ones. Maybe the English were right afterall.

    • My priest of many years was Irish born and bred, and he gave the best homilies. Every one a parable of the real world and he brought the Island alive in my imagination. Conversely, my uncle (who married into the family) was 2nd generation Irish and not anything at all like the real deal. He was morose rather than prideful of his heritage.

  35. I was reading an article about how various entities in Ukraine were donating to various PACS and entities in the US, with the money coming back into the DEM party as slush funds; various relatives of the DEM pols were also on the receiving end. Looks like the Ukranians kept records of all this too, which they are handing over to Trump (now) with great relish. It honest to god looks like this was all a baited trap to get the Dems talking about Ukraine in public.

    • The trouble is the party installed Barr as AG, who will cover all of this up. Just wait until the white wash of an IG report comes out. It will make the Epstein affair seem plausible.

        • That’s his role in the game. He makes noise for the plan trusters, so they don’t get suspicious. No one will be charged with anything in all of this.

          • Indications are they will sell some low level FBI lawyer as the only wrong doer in the whole widespread three year coup attempt. Yep, he acted alone and communicated with no one higher up. There’s your ounce of flesh, now let’s get back to investigating Trump.

          • Given the state of clown world, I expect he will get probation, followed by a book tour and a six figure gig on a cable show. So far, all of the people fired have landed in a pile of cash.

            The business of Washington is corruption and business is very good.

          • I get the feeling that this Ukraine-impeachment show is something of an audition for those book contracts and cable deals, pursued by diplomats and staffers who are tired of the grind, and want an easy and early retirement.

            It’s arguably a rational career strategy. Someone like Yovanavich would still be a nobody coming off a 30-year career in the State Dept. But do 20 years and then leave in a well-publicized “principled stand” against the villain of the moment, and you get a star turn at a Congressional hearing watched by all the right people (the only audience that matters). Suddenly you’re a hot item: the subject of sympathetic feature pieces and a name brand you can market to the media, consultancies, and the academy.

            At the very least you dine out on free chicken dinners for a few years as you collect awards for “integrity” from all the good-thinking institutions. If you’re lucky you get enrolled into champagne society and get a movie made about your brave struggle.

          • she’ll be a teaching a course as a “Diplomat in Residence” at Georgetown, an institution distinguished by its excellence in mediocrity.

          • She is in fact at Georgetown, maintaining the same $600,000 salary she got in foreign service. No dent in her lifestyle.

          • Expect a book by Marie Yovanovitch, which she will have probably received a huge up-front 7-figure bonus. (Remember when Obama got a $60 million payment for his book after serving the elite in his 8 years? What kind of publishing houses have that kind of money to pay out really?) Similar to a book just out: “‘Crime In Progress,’ Fusion GPS Chiefs Tell The Inside Story Of The Steele Dossier.” They establish history and how you should think about the whole affair by laying out their version of events and details. They too probably got a 7- or 8-figure bonus for that book.

          • Most of what is going on are things which must not be spoken of. Ukraine is ground zero of a Uniparty skim for the politicians of all stripes, executed through all the foreign aid programs (ever wonder why we are giving billions upon billions per year to governments who hate us or could care less about us, and why all of this is so uncontroversial in DC?). Also, every pol gets a piece of the action, so everyone has a motivation to lay low and shut up (a version of the Epstein thing, but using money instead of sex). Trump threatens all of that, so the Uniparty put a series of political hits on him. Isolating the argument to the series of Democrat Party-led political hits themselves was good for Trump, because the bigger issue of the Uniparty skim could be ignored.

            Now, with the Biden Burisma Boogie front and center, the bipartisan skim through foreign aid is at risk, which means there is an interesting version of a Mexican Standoff going on. If the impeachment is about the Ukraine thing, enough safe-seat Republicans in the Senate may vote to impeach to protect their skim. If it stays about the Obama/Hillary hit jobs, impeachment is dead. All the current maneuvering is over this standoff. A likely outcome is that a couple of small time Democrat hit job architects get a couple of years in the brig, and everyone else goes home. If Barr is part of all of this, his job is to give it all a veneer of “hey, we tried our best”, while everyone goes home. In the meantime, all the foreign aid programs barrel on, and the kickbacks continue apace. Trump takes the attitude of “I did all I could”, and people like Biden pretend everything was always above board. The rest of us are left to stew over it.

      • What Barr does or doesn’t do will be the inflection point I’m most interested in going forward. If he whitewashes all the deep state crimes, what really happens other than kicking and screaming from dissidents? I, for one, do not underestimate the power of these establishment criminals. Trump is David going against Goliath. I’m reluctantly betting on Goliath winning the proximate battle, not necessarily the war.

        • If Goliath loses the longer war, it will be because a big chunk of our country goes permanently Hong Kong on all of this, for years and years. Trump will have almost nothing to do with it in the long run, other than perhaps as some sort of totem. Remember that most of the pols on all sides are now well into their seventies. They will all be mumbling paste-eaters before very long.

        • I get the impression from some of the responses here (yours being one of them) – that people don’t understand how “power” works.

          There is more than one facet to it. And one of those facets is enshrined in the Constitution of this country FOR A REASON.

          One of the facets of power – which is constantly commented on here – is the ability to impose fear on people.

          Well that goes both ways.

          Yes – what Barr does – or does not do – is a good inflection point to pay attention to. And it’s probably very likely that nobody in any real position of power going forward will ever see any jail time or punishment of any sort.

          That does not mean there is nothing you can do about it. You can decide to say “phuck this” – and simply not believe or support anything related to the power structure – whenever the opportunity arises. That is more than most of the ignorant masses will ever consider doing.

          You can do things like go and spend your hard earned money on buying a nice long range rifle in .300 WinMag – and a quality scope , and then spend your weekends learning how to really use it. When people ask you why you don’t watch sportsball any more – you can tell them ” it’s plainly obvious the power structure in this country is corrupt to core – my reading of history tells me that this will devolve into a civil war or a revolution of some form – so I am preparing. Since the government won’t police itself – it’s going to be up to the people to do it – just like it always has been. So I am preparing for that day. It’s pretty clear that sooner or later people are going to have to die to set all of this right. ”

          You can convince your friends to do the same.

          You can make seemingly innocuous comments on forums – that you know the police and politicians watch (so it will get back to them) – so that there is an ever growing tide of anger in this country – and make sure the politicians KNOW IT.

          You can make sure the statistics on firearms and ammunition purchases continue to grow. Again – this is watched – so you should know that they KNOW IT.

          A few years back , after one of the school shootings – there was an effort by a loonie Selectman in the next town over to institute an “assault weapon ban” within the town. People got all pissed off about it – wrote letters into the local newspapers, held town hall meetings – etc.

          I put a post up on the local newspaper’s website – detailing all the stuff that I figured nobody had REALLY thought thru very well.

          I pointed out that I am first going to start with the assumption that the whole ban wasn’t some political stunt – so let’s assume you REALLY want the ban to work. So you’re going to have to go thru the town records – and figure out who owns them – and go confiscate them. Some people might turn them in – but some people won’t . So the police are going to have to go to at least some people’s doors. But you see here is where it gets tricky. I know for a FACT that people buy things and never register them. I also know for a FACT, that all across this country there are house attics with “bring backs” hiding away in the corner (brought back from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc). Often nobody knows they’re even there. A further wrinkle is that people can build stuff on their own. What’s the point here? The point is that EVERY SINGLE HOUSE must be searched top to bottom – if you REALLY want to eliminate the assault weapons. The next step you need to implement – is removing the licensing that people have (this is MA) – which would allow them to go purchase another rifle. You might get MA dealers to not sell to TownX residents, but I can travel over the border to buy a rifle in a neighboring state – you’ll never enforce that out of state. So the licenses must be removed. The wrinkle there is that the MA license for owning an assault weapon – is the same as that for concealed carry or semi-auto pistol ownership. So now any women in town who are protecting themselves from abusive ex husbands – must lose their licenses and be restricted to single shot hunting rifles. The last thing you must do – again if you REALLY want this ban to work – is eliminate the ability to just build one in your basement. The plans are available on the internet – I can buy 80% receivers – etc. All I need is a drill press – or a wood router to finish them off. So the drill presses and routers must also be regulated severely or banned.

          The proposal got shut down – never to return. I had at least on person tell me that behind the scenes people – particularly the police – were shitting themselves over it becoming a town bylaw. The fact that somebody called out the ridiculousness of the whole thing in detail – just put a big red flag on the whole thing. So it got quietly shut down – and selectman got told to STFU.

          These are Alinsky tactics.

          And they need to be used against all the corrupt douches in the Federal government power structure as well.

          Sure – they can go running around playing their corrupt little games – but somehow, somewhere, somebody is going to have to start pointing out in brutal detail that actions have consequences.

          It seems to me that we need to start stressing to the political class that they can either do the right thing and take out their own trash – or they can pay the reaper.

      • Not this time. Trump has to shoot the moon and clean out all of the vipers, otherwise they come after him and his family forever after. We’ll see how it goes but I see some serious jail time for a bunch of big names. If Trump has the cards, he’ll play them…

        • LOL. Sorry. Trump has surrounded himself by the very people that opposed him. What should we make of that?

          • Why don’t we debate? Let the platform be Candidate Trump vs. President Trump. Here’s my start: Mandating E-Verify (campaign promise.) Ending DACA on day one (campaign promise.) Building a wall (campaign promise.)

        • His entire family line will be eradicated (except Javanka, ofc) if he fails to destroy the swamp… these people aren’t a joke.

    • Pre-Trump, the U.S. has given billions of U.S. tax payers dollars to Ukraine and it’s all disappeared. I read that after the approx $5 billion we spent leading up to the Maidan coup, we then gave 1 billion to Ukraine in 2014, 2015, 2016, for $3 billion total and none of it is accounted for. This is what is being covered up as it’s said U.S. and Ukrainian figures involved in the coup took it all for themselves. It’s just the business consortium-driven U.N. implementers looting; they are looting wherever they can on planet earth before the One World Government takes form and takes it all for itself (the few at the top and their managers, people like Amos Hochstein). See though keep in mind that Israel Shamir is good at omitting things that make the chosen ones look bad, so he’s something of a revisionist, one good at establishing history and steering discussions, which the jews are excellent at doing and the white Europeans are excellent at swallowing whole and making their own, to their own detriment.

  36. There is no clearer evidence of the decline of our species (and the concomitant decline of our society) than to note that Adam Schiff rose to become a highly-placed elected official with the power to wage a corrupt coup in broad daylight and no one is rising up to oppose this tyranny. People are dying in the streets of Hong Kong and in Iraq/Iran in defense of liberty. We sleep walk and buy another trinket at Walmart. We are Spartans no more.

    • Vermin like Schiff have been a staple in American politics since the early 1900s…but they had always operated in the shadows.

      Physiognomy matters. Having a circus freak like Schiff on center stage does damage to whatever he’s peddling and to whomever he’s peddling it all with. It’s a frustratingly slow process, but mutants leading the crusade will leave a bad taste in the mouths of most normal people.

    • The Hong Kong protests are driven by US/UK politics meeting with Hong Kong tycoons that funded the students. It’s an attempt to keep China’s territory an open sanctuary to pirates and thieves. The stupid upper middle class students doing the “protesting” are being used badly. They ought to know better. That they don’t confirms that the western cultural disease has reached Hong Kong schools. Meanwhile, since the protests went on so long, the Chinese govt had ample time to figure out who was sending money to the kid protesters and their accounts were frozen right before they had their explosive molotov weekend at the universities. Then, the tycoons’ bank accounts were frozen and I understand that if the tycoons haven’t scrambled out of Hong Kong to Singapore, that they soon won’t have an avenue to exit (probably the US and UK will welcome them with open arms, though). Hong Kong belongs to China, just like Taiwan, Tibet, western China and Macau do. They can get with the mainland or they can do things the hard way. And for what? To live like Americans, bottom-of-the-barrel wages and laying drugged out in the street in their own feces? Send those spoiled Hong Kong kids here to see what they’re fighting for. They need to see. It’s all lies.

  37. The pickins were good for American elites including the tiny hat crowd. The Ukraine has been decimated and the poor people get it in the rear one more freaking time. The people that rule that country make our so called leaders look like statesmen.
    It seems the incestuous nature of Washington made sure all their buddies got a piece of the action.

    Now with their hand still partially in the cookie jar they scream impeachment and treason on Trump and his people.
    As the expression goes, are we to be spared nothing? Oh harsh justice where is thy sting?

    • The borderlands of Russia, Ukraine, has been turned into a rump state that the putsch schemers plan to be cultivated by Big Ag only, driving off all the little farmers. Corporate rule only. They aim to do the same to us in the U.S., with the majority of residents (not citizens) living in humongous, polluted, crime-ridden cities and with no control over our food, water, heating, air conditioning, jobs, etc. Sound like a Mad Max or James Bond film? Yes, there are actually people planning to do these things to us. And it seems that among them are people who make huge amounts of money and what do they want to do with all that “achievement”? Well, they want to rape little kids, of course. Get with it. Spirit cooking and all. God, please give us a moral King.

  38. This small unimportant country on the fringe of Europe

    It may be small in terms of wealth, but geographically, it is a big country, about the size of Germany and France combined.

    It is also important agriculturally. It was known as the breadbasket of the USSR.

    • The breadbasket deal is a biggie.
      I hear Yiddistan is buying up large tracts of farmland.

      Back in the early days of Barry the Kenyan, that Dick, Cheyney was on the board of the US-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce. Big fish for that size pond I thought, there more here than meets the eye.

      • It all feeds into the sick U.N. Agenda 21 and other agendas where corporations control all the food and water supplies on earth, as well as all means of production, all ways to wealth, all money movements, etc. To read the U.N. Agenda material, it sounds like laudable aims, but the implementation is verifiably hellish. Just remember that business consortiums are behind all the U.N. agendas and the U.S. is the 800 lb. gorilla championing and imposing their sick ideas. It’s Libertarianism, i.e., corporatism. People are crazy to want corporate rule without a government. I guess they think somehow corporate power will dissipate when they get rid of government bureaucracy, but that is completely wrong and misleading. Government is the buffer between people and corporations, and if government disappears, life gets Somalian real quick.

  39. Something like an impeachment has a lot of moving parts, but these are some likely contributors.

    1. Ginsberg is dead or close to it, and the dems will argue that Trump can’t appoint a new justice while under impeachment.

    2. The Ukraine has acted as a cookie jar for corrupt politicians in both the US and Europe, and no one wants to get their hand slapped away.

    3. They don’t want to hang.

    Vis a vis the Ukraine itself, controlling it vastly limits the ability of Russia to project power or export petroleum. It also serves as an anchor to ensure the cooperation of Eastern Europe.

    • Ukraine is a hopelessly corrupt backwater with zero importance to America. Again, the paranoia over Russia has not basis in facts, but it has a strong basis in mythology. Russia has the GDP of California. It has no ability to project power, beyond minor skirmishes on its border.

      • ” with zero importance to America”

        To main street America, yes. To the US military it is a critical strategic space on the so-called “grand chessboard”. It’s sole importance is a base from which to attack Russia. That’s also why Russia took back the Crimea, essentially a giant unsinkable aircraft carrier in the middle of the Black Sea..

        This is all about waging war against Russia. Always was. Why? Because empire, that’s why. The US military will protect its sole power – head capo – status to the ends of the earth, just like Britain did. And it was to Britain’s own detriment. Two wars with Germany left Europe destroyed and occupied by Americans and Russians, just so they could lose the empire anyway.

        The US, if anything, appears even more insane than the British were.

        The Booby will say it again. Keep your kids as far away from military service as possible. This is going to get really ugly.

        • “That’s also why Russia took back the Crimea, essentially a giant unsinkable aircraft carrier in the middle of the Black Sea”

          That, and it’s one of the few Russian warm water ports.

          If you want to piss off Russians, turn them back into a land and ice locked country.

        • Poor old Germany being forced to declare war on all those countries.Tried to force Britian into war twice after the Franco-Prussian war but the British refused.
          The British obviously perfected some sort of mind-control ray.
          Maybe they still have it and that’s why the Germans are still trying to dominate Europe and “fundamentally transform” it via the EU.

      • Russia will be in the sights of Deep State for a long time to come for two reasons.

        1. It’s a big, powerful white country that shows an alternative to Globohomo. TPTB can’t have that anymore than than they can have American whites starting to think as and organize as a people.

        2. Cossacks. So long as an independent and even mildly Christian Russia exists, Jews will never be safe. Don’t forgot, Ukraine is Cossack country.

        This has nothing to do with the size of Russia’s GDP or its ability to project power. This is about Russia’s existence. So long as Russia exists and is not wholely beaten down, it is an existential threat to the tribe.

        • Russia should be a natural friend and counter-weight to Chinese power. Commies and bought politicians and media drones everywhere have been paid to make sure that doesn’t happen.

          • Yep. Russia and the United States should be friends and allies. Russia has China as a neighbor. You can bet that makes them a bit nervous.

            That said, if we were just minding our own business, we really wouldn’t have any natural enemies. China’s not going to cross an ocean and invade. It simply wants what we have in the Western Hemisphere: To be the regional top dog making sure that things work in our favor. Russia wants the same for it’s area.

            Yeah, that kind of sucks for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but, hey, they’re not my people and thus not my problem.

            The United States is protected by two giant oceans and surrounded by zero powerful neighbors from one pole to the other. We shouldn’t have any problems with the rest of the world.

          • The globalist enterprise cannot succeed if both Russia and China retain independence of action. China has become too economically and politically powerful to be subdued; so Russia remains in the globalist gun sights. Putin is public enemy number one because of the great skill he has demonstrated in preventing domination of the Russian state by international financiers. Putin learned well the lessons of the Yeltsin years when the natural wealth of his country was looted with ease by foreign interests.

          • The United States spurned the many attempts of Russia to join the West. Neocons, the enemies of white Christians.

          • Karl, that hostile take you stupidly spout is the Jewish take that the goyim are disappointingly gullible in believing and making their own. And no need to curse me in God’s name. Fucker.

          • That our enemies hate Russia and seek to destroy it does not make it a friend.

            Russia and the US can have mutual interests and cooperation, but they emphatically are NOT us. We have more in common with Germans, Nordics, and even Gawd he’p us the French, than with Russians.

          • I’m a half-Russian* Russophile and I will still agree to a point. Russia the country has some distinctly Eastern cultural elements, a lot of Turkic-Mongol admixture from the Horde centuries, etc… The genetic and cultural descendants of the Kievan Rus are the Russians closest to us, the conquering Nord Rus having lorded over a Slavic majority populace before becoming part of the Duchy of Lithuania.

            Russia’s not “European” on the whole, that’s clear. No illusions on my part there. But they are probably the most compatible non-Euro major power if you consider only the Slavic elements. The further east and south you go in Russia, the less like us they become.

            The lasting antagonism is a Cold War relic that needs to go. We genuinely treated them poorly in the 90’s and 00’s and threw away a good opportunity for a “Great Rapproachement” similar to how US-British relations warmed in the early 1900’s.

            * Full disclosure, Belarussian grandma from Minsk – I’m likely half Slav prole, half Irish but like Latinos with Spaniards, a lot of west-Russians like to think there’s a Rurik or Beorn somewhere in the tree.

        • The Cossacks have a negative reputation or connotation. Would it then surprise anyone to find out the Cossacks were Christians who prided themselves as being “Free Men”? There was a huge number of Jews living in and ruling Poland for many years. At some point, perhaps when the Ottomans, those blessed muslims who provide a broad avenue for jews to invade by (look what they accomplished together as the one-two punch in Spain and Poland, among other regions), were inhabiting the Cossacks’ land, that which we know as Ukraine — Russia’s borderland after moving their capitol from Kiev to St. Petersburg and then Moscow — and on down into Crimea, the Cossacks then came to know strife in their fertile, relatively hospitable climate where they have lived well off the land till then. As usual, the attacking aggressor cries “I’m a victim and must defend myself!” as they savage and destroy the homeland of those valiantly trying to defend it. For recent reference of this same kind of invasion and destruction, see Yugoslavia.

        • Russia serves as a semi-convenient bad guy while Trump is in office. When he’s gone Russia will disappear from the headlines like it was never even there.

          The fact is liberals don’t really give a shit about Russia’s “whiteness” or Orthodox Church — neither of which has prevented it from being a complete dump — conservatives are the ones who care about Russia as some sort of traditionalist fantasy land.

          Also, Russia has long been involved in globalization, but not as much as they would like.

      • It was the perfect place to find an excuse to send $billions of American dollars and expect a large percentage of it to come back to our elite through dirty deals. It was the pinnacle of the monetized foreign policy.

      • “””… Russia has the GDP of California. It has no ability to project power….”””

        Well, I honestly disagree. Most people don`t know how effectively Russia uses money for certain issues. And those issues are free of corruption or stupidity.

        Russian army gets for one dollar more than Western army for 1000 dollars. Anybody know, why in the West everybody talking about defense expenditure and nobody never ask where this money goes or what we really get for this money ?

        • Yes – The Russian military is formidable. But they can’t just decide to drop in on Venezuela or Chad and regime-change their asses. Only the U.S. can project power like that right now although China is probably close.

          • Are you sure after Crimea and Syria ? Btw, Russia dropped into Venezuela and avoided regime change. War is not auction, and it is impossible to estimate country strength by GDP. 4th Gen war is actually relatively cheap.

          • Yes. Crimea literally on their previous border. Syria was a small deployment into (part of) a friendly country.

          • Crimea has been part of Russia since Catherine the Great. Give me a break. Maybe Russia should ask for Alaska back and feel entitled to it, by neocon thinking.

        • The U.S. has been dumping money into money grifting schemes with military contractors for decades now, leading to very fancy multi-million dollar jets that fail to operate properly when it rains, etc. Add to that the wahmen, gays and trannies now in the military force, admittance standards lowered to allow their entry, as well as the white-hating browns and blacks that gain U.S. citizenship by joining the military, well there you have our current military readiness.

          I deal with college graduates and “professionals” and “experts” who are unable to think logically even to serve their own best interest. It’s downright scary, never mind depressing. When you appeal to people to please pay attention to not overspending — for their own good! — and they still won’t listen but go along with cheats who are ripping us all off, what can a person be left to think except wonder what happened to make these people unable to cogitate as white people used to be able to do not so long ago. Is it excess drugging or medications, which are very toxic? Or just too much dumbed down culture and not enough exercising of their minds? I’m at a loss, feeling as if we are living in the film “Idiocracy,” except it’s not funny, it’s dangerous.

          Americans are going to be shocked but our brutal comeuppance is inevitable, I’m sorry to say. The last people to understand just how backward we are compared to certain other white or asian civilizations are sadly the American people, rolling sleepily along, drugged with pharmaceuticals or street drugs, indoctrinated by terrible schools and horribly misled by our media. There’s going to be a massive culling.

          • Ursula- you are generally spot on, but I have to disagree based on experience, with the following.

            “…as well as the white-hating browns and blacks that gain U.S. citizenship by joining the military…”

            My experience with “the browns” was quite the opposite. Whites and Hispanics (in the army at least) are quite cohesive. Granted, it is a controlled environment with strict disciplinary regimen and, for combat units, a shared sense comradery due to stress and in the case of war… danger. Even accounting for the artificial society (and it a strange microcosmic society) Hispanic and white soldiers got on quite well and almost seamlessly, mingling socially as well as professionally.

            I understand naxalt criticism may arise here. Do not think that I am not gravely concerned about the massive influx of foreigners from Latin America. I live in California and see the perilous course this is taking.

            The Hispanic soldiers I served with were extremely pro-American, patriotic, proud, able and amiable. Good natured ribbing based on ethnic lines occurred but served as a pressure relief mechanism and brotherly bonding endeavor. Most Latinos were Tejanos from multi-generational Texan families and even the non-native born Hispanics proved to be easily tractable to behaving like “Americans.”

            Blacks on the other hand were a different story, and a complicated one at that. Combat units are overwhelmingly white and Hispanic with a small smattering of blacks and others. You can look up the ratios on the internet to verify. Generally the black soldiers in combat units were a cut above most from their race, as most blacks join non-combat support units and view military service as an easy job. They are often lazy, slovenly and surly. I’ve even encountered support unit black soldiers mocking other blacks in the infantry as being “stupid” for taking the dangerous job or even accusing them of being Uncle Toms. That small percentage of black soldiers that are actual soldiers… and I mean actual fighters… tended to range from sufficient to quite good. However, the easy relations that existed between brown and white soldiers did not exist and there was often tension between black soldiers and all the other races. Exceptions existed, but not as a rule.

            It has been a long time since I served and things may have changed. Granted. I’ve interacted with quite a few younger soldiers and Marines in the past few years and from what I can glean Hispanic and white service members still get on well. Also, I don’t see citizenship through service as a big draw. There are simply so many other ways to obtain the U.S. Disneyland access that joining the service is putting the cart before the horse.

            You want to eliminate “white-hating browns” it isn’t through suspending military service based admissions… close the Latinx, Latino, Chicano studies departments of the universities. Shut the spigot of immigration to a small selective trickle from Latin America.



          • Penitent Man: For a more recent take, my son served with some Tejanos and a few other Latinos (Cavalry Scout) and they were generally professional and capable. However, I have read numerous reports about numerous Latino soldiers who -capable or not – join the military (combat arms, specifically) to gain experience for their gangs. This is a big problem now, but will be worse if/when it all breaks down. The street gangs and narco gangs want Sicarios trained by the US military. In any event, I do not like the idea of military service in exchange for citizenship anyhow – we don’t need mercenaries. tl;dr – I agree with Ursula here.

          • 3g4me,

            I’ll be the first to admit that my first hand experience is stale, measured in decades behind me now.

            I’ve also seen articles alluding to gangs supposedly having their members enlist. I’ve seen a couple smuggling cases make the news but nothing concrete here in the U.S. indicating (purposely enlisted) military trained gang members being a problem. Not saying it isn’t, it just may not have come to my attention. I have read where the US trained Mexican counter cartel agents who once trained defected and formed the backbone of the Zetas in Mexico.

            Did your son experience this during his tour? I’d be interested to hear what he reported to you.

            I agree with you. If or when TSHTF it could be a problem. When I served we were still a exceedingly white country still. As we become just another large group plurality in an increasingly balkanized society the risk increases. No matter what minority, there’s always been the mental bulwark that minority groups encountered… in that they were a little group in a white nation… incapable of forcing themselves aggressively against that super-majority. As that situation changes, exacerbated by politically encouraged identity politics and a central government that has shown it is willing to suppress whites and assign them disproportionate negative consequences for group identifying… the bulwark deteriorates. Each immigrant group prior to the 1980s encountered a society that demanded they “Americanize” or be stigmatized. Clearly that wasn’t always successful for every group but the numbers were small enough to handle those that couldn’t or refused to assimilate. The loss of that demand to assimilate, the sheer number of immigrants, and the cultural collapse of white society is a dire recipe.

            We can disagree on the path to citizenship for military personnel. I never encountered anyone that professed that as their reason for joining but then again… I’m kind of dated on this subject. If it’s just another flood adding to the deluge of foreigners already streaming in then I agree with you. If the spigot is turned down to a trickle and we can absorb small numbers of immigrants into our forces… I remain okay with that.

            It’s not always popular among posters here for their own legitimate reasons, but please thank your son for standing up and being counted.

          • Can confirm your observations as to the civilian population in white-collar SoCal as well.

            We have lots of castizo lawers, businessmen, doctors, etc… who are comfortable with a racial caste worldview and don’t get into the La Raza stuff. They see themselves as heirs to a European tradition, as Spaniards, not Aztecs/Maya.

            Whites can work together with a big plurality of Asians and Latinos to help move peaceful separation and apartheid along. Latin America already provides the model for racial caste separation. If we stopped trying to turn polyglot Brazilians into Toynbee’s New England town-hallers and let authoritarianism reign, we’d make progress in the whole hemisphere.

          • Do you realize how pathetic that sounds when America and her people are collapsing into politically correct dead-end depravity as we speak? Russia is the most literate country on earth and their people with their brains and skills run circles around typical fat, ugly, unhealthy Americans. American literacy is on par with Guatemala and Central African Republic, but that was several years ago and we’re undoubtedly lower than that now, given we allow 1-3 million brown and black low-IQ, low-skill creatures in to the U.S. every year. And if they set foot in, they’re in the U.S. for good. If they have a baby, they are even more concretely here and receiving maximum taxpayer funded benefits, the likes of which white citizens never see. The Christian white Russians should be our buds, stupid. And they wanted to be. Do you have any awareness of how Jews hate them and wanted us goyim to hate the Russians too? There aren’t that many white people on the planet compared to other races so we better wake up and band together.

          • What planet are you on?

            Russia is the least functional “White” country by far. It is crippled by extreme alcoholism, rampant corruption and a lack of empathy for their fellow countryman that could rival Somalia. The dissident right’s fascination with Russia is a symptom of a defeated people.

          • 70 years of Jewish revolutionary communism followed by 20 years of Westen “economic assistance” will do that to you.

            Karl’s getting called out for Boomer Posting. I don’t think you’re coming from that angle.

            Speaking for myself, I don’t see Russia as a utopia. I see it as a crime victim who deserves honest sympathy and support while trying to put its life back together.

          • Russia was a hellhole before long before communism. After all, Europeans were remarking on its backwardness and callous brutality since before America was founded.

            I am coming from the angle of being tired of the right grasping at lost causes for inspiration.

      • Well, equal California plus Texas, or equal to Germany. We’re talking 5th overall for Russia. And Russia has a more diversified industrial sector than we do. It has a manned space program. We don’t. We send our spy satellites over Russia using Russian rockets. Russia has little debt and no foreign debt. It runs a foreign trade surplus even without oil and gas. Their cities aren’t dominated by armed Negro and Mexican gangs. Moscow isn’t filled with homeless people, or streets littered with feces and needles. Nor are they bogged down in pointless, unwinnable wars.

        Face it. Russia and China are much better governed than we are. They have a future. We don’t.

        • Russia manufactures more of their own critical goods than the U.S. does. China manufactures the U.S. goods. And the U.S. thinks it’s going to go to war with China? And Russia? The sanctions gave Russia cause to be even more self-sufficient. Again, Russia is on the ascent, U.S. on the descent.

      • You’re ignoring guilt, and fear.
        The entire Clinton/Rubin/Soros alumni cast was washing the rape of russia money – esp for example Victoria Nuland. The next cookie jar was the Ukraine.

        They’re scared shitless. These people don’t do jail. Little people do jail.

        They’re scared shitless that Ukraine is the lamppost Trump will hang them from. With good reason.

        This is like the Clinton years joke- The White House sure looked guilty.
        The difference is they’re in Congress and the beltway – not inside the White House.

    • 1. Ginsberg is dead or close to it, and the dems will argue that Trump can’t appoint a new justice while under impeachment.

      I’m pretty sure this isn’t in the Constitution (not that that matters much after half a century of penumbra spotting). Is there a law or judicial precedent for it?

      • Gravity Denier: To ask the question is to answer it. The law or precedent is whatever the State says it is, as interpreted by the SJW mob of the day. Even if there existed a specific, precisely worded section in the Constitution specifying such, do you truly think it would matter? Whites have got to drop this reliance on “the law” as well as “muh constitution.” Anything written merely reflects the cultural values of those who wrote it. Change the age and the people and what’s on paper is irrelevant. Just ask all the (((lawyers))) and (((constitutional scholars))).

        • “as interpreted”

          Exactly. This is rule by hermeneutics.

          It’s the Talmudization of American law. For millennia a subset of them have been saying to the rest, “Of course the Torah takes precedence, but only close study of the Talmud allows one to understand it. Fortunately, I am a Talmudic scholar and will teach you the correct interepretation; you should and must not trouble yourself with matters too complicated for you.”

          In the same vein, “Of course the Constitution is the fundamental document. But you are not qualified to understand it. Fortunately, I am a Constitutional scholar, and …”

          • Dump a bunch of the (((chosen))) into any given country and after 5-10 decades, the countrymen will all be at each other’s throats, the country at the precipice of utter disaster. If the country expels the alien people, they have a chance of recollecting themselves (see Poland and Russia; the disease then moved on to western Europe, particularly the U.S. and U.K. who are currently in the death throes of their once highly desirable Christian European cultures). If not, the country and people disappear. It’s the way of the world. The bible tells all about it. The people of Satan, formerly the chosen ones, are always nipping at the heels of the Christians, who build the best civilizations the world has ever known and all want to emulate but none can, unless they have the white heritage. Now our white men are openly under attack by our govt, schools, and institutions, and you see much of the young white male generation living in the streets, doing drugs, dying young, when they should be building the next generation of white civilization that leave the rest of the world wanting the same.

      • “Is there a law or judicial precedent for it?”
        I’m sure they’ll raise hell about how Trump is bad and his nominee is tainted and shouldn’t be confirmed. I’m as cynical as anybody about the courts and the whole political/legal system but as of now, arguing that an impeached Trump is prohibited from nominating a SC justice will go nowhere.

      • “Law or precedent’ is Jew talk. What matters is the rules gentlemen play by. Just because the Pres. CAN do something doesn’t mean they’ll let him get away with it if it’s unseemly. The Const. interpreted by traditional White men is entirely different to the Jew’s letter of the law. Why do you think Scalia loved the Talmud?

  40. Well, the Potato Irish in America didn’t fetishize the Famine of the 1840s for a century after arriving here, like the bagel people do. The Ukrainian and Russians who starved in their millions during the Stalin years are unremembered by museums in Washington and every American city, because there is only one genocide above all others, only one worthy of endless propagandizing, to be used as a club to beat the right with. Just like in the olden days, their god is a jealous god, and will suffer no others before it- except their god isn’t God, it’s themselves. They literally worship themselves.

    • Well, the Potato Irish in America didn’t fetishize the Famine of the 1840s for a century after arriving here, like the bagel people do.

      Yes. I’ve got some pretty gruesome stories in my family but I don’t brag about them or try to wheedle vicarious $ympathy out of people on those accounts.

      Being a victim is a fail, not a win.

      • Yes, but thinking of and portraying yourself as a victim so that you can attack/rip off/undermine your oppressor guilt-free comes in handy.

        • Yes. As Redneck writes below, it’s Rules for Radicals. But selling tickets to grandpa’s funeral is beyond ghoulish, it’s disrespectful, and making his death a centerpiece of your identity is sick. I assume I don’t have to plug the docu “Defamation” on this board, but here it is anyway:

          I happen to own a get-out-of-holocaust-guilt-free-card since my grandfather was conscribed for forced labour by the Nazis, even if he was never in a camp. I simply ask people who go on about how Danes were complicit in the Holocaust, how much reparations he’d have been due if he were not a goy.

          I have no idea how in the hell gramps’ only encounter with honest labour is an argument for anything, but it works like a charm.

      • Felix, you are missing Rules for Radicals no.4: make the enemy live by his own rules. “I’m a white Scots-Irish, where are my reparations for slavery of my people” is cogdis taunting (as long you don’t devolve to dr3).

      • Yes thank you.

        My God the Israeli’s in both the pre-Israel and post Holocaust phase were contemptuous of the professional victims who arrived on their doorsteps.

        Some Irish in America have recently gone into the famine victim business but leftism has always been a racket for the willing weak grifters. Heard I’m sure of Frank McCourt? Angela’s ashes? The common Irish in America and Ireland loathe McCourt.
        He speaks ill of his mother. Anathema.

        If it weren’t for his damned NY publisher’s / pornographer’s he’d be another washed up drunk. Shetl porn indeed.

    • The Indians aren’t constantly complaining about the 150 to 400 million Hindus killed by Islamic invaders. They do occasionally get in a mood and burn out a Muslim village, but don’t harangue us about it.

    • If we labeled the 19th-20th century Jewish immigration wave in the same dark-humor fashion as the Potato Irish, what would we call them? They were fleeing the wrath of populations victimized by their predatory behavior, not a natural disaster.

      Carpetbergers? The “Tar & Feather” Jews? The Cossacked?

  41. Jews will never forgive Putin for advancing Russian interests against those of local Jewish oligarchs (Berezovsky) and the machinations of foreign Jews (Sachs, Summers, etc).

    • Don’t forget Browder…

      The first half of his book was interesting… then it got increasingly murky and paranoid and clear that he was leaving out some major details.

    • Jews are scared that Russia launched war. on them. The problem is, that Russian vision about war is that war does not end with peace treaty but with permanent destruction of the enemy. Russia fought with Mongol Empire, with Swedish Kingdom, with France when Napoleon was in charge and with Hitlers Germani. None of them are superpower anymore. No the so called Global Elite is next.

    • Its older than Putin. The Jews will never forgive the Ukrainians for being the homeland of the Cossacks-the Tsar’s bully boys they blame for the Tsarist repressions of Jews (radicals BTW) in the Pale. One would think the 10 million dead in the Holodomor ethnic genocide thinly disguised as Communism would be sufficient revenge – but no. This is a religion of eternal tribal blood feud. They will plague the Ukrainians forever, just as they will plague the Iraqis forever (Haman). Until its understood they’re a tribe and tribes have eternal blood feuds no matter how educated or white nothing will be understood.

      Once that’s accepted simply deny them power. They make the case for removal due to bias, neurotic incompetence and corruption all on their own.

      This has been known for over 2000 years, the Seleucid greeks knew it, the Romans knew it, the Catholic Church knew it…but in fairness they all had to learn the hard way too. Even the USSR came to know it …hence Stalin. The most assimilated, law abiding, civilized people in Europe that is the Germans came to learn it in a shock 1919-1933 and frankly overreacted.

      They aren’t the main problem, they’re a symptom of cosmopolitanism’s flaws.
      You cannot share power. Rights, dignity, property and codes of law – YES.

      Power? To share power outside the nation’s stock is utter madness. A madness that positively Pales next to democracy’s admitted defects.


      No one can. Not even in America.

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